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Reckoning Day 2010

We cut to the Epicenter, where the fans are going insane as “Violet Hill” by Pendulum kicks in yet again.  The fans are loving it as the bell rings, bringing the fans’ attention to the center of the ring.  Samantha Coil is in the ring now, a grin on her face. 

Samantha Coil:  Ladies and gentlemen…it is my PRIVELEGE…TO WELCOME YOU…TO RECKONING DAY! 

Samantha Coil:  Without any further ado…allow me to introduce you to the NEW SHOOT Project CEO! 

JASON JOHNSON steps out from the back, and the fans…fucking…lose it.  He stands there, completely healed, completely healthy, a grin etched across his face.  He slaps hands as he walks down the entrance, the fans reaching out desperately to slap his hands back.  He waves to Eryk Masters, who is applauding, and Other Guy, who is also applauding.  He shakes hands with Mark Kendrick and then enters the ring, where Samantha Coil hugs him tightly.  “Fight Music” dies off after Coil hands Jason the microphone. 

Jason Johnson:  I wanted to take the time tonight to tell you all a few things.  Firstly, I’m sorry I’m taking the time away from our biggest show of the year…but I’m also sorry for a few other things.  Namely? 

Jason Johnson:  He came to me, he wanted to be on the Board of Directors, and given his history with this company, I thought why not, right?  I thought…Josh and I didn’t always get along.  Kast and I didn’t always get along.  Who’s to say what would happen if I gave Eddie his shot?  Well…I guess I didn’t quiiiiite learn my lesson from Jonny Johnson. 

Jason Johnson:  I know you have several questions.  In time, I’ll answer those.  I came back immediately following last Revolution and I began to right some of those wrongs done to this company of late.  I cut some of the fat, I got rid of some of the talent who weren’t pulling their weight, I rearranged and tweaked a few of the matches on the show tonight.  That’s the biggest reason for all the delays in getting this show juuuuust right for you SHOOT Project Faithful, the best Goddamn fans in the whole fucking world! 

Jason Johnson:  Our next show…our next Revolution…will be a special one.  As a matter of fact, our next few Revolutions will be pretty damn special.  Our next Revolution we’re calling… 

Jason Johnson:  Every…single…champion…is putting their titles on the line at Championship Edition II.  That means…Sin City Championship.  That means…Iron Fist Championship.  That means…World Heavyweight Championship.  That means…World…TAG TEAM Championship! 

Jason Johnson:  I saw the dismal tag team division Eddie let fall into disarray and I made it my personal goal to bring to you fans the type of division you deserve!  Those belts are being decided at Championship Edition II…and this time?  Nobody’s quitting.  Nobody’s running away.  We’re gonna do it big and we’re gonna do it right. We are SHOOT PROJECT and, by GOD, THAT’S how we’re supposed to do it! 

Jason Johnson:  What that also means…is that I want those titles to matter not just to me or to a few guys in the back…but to the fans, to you guys out there…to the whole Goddamn roster back there.  Friend or foe, you’re here because you want to go to war with the best.  Well, at Championship Edition II, we’re gonna test that.  We’re looking into giving shots to people who’ve never gotten them before.  People who might be hungry but just haven’t gotten that little nudge in the right direction.  You might see the World Champion have to defend against Karma Jones!  You might have to see Mr. Heart defend against Jester Smiles!  Who knows? 

Jason Johnson:  Championship Edition II is actually big for another reason, too.  It’s the FIRST STOP…on SHOOT Project’s 2011 WORLD TOUR! 

Jason Johnson:  Relax, Las Vegas, we’re not leaving you.  We’re just showing the rest of the world one of the many things this great city has to offer! 

Jason Johnson:  Asia, Europe, Australia, we’re gonna do it all this year!  It starts with Revolution: Championship Edition II…and the first stop is none other than SHOOT’s old homeland…JAPAN! 

Jason Johnson:  I’ll be at Championship Edition II, I’ll be answering a few more questions…but for right now, enough of my bullshit.  It’s time we started setting this ship right!  ON WITH THE SHOW! 

“Fight Club” kicks back up as Jason hands Coil her microphone.  He exits the ring and slaps a few hands as the fans continue to cheer for the NEW CEO…Jason Johnson. 

Eryk Masters:  I don’t give a fuck if it WAS Daniel Jones.  I barely had time to work under Eddie E., but thank God that’s over with.  And Championship Edition II?!  You remember Jun Kenshin becoming SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion at the last Championship Edition? 

Other Guy:  I can only imagine who he’s setting matches up for.  Am I right in hearing him say only people who’ve never held certain titles will get certain shots? 

Eryk Masters:  Maybe even people who haven’t even had title shots before are going to get their chance!  I can’t wait!


Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to RECKONING DAY 2010! 

A loud pop from the highly excitable and always loud SHOOT Project fan base! 

Samantha Coil: The following contest is a TWO out of THREE falls match! 

Another loud pop for the first match of Reckoning Day. 

Samantha Coil: Introducing fir- 

Samantha, however, does not get a chance to say who she is introducing first. Jester Smiles comes crashing out from the ring entrance, falling face first onto the entrance ramp! Sinnocence comes from behind and, like a woman possessed, she leaps onto Jester’s back and begins to pummel him! The crowd is going nuts, enjoying every moment the former SHOOT hero takes a punch to the head! Sinnocence gets off Jester and grabs him by the head, guiding him towards the ring, throwing a knee at his head everytime he begins to come to enough to fight her off! 

Eryk Masters: No  introductions, no formalities, Sinnocence is sick and tired of the games Jester Smiles has been playing, and she is taking it to him hard right now! 

Other Guy: Come on Jester, get up and knock this bitch clean out, twice! 

Eryk Masters: Come on, part- 


Scott Kamura is calling for Sinn to bring it in the ring, making it clear he has no desire to end the opening match on SHOOT’s biggest PPV in a disqualification. Sinn, however, doesn’t seem to want to work with him. She drags Jester to the apron and slams his face into it! She then tosses his almost limp and lifeless body into the steel steps! Scott Kamura calls for the bell to officially begin the match, and then he begins the ten count! 


Sinn places soccer style kicks into Jester’s midsection! 


Sinn switches to straight up mudstomping Jester, who at this point is not really moving at all. 


Sinn lifts Jester up, who is, once again, almost entirely lifeless, and shoves him into the ring. Before Scott Kamura can get to four, Sinn slides into the ring. 

Other Guy: Scott should have disqualified Sinnocence right there. Now this match has ‘officially’ started, and Jester is already in no condition to keep fighting. 

Eryk Masters: First off, I think we all know you can’t unbiasedly call this match, partner.

Secondly, yes, it may be a slight unfair advantage to start off, but it’s a three falls match AND Jester sorta does have this coming to him. 

Jester gets to his hands and knees. He spits blood on the mat as he tries to find the ring ropes to help him up. Sinn, however, is quick, and she LEAPS onto Jester’s back and locks in the Iron Maiden! Jester goes flat and his eyes go wide. He tries to reach for the ropes, but he’s in the middle of the ring. He tries to get up, but Sinn’s position is perfect, and he’s already weakened by the earlier barrage! Jester raises his hand and taps out! Scott calls for the bell. 

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, Scott Kamura has called an end to the FIRST fall in favor of SINNOCENCE via tap out! 

Sinnocence does not celebrate. She keeps a hold of the choke, and Jester’s ploy to tap out quickly in order to keep from even more damage this early in the match backfires. He again looks around, trying to find an escape, but he is in the middle of the ring, and if he taps out, the match is over. Sinnocence is SCREAMING for him to tap, and Scott Kamura is right there in case it happens. 

Other Guy: COME ON! This can’t be legal right here. 

Jester finally manages to find some strength, and he lifts to his hands and knees. He begins to bear crawl over to the ropes, and Sinn is trying to stop him, but if she does anything different, she may lose the hold. Finally, Jester manages to dig deep and he pushes forward, grabbing the bottom rope. Scott Kamura sees this, and he begins the count! 






Sinn lets go and gets up. Jester coughs and sputters, but he still holds onto the rope, knowing that he is safe as long as he has it. Sinn paces back and forth, watching Jester, waiting for him to get up so she can attack again. Jester works his way to one knee, still trying to catch his breath after being in a choke for so long. He finally lets go of the rope and Sinn charges in. However, Jester is aware enough, and Sinn is a little too bullheaded, and Jester launches himself at her knees, catching her low and lift her up, dropping her down with a VICIOUS spinebuster! 

Other Guy: HA! Getting dropped on  your fucking ASS bitch! 

Eryk Masters: Excellent counter by Jester here, and he may have just turned this match around! 

Both competitors get up slowly, Jester being the first one up, and he instantly kicks Sinn behind the knee, causing her legs to buckle and for her to fall flat on her back. Jester begins to launch vicious and perfectly placed stomps across Sinn’s chest and sternum. He lifts Sinn up and Irish whips her into the ropes, dropping her flat with a straight right hand. Jester spits out a little more blood. He then turns Sinn onto her stomach, hits the ropes, and DROPS himself onto Sinn’s back with a senton splash! Sinn convulses on the ground for a moment, clutching her back. Jester, however, gives her little time to adjust, as he lifts her back up and Irish whips her into the turnbuckle. Her back collides with the middle rope, and she winces badly. 

Eryk Masters: It looks like Jester’s last move really did some damage to Sinnocence’s back, and since Sinnocence’s flexibility is one of her biggest strong points, and injured back is not a good thing to have.  

Other Guy: He’s going to break the bitches spine! Suhweet! 

Eryk Masters: Come on partner! 

Jester moves in and slams Sinn with a couple of well placed lefts and rights. He then turns Sinn around and shoves her stomach first into the turnbuckle. He takes a step back and places three really hard thrust kicks into Sinn’s back! Sinn falls back, clutching her back. She gets to her knees, but Jester slams a HARD kick to her back, a loud POP sounding throughout the arena. The fans in attendance give out a loud “Oooo!” at the sound. Sinnocence falls on her face, a look of sheer agony on her face. Jester, however, continues on the attack. He locks his arms around Sinnocence’s waist and deadlifts her off the ground, dropping her with a German suplex! He floats over, lifts up, and locks Sinnocence into an abdominal stretch before dropping her with a pumphandle suplex! He still holds on, floats over, and he locks on the half nelson and the chickenwing! He lifts!  

Other Guy: Last Laugh! 

Jester rolls Sinn onto her back and locks the leg! Scott Kamura is right there with the count! 




Samatha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, has called an end to the SECOND fall in favor of JESTER SMILES via pinfall! 

The crowd boos loudly, but Jester doesn’t seem to notice. He smells blood in the water now, and he lifts Sinnocence back up. He pulls her up and locks in a tight bear hug, shaking her around tightly. The pain on Sinn’s face is clear, and she cries out as Jester squeezes tighter. Jester is screaming “TAP OUT!” and Scott Kamura is right there to see if Sinn does so.  

Eryk Masters: Jester is squeezing tightly, right on the area that Sinn has clearly hurt. He has been focusing on that back quite a bit, and this move has got to be excruciating. 

Sinn suddenly comes to life and she begins to drop elbows on top of Jester’s head! Jester drops Sinnocence, and Sinn hits the ropes, and the crowd comes to life, but on the rebound, she is DROPPED by the VIRGINIA SIDEKICK! The crowd boos as Jester drops for the pin, hooking the leg! 



TH-Sinn gets her shoulder up! Jester looks a bit pissed off, but he manages to keep his cool.  

Other Guy: I’ve got to give Sinn this. She can take punishment. I thought she was done right there. 

Eryk Masters: We are in the early stages of this match, partner, and both Sinnocence and Jester have already scored a victory. They have to be careful and dig in deep now, because they can’t afford another loss. 

Jester lifts Sinnocence up and proceeds to lock her into the Thai Clinch, launching some knees at her midsection. He once again whips her into a turnbuckle, but Sinn manages to catch the top turnbuckle before she hits! Jester charges back, but Sinn leaps in the air and catches Jester in the chest with a mule kick! Jester staggers back and turns out, coughing, and Sinn uses this opportunity to leap onto the top turnbuckle in one bound. Sinn flips back with a moonsault and catches the standing Jester! She grabs both his feet, and she’s got a pinning predicament! 



THR-the crowd gives out a loud, collective sigh as Jester gets the shoulder up. Sinn looks a bit frustrated, but she floats over and begins to drop forearms to Jester’s face. Scott Kamura has to tell her to get off, and she obliges, but then she leaps in the air and drops a double foot stomp on Jester’s chest! Jester spasms on the ground, clutching his chest and coughing! The crowd is really getting behind Sinnocence, a rather noticeable “FUCK HIM UP SINN!” chant starting up! Sinn grins wickedly, and when Jester sits up, she plants a HARD roundhouse to his face! Sinn again drops for the pin! 




The crowd lets out another sigh when Kamura holds up only two fingers. Sinn looks pissed, and she argues with the Kamura. Jester rolls towards the ropes, trying to catch himself a break from the onslaught, but Sinn sees what he is doing and walks over. Jester, however, is quick, and he grabs a handle of Sinn’s tights and throws her to the outside of the ring! Sinn stumbles awkwardly and her back collides roughly with the ring apron before she tumbles to the outside! 

Other Guy: Ooh! That was a nasty spill! 

Eryk Masters: Starting to feel bad for her partner? 

Other Guy: I may not like her, but I don’t want to see Jester end her career.  

Jester stands up and looks down at Sinnocence rolling on the ground. An evil smile crosses his face as he begins to get out. Scott Kamura is yelling for Jester to not go out, but Jester entirely ignores him, focusing only on Sinn. Jester leaves the ring and lifts Sinn up, but Sinn suddenly comes to life again! She slams Jester with a right and a left. She then spins for a discus punch, but Jester ducks and SLAMS her in the lower back with a HARD right hand! Sinn goes down, and now, Jester looks a touch angry, as there is more blood, now dripping from his nose. Scott Kamura begins his count! 


He lifts Sinn up and grabs her by the back of the tights and the hair. He runs forward and tosses her towards the ring steps, back first! There is a loud thud, and Sinn cries out in pain.  


Jester pulls the ring steps away from the ring post and positions them towards the middle of the ring apron. He then lifts Sinn up, peppers her in the face with a few punches, and places her on top of the ring steps! 


Jester Smiles looks up at Scott Kamura and laughs.  

Jester Smiles: You are just causing a double count out. It’ll tie the board. 


Jester shrugs and jumps onto the apron. He looks down at the lifeless body of Sinnocence, spread out on the ring steps. 

Eryk Masters: No no no… 

Other Guy: Come on, Eric, not like this. Not like this man. 


Jester leaps off, looking for a leg drop, but Sinn rolls at the last minute. Jester lands ass first on the steel steps, and his eyes go wide with pain! He rolls off the steel steps as the crowd pops loudly! 

Other Guy: Thank god. 


Sinn is actually able to stagger to her feet, and she starts kicking the fuck out of Jester Smiles, screaming the entire time! 



Sinnocence notices the count and lifts Jester up, which clearly puts a strain on her back, but she suffers through and tosses Jester into the ring.  


Sinn slides in, and Kamura stops his count. Jester is up, but he is dazed, and Sinnocence sees this very clearly. While Jester’s back is turned, she LEAPS in the air and lands on his back, wrapping her legs around and locking in the IRON MAIDEN once again! Jester’s eyes go wide, and he flails around, trying to hit Sinn, but she manages to avoid his elbows and just tightens her grip. She cries out “TAP!” over and over again, and the crowd even begins to join in, but Jester continues to stagger around the ring. Scott Kamura follows suit, making sure to be right there if Jester Smiles taps out.  

Eryk Masters: Sinn has that rear naked choke of hers locked in once again. She’s gotten him to tap out once, for her sake, let’s hope she can do it again! 

Jester’s eye lids are starting to flutter, and he looks like he could collapse at any moment. However, when he staggers back, he notices that he bumps into something solid, the ring apron. He takes a few steps forward and then rushes back, slamming Sinn’s back into the ring apron! Sinn winces, but she holds on tight! Jester turns around, leaps in the air, and hits the ground, sandwiching Sinn between the mat and him! The pain is too much, and Sinn releases the hold. Jester rolls away, and both competitors are left lying on the mat, trying to catch their breath! 

Eryk Masters: I would like to remind everyone that this is just the opening match for Reckoning Day. These are two competitors that are both potential contenders for the World Heavyweight Championship, and right now, to start the show, they are showing exactly why. 

Jester and Sinn are up at the same time. Sinn looks furious, as usual, but there is also a look of pain in on her face. Jester looks exhausted, but he’s still smiling. They both charge forward and begin trading blows. Jester gets the advantage, being the better striker, and backs Sinn into the ropes. He rocks Sinn with a hard right hand, but as Sinn goes down, she launches her foot out and sweeps Jester’s leg! 

Other Guy: Even I’ve got to admit, that was some impressive feinting.  

Eryk Masters: Sinn oversells that right hand and now she’s on top of Jester! 

Sinn is throwing rights and left into Jester’s face! Jester tries to cover up, but Sinn is completely relentless. He finally manages to catch one of her hands and, using his strength advantage, he manages to push her off of him. He scrambles to his feet, but is caught with a flying knee! Jester falls back and hits the ropes, trying to stay on his feet. Sinn comes in with a flying forearm smash! She follows up with a Thai Clinch and more knees! Jester is trying to shove her off, but Sinnocence is relentless in her attack! 

Eryk Masters: Have you ever seen someone with this much of a size disadvantage control a stand up brawl this well, OG? 

Other Guy: I think she’d prefer this match if she was on her back, eh? 

Eryk Masters: I thought we were past this? 

Other Guy: Let her punch you in the face and see how quickly you get over it. 

Jester finally just collapses from exhaustion and from being pummeled, and Sinn begins to drop serious stomps on Jester! Finally, when Jester seems sufficiently beaten, Sinn points to the top rope, which elicits a BIG pop from the crowd. 

Other Guy: And come ON, this is just stupid! She’s going to the ropes right now?! 

Eryk Masters: She almost had him early with a big top rope maneuver, and Jester has been beaten pretty badly since then. This might be the thing to put him away. 

Sinn climbs to the ropes, but she’s moving slowly, as it’s clear her back is seriously bothering her. It takes her a good bit of time to get to the top, and she never once looks back. The fans begin to make some noise, and Sinnocence smiles, ready to end the match! 

Little does she know the fans are screaming that Jester is behind her! Jester leaps forward and slams an elbow into her back! Sinnocence screams in pain and falls, crotching her self on the top rope! Jester jumps back and launches another VIRGINIA SIDEKICK to the back of Sinn! He then climbs up the rope. Half chickenwing, half nelson. Jester jumps back…LAST LAUGH FROM THE TOP ROPE! 

Other Guy: I TOLD YOU! I TOLD YOU IT WAS A BAD IDEA! NOW SHE-what is Jester doing? 

Jester is up, but he isn’t pinning Sinnocence, who is clutching her back and almost crying in pain. Jester is bleeding pretty badly from his mouth, nose, and a cut over his right eye. His face is bloody, but through it all, you can see a smile. Jester lifts Sinnocence up, which isn’t easy, as her legs seem to want to give out. However, he drags her over to the turnbuckle, shoves her into it, steps back, spins, PUNCHLINE! Sinnocence collapses. 

Eryk Masters: That was entirely unnecessary. Come on, Jester, call this one a day. 

Scott Kamura just watches on. Technically, Jester isn’t doing anything illegal. Jester lifts Sinnocence up once again, still smiling sickly. 

Other Guy: Eric, man, don’t do it.  

He slams her down with ANOTHER PUNCHLINE! The crowd is booing profusely now, and Scott Kamura is actually pleading with Jester to pin her. Jester looks at the referee. He looks down at Sinnocence, who’s eyes are completely shut. He then looks to the fans, booing loudly. He then looks back down at Sinnocence. 

Jester Smiles: I told you not to fail me. I told you I wouldn’t have anymore mercy.  

He lifts her back up, turns her around, half nelson, chickenwing! He smiles brightly as he drops her with another LAST LAUGH! This time, he rolls her over, Sinn, not moving on her own at all, and pins. 




Jester shoves Sinn once more before standing up. Scott Kamura looks disgusted, but he still holds Jester’s hand up. The crowd, meanwhile, is booing loudly. 

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner, at a time of TWENTY SIX minutes and FORTY TWO SECONDS, with TWO FALLS to ONE…Jester…Smiles. 

Samantha Coil can’t even bring herself to say Jester’s name with any enthusiasm. But Jester doesn’t care. He just looks down at Sinnocence. He says nothing, but his expression says it all. He doesn’t smile anymore. He frowns with disappointment. 

Eryk Masters: A grim ending to our first match of the night. I certainly hope Sinnocence is okay. That was ENTIRELY unnecessary of Jester Smiles. I can’t be unbiased on this one, that was ENTIRELY fucking ridiculous. 

Other Guy: Dude…Eric…

Eryk Masters: I just… ugh. Look, let’s take it to a video put together highlighting the confrontation between Sovereign’s Pestalance, and Thomas Manchester Black.


“God’s Gonna Cut You Down” by Johnny Cash begins to play. As the guitar riff floats through your speakers you see Pestalance making his return to SHOOT Project. Static starts to fill the scene as flash of TMB’s return starts to cut in. 

“You can run on for a long time   

Run on for a long time   

Run on for a long time   

Sooner or later God’ll cut you down   

Sooner or later God’ll cut you down” 

The scene of TMB standing in the ring to call out King is shown. But instead of King coming out, you see Pestalance. 

“Go tell that long tongue liar   

Go and tell that midnight rider   

Tell the rambler,   

The gambler,   

The back biter   

Tell ’em that God’s gonna cut ’em down   

Tell ’em that God’s gonna cut ’em down”

Now you see TMB and Pestalance in the ring at Under Siege. The match ending with Kilgore nailing Black with “None Shall Pass” and then Pestalance nailing “Holla At Ya Later, Bitch”. 

“Well my goodness gracious let me tell you the news   

My head’s been wet with the midnight dew   

I’ve been down on bended knee talkin’ to the man from Galilee   

He spoke to me in the voice so sweet   

I thought I heard the shuffle of the angel’s feet   

He called my name and my heart stood still   

When he said, "John go do My will!" 

The scene now switches to Revolution to the submissions match. You see both TMB and Pest go back and forth, with Pest looking as if he was getting the advantage, when he nails the fireball to TMB’s face. TMB rolls around on the mat as Pestalance just stands there laughing. 

“Well you may throw your rock and hide your hand   

Workin’ in the dark against your fellow man   

But as sure as God made black and white   

What’s done in the dark will be brought to the light” 

The scene now switches to War games on Revolution. The cameras follow TMB and Pest brawling up the ramp way to the back where TMB snaps and attacks Pest’s shoulder. The final scene you see is that of TMB standing over Pest this time, grinning know what he has just done. 

Pestalance: But I’m going to do something about it, this time. I’m going to remedy this problem, for the last time. When this match is done; after I’ve beaten you to a satisfactory state, it ends. Not because I say so, not because you’ve decided that you’ve had enough of this rivalry, but because you will not have the ability to fight anymore. I’ll see your punk ass in a few days. 

TMB: You get to learn a very cold fact in this world, Pest. It’s something you tend to hear in church a lot, but don’t really follow it until it bites you in the ass. Do unto others, as they would do unto you. You got in my business and tried your best to hurt me and take me off my path. And I know you did it, not because you and King are best friends, no, that isn’t why you did it, Pest. You did it, because you felt that you could do it and get away with it. That was your first big mistake, Pestalance…your second mistake. Well, that will happen, if you show up for the match… 

The scene fades from the image of both men staring at each other, waiting to explode.

Eryk Masters: Two violent, talented men. One ring to contain the hatred.

Other Guy: That was pretty good, E. Maybe you might have a job in announcing after all.

Eryk Masters: Thanks, OG. Pestalance, the Firestarter takes on Thomas Manchester Black, the Queen City Hitman, tonight at Reckoning Day, and that match is next!


The crowd is buzzing from what they have seen from the show so far. Suddenly Combat by RZA w/ P. Dot starts to play. The fans cheer in recognition. After a moment, Thomas Manchester Black emerges from behind the curtain, and steps into the entranceway.    

Samantha Coil:  Ladies and Gentlemen, this next match is a grudge match! Introducing first, now making his way to the ring hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina and weighing 265 pounds, here is THE QUEEN CITY HITMAN: THOMAS MANCHESTER BLACK!  

TMB walks down to the ring with a towel over his head. Black looks very focused. TMB makes it to the ring and rolls under the bottom rope. TMB pulls off the towel and hands it to the ref. He then sinks into the corner and waits. Thomas Manchester Black’s theme slowly fades and Fire starter by Prodigy starts to play as the fans begin to boo. Pestalance slowly steps out from behind the curtain, and stands at the top of the ramp for a moment, a slight sneer on his face.  Pestalance looks down the aisle, straight at Thomas Manchester Black in the ring.  Pestalance starts to pace down the aisle, very slowly, making the wait for TMB a little bit longer.  

Samantha Coil:  And now, his opponent!  Making his way to the ring from Plainfield, New Jersey, he weighs 255 pounds: this is THE FIRESTARTER – PESTALANCE!  

Pestalance grabs the bottom rope, and pulls himself to the apron.  The member of the hated Sovereign faction marches right towards TMB. An in almost a flash, Black leaps out of the corner and takes Pestalance down and starts to drop elbows on his injured shoulder. 

Eryk Masters: And TMB isn’t wasting anytime trying to take advantage of that shoulder, O.G. 

The Other Guy:  Well, Pestalance did try to burn his face off.  

The bell rings as the two men are already tearing into each other. Pestalance is able to get a knee up into TMB’s thigh. TMB budges for a second and that second is all that Pestalance needs to get TMB off of him with an elbow shot of his own. The Fire starter shakes his arm trying to get feeling back into his shoulder as he lays in some boot shots to TMB. Pestalance measures TMB and drives his knee into TMB’s ribs. Pestalance leaps this time drive both knees into TMB’s ribs, nearly causing Black to fold up on impact.  

The Other Guy:  This is what Pestalance is good at, seeing blood in the water and drawing more out. 

Thomas Manchester Black screams in pain as Pest grinds his knees into TMB’s ribs.  Thomas rolls to his side as Pestalance starts to stalk him.  Black gets up to one knee while holding his ribs. TMB is finally up to both feet and as he turns around, Pestalance lifts him up off the ground and drops him ribs first on the ring ropes! TMB’s body pops off the ropes right into the waiting arms of a German Suplex courtesy of the Fire starter.  Thomas flies through the air and on impact nearly rolls out of the ring.  

Eryk Masters:  This is the same game plan that helped Pestalance in their last match.  You stay on top of TMB and don’t give him room to breathe and you’ll have him covered.  In football you call that the Mike Vick defense.  

Pestalance grabs TMB by the foot and drags him back to the middle of the ring.  Thomas tries to kick at Pestalance in order to force him to let go, but Pestalance is having none of that.  The former Revolution Champion measures up and drops a hard elbow into the ribs of Black. The Fire starter lifts TMB up by his head and whips him into the corner. Pestalance fires a few knees into Black mid-section before firing off with a few knife edge chops.  Each chop is followed by a hard shot to the face.  

Eryk Masters:  Austin Linam is doing the right thing by letting these guys just go at it.  Any attempts to try and ring them in could result in all Hell breaking loose.  

The Other Guy: Between these two, I think all Hell has gone and past. I think Austin is smart enough not to risk his own health by stepping in between these two.  

Pestalance steps back and attempts to nail TMB with a Corner Yakuza kick. TMB is quickly able to sidestep Pestalance and spins around and lifts him up in the air and drops him down to the mat, shoulder first.  You can see the pain shoot through Pestalance’s body as he rolls around on the mat.  TMB leans against the ropes and tries to get some air into his lungs. You can see the pain in Black’s eyes with each breathe as he now moves in for the kill on Pestalance. Black lifts up Pest and starts to climb the turnbuckle. it but instead of jumping down and hammering Pest’s shoulder, he jumps down to the floor while still holding on to Pestalance. Thus yanking Pest’s arm down and popping his shoulder against the ring ropes.  

Eryk Masters: That has got to tweak that already injured shoulder of Pestalance.  

The Other Guy: You think, Black just hyper extended it from about 8 feet in the air.  

Austin checks in with Pestalance seeing if The Fire starter wants to call it quits. Pest pushes the ref out of the way as he rolls out to the other side of the ring. Slowly, Pestalance is moving on the other side of the ring trying to do what he can to get feeling back into the shoulder. Pest looks to the other side of the ring where TMB hopped out on, but doesn’t see him.  Pestalance turns back around to watch where he is going and bumps right into a wincing Thomas Manchester Black. Before Pest can make another move, Black starts to unload on him! Lefts and rights pepper Pestalance from all angles.  

Pestalance is trying to back up and get some space between him and Black.  But Black is having none of that as he rushes forward and wraps Pest up in a Belly to Belly Suplex which sends The Fire starter crashing into the ringside barricade. Pestalance hits the barricade hard and slides off as Black looks to be getting into a groove. Pestalance is pulling himself up on the barricade as Black is starting to measure him up. As soon as Pestalance steadies himself, TMB rushes in and clotheslines him over the barricade into the fans. Pestalance doesn’t get a chance to pull himself up this time as TMB reaches down and yanks him up in a Headlock. Austin is in the ring starting his count as TMB starts to drag Pest up and along the Barricade  

Eryk Masters: And TMB is looking to nail that Spike DDT that has become his calling card in matches. 

The Other Guy: But look how it is hurting him to keep squeezing that hold on. His ribs are a lot more hurt then it looks.  

The referee get to 5 as TMB has Pestalance hanging on the barricade by his feet.  TMB jumps in the air and plants Pest head first into the ringside mat!  Black hobbles back to the ring, holding his ribs and rolls in and out to break the count. TMB walks back over to Pest and picks him up.  TMB fires Pestalance shoulder first into the steel steeps. Pestalance hits the steps hard and crumbles as TMB starts to line him up. TMB rushes in and at the last minute, Pestalance rolls out of the way. Black crashes into the steel steps and flips over it as Pestalance is trying to work whatever blood flow he can back through his arms. TMB is holding the backs of his ribs as Pestalance starts to make his way towards him. Pest grabs Black and rolls him into the ring and slowly follows.  

Pest stalks TMB as Black is trying to pull himself up against the ropes. Pestalance starts to fires shots at TMB with his good arm. TMB tries to fight back, but misses the roundhouse punch and is taken off his feet with a Big Boot! Thomas hits the mat, but sits right back up. But Pest is having none of that as he introduces his foot right into TMB’s face. TMB’s head snaps back and hits the mat. Thomas Manchester Black doesn’t know whether to hold his neck or his ribs as Pest is starting in with some brutal looking boot shots.  

Eryk Masters: Pestalance back in control, but you would have to wonder for how long with one decent working arm?  

The Other Guy: Love him or hate him, it’s going to take more than one arm to keep Pestalance from causing damage. 

With his good arm, Pest gets TMB to his feet. Pest wraps his hand around TMB’s neck and forces him into the corner. Referee Austin is yelling at Pestalance to let go, but The Fire starter isn’t paying him no mind. Austin begins his count and Pest looking right at him and doesn’t let go until Austin gets to 4!  Pest lets go and TMB is gasping for air as the ref tells Pestalance he doesn’t want to see any more of that.  

The Fire starter laughs at the ref and goes to choke TMB one more time. This time TMB gets an arm up and slams his elbow down on Pest’s shoulder. As Pest let’s go, TMB spins him out of the corner and nails a jumping Arm breaker. Pest jerks on the mat, holding his shoulder off the force of impact. TMB picks Pest up and goes to whip him into the ropes. Pest counters and aims to fling TMB into the corner. But TMB is able to duck under Pest and nail a back stabber style move, but this time placing his knees into Pest’s shoulder.  

Pestalance: FUCK!!!  

The crowd cringes as Pest’s shoulder looks to have popped out of place and is hanging at his side.  The ref rushes in as soon as he sees this, putting himself between TMB and Pestalance. TMB pushes his way past the ref and plants his knees right into Pestalance’s jaw. As soon as Pestalance hit the ground, TMB grabs the dislocated arm and slips in that bridging Arm Triangle Choke!!  

Eryk Masters:  THE DEATH ROW STRETCH!!!!!  

The Other Guy: This can’t be good for Pest, who is working with a dislocated shoulder. The ref is going to have to step in and do something before serious damage is done. 

Austin drops down to check on Pestalance who is saying some words not meant to be heard by younger viewers. Austin goes to do the hand rising to check for the submission and Pestalance just pushes his arm away. Austin is trying to plead with him to give it up before his shoulder is destroyed, but Pestalance is having none of that.  Black sinks in the hold deeper as you can see the pain flood Pestalance’s face. But no matter how deep the hold is on, Pestalance refuses to do anything but try to claw to the ropes. EMTs are rushing down to the ring, knowing that Pestalance is going to need some medical attention as soon as the bell rings. Itch by itch, Pestalance claws his way closer and closer to the ropes until…he finally is able to grab it. The ref forces TMB to let go as it looks as if Pestalance may have used his last bit of strength to reach the ropes. 

Eryk Masters: Pestalance might as well have tapped out, because there is no way he is about to continue with that damaged shoulder  

Pestalance is trying to get space between him and Black, but TMB is having none of that as he pounces on Pestalance before he can get up and wraps him up in an Anaconda Vice. This time dragging Pest to the middle of the ring. 

The Other Guy: This is it…Pestalance for the first time in his career may tap out. Especially if he wants to save his own career!!  

Pestalance is clawing but to no avail. Black has his full weight planted in the middle of the ring and has the hold in very tight. Austin Linam goes in to check on Pestalance, who is not responding. Austin raises the hand once…twice…three ti… 

The Other Guy: What the hell is Black doing?!?!?! 

TMB has let go of the hold and repositions himself on the prone Pestalance. 

TMB: You’re not getting out of this that easily…WAKE YOUR ASS UP! 

TMB begins slapping Pest across the face.  After the third or fourth slap Pestalance comes to and is put right back into an Anaconda Vice.  Pestalance instantly begins screaming in pain not able to move due to TMB’s position.  Pestalance stops screaming and seems almost in a daze before he begins talking to what appears to be himself.  

Pestalance: I have to do it Pest…I don’t have any other choice. 

The Other Guy: Umm…Eryk, who’s Pest talking to? 

Pestalance goes back into a daze before snapping back into reality.  

Pestalance: NO! WE CAN’T, RANDE’! DON’T DO IT!! 

Eryk Masters: I would guess…Himself? 

Pestalance goes into a daze one final time; snapping out of it. 

Pestalance:  Sorry Pest…It’s our last our last option. 

Pestalance reaches out with his good arm…And taps out. 

The arena goes silent from the shock of what’s just happened; even our announcers are in a state of shock.  

Eryk Master:  Did Pestalance just tap out? 



TMB rolls over to the side as Austin calls the EMTs in to check on Pestalance, who looks like he pasted out from the pain. Some of the EMTs break off to check on TMB’s ribs as he is trying to breathe on the outside of the ring.  The cameras pan back to the announcers as they are getting set up for the next match.  

Eryk Masters: Wow, I can’t believe what I just saw…it wasn’t the bloody, violent fest that you were expecting but both men look like they have gone through war here tonight.  And to top it all off, TMB has made Pestalance tap out for the very first time in his long career.  But I have to say, whether you hate him or like him, you got to give a nod to Pestalance, who continued to fight even though that shoulder was nowhere near 100%. 

The Other Guy: Fuck that, he could have easily decided not to take the match.  And for all the things he has put TMB through, he should be happy that having to tap out is all that he had happen to him. But you got to think that King is back there watching this match, knowing that there is no one else that is going to step between him and TMB.


Suddenly the chatter at ringside by Eryk Masters and Other Guy is interrupted with "Schism" by Tool playing across the Public Address system. The Jumbotron turns on and in big letters, almost taking up the entire screen; with a brick texture on a black background is "Old School." The appearance of the letters used is representative of the old Oblivion font from 2002.

Eryk Masters: Hey, I know that music. That’s the old Oblivion music from 2002.

Other Guy: Sounds pretty lame to me.

The "Old School" name crumbles away just as you’d expect brick to do. The rubble moves into the background, circling around like a tornado. The name "Eric Wolfson" appears on screen, also using the same font. Behind the name fans are shown Eric Wolfson in various points of his SHOOT Project career. From the time he was actually given the company to run and the limited in-ring competition he was involved in.

Voice: Eric Wolfson was a pivotal part of The SHOOT Project. He was the hands that wielded the sword and shield of SHOOT. That can’t be disputed. But his lack of competition after leaving the now defunct AODWF as a World Champion would be his major downfall in the pivotal confrontations he was involved in.

Eryk Masters: That’s the voice of the narrator from the Old School promos. This is getting more and more interesting.

Other Guy: Or lame.

The "Eric Wolfson" name crumbles to join the tornado in the far background, feeding it to grow larger than before. "Cronos Diamante" following the same font, appears on screen with spots from his career in The SHOOOT Project. Cronos is shown making ordered attacks on roster members, speaking to Wolfson backstage and winning the Tag Team Championship with his partner at the time; Eric Boyer.

Narrator: Cronos was the shield of The SHOOT Project, Wolfson’s instrument to protect the Project from the undesirables. He served as a righteous defender for the Old Guard. When Wolfson, or any member aligned with the Old Guard needed him, he was there wielding a shield to protect them all.

The "Cronos Diamante" name crumbles and forms a sort of nucleus in the center of the tornado, forcing it to change shape and transform into a planetary orbit. "Eric Boyer" is now the name in focus and in the background he is shown winning the SHOOT Project World Championship, laying out The Express, and winning various important matches.

Narrator: Former World Champion Eric Boyer was the sword wielded by Wolfson, counterpart to the shield of Cronos. The right hand man to Wolfson and an instrument in every war started. He made calculated attacks on fellow wrestlers that failed to see things in the way the inner Triad did. His title wins proved to solidify him as a powerful and influential ally for the cause.

The "Erik Boyer" name crumbles to join the nucleus rather than the orbital part of the background. "The Real Deal" is next to form on the screen. An attack that nearly crippled Skull is the first highlight, followed quickly by him winning the World Championship and finally the formation of Instant Heat with friends OutKast, Mac, X-Calibur and Mirage.

Narrator: Josh Johnson was a man that made an Art out of Dealing with people in his own way. He was truly to be feared and respected. His adaptation to the new breed, rather than defiance solidified him as more than "just" a member of the Old Guard and made him even more dangerous.

The "Real Deal" name crumbles to join the orbital part of the background, forming now into a sort of planet that looks a lot like Saturn. With those crumbling words joining the orbit, it begins to lose gravity and spirals almost completely out of control but somehow manages to hold its integrity. "Chris Lee" is next to form on the screen. An attack on Skull, the winning of the Rule of Surrender Championship and many title defenses and other wins highlight the brilliant man’s wrestling legacy.

Narrator: Chris Lee was a true champion for the Old Guard. He refused to join the Wolfson crusade and the inner Triad, despite allegiances with two of the members prior to joining The SHOOT Project. But one thing was absolutely certain. Chris Lee was one of the smartest and most technically sound wrestlers to ever grace the SHOOT Project.

The "Chris Lee" name crumbles to join a horizontal, rather than parallel line with the nucleus and as a direct result, the once out of control planetary formation solidifies into a brick. It’s suddenly flung at the front of the screen and when it lands, a glass shattering effect is shown. As "Schism" by Tool abruptly ends, the glass begins to fall away and the brick begins to break apart in specific areas. In the background, simultaneous replays of SHOOT’s past cover the screen in quadrants.

Other Guy: This is actually kind of cool.

Eryk Masters: I’m starting to get an idea of who the man known as "Old School" is.

The replays include Chris Lee tapping out for the first time in his career, X-Calibur pinned one of the only times in his SHOOT Project career, Erik Boyer eating a chair shot from hell and Ravage’s leg being snapped. As the final pieces of the brick begin to fall away, a gunshot is heard over the Public Address system and the whole screen is filled with "The Real Deal" Josh Johnson rolling around on the floor, gripping his knee, with a shadowy figure looming over him obviously pleased with his handy work.

Other Guy: Who is it already?

Suddenly "Devil’s Dime" by Black Label Society booms over the Public Address system and the formerly hard to read brick form a name from The SHOOT Projects past.


Eryk Masters: I can’t believe it. Cronos Diamante of all people has been behind the Old School promos.

Other Guy: Oh great, another old guy like Stellar in SHOOT.

Eryk Masters: That wasn’t who I was expecting.

The name transitions away into a shot of Cronos Diamante standing at the top of an entrance way, the entrance way at Reckoning Day. For a few moments, the fans are in total shock as they stare at the Jumbotron not knowing whether or not to believe what they are seeing. Only a few more moments pass by and the fans now shift their gaze to the top of the ramp where Cronos Diamante is standing, looking out at the fans and down at the ring. With microphone in hand, Cronos begins a slow walk to the ring.

Eryk Masters: Cronos Diamante is standing on top of the ramp. He is at Reckoning Day.

Other Guy: Duh!

Cronos receives a mixed reaction from the crowd with some cheers, minor indifference but a majority of boos. Cronos smirks at the boos as his music begins to get louder.

"When you’re living

On the Devil’s Dime

Devil’s Dime

Everything’s paid and we’re feeling fine"

Cronos Diamante ascends the steel steps and enters the ring through the middle rope. He moves to the center of the ring, still smirking but obviously happy to be in the middle of a SHOOT Project ring once again.

"On the Devil’s Dime

Devil’s Dime

The Wheels are rolling and we’re running blind"

Eryk Masters: I can only imagine what Cronos is here for. He hasn’t been inside a SHOOT Project ring in quite a few years. I’m looking forward to hearing what he has to say.

Other Guy: I am too oddly enough. I know very little about him but I have heard he was quite the competitor in his day.

Eryk Masters: You can tell there’s no love loss with the fans and Cronos though.

He’s never been one to be the "good guy" and the fans haven’t forgotten.

Cronos stands in the middle of the ring, soaking up the growing boos. He then holds his hands up to quiet the crowd and they do, hatred for Cronos secondary on their priority list and more wanting to hear what he has to say and why he’s on a SHOOT Project show.

Cronos Diamante: You know… it’s ironic that I’m returning to The SHOOT Project on Reckoning Day. I debuted on Reckoning Day in 2002. I was in this very ring when I tore your first SHOOT Project World Champion, Shaolin, apart and strung him up on a cross while Eric Wolfson held his brother Meioh at the top of that ramp and forced him to watch it happen. Helpless and broken, he couldn’t do anything to save his brother from my wrath. Those were the good old days when the Yakuza ran this company with an Iron Fist and trusted men like Wolfson and I to do what we thought was necessary to protect the Project from undesirables and rake in the betting money; not that the fights were rigged… often.

Cronos smirks. The fans rain down boos upon Cronos Diamante for such an atrocity committed on a SHOOT Project show. Almost none of them had access to the shows at that time but those types of actions would turn the stomach of any fan, good and bad.

Cronos Diamante: You’re all probably wondering why I’m here. You wouldn’t believe in a million years would Cronos Diamante ever return to The SHOOT Project. Not out of hatred or spite for the new breed that replaced me. Not out of lack of ability to hang with your so called champions. And most certainly not out of my belief that The SHOOT Project has gone soft. Well… maybe a bit of the soft part. Heh. Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here to show you fans and every one of those wrestlers in the locker room that the way of the Old Guard is alive and kicking and will prove superior to the way they do things any day, month, and year… hell, even a decade.

The boo’s continue but for some reason they are less in quantity. Cronos looks out to Eryk Masters and nods his head, his way of saying "hi" to a man that he knew to call matches when he was once around.

Cronos Diamante: At least one thing has stayed constant; Eryk Masters is still calling the play by play. And I like it!

Cronos chuckles.

Cronos Diamante: Before I continue on, I have to give a small shout out to Azraith. Thank you for keeping my name alive these last couple weeks before I came back. You brought a smile to my face with you remembering the true Cronos. Just so we’re clear fans, he’s absolutely right about me. I am the monster he portrays me as. I’m the same brutal, manipulative asshole he remembers.

Other Guy: What was the point of that?

Eryk Masters: The way I know Cronos to operate, he was sending a message to the guys in the locker room.

Other Guy: That he’s an asshole? Everybody knows that!

Eryk Masters: No. He’s sending a message like an old guard would. He’s saying: This is what I am, this is what I do. Try to beat me if you can.

Cronos Diamante: Now don’t expect me to come back and do as I used to. I’m not jumping back in this federation and expecting luxuries or instant title shots. I’m not Del Carver.

Cronos chuckles again.

Cronos Diamante: This is what I offer you and this is what I promise you. Cronos Diamante will battle it out from the bottom and make his way to the top and back to the lime light and possibly, if the cards fall in my favor, win a championship belt. As if they wouldn’t fall in my favor. Pfft. I’ve been a Tag Team Champion and I’ve been a champion recently in another place and I don’t plan on slowing down. None of the half-wits the Project throws at me are a threat to my Ascension.

Cronos pauses and looks out at a booing crowd, taking a deep breath to soak up all the negative energy. The negativity fueling his fire.

Cronos Diamante: Now you’re all probably asking yourselves: "Why Cronos, oh why would you be content to start from the bottom?" A man like me deserves to be on top. It’s so simple that mental midgets like you in the crowd should be able to understand it.

Eryk Masters: Still working the crowd like he always could. Listen to these boos. I can barely hear myself think.

Other Guy: I’d like to see a fan jump the guard rail and see what happens.

Cronos Diamante: I didn’t come here just to win titles and be the monster you loved to hate. I pride myself on being a member of the privileged Old Guard club. What that means is I’m going to literally destroy every one of the worms in The SHOOT Project as I work my way up and expose them all for being the no talent hacks they truly are.

Cronos points to the locker room.

Cronos Diamante: That means all of you scrubs in the locker room. I promise by the time the first month is over, you’re all going to hate me more than you ever have before. This old man has a lot more left in the gas tank than any of you can imagine. If you underestimate me, you’ll be eating from a straw for the rest of your life. And if I have to, I’ll bring out the fucking cane!

This draws a laugh from some of the crowd.

Cronos Diamante: Once upon a time I used to be a man of way too many words, but tonight I don’t plan on following in those footsteps. I’m going to leave you to ponder and cherish the fact that you have the privilege and honor of seeing me here in The SHOOT Project again. The Old Guard is back and it’s time to do things proper. Toodles!

With that, Cronos exits the ring through the middle rope and hops down to ringside. He slowly walks up the ramp blowing kisses to the fans and bowing. This only serves to draw more boos. He stops at the top of the ramp, smirks cockily and disappears behind the curtain and into the locker room having left many unanswered questions.

Eryk Masters: So, I have to wonder at this point, who takes the honor of getting in Cronos’ way first. The guy, no matter what you say or think about him, is a bonafide legend around these parts. It’s going to take someone pretty solid to pose a threat.

Other Guy: I’m cool with that, and I’m also cool that Cronos gave no indication that he thought he was entitled to anything here. Legend or not, I want to see Cronos work his way up just like everyone else here had to, or has to.

Eryk Masters: I agree. Very interesting development here in SHOOT, and something that I’m excited to see pan out. Cronos, obviously, having never won a World Championship here, will probably be very much interested in doing what he can to get to that level.

Other Guy: On that note, I know that you and I have been waiting intently on this one, and it’s now time. Osbourne Kilminster takes on Ron Barker, NEXT!


The arena lights dim, barely visible, star-like as they pulse to the music which begins rumbling out across The Epicenter’s PA system and drawing gasps of anticipation from the packed crowd in attendance. Draiman’s vocals cut in just as a red spotlight finds it’s mark just this side of the curtains at the top of the ramp, illuminating a familiar, solitary figure. 

Stepping forward, Osbourne Kilminster can clearly be seen wearing his low-top wrestling shoes, urban camo MMA shorts and 4oz MMA gloves with the unusual addition of a sleeveless hoody with urban camo flak jacket atop it and a pair of sunglasses as he shakes his arms out at either side. 

Another mission, the powers have called me away

Another time to carry the colours again

My motivation, an oath I’ve sworn to defend

To win the honour of coming back home again 

No explanation will matter after we begin

Unlock the dark destroyer that’s buried within

My true vocation and now, my unfortunate friend

You will discover a war you’re unable to win… 

Slowly marching down the rampway in his spotlight, for the first time in quite a while, Osbourne receives a few cheers from the fans, enough to be heard though hardly deafening as he rips off his sunglasses and throws them into the crowd, followed by his flak jacket and his hoody as he reaches the steel ring-steps. 

I’ll have you know

That I’ve become 


Determination that is incorruptible

From the other side, a terror to behold

Annihiliation will be unavoidable… 

Quickly jogging up the ringsteps, Kilminster ducks under the top rope to enter the ring, bounding into the centre of it and slowly turning, casting his gaze out deep into the shadows of the stands. 

Every broken enemy will know

That their opponent had to be invincible

Take a last look around while you’re alive


As the music cuts out, Tony Lorenzo ushers Osbourne to one of the far corners of the ring, away from the rampway, as he pushes in his gumshield and bounces on the spot. 

Samantha Coil: Firs to the ring, at a weight of 235lbs and hailing from Birkenhead, England… OSBOURNE KILMINSTER! 

Eryk Masters: Kilminster had his right hand drained just this last week after complications with his broken hand meant the swelling had hardly gone down at all since he broke it. Apparently it’s still very badly bruised and he signed a medical waiver so he could compete tonight. 

Other Guy: Yeah, I heard that. I heard it took him nearly twenty minutes just to put his right glove on because his hand hurts that bad. 

Eryk Masters: His hands have been a sore point for a while, with joints problems, but the break happened in a recent match with Lennox Ferguson – a match he won. Just imagine what he wants to do to Ron Barker, given the bad blood there! 

Other Guy: Rather Ron than me! 

Unbeknownst to Kilminster, Barker jumps the guardrail separating the fans from the ringside area and leaps up onto the ring apron. Hearing some commotion from the fans, Kilminster turns just as Barker SMASHES an elbow right into his mouth!  Staggering back, Osbourne is clearly dazed as Ron steps into the ring and pushes Tony Lorenzo aside, but Tony grabs onto Ron’s arm and swings him around to chastise him as a group of fans begin a “TONY! TONY!” chant. 

Eryk Masters: Typical dirty Ron tactic. 

Other Guy: You make him sound like some kinda Mexican porn legend – Dirty Ron. 

The Epicenter’s light raise to normal levels as Lorenzo pushes Ron into a corner of the ring and looks around to see Osbourne re-inserting his gum-shield in the opposite corner, but no sooner has he turned his attentions back to Ron than Osbourne charges across the ring with a shoulder-block to Ron’s abdomen than folds him up among the turnbuckles! Taking Ron’s weight up on his own shoulder, Osbourne spins away from the corner and SLAMS Ron down hard in the middle of the ring before popping back up to his feet and pacing back and forth. 

There’s a cheer from the crowd as Tony Lorenzo throws up his hands, exasperated. Osbourne Kilminster shoots him an evil glare exhumed right from the bowels of Hell and points toward the timekeeper. With a gulp, Tony Lorenzo signals for the bell and the match is OFFICIALLY begun just as Ron is getting back to his feet. 

Other Guy:Wow. This started off brutal. Kilminster’s got a split lip and Ron’s catching his breath and this thing has literally only just started! 

Eryk Masters: Yeah, Ron made his stealth attack, Osbourne took revenge and now we’re officially on! 

Osbourne patiently paces back and forth as Ron pulls himself to his feet with a smirk and the two step in toward eachother, locked in an intense staredown. A severely pissed-off Osbourne bites hard into his gum-shield as the bigger Canadian smiles and raises a patronising eyebrow. 

Other Guy: This ain’t gon’ end well… 

As a low murmur from the fans turns into a rising cheer, Ron rears back, loading up, but Osbourne’s quicker as he DRIVES his left elbow right onto the temple of Barker, following right up with a DEVASTATING jumping knee to the chin which wobbles Ron and sends him staggering back! Sensing a brief weakening in the Canadian’s armour, Osbourne rushes in and catches a jab right on the chin, but covers up as Barker offoads punch after punch with an EPIC BARRAGE of punches as never-before-seen from him! Osbourne rocks his crazy monkey guard, taking the blows on his arms rather than his face as he backs away. With a change of tactic, Ron brings Kilminster CRASHING to the canvas with a dropkick right to the knee! Osbourne falls flat on his face and only just makes in up onto his good knee when Barker drops a MASSIVE jumping knee onto Osbourne’s right hand! Kilminster spits out his gum-shield as his agony explodes forth! 

Eryk Masters: Oh my God… I can’t imagine how much that must hurt… 

Other Guy: Osbourne’s given a lot of credit for being one of the most intelligent players in the game, but people forget the smarts of Ron Barker. Like a shark, man, he smells that blood and he’s right on ya. 

Osbourne pulls himself up to his feet, his left leg a little wobbly as he holds his left hand up in a guard-stance and his right hand in at his chest. Both Ron and Osbourne lunge in and lock up collar and elbow. Kilminster starts BLASTING away at Ron’s exposed abs and ribs with his right knee! Ron kicks out at Osbourne’s weakened left knee and catches the vulnerable right hand of the Englishman as he drops down, instantly slapping on a wristlock! Osbourne winces as Barker steps on his calf, pinning his leg to the canvas and twists that broken hand at unnatural angles. 

Other Guy: See what I mean? Wristlock – usually pretty easy to escape, but not if your hand’s fucked up. Ron’s smarts. 

Eryk Masters: Got to agree there. 

Ron Barker smiles broadly as he cranks on the wrist-lock, holding it in with his left hand and  PUNCHING the back of Osbourne’s hand with his right! Kilminster tries to tug his leg free from beneath Ron’s foot, but can’t and ROARS as Ron punches his broken hand again, the impact resonating through his hand despite the padding of his MMA glove. As he sees Ron draw back for another punch, Osbourne YANKS his right arm and forcibly straightens his leg from beneath Ron’s foot, rising up and SMASHING his left shin right into Barker’s chin! Ron drops to his knees but immediately shoots in for Osbourne’s legs and  brings him down to the canvas! Ron’s quick taking a side-control position, but Osbourne

slips his hip under and takes guard. Ron reaches out to try and secure Osbourne’s right arm for an over-head hammerlock, but he’s unbalanced and Osbourne makes the EASY sweep to take mount! Kilminster RAINS down with elbows as Ron struggles to cover up! The blood starts to flow, much to the joy of the fans, as the elbows find their mark in and around Ron’s eyes, slicing him up! 

Other Guy: Not looking good for Barker now! 

Eryk Masters: Definitely not! 

Ron manages to turn onto his belly, rising up onto his knees. Osbourne gets his hooks in and looks to lock on a rear-naked choke, slipping his forearm in under Ron’s chin. Panic causes an adrenaline boost for the bigger man as he squats his way up to his feet, carrying Osbourne’s weight as he LAUNCHES himself backward at the turnbuckle! Kilminster’s grip is instantly released as the two men stagger out from the corner, Barker quickly turning and PLANTING Osbourne with into the mat with a standing clothesline! Kilminster instinctively flips over onto his hands and knees, vulnerable as Barker throws his foot high into the air and drops a MASSIVE stomp down onto that broken right hand! His eyes bulging with agony, Kilminster rolls out of the ring, flopping down onto the matted area as he tries desperately to rip off his glove! 

Other Guy: Holy fucking shit, that’s gotta hurt! 

Eryk Masters: The pain must be utterly excruciating… 

Tony Lorenzo looks over the ropes at Osbourne crumpled in foetal position on the mats and shakes his head as he holds up his index finger to begin the count, joined by a considerable portion of the crowd and much to the amusement of Ron, who sits on the turnbuckle with his arms folded. 



Finally, Osbourne rips off the right glove and throws it deep into the crowd, drawing a few cheers as some fans clamour to claim it… 



Slowly, he raises himself up onto his knees, clutching his right hand tightly with his left, his face bright and etched with a thousand untold agonies. 

Eryk Masters: I think there’s a definite growing support here for Kilminster! 

Other Guy: Is it just that people dislike Ron MORE than they dislike Osbourne? 



Reaching up for the second rope with his left hand, he slowly gets his knee up onto the apron… 

Eryk Masters: Maybe so, but for this one match, atleast, they’ve taken to the Englishman and you can hear them counting out with referee Tony Lorenzo! 



By the count of eight, he’s stood on the apron, but just as he’s about to step through, Ron SOARS through the air and SMASHES into Osbourne! The two men fly back, Osbourne CRASHING into the unforgiving guard-rail and Ron sailing clean over it, BOMBING inadvertently into the front rows of the crowd! 

A “HOLY SHIT!” chant breaks out, interspersed with “YOU FUCKED UP!”, as security struggle to clear some space around Ron as he lies, motionless, upon the concrete and Osbourne lies slumped against the guard-rail, his eyes dull and unable to focus properly! 

Other Guy: That’s why you should never fly Air Canada! 

Eryk Masters: Barker too a Hell of a risk right there and it doesn’t look like it’s paid off! 

Other Guy: Not looking good for either man, in fairness… 

Tony Lorenzo is almost ripping his hair out with exasperation as he surveys the carnage before holding up his finger and beginning a count for the second time in the match, this time for both men! 


Other Guy: Here we go! Who’s your money on? 

Eryk Masters: I’m not a gambling man, OG! 



Ron Barker barely twitches as Osbourne Kilminster seems to be coming to his senses, somewhat, flopping forward onto his hands and knees and looking up at the ring… 



Other Guy: Could be Kilminster’s moment here… 

Ron pulls himself to his knees just as Osbourne gets to his feet and takes his first wobbly step toward the ring… 


Another step for Osbourne… 


Osbourne reaches the apron, but just as he does so, Ron steps over the guard-rail and swings a steel chair just as Osbourne turns and DUCKS, avoiding the blow and swinging his left fist with every ounce of strength in his body, connecting with Ron’s temple and leaving him OUT FUCKING COLD on the mats! 

Other Guy: You see that?! 


Eryk Masters: One shot and it’s lights out for Barker! 

Almost in disbelief at his own handiwork, Kilminster gazes down at Barker, a slight smirk ripping its way across his face… 


The fans cheer as Kilminster throws himself at the apron and rolls under the bottom rope to break the count at the last possible second! 

Tony Lorenzo helps Osbourne to his feet, raising his hand as Disturbed’sIndestructible” hits. Kilminster smirks, enjoying the fact that there are some cheers for him. 

Samantha Coil: And your winner… by count-out…OSBOURNE KILMINSTER 

Eryk Masters: What a win for Kilminster here! 

Other Guy: What a way to teach a lesson to the guy who blindsided you repeatedly. 

Eryk Masters: There’ll be a lot of people who think Ron got what was coming to him, but you can bet this isn’t the last Osbourne’s heard from him. 

Smiling as he steps away from Tony Lorenzo, Osbourne looks to the ringside mats just as Ron Barker is getting back to his feet, holding his head. With a wink of his eye, Osbourne ducks under the top rope to exit the ring and head off up the ramp. 


A camera quickly turns a corner to find a commotion going on backstage near the medical facility. 


The Dexecutioner: What the FUCK man!? What the FUCK!? 


Security guards are standing between a heavily-bandaged Mike Dexter and a similarly-bandaged Lennox Ferguson, the two of them looking ready to kill each other. 


The guards and trying to get the two men to walk away – to no avail. 


Ox: I thought you had the FIRE! I thought you were going to do whatever it takes!  


You went from Rocky Balboa to Rocky Dennis REALLY fuckin’ quick didn’t you? You want to tell me now that I don’t understand what it means to be a champion? It’s written all over your face. 


The Dexecutioner: No. Because if you were, you’d have let me stay down the first time instead of adding insult to injury. You’re no champion – you’re a walking trophy case with an inferiority complex.  


Ferguson pushes security out of the way and storms up to the security that is flanking Dexter. 


Ox: That’s pretty ballsy coming from a man that I just beat the shit out of… if it weren’t for Osbourne fucking Kilminster… 


The Dexecutioner: …you would have what? Broken every bone in my body? Tell me, Mr. Hero, what WAS the purpose of that lapse in civility?  


Ox: It wasn’t a lapse. If I could – I’d do it again. Right here. Right now. 


The Dexecutioner: What’s stopping you? Huh!? Come at me bro. You don’t have your big gimp to protect you.  


Oh, and remember, Rocky WON his second fight against the champion. How much you want to bet the same thing happens this time? 


That line obviously infuriates Lennox Ferguson as he jumps over the security guards protecting Dexter and manages to land a solid punch to the Dexecutioner’s jaw before more security swarm in and forcibly restrain the two men. 


Security Officer: OUT! BOTH OF YOU!  




Five security guards each have restrained The Ox and Dexter, pulling them in opposite directions to doors leading out of the building as both men have just been ejected from the arena.  

Eryk Masters: Interesting little exchange there between Ox and Mike Dexter. Dexter clearly unhappy about how the Iron Fist Championship went, and Ox is DEFINITELY doing what he can to rub it in.

Other Guy: What do they have to show for it? Oh, I’ll tell you… getting their asses thrown out of the building.

Eryk Masters: That may be true, but what you can pretty much guarantee is that this isn’t the last time we’ll hear about this little issue.

Other Guy: And with that in mind, we’re going to take you now to the Sin City Championship match. This position on our show has been through a lot of flux over the past two weeks, so it’s good to see it finally get a solid match, and between two great talents, at that.

Eryk Masters: Indeed, OG. If you’ll recall, Alex Brooks gained this Sin City Championship title shot by winning Mr. Heart’s version of the Apprentice. Although from what we’ve heard, it almost sounded like Alex Brooks wasn’t quite ready to take on Mr. Heart at this juncture.

Other Guy: With that in mind, you have to hand it to those two guys for managing to immediately create a good amount of hype in such a short time. That’s talent, right there. So, let’s quit yammering, and get to it. Mr. Heart defends the Sin City Championship against Alex Brooks… next!


Other Guy: Reckoning Day is set to get even hotter now, with our Sin City Champion about to wipe the floor with his Apprentice!

Samantha Coil: The following match is scheduled for one fall, and is for the SHOOT Project Sin City Championship! Introducing first, the champion…

It’s in the life that we lead,

Set up for money and greed…

The Reckoning Day crowd goes absolutely BALLISTIC with boos as Mr Heart casually saunters out from the entranceway, a red silk robe over his shoulders in addition to his usual purple tights. Behind him follow his four Associates, all clad in suits and earpieces, one of them wheeling a glass display case with the Sin City Championship mounted inside!

Eryk Masters: Okay, that’s just pretentious.

Other Guy: Hey, do you always carry your own suitcases when you book into a hotel? Mr Heart doesn’t lower himself to manual labor!

Eryk Masters: My suitcases aren’t fixed inside a half-inch of bulletproof glass, OG.

Other Guy: After the way Johnny Patriot manhandled the Sin City Champion I’m surprised he’s even competing. Don’t insult a convalescing man.

Samantha Coil: Standing at six feet two inches, and weighing in tonight at two hundred twenty-five pounds, he is the Most Gracious Man in Wrestling and the current Sin City Champion…. MISTERRR HEAAAART!!!

Mr Heart slowly and steadily walks to the ring, his eyes fixed forward and completely ignoring the abuse and jeers from the audience. A fan throws a beer that nearly hits the champion, and two of the Associates almost jump the guardrail, scaring the young man off. An Associate holds the ring ropes open for Mr Heart to climb into the ring, while the one wheeling the trophy case parks it near the announce desk. Mr Heart takes off the red robe, emblazoned with a broken heart logo, and hands it to his employee.

Other Guy: Why is there so much hate for our Sin City Champion? These fans clearly don’t recognize a civilized champion when they see one.

Eryk Masters: This man has back-stabbed, betrayed, lied, stolen and cheated his way to that championship.

Other Guy: He’s a businessman! Business isn’t always pretty, Eryk!

… our father’s justice gets closer,

How could you fuck us all over?

Rape, steal and murder

God bless The Almighty Dollar…

The Almighty Dollar

Dennis Heflin, the match official, gets Mr Heart’s attention and points to the display case housing the belt. He’s calling for the belt to be handed to the ring staff for safekeeping, but Mr Heart shakes his head and the Associates stand firm in front of the glass cabinet.

Eryk Masters: Mr Heart’s refusing to part with his belt even for the duration of the match. How arrogant do you have to be to not even consider that you might lose the belt?

Other Guy: Come on, do you think Brooks stands a chance here?

Eryk Masters: If Mr Heart gets complacent, anything could happen. Alex Brooks even getting this title shot was unexpected…

Samantha Coil: And introducing the challenger, standing at five feet nine inches and weighing one hundred sixty-five pounds… he is ALEX BROOKS!!!

Foreigner’s "Jukebox Hero" hits the arena and Alex Brooks practically explodes from the curtain to a decent pop, bounding from one side of the stage to the other then sprinting down to the barricade and slapping as many hands as he can. He’s almost bouncing with every step, and can’t quite keep the grin off his face.

Other Guy: Brooks is gaining more fans every time we see him. The whole young and clean-cut thing must be working for him.

Eryk Masters: That, and he’s less of an asshole than Heart, which makes him the fan favorite by default!

Dennis Heflin gives both men the obligatory pat-down and calls for the bell! Mr Heart extends his hand and Brooks shakes it – Mr Heart whips around for a cut-throat neckbreaker, but Brooks spins through it and Mr Heart lands flat on his back!

Other Guy: Shades of William Regal there with an early attempt to take advantage, but Alex Brooks didn’t fall for it!

As Mr Heart brushes himself off and scowls at Brooks, a few scattered "you fucked up!" chants die before they really get started. Brooks calls for a collar-and-elbow, and Heart locks it up and immediately hammers the young rookie with a knee to the midsection! Brooks doubles over and Heart hits him with another kneelift, this time to the face!

Eryk Masters: Heart’s pride wounded a little with that missed neckbreaker attempt, and now he wants to embarrass Brooks in return!

Other Guy: A gracious man like Mr Heart, vindictive like that? No way, E. He’s just trying to teach the kid some new moves!

Brooks rolls back to his feet pretty quickly and only barely ducks under a lariat from Heart, who hits the ropes and comes back with another before Brooks knows it’s coming – BAM! Brooks goes down hard! Mr Heart drops down for an early pin attempt but Brooks kicks out and wriggles away before Dennis Heflin even lines himself up to count.

Both men get back to their feet, and lock up again, but this time Mr Heart uses his size advantage to start pushing Brooks back towards the corner! Brooks fights back, stopping himself from being forced backwards… but still losing ground slowly as the superior strength of Mr Heart comes into play. Brooks braces himself and shoves hard – then drops back into an old-school monkey flip, taking Heart for a ride into the corner to cheers from the crowd!

Eryk Masters: Mister Heart wasn’t expecting Brooks to come up with a counter like that…

Other Guy: From the look on his face, even Brooks was surprised he came up with it!

Brooks pumps his fist a couple of times in celebration, then sees Mr Heart in the corner and runs in for a high-speed baseball slide – but an Associate pulls Heart out of the ring altogether and Brooks only hits the ringpost!

Other Guy: I know the Associates are paid to protect Heart, but in the middle of a match?!

Alex pulls himself up by the turnbuckles, favoring his left ankle a little. He shakes it out and drops down to the floor, but Heart slides back into the ring quickly and the Associates form a wall between Brooks and the ring. They don’t lay a hand on him, but every time he moves to go around them, the human barrier goes with him!

Eryk Masters: What’s going on here?

Other Guy: I think Mister Heart has a plan for retaining his title.

Heart points at Brooks and yells at the ref, who reluctantly starts counting.




Brooks, finally realizing what’s going on, tries to outrun the Associates, but they keep pace with him and block his path to the ring!



Other Guy: Mr Heart is going to win this match by count-out! Dennis Heflin won’t disqualify Heart unless his Associates actually attack Brooks… this is the kind of lateral thinking that makes a champion!

Eryk Masters: It’d be a pretty crummy way to retain, especially at a pay-per-view. But I have to admit, it’s smart thinking by Mr Heart.



Brooks frantically looks around, finds a folding chair, sets it up…


… and takes a running leap off it, not high enough to get to the ring but enough to land a knee on an Associate’s shoulder and half-trip, half-fall to the apron, rolling under the bottom rope to stop the count!

Eryk Masters: And that’s the kind of resourcefulness and determination that makes a top contender!

Other Guy: Big deal. The kid nearly killed himself getting back in, and now Heart’s going to finish the job!

Heart sneers at the younger man and kicks him in the ribs for good measure, then grabs him by the leg and spins into a classic figure-four! Brooks writhes with pain as Mr Heart cranks it in, lecturing the rookie at the same time!

Mr Heart: This, young man, is a figure-four leg lock! Learn it well!

Eryk Masters: I think you’re half-right, OG, Mr Heart wants to teach Brooks a lesson…

Other Guy: Exactly! Heart is all about the education.

Eryk Masters: That’s not quite what I meant, but whatever.

Heart wrenches on the knee of Brooks, who has tears forming in his eyes and is scrambling for a way out. He just about gets fingertips to one of the ring ropes, but an Associate quickly steps over and pulls it just a couple of inches out of his reach! Dennis Heflin charges over and gives the Associate a stern talking-to, while Brooks’ hand wavers and it looks as though he’s on the verge of tapping out! With a last-gasp effort Brooks hooks an elbow into the canvas and lurches towards the rope, grasping it for dear life!

Dennis Heflin: ROPE BREAK! Break the hold, Heart!

Dennis Heflin turns to Heart to reprimand him as Alex breaks away to the corner, limping noticeably on his left knee!

Other Guy: Not sure how well the kid is going to fly with only one leg…

Eryk Masters: He’s already in a handicap match, pretty much, it’s not like he needs the deck stacked against him any higher!

Brooks stretches out his leg and tries to recover, but another one of the Associates grabs him by the ankle and holds him in place as Mr Heart comes over to the corner and grabs Brooks by the head, clubbing a couple of forearms into his back. He roughly picks Brooks up and sets him up on the top turnbuckle, then hooks him in a front facelock, hooks the leg for a cradle brainbuster –

NO! Brooks fires a quick right to the midsection, and then another, breaking up the hold! Still sitting on the turnbuckle he SHOVES Heart hard, sending him down to the mat! Brooks sees the fallen Heart and hears the crowd cheering, he hops up to the top turnbuckle, swallows hard and springs off –

SWANTON BOMB! Brooks connects with a high-elevation somersault senton!

Eryk Masters: I can’t believe it. Alex Brooks… just hit a high-risk move successfully!

Alex sits dazed for a second before remembering what he’s meant to do next – go for the pin!




Alex rolls away and stands up, trying to stay away from where the Associates are lurking, as Mr Heart takes his feet slowly. He circles with Brooks before feinting for a single-leg takedown, with Brooks obligingly pulling his leg back and leaning into a STIFF European uppercut! Brooks reels but doesn’t fall, but the next monster clothesline from Heart puts him down! Brooks kips up, right into another clothesline from the Sin City Champion! Heart goes for the trifecta but Brooks avoids it by a fraction of an inch, and as soon as Heart turns around he eats a high dropkick! Brooks grabs Heart and pulls him to his feet, then whips him to the ropes and hits him again with that high-elevation dropkick!

Other Guy: Heart got his bell rung but good just then. Brooks is improving every time he steps in the ring.

Eryk Masters: Jerry Eisenhower must be doing something right for this kid.

Other Guy: Don’t forget Mr Heart’s mentorship as well!

Eryk Masters: Riiight.

A groggy Mr Heart stumbles as he gets to his feet, and Brooks spins into a back heel kick that sends Heart sprawling into the ropes, where the Associates quickly whisk him to the outside to try and get their employer back in the game. Brooks sees the five men clustered together, bounces off the opposite ropes and comes flying at the group head-first –

Other Guy: Suicide dive!

The Associates brace but Alex grabs the ropes at the last second, flinging back into the ring with a textbook tiger feint!

Eryk Masters: Go Alex Go!

Other Guy: Still the stupidest name for a move ever.

Eryk Masters: What about Nova’s "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy"?

Other Guy: I stand corrected.

The Associates laugh at Brooks and his unnecessary acrobatics, but Brooks rears back and hurls himself out of the ring with a slingshot cross-body that takes all six men down to the arena floor! Heart groggily staggers free of the impact zone while Brooks untangles himself from the mess of limbs as the four Associates attempt to get up. Brooks goes after Heart and hooks in a front facelock, beaming at the crowd and twirling his finger in the air Jake the Snake style.

Other Guy: Brooks is going for his finisher on the outside! DDT onto the concrete!

Brooks springs up – and keeps going up as Heart hoists him for a back body drop … but Brooks swings through and grabs his legs for a sunset flip! Brooks looks proud of himself for a second until he realizes he can’t pin Heart here – and Heart kicks him in the face unceremoniously to stop his reverie. Giving a nod to his Associates, Heart scoops up the young man and takes him over with a hard T-bone suplex onto the arena floor! Before Alex has a chance to catch his breath Mr Heart has him by the hair and drags him towards the announce desk, where his Sin City championship sits in its glass case.

Eryk Masters: Hey, we’re not part of the match! Stay away from us!

Ignoring the commentators, Heart glances over to the ring, where all four Associates are loudly arguing with the ref about something. With a malicious smirk Mr Heart presses Alex’s face against the glass.

Mr Heart: See that, boy? That’s a championship belt. I have one. But you aren’t worthy of one…

Heart pulls Brooks’ head back, then smacks his face straight into the thick glass on the display case!


Gradually composing himself, Heart drops the senseless Brooks to the arena floor and calmly ascends the ring steps. He waves at the Associates to leave the ring, leaving Dennis Heflin to see an unmoving Alex Brooks on the outside and Mr Heart in the ring. Heflin sighs and starts another count-out.



The crowd rallies behind Brooks.






Brooks pulls himself up against the announce desk, barely aware of his surroundings. Heart brushes imaginary specks off his tights.

Other Guy: Come on kid, get back in there! You’re gonna get counted out!




Brooks shakes off the cobwebs and uses the ropes to jump up onto the apron, but Mr Heart stands just inside the ring, blocking his path! Brooks ducks a punch and jumps up to hook a front facelock in again, standing on the second rope…



Eryk Masters: Brooks steals a page out of the Ainsley Lake playbook there, using one of her signature maneuvers to avoid the countout!

Other Guy: It was ugly and sloppy as hell, but it certainly worked!

Brooks goes for the pin!


TW- Heart grabs an arm and rolls over, taking the rookie with him and turning a standard lateral press into an armbar!

Other Guy: Great ring savvy from Heart there, pulling out a counter the youngster has probably never seen before!

Eryk Masters: Brooks may have the speed in this one, but Heart’s experience has been just as important.

Alex yells out with pain, trying desperately to find a way out while Mr Heart applies more torque.

Mr Heart: How about this? Do you remember what this move is called, Alex? ARE YOU TAKING NOTES?!

Brooks flails and eventually catches Heart with a lucky elbow to the head, loosening his grip. Another forearm shot and Alex scoots away, nursing his injured arm as Heart smirks. Mr Heart stalks Brooks, Brooks backing away until his back is against the ropes… Heart grabs Brooks by the wrist of his hurt arm and wrenches a standing wristlock in hard, making Brooks drop to his knees in pain.

Brooks catches Heart’s ankle, tripping him up and forcing him to break the hold just to keep his balance. Brooks quickly hops up to his feet and hooks Heart’s leg, dropping him with a snap side Russian legsweep! He covers…




Heart unsteadily gets himself back to a vertical base, and just barely ducks an Alex Brooks flying forearm! As Alex picks himself up, Heart pulls the ref aside and takes a fat fold of hundred dollar bills out of his trunks.

Eryk Masters: What’s going on now?

Other Guy: Bribery, Eryk. Blatant bribery.

Indeed, Heart is indicating that he wants a three-count in exchange for the wad of bills. Dennis Heflin shoves the bills back in Heart’s face!

Eryk Masters: How can Heflin knock back that money on a ref’s salary?

Other Guy: I sure as hell wouldn’t want anything that’s been inside Mr Heart’s sweaty trunks…

Eryk Masters: And as tempting as it may have been, the expression of shock on Heart’s face right now is priceless!

Heart turns around to see Alex Brooks running towards him full-speed, and quickly sidesteps. Alex doesn’t hesitate to head straight for the opposite ropes … but one of the Associates pulls down the top rope and Alex goes over!

HE CAUGHT THE ROPE! Alex Brooks swung over onto the apron, despite the Associates trying to send him onto the arena floor! Heart comes charging in but Alex drops to the mat and slides back into the ring, tripping Heart throat-first onto the ropes with a crude variation of a stungun!

Other Guy: I don’t even think he meant to do that! But Heart is down and Alex has an opening!

One of the Associates slides something into the ring next to Mr Heart just as Brooks is about to pick him up. Brooks sees it – brass knuckles! – and kicks them out of his way as he hauls Heart to his feet. The ref sees this too, and admonishes the Associate, while Alex goes for the Irish Whip into the ropes – Heart reverses –


Other Guy: Did you see that?! Another Associate just slammed Alex Brooks over the head with a cricket bat as he hit the ropes!

Brooks stumbles back, right into Mr Heart…


Eryk Masters: Alex Brooks was out on his feet when Heart hit his move! That’s some dirty play, even for Mr Heart!

Mr Heart puts a knee in the middle of Alex’s chest for the cover.

Mr Heart: Here endeth the lesson, Alex.




Dennis Heflin signals for the bell!

Samantha Coil: Your winner, and STILL the Sin City Champion… MISTERRRRRR HEAAAAARRRTT!!!

Mr Heart is ecstatic as he celebrates his victory! He calls all the Associates into the ring, embracing them all, and jumping up and down with pure glee. He tosses hundred dollar bills to the Associates, and a few towards Dennis Heflin as well!

Other Guy: Mister Heart retains his championship, but with plenty of help from his hired goons!

The insensible Alex Brooks is hardly stirring in the middle of the ring, an already impressive lump on the side of his head where he got clocked with the cricket bat. Mr Heart instantly switches back from jubilant to brisk businessman as he orders one of the Associates to pick up Brooks, while another retrieves the display case holding the Sin City Championship belt, and the five men walk out to the back to the sounds of "The Almighty Dollar" with Alex Brooks as cargo.


Other Guy: That was quite a matchup, ladies and gents. It’s been quite a night here for the SHOOT Project and at Reckoning Day.

Eryk Masters: You’re right, OG. We’ve ALREADY seen the return of Jason Johnson, his announcement of a Championship Edition of Revolution. A World Tour. And changes. My heart peed when I heard his music, I’ll go ahead and let you in on that one.

Other Guy: Wasn’t the only thing that peed. I saw the pants.

Eryk Masters: IN ADDITION TO THAT, we’ve seen the debut of Cronos Diamante, a polarizing figure in the wrestling business to be sure. And let’s not forget the matches. We just saw Brooks come very close to capturing the Sin City Championship. We’ve seen Pestalance tap out to Thomas Manchester Black.

Other Guy: We also saw Jester Smiles completely destroy Sinnocence, which kinda made me a little bit sick. Naturally, Osbourne Kilminster took on Ron Barker, and Ozzy basically knocked Ron the fuck out. That was impressive. You think Ozzy has a future in the Iron Fist division?

Eryk Masters: I think Ozzy has a future wherever the hell he feels like. Mike Dexter and Ox got thrown out. That issue isn’t settled, and up next? We’ve got a final grudge match between Cade Sydal and Dan Stein. Gotta wonder how that one’s going to turn out, right OG?

Other Guy: Indeed, Eryk. And in order to find out? We gotta get that show on the road. Cade Sydal Vs. Dan Stein, next on Reckoning Day, and we’ve STILL got a ton of action for you.


Eryk Masters: Ladies and gentlemen, our next match doesn’t need a hype video because these two men have blown the roof off the SHOOT Project Epicenter every time they’ve stepped into the ring, against each other or not!

Other Guy: But tonight, their long, long friendship comes to its nasty conclusion! To the winner go the spoils, or in Stein’s case, the sloppy seconds!

The camera cuts from the two men at the announce table and to the ring, where Samantha Coil stands. Surrounded in every corner by a chair, sitting upright.

Samantha Coil: Our next match is scheduled for the best out of three falls! And is to be contested under Teen Idol Deathmatch rules, making the chairs in the ring with me legal and victory can only be achieved in each fall through pinfall or submission! Making his way to the ring first…

As Samantha’s voice trails off, the fast paced electronic keyboard tones play over the PA system as the fans jump to their feet, mostly in awe of the awesome song choice.

Other Guy: Really? This guy changes his music more often than his underwear!

Eryk Masters: I’m not sure anyone believes that, OG.

The sound of La Roux’s "In for the Kill" plays over the airwaves now, as the woman’s voice echoes throughout the arena. Stepping out to the ramp from the backstage is none other than the SHOOT Project Playboy, the Blonde Boyty, the one and only Dan Stein, causing fans to erupt further! The video screem comes to life with a montage of various shots of Dan, all in different locations, a mixture of still shots and action clips. Stein looks out at the fans as he stands at the top of the ramp, putting his hands in the air, he encourages the Epicenter to go batshit as he makes his way down to the ring!

Samantha Coil: Making his way to the ring first, from Cedar Rapids, Iowa! Weighing in at 215 pounds! Here…is…DAAAAAAAAN "The LIGHTS!" STEEEEIIIIINNNNNNNN!

Stein quickly slides under the bottom rope as she finishes the introduction, raising to his feet he makes his way to the ropes, stepping on the bottom and middle he points out at the sea of cheering fans before turning his attention to the entrance ramp as his music fades out.

I can almost taste it…

The lights drop and the fans begin to boo loudly.

Other Guy: Can you feel it?!

It makes no sense to me…

What does it all mean?!

A spotlight slowly comes to a stop on the top of the ramp.

Eryk Masters: …really?

I can almost taste it…

I can almost see it!

It makes no sense to me…

What does it all mean?!

I can almost taste it…

Other Guy: What?

I just wanna be famous!

You dream of trading places

I have been changing faces

You can not fill these shoes

There is too much to lose

I wake up behind these trenches

You run around defenseless

There is too much to lose

You can not fill these shoes

I just wanna be famous but…

Be careful what you wish for…

As “Almost Famous” by Eminem (featuring Lisa Rodriguez) continues Cade Sydal steps through the curtain, with Cassi Ryan hand-in-hand. The couple walk to the top of the ramp and stand there for a moment, a microphone in Cassi’s hand.

Eryk Masters: Of course she’s going to…

Cassi Ryan: Introducing his opponent! The sexiest man this side of the Milky Way! Admired by men, and desired by women! Weighing in at 179 pounds! From Southport, North Carolina! He’s The Teen Idol, the Gangsta of Love, and GOD’S FAVORITE WRESTLER! CAAAAADE SYYYYDALLLLL!

The fans continue to boo as the couple make their way down the ramp, Cade with his free hand in the air, waving his index and middle fingers at the crowd, as if to encourage them to jeer him. Samantha Coil gets out of the ring as Stein starts pacing, watching Cade make his way down to the ramp. The two men keep their eyes locked on each other.

Other Guy: Look at Dan Stein, pacing like a tiger in that ring!

Eryk Masters: The battle lines have been drawn, and neither of these two are going to give an inch!

Cade gets in the ring as his music fades, leaving Cassi at ringside with a kiss on the cheek. It doesn’t take long for Willie Dean to signal for the bell, and it sounds. Both Dan Stein and Cade Sydal stare at each other from across the ring, neither moving to circle.

Eryk Masters: The tension is so thick you can see it!

Other Guy: One of them is gonna go for a chair, I know it! And they know it, too!

Stein is the first to act, and as predicted he turns around and moves toward the chair in the corner there! Cade rushes at him, but Stein turns around, having expected that, and meets Cade in the middle of the ring instead with a double leg takedown! Stein quickly slides up Cade’s body and mounts him, before driving his fists down into Cade’s face, and then arms as Cade brings them up to try and defend himself.

Eryk Masters: Stein with some heavy hands, and Cade has no choice but to defend himself!

But Stein grabs Cade by his left arm and swings his body around, looking for a cross armbreaker! Cade grabs his left hand with his right, to fight the hold off!

Other Guy: Stein is utilizing that MMA background, but Cade is doing a great job of blocking the hold!

Cade turns his body toward Stein’s, he quickly kicks his feet up and over, flipping into a bridge, suddenly jacknife-pinning Stein out of the cross armbreaker attempt!



Stein kicks out, releasing his grip on Cade’s arm in the process! Both men scramble to their feet, Cade rubbing above and below his left elbow while Stein stares daggers into his friend-turned-nemesis. Cade suddenly turns around, moving to grab a chair, and Stein runs up behind him to react, catching Cade in a waistlock before he can grab the chair! Cade steps up on the edge of the chair and kicks off of it, backflipping up over Stein’s shoulder to land behind him, Cade quickly swings down behind him, rolling him backward with a schoolboy!

Other Guy: Did you see that?


Stein kicks out, but as he does so, Cade quickly turns his arm over, catching Dan’s other leg and turns over with him, hooking the other leg with his free arm, he turns Stein over onto his chest and presses his knee in the back of Stein’s neck, with the LION TAMER! Cade manages to lean back for about two seconds before Stein turns his body out and gets back onto his back!

Eryk Masters: These two know each other like the back of their hands! Right now, they’ve got to be testing each other.

Other Guy: They don’t have any choice right now, every time they try to go for a chair the other guy cuts ’em off.

Cade fights to turn Stein back over, but Dan pulls his legs back in and shoves Sydal off and to the ropes! Stein rolls backward to his feet as Cade stumbles to the ropes and rebounds off of them. Cade leaps into the air and swings through a cyclone kick, but Stein ducks under it and Cade crashes down on his chest! Stein turns and rolls over Cade’s back just as he starts to push up to his hands and knees. Oklahoma Roll!


Eryk Masters: Dan had that well scouted, and capitalized!

Cade kicks out, but just as he rolls his body off his shoulders, Stein rolls with him and swings his legs over onto Cade’s back, pulling on his chin suddenly, he locks Cade in a Camel Clutch!

Other Guy: He’s gonna break his back! Make him humble!

Eryk Masters: Stein with a little game of tit-for-tat with a submission applied right out of a roll-up!

Other Guy: …pick up on that, did you?

Stein leans back, pulling harshly on Cade’s chin and arching his back! Cade fights to find a way out of the hold before managing to get his right arm off of Stein’s knee. Suddenly Cade tucks his right shoulder down and rolls toward Stein’s front, tripping Stein up and driving him to the ground with a sort of drop toehold, using the arms! Cade rolls over onto Stein’s back and pushes his hands off of Dan’s back, handspringing forward over Stein he hits the ropes and dives low with a baseball slide to the side of Stein’s face!

Other Guy: How can you hate on someone as athletically gifted, E?

Cade gets to his feet and bows, waving his hands as he does so, drawing a chorus of boos from the sold-out Epicenter!

Eryk Masters: Does that answer your question? Athletic or not, no one deserves to be [i]that[/i] cocky!

Cade smirks out at the crowd before walking to a corner and snapping a chair shut. He turns around as Stein starts pushing to his feet, Cade swings just as Stein turns around! Stein ducks under the chair, and Cade stumbles forward awkwardly from missing! Stein grabs Cade in a tight waistlock and snaps back suddenly with a German suplex, folding Cade up on his shoulders he bridges for a pin!

Eryk Masters: Just as Cade was about to use a chair, Dan comes back with a big German suplex!



Cade kicks hard and both shoulders roll off the canvas, breaking free of Stein’s grasp.

Other Guy: Yeah, but it’s gonna take a lot more than that to put him away!

Stein grabs the chair that Cade dropped from being suplexed, and pushes to his feet as Cade starts to get to his own feet, Stein waving one hand at Cade to encourage him up to his feet. As soon as Cade is standing, Stein swings for the fences! Cade throws himself backward onto his shoulders to avoid the wild swing, and nips up to his feet! Stein steps awkwardly off-balanced and Cade runs right at him, placing his left leg on Stein’s thigh Cade lunges up into Stein with a standing Shining Wizard, riding Stein down to the canvas! Cade hooks both legs!

Eryk Masters: Whoa!

Other Guy: That was some serious Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon shit!




Stein kicks out! Cade gets to his feet quickly and grabs the chair he forced Stein to let go of, before throwing it back down more toward the middle of the ring. He helps Dan the rest of the way to his feet, pulling him right into a front facelock. Cade hooks under the leg and starts to lift up, but Stein uses his left arm to hook deep under Cade’s knee, preventing him from lifting! Cade releases the fisherman hook, and Stein quickly swings himself out of the front facelock, he kicks Cade in the gut, doubling him over!

Eryk Masters: Every time someone tries to use that chair, the table gets turned on them!

Other Guy: That’s because only a crazy person doesn’t react with urgency when they’re about to get hit with a chair, E. Come on…

Stein grabs Sydal by the wrist and whips him off to the ropes, catching him for a sidewalk slam, but Cade kicks his legs up and over the shoulder, he wraps his arm around Stein’s head and swings his body off Stein’s shoulder with a tilt-a-whirl tornado DDT onto the chair in the middle of the ring!

Other Guy: Deja Vu!

Eryk Masters: Just as I was saying the chair has been avoided, Dan Stein gets DDT’d on it!

Cade pushes Stein over onto his back, grinning cockily into the camera as Willie Dean slides into position for the count!




Stein kicks out, and Cade shakes his head as he looks down at him, picking up the chair, Cade gets to his feet and drops the chair on Stein’s chest, stomping down on it! Cade grins and hits the ropes to his left , rebounds off the ropes and jumps over Stein’s body in the middle and hits the other ropes, rebounding back Cade leaps into the air with a running Shooting Sar Press, right onto the chair and Dan’s chest! Cade rolls off, holding his own ribs!

Other Guy: The People’s Shooting Star Press is back! On a chair!

Eryk Masters: Not a very smart move! No he’s hurt, too!

Other Guy: Was it stupid, or courageous, though? Sacrifices have to be made sometimes.

Cade hooks one of Stein’s legs, holding his ribs with his other arm!




Stein throws his left shoulder off the canvas, and Cade slowly gets to his feet, helping Stein up by his arm as he does so. Cade whips Stein into the one empty corner and rushes in behind him, looking for the SWYG! Cad posts his left foot on the middle rope and just as he kicks his right foot, Stein ducks under it! Cade spins almost all the way around before Stein leaps up and dropkicks him in the side, sending him tipping over the top rope, crashing onto the ring edge before falling to the arena floor!

Eryk Masters: Cade went for his Sex With Your Girlfriend kick, but Stein flipped the script on him!

Other Guy: He flipped the script? No. He flipped Cade over the ropes to the floor, is what he did!

Cade slowly starts to push to his feet, holding his ribs, as Stein hits the ropes and rebounds to sprint right at Cade! Stein dives through the ropes at the last second and throws his body into Cade’s with a big suicide dive, both men hit the floor, and the Epicenter cheers loudly! Stein pushes to his feet, roaring to the crowd, who cheers him on! Stein grabs Cade by the hair and pulls him up, throwing him back into the ring, Stein follows right behind him, hooking both legs he goes for the cover!




Cade kicks out!

Eryk Masters: I thought that was it!

Other Guy: After the spill to the floor and that big dive? Me too!

Stein pushes to his feet and moves to an occupied corner, he grabs the chair set up there and walks to the middle of the ring, setting it back down, still open. Stein bends down and grabs Cade, pulling him to his feet, Stein pulls Cade right up into a fireman’s carry, standing behind the chair, Stein presses Cade up and over his head, dropping him down across his chest on the seat of the chair!

Other Guy: Cade’s ribs have to be broken!

Cade bounces off the seat of the chair, clutching his ribs, Stein grabs him by the shoulder and turns him around, kicking him in the gut, Stein pulls Cade back behind the chair and right into a standing head scissors! Stein pulls Cade up onto his shoulders and snaps down suddenly, sitting out he crashes Cade down across the seat of the chair over its back with a sitout powerbomb that CRUSHES the chair!

Eryk Masters: Dan Stein just killed him!

The fans EXPLODE into cheers! Cade bounces off, his back arched in absolute pain, before Stein pulls him back to his back and hooks both legs!




Cade just manages to lift his right shoulder off the canvas! Dan Stein looks at Willie Dean, questioningly, but the official reiterates that he only got to two. Stein shakes his head and pushes to his feet, kicking the destroyed chair out of the ring, he goes to grab a fresh chair, freeing the third corner, he brings that chair to the middle of the ring and keeps it sitting up. Stein grabs Cade and pulls his limp body up to his feet, before drilling Cade with a forearm! Cade crumbles to the canvas from the shot, and Stein smirks down before pulling Cade back to his feet.

Other Guy: Cade can’t even defend himself! This isn’t fair!

Eryk Masters: He asked for this match! He demanded it!

Stein pulls Cade right into a standing head scissors, and points at the chair again, receiving a loud ovation! He nods his head, with a smile, before pulling Cade up for the powerbomb, this time in front of the chair! Cade suddenly snaps his body backward, for a hurricanrana, that brings Stein’s face right into the seat of the chair thanks to the position of the chair!

Eryk Masters: I don’t know how he did it, but Sydal just saved himself there!

Other Guy: That’s simply what amazing does! If Dan Stein had powerbombed him at that angle, he probably would have snapped his neck on the back of the chair!

Cade crawls over to Stein, his left arm cradling his back as his right arm and knees propel himself toward his prey, Cade turns Dan over and hooks a leg with his right arm!




Stein kicks out, and now it’s Cade who looks at Willie Dean with disbelief in his eyes! Cade pushes to his feet and kicks the chair out of the middle of the ring, frustrated, before pulling Stein back to his feet and whipping him off the ropes! Stein rebounds right into a spinning back thrust kick into the stomach that drops him to a knee! Stein starts to push to his feet as Cade hits the ropes and rebounds right at him, looking for a kick to the side of the head, but Stein moves out of the way and pushes Cade’s back, sending him right into an open corner! Cade turns around out of the corner, and is met with a big running Yakuza kick in the corner!

Other Guy: Right in the money maker!

Eryk Masters: That almost took Cade’s head off!

Cade collapses in the corner, and Stein drives the bottom of his foot into Cade’s chest repeatedly, stomping the proverbial mudhole in him! Stein moves to the first chair, the closed one, and raises it in the air. The fans cheer loudly, as Stein looks at Cade. He grins.

Eryk Masters: You can see the evil intentions on Dan Stein’s face while he’s holding that chair up!

Other Guy: Cade’s gotta get up and out of that corner!

Stein takes two big steps and swings hard, right into Cade’s face and chest with the chair! Cade’s legs spasm as Stein pushes the chair into the corner, wedging it between the bottom and middle ropes, right in front of Cade’s face. Trapping him in the corner! Stein quickly goes to the other side of the ring and steps through the ropes, he grabs the top rope and looks across the ring at Cade!

Other Guy: Oh no…

Stein springboards to the top rope and flips forward as he springs off, somersaulting across the ring he lands with both feet on the chair, dropkicking it into Cade’s face, Van Terminator style!

Eryk Masters: Dan Stein just smashed that chair into Cade’s face!

The fans are on their feet, cheering as Stein pulls himself to his feet, holding his back before he pushes the chair out from between the ropes and pulls Cade out to the middle of the ring! Stein falls on top of Cade, hooking both legs!




Willie Dean signals for the bell and the fans cheer loudly!

Eryk Masters: He did it!

Samantha Coil: The winner of the first fall, leading one-to-nothing! DAAAAAAAAAAAN STEINNNNNNNNNNNN!

Stein raises his arms for a moment before looking down at Cade and shrugging his shoulders, he makes the cover again, hooking both legs!

Other Guy: Can he do that?!

Eryk Masters: There aren’t any rest periods between falls, so I believe he can!




Cade kicks out! Stein pushes to his feet and shrugs before he moves to the ropes and steps through them. He grabs the top rope and measures up, before springing to the top rope and off again, this time turning through a Shooting Star Press! CADE MOVES! At the last possible moment, and Stein crashes onto his chest!

Eryk Masters: Dan Stein could have made it two straight falls if he connected with that big Shooting Star Press!

Other Guy: Luckily, Cade had the wherewithal to know that, and got out of the way just in time!

Cade slowly pushes to his feet and wobbles forward, kicking Stein right in the ribs as he gets to his own hands and knees! Cade stumbles backward, even dropping to a knee before getting back to his feet. Stein holds his ribs as he sits up, starting to get to his feet, but Cade stops him from doing so with a hard kick into his chest! Stein’s body rocks back, balancing on his knees, just as Cade spins through a reverse round house kick, right into Stein’s exposed cheek! Stein collapses awkwardly to the canvas as Cade drops to his own knees from the force behind the kick!

Other Guy: Cade must be acting on sheer instinct!

Eryk Masters: And that instinct is to utilize those lethal kicks! I think he just dimmed The Lights!

Other Guy: …dimmed? He put them OUT!

Cade slowly makes his way to cover Stein, still feeling the effects of the flipping Van Terminator from fall one.




Stein gets his left shoulder up! Cade wipes the sweat from his face before pushing to his feet. He grabs the chair that was kicked aside before, and sits it back up in the middle of the ring. He moves to Stein and pulls him up to his feet, before forearming Stein in the face! Stein reels back, but rocks right into him with a forearm of his own! Cade reels back, and Stein suddenly kicks him in the gut, before hooking him in a front facelock! Stein starts to lift Cade, but Cade kicks his legs wildly and gets his weight back down to put his feet on the canvas again, he suddenly drops and sweeps Stein right into the chair with a drop toehold!

Eryk Masters: Stein looked like he was about to regain his momentum for a second there!

Other Guy: But God’s Favorite Wrestler put a stop to that!

Cade grabs Stein by the hair and pushes his head through under the back of the chair! Stein starts to try to push himself out from the position, but Cade kicks him hard in the face with his shin! Stein goes limp, and Cade grins, he retrieves the first chair.

Other Guy: That’s the same chair that Stein dropkicked into Cade’s face earlier!

Eryk Masters: There’s definitely no good in the eyes of Cade Sydal right now. He’s got revenge in mind!

Cade suddenly steps toward Stein and swings the chair into the top of Stein’s head while its trapped through the back of the chair and the seat! CRACK! The sound of the chair crashing into Stein’s skull mixes with the sound of steel on steel! Stein’s entire body twitches as Willie Dean immediately runs to Stein to check on him!

Other Guy: HOLY SHIT!



The Epicenter chants at Cade, as he raises the badly dented chair in his hand in the air, a sick smile on his face!

Other Guy: He didn’t kiiiiill him, but he damn sure scrambled whatever brains were left!

Eryk Masters: I’m sorry, I just…wow. I can’t even…believe someone could think to do that to another human being…

Cade slowly lowers the chair and drops it to the canvas before walking around Stein’s body. He grins and pulls Stein out from the chair by his shoulder and his trunks, he throws the lifeless body to the ground and starts to laugh. Cade slowly walks over to Stein and points to Willie Dean, telling him to get on the ground and count, before placing his foot on Stein’s chest.




Willie Dean signals for the bell, and Cade grins wide for the camera as Samantha Coil reluctantly speaks.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the second fall. Cade Sydal. This is the third, and final fall.

The fans in the Epicenter continue to shout insults at Cade, as he raises his arms in the air, basking in the sounds of their hatred! Willie Dean checks on Stein, who still doesn’t move.

Eryk Masters: Look at him! He’s proud of what he did!

Other Guy: Of course he is! It’s not tied one fall apiece, and Dan Stein is still on dream street! Cade has him exactly where he wants him!

Cade walks toward Stein, moving Willie Dean out of his way, he grabs Stein by his hair and pulls him to his knees, grinning in his face. Cade suddenly slaps Stein right across the face, and starts to mockingly laugh in his face!

Other Guy: See, now he’s trying to wake him up! At least he’s giving Dan a fighting chance!

Cade slaps Stein in the face again, keeping a hold of his hair to stop Stein from falling.

Eryk Masters: How can you say he’s giving him a fighting chance when he’s mocking him, after that vile chair shot?!

Cade gets nose-to-nose with Stein and sneers in his face before straightening up and cocking his head back, as if to spit on him! Just before Cade can lean forward and project the spit, Stein punches him in the stomach! Cade doubles over, and Stein punches him a second time in the gut! A third punch follows before Cade releases Stein’s hair!

Eryk Masters: I take that back! Get him, Dan!

Stein pushes to his feet, his legs buckling a little, before Cade suddenly catches him with a jab to the chin! Stein wobbles but fires back with a punch to Cade’s face!

Other Guy: Cade! Stop playing with him!

Cade rocks back before snapping into Stein with a HARD forearm to the side of the head! Stein drops to a knee, before pushing back off of it and into Cade with a forearm of his own! Cade stumbles backward, shaking his head out before he suddenly chops Stein in the chest! Stein steps back from the chop, but fires right back with a chop of his own!

Other Guy: How is Stein on his feet?!

Eryk Masters: I don’t know, but I’m glad he is!

Cade steps back from the chop as well. He steps back into Stein and throws his left leg up into Stein’s chest, but Stein catches the leg! Stein shakes his head at Cade and says something that can’t be heard before snapping down to the canvas with a Dragon Screw Leg Whip! Cade rolls off his knee and to his feet, holding it as Stein gets to his own feet, Cade runs at him! Stein presses Cade up into the air and throws him down on his chest, right on the seat of the chair still in the middle of the ring! The fans cheer loudly as Cade falls off the chair, knocking it over in the process and clutching his ribs!

Eryk Masters: Dan Stein has gotten himself back into a great position! Cade’s back and chest have been abused throughout this match!

Other Guy: Cade! Get up!

Stein pushes Cade off of his side and onto his back, and hooks both legs!




Cade kicks out! Stein pushes to his feet and grabs the knocked over chair and sets it back up. Stein grabs Cade and pulls him to his feet, he sits Cade in the chair and kicks him hard in the chest! A second hard kick across the chest slumps Cade in the chair, and Stein moves toward the ropes, satisfied that Cade will stay in place. The fans begin to cheer, encouraging Stein! Stein grabs the top rope and starts to leap for a springboard, when suddenly Cassi Ryan grabs his ankle from ringside!

Eryk Masters: Damnit! I forgot she was out here!

Other Guy: How could you forget she was out here? Look at her?! I couldn’t forget her if I tried!

Stein lands with his feet on the apron and shakes his leg hard, freeing it from Cassi’s grasp!

Eryk Masters: She remained uninvolved until now, that’s how!

Stein leaps up and onto the top rope, and Cade runs out of the chair! Cade lunges to push Stein’s feet, but Stein leaps off the rope anyway and leaps over Cade, landing on his feet he somersaults forward to absorb the shock! Stein turns around, and Cade leaps up, driving his foot into the side of his face with the NINJAGUIRI! The fans boo loudly!

Other Guy: BOOM! NINJAGUIRI! That’s it! He’s done, son! Eighty-sixed! Good bye!

Eryk Masters: That distraction from Cassi allowed Cade to regain his bearings, and he took advantage big!

Cade turns Stein over, hooking both legs deep!





Eryk Masters: He kicked out!

Other Guy: HOW?!

Cade pushes to his feet and gets in Willie Dean’s face, yelling at him!


Willie Dean motions that Stein’s shoulder came up in time, and Cade just shakes his head and sits back down in the chair. He stares at Stein, slowly he starts to smile. Stein turns himself to his chest and starts to push to his hands and knees, right in front of Cade. Cade kicks his right foot out, pushing the bottom of it into the side of Stein’s face, pushing him back to the canvas with it! Cade starts to laugh, as the fans begin to boo him!

Eryk Masters: Toying with the man may not be the smartest thing for him to do!

Other Guy: I’m with you! He should keep beating Stein up, but maybe he needs a breather and wants to sit and relax for a second?

Stein starts to push back up again, and Cade, again, kicks him in the side of the head, putting him back down! Cade rears his head back and laughs hard, clearly enjoying himself! Cade grabs his ribs as the laughing reminds him of the pain they’ve endured, he spots Stein starting to push up again. Cade kicks his foot out at Stein again, but this time Dan catches his leg and YANKS him from the chair! Stein quickly scrambles up to get the mount on Cade, he begins raining his fists down on Cade’s face!

Other Guy: On second thought, yeah, even taking a break wasn’t a good idea!

Eryk Masters: Get that smug son of a bitch, Dan!

The fans seem to echo Eryk’s sentiments as they cheer as every punch connects with Cade’s face, before Cade manages to get his arms up to block most of them! Suddenly Stein grabs Cade’s left arm and wrnehces it down, hooking it for a Kimura Armbar!

Eryk Masters: Stein’s going for a Kimura!

Other Guy: That’s Cade’s move!

Cade suddenly starts wiggling his body around, trying to fight the hold! He gets his knees under himself and turns quickly, arm dragging Stein off of his arm, they both get to their feet, and Stein catches Cade with a forearm! Stein whips Cade off the ropes, but Cade holds onto the wrist and ducks under the arm! He kicks his right foot up at Stein’s head for a roundhouse, but Stein ducks! Stein keeps a hold of Cade’s wrist and grabs under Cade’s right leg, lifting up, he flips Cade through a complete 450, sitting out to catch him with a wheelbarrow facebuster out of it!

Eryk Masters: OH! That was awesome!

Other Guy: What the hell was that?!

Stein grabs Cade’s legs and turns him over, sitting back on Cade’s chest for a cover!




Cade pushes Stein’s body off of him and turns sideways, kicking out! Stein grabs Cade by his head and pulls him up, before snapmaring him into a sitting position and kicking him in the spine! Cade arches his back, and Stein grabs his arms, pulling back on them with a knee in Cade’s back!

Other Guy: Stein with the sort of surfboard locked in!

Eryk Masters: Cade’s back has to feel like it’s on fire, by now!

Cade gets his feet under him, screaming to Willie Dean that he doesn’t give up, and arches back toward Stein, kicking his leg up high he drives his knee into the top of Stein’s head! Stein releases the hold, dropping Cade to the canvas in the process! Cade scrambles to his feet as Stein shakes the cobwebs loose! Stein spots Cade and rushes at him, but Cade turns his body suddenly and pops his hips, snapping through with a powerslam! ON THE CHAIR! The chair that was in the middle of the ring bends under the weight of the impact, and Cade grabs his right elbow!

Eryk Masters: How did Cade do that?!

Other Guy: Physics, E! Stein was running at him, all it took was leverage and the pop of his hips, and voila!

Cade pushes to his feet, holding his right elbow close, having driven it into the chair, but looks down at the bent chair with a smirk. He grabs the fourth, so far unused, chair and brings it to the middle of the ring, turning the two chairs so they face each other as some sort of table. Cade grins down at Stein and pulls him to his feet by the hair. Cade forearms Stein in the face, and Stein reels back to the ropes, and Cade follows only to be caught with a kick to the gut!

Other Guy: Watch out, Cade! Your little invention might get turned against you!

Stein grabs Cade by the back of the head and runs him to a corner, driving his face into the top turnbuckle pad! Cade stumbles back and Stein jumps nup onto the second rope, springing out he turns and catches Cade, spinning through a Tornado DDT!

Eryk Masters: Power Surge!

Cade spikes off the top of his head and collapses to the canvas! Stein covers him, hooking a leg!




Cade kicks out, and Stein pulls him to his feet by the arm, spotting the dangerous chair-table in the process! Stein grabs Cade and whips him to the ropes, ducking down to catch him with a back body drop, possibly onto the chairs! But Cade kicks him in the chest off the rebound! Cade turns and hits the ropes again, rebounding back he turns and springs into a wheelbarrow, but Stein catches under his arms as he pushes up, and snaps him back with a Dragon Suplex! RIGHT ONTO THE CHAIRS!

Eryk Masters: HUGE dragon suplex from The Lights!


Other Guy: Cade’s neck could be broken after the way it landed on those chairs!

Stein holds his left shoulder tight as he sits up. Cade’s body lies motionless as Stein appears to try to lift his left arm, but fails! Instead he rolls over to Cade, wincing as he rolls on his shoulder, and covers him, pulling his left leg up with his right arm as he does so!




CADE KICKS OUT! Stein sits up and can’t believe it, placing his head in the palm of his right hand for a moment.

Other Guy: Oh man, E! I honestly thought Stein had done the impossible with that!

Eryk Masters: He came very close to putting Cade Sydal away, but I would hardly call it the impossible!

Stein pushes to his feet off his right hand, and moves to the chairs. He steps on the back of the first chair and grabs the seat of it with his right hand, pulling up on it to close it, he drops it to the mat. He repeats the process with the second chair as Cade slowly manages to turn to his chest. Stein moves to Cade, pulling him off his hands and knees by his hair with his right hand, Stein lifts Cade up onto his shoulders with his right arm, with a fireman’s carry, and reaches his left arm up to grab his head. Stein suddenly lets out a scream of pain and instead drops Cade behind himself and falls to a knee, clutching his left shoulder instantly. Willie Dean quickly moves to check on him.

Eryk Masters: I think Stein hurt his left arm badly with that dragon suplex!

Other Guy: Serves him right, trying to cripple the greatest man of all time!

Cade starts to push to his feet, and Willie Dean immediately moves to get in front of him, telling him to back off so he can check on Stein. Cade raises his hands, palms open, and nods his head in agreement.

Eryk Masters: Finally! Some compassion from Cade Sydal!

Willie moves back to check on Dan, and Stein shakes his head "no" at whatever question it is that Willie asked him. Cade grins and steps quickly toward him from the back, kicking him in the side of the left shoulder! Stein collapses to the canvas, holding his arm in agony as his face twists up in pain!

Other Guy: Haha! Or not!

Cade grabs Stein’s left wrist, and Stein swats his right hand at Cade’s arms, trying to break the grip, but Cade kicks up hard into the front of Stein’s shoulder and he drops back down to his side, crying out in pain! Cade pulls on the arm, pulling Stein to his feet painfully as the fans boo loudly. Cade ignores them as he bends Stein’s arm behind his back and grabs him by his shoulder and wrist, turning he throws him hard through the middle and top turnbuckle pads, right into the ringpost shoulder first! THWACK!

Other Guy: Cade has found a weakness, and now it’s time to exploit it!

Eryk Masters: He found an injury, and he’s going to make it worse, that’s what he’s doing!

Cade moves to one of the chairs, not completely bent out of shape, and sits it upright, before grabbing Stein by the trunks and pulling him out of the corner, he grabshim by the wrist and twists under it, leading him toward the chair, Cade twists under it again, this time falling to his back as he does, driving the point of Stein’s shoulder into the top of the chair’s back and Stein’s chest onto the seat of the chair after that! Stein falls to the canvas, clutching his shoulder tight!

Eryk Masters: Alright, Cade! You’ve proven your point!

Other Guy: Like hell he has! He’s just getting started!

Cade sits up and grins as he looks around the chair at Dan. The fans boo loudly, most yelling obscenities at him. Cade grins and starts to close the chair as he gets up, keeping it slightly open he bends down to grab Stein’s wrist. Stein pulls his arm away, and Cade quickly stomps down on the side of the shoulder, forcing out a loud yell of pain! Cade pushes the chair over Stein’s arm, trapping the arm in the chair, Cade puts the chair on the canvas and stands on it. He reaches out and grabs a nearby chair, bent all to hell, he lifts it in the air anyway. He grins down at Stein’s chair-entrapped arm.

Eryk Masters: Don’t do it!

Cade brings the chair down with a CRASH onto the chair around Stein’s arm! Stein screams out, but Cade keeps his foot on the legs of the chair, keeping Stein pinned down!


Willie Dean starts waving his hands at Cade, trying to reason with him, but Cade shakes his head.

Other Guy: Cade is out for blood or broken bones!

Cade lifts the chair in the air again, and brings it down a second time! He raises it a quick third time, and drives it down yet again into the chair before throwing the chair in his hands down! Cade opens the chair off of Stein’s arm, pulling it off, he throws it down as well, receiving a chorus of jeers. He smirks as he gets down, mounting Stein as Stein clutches his left arm tenderly, Cade grabs his wrist and pushes it behind his back, locking him up quickly with the Kimura Armbar!

Other Guy: That seems to have satisfied him, and now at least he’s showing mercy and giving Dan Stein the chance to end this!

Stein shakes his head vigorously as Willie Dean asks him if he submits, and the fans begin to cheer him on! Cade pulls back hard, and Stein screams out in pain, but still refuses!

Eryk Masters: There’s no shame in tapping, Dan! None at all, not after what your arm has just gone through!

Cade pushes his left leg up and over Stein’s head, wrapping it around the back of his neck to allow for extra leverage on the hold, he pulls back again! Stein screams out as an audible POP can be heard! Stein starts slapping his hand repeatedly against the canvas, Willie Dean calls for the bell and quickly moves to pry Cade’s hands off of Stein’s arm!

Other Guy: Cade did it! He won!

The fans begin to boo loudly, as Samantha Coil raises the microphone to her lips, "Almost Famous" by Eminem starts in the background.

Samantha Coil: Here is your winne–

Suddenly Cassi Ryan takes the microphone from Smanahta Coil’s hands and brings it to her own mouth.

Cassi Ryan: You’re doing it wrong! Ladies and gentlemen, get out of your seats and give it up for your winner! CAAAAAAAAAAAADE SYYYYYYDALLLLLLLLLLLLLL!

Cassi thrusts the microphone back into Samantha Coil’s hand as Willie Dean starts checking on Stein, Cade raising his own arms in the air. He grins down at Stein, who lies on the canvas holding his left arm tight.

Eryk Masters: How can he be happy with himself after what he did to Dan Stein’s shoulder?

Other Guy: He did whatever he had to do to win.

Eryk Masters: He didn’t do that to win, he did that because he wanted to hurt the man!

Other Guy: And you’re mad that he was successful!

While Other Guy and Eryk masters argue with each other, Cade steps through the ropes and hops down to the arena floor, right into the embrace of Cassi. The couple grab each other’s hands and slowly make their way up the ramp, getting lost in each other as the fans continue to boo them all the way to the back.


We cut to a small snippet from the video promo that aired on the Reckoning Day Pre-Show…

Pit Boss: Absolutely Mr. Stellar.

The pit boss snaps his fingers and one million dollars worth of chips are brought over to the table and placed in front of Stellar. Stellar just stares at Azrael, who takes the bait.

Goeren: Sir, would you also put a million on MY account as well.

Pit Boss: Um…Mr. Goeren, you still have an outstanding tab at the front desk…not to mention a mini-bar tab that, frankly, is worth more than one million. I can check, but…

Goeren: FINE!!! Dumme schlampe Amerikaner…Someone give me a million dollars in chips right now!!!

Two assistants jump up and place chips in front of Goeren. During the ensuing arguments about money, Stellar again looks at the blond, and winks at her, then makes a "peace" sign with his fingers, but starts to lick the middle, simulating oral sex to her. Her eyes roll back in her head and she swoons, to the point where she needs to fan herself.

Finally, the chips are placed in front of Goeren and he smiles at Stellar.

Goeren: Shall we?

Stellar shrugs his shoulders as the baccarat dealer uses a long stick to place a card in front of Stellar, then Goeren. Finally, a second to each. Goeren looks at his cards, and smiles. Stellar, for his part, checks out his card, carefully, then pushes all of his chips in the middle.

Stellar: All in.

Goeren lets out a condescending laugh.

Goeren: Mr. Stellar. This isn’t one of your hickish "Texas Hold ’em" games you used to play at the frat house. This is Baccarat. There is no "all in."

Stellar: Oh, then how do I play?

Goeren: It’s a man’s game, so you probably will hate it. Its the closest to nine points without going over. Cards are face value, but face cards are worth nothing.

Stellar nods, thinking.

Goeren: And, since I am familiar with your game of Texas poker, the pair of face cards you are obviously holding will leave you with zero points. So, I, too, will bet all my money.

He pushes in the money grandiosely.

Goeren: HA!!!

Stellar stares at him, not smiling, not turning away, just stares at him. Azrael leans back and pets his cat some more, staring back at Stellar smartly, then flips over his cards to show 8 "points."

Stellar: Then you wonder why people don’t like you, Goeren.

Stellar flips over his cards, showing a five of hearts and a four of clubs…nine points.

Dealer: Mr. Stellar has nine. Mr. Stellar wins.

Stellar: Get used to hearing that, Goeren. Because, you’ll hear it at least one….more….time.

He grabs the chips, stands up, then looks at the blond.

Stellar: Ready?

They leave the area as Goeren stares at the cards on the table, his good eye twitching. The blond turns around to wave goodbye to Azrael with Rocky mockingly doing the same. Azrael starts to speak, not really talking to anyone in particular, all the while still staring expressionlessly at the cards on the table.

Goeren: I…HATE…Rocky…Stellar…


The Epicenter’s arena lights go dark as two spotlights at the top of the ramp light up. Hanging over the middle of the ring, a massive banner depicting Azrael Goeren’s grinning face is unfurled as the crowd BURSTS into a chorus of boos.

The spotlights swirl dramatically over the banner before "Sieben" by Subway to Sally starts playing over the arena’s speakers.

Ich habe sieben Nägel

die schlag ich für dich,

ein und schling

Dir sieben Ketten

um Hüfte Arm und Bein

Samantha Coil: Ladies and Gentlemen, the next match of the evening is scheduled for ONE FALL!

The fans continue to boo as the banner slowly rises back up to the ceiling.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, from Eberswalde, Germany…he is SHOOT’s self-proclaimed Megastar and Sensation Not From This Nation…HE…IS…AZZZZZZRAEL GOEREN!!!

A massive explosion of red and gold pyro shoots off along the sides of the ramp as Azrael calmly makes his way out from behind the curtain. His black hoodie is pulled up as he glares out at the crowd before breaking into a broad smile and starts trying to slap hands with the fans at ringside, soaking in their hate.

Eryk Masters: Our fans are letting Goeren hear it, ever since this guy came into SHOOT he’s done everything humanly possible to spit on every competitor who came before him.

Other Guy: Listen to you bitch, Azrael has been nothing but FAN-FRIGGIN-TASTIC for this company. Check out all of his cool merchandise! Why…I’m wearing an Azrael Goeren thong right now.

Eryk Masters: Great, now I’ll have to think about that for the rest of the night. I for one cannot wait for Azrael to finally get his teeth kicked in.

Azrael gets to the ring and rolls under the bottom rope before standing to his feet and pointing up at his giant banner, giving the same identical face that’s on the banner. He quickly makes his way over to Samantha and arrogantly says something to her. Samantha rolls her eyes and gets back on the house microphone.

Samantha Coil: I apparently made a mistake when introducing Azrael Goeren. He is SHOOT’s self-proclaimed Megastar, The Sensation Not From This Nation…AND CURRENTLY BOASTS SHOOT’S ONLY UNDEFEATED RECORD!

Azrael grins broadly as the crowd erupts with boos again, heavily jeering the German. Azrael unzips his hoodie and tosses it to the floor, his eyes focused on the ramp as his music dies down and the light show stops.

Darkness in the Epicenter arena as the fans wait with anxious anticipation before a deafening chant from those in attendance fills the silence…


Suddenly, the sound of a drill hitting a guitar fills the arena…signaling the start of "Poundcake" from Van Halen. The crowd rises in unison as the name Rocky Stellar explodes on the video screen, and explosions rock the front of the stage.

When the smoke clears, standing at the entrance from the gorilla position is Rocky Stellar as the crowd goes absolutely batshit CRAZY!

Samantha Coil: Coming down the aisle, he hails from Chicago, Illinois! He stands at 6 feet and 4 inches tall and weighs in at 265 pounds…PLEASE WELCOME BACK TO SHOOT…THE ICON…ROCKYYYYYYYYYYYYY STELLAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRR!!

Rocky looks out at the cheering crowd and gives them a smile before he makes his way down the ramp. Rocky is wearing a T-shirt that says "Legend" with the sleeves cut off, he also wears wrestling tights that has a list of every wrestling federation he’s ever been in up the right leg. Each of the past federations are scratched off, until near his ass, is the word "SHOOT" which isn’t crossed out. Up his left leg are his accomplishments – 7 World Championships, 5 Tag Team, 3 United States, 2 Iron Fist, 1 Hardcore, and finally, 1 Hall of Fame.

Eryk Masters: The Icon is back where he belongs! What a moment!

Other Guy: I think you and I are going to have scream commentary for this match, I can barely hear a damn thing in this arena!

Eryk Masters: Rocky Stellar is one of the greatest legends ever to lace up boots in a wrestling ring. ANY wrestling ring. And he looks focused tonight, doesn’t he?

Other Guy: Yeah, he definitely does. Goeren hasn’t taken his eyes off Stellar since he came in though, these two are already staring each other down.

Stellar confidently strides down the aisle, slapping hands with people along the way, until he gets 10 steps from the ring. He suddenly bolts in and slides to the middle of the ring, pops up, and points at the crowd – nodding.

Azrael takes a step towards Rocky, getting directly in front of his face and immediately starts in with the smack talking. Rocky just smiles, leans back and SHOVES Goeren HARD into his corner, causing the fans to explode.

Other Guy: Well that didn’t take long…

Eryk Masters: Azrael comes charging right back, and him and Stellar are SCREAMING at each other in the middle of the ring. The match hasn’t even started yet!

Referee Kamura gets between the two men and pushes them both to opposite corners. Rocky peels off his t-shirt and tosses it into the crowd, waving for Azrael to come get him.

The ref quickly checks on both men and swings his arm to call for the bell as Azrael immediately bolts forward, trying to go for a leg takedown as he pushes Rocky into his corner.

Eryk Masters: No hesitation in Goeren tonight, he’s been talking all week long about how in goal in this match isn’t just to beat Stellar, he wants to literally cripple him.

Other Guy: Well he might want to try another strategy, because the bull rush ain’t working!

Rocky brings his elbow down HARD onto the back of Azrael’s head, holding his head down into a headlock. Rocky manages to power his way out of the corner a bit but Azrael continues to try and grab Rocky’s leg, causing both men to spill to the mat in the corner of the ring.

Eryk Masters: Stellar’s got position on Azrael and he’s LAYING INTO HIM with a barrage of hammer blows!

Azrael tries to cover up the best he can, trying to roll out from underneath Stellar. He grabs hold of the bottom rope as Referee Kamura pulls Rocky off. Stellar gives a "what the fuck" look to the referee as Azrael clutches the bottom rope for dear life. The fans start a chant of "PUSSY! PUSSY! PUSSY!" as Rocky waves them on.

Other Guy: A rope break is a rope break, I don’t know what these fans are complaining over! Sorry we have "rules" here in SHOOT.

From his grounded position, Azrael suddenly kicks his leg out and SMASHES his boot right in to the back of Stellar’s knee while the referee is trying to move him away. Stellar collapses in pain, grabbing his knee as Azrael springs to life and starts wildly stomping away at Stellar.


Other Guy: Strategy baby!

Eryk Masters: Rocky was being led away by the referee and got completely cheap shotted from behind by Goeren!

Other Guy: You see the way that knee buckled? Like a fucking accordion!

Azrael grabs hold of Stellar’s leg and drops his own knees directly across it, grinding his right knee into Stellar’s injured leg and pulling back on it at a SICK angle.

Azrael DRAGS Rocky to the middle of the ring, dropping an elbow on the injured knee of Stellar. He quickly gets back to his feet and grabs hold of Rocky’s leg…SPINNING TOEHOLD…INTO A KNEELING FIGURE FOUR!


Other Guy: Rocky’s hand is up!!!

The referee is in perfect position as Goeren screams for Stellar to QUIT. Rocky reaches up…and NAILS Goeren with a closed fist, sending him back but not breaking the hold.

Rocky leans back again and…THUD…connects with another fist…but still the hold isn’t broken.

Other Guy: Goeren is going for broke here, he’s almost STANDING on Stellar’s crossed legs for more pressure!

Rocky grimaces in pain, the fans starting in with another loud chant to get him through it.




Stellar, leans back one more time, joining his fists together and fights through the pain to send both fists crashing into each side of Azrael’s head. The hold is FINALLY broken as Rocky shoves Azrael away and drags himself to the ropes, trying to pull himself up.


Eryk Masters: He may be up, but that hold clearly did some damage. See how he’s favoring the knee?

Rocky winces in pain as he puts pressure on his leg, trying to shake the pain off. Azrael stumbles back to his feet and surges forward again, grabbing Rocky’s wrist to try and pull him back down to the mat.


Azrael spills to the mat, trying to scramble away but Stellar reaches down and yanks him up by his collar from behind. Rocky quickly pulls Goeren’s head back and tries to lock his head underneath his arm…



Goeren wildly kicks his legs back, connecting with a mule kick right to Stellar’s injured leg. Stellar releases his hold, taking a few steps back. Azrael rushes in…ONLY TO BE CAUGHT WITH A SNAP POWERSLAM COURTESY OF ROCKY STELLAR!

Stellar hooks the leg, putting all of his pressure up on Azrael’s shoulders.




Other Guy: Oh fuck, I think I just had a heart attack.

Eryk Maters: You can bet if Rocky managed to hit the Stellar Drop on Goeren there, this match would be OVER!

Rocky grabs hold of Azrael, who hasn’t moved since the kick out, and violently pulls him to his feet. He kicks Goeren hard in the stomach, causing him to keel over in pain. Rocky quickly pulls Azrael’s arms back and gets him in position for what looks to be a double underhook facebuster…ONLY TO LIFT AZRAEL UP IN THE AIR AND SEND HIM CRASHING DOWN ON STELLAR’S GOOD KNEE!

Eryk Masters: HOLY SHIT! WHAT A BEAUTIFUL DOUBLE ARM BACKBREAKER BY THE ICON! Rocky isn’t going for the pin though…I think he wants to do more damage.

Rocky grins out at the crowd, standing up and holding his arms out to his side. Goeren groggily gets to his feet, turns around and is met with Stellar grabbing hold of his wrist. Stellar leans back…VICIOUS LARIAT THAT KNOCKS GOEREN RIGHT OFF HIS FEET!

Other Guy: Rocky hasn’t let go of that arm yet…

Stellar angrily pulls Goeren back to his feet by only his arm, with Azrael letting out a disgustingly loud scream, clearly in a lot of pain.

The crowd eats it up as Rocky leans back and NAILS Goeren with another lariat, this time flipping Azrael 360 degrees due to the impact! Rocky dives for the pin!




Rocky sits up, staring down at his opponent again. He gets to his feet and gives Azrael a hard kick right to the spine. Azrael’s body contorts in pain as Stellar moves him to his feet again, grabbing him by his hair and dragging him up next to the ropes.

Eryk Masters: Rocky is doing a fantastic job at wearing Azrael down. Let’s remember that Stellar is the bigger and more powerful of the two men here.

He’s still got enough power moves to take out anybody.

Almost as if on cue, Rocky delivers a HARD kidney shot right to the back of Azrael, causing the German to recoil backwards. Stellar quickly tries to pull his head back again as the fans absolutely EXPLODE, sensing what’s coming…


Stellar stares down at his hands, holding it up to the crowd to reveal a handful of Azrael’s blond hair. He tosses it up into the air and screams for Azrael to get back into the ring.

Eryk Masters: Another attempt at the Stellar Drop, and yet again Azrael escapes. I may hate that son of a bitch, but he’s done his homework.

Other Guy: I don’t think the fans really want to see this one end on a count-out though, but the ref has already started his count!





Azrael slowly stirs on the outside, stumbling to his feet as he collapses against the fan barrier.



Rocky looks PISSED as he takes a step through the ring ropes, making his way to the outside to go fetch Azrael.

Other Guy: I knew there is no way in hell Stellar would be satisfied with a count out victory. That’s hubris my friend, remember that.


Other Guy: What I tell ya, Eryk! Here comes our Megastar!

Azrael rolls quickly into the ring to break the count, and then rolls back out. He reaches for Rocky’s injured leg and drags him over to the ring post…

Eryk Masters: NO! NO!

Azrael WHIPS Rocky’s leg violently into the metal ring post as the disgusting sound of flesh and bone meet steel. Rocky pounds his fists into the mat, clearly in a lot of anguish but refusing to give Goeren the satisfaction of a scream.

Eryk Masters: Wha…What the hell…

Other Guy: Oh I think I know what this is! Get ready for that wheelchair Stellar!

Azrael angrily kicks the ring steps out of the way, still holding onto Stellar’s injured leg. He smirks out at the crowd and blows a kiss to a fan at ringside carrying an "Icon" sign before he falls backwards and locks in a figure four leglock ACROSS THE RING POST!

Eryk Masters: OH MY GOD!


Azrael dangles upside down, yanking back as hard as he can to apply more pressure. Stellar violently thrashes in the corner, but easily manages to get a hold of a nearby ring rope to break the hold.



Eryk Masters: Azrael isn’t breaking the fucking hold! Come on ref!



Other Guy: I don’t think he WANTS to let go. He’s going to snap Stellar’s leg like a god damned pretzel!


Azrael, at the last possible second, releases the hold and rolls back into the ring. He grinds the heel of his boot down into Stellar’s face before dragging him from the corner and hooking the leg for a pin!




Goeren angrily pounds the mat, looking down at Rocky with a shocked expression on his face. Rocky instinctively holds onto his knee as the crowd continues to wildly cheer for Stellar.

Eryk Masters: Azrael wanted the pin there, kinda shows you were his priorities are, huh? Guess he’s still obsessed with his record!

Other Guy: You would be too if you accomplished anything in life Eryk.

Azrael gets to his feet, signaling for Rocky to do the same. He angrily waves for him to get up, which Rocky slowly does. Goeren quickly wraps his arms around Stellar’s waist and flips him backwards into a picture-perfect bridging German suplex!

Eryk Masters: Goeren with the pin! KICK OUT STELLAR! COME ON!




Stellar gets his left shoulder up from the mat just in time, sending Azrael into an absolute frenzy. He gets to his feet and wildly starts stomping at Rocky, holding onto the rope for leverage as he lays the boots to Stellar. The referee tries to break it up, but Azrael immediately moves back in, kicking violently at Rocky’s knee.

He grabs hold of the leg once more…stares out at the crowd…WRAPS the leg over the other before kneeling down and trapping Rocky’s knees in place. Azrael then reaches back for the free leg and rolls through, forcing Rocky’s own good leg across his bad one and RIGHT INTO AN INDIAN DEATHLOCK!

The fans come to their feet, screaming excitedly towards the action as Azrael has Rocky caught dead center in the ring!

Eryk Masters: Oh man, I think I’m going to be sick…do you SEE the way that Stellar’s legs are bending?

Other Guy: Azrael prides himself on being a master of submission…let’s see Stellar counter his way out of this one!

Azrael is viciously screaming at Stellar to quit, as Referee Kamura asks Rocky if he wants to tap. Rocky immediately shakes his head no, causing the fans to erupt again with cheers. Azrael pulls back and applies more pressure, still yelling for Stellar to QUIT!

Eryk Masters: Stellar has got to think about calling it here…he can’t risk the rest of his life over this German asshole!

The referee is in perfect position…and again asks Rocky if he wants to give it up. Azrael is pounding on the mat, screaming for Rocky to end it…but suddenly…Rocky summons his strength and drags Goeren a foot towards one side of the ring…

Other Guy: You gotta be fucking kidding me, Willis…

…and soon he heaves himself and Azrael another foot closer to the ropes, his face a deep crimson red, flushed with pain.


Azrael violently pulls back on the legs again, refusing to let go of the hold even while being dragged.


With one burst of adrenaline, Rocky lunges and grabs hold of the bottom rope. The roof nearly comes off the Epicenter as the entire arena shakes with cheers.

The referee yanks a stunned Goeren off as a chant starts coming up from the SHOOT faithful.





Azrael is completely infuriated, kicking the bottom rope and tearing at his own face.


Other Guy: Now that…THAT…was fucking impressive. Azrael had that locked in perfectly, I can’t believe Stellar didn’t tap! But that took everything out of him, he’s barely moving in the corner.

Goeren pushes the referee aside and moves back in close to Stellar, only to be greeted with a hard elbow to his gut. Rocky looks up at Azrael…AND SPITS RIGHT IN HIS FACE!

Other Guy: Ohhhhhhh…fuck on a stick…

Azrael wipes the spit from his eyes with an incensed look on his face. He grabs hold of Stellar’s leg and pulls him to the center of the ring again, before stepping forward and SLAMMING his boot right into Rocky’s face when he tries to sit up. Rocky sprawls back onto the mat as Azrael takes a few steps back…readying himself…lining the Icon up…

Eryk Masters: Oh man…he’s sizing him up for that buzzsaw side kick of his…

Other Guy: Blitzkrieg baby! Blitzkrieg!

Stellar slowly stirs, the fans pleading with him to stay down. He’s holding himself up by his hands…now he’s on his knees…DIRECTLY in front of Goeren…


Other Guy: HOLY SHIT!!!!


Rocky lobs Azrael across the entire ring, sending him crashing into the turnbuckle. Azrael lays in the corner, crumpled in an unnatural position with his legs up over his head and his arms out to his sides.

Eryk Masters: GET HIM ROCKY!! GET HIM!

Stellar gets to his feet, limping badly but FIRED UP! Azrael instinctively gets to his feet but looks completely dazed and meets a reverse bulldog HARD into the canvas from a running Rocky Stellar!




The fans continue their enthusiastic support as Stellar pulls Azrael into the middle of the ring. He YANKS Goeren to his feet…

HARD JAB FOLLOWED BY A SPINNING BACK FIST and then a swift SIDE KICK right to Azrael’s stomach. He tucks Azrael’s head down after that flawless striking combination and folds back his arms…


With Azrael turned around, Rocky CLAMPS down and locks Goeren’s head underneath his arm before Azrael can use his momentum to pull him into a pin. The fans barely have any time to erupt before Rocky sends Goeren’s head crashing to the mat, rolling over his head in mid-fall for more impact!





The bell rings as Rocky slowly moves off of Goeren who lays motionless in the ring. The opening riff of "Poundcake" starts playing again as Rocky exhaustingly raises his hand high in the air, holding onto the ropes with his free hand.


Another raucous "Roc-ky" chant breaks out in the arena, the fans going absolutely crazy as Stellar pulls himself up to his feet, moving to the corner before painfully climbing to the top rope and pointing out at the crowd with a HUGE smile on his face.

Eryk Masters: ROCKY DID IT! What a reversal at the end, Azrael had been escaping the Stellar Drop all match long but he finally got NAILED! WHOOOOOO!!!

Other Guy: Absolutely amazing, Stellar was countering moves left and right and managed to fight through that leg injury for the win!!

Eryk Masters: How do you think your boy Azrael is going to take this?

Other Guy: When he wakes the fuck up, I’m sure he’ll be pissed.

The opening series of guitar riffs for Van Halen’s "Poundcake" deafens the capacity crowd. But in their excitement for The Icon’s victory… the moment is interrupted by a thunderous, and very familiar, BANG that echoes through out the SHOOT Project Epicenter. Once again, all of the overhead lights have been turned off and the SHOOTron itself has been fully deactivated. Instead of the awkward silence and taciturn feeling of befuddlement that we all bear witnessed to at Revolution 69, there is an anxious roar coming from the sold out audience. As internet savvy as they have become to this sort of thing over the years, they realize, without a shadow of a doubt, that it is… time.

Within the heavy darkness, the crowd begins chants for various superstars of the past. The first wave of chants are, "JON-NY! JON-NY! JON-NY!". A second wave of, "KEN-JI! KEN-JI! KEN-JI!", begins shortly after the first chant, overlapping the original wave. The popularity of the UK Dragon glow-sticks infuse parts of the arena with a dim glow while others flicker their Zippo lighters on and off like fireflies on a midsummer’s night. This is all subsequent to several additional moments of complete nothingness, and it is because of this that there is an evident madness swathing over the crowd – all holding their breath in utter anticipation. Through the darkness, a third, slightly more abrasive chant is born in the form of, "THIS-IS-GAY! THIS-IS-GAY!". Not long after this, an electronic-like buzzing stupefies the crowd while the lights flicker on and off in rapid succession. Uproarious laughter echoes from the PA system, which, for the time being, has been spared being shut off with the rest of the Epicenter’s functionality.

Copious amounts of whispering reverberates through the Epicenter’s audio system amidst the lights switching on and off. Words overlap one another with what appears at first to be devoid of any meaning. But, every so often, through the indecipherably quick progression of indistinct whispers there are words that can be picked up.

Distorted Voice: … ASK——FOR——–THIS—————-SHOOT—————-THIS——IS—–HAPPENING——–WAR——–SHOOT——– CHANGE———SOVEREIGN——–SOLDIERS———————————–CHAOS—————-ONE——–WAY————-OR—————-ANOTHER————-BITCH————

Eryk Masters: -cking ridiculous.

Other Guy: Dude. I think we’re back.

Eryk Masters: Are we?

Other Guy: Yes… yes I think we are.

Eryk Masters: Did you hear that?

Other Guy: I think so. Do you think…?

Eryk Masters: Not at all. Can’t be.

Other Guy: Dammit… I’m not sure what’s worse, that white noise I’m hearing or the black abyss I’m staring into. Ugh!!! My eyes can’t focus!! Sensory overload, E! SENSORY OVERLOAD!!

Eryk Masters: Uggggh!!

Other Guy: LOOK!!

The familiar black font that we all saw appears on the SHOOTron. Once again, these uniquely crafted, charred characters look as if they were forged in a smoldering fire. Like the last time they appeared, the edges of the typeset burn prolifically in a red-orange haze. Seconds after appearing, in congruence with the audible whispers and flickering house lights, the characters on the SHOOTron begin peeling away. They are, once again, numbers followed by the percent symbol.




Eryk Masters: God. It’s that 56K bullshit again. Super.

Other Guy: If it turns out to be Jeff Cross I’m D.C. bound. Just sayin’.



Eryk Masters: UGH….. Tell me it’s going even SLOWER this time.




Other Guy: Sometimes, I really hate my job.

Eryk Masters: It has it’s dark moments, for sure.

Other Guy: I should ask Stellar if he’s got a deck handy for some pinochle.

Eryk Masters: I’m sure he does.






Eryk Masters: Half-percents?!?!?!




Other Guy: That’s better.


Eryk Masters: Here we go…


Eryk Masters: …maybe?


Other Guy: Wow…


Eryk Masters:


Other Guy: Is that I-

BANG. The panic stricken crowd jumps out of their shoes as the lights finally come back on. Rocky Stellar, unaffected by the blatant theatrics, almost looks bored with his arms criss-crossed over the top ropes, leaning forward. Azrael Goeren on the other hand, who is holding the back of his head and looking pretty beat up and worked over in his loss to the Icon, looks petrified.

All of a sudden, a mixture of RED and BLUE fireworks explode in the Epicenter. Doing handsprings, backflips, and cartwheels out from the back like acrobats from Cirque du Soleil, are about a dozen men, (assumingly so), dressed in the full-body, stretch-nylon outfits that we’ve seen somewhere before. Six of them are in a solid cobalt blue, while the remaining six are dressed in a deep crimson red. Seeing the faceless eccentrics flip and flop their way down the ramp, a slight cause for concern grows slightly in The Stellar One, while The Megastar is actively scanning and searching the ringside area for a wide enough path to escape through the audience. His curiosity is getting the better of him, however, as Goeren remains outside of the ring, ready to run on a moment’s notice.

Each eccentric stops at what appears to be measured gaps between the stage area, ramp, and SHOOT Project ring.

Other Guy: O…kay?

Eryk Masters: Yeaaah. This is… strange. It’s almost like a makeshift gauntlet prepared for someone to walk through. Heh.

Deftones’ CLAW Remix of "Change(in the house of flies)" blares over the public speakers… and a single letter appears on the SHOOTron.

Other Guy: NO………..FUCKING………… WAY!!!!!


The audience ROARS in absolute ASTONISHMENT for the former WORLD CHAMPION and INTERNATIONAL PHENOMENON as he steps out into SHOOT Project view for the first time in four years. Despite the extravagant theatrics and mind games, X very calmly stops in his tracks and looks out at everyone in attendance who is STUNNED at his reemergence. Pointing his finger in a scanning motion out at the sea of rabid fans, X slightly spreads his legs for a moment, hunkers down, and raises both fists into the air to a backdrop’s crescendo of even MORE fireworks.


Other Guy: I CAN’T HEAR SHIT!!

The camera zooms in on a smirking Rocky Stellar – clapping at the arrival of a man he is quite familiar with both as opponent and teammate. Azrael Goeren, though… he is not smiling. He is frowning and inaudibly spouting off nasty German syllables.

The Legendary One makes his way down the ramp while the Epicenter TEEMS with anticipation. While his focus seems lost in the sea of people greeting him, his peripheral vision does not lose sight of the men who are both standing in the ring and out of the ring, respectively. Adorned in remarkable looking PRADA – black and grey pinstripes with a pink and black tie that harmonizes the ensemble – X remains cool, calm, and collected as he slowly makes his way up the steel steps. Looking at Rocky with a giant smile, X carefully steps between the ropes so as to not wrinkle the suit.

Eryk Masters: This is amazing. Do you realize the last time these two were in a SHOOT Project ring together was back in 2003?

Other Guy: What the… it’s been SEVEN years since that?! Damn.

With Rocky obviously favoring his bum leg, Stellar limps back towards the center of the ring, giving X a wide enough berth to throw his hands up in excitement to the crowd again. Like a true showman, X poses for the cameras and the crowd lights up like Times Square on New Year’s eve. Stellar applauds this, and as he sees his comrade standing before him, X heaves a shameless laugh, truly thrilled to see The Icon once again standing in a SHOOT Project ring with him. Suddenly… a very displeased Azrael Goeren hops up onto the ring apron, throwing venom at them with their backs turned. Slowly stepping between the ropes, Goeren slinks down in strike mode, as he waits for Stellar and X to turn around.

Eryk Masters: LOOK AT GOEREN!!

At the corner of X’s eye, he spots Goeren readying to drill Stellar. Grabbing Stellar’s arm, X turns him towards Goeren’s direction to make him aware of Goeren’s impending attack. Through this, "Change" dissipates, and the crowd has become UNGLUED with excitement. Cheering on both Stellar and X, Soldiers of the past and present, Stellar motions for Goeren to make a move, who shakes his head in utter defiance. Exhausted and a leg in agony, Stellar prepares to launch into Goeren… but he stops. Goeren straightens up. Unsure of what to make of this, Stellar lowers his guard and straightens up as well. Both Goeren and Stellar turn to X-Calibur, who, shockingly, is only INCHES from Stellar, grinning ear to ear, his forehead almost touching the Icon’s.

Before Stellar can even react, X jumps into the air, grabs Stellar’s head with both arms, and SPIKES him onto the canvas with an EXPLOSIVE X-Terminator.

Other Guy: WHAT?!!!!

Eryk Masters: DAMMIT!!! DAMN THAT MAN!!! DAMN HIM!!!

As quickly as they received him with a warm embrace, the crowd SHOWERS X-Calibur with a cavalcade of betrayal and hatred. In one fluid motion, X rolls to one knee, where he places both of his hands on the point of it. Closing his eyes and lifting his head in the air, he sponges up the detestation emanating from the crowd like an inspired musician listening to Mozart. Standing behind him, Azrael Goeren adjusts X’s expensive collar.

Once he’s finished adjusting X’s collar, Goeren pats X on the back – prompting him to stand up. As he does, Goeren whispers something to him. Amidst their conspiring colloquy, Stellar groans and attempts to roll over after the devastating jumping ace crusher. Nodding in agreement with what Goeren is telling him, X bends down and grabs the feet of Stellar. Stepping through, X criss-crosses Stellar’s leg. Before he goes for the turn, everyone in attendance boos in anticipation for what’s coming.

Eryk Masters: You’ve GOT to be kidding me. After EVERYTHING Stellar’s been through tonight, they want to pour it on some MORE?!

Turning for the complete sharpshooter, X pulls back on Stellar’s legs extremely hard. With Stellar barely cognizant from the X-Terminator, Goeren drops to the man. Sticking his face into Stellar’s, forehead to forehead, Goeren screams and yells and tosses a slew of insults at him. As X wrenches back on the sharpshooter in a sick angle, Goeren grabs Stellar’s hand and slaps the mat with it repeatedly.

Other Guy: The Icon is tapping!!

Eryk Masters: Would you be serious? Does it honestly fucking LOOK LIKE Rocky is tapping?

Other Guy: Well…

Eryk Masters: On the real now, I can’t help but think that this is all payback stemming from Revolution 69 when Goeren made Rocky t-

Other Guy: Shhh! Everyone already knows what happened. No sense in beating the dead horse.

Once Goeren’s had enough fun at the expense of Stellar’s health, he stands up. Patting X on the shoulder, he signals for him to release the hold. This only makes X pull HARDER on the Icon, however, and only after Goeren RIPS X forward and away from Stellar does he let go of the devastating submission maneuver.

Other Guy: Look at that. Our beloved megastar just SAVED Stellar from a career ending injury!

Dropping Stellar’s lifeless legs to the mat, X stands tall once again. Adjusting his own collar this time, X looks out at the sea of people who welcomed him back… and delivers a straight-up, in-your-face middle finger to the entire Epicenter. ENRAGED at this man’s total lack of respect, for both the Icon and the Epicenter, the fans begin heaving soda and various other concessionary items. Clipping the expensive PRADA he’s adorned in, X just shakes his head with disgust as the "Change" remix starts back up again. Laughing out loud and raising his arms in the air with complete satisfaction, Goeren HUGS X with joyous abandon.

Eryk Masters: Ugh. I think I’m gonna be SICK. If THIS is what the future holds for the SHOOT Project? I’m… I’m just not sure I’m going to have the stomach for it.

Other Guy: Well grab your popcorn bucket and have a heave, Eryk, because I have a feeling that all of THIS… is only the beginning.

As both men exit the ring and begin making their way up the ramp, medical personnel begin emptying from the back in an effort to tend to the beaten and humiliated Rocky Stellar. Arm in arm like the best of friends and basking in fulfillment, Goeren and X disappear into the back leaving the chaos in their wake.


Adrian Corazon is a man that can only be described in two words.


A man that defines these two words…

The scene switches to Corazon destroying Del Carver in 2008 at Redemption…

Corazon’s face becomes a crimson mask now as blood runs down from a fairly noticeable gash in his forehead. Still Corazon is standing and he eventually frees himself from the ropes, despite scraping up his arms pretty good.  He fires a wild uppercut that just catches Carver enough to interrupt his furious fists.  Carver tries to get the momentum back, but Corazon lifts his leg up and STOMPS at an angle right into Carver’s hip!

Carver immediately goes down to one leg and Corazon swoops around behind him and with everything he has… HOISTS HIM UP… BELLY-TO-BACK BRAINBUSTER SUPLEX!!!


Carver’s head and neck make a sickening noise as he lands on the steel chair that has been busted up beyond repair!

Other Guy: Carver’s out, Dave!

Corazon: That scares you. The fact that you have worked SO hard to keep up. You have worked SO hard to stay toe to toe with me, hoping to eventually catch up… maybe even break away. But even now… as we near the final hours before Reckoning Day… all you have to show for your struggles is a pound of flesh from Eddie E.

Trey Willett is a man on a mission. A man who has lost control. A man, who will stop at nothing… to destroy.

A fade in to Trey Willet destroying Eddie E… Trey reaches down and grabs Eddie around the throat, pulling him to his feet. Once Eddie is upright, Trey grabs hold of his waist and throws him over the top rope, sending his face crashing right into the cage right in front of Donovan King. Trey makes his way out of the ring and gives King a smile and a wave of the hand before picking Eddie up once more, and raking his face across the cage. Blood begins trickling down Eddie’s face as Trey rakes is back and forth across the steel cage. King grabs the cage and shakes it, trying to force the door open to no avail. Trey releases Eddie as he crumples to a heap on the ground. He grabs Eddie by the hair and drags him back to the ring, tossing him under the bottom rope. Trey springboards onto the apron and flips over the top rope, coming down on Eddies body with a double stomp. Eddie doubles over in pain and a small amount of blood sputters from his mouth onto the mat. Trey looks around at the fans, still roaring in appreciation of this turn of events, and vaults himself into the ropes. He drops to the mat and hits Eddie’s face with a baseball slide.

Other Guy: This is just a little too much, even for someone as evil as Eddie. Trey has lost it here tonight.

Trey Willett: What you’ll have is the lingering memory of the devastation that you have left in your wake. Al in the name of following orders. You’ll be able to look back on the war as a passing memory. While you suffered very little during the fight, you will know of the suffering that you caused. You can try to tell yourself that you were just following orders, but you have to admit that you drew a middle finger on that bomb just before you loaded it into the hatch.







Eryk Masters: Here we go, OG. Trey Willett has been through hell at the hands of Adrian Corazon for the better part of a month now, and it all comes to a head tonight!

Trey emerges through the curtains as the entrance ramp erupts into a shower of purple pyro. Trey stands just behind the shower of purple sparks, and stares at the ring ahead. The song breaks into the opening guitar solo as the pyro begins to dissipate. Trey starts his way down the ramp, slapping hands with a few fans on his way down, his gaze never breaking from the ring.

Other Guy: Trey seems like he is all about business tonight, E.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and Gentlemen. This match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first hailing from Staten Island, New York. Weighing in at one-hundred and ninety-one pounds. He is TREY WILLLLLLETT!

Trey makes his way to the ring, grabs hold of the top rope and pulls himself to the apron. He steps in between the middle rope and stands in the middle of the ring, staring at the entrance ramp as his music stops playing.

The lights dim in the SHOOT Project Epicenter as Trey stands in the center of the ring, awaiting the arrival of Adrian Corazon. 

Eryk Masters:  Trey takes the cake for Corazon’s past opponents, OG.  I’ve never seen one man so ready to face him one on one.

Other Guy:  That’s because Trey is too dumb for his own good.  He SAYS he’s afraid, but he’s not so afraid that he won’t try and get his limelight. 

Eryk Masters:  Do you really buy that, OG?  I mean, honestly?

Before Other Guy can answer, an orange spotlight hits the top of the ramp, and then several orange strobes scour the arena, as the fans let loose the loudest boos of the night.  Immortal Technique’s “Point of No Return” hits the PA as images of past conquests appear on the screen. 

The destruction of Del Carver.

The annihilation of Jonny Johnson.

The cutting of Curtis Rose.

The smearing of Trey Willett’s blood. 

Then, only the battle hardened eyes of the man known as Brutal and Inhuman are shown.  Everything is in a greyscale, except for the green of his eyes.  The image pans into his smirk, which transitions into a bloody smiley face. 

This is the point from which I could never return

And if I back down now then forever I burn

This is the point from which I could never retreat

Cause If I turn back now there can never be peace

This is the point from which I will die and succeed

Living the struggle, I know I’m alive when I bleed

From now on it can never be the same as before

Cause the place I’m from doesn’t exist anymore

Corazon appears at the top of the ramp.  His face covered by his long black hair.  His eyes obscured by black, silver-rimmed sunglasses.  His overcoat just barely stays off of the floor, as he takes a very methodical, slow walk to the ring. 

His eyes never stray from Trey Willett. 

Samantha Coil:  And introducing last… from Mexico City, Mexico… he stands at six feet, three inches tall… he weighs in at two hundred, twenty-five pounds…  he is a former Iron Fist Champion… a former World Heavyweight Champion… he is the BRUTAL and the INHUMAN… CORAZON!

Other Guy:  I’ve got chills, E.  Those guys are going to seriously fuck each other up.

Eryk Masters:  You’ve got a man crush, OG.  What, not gonna call him the baddest motherfucker in SHOOT? 

Other Guy:  Not yet.  Soon, though.

Corazon climbs into the ring, keeping his distance from Trey, but never letting his eyes leave him.  He removes his overcoat and sunglasses.  He wipes his hair back, as Austin Linam brings the two together in the middle of the ring.

Eryk Masters:  The electricity here is something else, that’s for sure. 

Other Guy:  You get the impression that these guys are ready to get to it, don’t you? 

Linam goes over last minute instructions.  He checks both men for random foreign objects, but makes it clear that things are going to be a little looser than usual, given the gravity of this contest.  

Eryk Masters:  Linam’s making a good call here.  Letting those guys know that he’s not going to be stringent about things.  He knows what this match means. 

Other Guy: I think he just wants to see them fuck each other up. 

Eryk Masters:  He’s about to get his wish!

The bell rings.

Trey immediately rushes Corazon and locks him up, collar and elbow.  Trey transitions into a side headlock, but Corazon shoves him off and into the ropes.  Trey rebounds and throws a lariat, but Corazon ducks out of the way.  On the next rebound, Corazon keeps his back to Trey and throws a side kick at his face, which Trey runs under, avoiding the contact.

Eryk Masters:  Corazon wasting no time in trying to inflict some damage here.  Trey as well, both men going to work very quickly.

Other Guy:  Interesting that we aren’t subject to an all out brawl. 

Eryk Masters:  Yet.

Trey stops in his tracks, standing directly in front of Corazon, and nails him in the face with a back elbow smash.  Corazon stumbles back a few steps, and is leaning against the ropes.  He grins, and then lunges forward.  Trey stops him and ties him up again.  Corazon takes the aggressive position and goes with the side headlock, and then immediately transitions into a waistlock.  He steps back from Trey and then drives his forearm right into Trey’s back!

Other Guy:  Corazon with a nice series of wrestling maneuvers there, and I’m still wondering why we haven’t seen a punch thrown just yet.

Eryk Masters:  It’s very controlled, very methodical right now, for both men. 

Other Guy: Crowd seems to be into it though, they’re pretty loud. 

As if on cue, a cheer pops for the contest, as Corazon follows his forearm smash up with another, causing Trey to go to a knee and clutch his back.  In a flurry, Corazon runs by Trey and bounces off the ropes and attempts a shining wizard, the Act of Defiance, but Trey ducks it at the very last second.  Corazon stops in his tracks and smiles, as Trey gets to his feet.  The two find themselves face to face.  They both stop in their tracks and give a begrudging smile to one another, as the crowd pops! 

Other Guy:  That little smile that those guys just did… 

Eryk Masters:  They’re just getting started, OG.  Trey ducking the Act of Defiance was almost a foregone conclusion, so it’s interesting to see Corazon test him in this way.

Other Guy:  All I’ll say about that is that Corazon seems to be gauging where Trey’s head is at in the early going.  That in mind, we’re in for a fun one, that’s for sure. 

Corazon is the aggressor once more, as he goes for a collar and elbow, but Trey ducks under the tieup and wraps Corazon up from behind with a waistlock.  Instead of utilizing the forearm smash, Corazon runs to the nearest rope and holds on tight, hoping to use the momentum to free himself from Trey, but Trey holds on!  Trey pulls Corazon away from the rope and throws him over his head with a german suplex, but he doesn’t let go!  He hangs on, and throws him with another one, before Corazon wisely rolls out of the ring.  The crowd lets him have it for that!

Other Guy:  Unexpected.  I’m not sure I’ve EVER seen Corazon just casually roll out to the ring like that. 

Eryk Masters:  He got a little overwhelmed by Trey right there, which makes sense.  Trey’s a fair amount smaller than Corazon is, so him utilizing power in that way is a little different than what we’ve seen from him before. 

Trey backs away from where Corazon is standing, looking on.  He motions for Corazon to return to the ring, and leans against the opposite rope.  Corazon slides in, and where a begrudging smile once was, a contorted smirk now sits.  Corazon pops and massages his neck a bit, looking dead into Trey’s eyes.  The two meet in the middle again, Trey pulls Corazon into a front facelock, but Corazon shoves him off.  Trey comes forward, but gets NAILED in the face with a big right hand!  Corazon follows it up with a series of rights and lefts, and Trey’s backed into a turnbuckle!  Corazon finishes the flurry with a MASSIVE elbow right across the bridge of Trey’s nose! 

Eryk Masters:  HERE WE GO. 

Other Guy:  Trey’s face went from its normal color to a deep red in about three seconds right there! 

Eryk Masters:  And it looks like Corazon’s flirtation with a normal wrestling match has come to an end!

Corazon doesn’t back off, and instead lunges forward, but Trey reverses him putting Corazon into the turnbuckle.  Trey goes for shots to the body, but Corazon covers up well, and when Trey relents on that, Corazon nails him in the face again!  Trey’s stumbled back, and he holds his nose, which now has blood coming from it.  Corazon comes forward, but Trey doesn’t let him follow up, and instead catches Corazon with a quick DDT which floors the Inhuman! 

Trey covers! 




The crowd pops for the kickout, and there’s a small chant for Trey breaking out!

Eryk Masters:  My god, that was a quick sequence right there!

Other Guy:  While I didn’t expect Corazon to fall right there, the fact that Trey got a two and a half count was TOTALLY unexpected. 

Trey goes to pull Corazon up, but Corazon trips Trey up on the way with a drop toe hold.  Trey’s down, and Corazon slides out of the ring once more!  The crowd boos FIERCELY for this maneuver, but the side of the ring that Corazon’s on comes alive with screams when Corazon brandishes an ASP from underneath the ring!  Corazon slides into the ring, and immediately goes after Trey, who’s still getting to his feet from the drop toehold.  Corazon let’s Trey’s midsection have it with a SICK boot to the gut.  Trey’s flattened out.  Corazon pulls him up by the hair, and Trey’s somewhat doubled over.  Corazon rears back and ANNIHILATES TREY’s FACE WITH THE ASP! 

The crowd boos VEHEMENTLY. 




Other Guy:  No way!  NO WAY.




Eryk Masters:  That was SO, SO CLOSE.

Corazon looks up at Austin Linam who shows him two fingers.  Corazon’s frustrated immensely by this, but goes back to work.  He pulls Trey up by the hair once more, and makes a point to point to his face, showing the capacity crowd that Trey has donned a crimson mask!  Corazon nods his head with wild eyes, and a grotesque smile on his face. 


Eryk Masters:  Corazon doing what he does best.  Mocking Trey. 


Corazon delivers an ASP shot to the gut of Trey, doubling him over.  Corazon bounces off of the rope and charges at Trey, but Trey picks him up!  Trey steadies himself and goes for a spinebuster, but Corazon, still with the ASP in hand, hits him in the back of the head once with it, causing Trey to drop him and stumble backwards.  Corazon throws the ASP at Trey, who catches it, but doesn’t notice that Corazon has a head of steam and he goes up and DRILLS TREY IN THE FACE WITH THE ACT OF DEFIANCE.  Trey’s FLATTENED OUT and the ASP drops harmlessly to the ground. 

Corazon covers! 


Eryk Masters:  That’s a BIG TIME MOVE right there. 


Other Guy:  This might be it, E.


Corazon is FURIOUS.  He gets in Linam’s face and shoves him into a corner before returning to Trey.  He turns Trey over and smears Trey’s face against the mat, wiping the blood from his possibly broken nose all over the place!  He pulls Trey up to his feet by his neck.  Corazon SLAPS Trey across the face.  He hangs onto him, while jawing in his face, and he SLAPS HIM ACROSS THE FACE AGAIN. 

Eryk Masters:  Corazon doing EVERYTHING he can possibly do to embarrass Trey Willett right here.  The man’s already lost his family, he has NOTHING. 

Other Guy:  Sounds like you’re white knighting for Trey Willet, hombre.  It’s all good, cuz Corazon has this on lock.

Eryk Masters:  I just have the ability to see a situation for the bullshit that it is, OG.  How can this guy seriously slap this man, after everything that he’s gone through?  It’s repulsive.

Other Guy: He’s the most dangerous motherfucker in this place.  He can do what he wants.

Corazon’s not finished jawing with Trey, but Austin Linam comes to separate him from continually slapping Trey across the face.  Corazon relents and goes to pick up the ASP.  He picks it up as Trey comes from the corner.  Trey flies into Corazon with an ugly looking flying forearm smash.  Corazon’s rocked up against the ropes.  Trey pulls him HARD and Corazon rebounds.  Trey throws a clothesline, but Corazon ducks.  Corazon stops about five steps from Trey.  Trey turns around and gets NAILED with the ACT OF REALITY.  Corazon shakes his head and SPITS on the fallen Trey.  He covers! 





Other Guy:  Really?  Your heart has suffered from urination? 


Eryk Masters:  Sounds like the crowd’s heart is peeing too!

Corazon is BESIDE himself at this point, and makes his way to Austin Linam, but stops himself halfway to him.  He takes a deep breath and refocuses his attention on the grounded Willett. 

Other Guy:  Corazon making a SMART veteran move here, not letting the frustration overcome him, and instead intending to take out his frustrations on the source, and E? 

Eryk Masters:  Yes, OG?

Other Guy:  That makes MY heart pee, motherfucker.

Corazon crouches over Trey Willett and just continues to run his mouth.  Finally, he pulls Trey up by the hair, once again.  He has a hold of him by the hair, and uses his free hand to do a cutting motion across his throat, and he shouts! 


Other Guy:  I believe that’s the universal sign for “I’m about to end this motherfucker.”

Eryk Masters:  And he CONTINUES to mock Trey Willett.

Corazon whips Trey into the ropes.  Trey rebounds and Corazon hits him in the gut with a mid kick.  Corazon bounces off his own set of ropes, catches Trey’s head and raises it up, before bringing it down with an IMMENSE AMOUNT OF FORCE INTO HIS KNEES. 






Other Guy:  The baddest dude in this place is about to pick up a HUGE win.




Linam signals for TWO at Corazon.  Corazon is UNHINGED WITH FURY.  He grabs Linam by the shirt and pulls him into the corner opposite from where he and Trey were, and he verbally UNLOADS on the official. 


Eryk Masters:  I can’t hear you over the sound of Corazon’s bellyaching, OG. 

All this goes on, as the crowd CONTINUES to chant for Trey, who’s slowly…  very slowly…  pulling himself to his feet. 

Eryk Masters:  And the hero… the symbol… lives.

After a few moments of arguing back and forth with Linam, the crowd explodes with applause and cheers. Corazon heaves a deep sigh, and turns to be face to face with the risen Trey Willett. Trey staggers back a step as Corazon draws back with a right hand. Corazon fires off a shot only to be caught by Trey who fires back with a left of his own!

Eryk Masters: This is unbelievable. I have never seen a man take this much punishment and just refuse to quit.

Other Guy: He has a family to think about, Eryk. He should just call it a day!

Corazon’s concentration is momentarily broken, allowing Trey to follow up with a flurry of left and right hands, forcing Corazon back a few steps. Trey locks hands with Corazon and attempts to whip him into the ropes, but Corazon slides to the mat going for the Asp! He gets a hand on the weapon as Trey rushes towards him, stomping on Corazon’s hand with his full weight. Corazon rolls backwards, clutching his wrist in obvious pain. Trey reaches down to pick Corazon up, but stumbles to one knee in fatigue.

Other Guy: It was only a matter of time before this little second wind would come to an end for Trey.

Corazon is first to his feet and, still clutching his hand, drives his knee into Trey’s face! Trey falls onto his back as Corazon moves forward to pick him up again. Corazon reaches down, grabs Trey by the shoulders, and brings him to his feet. As soon as his feet hit the ground, he delivers a knee to the gut of Corazon, doubling him over. Trey quickly follows through with a furious uppercut!

Eryk Masters: He is still in this match! My god. Trey Willett is still in this match!

Other Guy: Let’s not get out of hand here. Sure, Trey’s having a little spurt of…

Trey kicks Corazon once more in the gut, and NAILS him with a swinging neck breaker!


The crowd tries to cheer Trey back to his feet as both men are laid flat on the mat. Trey is first to stir, getting to one knee. Trey gets to his feet and grabs Corazon, dragging him to his feet. Trey walks Corazon over to the ropes, and tosses him over the top rope to the outside! Corazon falls shoulder first onto the concrete. Trey Willett Springboards to the top rope and launches himself onto Corazon’s fallen body!

Eryk Masters: Jesus Christ, OG! I was wondering how long it would be before we got to see a little bit of that devil may care attitude that made Trey famous and there it is!

Other Guy: I have to admit. That was pretty cool, E.

With a new burst of energy, Trey is first to his feet. Corazon begins to stir on the floor, and Trey makes his way over to the timekeeper’s table. Corazon is up on one knee, holding his midsection. Corazon is up on his feet now and starts to make his way towards Trey…TREY BULLRUSHES CORAZON! A bell is clearly heard as Corazon crumples to the ground in pain. Trey has just smashed Corazon in the head with the ring bell!

Other Guy: I love it! This match is getting to be the brawl we were all hoping for!

Eryk Masters: Where have you been, OG. This match has been brutal since the opening bell.

Before Corazon gets a chance to get to his feet, Trey is all over him. The bell rings over and over as Trey drives it into his face. Trey raises the bell up, showing the crowd the blood smeared on it. He tosses it back to the ringside timekeeper. Trey grabs hold of Corazon’s arm and pulls the dead weight to his feet. Trey attempts to whip Corazon into the ringside steps, but Corazon trips over his feet, falling face first into the first step! Seizing this unexpected opportunity, Trey rushes to Corazon, and grabs him by the back of the head, driving his face one more time into the step.

Other Guy: This is a side of Trey that we very rarely get to see. He isn’t what you would consider to be a “hardcore legend.”

Eryk Masters: To be fair, I don’t think we have seen Trey this upset before. Adrian Corazon has done everything that he can do to ruin Trey’s life. It’s time that Trey got a little payback.

Trey drags Corazon up to the apron, and tosses him through the middle rope. He grabs Corazon by the ankles, and drags him into the center of the ring. He hooks the leg, and wraps Corazon up in a figure four leg lock!

Eryk Masters: Another unexpected turn of events here. You wanna say Trey isn’t known for his hardcore prowess? How about a submission move from Trey. He really wants to make a statement here tonight.

Corazon immediately comes to life, slamming both fists into the mat in pain. The look on Trey’s face is one of pure fury as he wrenches tight on Corazon’s legs. Corazon attempts to roll the hold over, but Trey wrenches even harder. Trey’s face turns a bright red as he exerts every bit of energy into the figure four. The added pressure to the face, causes his nose to start bleeding again. Corazon attempts to bridge out of the hold, but the pain is too much. His shoulders hit the mat and Linam hit’s the mat for a count.


Eryk Masters: I think Trey may have it here. He’s got that locked in pretty tight!



Corazon gets his shoulder back up, breaking the count. Trey releases the hold, and makes his way back to his feet. Corazon makes his way back to face Trey. Trey attempts to fire a right hand to Corazon, but it’s blocked! Corazon hits Trey with a left, an the two men begin to Trade punches. Corazon begins to get the upper hand. He hits Trey with three sharp right hands before Trey fires into Adrian with a kick to the midsection.


He quickly hooks both arms AND HITS CORAZON WITH THE DAWN OF A NEW ERA!


Corazon’s eyes glaze and the crowd goes completely nuts! Trey goes for the cover.



Other Guy: I can’t believe it. He could actually pull this off…





“Carry on Wayward Sun” hit’s the PA and the crowd explodes. Trey manages to pull himself to one knee as his hand is raised in victory.

Eryk Masters:  It’s OVER.  Trey Willett has managed to, somehow, beat the BRUTAL and INHUMAN Corazon.  I have no idea how he managed to pull that off.  Corazon threw EVERYTHING at him.

Other Guy:  It was an AMAZING display of heart from Trey Willett, there is absolutely no doubt about that.  Corazon dished out punishment like I’ve only ever seen him dish out one time before, and Trey took it, and he managed to pull himself up and come away with a win here.  Absolutely amazing.

Before OG can continue, Trey’s back to his feet.  He thanks Samantha Coil and then makes a bee-line for the other side of the ring.

Other Guy:  Look at that!  Trey just bolted off! 

True to his word, Trey Willett takes off to the back, in a rush to go find his family, leaving Samantha Coil a bit flustered.  Corazon stays down, still on the mat. 

Other Guy:  Are we going to send a crew back there?

Eryk Masters:  Nah, OG.  We’re not.  Trey has earned his moment with his family, away from SHOOT Project cameras.  Let him have his peace.


The camera pans from the now clear ring over towards Other Guy and Eryk Masters.

Other Guy: Good LORD, E. That was probably the bloodiest, goriest match of the year, man. Those two went the fuck for it, and didn’t stop until there was a finish.

Eryk Masters: Major credit goes to Austin Linam for letting that one play out the way it did. He could have easily stopped it due to the violence involved, but you have to think that quite possibly, Jason Johnson gave the instruction to let it go on.

Other Guy: Wouldn’t surprise me at all. It’d be an easy, cheap way to get some revenge on Corazon, the man responsible for Jason’s vacation in the first place.

Eryk Masters: So, since the last time they panned to us over here, we’ve seen a bunch more crazy action. Stein and Sydal, Stellar and Goeren, and now Trey and Corazon.

Other Guy: Cade Sydal made an example of Dan Stein, that’s for sure, and I almost got that little hottie Cassi Ryan’s number, but no dice.

Eryk Masters: Yeah I think you’re pretty much just dreaming on all levels there. Azrael Goeren and Stellar was the match I hoped it would be, and to top all of that off, we get ANOTHER major debut here in SHOOT Project, and that comes in the form of X-Calibur.

Other Guy: I’d heard rumors about X’s arrival, but I wasn’t sure. The guy had some bad blood with management for the longest time, but it seems like that’s all over with, and it’s starting to look like the SHOOT Project has kicked it into a crazy new gear. X with Goeren? Good lord.

Eryk Masters: No kidding about that, but OG? It’s time for our second main event of the evening. And this one… this one is for all the marbles. Azraith DeMitri takes on Donovan King, and my goodness… I’ve got goosebumps for this, man. I’m just… I’m very ready.

Other Guy: In a way, it’s put up or shut up time for both of those guys. Will Donovan King "reclaim" the title he feels like was unjustly taken from him? Will Azraith solidify himself as the true SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion? Well, ladies and gentlemen… we’ll find out… NEXT.


The bell rings, bringing the fans’  attention to the center of the ring, where Samantha Coil is standing, a lone spotlight on her with the lights dimmed. 

Samantha Coil:  Ladies and gentlemen…it is my honor to present to you tonight…OUR MAIN EVENT…OF THE EVENING. 

The fans ERUPT into cheers for a moment until a green spotlight illuminates the entrance.  The tribal chants kick in and the fans begin to boo once again tonight. 







“POWER” by Kanye West EXPLODES over the PA system as DONOVAN KING stands in the center of the spotlight.  He keeps his hood pulled low over his head, and his SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship belt rests around his waist.  He unzips his hoodie at the entrance to allow the cameras to get a view of the face plate as he walks down to the ring.  He grimaces as he glances out to the crowd.  He walks up the ring steps and throws his hoodie off once he steps into the ring.  He ascends one corner and stands there, SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship glistening in the lights as “POWER” by Kanye West dies off. 

In a trail of fire I’ll burn before you bury me…set your eyes for the SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNN!!


The fans…fucking…lose it as “Propane Nightmares” by Pendulum kicks in.  Out from the back comes none other than AZRAITH DEMITRI.  He wears his trademark black trenchcoat, and a SHOOT Project Sons of Liberty shirt as well.  The SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship is buckled tight around his waist as he walks down to the ring.  He watches King, who watches him.  He slaps very few hands until he walks up the ring steps.  He removes his coat as he walks up the steps and removes his shirt as well, holding the Sons of Liberty emblem towards Donovan King.  King does nothing to respond as Azraith throws the shirt into the crowd.  He then unbuckles his SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship, revealing his worn belt underneath having a new belt buckle: a replica of the faceplate of the SHOOT World Heavyweight Championship.  He hands his belt to Tony Lorenzo, who now has both nearly identical titles in his hands.  “Propane Nightmares” by Pendulum dies off and Samantha Coil makes her announcements. 

Samantha Coil:  Ladies and gentlemen…the following is scheduled for ONE FALL and is for the SHOOT PROJECT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP! 

The fans cheer as Tony Lorenzo holds both belts up. 

Samantha Coil:  Introducing first, the CHALLENGER…weighing in at 245 pounds…he hails from Charlotte, North Carolina…HE IS…THE UNCROWNED…DONOVAN…KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!! 

The fans boo as King does not acknowledge them, opting instead to focus ahead. 

Samantha Coil:  And his opponent…weighing in tonight at 260 pounds…from Omaha, Nebraska…he is the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION…HE IS…AZRAITH DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEMIIIIIIIITRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!! 

Azraith nods as the fans cheer loudly for him.  Samantha Coil summons Tony Lorenzo over to her and holds the microphone to Tony Lorenzo’s lips. 

Tony Lorenzo:  Gentlemen…if you would, meet me in the center of the ring here, please. 

King and Azraith walk to the center, glaring at one another. 

Tony Lorenzo:  Tonight’s match has been declared a no holds barred match with no disqualifications, no count outs, and no time limits.  There MUST be a winner.  Also, every single SHOOT Soldier, Sovereign or otherwise, have been banned from ringside.  This is for the World Championship…so both of you give it the respect it deserves.  Go back to your corners and come out fighting! 

Azraith and King look at one another for a long moment before they walk over to their respective corners.  Tony Lorenzo points to King and he nods.  He points over to Azraith and he nods.  He summons Mark Kendrick to ring the bell and the match is on!! 

Eryk Masters:  Here we go! 

Other Guy:  Tonight’s been one hell of a night for SHOOT Project and I can imagine this main event’s just gonna cap it off proper! 

King and Azraith march to the center of the ring and immediately, Azraith goes for a punch but King counters with a block and a collar and elbow lock up.  He ducks underneath the lock up and gets a rear waist lock, but Azraith quickly elbows King in the side of the head and King releases the hold.  King staggers backward and Azraith immediately catches him with a HARD Muay Thai knee strike, rocking King’s head up, just in time for an Azraith LARIAT shoving King into the corner and crushing him with the blow!  The fans are ecstatic as King staggers forward and Azraith catches him with a DDT!  Azraith rolls King over onto his back and covers for the pin attempt! 



Azraith picks King up and whips him into the ropes.  He catches King with a hip toss, but King counters, landing on his feet, arm drag, and he goes for the Carolina Crossface!  Az scrambles for the ropes and gets a hold of them right as King locks the other arm!  Tony Lorenzo demands he release the hold and he does! 

Eryk Masters:  Right off the bat, King and Azraith are testing one another.  They want to let the other one know just what they’re capable of. 

Other Guy:  I’m assuming that King and Azraith are adhering to the rules of a normal match.  King let that hold go when he really didn’t have to. 

Eryk Masters:  Banning Sovereign and the rest of SHOOT from ringside, determining that there must be a winner, utilizing rope breaks…these two are definitely out to ensure that SHOOT has a clean and definite ending to this wild Reckoning Day! 

Azraith pulls himself up on the ropes, rubbing his arm as King is backed off by Tony Lorenzo.  King bows mockingly to Azraith, who smirks at his foe.  The two men circle one another slowly, King bucking and diving at Azraith’s legs, Azraith backing off each time.  Azraith goes for the lock up, but King ducks underneath, single leg takedown, King sweeps Azraith off of his feet, keeping a hold on the single leg.  Elbow drop to the knee, followed up by a leg grapevine!  King keeps the hold in for a few moments before releasing it.  Azraith slides away from King, kicking his leg out as if to try to pop the kneecap.  Azraith stands up, but is instantly greeted by King with a hard elbow to the side of the head!  King whips Azraith to the ropes, King telegraphs a back body drop, Azraith kicks King in the face, bringing him up to a standing position…LARIAT!  King is doubled over onto the mat from the force of the lariat! 

Other Guy:  Good LORD!  Azraith knocked King right out of his boots with that lariat! 

Azraith hooks the leg and goes for the pin! 



Azraith picks King up and drags him over to the turnbuckle.  He nails King in the face with a jumping knee strike, before taking King’s head in his hands and nailing him with knees!







With the fifth knee strike, Azraith launches King back against the turnbuckle, and catches him with a ROARING ELBOW!!  King is backed against the corner, stunned.  Azraith takes a step back…GORE!  King is doubled over as Azraith hoists King up onto his shoulder!  He looks around at the fans who are cheering loudly for him!  He points to one turnbuckle and charges it…but King slides off the back!  Reverse dropping DDT! 

Other Guy:  King with an inverted Kastfall Part One! 

King hooks the leg and attempts the pin! 



King rolls away from Azraith, clutching his head.  Azraith rolls onto his side to get his bearings.  King rolls to the ring apron and stands up, resting against the ropes.  Azraith gets to his feet and sees King resting his head on the top rope.  He charges, and King drops down holding the ropes down and Azraith goes tumbling out!  King measures Azraith’s body and nails him with a fast diving elbow drop to the back of the neck!  King picks Azraith up and slams his head into the ring apron!  He goes to whip Azraith into the steel steps, but Azraith countering and slamming King into the ring steps!  King lands shoulder first, crying out in pain.  Azraith measures King and charges, kicking King in the midsection as hard as he can with a running kick!  King cradles his stomach as Azraith lords over him.  The fans are cheering and reaching for Azraith as Azraith snaps his head to the side to look at them. 

Eryk Masters:  I wonder what Azraith is thinking right about now, OG. 

Other Guy:  I’m thinking it’s all the imaginative and painful ways to cause misery to King.  I DON’T KNOW.  CALL ME CRAZY. 

Azraith picks King up and slams him against the guardrail.  He hits him in the head with an elbow and then drags him away from the guardrail…only to HURL him over the rail onto the first row of fans!  The fans are cheering wildly as Azraith hops over the guardrail and instinctively slaps the hand of a small child being pushed away from him by security.  Azraith picks King up, but King catches him with a jawbreaker!  Azraith staggers back as King pushes himself away from the onslaught.  He takes a long look at Azraith as he gets himself together.  King quickly dives over the guardrail and rushes at Azraith, taking Azraith’s head and snapping it backwards against the guardrail! 

Eryk Masters:  Ouch!  King and Azraith are going back and forth, neither man giving one inch! 

Azraith clutches the back of neck as King quickly wrenches the World Champion’s head back, hooks it in a Dragon Sleeper-style submission, hooks Azraith’s arm…and HOISTS him up in a reverse suplex OVER the guardrail, sending Azraith right back onto the concrete floor!  King gets back up to his knees, looking down at Azraith.  He picks Azraith up and whips him into the guardrail!  Azraith calls out as King runs at him, steps up onto the ring steps, and hits Azraith with a flying elbow smash!  King takes Azraith’s head and bulldogs it to the concrete floor!  He keeps the head locked up…CAROLINA CROSSFACE! 

Other Guy:  Oh if only he were in the ring, right?! 

Eryk Masters:  We might be looking at a new World Champion if he were in that ring, OG! 

King quickly arches back HARD, causing Azraith to shout again.  He SLAMS Azraith’s head down onto the floor and releases the submission!  King looks at the booing fans and locks eyes with one in the front row, who is flipping him off.  He shrugs and points down at Azraith. 


King waves off the angry fan and picks Azraith up, rolling him into the ring.  He slides in behind Azraith and rolls the World Champion onto his back.  King hooks the far leg and Tony Lorenzo slides in for the pin attempt! 




King slaps the mat, frustrated.  He picks Azraith up, whips him to the ropes—NO!  He catches Azraith and hits a HUGE overhead belly to belly suplex!  King sits up and looks back out at the sea of fans.  He sighs as he looks back over to Azraith, who seems to be in a world of pain right about now.  King stands up completely and walks over to the Sandman and picks him up.  He holds Azraith up by the head and looks him in the eyes.  King shrugs and steps back…DEALBREAKER NO!  AZRAITH LOCKS IN A KATA HAJIME! 

Eryk Masters:  Listen to those fans!  King’s Dealbreaker has been countered! 

Azraith holds the move TIGHT, King calling out, his free arm reaching out to the fans in the vain hope he can get free! 

Azraith DeMitri:  You ready? 

Eryk Masters:  I think it might be time for a little Seraphim Dance! 

Azraith jerks the move around a few times…SUPLEX!  He rolls through completely and keeps the Kata Hajime on…SUPLEX.  He rolls through, glares at the fans…SUPLEX.  He FORCES King to his feet and looks out at the fans…lets out an evil laugh…SUPLEX! 

Other Guy:  I guess it’s time to put an end to their little tete a tete! 

Azraith sinks the hold in DEEP and grapevines his legs around King!  King reaches frantically for the rope, but Azraith rolls him away!  King’s in the center of the ring!  Tony Lorenzo’s asking him if he wants to quit, but King screams no! 

Other Guy:  It’s only a matter of time now! 

King, with no other alternative, tries to bring Azraith’s legs a little bit further up his body…he does!  King quickly bridges his legs up…and Azraith is pinned!  Tony Lorenzo with the count! 



Azraith releases the Kata Hajime!  King rolls away quickly as Azraith holds his head down, still cradling the neck from the attack from before.  King looks up at Azraith, who locks eyes with him!  Both men are up and Azraith charges King, who ducks under, steps back…REALITY CHECK!  Azraith flies into the corner and slumps to the mat.  King looks up groggily and rushes Azraith’s body, NAILING his head with a PRECISE dropkick that has King slide out to the outside of the ring.  King staggers and falls to his knees, but he turns his head to see Azraith in the corner still and he slides back into the ring as quickly as he can, hooks Azraith’s legs into a Texas Cloverleaf lock…and with ALL OF HIS MIGHT he LIFTS Azraith up…and SLAMS him back down to the mat! 

Eryk Masters:  WOW!  What an IMPRESSIVE combination of moves from King! 

King glares down at Azraith and hooks the leg HARD and Tony Lorenzo’s there! 




Donovan King:  GOD DAMN IT! 

King sprawls over Azraith’s body and starts to connect with punch after punch after punch until he shakes his head no and pulls himself away from Azraith.  The fans are cheering for Azraith as King walks over to the corner.  King looks around the arena at the screaming fans.  He glances over to Eryk Masters and Other Guy before he looks up to the Reckoning Day banner hanging high above the audience. 

Other Guy:  What’s he thinking? 

King looks over at Azraith and he smirks.  He walks over to the Sandman and picks him up, whipping him into the ropes.  He drops down, letting Azraith run over him, gets back up quickly and catches Azraith with a HARD belly to belly!  He quickly picks the World Champion up and hooks him in a German Suplex! 

Donovan King:  My turn, Champ! 

GERMAN SUPLEX!  King rolls Azraith over, keeping the waistlock in, turns it into a double underhook…TIGER SUPLEX!  King rolls Azraith AGAIN and hooks the full nelson up…DRAGON SUPLEX!  BRIDGE!  PIN! 




King covers his face as the fans ERUPT. 

Eryk Masters:  Azraith DeMitri will NOT quit! 

Other Guy:  He won’t, dude!  He KNOWS what the SHOOT Project World Championship means not only to himself, but the fans and even to King! 

King shakes his head, picking himself up off of the mat.  He looks back to Azraith and picks the World Champion up once again, but Azraith surprises King!  Kick to the midsection!  Azraith turns around, hooking both arms! 

Eryk Masters:  There’s no way he can possibly have the strength to put King in THIS!! 

Azraith spins around and gets King up, lifting him high for the ENTIRE Epicenter to see!  The fans are RIPPING into cheers! 


Azraith gets him up as high as he can and despite King’s legs flailing about above him…AZRAITH DROPS KING DOWN INTO THE MEMORIES OF MAVERICK!!  Azraith quickly rolls his own body over King and he looks at the fans, shaking his head no!  He picks King up onto his shoulder…and runs as fast as he can…GORING King into the turnbuckle!  He turns around, nods his head yes…AND SNAPS KING DOWN INTO A MICHINOKU DRIVER! 

Other Guy:  JESUS! 

Eryk Masters:  That’s what he calls Smirking Revenge!  It’s like he’s going through his whole list of moves! 

Azraith picks King back up and looks the weary challenger in the face, grinning from ear to ear.  He snatches King’s throat with his left hand!  The fans get even MORE excited as Azraith HOISTS King up…BUT KING COUNTERS!  DEALBREAKER!  KING NAILS THE DEALBREAKER OUT OF DIE HAND DES GOTTES!!!! 

Eryk Masters:  NO!  NO!  King countered out of Die Hand des Gottes after all of those HARSH Azraith attacks! 

King falls to the mat, holding his head while Azraith is downed as well! 

Other Guy:  Azraith did all he could to kick King’s ass with a series of moves…all King had left was a last second Dealbreaker to try to save his own ass! 

Tony Lorenzo checks on both men, and both men are STILL down! 

Eryk Masters:  After Smirking Revenge and Memories of Maverick was being led up to Die Hand des Gottes…but King had just about enough wherewithal to counter into the Dealbreaker! 

King slowly begins to pick himself up off of the mat, breathing heavily.  His eyes are glassed over and he slowly drags himself over to Azraith’s body.  Azraith is not moving at all.  King reaches over to Azraith’s body and drapes one arm over him!  Tony Lorenzo slides into position! 







King lays on his back, holding his face in surprise as Azraith STILL seems out!  King looks over at Azraith’s body and sighs, reaching back over for another pin fall attempt! 




King shakes his head, grimacing as he picks Azraith’s head up and SLAMS it back down to the mat and hooks the leg again! 




King gets up, frantically looking around the ring as Azraith rolls over onto his stomach, trying to get hit wits about him! 

Eryk Masters:  Azraith is STILL GOING!! 

King gets low, measuring Azraith as he slowly gets to his feet.  The fans are FRENETIC as King takes aim at the slow to rise Azraith DeMitri!  King summons Azraith to his feet…Azraith is up, holding himself against the ropes…King!  DEALBREAKER NO!  AZRAITH COUNTERS!  CHOKE!  DIE HAND DES GOTTES! 

Other Guy:  Azraith’s got King!  He’s STILL got the choke on! 

Eryk Masters:  He’s picking King back up!  THE PRESENCE!! 

Azraith NAILS The Presence on King who seems almost out of it!  Azraith groggily looks to the fans, holding his free hand up, and he hooks King’s arms up! 

Eryk Masters:  Could it be?!  Does Azraith have King? 

Azraith LIFTS King up!  EXTINCTION!! 


Azraith rolls away from King’s suddenly limp body and he backs away, trying to shake off the cobwebs.  The fans are going INSANE as Azraith slowly begins to slide to King’s prone form!  He throws himself over King’s body! 





Eryk Masters:  WHAT?! 

Tony Lorenzo says NO!  He shows Azraith the rope…and KING’S FOOT IS ON THE BOTTOM ROPE! 

Other Guy:  NO!  Azraith HAD King…but King had JUST enough energy to get his foot on the rope! 

Azraith picks King up and HURLS him over the top rope to the floor!  King lands HARD as Azraith staggers around the ring, falling to his knees as he tries to catch his breath.  King is OUT on the outside it seems, lying in a fetal position.  Azraith rubs his sweaty face and throws his hair back, groggily staggering back and forth in the center of the ring.  He sees King still prone on the outside and he rolls from the ring and stands over King’s body. 

Other Guy:  It seems like Azraith is taking this rare moment to catch his breath and get his mind right, Eryk.  This is completely insane.  He HAS to know that Donovan King is very capable of countering and hitting that Dealbreaker at any moment, even in a prone position like he’s in now. 

Eryk Masters:  Dealbreaker or no, Azraith has to get his wits about him.  Practically every big move he’s got hasn’t stopped King.  Likewise, King’s big moves have done little to stop Azraith. 

The camera focuses on a small laceration on Azraith’s lip, blood starting to trickle slowly from it.  He looks at the entrance way and then he turns to the ring.  He walks over to the ring apron and throws it up, looking for anything! 

Eryk Masters:  Uh oh…I think this match is getting ready to go into hardcore mode! 

King slowly rolls to his stomach behind Azraith and picks himself up, glaring at the World Heavyweight Champion.  Azraith slowly stands up straight, listening to the fans as they cheer!  He turns his head and spots King, who is back on HIS feet as well!  Both men stare at one another, exhausted.  King balls his fists up and Azraith lets the ring apron fall back to its rightful place.  They say nothing.  King nods his head to Azraith, who slowly nods back! 

Other Guy:  What are they thinking? 

Azraith grabs the bottom rope and picks himself up to a seated position on the ring apron before he lies down and rolls underneath the rope back into the ring!  He gets back up and takes a few steps back, standing still as King slides underneath the bottom rope as well! 

Eryk Masters:  I think they wanna end this thing the way it’s been all along!  Fair, clean, and may the true BEST man win! 

King and Azraith lock up and the fans POP in cheers!  The collar and elbow tie up shoves the two champions around the ring, until Azraith manages to whip King to the ropes, he goes for a Lariat, but King counters!  Crucifix pin! 




King is back up, rolls away from Azraith, who snatches King into a small package pin! 




King rushes back at Azraith and leaps over Azraith, rolling him into a Sunset pin! 



Azraith rolls back and NAILS King with a spear, bringing an end to the chain of pin attempts!  The fans applaud as Azraith picks King up and quickly hits a GUT WRENCH POWERBOMB!  Azraith lays down on top of King, hooking both legs! 




Azraith shakes his head and he picks King back up, twists the head around and hits a neckbreaker!  He looks around at the fans, as if to ask what does he have to do to beat King now!  Azraith picks King back up, hooks him in a waist lock…GERMAN SUPLEX!  Azraith rolls through the German Suplex and hooks King into a full nelson! 

Other Guy:  Avatar Combo ’06, baby! 





Eryk Masters:  WHAT??!?!! 

King throws himself off of Azraith pumping his fist in celebration!  The fans are giving a LOUD reaction, but it is decidedly mixed! 

Other Guy:  LOOK!  LOOK!  LOOK!!!! 


Eryk Masters:  King falls for the SAME trap Azraith fell for before!  He didn’t hook a complete pin, he didn’t check his surroundings, and now his…God…I have no idea HOW many Dealbreakers he’s thrown out tonight…mean absolutely nothing! 

King pounds the mat in frustration as King picks Azraith back up.  He looks out at the sea of fans and he picks Azraith up onto his shoulders! 

Other Guy:  KTFO! 


Eryk Masters:  King is DOWN! 

Azraith picks himself up quickly and picks King up as well…he hooks the head! 

Other Guy:  AGAIN?! 


Eryk Masters:  TWO Extinctions in a row!  IN A ROW! 

Azraith looks down at King and shakes his head no!  He picks King BACK up! 

Eryk Masters:  THREE!! 

Other Guy:  Third time’s a charm! 





Tony Lorenzo calls for the bell and the fans ERUPT! 


“Propane Nightmares” by Pendulum kicks in as the tickertape falls from the ceiling! 

Eryk Masters:  Jesus…WOW. 

Other Guy:  Azraith got tired of waiting and trying…he went whole hog!  THREE Extinctions in a row! 

Eryk Masters:  I guess you can call that a MASS Extinction! 


Eryk Masters looks at his broadcast colleague confused as Tony Lorenzo goes and checks on King, who is sitting in the corner, staring at Azraith, who is in the center of the ring, holding his SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship belt.  Lorenzo hands King his and the music dies off. 

Eryk Masters:  Moment of truth! 

King slowly drags himself up, cradling his neck, holding his SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship belt in his hand.  He looks at Azraith and he sighs, throwing his World Championship over his shoulder.  He summons Tony Lorenzo over, and Lorenzo puts King’s arm over his shoulder, helping to guide him over to Azraith! 

Other Guy:  What do you think?  Sovereign’s been crushed tonight…does King have it in him to BE that Champion he wants to be? 

Eryk Masters:  I hope so. 

Eryk’s words linger in the air as King and Azraith lock eyes.  Their feud is over.  Their war is done save one final piece of the puzzle.  King motions for Lorenzo to back away and the two Soldiers stand face to face.  King looks over at his World Championship and slowly slides it off of his shoulder.  He looks at Azraith one last time and slowly HANDS HIM HIS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP! 

Eryk Masters:  THERE WE GO! 

The fans ERUPT as King nods his head at Azraith, his lips pursing in disappointment.  Azraith holds both belts on one shoulder as King shakes his hand!  The fans continue to cheer as King steps back…but Azraith keeps the handshake! 

Other Guy:  Oh boy! 

King looks back to Azraith, exhausted…but Azraith thrusts King’s arm in the air!  The fans applaud LOUDLY as the two Soldiers celebrate!  King releases the hand and rolls from the ring as “Propane Nightmares” by Pendulum kicks in again!  Azraith walks over to the turnbuckle and hoists BOTH SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championships in the air! 

Eryk Masters:  Ladies and gentlemen…it’s been a long time coming…but there you have it.  The 2010 edition of Reckoning Day is in the books and…ladies and gentlemen…it couldn’t have ended any sweeter than this!  Thanks for watching…and we’ll see you next time! 

The cameras focus on Azraith one final time, holding both World Championships in the air as the scene fades to darkness.