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PW: NEO: Tipping Point 013

Pro Wrestling: NEO - Tipping Point Episode 13

Pro Wrestling: NEO - Tipping Point

Episode 13

Location: Cicero, IL at the Cicero Stadium

Attendance: 4,800

Show Gate: $72,000

TV Rating: 2.8

Opening Segment

GM Marge Schultz-Miller addresses the NEO Universe, discussing the ongoing dominance of The Consortium and announcing that tonight's main event will feature a number one contender's match for the NEO World Heavyweight Championship.

Match 1: The Party Animals vs. The O'Donnell Brothers

Winners: The O'Donnell Brothers

The O'Donnell Brothers continued to impress with their hard-hitting style, defeating The Party Animals with a brutal double-team finisher.

Star Rating: ★★★½

Storyline Development: The O'Donnell Brothers are building momentum as potential challengers for the tag team titles.

Backstage Segment

Interview with Rich Gold, discussing his title defense against Kenji Takahashi later tonight. He expresses confidence but acknowledges the challenge ahead.

Match 2: El Hijo del Adam Bomb vs. Seiji Fujiyama

Winner: El Hijo del Adam Bomb

El Hijo del Adam Bomb defeated Seiji Fujiyama in a high-energy match, using his powerhouse moves to secure a decisive victory.

Star Rating: ★★★★

Storyline Development: El Hijo del Adam Bomb is determined to climb back to the top and challenge Judge James Morgan.

Special Feature

A video package highlighting The Consortium's recent dominance, their title wins, and their impact on NEO, setting the stage for tonight's main event.

Co-Main Event: NEO Internet Championship Match

Rich Gold (c) vs. Kenji Takahashi

Winner: Rich Gold

Rich Gold successfully defended his NEO Internet Championship in a thrilling match, using his agility and quick thinking to outmaneuver Kenji Takahashi.

Star Rating: ★★★★½

Storyline Development: Rich Gold solidifies his reign but faces continued threats from rising challengers.

Main Event: Number One Contender's Match for the NEO World Heavyweight Championship

Tank Franklin vs. Joey Murphy

Winner: Tank Franklin

In a hard-fought battle, Tank Franklin emerged victorious, earning the right to challenge Judge James Morgan for the NEO World Heavyweight Championship.

Star Rating: ★★★★½

Storyline Development: Tank Franklin's victory sets up a high-stakes showdown with Judge James Morgan, promising an intense confrontation.

Closing Segment

GM Marge Schultz-Miller recaps the night's events and teases next week's episode, highlighting the impending clash between Tank Franklin and Judge James Morgan.

Additional Information

Match of the Night: Rich Gold vs. Kenji Takahashi

Top Acts of the Evening: Rich Gold, Tank Franklin, The O'Donnell Brothers