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Reckoning Day 2024: News & Notes



-Surprising news coming out of Reckoning Day as we can confirm that none other than former SHOOT Project soldier, Lindsay Troy, was in attendance at the event. The Queen of the Ring and PRIME President and CEO is said to have spoken briefly with Real Deal and Dan Stein before stopping to see Miranda DC, the Coltons, and her Lux Aeterna tag partner, Ayumi Seppuku. Troy then took in the show from a suite alongside her two children, Ami and BRAZEN Champion Kaz, and her partner, Wade Elliott. 


This marks the first time Troy has been seen inside the Epicenter since taking time off to heal various injuries suffered after her brutal, bloody feud with Void last spring. Rumors have long persisted that Troy was due another shot at the SHOOT Project World Title after Joshua Breedlove threw their match at Redemption 2022 and kept her from the title scene, however she did not resign with SHOOT before her contract expired on December 31, 2023. The meeting between Troy, Real Deal, and Stein – while short – was said to be friendly, and both Troy and RD are business partners on the ACE Network deal between SHOOT and PRIME.


Could the Queen’s presence be a sign of good things to come? Or was this simply just a cordial visit between business partners? Only time will tell….


Mary Kelly briefly caught up with Lars Von Bremen as he was exiting the show, suprisingly not with NC-17. When asked why he didn’t do anything to help NC-7teeny, Lars simply responded:


“Why would I put a crown on the head of a man who doesn’t even want to be the king?”


-Newfoundland’s very own, Harv Norris, appeared recently on Newf Radio to discuss his SHOOT Project debut and his close friendships with his fellow Punch Line teammates. The three hour interview was said to be a great listen, we unfortunately are still waiting on a Newfie-to-English translation to confirm.

Ryan Samuels has been said to have ruffled some feathers with his lackluster comments concerning the news of newly appointed SHOOT COO Dan Stein’s new baby. In a series of spitter messages, Mr. Samuels managed to raise the ire of a majority of the SHOOT roster.

Roy Vezina has been recently spotted at a number of wrestling schools, citing he was scouting for new recruits for his Punch Line stable.


Nate Robideau has been removed from the internal list of active competitors and is no longer listed on SHOOT’s website.  His announcement came as a surprise and was not scripted to occur–nor was Joshua Breedlove’s response to it.  The backstage situation was one of shock amongst the talent, but the corporate end was aware that Nate’s leaving was a possibility–Robideau’s contract was up at the end of the calendar year, and talent relations had him on temporary single month deals while formal negotiations were ongoing.  His most recent deal concludes at the end of February, and he has requested that it not be renewed.

His more recent conduct notwithstanding, the word from a source close to Blackhawk Fight Gym is that Robideau will give SHOOT first option to sign him should he ever decide to return to active competition.


-In other Blackhawk news, the same source revealed that Joey ‘Golden’ Burkhalter is dissatisfied with the opportunities that have been provided for him as of late and with how Nate Robideau handled the leadup to his recent fight with Joshua Breedlove.  Reached for comment, Robideau said the following: “Things will be handled in-house.  Joey Burkhalter is Blackhawk Fight Gym.  You can quote me on that one.”


Mike de los Huesos has been recovering from his match against Ryan Samuels in the care of the staff at The Sanctum.  Rumors persist of his joining The Empire, and Mike has as of late been providing no comment as opposed to outright denials.


-SHOOT Project management has requested two additional members of medical personnel at shows going forward.  The fact that this comes after the reveal of the new team of Trailer Trash Terry and Pigpen Matsumoto, stylized as PLANET MOTHERFUCKER, has been officially stated as coincidental.


-Management is said to be very high on Flaco Cortez, also known as ‘The Kid’.  His recent appearances on SHOOT shows have been likened to a tryout period, with Talent Relations determining if he’s ready enough for prime time or if they want to sign him to one of their farm feds.


-Following the events of Reckoning Day, a full search was conducted throughout the Epicenter while an armed security presence was dedicated to NC-17’s locker room, which had been cleared out by the time officers arrived. A search was also conducted at and NC-17’s last known place of residence later that evening but no evidence was immediately obtained that pointed to any new leads in the abductions of Daihm Ferguson or Jamie Johnson.


According to second-hand reports, as officers were sweeping the locker room areas in the Epicenter, a verbal and possibly physical altercation broke out between Lennox Ferguson and Ayumi Seppuku, who was being held for questioning in the arena’s green room. There are no additional details known at this time, but the SHOOT Project Chief of Staff was said to not be among those congratulating COO Dan Stein on the arrival of his son later that evening.


-There were some rumblings of surprise when it was announced that Dan Stein would take over as SHOOT’s COO, with most of the surprise being centered around Jason Johnson’s exclusion from the role. When pressed about it, Jason and Josh both, independently, acknowledged the legal agreement that prevents Jason Johnson from acting as anything more than on-camera talent and in a consulting capacity.


-Word from the Joshua Breedlove camp is that the former champion is glad to put the Robideau ordeal behind him and is refocusing on reclaiming the World Heavyweight Championship. While Robideau/Breedlove is an early contender for Feud of the Year, the former champion is and has been ready to move forward.


-On the subject of moving forward, rumors are starting to circulate that former member of the Empire, KIMO, is getting ready to return to the roster. No word yet on how or when that might be.


-Management was high on the performances of Jeffrey James Roberts and Kazna Morozova during the Reckoning Day event. Opportunities for both are definitely on the horizon. Alexander Kincaid’s return has generated some excitement in the back as well, with everyone noting Kincaid’s major upside, talent, and potential.


-It has not been forgotten that Madison Seton is owed a Sin City Championship match. It’s possible that she and Miranda DC will square off for the belt as soon as Revolution 205. Same goes for Miranda DC and NC-17 being destined to square off. No word on when that match will take place.


-Back to the Empire camp, with Jamie Johnson missing, the focus is on El Paria and how he handles things moving forward. Currently, the younger brother of the Realness is scheduled to continue his work with his other crew and will be tagging with Flaco Cortez at Ruination against the Collins Twins.


The Collins Twins were very well received both by the crowd and by the members of the roster. Tag team wrestling is heating up in SHOOT Project, and the Collins Twins may have come back at just the right time.