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Reckoning Day

imageThe Stage is Set

(taped earlier)

Outside a run-down old office building at midnight, a lone figure stood, cloaked in the shadows from the inadequate lighting. The mysterious individual stared at a grungy old sign that said “Big Time Wr ling” and had seen better days. He sighed and mused aloud.

“And this is what it comes to. The world that I created. From nothing, I made this the greatest wrestling promotion the world had ever seen. And one man brought it down to nothing, undoing all the work that had been done.”

He walked away, still under cover of darkness.

“The time is now.”

The Lyger Kid v. Stonewolf

Stone Wolf and Lyger Kid are both inside of the ring face to face. Lyger Kid noticeably is two inches shorter than the massive Stone Wolf. Wolf smacks the gum right out of the face of LygerKid. He hits the mat, as Stone Wolf stands in the corner and is mocking Lyger Kid. He stalks over to the corner and kicks LygerKid lackadaisically in the back of his head. Lyger Kid gets kicked again, but he leg sweeps the big men right off from his feet.

Stone Wolf face hits hard on the mat, as LygerKid makes it back to his feet. He is waiting for Stone Wolf to make it to his feet, and he delivers a dropkick to the right knee of Stone Wolf. He follows up and goes up to the top turnbuckle. Stone Wolf eyes are blood shot and he is unaware of the surrounding. He hits Stone Wolf with a Lou Thezz press from the top rope, and he goes for the cover 1, 2, Kickout. A massive kick out by Stone Wolf, who cradles to the far corner.

LygerKid has the full advantage of the big man, and he bounces off the ropes for leverage, as Stone Wolf crawls back up to his feet. He sees LygerKid coming at him 100 miles an hour and delivers a sadistically left arm lariat. Lyger Kid turns inside out and covers up the back of his neck, as the crowd goes crazy. Stone Wolf looks at the shape that LygerKid is in and he begins to put the buts to the side of LygerKids left arm. He lifts up the much smaller Lyger Kid to his feet with one arm. He sits him in a fireman’s carry position and airplane spins around like a red rooster. Stone Wolf drops Lyger Kid on the mat, as a sound of sickening thud can be echoed throughout the arena. Stone Wolf tries to shake the cobwebs off of his head, and preys after Lyger Kid who is staggered against the ropes.

Stone Wolf brings Lyger Kid up to his feet, and he delivers a massive European uppercut that rocks the jaw of Lyger Kid and causing a look of great pain and distress throughout his freckle body. He measures Lyger Kid up one more timer and delivers a devoting, brutal European uppercut that sends Lyger Kid over the top ropes crashing into the pavment black tile rubber mat Lyger Kid is holding his back, as Stone Wolf has a crimson grin on his sullen face. He hops over the ropes and lifts LygerKid up by one hand. Lyger Kid rides on the shoulder blade of Stone Wolf, and he is about to be sent into the black ring post, but he uses the body movement of Stone Wolf, to reverse the leverage, as Stone Wolf is sent into the post. Wolf goes down to the floor and is holding his forehead. LygerKid jumps on top of the ring post and waits for Stone Wolf to make it to his feet, and he delivers a devoting missile drop kick, that lands right on the number, Lyger Kid follows up with a variation of a Swanton Bomb, that hurls the midsection of Stone Wolf.

LygerKid picks up a steel chair and places it right next to the collarbone area of Stone Wolf. He picks up another chair and goes up to the top of the ring apron. Stone Wolf is fifteen feet away from where he is standing. He delivers a Stardom Press right onto the collarbone. Stone Wolf body goes into a seizure and his fingers and arm goes completely numb for seconds. Lyger Kid simply just starts to beat the living shit out of Stone Wolf with the steel chair. Blood starts to drip out of the forehead of Stone wolf as Lyger Kid picks up the steel chair. Stone Wolf makes it back to his feet. Lyger Kid tosses him the steel chair and attempts a fiver arm, but Stone Wolf he ducks out of the way, and is met with the steel of the silver chair. His body’s lying motionless on the pavement of the outside as Stone Wolf tries to make it back inside of the ring.

Stone Wolf comes back outside to break up the count, as Lyger Kid is making it up to his feet and he takes a deep breath. Stone Wolf is breathy heavily and is gasping for air as he rolls the broken down carcass of Lyger Kid back inside of the ring. His eyes are blaming, and hazing red with smoke steaming out of his left nostril. Stone Wolf picks up Lyger kid, and gives him hard Irish whip into the far corner. He comes storming in with a clothesline that sends Lyger Kid down to the mat. He picks the kid back up and slams him with pain and authority with the slam. Lyger Kid is feeling the pain rightnow. Stone wolf walks over the kid with his foot stamped on top of the chest area of Lygerkid. He tires to push the foot from his chest, but Stone Wolf delivers a stiff left palm shot to the nose of Lyger Kid. Stone Wolf looks down at his own blood and begins to laugh, as Lyger Kid nose is busted wide-opened.

Blood starts to fall from the broken nose of Stone Wolf. Stone is roaring to the fans, as the people are chanting his name. Lyger Kid is spitting out blood from his mouth and Stone Wolf observes as he watches Lyger Kid make it to his feet. He tries a black mafia style boot to the chin of Lyger Kid, but nobody home. A forward roll by Lyger Kid, he delivers a face buster that sends Stone Wolf down to the mat with harsh, and viciousness. Lyger Kid flips off the fans and he spits on the midsection of Stone Wolf. The kid is going up to the top, and Stone Wolf is lying on his back. He delivers a 45- splash to the midsection of Stone Wolf, and he hooks the leg for a cover. The ref hops around and is in position for the one, tutu, the KICKOUT! Stone Wolf kicks out after a two count, and Lygerkid is beside himself. He is in the face of the referee and is jaw jacking over the extremely slow count.

Stone Wolf is on all fours and Lyger Kid’s back is turn from him. He spins him around into a DDT, but Reverse by Lygerkid, who hooks on a flying bulldog halfway across the ring. Stone Wolf face jerked right off the mat, and LygerKid is climbing up to the top rope again. He begins to jack with some of the idiots sitting at ringside. Lyger Kid is drenched with a full dec glass of Genuine Draft. Stone Wolf is still out on the mat, and LygerKid launches into a Guitione Leg drop, but Stone Wolf slides out of the way, and LygerKid hits hard. His leg bounced off the mat like a piece of raw meat.

Stone Wolf begins to make his way up as the people are trying to encourage him. Wolf finally makes his way to all fours and he sees LygerKid, and sprints across the ring, delivering a football tackle, as the people go crazy. He is on top of Lygerkid bouncing the back of his head off of the harsh mat. Lyger Kid is begging for mercy, but Wolf kicks him straight in his gut, and follows up with a release German suplex, that sends Lyger Kid across the ring. Stone Wolf climbs the second turnbuckle. He delivers a second rope elbow smash into the groin section of Lyger Kid who is holding his leg into a great deal of pain. Wolf yanks the leg right off from the body of LygerKid. He locks on a standing Indianan Death lock, and looks on. Lyger Kid is in a great deal of discomfort. He tries reaching for the ropes, but Stone Wolf punches him square in his mouth. He releases the hold, and Lyger Kid begins to moan and cry for forgiveness.

Lyger Kid is on his knees and Stone Wolf lifts him up by his hair and twirls him around like a Frisbee sending his neck onto the ropes. Stone Wolf follows up with a rear view chin breaker. He goes for the lateral press 1, 2, kicks out. Stone Wolf eyes glare the ref who shrugs his shoulder and indicates it was just a two count. Lyger Kid jaw is jacked as he is breathing for oxygen. Stone Wolf locks on a dragon sleeper! Stone Wolf wrenches in as Lyger Wolf is fighting the hold.

The kid locks to be going down to the mat, but he uses the ropes for leverage and moonsaults over. Stone Wolf turns around and is dealt a super kick that rocks the chin of the big man; he staggers into the center of the ring. Lyger Kid bounces off the corner and he delivers a franksetiner that sends Stone Wolf over, and he hooks the massive legs of Wolf. 1 Kick out by Stone Wolf. Lygerkid crashes to the outside, but he bounces right back up to his feet. Stone Wolf rises up to his feet and looks at LygerKid who is stumping outside. He grabs the head of LygerKid, but Lyger Kid jacks the throat of StoneWolf. He hopes onto the ropes, as Stone Wolf is charging at him, but gets jolted with a springboard DDT, that turns Wolf inside out.

Stone Wolf is out, and Lyger Kid bounces off the ropes with a triple jump moon Sault, and he goes for another pin, 1, 2, kicks out. Just a two count as Lyger Kid wipes the blood off his nose and slaps the face of Stone Wolf. Lyger Kid bluntly bites the ear of Stone Wolf who is screaming in agony. Lyger Kid kicks his steel-wrestling boots into the rib area of Stone Wolf like a field goal. He lifts up Stone Wolf for a snap mare takeover. Wolf flips over and lands in a split position with his head down. Lyger Kid climbs the top of the ropes. He has a psychotic expression in his eyes. He floats off the ropes over into a neck snapper from the top ropes. Stone Wolf grabs his neck as Lyger Kid gives him “birth control” head slap to his face. Lyger Kid slides to the outside and picks up a steel chair. He tosses the chair back to the ring as Stone Wolf is still holding the back of his neck in a great deal of pain.

Lyger Kid tosses two more chairs into the middle of the ring. Stone Wolf grabs the bottom rope for support as he climbs his way back to his feet. Lyger Kid sets two chairs side by side, and another one on top of the ropes. Lyger Kid spots Stone Wolf on his feet, and he delivers a 450-leg drop that sends Stone Wolf back down to the mat. Stone Wolf is dragged across the ring, and is placed on the top ropes. Lyger Kid is signaling for the end as he gives a throat gesture to the fans out in attendance. Stone Wolf head is down as Lyger Kid is draped across his neck area. He attempts a Hurricane, but a low blow by Stone Wolf. He turns the hold upside down and delivers a modify tombstone that sends LygerKid crashing through the top of two steel chairs.

The fans are amazed as to the event that has just transpired. Stone Wolf is desperately trying to make it over to where LygerKid has been out for a matter of seconds. He methodically crawls over to the ringside where LygerKid is lying down with his eyes on the ceiling. Stone Wolf makes it and he places his left arm over the upper throat of Lyger Kid. The ref makes the count oneee, twooo thre kickout. LygerKid got a shoulder up just before the referee made the three count. The fans are amazed and are standing and rising to there very feets.

Stone Wolf looks down over the wounded and beat down body of Lyger Kid. He picks the kid up to his feet. Lyger Kid can barely stand up to his two feet. Stone Wolf hip tosses him over to the far corner. Lyger Kid bounces off the mat, as Stone Wolf stalks his way. He begins to stop the living shit out of Lyger Kid and starts to choke him in the corner. The referee comes over and tries to yank Stone Wolf from LygerKid. As he does, Lyger Kid pulls a deck full of dollar coins from his tights. He is waiting for Stone Wolf to comeback in. Wolf shrugs the ref aside and walks into a deck full of coins. CAPOWWW. Stone Wolf eyes are dazed and he hits the mat. Lyger Kid yanks the tight and he places his feet on the second rope for support. 1, 2, the ref sees it. Lyger Kid raises both of his hands in the air, however the ref yanks it down.

Lyger Kid dragon screw leg whips the left leg right out from under of Stone Wolf. Stone Wolf grabs the left knee joint, but Lyger Kid sets him up in the corner, and places the knee on the bottom ropes. He connects with a cannon ball on the lower knee joint, causing Stone Wolf to squeal like a guine pig. Lyger Kid goes for another cannon bull but Stone Wolf removes his left leg causing Lyger Kid to land flat on his ass. He is holding his ass in pain and Wolf struggles up to his feet. He tries to yank out the pain in his left knee.

He picks up Lyger Kid by his left arm and twirls him around into a pancake. Stone Wolf follows up with a Boston crab, and he wrenches back. Lyger Kid tries to push himself up, but he is having no success. He starts to dog crawl into the corner, but Stone Wolf drags him back out to the center of the ring. He receives a whiplash kick that sends him down to the mat. LygerKid nips up to his feet.

Lyger Kid places Stone Wolf into the corner. He runs across the ring and delivers a sit-down dropkick to the head of Stone Wolf. World is out as LygerKid brings him out to the center of the ring. He rolls and turns Stone Wolf over on his back and locks on surfboard hold, then turns it into a pinning predicament. Wolf is kicking his legs one, two kick out by Wolf. Lyger Kid is up and he delivers a back heel kick, and follows up with a flattening elbow drop right on the corner of Wolfs left deltoid. Stone Wolf is crunching his shoulder as Lyger Kid has made it to the top rope. Stone Wolf doesn’t see him, and he jumps onto the back of Stone Wolf trying to take him over, but Stone Wolf takes him down and reverse into a Spine buster slam. The head of LygerkID BOUNCES hard of the mat. Stone Wolf yanks the kid up to his feet and locks on a fisherman suplex and hangs him into a gory buster, but LygerKid reverses the hold into a small package pin.

The ref makes the cover 1, 2, kick out. Stone Wolf is back up to his feet and he goes for a knee to the brain of Lyger Kid, but the kid side steps out of the way. He delivers a roundhouse kick to the head of Stonewolf, but it gets caught, and LygerKid is taken over into a head and arm suplex, and the cover is made 1, 2, kick out. Now Stone Wolf lifts up Lyger Kid and he goes for a Power bomb. LygerKid reverse it into Diamond DDT. For the cover 1, 2,3.

The Winner:

The Lyger Kid

KillaCrowe v. Renegade v. Strayt Jakit v. High Flyer

DOJO Championship

“The Swarm” by Dark Lotus blares over the pa speakers. The fans mix their reactions, as Strayt Jakit walks to the ring. Moments later, “Black and White” by Static X, blares over the pa speakers, as Renegade walks to the ring. Third, “Magic Carpet Ride” by Steppenwolf blares over the pa speakers, as High Flyer runs and slides in the ring. Fourth, carrying the Dojo Championship over his right shoulder, KillaCrowe enters the scene as “Chop Suey” by System of a Down blares over the pa speakers.

And’ this match has began. The rules of this match are simple; we have four corners with one man on each. Two men will start the match out, until one-man tags out. He can tag anybody he chooses. If a man is pinned, then he is, eliminated from the match. Once that man is, eliminated, we change the match to a Triple Threat bout. Whoever is pinned in that bout is, declared the winner and true champion for the Dojo Championship.

We have Strayt Jakit and Renegade starting it off. No’ wait; Crowe says he wants to start the match. Since he is the champion, he should start the match, so we will give it to him. Therefore, it is now Crowe and Strayt Jakit starting the match. There has been a history between these two.

Crowe and Jakit hook up; Crowe hits Jakit with a knee to the gut, followed by DDT. Crowe brings Jakit to his feet and Irish whips him to the ropes, followed by a back body drop. Jakit is to his feet again and Crowe hits him with a running clothesline, knocking him off his feet. The Champion tags out and in comes Renegade. Renegade takes hold of the match. He backs Strayt Jakit against the ropes; Irish whipping him to the other side, but High Flyer tags himself in. High Flyer is in the ring now. Strayt Jakit comes back and High Flyer hits Strayt Jakit, with a dropkick, knocking Strayt Jakit back off his feet.

Renegade is back in the ring, and he and High Flyer are getting in to it. Renegade shoves High Flyer, and High Flyer shoves Renegade, as we go in to a shoving contest. Strayt Jakit comes back at the two, and clotheslines them over the top rope. Crowe is in the ring, and he drop kick’s Jakit through the ropes. Jakit hangs on, Crowe goes for a shot, but Jakit ducks. Jakit head-butt’s Crowe in the stomach, he flips over the top rope, he rolls Crowe up and- One’ Two’ Kick out’

Crowe kicked out of the roll-up, attempted by Strayt Jakit. Meanwhile, outside the ring here, Renegade slams High Flyer’s face in to the guardrail. Renegade grabs a-hold of High Flyer again, and Irish whips him in to the ring post. This does not knock High Flyer down, but a backhand certainly does.

Back to the in-ring action now, Crowe has Jakit in a sleeper hold. The referee is questioning Jakit if he wants to give up, soon we will see if he does. So far, Strayt Jakit is saying ‘no’, he tells the referee he does not want to give up.

However, Crowe has the sleeper-hold locked tight. Strayt Jakit is fading out. The referee checks his arm- One… -he checks it again- Two… Thr- no, Crowe does not get a three count. Strayt Jakit is fighting his way, up. He elbows Crowe dozens of times, he is, released, he bounces off the ropes, but Crowe hits him with a hard slam, or toss, to the mat. Crowe goes for the cover and- One’ Two’ Three’… Strayt Jakit has been eliminated from this match. So therefore, he has to go back to the locker room area, while Crowe, High Flyer, and Renegade battle this thing.

Crowe has a breather, at this point. However, that does not last long. Renegade finishes his business with High Flyer, leaving him on the ground. Renegade crawls back in the ring. Crowe charges immediately for Renegade, stomping away. Wait a second; High Flyer is on the top turnbuckle. Crowe spots him but High Flyer strikes with a tornado moonsault. High Flyer takes this advantage and covers Crowe- One’ Two’ The count is broken up by Renegade.

Renegade brings High Flyer to his feet and Irish whips him to the turnbuckle. Renegade follows it up with a running clothesline, followed by hard shots to the face. One’ Two, Three’ Four’ Five-

Renegade goes to Irish whip High Flyer again, but Crowe offers his help as well. Crowe and Renegade double-team High Flyer. They Irish whip him to the opposite turnbuckle. Crowe charges for High Flyer, hitting him with a hard clothesline. Renegade does the same, thus sending High Flyer off his feet. Crowe goes for a high five, but Renegade strikes him down with a hard fist, to the mouth.

Renegade tends back to High Flyer. High Flyer fights his way back up though, sending shots to the face of Renegade. Crowe slides out of the ring as High Flyer and Renegade have it out, with each other. Renegade runs High Flyer across the ring and slams his face in the turnbuckle.

KillaCrowe is back in the ring, with a steel chair. Renegade turns around and Crowe goes for the shot, but instead, he strikes out High Flyer. Renegade kicks the gut of Crowe and runs him over the top-rope. Renegade makes the cover on High Flyer- One’ Two’ Three’

High Flyer has been, eliminated. Crowe slides back in the ring, Renegade turns around, and Crowe slams Renegade with a gorilla press slam. We are down to two people, now. Crowe brings Renegade to his feet; he sets him up for a pile driver on the steel chair. But- wait a minute, Renegade reverses the move; he knocks Crowe on the mat, and sets him up for a sharpshooter.

Crowe is attempting to crawl to the ropes. He cannot make it, and the referee is not breaking the hold. Crowe is screaming in pain, he is fighting Renegade’s sharpshooter. He will not let go of the Dojo title.

Out of desperation, Crowe reaches the ropes. Renegade has to break the hold. Crowe staggers to his feet, hanging on the ropes, but Renegade takes no mercy. He kicks away at the gut of Crowe, followed by a vertical suplex. Renegade hangs on to the leg of Crowe, going for a cover- One’ Two’ Thr- Kick out’ Renegade lets Crowe loose, he turns his back, and Crowe is all ready up. Crowe sets Renegade up and- THE CROWE CALL! Crowe goes for the cover and- One’ Two’ Three’

{“Chop Suey” by System of a Down blares over the pa speakers, as the fans mix their reactions.}

The Winner and Still DOJO Champion:


**KillaCrowe has just successfully defended the Dojo Championship and was walking backstage when he came across an interviewer.**

Interviewer: Excuse me, KillaCrowe. May I have a few words with you?

KillaCrowe: Make it fast!

Interviewer: Well, first of all, how does it feel to know you just retained your title in the first ever PPV you have been in here in the Shoot Project?

KillaCrowe: Well, other then a few bumps and bruises it feels great! I have beaten some respect for the Dojo Championship out of three more people.

**All of a sudden Renegade approaches them.**

Renegade: I just overheard your last answer. Did you just say you beat some respect out of me?

KillaCrowe: What, are you half retarded? You heard me! I whooped your ass…

Renegade: There were two other guys in that ring and you got lucky! So how about you put that little crappy title on the line next Sunday, except this time we will make it a one on one match.

KillaCrowe: Fine with me by all means. But just to step it up a notch let’’s make it a ummm…Cage Match…how’s that sound?

Renegade: Crowe, I’m going to enjoy opening your face up on that steel cage.

**Renegade then turns around and begins walking away leaving KillaCrowe at that. But KillaCrowe wasn’t done with him yet.**

KillaCrowe: I’m going to enjoy opening your head up with this chair!

**KillaCrowe then nailed Renegade over the head with the chair, obviously opening him up and knocking him out.**

KillaCrowe: Don’t ever and I mean EVER call this title crap. If that chair shot didn’t teach you then I’ll give you other lesson next Sunday at Oblivion!

**KillaCrowe walks off with his title over his shoulder and a sick smirk on his face as the scenes switch to the next match.**

Master Molde v. Temujin

Rising Star Championship

(Master Molde made his way from the backstage area with the ladder draped over his shoulders.The time had come for him to prove what he had left within in front of a large PPV audience.Tonight he had something to prove to them,himself and the newcomer Temujin.Some had been speculating that he was beginning to fall off,after such a steady diet of tough challenges the last few weeks in the promotion.Molde however didnt plan on "falling off" tonight,he was going to crawl rung by rung right to the top.

It was obvious that Temujin didnt plan on wasting any time tonight as he charged at Molde from behind with a jumping knee,spiking Molde right in the kidneys and sending him flying face down onto the ladder,the ladder being sandwiched between his face and the cement floor.Temujin stomped away like a madman into the kidney area of Molde,trying to create his own weak spot in the opening seconds of the match.Molde roared out in agony like a wounded hyena,spurring Temujin on even more as he squatted down in the middle of his back and applied a camel clutch pulling so hard as to seem he was trying to disconnect Molde’s spine in the process.

Temujin stood up and with a few more stomps to the small of Moldes back for emphasis,he rolled Moldes body from the ladder and proceeded to carry the ladder to the ring.Molde was laying on his belly on the outside of the ring,crawling like a snake trying to make it to Temujin before he could set up the ladder and grab the title.A mixed look of worry and anxiousness covered the face of Temujin as he wondered if he had decided to climb the ladder too early in the match.It seemed that Molde woulndt make it to the ring to stop him and he would be able to grab the title and escape what he didnt want,a lojng drawn out ladder match that would have him limping around next week,making him easy prey for challenger.

On the other hand he could easily envision Molde making it to the ladder just as he reached the top,right in time to send him sailing from the top of the ladder to the floor.Temujin decided he would take his chances.Step by careful step he was making his way to the top of the ladder.Molde sure enough made his way into the ring and grabbed the foot of the ladder and started to shake it.Molde used the ladder to pull himself up and almost appearing to be by accident,pulled the ladder toward himself sending Temujin flying from the top of the ladder and landing on the top strand of ropes,the momentum sending him bumping over the top and onto the apron.Molde had a look of vengeance in his eyes,likely from the sneak attack that opened the match.

Molde joined Temujin on the apron of the ring and kicked away fiercly into the forehead of Temujin.Molde looked out to the crowd with a vicious grin as he set Temujin up for a powerbomb from the apron to the floor.Molde picked up the body of Temujin untill he was in a piledirver position but with Temujin fighting the move couldnt get him much higher.Molde let the body of Temujin back down to the apron as he attempted to start the move over.Temujin had other plans however as on the way down he stomped down with his heel onto the instep of Molde,Molde in a short span of intense pain broke the hold,allowing Temujin to attack with an elbow to the jaw.

It was followed by two more stiff elbows and then a spinning backfist.Molde managed to duck the spinning backfist and catch Temujin as he spun around!Molde held Temujin by his neck and took him down with a Uranage to the apron!Molde spat on the body of Temujin and pointed to the heavens at the title hanging in the air,garnering a small pop from the crowd.Maybe it was the spit in the face that got him,or maybe the small pop from the small crowd was enough to wake him up.

As Molde jumped over the top rope to take a shot at climbing the ladder himself,Temujin grabbed a hold of his foot as he lay on the mat.Molde tried to kick free of Temujins grasp but Temujin held on like a bulldog,slowly making his way to his feet,Moldes right foot still in his hand.Both men were now standing fully erect as Molde hobbled around on one leg trying to keep his balance.Predictably Molde went for a quick Enzuguri but Temujin saw it coming a mile away.Temujin simply let Moldes foot go in midair letting Moldes body drop down in a heap to the mat like a heavy sandbag.Temujin wasted no time applying an anklelock as tightly as he could.

Temujin was obviously not going for a submission as he repeatedly smashed Moldes knee into the mat while holding on to the anklelock.Temujin was howling in sadistic joy like a maniac as Molde matched his volume with screams of pain.Temujin now let Moldes hurt leg lie on the mat as he left him alone and went to scale the ladder again.Temujin began to make his way up the ladder as Molde looked up at him almost helpless as Temujin looked to be very close to becoming the new Rising Star champion.Molde mustered every bit of will he had in him and began to make his way to his feet to follow Temujin to the top.Temujin was in much better condition and already had one hand on the title itself.

All that was left to do at this point was to disconnect the belt from the cable wire that it hung from.Molde had locked his arms around the lower torso of Temujin in what was an unsecure waistlock.Molde yanked on the body as hard as he could,the weight of both men finally forcing the ladder off of its center as both men flew backwards,with the ladder falling backwards in their direction as well.Temujin was sent down with such force that he was sent 2/3rds of the way across the ring,his body rolling out to the floor sounding off with a loud *splat* on the exposed cement floor.Molde’s bump wasnt as hard as he fell flat on his back,absorbing most of the blow on his shoulder blades.

Molde sits up,looking to the sky again focusing on the title,a bit exhausted at this point.Molde looks to the outside of the ring where Temujin has already began to stagger to his feet.The ladder is right between them as Temujin stays upright by holding onto the apron,the ladder lying on its side right in front of him.Molde see’s an opening as he secures the ladder on its side right in front of Temujin and launches himself into the opposite ropes.Molde fires his body back like a boomerang,drop kicking the ladder square into Temujins face,drawing a "Uuuaawwwhhh" from the crowd.Molde grabbed the ladder which by this point as a broken step and begins to set it up yet again.A punch drunk Temujin snatches a chair from a young fan in the audience and staggers in the ring with it.Molde has begun to make his way to the top of the ladder and sees Temujin ready to take him down.

Instead of risking being thrown from the top,he jumps down from it going for a flying axehand but is caught in the ribs in midair with a chairshot from Temujin.Temujin barely able to stnd begins to use the chair like an axe,chopping down again into the kidney area of Molde,who has begun to spit up blood.Temujin seals the fate of Molde with a series of brutal backbreakers and heads to the top rope,his daze seemingly letting him forget that he is actually in a *ladder* match.Temujin secures his footing on the top,trying his best to keep his balance.Temujin leaps from the top attacking with a somewhat sloppy looking Flying Headbutt to the midsection of Molde.Moldes body trembles as he rolls around on the mat,drowning in a sea of pain.The bump also seems to have been a bit hard on Temujin as well as both men lay on the mat barely moving.

The crowd begins to break out in chants for both men,the noise level in the building getting louder and louder.About Twenty seconds pass before Temujin finally makes it to his feet. Holding both arms around his ribs, which are apparently giving him a lot of pain, Temujin slowly makes his way up to the top of the closest turnbuckle, and kneels down, awaiting Molde getting to his feet. As Molde does, he notices Temujin on the turnbuckle and races back in the other direction, moving out of range for any flying move Temujin might pull.

Smiling, Molde shakes his head at Temujin, who in turn, smiles right back. Standing back up, he raises his hands into the air and dives off. Not nearly long enough to connect with Molde, Temujin is able to grab ahold of the Rising Star Title hanging on the hook, and come crashing to the mat with it. The look on Molde’s face is priceless. Molde expected a flying attack. He never saw that coming.

The Winner and NEW Rising Star Champion:


The Time For Words

(taped earlier)

The same mysterious figure from the earlier visit to “Big Time Wr ling” stood outside of the SHOOT venue where Reckoning Day was taking place. Still shadowed, he continued his earlier practice of musing aloud while slowly walking to the doorway.

“And here is where the enemy hangs his hat, alongside the others who helped destroy me. What I have become, what I am now, is because of their selfishness. Because of their greed. Because they wouldn’t do what was right. Things will be set right now. Tonight I fully embrace what I have become and exact revenge on those who made me.”

Mike Angel/KnightMare v. Sirius/The Crock

Tag Team Championship

{The theme to “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” blares over the pa speakers. Sirius walks to the ring, as the fans mix their reactions, to the SHOOT Project newcomer.} Ring Announcer’ Compare: It is now time for the SHOOT Project, Tag Team Championship. Introducing the challengers, first, we have SHOOT Project newcomer – Sirius!


{A theme mixture between toilet humor and World Wrestling Federation’s, the Rock music, blares over the pa speakers to create “Crock It” by the SHOOT Project. The Crock walks to the ring, stubborn as a mule, pretending to be the Rock.}

Ring Announcer’ Compare: Introducing second, Sirius’s tag team partner, he is the second SHOOT Project newcomer tonight – THE CROCK!

{“Bodies” by Drowning Pool blares over the pa speakers, as the tag team champions, Mike Angel and Knightmare, walk to the ring carrying the tag team belts over their shoulders. The fans give a mix reaction, on their entrance.}

Ring Announcer’ Compare: Introducing our second team, they are the SHOOT Project Tag Team Champions, weighing in at- fuck, I do not know their combined weight! Therefore, introducing to the ring at this time, we have – MIKE ANGEL AND KNIGHTMARE!

Okay, let us get this match started. We have newcomer’s Sirius and the Crock going head-to-head against the Tag Team Champions, Mike Angel and Knightmare. Knightmare was, on SHOOT Project programming last week, as he interfered in the match with Mike Angel and Ravage. Toward the ending of the match, Mike Angel announced Knightmare as his new tag team partner.

Both teams are squaring off here. Mike Angel and Sirius go head-to-head, as do Knightmare and the Crock. They are plunging it out here with lefts and rights, but Mike Angel has Sirius down, and Knightmare sends the Crock to the ropes. Mike Angel leans down, he flips the Crock over, and Knightmare catches the Crock with a neck breaker, from mid-air!

Knightmare and the Crock take center stage at this point, as the referee directs Mike Angel and Sirius to their corners. Knightmare bounces the Crock off the ropes, the Crock reverses it, the Crock goes for a clothesline, and Knightmare ducks, Knightmare sets the Crock up, and hits a belly-to-back suplex. Knightmare holds onto the move, he goes for the cover- One’ Two’ Kick out’

Knightmare brings the Crock back to his feet, and slams his face in the turnbuckle. Knightmare hangs on the Crock and throws his throat on the rope, sending him to the mat. Knightmare follows it up with an elbow to the chest, followed by a tag to Mike Angel, the original tag team champion. The Crock needs to tag out, here. Of course, I would rather see Mike Angel beat his head in. What an idiot, stealing a WWF trademark. He should be locked away some place! This is a crime.

Mike Angel brings the Crock to his feet and vertical suplexes him. Mike Angel brings the Crock back up, bounces him off the ropes, and he comes back. Mike Angel goes for a clothesline, the Crock ducks, bounces off the ropes again, and knocks Mike Angel with a spinning heel kick. The Crock charges for Sirius, and the tag is, made. Mike Angel is back to his feet, and in comes Sirius, but Mike Angel collides with an arm drag takedown. The Crock charges back for Mike Angel and knock him over the top rope, but Knightmare jumps off the top turnbuckle with a missile dropkick.

The ring has become a war, again. Knightmare is taking the Crock to the den. On the other hand, Mike Angel flips Sirius over the top rope, and they land on the outside. The Crock has the upper hand on Knightmare. The Crock charges for Mike Angel, Mike Angel ducks, and flips The Crock to the outside. The Crock lands on Sirius, both men on the concrete now.

Mike Angel stands to the side, and Knightmare flips over the top-rope, and charges at both men with a death-a-flying leap. Knightmare brings Sirius back to his feet and rams his face in the guardrail, followed by a shot to the face, soon flipping him over the guardrail. The Crock is back to his feet, he has a steel chair, Knightmare turns around, and the Crock- The Crock cracks the steel chair over Knightmare’s head. He lets go of the steel chair, and Mike Angel grabs him, sending him to the steel steps. Mike Angel follows it up with a knee to the chest. He tosses the Crock to the side and pulls apart the steel steps; he sets the Crock up for a pile driver, and scores over the steel steps! The referee cannot control this match, anymore. It has gone far away from his control limit. Mike Angel goes for the cover- One’ Two’ The- Kick out’

Mike Angel only received two and a half. He brings the Crock to his feet and slides him in the ring, following him. Meanwhile, Sirius and Knightmare are battling through the audience. Sirius slams Knightmare’s face on a steel chair. He grabs a steel chair and slams it across the back of Knightmare.

Meanwhile, back in the ring, Mike Angel whips The Crock to the ropes. Upon rushing back, Crock ducks Angel’s clothesline, and returns with one of his own. Angel hits the mat hard, which prompts Crock to pull his own version of "The People’s Elbow". Crock does his strut and rushes toward the ropes. As he hits, a steel chair is brought down across his back.

Tossing the chair to the floor, Sirius shrugs as he walks away from the ring. Having cracked Crock pretty hard with the chair, he feels he’s gotten his message across and disappears into the back. Back in the ring, Mike Angel makes the cover. 1… 2… 3.

The Winner and Still Tag Team Champions:

Mike Angel and KnightMare

To Whom It May Concern:

This is the beginning of a Revolution. This is the beginning of something that none of you will understand, that none of you could understand. This is the beginning of their reign.

This is the beginning of the end.

They’ve already started, you can tell. It’s everyone…they’ve begun to break me down. They’ve begun to pull me out of my element.

They’ve begun to find out who I am.

It’s not a good thing, no. It’s not good for me, and it’s not good for them. They don’t understand what they’re doing, no matter how intellectual or intelligent they believe they are. They think they’re crushing me, they think they’re on the verge of pulling me into oblivion. They think they’re taking me out of the game, and they think that they’re going to finally end me.

Afraid not, children. They should know. They should know that who I am right now, and what I am right now is far better than what is to come, should they persist in their pushing, in their antagonizing, in their efforts to kill me. My reaction to controversy is not one of sorrow, and it is not one of weakness. I hate who I’ll become. They’ll hate who I’ll become.

If they knew.

They should know. They should look into my eyes and be able to tell that I’m not who I portray myself to be. Not all the time anyway.

Certainly not all the time.

I’m not trying to be mister tough guy here, and I’m not trying to scare you. I’m not a dark, devilish man, and I’m not one to challenge you to a casket match, or a hell in a cell match. I don’t pride myself on being extremely violent, and I don’t think I come off as such. I will tell you what I am, though.

I am…

Well, actually, I couldn’t tell you what I am…to be honest, that is an enigma even I have trouble solving.

All I know is, when I have to be, when you push me to be…I’ll do what needs to be done.

It doesn’t take much, doesn’t take much at all. A few sneak attacks here, a few attempts at playing mind games there, and you’ve got me where you want me, right?

Or maybe I’ve got you where I want you.

You be the judge.

~ Nameless

Chris Lee v. Voodoo

Rule of Surrender Championship

{“Paint it Black” by the Rolling Stones, blares over the pa speakers, as Voodoo makes his way to the ring. The fans give a mixed reaction.}

Ring Announcer’ Compare: Introducing first, he weighs in at 147 pounds – Voodoo!

{Chris Lee’s theme, blares over the pa speakers. Chris Lee walks to the ring as the fans give a mixed reaction.}

The two square around each other. They are circling each other like lion’s here. Chris Lee attacks first, he grabs hold of Voodoo, but Voodoo breaks out of the hold, he goes behind Chris Lee, but Chris Lee reverses the hold and flips Voodoo. Voodoo lands on his feet. Voodoo charges back with a clothesline, Chris Lee ducks, and Chris Lee charges with a clothesline, knocking Voodoo to the mat.

Chris Lee scrambles back to the mat, wrapping his arm around Voodoo’s neck, attempting to set him up in a sleeper hold. Voodoo turns over; he gets to his feet, and breaks Chris Lee off with shots to the gut. Voodoo grabs a-hold of Chris Lee, and hits a knee to the mid-section. He bounces off the ropes, and hits a drop kick, sending Chris Lee through the ropes. Voodoo bounces off the ropes again, and he flies through, but Chris Lee steps out of the way, and Voodoo lands straight on the concrete padding. Voodoo slowly stands back up, and Chris Lee, with a moonsault, off the top-rope.

Chris Lee is back to his feet. He grabs a-hold of Voodoo and slides him back in the ring. Chris Lee jumps on the apron, he climbs the turnbuckle, and he appears to be going for a high-risk move. He jumps for a frog splash, but Voodoo is back up, and he catches Chris Lee in mid-air, taking him down with a power slam. Voodoo climbs on top of Chris Lee now, and he goes for the cobra clutch. He pulls back as far as he can, clutching at Chris Lee’s head, as Chris Lee tears in pain. Chris Lee will not give up. Voodoo realizes this and releases the hold, he stands to his feet, and sends kick’s to the head of Chris Lee, followed by an elbow to the back of the neck.

Chris Lee is trying to make himself stand back up. Voodoo escorts him back, sending hard chops to the chest. Voodoo Irish whip’s Chris Lee to the turnbuckle, followed by a charging clothesline. However thanks to Chris Lee’s boot, it did not connect. Chris Lee follows it up; he jumps further on the turnbuckle, and hits a spinning hurricurana. Chris Lee brings Voodoo to his feet, he scoops him in the air with a vertical suplex, and he leaves him there for a few minutes.

I could not agree with you more, John. Finally, Chris Lee releases the hold, and lets Voodoo drop to the mat. Chris Lee follows it up with a leg to the throat, followed by a sleeper hold. The blood velocity and this sleeper hold could be the ticket at putting Voodoo away. Chris Lee hooks on tight. Voodoo’s eyes are becoming wearily, all ready. Already, the referee begins checking Voodoo’s arm. One’ -Drop- Two’ -Drop-

Just one more drop and Chris Lee has this match won. The referee goes to check the arm, one more time, but no! Voodoo fights his way back up; he elbows Chris Lee in the stomach numerous times. He fights his way out of, followed by an inverted pile driver. Both men are down, both men are out of it. Neither man can fight the other. The inverted pile driver took every bit of Voodoo’s strength, I think. Chris Lee is the first to stand again; he grabs hold of Voodoo’s legs, and performs a sharpshooter.

The Winner and Still Rule of Surrender Champion:

"The Boss" Chris Lee

The Real Deal v. Krazee v. Will Schmidt

Iron Fist Championship

Yes John, they know the story. Let us get on with our next match. It is for the Iron Fist Championship, a match that has two reasons. “The Real Deal” Josh Johnson is, going in this match looking for revenge. And’ Krazee, he is going in this match, looking for the gold. Could Krazee become an Iron Fist champion, two-time(s) in his SHOOT Project career? We will find out, tonight.

{“Swarm” by Dark Lotus blares over the pa speakers, as Krazee, a former Iron Fist champion walks to the ring. Some fans boo, some fans cheer, as they give a mixed reaction.}

Ring Announcer’ Compare: Our next match is a triple-threat match, for the Iron Fist championship! Introducing first, he is a former Iron Fist champion – KRAZEE!

{“Come and Die” by Fatal and Therapy blares over the pa speakers, as Will Schmidt walks to the ring, with a large grinning smile on his face.}

Will Schmidt continues walking to the ring, but’ here comes “The Real Deal” Josh Johnson, he attacks Will Schmidt from behind with his Iron Fist gold. Josh brings Schmidt to his feet and charges him in the ring. Krazee jumps Will Schmidt, kicking him while he is down.

Josh tears apart the steel steps and tosses them in the ring. He lifts up the apron and goes for more toys. He will literally beat the hell out of Will Schmidt tonight, regardless if he wins the Iron Fist title. Meanwhile, Krazee is taking care of business, hitting a vertical suplex on Will Schmidt. Krazee bounces off the ropes and comes back with an elbow, to the heart.

The Real Deal comes back in the ring. He grabs a-hold of Will Schmidt and Irish whips him to the turnbuckle. This does not affect Will Schmidt much, he comes back charging, but Josh tosses the garbage can in Schmidt’s face. Will Schmidt be, down. Krazee jumps Josh from behind, and bounce him off the ropes, but the Real Deal Josh Johnson reverses the Irish whip sending Krazee to the ropes, followed by a clothesline, up and over the top-rope.

The Real Deal took care of Krazee, and now, he tends back to Will Schmidt who charges Josh to the mat. Will Schmidt send furious shots to the face, bringing Josh to his feet, and knocking him down with an uppercut shot to the chin? Josh bounces off the ropes from the impact, he steps back to Will Schmidt, and Will knocks him down with a clothesline.

The war is not over for Will Schmidt. Krazee is on the top-rope, he bounces off, and drop kicks Will Schmidt back to the mat. Krazee charges for Will Schmidt and scores another drop kick, followed by an elbow to the chest. Krazee locks hold of Will Schmidt, setting him up in a sleeper hold. Josh Johnson counters the submission, by striking Krazee over the head with a steel chair.

The Real Deal brings Will Schmidt to his feet and sends hard chops to the chest. He bounces Schmidt off the ropes, Will Schmidt comes back, and the Real Deal hits a sidewalk slam. The Real Deal goes for a cover- One’ Two’ Kick out’ Tonight, “The Real Deal” Josh Johnson –is- taking care of business. You can see the determination in this kid’s eyes.

Back with the ring action now, Josh Johnson has both Will Schmidt and Krazee, nailing them both with a head butt. Lifting Krazee to his feet, Real Deal whips him to the ropes, and rushes back to the other side. As Krazee meets him, the Real Deal flips him over the ropes, sending Krazee crashing down across the steel guard rail. The referee checks in, as Real Deal begins pounding away at Schmidt’s face.

Real Deal lifts a dazed Schmidt to his feet, and forces him into a corner. Wrapping both hands around Schmidt’s throat, Real Deal forces him backward as far as he can push him, while screaming in Schmidt’s face. The anger in Real Deal’s face is very noticable now, and it’s obvious he’s quite serious about the return of Tara.

It becomes obvious to Real Deal that Schmidt is not going to talk, so Real Deal proceeds to send knees into the ribs of Schmidt, one after another. His anger builds and builds, until he finally lifts Schmidt, and face-plants him onto the mat. Schmidt quickly rolls out of the ring and begins walking up the ramp. Noticing this, Real Deal calls for a microphone.

"No way, Schmidt!" Real Deal shouted into his mic. "I kept my end of the bargain. I brought the Iron Fist title. Now you keep yours. Where the hell is Tara??"

Schmidt merely smiled, as an abnormally large man appeared behind The Real Deal. With one swift maneuver, the back of The Real Deal’s head was brought down onto this man’s knee, and all was silent. As the man kneeled down to pick up the microphone The Real Deal dropped, it was quite obvious who he was. He called himself Skull, the same man from the video clips that had been playing on the Oblivion shows for the past few weeks. A cold, emotionless look on his face, Skull brought the microphone to his face.

"Why would Will Schmidt bring her out here, Josh?" Skull spoke into the microphone. "All he was doing was playing a part. The SHOOT Project obviously doesn’t pay enough money. He needed a little extra cash and he played it out as if it was HE that nabbed Tara."

Pausing, Skull chuckled.

"Schmidt doesn’t have the heart to do such a thing, Josh." Skull continued. "You should have known that from the look in his eyes. You know me. You’ve looked into my eyes before. You’ve seen what I’m capable of. You want your bitch back? You’ll have to take her from me. I’ve got you exactly where I want you now, Johnson. It’s up to you to make the right decision."

With this, "The Prince of Pain" dropped his microphone, and exited the ring. Schmidt was by now long gone.

The Winner and Still Iron Fist Champion

The Real Deal

The Shades of Gray

The lights dim all throughout the arena as the previously silent crowd begins to grow louder as they anticipate the events that are about to occur next.We hear the lyrics over the PA system…

"Their plan was to knock me out the top of the game, but I overstand their truth is all lame.I hold cannons that shoot balls of flame, right in their fat mouths then I carve my name."

The word "name" echoes thoughout the building as the dramatic "Hate me now" theme music begins to play.The crowd noise begins to rise even more as the music plays. The crowd is surprised to see SHOOT fighter Krazee come out from behind the makeshift curtain along with Sirius, both men dressed down in full Yakuza style garb.Both men take positions standing on either side of the aisle. Tohei Arimoto aka Meioh comes out and stands in between both men in the entrance way. Meioh has a few words with Sirius and Krazee who reluctantly head back to the backstage area as it appears that Meioh on this rare occaision wants to be alone. Meioh makes his way to the ring to a mix of boos and cheers, but still mostly boos.Meioh holds his head down as he makes his way to the ring.He steps in the ring and motions for his music to be turned off. He stands in the center of the ring and calmly takes a microphone from his jacket pocket. Suddenly he violently takes off his lighweight leather jacket and throws it to the ground.His usual somber but calm demeanor quickly changes to an aura of rage. He takes off his shades, revealing his eyes for the first time in months.His eyes pierce the camera as he stands in the middle of the ring violently shaking in rage.Meioh takes a second to calm down,though still shaking and begins to speak with his head still lowered downward.

Meioh:I’ve done a lot of really f*cked up thing in the last year….but Wolfson,I have to admit you’re light years ahead of me.You see ladies and gentlemen,a year and a half ago I recived a phone call from a man I thought was a trusted friend. A man by the name of Koji Wanalaya.Or so I thought.This man told me that if I was going to fulfill my destiny,if I was going to become what I set out 27 years ago to be,that I would have to kill my flesh and blood brother.

[ the crowd responds with a mixture of confusion and booing.Still looking toward the ground he continues ]

Meioh:Yes I did say kill.Any of you that has a family member that you hold dear to your heart Im sure you can understand this.Imagine that you’re 27 years of age.For 27 years you’ve had it hammered into your head that one day you would perform some great service for mankind.For 27 years you’re told that it was prophesied that you would have an impact on humankind itself.You *eat* you *sleep* and you breath this for 27 GOD damned years.Then one day someone comes to you and tells you that all 27 years of your life will have been for nothing,that everything you have ever believed in will be a lie of you dont take the life of a loved one.What do you do? I’ll tell you what I did.I hid,I faked my death and for 6 months I lived in torment not knowing what to do.Finally I reached my decision.I decided that I would go out and take the life of my brother.It was his life or my legacy and I felt I had to sacrifice his life.So I came out of retirement.I followed him to the IWE. When that company went out of business,I got together with Jim Helsley and we formed SHOOT.A young man by the name of Norman Wong came to me and was all too eager to do my bidding.He wanted to take out my brother himself.After a few months Norman got his perfect chance.He shot my brother and landed himself in jail.So now Wong is in jail,Shaolin is out of the wrestling business,and the one man who is behind all of this runs my company…

[ Meioh finally raises his head again,looking directly into the camera ]

Meioh:Eric Wolfson!!!! For a year and a half I have lived every day of my life with a chip on my shoulder.You took me from a up and coming star and ruined my career.You used Wong.You used Shaolin.You used me!Well thats enough.I have had it with you.I’ve had it with Diamante and I’ve had it with this buisiness.I only have one thing left that I want to do.You see Wolfson,you took everything from me.You took my life’s dream and made it a nightmare.You turned me against my own brother and you took my own company right from under my nose.I dont know why you did this,and at this point I dont care.I’ve had ENOUGH of you.I’ve had ENOUGH of little cockroaches that want to take me from my rightful spot in this industry.And I’ve had ENOUGH lieing,schemeing and trickery in efforts to destroy me and my character.So before I turn my back and walk away from everything I ever wanted to be in this sport,and before I walk away from this building tonight,I want you to walk your ass down that aisle and face me one on GODDAMNED ONE!!!

[ some cheers and whistles come up from the crowd ] Meioh:Im all alone tonight Wolfson! If you come down here it’ll just be—–

[ “Full Scale War” by Mudder blares over the Public Address system interrupting Meioh mid-sentence. Meioh stands in the ring with a blank countenance with just a little bit of rage attached to it. When Cronos Diamante walks out with a grin on his face Meioh immediately switches his stance into that of a fighting one. He, obviously, thinks Cronos is out to start a fight of some kind. Cronos holds up both hands as if to tell Meioh he doesn’t want a fight. As a direct result of said action, Meioh loosens up, amazingly. ]

[ Cronos slides into the ring under the bottom rope and stares into the eyes of Meioh for a minute as his music still plays over the Public Address system. The reverberation of “Full Scale War” has worked the crowd up into a mix of anxiety and fear. Shades of Gray was promised to make an appearance at this very event and who is to say that now isn’t the time? Cronos puts his large hand on the shoulder of Meioh as if to pacify his worry. ]

“Meioh,” Cronos said in a friendly tone of voice, taking the crowd, and Meioh off guard. “I’m not here to make war with you man. Contrary to what my theme music is saying right now, I am not a man of war tonight, not with you anyway. You see, Meioh… you and I, we have a common enemy right now. That enemy is Eric Wolfson. He started a very large problem between Shaolin and yourself, dividing brothers, and losing friends at the same time.”

[ Cronos paused to take a look at the crowd. They were starting to come around to the point of where they trusted Diamante’s words. That would be their mistake but he smiled at them nonetheless. They would think he was displaying a benevolent nature but he really wasn’t. Cronos was a master of mind games and this was going surprisingly well. ]

“Eric Wolfson,” Cronos said loud. “This man is power hungry. He has turned into a Vince McMahon and there is nothing you or I can do about that right now. You are the one that let him take over your job. Now, what you don’t understand right now is… you and I have been fighting against each other all for not. You and I should have been on the same side all along, Meioh. Eric is and was the enemy all along.”

[ Meioh’s face was that of shock. Though he still held some kind of disbelief in him, that would soon disappear, for Cronos knew how to play this cat. ]

“Don’t look at me like that, Meioh,” Cronos stated loudly. “You can hold in that disbelief all you want, pal, but I speak of the truth. I want Wolfson dead and so do you. So how about we join forces?”

[ Cronos held out his hand waiting for Meioh to shake it. The crowd began to cheer loudly and Diamante knew now was the time he had taken over control of the situation. Meioh looked down at Diamante’s extended hand for a moment, then out to the crowd surrounding them. ]

[ "Click Click Boom" by Saliva is heard throughout the building. Just as Meioh began to raise his hand to meet that of Diamante’s the music acted like a cold chill, freezing all movement inside the ring. Stepping out from the back, Wolfson appeared on the stage, a microphone in his hand. ]

"Join forces?" Wolfson asked, a smirk about his face. "Join forces all you want. The truth is this. Meioh, you’re no threat to me. You once had a glorious power. The power to control everything in our lives. The SHOOT Project. It was all yours. But you didn’t have the head for it. You gave away this power like it was nothing. Why did you give it away? Because I did what I do best. I conned you into giving it to me. And look at you now. A burned down, wasted man. You have no power here, Meioh. None at all."

[ Pausing, Wolfson looked about the building for a moment. ]

"As for you, Diamante." He continued. "I played you just like I played Meioh. I kicked your ass out of The SHOOT Project, which made Meioh there think I was loyal to him and his backers. You should know by now that I’m loyal to one man and one man only. Dominion. The both of you have been placed exactly where I wanted you to be. Team up if you like. Go ahead. As you can both clearly see, I’ve built myself an army. KnightMare, Mike Angel, hell, even Skull is back! I could easily just have those three men take you out right now. Then again… Maybe I should just come down there and whip both of your asses myself!"

[ Amazingly, Cronos, isn’t mad at all. He’s smiling a wide grin that can only be described as maniacal. He turns from Meioh to face Eric. Just when it seems he’s about to speak, he laughs really loudly, like one of those comic book villains. ]

“Eric, are you fucking stupid?” Cronos asked in rhetoric fashion. “Since when did you think you could play a mind game and beat me with one? Who was it that helped turn you into the man you are today? Who were your mentors? Two men. OutKast and I. Yes, me, Cronos Diamante. And what happened to OutKast when Cronos Diamante got to him? I took his perfect world from him in one swift swoop. His life crushed by the very man he thought to be his best friend. And now, you think I didn’t know of your plan to play a mind game, eh?”

[ Cronos began laughing again. The fans were starting to talk and you could tell it wasn’t good. They were beginning to realize Cronos wasn’t there to make peace with Meioh but Meioh was still in the palm of his hand. He saw this as him standing up for his new friend. ]

“I went along with your idiotic plan, Eric,” Cronos said quickly. “I played the dumb one the whole time. But, by the same token, you played dumb with the Shades Of Gray. You can fire me a million times, Eric. I will never go away. You know that better than anyone, pal. The Shades of Gray are coming tonight. They will not be kept at bay. You cannot stop them. Not even with a special gem.”

[ Staring directly at the two men standing in the ring, Wolfson’s smirk faded from his face. For a few seconds that seemed like an eternity, he stared blanky toward the ring. It was quite obvious that an anger was building up inside him. ]

"The Shades of Gray! The Shades of Gray! The Shades of Gray! The Shades of Gray! That’s all I hear anymore, god damn it!" Wolfson shouted, his face becoming redder and redder. "If The Shades of Gray are coming, Diamante… If they’re coming…."

"Then I guess I can not stop it."

[ Pausing, Wolfson slowly lowered his head. Cronos had slipped behind Meioh as Meioh started to step forward. Cronos tapped his “friend” on the shoulder and when he turned around he was met with a vicious spinning roundhouse kick knocking him on his ass. ]

“You got that wrong, buddy,” Cronos said playfully. “Meioh couldn’t stop it.”

[ Eric Wolfson kept his head down just as Meioh’s brother came charging down at him. Shaolin’s eyes were burning. You could tell he was ready to take down Dominion and Diamante at the same time. ]

[ There was, however, something very different about this attack. A man nobody had ever seen before came running through the crowd and jumped over the guard rail, hitting Shaolin in the head with a steel chair, and knocking the man unconscious. The shot was heard throughout the building but there were no cheers or boo’s for they knew not who this man was. Cronos begin to get out of the ring and Wolfson lifted his head. ]

"Smashing good time," Cronos yelled into the mic in an English accent.

[ Wolfson entered the ring as this unknown man took a long walk in the direction of the cross that has been there all night. The pieces were beginning to fit together. The unknown man pulled out a bag from a hidden compartment at the base of the cross. Cronos Diamante picked up Shaolin and executed his famous Rapid Kick Combo. He kicked Shaolin so fast and so hard that he had Shaolin almost knocked out for the second time of the evening. ]

"We’re ready, Eric." Cronos yelled at Wolfson.

[ Wolfson now picked Meioh up from the floor and locked in a Full-Nelson forcing him to stare down at Cronos and his unknown friend. Cronos held Shaolin steady as his friend began to cut off Shaolins pony tail. He then pulled out a shaving utlility and took every bit of hair off him. With Shaolin now bald, he lost face, and at the same time so did Meioh. Every time Meioh tryed to fight back he would be kneed in the back. ]

"Do not fight, Meioh," Eric whispered in his ear. "The more you fight, the more your brother will be hurt, like this." Eric yelled at Cronos now. "CRONOS! Hurt him again."

[ Cronos nodded and smiled. He picked Shaolin up and executed a hard STO. He hit it next to the guard rail so his head smashed up against it. Cronos then picked up the man and began carrying him on his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. Meioh began struggling again but he was punched quite hard by Wolfson in the back of the neck. ]

"You all thought Shades Of Gray was some kind of Full Scale Invasion, didn’t you?" Cronos laughed.

"Meioh, you even more. Nah, this was all a swerve, all a swerve to take out Meioh. Shades of Gray was hype and nothing more. You were all looking for some big stable with the capability to rape and pillage but the only thing you get is the destruction of Meioh and now… Shaolin. Eric… continue while I do this." John: All along… This whole thing between Wolfson and Diamante… The Shades of Gray… It was all a swerve. They had all of us buying into this for over a month. And it was all to take out Meioh.

[ Cronos simply laughed and began strapping him up to the cross with barbed wire. His friend helped him out by placing a crown of thorns upon his head. Meioh was now on his knees bawling because he knew there was nothing he could do to stop this atrocity. His brother, Shaolin, was now strapped to a cross much like the saviour Jesus Christ. ]

"Who the HELL do you think you are, Meioh??" Wolfson shouted in Meioh’s ear. "You should have NEVER… And I mean… NEVER… Gotten involved in my war with The Express. Diamante and I… We were successful in destroying him. The Express is gone and he’s never coming back. Thanks to me. Now watch, Meioh. Watch as your brother becomes a victim. And it’s all thanks to you, Meioh. You got him involved in this war, now you watch as he is decimated. Your brother’s blood is on your hands."

[ Wolfson was sick of seeing a grown man cry so he picked up Meioh and hit the Rule of Dominon almost knocking him out. He was fading into Oblivion. ]

"Nighty night, Meioh." Cronos laughed.

[ Wolfson joined Diamante on the ramp watching Shaolin swim in an endless sea of pain. This unknown man stepped into the ring, looked around at the fans, and placed an object over Meiohs head just as he passed out. What was it? BLAZED’S MASK!!!! ]

"Fake masks of self must be put upon a dusty shelf," The man said with a smirk. "So must men without the power of pen."

Enter: Erik Boyer

Ain’t no more sunshine, just rain and cold suffering

A generation born to die with their eyes wide open

The clock strikes

The wrong rights

The mob rules

(The attention goes to the front of the venue, where the wrestlers have been making their entrances all night…)

The second Armageddon, igniting the lit fuse

No turning back, every soldier’s on point

Ready to die, the confrontation coming, ready or not

It’s on again, it’s time to say your prayers again

It’s not the end, it’s just the beginning of the end

(The man of unknown origin steps out from behind the curtain and looks around at the crowd around him. He is clad in mesh shorts, a pair of elbow pads, a pair of knee pads, and a pair of wrestling shoes, all colored black and white. As he strolls his way to the direct center of the pathway to the ring, his face is stonewalled. His eyes are either burning with desire, or empty of all emotion, but you can’t tell which…)

Is it hard?

Yea, I can hold it down like that

Is it real?

Yea, You know I break it down like that

Is it rough?

Don’t even try to front like that

I’m on fire baby, a big dog will hunt like that

Another day, another buster wanna battle me

Another mamma crying, now her baby is a casualty

(The sound cuts out, and the man who holds a microphone in his hand begins to address those before him, and those surrounding him…)

When I have been pushed…

(He lowers the mic, as well as his head for a moment before continuing…)

Really, I tried. I tried as hard as I could. I told you that I was, I told you that I was doing all that I could.

(He picks his head back up…)

I told you that it wasn’t going to be pretty, I said that it wasn’t going to be a good time. I told you not to provoke me, and I told you repeatedly, that if you did, I could not promise you that you’d come out alive, and I could not promise you that when I was done, you’d have any pride left at all, any reason to live. I’ve run…

(He pauses for a moment and looks around him, at the people who aren’t quite sure who the hell this guy is…)

I’ve tried to run from my problems, I’ve tried to flee the scene of the crime, and I’ve tried to distance myself as far away from it all as I could. But every time I got somewhere close to escaping, every time I had one foot out that door, my arm is caught, hooked, and pulled back in. I’ve been miserable, trying to put everything behind me, trying to hide.

I’m sick…

I’m lost…

But no longer am I nameless. No longer will I hide who I am, or what I’ve done. Tonight, instead of taking it one step further to get away from it all, I let go. I have come full circle. I’m not Blazed…

I’m not white…

I’m not black either.

I guess you could say…I’m a Shade of Gray.

I guess you could say…I’m finally Erik Boyer again.

(The man drops the mic, and looks around at the crowd who stare at him without letting out any sign of emotion. They just stare. His eyes glassy, and his knees wobbling, he begins his long walk to the ring…)

Azrael v. Erik Boyer v. Ravage

SHOOT Project Championship

Ravage came to the ring second to the strains of “Cocky” played over the world’s lousiest PA system. He stretched himself out and ran the ropes a few times while waiting for his opponents. Boyer stood across the ring, confident and swaggering in his new unmasked state with Cronos Diamante right outside the ring.

Ravage was obviously going to be outnumbered in this situation, and steeled himself for a fight.

However, “That’s Amore” signaled the arrival of SHOOT Champion Azrael with Garcelle Viatchi, and the impending showdown was forgotten as Erik Boyer and Ravage both decided that the gold belt was more important than any sort of brawl they could have without Azrael in the ring.

Azrael entered the ring and was immediately pounced upon by the hungry challengers, who used fists and boots to beat him down to the canvas. Boyer took it upon himself to leap into action, delivering a flying clothesline to Ravage, and attempt to pin Azrael quickly and end it. Azrael, luckily, was made of sterner stuff than that. He kicked out after a short 1 count and began picking Erik Boyer apart, looking more focused than ever in the ring.

An Irish whip followed by a single leg takedown and leglock left Boyer in a bit of a predicament that he was saved from by a Ravage elbow drop. Ravage tried to take the advantage and set Azrael up for a powerbomb, but the champion wriggled free and escaped. Boyer, for his part, showed no gratitude to Ravage and locked up with him. A wrestling exhibition ensued. Holds and reversals were traded at a blinding rate until Azrael pooped on the party and dived into both challengers with a body press.

The meager crowd got to their feet as Azrael laid out his challengers left and right with a series of stiff right crosses. Sensing victory, Azrael nailed Ravage with a high dropkick that hit the redneck right in his jaw, dazing him. Erik Boyer bailed to the ringside area to confer with Diamante about strategy. The champ was not to be denied, though.

He sprinted across the ring and vaulted himself over the ropes with a twist in midair to land right on both of the Shades of Grey conspirators, knocking them flat to the concrete with a meaty smack. As Azrael got to his feet and looked around the small crowd, the electricity in the air was undeniable. And then it happened.

The shadowy figure that had been lurking outside the venue making cryptic comments showed up at the door and charged to the ringside area, unbeknownst to Azrael. Boyer, Ravage and Cronos all got to their feet and stopped short, duly shocked by the appearance of the man.

The Express had returned to the SHOOT Project.

Azrael turned and was only able to register a brief moment of surprise as he stood face to face with the man who had ended the wrestling career of his cousin Romeo and caused him to become a wrestler. Azrael’s reason for coming to the SHOOT Project now stood right in front of him, cold lines of fury etched into his face.

And then Express struck. A hard left hook to Azrael’s jaw staggered him, and a swift kick to the stomach winded him. Express double underhooked the champ and heaved him up, flipping him over slightly and dropping him right onto the back of his neck and upper back on the concrete floor with a vicious Tiger Driver ’91. Azrael felt the pop of his vertebrae and could do nothing but lie still as he realized that it had come full circle. The man he was meant to take out got to him first.

Express looked over at Boyer and Cronos. He looked up at Ravage. And then down at Azrael.

“It’s finished. Take that to Romeo Viatchi.”

And then he left without another word, as the remaining men still stood, too surprised to attack or anything. But the show must go on.

As SHOOT security, men in severe black suits and sunglasses, headed to the ringside area and began calling for medics to pick up Azrael, Boyer and Ravage realized that the SHOOT Championship was still at stake. With those in attendance hushed by the dismantling of the crowd favorite, Erik Boyer and Ravage toiled away in relative silence, trading holds and advantages. Ravage gained the upper hand with a flurry of spectacular maneuvers, culminating in a running powerbomb that nearly put Erik Boyer away. After only a 2 count, he decided to end the match once and for all and hoisted Boyer up to the top rope to go for the Rockworld Drop. But he had forgotten about Cronos Diamante.

Cronos sprang into action, leaping to the apron. There was no time for intricate maneuvers here. Cronos simply punched Ravage right in the throat as hard as he could, sending the big man crashing to the canvas clutching his throat and gasping in pain. Boyer, with the last bit of energy left in his body, took off with the Five-Star Frog Splash, thundering down onto Ravage from on high. The cover was made, and it was academic from there. 1,2,3 and Erik Boyer had won the SHOOT Championship amidst Azrael being carried off on a stretcher. Shades of Grey would need to be reckoned with, having quickly become the most powerful team in SHOOT.

The Winner and NEW SHOOT Champion:

Erik Boyer

The Bottom Drops Out

Eric Wolfson sat in the makeshift SHOOT president’s office, silently fuming. He was waiting for a particular individual, and would not wait long.

Keichi Kawada knocked at the door and informed Wolfson that Express had been found and was waiting outside. Wolfson sighed deeply and motioned for Kawada to let him in. Express strolled in and adopted an insolent pose, his eyebrows raised quizzically.

“Well?” Express queried.

“You…" Wolfson began, staring into the eyes of the man who could have quite possibly been the biggest adversary he’s ever gone to war with. "You’re dead. I saw to that. I had you taken out with the snap of a finger. You’re dead… You’re gone…" Standing there in silence, The Express merely smiled. Wolfson, on the other hand, did not find the situation so funny.

"The SHOOT Project Champion…" Wolfson began, before a brief pause. "Who in the HELL do you think you are, Jacques, to attack and potentially end the career of that man? To RUIN my main event?" Still smiling, The Express simply shrugged, carelessly.

"Oh, that’s right…" Wolfson continued, sarcastically. "The great Express does things as he sees fit. The Express got hurt by Azrael those months back, and had to come and get his revenge… Afterall, Meioh allowed things like this to go down. Only one problem, Jacques… Meioh isn’t in power here anymore." Pausing, Wolfson leaned forward closer to The Express.

"I am." He whispered.

Express’s smile became a little larger then.

“Eric…you deluded sap. If you’ll be so kind as to shut your damned yap for a minute, I’ll tell you exactly what’s up.”

Wolfson, furious, could not form the words to describe his anger, and chose to simply let Express speak. Express began pacing and speaking.

“We’ve known each other a long time, Eric. You remember how things used to be, don’t you? Back in the good old days where we were selling oot main events in packed stadiums across North America? When we were friends?”

“Those days have ended for us, Wolfson. The cheers of the crowd, the photo ops for Pro Wrestling Illustrated and whatnot, the t-shirts…it’s all over now. And here is what we’re left with.” Express paused, standing directly behind Wolfson and leaning over the back of his chair to speak diretly into Eric’s ear.

“I blame you, Eric.”

He continued walking.

“You and Meioh, to be more specific. You don’t like what I’ve become, Eric. I know that. It makes you furious just to know that I’m still kicking around, much less right in your face here. But, did you ever think of how it’s your own damnable fault?”

“You ruined my life, Eric. You and Meioh both. He destroyed every wrestling promotion I ever worked for. BTW. IWE. Dead and dead because Meioh’s ego spiraled oot of control and took the whole company apart. He’s a cancer. I looked so forward to breaking him.”

He paused again, grinning at Wolfson.

“But you took care of that for me, eh? A commendable effort, Eric. I don’t imagine he’ll be any sort of adversary now. For this, I simply must applaud you.”

“Although, you shouldn’t think for a moment that this changes things between you and I.” He smirked again in that way that made Eric want to pound his face in before continuing

“You ruined my life. You tore down everything that was good and pure aboot me with your sick viewpoints. I looked up to you back then. You promised that you were my friend, and then threw me away. Karma caught up to you, of course. Here you sit, right down in the muck with me. It’s time we finish this dance.”

“But not now, Eric. Now, I want to show you something. You’re not as in control of things here as you’d like to believe. Your security men have been sent away. No one is here for you now.”

Eric smirked, knowing that to be a lie. The Yakuza men acted on his order. He pushed the button to open the door, and wait for Kawada to enter and remove Mr. LeFevre from the premises. Kawada wasn’t who came in. And it all became clear to Eric. Why Express was actually looking forward to this meeting. Why he even chose now to come back. How Kawada and the security team were convinced to take a break.

Jim Helsley stood in the doorway, looking as healthy and intense as in his active wrestling days. The former owner, never quite actually fired, of SHOOT strode into the room and got right into Wolfson’s face. Express’s voice rang out like a pal of unkind laughter. “Eric, Jim Helsley. Jim, Eric Wolfson. The man who thought he could take over.”

Helsley’s eyes gleamed with determination as he leaned into Eric. “Wolfson…I’ve been waiting a long time for this.”

Jim Helsley reared back with all his might and punched Eric Wolfson right in the mouth, knocking him from his chair onto the ground. Express cackled gleefully as Wolfson sputtered and flailed about, attempting to get back up into a position of authority.

Jim and Express turned and walked out of the room then. Over his shoulder, Express quipped, “things change quickly around here, eh Wolfsy?”

They walked away, and Wolfson caught a glimpse of someone standing in the shadows outside the door. Meioh and Wolfson locked eyes for a moment, Meioh raising an eyebrow in what could only be interpreted as amusement. With a curt nod to Kawada, who had reappeared, Meioh disappeared into the shadows.

“Mr. Wolfson, I assume no more visitors tonight?” Kawada asked.

Eric Wolfson merely closed the door in response.

And then, only silence remained.