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Reckoning Day 2008

“There is a time when words spoken must become words proven.”

A fade up from black reveals the silhouette of a man. Around him, everything seems to be in ruins.  But ahead of him, on the path he walks, a shining bright light.

“A time when one must be called upon to account for one’s actions…”

The man walks slowly towards the light, seeing all the other people around him who have already been judged… who have already had their fates determined.

“To pay one’s debts”

The light only seems to get brighter as this man gets closer and closer to the end of the path. Symbolism that his journey, his moment, his way has come to a crucial end.

“And to fulfill one’s promises or obligations.”

There he stands, the silhouette of the man.  The light pulsating before him.

”That time has come.  The Day of Reckoning is upon you.

The man can be seen shielding his eyes from the light as it engulfs him and everything else around him.  And then there is no light.  Just a black screen. “Arch Reaktor” by Ramin Djawadi starts to play, softly at first.  Light shines into the blackness, the opening of a door of a single hallway.  The light shines in from the outside and in this hallway are many doors.  Footsteps echo down this empty hall as the music continues to play, picking up in volume.

Behind closed doors they sit. Each waiting for their moment. The thoughts, the emotions, they are many.

The focus moves down the hall, as if from the perspective of your own eyes… as if you were the one to walk down this hall.

But one thought prevails in all minds: On this night of nights, will my destiny see success or is this not my time?

The focus moves back and forth down the hall, as if your eyes were examining each of the doors while you walked.

Four doors are situated side by side. Behind each one sits a different man with the same agenda, to survive.  One door holds a hero faced with the chance to regain that which he lost.  Another contains a god of war, prepared for the battle of his life.  The third door hides the true emotions of an arrogant man, a man who may be walking into his final fight.  And behind the fourth door, a champion prepares for his future, but the hardships of his own past still dance in the back of his mind.

A few steps more echo in the empty hallway and the focus swivels to the other side.  An empty bench is up against the wall by a single door.

On a bench a man sits patiently waiting to confront the younger man behind the door.  The man on the bench has been fighting for years, a veteran to the sport, where as the man behind the door stepped into his world and quickly earned that which the older man has wanted for some time. Tonight the two will finally meet.

Two doors now are up ahead, situated directly across from one another.

Sitting across from each other are past champions who both quickly fell from grace.  One man feels his future at stake while the other looks to cement his.  One man approaches his fight all alone, the other backed by his new found Family.

The music builds as you move further and further down the hallway. There are two doors on the same side, a ladder rests up against the wall between them.

What divides two teams from achieving greatness is a simple ladder.  While nothing more than an object, its symbolism weighs greatly on the implications of their encounter.  One team must rise above the other, and tonight, one team will.

There are still more doors up ahead and so the movement continues, the echoing footsteps.

Behind another door, a legend in this place, who has taken it upon himself to do the right thing.  He does not look to vanquish his latest foe alone though, going into battle with his two brothers at arms.  But is the numbers game enough to thwart a monster-child?  The man who sits in his room ready to destroy those he has deemed as bad men, doesn’t think so.

In addition to the epic music playing, the sound of a crowd can be heard as well.  Their voices chanting in collective unison.

Soon it will be time for that which this night is based on. But still another champion sits, looking to surpass that which a previous champion accomplished before him.  But the two doors across from him house very dangerous men who are not only hell bent on ending his reign, but ending each other.  Only one man must fall in this match, but TWO will lose.

The noise of the crowd gets louder as you approach the next two doors of FOUR remaining doors in this hallway.

It is not the end of this night, but for two men it is the end for them.  A war that waged on for six long months will come to its conclusion in the most PUREST form of combat.  It is the very definition of finality.  One man looks to finally overcome, the other looks to end it how it began, with his dominance.  They do not fight for gold, but everything else IS on the line.

The crowd is at its loudest, the music as well, the build at its peak. The final two doors are approached.

But nothing matters more than the defense of prize that ALL men here wish to one day hold for their own. Behind one door sits the challenger.  A usually confident, overly egotistical man, who on this night is as somber as they get. Despite his confidence, he still knows what this match means, and he will accept nothing short of victory.  But one man intends to make sure that that victory does not come. He is brutal and inhuman, but still knows that none before him have truly escaped the Defiler.  Can he?

The light returns, coming now from the darkness ahead where the crowds can be heard screaming, where the music comes.

So many thoughts race through their minds…

All contained in this single hallway.

But it’s more than just a hallway.

For this Hallway leads to Reckoning Day…

Fade to black. The Music cuts.

And Reckoning Day leads to… destiny.


The Reckoning Day logo appears on the screen now as the more upbeat drum rift of “Rise Above This” by Seether begins to play.

“Live from the War Memorial Stadium in Kahului, Hawaii, SHOOT Project PRESENTS RECKONING DAY!”

The logo wipes away to a bird’s eye panoramic shot of the War Memorial Stadium as Seether’s latest hit kicks in full.  A camera cut brings us closer to the screaming fans and silver and gold pyrotechnics shoot off like crazy above the entryway structure built SPECIFICALLY for the night.  The fans continue to cheer and as the pyrotechnics shoot off, larger ones shoot straight up into the evening sky, bursting into mixtures of silver and gold specks that end up raining downwards over the stadium. The bird’s eye shot captures the constructed overhang above the ring, where the rafters support lighting as well as large canvas banners advertising Reckoning Day.  Pyros shoot up overhead over that structure as well adding to the overall noise inside the Stadium!

Dave Dymond: June the first has FINALLY arrived.  This is Reckoning Day Two Thousand and Eight!

Another series of pyros shoot off above the entryway and the camera angle cuts to an even closer shot, now from within the Stadium and zooms and pans are shown of the audience in attendance, capturing their all out excitement and energy.

Other Guy: We are sold out, we’ve been sold out, and the SHOOT Project loyal fans are here in DROVES, Dave Dymond. And man am I glad that you and I have the two best seats in the house tonight!

While “Rise Above This” keeps playing the focus finally falls upon the two voices of SHOOT Project, Dave Dymond and Other Guy.  Special Reckoning Day graphics appear under both of them for a moment, and then fade out. After a moment, the song slowly fades out as well.

Dave Dymond: It seemed so far away when it was mentioned at Redemption. And even at Malice when Adrian Corazon became the new World Heavyweight Champion it was still a thought in the back of our minds. An exciting thought sure, but one that hadn’t come to full realization but here we are. And It’s still somewhat hard to all take in.

Other Guy: Well be ready to take it all in, Dave, because it’s here and now, Reckoning Day, baby!  This is THE night in all of professional wrestling. Only the biggest and the best earn their RIGHT to step into that ring tonight and perform for the masses. This is it, the future of SHOOT Project, and the definition of this new era, it’s going to come to be tonight!

Dave Dymond: Certainly a historical night, the return of Reckoning Day and we’d like to thank all of our fans right off the bat for their support from the get go when SHOOT Project first re-opened it’s doors.  We want to thank Ramin Djawadi for his song Arc Reaktor, certainly an epic and moving instrumental that acts as Reckoning Day’s OFFICIAL theme song…

Other Guy: And don’t forget to send a shout out to Seether for their song “Rise Above This” from their CD Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces, both great songs, and both great additions to Reckoning Day!

Dave Dymond: Indeed, I was listening to both before coming out here tonight, great great music. But tonight is not about the music, tonight is about the competition. It’s about beginnings and ends. Every match tonight, championship match or not, WILL effect the future of SHOOT Project which is EXACTLY why this night is the end all be all of nights in my personal opinion. So much at stake, so much to gain and so much to lose.

Dymond pauses for a moment

Dave Dymond: All championships on the line, and it begins right now, with our FIRST of five Championship matches!



The sounding of the bell echoes and the lights around the immediate ring area begin to flash silver and gold as slowly from above, the fifteen foot high steel cage lowers and shortly after that, the completely enclosed cell begins to lower as well.  The ladder has already been set up in the ring, completely surrounded and entangled within one hundred yards of barbed wire.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, SHOOT Project fans… THIS. IS. RECKONING DAY!!!

The crowd, already excited by the presence of the two lowering cages, shows their excitement by cheering Samantha Coil’s opening words.  SHOOT Project crew works quickly to secure both the inside steel cage, and the cell that now surrounds the ring and the immediate area around it.  The fans closest to ringside can almost reach out and touch the cell, but security keeps them from doing so.

Dave Dymond: The cages are set in place, and Other Guy, that means there is officially no turning back.  We start off a historical night with a history-making match up.  The first ever ULTIMATE Survival match.

Other Guy: Never before seen in professional wrestling, brought to you ONLY by the SHOOT Project. Talk about the perfect example of EXACTLY what this night is gonna be.  Epic encounters, intense in ring action, the kind of memorable moments that only this organization can bring.  I’m amped, Dave.

The cages are secured and the crew leaves, getting a nice applause from the fans.  Samantha Coil stands outside of the entirety of the double cages, while Scott Kamura is already inside the cell, stationed by the one cell door present.

Samantha Coil: Tonight’s opening contest is the FIRST EVER Ultimate Survival Match!  To win, you must either climb the ladder and take the Laws of Survival Championship, or survive and be the last man remaining in the match!

The camera focus switches for a moment to show the Laws of Survival Championship hanging down from a chain that is connected to the top of the cell.  From there, "The Show Must Go On" by Three Dog Night begins to play over War Memorial Stadium’s sound system. The crowd erupts loudly with cheers.

Dave Dymond: And here comes our first competitor for this Ultimate Survival Match up. Jeste-

Suddenly, the lights start to flicker. The music begins to cut in and out, with bursts of static here and there. Suddenly, there is a loud ‘pop’. The music stops and the lights go completely out.

Other Guy: Ummmm….

The fans and the announce team sit in silence for a moment, not sure what is going on. After a few moments of silence, Jester Smiles’s voice is heard over the PA.

Jester Smiles: How about we try something a little different?

"Pressure" by Skindred hits over the PA, causing purple and green strobe lights to start going off all over the War Memorial Stadium, every so often illuminating the fans in either shades of purple or green.. The crowd once again pops loudly. The lights come on in full as the drum kicks in, and there stands Jester Smiles, fresh out of the entryway, though he looks a little different. His Mardi Gras mask is a purple and green camo. He wears a purple skullcap with a big green and blue smiley face. He wears a sleeveless t-shirt that is green, and he also wears purple and green camo baggy wrestling pants with red wrestling boots. He still wears the green and purple open fingered grappling gloves.

The fans seem even more excited, as Jester carries with him a t-shirt gun. In fact, four men with "SHOOT Project" t-shirts follow Jester, all with t-shirt guns. Jester and the four men begin to launch t-shirts into the crowd, much to the pleasure of the crowd!

Other Guy: Wow, buying crowd favor much?

Dave Dymond: He’s appreciating his fans, OG, and certainly a way to get them really going as we kick off Reckoning Day with the Laws of Survival Championship on the line!

Samantha Coil: And now, making his way to the ring. He stands at 6 feet and 6 inches. He weighs in at two hundred and forty-five pounds. He is a former two time Revolution Champion and former Laws of Survival Champion. Ladies and Gentlemen of Kahului, Hawaii, The Hero of SHOOT Project… here is JESTER SMILES!!!

After launching all the t-shirts, Jester runs around the very outside of the cell, tagging hands with as many of the fans as possible.  He stops then at the announce table and actually climbs up on top of it, pointing out at the crowd, really getting them going!  After a moment he drops down off the table and continues around the ring, making his way to the cell door.

Other Guy: The guy definitely knows how to work a crowd, and he’s been sayin’ it all week, Dave, he’s got the numbers in his favor.

Dave Dymond: Certainly a LARGE number of Jester fans in attendance tonight, but once inside the cell, and once that bell rings, it’s going to be Jester’s job, and Jester’s alone to try to regain the Laws of Survival Championship that he lost originally to Ron Barker.

Jester stands in front of the door for a moment, but then finally enters after taking a deep breath. His music plays a little longer but it finally fades out as he paces slightly just inside of the cell.  “Natural One” by Folk Implosion plays next and the Reckoning Day Video screen comes to life showing various clips of Ron Barker in action over the length of his career.  The fans boo loudly as glittery gold specks drop down in front of the entryway and billows of smoke seem to waft out from the tunnel.  The curtains slowly pull back and Ron Barker steps out into view. He wears his black wrestling singlet, trimmed in gold, but also a sleeveless robe over it that is black with gold designs all over it.

Samantha Coil: Introducing next, standing at six feet and five inches, and weighing in at two hundred and eighty pounds, he is a former Laws of Survival Champion, and the self-proclaimed KING of Survival.  Ladies and gentlemen, here is “RAVISHING” RON BARKER!!!

Barker looks dead ahead with a surprising focus about him, despite the absolute hatred being shown to him by the sold out crowd.

Dave Dymond: Some are saying that Barker’s silence this past week was just the quiet before the storm. But other rumors are suggesting that right now, Ron Barker is willingly walking to his own finality.  His own end.

Other Guy: Yeah but in either case he’s here, he’s in this match, Dave, so he obviously has somethin’ in mind.

Dave Dymond: He wouldn’t be Ron Barker if he didn’t.  And with his recent frustrations with the current Laws of Survival Champion, Trevor Worrens, this could simply turn into revenge. Barker seeing to it that Worrens DOESN’T retain his championship status here tonight.

Barker removes his sleeveless robe as he approaches the cell door and drops it off with a random on hand ring crewmember.  The robe is taken away as Barker steps inside the cell, turning his focus to Jester who has moved off further away from him.  Barker shakes the cell a bit takes a hold of the steel cage as well, all while waiting. Suddenly Barker’s music cuts out and the loud rumbling of thunder can be heard.

Dave Dymond: Fans don’t be concerned, we’ve got clear skies tonight, but yes that was thunder we just heard.

The lights set up all over the stadium flicker, and the brightly illuminated entryway structure has its lights flicker too… eventually going off completely.  The thunder rumbles louder and there are flashes of white light, like lightning hidden behind clouds.  Suddenly a HUGE eruption of pitch white pyros shoot up from the four main pyro cannons on the stage and at that moment “O Fortuna” by Carl Orff plays and the lights come back, and Osbourne Kilminster is seen at the start of the ramp way, down on one knee.

Other Guy: Talk about your dramatic entrance.

Dave Dymond: Kilminster making his presence and arrival to the ring something out of myths and lately there’s just been something about his mentality, Other Guy, he’s hungry, he’s more vicious and methodical than ever.

Kilminster rises up from his knee, his chain mail coif/vest combination clinking about as he starts his walk to the ring.  The fans continue to boo, but there are some scattered cheers for the man who considers himself a god of war.

Samantha Coil: Making his way to the ring, the third challenger, standing at six feet and two inches, and weighing in at two hundred and thirty five pounds, he is a former SHOOT Project Rules of Surrender and Laws of Survival Champion… here is OSBOURNE KILIMINSTER!!!

Kilminster pounds his chest a few times as he walks to the ring.  He stops just before entering as well and removes his coif/vest combo attire, leaving just his ICQB camo shorts, and matching fingerless gloves.  His focus falls right onto Jester and he walks towards him, but stops.  The three challengers now stand in the ring, spread out around the area, but all eyes now are on the entryway, awaiting the final competitor of the match.  Kilminster’s music cuts out and the Reckoning Day video screen shows a plain white room with a number of people standing inside of it, all wearing black pants and black turtlenecks. There seems to be an endless sea of them, all with no expression on their faces, al looking exactly the same, until the pan reveals Trevor Worrens, and the fans begin to pick up.  “Anthem for the Underdog” by 12 Stones starts in immediately.

“You say you know just who I am

But you can’t imagine

What waits for you across the line

You thought you had me…

The video screen shifts as Worrens walks through the sea of people and the music builds up to the chorus.

“But I’m still here standing…

and I’m tired of backing down!

The pyros erupt high above the Reckoning Day entryway structure and the curtains draw back as Trevor Worrens BURSTS out from the back with Worrens pumped up and pointing down to the ring.

And I’m here now feeling the pain

of a thousand hearts

been to hell and back again

I won’t take this!

Worrens tags hands with some of the fans en route to the ring, nodding his head slightly to the beat of the music.

Dave Dymond: and here comes the technical holder of the Laws of Survival Championship, but of course with that title hanging high over head, it’s really up for grabs in this four way contest.

Other Guy: Gotta love the attitude change in Worrens, the music, the energy he’s showin.  That’s the mentality you need goin into this kind of match up.

Dave Dymond: All these men competing tonight in the Ultimate Survival match are former champions and ALL have held the Laws of Survival Championship at some point, putting a lot more emphasis on just HOW important victory tonight means to all four competitors.

Worrens climbs part way up the cell from the outside and looks out to the crowd, holding on with one hand and with one foot planted He points out to the crowd again as his music continues to play.

Samantha Coil: And introducing the current Laws of Survival Champion, he stands at six feet and one inch tall and weighs in at two hundred and thirty three pounds, he is also a former SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion… here is TREVOR WORRENS!!!

Worrens drops down from the side of the cell and walks around to the door.  He enters the cell and immediately Scott Kamura closes the door behind him.  Outside Samantha Coil locks the cell door shut via an attached chain and padlock.  Worrens’s music fades out now as all four men stand inside the cell.

Dave Dymond: Such intensity and focus from all four men in this ring, all coming from different beliefs, but ALL knowing what this match is about.

Other Guy: Where do you even begin, do you go for that title, tryin’ to withstand the pain of putting your own body through that much barbed wire, or do you try to eliminate some of the competition early?

Dave Dymond: The strategies will be formed as this one progresses, because honestly, this is the first time ANYONE has fought in this type of match up. These four men, Osbourne Kilminster, Jester Smiles, Ron Barker, and Trevor Worrens are the first four EVER to step into an Ultimate Survival match; it’s all new territory from here on out.

Worrens glances up at the Laws of Survival Championship and then his eyes lower to the ladder and barbed wire just below it.  Smiles readies himself, looking back and forth between Kilminster and Barker.  Kilminster is dead set on Worrens, while Barker remains furthest from the other three, his eyes not leaving the championship that hangs above them all.

The bell sounds and Kilminster goes for Worrens, forcing Worrens to shift his focus.  Barker makes a mad dash and IMMEDIATELY starts to climb the inside cage, trying to get into the ring.  The fans boo loudly as Barker climbs, but Jester quickly goes after him while Worrens and Kilminster exchange hard strikes.  Worrens throws up a knee to try to interrupt Kilminster, but Kilminster catches the knee and shoves Worrens back, causing him to be off balance and Kilminster follows up with a two step running forearm shot that knocks Worrens flat on his back.  Jester gets a hold of Barker on the cage before Barker makes it up to far and pulls him back down onto the floor, following up with a hard open palm slap, then another one, then a spinning punch. Barker stumbles back only for Jester to grab him by the back of the head and run him the down length of the cell, and SMASHING him face first into the side at the other end!

Dave Dymond: And Barker the first to taste steel in this match, but I highly doubt he’ll be the last.

Barker slumps down up against the cell and Jester now turns his focus quickly going after Kilminster who is sending hard dropping knee strikes into Worrens’s gut.  Jester grabs Kilminster from behind and spins him around, connecting with a swift KENTA kick, then another. Kilminster falters but stays standing and Jester goes to execute the Virginia Sidekick, but Kilminster drops low and captures Jester’s planted leg, lifting him up and shoving him back first against the cell.  Jester winces in pain from the impact and Kilminster now wraps both of his arms around Jester’s body, looks to turn with a suplex, but Jester counters by connecting with a quick knee and then planting both his feet.

Jester then gets Kilminster around the waist and takes him down with a belly-to-belly turn around suplex!  The fans pop, but Jester doesn’t have much time to revel in taking Kilminster down as Worrens is back up and meet Jester with a quick palm strike.

Other Guy: Gotta always stay one step ahead of three other competitors in this one, and Jester took a second too long after takin’ Kilminster down, so now Worrens takin’ it to Jester.

Dave Dymond: Worrens with those hard palm strikes, and really a lot of similar styles presented in this match up, all very technical competitors with a love for a good hard strike to the face.

Jester staggers from the shots, and Worrens now takes a hold of his arm and looks to whip him into the side of the ring, but Jester reverses and Worrens goes face first into part of the fifteen foot high steel cage.  Jester looks to capitalize from there, lifting Worrens up for a back drop suplex, but Worrens manages to turn his body looking for a bulldog take down attempt, but Jester gets the better of Worrens still TOSSING him legs first into the cell!

Worrens collapses to the ground, legs bent over his body and the fans let out a collective “OOOOH” from the impact.  Jester now makes a cover on Worrens, and it suddenly a wave of anticipation and tension fills the War Memorial Stadium.

Dave Dymond: Cover made early here and Kamura scrambling around to make the count…



Worrens shoulders out, but Jester stays on the offense pulling Worrens up into a headlock position.  BUT KILIMINSTER WITH A CLOTHESLINE OUT OF NOWHERE!!!

Other Guy: OUCH!

Dave Dymond:  Kilminster inadvertently saving Jester there from a potential DDT or possible vertical suplex, and now Kilminster on top of Jester, working quick mounted strikes to keep him grounded.

The fans boo as Kilminster throws all the force of his punches into Jester’s face, taunting him in the process.  Worrens regains his bearings and sees Barker once more trying to climb the cage.

Other Guy: Barker’s strategy more than obvious, he just wants to get inside and give himself a head start on tryin’ to climb that ladder.

Dave Dymond: With no door on that second steel cage, it definitely acts as a barrier, slowing down anyone who is trying to get to the ladder OR to someone trying to climb that ladder.

Other Guy: Yeah, and Worrens ain’t about to let Barker get that kind of advantage over the other three.

Worrens starts climbing the cage as well, quickly reaching Barker’s height and he grabs out at Barker’s shoulder. Barker throws a blind elbow on a slight angle, and it just catches Worrens enough to knock him down a bit. Worrens almost loses his footing completely, but he holds on and gets another hold on Barker.  Kilminster comes around to the side of the cage where Barker and Worrens are and now HE starts to climb, trying to get at Worrens.  Worrens is held in place, Barker almost gets away from Worrens, but Worrens fights and climbs a bit more, holding onto Barker and keeping him from getting much higher. Barker struggles against Worrens and Worrens struggles against Kilminster…

And here comes Jester Smiles!

Dave Dymond: Smiles climbing the cage now and all four men trying to get inside… but none of them are making much progress!

Worrens grabs Barker by the head, and hooks his leg into one of Barker’s legs, but Kilminster has Worrens by the back of the neck and now tries to pull him off the side of the cage, while Smiles grabs Kilminster… all four men somehow linked to each other.  The fans watch on, sitting at the edge of their seats in nervous anticipation.  Barker tries to attack Worrens, but the second he lets go of the cage with one hand, Worrens hooks him and looks to fall back, but as he does, Kilminster goes back and so does Smiles…


The fans pop with excitement as Worrens, Barker, Kilminster, and Smiles all lie on the floor now, with Scott Kamura checking on the situation.

Other Guy: I don’t know what just happened, or who officially took out who, but that was awesome!

Dave Dymond: I think Worrens took Barker down with a Russian leg sweep, but also was taken down by Kilminster, who was taken down by Jester smiles… for those of you keeping track at home that would make it THREE official Russian Leg sweeps that just took place off the side of the steel cage.

As all four competitors stir on the floor, it is Jester Smiles who gets up first and he attempts for a quick cover on Kilminster, draping his body over his.  Kamura hits the floor for the count.


TW… kick out by Kilminster who sends Jester onto his side. Jester gets up and grabs Kilminster as well, looking to RAM Kilminster head first into the steel cage. Kilminster gets back with things and puts out his leg, stopping himself from colliding with the cage.  He fires a quick back elbow to send Jester staggering back then turns and immediately pulls Jester into a Thai clinch… almost. Jester fights out and springs back up to his full vertical base before being dropped hard by Kilminster. He then spins with a backhand chop to Kilminster followed by a strong kick to the gut.

Dave Dymond: Jester avoids potentially being dropped early via the Wake-Up Call as he was quick to counter.

With Kilminster doubled over, Jester drops an elbow to the back of Kilminster’s head, Kilminster almost goes down to one knee but he springs back up and DRILLS Jester in the sternum with a lifted knee strike.  Jester staggers up against the cell and Kilminster spins Jester around and starts RUBBING his face back and forth against the cell!  Jester SCREAMS out in pain and the fans boo as Kilminster continues grinding, turning Jester’s face to the side and now pushing and pulling Jester’s face up and down the side of the cell.

As Kilminster works on Jester, Worrens is back up and Barker starts up to his feet as well. Worrens gets a hold of him quickly and hits a forearm to the back of the neck, then pulls Barker down into a reverse headlock position.  Barker struggles out of it though, using his strength advantage over Worrens, lifting him up and over into a tombstone piledriver position!  The fans BOO loudly but soon start cheering as Worrens shifts the momentum back the other way and then turns Barker out of the reverse headlock into a quick chin breaker.  Barker’s head snaps back and Worrens right up to his feet and he goes for Kilminster now.  Kilminster turns though just as Worrens runs at him… catches him and HOISTS HIM UP AND OVER WITH A HUGE BELLY-TO-BELLY OVERHEAD SUPLEX!

Worrens FLIPS over and CRASHES into the side of the cell back first and upside down! The fans buzz with shock at the impact of the move, an impact that rattled the entire size of the cell.

Other Guy: Kilminster with some serious power behind that one!

Dave Dymond: The cell is just as much an opponent in this match as it is an ally, and right there it played a crucial part in doing some serious damage to Worrens’s back.

Worrens writhes on the floor while Kilminster walks towards him, pulling him off the floor and pushing him into the lower left corner of the cell.  Kilminster PUMMELS Worrens repeatedly with elbow strikes now, smashing Worrens into the corner each time.  Meanwhile Jester gets back up, the side of his face red from being washed against the steel cell siding. He stumbles for a moment, regaining his footing and finally.  Barker is back up though and he charges at Jester who has to react quickly. Jester side steps out of the way and Barker almost collides with Kilminster.

Barker stops himself, apologizing to Kilminster and then turns and PUNCHES Worrens square in the face. Kilminster just looks on, his head cocked to the side slightly.

Other Guy: I think Barker just formed an alliance with Kilminster in his mind, but judgin’ by the look on Kilminster’s face, I’d say that’s not what Kilminster is thinking!

Barker urges Kilminster to take a swing at Worrens, who is leaning up against the corner, and Kilminster finally nods, a slight smile on his face.  The fans respond with jeers, but just as Kilminster goes to swing at Worrens, he turns his body and DECKS Barker across the face!

Dave Dymond: Sorry, Barker, it’s every man for himself!

Other Guy: What a punch!

Some of the fans actually cheer as Barker and Kilminster exchange blows now in the lower left corner, and as they do, Jester suddenly starts to climb the cage. The fans only get louder as Jester goes unchallenged and soon finds himself pulling himself up on top of the fifteen foot high cage.

Dave Dymond: Jester is up!  Jester has just put some serious distance between himself and the other competitors, COULD we see him go for the title?

Other Guy: If Jester doesn’t want to die tonight, I’d say go for it… end this thing now before people start doin’ REAL dangerous shit out of desperation alone.

Dave Dymond: Jester now STANDING high atop that cage, but… but he keeps looking back at Barker and Kilminster!

The fans are cheering loudly as Jester stands WAY high above Kilminster and Barker who continue to fight it out, and now Worrens is back in the mix and all three are throwing hard shots and whatever they can to try to knock the other two down.  But despite the brutal exchange of strikes, what everyone is focused on is Jester Smiles standing a top the cage… Jester Smiles looking back over his shoulder…


Jester CRASHES down on top of all three men and the fans are on their feet!


Dave Dymond: Smiles doing it for these fans tonight. He had a direct shot, a step above the rest to get the Laws of Survival Championship, but instead the high risk moonsault and once again all four men are taken off their feet.

Other Guy: Hey, I love high risk and excitement, but that right there is why Jester can’t hold onto a title for more than a damn week. He’s not thinkin’ about surviving, he’s thinkin’ about entertaining!

The fans continue to cheer with excitement, despite there being currently very little movement from any of the four competitors.  Kamura seems somewhat concerned, but Jester is the first to start stirring, and he pulls himself up into a sitting position, but he looks to be in pain, holding his neck and rubbing it a great deal.

Dave Dymond: Looks like Jester may have not landed that in the best possible way, but with that ceiling over head, there isn’t exactly a lot of room to hit a full jump, so Jester pretty much had to fall into that moonsault.

Other Guy: There’s what maybe ten feet TOPS between the top of the steel cage and the ceiling of the cell?  And Jester’s a tall cat, so that gave him maybe four feet or even less room to jump from a full vertical stance.

Dave Dymond: Yet Jester still pulled it off and these fans were beyond excited about that, that took some serious guts on Jester’s behalf.

Jester gets up to his full vertical base and raises one arm high over his head, warranting another loud pop from the crowd.  He then points to Worrens… some fans cheer, but it’s not very loud. Jester then points to Kilminster, the fans get louder, but when Jester points to Barker, the War Memorial Stadium comes alive with near deafening cheers.

Dave Dymond: And the Jester fan base has spoken!

Jester drags Barker away from Worrens and Kilminster and then slowly pulls the groggy Barker up to his feet.  Meanwhile, Kilminster starts to crawl in the direction of the upper left corner of the ring, crawling near the ring apron.

Other Guy: Kilminster on the move, but Jester setting Barker up… and he’s got him in a half nelson lock…

Dave Dymond: Is Smiles looking to make Barker tap out here, that would definitely give Jester MORE momentum than he already has, and would put Barker just one step away from elimination.

Barker struggles to break free of the half nelson lock, but Jester suddenly puts all his momentum into spinning Barker from there and executing a half-nelson BARREL ROLL SUPLEX!

Dave Dymond: And that was it…. The Last Laugh!  Smiles with the cover… come on Kamura pay attention!

Kamura, who was checking on Worrens turns around as Smiles shouts for the referee to make the count.  Kamura dives and slaps his hand to the floor.




Dave Dymond: That’s one fall, one more pin or a submission and Barker is eliminated from this match up.

Other Guy: And Jester wants that right now! He’s goin for another cover!

The fans pop as Jester sits up, only to drop back down and hook Barker’s leg again. Kamura makes the count again.



THR… NO!  Barker JUST kicks out and the fans are not happy about this.  The booing starts and Jester is up to his feet, shaking his head, but he smiles.  He pinches his fingers together so they’re almost touching and mouths the words “this close” as he looks down at Barker who tries to groggily sit up.  Jester turns his focus back to the other competitors now and he sets his sights on Worrens who pulls himself up to his feet via the steel cell.

Dave Dymond: Worrens finally back up to his feet, but he caught the brunt of that moonsault and I believe Jester’s legs clocked him right on top of the head.

The screen splits in two now.  One half shows the live happenings, while the other has Jester’s moonsault cued up. As Jester comes at Worrens the replay footage starts in slow, and shows Jester coming down and his legs crashing down directly on Worrens’s head, sending him hard to the floor first.  The split screen goes away just as Jester and Worrens lock up into grapple.

Other Guy: Yeah, Worrens took that moonsault the hard way and I think it knocked the current Laws of Survival Champion for one hell of a loop.

Jester gets the better of Worrens out of the grapple and looks to take him up and over with a snapping vertical suplex… but Worrens whips his legs back down and quickly drops Jester with a sit down neck breaker instead.  Jester rolls on the floor in pain, clutching at his neck and Worrens sees Kilminster disappear around the corner of the ring.  Worrens goes after him now and the camera focus shifts to the other side of the ring. Kilminster runs his hand under the ring apron, every so often lifting it up to look under.

Dave Dymond: Kilminster looking for something and I think he’s goading Worrens into some serious trouble.

Other Guy: As if the environment wasn’t enough Dave, Kilminster lookin’ for somethin more, somethin to take Worrens out with.

Kilminster finally stops and reaches both his hands under the ring and then pulls out the well known dented up steel chair!

Dave Dymond: Ah I see how it is!  The great equalizer, the very object that Osbourne Kilminster has become OBSESSED WITH ever since he lost at Malice to Worrens.

Kilminster has his back to Worrens, hiding the steel chair as Worrens approaches from behind.  Kilminster turns just as Worrens goes to pull him up to his feet but as he SWINGS the chair down at Worrens, Worrens grabs the chair and RIPS it from Kilminster’s hands!  The fans pop and Worrens without hesitation DRILLS Kilminster across the skull!  Kilminster goes down and Worrens doesn’t stop there.  He repeatedly CRACKS the already dented up chair over the body and head of Kilminster, forcing Kilminster to writhe in pain and try to get his arms up to protect himself. Worrens just kicks Kilminster’s arm and SMASHES the chair right down across Kilminster’s chest!

The fans are going nuts and Worrens CHUCKS the chair down at Kilminster before looking up to the Laws of Survival Championship now.

Other Guy: Worrens just let out all his aggression right there Dave, and after Kilminster has used that chair on EVERYONE over the past several weeks, he now knows EXACTLY what it feels like.

Dave Dymond: And Worrens setting his sights on the Laws of Survival Championship, but Jester has other ideas as he’s making is way towards Worrens.

Worrens starts to climb the cage, leaving Kilminster down on the floor, but Jester picks up speed and reaches the side of the cage where Worrens is climbing.  The fans are on edge again as both men climb up, BOTH looking to get into the actual ring!

Other Guy: They’re not stopping each other… it’s a race to the ring now!

Dave Dymond: That it is, but once inside the race only becomes more complicated and a whole lot more painful.  Will either of these men brave the barbed wire and try to get the title from high above the ring?

Other Guy: I think that’s EXACTLY what Worrens is goin for!

Worrens grabs the top of the cage and pushes up now to get the rest of his body up. Jester is just a step behind but he pulls himself up as well, only for Worrens to nail a quick palm strike to Jester’s head. The fans buzz with concern as Smiles sways, but doesn’t fall off the cage and manages to get himself the rest of the way up, sitting straddled at top.  Smiles fires a hard punch back and Worrens’s head snaps back a bit but he starts to stand up, only for Jester to grab both of his legs and pull him right back down!  Worrens WINCES in pain, having been crotched on the top of the cage and Jester now slides his body closer to Worrens and nails a sitting clothesline, which bends Worrens’s body back.  From there Jester stands up, working on keeping his balance, while down below Kilminster starts to stir on one side, while on the opposite side, Barker starts to get back into things once again.

Dave Dymond: Jester Smiles putting himself in danger now as he stands up on top of that cage. There’s not exactly a lot of space to move up there.

Other Guy: Yeah and there’s only one way to go… and that’s down.

Smiles maintains his balance but with Worrens laid on his back on top of the cage Smiles drops down half his body inside the cage and half his body dangling over the edge to the outside! The fans pop and Kamura positions himself below

Dave Dymond: Smiles has got the pin… and pin falls and submissions count anywhere inside the cell so this is legal… Kamura with the count!



THRE… Worrens shoulders out and now starts to try and push Jester to the outside!  The fans watch on, fearful for Jester’s life! Jester holds onto the steel cage but Worrens continues to push now, and rises up to his feet, holding Jester COMPLETELY UPSIDE DOWN!!

Other Guy: Oh boy this isn’t good… Jester’s about to get dumped from FIFTEEN FEET ABOVE THE FLOOR!

Jester holds onto the side of the cage for dear life while Kilminster looks on from the outside, meanwhile Barker stays on the other side of the ring, holding onto the side of the cage and waiting for the right time to start to climb.  Worrens keeps pushing, holding Jester by the ankles, only for Jester to suddenly wrap his legs around Worrens’s neck!  Worrens’s eyes go wide as he suddenly struggles, trying to shove Jester’s legs away him, but as he shoves Jester releases and flips over SENDING WORRENS CRASHING TO THE FLOOR!!!!

Dave Dymond: OH GOD!!!

The fans are stunned as Worrens lands back first; Jester dangles for a second from the cage but loses his grip and falls a split second later.

The fans continue to buzz, shocked that they just saw what they did!  Worrens is motionless on the floor and Jester sits up against the ring now… and amidst all the shock, the excitement… BARKER STARTS TO CLIMB!

Dave Dymond: And would you look at that.  Jester Smiles and Trevor Worrens both put themselves in a dangerous spot, and Barker avoiding it all but climbing like he’s a deserving champion.

Other Guy: Maybe not deserving, but it’s smart on Barker’s move.  This is The Ultimate Survival match, Dave, and Barker’s just doin what he’s gotta to survive.

Dave Dymond: Kilminster looking to climb as well now… wait no… he turns… COVER ON WORRENS!

The fans boo loudly as Kilminster hooks the leg tightly on an already motionless Worrens and Kamura drops and makes the count.




Dave Dymond: And Osbourne Kilminster not concerned with just picking up the scraps here and now the Laws of Survival Champion is just one more pin or submission away from elimination.

Other Guy: And that would mean a DEFINITE new champion here tonight.

Kilminster rises up to his feet as he sees Jester standing up as well.  He grabs Jester by both arms and just turns, WHIPPING him into the side of the cell. Jester arches his back in pain and Kilminster grabs the chair that was used on him earlier, sizes up Jester and SWINGS viciously at him. Jester moves out of the way just in time and the chair hits nothing but the steel cell making a loud CLANKING sound. The impact forces Kilminster to drop the chair.  Kilminster turns and is NAILED with a sudden enzeguri from Jester!  Kilminster stumbles back and suddenly the crowd begins to boo loudly as Barker begins his climb down into the ring!

Dave Dymond: Barker almost in the ring now and what a travesty if he pull this off, a damn travesty.

Jester starts to climb back up the cage now from the other side while Barker climbs down, eventually dropping into the ring. The boos continue to sound, but Barker seems very hesitant as he look up at the Laws of Survival Championship, and then to the barbed wire in front of him.  Barker approaches the barbed wire now and tries to find the best way in. The boos turn to cheers though as Jester is at the top of the cage now and starts to climb down.

Dave Dymond: Jester on his way in now and Barker having a heck of a time trying to go about getting to the ladder.

Other Guy: If he thinks he’s gonna get through without a scratch on him, then he’s a fool, Dave.  That’s one hundred yards of barbed wire all tangled and weaved around that ladder, there’s no way in without tearin’ at your own flesh.

Barker pulls back from the barbed wire and turns his focus to Jester who drops down into the ring now as well. Barker charges at Jester, catching him with a sucker punch. Jester bounces off the ropes behind him and comes right back at Barker NAILING him with a clothesline! Barker goes down and Jester turns right back around and drops a quick standing leg drop across Barker’s head!  Barker writhes from the impact and now Jester back up and he eyeballs the long leather straps tied to the corner post.

Dave Dymond: Jester has something in mind involving the leather straps in the corner, possibly looking to immobilize Barker completely, which would make him pretty much a non-factor in this match.

Other Guy: You get both arms strapped in, and you’re basically no different than the fans watchin’ this one from the seats.

Dave Dymond:  Barker trying to get up but Jester taking a hold of the strap now, and forget strapping Barker to the post, he’s going to try and choke Barker out!

The fans pop as Jester pulls Barker into position and wraps the free end of one of the leather straps tightly around Barker’s neck!  Barker writhes, trying to pull at the strap to free his neck, and as Jester chokes him, outside the ring Kilminster leaves Worrens for dead and starts to climb the cage.  Jester lets go of the strap now and Barker falls forward, face sideways on the mat and Jester keeps the strap tight in his grip and then starts WHIPPING Barker down the length of his back!  Barker SCREAMS out in pain and Jester whips him again… and again AND AGAIN!

Barker crawls away from Jester, but Jester STOMPS down on the back of Barker’s leg and pulls him back and WHIPS him with the leather strap again!  Jester then yanks at the straps on Barker’s singlet pulling them off his shoulder and completely exposes Barker’s back!

Dave Dymond: Barker’s back exposed now and Jester RIGHT BACK TO THE WHIPPING!

Jester whips Barker again and the fans shout out ONE!  Jester nods his head, grinning from ear to ear now as he whips again.








Kilminster starts climbing down into the ring now.

Another whip to Barker from Jester






Kilminster in the ring and he NAILS Jester from behind! The fans boo loudly in response to Kilminster interrupting Jester.  Jester staggers forward and Kilminster follows up, grabbing him by the legs from behind and lifting him up so Jester is sent face first onto the mat.  From there Kilminster crosses Jester’s legs over one another places his foot in between the cross over point and then grabs both of Jester’s arms and pulls him back, stretching out his back!

Dave Dymond: Submission hold applied here and Kilminster looking to force Jester Smiles to tap out.

Other Guy: That would put it then that Osbourne is the only in this match who doesn’t have a fall against him.

Dave Dymond: A definite advantage would be given to Kilminster now, but Jester fighting and refusing to tap out.

Kamura watches on the outside, asking Jester if he gives up, but Jester continues to shake his head and shout no.  Kamura motions that there is no submission and Kilminster suddenly just SHOVES Jester down, smashing him face first once again into the mat.  Kamura now starts to actually climb the cage himself, looking to get closer to the action.

Other Guy: Never thought I’d see this sight, a referee climbing a steel cage.

Dave Dymond: Well Kamura NEEDS to be close to the action to effectively call this match and well there’s no other way to get in the ring so Kamura climbing like all the other competitors.

The fans actually start cheering as Kamura climbs.

“CLIMB THAT CAGE! CLIMB THAT CAGE!” the chant starts up and Kilminster just looks on at Kamura for a moment and just shakes his head.  Jester works on getting up to his feet but Kilminster stays on the offense and pulls Jester up and whips him into the up ring ropes.  Jester comes bouncing back and Kilminster runs with a hard knee strike that causes Jester to flip over onto his back in pain.  Kilminster then turns his focus to Barker who struggles to pull himself up in the corner.  Kilminster grabs Barker turns him around and whips him diagonally RIGHT INTO THE BARBED WIRE!!! Barker’s arms go through and his body crashes into it and Barker flails about as he drops down to his back, arms all cut up.

Other Guy: Not a pretty sight at all as Barker just got a face full, hell a body full of barbed wire!

Outside of the ring Worrens finally starts to come to, wincing in pain though but still he fights to his feet, only to flip up the ring apron on the outside.  The fans watch on and suddenly they start cheering as from under the ring, Worrens comes out with a decent sized piece of plank wood with barbed wire covering one side of it!  There is a hole in one end and Worrens holds the piece of wood from that hole and slowly but surely starts to climb the cage while holding onto it!

Dave Dymond: Trevor Worrens back in this match and he’s not coming into the second cage empty handed, he has that bed of barbed wire he’s carrying right along with him!

Other Guy: He used that before in that law of blood match to WIN the Laws of Survival Championship and now he’s bringing it to this fight.

The fans get louder as Worrens climbs, soon reaching the top and he balances the bed of barbed wire on the top of the cage before pulling himself all the way up.  Kilminster meanwhile has his focus on Jester who stirs to his feet.  The War Memorial Stadium is filled with cheers and boos, cheering for Worrens who stands high a top the cage, but boos as Kilminster stalks behind Jester, waiting for him to turn around.

Jester turns, Kilminster with a kick to the gut, goes to lock Jester into a Thai Clinch, but Jester counters it around, and ends up getting Kilminster up onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry position!  The fans go nuts, but Kilminster fights against the fireman’s carry and drops down behind Jester, but Jester falls with him, landing on top of Kilminster with a sloppy but effective Samoan drop.

Dave Dymond: Jester tried to go for the Side Splitter there, but went for option B, and has Kilminster pinned!

The fans pop as Kamura makes the count.



THR.. Kilminster gets the shoulder up…

Other Guy: LOOK OUT!

Worrens LEAPS from the top of the cage with the bed of barbed wire held in front of him… barbed wire down and he CRASHES DOWN ON TOP OF JESTER AND KILIMINSTER!!!

Dave Dymond: What a splash!  Worrens from way up high and these fans are just as shocked as I am!

For the second time in this match a “HOLY SHIT!” chant echoes through the arena and Worrens, hurting himself shouts through clenched teeth for Kamura to count!

Dave Dymond: Worrens has both Kilminster and Jester pinned and Kamura going to make the count on it!


Some fans echo one!


Some fans echo two!


There is a loud pop as Worrens rolls off both Jester and Kilminster, clutching his stomach.  Jester spasms, having barbed wire smashed into his chest, while Kilminster rolls out from under Jester, bleeding from the forehead as the barbed wire cut him good.

Dave Dymond: Kilminster in bad shape after that, part of the board seemed to snap and Kilminster got a serious gash from barbed wire to the forehead.

Other Guy: And now the playing field is even again.  All four competitors are one more fall away from elimination after that double pin made by the defendin’ champ.

Worrens works on trying to get back up, clutching at his stomach while Kilminster makes his way to the edge of the ring, pulling himself up via the ring ropes, the blood running down his face now. Kilminster shakes his head and wipes some of the blood to keep it from getting in his eyes. Worrens now up as well and the fans begin to react as Worrens has a blood dotted gash across his abdomen!

Dave Dymond: And look at that, the force of the impact drove that wood right up into Worrens’s gut, and he’s… he’s been cut across the stomach!

Other Guy: The Ultimate Survival match slowly but surely takin’ its toll.

Worrens holds his stomach in pain, but stands up.  Jester remains motionless under the barbed wire, while Barker just rocks back and forth.  Kilminster goes after Worrens and Worrens goes for a hard palm strike, but Kilminster quickly stops that by DRIVING his knee into Worrens’s injured stomach!  Worrens doubles over and falls to his knees and Kilminster pulls him right back up, holding him in a headlock only to DRIVE his knee up into the gut again.  Worrens falls to his knees again and Kilminster brutally puts the bottom of his shoe square in Worrens’s face and then SHOVES him down with his foot.  Worrens lies on his back and Kilminster makes the cover.  Kamura drops and makes the count.



THRe… NO!  Worrens just shoulders out and stays in the match!

Dave Dymond: A near fall, but Worrens NOT eliminated from this one.

Other Guy: Not yet, Dave, but he’s dangerously close and Kilminster just exposin that now.

Dave Dymond: Kilminster up… OH and a knee drop, again Kilminster targeting the stomach of Worrens!

Worrens rolls over in pain after Kilminster gets up to his feet, only for Kilminster to drag Worrens into the corner now, smirking with satisfaction as he takes one of the straps connected to the upper right corner of the ring and he ties it around Worrens’s wrist.  The fans boo as Worrens Kilminster takes the other strap now, but Jester from behind with a hard double axe handle!  Kilminster arches his back in pain and drops the other strap.  Jester spins Kilminster around, and swings him into ropes close to the corner.  Kilminster bounces back and Jester kicks Kilminster in the right shoulder and the impact spins Kilminster around.

Before Kilminster goes all the way around Jester grabs him around the waist though and quickly lifts him up and over, BRIDGING GERMAN SUPLEX and the PIN!  Kamura makes the count….

The fans jump out of their seats.



TH… only a two count as Kilminster kicks out.  Jester back up to his feet and he looks to continue after Kilminster, but Barker is up now, arms all bloody, his back bright red.  Jester leaves Kilminster down and turns back to Barker.

Dave Dymond: Jester Smiles once again going after Ron Barker, as it was that man, the self proclaimed King of Survival that took the title from Jester, and now here in the Ultimate Survival match, is a clear chance for Smiles to get some payback.

Jester turns Barker around to face him and nails a quick elbow strike followed by a short arm clothesline. Barker goes down hard and Jester now moves to the lower left corner of the ring and climbs up onto the top turnbuckle.  He sizes up Barker below, but then looks up and the fans cheer loudly!  Jester nods his head and starts to climb back up the steel cage. Worrens meanwhile works on untying the leather strap from around his wrist and he breaks free and charges at Kilminster. Kilminster ducks under a clothesline attempt from Worrens, but Worrens reaches back and CATCHES Kilminster with an inverted backbreaker!!!

Some of the fans pop and Worrens gets back up to his full vertical base after dropping to one knee, and now Jester stands a top of the cage looking down at Barker!  The fans are cheering and suddenly Jester looks up, the cell ceiling above him… and all at once Jester LEAPS and grabs a hold of the cell ceiling!

Other Guy: What in the hell is runnin’ through Jester’s mind!

Dave Dymond: It’s the biggest Pay Per View of the year, Other Guy… he wants it to be memorable!!!

Jester uses the top of the cell like monkey bars, now dangling high over Barker’s head!  Jester looks down and then lets go… DROPPING A HUGE LEG DROP ONTO BARKER….


Other Guy: Barker moved and that could have broken Jester’s tailbone!

Jester’s eyes go wide as now Barker lazily attempts to roll up Jester from there… but despite the excruciating pain, Jester counters catching Barker in place and LOCKING ON A TRIANGLE CHOKE!!!

Dave Dymond: Black Mardi Gras!!!  Jester has that triangle choke submission locked on!!!

Other Guy: Barker never saw it comin!

Dave Dymond: And talk about your ability to fight past the pain.  Jester dropped from a fair height but he’s determined to survive, Other Guy!

Barker struggles in the hold, but Jester has it locked on to perfection that Barker has no other choice but to TAP OUT!!!

Dave Dymond: That’s it! Barker’s done for!

Other Guy: But Jester ain’t lettin’ go!

The fans cheer wildly as Kamura motions that Barker is out of the match, and all the while Jester continues to keep the hold locked on until Barker isn’t even moving!

Samantha Coil: Ron Barker has been eliminated from the match!

Dave Dymond: And it wasn’t enough for Jester to just send Barker out of this match, he wants to send an ultimate message… and Barker’s motionless.  There is no life no movement in Barker’s body what so ever!

Kamura shouts for Jester to break the hold and after a few more second he unlocks it and rolls away from Barker all together.  Slowly Jester gets up, but now seems to be limping slightly.  He looks up to the Laws of Survival Championship but then his eyes fall on Worrens who stands on the other side of the barbed wire structure. The fans start to make some noise as the two engage in a stare down and now Worrens slowly walks towards Jester, and Jester walks towards him.

Other Guy: Here we go. A showdown that hasn’t occurred since the SECOND episode of Revolution in the new era, Dave.  Jester Smiles and Trevor Worrens!

The fans get even louder as the two get even closer, but just as the two are about to get into it, Kilminster runs into the up ring ropes and comes charging back at both men. Jester and Worrens turn at the same time only to be CLOTHESLINED to the mat by the incoming Kilminster.  The fans boo loudly as Kilminster stands over both men now, then he himself looks up at the Laws of Survival Championship hanging over head.  Meanwhile Kamura checks on Barker and makes and “X” with his hands as a sign to medical.  Kamura then also makes a “lift” motion after that and the steel cage starts to raise just enough so that Barker can be helped out of the ring.

Dave Dymond: Kamura making the call to get Barker out of further harm’s way as he appears to be severely injured after Jester Smiles forced him to tap out via that triangle choke submission.

Other Guy: No doubt, you can’t have Barker’s body in the way for the remainder of the match; it’s just not safe.

Kamura helps get Barker out of the ring and then motions for the cage to be re-lowered and it’s Kilminster who is the lone one standing eyes going between Worrens, Jester, and the title hanging above him.  Finally Kilminster steps in front of Jester, stalking over him.  Jester and Worrens both stir on the mat.  Kilminster grabs Jester though and has the Thai clinch locked in place… and Jester QUICKLY DROPPED via a face buster onto Kilminster’s extended KNEE!!!

Dave Dymond: Wake Up Call from Kilminster, and that’s it… that’s a knock out shot!

Kilminster lets Jester drop, but the second he does, Worrens up to his feet and he charges at Kilminster, LEAPING up and kicking his right leg out past Kilminster so that his LEFT KNEE CRACKS Kilminster in the face!!!

Other Guy: What a shot from Worrens though, and Kilminster laid out as well!

Dave Dymond: I believe that was a Bussiku knee kick, Other Guy, but you’re right definitely one heck of a shot from Worrens and both Smiles and Kilminster are down… this one back in Worrens’s control!

Worrens gets back up to his feet and with both Kilminster and Jester down on the mat, Worrens looks to the ladder and with no regard for his own body starts to push and weave his way through the barbed wire!  The fans can’t help but cringe as Worrens screams in pain, the barbed wire snagging his hair and his flesh!

Dave Dymond: My god… Worrens just trying to get through that barbed wire, but the lacerations and… OH right across the shoulder there!

Other Guy: Not for the squeamish, Dave, not for the squeamish at all.

Worrens finds himself stuck for a moment, trying to maneuver through, blocking his face as best as possible and a strand RIPS Across Worrens’s right hand! Worrens pulls his hand in, clenching it tightly, which only makes the blood flow more! Worrens turns his body, trying to get to the ladder… finally getting to the base, but he stops, his pants snagged and smaller strands of the barbed wire seem to be wrapped around his leg and arm.

Dave Dymond: Worrens at the ladder, but he looks to be stuck, Other Guy.  Worrens TUGGING his body as he climbs, and the barbed wire making that INCREDIBLY difficult!

The fans cheer Worrens on now, but he has to stop, the pain taking its toll on him as he leans against the ladder, only a few steps up.  Jester starts to come to, not really sure where he is though as he crawls to the corner.  Kilminster is still out but slowly starting to rock slightly, at least showing signs of life.

Other Guy: Worrens has GOT to get to that title, Dave… Kilminster and Jester BOTH still in this match, and Jester movin… he’s pullin himself up to his feet!

Dave Dymond: Jester up and now what’s he doing, he’s taking the leather strap and untying it from the post.

Worrens starts climbing again but now Jester has the long leather strap and starts to climb the steel cage.  Worrens swats the barbed wire out of his path, taking another several small cuts to the arm.  Worrens SCREAMS out in agony now as he tries to get up the ladder, the barbed wire though seemingly everywhere.  Jester is climbing, he’s to the top of the cage, groggy as hell but getting back in the match and Kilminster the last to his feet, but getting up!

The fans are on their feet as Worrens pushing through now, almost to the top of the ladder and Jester jumps up with the leather strap in hand and he loops it through one of the spaces in the ceiling of the cell.  Worrens to the second to the last rung of the ladder and he’s reaching up now…. EVERY SINGLE fan on their feet!

Dave Dymond: Worrens has it!  Worrens reaching out his fingers grazing the Laws of Survival Championship!

Other Guy: But it’s not down yet, Dave….  Worrens has to take it off the chain!

Dave Dymond: WAIT A MINUTE!  Jester now has that leather strap secured and…

THE FANS ERUPT WITH WILD CHEERS as Jester holds tightly onto the leather strap and SWINGS across towards the title….  But Worrens steps up to the top rung of the ladder and intercepts, GRABBING JESTER BY THE LEGS!!!

Dave Dymond: Jester Smiles and Worrens DANGLGING From that leather strap now and Jester was THAT close to just swooping in a taking the title from Worrens’s grasp, but Worrens put a stop to that.

Other Guy: Yeah but in turn he put a stop to getting the title himself!

Jester squirms about, not wanting to drop while Worrens tries now to climb up Jester’s body and try to take him down.  Worrens has him firmly by the legs now, and Jester is pretty much sitting on Worrens’s shoulders, both men hanging in mid air…. While KILIMINSTER climbs the cage!

Dave Dymond: No way! What on earth! Osbourne Kilminster climbing up as Worrens hangs on and Jester TRIES to shake him off!

Kilminster is up top the fans still standing up out of their seats.  Kilminster steadies himself and as Jester and Worrens spin slightly while hanging, Kilminster suddenly DIVES OFF THE TOP OF THE CAGE…

Dave Dymond: CLOTHESLINE TO JESTER… he falls, Kilminster down on top of him and Worrens hitting feet first on the mat…. I can’t believe we just witnessed that… NEVER before have I seen what I can only describe as a MID-AIR DOOMS DAY DEVICE!

Other Guy: I’m speechless, Dave. I got nothin to add to that.

Worrens clutches at his leg now, wincing in pain while Kilminster gets up. Worrens turns on a limp and Kilminster just KICKS the leg out from under him.  Worrens falls flat on his back SCREAMING in pain.  And Kilminster STOMPS down on it for good measure.  He then turns to Jester, dragging Jester’s body into the lower right corner of the ring, muttering to himself as he does. Kilminster props Jester up in the corner and takes on strap and ties it around Jester’s wrist tightly!  Jester stirs and Kilminster BOOTS him in the face.  Then grabs the other strap, the fans are booing loudly but their hatred for Kilminster doesn’t change what happens.

Kilminster takes Jester’s other arm and ties the strap around it tightly!

Dave Dymond: And Kilminster has strapped Jester in… he’s stuck, Other Guy… damn it! He’s been completely immobilized!

The fans are near deafening at this point as Kilminster grabs Jester’s head and forces him to look into his eyes.

Osbourne Kilminster: You watch me win, clown!  I want you to WATCH ME!

Kilminster SLAPS Jester across the face and Jester slumps in the corner; still somewhat out of it from the fall he took.

Other Guy: Wow the mood shifting just like that as Osbourne Kilminster looks to have this one in his grasp.

The hatred continues to rain down on Kilminster who walks back over to Worrens now who once again tries to get his way up to his feet.  Kilminster comes at him and helps him up and Worrens kicks out with his one good leg, sending Kilminster staggering back, but Worrens collapses back down onto the mat.  Kilminster comes back at Worrens, kicks from the mat kicks out his good leg, clipping Kilminster down to one knee.

Still though Kilminster presses on and he gets back up and grabs Worrens firmly by the head and pulls him into a Thai clinch.  Kilminster pulls him around once, whipping him around almost in rag doll fashion, displaying to the crowd.  But Worrens DIGS DOWN DEEP and JUST BARELY HOISTS Kilminster up and over via a standing back body drop!  Kilminster is sent down onto the mat and Worrens goes down again, his face showing that he’s in complete agony!

Dave Dymond: Worrens refusing to go down without trying to fight back, but his leg can barely hold him up.

Other Guy: No kidding.  It’s only a matter of time before Worrens passes out from pain if he keeps tryin’ to fight on one bad leg.

Kilminster slowly but surely gets back up to his feet as Worrens makes his way to the ropes and works on getting to his feet as well.  Kilminster is up Worrens turns and WITH NO REGARD FOR HIS BODY Worrens runs, SCREAMING and he just DIVES into KILIMINSTER WITH A LOU THEZ PRESS!


Strands snap around them…. As they crash through one wall of the entanglement, landing at the base of the ladder!

Dave Dymond: I can’t believe it! What the hell just happened!?

Other Guy: Kilminster and Worrens are dead, Dave, and Jester is helpless strapped to the corner… that’s what happened!

Scott Kamura looks on, shocked himself.  Jester starts to come to and tries to move, but soon realizes he’s strapped to the corner.  Jester twists his body back and forth, tugging at the straps, trying to pull free, but can’t do so.  Jester stomps his foot in anger but then digs down deep and suddenly pulls his wrist up to his mouth and starts tugging at the strap with his teeth!

Dave Dymond: Would you look at that, Jester trying to escape the straps, but that’s some pretty thick leather and Jester trying to… well I guess gnaw his way out, or at least loosen the strap!

Other Guy: Basic survival instincts Dave, it’s all kickin’ in as this one really has come to the bottom line that whoever is up first, whoever can climb that ladder first is gonna walk away the Laws of Survival Champion!

Dave Dymond: Kilminster is a bloody mess, Worrens a bloody mess, Jester trying to free himself and… HE’S GOT IT!  Jester has ONE HAND FREE!!!

The fans erupt with cheers as Jester now quickly unties the other hand, freeing himself from the leather straps entirely.  Worrens starts to pull himself up to his feet, dragging most of his body behind as he grabs the rung of the ladder and starts to pull himself up.  Jester turns away from the ladder only to jump up onto the ropes and then LAUNCH HIMSELF INTO THE BARBED WIRE AS WELL!!!

Other Guy: God Damn! Don’t any of these men have a single care about their own well being?

Dave Dymond: Survival of the fittest, Other Guy! Jester made up some serious ground their now as he’s trying to fight through the barbed wire and climb the ladder!

Jester screams out in pain trying to twist himself free of the barbed wire mess while Worrens slowly continues his way up the ladder…. Only now Kilminster is up as well, struggling with strands of barbed wire clinging to his body!

Dave Dymond: This is just a bloody mess before our eyes.  All three men trying to get up that ONE ladder Kilminster trying to climb over Worrens, Worrens and Smiles up top almost…

Worrens PUNCHES Jester from over the top of the ladder. Jester falters but tries to climb more, only for Worrens to punch him again, and this time Jester loses his grip and falls backwards, more barbed wire ripping apart and snagging around the base of the structure, and in turn Jester’s body!  Worrens keeps climbing, Kilminster though still trying to climb over him. Worrens sends a blind back elbow to Kilminster, but it connects… then another elbow, Kilminster drops a few rungs but grabs Worrens’s bad leg lifts it up and SMASHES it into the side of the ladder!  Worrens screams out in pain but pulls himself up another rung.

Kilminster starts the climb again, but now Jester crawling through the wreckage below and he GRABS Kilminster by the foot pulling himself up and trying to climb over Kilminster!  Kilminster fights and Jester from there hooks him into a full nelson pulling him away from Worrens and then TAKING HIM DOWN WITH A FULL NELSON SUPLEX!!!

Jester and Kilminster crash to the mat… Worrens just barely hangs on, pulling himself up by arm strength alone. The fans cheer him on for his perseverance and Worrens rises up to the top, his bad leg pretty much dangling as Worrens steadies himself on one leg finally grabbing a firm hold of the Laws of Survival Championship.  He tears it off the chain and Kamura calls for it!

The bell sounds and Worrens just sits there, the barbed wire, the bodies surrounding him. “Anthem for the Underdog” begins to play for a second time throughout the War Memorial Stadium.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen… the winner of the Ultimate Survival match, and STILL the SHOOT PROJECT Laws of Survival Champion… TREVOR WORRENS!!!

Worrens holds the Laws of Survival championship over his head, letting it drop down vertically by the strap.  Jester and Kilminster lay below him and slowly but surely both the cage and the cell lift back up, allowing for easy exit of the ring.

Dave Dymond: It was exactly what we could only imagine it would be, a brutal affair to kick off Reckoning Day.  A bloody wreck of a match that would deem the winner a TRUE survivor.  Trevor Worrens survived tonight. Trevor Worrens defended his right to be called the Laws of Survival Champion.

Other Guy: Hats off to the man, he might not be walkin’ right for weeks to come after tonight, but heck if he didn’t go through hell to retain his title.

With the match over, medical rushes down to the ring at this point, ready on hand to attend to all four men.  While they go to work the camera focuses on Worrens sitting a top the ladder, blood on his arms, body, face, but the Laws of Survival Championship held proudly over his head.

We see Eryk Masters in a suit standing in a suite in the arena.  He is all smiles tonight.  You can clearly see the ring behind him.

Eryk Masters:  Ladies and gentlemen, we hope you’re having fun here at Reckoning Day!  We know there are several stars here tonight…but I’m up here to get a couple of them just watching tonight.

Eryk moves out of the way to reveal to the screaming fans…Instant Heat.  The fans are going crazy as they see a healthy Real Deal sitting beside a just as healthy OutKast.  Both men are wearing strange Instant Heat themed Hawaiian shirts and khaki shorts, along with some flip flops, clearly taking it easy.

Eryk Masters:  OutKast, Real Deal, it’s good to see you guys again…and healthy, too!

OutKast grabs Eryk’s jacket and yanks Eryk down into a chair next to him.

OutKast:  Fuckin’ right!

Eryk looks at Kast for a moment.

Eryk Masters:  Are…are you okay, Kast?

Real Deal shakes his head slightly no.

OutKast:  I’m a bit…four or five…um…sheets to the…uh…hmmm…

Eryk Masters:  …wind?

OutKast:  Fuckin’ right!

Real Deal: I’m not gonna say one way or the other, but I *think* that Kast might have, you know…

Real Deal makes the drink motion with his hands.

Real Deal: …you know.

OutKast:  You think?  Shiiiit.  I KNOW.

Real Deal laughs.

Real Deal: A bonafide SHOOT Project Hall of Famer, ladies and gentlemen.

OutKast:  We’re here…Eryk…to watch this, the greatest Reckoning Day EVER.  Feel that?  DO YOU FEEL THAT?!  HAHAHAHA!!!  HAWAII, BABY!!

Real Deal: Speaking of Hawaii… and Hawaiian things… can you believe the job that SHOOT marketing did on these SHIRTS man?

Real Deal obviously points to his Hawaiian themed Instant Heat shirt, and smiles.

Real Deal: They look amazing, don’t they?

Eryk Masters:  They are…cool.  So tell me, guys.  Donovan King put the both of you out…are you pulling for Cade like never before to kick his ass?

The fans ERUPT.

Real Deal: Was that a real question? Of COURSE I want to see Cade kick that guy’s ass.

Real Deal looks at Kast.

Real Deal: Did he really ask us that like, for real?

OutKast laughs.

OutKast:  I got serious love for Donovan.  I hope the change…that shit he’s been talkin’…is for real.  But…I ab…stain.  Wait.  Yeah.  Abstain.  Better believe, though…real excited to watch it, though.

Eryk Masters:  And the other main event, guys?  Corazon or Jonny?

Real Deal: I’m prolly a little objective on that, but it’s not like I wasn’t all up in the promos this week. Corazon for sure. Anyone who can survive through a fire deathmatch with Kenji… I think he’s got the tools and the heart to beat Jonny.

OutKast:  A DEFILER-led SHOOT…dat’s not a SHOOT I wanna watch, you know?  Jus’ sayin’.

Kast laughs.

OutKast:  I talk like King when I’m kinda…duh-runk.

Eryk Masters:  Well, guys…hey, wait a second.  You’re in Hawaii, paradise…where are your wives and kids?

Real Deal: My… wife and… kids? Oh right. Well, they ARE in Hawaii, but the two of them weren’t really interested in uhh… coming with daddy to work, so I gave them my credit card.

Real Deal shrugs and grins.

Real Deal: Aaaaaannnnnndddddd I assume I’m going bankrupt right now.

Eryk laughs. He looks at OutKast and puts the microphone to Kast’s lips.

OutKast: My wife an’ kids, man? Well, they ARE in Hawaii, but the Kygon Bunch weren’t down for my work. So I gave them Josh’s credit card.

Kast leans back.

OutKast: Aaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnddd.I assume Josh really is bankrupt right now.

Real Deal: Wait, what?

Eryk looks at Kast and then to Real Deal.

Eryk Masters: hope you have a great time tonight.

OutKast: Oh, I already am, my man. I alllllllllllready am.

Real Deal: What do you mean you gave them my card?!

Eryk Masters: Back to you two, Dave and OG.


The cameras cut to backstage as none other than Azraith DeMitri is caught stalking down the hallways of the arena, pausing as he looks at a door.  The words “The Family” were scrawled on it, and he scowled a moment.  Pausing for just a second, Az shook his head before he violently KICKED in the door, and looked around a second before finding who he needed.

Azraith:   You…

Az moved faster than anyone his size should be allowed to, and in one swift motion had Kenji Yamada pinned up against a row of lockers.  Kenji looked absolutely shocked a moment, partially by being pinned, partially that Az would actually have the balls to bust into a room full of people ready and willing to beat his ass.

Azraith:   Where is the fucking tape, Yamada?  Hm?  WHERE IS IT?!

Az shoved his forearm into Kenji’s throat as he got mere centimeters away from him, snarling down at him.  Sammy, for his part, was carefully trying to approach Azraith from an angle where he couldn’t counter, as was Roland.  Az for his part, seemed absolutely psychotic.  Gone.

Azraith:   I swear on my mother’s fuckin’ grave that if any of you fucks touch me I’ll crush his goddamn windpipe!  WHERE IS IT KENJI!?

Az was screaming at Kenji, like a lion bears down on someone that’s invaded it’s territory.  Kenji for his part has regained most of his composure, and with a motion told Sammy and Roland to relent, for the moment.  Both men took a step back cautiously while Kenji finally looked Az in the eye, a strained grin coming to his lips as his rasped out a response.

Kenji: …What tape, Azzy?

Azzy.  Az’s eye twitched.  He slammed his free hand into the locker inches from Kenji’s skull.


Kenji:   No, I actually don’t Azraith.  You’re so easy to fuck with sometimes.  Ranting and raving about something that’s obviously important to you.  I let you think I had it.  Let you grow more and more paranoid about it.

Azraith:   So you’re the one that left that fucking note then?

Kenji looked at Azraith for the first time with almost a bit of nervous concern.

Kenji:   What…the fuck are you talking about Azraith?  Jesus Christ, have you finally snapped?  I haven’t done shit to you other than try and scare you a little by moving on that empty apartment.  You were right Az, I didn’t know exactly where she was, but I had to freaked…

Az wasn’t listening.  He was telling the truth, he didn’t have the tape.  Az just let Kenji go and turned his back to him, going to simply walk out.  However, Sammy got in the way, glaring down at Azraith.  Az looked up at the beast of a men, both men simply glaring.

Sammy:   You’re…a bad man.

A sick grin started to curve Az’s lips.

Azraith:   Goddamn right I am.

Az attempted to shove past Sammy, out the door, but the big man barely budged.

Sammy:   I’m going to hurt you.

Azraith: …get in line.

This time, Az succeeded in pushing past Sammy, and out of the door, yet right as he left it was obvious he saw something.  A man was quietly walking down the hallway about 20 feet away from Az, wearing a business suit…and a black hat.  Az’s eyes narrowed, almost in confusion, but soon in rage…

Azraith.:   Hey…Hey!  HEY!  GET BACK HERE!

Az starts to chase after the man, but right as he does the man turns a corner.  As Azraith gets there, he realizes that it’s an entrance into the seating of the stadium.  He pauses, and shakes his head…

Azraith: …fuck…


The scene fades in to the arena. Catch Warren stands in the middle of the SHOOT Project ring, staring intently at the entry way, waiting for his opponent.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, this next bout is scheduled for ONE FALL and is for the SHOOT Project Revolution Championship. Standing in the ring now, the challenger. Weighing in tonight at two hundred and twenty five pounds! He is a former SHOOT Project Revolution Champion and Tag Team Champion. From London, England, he is KARL “CATCH” WARREN!

A few fans pop, but it’s not the greatest reaction that SHOOT has ever seen.

Dave Dymond: Catch Warren was noticeably silent this week, but he seems very focused here this evening.

Other Guy:Yeah, he looks calm and cool, but I’m beginning to thing all this chasing has gotten the cat off his groove.

“Money Talks” by AC/DC hits over the PA. Arion Catcher comes out, the fans showing their approval with cheers. Arion Catcher walks out from the back with a cocky stride, the Revolution Championship wrapped around his waist.

Samantha Coil: Introducing next, he hails from Long Island, New York and weighs in tonight at one hundred and sixty five pounds! He is the current Revolution Champion, ARION CATCHER!

Arion Catcher takes off the belt and holds it high in the air, causing the fans to pop even more so.

Dave Dymond:Champion looks confident here, OG, and he seems to have the support of the fans.

Other Guy:Credit where credit is due, Dymond, the kid has been on fire recently, besting the likes of Crush and Jack Heart, Sean Boden, and he even has a win over that man, Catch Warren.

Dave Dymond:Don’t forget his win over Jonny Johnson.

Other Guy:I don’t think HE would let us forget his win over Jonny Johnson. He’s cocky, but, hey, he may just deserve to be.

Catch Warren leans on the top rope facing Arion Catcher and begins to yell some smack at Arion. Arion simply smirks before darting forward, sliding under the bottom rope and right between Catch’s legs, title still in hand. As Catch turns around, he eats a high angle dropkick to the jaw! Tony Lorenzo calls for the bell!

Other Guy:This one is on and poppin’, Dave, and it looks like Catch couldn’t quite catch Arion.

Dave Dymond:Nice pun, OG.

As Lorenzo hands the belt off to Samantha, Catch gets to his feet quickly, holding his jaw. Arion gives Catch a cocky grin, motioning for him to come on. Catch darts forward and catches a drop toe hold. Arion floats over, but quickly leaps off, allowing Catch to quickly get to his feet again. Catch again charges forward, and is taken down with an armdrag! The crowd pops, and Catch looks infuriated, while Catcher remains completely cocky.

Dave Dymond:Warren lost his head a bit there, and Catcher showing some serious technical work, playing off that frustration.

Other Guy:The man has been fighting for a shot at that title for about a month now, Dave, and all he’s getting now is Catcher laughing at him.

Catch again gets to his feet. He runs forward and tries for the clothesline, but Catcher ducks, catches the arm and head, and drops to his knees with a neckbreaker. Catch clutches his neck as Arion runs for the ropes, leaps onto the second, springboards off, and comes down with a corkscrew leg drop onto the neck of Catch Warren! Catch clutches his neck still, getting back to his feet. Arion continues to grin, remaining cocky and confident. Catch keeps his composure this time and begins to circle, Arion doing the same. They meet in the middle of the ring with a collar-elbow tie up, with Catch using his size to get Catcher in a side headlock. Catcher pushes Catch off against the ropes, and Catch rebounds off the ropes, going for All Caught Up savate kick..but Catcher slides under the legs. Catch turns around and heats a spinning back kick to the stomach. As Catch is doubled over, Arion launches a hard slap to the face! The fans pop, beginning to chant.

You Got Bitch Slapped*clap clap clapclapclap*You Got Bitch Slapped

Arion launches another hard slap, and then another, and then ANOTHER! He begins to launch rapid fire slaps to the face, causing Catch to become very disoriented. Catcher stops for a moment, before spinning on his heel and launching a HARD spinning back hand! Catch turns to his side and gets caught in the back of the head with an ENZIGUIRI!

Dave Dymond:Insult to injury with that series of slaps.

Other Guy:Arion doesn’t think Catch is in his league, and he’s going to show it tonight.

As the fans continue the “You Got Bitch Slapped” chant, Arion lifts Catch back up. Catch throws a sloppy right hand, which Arion dodges easily. He catches the arm and hoists Catch up into the fireman’s carry position!

Dave Dymond: Could be going for the Go To Sleep here!

Sure enough, Arion lifts up Catch and drops him, launching a sharp knee to the face of Catch Warren! Warren goes down flat.

Other Guy:If Arion goes for the pin here, it’s all ove-where’s he going?

Arion does not go for the pin. Instead, he makes his way up to the top turnbuckle. He stands at the top with his back to Catch Warren, briefly looking back and pointing.

Arion Catcher: Not…in…my…league!

Arion flips back with the moonsault, coming full circle and landing on the neck of Catch Warren with the Dream Ender! The fans cheer excitedly!

Dave Dymond:This one is definitely over and-he’s going back up?!

Sure enough, Arion Catcher is back at the top turnbuckle. He does a cut throat motion, flips back, and hits yet another Dream Ender! This time, he cockily pins by simply placing both hands on the chest of Catch Warren. Tony Lorenzo drops down and makes the count.




Lorenzo calls for the bell as Arion Catcher stands up, holding his arms and motioning with his fingers for the fans to make some noise. The fans seem to pop, though there is a mixture of boos, as some people don’t approve of Catcher’s attitude.

Samanta Coil: Here is your winner, at a time of six minutes and forty-four seconds, and STILL REVOLUTION CHAMPION….ARION CATCHER!!

Tony Lorenzo presents the belt to Arion and holds up the arm of the brash, young Revolution Champion. He then goes to check on Catch Warren, who stirs slightly on the mat. Arion climbs up the middle turnbuckle and holds the title high, that cocky grin never leaving his face.

Dave Dymond:Well, Arion Catcher won, and in a dominating fashion, but…was that second Dream Ender really necessary?

Other Guy:He said he was done with Catch, Dave. He was sending a message to Catch, and to anyone else who may want a shot at the title. Arion Catcher is the champion, and he plans to keep things that way.

Arion leaps over the top rope and hops down to the ring apron, walking up the entrance way, holding the title belt high with his right hand.


"Abigail! Abigail!”

He knew it was no use, but Chris kept yelling her name anyway. Finally he just drops his duffle bag and runs after her. Upon catching her he spins her around by her left arm.

Christopher Davis: Dammit! Will you listen to me for a damn minute!

A VERY irritated Abigail Chase stares a hole through the SHOOT legend.

Abigail Chase: Unless you intend to do an interview I suggest you leave me alone.

Her words are dripping with venom. Chris shakes his head.

Christopher Davis: Ok, whatever. Listen, I just wanted to make sure you were ok tonight. It wasn’t my intention to make you a part of this thing, but since you are I just…

Abigail Chase: Yeah, I meant to thank you for that by the way. (Sarcasm bursting from every word) Nothing quite like being dragged to the ring by a homicidal maniac, makes sleeping at night a real treat.

Christopher Davis: Ok, you’re still pissed about last week. I get that. I think the whole fucking world get that. But, if you could manage to see through that rage you’re feeling right now and just make sure you watch yourself tonight.

Abigail Chase: I’ll be fine.

She coolly and quickly turns away. An irritated Davis grabs her by her arm once again. This time she looks at her arm and then into the eyes of Christopher Davis.

Abigail Chase: I said I’ll be fine.

Chris lets go of her arm and she walks away quickly. Chris shakes his head as she leaves.

Christopher Davis: Fuck it…


Nine Inch Nails – "Just Like You Imagined" blares and the silver curtains pull aside.  Eli Storm walks out to the top of the entrance ramp as the crowd reacts to him.

Samantha Coil: This next contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing first weighing in at 220 pounds, here is Eli Storm!!!

Storm is wearing normal black wrestling trunks and is a little unshaven. Eli slowly walks out to the entrance area and looks around, scanning the crowd. Storm shakes his head before sliding under the bottom rope. Storm sits down in the corner, dejected and seemingly broken.

Dave Dymond: Eli Storm has a tall order here.

Other Guy:  That’s an understatement.  He’s a lamb for slaughter.

Dave Dymond: For once, Other Guy, I don’t disagree with you.

Bank by bank, the lights die.  Slowly, “Summer-Overture – Remix” by Clint Mansell begins to play.  Still in the dark, the pounding strings of an orchestra slowly rise in volume.  At the stage, lights slowly begin blinking.  Their blinks accelerate as the music builds and builds and builds.

And just as the choir begins to belt out the atmospheric vocals, all the lights on the stage explode with light revealing the silver curtain parted and Roland Caldwell standing, a wicked smile drawn upon his face.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent weighing in at 289 pounds, he is a member of The Family… he is ROLAND CALDWELL!!!

Roland stops midway down the walkway and looks down at the picture of Cronos Diamante.  He simply nods to it and continues his walk.

Roland gets to the ring and rolls in.  The lights slowly raise up as the music fades away.

Dave Dymond: The overwhelming faorite, Roland Caldwell.  But on paper, this is an incredibly intriguing matchup.  Two former SHOOT Project World Champions.  Thought they sure seem to be at opposite ends of the spectrum these days.

Other Guy: Storm’s gonna get got in this match.

Dave Dymond: More expert analysis from Other Guy. 

Roland motions to Storm to get up, Storm takes a deep breathe and obliges.  Storm walks over to Roland and Roland stares at him.  They’re face to face for Storm seemingly can’t look Roland in the eyes.

Roland slaps Storm stiffly, but Storm doesn’t react.  Roland smiles that smile and SPITS IN STORMS FACE!

Dave Dymond: What an utter lack of respect.

Storm finally looks Roland in the eyes.  They talk back and forth and Roland strikes first with a right hook.  Another punch is ducked under by Storm and Storm schoolboys Caldwell.



Dave Dymond: Storm is trying to get out of this match alive.  Who knows how healthy he really is.

Roland get up and tattoos Storm with some more right hands and Storm backs up into the corner.  Roland begins laying elbows into the side of Storm‘s head as the referee, Chris Jenkins tries to pry him off.  Caldwell spins out and gets in the Jenkins’s face.  Storm stands, stunned in the corner and Roland has a little laugh.

Roland charges at Storm, but Storm drops to the mat and rolls out of the ring.  Roland slams into the turnbuckle and falls backwards.

Roland coughs a couple times and clutches at his chest.  Storm shakes his head on the outside of the ring and Roland sees him pacing the outside.  Roland grabs the top rope and uses it to slingshot him out of the ring with a pescado.

Dave Dymond: My God!  Like a meteor Caldwell just crushed Eli Storm on the outside!

Roland picks Storm up and rolls him into the ring. Roland jaws with some of the fans and rolls in after Storm.  Roland lays a kick in at Storm’s bad knee and Storm screams in agony.  He reaches down and Storm catches Roland by surprise with a small package!



Roland rolls up and starts laying kicks to Storm’s head. Roland picks Storm up.  Irish whip, and Roland in one smooth motion catches the rebounding Eli Storm and nails him with a release belly-to-belly suplex.  Storms body crashes into the ropes.

Roland wastes little time and picks Storm up and quickly plants him with an implant DDT.

Dave Dymond: Sudden devastation there by Roland Caldwell.

Other Guy: Storm tried to steal the match and Roland got pissed.  Cant’ say I blame him.

Roland acts as if he’s going to make a pin and Chris Jenkins drops down for the count but Roland shakes his head and picks Storm up.  He throws Storm into the ropes and nails him with a big time yakuza kick.  Storm staggers to his feet and Roland sets him up for a vertical suplex but Storm fights out with some stiff elbow shots and from nowhere he wipes Roland out with a Cutter!

Dave Dymond:  Eli Storm, fighting for his career and his livelihood is staying alive!

Storm floats over for the pin attempt.





Roland just kicks out!

Other Guy: I thought he had it!

Roland tries to shake the cobwebs but Storm begins kicking him in the head and chest.  Roland shrugs them off and gets to his feet and is met quickly with some right hands.

Dave Dymond: Storm showing some fire here for the first time in a couple weeks.

Storm takes a step back and goes to plant a kick to Roland’s face but Roland catches his leg and brings him in close.  Roland smiles and explodes backwards with a T-Bone suplex.

Roland gets to his feet and laughs.  Storm is on all fours and Roland soccer kicks him in the face.  Blood explodes from Storm mouth and nose.

Dave Dymond: That was…

Other Guy: Sick as fuck…

The crowd begins to get uneasy as Roland continues to work him over, slamming Storm’s knee into the mat.  Fists and feet into his face.  Another hard soccer kick to the face and the blood is pouring from Storm’s nose.  His mouth, a mish-mash of broken teeth.

Roland picks Storm up and with scary ease powerbombs him into the turnbuckle.

Dave Dymond: Just when it seemed Eli Storm had a chance, Roland snuffs him out.

Roland laughs from across the ring and slowly walks over to the crumpled body of Storm.  Storm is face down, and he begins to climb up Roland’s legs.  Roland Caldwell smiles that smile.

Roland gets Storm all the way up and he holds Storm’s head and whispers something in his ear.  Storm’s face is coated with blood, but his eyes open, and Storm suddenly smiles, an act Roland does not see.

Roland sets Storm up for Burning Hammer, but Storm flips out and grabs Roland by the head, bends him backwards and nails him with an inverted DDT.

Dave Dymond: Was that a smile on Eli Storm’s face?

Storm floats over for the pin.




Storm and Roland get to their feet and face each other. Storm’s face, thick with blood, Roland’s more or less clean.

Eli Storm smiles at Roland and motions for him to come at him.  Storm calls for more.  Roland, perplexed, punches him and still Storm calls for more.  Roland goes for a clothesline, but Storm ducks under and as Roland turns back Storm hits him with a dropkick to the knee.

The crowd is picking up and Storm follows up quickly with a dropkick to Roland’s head and Roland rolls away to the corner.

Roland charges Storm and Storm uses a drop-toe hold to take Roland to the mat.  Roland spins to his feet but Storm immediately  greets him with a boot to the gut.  Storm picks Roland up and takes him down with a brain buster.

Dave Dymond: My God!  The brain buster!  Can Eli Storm do this?

Eli Storm goes up top and the crowd really starts to get into it.  He flies off the top rope with a frog splash.

Dave Dymond: The Whole Cannukin Show!





Caldwell kicks out!

Storm rolls off of Roland and reaches down to pick him up but Roland brings his fist straight up for a low blow.  Storm doubles over as Chris Jenkins warns Roland not to do that again.  Roland ignores the referee and grabs Storm by the head, he switches behind and grabs Storm around the waist.  Storm tries to elbow out and almost escapes, but Roland keeps a hand clasped on him and uses a couple clotheslines to quiet Storm.  Roland pulls him back into his grasp.

Roland then lifts Storm up and gives him a scary back-drop driver; Storm lands neck first and crumples over onto his stomach.  Storm, seemingly out of pure instinct gets to his feet, staggering.  He waves his hands at Roland, asking for more.

Dave Dymond: We are seeing a man with a death wish!  We are seeing a man that is giving every last bit of himself to his own destruction!

Roland grabs Storm and throws him into the ropes Storm returns and Roland lifts him for a tilt-whirl slam…

Dave Dymond: But Storm continues through with an inverted DDT!  I can’t believe it!

Both men are down.  Storm is not moving.  Roland though, slowly rolls over to his stomach and onto all fours.  His eyes find Storm and they rage with a fury unimaginable.

Roland gets to his feet and grabs one of Storm’s arms.  He yanks Storm to his feet and bends his arm behind him.  Roland’s other arm crosses Storm’s face.  The cross-face chicken wing.

Roland wrenches Storm’s arm up and Storm lets out a scream of agony.

Dave Dymond:  Roland has this move sunk in.  He’s larger than Storm, and this allows him to really get the hold on.

Other Guy: And this is a match ender!  This ain’t no rest hold.

Roland is swinging Storm around ever so slighting as Chris Jenkins has his eye glued to Storm to see if he submits.  But Storm fights with all he’s got and desperately tries to get to the ropes.  Roland continuously pulls Storm towards the middle of the ring.

Dave Dymond: Roland, commanding the ring like you would expect from a former World Champion.  And Storm, fighting with a fervor I’m not sure I thought he had in him.

Roland Caldwell:  Quit you son of a bitch!

Roland tries to wrench Storm even more but his foot slips on the mat and he almost loses his balance.  Storm takes the opportunity and moves them both towards the rope.  Storm suddenly drops down towards the bottom rope and Roland’s momentum takes him out of the ring and to the floor.

Dave Dymond: What a counter by Eli Storm!

Storm is underneath the bottom rope and Roland begins to climb back up to the ring apron.  Storm gets to his feet inside the ring.  Roland and Storm begin punching each other back and forth, Roland holding onto the ropes for balance.  Roland chops Storm in the throat and as Storm, his face a crimson mask, gasps for air, Roland grabs him by the head and brings him over towards the turnbuckle.  Storm chops Roland back and quickly grabs Roland’s head and rams it into the ringpost!

Roland’s head explodes and he falls out of the ring.  Storm gasps for air at the corner and looks out at the crowd.  They’re picking up now and chanting ELI!  ELI!  ELI!

Roland is slowly getting to his feet and Storm climbs the turnbuckle.  Storm sizes up Roland and leaps into the air, but Roland moves out of the way and Storm crashes head first into the barrier.  Roland walks over to the timekeepers table and yanks the ring bell away from his feeble hands.

Other Guy: Now this is the shit I like to see!

Dave Dymond: Eli Storm crashed and burned and now he’s about to…

Eli staggers around and Roland introduces the ring bell to his skull.

Dave Dymond: …get his bell rung.

The CLANG! rings out through the stadium and a significant Holy Shit! chant grows in the crowd.  Roland walks over and grabs Samantha Coil’s microphone and stalks over to Eli Storm’s bloody body.

Roland Caldwell: Is this your hero?  Is this your idol?  Its time to relive the past! 

Roland picks Storm up and holds the microphone in between there faces.

Roland Caldwell:  BURNING HAMMER!

Eli Storm:  FUCK YOU!

Roland’s eyes bug out at Storm knees him in the groin.  Eli staggers over and picks up the microphone.

Eli Storm: Is that all you got you piece of shit?  Destroy me?  Destroy me?!?  I’m Eli FUCKING! STORM!

Storm slams Roland in the head with the microphone.  The harsh feedback echoes off the outdoor Reckoning Day set and Storm quickly rolls Roland back into the ring.

Dave Dymond: Eli Storm is officially taking it to Roland Caldwell.

Storm gets into the ring and reaches down for Roland, but Roland grabs his neck and small packages him.





Dave Dymond: Storm kicks out! 

Storm gets to his feet and lays a kick into Roland’s knee, but Roland shrugs it off and nails Storm with a right hand.  Anther right and Storm is falling back.  He bounces off the ropes and ducks under another Roland right and grabs Roland in a waist lock.

Standing switch and Roland takes Storm over with a schoolboy.




Dave Dymond: Roland tried to pull the tights but he pulled too hard and almost pulled Storm out of the pin himself.

Roland and Storm separate.  Roland furious and Storm, laughing.  Storm motions for Roland to come at him and Roland seems reluctant.  Roland comes at Storm but Storm easily ducks under and he kicks the back of Roland’s knee.  Roland almost falls backwards but Storm grabs him by the head in position for an inverted DDT.

But that’s not what he has planned.

Eli lifts Roland up for an inverted suplex, but he uses Roland’s momentum to clear Roland through into a 3/4th neck breaker cutter.

Other Guy: Holy Shit!

Dave Dymond: The Perfect Storm!

Storm floats over and cradles Roland’s leg.




Chris Jenkins calls for the bell and “Just Like You Imagined” blares over the sound system.  Eli Storm gets to his feet and his arm raised.

Dave Dymond: My God!  How did Eli Storm do this?  How?

Roland is out in the ring, and Storm stands over him, triumphant, yet covered in his own blood.  He looks down at Roland and smirks.

Samantha Coil: And the winner of this match… Eli Storm!

Dave Dymond: This has to be seen as one of the most unlikely outcomes since SHOOT Project reconstituted.  And I’m at a loss for words.

Other Guy: All I can say is that Eli Storm found something in this match that he had never used before.

Storm rolls from the ring, and instead of reveling in his victory, he seems exhausted and empty.  He walks, head down, form the ring.  After a couple moments, Roland gets up in the ring.  He watches the replay of the finish on the screen above the entrance and his eyes go wide with rage.

He storms out of the ring, yelling at Chris Jenkins.



Most of the roster shared a couple of the established locker room areas.  However, when there was space available, a few of the bigger draws or legends were given the option to take their own private quarters.  Some of the boys didn’t care.  Some of them did.

Normally, Christopher Davis would dress with the other guys, but not tonight.  Not at an event with such magnitude.  Angel and Christian had just taken off, and he’s alone, tying up the laces on his old black boots. On the bench next to him is a roll of black tape. He pauses momentarily and looks around the room. After searching for seemingly nothing, he returns to his lacing.

Familiar Voice: Odds in your favor tonight, Chris.  Nice.

A door shuts.

Without looking up Chris responds.

Christopher Davis: I knew the hairs on the back of my neck were standing up for a reason.

His eyes drift upward, catching those of the DEFILER.  He gives an acknowledging nod to Jonny who is all dressed up tonight;  Black, velvet smoker’s jacket, black slacks and shoes and a dull pink and black striped, button up shirt, untucked for a “casual cool”.

Christopher Davis: Jonny…a pleasure.

Jonny can’t help but smile at his old partner’s hospitality.

The DEFILER: I just wanted to come by and…  and say good luck, man.  And uhh…  well and to, heh… to say thanks for making that last Revolution so…  so perfect.  You coulda gone a little lighter on those chair shots, I mean, CHRIST, those…  those poor kids, man.  But in the end, you’re STILL the best friend a guy could ever want to have.

Chris chuckles.

Christopher Davis: Yeah man, gotta do what I gotta do for the sake of realism. Wouldn’t have wanted anyone to catch on now would we?

Davis stands up, staring his former tag team partner straight in the eye.

Christopher Davis: As far as the whole Corazon thing, well that was just fun.  Oh and I appreciate the luck man…I truly do. I suppose I should wish the same for you huh?

Jonny nods as the strange overtones continue.

The DEFILER: You probably should…  All things considered.  (Shrugging casually) Unless you’ve finally given up on the idea of being a World Champion again.

He stares at Davis, looking for a reaction, but not necessarily receiving anything obvious.  Davis’s breath remains calm and calm, his demeanor bone chilling.

The DEFILER: (Lips curling into a smile) Nah.  You wouldn’t do that.  I’m just messin’ around, man.  Just…  just joking with an old friend, ya know?  Yeah you know. (Checking the silver watch around his wrist, and then raises his eyes back to Davis)  Look, I don’t want to pretend that we have anywhere near the chemistry we used to have.  I don’t even REALLY want to pretend we’re even friends anymore. (Pausing) But I wanted you to know that I’ll stick to my word.

He points his finger directly at his former Beautiful People teammate.

The DEFILER: You’re going to get that title shot you deserved.  The one I stole from you.

Jonny pauses, his smile growing not in size, but in insincerity.

The DEFILER: Because it’s the right thing to do.

Davis smiles and turns away for a moment. A small chuckle can be heard from the man. He takes a deep breath and exhales.

He raises his head.

Christopher Davis: Yeah Jonny we had some good times.  Real good times and yeah it would be a bit ridiculous to even pretend any more. But as for that title shot…I’ll be waiting.

Davis smirks.

Christopher Davis: Not holding my breath, but waiting. A word of advice though…friend…

Intensity to rises in the eyes of the former world champion.

Christopher Davis: …I wouldn’t make me wait too long. The last thing you want to do is owe me anything.

Davis smiles broadly, and Jonny nods respectfully.

The DEFILER: Deal, my man.  I take care of Corazon and you get a free ride to the head of the class.

He changes the subject and prepares his exit.

The DEFILER: Now if you’ll excuse me, Chris.  I have to go wish my Friends in the Family good luck, tonight.

Christopher Davis: You do that…make sure to tell Sammy I said hello.

Bye now…

Jonny stares at Chris for an extra second or two before patting him on the side of the arm and making his exit.  Davis’s eyes never leave the DEFILER, making sure he is completely gone before returning to any kind of match preparation.

A second or two goes by, and Chris decides it’s safe.

He begins wrapping his knuckles in black tape.


A shot of the capacity crowd is shown and the raucous fans are waving their signs. Suddenly…


Thunderous ovation from the crowd!

Dave Dymond: Oh my God! It’s HIM!

Other Guy: WHAT?!?!

“Undeniable” by Mos Def blares throughout the speakers and San Diego’s native son runs through the curtains sporting a black SHOOT Project t –shirt, jeans and boots. He’s got a huge smile on his face.

Dave Dymond: Jun Kenshin is HERE!

Other Guy: But why? We ain’t seen him since the last PPV.

Kenshin wipes his boots like he’s always done and paces the ring. “Undeniable” cuts off.

Jun Kenshin: Damn. It feels good to be… home.

A pause by Kenshin, he tilts his head and cracks a smile. A huge pop from the Hawaii crowd greets the former Heavyweight Champion.

Jun Kenshin: I know what some people are thinking. Kenshin lost and disappeared like he always does. Well you know what? Haters are going to hate because that’s what they do…. They’re a bunch of hateful bitches.

Kenshin scowls.

Jun Kenshin: But that’s not why I’m here. I’m here to end the rumors and speculation. I’m here to say that this five year odyssey of wrestling excellence has now reached its… end.

The crowd gasps in shock.

Jun Kenshin: You have no idea how bad I wanted to perform in front of the SHOOT Project fans. Especially on this night, the grandest stage of all….  Reckoning Day. You have NO idea how much bullshit I’ve had to deal with and I won’t get into right now because I have NEVER asked for sympathy. Nah, I came back to simply say… thanks.

Kenshin  politely bows to the crowd and the Hawaii crowd responds with a “THANK YOU KENSHIN” followed by clapping. Over and over, it repeats. The San Diego native is overcome with emotion and tries to fight the tears.

Jun Kenshin: When I first walked through that curtain, five years ago, I had one goal in mind and that was just to be the absolute BEST that this business has seen. Even if it was only for a short time, I did JUST that.

Kenshin wipes the tears from his eyes and coughs.

Jun Kenshin: I’ve fought ALL the greats of this business. Cade, Kast, Ozzy, Real Deal, Jackman, Carver, Roland, Mallows, Storm, the Bayani Bros, Chris Davis, Azraith, Worrens and the current Heavyweight Champion… Adrian Corazon. I fought them all … regardless if it was a win, lose or draw. You guys knew that I busted my ass every single time got in here and hopefully you got your money’s worth.

The chant continues “Thank you Kenshin.” CLAP. CLAP. CLAP.

Jun Kenshin: I leave this company in very capable hands. On a personal note, I’d like to thank Jason, Sean, Cade, Dave, Ed, Ron and Jonny. So many others that I haven’t mentioned but I learned, matured from every encounter I was in this ring with. I was blessed to have been in this company for five glorious years.

 We fought, we squabbled but we did that shit as a family. I love you guys and I’m going to miss you but the people I’m going to miss the most are YOU guys (points to the fans) because without YOU guys, there would have been no Show Stealer.. no Perfector…. I would have never become Undeniable.

And for that? I thank.. YOU.

Kenshin blows a kiss to the fans and leaves the ring for the last time. He slaps hands with the fans and takes one last look at the squared circle.

Dave Dymond: Goodbye Jun Kenshin and god speed.


The crowd starts to buzz, as the camera catches the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championship belts suspended high above the ring. Two ladders stand on either side of the ring, towering over the proceedings, and the atmosphere is tense

Dave Dymond: As the folks at home can see, the SHOOT Project Tag Team Championships are in place, and it looks like we’re about to see a highly anticipated contest, OG.

Other Guy: No doubt, Dave, as these two teams have been going at each other’s throats since the end of the Irish Table Dance at Malice.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is a ladder match, with no time limit, for the SHOOT Project Tag Team Championships! The winner will be the team that can claim the belts suspended above the ring!

The opening guitar riff of “Here It Goes Again” gets the fans on their feet, screaming cheers down at the entranceway! Through the curtains, FLASH! Dynamite and Kid Lightning burst out onto the stage area, both throwing a thumbs up into the air to the delight of the crowd!

Samantha Coil: Introducing first–

Samantha doesn’t get to finish her statement before CJ Nelson and Jared Walsh come charging through the curtains, blindsiding the challengers! The crowd erupts into boos, as Jared slams a chair onto Kid Lightning’s back, and FLASH turns around just in time to get a spear from CJ Nelson flat onto the steel platform!

Dave Dymond: LIHC showing their true colors again, OG, not even letting the Avengers get to the ring!

Other Guy: The Avengers were prepared for almost anything, Dave, but it looks like LIHC knew just when to catch them off-guard!

The bell rings repeatedly, and the brawl continues to spill out toward the ring. Kid Lightning is down, and CJ grabs FLASH by the legs, catapulting him directly into a VICIOUS chairshot from Jared! FLASH flops backward, clanging on the steel platform, and Jared drops down on top of him with a blatant choke! Austin Linam is charging out down the ramp, but he doesn’t seem sure what to do with the situation. CJ walks over to Kid Lightning, who’s just getting to his feet, and he hoists the smaller man up with a scoop slam– Kid Lightning squirms out of it, landing on his feet behind Nelson! He kicks the big man behind the knee, and hops up, taking CJ OFF THE PLATFORM with a hurracanrana! Lightning lands on his feet, but CJ hits the concrete floor hard!

Jared’s letting up on Dynamite, who’s coughing like mad, and gets to his feet to see Kid Lightning hop back onto the stage, and fly off with a moonsault onto the fallen CJ! Lightning lands hard on CJ, and both men flail as he bounces off!

Dave Dymond: It looks like maybe Kid Lightning hit the concrete harder than he wanted to!

Other Guy: The Avengers are playing right into LIHC’s strengths here… if they want to take this match, they really have to get it over to the ring. That’s their territory…back here, they’re just gonna get hurt!

FLASH is back on his feet, and as Jared starts to walk down the ramp toward the ring, FLASH catches up with him, throwing a forearm into the back of his head! Jared stumbles forward, and FLASH grabs him by the head, throwing him into the portrait of Del Carver along the side of the aisle! Jared bounces off with a thud, holding his head! Kid Lightning, back to his feet, bolts down toward him, and FLASH sees him coming, dropping to his hands and knees! Jared turns around as Lightning vaults off his partner’s back, landing a heavy calf kick straight to the bridge of Walsh’s nose! Jared topples over, right at the end of the aisle, rolling right into the ladder! It wobbles a bit, but doesn’t fall, and Lightning hops onto the guardrail, landing a corkscrew legdrop across Jared’s throat as FLASH folds up the ladder, and slides it into the ring!

CJ Nelson is groggily standing up by the entranceway, and FLASH Dynamite is setting up the ladder mid-ring! He tests the sturdyness of it, while Kid Lightning continues his assault on Jared, grabbing him in an anklelock! FLASH is going up! CJ charges down the ramp, sliding into the ring, and FLASH drops off the ladder to meet him! CJ doesn’t stop, charging right into FLASH and spearing him into the ladder, and the ladder folds up as the pair drop right on top of it! FLASH takes the brunt of the punishment, being sandwiched between CJ and the cold steel! Kid Lightning breaks the hold and slides under the top rope to rescue his partner! He runs at the champ, but CJ’s ready for him, dropping him with a flapjack onto his partner! Kid Lightning and FLASH bounce hard off the ladder, FLASH grasping at his back in pain, and CJ Nelson is the only one on his feet, and he’s grabbing the ladder!

CJ drives the top of the ladder hard into the back of FLASH Dynamite, before laying it across the top ropes across one of the corners! Kid Lightning is the first of the two to get to their feet, and he shakes the cobwebs out, running at CJ! He jumps– telegraphed, and CJ with a back body drop onto the ladder! NO! Lightning corrects himself in midair, landing precariously on his feet, and doesn’t waste any time before nailing a blind moonsault that catches CJ just as he’s turning around! Nelson’s taken entirely by surprise, and Lightning takes the big man down to the mat!

Other Guy: Holy shit!

Dave Dymond: An unbelievable display of acrobatics and balance from the younger Avenger, and the crowd seems to share your sentiment!

Indeed, the crowd is on their feet, as FLASH Dynamite climbs to his knees. Kid Lightning pulls the ladder down, leaning it against the turnbuckle, and he runs up the rungs, flying off the end with a shooting star press onto Jared, just as he gets to his feet! The crowd blows up, and both of the high-flyers are down! FLASH is back on his feet, as is CJ Nelson! FLASH goes for the ladder, but CJ goes to charge him– FLASH puts him face-first onto the ladder with a drop toe hold! CJ hits with a clang, and FLASH wastes no time, getting a running start and leaping with a splash onto CJ! The ladder bends with the impact, and the champ is bleeding! CJ’s forehead is busted open, and even FLASH is a little hurt by the move, holding his shoulder!

On the outside, Kid Lightning is on the ring apron, and he flies off with a corkscrew hurracanrana– caught by the champ! Jared slams him down to the floor with a powerbomb, and he hops back to his feet, grabbing the ladder on the outside! He topples it onto Kid Lightning, before hopping onto the guardrail himself and flattening him with a senton! The crowd oohs as Jared lands with a clang, holding his back, and Kid Lightning’s momentum is ground to a halt!

FLASH slides under the top rope, but Jared is back on his feet! Jared with a quick punch to the face! FLASH answers back! Jared strikes again, and FLASH throws one right back into Jared’s face! That one puts Jared off balance, and FLASH levels him with a clothesline! FLASH picks the ladder up off his fallen partner, hoisting it up, and falling backwards! The top of the ladder cracks Walsh straight across the small of the back! Jared screams, and FLASH sets the ladder across the ring apron and the guardrail! He pulls Jared back to his feet, and slings him up with a flapjack! Jared cracks across the ladder, flopping over onto the floor on his back! CJ is on his feet in the ring, wiping the blood out of his eyes, and FLASH is under the ring, grabbing another ladder! He slides it under the bottom rope, but as he rolls under, CJ Nelson is driving boots into his back! FLASH powers to his feet, but CJ’s assault is furious, and it backs him into the corner! CJ drives a shoulder into FLASH’s gut, and he sends him toward the opposite corner with an Irish whip– right into the bent ladder! FLASH copies his partner, running up the ladder as CJ charges in, and jumping backward at Nelson with a cross-body– but he’s caught! CJ catches him, and unleashes a fallaway slam ONTO THE THIRD LADDER! FLASH bounces, flailing around, as CJ picks up the ladder, and starts to set it up mid-ring!

Dave Dymond: The champs could very well retain here, OG!

Other Guy: Don’t call this one over yet, Dave, here comes Kid Lightning!

CJ’s near the top of the ladder, reaching up to the belts, but sure enough, Kid Lightning has darted into the ring! He dashes up the ladder, without even bothering to check his balance, and he leaps onto CJ’s shoulders, spinning around, and bringing the both of them crashing down with a reverse hurracanrana that drops both men outside and to the floor, and leaves the ladder laying across the top rope!


CJ Nelson is out! Kid Lightning is out! FLASH Dynamite is shaking the cobwebs out of his head, as Jared Walsh is finally getting back to his feet in the ring! Walsh hops onto the apron, heading to the corner with the bent ladder, and just as Dynamite stands up, Jared pushes off the top rope, on the ladder, and flies at Dynamite with a flipping attack! The ladder crashes to the ground, as does FLASH! Jared lands just about on his feet, and regaining his balance, he scoops the ladder up in his hands! He scales the turnbuckle with it, holding it across his chest, and sails off with a moonsault! FLASH gets squashed with the ladder, as it and Jared land across his chest! Jared fights through the pain he just caused himself, standing to his feet, and pulling the ladder from across the top rope, setting it up! He starts to arduously climb, his arms and chest causing him obvious problems. He reaches up, but the belts are still just out of his reach… CJ and Kid Lightning are barely stirring on the outside… FLASH is stirring in the ring… Jared climbs a little higher, reaching! He’s touching the belts! He takes another step up, and he has his hand around it!

Other Guy: One more step and LIHC wins, Dave!

Jared steps up higher, and he can reach the clip that’s keeping the belts in the air! He grabs at it– he pushes the belts, and they start to swing! He screams in frustration, trying to catch them, as FLASH Dynamite gets to his feet! Jared doesn’t quite see him, still reaching wildly for the belts! FLASH grabs the opposite side of the ladder to Jared, but he doesn’t climb! He pulls backward, and the ladder pivots over on its feet! Jared shakes his head manically, as the ladder starts to freefall, sending Jared out of the ring– and through the ladder still laying between the apron and the guardrail! The crowd is absolutely on fire!

Dave Dymond: Jared Walsh has got to be dead!

Other Guy: I’m surprised ANY of these men are still standing!

FLASH stares in awe as Jared crumples on the floor in a ball, but it doesn’t take long for him to realize that now’s the time! He grabs the ladder off the top rope, pulling it open, and starting the long, hard climb to the top! The belts are still swinging a bit, but they’re starting to slow down! Kid Lightning and CJ are getting back to their feet, and CJ sees FLASH! CJ slides in, but FLASH hasn’t seen him yet, either, and he’s reaching up toward the belts! Just out of reach! CJ puts his hands on the ladder and starts to shake, but FLASH holds on– and Kid Lightning is in the ring! He jumps onto CJ’s back, throwing punches to the big man’s temples! CJ tries to ignore it, again trying to shake FLASH down, but FLASH is holding on for dear life! Finally, Kid Lightning’s punches get to be too much, and CJ drops off the ladder, backing up, and falling backwards onto the bent ladder in the corner! Kid Lightning screams out in pain, and CJ rolls off! FLASH has moved up higher, and he’s got the belts within his reach! CJ starts to climb the other side, pushing himself furiously toward the top! FLASH reaches up, and can’t quite get it! CJ is there, and he throws a punch into FLASH’s face!

FLASH fires one back, and CJ shakes it off! They duke it out on the top of the ladder, as Kid Lightning starts to move around! CJ gets off a straight jab, then another, and a standing clothesline! Oi! Oi! Oi! But FLASH doesn’t fall! He wiggles his arms, trying desperately to keep his balance… when CJ grabs his arm, pulling him into a standing headscissor on the ladder!

Dave Dymond: This does not look good for FLASH Dynamite!

Other Guy: This don’t look good for anybody, Dave!

CJ pulls FLASH up with a groan, and he drives him down into the mat, leaping off the ladder with a powerbomb! The ring shakes with the impact, making the ladder topple to the side! CJ collapses on the mat, and FLASH looks absolutely dead!

Kid Lightning, though, is getting to his knees! He pulls the ladder back up, and he shakes his head, trying his best to keep his focus! CJ’s getting up, but he’s hooked on the rope… Lightning starts the climb! He’s moving slowly, his arms and legs looking heavy, but he keeps going, higher! CJ is back on his feet, and he tosses the other ladder out of his way, with it landing in the corner, leaning up against the turnbuckle. Kid Lightning’s almost at the top now, but CJ’s started the climb up again! Lightning reaches, but it’s still too far! CJ’s already up there with him, but KL throws a kick to CJ’s face that nearly knocks both off the ladder! CJ shakes it off, and Kid Lightning grabs the belts, and sends another kick to CJ’s face! CJ loses his balance, and drops off the ladder! Kid Lightning may have it here! He tries to undo the clasp, but he’s not high enough! He steps up to the very top, using the belts to leverage him– CJ pushes the ladder out from under him! Kid Lightning is hanging by the tag belts, his eyes wide! The ladder in the turnbuckle suddenly comes toward him out of nowhere– JARED WALSH is on the top, and as the ladder pivots toward the challenger, Jared DIVES off with a SPEAR that brings both Jared and Kid Lightning crashing to the mat!

Other Guy: Unbelievable! The Avengers have it won!

Dave Dymond: No, OG! The belts are still up there! So close, but Jared Walsh comes back from the dead to snatch the victory right out of the Avengers’ hands!

Other Guy: Well, from the looks of things, Dave, Jared just went back to the dead, and took Kid Lightning with him!

Jared and Kid Lightning lay motionless on the mat, and CJ’s the only one left standing! He pulls the ladder back onto its feet, and now it’s Nelson making the climb! He looks hurt, clutching his shoulder, but he moves closer to the top! He’s got his hands on the belts! FLASH is groggy, but he sees CJ out of the corner of his eye, and he dives, throwing himself at the ladder to knock it over! Too late! CJ has the belts in his hands as the ladder goes toppling to the side and sends him down onto the concrete! CJ hits the ground with a thud, but he cradles the belts to his chest!

Samantha Coil: Your winners, and STILL SHOOT Project Tag Team Champions, CJ Nelson and Jared Walsh, LONG ISLAND HAAAAAARDCOOOOOOORE!

Dave Dymond: The champions pull it out, but at what cost? Absolute carnage in the ring right now, twisted steel and broken bodies!

Other Guy: That was an absolutely brutal affair, Dave, and in the end it looks like LIHC is going to continue their domination of the tag division here in SHOOT Project… assuming they can stand up!


Cutting away from the ring, one of the backstage cameras has Eryk Masters in focus as he seems to be walking further and further away from where the most activity is taking place.  He doesn’t seem like his usual focused self and in fact he shakes his head a few times as he walks.

Eryk Masters: Why me…. Damn it… why me….

He rounds a corner that leads to another hall.  This one seems to be the closest thing to abandoned, and appears to not really be used at all for ANY events that take place in the War Memorial Stadium.  The lights seem dimmer, one even hangs slightly further down than it should. Some of the paint is chipped away and Masters keeps walking, and up ahead a body is seen, a LARGE body.  Masters stops and the camera focuses on Sammy Rochester who just rocks in the corner, sitting Indian Style.  Masters finally works up the courage and approaches Sammy.

Eryk Masters: Sammy Rochester… Sammy.

Masters seems shaken a bit, which isn’t a characteristic normally seen from him.

Eryk Masters:  Sammy, in a few short moments you are going out there to take on three men.  Now your dominance has been recorded time and time again, but the three men you face are no slouches in the ring.  Is there anything you want to say… at all, about your upcoming match?

As Eryk puts the microphone closer to Sammy, it is seen that he is muttering something under his breath. What is being said is unsure, but it’s fast, and it’s the same thing, over and over again.

Eryk Masters: Sammy, you are going into this match alone tonight. Vincent Mallows is not here, Roland and Kenji are both pre-occupied, and you sit here without Mikey…

Sammy suddenly stands up. In the blink of an eye, he has Master’s around the throat.


Masters squirms, realizing he made a grave mistake.

Eryk Masters: Nothing…. NOTHING!  Just… I just wanted a few final words about your match!

Sammy holds Masters up real close. He loosens the grip, enough to not kill Masters, but he still keeps his hold.

Sammy Rochester: It’s not a match. It’s not a match. SAY IT’S NOT A MATCH!

Eryk Masters: IT’S NOT A MATCH okay okay! Then what is it?

Sammy drops Eryk.

Sammy Rochester: It’s a death sentence.

Sammy sits back down and begins to rock again, again muttering under his breath.  Masters takes a step back from Sammy now, shaken up a great deal.

Eryk Masters: What has Davis gotten himself into…

Masters walks off, the camera though remaining focused on Sammy who continues to rock back and forth. From there, it fades, bringing the action of Reckoning Day back to the ring area.


Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, this next match up is a THREE on ONE handicapped match!!!

The fans begin to buzz with excitement and all lights within the War Memorial Stadium walls go out, leaving just the light from the sky as the only source of illumination.  Of course there is barely any light left as evening has since approached.  After a moment, the voice of Al Pacino as Tony Montana booms through the arena. As he speaks the words appear on the Reckoning Day video screen.

"Come on."

"Make way for the Bad Guy."

"There’s a Bad Guy coming through."

"Better get out of his way."

"Make WAY for the BAD GUY!"

As the final words are spoken the pyros above the entryway shoot off in machine gun formation for about fifteen seconds.

Dave Dymond: It’s about to get loud in here!

Other Guy: Oh and it wasn’t loud already?  Those pyros damn near blew my eardrums out!

Multiple spotlights come together to form one large spotlight that hits the entrance area and three large silhouettes can be seen through the smoke.

"Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop"

Lil Wayne’s "Gossip" blares into the arena as the smoke clears. Christopher Davis stands center with Angel to his left and Christian to his right. Davis is dressed in his normal ring attire: black mid length tights and black boots. Angel is dressed in blue jeans, black boots and a white wife beater. Christian is dressed similar only he is wearing black jeans.  The fans come alive with wild cheering as Davis simply stands there, then extends his arms out to his side.

"Stop hatin on a nigga that is a weak emotion"

"The lady of a nigga"

"And You can get tip like you waitin on a nigga"

"Put a body bag in the apron on a nigga"

The three men walk slowly to the ring, taking in the over the top atmosphere of Reckoning Day and the fans that have filled the stadium to capacity in order to witness it live.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first at this time, at a combined weight of eight hundred and eighty-five pounds…SHOOT project legend CHRISTOPHER DAVIS and he is accompanied by Angel Hernandez and Christian Johnson!

Davis hits the ring apron first, followed by Angel and Christian. The three men make their way to the center of the ring and await their opponent for the evening.

Dave Dymond: For weeks now Christopher Davis has vowed to do the right thing, and as a result he seemingly started a war against The Family.  A war we thought Davis was going into alone. But as is proof tonight in this match up, Christopher Davis one-step ahead and showing that the numbers game ISN’T in favor of The Family, but in Davis’s.

Other Guy: Strength in numbers for sure, Dave, and with Vincent Mallows out, and ALL members of the Family pre-occupied with their own fights, Rochester will be walkin’ into this one with no back up.

Dave Dymond: Not that the monster-child has EVER needed back up given his size and strength, so really the addition of Angel and Christian to this match up has more or less evened the playing field.  But of course neither side wants that at all.  Davis and crew wants nothing more than to take Sammy Rochester out, and the monster child wants nothing more than to destroy the three men he is set to face tonight.

As Davis, Angel, and Christian continue to wait, the lights all suddenly begin to flicker.  This brings Davis’s attention to the entryway where the Reckoning Day video screen shows the still photo of The Family portrait.  A slow zoom in focuses on Sammy Rochester, and suddenly his name scrolls under the screen, and the screen itself breaks into clips of Sammy obliterating opponents one by one. At the same time “Game Over” from the movie Saw begins to play, already sending chills down the spines of many.  Sammy storms out from the back, barely giving time for the curtains to pull back.  The War Memorial Stadium fills with boos and Sammy just repeatedly shakes his head and then occasionally hits his own head with a hard shot from his palm.

Samantha Coil: And their opponent…standing well over seven feet tall, and weighing in at Four hundred and twenty five pound, he is one member of The Family, here is SAMMY ROCHESTER

Sammy’s eyes dart in every which direction as he walks, but finally they rest on Davis who shouts for Sammy to get into the ring.  Sammy SCREAMS out in an odd, child-like rage and picks up his pace. Walking to the corner of the ring, stomping up the stairs and easily clearing the top rope. Referee Dennis Heflin attempts to keep Sammy at bay, but Sammy swats Heflin down to the mat and makes a mad dash straight for Davis!

Other Guy: And this one is startin’ whether poor Heflin signals for the bell or not!

Davis doesn’t back down, nor do Angel and Christian as all three men stand up to Sammy and go for the three on one assault right from the get go. Sammy powers through, DRILLING Angel with a hard punch to the face first! Angel staggers back, clutching his jaw, and then Sammy kicks up his leg as best he can and DROPS Christian with a swift boot to the sternum! Christian rolls out of the way and up to his feet while Sammy and Davis continue to battle it out.  Davis goes low, trying to pull at Sammy’s feet, only for Sammy to CLUB him down the back via a MASSIVE double axe handle smash!

Davis falls onto his knees and palms and Sammy starts stomping down viciously on the back of Davis’s head, screaming out every time he stomps down!  Heflin gets himself back up to his feet and now officially starts the match.


As the bell echoes, Angel and Christian both charge at Sammy now, hooking him by the arms and using all their body weight to push Sammy back.  Sammy struggles but is forced up against the ropes.  Angel and Christian then WHIP Sammy across the ring, but Sammy stops after a few steps and turns.  Angel runs at him first and Sammy attempts a HUGE standing clothesline, but Angel ducks under, spins around and nails Sammy with a discus punch to the upper back. Sammy barely falters and turns, but as he turns to face Angel, Christian charges with a LUNGING spear to the back, this time forcing Sammy to arch forward from the impact!

Dave Dymond: Angel and Christian trying to somehow take Sammy off his feet, but he’s an un-caged animal, Other Guy, and he has been ever since Davis attacked Sammy in his own locker room a few weeks back.

Other Guy: Yeah, not sure Davis fully thought this one through. He’s pissed off Sammy, which is only fuelin’ him in this match that much more.

The referee attempts to finally gain control of the match as Angel and Christian continue to attack Sammy, with Christian throwing hard punches and forearms from behind, while Angel fires quick and agile kicks to Sammy’s gut and legs.  Davis back up as well now and he goes after Sammy, but now Heflin intervenes and shouts for Davis to get into his corner!


Dave Dymond: Dennis Heflin just doing his job, but the fans not too happy about it.

Other Guy: Course they’re not. They want to see what started this whole thing, which would be Christopher Davis and Sammy Rochester battlin’ it out!

Dave Dymond: Davis sent to his corner now and Rochester continues to stay on his feet despite the now two on one fight he is in.

OOOOH!  Angel goes down hard with a STIFF uppercut!

Other Guy: Make that one on one now, Dave.

Angel retreats out of the ring for the time being as Christian forces Sammy to turn around.  Christian DRILLS Sammy in the face with a forearm shot, then another one, then another one. Sammy actually starts to stagger back now, and Christian takes to the ropes. He picks up considerable speed for a big man but as he charges at Sammy, Sammy leans in with a forceful shoulder block and Christian BOUNCES off Sammy’s body and almost falls flat on his ass!

Other Guy: Like trying to push a semi truck out of the way, Dave.

Dave Dymond: It sure sounded like that as these two big men collided, but clearly the advantage went to Rochester that time around.  Suddenly the advantage Chris Davis and the team of Angel and Christian had doesn’t look like much of an advantage anymore.

With Christian staggering, Sammy takes a couple of steps towards him, grabs his arm and sends him forcefully into the upper right corner of the ring. Christian comes stumbling out of the corner and Sammy moves towards him and CLAPS both his arms against each side of Christian’s head.  From there Sammy EASILY lifts Christian off the mat and SLAMS him onto his back! The fans boo as Sammy then STOMPS on Christian for good measure and then drops hesitantly to one knee, apparently going for a cover, but instead of a full pin, Sammy forcefully presses one palm against Christian’s chest.

Heflin drops to make the count, only for Angel to quickly charge in.


Sammy rises up to his full vertical base, but Angel a couple of steps quicker and he LEAPS just as Sammy rises up and NAILS a textbook dropkick!  Sammy sways from the impact and Angel back up, a second dropkick!

Dave Dymond: For a two hundred and eighty pound man, Angel Hernandez definitely an agile competitor, and quick too.

Sammy sways more and Dennis Heflin shouts at Angel to get out of the ring. Angel goes to the ropes though and just as Sammy regains a strong footing, Angel runs at him from behind and LEAPS up, attempting to flip over Sammy with a blockbuster, but Sammy grabs Angel by the head before he can flip and FLIPS Angel onto his back with a great amount of force!  The fans boo loudly, but suddenly cheer as the second Angel is taken down, Christian is up and he CRUSHES SAMMY WITH A POWERFUL LARIAT!!

Other Guy: Damn! Still not off his feet… but how close was that!

Dave Dymond: Impressive display of strength by Christian, doing whatever he can now to get the momentum of this match BACK in the favor of team Davis.

With Sammy stumbling a great deal now, Christian lands a couple of strong punches then a boot to the gut. Sammy doubles over and Christian moves to his corner now and the fans start going nuts as Christian points to Davis who is MORE than willing and ready to get into the ring.  Christian extends his hand, tags Davis in, and the fans get even louder!

Dave Dymond: And as they say… business is about to pick up!

Other Guy: Nah this is beyond business, this is a MISSION for Christopher Davis.

Davis enters the ring quickly and before Sammy can get up, Davis just PUNTS a kick right up into Sammy’s head! Sammy snaps his body upwards now returning to his full vertical base and Davis unleashes with angled stomps into Sammy’s legs, trying to chop Sammy down.  In between stomps, Davis fires with swift punches to the chest and bottom of Sammy’s chin.  Sammy sways, but he moves his arms to keep his balance and he grabs at Davis’s face, attempting to palm him with one hand. Davis knocks the arm away though and fires a hard upper cut shot!  Sammy stumbles back away from Davis and the fans pick up as Davis marches towards the corner and quickly pushes himself up onto the second turnbuckle.

Sammy regains his balance and Davis LEAPS at that moment with a surprising cross body splash… BUT HE’S CAUGHT!

Dave Dymond: Sammy Rochester having NO problem what so ever just snatching Davis out of mid-air… but wait Davis fighting back!

The fans keep cheering as Davis, from the cross body position, sends knee after knee into the side of Sammy’s head. Sammy rocks in place, losing his footing slightly as Davis continues to just POUND his knee into Sammy’s cheek and jaw.  Sammy eventually drops Davis, and Davis continues with the knee shots, pulling Sammy’s head down so he’s bent over!  The fans are on their feet rallying behind Davis who just continues until Sammy is down on one knee, head hanging low.  Davis backs up into the ropes, pushing his body fully against them for added spring.  He then SPRINTS back at Sammy, and just as Sammy lifts his head, Davis DELIVERS with a boot to the face and Sammy falls into a sitting position!

Davis doesn’t let up he quickly makes a tag into Christian.  Christian charges with a running, diving low shoulder tackle and now Sammy is flat on his back! A huge POP sounds from the sold out crowd as Christian gets up and now both Davis and Christian point to Angel who is already itching to go to the top rope.  Christian walks quickly over and tags in Angel!

Dave Dymond: The six foot nine luchador is about to fly!

Other Guy: Oh I GOTTA see this!

The crowd is on their feet as Angel LEAPS up onto the top turnbuckle and then points down at Sammy. Sammy struggles to get up off the mat, but he doesn’t succeed as Angel LEAPS and flips forward from the top with a flipping leg drop right across Sammy’s upper body! From there Angel shifts his body, hooking Sammy’s massive leg for a cover!

Heflin makes the count.



And Angel is KNOCKED to the side!

Dave Dymond: Big time kick out by Sammy Rochester, but the first chink in the proverbial armor has been made.

Angel is quick up to his feet and he quickly starts sending soccer kicks into the side of Sammy’s ribs.  Sammy works on sitting up, but also turns slightly, putting his back to Angel. Angel runs towards the up ring ropes, bounces off and CONNECTS with a sitting dropkick to the back of Sammy’s head!  Sammy doubles over and Angel again quick up to his feet.  Angel gets in front of Sammy and starts to pull him up to his full vertical base, when suddenly Sammy snaps and DARTS his hand out SMACKING Angel in the face. Angel staggers and Sammy rises up completely on his own and swings his whole body at Angel, CRUSHING him with a vicious headbutt!  Angel goes down but Sammy grabs him by both shoulders and lifts him right back up off the mat. Angel squirms and Sammy just tosses him back first against the ropes.

Angel bounces off slightly and Sammy scoops him up into a military slam but then just WHIPS him straight down to the mat, front first! Angel writhes on the mat and the fans boo loudly as Sammy continues to manhandle the large luchador.

Other Guy: Oh man, Dave, this is the downside to havin’ to fight Sammy Rochester.  The guy, the monster-child, whatever the hell you want to call him, has this ability to just snap.

Dave Dymond: The expression a scared wounded animal has been brought into play many times in referring to Sammy’s situation, and right now that fits perfectly.

Sammy drags Angel by one arm, pulling him to the other end of the ring, away from Christian and Davis.  Davis shouts at Angel to get up, but Sammy has full control, propping Angel up into a sitting position in the corner now.  Angel grabs the ropes and looks to pull himself up to kick Sammy in the face, but the second he does so, Sammy grabs Angel by the legs and spins around, dropping Angel with a modified inverted face buster!  Sammy falls into a sitting position and has Angel pinned.

Dennis Heflin drops to make the count, but Davis AND Christian both charge in, getting a pop from the crowd!



Sammy breaks the cover and gets up as Davis and Christian charge at him. Sammy steps through for a double clothesline, but both men duck under!  Sammy stomps his foot repeatedly as if having a temper tantrum, and then he turns around and both Christian and Davis go for the double SPEAR and KNOCK SAMMY CLEAR OFF HIS FEET!!!

Dave Dymond: And they take Sammy down again, still haven’t been able to lift him up, but they’ve knocked him back down!

The fans are cheering as Christian and Davis make their way back into the corner, and now its up to Angel to get back up and capitalize. Angel is groggy, and he holds his back in pain, but he gets up, sees Sammy and then runs to the corner. One jump… two jump…. Three jumps and a flip back!

Other Guy: Triple jump moonsault…. CONNECTS…


Dave Dymond: God bless it…

The fans look on with frustration but also concern as Sammy sits up, holding Angel horizontally.  Angel squirms about a great deal and Sammy gets to his full vertical base, but Angel spins his body out, looks for a DDT, but CAN’T bring Sammy down.  Angel FIRES a knee up into the gut instead as his feet land back on the mat, and then he moves to his corner, still holding his back in pain. He reaches out and tags Davis back in.  Christian applauds his brother in arms as Davis stomps into the ring, shouting at Sammy now, and motioning for him to bring the fight.

Christopher Davis: Come on bitch!

The fans buzz with a collective OOOH in response to Davis’s clearly heard shout.  Sammy reacts as well as he stands up straight, his towering seven foot two inch frame right there in the ring, eyes wide.  Davis doesn’t back down though and he goes right in after Sammy and most men meet about center of the ring, with Davis throwing a hard forearm, then a punch, but Sammy fires right back with a punch across the face then a headbutt then a slamming axe handle smash to the top of the head. Davis falters but fights back, driving punch after punch into Sammy’s gut and chest, with Sammy seemingly absorbing the pain.  He pulls back his arm and then VIOLENTLY goes to slam it in the side of Davis’s head, but Davis ducks out of the way and Sammy swings through, getting himself off balanced.  Davis uses Sammy’s balance against him and starts punching him from behind now, forcing Sammy staggering forward closer to the right side ring ropes.  Sammy tries to turn around, but the second he does, Davis there with more hard shots, more punches and forearms to the face and body. Sammy sways more, arms flailing now as he tries to balance but suddenly teeters back against the ropes, arms IMMEDIATELY twisting up in them!

Dave Dymond: Rochester TANGLED in the ropes and look at the smile on Christopher Davis’s face!  Sammy is at his MERCY!

Other Guy: And I doubt, hell we KNOW Davis has no mercy in store for Sammy Rochester!

Once again, the fans are on their feet as Sammy struggles in the ropes, trying to break free. Angel and Christian stomp their feet and clap their hands, cheering on Davis who looks ready to capitalize.  He nods his head and without a set up or anything, Davis SNAPS his body forward and DRILLS Sammy in the head with a hard placed super kick!  The momentum pushes Sammy through the ropes and sees him spill to the floor with a heavy thud!  Sammy screams out in pain on the outside as he rocks back and forth and Davis now paces back and forth inside the ring, taking in the crowd reaction and suddenly he points to Angel in the corner.

Angel doesn’t have to even say a word, he goes to the top now and the fans get even louder.  He nods his head, feeding off the excitement as well…. SHOOTING STAR PRESS TO THE OUTSIDE!!!

Dave Dymond: WOW!  That’s an impact and then some as Angel Hernandez showing he’s a whole other sort! Big, powerful, but agile and acrobatic as well! WHAT a shooting star press!

The fans are chanting, impressed beyond belief with Angel’s display of athleticism. Angel gets up to his feet, wincing in pain though, and again holding his back.  Heflin starts the ring out knock out count, but Davis won’t have it and he gets out of the ring as well.

Other Guy: Didn’t think Davis was the type of cat who was gonna let this one end on a count out. Not when it’s Reckoning Day, NOT when it’s this big of a deal.

Dave Dymond:  Heflin though trying to make sure this one doesn’t get too much further from the ring, as what would be even worse is this one not having a TRUE end by Heflin having to call a double count out.

Davis, Christian, and Angel all pull Sammy up to his feet now, with Angel and Christian holding Sammy by the arms. Heflin continues to shout to bring the match back into the ring and Davis FIRES a hard boot to Sammy’s gut… almost doubling him over.  FOUR!


Heflin continues the double count out and now Angel and Christian pull Sammy up against the corner as per Davis’s instructions.  Angel and Christian both step to one side then and hold Sammy up against the corner post and Davis charges…. HUGE running splash that knocks the back of Sammy’s head off the post! From there all three men roll Sammy into the ring thus ending the count out count.  Davis slides in as well and Davis makes a cover from there.  The fans get noisy once more.



Other Guy: I don’t think it’s possible to keep Rochester down for longer than two seconds, Dave.

Dave Dymond: That’s looking to be the case, as Davis can’t get the pin fall there.

Other Guy: Davis is gonna have to dig down deep if he wants this one to end, that’s for damn sure.

Davis is up to his feet.  He shakes his head slightly as he grabs at Sammy now, putting a lot of extra strength behind pulling him up off the mat.  Davis pushes Sammy up against the upper right corner and fires a few quick shots, just to keep Sammy groggy and then suddenly he lifts Sammy’s leg up, putting it on the second turnbuckle…

Dave Dymond: What is Davis going to try to do here!

Davis takes the other leg, fires a quick shot to Sammy’s chest, and then puts the other leg on the second turnbuckle, LIFTING Sammy up just enough in the process.  Davis’s arms shake but he pushes with all his strength and gets Sammy sitting on the top turnbuckle!

The fans ERUPT as Davis now motions for the end and he puts his foot up on the second turnbuckle and drives his shoulder into Sammy’s gut!

Other Guy: No way is he gonna do this! There’s no way!

Dave Dymond: This has huge implications in this match, and to the well being of Davis. If he pulls it off…It’s over for Sammy… if he doesn’t… it could very well be over for Chris Davis.

Sammy stirs, possibly attempting to get off the top turnbuckle, but Davis stands straight back up and NAILS Sammy with a stiff European uppercut then pushes his shoulder into Sammy’s chest again and now starts shouting and grunting loudly.  Davis has one foot planted on the first turnbuckle, the other on the second turnbuckle and he SHIFTS Sammy’s body weight onto his shoulders!!  Davis falters, struggles, sway and almost falls… but he HAS SAMMY UP!  Davis tries to move out of the corner now, both feet planted on the mat with the weight of Sammy slowly but surely crushing down on him!


The fans scream out with anticipation and excitement as Davis seems to steady his body, trying to hold Sammy up… legs shaking underneath him… he CAN’T lift up for the Death Valley Driver though and suddenly his body gives out, legs first, then arms and BOTH men CRASH DOWN ONTO THE MAT, the weight of Sammy SMASHING Davis into the mat!

Dave Dymond: Damn it!

The once excited crowd settles in now, much quieter as they look on with concern. Both Davis and Sammy are on the mat but Sammy sits up quite suddenly, and he cocks his head to the side, looking down at Davis who holds his back in pain, kicking his feet into the mat.

Other Guy: Oh no… I do NOT like the look in Sammy’s eyes now.

Dave Dymond: Davis tried for the big impact but it didn’t pay off, and now this one looks to be full on in Sammy’s control!

Sammy gets up and YANKS Davis off the mat, back of the head first and he just HEADBUTTS Davis square in the back of the neck!  Davis looks to fall forward from the shot, but Sammy spins him around and then WHIPS him viciously into the upper left corner of the ring.  Sammy storms after him, and then FIRES with multiple striking knee shots, forcing Davis into a sitting position and then Sammy WEDGES his foot into Davis’s throat BLATANTLY CHOKING HIM while gripping the ropes.

The referee gets involved now but keeps his distance from Sammy as he shouts for Sammy to break the choke.  Sammy doesn’t listen and Heflin starts the count.

One. Two. Three. Four… Sammy pulls back for a second then STOMPS right in Davis’s face! Davis’s head bounces off the bottom turnbuckle and Sammy goes right back to wedging his foot right into Davis’s throat!  Davis flails his body, gasping for breath and now Angel and Christian shout out, trying to get a rally going behind Davis.  The fans follow suit… but Sammy breaks the choke again and now pulls Davis up to his feet only to start landing multiple turning back elbow shots to Davis’s head and body!

Other Guy: Sammy’s goin’ berserk!

Dave Dymond: Well-placed elbow after elbow, and we knew this wasn’t going to be pretty. We knew this was going to be a straight up fight, but Sammy Rochester taking complete dominance over this match up now.

The fans boo loudly as Sammy now starts choking Davis again, this time with BOTH hands around Davis’s neck!  Heflin gets more involved now, trying to get in Sammy’s face, and as he does so the fans suddenly begin to buzz.  Someone is seen coming down to the ring from the crowd…

Dave Dymond: Hold up here, who… who is that?

In better view, a pale skinned body is seen, short, definitely less than six feet in height, and muscular.  The man’s hair is black, but growing in patches, as some bald spots show.  His shirt is white and stained in yellowish color, and he wears torn black pants and ragged black shoes.  The man lurks towards the ring, climbing over the guard railing and now he stands behind Angel and Christian who continue to try to get Davis motivated to fight back.  His overly blue eyes go wide as he waits, rocking slightly back and forth!

Other Guy: What the shit is this, Dave.

Dave Dymond: I don’t know, and I’m not going to be the one that says it but that…

Other Guy: Don’t say it, Dave. Are you serious?

Dave Dymond: No, I don’t ACTUALLY believe it, but that looks a heck of a lot like Sammy’s doll Mikey!

Davis slumps in the corner now and Sammy backs away, then turns completely looking to set up for something big, but his eyes catch the man standing behind Angel and Christian!  And suddenly Sammy smiles and his eyes light up!

Sammy Rochester: MIKEY’S BACK!

Angel looks confused but before he can react, Mikey grabs both of Angel’s ankles and VIOLENTLY pulls him off the ring edge! Angel’s face SMASHES into the canvas and Mikey spins Angel around from there and JACKS him in the face with his hand in an eagle talon like position.  Christian reacts next, dropping down from the apron as he charges at Mikey. Mikey whips his body around and suddenly SPEWS out a yellow liquid of some sort, getting Christian right in the face!

The fans all react now, booing loudly as Christian claws at his eyes and Mikey follows up with a jumping double knee lift that CRACKS Christian up under the jaw, then Mikey goes down low with a leg sweep and starts CLAWING at Christian repeatedly!

Dave Dymond: What is going on here!

Other Guy: You heard, Sammy, Dave, that’s Mikey!  He said it himself!

Dave Dymond: So Mikey is real? You’re telling me Mikey is REAL!?

Sammy claps his hands with joy, somewhat distracted by Mikey, but then he turns his focus back to Davis and then CHARGES surprisingly quick and just BARRELS into Davis!  Davis drops to the mat after being smashed up against the corner, and outside the ring, Mikey turns around now and just TOE PUNTS Angel right in the face, before Angel can get all the way up to his feet.  Blood FLIES from Angel’s nose as he lies on the outside, and Mikey stands over him, letting the yellow liquid drip out of his mouth and down onto Angel as well.

Dave Dymond: That’s just sick!

Other Guy: But shit, just like that Angel and Christian have been taken out… and oh no… Mikey’s not done!

Mikey drops down on top of Angel and starts clawing at him as well, scratching as his face and body, going absolutely BALLISTIC! From there Mikey springs back up to his feet, the crowd absolutely livid and he walks oddly, arms dangling to his side, like an actual doll, before he grabs Mark Kendrick, shoves him to the side and takes a steel chair now!  Sammy leaves Davis in the ring, ecstatic about seeing Mikey and he goes outside and pulls Mikey in for a hug, just like Sammy hugs the doll!  From there Sammy turns a wicked grin at Angel and Christian.  Sammy takes the chair and places it around the neck of Christian now while Dennis Heflin ANGRILY shouts at Sammy to get back in the ring!  Sammy ignores the referee completely and lifts Mikey high up and then DROPS Mikey on the chair, feet first, CRUSHING THE CHAIR AROUND CHRISTIAN’S NECK!!!

Dave Dymond: GOOD GOD!

Other Guy: That can easily crush a wind pipe, Dave, and then some!

Dave Dymond: Sammy and… and well Mikey… they’re just sadistic… I can’t believe this is actually happening though!

The fans continue to boo as Davis stirs in the ring, but doesn’t show much other signs of getting involved.  The referee issues another warning and now SHOOT Project security heads out to the ring, but not before Sammy lifts Mikey up again, this time over Angel… and DROPS him feet first again, but this time without the chair… DOUBLE FOOT STOMP TO THE CHEST AND NECK!!!

Dave Dymond: COME ON NOW!

Security approaches but Mikey quickly scrambles away, ducking under the ring, but security grabs him by one leg trying to pull him back out. Sammy starts shoving security around and the one gabbing Mikey’s leg falls back, but not before grabbing and pulling off Mikey’s shoe! Heflin continually shouts at Sammy now, and finally with Mikey apparently having escaped Sammy gets back into the ring, a smile plastered on his face!

Other Guy: This one just became advantage Sammy Rochester.

Dave Dymond: No kidding, and I still refuse to believe what we saw, Other Guy.  There’s now way.

Other Guy: Hey I’m skeptical as all hell, Dave, but we saw it. That man, whether he was Mikey or not, looked like the doll, and did some SERIOUS damage. That’s the facts.

Security digs under the ring while Sammy pulls Davis up to his feet again and this time just CLOBBERS him with a arm pull standing clothesline. Davis falls to the mat hard, clutching at the back of his head in pain and rocking back and forth.  Sammy stands over him and just JACKING straight punches down into Davis’s face with unrelenting force.  Davis tries to get his arms up to block the shots, only for Sammy to grab Davis’s arms and yank him to his feet.  He then LIFTS Davis high into a gorilla press position and turns just as one security member pulls out the Mikey Doll from under the ring…

and sure enough it’s missing one shoe.

Dave Dymond: No way…

Other Guy: I don’t believe it myself.

Sammy sees security with the doll and he SCREAMS out like a pissed off child and LAUNCHES Davis to the outside, seemingly with no struggle at all!  Davis CRASHES down onto the security and Sammy goes to the outside, takes the doll from the man and PUNCHES him in the face!  The rest of security backs away, retreating from ringside as Sammy places Mikey nicely in the corner and then lifts Davis up, only to SLAM him face first into the announcer’s table at ringside.

Dave Dymond: The action right in front of us now as Sammy has suddenly become inspired with brutality and ANOTHER hard slam of Davis’s face into the table.

Sammy pulls Davis back and SHOVES him against the ring, back first. Angel and Christian both lie on the floor, out cold and both bleeding profusely from the mouths.  Sammy runs full speed, for him, at Davis, looking to smash him up against the ring…


Sammy collides chest first with the edge of the ring and now Davis, somehow finding a way to get back into things lifts up from behind Sammy, forcefully shoving Sammy back into the ring. Sammy gets up though and turns, only for Davis to jump up, grab Sammy by the head and YANK it down onto the top rope! Sammy staggers back and now Davis slides into the ring.  Sammy comes back though DRILLING Davis in the face with a hard punch, and Davis falters but STILL fights back and throws a hard punch of his own! Then another. Davis then suddenly UNLEASHES WITH A FLURY OF PUNCHES!

Dave Dymond: Christopher Davis feeling a second wind, or a HUGE rush of adrenaline, whichever the case may be this is working for him!

Other Guy: Davis’s brothers went down in battle, and now it’s all about avenging their fall… epic shit, Dave!

Dave Dymond: More punches thrown, Sammy rocking a great deal.

The fans start to rally now as Davis continues to unleash on Sammy, but Sammy suddenly KICKS his leg out and DROPS Davis with a big boot! With Davis’s momentum killed, the fans abruptly stop cheering.  Davis stirs on the mat, trying to get up and Sammy now stomps away from Davis and for a moment grips the ropes tightly.  He then looks to Mikey over in the corner and nods his head.  Sammy bounces off the ropes and looks to kick Davis’s head clean off his neck… when suddenly Davis lunges up and with EVERYTHING HE HAS HOISTS SAMMY UP…


Other Guy: He lifted him up!  He got him!

Dave Dymond: Not the prettiest, not the sharpest spinebuster, but sure as hell effective!

Davis takes a moment to get back up to his feet but once up he extends his arms out to the side and shouts out loudly! The fans respond, once again pumped up and Davis tired, but determined points down at Sammy now and then pounds his chest.  Davis grabs Sammy and works desperately to pull Sammy up to his feet… slowly he gets Sammy up, then turns him…

Other Guy: I think he’s callin for it… he’s gonna try for Angela’s Ashes!

Fans on their feet, but instead of going to hoist Sammy up, Davis suddenly BENDS Sammy back while under hooking the arms.   The cheering continues as Davis stands there, Sammy in position and with all his force Davis DROPS back to the mat, SPIKING Sammy’s head down with him!

Dave Dymond: The Abyss!  Christopher Davis going old school with the reverse under hook DDT and the cover… can this be it… PLEASE let this be it!

Referee Dennis Heflin drops for the count, the fans cheering and counting along with him!


The fans echo one!


The fans echo two!


Dave Dymond: And he does it!

Heflin calls for the bell and Davis rolls off of Sammy and quickly out of the ring just as “Gossip” begins to play again.

Samantha Coil: Here are your winners of the match, the team of Angel, Christian, and CHRISTOPHER DAVIS!!!

Davis doesn’t celebrate his victory as he quickly joins Angel and Christian who are being tended to at this point by medical staff. Both men are loaded onto stretchers and Davis just shakes his head, a look of concern coming over his face.

Dave Dymond: So Christopher Davis scores the pin fall victory, shows that the monster-child can be defeated, but at the end of the day, will Davis be asking himself if it was worth it.  Angel and Christian both severely injured because of this match, so really, has this war even ended?

Other Guy: There are gonna be causalities in war, Dave, but you’re right, this fight was won by Christopher Davis, but the war ain’t over.  Not after what happened to Davis’s team mates, the men he calls brothers.

As Davis’s music continues to play, he walks off with the medical crew, staying right by Angel and Christian’s sides.  The fans continue to cheer, showing their support for Davis, Angel, and Christian.  As the two are wheeled up the ramp way Davis takes one look back to the ring, but the continues walking, eventually disappearing to the back.


Reckoning Day fades out to black.

In the realm of professional competition, no matter the sport, one strives to be the best.

The sound of a cheering crowd is heard, but there are no images accompanying the noise.

To be the best, you need your chance to prove it.

The crowd gets louder.

In College Basketball there is March Madness Tournament.

A flash up we see a still image of a basketball team seemingly celebrating victory.  The image fades out.

In Soccer you have the World Cup Tournament.

Another flash up, this time the image of a soccer team in celebration.  The image fades out.

And in Baseball you have the World Series.

Another image is shown, this time of a baseball team in celebration. The image fades out.

But in the world of professional wrestling, being the best, means standing alone in celebration.

Suddenly the screen comes to life showing a montage of the SHOOT Project soldiers battling it out from a series of different matches.

And only ONE tournament will determine who is the absolute best!

The footage continues and slowly an image fades in over the various clips of fighting.

There is no I in team…

The image is seen in full now, taking over the footage entirely.  The graphic reads “Master of the Mat”

But there are no teams in the Master of the Mat Tournament.


The tournament returns this Summer!

Cut to black.


Dave Dymond: Up next we’ve got our Iron Fist Championship match, and let me tell you these three have NOT hesitated to make their opinions known about their opponents tonight.

Other Guy: You got that right Dave, all three seem to be coming into this match with bad intentions. I’m really interested to see how Az and Kenji go at each other. The two challengers might be so distracted with each other that Dan Stein might be getting off easy tonight!

The camera cuts down to Samantha at ringside.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and Gentlemen! Our next match is going to be fought for the IRON FIST CHAMPIONSHIP! Entering the ring first, hailing from Kyoto, Japan, KENJI YAMADA!

“Daremo Inai Ie” by MUCC blares over the speaker system as Kenji Yamada stalks out of the entranceway to a shower of boos. He doesn’t even look at the crowd, he just makes his way down to the ring, sliding under the bottom rope without much fanfare or posing. He moves to his corner and instantly starts to pace.

Samantha Coil: The second challenger for tonight, weighing in at two-hundred and seventy pounds, The Ghost, AZRAITH DEMITRI!

“Head Down” by Nine Inch Nails cuts off the Japanese rock as Az steps out of the entranceway, seemingly just standing at the top of the ramp as the white and blue light strobes intensely to the heavy bass of the song. He was wearing a black T-shirt with a bright yellow smiley-face on it, with blood dripping down the front of it under his trademark trench. Eventually, Az starts to walk down the ramp, looking through the crowd intently, staring at seemingly every booing face.

Dave Dymond: I have to say, this is quite possibly the most…well…unsettled I’ve ever seen Azraith DeMitri. I can’t really say what’s wrong with him, but I have a feeling it has to do with this ‘tape’ he keeps referring to.

Other Guy: You have to wonder if this ‘tape’ is perhaps part of those unnerving snippets that have been making their way into Az’s promos seemingly without his control or consent.

Dave Dymond: Whatever it is, Az isn’t talking about it, and he looks ready to absolutely destroy someone tonight.

Indeed, as soon as Az hit the ring he slid under the bottom rope and quickly hopped to his feet, his eyes now never leaving Kenji’s as he waited in his corner.

Samantha Coil: And finally, weighing in at two hundred and fifteen pounds, he is the SHOOT Project Iron Fist Champion…HERE IS DAN STEIN!

“Remember the Name” by Fort Minor cuts off Reznor as Dan Stein BURSTS from the entranceway with a roar of cheers, instantly throwing his hands up and holding the Iron Fist Championship high in the air. Dan is smiling brightly as he walks down to the ring, barely looking inside it as he is more looking up at the open sky before crossing into the shadow of the steel overhang. Finally he sets his eyes on his two opponents as he walks up the steps and makes his way into the ring. He nods to Willie Dean as he hands him the Iron Fist title, and all three men look to it as Dean holds the championship in the air before handing it off to a ring-tech. The crowd seems to grow intent and restless, cheering and booing in equal measures as the three men slowly make their way to the center of the ring, barely listening to Dean’s instructions. All three nod in an odd unison before moving to their corners, waiting for the bell.

Dave Dymond: The intensity in that ring is almost unbearable, OG!

Other Guy: Damn right it is, would you expect any less from these three?

Finally, the bell rings and signals the start of the match, and without any hesitation Azraith absolutely LUNGES at Kenji Yamada with an anger and ferocity that even Yamada doesn’t seem to expect, as he’s taken to the mat instantly with an absolutely brutal looking gore! Just the sound of the impact is enough for the crowd to gasp slightly, but Az isn’t stopping for a second as he gets into a sprawled out position beside Yamada and starts to rain down punches and elbows into his opponent’s face, over and over again, just screaming out as loud as he can.

Dave Dymond: WOW! Azraith looks like he has absolutely snapped here. He can usually be a fairly technical wrestler, but if this is any indication of what he’s planning on doing tonight, I feel bad for his two opponents.

Other Guy: I would save that ‘feeling’ for a little later in the match, keep an eye on Dan here.

Dan Stein seems to circle the two men a moment before he takes a step back and then leaps into the air, dropping a perfectly aimed dropkick right into the side of Az’s skull! The impact of the dropkick sends Az rolling off Kenji, and the crowd cheering loudly. Stein steps over Kenji and moves to drag Az to his feet, sending several quick elbows into the same spot of his skull that he landed that dropkick before sweeping him off his feet with a lightning quick neck breaker. Yet as Stein gets up, he fails to look behind him, and is caught off guard as Yamada hooks one of his arms from behind and bridges back into an equally quick half-nelson suplex! Dan Stein’s head and neck crash into the canvas before Kenji quickly hops back to his feet, sneering down at Stein with a sadistic grin, but quickly turns his attention to the still-woozy DeMitri.

Other Guy: Kenji looks like he has some baaaad intentions here tonight.

Dave Dymond: When does Kenji NOT have bad intentions?

Other Guy: Fair enough…

Kenji is quick to drag the heavier Azraith to his feet, and start to whittle away on the big man’s legs and knees, snapping low kicks about as fast as Az can blink. After about five or six, Azraith finally drops to a knee, cringing out in pain. The grin on Kenji’s lips seems to grow as he rebounds off the ropes, but unfortunately is caught around the throat by Az! Az gets to his feet slowly while throttling the stunned Yamada a moment, before hoisting the smaller man into the air with ease, holding him over his head in a gorilla press position…

…but out of nowhere Dan Stein sends a chop block into the back of Az’s left knee! Az buckles instantly and Kenji takes advantage, pivoting in the air and hooking Az’s head, SPIKING it down into the mat with a vicious looking DDT variation! The crowd roars out at the innovative move, and instantly the ref starts to count!



Other Guy: Wait, who’d get the win here? Kenji hit the DDT, but Stein hit the chop block…


Dave Dymond: I believe it’s the last person to make contact with the downed opponent, so in this case it’d be Kenji. Good question though, I’m sure a lot of fans were wondering how this would work as well!

Before the four count finishes, Az has sat up completely, but in the mean time Dan Stein had gotten up, and is now all-out brawling with Kenji Yamada! The two men are throwing vicious blows, lefts and rights over and over, neither one relenting! Finally Dan blocks a punch and starts to wail away on Kenji with lefts and rights, over and over until Kenji looks dazed, and then Dan quickly springboards off the closest TWOnd rope and hooks his legs around Yamada’s neck, snapping backwards with a textbook hurricanrana! Kenji flops down to the mat with a violent ‘oof!’, the air being forcibly knocked clean out of him. Dan kips up rapidly and instantly runs over to Azraith, stomping down on his leg over and over before he has a chance to get up completely. Az snarls out in pain and tries to pull his leg in from Dan’s stomps, but then Dan just works his way up to kicking at Az’s ribs, Az trying all the while to swat away the quick, persistent kicks. Finally, Az is to his knees and Dan goes for a knockout kick right to Az’s jaw, but Az catches it! The glare on Az’s face could crumble statues as he slowly gets to his feet, and in a deceptively fast movement he closes the distance between him and Stein, hooking the leg that he didn’t have a grasp on and sweeping it while his free hand was locked onto Stein’s throat, dropping Stein in a mix of an STO and chokeslam! The back of Stein’s head bounces against the mat, and Az quickly gets to his knees as the ref starts counting again…



The ref can’t even get to three before Kenji sends a boot CRASHING down into Stein’s ribs, forcing the downed opponent to suddenly sit up, coughing violently!

Dave Dymond: Kenji Yamada with a…unique way to break that count.

Other Guy: Hey, it worked, didn’t it?

For breaking up the count, Kenji gets a haymaker left from Azraith DeMitri, sending the smaller man staggering back into a corner. Az actually shakes out his taped-up fist before lunging at Yamada, attempting to ram his shoulder into Kenji’s gut…but at the last second Kenji pushes himself up in the corner and just narrowly avoids Az, who goes careening into the turnbuckle, shoulder first! Kenji quickly hops down behind Az as he’s hoisted up by the middle turnbuckle, and grabs both of his legs, quickly ripping them backwards and sending Az’s face smashing into the canvas! Not letting go of Az’s legs, Kenji suddenly does a forward flip, smashing into Az’s back with a rolling senton AND snapping his legs up and backwards in what looks like a violently executed Boston crab! Az roars out in pain and rolls to his back, holding his left knee.

Dave Dymond: Did he hyperextend it?

Other Guy: Who knows? All I can tell is that Az looks like he’s in serious pain here, and it’s still relatively early in this match up.

By this time, Stein is back to his feet, still coughing a little after that vicious boot to the ribs…but right as Kenji turns around to deal with him, Stein drives a revenge boot to Yamada’s gut! Kenji doubles over as he tries hard to catch that breath that escaped violently from his lungs, but as he does he is unable to do anything to avoid Stein grabbing either side of his head and viciously ripping him in the other direction, sending him hurtling backwards onto a waiting knee!

Dave Dymond: An absolutely blazing fast backbreaker from Dan Stein! These guys are hitting some very high impact moves, but other than a few, most of them are focusing on ribs, legs, things like that. They need to start smashing heads if they want people down for a ten count.

Other Guy: Wow…that was…surprisingly brutal, Dave.

Stein is to his feet quickly, and now has the chance to pull both the dazed Azraith, and the hurt Yamada both to their feet…

Dave Dymond: I don’t know how smart this is…

Dan grins a bit and lunges off the ropes, leaping in the air to attempt a double clothesline on the two men, but Az is big enough that he simply absorbs the blow and maybe staggers back a step, and Kenji ducks all-together in desperation. As Stein swings somewhat around Az with the momentum of his own attack, Azraith grabs the smaller man by the waist and drops him with a quick sidewalk slam! However, before Az can even get up Kenji is stomping away at his head. Az, obviously tired of all of the stomps and kicks he’s been receiving throughout the match, dodges the first huge boot and rolls away and to his feet, and before Kenji has a chance to respond, he PLOWS him down with a huge lariat! The crowd again gasps at the ferocity and violence Az is showing tonight. Az just glares down at both men as the ref counts for both Dan and Kenji simultaneously.





Right as ‘FIVE’ is uttered, Stein rolls to his side, pushing himself up to his knees. Before he can get to his feet though Az is all over him, dropping an elbow down into the small of his back! The crowd boos, yet Az just glares around at them before hauling Stein to his feet. Mercilessly, DeMitri tosses Stein out of the closest set of ropes onto the concrete floor below. Ignoring the still-dazed Yamada, who has gotten to his knees, Az hops out of the ring and once-again pulls Stein to his feet, grabbing him by the back of the skull and attempting to smash his face into the steel guard-rails! However, Stein places both of his hands on the railing and holds firm, his face inches away from the unforgiving steel. Az snarls and tries to push him further down, but suddenly stops, apparently seeing something in the crowd. His eyes are locked on something…someone in the masses of fans, and that momentary distraction is all Stein needs to shove backwards and force Az to release his hold. Out of desperation Stein grabs the first thing that comes to mind, a bottle out of a fan’s hand, and SMASHES it into Az’s skull! Az staggers back, not so much from the concussive blast of the small brown beer bottle but of the shock of it all, not expecting that shooting pain in his forehead all of a sudden. It doesn’t take long for the blood to mix in with the beer that was pouring down his face, but what seems to take Dan Stein aback is that Az doesn’t go down! He just shakes his head out, and lunges at Stein! However, before he can reach him, out of nowhere Yamada DIVES between the second and third rope, smashing into both Stein AND Azraith, sending all three of them hurtling into the steel guardrails! Stein’s skull scrapes across one of the vertical rails, and Yamada’s head smashes clean against one of the top ones, and all three men are down!

Dave Dymond: Oh my GOD! Yamada with that absolutely suicidal dive and all three men are out!

Other Guy: The crowd here is going insane after that last move, and Willie is counting inside the ring. What happens if we have a triple ten count?!





Az is stirring…



Kenji gets to his knees, as does Stein, while Az is struggling to get to his…



Az barely gets to his feet before both Yamada AND Stein begin to assault him, seemingly teaming up against the much bigger man, throwing punches and kicks before throwing him into the ring! The two smaller men don’t even look at each other as they roll into the ring behind DeMitri. All three men are bleeding from somewhere on their heads now, Az from the beer bottle, and both Stein and Yamada from the guardrails. Stein and Kenji drag Az to his feet, and both wail away on him a moment before both hooking his neck a moment, attempting to lift him up with a double vertical suplex…but they can’t! Az bears down and forces himself back down to his feet, and as both men disengage, Az LOCKS his hands about both of their throats! Az’s eyes look absolutely psychotic as he rips both cruiserweights off the mat, and SMASHES both him and them both to the canvas with a double choke slam!


All three men are down, and the ref once again starts to count!







Az is slowly getting to his knees, glaring down weakly at his two opponents, grinning briefly…



Both Dan and Kenji begin to stir, and before NINE gets counted, both men are to their knees, and Az is to his feet…

Dave Dymond: What we’re seeing here could be one of the most brutal matches the SHOOT Project has seen in a long while when you’re talking about sheer physicality. Azraith and Dan Stein have been through two previous bloody battles before, and now we have Kenji adding his own level of ultra-violence to the mix.

Other Guy: All three men have been blasted open but none of them want to stay down for the ten count, none of them want to lose that dream of becoming the Iron Fist Champion.

Kenji was just making it back to his feet, blood trickling down his forehead, as Azraith tees off on Stein. Unforgiving left hands to the unprotected face of Stein, blood starts flying off of Stein’s face from the gash on his head. Kenji rolls out of the ring to catch his breath while Azraith and Stein duke it out with each other. Azraith throws a heavy right hand, but Stein ducks under it and heads for the ropes! Stein averts his course and heads for the turnbuckle and rushes up them and back flips over the top rope to the outside toward Kenji!


Kenji was ready with a chair he found mere inches away and NAILED Stein in the head with it! Stein is down and Kenji is waiting for Azraith to try and stop the count with steel chair in hand! Azraith, however, doesn’t seem the least bit concerned about the steel chair and makes his way to Kenji and the downed Stein as the count starts!




Azraith slides under the ropes and stares down Kenji with the chair, an almost half smile starts to cross over the bloody face of Kenji as he drops the chair.


Kenji suddenly sprints to Azraith with a thundering double axe handle! But Azraith gets in a kick to the gut before Kenji can connect!


Azraith slams his fist into Kenji’s face as Stein is now wobbling to make it to his knees. Stein finally breaks the count himself as Kenji rockets a quick kick to the ribs of Azraith! With Azraith stunned for that moment Kenji takes two steps back and spears Azraith into the guardrail! While Azraith is perched up against the guard rail Kenji takes another step back and YAKUZA KICKS Azraith right over the guard rail and into the first row! But as soon as Kenji turns around…SNAP Enzeguri from Stein! Stein grabs hold of Kenji before he drops and drags him to the announce table and belts a hard right hand into Kenji’s face before sprawling him on the announce table.

Other Guy: I think it’s time for us to make an exit from our seats!

Dave Dymond: I won’t argue with that!

Other Guy and Dave Dymond both bolt out of their seats and head for the sides of the announce table where they are out of harm’s way. Dan Stein has since procured a chair and SLAMS it into the gut of Kenji to ensure he doesn’t have the strength to move. Stein slides back into the ring and climbs the nearest turnbuckle to the announce table and holds the steel chair to his stomach. With the steel chair held on his stomach Stein turns his back to Kenji and moonsaults off to top turnbuckle! The crowd seems to fall into a hush as Stein seems to hang in the air for an eternity before he completes the moonsault and CRUSHES Kenji with the steel chair on his stomach! Stein and Kenji are both left in a crumpled heap of broken announce table!

The crowd goes absolutely CRAZY as they start a “HOLY SHIT!” chant. Azraith is just now climbing back over the railing unsure of what exactly just happened. Azraith simply looks on as Stein is the first one to start moving, once Stein starts to move Azraith wastes no time looking for a weapon under the ring. Azraith manages to unravel a chain and wrap it around his fist as he stalks Stein who is just now making it to his feet while Kenji is still just out of it. Azraith grabs Stein by the hair and starts pounding away at the open cut on the kneeling Stein’s face with the chain wrapped around his knuckles. Meanwhile, the referee starts the count on the downed Kenji!





Azraith stops wailing on Stein for a moment and looks at the downed Kenji and then at the referee.


Dave Dymond: I think Azraith is realizing that he didn’t knock Kenji out and the knockout counts to Stein and if that referee reaches ten it’s a win for Stein!

Other Guy: And Stein isn’t technically down, he down to a knee thanks to Azraith holding him up with one hand and smashing that chain into his skull with the other.





Azraith lets Stein drop to the ground and, in an act Azraith would never do if it didn’t mean salvaging the match…reaches over and helps Kenji to his feet just in time to stop the count! Kenji, now on his feet and wobbly, doesn’t know what is going on but out of pure instinct just rips a kick to the crotch of Azraith! However, since Azraith had left Stein he collapsed to the ground, his face covered in a crimson mask from the horrific chain shots he took from Azraith, Stein being on the ground forces the referee to start the ten count!


Kenji smashes Azraith in the face with a hard European Uppercut that sends Azraith staggering to the guard rail near the broken announce table.


Kenji grabs a monitor from the wreckage of the announce table and SMASHES it over Azraith’s head with a loud THUD and a crash of the screen on the monitor breaking. But Azraith uses the barricade to keep himself up as Kenji starts an all out assault of kicks and punches to every region of Azraith’s body, simply trying to break everything his fists and feet come in contact with.




Kenji, now, stops and realizes that the referee is counting someone out…and he hadn’t knocked out Stein!



Kenji makes his way over to Dan Stein and lugs Stein to his feet to break up the count. But, instead of just helping him to his feet, Kenji wraps Stein’s arm around his neck and lifts him into a fireman’s carry! Kenji looking for the Onifuusha Storm Driver!


As soon as Kenji turned around Azraith had managed to get a hold of a chair of his own and jammed it, sideways, into the bridge of Kenji’s nose! Kenji not only dropped Stein but flopped to the ground holding his nose as he squirmed in pain. Stein flopped to the ground as Azraith stood over Yamada with a sadistic look in his eyes as he gripped the steel chair in his hand tightly.

Azraith: I told you…I told you I’d destroy you…

After saying that Azraith lifted the chair high and slammed it as hard as he could into Kenji’s back. But he didn’t stop there, he lifted it again and slammed it into Kenji. Even that wasn’t enough, Azraith just kept smashing the chair into Kenji’s body until Kenji seemed to be as dented as the chair that was being used on him. Azraith finally put the broken chair down and just looked down at Kenji, who was now motionless, and turned to see where Stein was…


Stein with a last ditch superkick! It must have been everything Stein had left because as soon as Stein’s foot connected with Azraith’s jaw he fell to the ground almost as fast as Azraith did. ALL three men were down as the referee looked confused on what exactly to do…but started the count!





Stein and Azraith have started moving, Kenji remains motionless.




Stein and Azraith have made it to their feet…be it ever so wobbly.


Kenji is stirring…Stein is trying to make it over to help Kenji because he knows Azraith was the one that knocked him out, but Azraith valiantly blocks Stein off!


Kenji amazingly has made it to a knee…

Te…Kenji is up!

But Kenji is only up long enough to stop the count before collapsing to a knee and desperately trying to catch his breath again as he still suffers from the horrific chair beat down he suffered at the hands of Azraith.

Dave Dymond: and some how Kenji Yamada digging down deep to get up, but Azraith right there and I don’t know how much more Kenji can take, O.G.

Other Guy: This match is everything and then some to Yamada, to The Family… a loss here could send Kenji BEYOND the deep end, so I think Yamada is gonna keep fighting until he’s dead!

Azraith grabs Yamada now and pulls him back up to his feet.  He VIOLENTLY whips him into the ropes, throwing so much force behind it that Azraith falls to the mat.  Yamada hooks his arms on the ropes though, stopping from bouncing back and Stein now comes charging at Yamada. Yamada throws a reckless punch outward and JUST nails Stein in the face. Stein staggers back, Azraith charges for a clothesline to Yamada, but Yamada ducks under. Stein with an attempted snap kick… Yamada catches the leg and pulls Stein in…LEG CAPTURE STUNNER!!

Dave Dymond: Stein taken out, but Azraith STILL in this match he charges…. Yamada turning though… STANDING YAKUZA KICK!!

Azraith stumbles back, and spills through the ropes to the outside.  Yamada drops to one knee, absolutely exhausted. Azraith lies on the outside, Stein on the mat and Willie Dean makes the count against Stein and in favor of Yamada.




Azraith starts to get up to his feet, Stein is still out… and Yamada sees Azraith and charges.


BASEBALL SLIDE to the face, and Azraith is sent down again!

Other Guy: Yamada guardin’ Stein now, he wants this match you can see it. He doesn’t have much left so he’s doin’ what he can to just hold on here.


Stein starts to stir, Yamada shakes his head uncontrollably and grabs the busted up chair gripping it tightly in his hands.


Stein sits up


The fans rally behind him, Stein rising to his feet, staggering a great deal…

CRACK!  But the chair shot takes him right back down!

Dave Dymond: A wicked shot and that could be the final nail in the proverbial coffin!

Other Guy: You’re tellin’ me, Stein went down in a flash!

Willie Dean has no choice but to restart the count and Yamada glares down at Stein, the chair still in hand.






Dave Dymond: Stein is not moving, and no sign from Azraith….


The fans begin to boo loudly as Yamada stands there, eyes never leaving Stein.


Azraith starts up to his feet, dragging his body back into the ring…


Other Guy: Azraith has GOT to get to Stein but I don’t think he can!


Azraith crawls, trying to push up to his feet… Yamada turns and shakes his head once.


Willie Dean calls for the bell now and Azraith just stands there, eyes locked with Yamada.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this match… and NEW SHOOT Project Iron Fist Champion… KENJI YAMADA!!!

Yamada’s music plays for a second time and as the Iron Fist Championship is brought to him, he finally backs away, but his eyes never leave Azraith’s.  Stein stirs on the mat as Yamada holds the Iron Fist Championship to his chest and then drops to the mat, rolls out of the ring under the bottom rope and collapses to the outside in a sitting position.

Dave Dymond: What an exhausting match.  All three competitors pushed beyond their limits and it came down to the straw breaking the camel’s back, or in this case a well placed chair shot after exhaustion took its toll.

Other Guy: And as a result, we have a new Iron Fist Champion… the deranged Kenji Yamada.

Yamada sits there on the outside clutching the Iron Fist championship against his chest and inside the ring Azraith stands, eyes showing disbelief.  Yamada eventually stands back up and starts his way to the back, Azraith turns his focus from Stein to Yamada, watching as Yamada heads to the back, now slinging the Iron Fist Championship title over his shoulder.

From there the focus shifts to the back as Reckoning Day continues on.


An image is shown of Cade Sydal beating OutKast for the World Heavyweight Championship.  He stands there after winning the title, with the whole of the roster applauding him.  Tool’s “No Quarter” is playing.  The next image is Cade walking to the back and embracing Jason Johnson.  It is Cade’s finest moment.

Lock all the doors, kill the lights.

No one’s coming home tonight.

The very next image is Eli Storm defeating Cade Sydal for the World Heavyweight Championship.

The sun beats down and don’t you know?

All our lives are growing cold, oh…

Freeze frame images of the infamous press conference in which Jason Johnson announces the subsequent closure of The SHOOT Project is next shown.  Cade is shown in his locker room with his head in his hands.

They bring news that must get through.

To build a dream for me and you, oh.

Suddenly, the images go full color, and the shot becomes Donovan King, standing in the ring in his first ever match for SHOOT, a four way for the vacant Revolution Championship.  It shifts to Cade Sydal facing off against Dave Marz on that very same show.


The next shot is Cade being arrested juxtaposed with Donovan King holding the Revolution Championship up for all to see.

They ask no quarter

They have no quarter.

The next images are of Donovan King feuding with Jester Smiles.  Cade is seen exacting revenge on Ron Barker.  They are edited back and forth with the final shot being Cade Sydal defeating Ron Barker in the main event of Animosity while King is shown bloodied and beaten by Jester Smiles.  Cade is shown one time in slow motion with Dave Dymond and Other Guy talking.

Dave Dymond: Cade Sydal did it! Tonight, Cade Sydal beat his demons, if only for one night, and he has proven that he is still a force to be reckoned with!

Other Guy: I can’t deny that he did prove me and a lot of other people wrong tonight. As much as I hate to say this, he deserves every bit of this standing ovation he’s getting here tonight.

Lock the door, kill the light

Cade is in the ring on the next Revolution, when suddenly he is interrupted by Donovan King.  The next shot is Cade down on the mat as King lords over him, microphone in hand.

No one’s coming home tonight

Donovan King:  …you must be wonderin’ what the hell is goin’ on right about now.

It’s getting colder

King hitting the KTFO on Cade is shown.

It’s getting colder

Cade hitting the Ninjaguiri on King is shown.

It’s getting colder

The next image is Cade hitting the 469 on King.

It’s getting colder

The next image is King nailing the Penalty Kick on Cade.

It’s getting colder

The next shot is Cade hitting Sex With Your Girlfriend on King.

It’s getting colder

Suddenly, it’s a frozen image of King standing at the bedside of Cade’s daughter, Erin.

It’s getting colder

The shot of Cade, broken, and nearly announcing his retirement is seen.  Suddenly, the shots switch to King taking Cade down before Cade is saved by OutKast.

Locked in a place where no one goes.

The next shot is OutKast holding Cade’s arm up in victory while King is laid out on the mat, unconscious.

Lock the door, kill the light

Quick successive shots of Cade defeating Obsidian and King defeating Dan Stein are shown.

No one’s coming home tonight

The next shot is Cade Sydal sitting in his pre-recorded interview from last Revolution.

Cade Sydal: I know where you trained. I know you’re better than the shit you’ve been pulling. I know that, physically, you’re capable of competing in a legitimate contest.

The camera switches to show King attacking Cade with the chain, wrapping Cade’s head up in the Carolina Crossface.

Cade Sydal:  Prove to me, and everyone, that you truly are better than me. You say you are. But you have yet to prove to me that you are a better man.  You wanna be better than me? You have to earn the fucking right to say that shit.

They bring news that must get through.

Dying peace in me and you

It shifts to Donovan King, also in front of the back drop of his pre-recorded segment from last Revolution.

Donovan King:  Once again, I stand alone in the knowledge dat not only CAN I win…I WILL.  …I WILL beat you, Cade.  I will either pin you down fuh the three count, or I will make you submit…I will do it, Cade.  You…won’t…win.

A shot of King SLAMMING Cade’s father’s head down onto a dining table is shown.  The next shot is King attacking Cade’s girlfriend, smirking as the camera is shut off for God knows what happened.

Locked in a place where no one goes!!

Donovan King:  …I’m comin’ fuh mine.

He looks hard in the camera one final time.  Suddenly, the shot shifts to Cade Sydal staring at the camera.

Cade Sydal:  …I want you to bring the best you’ve got. I’m ready.

We have no quarter

Donovan King:  An’ nothin’ will stop me.

We have no quarter

Cade Sydal:  Are you?

We ask no quarter

Donovan King:  Nothing.

The last shot is of King having his hand raised in victory, side by side with Cade Sydal having his hand raised in victory.  The screen fades to black and the King versus Sydal image from the Reckoning Day promotional fliers is shown.


Samantha Coil: The following contest is a best out of three falls match, with pure wrestling rules applied, with a sixty minute time limit per fall!

The fans buzz loudly, the anticipation thick in the air.













"It’s A Fight" by Three 6 Mafia sounds, and the fans begin to boo the moment Donovan King steps through the curtain. Donovan King, for his part, seems unphased by the reaction, as he makes his way down the ramp.

Black trunks adorn his body, a green crown on the rear of them. Black kneepads, with the same crown design on the front of them, protect his knees, and black boots, with the same color of green letters reading "KING" down the outside of both complete the simple ensemble.

Dave Dymond: This contest is about to be as intense as any we’ve seen yet, and I’ve got to be honest…I’m pretty excited!

Other Guy: I am too, I’m not gonna lie.

King makes his way to the end of the ramp finally and slides under the bottom rope. He starts rolling his wrists as his music fades out. The fans immediately begin to cheer.

















As "Everybody Down" by nonpoint continues to air over the speaers, Cade Sydal suddenly explodes through the curtain! He pumps his arms out to the crowd, as they explode in response! Cade makes his way, excitedly down the ramp!

His loose red shorts, with white dragons , cover his legs. His matching kickpads and kneepads complete the look, as he makes his way down the ramp and slaps hands, excitedly. Cade slides into the ring and marches right up to Donovan King and starts jawing with him before the three referees on the outside, Scott Kamura, Austin Linam, and Tony Lorenzo, move to stop any potential fight from breaking out. Cade quickly backs up to his own corner, as Tony Lorenzo and Austin Linam take their leave from the ring.

Dave Dymond: Tensions are high, emotions are flaring p, and these two are about to…through all of that…put on a wrestling clinic! Can it be done, OG?!

Other Guy: With everything these two have been through, I’m not really sure. If it breaks down into a fight, I mean…that’s completely possible!

Samantha Coil takes the center of the ring, as the music fades out. The fans hush, awaiting the official introductions, while Cade Sydal and Donovan King starts slowly stretching in their corners.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, weighing in at 242 pounds! From Charlotte, North Carolina, by way of Memphis, Tennessee! He is DOOOOONOOOOOOOVAAAAAAAAAAN KIIIIIIIIIIIIING!

Donovan King steps up to the center of the ring and raises his right fist into the air, with a chorus of boos, before slowly lowering it and pointing out at Cade Sydal. Cade shakes his head slowly as King backs p into his corner. The noice dies down.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent. From Southport, North Caolina! Weighing in at 179 pounds! He is "The Technical Assassin" CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADE SYYYYYYYYYYYYYYDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL!

Cade Sydal slides to the center of the ring on his knees before tucking his head and suddenly rolling through a nip up off the top of his head, to a loud ovation of cheers. He points out at Donovan King with both hands, a smirk on his pierced lips, as he backs up and allows Samantha Coil to get out of the ring.

The bell sounds, and both Donovan King and Cade Sydal circle the ring before snapping into each other for a lock up. King pushes back, slowly inching Cade back into a corner, until Cade suddenly drops to his knee and under King’s arms, turning behind King to catch him in a waistlock. Cade pops his hips sideways, swinging King over to his chest on the canvas. King swings his hips under himself to sit, as Cade presses against him, maintaining the waistlock.

Dave Dymond: Cade Sydal has a firm grip on the waistlock, and I think he’s trying to squeeze the air out of Donovan King!

Other Guy: Which would normally be a sound strategy, later in a match, but right now King isn’t already winded, and its not going to make him tap out any time soon, either.

King pushes back against Cade, as Cade pushes against King, working to a stand as a result. King grabs Cade by his left wrist with his own left hand and presses his right elbow in Cade’s right elbow, prying Cade’s grip loose, before swinging under Cade’s arm into a wristlock. Cade turns his right shoulder into King and quickly drops to his back, hooking King by the knee, rolling quickly to trip King up, and King crashes face first into the canvas!

Dave Dymond: A unique trip attempt, and Cade is showing King why he is constantly referred to as the best pure wrestler in the business!

Other Guy: King is definitely out of his element, no one has denied that, Dave.

Cade rolls over King’s legs and grabs King by his left wrist, jerking the arm behind King’s back into a hammerlock. King turns to a sitting position once more before quickly and suddenly rolling off his left shoulder! King rises to his feet and twists under Cade’s left arm, which was gripping his wrist, pulling Cade quickly into a wristlock again.

Dave Dymond: King, back to the wristlock, and it looks like Cade is caught by his much stronger opponent!

Other Guy: Its hard for Cade to use his quickness if King has a hold of his arm…ya can’t run that far to build up momentum, after all.

Cade turns his body and plants his right fist on the canvas before quickly hand springing to his feet, Cade turns back into King and reaches over King’s arms, planting his right hand on the canvas again as he turns a one-handed cartwheel, his legs almost clipping King as he goes, Cade gets on his feet and quickly turns under King’s arm into his own wristlock.

Dave Dymond: Cade with an acrobatic display to counter into his own wristlock, amazing!

Other Guy: Its pretty impressive, I’ll give him that.

King quickly, however, swings his right arm down across Cade’s wrists, breaking his grip on the wristlock, and pulls Cade into a side headlock before he can react. Cade plants his elbows in King’s left hip and pushes, prying his head away from King’s ribs, before suddenly rolling behind King into a school boy!



King kicks out quickly and both men scramble to their feet, rolling in opposite directions from each other.

Dave Dymond: And the opening moments of this match have lead us to a stalemate, it appears!

Other Guy: Its interesting to note that these two guys are pacing themselves, because neither of them want to make the first crucial mistake and give the other man the advantage. They know this is their last match in this war, and neither of them wants to walk away the loser.

King slowly raises his left hand into the air, his fingers spread out wide, and Cade is quick to accept the challenge, placing his right hand in King’s, they lock knuckles. King slowly places his right hand out in the air, and Cade accepts with a knuckle lock with his left hand as well, before the two suddenly thrust their left shoulders into one another, trying to push the other into a more advantageous position.

Dave Dymond: Donovan King’s strength and leverage against Cade Sydal’s heart and determination, in this battle of wills!

Other Guy: In a test of strength, King is definitely the odds-on favorite, so I’m not so sure this was a smart idea on Cade’s part to accept the challenge.

Cade places his left leg behind King’s, but it is King that ends up using that to his advantage as he pushes Cade backward! Cade’s feet stay planted, as he pushes up onto the tips of his toes, while King pushes him all the way back! Instead of getting Cade on his shoulders, however, Cade tilts his head back and places the top of his head on the canvas, keeping King from bridging him onto his shoulders.

Dave Dymond: Cade is showing an amazing amount of muscle control, as he avoids being potentially pinned to the canvas there!

Other Guy: King has got to be frustrated, I would think, because the only thing keeping Cade from being pinned down right now are the muscles in his neck.

King shoves his feet off the ground and lands with his shins across Cade’s thighs, his feet pointed inward, but Cade’s bridge holds as the fans clap at the display of muscle control. King raises his right leg and drives his knee back down into the front of Cade’s thigh, making a clear showing of not going for the groin.

Dave Dymond: King with a well-placed knee to the thigh, trying to break Cade’s legs down, to no avail!

Other Guy: He was careful, too, to not hit Cade in the groin to get an immediate disqualification. If he can knot up Cade’s thighs, though, he’ll take a lot of Cade’s strengths away from him.

Cade’s bridge still holds, though and King uses his considerable strength to push off of Cade’s legs with his own legs, and comes back down, but Cade drops to his shoulders and quickly gets his feet into King’s hips, keeping him held up in the air! Cade bends his knees and shoves upward, launching King up into the air! The launch sends King onto his feet as Cade uses the same momentum, and his knuckle-lock with King, to nip up off his shoulders! In the same fluid motion, Cade ends up with his knees on King’s shoulders, and Cade suddenly rolls over King’s back into a sunset flip, releasing the knuckle-lock!

Dave Dymond: Amazing athleticism and agility!

Other Guy: Did you see the vertical leap? Holy shit!

Before the count can be made, King rolls backward, keeping his shoulders under Cade’s knees, King places his hands on Cade’s hips and pushes forward, sending Cade onto his shoulders instead!



Cade kicks out, sending King sprawling backwards, and both men quickly roll to their feet defensively! They both slowly start circling before lunging for each other with another lock up. Cade quickly places his left foot behind King’s ankle and pushes back, tripping King, but King surprises Cade by holding onto Cade’s shoulder and elbow, using the momentum to sort of arm drag Cade through and maintain the tie-up! Both push into each other, working to their feet.

Dave Dymond: King with a, what? A tie-drag? Whatever it was, I’m sure it surprised the hell out of Cade Sydal, just as it surprised the hell out of me!

Other Guy: He’s adapting to this environment pretty handily, you’ve got to admit, Dave.

Cade swings his left arm out, shoving King’s arm off his shoulder, and snaps it back to drop his left elbow across King’s left elbow! Cade grabs King’s left wrist and pushes it upward, grapevining his arms with King’s, in an overhead wristlock! Cade kicks his foot behind King’s left leg again, sweeping him to the canvas, Cade quickly places his forehead on the canvas and rolls forward to a bridge, applying a ton of pressure on King’s left wrist, elbow, and shoulder!

Dave Dymond: Cade with a unique bridging submission hold!

Other Guy: There is no way Cade Sydal gets Donovan King to tap out with this, period! It’s a great way to wear down King’s arm and weaken it, but there is no way King is going to tap from this.

King pushes his feet under himself and arches his back, bridging himself to help ease the pressure on his arm, before suddenly swinging his right arm over both their bodies and pushing up onto his knees, forcing Cade to turn with the roll onto his own knees, and King quickly uses his free arm to lock Cade in a sudden front facelock! A pair of knees into Cade’s head forces the final release of his left arm, and King uses the left hand to get a better grip on the front facelock.

Dave Dymond: King literally had to fight just to finally get that front facelock applied!

Other Guy: But what’s important is that he DID get the hold applied, and now it’s Cade searching for a way out.

Cade pushes up, forcing King to stand with him, before Cade starts using his powerful legs to push King back into the ropes. Instead of using that as a means to get the hold broken, Cade pushes hard into the ropes and then snaps backward, tucking his legs to roll King over his body into a unique pinning predicament!



King releases the front facelock in order to kick out, and both men roll to their respective left side, away from each other, as they come to their feet in a defensive stance again.

Dave Dymond: Another sort of face off, and its hard to say that either man has really enjoyed an advantage in the first seventeen minutes!

Other Guy: Like I said earlier, neither of them wants to slip up, and they’re definitely trying to find more natural weaknesses right now.

Both start circling and come together in the center of the ring with a lock up. King pushes under Cade’s left elbow before squatting and swinging Cade up into a bodyslam! Cade rolls through, however, into a sort of small package!



King kicks out, and as both come to their feet, King catches Cade with a scoop and a slam this time in the center of the ring! King hits the ropes to Cade’s left immediately, and Cade turns over to his belly for a trip attempt that King leaps over!

Dave Dymond: Donovan King is building up a full head of steam!

Other Guy: I think King realized he can muscle Cade around, and if he can just stay a step ahead of him, he’ll manage to keep an advantage, too!

Cade scrambles to his feet as King hits the ropes on the opposite side and comes back off with a full head of steam, and Cade leaps into the air for a leapfrog that King baseball slides under to completely avoid! King is up to his feet behind Cade the moment Cade’s feet hit the ground, and he catches Cade in a waistlock! King snaps backward for a release German suplex, but Cade backflips through the maneuver onto his feet!

Dave Dymond: I know I sound like a broken record, but the athleticism of Cade Sydal is absolutely amazing!

Other Guy: There’s no doubting that, Dave, and no one has ever questioned it, but King is often underrated as a wrestler himself.

As King scurries to his feet Cade hits the ropes to his right and comes off quickly for King, leaping onto King’s shoulders, Cade rolls backward with a hurricanrana that spills King to the outside! Cade hits the ropes as King turns toward him on the outside! Cade slides at King for a baseball slide, but King ducks under the baseball slide, and Cade slides right over King’s back and lands on his feet outside the ring!

Dave Dymond: King avoided what he must have thought was a dive attempt, but Cade Sydal is right there!

Other Guy: King needs to just get back in the ring, because if he turns around he’s going to get an unpleasant surprise!

King straightens up and Cade drives a knife edge chop into King’s chest! Before King can retaliate, Cade drives a forearm into King’s face, as referee Scott Kamura begins the count!


King shoves Cade backward with both hands!


King steps hard at Cade, swinging with a vicious clothesline, but Cade ducks!


Cade uses the duck to leap onto the ring apron, and King turns around.


King grabs Cade by the ankle, but Cade pivots off his foot to face King again, driving his right foot into the side of King’s face!


Cade turns back to the ropes and springs onto the top rope!


King turns back to Cade just as he springs off the top rope with a top rope Asai Moonsault!


Dave Dymond: Look at Cade fly Look at the airtime!

Other Guy: Watch out King!


Cade pushes to his feet and pulls King up with him. Cade grabs King by the back of his tights and his head.


Cade rolls King under the bottom rope and follows quickly behind, breaking Scott Kamura’s count at last. Cade pushes to his feet as King turns to the side, Cade snaps his right shin into the back of King’s shoulder blades! Cade pushes King down onto his back before he leaps completely vertical, landing with his knee on King’s forehead with a huge knee drop!

Dave Dymond: Amazing vertical leap, followed by a huge knee to King’s forehead!

Other Guy: Seriously, that knee drop hurt my head, and I’m way the hell over here.

Cade hooks a leg for the cover, as King kicks his legs!



King kicks his legs hard enough to roll his shoulders off the canvas, and Cade pulls King to his feet by his arm. Cade twists under the arm as he backs King into the ropes. An open handed chop into King’s chest follows before Cade sends King off the ropes. Cade leaps up for a jumping calf kick, but King hooks the ropes, and the snapping motion of the kick attempt sends Cade crashing onto the canvas chest first!

Dave Dymond: Cade Sydal just ate canvas as he leapt for a kick a split-second too soon!

Other Guy: Not to mention that Donovan King had it well scouted, and was prepared with the simplest of evasion tactics!

King runs at Cade immediately as he pushes to his hands and knees, and King rolls over Cade’s back, hooking his far leg and arm, turning Cade over with an Oklahoma Roll!



Cade slams his left elbow down on King’s forehead, breaking the pin attempt, as both scramble to their feet, King holding his forehead. Cade hits the ropes, trying to keep the advantage, but King turns quickly to catch Cade with a drop toehold on the rebound!

Dave Dymond: King is in the driver’s seat after that drop toehold that sent Cade face first into the canvas!

Other Guy: I’m surprised Cade isn’t bleeding a little from those piercings in his lips after that, to be perfectly honest with you, Dave.

King rolls over Cade’s back and grabs him in a side headlock. Cade and King both slowly work up to their feet, before Cade pops his hips toward King to arm drag him over! King rolls into the nearby corner as Cade scrambles to his feet. Cade charges at King and leaps, planting his feet on King’s hips! King places both hands on Cade’s chest, shoving him backward to counter the monkey flip attempt! Cade backflips through, instead of crashing onto the canvas with his back, and King rushes Cade the moment he straightens up from the backflip, driving him to the canvas with a running forearm smash!

Dave Dymond: Cade with amazing agility avoids crashing, only to have King bowl him over with a running forearm!

Other Guy: That’s where the size and strength of Donovan King trumps Cade’s quickness and agility.

King drops, hooking a leg, for a cover, as Cade now kicks wildly to escape!



Cade kicks out, but King grabs him by the arm and pulls him to his feet. King sends Cade into the nearby corner and rushes in, placing his left foot on the bottom rope, King lunges his right knee upward into Cade’s chin!

Dave Dymond: Donovan king with a well-placed knee, and it looks like he’s on a roll!

Other Guy: The first true wave of momentum for either man, and it belongs to Donovan King, heh. That’s amazing all on its own in this environment, Dave.

King grabs Cade under his arms and hoists him up onto the top rope. King lunges up with an upward palm strike into Cade’s chin, rocking him back on the top rope! King turns his back to Cade and reaches up, hooking under Cade’s armpits, King starts to tug to pull Cade from the turnbuckle, but Cade wraps his legs tightly in the ropes, preventing the maneuver!

Dave Dymond: Cade blocks the attempted toss!

Other Guy: What would you even call that if he hadn’t?

Cade slowly pulls his right leg over the top rope, back to the inside of the ring, and he starts driving short knee strikes into the back of King’s shoulders. King releases as Cade pulls his left leg over the top rope. Cade jumps past King and hooks King’s head, swinging his legs as he does so to snapmare King over into a seated position! Cade pops up to his feet suddenly and leaps, dropkicking King in the back of the head!

Dave Dymond: A unique method to snapmare an opponent, and Cade follows up with probably the stiffest feet in the business, both of them to the back of King’s head!

Other Guy: Cade is smart, he’s using the tools that got him this far into his career.

Cade pushes back to his feet and hits the ropes as King is down! Cade builds momentum quickly and leaps upward, flipping backward as his body moves forward with a running Shooting Star Press! The fans cheer, as Cade hooks both legs!



King kicks out!

Dave Dymond: Cade with an incredible aerial display!

Other Guy: But what good did it do him? In case you missed it, King kicked out.

Cade pushes to his feet and starts for the ropes again, not wanting to allow King to breathe, but King reaches and grabs Cade by his ankle, tripping him up and driving him down onto his face! King pushes to his feet now and hits the ropes as Cade pushes up to his hands and knees. With a running start, King lunges his right foot forward, driving the bottom of his boot into the side of Cade’s face before he can stand!

Dave Dymond: King built up a ton of speed, and he just drilled Cade’s face with a running kick!

Other Guy: That was a nasty kick!

King turns Cade over and hooks the leg!




Cade kicks out quickly! King pulls Cade to his feet and quickly places him in a front facelock and snaps backward with a snap suplex! King floats over as Cade turns over to his belly. King capitalizes anyway and elbows Cade in the side of the head before shoving Cade’s arm through his legs!

Dave Dymond: Carolina Crossface!

Other Guy: If King can get this locked in, Cade will be trapped and he’ll have to tap out!

King reaches and tries to lock a crossface on Cade, but Cade uses his free hand to keep pushing the reaching hands away! King continues to try, as Cade pumps his legs under himself and swats away with his free hand. Suddenly, Cade rolls forward and escapes from the Carolina Crossface attempt, only to turn around and be caught with a Northern Lights suplex, and the bridge!

Dave Dymond: Great muscle control from Donovan King, and Cade is in danger!



Other Guy: This could be the end of the first fall!


Cade swings both hands into King’s chest, breaking the bridge, and the count. Cade and King both push to their feet, and King meets Cade with a boot to the abdomen. King pushes Cade’s shoulders up to straighten him back up, and drives a chop into his chest! King continues to drive chops into Cade’s chest, sending him back step by step into a corner! King grips Cade’s wrist and sends him into the opposite corner! King rushes in behind Cade, but Cade catches him with an upraised elbow to the cheek!

Dave Dymond: Cade barely managed to avoid a devastating collision!

Other Guy: If he hadn’t, I’m not sure he would have been able to absorb much more back-to-back.

Cade pushes up onto the second rope as King comes running back in at him! Cade meets King with a foot to the chest, that sends King stumbling backward! Cade jumps off at King with a high cross body, riding King down to the canvas! King rolls backward, through the cross body, and pushes off his knees to his feet while still holding Cade horizontal! King snaps Cade upward onto his shoulders into a fireman’s carry, but Cade kicks his legs, avoiding the potential disaster by landing on his feet behind King!

Dave Dymond: I gotta believe that King was going for the KTFO!

Other Guy: And Cade wisely avoided it, because if he hadn’t, we would be seeing the end of the first fall right now!

Cade rolls backward, holding a waistlock, pulling King back with an O’Connor Roll!




King kicks out, rolling backwards as he does, bringing Cade rolling backward onto his shoulders with an O’Connor Roll of his own, King bridges back to add more weight!




Cade kicks out hard and both men scramble to their feet, with Cade meeting King this time with a forearm to the side of the head!

Dave Dymond: Cade, on this exchange, was a step ahead!

Other Guy: That was a nasty forearm, too. I’m pretty sure the point of Cade’s elbow also connected, behind the ear!

Cade continues to deliver quick, short, forearm strikes to the side of King’s face before hitting the ropes! Cade rebounds off the ropes and King turns, catching Cade on the rebound with a tilt-a-whirl into a backbreaker! King keeps his hold on Cade’s waist and lifts him off his knee and upward, spinning him the other way, but Cade pushes his hands off King’s chest and catches King around the head with both ankles, swinging through with a flying head scissors!          

Dave Dymond: King looked to combine the tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, but Cade was quick to counter the combination with some head scissors!

Other Guy: How in the fuck?!

Cade pushes to his feet, holding his back, as King is quicker to his feet and meets Cade with a running clothesline, driving Cade to the canvas! King hits the ropes and comes off with a quick elbow drop, but Cade rolls sideways and avoids it! King pushes to his feet, shaking his left arm out after driving the point of his elbow into the canvas, and Cade quickly snaps his right shin into King’s elbow!

Dave Dymond: A nasty kick from Cade Sydal, and he might be softening that arm up for a Kimura Armbar!

Other Guy: The same armbar that Cade has used in pivotal matches in his career to secure big-time victories. If he can get that locked on, King is in trouble!

King backs away from Cade, clearly trying to avoid any more kicks, and as Cade snaps out another kick, King ducks and catches under Cade’s right knee with his shoulder! King swings his other arm up under Cade’s left leg, pulling Cade straight off the canvas into a powerbomb position! Cade pushes down on King’s head and drops to his feet, with his back to King’s! Both men turn around with the same thing in mind as they both drive a forearm into the side of each other’s face, and both snap down to the canvas!

Dave Dymond: Both men wanted to strike the other, and the result is both men hitting the canvas at the forty-two minute mark!

Other Guy: What’s it going to take for one of these two to stay down?

Cade and King both turn over to their sides and push up to their feet relatively quickly, and King actually catches Cade when both get to their feet with a hard chop across the chest! King grabs Cade by his wrist and sends him into the far corner. King follows behind Cade as Cade grabs the top rope and kicks his legs upward, forcing King to duck or be kicked by both feet! Cade pushes backward, landing behind King as King stops himself from colliding with the turnbuckle pads! King turns around right into a reverse high roundhouse, driving the heel of Cade’s right foot into the side of King’s head, and King drops to his rear in the corner!

Dave Dymond: Cade Sydal just delivered a massive reverse roundhouse kick, and King is in LaLa Land!

Other Guy: But can he capitalize?

Cade quickly hits the ropes and runs at King from his left! Cade throws himself, both feet leading the way, right into King’s face with a double facewash, driving the bottom of both feet into King’s face as the momentum slides Cade through the middle and bottom rope, and Cade twists his body just slightly so as to land with his feet on the arena floor!

Dave Dymond: I’d say he can!

Other Guy: What the hell?!

Cade roars out to the sea of cheering fans, and even slaps a few hands in the front row, as King rolls to his side, holding the side of his face. Cade turns and ngrabs King by hhis head, pulling him slightly under the bottom rope, so as to hang King’s head over the ring apron, and the outside ten count begins.



Cade backs up after getting King where he wants him.


Cade slaps his right foot and points right at Donovan King’s head, to a chorus of cheers!


Dave Dymond: Cade Sydal is about to deliver even more lethal punishment with his foot!

Other Guy: He needs to pay attention to the count!


Cade runs right at King and throws his foot up for a nasty Yakuza kick! But King pulls his head back into the ring, avoiding the kick!


Cade’s leg drops and his knee buckles slightly, and King slides out of the ring behind Cade, breaking the count, before turning Cade around and driving a hard chop into the side of Cade’s face!

Dave Dymond: King just chopped Cade Sydal in the face!

Other Guy: And I can’t say he didn’t deserve it!

King grabs Cade by his head and rolls him under the bottom rope, before quickly sliding in, avoiding any more counting. Cade is quick to his feet, and he meets King with a chop to the face of his own! King rocks back, and snaps into Cade with a chop to the jaw, and Cade drops to the canvas! Cade pushes to his feet quickly, and King is right there with a chop to the chest! King sends Cade off the ropes and ducks his head for a back body drop! Cade turns his body at the last second and back flips over King to his feet!

Dave Dymond: King telegraphed the back body drop, and Cade was quick with the evasion!

Other Guy: Unfortunately, I don’t think Donovan King realizes that yet…

King turns around, only to receive a hard chop across his jaw, followed by a full spin from Cade, who delivers a second chop to the face with the spin, and King drops this time!

Dave Dymond: Roaring Chop!

Other guy: That’s a new one.

Cade hits the ropes as King pushes to his feet! King turns, just as Cade leaps up into the air, catching King around the head for a hurricanrana! Cade tilts back, but King holds on and pulls Cade back up and swings him right into a fireman’s carry! Cade quickly snaps backward though, right into a crucifix pin, and King is stacked on his shoulders!




King kicks out!

Dave Dymond: Another KTFO attempt, and Cade Sydal is doing all he can to avoid that dangerous maneuver!

Other Guy: But the man can’t run from it forever.

Cade quickly catches King by his wrist and whips him off the ropes! King reverses suddenly, though, and swings a clothesline as Cade rebounds! Cade somersaults through to duck under the swinging arm, and pops back up to his feet! Cade leaps up and flips backward, looking for the Pelle Kick, but King quickly steps to the side and Cade crashes chest first!

Dave Dymond: That out-of-nowhere backflip kick of Cade’s just missed its mark, and King may have the opening he needs!

Other Guy: These two know each other’s moves so well, its going to be hard to hit their signature stuff at this stage.

King grabs Cade’s left wrist and spins his leg around the arm before rolling over Cade’s back, rolling him over into a Magistrol Cradle!




Cade kicks out hard! King pulls him to his feet by his wrist and, with his free hand, chops him square across the mouth! Cade’s right hand shoots up to his mouth instinctively as his eyes go wide, and King uses the shock to send Cade into the near corner! King follows behind Cade and leaps up, driving the sole of his right foot into Cade’s face with the leaping Yakuza Kick!

Dave Dymond: Penalty Kick connects!

Other Guy: In the corner!

Cade slumps down in the corner to a seated position, as King pushes to his feet proudly. King reaches for Cade’s ankles, but Cade kicks his feet, keeping King from grabbing them. As King backs off for a second, Cade reaches his right hand up, grabbing the top rope. King quickly comes back at him, and Cade kicks his legs, keeping King at bay, before reaching his left hand up to the top rope as well. King quickly grabs Cade by both ankles and pulls him hard out of the corner! Cade releases his grip at the last second and uses King’s pull to backflip to his feet!

Dave Dymond: Wow!

Cade rushes right at King, and King catches him immediately with a spinning Arn Anderson style spinebuster!

Other Guy: Donovan King was a step ahead of Cade Sydal on that exchange, and that was awesome!

King keeps his arms wrapped in Cade’s legs and rolls over his chest, hooking the legs tight for a cover!




Cade kicks out at the last possible moment!

Dave Dymond: Incredible! This first fall, alone, has already gone to the fifty-three minute mark!

Other Guy: And we still have two more falls to go? Holy fuck…

King apparently can’t believe it himself, as he pushes to his feet and starts arguing with referee Scott Kamura. Kamura is quick to point out the striped shirt, and King turns back to Cade, just as Cade manages to get to a knee. King pulls Cade the rest of the way up by his wrist and sends him hard into the far corner! King charges at Cade, but Cade kicks his legs sidelong and through the middle and top rope, swinging his body out onto the apron and King’s chest crashes into the turnbuckles!

Dave Dymond: Cade Sydal just avoided a collision in the corner!

Other Guy: And it looks like he’s about to go for some high risk!

King stumbles out of the corner, just as Cade springboards onto the top rope! Cade flips forward as he springs off and lands on King’s shoulders, rolling backward with a springboard Dragonrana, and he hooks the legs!




King kicks out!

Dave Dymond: Incredible athleticism and balance shown by Cade Sydal!

Other Guy: Don’t sell Donovan King short for kicking out of that, either!

Cade pushes to his feet as King dizzily makes his way to his own feet. Cade hits the ropes quickly and rebounds off and leaps into the air for a spinning wheel kick on the rebound! King ducks back to avoid the kick though and Cade lands hard on his back! King grabs Cade behind both knees and rolls forward into a jacknife pin!




Cade kicks out, and King quickly pulls him to his feet! King whips Cade off the ropes, but Cade ducks under the arm to reverse the whip! King brings his right forearm down on Cade’s wrists, breaking his grip and stopping the whip, but Cade flips forward and drives the heel of his right foot into King’s forehead and King goes down from the rolling kick!

Dave Dymond: Cade Sydal, this time, was one step ahead, and with that kick he could have knocked Donovan King right out!

Other Guy: With that kick or any kick, really, Dave. He’s always been very dangerous with those feet.

Cade quickly pushes to his feet and slingshots himself up onto the top rope. Cade looks at King momentarily, measuring him up, before he leaps off the top and flips his body backward while moving forward! Cade turns through the shooting star press, rotating even further, and lands on King’s chest with his back!

Dave Dymond: 469 2k9! Cade Sydal just hit his Shooting Star 450 hybrid, and this fall has got to be over!

Cade turns and hooks both of King’s legs!

Other Guy: It’s okay, King, you’ve still got two more falls, man!


The fans are on their feet counting along!



NO! NO! KING KICKS OUT! Scott Kamura quickly waves his hands at the timekeeper, so as to keep him aware that the fall did not actually happen, as King’s shoulder just barely rolled off the canvas!

Dave Dymond: Donovan King kicked out of arguably one of the greatest top rope maneuvers we’ve ever seen! What will it take for one of these two men to secure just one fall over the other?!

Other Guy: I don’t know, but I don’t think even Donovan King believes he kicked out of that!

Cade pushes to his feet, the disbelief clearly visible even on his face, as he pulls King to his feet by his wrist. Cade sends King off the ropes, but King reverses! King catches Cade on the rebound with a tilt-a-whirl, but Cade spins through it and arm drags King right through the ropes and to the floor! Cade pushes to his feet and hits the ropes! Cade rebounds and dives head first through the top and middle rope and flips his body as soon as his legs clear the ropes, crashing into King’s chest with his back, and both men hit the arena floor!

Dave Dymond: Cade Sydal just put it all on the line to take King out, and it may have paid off!

Other Guy: He just needs to get King back into the ring, or they might both get counted out right here!

Scott Kamura raises his hands to start the count, but suddenly, the bell rings! Samantha Coil gets on the microphone to immediately clear up any confusion.

Samantha Coil: Due to the sixty minute time limit placed on each fall, the first fall is declared a draw via time limit!

The fans begin to offer up a mixed reaction, as Scott Kamura slowly exits the ring, being replaced by Austin Linam, for the second fall. Cade pushes to his feet, as Austin Linam begins the count himself.




Cade rolls under the bottom rope and rolls back out, breaking the count just long enough to pull King to his feet and send him back into the ring.

Dave Dymond: So with the first fall being a draw, thanks to the time limit, it looks like it is do-or-die for both men now, as they both need to secure these next two falls.

Other Guy: Absolutely. And I think we’re going to see the pace pick up, as the urgency takes over.

Cade hops up onto the apron as King pushes to his feet on his own. Cade springboards to the top, but King suddenly explodes and pushes Cade’s ankles! Cade drops to his belly on the top rope! King grabs Cade by his head and backs up a little, hanging Cade by his knees on the top rope now, before King snaps through with a swinging neckbreaker, the ropes elevating Cade’s body at such an angle that he lands directly on the back of his head!

Dave Dymond: Good God! A vicious swinging neckbreaker, and Cade Sydal might be on dream street right about now!

Other Guy: Its highly possible, and King has now got himself a target, if nothing else!

King hooks a leg, and the cover is made!




Cade kicks out! King slaps the canvas repeatedly in frustration, before he angrily pulls Cade to his feet! King drives a hard chop into Cade’s face, once again, before grabbing his wrist and sending him off the ropes! King follows Cade and snaps into him as soon as he rebounds with a sudden, and explosive, powerslam! King keeps the leg hooked for a pin!




Cade kicks out again!

Dave Dymond: This sudden offensive burst from Donovan King is good for him, but it does not bode well for his adversary!

Other Guy: Absolutely not. Cade Sydal is in trouble here, with Donovan King’s size and strength advantage already having been an issue, King is now showing explosive offense, and Cade is being forced to absorb far more than any man ever should.

King seems more than a little frustrated by the resilience, as he pulls Cade back to his feet and sends him into the far corner! King follows that up with a running forearm to the chin, before he pulls Cade out and snapmares him to the canvas! King dropkicks Cade in the back of the head, before pulling Cade back into yet another pin!




Cade kicks out again! King pulls Cade to his feet by his wrist before locking in a front facelock. King snaps Cade up for a vertical suplex, but Cade kicks his legs and swings himself to land behind King, on his feet! Cade delivers a sudden chop to the back of King’s head that sends King stumbling forward!

Dave Dymond: That’s certainly one way to prove you’re still very much alive!

Other Guy: Kind of a rude way, actually.

King turns around and Cade lays into him with another chop, across the chest this time! Cade drives another chop into King’s chest that sends him stumbling into the ropes, and Cade quickly whips King off! King hooks the ropes, instead of rebounding, and Cade rushes at him instead! King sidesteps, and Cade goes through the top and middle rope head first, but catches the middle rope and swings himself to land on the apron with his feet! King turns just as Cade springboards off the top rope with a spinning wheel kick out of the blue!

Dave Dymond: An explosive kick from high up in the sky, and this could be the second fall!

Other Guy: Donovan King didn’t even see that one coming!

Cade scrambles to make the cover and hooks both legs!




King kicks out! Cade pulls King up by his wrist and quickly sends him off the near ropes, staying on the offensive! Cade ducks his head down and King rebounds with a boot right up into Cade’s chest, halting the back body drop attempt! King rushes back to the ropes, looking to capitalize, and Cade catches him on the rebound suddenly under his arms and spins through with a Sky High-style sit out spinebuster, ala D’Lo Brown! Cade quickly reaches forward, grabs King’s wrists, and pulls him into a sitting position before hooking his left arm over King’s head and underhooks both arms with a butterfly lock!

Dave Dymond: Dragon Bite! Cade Sydal just pulled out a move that he made famous elsewhere, and it could very well cost Donovan King the second fall here!

Other Guy: That’s not fair, Dave! How is King supposed to be prepared for something like that?!

Cade pulls back, as King screams out defiantly! Cade slides his legs out from under King, as Austin Linam continues to check on King! King continues to shout out his defiance, as Cade manages to now step over each of King’s legs and plants his feet on the canvas, pulling back harder!

Dave Dymond: I’m not sure how much longer King can stay in this hold before it starts to tear away at the muscles in his neck and shoulders! If he taps out now, he can come back and hope for a tie, which I have to believe would result in sudden death, wouldn’t it?!

Other Guy: Your guess is as good as mine there, Dave. But I think you may be right. Cade has way too much leverage for King to escape this hold, and the longer he stays in it, the more he risks permanent injury!

King continues to refuse to submit, and Cade suddenly releases King’s right arm all together before quickly snapping in and grapevining King’s still-captured left arm with the Kimura Armbar!

Dave Dymond: Cade Sydal has the Kimura Armbar locked on, and this one is absolutely elementary from here!

Other Guy: He couldn’t get King with both arms, but he very well may get him here with one in that lethal hold of his!

King squirms and squirms his body, and manages to turn over, putting Cade Sydal on his side, but Cade keeps the hold locked on even from the bottom position! King pushes his feet under himself and hooks his free arm through Cade’s legs, as he screams out at Austin Linam that he will not submit! King suddenly pushes to a full stand, holding Cade with his free arm, while Cade keeps the grip on the Kimura Armbar! King suddenly tips over sideways in a modified, one-armed Northern Lights Driver that dumps Cade directly on the top of his head, and the hold is released!

Dave Dymond: Somehow, someway, Donovan King just broke free of the Kimura Armbar and managed to get an offensive edge in the same moment!

Other Guy: That was some out-of-this world strength, Dave! Not to mention guts and determination!

King lays on his side, cradling his left arm close, as Cade lies face first on the canvas, cradling the back of his head, while his right foot rapidly taps the canvas in pain! Austin Linam is left with only one choice, and he begins the standing ten count!




King slowly rolls over to his knees, but can’t manage to push all the way up just yet.



Cade pushes his hands under himself.


Dave Dymond: Both men are definitely looking the worse-for-wear, as they’re trying to answer the ten count!


Other Guy: King is getting to his feet!

Sure enough, King pushes to his feet and breaks the count by suddenly rushing and kicks Cade in the side of the head, as Cade manages to make it to his knees! Cade drops to the canvas again, but King doesn’t stop there as he pulls Cade quickly up to his feet and right onto his shoulders with a fireman’s carry! King swings Cade, looking for his KTFO, but Cade slides down King’s baclk and hooks him in an inverted facelock!

Dave Dymond: King went for the KTFO, but Cade has it countered, and he’s looking for the Nightcap!

Cade swings through, and King turns with it, but suddenly pushes Cade’s left arm off his head and sweeps him forward, right down to the canvas face first! King suddenly locks his legs around Cade’s arm and starts reaching for Cade’s face!

Other Guy: Donovan King had the Nightcap scouted, and he’s countered into a Carolina Crossface attempt! Incredible!

Cade keeps swatting at the reaching hands with his free right hand. Cade suddenly rolls forward and pulls his arm free, escaping from the hold attempt! King scrambles to his feet, and Cade snaps up for a NINJAGUIRI! King drops back, avoiding the kick, as Cade twists to land on his feet, avoiding the crash-and-burn, as King scrambles out of the ring!

Dave Dymond: King escaped from the ring, you’ve got to believe, to recollect himself!

Other Guy: there’s nothing wrong with that, Dave.

Cade doesn’t look to be willing to allow King a break as he slides out of the ring and catches King with a hard chop! King follows, however, with a sudden drop toe hold on the arena floor! King slides into the ring before Austin Linam can begin a count, and Cade starts pushing to his feet! King hits the ropes and rebounds hard!

Dave Dymond: What on Earth does Donovan King have in mind?!

King dives through the top and middle rope with a perfect elbow suicida to the temple!

Other Guy: Holy shit!

Cade takes the full force of the elbow and hits the floor hard, as King looks surprised himself at the fact that he just pulled the move off. He quickly gathers himself, though, and pulls Cade up and throws him back into the ring and follows. King quickly hooks both legs for the cover!




Cade kicks out! King pulls Cade up to his feet by his wrist and suddenly pulls him into a fireman’s carry!

Dave Dymond: Donovan King could be looking for the KTFO again!

Cade drives his knee into the side of King’s face repeatedly frantically! Cade slides down in front of King and keeps his arms locked up with King’s left arm before he sweeps King down to the canvas and lands on him with the Kimura Armbar!

Other Guy: Cade countered the KTFO into his Kimura Armbar!

King rolls to his left, keeping Cade from being able to fully get the grip locked on before he drives his forehead into the side of Cade’s head! Two more quick headbutts and Cade releases the grip and rolls to his side to avoid any more, allowing King to scramble to his feet as well. King catches Cade with a sudden chop to the face before he takes off and hits the ropes! King rebounds and swings a hard clothesline, but Cade leaps backward and onto his shoulders to avoid the clothesline! King skids to a stop just as Cade nips up to his feet! King turns around and Cade quickly springs from his feet and backward again, this time with a backflip that drives the top of his right foot into King’s head!

Dave Dymond: Pelle Kick connects!

Dave Dymond: …fuckin’ wow.

Cade quickly scrambles to make the cover and hooks both legs deep!




KING KICKS OUT! But Cade swings himself to hook the left arm for a Kimura! King rolls over onto his belly before Cade can get the hold on, and Cade quickly slides it right into a Carolina Crossface instead!

Dave Dymond: Cade Sydal has the Carolina Crossface locked in!

Other Guy: No way!

King can’t seem to believe it either, as he screams out in pain and shock! King wedges his right elbow under himself as he continues to deny Austin Linam’s question, refusing to submit. King suddenly rolls onto his back, pulling Cade ove himself, before grabbing Cade’s left wrist and pulling the arm between his legs!

Dave Dymond: King just countered, and it looks like he’s going for the Carolina Crossface now!

Cade rolls over onto his back, avoiding the move, but King keeps a grip on the arm and swings into a mount position, and grapevines the arm behind Cade’s back with both of his own arms!


King wrenches back on the Kimura Armbar, while Cade’s eyes bulge out in shock and agony! But Cade is quick to get his legs around King’s midsection, while refusing to submit! Cade suddenly rolls backward, rolling King forward in the process, and pulls King to his feet, while King keeps the vicious armbar applied! Cade snaps backward with a perfect bridge into a Northern Lights suplex!

Dave Dymond: Incredible counter!




King releases the hold to shove Cade off of him, and both men roll to their feet clutching their left shoulders!

Other Guy: Ids there anything these two can do that will put the other away tonight?!

King is the first to react, with a sudden forearm to the side of Cade’s face! King rocks Cade back into a corner with repeated forearms, before whipping Cade into the far corner! King charges in, but Cade quickly snaps his right foot up into King’s face! King drops to the canvas hard, and Cade quickly scrambles up to the top rope! King quickly gets to his feet before Cade can leap, and shoves both of Cade’s ankles out from under him!

Dave Dymond: King just avoided some high risk offense, and Cade landed in a way that no man ever wants to land!

Other Guy: That’s putting it mildly…

King climbs up to the top rope with Cade and hooks him for a front facelock! Cade drives his free forearm repeatedly into King’s ribs! Cade then grabs King’s left leg and pulls it over the top rope! Cade does the same with King’s right leg, before driving a hard headbutt into King’s face, and King falls backward right into a tree of woe! King flails about as he’s held, his legs entangled in the ropes, as Cade pushes back up to stand on the top turnbuckle, one foot pressing down hard on King’s knee!

Dave Dymond: We saw this move a lot during the Sky High tournament, and I think Donovan King is about to feel a double stomp!

Other Guy: This doesn’t look good!

King sits up awkwardly, trying to relieve the pressure and get Cade off his knee! Cade suddenly leaps up as King gets his body horizontal! King suddenly throws his arms upward as Cade’s feet come down, and shoves Cade’s legs away! Cade is sent away from King’s body and crashes to the canvas! King sits up and untangles his legs. He slowly turns his body around to sit on the top rope, just as Cade slowly gets to his feet!

Dave Dymond: I’ll tell you what, OG! At this point, I don’t even know how these guys are still wrestling!

Other Guy: I’m getting exhausted…and I’m just sitting here man. This says a lot for the conditioning it requires to be a top notch athlete.

Cade turns and sees King perched on the top rope and runs at him! Cade leaps up with ease to land with his feet on the top rope, on either side of King, before springing up onto King’s shoulders! Cade rolls back for a hurricanrana, but King managed to get his legs on the outside of the ring when Cade was running, blocking the attempt! King wraps his arms around Cade’s legs and pulls Cade back up and slides him into a fireman’s carry!

Dave Dymond: Oh no way!

King pulls his legs back to the inside of the ring, carefully.

Other Guy: If he does this, it’s over for sure!

Cade flails about, trying to find an escape, but he finds none as King leaps off the turnbuckles and outward! King pushes Cade’s body out and drives him down to the canvas! Cade crashes face first! The back of King’s head bounces off the canvas as he delivers a sickening KTFO off the top rope!

Dave Dymond: King just hit Cade with the KTFO from the top!

Other Guy: But he’s not moving either!

Austin Linam quickly moves to check on both of them, as Cade rolls to his side and clutches at his mouth and nose. King, meanwhile, stays on his back and clutches at the back of his head painfully. Austin Linam has no choice but to start the standing ten count!



Dave Dymond: I think King landed on the back of his head and knocked himself ut while dealing that devastating move to Cade Sydal!


Other Guy: That’s absolutely possible, Dave! None of them are even moving in response to the count!



King finally rolls over onto his side and starts tapping the side of his left foot on the canvas, as both hands grip at the spot on the back of his head and neck!



Cade turns over onto his back, and the camera catches a close-up of the blood working its way from his clearly broken nose.


Dave Dymond: Somebody has got to get up!


Other Guy: They better do it soon, because they only have one second left!


Austin Linam signals for the bell, almost hesitantly! The fans begin to respond with a mixed reaction, mostly confused.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, neither man could answer a standing ten count, so the second fall is declared a draw via double count out!

Dave Dymond: What is it going to take for this match to end?!

Other Guy: I don’t know, but fuck man, I don’t even care any more! This is awesome! 91 and a half minutes have gone by, and there’s no clear-cut winner? This is a fucking classic!

Tony Lorenzo slides into the ring, to take over the referee duties for the third fall, and Austin Linam makes his quick exit. King slowly turns over onto his stomach, as the fans begin to buzz when King starts slowly crawling over toward Cade’s body.

Dave Dymond: Donovan King is inching toward a motionless Cade Sydal!

Other Guy: If he makes it to Cade, he could win it, man.

King finally drops his arm over Cade’s chest, and the fans buzz in anticipation as Tony Lorenzo slides to make the count!




NO! CADE SHOULDERS OUT! Tony Lorenzo quickly points out that it was only a two count, as the fans cheer loudly! King rolls over onto his back and stares up at the sky in exhaustion. Cade rolls away from King to his chest, before King pushes himself to sit up. King turns to get to his knees, as Cade starts to try to push to his own feet as well.

Dave Dymond: I’m in shock that, after that huge fall from the top rope, these two can even move!

Other Guy: The pace has drastically slowed after that moment though, Dave, as absolutely nothing has happened since then outside of that pin attempt.

King pushes to his feet and pulls Cade up by his wrist, slowly. King whips Cade off the ropes, but Cade suddenly turns and drops to a knee to stop the whip before he pops up, grabs King by the back of his head and drops to a knee again with a jawbreaker! Cade quickly snaps up to his feet and sweeps King down as he drives King down with his arm with an STO! Cade pushes to his feet an cradles his head as he steps through the ropes onto the apron. Cade quickly springboards to the top rope and springs right off and lands on Kings chest with a high double stomp!

Dave Dymond: Holy shit! That’s one way to knock a man’s wind right out of his lungs!

Other Guy: And if you can’t breathe, its real hard to kick out, I’m sure.

Cade quickly turns and hooks both legs!




King kicks out, and now Cade stares up at the sky in disbelief. Cade pulls King to his feet by his wrist and whips him into the corner! Cade rushes King and posts his left foot on the middle rope!

Dave Dymond: SWYG!

King quickly pushes out of the corner and rushes forward, countering the SWYG kick with a sudden and explosive spinebuster in the center of the ring! King rolls through and hooks a leg deep, capitalizing!

Other Guy: Amazing counter, and this could be it!




Cade kicks out, and the fans leave their seats!

Dave Dymond: Is nothing going to keep these men down! Seriously?!

Other Guy: If not, will this go to a time limit too? If it does, what then?

Dave Dymond: I don’t know…sudden death maybe?

King rolls to his feet and pulls Cade up agrresively. King whips Cade off the ropes hard and swings with a wild clothesline! Cade ducks under the clothesline, and King turns and ducks down for a back body drop! Cade puts his hands on King’s shoulders and uses King’s launch to propel him through a front flip to land on his feet! Cade hits the canvas running as the fans cheer loudly. King turns as Cade rebounds and leaps in the air! Cade drives his right foot into King’s face!

Dave Dymond: Cade Sydal just hit the fucking Penalty Kick!

Other Guy: He hit Donovan King’s own move!

King collapses, as the fans explode! Cade scrambles to make the cover!




KING SHOULDERS OUT! Cade shakes his head, in absolute disbelief, before pulling King to his feet by his wrist. Cade turns King around and locks him in an inverted facelock! King drops to his shoulders and kicks his legs up under Cade’s arms suddenly and rolls Cade forward with a modified victory roll!




Cade kicks out!

Dave Dymond: King almost snuck one in!

Other Guy: That was quick too!1 If Cade had hit the Nightcap, that would have been it!

Both men scramble to their feet, and Cade leaps up suddenly with a NINJAGUIRI attempt! King ducks under kick, and Cade crashes to his chest! Cade pushes to his feet and King quickly pulls him into an inverted facelock from behind! King snaps through, driving Cade down with his own Nightcap!

Dave Dymond: The NINJAGUIRI was avoided, but Cade could not avoid his own Nightcap!

Other Guy: And that’s all she wrot, Dave! It’s over!

King shoves Cade onto his back and hooks a leg!




CADE KICKS OUT! King pulls Cade up to his feet and hoists him up onto his shoulders with a fireman’s carry. King drags his right thumb across his throat, and Cade suddenly swings down in front of King, sweeps him down, and locks in the Kimura Armbar out of nowhere!

Dave Dymond: Cade has the Kimura Armbar locked on in the center of the ring!

No! King rolls off his side and drives Cade down onto his chest, with a perfect counter right into a Carolina Crossface! Cade struggles to prevent the grip, but King locks it on tight around Cade’s jaws!

Other Guy: King timed his roll perfectly! He figured out a counter o the Kimura, and he has it right in his own submission hold! Amazing!

Cade screams out defiantly, refusing to submit, as King leans back harder to apply even more pressure! Cade suddenly reaches his arm up, and his hand starts shaking, as the fans continue to cheer, forgetting all about good and evil in this instance! Cade reaches his hand out!

Dave Dymond: Reach, Cade! Reach!

Other Guy: Unless he can start crawling, he’s stuck in the center of the ring!

Cades hand raises hiher, and the hand continues to shake as the strain wears on his neck and shoulder! His hand suddenly drops and he starts slapping the canvas repeatedly! Tony Lorenzo signals for the bell, mercifully, and King releases the hold instantly pon hearing the bell! King rolls over to his knees and stares down at the canvas as the fans begin to clap their hands in appreciation!


King continues to stare down at the canvas, breathing heavily, as Cade pushes to his knees and cradles his neck. "It’s A Fight" by Three 6 Mafia hits again, and the fans continue to clap. Dave Dymond and Other Guy both rise from their seats and start clapping as well, in total awe of the final moments. Cade suddenly pushes to his feet, keeping his left hand behind his neck, cradling it, while he grabs King by his wrist and forcefully pulls him to his feet! The music suddenly fades out, and the clapping ceases, as Cade stares hard at King.

Dave Dymond: Uh oh, this could be trouble!

Other Guy: C’mon man, he did it clean just like you wanted, Cade!

Cade clenches his jaw, as King swallows hard. Cade suddenly thrusts his right hand out, open, at chest-level. The fans begin clapping again, as King stares hard at the out-stretched hand. Cade keeps the hand stretched out, as King stares at it. Slowly, from the back of the arena, a chant starts up.


King looks out, shocked by the response, before he looks Cade in the eye. Cade clearly can be seen mouthing "Shake the fucking hand." King slaps his hand into Cade’s and the two lock into a firm handshake, before Cade pulls King into him and stares him in the eye. Cade releases the grip and starts backing up, as the fans continue to clap and cheer. "It’s A Fight" by Three 6 Mafia hits again, as Cade steps through the ropes and drops off the apron. Cade backs up the ramp, allowing King to soak in the massive response from the crowd on his own, letting him enjoy the moment

The cameras move to Dave Dymond and Other Guy, both of whom take a moment to catch their breaths and soak in everything they have seen.  Other Guy looks a little star-struck, while Dave wipes at his brow and starts up the commentary.

There is a foreboding lull in the crowd.  They’re reaching exhaustion but still want more. 

They’re anxious for the evening’s main event. And now, it’s time.

Dave Dymond: It has been a truly incredible evening with moments that, well, we could only have imagined.  But we are NOT done…  Not by a long shot, folks because up next, the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship is ON THE LINE.  Our Champion, Adrian Corazon will enter the ring to defend his title, to defend this COMPANY against one of the most heinous, devious minds in our sport…  The DEFILER, Jonny Johnson.

Other Guy: From January ‘til June, Dave, Jonny Johnson has called this moment, and it’s weird that, well…  Here. We. Are.  It’s the main event at RECKONING DAY…  the waiting is over.  It’s a very surreal experience right now.

Dave Dymond: This is possibly the most anticipated contest of the evening, so let us take a quick look back at what can only be called, one wild, F’ing ride.


As the screen goes to black, a date fades up in gold.

January 27th, 2008.

It fades out changing to silver, before vanishing from sight.  The black screen gives way to Jonny Johnson standing at the top of a ramp way on Revolution.

The fans are chanting WELCOME HOME! WELCOME HOME!  A smile on Jonny’s face suggests a warm return, but as his smile fades the footage takes a turn.  “Arc Reaktor” by Ramin Djawadi begins to play adding to the ominous tone as Jonny glares with contempt.


The glare is interrupted by abrupt clips of Jonny Johnson in the Redemption rumble, assaulting anyone who crosses his path.  As the clips flash in and out from the glare of contempt, Jonny’s words are heard over the music and the footage.

“The fact is…  I’m back.  I snuck in through your stupid loopholes and like the virus I AM, I will fucking kill EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU.”

A shot of Jonny bloodying Arion Catcher in the Redemption Rumble. 

“I will shit on every show… I will stiff the fuck out of every worker”

A shot of Jonny going through the final four of the rumble.


Samantha Coil: The winner of the 2008 Redemption Rumble… “THE DEFILER” Jonny Johnson!!!

We see Jonny smirking, standing in the ring after outlasting 40 plus men.

“I don’t care if every one of you stops coming out to the shows…  I don’t care if everyone in the back quits…


The word reality echoes repeatedly and in a whisper behind it you hear the words “hope is illusion.”

The music seems to shift as the screen returns to black again.. another date fades up, this time in silver, but fades out in gold.

February 24th, 2008

The black screen is replaced by Roland Caldwell in the ring along with Sammy Rochester, while Vincent Mallows is on the outside. As the music plays on Corazon comes out in the footage, the fans boo but the thought that Corazon is with these men changes when suddenly he looks to Roland with contempt.

Corazon:  These men in the ring with me now?  They are NOT my compatriots.  They are NOT my partners.  I will NO LONGER be involved with you, or Mallows, or even you, Sammy.  I’m done with this.

The expression Corazon’s face is interrupted with quick clips of Corazon in action.  A shot of Corazon taking Sammy Rochester out with Original Sin.  As the clips and music play, Corazon’s words are spoken over all of it.

“When I first debuted in the SHOOT Project, I made a big deal about the future and my destiny.”

A shot of Corazon looking at the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight championship that Roland holds, versus the REAL championship that Corazon dug up from the desert. 

“I claimed that I was the FUTURE of the SHOOT Project, and I’m going to make that claim once more.”

Another shot is seen, this time of Corazon fighting Roland in a battle alongside Dan Stein. 

“I AM the future of SHOOT.  I’m more dangerous, more brutal than either of you could even conceive.”

A montage of clips of Corazon in heated battles against Ron Barker, Benjamin Biggs, and of course Del Carver.

“There is no debating this.”

The music picks up even more now, faster pace and the Malice Logo appears on the screen, the date under fades up in gold.

March 30th, 2008

And as it fades out we see a montage taken directly from the Five Man Massacre for the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship. Shots of Jun Kenshin, Christopher Davis, Roland Caldwell, Kilgore Stochansky and Adrian Corazon are seen but as the five competitors are seen in action, Jonny Johnson’s hate filled words are heard over the clips.

“On June FIRST, TWO THOUSAND EIGHT… I will fulfill my fucking destiny.”

A quick shot of the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship as it is held up by Scott Kamura.  Kenshin, Davis, Caldwell, Stochansky, and Corazon all stand around looking at it.

“I don’t care who it’s against. I don’t care if it’s Roland…”

A shot of Roland in action, battling against Jun Kenshin.

“Or Christopher Davis”

A shot of Christopher Davis hitting Angela’s Ashes on Kilgore Stochansky.

“Or Kenshin…”

Heaven’s Blade meets it’s mark on Roland Caldwell knocking him down.

“It could be Kilgore Stochansky…”

Stochansky throws a haymaker of a punch at Christopher Davis.

“Or Adrian Corazon.”

Corazon drives his knees into Christopher Davis’s face.

“WHOEVER THE FUCKING CHAMPION HAPPENS TO BE ON JUNE FIRST will have no choice but to defend their title against ME… ONE on ONE.”

The ending of the match at Malice plays. Davis hits Angela’s Ashes on Adrian Corazon. The fans are going nuts.  Jonny Johnson charges down to the ring and grabs Davis.

“No multi-man bullshit…”

Chicken wing

“No easy outs, or excuses.”


“ONE on ONE. YOU…”

Demoralization process!

“Whoever YOU happen to be…”

Samantha Coil: The winner of the match, and the NEW SHOOT Project WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION… ADRIAN CORAZON!!!


Fade to black.  Things seem to calm as we open up, this time to Adrian Corazon with the newly won World Heavyweight Championship. He stands in the ring.

Corazon:   Jonny Johnson.  Your actions…  the way you marred the main event at Malice…  the way you just…  ugh.  You know what, Defiler?

Corazon sneers.

Corazon:  I’m not going to play into this nonsense.  I’m not going to sit here, and call you the Demoralizer, or any of that.  You hurt what you’re calling your meal ticket, and that’s totally unacceptable.  So, here’s what’s going to happen.  You’re going to walk down to the ring, right now…

A cut to an empty entryway.  There is no Jonny Johnson

“…And I, well…  I don’t want to wait until Reckoning Day.”

Corazon waits, the footage seems to last for a while, then fades out, only to fade in to a similar scene, only now it’s Jonny Johnson in the ring, alone.

THE DEFILER: June first is going to come a lot sooner than any of us realizes, but from here on out… Adrian Corazon, I VOW to make your life a nightmare!

A clip shows Jonny Johnson leaving the arena in quick fashion.  Cut to later that night, Adrian Corazon scoring a sound victory over Kilgore Stochansky.

“I VOW to slowly ruin everything you’ve ever wanted for yourself.”

Next seen is the eerie moment between Corazon and Jonny Johnson outside of an arena… Corazon lunges into Jonny, a blotch of red stains Jonny’s side as he collapses to the ground.

“I will rape you of your pride… of your honor… of EVERYTHING THAT MAKES YOU FUCKING TICK.”

Jonny Johnson is in the ring with Jason Johnson DEMANDING an apology and things to be made right.

“And when we get to Reckoning Day… By the time June first rolls around… you’ll be a miserable, generic mess, my friend.”

Seen next is Jonny Johnson flipping out, tugging at his hair in an irate rage!

“They’ll look at you, probably sulking in a corner, and they’ll say… Heh… They’ll ALLLLLL say…”

But then a moment.  Corazon and Jonny Johnson in the ring at the same time.

“Adrian Corazon couldn’t escape. Adrian Corazon COULD NOT FUCKING ESCAPE.”

Then an abrupt shot of Jonny Johnson and Christopher Davis hitting Adrian Corazon with the We Fucked Your Back up on the Revolution before Reckoning Day.

“Because NO ONE escapes the DEFIL…”

The words are cut off and the screen goes black. And all you hear is Corazon’s voice.

“All the theatrics…  all the word play…  all the sadness…  all the demoralizing…  I don’t know what you expect, Jonny.  You thought that once you FINALLY got a chance at this title again that whoever the champion was, would roll over and assist you in ushering in the Age of the Defiler?”

And then it comes up a clip of Jonny Johnson and Adrian Corazon in a heated face to face.


Jonny Johnson hitting the Demoralization Process.

“I don’t play games.”

Adrian Corazon dropping Kilgore Stochansky.

“Can You Defeat Jonny Johnson?”

Jonny Johnson is seen surrounded by Super Fan, Tom Quinn, and Jason Riley.

“Just stop talking and bring it on.”

Corazon is seen standing by himself in a SHOOT Project ring.  The footage fades to a single image, the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship.

Reckoning Day marks their defining moment.

For The DEFILER, his chance to make good on his promise.

For The Champion, his chance to stand by his word.

Jonny Johnson… Adrian Corazon


The video fades from there.


The scene heads backstage, and the mood is rather ominous and in a way, serene.  We see Abigail Chase, standing outside the door of a lockerroom, and for all the difference in atmosphere, the name on the door explains why, as, naturally, it reads “CORAZON.”

Abigail Chase:  I’m standing outside the door to the World Heavyweight Champion’s lockerroom.  He hasn’t said a word to anyone at all this evening, and if we hadn’t been waiting on him, we may not have even caught him arriving to the building.  I’m hoping to get a word out of him here, as he’s been unbelievably and incredibly stoic and focused, from all reports.

The door opens, and the crowd pops when the World Champion makes his appearance.  He looks a ways down the hall towards Abigail, and looks at the camera, and sighs. 

Abigail Chase: Adrian!  Adrian!  Corazon!  Can we get a word?

At any other time, on any other show, Abigail’s eyes would have melted him, and he’d have given an interview, but this…  this was the biggest fight of his career, and honestly, he felt that an interview would trivialize everything. 

Abigail Chase: We’ve been waiting all night to hear from you, Corazon.  Don’t tell me you’re going to let the fans and I down.  Do you have any parting thoughts, before you head down the hall towards your encounter with Jonny Johnson?

She was very persistent, and very persuasive.  He half smirked, closed his eyes, and just shook his head.  Abigail frowned a bit, but ultimately understood.  Corazon turned his back to her, and the SHOOT camera, and began to make his way to the geurilla position with the World Heavyweight Championship over his shoulder.

Guerilla Position…

His neck cracks as he leans it from one side to the other, rotating it back across his shoulders.

He’s calm.

He’s relaxed.

Eryk Masters stands at his side a microphone in his hand.  He seems as nervous and and as anxious as the SHOOT Project fans watching.  There’s a bit of awe in his eyes, but also a bit of longing….  to be in the ring again, to feel what Jonny must be feeling.

What IS he feeling?

What is he thinking?

Jonny’s in his ring gear, obviously, with there being mere moments to go until he is announced to the ring.  It’s simple attire.  Black wrestling trunks.  Black wrestling shoes.  No knee pads or elbow pads, his knuckles wrapped in white tape.  He has a white T-shirt on with “XPAC HEAT” scribbled across the front in black sharpie marker.

Eryk Masters takes a deep breath and begins the interview.

Eryk Masters: Jonny, in just a little over a minute, I’m going to be gone and you are going to be heading down to what many are calling “the biggest match of your career.”

He pauses.

Eryk Masters: This will be the FIRST SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship bout of your career…  An opportunity that many fans think you should have had YEARS ago.  What is going through your mind, Jonny?

Jonny is slow to respond, but quick to cast an honest, subtle smile.

The DEFILER: That’s the thing, Eryk.  This…  tonight…  It should be my…  my seventh, eighth, fourteenth title match by now.  I should have been champion of this place, of TTW, of OPW…  ANYWHERE I’ve been, I should have been the champion because I was the best guy they had.  I’m better than OutKast, Del Carver or Jun Kenshin.  I was better than Chivalric, Devastation, Osbourne Kilminster.  I don’t even know who was in OPW, but I was better than those guys.

He laughs a little before proceeding.

The DEFILER: My problem Eryk, is that I’m the deadly combination of great and confident, and people…  Well I rub people the wrong way, and by the time I’m supposed to have my opportunity, there’s a line of whining, crying, children protesting my involvement in their main event.  And I don’t blame them, dude.  I…  I CAN’T blame them because…  because if I wasn’t as good as I am, and I saw someone who was me…  If “I” had to deal with Jonny Johnson…

He raises his eyebrows and shrugs.

The DEFILER: I’d quit too.  I’d cry too.  I’d, Eryk, do everything I could to make sure THAT GUY didn’t steal MY SPOT.

His eyes fall on Eryk’s as he asks him a question.

The DEFILER: Who can beat me, man?

Eryk doesn’t say anything and Jonny nods, still smiling, still…  calm.

The DEFILER: Perfect answer, Eryk.

He pats the long time SHOOT Project employee on the arm, but Eryk isn’t quite done with the interview.

Eryk Masters: But if you LOSE, Jonny?

Jonny knew what Eryk was getting it.  He knows exactly what this is about, but it doesn’t rattle his feathers at all.

The DEFILER: If I don’t walk away as the world champion at the end of this…  I’ll leave professional wrestling, Eryk.  You wanted me to clarify?  (Nodding) Because if I can’t do this…  if I can’t be SHOOT Project WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, then why even bother right?

He gives a knowing grin.

The DEFILER: I’m gonna be a-okay, Masters.  Don’t worry.

The shot cuts away.


The seven cannons at the top of the entrance structure FIRE OFF IN RESOUNDING SUCCESSION!  BOOM!  BOOM!  BOOM!  BOOM!  BOOM!  BOOM!  BOOM!  BOOM!



The War Memorial Stadium comes to life, popping LOUDLY for the unexpected fireworks display, their minds glued to the dripping gold sparkles that trickle down like brilliant drops of pixie dust.

That moment is followed by an eager silence.

Murmuring amongst the crowd.



SNAP! Just like that the fans jump to their feet.


If anyone in the city of Kahului was asleep, they are awake now because these fans ROAR WITH A DEAFENING MIXED REACTION!  Pink lights flash everywhere as “Float On” by Modest Mouse breaks into its first verse.

“I backed my car into a cop car the other day

Well he just drove off sometimes life’s okay

I ran my mouth off a bit too much oh what can i say

Well you just laughed it off it was all okay.”

He never arrived before the start of the second verse, but the fans don’t seem to care.  They’re ready for him now, eyes burning a hole through the curtains hanging across the top of the gold plated, square tunnel!  Dave Dymond and Other Guy stay silent throughout the entrance, which allows fans watching at home to understand to have just an INKLING of what it might actually be like to be at the event live.

“And we’ll all float on okay”

As the song swells into its chorus, the flashing lights slow down immensely, while a few pink spotlights begin circling the arena.  It’s a very trippy light show, but the fans also know it means Jonny will be out VERY shortly.

“And we’ll all float on okay”

Wait for it.

“And we’ll all float on okay”

Wait for it…

“And we’ll all float on anyway.”




“Well, a fake Jamaican took every last dime with a scam.

It was worth it just to learn some sleight-of-hand”

As Isaac Brock screams out the opening line of the second verse, THE DEFILER, JONNY JOHNSON pushes through the black curtains and makes his way down to the ring.  He is extremely efficient and extremely focused, his eyes never once drifting from his destination.  He casually shrugs off a few fans’ attempts to touch him, but doesn’t once look at any single one of them.

“Bad news comes don’t you worry even when it lands

Good news will work its way to all them plans”

The atmosphere is similar to a boxing event or big time fight.  No one necessarily boos more than cheers, but it’s loud as hell and exciting.  In this case, there probably are a few more BOO BIRDS out, but the DEFILER fans are certainly making their voices heard.

“We both got fired on the exactly the same day

Well we’ll float on good news is on the way.”

The chorus begins again as Jonny strolls up the steel steps, onto the ring apron and into the ring.  The spotlights circle the stadium once again, while Jonny climbs up the nearest corner to the second turnbuckle.  He stretches out his arms and looks up the sky, shouting something out through the grin on his confident face.

“And we’ll all float on, okay.

And we’ll all float on okay.”

Flash bulbs go off everywhere, but Jonny soon drops back down to the canvas and meets with Scott Kamura near the center of the ring.  In the meantime, “Float On” fades out and the lights are back on…  but only for a moment or two.

Jonny nods to whatever Kamura is telling him, and then starts to turn toward the entrance.

However, that’s the last thing you can really see.

The stadium goes black. 

The fans go quiet.

An orange laser light shines from the top of the entry way, directly down onto the top of the ramp.

Finally, the video wall comes alive, as grayscaled clips of Corazon takes over, causing the fans to go into a frenzy.  Audio kicks in.


The visage of the World Heavyweight Champion fades in, and then… 








“Inhuman” by DZK starts up, with the low brass tone, and the single, female voice.  The percussion kicks in, but then it’s immediately cut off, by DZK’s “Torcher” as an orchestral cacophony of brass and wind assaults your ear drums.  The orange laser light expands, and then the silhouette of a man, no, THE man, holding the World Heavyweight Championship belt overhead is viewed. 

Pyro EXPLODES, and the lights come up, as “Torcher” now accompanies Corazon, the World Heavyweight Champion, the Brutal, the Inhuman, to the ring.  His eyes are forward, dead on Jonny Johnson.  They are unwavering.  He high fives no fans.  He doesn’t even acknowledge them.  As far as he’s concerned, there’s only one person in War Memorial Stadium, and that man is standing in the ring right now.

Corazon removes his overcoat, and his sunglasses, and his t-shirt all before getting halfway down the ramp.  He holds only the World Heavyweight Championship in his hand, and he hands that off to Mark Kendrick, who, seeing the flammability of the situation, runs to the other side of the ring to get it.  Corazon slides into the ring, never taking his eyes off of Jonny Johnson.

And Jonny never removes HIS from Corazon.

Both men stay away from each other, waiting in their respective corners.  Samantha Coil and Scott Kamura are in positioned in between them, as is Mark Kendrick, but only briefly as he enters the ring to hand the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP to the Kamura.  SHOOT Project’s head official nods his head and thanks Kendrick who makes a hasty exit.

Coil, Kamura, Corazon and Jonny are the only ones in the ring.

Kamura stands at attention, belt held down across his waist.

Corazon rolls his neck.

Jonny stands still slowly breathing in and out.

Samantha Coil raises the microphone up to her lips.

The fans continue to make their allegiances heard.




Clapping, screaming, shouting.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL with a time limit of ONE HOUR, and it is for THE SHOOT PROJECT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

The fans can’t help but pop at Coil’s first announcement!  The applause gets a little louder each second, in fact.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first…  THE CHALLENGER.  He weighs in at two hundred, twenty-eight pounds and hails from CHICAGO, ILLINOIS.  He is member of the SHOOT Project HALL OF FAME…  This is the DEFILER.  THIS. IS. JONNY JOHNSON!!!

Jonny doesn’t so much as flinch.  His eyes stay locked on Corazon’s while the fans break into an UNREAL chorus of BOOOOOING AND CHEERING!

Samantha Coil:  And introducing next…  he is the man who claims, no, who IS the Prodigal Son of the SHOOT Project…  he is BRUTAL…  he is INHUMAN…  and standing in at six feet, three inches, weighing in at two hundred and thirty pounds, from MEXICO CITY, MEXICO…  he is the CURRENT and REIGNING SHOOT PROJECT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION…  CORAZON!!!!

Much like Jonny, Corazon stays still through his announcement, but the fans are MUCH more supportive, offering him one the evening’s LARGEST POPS!!!  Both men, though move in toward Kamura, who calls them in for one last word.  The cameras don’t pick up the audio because the stadium is way too loud.  Kamura gets a nod from both competitors…


The fans pop AGAIN!


He lowers the his arms and hands the title to Samantha Coil who nods and makes her exit from the ring.  Kamura checks in with the competitors one last time, and as Jonny and Coazon begin to circle the ring, he calls for the bell.


Dave Dymond: Ladies and gentlemen…  here we are.  Corazon, The DEFILER.  It is FINALLY here, and LISTEN TO THESE FANS!

Other Guy: This is gonna be quite a spectacle, Dave.  Holy shit.

Neither man wants to make a mistake, though, in fairness, neither man is the type TO make a mistake.  They move around each other methodically and slowly.

Dave Dymond: After all we’ve seen tonight.  After all the emotions of an event of this magnitude there is not a tired eye in the stadium, ladies and gentlemen.  This is YOUR Reckoning Day main event!!!

Jonny and Corazon crouch toward each other, hands dangling in the air, hoping to draw an early advantage.  Jonny, though, does a quick stop and start motion and aggressed into an elbow-collar-tie up!  He tries to push Corazon back toward the nearest corner, but the champion resists.  Jonny lowers his center of gravity, dropping to his knees and attempting a fire man carry take down.  However, Corazon drops down and counters with a front face-lock.  Jonny moves too much, though, for Adrian to keep the hold cinched in, which allows Jonny the room to recounter with a single leg take down!  Corazon falls to the mat!  Jonny tries to grab his other leg but the World Champion kicks the Defiler away!

Dave Dymond: The pace picking up a little bit early on as both men jockey for position.

Other Guy: And this might be the most important part of the match for these two.  Jonny and Corazon have similar approaches and like to be on the offensive early.  The only thing I’ll say is that Jonny’s “defensive” game may be the best in our sport today, so he may be able to counter an initial Corazon flurry.

Jonny spins to his feet but it’s too late as Corazon rushes in with a double leg take down!  Jonny  quickly escapes, however, executing a monkey flip that sends Corazon flipping over the top of him.  Both men scamper to their feet, but neither has any kind of advantage over the other.  The two men stare each other down, while the fans start to…

Dave Dymond: OH!

Jonny catches Corazon WAY off guard and strikes him with an ELBOW TO THE NOSE!  Corazon is stunned!  Jonny then spins back around and catches his dazed opponent with a swinging neckbreaker!

Other Guy: CLASSIC Jonny…  and dude rolls out of the ring.


Jonny does indeed roll out of the ring, not allowing Corazon to come back with any sort of adrenaline based attack.  The champion holds at the back of his neck momentarily, but seems more concerned with the elbow he took, realizing his nose has started to bleed.  Jonny watches his opponent from outside and exaggerates an “I’m sorry expression”, shrugging his shoulders and gritting his teeth.  Kamura sees if Corazon is okay, but the champion firmly shoves him back, not wanting to deal with a nagging official.  Kamura obliges and doesn’t take the gesture personally.  He instead moves to the ring ropes and urges Jonny to return to the ring, hoping his ten count can persuade him.

Dave Dymond: And Jonny slides back into the ring, but it looks he busted Corazon open, which has become…  as weird as it sounds, almost a staple in the Defiler’s offensive game plan.

Other Guy: He’ll come super stiff early and if he can draw blood, that’s what he wants to do.  Corazon’s youth hurt him a little bit as he seemed a little too ready to have that stand-off with Jonny instead of concentrate on establishing command.

Dave Dymond: I don’t know if that’s youth or respect, OG.  I’ll say that he certainly misread Jonny’s intentions and the Defiler now with an early advantage.

Corazon stares down Jonny who shrugs again before circling the ring.  To his credit, the champion swallows back his intensity and remains calm.  Both men eventually move in on each other and enter into a grapple.  Corazon pushes Jonny back a step or two, but the challenger finds his footing and holds his ground.  He actually tries to get his foot forward for an STO, but Corazon leans his body back so Jonny’s leg and hip can’t get behind him.  After a couple more shoves back and forth, Jonny finally breaks free, but doesn’t make it clean!  He raises his hand and SLAPS CORAZON ACROSS THE FACE!!!


Other Guy: Keep your cool, Cor!

Corazon CHARGES at Jonny with an adrenaline driven clothesline!  Jonny ducks!  Corazon storms back with a take down attempt, but Jonny shoves him aside and sends him scooting across the mat!  The champion SLAMS his hand down over the canvas and Jonny leans back into the closest turnbuckle, arrogantly watching his opponent.


Dave Dymond: Jonny baited Corazon in and the champion could not hold back.  Corazon has a lot of pride, and Jonny is doing what he does best… Manipulating the situation anyway he can.

It’s easy to tell that Corazon is aware of his mistake, just as it is easy to tell that Jonny is enjoying the early portions of this contest.  Corazon makes it to his feet and Jonny takes the liberty of rolling back out of the ring.


Corazon shakes his head, but doesn’t chase.  Kamura also looks a little annoyed with the Defiler’s behavior and backs that notion up with a slightly quicker ten count attempt.  Corazon seems done with the games at this point and starts to move toward the ropes closest to Jonny, not about to let his opponent get back in.  Jonny taunts Corazon to come after him, but Corazon simply gestures for Jonny to “bring it.”  Jonny actually smiles and takes a few steps back.

Corazon IMMEDIATELY looks over his shoulder.

No one is there, but it gives Jonny time to slide back into the ring.

Corazon considers trying to go after Jonny, but does not, deciding to accept the neutral position and go at it again.

Dave Dymond: Jonny is really dictating the pace of this one early, and the fans are starting to get a little restless.

Other Guy: The fans are getting restless, Corazon is getting restless…  even Kamura was getting a little snippy.  Jonny is in total control and right now, there aint a whole lot to do about it.

Jonny smirks at Corazon as the two circle the ring.  Jonny reaches in and Corazon SWINGS a kick!  Jonny dodges, but the fans let out an “OOOOOOH”! because it almost knocked Jonny’s head right off his neck.  Corazon doesn’t let up either!  He takes another swing!  Jonny dodges again, and scoots to his left a lot more quickly than before.  The fans pick up a little bit realizing Corazon is going in strong to gain the advantage!!!  Corazon feigns a left strike and comes up with the right!  Jonny tries to dodge but the strike connects weakly to his left side!  Jonny gets his hands up late, but is still able to absorb most of the attack.

Corazon fires with another kick, this time a left strike, and it connects a little more solidly.  Jonny finds himself caught in the corner!  Corazon moves in!  Jonny reaches his arms back and tries to duck out by pulling Corazon face first into one of the turnbuckles, but Cor keeps his weight back and blocks the attempt!  He then pulls Jonny forward and executes a PERFECT OVER HEAD BELLY TO BELLY THROW!

The fans POP LOUD!!!

Dave Dymond: Corazon with a great belly to belly throw!  He floats over for a cover!

Corazon drives his forearm into Jonny’s face and makes a cover!


Jonny kicks out in resounding fashion at one!  Corazon catches his balance and grabs at Jonny’s legs trying to make another cover!


Jonny pushes out BEFORE one this time!  Jonny up to his feet!  Corazon stays low and grabs Jonny’s legs out from under him!  He then holds on and flips over into a bridge!  Jonny is down again!  Kamura for the count!


Jonny is able to break the count before two!  Corazon turns around, but Jonny reaches up and pull him into a small package!  Corazon down now!

Dave Dymond: Roll-up from Jonny!  Corazon down now!


Corazon is out at one!  Both men make it to their feet and go for a grapple!  Jonny picks up the advantage and executes a quick arm-wringer and slinks in behind Corazon, evolving the move into a hammer lock!  Jonny throws a STIFF forearm shot into Corazon’s back and then spins him around!  Jonny scoops the Champ up, but Corazon is able to get his hand around the back of Jonny’s leg and PULLS HIM DOWN into a roll-up of his own!  However, his momentum is too great and Jonny actually shoots through before Kamura could even consider making a count, the end product looking more like a countering throw from Corazon than a pin attempt!  Jonny somersaults to his feet!  Corazon stays to the ground and as Jonny turns, spins his body around for a leg sweep!  Jonny leaps over the attempt, and crouches as he lands!  Corazon up and Jonny attempts a leg sweep!  Corazon leaps over!  Both men are a little stunned!  Corazon charges Jonny and Jonny steps back and sends Corazon toward the ropes!  Adrian bounces off and Jonny lifts his arm WAY high for a clothesline!  Corazon easily reads it and ducks underneath!  But Jonny quicks turns around!  Corazon had stopped his momentum and starts to come back, but Jonny had this set up the entire time and drops down with a short drop kick to the front of Corazon’s thigh!  Corazon falls to the mat and grabs at his leg!

Dave Dymond: Quick strike from Jonny who I think may oversold that clothesline attempt on purpose.  Corazon realized it but couldn’t do anything to protect himself from that LIGHTNING QUICK strike!

Corazon starts to push himself but Jonny is too quick and takes him back down with another swinging neck-breaker!  Corazon hits the mat hard!  Jonny is again quick to get up and charges back and catches Corazon in the face with a SICK KNEE LIFT!!!


The combo attack gets a smattering of applause through a chorus of BOOS, and Jonny again finds himself with the upper hand.

Other Guy: Man this guy is tough.  Love him or hate him, Jonny has an ungodly resilience, and I am convinced that he is the best defensive wrestler in the game today.

Jonny does not let up or buy into his heat.  He dives forward and DRIVES a forearm into the back of Corazon’s neck!   He stays put and cinches in a front face lock!  He keeps his weight aimed down, though, making sure the pressure is really on the neck and the upper spine!  He throws a couple of quick MMA-like knees into Corazon’s face and then drops back down to the mat!

Dave Dymond: Jonny going to the neck…  a sign that he may have ideas of a Demoralization Process in his future.

Other Guy: And that’s a sick, sick move, Dave, but it has a sort of lengthy, drolling set-up.  Ya get hit with it, it’s gonna be over, but it’s one of the easier moves to counter out of simply because ya know it’s coming and the chicken wing hold, where the move starts, is easy to drop out of or counter with a throw.  By Jonny working that neck and spine, though, it’s gonna cut down on Cor’s upper body strength, makin’ things easier for the challenger.

Corazon shows tremendous strength as he tries to push up to a vertical base.  Jonny seems to have brief thoughts of a suplex, but before he can act, Corazon is able to hoist Jonny up and DRIVE HIM BACKWARD OVER HIS HEAD WITH A VARIATION OF A FISHERMAN SUPLEX!  Corazon reaches his one free arm back and grabs at Jonny’s leg!

Other Guy: Damn!  What a counter!

Dave Dymond: Corazon with an amazing show of strength!  Kamura with the count!

Kamura drops to the mat!



Dave Dymond: Out at one and a half!  Jonny back up to his feet!

Jonny kicks out!  He moves to regain his advantage, thinking that was a desperation counter!  But as he turns, Corazon catches him around the waist, lifts him up, spins and SLAMS HIM DOWN TO THE MAT WITH A SPINE BUSTER!!! 

Other Guy: THEEEEEEERE it is!  Huge move from the champ, Dave!

The fans erupt!  Corazon moves to hook the leg!!!

Kamura with a count!



Jonny is out at two!  Corazon spins his body back around and tries to trap the Defiler with a mount!  Corazon pushes Jonny’s arms away, but Jonny is able to squirm out!  Corazon rolls over to his side!  Jonny tries to get on top but the two men roll into the ropes!  Kamura tries to break it up, but Corazon pushes Jonny off!  Jonny rolls back!  Corazon up to his feet!  Jonny up!  Jonny runs at Corazon who tries a clothesline!  Jonny ducks through and runs to the ropes!  Jonny leaps to the middle rope and springboards with a moonsalt!  Corazon ducks his head though and Jonny flies over him!  Jonny lands on his feet, though!  He grabs Corazon from behind!



But Corazon ducks down and throws Jonny over his shoulder!  He hunches his up his right shoulder blade though and has to pause because of the sharp pain he feels!  Jonny is slow to get up, though and so the hesitation doesn’t hurt the champ!  Corazon moves to pick Jonny up, but the Defiler counters with a fireman cary!  Jonny follows with a SNAP elbow drop but Corazon moves!  Corazon tries to catch Jonny off guard with an elbow of his own!  But JONNY MOVES!

Dave Dymond: Corazon up and Jonny…  OOOOOH!!!


Having reached his limit of patience with this series Jonny SLAMS A SOCCER STYLE KICK DIRECTLY INTO THE FRONT OF CORAZON’S RIGHT SHOULDER BLADE up around the collar bone!  Jonny then rolls out of the ring to catch his breath.


Dave Dymond: They don’t like the escape, but it’s hard to fault Jonny for his tactics here, and..

Other Guy: Oh what the fuck!

Jonny, looking a little frustrated, screams at Samantha Coil to move out of the way.  He takes VIOLENTLY grabs at her chair and turns back toward the ring!  Corazon is holding at his right arm, but is able to see Jonny with a newfound weapon.  Scott Kamura very strictly advises Jonny to put the weapon down, and the Defiler obliges…  kind of.

He SLAMS the chair into the ring post outside!

The chair bends in half and Jonny slams into the floor.

He glares at Corazon and then slides back into the ring!  Corazon though immediately lunges at the Defiler, but falls RIGHT into a drop toe hold, his head and neck falling into the middle rope and SNAPPING BACK!

Dave Dymond: Goddamnit!  Jonny again knowing completely what he is doing.

Other Guy: This is the kind of psychology you almost think HAS to be coincidence.  I mean he throws that mini temper-tantrum outside…  Corazon is gonna think he’s mad and so the champ thinks he’s baiting Jonny, but it’s like Jonny is two or three steps ahead of shit.  Add in the fact that Corazon has to be expecting some kind of screw job.  This is a mind fuck and a half, Dave.

Corazon falls to his right and holds at his neck, while Jonny allows the pace to slow ever so slightly.  The Defiler rises to his feet and walks over toward Corazon, casually dropping a knee to the back of his neck!  His momentum caries him down across Corazon’s head, and so he locks in a sitting, side-head-lock.  Corazon tries to push up, but Jonny’s weight is too much for him out of this position considering the condition of his neck and right shoulder.  The champ stays at his knees, while Jonny stiffens up on his hold.  Kamura checks in on the situation but isn’t bothering asking Corazon if he’s ready to call it quits.

Just like this match won’t end on a count out, it’s also not going to end on a side head-lock.

Dave Dymond: Jonny slowing this pace down just a little bit as he keeps that head-lock in tact.  He’s working on that neck and I don’t think it’s a shock to anyone that he might be looking to end this one soon.  Folks we could have a BRAND NEW world heavyweight champion.

Kamura continues to check in to make sure there isn’t a choke hold being applied, while Corazon continues to fight out!  The champion is at one knee trying to push up!  Jonny drops his hands a little bit, moving in closer to the neck!  Kamura spots in and tries to cut in!  Jonny has to losen the hold a little bit and Corazon HOISTS JONNY UP…  BUT JONNY’S LEG FLAILS OUT AND KICKS SCOTT KAMURA STRAIGHT IN THE FACE!!!  Corazon doesn’t realize what’s happening and follows through with the side suplex, dropping JONNY TO THE MAT!!!


The crowd suddenly gets very anxious, as does Corazon whose eyes quickly dart around the arena.  He takes a couple steps back from Jonny.

Dave Dymond: Scott Kamura goes down and there isn’t a single comfortable fan in attendance.

Other Guy: God DAMNIT!

Dave Dymond: Kamura took that kick HARD in the jaw, almost as though it was intentional, OG.  What is Jonny scheming?

Other Guy: I don’t know, man, but Corazon is not gonna be tricked.

Jonny makes it to his knees and realizes that Corazon has backed off, which brings a smile to Jonny’s face.  He gets to his feet and nods at Corazon and then looks back to the entrance area and shrugs.  Corazon shakes his head, his eyes burning. 

Dave Dymond: Kamura stirring, but there is no action right now.  Corazon seems content with staying at a distance, as the two men stare each other down.

Other Guy: There is some kinda tension right now, Dave.  From Corazon, from the crowd.

Kamura, an athlete in his own right, seems to be able to shake off the strike and make it to his feet, ending the threat of an outside attack.  Corazon seems uneasy, though, while Jonny’s sinister sneer has never been larger.  Corazon takes a deep breath and starts to get ready.  Kamura has a couple words with Jonny, probably letting him know not to try and pull that kind of stunt again.  Jonny shrugs his shoulders and keeps his eyes on Corazon.

Dave Dymond: A very ominous feeling right now, OG.

Jonny comes in low on Corazon, but Adrian leap frogs over!  Corazon fires off a kick to the midsection, but Jonny jumps back!  Corazon is momentarily off balance and the Defiler DIVES into with a chaotic barrel roll!  Corazon leaps over, but loses his balance!  In the process, Jonny comes forward and NAILS Corazon with forearm shiver to the lower spine!  Corazon hunches over in pain and Jonny grabs him in a front face-lock and FALLS BACK WITH A DDT!!!  He pushes Corazon on to his back and makes a cover!

Dave Dymond: Jonny with a nice series into a DDT and hooks the leg!



Corazon kicks out, but not before grabbing at his neck again.

Dave Dymond: Corazon out, but I am not feeling good about things right now.  It’s like as soon as Kamura went down…  I don’t know, OG, I just have a really strange feeling in my stomach right now.  This has been a very weird match.

Jonny slows the pace down more and more as the match goes along, and honestly, Corazon looks a little bit miffed as he pops up off the mat.

Jonny smiles.

Both men again circle the ring, while the fans, getting VERY antsy, start to shout louder and louder for Corazon.


Jonny gives an impressed nod right before the two men lock it up once again!  Corazon spins Jonny toward the ropes, but Jonny spins back away!  Both men push and tug and pull and shove! 

Jonny opens up for a moment, hoping to execute something, but Corazon finds a hole and executes a VERY SHARP Japanese arm drag, flipping Jonny over his head with his left arm!  Corazon spins around and, as Jonny tries to get up, SLAMS a knee into the midsection!  He then spins and catches him with a STIFF SPINNING ELBOW STRIKE TO THE TEMPLE! 

Dave Dymond: Corazon is in kill mode!  Something just SNAPPED in that man’s head!

The fans POP LOUDLY the atmosphere slowly changing again!

Other Guy: It’s like he’s realizing the longer he’s in the ring with Jonny, the better the chances of a DEFILER victory.  And listen to these fans!

Jonny starts to tumble toward the corner!  Corazon comes out firing!  He throws a RIGHT FOREARM STRIKE TO THE FACE!!!  AND THEN ANOTHER!!!  Jonny slinks into the corner and covers up!  Kamura runs in to break things up!  He pushes Corazon back right as Adrian attempts a kick!  It may have killed Jonny but instead it grazes his upper body!  Kamura tries to push Corazon back, but the champ THROWS Kamura out of the way!  Jonny’s back is to Corazon as he tries to pull himself up!  Corazon in…


And the crowd deflates AGAIN!


Corazon starts to tumble backward, and Jonny moves in from behind!


But Corazon counters with a hip toss!!!  Jonny tries to get to his feet!  Corazon catches him!  T-BONE SUPLEX!!!  JONNY LANDS DOWN HARD ON THE BACK OF HIS NECK!!!  Jonny pops to a seated position but Corazon runs up LEVELS OFF A SICK, STIFF KICK TO THE BACK!!  Jonny screams in pain and tries to roll away!  Corazon drops a knee down across his head though to stop that from happening!  He pushes Jonny over and hooks the leg!

Dave Dymond: Corazon building momentum!  A cover!!!




Dave Dymond: NO!  JONNY OUT!

Other Guy: And it’s looking like Corazon is coming out of his head and slowly establishing the sort of dominance we’re used to seeing!  Jonny could be in some trouble if he doesn’t have something up his sleeve!!!

Corazon stays extremely aggressive and picks Jonny up off the mat!  Jonny shows some resistance but Corazon fights through and tosses him into the ropes!  Jonny bounces back and Corazon catches him with a SNAP POWER SLAM!!!

The fans get louder and louder and REALLY POP as Corazon gets to his feet, pumping his fist!  He looks back to Jonny and SCREAMS at him to get up!!!  Jonny does!  He’s groggy!

Corazon SLAMS a boot to the midsection!

He double under-hooks Jonny’s arms!

Dave Dymond: Original Sinn?  ARE WE GOING TO SEE IT?!

Corazon’s grip seems to loosen and Jonny starts to counter out with a back body drop but Corazon seems ready for that and instead grabs the back of Jonny’s head!!!  He gets both knees up for the ACT OF INHUMANITY !


Jonny falls to his knees and slides to the corner!

The fans take a moment to catch their breaths.

Other Guy: (Speaking louder, over the crowd noise) Dave, I don’t think Corazon ever intended to connect with the double under-hook face buster of his.  It’s like these guys are setting each other up to be set up, but neither man is breaking down!  I think that’s the wrong move for Cor.  He can beat Jonny but he isn’t going to do at the DEFILER’s game.  He’s gonna have to concentrate on landing the big strikes and maybe catch him with a submission.  But the cat’s not gonna win a mental battle.

Corazon is frustrated as he makes it to his feet and Jonny is dazed in the corner!  Corazon sees an opening and CHARGES AT JONNY WITH NO REGARD FOR HUMAN LIFE!!!  HE GOES UP KNEES FIRST!!!


Dave Dymond: Desperation move from a man that didn’t need to be desperate!

Corazon hits the turnbuckle hard and falls backward into Jonny!!!




The fans are on their feet!

Dave Dymond: Jonny has that chicken wing locked in!  He wants it!  Jonny wants this one to end!

Corazon, mouth and nose area caked in blood, tries to fight out!  Jonny pulls back with as much torque as possible!  Corazon screams out, his shoulder and neck REALLY killing him!

Jonny tries to SWING AROUND again, but Corazon blocks the attempt…  though not without risking his own well being!

Corazon slips a little and Jonny SLAMS a knee into Corazon’s back!





“NOOO!!!! NOOOO!!! NOOOO!!!”

The fans are on their feet!

Dave Dymond: Jonny pulling back as hard as he can!!!  Corazon is in HORRIBLE SHAPE!  That upper right arm and shoulder has been the target of numerous Jonny Johnson attacks all night!!!  He might very well break his arm!  Jonny wants to BREAK Corazon’s arm right off!!

Kamura checks in with Corazon now, realizing this match COULD END on a Fujiwara armbar!

Other Guy: I don’t think Corazon can get out of this!


Kamura checks in!

Corazon literally has NOWHERE to go!!!

The fans try to rally behind him!



Dave Dymond: He is trapped!!!

Kamura checks in!  Corazon screams louder and louder!!!


The DEFILER: TAP!!!  TAP!!!  TAP!!!

Jonny shouts at Corazon!!  Kamura keeps checking in!  Corazon looks dazed…  His face is red, tears almost streaming down his face!  Jonny pulls back EVEN HARDER!!!!


Corazon’s left hand is teetering over the canvas…  He puts his palm down!  Kamura checks again!  Corazon screams!!!  He starts to push down on the canvas with his left hand…  and…  and actually tries to lift himself up!!!

Dave Dymond: Corazon fighting with every LAST BREATH HE HAS!!!

Corazon pushes and PUSHES!  Jonny does not budge a whole lot!!!  Corazon is stalled!!!


The fans shout with every last bit of anything they have left!!!


Corazon’s face is running with blood and tears!!!



Dave Dymond: He can’t take much more!!!

He suddenly DIPS HIS SHOULDERS AND turns AWAY from JONNY, rolling the DEFILER up on his shoulders!  Jonny flails his body and tries to land back down, but Corazon grabs the side of Jonny’s head and then FALLS DOWN WITH A HALF-VERTIBREAKER TYPE MANEUVER!!!


Dave Dymond: OH MY GOOD LORD!!!  HE DID IT!!!  And Jonny is OUT!!!  JONNY IS OUT!!!

Corazon’s face is momentarily planted into the canvas, but he soon begins to crawl toward his opponent.

Other Guy: No goddamn way!  You show ‘em Cor!  YOU SHOW ‘EM, CAT!!!

Corazon dives out with his left arm to make a cover, his right arm and shoulder basically dead!!!  He can’t hook the leg, but he doesn’t have to!

Jonny is OUT!!!

Kamura drops down to begin his epic count!!!








And the crowd deflates.



Corazon falls to his back.  He cannot believe it.

Dave Dymond: This is totally unreal.

Jonny starts to crawl away.  Corazon tries to get up.  Both men are dead.  Corazon is up first is immediately stung with a pain in his right arm and shoulder.  He’s caught off guard by it and stumbles backward into Jonny who’s just getting up at the same time!  Jonny catches Corazon and seems to be whispering something into his ear before LOCKING IN THE CHICKEN WING!!!


Dave Dymond: NO!!! GODDAMNIT NO!!!







Other Guy: But Cor landed on that shoulder!!!  C’mon man!!!

Corazon is in BAD SHAPE, but Jonny looks to be OUT!!!  The fans are almost TOTALLY SPENT!!!  BUT THIS HAD TO BE THE END…


Jonny is down.  Corazon inches closer.  He reaches out with his left hand and hooks the leg kind of awkwardly!!!

Kamura drops down to count!!!

The fans echo along!!!

Dave Dymond: HOOKS THE LEG!!!


Corazon tries to pull back as hard as he can!!!




Dave Dymond: YES!  YES!

The fans ARE INSANE!




“Torcher” BLARES through the MAD HOUSE of a Stadium and Samantha Coil proudly begins to make her announcement!!!


Kamura retrieves the title and hands it to the retaining champion, who clutches the belt to his chest with the one good arm he has!!!  At the same time, Jonny rolls out of the ring and SLAMS his fist into the apron outside.

Dave Dymond: (Hoarse Voice) Ladies and gentlemen… for the first time in…  I don’t even know how long…  THE CHAMPION HAS RETAINED HIS TITLE!!  ADRIAN CORAZON IS STILL THE SHOOT PROJECT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!

Other Guy: And Jonny is out of here, right?  I mean, that’s what he said?

Dave doesn’t respond, as the cameras pick up on Jonny, on his feet now, outside the ring, looking back in at Corazon.  The champion is barely conscious, still fighting through immense pain, while his challenger shows little noticable damage.  Jonny wipes at his face and eyes and nods his head.

He looks around the War Memorial Stadium, at every fan… every crew member.

And begins to applaud.  He nods his head and applauds all of them.

Dave and OG stay silent, letting the scene do the talking for itself.

Jonny points at Corazon and gives a thumbs up, while Corazon looks back, nodding in return.  The fans begin applauding as well, what was certainly an AMAZING bout between two amazing workers.

The DEFILER turns away after a moment, though, realizing that this is the champion’s moment. 

He walks away from everyone to let them cheer!


Jonny reaches the end of the ramp and turns back one last time.

He applauds through the sounds of “Torcher” and gestures a tip of the cap.

But not without an uneasy grin.

Corazon stares back at him.

Jonny speaks, and while the cameras can’t pick up the sound with how noisy everything is…

You can tell.

“Hope is Illusion”