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Redemption 2023: News & Notes

News & Notes


Redemption’s gate broke the previous record set and held by Eternal: Legacy of the Triad and Revolution 200. Coming in at a whopping $1.8M, the Epicenter was pushed to nearly it’s full extra capacity. 


SHOOT Officials were very pleased with how Redemption played out, and believe that REIGN’s inclusion was an overall net positive for the REIGN brand and for the SHOOT Project company at large.


-After coming up short for the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship, Laura Seton was rumored to have asked for retirement papers.  Whether a legit concern is up for debate.  As a source said, “She wouldn’t be the first Soldier to do this after a hard loss.  In fact, she did so multiple times during her first run here.  Maybe she just wants to stay updated on the terms.”

Seton could not be reached for comment, but those close to her are 50/50 on her future.  Some say losing to Azraith DeMitri has been the hardest for her, while others say it wouldn’t be like her to just quit after such a match.


-The camp at Blackhawk Fight Gym have released a statement noting that Nate Robideau is due for a contract extension, and that he has personally rejected the first two offers made to him by the company.  While the details of those offers aren’t publicly available, a source close to the process indicated that both offers were “generous”.  It remains to be seen if the Robideau camp is simply holding out for more money, or if his discontentment with SHOOT management is behind his playing hardball.  We will have more updates as the story develops.


-Through an official press release, SHOOT Project has shared that a missing person’s investigation and concurrent criminal investigation is formally underway regarding the disappearance of Daihm Ferguson following the events of Redemption. The Las Vegas Police Department is currently leading the investigation and, per the announcement, Josh Johnson says that every staff member and Solider are being fully cooperative. “Our number one concern is the safety and wellbeing of Daihm Ferguson at this time,” Johnson said.


Charlie Jay Hitchens’ return and subsequent appearance at Redemption has raised some questions of her status with SHOOT, especially after such an extended absence.  Josh Johnson told reporters at the post-event media call that he was excited for her return to active competition, but that he was unsure what shape that would take.  “As are most things with her, the future remains a bit cryptic, but we’re looking forward to a good working relationship with hopefully a reduction in putting our talent into unmarked graves.”


Lennox Ferguson has also reportedly been asked to take a temporary paid leave of absence. The SHOOT Project Chief of Staff was visibly distraught as LVPD arrived to secure his office as a potential crime scene. A LVPD spokesperson has confirmed that foul play is almost certainly involved in Daihm Ferguson’s disappearance.


Judy “CYBER Thunderfist” Punchinello was mobbed by fans outside of the arena following her impressive showing at the Redemption Rumble, eliminating WOLF MAN, Trey Willett, Rafael Ortega, Izzy Sia, and Jamie Johnson. Some asked when she was returning to singles competition to which CYBER Thunderfist simply just smiled and continued to shake hands and sign autographs.


-With the Kansas State Wildcats in town to face Iowa in women’s basketball, it was no surprise Madison Seton and Jack Johnson were spotted in Iowa City on Wednesday.  While Madison cheered her former school’s team in its upset victory, many at the game noted her attention was more towards Caitlin Clark.  Though it remains uncertain whether the star Iowa guard will be eligible for the 2024 WNBA draft, Clark is likely to be a high selection and could be in position to be chosen by Seton’s Seattle Storm.  Furthering speculation Seton was “scouting” Clark is that many fans noticed Madison buying tickets to a handful of future Hawkeye games.


Mike de los Huesos has been very inactive in the ring as of late, but he hasn’t been resting.  The social media darling has been uploading videos of his workouts and is showing off a much more toned physique, possibly in anticipation of a big 2024 for the Bone Brigade.  Dave de los Muertos remains at large, but was last seen in a Day of the Dead parade in El Paso.


-After being handed his recently-earned REIGN Horizon Championship, WOLF MAN reportedly immediately began trying to eat it, but the taste was apparently not very appealing. The champion was said to have then thrown his title on the ground before making his way to Craft Services. Dr. Străjer apologized to nearby staff, grabbed the belt, and quickly followed after.


-While the mood around the Empire camp was bittersweet, having lost the six man tag, but with Joshua Breedlove securing the #1 Contendership to the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship by winning the Redemption Rumble, the overall mood is high. The word is that Breedlove will not look to challenge Azraith DeMitri immediately, wanting to finish up the Empire’s business with the Blackhawk Gym.


Timothy Roy and X-Calibur were seen arguing heatedly backstage after the altercation with Arthur Pleasant, though it is unclear what was said. The escalating interaction was cut short as Tim was told his number was up for the Redemption Rumble and he stormed away, yelling that he would “settle things” once X-Calibur made it to the ring.