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Reckoning Day 2012: Day 1

We see no fireworks.  No music.  Just a single candle being lit.  We pan back to see Obsidian waving the lit match to extinguishment.  This being the biggest show of the year, the opening is rather silent.  We see more candles until we find the entire room is surrounded in candle light.  Standing in the center of the room is Kenji Yamada…Adrian Corazon…and Isaac Entragian.

Obsidian:  Brothers…I must thank you.  We are gathered here tonight because we are at the precipice of a whole new world.  You brought me here because I am of the same cause, devoted, betrothed…and tonight we broker a new agreement, a new contract with this company.

He looks to each man.  Each brother.

Obsidian:  Jaime Alejandro…Jonas Coleman…Jun Kenshin…Diamond Del Carver.  They shall be the first to understand what lies ahead for this company.  They shall taste wrath as it penetrates their bodies, bathes their insides, coats their souls, and blackens their hearts.  We care not for their attempts at being stalwart, for tonight we shall chip away at their resolve in this…our war of attrition.

Entragian stands perfectly still before the multitudes of candles, his infernal visage painted in the light of so many small flames. His eyes are closed. His heart beats slowly, pounding with ethereal power and indestructible conviction.

The eyes open, green and bright, like pools of freshly brewed acid. He reaches out one pale hand, and he lets his fingers float back and forth through the flames. The warmth beckons him, and the strength of the fire serves to feed the insatiable furnace that exists within him.

When he finally speaks, his voice is a purr. The words are a prophecy on his lips, and they’re delivered with the eloquence of a human serpent.

Entragian: “Reckoning Day. Here we stand, brothers in blood, joined by a symbiotic bond that grows stronger with each passing moment. It’s been a year now, a long and eventful year since SCAR laid down roots in the dark soil of SHOOT Project. People questioned us then. They called us zealots. They considered us…madmen. They made the unforgivable mistake…of doubting us.”

Isaac casts his gaze on each and every one of his brothers, and his eyes burn with sheer pride.

Entragian: “This idea began as two hideous, persecuted men standing against the world and declaring that we were not content to lurk in the shadows anymore. We demanded change. We kick-started a metamorphosis. Since the inception, we’ve wrapped a hand around the throat of SHOOT Project, and we have fucking THROTTLED it. We’ve expanded. We’ve grown. We’re bigger. We’re better. We’re badder than we’ve ever been before. I look past this night…I look to the future, and do you know what I see? Eden. A garden of mutilation. A community of carnal, consecrated entities that wear their scars like priceless jewels.”

A tendril of smoke rises up from one of the candles closest to Entragian, and he draws this into his chest with a deep inhalation.

Entragian: “The Biblical texts were wrong. The meek do not inherit this earth. This place is already spoken for. Tonight…the temple of SCAR is erected in the bowels of SHOOT Project. We build it with pillars of flesh. We paint it with the blood of legends and heroes. This is our time. We rise up from the darkness…and we fucking CONSUME. Let them stand against the scourge, and let them be swept aside like the cattle that they are.”

Entragian reaches down, and he snuffs out one of the candle’s flames with two pale fingertips. He takes the pinch of ash, and he marks his own forehead with an upside down cross. Warpaint for Reckoning Day.

Entragian: “SCAR is the way, sweet brothers. The war is truly upon us now. We are legion. We are many. Reckoning Day 2012….we make our fucking STAND.”

Kenji sits just behind Isaac, perfectly upright staring forward as the orange glow of the candles dance across his empty opaque eyes. Each hand on a knee, his head never moves no matter who speaks. He is still, a deranged calmness about him.

Kenji: We are nearly there. We are nearly there. Few have the capacity to stand against us. Few have the capacity to truly change SHOOT Project from the metamorphosis that we have forced upon it. Few have the capacity to make SHOOT Project what it was before we arrived.

Kenji’s eyes wander down towards his side, his hand reaching into his pocket and revealing the torn silver HOPE letter.

Kenji: But they still exist. They may be few now, they may not be able to equal our numbers. But they still exist. This is truly war. A war that favors us. We have turned this place into a hell hold. We have turned this place into one where men embrace their wickedness and ugliness. But few still exist that could change it.

Kenji stands with the torn HOPE letter and stands next to Isaac and the candle.

Kenji: Tonight, we show them what it means to stand against us. Tonight, we show them why SHOOT Project is on the brink of its true beautification. The Butcher slaughtered. The Saint’s wings clipped. The Diamond shattered. The Shield broken.

Kenji lights the tip of the torn letters and throws it on the ground, the paper slowly becoming engulfed in flames.

Kenji: Tonight… HOPE dies.

Obsidian bows his head before he turns to face Corazon.

Obsidian:  We have been through…so much, my beautiful Adrian.  It is…only fitting that we make this journey together.

Adrian Corazon smiles, though the black eye he carries is somewhat healed, its presence is absolutely evident. 

Corazon:  Tonight, my friends…  my brothers…  is their reckoning.  Everyone loves saying that, don’t they?  It’s a beautiful word that they all use to try and make their point…  come up with their clichés, whatever they can…  whatever they might believe can help them.

He looks to Obsidian, then to Kenji, and then to Isaac Entragian. 

Corazon:  It’s all pointless.  All rhetoric.  A waste of time. 

He smiles.

Corazon:  The SHOOT Project is on the very brink of a new, beautiful era, and the four of us?  We are going to help usher it in.  We are going to CONTINUE to be the very catalyst that the SHOOT Project NEEDS to evolve. 

He then turns and looks dead eyed into the camera, and with a whisper..

Corazon:  Welcome…  welcome to Reckoning Day.


Eryk Masters:  And now the scariest opener in the history of openers, OG.  If you wanted to ask about survival we can point to this match. 

Other Guy:  No kidding, E.  Jaime’s going from a rough match with Issac Entragian to an even more unpredictable match with Obsidian.  If you want to know who’s walking the Green Mile today, you should look at Jaime. 

Eryk Masters:  The part people don’t realize is that Jaime took this match willingly.  He’s not backing out, even against the front office’s advice. 

Other Guy:  He is bound and determined to make sure SCAR, the Hierarchy or the Syndicate do not get that first win. 

The lights go down in the Epicenter… 

Jaime Alejandro comes out as Five Finger Death Punch sings their version of “Bad Company.”  He stands out in front of the entranceway and nods to the people slowly.  He’s out for war in a red tank top, red camouflage pants, combat boots and a red bandanna over his head.  He adjusts the sleeve over his right arm and starts to walk to the ring slowly.  

Eryk Masters:  Jaime required multiple stitches thanks to the actions of Issac, as he took those shark like teeth across that muscular back… 

Other Guy:  And Jaime is as solid as it gets, folks.    

Eryk Masters:  And he’s dealing with a man who might do much the same… 

Jaime slaps a few hands on the way as he slides under the ring and looks at the entrance way.  He’s almost focused, making sure nobody surprises him. 

Other Guy:  He’s almost glaring at it, E.  Like a rabid dog… 

The entire arena goes pitch black.  You see the video wall start up slowly.  And then, we see OBSIDIAN



“21st Century Schizoid Man” by the Human Experimente kicks in as we see a large figure in a dusty brown trenchcoat walking slowly down to the ring.  As he does, you see the lights coming up in cascades with the violins of the song.  The black hoodie is pulled over his head, showing semblances of dark brown/black hair and his long beard. 

As he slides into the ring, he looks over at his opponent and points at him.  Jaime tries to rush, but Linam keeps him back. 

Other Guy:  Jaime’s chomping at the bit. 

Eryk Masters:  Keep it together, Jaime! 

Other Guy:  Oh yes, Jaime!  Please!  God, any more excited to call a Jaime Alejandro match and I’m gonna have you drug tested, Eryk. 

Eryk Masters:  What?  I can’t be proud of a guy who’s willing to stand up to those bullies? 

Other Guy:  Not when it’s Jaime Alejandro, no. 

From here, he removes his coat/hoodie in one swoop.  We see a well conditioned man with pitch black pants and boots.  We also see the black pads and black fingerless gloves.  As we look at his two strapped top, we see the red scar across the stomach of the top.  The black “O” on his legs. 

As we look in the ring, Samantha Coil takes the mic and looks around. 

Samantha Coil:  Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the one and only SHOOT Project Epicenter.  Tonight, we open up the ultimate PPV for SHOOT, this is RECKONING DAY! 

The crowd goes nuts, as they see the two large men in the ring, Samantha keeps going. 

Samantha Coil:  This opening match is featuring two living legends of SHOOT.  First competitor comes in from Mexico City, Mexico.  He represents the Honor Guard.  He is JAIME ALEJANDRO! 

Jaime raises his arms up and keeps his eyes on Obisidian.  The crowd starts cheering as they see Jaime stare down his much larger opponent.  Obsidian, meanwhile, yawns. 

Samantha Coil:  His opponent, representing Project: SCAR.  He comes to us from Atlanta, Georgia.  He is OBSIDIAN! 

The crowd starts booing and hissing at the large man.  Jaime keeps his eyes on Obsidian while Obsidian merely looks around the arena before he pops his neck, clearly unenthused. 

Austin Linam:  Gentlemen, I would say I want a good clean fight, but I know both of you well enough.  So, the rules.  Obey MY commands at all times.  Don’t even take it out to the people.  If you lay a hand on me, either of you.  I will disqualify you.  Understood? 

Jaime nods at him.  Obsidian does nothing. 

Austin Linam:  Do you understand, Obsidian? 

Obsidian leans in to the microphone. 

Obsidian: Ring the bell, Mr. Linam, or Jaime Alejandro won’t be my only casualty here tonight. 

Linam backs up, away from the two of them. 

Eryk Masters:  Linam making it clear that he’s not going to play ringleader for a very unstable circus between Jaime and Obsidian. 

Other Guy:  Somehow, Obsidian didn’t look very concerned about the official ruling at all. 

Austin Linam tries his best to keep Jaime back from running into Obsidian.  The big man looks and starts laughing at the Saint.  As he does, Jaime looks at the ref trying to figure out how to throw him to the side.  Linam decides to move out of the way and calls for the bell. 

Eryk Masters:  And Linam is in the wrong place in this match. 

Other Guy:  This might be the one time we endorse officiating the match from the outside. 

Eryk Masters:  Jaime Alejandro at six foot four and two hundred and sixty-five.  Obsidian at six foot eleven and three hundred and forty pounds.

Jaime shoots out of the corner and starts out with… 

Right jab. 

Right jab. 

Right jab. 

Left straight to the jaw!  Obsidian backs up for a moment and comes back with a hard forearm smash to Jaime’s jaw.  As he does, Jaime also backs up and tries to shake it all.   

Other Guy:  Anyone who expected these two to go into a technical match, you need to move on now.  These two are bound and determined to make one another bleed. 

Eryk Masters: Obsidian is actually more of a brawler.  Jaime is more of the shooter.  Both men have their own ways of making you hurt for the next month or more. 

Other Guy:  And look at this! 

Obsidian measures up Jaime… 

Left jab. 

Left jab. 

Left jab. 

Discus right hand to the jaw.  Jaime goes back to the ropes hard and starts leaning back.  As he does, Obsidian nails him with a hard side kick to face.  Jaime flops over the ropes and hits the floor, back first.  He’s reeling a bit from the shot, and from the jarring on his damaged back. 

Eryk Masters:  NO!  Jaime hitting back first against that hard floor, OG. 

Other Guy:  The big man taking a page out of what Issac started last week.  Jaime’s back is pretty much on borrowed time after that wreck with the 18 wheeler, and we’ve not even covered what happened in Texas, yet. 

Eryk Masters:  The freight train known as Issac Entragian decided to test out human pain thresholds on Jaime and damage his back even further. 

Obsidian moves to the outside as he sees Jaime struggling to get to his feet.  As he notes the damage to Jaime’s back, he pulls up his quarry and looks at him with a sick smile.  He hoists his smaller opponent up into a bear hug and drives him back first into the near ring post.  Jaime screams out in pain as the post connects with the vertebrae.  Obsidian  pulls him back and prepares for another assault, but Jaime pulls back and boxes the ears in. 

Eryk Masters:  Look at that, OG!  Jaime knew what the big man was about to do.  He knows he doesn’t need anymore damage to that already fragile spinal column. 

Obsidian holds his ears as Jaime tries to get his back in order.  As he does, he plants a vicious Thai kick to Obsidian’s shins.  The big man cringes a bit yet he laughs at the kick.  As he does, Jaime delivers another kick to the shin.  He starts doing this in rapid fire succession.  Linam starts yelling at both men to get it inside the ring. 

Other Guy:  There’s those lethal kicks we talk about all the time.  That damn strong style background, which allows Jaime to kick someone’s head off! 

Eryk Masters:  There’s nothing more dangerous than Jaime Alejandro determined to chop you down like a piece of old wood.  And Obsidian’s larger frame can’t really handle many more kicks like that! 

Jaime pushes Obsidian back into the ring.  He slowly follows behind and crawls over to SCAR’s newest brother, and puts him into a chinlock and pulls back hard.  As he does this, Obsidian starts laughing. 

Obsidian:  Is this all you have?!!  PATHETIC. 

He pulls himself up   As he does, he grabs Jaime’s waist and hauls him up and over with a Backdrop driver.  Jaime’s upper back is screaming out loud at him, as he wretches in immense pain.   

Other Guy:  Jaime was possibly trying to wrench back Obsidian’s head, maybe for a Crossface.  But he wasn’t having it. 

Eryk Masters:  The veteran has done his homework on Jaime, it seems.  

Obsidian pulls up Jaime and puts him in a reverse chinlock.  From here, he lifts him up in the air for a possible reverse suplex.  He keeps his opponent in the air and locks him there for a wait.  He drops Jaime forward and downward right onto his back.  Jaime screams out even more, as his back is now in even more pain.  Also, the impact has reopened the bite from Issac. 

Eryk Masters:  Oh man… Look at that gusher.  Issac’s mark is opening up in front of the world to see, OG! 

Other Guy:  You figure Obsidian would take a look at Issac’s handiwork and work on it a bit more. 

Eryk Masters:  You and I both know that he wants to make his own markings on Jaime. 

Obsidian then puts his hands on top of Jaime and presses down hard. 




Eryk Masters:  Did you just see that?!!  Did you just see Jaime throw that shoulder out, OG!!!  Where did that come from?!! 

Other Guy:  Um…I guess it came from Jaime? 

Eryk Masters:  He tells his opponents all the time, “Tap out, knock out, or get out!” That’s not because he’s a blowhard.  That’s because that man has one of the more violent tempers in SHOOT.  And he’s got Obsidian in his sights. 

Jaime throws the shoulder out and glares at his opponent.  He has the expression of pure anger in his eyes.  Obsidian smirks at him and tries to come down with a single handed choke.  But Jaime catches the hand and holds it away from his throat.  He pulls himself up and keeps the wrist locked.  Obsidian moves with him, looking for a chance to escape the move. 

Eryk Masters:  Jaime almost got goozled on that one, OG.  But you see that look he’s got on his face.  This is either going to make a highlight reel for, or it’s going to make a highlight for those trauma shows on Discovery Fit and Health? 

Other Guy:  Why are we steering towards Discovery Fit and Health? 

Jaime is standing up now, as he does, Obsidian laughs at him.  That is, until Jaime takes his wrist and flips him over in an Aikido toss to the side.  Obsidian lands on the ground hard and holds up his back, while laughing.  Jaime then lights him up with a hard soccer kick to the small of the back.  Obsidian holds his back and has a big grin on his face.  He shakes his head to the crowd, who looks in stunned silence.  As he does, we see Jaime run up behind him, grab the back of his head and come crashing down with a Mr. Perfect neck whip! 

Other Guy:  He ain’t Perfect, but I’m sure the late Curt Hennig wouldn’t mind Jaime borrowing that move for a bit, E. 

Eryk Masters:  No kidding, OG.  Jaime’s pulling out all of the stops in this match.  He realizes what he’s in the ring against. 

Other Guy:  Him and about half of the guys in the back.  Obsidian is truly not human! 

Obsidian looks right up at Jaime and smiles at him.  Jaime is as closed to shocked as he’s ever been in his career.  Obsidian stands himself up and pops his neck a bit.  Then, he drops a bombshell for everyone… 

Obsidian:  Wanna…try…again? 

Jaime looks at  him and starts wailing away with hard rights to Obsidian’s  jaw.  As he does this, Obsidian catches his fist and throws him across the ring. 

Eryk Masters:  You know that point in the match when you realize that short of guns and most sharp objects in this match that you can’t kill someone? 

Other Guy:  I’m beginning to think we’re gonna need to have some rhino tranquilizers at ringside for matches like this, E! 

Jaime picks himself up and spins around with a hard roundhouse kick to Obsidian’s jaw.  The big man backs up and meets his opponent with one hell of a side kick.   Jaime crumples from the hard shot to the teeth.  From here, we see Obsidian pick up his opponent and shoot him for an Irish Whip.  Alejandro hits the ropes and comes back to a hard shoulder block from Obsidian. 

Eryk Masters:  The ultimate game of give and take right here in the Epicenter.  Jaime Alejandro gave a huge roundhouse kick to the jaw of his opponent. 

Other Guy:  He ended up eating a huge side kick and tackle from Obsidian.  I don’t know if he can take many more of those hits from the big man. 

Eryk Masters:  Obsidian looking like he’s having the time of his life out there, taking shots from Jaime.  It seems the more he gets hit, the more he loves it… 

Obsidian scoops up Jaime and puts him onto his back.  From here, he tries to steady him into a fireman’s carry.  But Alejandro isn’t finished off yet!  He starts moving his knees into vicious shots to the side of his opponent’s head!  Obsidian is staggering to the ground, until he finally has to give up the grip. 

Eryk Masters:  Look at the grin.  He took hard shots to the side of his head, but he’s loving this?!! 

Other Guy:  It’s been said, the man is a bit of a masochist.  He’s probably getting his wettest of dreams in there against a guy who loves throwing moves that hurt people! 

Eryk Masters:  Jaime’s behind Obsdian! 

As Eryk called it, Jaime is behind the bigger opponent.  He’s got his arms wrapped around Obsidian’s waist.  The audience looks stunned as Jaime deadlifts up his opponent and drops him backwards! 


Other Guy:  Alejandro just dead lifted a man nearly seven feet tall and eighty pounds heavier than he is. 

Eryk Masters:  OG, he’s got him locked in still! 

Obsidian is holding the back of his head, while grinning ear from ear.  Jaime keeps him locked in and moves over to a full nelson and drops him back again! 


Eryk Masters:  I’m not believing this, OG.  Jaime dropped him for a second suplex in a row. 

Other Guy:  He’s setting him up for something, E!  He’s got him locked in again! 

Jaime’s breathing in heavily, as he pulls his opponent’s arm back for a chicken wing hold, while keeping on that half nelson.  Obsidian keeps laughing, although his breathing is a bit more labored.  Jaime pulls back one more time! 


Other Guy:  Come on, Jaime.  You’re gonna kill him, and yourself man! 

Eryk Masters:  He’s not going to try that, is he, OG? 

Other Guy:  That’s suplex three of five.  If that’s what I think he’s doing… 

Obsidian’s eyes are rolling into the back of his head, but we see that sick little smile.  Jaime’s not paying attention, as he pulls the arms back for a double chicken wing.  From here, Linam’s begging Jaime to stop.  Alejandro pulls back… 


Other Guy:  Jaime Alejandro is officially trying to commit murder on a PPV now.  Obsidian is loving every minute of this, but Jaime’s dropped him on the back of his head four straight times, E! 

Eryk Masters:  Any time Jaime does this move, you know he’s stopped wrestling, and he’s out to destroy someone.  I think he’s stopped caring about winning of losing.  He’s out to hurt Obsidian. 

Other Guy:  Or make him feel enough pain to tell the boys in SCAR what Jaime is all about! 

Alejandro has that look on his face of not caring anymore.  He takes both of Obsidian’s arms and wraps them up in straight jacket fashion. 

Obsidian:  You know, we should make more play dates, Jaime. 

Jaime growls and pulls back his opponent and drops him hard on his head! 


Eryk Masters:  The HYDRA-PLEX!  The five suplex combo of death applied to Obsidian. 

Other Guy:  I’m sure Obsidian would be enjoying every bit of this, if he knew where he was, that is… 

Eryk Masters:  Jaime Alejandro is probably one of the more collected wrestlers on the roster.  On that note, he’s also one of the worst wrestlers to anger.  Obsidian demonstrates why… 

Obsidian keeps smiling, while trying to hold his head between his hands.  As he does, Jaime pushes him off and goes for a cover. 





Obsidian pulls the shoulder out and looks around the ring.  Jaime looks at Linam and starts yelling at him.  Linam points to the mat and argues his count speed.  Obsidian, meanwhile, is on the mat, howling with laughter.  In agony, mind you, but laughter just the same. 

Eryk Masters:  Jaime thinking he finished off the big man. 

Other Guy:  The Hydra-Plex is usually one hell of a kill shot, but Obsidian kicking out at the two and a half mark. 

Eryk Masters:  Just look at his face, OG.  He looks ready to tear someone apart! 

As Jaime keeps yelling at Linam, Obsidian comes from behind and grabs the wrists.  As he does, he puts Jaime in his own straight jacket.  The Saint struggles with his grip, until Obsidian lifts up Jaime into the air.  We see the right arm is the one in front.  As the camera focuses in, Obsidian drops Jaime down on the front of his body.  We hear the sickening impact on his elbow, as the big man pushes down with all of his weight. 

Other Guy:  That’s a surgically reconstructed elbow he’s trying to destroy.  Jaime’s had Tommy John’s surgery on that elbow, E! 

Eryk Masters:  Jaime Alejandro sustaining a huge elbow injury that put him out for six months in the NAFW, due to a botch from Buddy Harbor.  It’s still not one-hundred percent, and I’m sure Obsidian dropped it to even less than 50 percent… 

Jaime is rolled over on his back, and holding his right arm, crying in pain.  We see the apparent damage on the arm, as he isn’t able to move it easily.  Obsidian looks down at his fallen opponent and tries to pull him up.  Alejandro resists the big man’s attempts.  He kicks as hard as he can onto the prone right kneecap.  Obsidian howls in pain from the shot. 

Eryk Masters:  Jaime just tried to kneecap Obsidian.  That shot looked like it hurt the big man. 

Other Guy:  Obsidian is on the ground holding that knee, although that grin hasn’t left his face at all. 

Eryk Masters:  He looks like that knee took a mule kick to it…  

Other Guy:  Both men have delivered shots to the joints, but now, it’s time to see who’s going to exploit the other man’s pain. 

The war torn veteran pulls himself to the ropes with all he’s got left.  You see him shaking as he keeps the right arm close to his body.   He’s sucking up all the air he’s got left in his body.  As he keeps pulling himself up, Obsidian keeps holding his knee.  Then, Jaime looks right at the downed giant. 

Eryk Masters:  Both men are just going on pure adrenaline at this moment.  Jaime is down to one arm.  Obsidian is now down to one leg.   This is where you see who wants it more… 

Other Guy:  Obsidian was pledging to scar Jaime tonight.  While he’s probably done that, he’s not broken the old veteran. 

Eryk Masters:  Just look at Jaime’s face.  He doesn’t know what to do now… 

Other Guy:  That’s why this match is going to become even more dangerous for Obsidian now… 

Jaime reaches down for Obsidian’s left knee with his good arm.    He slowly puts it behind the right knee and stomps his right foot down on his figure-four knot.  Obsidian tries to wiggle away from it, but the veteran keeps the pressure on it… 

Other Guy:  No way… He doesn’t have the strength to do it, E! 

He stomps down and pulls the right leg back with all of his might into a HAAS OF PAIN!  Obsidian yells out and claws the mat… 

Eryk Masters:  The patented Haas brothers submission.  Jaime’s not got it completely sinked in as his left hand is the only useful one he’s got, OG! 

Other Guy:  That might cost him leverage, because Obsidian is recovering his own strength, even if Jaime’s abusing his knees! 

Jaime keeps that pressure on the back of right knee and yanks with all of his might with his only remaining functional arm.  Obsidian starts laughing uncontrollably, as he realizes that he’s dealing with a wounded Saint.  He starts using his remaining frame to pull himself upward to alleviate the pressure. 

Other Guy:  This is what I’m talking about, E! 

Eryk Masters:  Jaime with two arms would have Obsidian sinked into the hold and tapping.  But Obsidian did his homework.  A Saint with one gun is not getting the job done.  And who knows what Laura Seton’s doing and thinking about watching this right now? 

Other Guy:  If she’s not already turned off the TV, she’s probably in a state of hysteria and begging Linam to stop this brutality. 

Obsidian lifts all the way up and flips Jaime over with the legs.  From here, Jaime takes a tumble and hits the arm hard.  He flops around from the impact of the mat against a damaged limb.  As Jaime is struggling, the big man gets back to his feet, although with a noticeable limb.  He’s grinning from ear to ear as picks up for a side slam… 

Other Guy:  Oh no… This match is about to be over very soon.  Obsidian is lining him up for that kill shot of his own. 

Eryk Masters:  He keeps balanced and gets Jaime up on his shoulders, there’s no way that he’s going to survive that impact. 

The big man lifts up Alejandro with the greatest of ease and props him up on his shoulders, trying to keep his bad leg from weighing him down.  As he positions the legs around the head, he pushes upward and forces Jaime outward, forcing the Saint to get driven into the mat face first with impact! 


Other Guy:  Jaime’s done, E!  There’s no way he’s got enough fight left in him. 

Eryk Masters:  He’s fought two behemoths from Project:  SCAR, but now, he’s not got anymore steam left… 

Obsidian rolls over his quarry and…stops? 

Other Guy:  What’s he going to do? 

Obsidian stands over Alejandro now, who is unmoving.  He looks at Austin Linam and saunters past him.  He motions for a microphone from Samantha Coil.  He leaves the ring, taking the microphone and her chair. 

Eryk Masters:  Oh…no…! 

He slides the chair into the ring and rolls in behind it.  Once he is back to his feet, he speaks. 

Obsidian:  Ladies…and gentlemen…I…am Obsidian.  I…am…Project…SCAR. 

He rolls Alejandro over and places the tip of the chair on Alejandro’s throat. 

Obsidian:  This…is what we do. 

He drops the microphone and brings the chair up in the air…and Austin Linam catches it!  Linam wrestles the chair away from Obsidian and Obsidian IMMEDIATELY flattens Linam with a HUGE Big Boot! 

Eryk Masters:  OH!

Kendrick rings the bell loudly, as he sees the boot.  Obsidian turns to Kendrick, who’s still ringing the bell. 

Other Guy:  That’s a Disqualification! 

Eryk Masters:  Somehow, I don’t think that Obsidian really cared to win this match.  He just went in to hurt Jaime. 

Other Guy:  One out of two, not acceptable on his part, though. 

Samantha Coil stays on the outside, as Linam is still down a bit from that hard shot, but he’s still conscious. 

Samantha Coil:  Your winner by disqualification, JAIME ALEJANDRO! 

Obsidian glares at Linam and Alejandro.  Alejandro is coming to now…and Obsidian takes a look at the chair that is lying near Jaime.  He kneels down and cradles Jaime’s head, grabbing a hold of the microphone and bringing it to his lips. 

Obsidian:  I think…tonight…I’ll let you off with a warning. 

Obsidian drops Jaime’s head. 

Obsidian:  Don’t…EVER…cross me again. 

With that, Obsidian drops the microphone as Jaime begins picking himself back up. 

Other Guy:  Jaime’s back up!  He’s ready for more! 

Alejandro begins to scream at Obsidian as his theme music kicks back in again.  Obsidian doesn’t notice, he doesn’t acknowledge, he doesn’t…care.  Jaime rolls from the ring and marches after Obsidian, but security begins to rush out as Obsidian slowly turns his head to face Jaime yet again.  

Eryk Masters:  There’s no more quit in Jaime Alejandro than there’s ever been! 

Other Guy:  Be that as it may, Jason’s no idiot, E.  He’s got security out here to keep them from flat out KILLING one another! 

The security keeps Jaime away as Obsidian can only grin at the angry veteran.  He leaves the arena and Jaime.  Jaime stands there after Obsidian is gone and slowly looks around at the arena before he raises his fist in the air, trying to take solace in what was the smallest of victories in what might be an unending war…


The camera cuts to the backstage area, inside Dan Stein’s locker room and on the lovely Molly, Stein’s assistant. Molly stands in front of the mirror with her eyes close, the two buds in her ears are attached to an iPhone she dances with. The music is quite loud, echoing in the cement room. Blink-182’s cover of “Dancing with Myself” pounds through her ears, and she dances haphazardly, spinning around slowly 


As she turns around, Stein stands in front of her, his hands on his hips, looking at her with a disappointed glare. 


Dan Stein: You done? I have a title to contend for.

Molly nods slowly, taking the ear buds out and turning the music off. She sets her iPhone down on the table, brushing her black dress off.

Molly the Assistant: Yes, sorry.

Dan Stein: I haven’t seen dancing that bad since Chaz Bono. Lets go.

Stein holds his arm out for her to take, bent at the elbow so she can slide her arm through it. The two turn around and walk out of the room.


Backstage Johnny Napalm is making the way to the gorilla position for his match when he sees Patrick Kidd with a very serious look on his face walking in the opposite direction towards his locker room.  Johnny Napalm sees that maybe Kidd does not want to be disturbed but he never got a chance to thank him for bailing his ass out from a possible bad injury at the hands of Azrael Goeren but in many ways Kidd is somewhat vital to Napalm for one reason if he didnt put the bounty on Goeren in the first place, Napalm may not be one of the hot risers in the sport.

Johnny Napalm: Hey Kidd, got a minute I got to get to the ring, but I figure now would be a better time now than closer to your match with Goeren

Patrick Kidd: I have a few things I need to take care of before my match tomorrow night, but I have a minute.

Sakura Lee stands behind Johnny who stops in front of Kidd.

Napalm: Look, I dont know if this sounds like me being a little creampuff for saying this but honestly I need to thank you before I went to this new persona of mine I had my own doubts if I could really make this work and I was racking my brain about how I could make that happen. Then your bounty on Goeren came up and I thought that it would be a good chance to play things out. If I didnt have that chance to cash in on the bounty I dont think I could of done what I have been these past few weeks, The war with Sydal I had my victory against Danny Corsair which lead to this match I got tonight. Also I want to thank you for bailing my ass out when Goeren decided to try and take me out of the way. I hope there is a shread of him left cause I got business with that german fuckwit when you get done with him.

Kidd: Sometimes we need to work together, just be careful who you work with. If things go as planned there may not be much left of Azrael Goeren, but feel free to stomp on the ashes.

Napalm: Also, one more thing from me to you Kidd. You ever need backup or a tag partner when you need it just ask I think that is more than enough to know you at least have an ally here in SHOOT if you ever need it.

Kidd: I appreciate it, but bewarned that connecting yourself to me may not be the best wya to have a long career in this business it jsut adds another target on your back for people who want to get to me.

Backstage Guy: Napalm, your muisc is about to play.

Kidd: Good luck out there.

Napalm: Crap, time to jump into the frenzy. Anyways good luck against Goeren and give him a few shots for me as well.

Napalm walks out with Sakura Lee in tow as there headed towords the ring the camera turns back to Kidd who for a moment.

Kidd:  It’s almost like looking into the mirror fifteen years ago, he has the energy hopefully he has the spirit so this business won’t break him.

Kidd turns back around and continues on his way to his locker room.


We go ring side, where Samantha Coil is standing inside the ring.

Samantha Coil: Our next contest is a triple threat scheduled for ONE FALL, and it will determine the Number One Contender for the SHOOT Project Sin City Championship… Making his way to the ring first-

She stops short as Dan Stein’s assistant Molly bursts from the back and is met with a chorus of boos and hustles to the ring. She snatches the mic from Coil’s hands which draws MORE boos from Epicenter. She sneers towards the public display of dislike.

Molly the Assistant: Ladies and Gentlemen, making his way to the ring at this time. Weighing in at a cut, jacked, ripped, and envy inspiring 205 pounds, standing at a drool causing six feet one inch tall. The most Intersting Man in SHOOT. Here he is, your future Sin City Champion, hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada! DaaaaaaaaaanÉ ŌThe LightsÕ!… Steeiiiiiiiiiin!

At that exact moment, the lights cut. The fans are still loudly displaying their disapproval as the sound of Right Here, Right Now by Jesus Jones begins to play. As the music begins to play, light blue and gold spotlights dance across the stage with a fog machine starts up, covering the entire top of it. Dan Stein steps out to more boos as he saunters to the ring. Molly smirks at Samantha and hands her the mic mouthing "That’s how you DO IT!" Coil rolls her eyes as Stein hits the ring and poses, before his music fades out… The tron goes silent, and black before snapping to life with static. After a few moments:


Samantha Coil: And his opponent. Weighing in at 225 pounds, and hailing from Los Angeles, California… being accompanied by Leona… she is the Human Weapon… Piper.. FUUURY!!!

The thunderous drums and powerful intro riff of Primal Fear’s ŅSix Times Dead (16.6)Ó reverberate throughout the arena. Piper Fury emerges from the curtain, holding Precious high in the air as the infectious rhythm booms from the PA system. Leona emerges from the back and stands beside her. The duo make their way to the ring, choosing to completely ignore the fans. Piper’s opted for a more practical look, her long blond hair loose and framing her broad shoulders, flowing down to her red sleeveless leather vest. A pair of black leather pants with a red dragon emblazoned on the left leg and matching black boots complete the ensemble. At the ringside area, Piper hands Precious to Leona and gets a few words of encouragement from her partner before climbing through the ropes and loosening up her neck and shoulders in anticipation of battle.

The lights go out in the arena like the switch was pulled and the crowd goes nuts we know who is coming out before that however the SHOOTron sparks to life showing the mask that this man wore before it’s in the distance at first but as it comes forward slowly we hear a familiar voice as the lights cover the arena in a red hue.


It’s never easy to do

Sometimes it’s even painful

Small cuts are seen that shows the man at Master of the Mat

At times these changes are needed

Flash on the screen of what little of the match between him and Crippler that SHOOT has on record

But when they do happen

The lights shift from the red to purple as the crowd gives a huge ovation

Sometimes it’s not so bad

We see clips flash on the screen of his attempt to cash in Kidd’s bounty on Goeren

Other times it’s a personal trial to see if you can deal with the change

Clips of his war with Cade Sydal

Even when people try to stop you

Clips of Goeren’s attack on him

Other times you need to prove a point

Scenes of his match with Danny Corsair just two weeks ago

Just when you have given up something happens

Scenes of this guy meeting a girl

To change your whole perspective

The mask starts morphing to the Joker mask and when it finishes the mask charges at the screen and goes to static as the word HOPE flashes just for a second

And when it happens..

picture of Napalm and Sakura from his first promo with her

HOPE springs eternal

And sometimes it takes a Joker to produce this change.

"Psychosocial" By Slipknot rips through the arena.

Samantha Coil: And their opponent, being accompanied to the ring by his manager Sakura Lee. Weighing in at 290 pounds, and coming from coming from Boston, Massachusetts. The Self-Proclaimed SHOOT Project Joker… He is… JOHNNNNNNYYY NAPAAAAALLLLLMMM!!!!!

The crowd goes nuts at Napalm walks in to the top of the ramp with Sakura in tow as he just gets the crowd even more hyped up even Sakura Lee is getting in on this as he walks down to the ring he slaps hands and interacts with the crowd a bit in the past month he has been here in SHOOT he has been one of the bigger surprises of the roster and in his mind that change in his persona has done wonders for his career and by the crowd’s response, It is not likely it’s going to stop soon as they approach the ringside area Piper’s manager Leona tries to start heckling the two which comes close to Leona getting in Sakura Lee’s face which as Sakura starts moving like she is about to kick, Leona takes this chance to back off before things get worse there has been tempers flairing since this match was announced and the promo’s have been showing it and this is only the second match of the night

Eryk Masters: These three looking to punch a ticket to a title shot. Lots of interesting facets to this matchup. The size advantage Napalm has. Will Stein and Fury work to neutralize the big man?

Other Guy: Lets not forget each of these men are out here with a valet, or assistant, or manager. Three competitors in the ring. Three women outside of the ring that have already shown some disdain for one another. Could be a potential powder keg to a Pier Six Catfight!

The three glance at one another, wondering who will strike first. Their gazes bounce between one another as referee Willie Dean calls for the bell. As it rings, Stein Charges, but runs right between Napalm and Fury and baseball slides out of the ring. The two watch Stein slide out and as the crowd boos mercilessly, Piper Fury quickly uses the distraction to strike with a running forearm smash that rocks Napalm back into the ropes. She takes a step back and then charges with all her might, and clotheslines him over the top rope with a running clothesline. She sneers down at her handiwork, while Stein slinks around on the outside and as Napalm gets to all fours, Stein lays a wicked punt to Johnny’s rib cage.

Other Guy: Napalm really getting worked over here at the start.

Eryk Masters: they’re clearly trying to eliminate the Big Man from the match. He has over half a foot and 60 to 70 pounds on each of them.

Dan stomps down hard on Napalm on the outside. He looks up to the ring where Piper sits on the middle rope and holds it open, inviting Stein into the ring. He holds up his index finger in the international, "One moment" sign. . He gestures widely to the crowd, clearly proud of his handiwork, which brings a chorus of boos from the crowd. Waiting for Napalm to get to his knees, he drives a running knee lift into Johnny’s chin, quickly grabs him, and plants him with a DDT. He shoots a look Piper’s way who leans on the top rope, and gives an unimpressed smirk. Stein slides into the ring, and now Piper Fury and Dan Stein stand, circling one another.

Eryk Masters: These two like to strike. I’d expect to see a heavy dose of that.

Other Guy: Interesting that the woman in the match is the larger of these two competitors. Not very common place in the wrestling world.

Piper lashes out with an inside leg kick that buckles Stein’s leg. She quickly follows that up with an European Uppercut. Quickly follows that with a palm thrust to Stein’s chest, which doubles him over and she quickly hooks him wiht a double underhook and launches him back with a butterfly suplex. She floats over for a cover.


Two… NO! Stein shoulders out. She is up quickly and drives a nasty knee into Stein’s ribcage. She rolls Stein onto his side, grabbing him under the chin with her left and grabbing and pulling back his right leg with her right arm. While being stretched in this position, Piper winds up and drives a knee into his ribs. Winds up a third time and again her knee meets Stein’s ribcage with sickening force, the crowd lets out a collective "OOOH".

Other Guy: Luckily we’re not policed by the same governing body our fellow Vegas run Combat Sports company… so Knees to a downed opponent? Thank you ma’am… lets have another.

She winds up for one more knee, but is abruptly stopped as Napalm has reentered the fray. Locker her in a full nelson and pulls her violently off of Stein. He hoists her up in that full nelson and violently slams her down with a full nelson slam. The crowd roars their approval as he drags Stein to his feet and then tosses him into the corner. He charges in and nearly decapitates Stein with a clothesline in the corner. He grabs Stein in a sidewalk slam position, and walks over Piper Fury. He drops Stein down across Piper. He then rolls over and covers both of them.

Eryk Masters: Is this legal?

Other Guy: NOt sure, Master, left my SHOOT Project Rule book in my other pants.

Willie Dean looks confused, but then shrugs and starts the count.



Th-NO! Both of them shift their weight to keep from being pinned.

Napalm stays on the offensive and scoops up Stein on his shoulder, and runs dropping him face first on the top turnbuckle with some "snake eyes"

Other Guy: Not the FACE, Johnny! He’s a model!

Napalm turns and sees Piper getting to her feet, and he doesn’t seem to like that as he bounces off the ropes and levels her with a running big boot. The crowd roars as Napalm continues being a house of fire. He pumps his fists as the adrenaline courses through his body, and in that instant Dan Stein takes off and delivers a nasty, knee buckling chop block, that sends the big man, down. Stein is up quickly and begins to really lay the boots to the knee he just chop blocked. Piper is getting up slowly, shaking the cobwebs out, when she notices what has happened. She pounces on Napalm, stomping away at his forehead.

Eryk Masters: They’re like a couple of hyenas.

The two of them stomp away frantically and maliciously. Stein directs Fury to grab Napalm’s leg, by the ankle. Dan then grabs the other ankle. Then share an evil glance…

Eryk Masters: Make a wish, O.G.

Other Guy: Done… and Done.

And the two pull his legs in opposite directions like ripping apart a wishbone.

Eryk Masters: Did it come true?

Other Guy: Is Molly still clothed?

Eryk Masters: Yup.

Other Guy: Then no. No it didn’t.

The two team up and roll Napalm onto his stomach. Each one grabbing a leg, and lean back each locking their respective leg into a single leg boston crab.

Eryk Masters: Nasty double single leg boston crab. The added weight of having two people do this must be excruciating for Napalm.

Other Guy: Double single leg crab? Maybe just a two person boston crab.

Stein and Fury lean back and Napalm winces, but reaches for the ropes.

Eryk Masters: With his size, he isn’t that far from the ropes, Guy.

He digs his fingers into the mat and is able to pull himself a few inches. Takes a breath. Repeats, getting even closer. He reaches and is just short of the rope.

Eryk Masters: He’s almost there.

He pushes again digs those fingers into the mat and pulls to the ropes. He’s able to wrap his hand around the bottom rope. Willie Dean immediately begins administering the "5 count". Stein and Fury watch as he hits, Three… Four… and right before Five, they drop the legs. The two step away, and give each other a nod of almost friendly recognition, that doesn’t last long as Stein drives the point of his boot into Fury’s gut, doubling her over. Stein gets beside her, and drives her back with a side russian leg sweep. He floats over and makes the cover.



NO! Piper shoulders out. Stein gets up, and drags Fury to her feet. He goes to whip her off the ropes, she reverses and sends Stein off the ropes and delivers a nasty clothesline. She drags Stein back to his feet and drives a knee into his gut, and as soon as he doubles over she grabs him and takes him over with a gutwrench suplex. She floats over for another cover, but before Willie can drop for the count, Molly jumps up on the ring apron and begins yelling at him, adamantly. Dean goes over and implores her to get off the apron, but Leona is not going to be so diplomatic. She runs around, and violently pulls Molly off the apron. Molly instinctively whirls and nails a vicious slap on Leona.

Other Guy: Here… we… go…

Leona snaps and takes Molly down with double let. She starts wailing away, but now Sakura has seen enough and she charges and punts Leona in the ribs. Molly manages to slip out to the side and jumps on Sakura’s back attempting a rear naked choke.

Eryk Masters: Go ahead, OG.

Other Guy: Pier Six… CATFIGHT!

The three women are brawling ringside, as Piper brings Stein to his feet and locks him in a clinch and begins to rock him with muay thai knees. Referee Willie Dean is calling to the back to get some extra hands to break up the ringside chaos. A few extra refs and crew members come flying from the back to break up the mess. Behind the mess, the match continues. Piper lands another knee, and Stein stumbles back against the ropes. She turns him and ducks under and hoists him up into vertebreaker position.

Eryk Masters: Piper Fury looking to hit "Paying the Piper"

She steps back away from the ropes, but charging from behind, Napalm comes in with a nasty clubbing forearm to the back of her head. This drops her to a knee, and she lets go of Stein and she rolls off to the side. Napalm drives a double axehandle between Piper’s shoulder blades. He then drags her up roughly and drops down getting her up on his shoulders. The crowd buzzing with excitement.

Other Guy: A huge electric chair drop coming?

He takes a step back, and we see Stein has gotten to his feet. He notices the position Napalm, and Fury are in and quickly leaps up to the top rope, and then springboards back delivering a picture perfect enzuigiri a split second before Napalm falls back.

Eryk Masters: Lights Out! Lights Out! Into the Electric Chair Drop

The crowd starts up a "holy shit" chant, as Stein and Napalm work their way back up. Stein sees the ref distracted and buries a boot into Napalm’s crotchel region, which brings the chant to boos, and drops Napalm like a sack of potatoes.

Eryk Masters: That no god sunuva…

Stein quickly grabs Willie Dean and pulls him as he dives on Piper Fury, hooking a leg and leaning back with all his might.




Samantha Coil: The winner of this match, and the number one contender for the Sin City Championship. Dan…"THE LIGHTS"… STEIN!!!!

The Epicenter is deafening with boos. He notices Molly being held up by a road agent, and quickly slides out of the ring and frees her from his grasp. She defiantly raises his hands to rub it into the other two ladies who are shooting daggers through her and each other. Inside the ring. Both Fury and Napalm are glaring towards Stein as he backs his way up the ramp with a cocky smirk.

Eryk Masters: Napalm and Fury deserved better tonight, but if you give Dan Stein the opportunity to take a short cut? It will no doubt be taken.

Other Guy: Bottom line, tonight? Dan Stein gets himself a title shot. You may talk about him taking a shortcut, Masters, but bottom line? He GOT THERE!

We see one more close up of a grinning Stein, before he heads backstage and we cut away from the ringside area.


The camera is now inside Jaime Alejandro’s locker, as continues his recovery from his brutal match earlier in the evening.  As he rips off his tank top with his left hand., suddenly there comes a harsh tapping at his locker room door. 

Jaime’s trying to cut into his hand wraps with left hand.  His right hand remaining still.

Jaime:  COME IN!

We see he’s agitated at the fact he can’t use both of his hands, as the doctors have taped his right arm to his body.

The door swings open and there stands Laura: Seton, unusually looking none-to-happy.  With a narrowed brow and hands on hips, she watches him.  As he takes his time in cutting the wrapping, Laura gives a loud "AHEM!" 

Jaime looks up at her and keeps trying to cut the tape. 

Jaime:  I already took a beating from one giant.  I think I’ve had my fill of beatings for one night, Mother.

Laura:: Don’t you take that tone….

She cuts herself off, realizing her actually of a mother.

 Laura:: Why do you do this? 

Jaime:  Why do I do what?

Laura:: Do that to yourself?  I get you wanting to fight for what you want, but this is getting borderline dumb.  People care about you. 

Jaime:  Define people, Laura:.  If you’ve known me as well as you think you do, you know I couldn’t avoid this.  I couldn’t run from this.  I told you that.  So why should I stop fighting now?  Give me one good reason.

He finally sheds the wrap off and throws it over to the floor away from Laura:.  As he does, he tries to put on his shirt, but nothing doing as he can’t even move the other arm properly. 

Laura:: Do you see yourself right now!!??  You can’t even put on your shirt. 

Jaime keeps straining even more.  Not so much out of want anymore, but now more out of defiance of his situation.  As we see him pull the arm away to try to pull the shirt on, we see a tear coming out from the wincing.

Jaime:  But it’s not going to stop me… 

Laura:: Now you’re being stubborn.  Okay, that’s fine.

She lets her anger cool for a second before speaking with a gentler tone.

Laura:: If you want to keep going, great.  But you’re going to need another hand with this. 

Jaime starts to protest what Laura’s proposing, but then he realizes…

Jaime:  I can’t stop you from it…  Not anymore.  I remember what I promised.  Because I wanted to protect you…  But, look at me right now. 

Laura:: I’m not going to throw myself into the middle of all this.  This is a problem YOU want to take care of, but I’m not going to let myself stand and watch anymore.  If I see you need a hand, I WILL head out there and help you.  You’re too important to go down in flames. 

Jaime tries to stand up and look her in the eye, but his energy level is gone.  He keeps trying to get to his feet.  As he does, Laura goes down to one knee to meet him, instead. 

Jaime:  When you can’t run, you crawl, and when you can’t crawl – when you can’t do that… 

Laura:   You find someone to carry you.


Samantha Coil: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the Rule Of Surrender Championship! Introducing first, the challenger… from Nagasaki, Japan… MAAAAYAAAA NAKASHIIIIIIMAAAAA!  

"HORIZON" by D’espairsRay begins playing and the fans instantly get to their feet, cheering. A few seconds go by and the lights fade out. White spotlights are moving about the audience, searching frantically for something. The fans are rabid as each and every spotlight then cuts to the top of the ramp where a man stands in his white, glossy shorts with his name spelled on the legs. Japanese on one side, English on the other. The spotlights that converged on Maya Nakashima blow outward, filling the arena with light, while they dance once again in the crowds. The fans continue to cheer on Maya as he begins to make his way down to the ring. He takes hand by hand into his gloved one, relishing the chance to reach out to his fans, but this time around he seems to be interacting a little less with the fans, the look on his face one more of focus as he prepares for this matchup.  

Eryk Masters: On the last installment of Revolution, Maya stepped up to the plate and accepted Mason Pierce’s open challenge. Now it’s time to see if he’s got what it takes to be the man, or if he’s bitten off more than he can chew. 

Other Guy: It’s not too often that you get more than one bite at the apple. Maya saw his chance to get a rematch against the reigning champ for the gold, and what better place to do it than on the biggest show of the year? He knows what he needs to do. Question is, can he do it? 

Samantha Coil: And his opponent.. being accompanied by Leona… from Manchester, England.. he is the reigning Rule Of Surrender Champion… MAAASONNN… PIERCE!! 

The opening riff of “Cut Out The Disease” turns the cheers in the audience to boos… the drum roll in the background rumbles from the speakers.. and the opening cymbal crash heralds the arrival of the reigning champion. Mason and Leona emerge from the back, Leona’s hands on her hips and Mason holding the belt over his shoulder, looking out at the crowd with a smirk. They makes their way down the aisle, not bothering to acknowledge the hecklers and the boos as they arrive at the ringside area. Mason hands his sunglasses and jacket to Leona, who whispers something into his ear. He nods his head and climbs the ring stairs, making his way through the middle rope and into the ring, where he hands the championship belt to referee Dennis Heflin. 

Eryk Masters: Once again, this crowd is seriously hostile when it comes to the defending champion. And it doesn’t seem to be affecting him one bit. I have to admit, the guy’s got some serious self-control. If it was me out there, all those boos would probably have gotten me at least a little rattled by now.  

Other Guy: And he takes it like a man. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say it actually works in his favor. Have you noticed that the louder the crowd boos, the more vicious the guy seems to get? Nobody’s been able to make Mason Pierce tap out yet. Should be interesting to see if Maya can actually manage to be the first. 

Both competitors stare at each other from opposite sides of the ring as the bell sounds to get this match officially underway! Both champion and challenger are slowly making their way toward each other when Maya suddenly charges and leaps into the air, catching Pierce off-guard with a cross-body that sends the champ down to the mat.. Maya quickly scrambles to his feet and follows through with a sliding dropkick that stuns the champ! Maya gets back to his feet and sends himself into the ropes, rebounding and building up a head of steam, only to be stopped dead in his tracks by a thunderous clothesline!  

Eryk Masters: OUCH.. that HAD to hurt. Not the way you want to be starting off a match where you’ve got a shot at the gold.  

Other Guy: Maya might have the speed and flash, but Mason’s got the power and some nasty submission skills. If there’s going to be a changing of the guard tonight, Maya’s going to have to resort to some new tricks, because the flash-and-dash just isn’t going to work. In a match like this, you can’t just hope to stun your opponent for three seconds. You’ve got to make him submit- something Maya’s not exactly known for. 

Pierce mounts the stunned Maya and starts raining down a flurry of forearms and fists. Referee Heflin jumps in and tries to separate the two, but he’s met with some serious resistance from the champ, practically daring the referee to disqualify him. However, Heflin knows the match can’t end on a DQ, so he steps back, giving Maya just enough of an opening to grab one of Mason’s arms and roll through into an armbar, cranking on the arm and trying to get an early submission… but Mason’s got the strength to counter it, getting to his feet and pushing Maya into the ropes, waiting for the right moment to slam a knee into Maya’s midsection before maneuvering behind and wrapping an arm around Maya’s neck, yanking him down across the knee of the champ!  

Eryk Masters: Daaamn… no matter what Maya’s trying, Mason seems to have an answer for it. I’ve got to give Maya credit- he’s really trying everything, but the champ just seems to have everything telegraphed and he’s not shy about bringing the pain when he gets the chance. 

Other Guy: And that’s why Pierce is going to retain the belt. Maya’s got flash, he’s got the fans on his side, but he doesn’t have the killer instinct it takes to win a belt like the Rule Of Surrender. 

Mason places one hand on Maya’s chest, the other on his face, an almost maniacal look in his eyes as he starts pushing down, yelling for Maya to give up, each time answered with a resounding “NO!!” The pain is obvious on Maya’s face, as is the determination to stay alive in this match.. the crowd is solidly trying to will Maya on, and it gives him just enough to get a knee up into Mason’s jaw! Mason releases the hold and staggers back, stunned by the knee.. and this gives Maya the chance to get to his feet and set himself, going airborne and grabbing Mason’s shoulders, dropping him with a codebreaker! In a single fluid motion, Maya gets back to his feet and rushes the corner, climbing quickly and preparing to launch himself, but he spots Leona heading toward the corner and hesitates.. giving Mason the chance to get his bearings back.. Maya turns and launches himself, but that hesitation turns a missile dropkick into a one-way ticket to the canvas as Mason gets out of the way!  

Eryk Masters: I should have known it was only a matter of time before Leona tried to involve herself into this battle. She’s just as determined to keep Maya from winning this as her man is. 

Other Guy: Houston, we have a malfunction at liftoff. 

Eryk Masters: You just couldn’t resist, could you? 

Other Guy: Nope. 

Maya is slow to get up from the mat, and that gives Mason a chance to move in quickly, mounting him and trying to get him into position for a Manchester Necktie… but Maya is able to wrap his arms around Mason’s legs, elevating him up and over! Maya quickly gets back to his feet and shoots himself off the ropes, landing a textbook legdrop and covering… but there’s no count! Maya shakes his head, realizing his mistake and grabbing Mason’s leg, trying to turn him over- but the champ’s having none of it and he pushes Maya off with his free leg, scrambling back to his feet and shaking his head, a smirk on his face. He taunts Maya, who charges at him, but the champ sidesteps the attempt like a matador in a bullring, lashing out with his arm and grabbing Maya, elevating him and slamming him down hard to the mat! He moves in and quickly ties up the arm, looking to lock in a Kimura.. he’s yelling for Maya to tap out, but Maya’s shaking his head furiously, trying to grab onto the ropes in order to force a break.. he reaches.. HE’S GOT IT!! Heflin orders the break, but Mason’s not releasing! Heflin begins to count,  but just as quickly realizes his error and breaks the count, putting himself in the fray to break the hold. He pulls the champ to his feet, and Mason is not a happy camper as he gets into the face of Heflin, demanding an explanation! The camera can hear him yelling “I’VE GOT UNTIL FIVE!”  

Eryk Masters: Wow.. that’s awfully ballsy of Heflin- just getting in there and physically breaking the hold. I’ve seen referees get throttled for a lot less. 

Other Guy: He’s doing his job. He knows damn well that he can’t disqualify the champ because this is a Rule Of Surrender match, and besides, throwing up the DQ would only mean the champ gets to keep his belt. 

Eryk Masters: And here we go… I knew it was only a matter of time. 

Leona leaps up onto the apron as well, demanding the referee explain his actions- and this distraction gives Mason enough of a window to snake an arm around Maya’s neck, choking him out! Maya’s arms are wildly flailing and as Heflin turns back around, the champ releases the choke, choosing instead to begin laying down a flurry of stomps to the downed Maya. He moves in to clamp on a headlock, cranking on the neck, but Maya is able to get to a knee and as the crowd roars, he gets vertical and tries to power his way out of the headlock, but he’s quickly grounded once again by his larger adversary, who shifts his position slightly and turns it into a crossface! He’s trying for a submission, but Maya is refusing to give up! The champ is applying even more pressure, and the pain is becoming evident on Maya’s face, but he’s got some serious resilience and he gets to a knee, summoning every last ounce of strength to push Mason off and into the ropes! Maya follows through with a dropkick to the legs that grounds the champ, then launches himself off the ropes and flows right into an inverted STF!! The crowd is on their feet now, but Mason is refusing to submit!  

Eryk Masters: Could this be it? Mason’s flat on his stomach, his neck’s being wrenched like there’s no tomorrow… he’s going to give it up!! 

Other Guy: Don’t go blowing your wad yet, E. He hasn’t given anything up yet, and if I know Mason Pierce, he’s not going to. Not yet. This is just a tactic to wear the champ down, and I’ll give Maya props- it’s a brilliant one. This one won’t end the fight, but it’ll definitely take a lot of gas out of Pierce’s tank. 

Pierce struggles to get his arms underneath to give himself a little bit of leverage.. he pushes up and starts twisting his body to try and get Maya off his back.. but as he does, Maya grabs hold of one of the arms and grapevines it between his legs, trying to hyperextend the elbow! The crowd starts chanting “Tap…Tap…Tap…” but Mason is fighting it every step of the way, getting to a knee as his shoulder is being brought closer to the point of separation… he gets to his feet and lifts Maya vertical, his fist clenched and his face contorted as if he’s about to give it up.. but Mason manages to maneuver his leg into position and he drops, his knee driving right into Maya’s midsection! The hold is released and Mason gets to his feet, sliding underneath the ropes to get a breather and to get the feeling back into his wounded shoulder. Leona rushes over to check on him, but she is quickly spotted by Heflin, who is keeping his eye on her. The momentary breather is also just long enough for Maya to get back to his feet and charge the ropes, slingshotting himself out of the ring and right into the champ with an amazing over-the-top shoulder block! Both competitors are down on the floor right now, neither one anxious to move much- especially knowing that the match can’t end on a countout. 

Eryk Masters: So much for the ring being able to contain these two! It was only a matter of time before things spilled out onto the ringside area. I notice the referee has a very close eye on Leona right now- and she knows it. 

Other Guy: Which explains why she hasn’t really gotten physically involved in this thing. She’s Pierce’s support network right now, and the last thing either one of them wants is for her to get tossed. Still, Heflin better have eyes in the back of his head, because if he takes his eyes off her, she’s liable to do something. I know I would. 

Maya is the first to his feet and he shakes off the cobwebs, taking a deep breath before hopping up on the ring apron and sending himself back at the fallen champ, landing a wicked legdrop before getting back to his feet and leaping back onto the apron, looking to hit a quick flying elbow..and he lands it dead on! He springs back to his feet and runs for the ring stairs, ascending them and launching himself off the stairs, nailing a perfect dropkick to the champ’s head! Pierce is down, and Maya’s taking full advantage of the situation, scrambling into the ring and climbing up the turnbuckles with amazing speed.. he launches himself off, looking for a moonsault, but this time Leona’s managed to pull the champ out of the way!! Maya lands hard on the security railing and crumples in a heap on the floor as Leona tries to get the champ back to his bearings. Heflin is quick to get out of the ring and give Leona a stern warning, telling her in no uncertain terms that if she gets involved one more time, she’s gone, much to the delight of the crowd. 

Eryk Masters: Wow.. Heflin’s showing a very low tolerance for any sort of shenanigans here tonight. He’s just laid down the law to Leona, and she is not happy. 

Other Guy: Can’t say I blame her. On the other hand, she hasn’t laid so much as a fingernail on Maya, so technically the ref doesn’t really have a case to toss her from the ringside area. Did she give Mason a little assistance in getting out of the way? Maybe- or maybe Maya’s aim was just a little off. Ever think about that? Hmmm? 

Both competitors are slow to get to their feet, but Mason is just a tad quicker to regain his bearings and he grabs Maya by the hair, dragging him over toward the ring apron and lifting him in a bearhug before ramming his back into the side of the ring! Maya’s face contorts in pain as Mason rams him one more time before throwing him underneath the ropes and back into the ring. Mason takes a couple of breaths and composes himself before getting back into the action, pulling Maya to his feet and lifting him up before delivering a thunderous backbreaker! Mason’s eyes widen as he finds the part he wants to focus on right now, and he quickly turns Maya over and tries to lock in the Manchester Necktie once again… but Maya is able to get one arm up and sweeps Mason’s leg out, sending the champ backwards and preventing him from locking in the vicious hold! Mason is slow to get to his feet, but Maya is just a tad slower and that allows the champ to pull him up, whipping him into the ropes.. Maya ducks underneath the attempted clothesline and builds up a head of steam before unloading with a dropkick that sends Mason down to the mat! 

Eryk Masters: Wow.. Maya Nakashima might have to be re-named the Energizer Bunny after this match. He just keeps going and going and… 

Other Guy: Yeah, yeah. We get it. He’s taking the fight to the champ, just like we expected. When there’s gold on the line, you ramp your game up a few notches. If you don’t, you wind up splattered on the canvas.  

Maya charges the ropes once again, building up some momentum as Mason gets back to his feet… Maya leaps up and grabs Mason’s shoulders… 

Eryk Masters: He’s looking to hit the O.T.S !! If he nails this, we could be looking at a new champion! 

Other Guy: Hey, numbnuts.. have you forgotten a little fact? Namely the one that says the match can only end with a submission? Now unless he’s turned the O.T.S into a submission hold, he can’t win the match with it. 

Mason is able to get his arms underneath Maya’s legs and pivots to powerbomb him into the corner! There’s a collective groan from the crowd as Mason takes advantage of the situation and sets Maya in the Tree Of Woe.. he grabs Maya’s head and hits the Unfortunate Turn Of Events!! Maya hits the canvas as Mason drags him to the middle of the ring and clamps on the Manchester Necktie!! Maya is struggling to regain his composure and stay conscious long enough to somehow get out of the hold.. when all of a sudden Mason unexpectedly releases the sure-fire submission! The crowd boos loudly as Mason wags his finger at Maya and shakes his head. He locks eyes with Leona at ringside, who nods and draws her thumb across her throat. 

Eryk Masters: What the hell? Pierce had the match won! He had the Necktie locked in and then he just lets it go? What is going on? 

Other Guy: Isn’t it obvious? He’s not content with putting Maya’s lights out. He wants to make the man tap. He wants a submission, plain and simple.  

Mason gets to his feet and taunts Maya to get up, a menacing snarl on his face as he sets himself like a panther waiting to pounce on his prey.. and as Maya gets to his feet groggily, Leona slides the RoS Championship belt into the ring and Mason grabs it, but Maya is one step ahead and as Mason swings the belt, Maya unloads a desperation dropkick that sends the belt right into the champ’s face! Mason staggers and Maya slides the belt out of the ring, much to the delight of the crowd… and as Mason slowly tries to regain his bearings, Maya starts launching himself off the ropes, building up a head of steam… 

Eryk Masters: FOR JAPAN!!! FOR JAPAN!!! HE NAILED IT!!! 

Other Guy: And for someone who’s already gotten his eggs scrambled with that botched attempt to use the gold for an advantage, I’d say this could be curtains for the champ. 

Maya gets back to his feet and the crowd is electric as he grabs the champ, setting him almost as if for an atomic drop- but he blocks the leg and rolls forward, swinging his leg over the back of Mason’s neck and trapping the arm!! The crowd is roaring now as Heflin asks Mason if he wants to submit.. but the champ is refusing! Maya is increasing the pressure on the back of the neck, but Mason will not give it up! Heflin asks one more time and Mason refuses… when suddenly Heflin waves his arms and calls for the bell!!! 

Eryk Masters: Wait.. hold on a second.. did Pierce submit? I didn’t see a tap! 

Other Guy: Come on, Eryk. As a former RoS champ yourself, you should know about the little-known rule that says a referee can stop the match if he feels an opponent can’t defend himself and is risking significant injury. Pierce wasn’t about to give up, and there’s no question Maya would have probably broken the man’s neck if it had been on much longer. He made the call he had to make. 

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, referee Dennis Heflin has called a stop to this match, declaring your winner… by referee stoppage.. and the NEWWW Rule Of Surrender Champion… MAYYYAAAA… NAAAKAAA…SHIIIIMA!!!! 

The crowd erupts as Heflin raises his hand in victory and hands him the title belt. Maya stares at it for a moment in disbelief, then suddenly slides out of the ring and leaps over the barricade into the arms of the fans at ringside, holding the belt high!  

Other Guy: Wow… Pierce is not going to be happy about that one. That’s a helluva way to lose the title. The man clearly did not submit. He got screwed, plain and simple. 

Eryk Masters: Maybe so, but those rules are in place for a reason. And whether you like it or not, Maya Nakashima is the new Rule Of Surrender Champion! Enjoy the moment, Maya. You earned it. 


There are many areas to the SHOOT Epicenter, including a very large pool area with multiple Olympic-sized swimming pools. Lounging in a red bikini as sunlight pours in from the glass ceiling, Tanya Black enjoys herself, a conspicuous briefcase handcuffed to her left wrist. Hearing a pair of boots hit the tile work she lifts her sunglasses and looks over, smiling warmly upon recognition of the face.

Tanya: Hello Abby. Have you recovered from Luna’s bullying?

Abigail: Well I wouldn’t say bullying. Besides I am a professional. I can deal with a wrestler getting a little over-emotional. Why aren’t you training?

Tanya: Are you kidding? It’s the day before Reckoning Day begins. I have to let my body heal up so I can be at one hundred percent. Besides being a workaholic is never my style, especially when my opposition is so beneath me.

Abigail decides not to comment on that part, simply sitting down in a nearby chair and waiting for Tanya to sip on her fruit drink.

Abigail: What is in the briefcase? You seem to be very concerned with it’s safety.

Tanya: It’s my prize money from that reunion show a few weeks back. This is special money, like a tax return. But much bigger. One Hundred Thousand Dollars.

Abigail: That is certainly more than I ever got back from my taxes. So what are you going to do with it?

Tanya: I haven’t decided. This kind of cash is not something you should just waste on the first thing that pops into your brain. I could use it to buy myself some stuff or I could donate it to a worthwhile charity like the Red Cross.

Abigail: Or PETA.

Tanya: I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that. The Syndicate could use that money to put a hit out on someone. Maybe I’ll buy a bunch of tickets to a future Revolution and give them out to fans as a nice gesture. I could do anything.

Abigail agrees with that, silently nodding as she makes sure no wandering tourists get in the way of the camera’s view. Sitting up Tanya removes her sunglasses and shows the world a very serious look on her face.

Tanya: Things aren’t like Saturday morning cartoons from the 1980’s. No one in SHOOT Project is good all the time, or evil 24/7. Those who label themselves heroes and others villains are the ones who do the most manipulation of facts. Every human being can choose from one moment to the next to be whatever they wish. People like the Self-Appointed Honor Guard will have to learn the hard way. The Sinister Syndicate doesn’t care about labels. We conduct business that in the long term benefits SHOOT Project’s overall growth. I will be mean or nice on a minute by minute, person by person basis. I will not be told I can’t do anything "pure" because people like Luna and Cronos can’t handle me. I walk my own path and those who try to categorize me will find out the truth: Tanya Black is her own label.

Abigail: So you won’t be burying any Icons then? Just taking the title and going home?

Tanya: Cade Sydal is on burial duty this time. I am simply going to kill Luna and Crazy Boy’s delusions. Maybe I’ll buy them some replica belts as consolation prizes.

With that Tanya grabs her briefcase and walks off leaving Abigail Chase poolside as people play and enjoy the glory of Las Vegas.


Samantha Coil: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

I can almost taste it…

The lights drop and the fans begin to boo loudly.

Eryk Masters: Of course he’s going to come out first…

It makes no sense to me…

What does it all mean?!

A spotlight slowly comes to a stop on the top of the ramp.

Other Guy: I’m pretty sure he doesn’t control when they play his music for his matches, E, sheesh!

I can almost taste it…

I can almost see it!

It makes no sense to me…

What does it all mean?!

I can almost taste it…

Eryk Masters: It wouldn’t surprise me if he did.

I just wanna be famous!

You dream of trading places

I have been changing faces

You can not fill these shoes

There is too much to lose

I wake up behind these trenches

You run around defenseless

There is too much to lose

You can not fill these shoes

Other Guy: You just hate on the guy, man.

I just wanna be famous but…

Be careful what you wish for…

Eryk Masters: Why shouldn’t I?

As “Almost Famous” by Eminem (featuring Lisa Rodriguez) continues Cade Sydal steps through the curtain, with Cassi Ryan hand-in-hand. The couple walk to the top of the ramp and stand there for a moment, a microphone in Cassi’s hand, as from behind them steps out Chance Ryan and Sam Gideon. Cassi raises the microphone to her lips to begin the introductions!

Cassi Ryan: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! It is my distinct pleasure to introduce to you, the greatest man known to the world today! Accompanied by my brother, his prized pupil, Chance Ryan! And his own, personal, bodyguard an security consultant, Sam Gideon!

The quartet begin to make their way down the ramp, with Cade and Cassi leading the way, as fans continue to shower them with boos.

Cassi Ryan: He is sent from the heavens to rid the world of professional wrestling of the Devil amongst us! He is the Angel of the Ring! The Technical Messiah! God’s Favorite Wrestler! CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADE SYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!

They reach the bottom of the ramp, and Cade kisses Cassi on the cheek before imparting a few more last minute instructions to Gideon and Chance. Cade slides into the ring as his music cuts out.

Eryk Masters: At least it was a short introduction this time.

Heavy guitar riffs boom over the Public Address system as “Enemy” by 12 stones plays and the tron turns on showing “Honor Guard” in big letters. Most of the letters crack and crumble away while the “onor” rearanges with the addition of a firey “C” to make Cronos, followed closely by a diamond dropped onto the burning C and shatters into Diamante. 

“See you look at me 

With a look in your eyes 

Like you’ve got an enemy in your sights 

Now, I do not believe 

This war will be over until your forced to see just how wrong you are” 

A burst of red and orange pyro shoots out from the entrance and out walks Cronos dressed not in his normal SWAT fatigues but woodland pattern and combat boots. He stands at the top of the ramp, staring down at the ring where Cade Sydal is leaning forward on the ropes grinning cockily. 

“So you think you know who I am 

You ain’t seen nothin yet 

Back against the wall 

Your guard begins to fall 

But there’s no sympathy 

Your the enemy 

Your my enemy” 

Samantha Coil: Coming to the ring now, hailing from The Bronx… weighing in at 290 pounds and standing 6’3”… he is…. Cronos “The Devil” Diaaaamaaaaante!” 

Eryk Masters: I wouldn’t want to be Cade Sydal right now. The look on Cronos’ face could stop a lesser man’s heart. 

Other Guy: Good thing Cade is immune to that then, isn’t it? 

Cronos begins his walk toward the ring, slapping a few fans hands. He stops short of the steps looking up at Cade. He motions for him to come on out of the ring and fight. 

Eryk Master: Cronos trying to goad Cade to the outside, make the fight his own from the get go. Playin’ the mind games. 

Other Guy: Cade will have none of that. He’s too smart to engage Cronos on his terms. 

Cronos feigns shock at Cade’s refusal and subsequent backing off the ropes. He climbs the steps and attempts to enter the ring when Cade swings at him and Cronos ducks and drops to the outside. Cade is at the ropes looking down at Cronos and the two exchange curses. 

Other Guy: Cronos barely got away from that. Cade doesn’t want to let him in the ring. 

Eryk Masters: No. He doesn’t. But if he doesn’t want to go outside to fight Cronos, he’d better let him in. The match hasn’t started. 

Cronos goes to ascend the steps once more and Cade moves toward the corner but Cronos quickly slides under the bottom rope and circles around Cade. Cronos and Cade stare at each other  before moving to their nuetral corners. 

Austin Linam calls for the bell and Cronos Diamante and Cade Sydal begin to circle, and as Cronos gets near to that side of the ring Chance Ryan grabs the middle rope as if to move to get in the ring, pulling Cronos’ attention from Cade just long enough for the former champion to rush up behind Cronos and roll him up from behind with a quick schoolboy!

Other Guy: this could be over in record time!


Cronos kicks out, pushing Cade’s face in the process, and both men scramble to their feet.

Eryk Masters: You should’ve known better than that, OG!

Cronos reaches for Cade but Cade ducks under his arms and takes off running, sliding under the ropes on the other side of the ring where both Sam Gideon and Chance Ryan are. Cronos stares at Cade and shakes his head, watching him carefully from inside the ropes.

Eryk Masters: Cronos is too smart for that trap.

Other Guy: Maybe Cade’s just reconfiguring his plan?

Eryk Masters: I doubt that.

Cade exchanges a few words with both Chance and Gideon and the two of them go off in opposite directions, all three members of the Sinister Syndicate fan out at ringside causing Cronos to back himself more into the center of the ring and splitting the Devil’s attention three ways. As Cronos turns to keep an eye on Sam Gideon, Cade quickly leaps onto the apron and grabs the top rope, springboarding into the ring and sailing with a springboard dropkick! But Cronos moves to the side and Cade crashes and burns, landing right on his chest!

Other Guy: Cronos barely avoided that dropkick!

Eryk Masters: But he did, and it doesn’t look good for Cade now!

Cronos waggles his finger in Cade’s direction as Cade pushes himself to his feet clutching his ribs and turns around, only to be dropped by a clothesline from Cronos! Cade scrambles back to his feet and turns, only to be met by a Cronos Diamante back elbow that drops him again! Cronos helps Cade up this time and immediately sends Cade off the ropes and follows right behind him so that as soon as he reb0ounds off the ropes, Cronos catches him with an overhead belly to belly suplex!

Eryk Masters: Strong flurry of moves from the Devil, and he could catch a quick one right here!

Cronos hooks a leg deep!



Cade kicks out, pushing his hands against Cronos’ side, slipping out from under him to start rolling away from him.

Other Guy: It’s gonna take more than that to catch Cade napping.

Cronos follows Cade, and as Cade rolls under the bottom rope to try and get out of the ring again Cronos reaches through the ropes and grabs him by the hair and pulls him to a sitting position before reaching an arm over the top rope to secure Cade’s hair and reposition himself to pull Cade to his feet, both men on opposite sides of the ropes as Cronos turns Cade and hooks him for a suplex.

Eryk Masters: So far it’s been all Cronos and it looks like he’s going to bring Cade back into the ring, the hard way!

As Cronos lifts Cade over the top rope, Cade’s left knee shoots in at an angle into the side of Cronos’ head, forcing him to drop Cade back down onto the ring apron.

Other Guy: Not if Cade has anything to say about it, haha!

Cade lands with his feet on the ring apron and quickly kicks his right foot up over the top rope into the other side of Cronos’ head, forcing him to stumble back and give Cade the space needed to springboard to the top and fire off a spinning wheel kick, snapping his foot audibly into Cronos’ face!


Cade springs to his feet and smirks to the crowd for a moment before dropping to cover Cronos, hooking both legs!



Cronos kicks out hard, pushing Cade away from him.

Other Guy: That kick was nasty!

Eryk Masters: You’re right. Even though Cronos kicked out, you can see it in his eyes, he’s still a little hazy on where he is right now.

Cade immediately gets to his feet and turns, stomping down into Cronos’ forehead, driving him back to the canvas! Cade follows with a trio of quick stomps into Cronos’ chest before he takes off to the ropes on his left, he rebounds and leaps over Cronos and continues his sprint, gaining momentum as he rebounds off the other ropes.

Other Guy: Cade’s going for the People’s Shooting Star Press now, and if he hits this it’ll be a quick night for the Syndicate!

Cade leaps into the air after rebounding, looking for a running Shooting Star Press just as Other Guy predicted, but Cronos gets his knees up! And Cade catches under Cronos’ legs and turns his own body, flipping forward to bridge, catching Cronos in an unexpected pinning predicament!

Eryk Masters: Cronos countered, but Cade countered the counter!



Cronos kicks out, pushing Cade off of him again! Both men scramble to their feet and turn to meet each other, with Cronos swinging with a clothesline first but Cade ducks under it and cuts at an angle to run for a corner instead of the ropes, running up the turnbuckle Cade flows right into a moonsault press, vaulting back right into Cronos! As both men hit the canvas, Cronos rolls backwards, securing his arms around Cade’s waists at the same time Cronos pulls Cade up with him as he rolls right through to his feet!


Eryk Masters: Cronos just rolled through the moonsault press from Cade, and now he’s muscled him up on his shoulder!

Other Guy: This doesn’t look good for Cade, E!

As soon as Cronos gets his feet under himself he repositions Cade just slightly and runs forward, right into the corner that Cade moonsaulted from, driving Cade’s back into the top turnbuckle pad before he turns around and takes two running steps and jumping up to plant Cade in the canvas with a HARD running powerslam!


Other Guy: C’mon Cade!

Cronos flows seamlessly to hook Cade’s legs for a cover!




Cade slips his left shoulder off of the canvas!

Eryk Masters: That was a dangerously close count!

Cronos grabs Cade by his left wrist and pulls him to his feet before whipping him right into a corner. Cronos runs in after Cade, but Cade kicks both feet up into Cronos’ chest, pushing him back and rolling over the top rope onto the apron in one fluid motion. Cade quickly springs to the top for the third time, sailing at Cronos, who ducks under Cade this time! Cade tucks himself over Cronos’ back, rolling him right into a sunset flip but pushes to his feet immediately and leaps up through Cronos’ legs, stomping both feet down into Cronos’ chest!


Eryk Masters: And just like that, Cade evens the score!

Other Guy: Hell yeah he does!

Cade sneers down at Cronos, and instead of going for the cover he runs to the ropes, rebounding off of them he jumps over Cronos’ prone body and continues on to rebound off the other ropes, looking for another People’s Shooting Star Press! This time Cronos rolls out of the way at the last second, and Cade crashes to the canvas on his chest yet again!

Eryk Masters: Cronos learned form last time and lured Cade into a false sense of security before getting out of the way!

Other Guy: I think you’re giving the Devil too much due. He just barely got out of the way.

Cronos pushes to his feet as Cade does the same, holding his ribs and backing up right into Cronos’ waiting arms, who hooks him in an immediate full nelson! As Cronos starts to lift Cade, however, Cade straightens his arms and drops to his rear quickly before rolling back and pushing upward to hook his legs under Cronos’ arms before grabbing his legs and rolling him forward in a victory roll out of the full nelson!

Other Guy: That, however, was a false sense of security!



Cronos kicks out, shoving Cade to the side!

Eryk Masters: I don’t know about that, but it was a good, albeit unsuccessful, counter.

Both men scramble to their feet and Cade turns toward Cronos, rushing at him at a dead sprint! Cronos steps to the side and pushes Cade’s back with both hands, shoving Cade into a corner chest first! Cronos doesn’t hesitate for even a second as he turns and hits the ropes, running right at Cade at an angle, driving a nasty Yakuza kick into the back of Cade’s head that makes the former champion drop in a heap in the corner!


Eryk Masters: That was a sick boot to the back of the head!

Other Guy: That shouldn’t even be a legal move! He was in the corner!

Cronos pulls Cade away from the corner and drops into a lateral press!




Cade kicks out, but as he does Cronos hooks his arm under Cade’s and turns Cade to his belly as he starts to lock in a full nelson in the Camel Clutch position!

Eryk Masters: Ne-Han! He’s getting it locked in!

Other Guy: C’mon, Cade! Get out of there!

Cade starts wiggling his arms, making it more difficult for Cronos to lock his fingers together, and Cade uses that to his advantage, turning his body suddenly to his left, he sweeps Cronos off his feet and drops him to the canvas on his face! Cade rolls up Cronos’ back quickly, locking his right arm with his legs, Cade grabs Cronos’ left with both hands and pulls back on his shoulder, ripping at Cronos’ shoulders and neck with a variation of the Rings of Saturn!

Other Guy: That’s what I’m talking about, an excellent submission hold to counter another one!

Eryk Masters: Cade knew the trouble he was in and he wisely got out of it, I’ll give him his dues.

Cronos screams his refusal to submit as the official asks him, causing Cade to pull back harder on Cronos’ left shoulder! Cronos screams out in pain, as he continues to try and kick his legs and wiggle his body closer to the ropes, but Cade relentlessly pulls his shoulders closer to one another, a nasty sneer on his face! Cronos gives one more cry of defiance before his left foot finds its way onto the bottom rope!

Eryk Masters: Cronos barely found a way out of his predicament!

Other Guy: That’s if Cade let’s him out!

As the referee tells Cade about the ropes Cade just shakes his head, refusing to release the hold until the referee reaches the count of four, at which time Cade throws his arms open and pushes off of Cronos’ back to stand. Cade quickly sprints to the ropes and rebounds back, sliding into the side of Cronos’ neck and shoulder with a sliding knee! Cronos rolls onto his back, holding the space between his neck and shoulder, as Cade moves on top of him with both hands finding their way to the Devil’s throat!

Other Guy: Cade won’t be satisfied until Cronos is gone for good, look at the way he’s choking the life out of him!

Eryk Masters: There is certainly no love lost between these two, whatsoever.

As the official reaches four Cade finally releases the choke, glaring at the referee for a moment before grabbing Cronos’ left wrist and forcing it under his body and behind him, Cade reaches over his shoulder as if to go for his Kimura Armbar!

Other Guy: If he can get the Ecstasy Bar locked in he’ll send Cronos packing for sure!

Eryk Masters: That’s a very  big if, OG!

Cronos kicks his legs around wildly, trying to get the scrappy young man out of the mounted position and shake him off of his hold, but to no avail! Instead of finding a way out, though, Cronos does manage to get his right foot on the bottom rope this time! Cade releases the hold as the referee tells him about the ropes, not wanting to risk a disqualification again it seems, but before he backs off Cade quickly kicks Cronos in the top of the wounded shoulder!

Eryk Masters: That was just uncalled for!

Other Guy: He’s trying to break his arm or something, so I mean, I guess it’s called for after all.

Cade grabs Cronos by his hair and his left wrist, pulling him to his feet before twisting under his arm, Cade whips Cronos off the ropes and follows a step behind him! As Cronos rebounds off the ropes he’s met by Cade, who leaps into the air and snaps backward, catching Cronos with a hurricanrana! Cade hooks both legs for a cover in the process!



Cronos rolls his body forward, stacking Cade down on his shoulders as he tries to get his feet under himself!



Cade gets a shoulder up, but as he does so Cronos gets his feet under himself enough and starts to stand,, bringing Cade with him on his shoulders!

Other Guy: Whoa!

Eryk Masters: Cronos just muscled Cade off of the ground!

Cronos gives an audible grunt before he runs toward a corner, throwing Cade at the last moment to powerbomb him into the top turnbuckle pad, falling to his ass at the same time!


Eryk Masters: Cronos Diamante just killed Cade Sydal!

Other Guy: This isn’t fair!

Cronos pushes to his feet, favoring his left shoulder heavily as he pulls Cade to his feet, pulling him right into a double underhook. Cronos lifts Cade up and drops quickly, driving him into the canvas head first with a Butterfly Brainbuster!

Other Guy: No!

Cronos turns Cade over, hooking his inside leg!




Cassi grabs Cade’s foot and gets it on the rope!

Eryk Masters: Oh come on now! That’s a highway robbery!

The fans boo loudly as the official sees Cade’s foot, but not Cassi’s involvement in the matter, and Cronos pleads with him. Cade rolls under the bottom rope, and to the floor, while Cronos tries to make his case with the official who stands by his decision. Cade starts to push to his feet, holding his own neck now with no members of the Syndicate nearby except for Cassi, who just shouts words of encouragement to her man. Cronos notices that he’s relatively alone and slides out of the ring and clubs Cade form behind with a double sledge across the back of his shoulders, sending Cade to the floor on his face! Cronos shoots a warning glare in Cassi’s direction before he turns back to look down at Cade.

Eryk Masters: That’s it, Cronos! Take the fight to that chickenshit!

Other Guy: You can’t possibly think this will last for long…

As Other Guy speaks, Chance Ryan starts moving around the side of the ring, making a Bee-Line right for Cronos but the official notices him coming around and leans through the ropes to start shouting at him! He warns Chance not to get involved, but while he’s dealing with Chance, Sam Gideon moves around the other side of the ring just as Cronos throws Cade back into the ring Gideon grabs him from behind and turns him almost a full circle to throw him into the ringpost, left shoulder leading the way as flesh and bone smack into the steel!


Other Guy: Told you!

Gideon immediately backs away from the scene of the crime as the official turns around to see Cade in the ring, waving his arms frantically to count Cronos out, who has slumped down to the arena floor holding his shoulder tenderly!

Eryk Masters: Oh come on! It can’t go down like this!

Reluctantly, the referee starts to count, the fans booing the whole time, as Cade starts to get to his feet and count along with the referee.



Other Guy: Looks like it, Cronos isn’t even moving!


Eryk Masters: It’s still early in the count, don’t count him out yet!


Cronos starts to push up with his right hand, reaching up he grabs the bottom rope!


Eryk Masters: I told you! He’s still got something in the tank!


Other Guy: If he’s smart he’ll just call it quits, you know that just painted an even bigger target on his shoulder for Cade anyway!


Cronos starts to pull himself up to his feet, gritting his teeth as he tries to ignore his mostly limp left-arm!



Cronos slides into the ring with a look of grim determination on his face, and the fans cheer loudly!

Other Guy: That wasn’t a smart move!

Immediately Cade slides into Cronos with a baseball slide, right on top of that injured shoulder, silencing the crowd as he gets to his feet with a smirk.

Eryk Masters: No one ever said it would be easy, and I’m not giving up on Cronos yet. Someone’s got to shut that little prick up!

Other Guy:…so hostile…

Cade grabs Cronos by his left wrist and Cronos immediately slaps his hands away with his right hand! Cade curls his lips into a sneer as he drives a swift stomp right into the left shoulder, forcing Cronos to cry out in pain! Cade grabs the left wrist again and this time drags Cronos away from the ropes, turning Cronos onto his back he throws the Devil’s arm to the canvas, following it with a double knee drop across it, pinning it to the mat!

Other Guy: I told you there was a bigger target on that arm now, E!

Eryk Masters: Cade was working on that shoulder earlier.

Other Guy: Hence the word bigger.

Cade plants a knee on Cronos’ forearm and posts up on his hands, lifting his other leg he uses it in a sawing motion to grind against Cronos’ shoulder! Cade tilts his head to look at Cronos and sneers at him before he suddenly grabs him by his wrist and pushes the injured arm back into a second Ecstasy Bar attempt!

Eryk Masters: Come on, Cronos! Dig deep!

Other Guy: If Cade locks this in, it’s a wrap! He retired OutKast with this hold! He’s won countless title matches with this hold! And after everything that’s happened to Cronos’ shoulder, there’s no way he’ll be any different!

Eryk Masters: Come on, Cronos! I know you can get out of this!

Cronos turns toward Cade, fighting to get his legs under himself, matching Cade’s spiteful sneer with the same grim determination he showed when he got back in the ring. Cade releases the hold, realizing he won’t get it locked in at this angle, and he quickly kicks Cronos in the abdomen instead.

Eryk Masters: Cronos forced Cade to rethink his strategy at least!

Other Guy: But what good is it doing him if Cade just keeps beating him up, regardless of strategy?

Cade takes a step back before snapping a reverse roundhouse off! But Cronos steps in as Cade spins backward, catching under Cade’s leg and wrapping his hurt left arm over Cade’s shoulder, he locks his hands together diagonally across Cade’s chest before snapping back with a reverse capture suplex, dumping Cade on his head!


Cade cradles his neck, kicking his legs frantically, as Cronos lies on the canvas holding his shoulder with a look of agony on his face!

Eryk Masters: Cronos just leveled the playing field a little bit! He just needs to fight through the pain now!

Other Guy: Come on, Cade! You can’t let him escape from defeat like this!

After neither men begin to move to get to their feet, the referee has no choice but to begin to make his count.


The fans in attendance begin to rally behind Cronos, clapping to try and motivate him.


Eryk Masters: Listen to these people, getting behind Cronos!


Cronos seems to feed off of it, at least a little, as he’s the first to move, turning to his right and starting to push up into a sitting position.


Other Guy: How do you know they’re not clapping for Cade, hmm?


Cade, still cradling his neck, turns over to his side now and starts pushing up.


Eryk Masters: The way they’ve responded to Cade so far, maybe? Yeah, that might be it.


Other Guy: Well, whoever they’re clapping for, both men are getting up, even if they’ve got a few cobwebs!


Both men make it to a knee, and Cronos suddenly lashes out with a right jab right into Cade’s chin! Cade reels back on his one knee before rocking forward and swinging a quick right cross into Cronos’ cheek! Cronos rocks to the side but comes right back with a forearm to the side of Cade’s head, pushing to his feet right after as Cade reels back from the forearm!

Eryk Masters: Neither of these two are just going to lay down and die, that’s for sure!

Other Guy: Cade needs to extinguish that fire, pronto!

Cade pushes to his feet, smashing into Cronos’ cheek with a forearm of his own! Cronos drives his right hand into Cade’s chest with a blistering chop! As Cade winces form the chop, Cronos takes advantage and rocks Cade with a forearm! Another forearm and then another chop follow before Cronos winds up for a big right hand! Cade suddenly snaps his forehead into Cronos’ face, right under his eye!

Other Guy: There you go, Cade! Now get back to work!

Cade turns and hits the ropes, building up speed! Cronos quickly steps in to meet Cade, lifting his knee up to catch him, but Cade rolls over Cronos’ leg with a schoolboy! Cade pushes Cronos all the way through to his feet again as he turns the opposite way to scramble to his own feet!

Eryk Masters: Cade opted not to go for a pin there, but instead it looks like he used that schoolboy to create some more space!

Cade runs back at Cronos again, this time catching him with a flying head scissors! Instead of sending Cronos flying with it, Cade satellites around Cronos’ body, right back into the head scissors before swinging under his left arm and kicking his legs out wide, snapping Cronos down to the canvas in a Fujiwara Armbar!

Other Guy: Did you see that? Cade went like two full rotations around Cronos’ body before he locked that armbar on!

Eryk Masters: It was impressive, I’ll give you that.

Cade cranks back on the hold furiously as Cronos claws at the canvas, trying to escape from the pain! Cronos wiggles his body around just enough to get his right foot on the bottom rope, and Cade hatefully maintains the hold until the count of four before he finally lets go and gets to his feet to spit down at Cronos! Cade then turns to the official and starts arguing with him, asking him why he keeps giving him a hard time and such, pulling the official’s attention enough to allow Sam Gideon to pull Cronos out of the ring!

Eryk Masters: Come on! This isn’t right!

Other Guy: Calm down, E! You’re gonna bust a vessel or something, damn.

Gideon grabs Cronos by the right wrist and whips him toward the security railing, but Cronos reverses the whip at the last second, sending Gideon crashing into the barricade instead! The fans cheer loudly, but as Cronos turns around he’s met by a spinning Polish Hammer from Chance Ryan, and the fans immediately begin booing instead!

Other Guy: The Hammer of Justice just took the wind right out of those sails, didn’t it?! Haha!

Eryk Masters: This is a glorified mugging at this point! Jesus Christ!

Cade tries to keep the official’s attention during the noise, but he finally does turn around to see Chance standing over Cronos! He leans out through the ropes and points at Chance before pointing to the back!

Eryk Masters: It’s about time!

Other Guy: What?! No!

Chance argues with the ref, even puts his hands in the air as if to try and act innocent, but the ref has none of it and again tells him to get to the back! The fans cheer loudly, and cheer even louder as Cade gets in on the begging, trying to talk his way out of having one of his allies sent to the back.

Other Guy: That isn’t fair, he can’t just eject the man!

Eryk Masters: He can, and Cade should just be thankful that no one else was sent packing, or that he’s not disqualified already!

Cade finally gives in and waves his hand for Chance to go to the back, and he finally does start moving that way, at which point Cade asks the referee to at least start to count Cronos out, but he refuses causing the fans to cheer again! Cade sneers at the official before sliding out of the ring and pulling Cronos to his feet. He rolls Cronos back into the ring and exchanges a few words with Cassi before following Cronos into the ring, sliding right into a cover, but again the referee refuses to count!

Other Guy: Now this is just blatant abuse of power!

Eryk Masters: He’s telling Cade that he has to at least do SOMETHING before he’ll count, he’s not going to hand him a win on a silver platter!

Cade glares up at the ref as he pushes to his feet, and without taking his eyes off of him Cade stomps his foot down onto Cronos’ forehead, driving his head back into the canvas with a thud. Cade hits the ropes, rebounding and leaping over Cronos’ body he continues and bounces off of the opposite ropes, sprinting toward Cronos he leaps up at the last moment to complete the running Shooting Star Press!

Other Guy: The People’s Shooting Star Press will do it, then!

Cade thrusts his hips in rhythm of the count!




Cronos kicks out!

Eryk Masters: No it won’t!

But Cade grabs Cronos’ left wrist and jerks it down, cranking it behind Cronos’ back he swings into a mounted position and locks the Ecstasy Bar on, locking his grip in tight and perfect!

Other Guy: But this will!

Eryk Masters: No! Come on, Cronos!

Cade starts shouting in Cronos’ face for him to quit, but he refuses still! Cade cranks back harder, arching his own back to pull at Cronos’ shoulder at an awful angle! Still Cronos refuses to submit, and Cade pulls back even harder, wrapping his legs around Cronos’ waist as he now has Cronos almost sitting completely up with how hard he’s pulling on the shoulder!

Eryk Masters: Come on, Cronos! Don’t give in!

Other Guy: He’s not going to have a choice, he’s starting to fade!

Cade leans back even harder and slowly Cronos’ right arm falls limp! The ref asks Cronos if he gives, but receives no response and so he grabs his wrist and raises it in the air. He releases it, and the arm falls limply to the side, and Cade cranks back even harder!

Other Guy: Just two more of those and it’s all over!

The referee grabs Cronos’ wrist and raises it in the air again, and when he lets it go it falls lifelessly again.

Eryk Masters: This can’t be how it ends, OG!

Cade nods his head furiously as he watches the official grab Cronos’ wrist again. He watches the arm be lifted into the air, and watches as the official releases the wrist expectantly, but instead of dropping the hand balls into a fist and Cronos’ right arm starts shaking! The fans in the Epicenter starts cheering loudly, trying to urge the Devil on!

Eryk Masters: Yes! Cronos is still in there!

Other Guy: How much more can he have left?!

Cade cranks back harder on the Ecstasy Bar, but Cronos shakes his head furiously and starts driving short hooks into Cade’s ribs and kidney area! Cade refuses to let go of the hold, though, and Cronos switches up strategies as Cade cranks back harder, forcing a short scream of pain out of Cronos’ mouth. Cronos digs his free arm down under Cade’s left knee, wiggling it in to separate Cade’s body scissors as he starts to get his knees under himself, lifting Cade in the air while he maintains his submission hold!

Other Guy: I can’t believe it!

Eryk Masters: Cronos is powering up to his feet while he’s trapped in the Ecstasy Bar!

Cronos pitches Cade over his head, trying to hit a sort of back body drop, and forces Cade to release the hold in order to flip through and land on his feet but it doesn’t matter as Cronos turns around quickly enough to deliver a right jab in between Cade’s shoulder blades! Cade’s arms go out wide and Cronos shoots both arms up and under them, catching Cade in a full nelson before suddenly snapping back into a Dragon Suplex, bridging for a pin!



Other Guy: Come on, Cade, kick out! You’ve come too close to lose now!


Cade kicks out, but Cronos holds on and rolls with him, right into a Camel Clutch position!

Eryk Masters: He’s got the Ne-Han locked in!

Cassi Ryan immediately gets up o n the apron, trying to distract the official, as Cade now screams out in pain as his neck is being wrenched horribly, Cronos fighting through the pain in his left arm. As the official moves to argue with Cassi, Sam Gideon slides into the ring! The referee turns around just in time to see him, breaking away form his conversation with Cassi to do so, and Gideon stops dead in his tracks! The referee looks between Gideon and Cassi and points to them both and then to the back, ejecting them both! The fans go crazy!

Other Guy: What?! He can’t do that!

Eryk Masters: He already sent Chance packing, now it’s Cassi and Sam’s turns! Good riddance, I say!

Gideon drops to the canvas and rolls back to the outside and starts up the ramp, not really seeming too concerned about being ejected, while Cassi on the other hand is throwing a fit on the apron! Cronos pulls back harder, meanwhile, and Cade starts tapping his right hand on his own left wrist given how his arms are held in the air, and the fans cheer even louder as Cronos releases the hold, only to find the official still arguing with Cassi about her going to the back!

Eryk Masters: Oh come on! Cronos just won this thing!

Other Guy: But the referee didn’t see Cade tap out, so it doesn’t matter!

The official tells Cassi that if she doesn’t leave, Cade will be disqualified on the spot, and finally she relents and starts heading up the ramp, watching the ring over her shoulder the whole way. Cronos moves to the referee and turns him around, explaining to him that Cade tapped out, but the official insists that he didn’t see it as he was dealing with getting rid of the outside influences, allowing Cade to push back to his feet! Cronos turns around, just as Cade leaps into the air and drives his right foot into the side of his face with the NINJAGUIRI!


Other Guy: Well that’s it right there! Lights out! Good night, Cronos!

Cade turns Cronos over and hooks the inside leg deep!




Cronos gets his outside leg onto the bottom rope just in time, and the fans lose it while Cade slaps the canvas in frustration repeatedly!

Eryk Masters: Cronos is still in this fight, OG!

Cade pushes to his feet and starts arguing with the official, telling him that he’s been sandbagging him all match and the like, while Cronos starts working back to his feet! Cade turns around to see Cronos and lashes out with a high kick to Cronos’ chest, that Cronos takes and wraps his arms around Cade’s leg, quickly snapping down with a Dragon Screw leg whip! Cade rolls to his feet as Cronos is back up and rushes at him, only to be caught by a high back body drop! Cade bounces off the canvas and turns around, swinging a wild clothesline at Cronos, who ducks and catches under his arm!

Eryk Masters: Cronos is building up momentum after that dangerous kick to the head!

Other Guy: Don’t let him hit you with this, Cade!

Cronos hooks Cade in a full nelson again, snapping back yet again into a Dragon Suplex! Instead of bridging, Cronos turns over into the Camel Clutch position immediately, cranking back on the Ne-Han! Cade screams and screams, but can’t find an escape, and is instead quickly forced to tap out! This time the official does see it and calls for the bell, and the fans explode out of their seats with cheers!

Other Guy: No!

Eryk Masters: YES!

Cronos releases the hold, for the second time, raising his right arm in the air as the refereeindicates that he won! Samantha Coil raises the microphone to her lips as Cade rolls out of the ring and “Devil’s Dime” by Black Label Society hits again!

Samantha Coil: Here is your winner! At a time of 58 minutes and 46 seconds! CROOOONOOOOOOS DIIIIIIIAAAAAAAMAAAAAANNNNNNTEEEEEEE!

As Samantha finishes her announcement, however, Cade fishes under the ring skirting and pulls out a crowbar! Cronos doesn’t notice, as the cheers turn into jeers when Cade slides into the ring wielding a crowbar! Cade brings the crowbar down on Cronos’ wounded left shoulder with a loud crack! The music cuts off as Cronos drops to the canvas, his right hand immediately moving to cradle his shoulder, as Cade brings the crowbar down on his shoulder again, and again, and again!

Eryk Masters: What the hell?! This is a despicable act of cowardice!

Other Guy: Cade said he intended to put Cronos out for good, and I think he’s trying to keep his word!

Cade grips the crowbar in both hands to bring it down one more time on Cronos’ shoulder before dropping it to the canvas with a sneer, raising his own arms into the air as the fans continue to boo loudly! Cade steps through the ropes and starts making his way up the ramp, satisfied with leaving Cronos in the ring to scream in pain on his own.


We see the image Reckoning Day flash onto the screen as we hear the vocals of Johnny Cash.

I hurt myself today

To see if I still feel

I focus on the pain

The only thing that’s real

Image of Jun Kenshin from earlier days in the SHOOT Project. We see him walking toward the ring with a smile on his face as he slaps hands of the faces. We see him in his days with The Pacific Connection, we see him scaling the ladder in his battles against Eli Storm in the Iron Fist division. Jun Kenshin putting on a clinic with Cade Sydal in a past contest. A slow motion of Jun Kenshin flying with the greatest of ease.

The needle tears a hole

The old familiar sting

Try to kill it all away

But I remember everything

Black and white shots of Adrian Corazon’s past. His time in The Vanguard. His time in Sons of Liberty. His induction of Project Scar. The words "Brutal" and "Inhuman" appear on the screen only to be wiped clear to be replaced by "Black Death". Corazon being arrested after his match with Christopher Davis on Revolution 34.

What have I become

My sweetest friend

Everyone I know

Goes away in the end

Gravestones of Jun Kenshin’s family are seen. Old photos of Corazon’s family. A rapid fire shot of Adrian Corazon eliminating Jun Kenshin on his way to become World Heavyweight Champion the first time at Malice. Kenshin returning on the Ten Year Anniversary show. Kenshin pinning Corazon and after the match, the shot slows to Kenshin extending his hand. Corazon takes it in a hesitant hand shake.

And you could have it all

My empire of dirt

I will let you down

I will make you hurt

A shot of Jun Kenshin’s trophy case with a spider crack on the brilliant glass. Family photos are strewn about. His daughter and the final image is Corazon’s bloody smiley face.

I wear this crown of thorns

Upon my liars chair

Full of broken thoughts

I cannot repair

Corazon standing in the forefront with his Scar brothers. We see him decimating a punching bag as we see the trail of destruction in his wake. Mike Dexter, Trey Willett, The Real Deal, Diamond Del Carver and we pause to Jun Kenshin getting dropped with The Act of Reality. We see Jun Kenshin’s bloodied face as we see him forcing his way back up. We see Corazon assaulting his throat but in a final show of resistance but Kenshin fights back.

Beneath the stains of time

The feelings disappear

You are someone else

I am still right here

Project SCAR is shown united. The frightening Kenji Yamada, The Pale Rider and Obsidian. Meanwhile Kenshin stands alone for a moment. His allies are shown momentarily. Maya Nakashima, Jonas Coleman and Jaime Alejandro.

And you could have it all

My empire of dirt

I will let you down

I will make you hurt

We see Corazon walking the streets of Mexico City. His face is cold and eyes look remorseless. We see his tool of choice, the screwdriver.

If I could start again

A million miles away

I will keep myself

The last image we see is Jun Kenshin standing toe to toe facing Adrian Corazon followed by Reckoning Day on the bottom screen as we fade to black.

I … would… find … a …. Way

image Samantha Coil:This next contest is a TWO OUT OF THREE FALLS Match.  

Eryk Masters: This one just might steal the show, OG. 

Other Guy: We saw them square off at the Anniversary show with Kenshin picking up the win but Corazon has two previous wins over Kenshin. 

Yeah… It’s that real this time around 

Immortal Technique… Revolutionary Vol. 2 

It’s on now mother fucker.. 

Lock and load!


The arena lights are cut off as the Tron stirs to life and we see “BLACK DEATH” appear on the screen. Immortal Technique continues to drop knowledge on fools in the background. 

This is the point from which I could never return 

And if I back down now then forever I burn 

This is the point from which I could never retreat 

Cause If I turn back now there can never be peace 

This is the point from which I will die and succeed 

Living the struggle, I know I’m alive when I bleed 

From now on it can never be the same as before 

Cause the place I’m from doesn’t exist anymore

Adrian Corazon steps out to deafening boos as he wastes no time getting inside the ring and pacing the ring as he loosens his shoulders and looks to the entrance. 

Eryk Masters: Adrian Corazon looks absolutely focused. 

Other Guy: He knows what’s at stake. Last time we saw Corazon at Reckoning Day was that classic match against Trey Willett. If we have another match like that, we’re in for a treat! 

“The Point of No Return” cuts off as the lights fall to a green hue. The Tron stirs to life as we are taken to an old fashioned blacksmith, we see a man crafting an unknown item. The man’s back is to us but we hear the sounds of hammer onto steel. The man grabs the item and dips into the water as a cloud of smoke reacts with the scalding metal. The man then displays the item. 

The SHIELD Jun Kenshin  

The crowd erupts in a thunderous applause as “The Fire” blares over the speakers as we hear the vocals of John Legend and The Roots Crew. Jun Kenshin appears on stage as he is on one knee and tapping his fist onto the stage as we see him clad in white and green with a white hooded jacket over his head. 

Ohhhh, the fire, the fire 

Ohhhh, the fire, the fire

Eryk Masters: Jun Kenshin knows that Reckoning Day is hallowed ground and he’s taking a moment here. 

There’s something in your heart 

and it’s in your eyes 

It’s the fire, inside you 

Let it burn 

You don’t say good luck 

You say don’t give up 

It’s the fire, inside you 

Let it burn

Jun snatches the hood from his head and throws the hoodie into the crowd as he slaps hands with the fans. Kenshin scales the ring steps and wipes his feet and he gets RIGHT IN THE FACE of Adrian Corazon! “The Fire” cuts off. 

Other Guy: Oh man! Here we go baby! 

The two have a stare down. Referee Austin Heflin breaks it up between the two as Samantha Coil now has the microphone as “The Fire” cuts off. 

Eryk Masters: They’ve faced each other three times with Kenshin winning the last match and Corazon winning the first two. 

Other Guy: Plus Kenshin was on the winning team of that big six man tag team match. Can’t forget about that. 

Eryk Masters: Corazon dropped Kenshin on his head after Kenshin lost a close match against Isaac Entragian. And let’s face it, Corazon was the man responsible for retiring Jun Kenshin.  

Other Guy: I don’t know about that but they have a deep history for sure! Corazon defeated Kenshin along with three other contestants to win his first World Heavyweight Championship. All that being said… Tonight, they settle it. 

Samantha Coil now is between the two combatants. 

Samantha Coil: From Mexico City, Mexico he stands 6 feet 3 inches and weights in tonight at 225 pounds…  He is a former Iron Fist Champion…. He is a former TWO TIME WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION… He is THE BLACK DEATH ADRIAN CORAZON!  

Corazon throws his arms upward as the crowd boos.  

Samantha Coil: Fighting out of San Diego, California he stands at 6 feet and 206 pounds… He is a GRAND SLAM WINNER here in the SHOOT Project this is JUN KENSHIN! 

The crowd claps. 

Other Guy: Grand slam meaning World Heavyweight Title, Iron Fist, Rule of Surrender and the Tag Team Titles. 

Eryk Masters: That’s a very short list of people of people that have accomplished that amazing feat. 

Other Guy: If I’m not mistaken, Cade Sydal and Jun Kenshin are the only ones to have done it. 

Kenshin and Corazon come to the center of the ring as Kenshin extends his right arm as a show of respect as Corazon looks down but Kenshin retracts his hand as the crowd reacts with a “OOOOHHH”. 

Kenshin shoots for a takedown but Corazon with a nice sprawl blocks the takedown as he gets up and fires a knee hitting Kenshin in the chest with the hard shot. Kenshin backs away for a moment but he comes roaring back with a snapping kick to the quadriceps that stuns Corazon as Kenshin fires an elbow to the cheek of Corazon. Kenshin hops on the middle set of ropes as he jumps off and he’s on the back of Adrian Corazon looking for a Rear Naked Choke! 

Eryk Masters: Kenshin wants to end this early, boss! 

Other Guy: Corazon is using his right arm to block Kenshin’s grip though. 

Corazon goes barreling backwards as he RAMS Kenshin onto the corner as Kenshin is pried loose. Corazon spins to face Kenshin as he grabs Kenshin by the waist and pops the hips for a Belly to Belly Suplex!  

Eryk Masters: Awesome suplex by The Black Death. 

Kenshin lands on his shoulder however as he ROLLS out of the throw as he comes rushing back and cuts Corazon in half with a spinning heel kick. 

Other Guy: What athleticism by the former Grand Slam Winner! 

Kenshin with a snapping kick to the back of Corazon as Kenshin FIRES another stiff kick to the back of Corazon but Corazon is getting angrier with each kick. Kenshin doesn’t know how to react as a flustered Kenshin hits the ropes and does a seated drop kick to the face of Corazon!  WHAM! Corazon is down in a shot as Kenshin rams his knee to the neck of Corazon. Kenshin now applies a Crossed Arm Clutch on top of Corazon as he’s using Corazon’s own arms to choke himself! 

Eryk Masters: What an unusual hold. 

Other Guy: Kenshin is going to try anything to get this match over with. You can tell how uncomfortable he is in there. 

Kenshin has the Crossed Arm Clutch applied but Corazon is already on one leg has he powers himself up and in one swift motion BREAKS the hold by Kenshin by using brute force! Kenshin’s eyes go big as saucers as Corazon fires a stinging elbow to the chin of Kenshin that sends him spinning 180 degrees as Corazon grabs Kenshin by the torso for a German Suplex into a bridge pin! 

The crowd shouts “ONE” 



Eryk Masters: Corazon with a beautiful German Suplex! 

Other Guy: He wants to get that first fall early. 

Corazon rears back as Kenshin screams in pain as he shifts his weight back and forth like a rocking chair as he builds enough momentum to SWING to his right and get to the ropes to force a break. Kenshin is on the apron now as Corazon gets up as he grabs Kenshin by the head and he’s going to suplex Kenshin back in to the ring but Kenshin has both feet locked in to the bottom set of ropes to prevent Corazon from suplexing him. Kenshin rakes the eyes of Corazon blinding him momentarily as Kenshin now pulls Corazon onto the apron with him. Kenshin with a kick to the gut of Corazon as he goes for a front face lock. 

Other Guy: NO! Not a DDT from up there! 

Eryk Masters: Yeah! Do it! 

Corazon grabs a hold of the ropes to prevent from getting the DDT as Kenshin with furious shots to the back of Corazon to try to pry him loose but Corazon has a grip of the ropes. Kenshin suddenly releases the face lock as he rolls back into the ring and kicks Corazon in the head stunning him. Kenshin hits the opposite of ropes as he jumps over the ropes in a cannonball onto the arms of Corazon as both men crash onto the floor! HOLY SHIT! 

Eryk Masters: Kenshin couldn’t get Corazon off the apron so he just threw his body into him! We normally don’t see that from Kenshin anymore. 

Other Guy: He took a chance and it paid off there. 

Kenshin rolls Corazon back in now as Kenshin grabs Corazon’s leg as he drags him to the ring pole and RAMS Corazon’s leg into the pole. The referee comes over and breaks it up but Kenshin rams Corazon’s leg again almost daring the referee to disqualify him. Heflin knows he must bend the rules not wanting a DQ as he barks at Kenshin to get back in the ring as Kenshin goes back into the ring as he grabs Corazon as he applies the Texas Cloverleaf!  

Eryk Masters: Kenshin risked getting disqualified to weaken the leg of Adrian Corazon. 

The power and technique of Corazon is too much however as Corazon gets to the ropes. Kenshin releases the hold as Corazon gets back up to a vertical base but Kenshin immediately kicks Corazon from underneath him as Kenshin goes to apply the Texas Cloverleaf again but Corazon kicks him off. Kenshin with a stiff kick to the chest of Corazon and it angers Corazon! 

Other Guy: We saw this earlier, Corazon actually gets mad when he gets kicked! 

Corazon says “AGAIN!” as Kenshin slams the mat with both hands as he kicks Corazon in the chest as a loud “THUD” rings out as Corazon gets madder! Corazon gets to his feet now as Kenshin goes for another kick as Corazon CATCHES Kenshin and drops him with a Capture Suplex! Corazon grabs Kenshin back up as he grabs Kenshin in a full nelson and bridges back. DRAGON SUPLEX!  

Eryk Masters: Corazon is so damn explosive! 

Other Guy: He’s working on the head and neck area of Kenshin. 

Kenshin looks out of it as Corazon rolls his body back. Corazon has him hooked in a standing scissors and has the arms hooked. 


Corazon goes to drop Kenshin on his head but Kenshin with a lightening quick sunset flip counter! 




Other Guy: Woah! Kenshin countered the Original Sin and picked up the first fall! 

Samantha Coil: Jun Kenshin has won the first fall!  

Corazon POUNDS the mat in frustration as he is extremely pissed that he dropped the first fall. A still woozy Kenshin shakes his head but he turns his head around and gets a hard knee to the back and then Corazon throws him up and over the top rope and goes down to the floor. A loud “SPLAT” is heard as Kenshin is clutching his back. Corazon grabs Kenshin in a front face lock and then sloppily THROWS him onto the ring barricade THROAT first!  

Other Guy: Kenshin had throat problems recently and it looks like Corazon wants to work on that again! 

Eryk Masters: Corazon is going to shut Kenshin up at least. 

Corazon wraps both hands across the throat of Kenshin and chokes him! Kenshin’s legs thrash about as Corazon looks around the crowd with a cold look on his face. Corazon picks Kenshin up and throws him back in. 

Corazon grits his teeth as he does a looping left hook that Kenshin ducks under as Kenshin grabs Corazon around the waist and tries to do a take down but Corazon is too strong as he does a sprawl. On the way up, Corazon with a straight left hits Kenshin right on the nose and Corazon does an overhand right that hits Kenshin on the forehead knocking Kenshin down! 

Eryk Masters: This is turning into boxing match than anything OG! 

Other Guy: Two guys that like to scrap, I like it. 

Eryk Masters: Hey don’t use my line! 

Corazon pounces on Kenshin as he goes to the mount position as Corazon cocks his right arm and delivers a powerful shot. 


Corazon hits all canvas as Kenshin rolls away, Kenshin gets up to his feet as Corazon shakes his right hand. Kenshin does a lightning fast kick to the back of Corazon knee instantly knocking Corazon down. Kenshin covers. 



Corazon angrily kicks out. 

Eryk Masters: You see the difference between the two, Kenshin will opt for quick pin falls in hopes of ending this match early. 

Other Guy: I’d be shocked if Kenshin could sweep Corazon in this 2 out of 3 match! 

Kenshin grabs Corazon in a head lock going for a suplex but there is no strength to be found with his arm as Corazon rams Kenshin back first into the corner. Corazon with a nice one, two combo to the core of Kenshin doubles the San Diego native. Corazon hits the near side of the ropes and does a KNEE SMASH to the head of Kenshin! 

Eryk Masters: Not pretty but effective! 

Corazon covers! 



Kenshin gets a shoulder up. 

Corazon now stomps the bad arm of Kenshin as Kenshin yells in pain. Corazon gets a hold of Kenshin and applies a standing arm bar over the bent over Kenshin as Lorenzo asks Kenshin if he’ll give it up to which he responds “NO!” 

Other Guy: This is a bad position for Kenshin with the younger, stronger and bigger man wearing him down. 

Eryk Masters: Kenshin is reaching for the ropes and he barely makes it.

Lorenzo asks for a break as Corazon does so. Corazon now taps his fist as a few of the fans scream. He grabs Kenshin in an Irish whip as Corazon whips Kenshin onto him and does a spinning back fist! 

Kenshin ducks at the last second and Corazon back is exposed as Kenshin grabs Corazon on the side and rolls him up!




A near fall by Kenshin as Kenshin now has the upper hand. Kenshin hits the near side of the ropes and does a Mafia Kick to the downed Corazon! The kick hits squarely Corazon right on the nose knocking down the Mexico City native. 

Eryk Masters: Nothing fancy there, just a kick to the face by Kenshin. 

Other Guy: Kenshin isn’t afraid of mixing it up with strikes. He’s a former Iron Fist Champion in his own right. 

Corazon rolls on the apron now taking a break but Kenshin refuses to back down as he grabs Corazon trying to suplex Corazon back in! Kenshin’s bad arm prevents him from doing so as now Corazon grabs Kenshin by his head and carelessly throws him over the top rope and onto the floor! 


Eryk Masters: Kenshin hit the floor hard! 

Kenshin falls on the ground as the fans shriek in horror. Kenshin angrily curses as he clutches the bad arm. 

Other Guy: I think he landed right on the arm too. Bad news for Kenshin!

Corazon now grabs Kenshin as he throws him toward the ring steps! 


The steps are toppled in an instant as Kenshin shakes in pain. Corazon with a scowl on his face continues to work over the veteran as he grabs Kenshin by the arm and he’s looking to ram it to the steel post! Kenshin uses his right foot to prevent it as Kenshin rakes the eyes of Corazon with his good arm and then does a quick hook kick to the back of Corazon head stunning him temporarily. 

Other Guy: Oh please! The big hero Kenshin just raked the eyes of Corazon. I thought he was above that? 

Eryk Masters: It was either that or get his arm rammed to the steel! 

Kenshin rolls back in as Corazon is still stunned on the outside. Kenshin looks around for a moment clutching his arm as he thumps his chest to the crowd. Kenshin runs toward Corazon and does an elbow suicide dive in between the ropes knocking down Corazon! Kenshin is also down! 

Other Guy: Well that was dumb! Now they’re both going to get counted out! 

Eryk Masters: Does that mean Kenshin wins with 1 fall and a no decision?  

Other Guy: I don’t think so. You have to defeat your opponent twice.









Both men are slow to get up as they’re on their knees! 


Corazon with a right hand! 

Kenshin with a chop to the chest! Woo! 

Corazon with a slugging left hook almost knocks Kenshin down! 

Eryk Masters: These guys are trading shots on their knees! 

Corazon rams Kenshin face first to the side of the apron as Corazon rolls back in! 

Kenshin shakes his head and rolls in to the awaiting stomps of the SCAR brawler. Corazon is stomping away at the arm of Kenshin who tries to cover up but he’s just too wore down. Corazon easily hoists Kenshin over his shoulder as he does a running powerslam! WHAM! Corazon with a cover! 

Eryk Masters: Corazon slammed Kenshin through the mat! Wow! 



Kenshin gets a shoulder up. 

Corazon is a little frustrated at not being able to put away the veteran as he grabs Kenshin by the shoulder and Corazon drops to his butt “stunning” Kenshin’s shoulder in the process! Cover! 



Kenshin still gets a shoulder up.  

Other Guy: Kenshin said that his sheer will would be enough to win this match but I’m not so sure. 

Eryk Masters: Corazon is also fighting for his SCAR brothers. Ugh. I want to vomit just saying that. 

Corazon goes into the corner as Kenshin slowly stands up. Corazon goes for a Jake Roberts style running knee lift but Kenshin ducks and leg sweeps Corazon in one smooth motion! 

Other Guy: Hella nice counter by Jun there. 

Kenshin grabs the legs of Corazon and does a jack knife pin as his bad arm can barely hang on for the count. 



Corazon kicks out. Kenshin is going up to the top rope now as he measures Corazon and he flies off with a top rope leg drop connecting across the throat of Corazon! San Diego Jam! 



Corazon kicks out. Kenshin lights the chest of Corazon with a standing chop followed by a spine kick and the process is repeated over and over! Chop! Kick! Chop! Kick! Corazon comically falls down face first onto the mat as Kenshin is FIRED UP! 

Eryk Masters: That’s that Japanese Strong Style, OG. Look at Kenshin’s face! 

Other Guy: Corazon skin is a blistering red!  

Kenshin is now positioned to the flank of Corazon as he awaits Corazon to get up. Kenshin charges in for a beautiful Roaring Shining Wizard that he calls the Kenshin Krush but Corazon throws his body into the charging body of Kenshin for a LARIAT! Kenshin does a 180 flip and lands face first to the mat as he is a crumpled mess! 

Eryk Masters: Kenshin rushed in and he got caught!  

Other Guy: THIS IS OVER! 




Corazon angrily grabs Kenshin and has him in a standing headscissors and has his arms locked in position. ORIGINAL SIN!




Samantha Coil: Your winner of the second fall…. ADRIAN CORAZON!  

Corazon barks at the referee as he quickly covers again! 




Corazon covers again! 



Kenshin kicks out. 

Corazon hoists Kenshin onto his shoulders and he’s looking to end this third fall early. FURY OF THE DARK HEART but Kenshin counters mid swing from the fireman’s carry with his OWN DDT! 

Kenshin is slow to get up now as both guys are shaking their heads to clear the cobwebs. Both men cock their “firing” leg back and uncoil with a VICOUS SUPERKICK!  



Other Guy: Unbelievable! 

Eryk Masters: They had the same thought and both guys connected! 

The ref has no choice but to count both guys out as the fans clap and stomp their feet to get Kenshin up! 









Both guys are slow to stir. Elbow by Corazon and Kenshin responds with a knife edge chop. Elbow! Chop! This exchange goes on and on as both guys hit the ropes but Kenshin catches the elbow of Corazon and quickly applies the KENSHIN’S CROSS! 

Other Guy: Cross Arm Breaker by Kenshin! 

Eryk Masters: Will Corazon tap?

Kenshin has a FULL EXTENSION on the Cross Armed Breaker as Corazon is in the middle of the ring. Kenshin continues to yank the arm and it is almost gruesome to watch as the ARM is being STRETCHED! 

Suddenly, we hear POP!  

The fans groan and some turn their heads as Corazon has his arm snapped! The slow motion replay shows Corazon’s elbow being displaced horribly. 

Other Guy: My God, Corazon didn’t tap and he got his arm snapped! 

Eryk Masters: He’s NUTS! 

In a show of compassion, Kenshin releases the hold and seeks to end the match by covering Corazon. 




Amazingly, Corazon KICKS out with his arm hyper extended badly. Corazon stands up defiantly almost daring Kenshin to hit him.  

Without a hesitation, Kenshin uncoils a VICIOUS SUPERKICK! 





Samantha Coil: Your winner at 34 minutes and 17 seconds….. JUN KENSHIN! 

Kenshin raises his arms triumphantly but there is no smile from the San Diego native but concern for his opponent. 

Eryk Masters: This has to be a little déjà vu for Kenshin. Cade broke his back in their match at Reckoning Day a few years ago. And now Corazon injured his arm. Man! 

Other Guy: Kenshin is checking on Corazon. 

Corazon is clutching his arm and SHOVES Kenshin away! Corazon stands up on his OWN power and limps to the back with a scowl on his face. The fans applaud the match but some are still in shock at seeing a man’s arm snap suddenly. Kenshin looks at his opponent but Corazon makes his way to the back. 

Eryk Masters: Kenshin won the match tonight but what repercussions will he face after he injured Adrian Corazon? 

Other Guy: Corazon is a sick man, he’ll probably keep fighting with a bad wing. I wouldn’t put it past him. 

Kenshin is not in a celebratory mood as he doesn’t even slap hands with the fans as he looks down and you can tell he is reliving the final moments of the match.


Static accompanied by white noise. An image starts to bleed through. A roaring river deep in the wilderness. Foam blasts up past the banks, and the water glistens with sunlight and purity. 

Puscifer’s “The Humbling River” starts up on cue, the vocals soft and eerie.

“Nature, nurture, heaven and home.” 

Diamond Del Carver walks a path amongst the trees, his motorcycle boots digging into soft, black soil.

“Sum of all and by them driven.” 

Night has come to the wilderness, and the moon hangs high in the sky, giving off pale, ethereal illumination. Crickets chirp. A coyote howls somewhere in the distance.

“To conquer every mountain shown.” 

Flash to images from Diamond Del Carver’s legendary career. All the accomplishments. All the championships. The tears and the sweat he’s given in the name of this business.

“But I’ve never crossed the river.” 

The path leads him to the edge of that great river. Carver’s jaw tightens up, and his gaze becomes like steel. He stops, staring forward. 

Entragian stands in the very middle of the river, watering lapping about his ankles. Moonlight paints his face, and his grin is wide and full. The river runs with blood. Bodies float on the current. A river of victims, all brought down by the pale hands of The Ivory Terror.

“Brave the forest, brave the stone.” 

Flash to Diamond Del Carver dropping Dan Stein. Flash to Carver holding the Iron Fist Championship high over his head.

“Brave the icy winds and fire.” 

Flash to Entragian walking into The Epicenter with hellfire blasting forth to herald his arrival. Flash to Carver standing at the edge of his property in Mississippi, a cold wind blowing against his weathered features. 

“Braved and beat them on my own.” 

A shot of Entragian spearing the hell out of Jun Kenshin. Flash to Entragian spearing 3M. Flash to Entragian crushing Alejandro with The Disemboweler. Flash to Entragian biting into the tender flesh of Trey Willett’s side just below the ribs.

“Yet I’m helpless by the river.” 

The scene of the river returns, with Carver standing his ground and glaring at Entragian. He lights up a cigar, and he takes a few puffs, blowing the smoke from his nostrils.

“Angel, angel, what have I done?” 

The scene changes, and now it’s Entragian who’s walking the path through the woods. It’s a bright, sunny day…and he hates the feel of the sunshine on his skin. Birds sing. Life is everywhere. The sky is perfectly blue and filled with white clouds.

“I face the quakes, the wind, the fire.” 

Entragian reaches the end of the path. He comes to the river. The water is crisp and clear. Trout and salmon swim beneath the surface. Sunshine glints on the current, and the sound of the river is soothing and calm. 

Diamond Del Carver stands in the middle of the river, his good eye staring forward at the monster. The Iron Fist Championship rests over one shoulder.

Isaac looks down, and he sees championship after championship lying on the river bottom, glimmering like precious stones. Monuments to Del’s success. A career lined in gold and victory and Hall of Fame glory. 

Entragian sneers. He bares his teeth, and he considers the challenge that stands before him.

“I’ve conquered country, crown, and throne.” 

Old footage from Carver’s career. Destroying monsters like Roland Caldwell, Hantakira and so many others. Old footage from Entragian’s career. Flash to Entragian driving a bicycle kick into the face of Greyson Blade. A shot of Entragian spiking X-Calibur into his knee with The Disemboweler and then holding a World Championship high in the air. A flash to Gryffin Anselm and Justin Moreno being destroyed by The Albino Abomination. 

“Why can’t I cross this river?” 

Entragian stands there at the river, hate bubbling up through every part of his body. Carver meets his gaze, and he brings up one calloused hand, beckoning Entragian to come get some. 

“Pay no mind to the battles you’ve won.” 

Diamond Del Carver getting his hand raised in victory. Isaac Entragian getting his hand raised in victory. All the matches won. All the wars. All the blood and the grit and the ruthlessness. 

“It’ll take a lot more than rage and muscle.” 

Entragian screaming down at an opponent, his body looking like some titanic statue that was cut from ivory bone. The cords stand out on his neck. His eyes are full of sanity-stricken venom. 

“Open your heart and hands my son.” 

A shot of Diamond Del Caver taking Alyssa Brower into his arms and hugging her tightly. They kiss, and Del runs his hand over her soft, silky hair. A loving gesture. A heartfelt moment. 

“Or you’ll never make it over the river.” 

Flash to Entragian’s river. The blood stains the water, and the bodies are bloated and rank. Nothing lives in this river. The sun never shines here. There’s only darkness. Only cold, frigid water. If you were to drink from it, it would fill you up with poison and disease. 

“It’ll take a lot more than words and guns.” 

Flash to Diamond Del Carver’s river. The water is pure and clean. The sun is bright and warm, and no darkness can exist here. Minerals glisten. Championships shine. Memories of glorious battles float and bob through the current. 

“A whole lot more than riches and muscle.” 

Entragian & Carver glare at one another. Each of them a challenge to the other. Both of them standing as uncrossable rivers. The Sheriff of SHOOT. SCAR’s Pale Rider. The good and the just. The bloodthirsty and the cruel. 

“The hands of many must join as one.” 

Carver’s hand slips into the hand of Alyssa Brower. Entragian’s hand reaches down and brushes against the faceplate of the Iron Fist Championship, an obsessed and greedy gesture. 

“And together we’ll cross the river.” 

Diamond Del Carver wades out into the bloody river. He walks with a purpose. He’s following the path of fate. He’s going to war. 

Isaac Entragian wades out into the pure, clean river. He stalks forward, kicking Del’s accolades aside as he goes. One pale claw starts to reach out, aiming for Carver’s throat….




image Eryk Masters:Ladies and gentlemen, this is the moment you’ve been waiting for. This is the Main Event of Day One. The culmination of a blood feud between a legend and a monster. 

Other Guy: Definitely one of the most anticipated matches for Reckoning Day, Eryk. There is so much at stake here. It’s about as deeply personal as a rivalry can ever get… 

The cameras rotate for a moment, taking in the capacity crowd that populates The Epicenter. There’s such a layer of electricity in the air, the excitement of SHOOT Project’s flagship PPV Event infecting the entire fanbase. 

Darkness Falls. 

The absence of light reigns for a few moments, and then a soft, white glow shines down on the entire length of the ramp. 

“The Humbling River” by Puscifer’s starts to broadcast over the masses, and with this song playing, several individuals start to file out from the back. Men and women of all ages and nationalities, all of them wearing white robes belted around the waist. These people start to line up along the length of the ramp on opposite sides, each of them spaced apart and facing each other. 

Other Guy: Well…I damn sure wasn’t expecting this. These people look familiar somehow…but I can’t put my finger on it. 

Eryk Masters: They look familiar for a reason, OG. Remember that riot that broke in Las Vegas a few weeks ago? It was all over the news. CNN even ran coverage on it for a bit. These people out here right now…were some of those protesters. 

Other Guy: My god…you’re right! What the hell is the meaning of this? 

The song reaches a crescendo, and the lyrics “the hands of many must join as one, and together we’ll cross the river” is heard, and on cue, the protesters join hands along the length of the ramp, creating something like a human chain. 

Puscifer cuts out, and a wall of fire erupts from the head of the ramp. 

Tiamat’s “Sympathy For The Devil” starts to play, and a video begins to broadcast on the SHOOT Video Wall. 

SCAR’s Pale Rider emerges from the curtains, wearing a pure white hooded cloak with his head hanging low. The fans bellow out displeasure as loud as they possibly can, a huge negative reaction befitting the epic stage of Reckoning Day.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, the challenger, hailing from Mideon, Nebraska, he weighs in at 320lbs…representing Project: SCAR…THE ALBINO ABOMINATION…ISAAC ENTRAGIAN!!! 

The protesters lined up along the ramp immediately remove their robes, allowing them to drop down to their feet. The men are shirtless with white slacks. The women wear white bras and long white skirts. 

It quickly becomes apparent that each of them has one thing in common. 

Every man and woman standing along the ramp has a tattoo right above the heart, done in stark black ink. It’s the same for each person, only one solitary word.


Eryk Masters: I…I’m at a loss for words here. This is surreal. 

Other Guy: I’ll tell you what this is, Eryk, and that’s scary. Entragian has these people brainwashed, and they seem to be addicted to the kool-aide that he’s brewing. The thought that these people will be carrying that…mark…on their bodies for the rest of their lives makes me sick to my stomach. 

Eryk Masters: It just goes to prove how much of a manipulating scumbag this Entragian really is. He’s like a cult leader. I’d put him in the same category as a Jim Jones or a Charles Manson. All I can say is I pity these people, because if they’re choosing to follow this man, then they’re already damned. 

Other Guy: I’m not much of a religious man, but I’ve read some Bible verses in my day. If there was ever a “mark of the beast”, then I’d say this people have definitely accepted it. If I could give them any advice…it would be this quote. “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, for inwardly they are ravening wolves.  (Matthew 7:15)” 

Eryk Masters: He’s a wolf, alright. The biggest, baddest wolf I’ve ever seen, and he’s hoping to blow the legend’s house down… 

Entragian starts to slowly walk down the ramp, and the hellfire at the top of the ramp blasts forth with each step that he takes. He passes each protester without looking at them, and they bow their heads as he comes within range. 

The monster steps up onto the apron, and very slowly, he removes his cloak and lets it fall to the floor. 

That’s a notable change to be seen. Entragian’s had some extensive tattoo work done himself since we last saw him. His arms are covered in full sleeves, depicting coiling black tribal serpents and black tribal skulls that extend all the way over the pectoral muscles of his chest. 

He glares at the camera for a moment, and then he raises both fists up. The serpent tattoos branch off from his wrists, and they become two words etched across the knuckles of both of his fists. 

“PURE” written across one fist, “HATE” written across the other fist. 

Other Guy: Damn. Quite a bit of new ink there for The Ivory Terror. Those words definitely suit him…because never have I seen a man so warped and hopelessly twisted by hate. 

Eryk Masters: He probably did most of that work himself. When he’s not being a virus in a SHOOT Project ring, you can usually find him in his own personal hellhole, Primal Ink…on the outskirts of the Vegas strip. 

Other Guy: I’ve heard some stories about that place…freaks and lowlifes seem to flock to it. 

Isaac steps into the ring, and he climbs one of the turnbuckles, raising both fists skyward and roaring at the crowd. 

“Send For The Man” by AC/DC starts to roar through the arena, and the tone of the crowd changes on the drop of a dime, the fans showing nothing but love for The Sheriff of SHOOT Project. 

Diamond Del Carver steps out at the head of the ramp, and he glares at Entragian standing in the center of the ring. Del’s wearing black biker boots, blue jeans, and a RUN DDC t-shirt and black leather fingerless gloves. 

His hair is swept back from his head in an iron-gray mane, and the anger is plainly etched into the expression of The Hardcore Outlaw.

Samantha Coil: Introducing second, he hails from Jackson, Mississippi, weighing in at 235lbs…he is THE IRON FIST CHAMPION, THE SHERIFF OF SHOOT, DIAMOND DEL CARVER!!! 

Eryk Masters: I gotta admit…I’m getting chills right now. Carver looks mad as hell. He looks like he wants to rip Isaac’s head clean off his shoulders… 

Other Guy: And who can blame him, Eryk? Entragian abducted his girlfriend on the last episode of Revolution, and that reprehensible act has driven Carver over the edge. There are rumors that Alyssa Brower is here tonight, but no one knows where. Entragian promised he’d return her if he gets what he wants tonight…but Entragian is sick in the head…you can never really be sure of anything with him… 

Eryk Masters: It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Carver this heated. This Hall of Fame caliber athlete looks like he’s ready to go to Hell and back tonight to save his woman. I wouldn’t want to be Isaac right now… 

Other Guy: Agreed. He’s an old warhorse with smoke coming out of his nostrils, and I’m betting that Entragian’s gonna get a little taste of good old-fashioned southern justice here tonight. 

Diamond Del Carver wastes no time loping down the ramp. He’s all business, and his eyes never leave Entragian’s face. He slides into the ring, and he fearlessly goes right up to Isaac and gets right into the monster’s face.

Diamond Del Carver: WHERE IS SHE?? 

Entragian grins, his own haunted eyes staring down into the eyes of the legend that stands before him.

Entragian: Safe and sound. And if you play your cards right tonight…she’ll remain so. Her fate is in your hands, Sheriff. 

Entragian offers no more on the subject, and he takes a step back while maintaining that hideous grin. Carver grits his teeth, and he unsnaps the Iron Fist Title from around his waist and hands it to the referee. 

Isaac slips a pale hand out for a moment, and he lets his fingers trail over the faceplate while glaring right at Carver. 

Other Guy: That’s what it’s all about right there, folks. The Iron Fist Championship. One of the most prestigious titles in SHOOT Project. Made famous by great men like Ben Jackman, X-Calibur, Cade Sydal…the list goes on and on. 

Eryk Masters: Entragian seems…obsessed with that championship, OG. He’s different form the other members of SCAR in a subtle way. They’re out for blood and destruction. Entragian’s out for the same, but along that path of destruction he LOVES obtaining glory. He’s selfish, he’s power-hungry, and he’s one of the greediest human beings I’ve ever laid eyes on. 

Other Guy: No doubts there. Make no mistake about it…Entragian loves the taste of victory almost as much as he loves the taste of blood and suffering. He’s the type of glutton that will eat up each and every accolade that he can, because deep down in that blackened heart of his…he’s jealous of Diamond Del Carver. He wants to be a legend. He wants to garner the same fabled status that DDC has now.  

The bell rings, and the Iron Fist Championship match is OFFICIALLY UNDERWAY! 

Entragian stands perfectly still while grinning at Carver, almost tempting the older man to make a move. Carver’s rage starts to build, simmering beneath the flesh of his face. The Hardcore Outlaw makes his move, removing his leather belt in one fluid motion…ONLY TO WHIP IT AROUND IN AN ARCH AND SMASH THE BELT BUCKLE INTO THE SIDE OF ENTRAGIAN’S FACE!!! 

Isaac flies to the side with both hands reaching out to steady himself against the top rope, and he looks back at Carver with shocked eyes. Carver doesn’t even give the albino a moment to think, he stalks right forward and wraps the belt around his fist, and then he starts to HAMMER straight fists into Isaac’s face. 

Entragian is getting ROCKED, and he flies back into one of the turnbuckles after a particularly nasty right cross. Carver follows him in, and he begins to blast forearm uppercuts into the shelf of Isaac’s jaw, one piston-like blow after another. 

The cameras zoom in, and Entragian leans over the top rope to spit up a glob of blood and saliva. DDC nods, liking the fact that Isaac is bleeding, and he responds by wrapping the leather belt around Entragian’s neck and forcing him towards the center of the ring….where he starts to CHOKE the monster for all he’s worth! Isaac falls to his knees while gagging and clawing at the leather that’s digging into his throat, and Carver pulls back even harder while planting a boot against Isaac’s spine.


Eryk Masters: Damn! Look at the emotion in Diamond Del Carver’s eyes. This man’s been pushed beyond his breaking point…and tonight he wants BLOOD. 

Other Guy: Listen to the crowd, Eryk! These people LOVE seeing Entragian getting a taste of his own medicine for once. Carver is wearing him out with that belt… 

Carver releases his hold on the belt, and he starts to blast down knife-hand chops into the sides of Entragian’s neck and shoulders, using both hands for maximum damage. Entragian sways on his knees, and blood is dripping down from his busted lip to stain his chest. His eyes are misty, and his face is an unnatural shade of red thanks to being choked half to death.

Diamond Del Carver: How’s it feel to be helpless?? HOW DOES IT FEEL TO BE AT THE MERCY OF SOMEONE YOU PUSHED TOO GODDAMN FAR?? 

Entragian grits his teeth together, and he manages to struggle up to a vertical base. He spins around to meet Carver, and The Hardcore Outlaw hits the ropes and RAMS a boot right into Entragian’s face. 

The monster starts to fall forward, but Diamond Del Carver catches him…AND THEN HE LIFTS THE BIG MAN UP AND SPINS HIM 180 DEGREES BEFORE DRIVING HIM TO THE CANVAS WITH A SPINEBUSTER!! 

Carver pops right back up to his feet, and he looks out at the crowd for a moment, his good eye blazing with the undying spirit of one of the last great Outlaws in the business.

DDC!!! DDC!!! DDC!!! 

Eryk Masters: Diamond Del Carver is…DOMINATING this match! I’ve seen Carver emotional before….I’ve seen him fired up…but NEVER like this. He’s fighting for his woman, and he’s showing Entragian firsthand why he is one of the most respected legends to ever step foot into a SHOOT Project ring! 

Other Guy: This is The Sheriff of SHOOT at his absolute best, Eryk. In some convoluted way, I think Isaac wanted this…he wanted Carver to be at the top of his game for Reckoning Day…but I think the albino is getting more than he bargained for here! 

Entragian is crawling along the canvas, slithering like a snake, and once he gets to the ropes he finally manages to pull himself up. His breathing is labored, and he stumbles on his feet, his center of balance way off. 

Carver reaches into the pocket of his blue jeans, and he pulls out a small ball peen hammer. He holds this up for the crowd to see, and they roar with delight. Isaac staggers forward and throws out a right hand, but Del ducks underneath, and then he starts to SMASH that hammer into Isaac’s legs and thighs, one shot after another! 

Entragian HISSES with pain, stumbling backward like a drunkard, and Carver takes advantage, tossing the hammer away while grabbing up Entragian only to CRUSH his legs down against the canvas with a big-time atomic drop.

By some miracle, Entragian manages to keep his feet by gripping the top rope as tight as he can, but his legs look like they might buckle at any moment. 

Carver nods, as though expecting this, and he runs the rope and bounces off, proceeding to throw out an arm that connects with Entragian’s throat! The force of the clothesline is insane, Entragian tumbles over the top rope and falls to the outside with a huge crash, and there he lies with both eyes closed.


Eryk Masters: The Diamond Line!!! Carver put all of his strength into that one, and Entragian’s lucky that his head is still connected to his shoulders! 

Other Guy: That’s what I call impact! That’ll be a new tattoo for Isaac right there…a big black bruise! 

Carver glares at the official, and he points to Entragian’s carcass on the outside of the ring. The referee immediately begins to administer the ten count. 







Entragian starts to stir, both pale hands gripping the security railing and pulling on it for support. 


The Ivory Terror finally makes it to his feet, but it’s clear that he’s still in a great deal of pain just by the look on his face. 

Eryk Masters: Entragian manages to get up to his feet, and he’s hurting, OG…that much is obvious. 

Carver slides right out of the ring to meet him, and he picks up the ball peen hammer from the floor, raising it high above his head to strike Entragian square in the skull. 

Entragian sees this, and he starts to just PEPPER Del’s abdomen with body shots. Carver flails as he takes fist after fist to the stomach, and the hammer flies from his hand. Entragian pushes Del square in the chest and backs him up against the apron, and from there he starts to CRUSH hook punches and right crosses into Diamond Del Carver’s face. 

Carver’s head is getting rocked back over and over again, and Entragian ends the assault with a massive uppercut that sends a jet of spit flying from Del’s lips. 

Entragian then digs his hand into Carver’s gray hair, and he drags him over to one of the steel ring posts.


Entragian grins that horrid grin, and he starts to BASH Carver’s face into the steel ring post over and over again. Del is so out of it he can’t even get his hands up to protect his face, and when Entragian finally relents we see that blood is gushing down from both of Carver’s nostrils. 

Other Guy: Jesus. Carver’s nose looks bent right now…I wouldn’t be surprised if it was broken. 

Eryk Masters: I can’t get over the sound of Carver’s skull meeting steel. That was just vile… 

Carver’s legs tangle and he starts to fall, so Entragian just DRAGS him by the hair like a ragdoll. Isaac takes Carver over to the steel steps, and he boots the top portion free. The albino climbs up onto the steps, and he positions Carver’s face so that it’s grinding up against the steel…AND THEN HE BRINGS A BOOT DOWN ON THE BACK OF CARVER’S SKULL WITH A HELLACIOUS CURB STOMP!


The cameras zoom in on Carver’s face, and we see blood pudding around his face from his leaking nose. There’s a scrape along his chin now too that’s starting to drip with a slow flood of plasma. 

Eryk Masters: SHIT!! That was horrifying. That’s a good way to crack a man’s cheekbone… 

Other Guy: Does the announce table come equipped with barf bags? I think I’m going to need one… 

Entragian leaves Carver lying against the steps, and he stalks over the timekeepers table. He grabs Samantha Coil and throws her off her chair and bends her over the timekeeper’s table, and then he licks one pale palm and delivers a HARD spank to her skirt-covered ass. Entragian then snatches up the steel chair she was sitting on, and he slowly struts his way over to Carver. 

He looks out at the crowd for a moment, eyebrows rising up and down playfully.



Entragian seems to measure Carver’s carcass for a moment, and then he leans down and drives the edge of the steel chair into Carver’s ribs. Carver groans with pain, and Entragian steps to the side, this time driving the edge of the chair into the side of Carver’s neck. 

Carver wriggles with anguish, and Entragian watches him while licking his lips. The sadism in Entragian’s eyes is on full display, and he legitimately appears to be ENJOYING himself.


Entragian punctuates this by raising the chair up high over his head, only to SLAM it down as hard as he can into Diamond Del Carver’s upper back. 

Carver’s whole body reacts violently, his back arching and his fists beating down against the steps as excruciation shoots all the way up his spinal column. 

Entragian tosses the steel chair to the side after this last shot, and a belly laugh rumbles through him as he stares down at Carver. Entragian seems to consider his next move for a moment, and then he leans down and pulls Carver’s body up about halfway. The albino forces Carver into a headscissors predicament…AND THEN HE SPIKES DDC’S HEAD INTO THE STEEL STEPS WITH A PULLING PILEDRIVER!!! 

Carver’s body falls off the steps, and he lands on his side, not moving at all. 

Eryk Masters: This is hard to watch. Carver LITERALLY suffered a fractured skull the last time he fought Entragian, and after this move, you can’t help but imagine the damage this did to that old injury. 

Other Guy: A person can actually die from a fractured skull, Eryk. That is nothing to play with. It’s one of the most debilitating traumas a person can ever suffer through in life. 

Entragian takes a seat on the steel steps, taking a second to examine his handiwork up close. He points to Carver’s body, and the referee rolls out the ring and starts to count. 






No movement from Carver. The crowd starts up a “DDC” chant to try will the legend back to his feet. 



Isaac’s smile starts to grow. 


Carver’s hands come up, trembling, and they dig into the cloth of the apron. 


Somehow…someway…Diamond Del Carver uses the apron to drag himself back up to his feet. He sways from side to side, and one side of his head is drenched in blood, but he’s still standing. 

Eryk Masters: I am AMAZED by the resilience of Carver. Most men on the roster would be down for the count after an assault that brutal, but Carver is still alive and kicking. 

Other Guy: I don’t think Entragian has ever faced a man as motivated is Diamond Del Carver here tonight. The thought of reclaiming Alyssa has got to be on his mind, and I imagine that’s what’s helping him to fight past the pain. 

Entragian cocks his head to the side, mouthing the word “impressive” before rising up to his feet. SCAR’s Pale Rider takes Carver by the hair and tosses him back into the ring under the bottom rope, and then he follows him in. 

Carver crawls over to one of the turnbuckles, and he laboriously starts to pull himself up to his feet. He reaches into his pocket for a moment with his back turned to the camera, and when he turns around, he’s wearing a barbwire covered glove! 

Entragian roars with anger upon seeing this, and he races toward Del to neutralize the old man’s weapon…BUT CARVER SWINGS AND PISTONS A FIST INTO ENTRAGIAN’S JAW!! 

Entragian flies right down to the canvas, and he promptly gets right back up… 



The monster flies back against the ropes, and when he bounces back towards Carver, he catches a boot to the midsection…AND A HOOK PUNCH RIGHT TO THE EAR!! 

Eryk Masters: TOKYO KISS!! Nothing romantic about that! Entragian’s bleeding like a stuck pig! 

Other Guy: That’s one of the most lethal weapons in Carver’s arsenal, just unforgiving barbwire that tears flesh to ribbons. Definitely an equalizer! 

The cameras zoom in on Isaac’s face as he lays on his back against the canvas, and we see blood dripping down from one of his ears, and we also see one of his eyebrows has been split wide open by the glove. 

Diamond Del Carver grabs Entragian’s ankle, and he starts to drag his heavy body across the canvas. Carver then climbs up to the second rope of one of the turnbuckles…AND HE LEAPS DOWNWARD, BURYING A BARBWIRE COVERED FIST DROP INTO THE ALBINO’S FOREHEAD!! 

Entragian howls in pain, and he rolls to the side while shaking his head from side to side. He’s busted open from the forehead now, and blood drips down to stain his alabaster skin. 

Carver smirks, pausing for a moment to raise his fist up into the air, much to the delight of the Reckoning Day crowd.


The Sheriff of SHOOT then pulls Entragian’s big body up by a handful of his white hair, and he applies a half nelson while also locking an arm around Entragian’s waist. Carver then pops his hips and falls back, dropping The Ivory Terror right on the back of his skull! 

Other Guy: The Diamond Death Drop! Carver might not be the only one to leave this match with a splitting headache after all… 

Eryk Masters: Just when you think Del doesn’t have a hope in hell….that Outlaw spirit shines through, and he starts whupping ass with renewed vigor! 

Carver rises up to his feet, and Entragian remains motionless on the canvas. The Hardcore Outlaw looks to the official, yelling “He’s out! Count him!” 

The referee moves into position and starts the ten count. 








Entragian’s upper body snaps into a sitting position, and his head rotates to the side. His face is a crimson mask, but the glimmering chips of green that are his eyes still shine through, and they’re still full of life. 

Other Guy: That is some creepy shit. I don’t know how Entragian does it. Something always calls him back from the verge of defeat… 

Eryk Masters: I think he gets a glimpse of all those demons that are waiting to stick pitchforks into his pale ass once he gets to Hell, and that wakes him right back up each and every time… 

Carver goes right over to Entragian, and he plants a motorcycle book right into his face. The Hardcore Outlaw then leans down, and he rears back the hand that’s wearing the Tokyo Kiss glove, preparing to send another fist down into Isaac’s face…but as the fist falls…ENTRAGIAN CATCHES HIS WRIST! 

The albino fights up to his knees, and he whips an uppercut into Del’s jaw. The legend stumbles backwards and falls, and Isaac takes advantage, proceeding to rise fully vertical only to start stomping down on Carver’s hand over and over again. Entragian finishes the stomp barrage, and he grinds his heel against Del’s wrist while leaning downwards. Isaac reaches out, and he VIOLENTLY pulls the Tokyo Kiss glove off of Del’s hand. 

Eryk Masters: Uhoh. This could be bad… 

Other Guy: Carver might have a broken hand after all that, because those stomps were brutal as hell. 

Entragian glares at the crowd for a moment, eyes totally crazed, and then he slowly slips the Tokyo Kiss glove over his own pale hand. The monster sets his feet, and he waits patiently for Carver to get up. 

Carver finally does, wheeling around to find his adversary…but he walks right into a boxing style jab from his own barbwire covered glove! Del stumbles back with his arms pin wheeling, and Entragian just continues to pepper him, quick jab after quick jab aimed right at the meat of Del’s face. 

The blood is splattering all over the place, the Tokyo Kiss glove becoming soaked in the plasma of both SHOOT warriors.  

Entragian pauses after a few more jabs, and he roars at Carver…proceeding to LEAP UP INTO THE AIR AND DRIVE A MASSIVE BICYCLE KICK INTO CARVER’S FACE! Del flies back from the impact, and he rolls across the canvas before coming to rest on his side near the bottom rope. 

Other Guy: Mark Of The Beast connected there. Entragian wears a size 14 boot, and he just buried it in that mangled mess that used to be Carver’s face! 

Eryk Masters: Not to mention the insulting pain of having your own weapon used against you. The Tokyo Kiss glove has no allies, as long as someone’s wearing it, it’ll rip any and all flesh indiscriminately! 

Entragian stalks over to Del’s fallen body, and he bends down and latches the barbwire covered hand around Carver’s throat. Del moans as tiny barbs dig into the leathery flesh of his neck, and Isaac smiles, going on to drag Carver up to his wobbly feet. 

Entragian pauses for a moment in the center of the ring, and then he ROCKETS Carver up into the air and fires him down with a gigantic chokeslam. Carver shivers with pain after touching down, and both hands immediately wrap about his ribs. 

Eryk Masters: Now that was innovative! Entragian using that Tokyo Kiss glove to add a little extra fire to that chokeslam. 

Other Guy: Carver landed awkwardly there….really got his ribcage rattled. 

Entragian looks down at Carver, seeming to think for a moment, and then makes his way over to the closest turnbuckle. The seven footer ascends to the top rope, and he remains perched there for a few seconds, judging the distance across the ring with cold, assessing eyes. 

Carver rolls across the ring, and he grips the pads of another turnbuckle, managing to pull himself up while draping his body against the pads. He breathes in deeply, trying to gather himself, and when he turns around… 


Carver flips back so severely that he tumbles over himself with his neck snapping back before he finally comes to a stop. 

Other Guy: WOW! Wings of War!! I’m always shocked when I see Entragian bust that move out, because for a man of his size he practically soars from those buckles like a cruiserweight… 

Eryk Masters: He’s agile as can be, I’ll give the albino that much. That’s a torturous clothesline just about anytime it hits you, but I would think it was made even worse here by that Tokyo Kiss glove. 

Entragian manages to roll through and pop back up to his feet, and he points down at Carver while looking at the referee.

Entragian: COUNT HIM! 

The official gets into position. 







Amazingly, Diamond Del Carver starts to push up to his hands and knees, the blood dripping down from his face to create a mini-pool on the canvas. 

Entragian growls with frustration, and he casually removes the Tokyo Kiss glove and tosses it into the crowd. He makes a beeline for Carver, and he scrapes the old man up before lifting him up and placing him across his mighty shoulders. 

Entragian grits his razor teeth together, and then he THROWS Carver up and over….effectively CRUSHING DEL’S STOMACH INTO HIS OUTSTRETCHED KNEE!! 

Carver flips off of Isaac’s knee and promptly curls up into a fetal position, and the light in his eye appears to have faded down to nothing. 

Other Guy: THE DISEMBOWELER!! You know it’s do or die time when Entragian unleashes the patented gutbuster…Carver’s gotta be done! 

Eryk Masters: This move is always enough to keep a man down for a three count…and judging by the condition Carver is in…I’m thinking it’ll be enough to keep him down for a ten count too.

Entragian: He’s FINISHED! Count his old ass DOWN! 






Carver doesn’t move at all. 




Still motionless, nothing but shallow breathing to show that DDC is even still alive. Carver’s hand finally starts to move, and he reaches into the back pocket of his jeans. He pulls something free, and his eye rolls lazily over to look at it. 


In a display that shocks Entragian practically shitless, DDC forces himself up to his knees. He plants a trembling hand on the canvas, and he pushes all the way up to an incredibly unstable vertical base. 

Carver holds something in one hand, and as the cameras zoom in, we see a bloodstained photograph of Alyssa Brower holding her son. Carver squeezes this photo tighter, seeming to draw strength from it.

DDC!!! DDC!!! DDC!!! 


Other Guy: How in the BLUE HELL….there’s a reason people call this man a legend, Eryk!!  

Eryk Masters: It’s almost like that photo willed Carver up to his feet…and it gave him JUST enough to survive The Disemboweler!! 

Entragian THROWS himself backwards into one of the turnbuckles, his eyes bulging out of his head, his pale hands ripping at his own white hair in frantic, mind-boggling frustration. He keeps repeating something under his breath, over and over again…”no fucking way, no fucking way.”

Diamond Del Carver: I AIN’T DEAD YET, BOY! 

Isaac sneers, blood dripping down past his white eyelashes.


Entragian flies away from the turnbuckle like a dervish, and he swings out with one leg and attempts to take Del’s head off with a wild kick, but Carver ducks underneath! 

Entragian spins around to try again…BUT HE EATS A ROARING ELBOW COURTESY OF THE SHERIFF OF SHOOT! Entragian flies back into the ropes with both hands cradling his head, and Del moves in, managing to get Entragian’s big body up into a body slam position….but instead of following through with the body slam, Del drops just drops down…and he SPIKES Isaac’s head into the canvas! 

Eryk Masters: THE DIAMOND DRILLER!! I hope Entragian likes his brains scrambled and not sunny-side up! 

Entragian is crawling against the canvas, his hair practically dyed red with his own blood, and by sheer luck he finds the ropes and starts to get up. His eyes are glazed over, and he appears to have no idea of where he’s at right now. 

Diamond Del Carver watches from the center of the ring, his breathing labored, his features a gore-streaked nightmare. 

Entragian staggers towards him, and Carver grips one tree-limb arm and manages to LIFT Isaac’s 300lb girth up onto his shoulders into a fireman’s carry! 

Carver’s legs shake, his arms shake, his whole body trembles and threatens to fail on him…but he gathers up his will, he draws every bit of that Outlaw spirit to the surface… 


Entragian gets snapped down so quick that he BOUNCES, landing on his back with a dull thud while leaving a smear of crimson all over the mat. Carver pants like an exhausted dog, and he scoots across the ring on his butt before using the middle rope to steady himself and get up to his feet. 

Eryk Masters: MY GOD!! My heart is in my throat right now!! Diamond Cutter of the CENTURY!!! 

Other Guy: Isaac is DEAD. Put that man in the ground and throw some dirt on him, because I’m looking at a corpse right now! 

The Reckoning Day crowd ERUPTS for The Hardcore Outlaw, showering the legend with respect and astonished admiration.




Carver swipes blood and sweat from his face, and he barks down at the referee.

Diamond Del Carver: DO YOUR JOB! 

The official leans down close to the carcass of Entragian, and he starts counting. 





Isaac is flat on his back, his eyes fluttering beneath the lids. 



Entragian rolls onto his side, and he spits up a string of messy blood and saliva. 


Isaac plants his hands against the canvas in a push-up like position. 



The monster uses every ounce of hellish power he has inside of him, and he PUSHES himself up to his feet. His teeth are bared, his eyes lethal, his face and upper body awash in his own life’s blood. 

Now it’s Carver’s turn to be floored with shock, and he can do nothing but stare at Entragian. DDC’s jaw has dropped, and his mouth hangs wide open. He whispers “that ain’t possible.” Isaac seems to hear this, and a razor-tipped smile spreads across his face. 

Eryk Masters: I’m not seeing this. I am NOT seeing this… 

Other Guy: That man…that monstrosity…took a picture perfect Diamond Cutter from Carver that would have broken the neck of a lesser competitor, and there he stands in defiance of the world!  

Eryk Masters: What’s it gonna take, OG?? What do these men even have left at this point?? 

Entragian walks to the center of the ring, and Carver goes to meet him. They press their bloody foreheads together, rage bubbling up in both men, and Entragian is the first to step back and BLAST a hook punch into the side of Del’s mouth.


Carver stumbles, but he comes right back and sends a back-handed chop into Entragian’s chest!


Isaac hisses in pain, but he shakes it off and leans into a right cross that connects with Carver’s orbital bone!


DDC is knocked for a loop, his body staggering back against the ropes, but the old man bounces back and he SLASHES down with both hands and chops the hell out of both sides of Entragian’s neck.


Eryk Masters: Listen to the crowd, OG!! These people are loving every minute of this!! Reckoning Day, baby!!! 

Other Guy: Each and every time these men throw a fist or a chop…a SHOCKWAVE travels through The Epicenter! 

Entragian groans with pain, both hands going to his neck, but DDC gives him not even a moment’s rest, instead he favors the monster with a big-time straight fist to the face. 

Isaac staggers and falls to both knees, and Carver goes to pick him up, but The Ivory Terror PISTONS an uppercut into Del’s jaw, and the old man falls down to both knees as well! 

Both Carver & Entragian are on their knees facing each other, and they just start to slam and hammer rights and lefts into each other’s head. The knuckles fly, and after a few moments, it seems Entragian is getting the best of DDC…UNTIL CARVER RAKES THE HELL OUT OF ISAAC’S EYES!! 

Entragian falls to the side in a heap with both hands over his face, and DDC slowly rolls out of the ring. Carver reaches beneath the apron, and he pulls out a wooden table that’s been pre-wrapped in barbwire. He tosses this into the ring, and he also pulls a canister of lighter fluid and a book of matches from beneath the ring. 

Carver lopes into back into the ring, moving like a dinosaur that’s half stuck in tar, and he carefully sets up the table on one side of the ring. Carver then saturates the table with lighter fluid…and with the flick of a match…he sets the table ABLAZE!! 

The flames lap over the surface of the wood and the barbwire, and DDC turns his attention back to the albino, the firelight dancing in the old man’s eye and turning his face into a menacing red mask. 

Eryk Masters: Oh my god…this is beyond dangerous, OG. If the barbwire wasn’t bad enough, then the FIRE definitely is! 

Other Guy: Someone’s fixing to get barbecued… 

The fans are stamping their feet and clapping their hands as Diamond Del Carver starts to bull Entragian’s weight up off the canvas, and the crowd grows even more excited as the two men come closer to the inferno. 

Carver grabs Isaac around the waist…and he hauls him up into the air for a spinebuster…but at the last second Entragian starts to blast headbutts into Carver’s face! DDC stumbles, and Isaac’s feet drop back to the canvas. 

The Ivory Terror sees his opportunity, and he YANKS Carver into a headscissor predicament. Entragian lifts Carver up into the air, placing him up onto his shoulders…but Carver starts to fight it…fist after fist directed into Isaac’s head… 



Splinters fly, embers shoot up into the air, and Carver SCREAMS in agony as he struggles against the shredding barbwire and the searing fire. He finally manages to throw himself free of the wreckage, and he slaps the flames from his t-shirt with bleeding hands. He finally becomes still, looking more like a smoked carcass than a man at this moment in time. 

Eryk Masters: THE FORKED TONGUE FINALE THROUGH THE TABLE!!! That was UNGODLY! Carver is a burnt, mangled mess…this NEEDS to end!! 

Other Guy: If EVER there was a time where I would want a white towel thrown into the ring, then now is that time… 

Entragian collapses back against the turnbuckles, and he screams at the official at the top of his lungs.


The referee drops down with fear and firelight dancing across his face. 









Carver starts to stir. His hands start to shake. His eye rolls in his head like the eye of a slaughtered cow that doesn’t know it’s dead yet. He starts to crawl across the canvas towards the ropes…. 

Entragian shakes his head firmly, his eyes purely malicious, and he stomps right over to Carver and plants a boot on the back of his head, effectively breaking the count for the moment. 

The Ivory Terror then turns his attention to the SHOOT Project Video Wall, and he bellows as loud as he can.

Entragian: NOW, BOYS! IT’S SHOWTIME!!! 

The SHOOT Project Video Wall starts to flash with static, and then we see a live view of the SCAR boys somewhere in the back. 

ALYSSA BROWER is seated before them with her arms tied behind her back, and Corazon and Kenji loom over her on both sides. Obsidian stands directly behind her with both hands locked on her shoulders. 

There’s a jar in Corazon’s hand, and some sort of noxious clear liquid bubbles within, sending up little tendrils of steam. He holds this close to Alyssa’s face, and her eyes widen with terror. 

Despite all the damage done to his body, Carver struggles under Isaac’s boot as he gazes up at the Video Wall, his whole body thrumming like a live wire.

Entragian: This is the moment of truth, Del. Decision time. See that jar Corazon is holding? That’s battery acid. Nasty stuff. 

Entragian pauses while grinding his boot heel deeper into the back of Carver’s neck. 

Entragian: I’m gonna present you with two choices. Choice # 1: You try and get up. You try and stand to retain your title. You do that…and Corazon’s hand is gonna slip, and you’ll have a front row seat to watch Alyssa’s pretty little face melt right off the bone. 

Carver groans in anger beneath Isaac’s boot, and he starts to thrash around again, all of his attention held by Alyssa’s face on the big screen.

Entragian: Choice # 2: You lie still. You don’t get up. You swallow your pride for ten seconds, and I promise you…I’ll spare her. Not a bad deal, right? Iron Fist Title for Alyssa Brower. I’ll have the boys bring her out without harming one hair on her head, and you might just get your happy ending after all. It’s all on you, old-timer. Make your choice. 

Entragian glares at the official, and he nods his head silently. The referee drops down with a disgusted expression on his face. 






Diamond Del Carver seems conflicted for a few seconds, but the sight of Alyssa before him on the Video Wall seems to give him enough hope to make a decision. He lets his body go limp, and he doesn’t move an inch. 


Other Guy: Come on Del! Not like this!! There’s gotta be another way… 

Eryk Masters: What choice does he have, OG?? Entragian’s got the man backed into a corner! As much Carver enjoys the honor of holding the Iron Fist Title, the well-being of his girlfriend is at stake…and that’s what DDC is thinking about right now! 




Carver drops his head and looks blankly at the canvas, and a warm little smile appears on Isaac’s face. 


Samantha Coil steps up to make the announcement, and you can tell just by her voice that she finds this whole ordeal revolting



The crowd has come unglued at this point, people rising up their feet to shower this monster with the negative response that he deserves. 

Entragian’s grin grows even larger, and he takes his boot off of Carver’s neck. He steps back, and he forces the official to wrap the Iron Fist belt around his waist. 

Other Guy: This is a damned travesty. This black-hearted snake of man just connived his way into becoming the Iron Fist Champion… 

Eryk Masters: I’m right there with you on that, OG. Now the rotten bastard got what he wanted, so he needs to let this poor girl go free! 

Entragian takes a moment to wipe blood from his face with a towel, and once he’s done this he takes a microphone into his pallid hand.

Entragian: Well Carver, you made the right choice. I never doubted you. I’m a man of my word, so I’ll hold up my end of the bargain. BOYS….bring Alyssa out here please. 

“Black Session” by Katatonia plays on the overhead speakers, and the three remaining members of Project: SCAR walk out from the back. Alyssa Brower walks between them, her hands bound behind her back with rawhide. 

The young woman wears a red top and a leather skirt, and she keeps stealing nervous glances at her captors. 

They make it to the ring, and with his good arm, Corazon grabs Alyssa by the arm and brings her into the ring. At this point Carver has struggled up to his feet, swaying from side to side and barely conscious, but still relieved and happy to see his woman standing before him. 

The official starts to clear the ring of weapons and the smoldering table, and then he exits the ring entirely. Obsidian steps up and removes the rawhide around Alyssa’s wrists, and she stands there trembling for a moment as all three members of SCAR step back to stand vigil. 

She looks like she wants to jump into Carver’s arms, but her eyes keeping flitting around as though she fears the SCAR boys might be up to something. 

Entragian leans back against one the turnbuckles while cocking his head, and he brings the mic up to his scarlet-stained lips.

Entragian: Don’t mind us. A deal is a deal. She’s yours again, Carver. You may kiss your future bride… 

Carver casts one mistrustful glance towards Entragian, and then stumbles forward, and Alyssa practically leaps forward to meet him. Alyssa wraps her arms around DDC and hugs him as tightly as she can, and Carver returns the embrace. Alyssa takes hold of Carver’s cheeks, and she draws him in and kisses him deeply. Flashbulbs click all over The Epicenter as the couple shares this moment, and despite the war he just took part in, Carver still manages to smile.

Diamond Del Carver: Thought I’d lost you… 

A single tear of joy drips down Carver’s cheek, cutting a little trail through the blood. Alyssa smiles, and she draws Carver close, her hand going to stroke the iron-gray mane of his hair. Her ruby red lips brush against Carver’s ear, and she whispers only two words to him.

Alyssa Brower: You did. 


Carver collapses down to his knees with both hands covering his groin, all the breath gone from his chest, the pain excruciating, the confusion shimmering in his good eye like sunlight dappling across a river. 

Alyssa’s face remains perfectly blank, and she doesn’t even look at Carver as she goes to stand over by Entragian. 

Entragian: OUCH! That looked painful. You were expecting a heart-warming reunion, yet here you crouch, balls cradled in your hands, looking like a bloodhound that just got left out in the cold. Even you gotta admit, that’s a helluva plot twist, isn’t it, Del? 

Entragian starts to circle Carver, taking his time while he does it, one hand reaching up to smooth his hair back.

Entragian: Look at you. So confused. So bewildered. You don’t have a clue, do you? I dropped hint after hint, yet they all sailed right over your silver-haired head. Well I can’t bear to see you like this, so pathetically broken and baffled.

Isaac goes to stand before Carver again, and he casts a glance over to Alyssa.

Entragian: Should we tell him? 

Alyssa shrugs her shoulders while smirking, both hands resting easily on her hips. 

Entragian: I have a LITTLE confession to make, Del. Remember when I told you that I always have a card to play? You remember, don’t you? There’s always a contingency plan. There’s always an insurance policy. I’m the type of man who likes to be prepared for each and every situation, so I plan ahead. 

Entragian walks over to Alyssa, and he casually slings an arm across her bare shoulders. 

Entragian: Allow me to introduce you to my contingency plan. Alyssa Brower. The love of your life. The woman you hoped to marry. The sweet, genuine girl who came into your world like a soft breeze, providing you with a level of warmth and joy that you haven’t experienced in decades. 

Entragian leans closer to Carver, staring him dead in the face. There’s no smile on Isaac’s face. His expression is hard like gravestone, and it’s terribly, terribly cold.

Entragian: She’s a prostitute, Del. 

Carver’s eyes widen, and he looks to Alyssa, his mouth moving but no words coming out. His gaze turns back to Entragian, and rage flushes through his face.

Diamond Del Carver: YOU LIE! You’re a goddamned LIAR! 

Entragian shakes his head from side to side slowly, and then he nods to the SCAR boys standing behind Carver. All three men descend upon Carver, and they force his arms down and start to wrap them against his waist with barbwire. 

The work is done after a moment, with Carver on his knees, his arms bound to his own body with barbwire.

Entragian: I do lie. I lie fairly often. But I’m sorry to say…I’m not lying now. Everything I’m telling you is the truth. You don’t have to take my word for it, Del. Hear it from the lips of Alyssa. The same lips that once brushed against yours like rose petals… 

Entragian holds the mic up to Alyssa’s mouth for a moment.

Alyssa Brower: All true. Every word. 

Her expression doesn’t change at all.

Entragian: She’s one of the more prominent “escorts” to ever work the Las Vegas strip. Very skilled. Very convincing. She usually caters to CEOs and big business types, but if you have the cash, she doesn’t discriminate. 

Entragian clears his throat, and his words flow it with utter emotionless.

Entragian: I hired her shortly after Redemption, when you made your grand return. I have provided her with copious amounts of cold, hard cash, and in exchange for that, she has provided you with the…”girlfriend experience.”

Carver stares up at Alyssa, his face seeming to droop with each word that comes out of Isaac’s mouth. She doesn’t even bother to look at him.

Entragian: Remember when you first met Alyssa? Her little boy came up to you and asked for your autograph. He said you were his favorite wrestler. He said that…because I told him to say that. You’d be surprised how easy it is to manipulate a child when you have an endless supply of candy and toys. Alyssa urged him on. We told him it’d be fun to “play pretend” and trick the old man.

The truth is…that little boy had never even heard of you. He doesn’t watch SHOOT Project. He was used to initiate contact between you and Alyssa, that’s all. 

Even the SHOOT Project faithful have become mostly quiet at this point, people hanging on Entragian’s every word. 

Entragian: Alyssa got closer to you than I ever could. I employed her services for one reason. To infiltrate your life, to win your heart, to earn your love…so that at a time of my choosing, I could step in effortlessly…and take those things away from you. Every time she kissed you, she was acting. Every time she laughed with you and seemed to enjoy spending time with you, it was because she was being paid to do so. Every time she fucked you, she was faking. Every single moment you shared with this woman was a fabrication.

Various emotions are assaulting Carver all at once, things like humiliation, embarrassment, anger…all of them mixing together.

Entragian: Your entire relationship with Alyssa Brower was nothing more than a fictional house of cards that I built for you. She was never kidnapped. That was all part of the game. She came willingly. And if I can be serious for a moment, I’d just like commend Alyssa for what I consider an Oscar worthy performance.

I can only imagine how difficult it was to actually sleep with this broken wretch of a man. 

Can we get a round of applause for Alyssa Brower, folks? A street whore AND a five star actress!


Alyssa takes a sarcastic little bow. Entragian goes over to Carver, and he kneels down before him. He locks eyes with the old man, and he raises up one hand and digs his talons into Carver’s cheeks.

Entragian: And now comes the moment I’ve waited for. Something I’ve worked hard to make a reality. Now is the moment where I look into your eyes…and I watch that Outlaw spirit wither and die inside of you. I watch your soul bleed.

I watch all of your hopes and dreams turn to shit. The fall of a legend. A rare moment between you and I….something I’ll cherish forever. 

The fans start up a “DDC” chant, but Carver drops his head in something like shame, and another solitary tear slips down his weathered cheek.

Entragian: I could never be satisfied with SCARRING just your body. I’ve left a SCAR on your heart. I’ve etched a SCAR into the very fibers of your soul. I’ve taken everything from you. I’ve taken your title. I’ve taken your woman. I’ve taken your self-respect. 

Entragian stands up, and he goes over to Alyssa Brower and allows his hand to slip around her waist. He then looks down at his Iron Fist Championship, and he lets his fingertips run lovingly across the faceplate.

Entragian: You have nothing left, Del. I have broken you physically, emotionally, and spiritually. You have nothing left to live for. Nothing left that’s worth taking. Always remember, Del…I’m the one that did this to you. There is one person responsible for ruining your life, and that person is me. 

Entragian’s expression remains perfectly cold, his eyes perfectly poisonous. Carver doesn’t even bother to raise his head, his eyes just stare at the canvas, and there’s something so pitiful about the sight of seeing him like that.

Entragian: In this business…in this bloodsport called professional wrestling…in life…I’m the worst person you ever could have fucked with, Del. When you fuck with me, you’re committing career suicide. I think you understand that now, don’t you? 

Nothing from Carver. Only silence. It almost looks like….he’s just…given up.

Entragian: So you’re going away after tonight, Diamond Del Carver. You’re going to walk away from SHOOT Project, and you’re never coming back. I’ll keep your badge as a souvenir, Sheriff. Crawl into some deep, dark hole, and never show your worthless face around these parts ever again. You’re finished. You’re done. These are the final, pathetic moments of your illustrious career. 

Entragian turns his back on Carver, but then he looks back, a little grin appearing on his face.

Entragian: One last thing. Before I ever sent Alyssa your way…I had to test the merchandise out for myself. She’s a wildcat, Del. But you’re aware of that, because you’ve been dining on my sloppy seconds for months now. Just thought you should know… 

Entragian reaches out, and squeezes a handful of Alyssa’s leather clad ass cheek. She giggles, and he points to his neck with a wolfish smile eating up his features.

Entragian: Gimme some sugar, babycakes. You know where to find my sweet spot… 

Alyssa leans in, and she licks Entragian’s neck with the tip of her tongue while making a point to stare Diamond Del Carver right in the face. Isaac shivers with pleasure, and then he turns to the SCAR boys.

Entragian: Stand him up. 

Obsidian and Kenji force Carver up to his feet, and he provides them with no resistance at all. His face is a testament to misery, and he doesn’t even bother to look at Entragian. Corazon watches with nothing but an extremely content smile on his face. 

Carver stands there with his arms bound in barbwire, and Entragian bounces off the ropes and SPEARS the living hell out of Carver, turning his body into something like an accordion with Corruption. 

Eryk Masters: I’m literally ill right now. I had to fight just about every urge in me to take off my headset and get into that ring myself and help Carver out, because this was one of the most disgusting, reprehensible things I have ever seen play out before my eyes in all of my years with SHOOT Project. 

Other Guy: It’s shocking. I can’t stop thinking about how much Entragian schemed and plotted JUST to hurt Diamond Del Carver in seemingly every way there is to hurt a human being. It’s a glimpse into the man’s depravity, and it scares me half to death. It’s something I wish I could unsee… 

Day One of Reckoning Day comes to a close, and the final shots we see are Obsidian hoisting Entragian up onto his shoulders to celebrate with the Iron Fist Championship held in one pallid claw. Then we see one final shot of Diamond Del Carver, nothing but a bloody lump on the canvas, curled up into a cocoon of his own suffering.