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{We fade into the executive-office of Daniel Jones and Jason Johnson. At the desk, there sits Daniel Jones on the side center – Sebastian Crow on the left and the Trench-Coated Figure on the right. Sebastian Crow signs the contract for their match tonight. He scoots it across the table so the Trench-Coated Figure can sign it. The Trench-Coated Figure glares down at it, up at Sebastian, and back to the contract. They pick up the pen and sign it as well.}

Daniel Jones: There we go it is now official.

Sebastian Crow (Glaring at the Trench-Coated Figure): Yes, now I finally have a chance to rip the mask from his flesh.

{The Trench-Coated Figure rises, growling at Sebastian. Daniel Jones holds out his hand to the Trench-Coated Figure.}

Daniel Jones: Down boy’, you two, hold it for tonight. I do not want a blood bath in here.

{The Trench-Coated Figure slowly sits back down. Sebastian and Trench Coat stare each other down as we fade to Redemption.}


{We slowly fade from a black screen into the factory where Redemption is taking place.}


John: I know what you mean, James! Tonight is sizzling! Not only will our mysterious Trench-Coated freak have what they had coming – but also, we will see Skull and Josh Johnson fight in the Ring of Fire match for the World Heavyweight Title!

James: Speaking of the World Heavyweight Title, let us start it off to find who the #1 Contender is!

Battle Royal

#1 Contender ship to the World Heavyweight Title

{As the crowd waits in anticipation to see who the first two competitors are, the silence is nerve racking. Finally, the silence is broken as "Fuel My Fire" by Prodigy hits the PA system and the fans go nuts as Chris Lee steps out from the back, looking ready to go. As he walks down to the ring he high fives fans, then he slides into the ring and steps up and watches down the isle to see who’s coming out to face him one on one for the first two minutes.}

Entry 1: Chris Lee

John: You do have to be kidding me. Chris Lee draws number one.

James: What is the worry John, are you afraid your boy cannot make the distance?

John: Well the entries were supposedly, picked at random and since Daniel Jones is the only one who really know how they were, picked, I guess we will never know, but if Chris Lee wants to leave here tonight with the contendership, it will be quite an undertaking.

{As Chris Lee waits to see whose next, his look of anticipation turns to a huge grin as "Something" by Someone hits the speakers and the fans start booing as Simon Stone walks out from the back. Chris Lee waits right at the ropes for when Simon Stone gets to the ring but the referee tells Chris Lee to move back a bit to allow Simon Stone to get into the ring and tells him to wait for the opening bell. Simon Stone gets into the ring hesitantly and waits for the bell.}

Entry 2: Simon Stone

James: Oh my goodness, we are going to see Chris Lee and Simon Stone go at it one on one again for the first two minutes of this match up!

John: The opening bell sounds and Simon Stone comes over to lock up with Chris Lee but is, met with a solid shot to the head. Chris Lee then lays into Simon Stone with a few more stiff shots and then takes him by the arm, goes to throw him into the opposite ropes but pulls him back and takes him down with a hard short clothesline. As Simon Stone lay on his back in the middle of the ring Chris Lee drops down to his knees and starts laying into his forehead with punch after punch after punch. From there Chris Lee gets to his feed, drops down, and nails a huge falling elbow shot to Simon Stone’s forehead, nailing it hard. From there Chris Lee goes back on the attack and picks up Simon Stone, nails him hard in the forehead again, then grabs ‘s head under his arm, backs up and sits up onto the top turnbuckle, stands on the second turnbuckle and swings around and takes Simon Stone down to the mat hard with a tornado DDT.

James: Look at the intensity with which Chris Lee is taking it to Simon Stone!

John: We are hardly a minute into this and already Simon Stone’s chances are not looking so great. Chris Lee has already opened him up and there is already blood on the mat from Simon Stone’s forehead.

John: Chris Lee stands up and he kicks Simon Stone in the side, then grabs him by the head and helps him to his feet. From there Chris Lee kicks Simon Stone hard in the gut, doubling him over. Chris Lee takes a hold of ‘s head and sets him up, then picks him up into the beginnings of a Razor’s Edge, then tosses him up and drops him with a falling neck breaker to finish off Chris Lee. At that point the fans go absolutely nuts and Chris Lee gets up, grabs Simon Stone by the head and throws him up and over the top rope and down to the floor hard, then he climbs the turnbuckle and poses for the fans.

Elimination 1: Simon Stone by Chris Lee

James: Fine, now he is, eliminated, now you happy John?

John: I am ecstatic!

James: Well now we have about 10 seconds left until the next superstar comes out, let us see whose next into the ring to face Chris Lee-

John: As the fans count down from five as they see the numbers on the SHOOT Tron, Chris Lee waits and watches. As the buzzer sounds, "Stink Fist" by TOOL hits and The Limey comes strolling out from the back and down to the ring. He takes his time getting to the ring, but as he gets to the ring, he walks up the steps and ducks under the top rope. As he meets, Chris Lee in the center of the ring Chris Lee goes to hit Limey with a punch but Limey blocks it and nails Chris Lee with one of his own. From there Limey grabs Chris Lee by the arm and whips him into the ropes and on the return Limey takes Chris Lee down with a standing dropkick.

Entry 3: The Limey

John: Well it looks like The Limey is going to put up more of a fight than Simon Stone does.

James: Shut up John. The Limey realizes that Chris Lee is not going to be down long. He takes the moment to run towards the ropes and on the return as Chris Lee is getting to his feet; The Limey leaps in the air and goes flying body press but Chris Lee catches him and drops him down onto his knee in a nicely performed backbreaker. At that point, Limey is rolling around on the mat, holding his back and Chris Lee grabs Limey’s leg, pulls it up and drops an elbow to the inner thigh of Limey, right around the knee. From there Chris Lee grabs The Limey by the arm, pulls him up to his feet, grabs the leg he just nailed and sets up Limey for a knee breaker. As Chris Lee is about to drop Limey down onto the leg, Limey curls his straightened leg under and rolls through the move, landing Chris Lee down onto his back in a weird snap-mare type maneuver. Limey holds on and has a side headlock in place. As he holds onto it, Chris Lee gets his legs underneath him and starts to get to his feet.

{At that point, the clock starts ticking down and the fans count along with it. As it hits zero "Last Resort" by Papa Roach hits the speakers and Ben JACKMAN comes running out down to the ring as the fans go nuts.}

Entry 4: Ben JACKMAN @ 4 min

John: You have to be kidding me! If anyone out there watching this right now does not think the "random process by which numbers were drawn" was rigged, you are just kidding yourself.

James: Oh whatever, John, this does not prove anything. As Ben JACKMAN gets into the ring Chris Lee finally gets to his feet and he shoves The Limey off of him and right into Ben JACKMAN who grabs The Limey and heaves him up and over the top rope and down to the floor outside. As Chris Lee looks up, expecting to see The Limey and he sees Ben JACKMAN, he looks a bit surprised, then looks and sees The Limey on the outside, eliminated. At that point, he stretches his neck and motions to Ben JACKMAN to meet in the center of the ring, and at that point the fans go nuts.

Elimination 2: The Limey

John: Chris Lee and Ben JACKMAN for almost two minutes, it does not get much better than this.

James: See, John, even if this was, rigged, which it is not, this is great stuff, and how could you make it seem like a bad thing?

John: Daniel Jones is putting all the guys he hates at the beginning of this Rumble, giving them next to no chance at all of winning it, how exactly is that fair?

James: The two men get to the middle of the ring and they lock up. Ben JACKMAN being the fresher man gets the advantage and he whips Chris Lee into the ropes. JACKMAN drops down to the mat and lets Chris Lee hop over him on the return, and then JACKMAN gets right back up and as Chris Lee comes at him again JACKMAN goes for a leapfrog but Chris Lee stops dead in his tracks, grabs JACKMAN and brings him down in an inverted atomic drop. From there JACKMAN is nearly, doubled over and a little out of breath and Chris Lee grabs him, picks him up and drops him down with a shoulder breaker. As JACKMAN lay on the mat Chris Lee catches his breath, then he takes a few steps back, hits the ropes, then comes in and goes for a leaping elbow drop but Ben JACKMAN rolls out of the way. After a few seconds of both us on their backs catching their breath, Ben JACKMAN starts to get up. This could be a very long match up for one or the both of these fine competitors.

John: I imagine is going to be great, especially since both of these men really seem to want to win that contender ship.

James: Yeah right, like either of these two stands the chance of lasting for another hour, and that is what it is going to take, an hour or more of competing here tonight to win that honor. Neither of these two is going to win, and that is for damn sure.

John: Ben JACKMAN makes it to his feet and as Chris Lee starts to get up, JACKMAN grabs him around the head, locks in an arm and takes Chris Lee down with a swinging neck breaker. By now, the clock hits fifteen seconds and Ben JACKMAN gets back to his feet again. He grabs Chris Lee and helps him to his feet; only body slams him back down. By now, the fans are counting down from five and as the buzzer hits a single toll of a bell sounds and nothing else as Rancid walks out from the back, the fans fairly stunned.

Entry 5: Rancid

John: Oh my, things just got a little more interesting.

James: See, what I would tell you; those two have no chance at winning this thing. You think Rancid’s going to be bad for their chances. Just realize all the other talent we have backstage just warming up and eager to go.

John: As Rancid gets down to the ring Ben JACKMAN notices he is coming out and looks interested to see what he could do against him. Rancid gets into the ring and as Ben JACKMAN comes over to lock up with Rancid he is, nailed in the throat by a judo finger jab, which sends JACKMAN down to the mat. Rancid grabs JACKMAN up off the mat and starts choking in on him but Chris Lee nails Rancid in the back from behind with a double ax handle breaking the chokehold. From there Chris Lee grabs Rancid by the arm and whips him into the ropes and on the return, Chris Lee takes Rancid down with a running clothesline, but then as Chris Lee turns around Ben JACKMAN takes him down with a clothesline.

John: Look at that, Chris Lee does a nice thing for Ben JACKMAN and that is how he repays him? How can anyone root for JACKMAN? I mean I do not like Chris Lee anymore than the next person, but Ben JACKMAN is despicable.

James: Oh, give me a break, every man for he rules, each of them know and realize that! If you help, someone out it should be for personal gain, nothing more.

{At that point Ben JACKMAN kicks Chris Lee and then as he goes for another kick he is, spun around, by Rancid, picked up and dropped with DDT. Rancid grabs Ben JACKMAN by the arm, picks him up, twists his arm around, then he walks over to the corner. By now, the fans are already counting down from ten and as the buzzer sounds, "Break Yaw Neck" hits and KillaCrowe comes running out from the back.}

John: Rancid is already up on the top rope, starting to walk towards the middle of the ring and as Crowe gets to the ring he leaps and nails Rancid in the back and knocks him to the center of the ring, letting go of Ben JACKMAN on the way down

Entry 6: KillaCrowe @ 8 min

John: I am not exactly sure why KillaCrowe did that, seems to me like he would have wanted Ben JACKMAN more weakened, as he would have been if Rancid had finished the move.

James: Well I guess this way Rancid gets the brunt of more attack as well and everyone in the ring is banged up a little bit. KillaCrowe gets into the ring and stomps on Rancid for a few seconds but then is, grabbed by Chris Lee, spun around and Chris Lee starts laying into him with punch after punch. From there Chris Lee grabs KillaCrowe by the arm and whips him hard into the turnbuckle. Chris Lee moves in, climbs up, and starts going for the ten punches, but as he gets to seven KillaCrowe goes to shove him off. As Chris Lee is starting to fall he grabs Crowe by the hands and holds on to shoot him over in a monkey flip type move, landing KillaCrowe in the center of the ring. Rancid then gets up, grabs KillaCrowe by the neck and starts choking him.

John: That was a very innovative maneuver by Chris Lee.

James: That was a very stupid maneuver if you ask me. KillaCrowe was just not thinking and if he had been, he would have realized that he could have just thrown Chris Lee over the top rope right there when he had the chance. Chris Lee got lucky.

{Ben JACKMAN and Chris Lee both get to their feet and the fans count down the remaining seconds before the next competitor and the buzzer sounds and "Loser" by 3 Doors Down starts playing and the fans start cheering as The Lyger Kid comes running out from the back.}

Entry 7: The Lyger Kid @ 10 min

John: The Lyger Kid has stirred things up a bit lately. Let us see how Kid can do here tonight.

James: I like this kid’s attitude, I have seen him wrestle before, and I think he is got just as good a chance a winning this thing as anyone.

John: As Rancid continues to choke KillaCrowe, The Lyger Kid goes over and lays a hard kick right to Rancid’s upper chest area, sending Rancid back over onto his back. Before Kid can go any further with his attack, Ben JACKMAN moves in and nails him in the back. From the ground, however, KillaCrowe grabs Ben JACKMAN by the leg and keeps him from kicking The Lyger Kid, which allows Kid to take a confused Ben JACKMAN down with a hard clothesline. Kid helps KillaCrowe to his feet and then the two of them go over and start stomping on Rancid. Before they can get any real damage in on him, though, Chris Lee grabs The Lyger Kid and takes him down in a northern lights supleX. There is such chaos going on in the ring!

James: Rancid’s on the mat, so is Ben JACKMAN, but with no one paying any attention to Ben JACKMAN and now that the two man attack on Rancid was stopped by Chris Lee, Rancid and Ben JACKMAN should both have a good chance at getting back to their feet.

[Lyger Kid to kick Rancid but his foot is, grabbed and Rancid then sweeps Crowe’s legs out from under him. At that point, KillaCrowe is lying on his back and he sees Rancid flip up back onto his feet and he starts begging off, trying to get Rancid to show him some mercy. Rancid does not listen to one word as he plants a stiff boot right into Crowe’s gut. Ben JACKMAN is on the other end of the ring, using the turnbuckles to get back up, as he has a little out of breath. The fans start counting again and as the buzzer sounds, "Do You Smell What the Crowe is cooking?" hits the speakers and The Crock runs out from the back]

Entry 8: The Crock @ 12 min

{As he hears the music playing, Chris Lee gets up off the mat from where he had been pounding on The Lyger Kid and he waits.}

James: The Crock slides right on into the ring where Chris Lee is waiting for him and Chris Lee lays into Crock with a few stiff shots. Chris Lee then kicks Crock, and then hits him a few times with knee lifts. By that time, The Lyger Kid is back up on his feet and he nails Chris Lee in the back with a double ax handle. This doubles Chris Lee over and Kid turns him around and nails him hard with a haymaker to the body, then another. Kid then helps Crock to his feet and then points at Chris Lee, then the two take down Chris Lee with a double team clothesline. Kid then points to the top rope and then points at Crowe and so The Crock runs over, gets out onto the apron and starts climbing the turnbuckle. From there The Lyger Kid picks up Chris Lee onto his shoulders, as Crowe gets set, for the doomsday device maneuver Chris Lee ducks, and rolls The Lyger Kid up just as Crowe leaps off the top rope and Crowe hits the mat hard. Ben JACKMAN runs over, kicks The Lyger Kid, and thus allows Chris Lee to break free. Chris Lee then gets up, walks over, and starts in on The Crowe, laying the stomps in repeatedly. Ben JACKMAN gets The Lyger Kid to his feet and goes to grab him from behind for a German supleX but Kid counters as he sends a kick backwards, rising up and hitting Ben JACKMAN like a low blow, doubling him over. Kid turns around and laughs as he kicks Ben JACKMAN’s leg out from under him with a low dropkick.

John: How can you not cheer for a person like The Lyger Kid? Did you just see what he did to Ben JACKMAN? That was awesome.

James: I do not like his attitude that is how I am not going to cheer for him, simple as that.

John: Like him or not, this is a Royal Rumble type match up and therefore anything goes, making what The Lyger Kid just did perfectly legal.

{As the action continues in the ring, the fans start counting down, getting ready for another competitor to join The Lyger Kid, The Crowe, Rancid, Ben JACKMAN and Chris Lee in the ring. As the counter hits zero and the buzzer, sounds "Something" by someone plays and Will Schmidt runs out from the back.}

Entry 9: Will Schmidt @ 14 min

James: It appears as if Will Schmidt is about to join things.

John: As Will Schmidt gets into the ring, he immediately nails Rancid with a huge shot to the chest, taking Rancid off The Crowe. Will Schmidt picks up Rancid and is going for a maneuver but is met with a shot to the throat, and from there Rancid swings around and meets Will Schmidt directly in the sternum with a side back step back elbow shot. As Will Schmidt doubles over a bit, Rancid grabs him and takes him down to the mat with a Russian Leg Sweep. Seizing an excellent opportunity to get away from Rancid, KillaCrowe gets over to the corner and starts to stand up. Seeing that KillaCrowe is up, The Lyger Kid calls over to him and Kid then stands Ben JACKMAN up and whips him into the corner. Kid then goes over, tells KillaCrowe what to do, and from there The Lyger Kid whips Crowe over into Ben JACKMAN, but Ben JACKMAN’s ready for it and he grabs Crowe, shoves him straight up into the air and then drops him with the X-Terminator. Ben JACKMAN then gets to his feet and dares The Lyger Kid to approach him. By now, however, the clock is starting to wind down and the fans count.

{As they get to zero the buzzer chimes in and then "Something" by someone hits and Amorphous comes out from the back.}

Entry 10: Amorphous @ 16 min

John: Interesting, is it not?

James: When Amorphous gets into the ring, the first thing he does is to get Rancid’s attention. As he sees Amorphous, Rancid picks Will Schmidt up to his feet. Rancid then sets Will Schmidt up into a power bomb position and as he lifts him up, Amorphous grabs Schmidt by the neck and as Rancid drops Schmidt with the power bomb Amorphous hits a falling neck breaker and needless to say Will Schmidt looks to be out cold. On the other side of the ring, The Lyger Kid and Ben JACKMAN are going at it. Ben JACKMAN started out with the advantage, by this point he still has it, but as he doubles Kid over and goes for a swinging neck breaker, Kid blocks it, hits a double ax handle, then sets JACKMAN up, and hits a pile driver. On the other side of the ring, Chris Lee is still pounding on The Crock.

John: Just like Simon Stone from the beginning of the match, Chris Lee has hit Crock enough in the forehead that Crock is spouting off blood as well. Chris Lee then picks up Crowe, figures out he has enough room and he hits the Ego Killer on Crock and knocks him out. Then Chris Lee grabs The Crock by the head, yells something about "that’s what he gets", then throws Crock over the top rope and the fans go nuts.

Elimination 3: The Crock

James: Crowe, seeing the Lyger Kid standing, goes and attacks him. He kicks him in the person, and drops DDT. Kid goes down in a heap. Rancid, comes over and attacks KillaCrowe. They are having a punch out and Amorphous comes over to break it up. Rancid and Crowe stop fighting with each other, and they both turn on Amorphous. They each hit punches and wrap a big hand around the throat of Amorphous and DOUBLE CHOKESLAM! Amorphous is, ELIMINATED!

Elimination 4: Amorphous

John: Well goodness’, that was something, was it not.

James: You bet your ass it was. Damn.

John: Rancid and KillaCrowe now turn their attention to the Lyger Kid, who sees this, and takes off. Chris Lee comes over and begins to lay into Rancid; Will Schmidt goes after Crowe, who is on the trail of Lyger Kid. Chris Lee punches Rancid and he ALMOST flies over the top! Rancid barely got back in there!

James: If the force of that punch had been any more, Rancid would have been gone!

John: Lyger Kid kicks Crowe in the stomach, drops to his knee, and thrusts a hand into the throat of KillaCrowe, sending the big man down, clutching his throat. Will Schmidt run over to intervene, hitting the Lyger Kid in the back of the head, sending him to the mat? Crowe is up, still holding his throat, and he gives Schmidt a big boot, sending Schmidt down to the mat.

James: My, KillaCrowe has come to play tonight.

John: That he has, James. I would not be surprised if he won this thing.

James: I would be. Canaries simply do not win battle royals.

John: Would you come off that?

James: KillaCrowe turns to Lyger Kid, kick to the knee, sending the Lyger Kid down on one. KillaCrowe hits a MASSIVE right hand putting the Kid down. Meanwhile, Rancid and Lee are still going at it. Lee has Rancid in a triangle hold on Rancid, who is screaming out in pain. Lee releases the hold, drags Rancid to his feet, and sends him to the ropes, Lee bounces off the opposite rope-

James: LARIATTOOO!!! John: You have always wanted to do that, haven’t you?

James: Rancid is down, Lee puts the triangle hold on him again, causing Rancid to feel more pain; al of the sudden, Lyger Kid FLIES over the top rope, and INTO THE STANDS!

John: Holy shit, what just happened?

James: Well, it appears that Lyger Kid was, eliminated…

Elimination 5: Lyger Kid

John: Lee lets go of Rancid to see what happened to the Kid, but KillaCrowe stops him, in a big way. Will Schmidt goes to take over on Rancid, but Rancid kicks Schmidt in the face. Rancid back up sends Schmidt into the ropes, SPINEBUSTER! OUCH! Schmidt appears to be out cold. Rancid goes and is stopped out of NOWHERE by Ben Jackman, who had been resting while the other four were battling it out. Jackman drops rancid with a body slam, followed by a quick elbow. Jackman is dominating Rancid now.

James: Wow, Jackman came from out of nowhere, and he is dominating Rancid. How cool is that?

John: I bet Jackman is, eliminated next.

[“DOWN WITH THE SICKNESS” by Disturbed hits the PA and the fans come to their feet! STONED COLD IS ON HIS WAY!]



John: Stoned Cold runs down the aisle and slides into the ring. Everyone is shocked! Will Schmidt, who is up runs first at Stoned Cold. SC boot to the person, and he tosses Will Schmidt over the top! SCHMIDT IS, ELIMINATED!

Elimination 6: Will Schmidt

John: Stoned Cold is dragging Schmidt to the top of the entryway! Schmidt is groggy!

James: Hey, He is getting a ladder!

John: Stoned Cold, eyeing a table at the bottom of the ramp sets Schmidt up. John: What is he doing?

James: Oh my- Stoned Cold under hooks Schmidt’s arms- and he takes Will Schmidt down with a TIGER DRIVER OFF THE RAMP!



John: HE IS NOT DONE! Stoned Cold smirks, and then climbs the ladder. He lines up Will Schmidt who has gone through a table- THE BURNOUT! (Swanton Bomb)

John: Will Schmidt have to be DEAD!

James: HOLY FUCKING SHIT; the camera turns to Stoned Cold, a bit woozy from that fall, but standing. Alli is checking up on him, making sure to give him a nice rub down. He begins to make his way to the ring and we turn to the ring. KillaCrowe and Rancid are squaring off, as are Chris Lee and Ben Jackman. At the same time, Jackman sends Lee into the ropes, and Crowe sends Rancid into the ropes. Jackman follows Lee in, CLOTHESLINE! THEY BOTH GO OVER!

John: What, the fuck,

James: Is that a double elimination?

John: Crowe follows Rancid in, BIG BOOT! THEY BOTH GO OVER!

John: Scratch that!

James: Quadruple Elimination,

John: They all fell out at the same time.

James: What is going to happen now?

John: Well, it looks to me like Stoned Cold is getting in the ring.

James: Yeah, let us see what he has to say-

Stoned Cold: Do you see what I just did to Will Schmidt? You people had better not forget whom the fuck I am. Just because I am off taking care of "other" business, does not mean I am not here. Nothing against Will Schmidt, he just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time…

{Stoned Cold pauses while Alli stands beside him rubbing him up and down, and after a brief pause, Stoned Cold start to speak again.}

Stoned Cold: Now, I will make this short and sweet’, since we are running a pay per view tonight. Now when I do decide to return to active in-ring competition in SHOOT, all wrestlers had better watch out because I am not fucking around. You saw what I just did to Schmidt, he will probably be out for a while now, and you do not want to be next. Be forewarned, when Stoned Cold and Alli return to SHOOT, things are going to change, and that is not a threat that is a promise-

{As Stoned Cold drops the microphone "Down with the Sickness" by Disturbed blares over the PA system. Stoned Cold receives a mix reaction from the crowd as he pulls out a nice luscious blunt and lights it up as he exits the ring and heads to the back with Alli right behind. As Stoned Cold heads up the ramp-way, “Wherever I May Roam” by METALLICA blares over the pa speakers as Daniel Jones walks out on the stage. They have a glare-down as Stoned Cold exits through the curtain. Daniel Jones looks down the ramp-way, around the ring, and smiles. He brings a microphone to his mouth.}

Daniel Jones: Holy shit, that was quite (Pause), interesting. I knew we would have two battle royal winner(s) here tonight but I had NO CLUE it would turn out like this. ‘So, here is the final decision – later tonight, in the #1 Contenders match-up; it WILL be a fatal four-way pitting Chris Lee up against Rancid, Ben “The Blackout” Jackman, and Blow-job Crowe (Pause), oh right, I mean KillaCrowe. Good day, enjoy the rest of the show.

{“Wherever I May Roam” by METALLICA blares over the pa speakers again as the SHOOT owner and president, Daniel Jones exits through the curtains.}

Newcomers Match

Simon Stone v. Ben “The Blackout” Jackman v. Amorphous v. The Limey

James: Here we are at the ring as the match is about to begin.

John: And we are under way in this newcomers match! Amorphous has paired off with Ben as The Limey backs the rookie into the corner with a succession of right hands. The rookie fights back out of the corner before reversing the situation and backing The Limey into the corner. Simon mounts The Limey and begins punching as the crowd chants along!








James: Wait a minute! Amorphous grabs Simon from behind and delivers a modified power bomb! Here is the first cover of the match!



Kick out’

James: Ben breaks up the count!

John: Wow, Amorphis almost had this one sewn up early with that move!

James: Simon is down and now The Limey and Ben seem to have made an alliance of sorts against Amorphous. They whip Amorphous into the ropes and lift him up before delivering a huge flapjack. The pair now seizes Simon. The Limey lifts Simon onto his shoulders whilst Ben heads up top-a Doomsday device! Wow. The Limey looks pleased and wants a high five from Ben.

John: They make a great team. Maybe they should win the tag titles next!

James: OH, Instead of the Limey getting a high five, he got a low blow from Ben and now a small package-



Kick out’

James: The Limey kicks out! Ben is up quickly and covers Simon!



Kick out’

James: Kick out by Simon! Now he runs to cover Amorphous-


James: And Amorphous kicks out with authority sending Ben to the outside!

John: I have always said never trust a wrestler! That is smart thinking by Ben! He wants this bad and the only way is to get a pin. He almost pinned three people!

James: All three men are getting back to there feet whereas Ben who seemed to hurt his knee after Amorphous lifted him to the outside of the ring is still on the outside. Amorphous goes to grab Simon but Simon is too quick, ducks the attempt, and grabs Amorphous’ head on the way through delivering a reverse neck breaker to Amorphous.

John: Simon turns to The Limey who is now back to a vertical base and nails him with a huge right hand, which leaves The Limey, propped against the ropes.

James: Simon runs off the ropes and goes to clothesline The Limey to the outside but The Limey ducks while pulling down the top rope sending Simon to the outside.

John: That is why he has called the Cerebral Assassin! He is always one-step ahead of the rest!

James: I never knew he was, called that, are you making this up. Well the cerebral assassin is making a huge mistake because he is badmouthing Simon and not keeping an eye on Amorphous who just sat back up!

John: That man is not human. Someone should get this person tested to see if he is some kind of weird experiment.

James: The Limey turns round straight into Amorphous’ hand, which is, clasped around his neck – CHOKESLAM! You cannot make mistakes against a man like Amorphous. Amorphous covers the Limey-



Kick out’

James: And Ben hopping on one leg pulled the referee out! The referee is furious with Ben who is ignoring him and pulls himself into the ring Amorphous was waiting for him however and now has him by the throat… but The Limey hits a desperation low blow to save him from a certain pin fall.

John: The low blow has been one hell of a weapon tonight.

James: Wow look at this! Ben is setting up a doubled over Amorphous for a pile driver. Surely, he cannot get it-he can! What strength! A high impact move and Amorphous’ head thundered into that mat. He may be out cold! He is going for the cover-but is, intercepted by The Limey who takes him off his feet!

John: There is the Figure of Four! James: The Limey locks in the figure of four-leg lock on Ben who already has an injured leg. Ben is screaming in pain and this is good strategy by The Limey. Ben has to find the ropes and fast!

John: He cannot James! Amorphous’ body is blocking his route to the ropes! This one is going to be over!

James: No, it is not. Simon is back – he is heading to the top! And Simon landed into the middle of the figure four-leg lock with a Shooting Star Press! Simon is back up quickly to attempt to take advantage of the situation…. Sharpshooter’, Simon with a Sharpshooter to Ben and he is back in trouble again! Ben raises his hand…he’s about to tap-but Amorphous spears Simon out of nowhere! Amorphous’ recovery powers really are unmatched and now all four men are down.

John: It took every bit of strength Amorphous had left to spear Simon and now the man who makes it to their feet first will clearly have the advantage in this bout!

James: The referee is counting and no one looks in too much of a hurry to get up. They have taken a lot out of each other. Ben now rolls to the outside to recover while Amorphous is slowly getting back up to his feet. The Limey and Simon are, bent over whispering to each other-and suddenly run and double clothesline Amorphous to the outside!

John: Now the crowd cheers as finally we see The Limey vs. Simon!

James: They exchange right hands with Simon getting the upper hand. Simon backs The Limey into the ropes before whipping him across the ring, The Limey reverses it and catches him coming back with a boot to the stomach and is now setting up a jack-knife power bomb!

John: It is over!

James: Wait a minute, Simon reverse it by grabbing The Limey’s legs and putting The Limey on his back. Simon is now going for a Sharpshooter but The Limey pushes Simon off, Simon goes into the rope and The Limey rolls Simon into a Boston crab! Simon again manages to reverse it into an ankle lock. The Limey twists like a worm and pushes him against the ropes. The Limey lies on the mat as Simon goes over the top, trying to catch him on the rebound with a high knee but misses. Simon puts the breaks on, turns around, and hits a firefighter’s carry into a cradle tiger driver! Simon nails the a fireman’s carry into a cradle tiger driver after reversal after reversal, he goes for the cover-



Kick out’

James: AND The Limey KICKED OUT! My God, I have never seen anyone kick out of a fireman’s carry into a cradle tiger driver before, but I do not see that move much! Simon is shocked and so am I!

John: The Limey really is THAT DAMN STRONG!

James: Simon appears to be setting up a fireman’s carry into a cradle tiger driver again. Wait a second; Ben clobbers from behind him! Ben delivers a suplex to Simon then goes for the cover.



Kick out’

James: Simon kicks out. He now moves on the Limey and lifts him up – my, what power! Gorilla pressing a 260+ person as if he is a fluffy bunny and press slams him; He covers The Limey.



Kick out’

James: The Limey kicks out but not by much.

John: That fireman’s carry into a cradle tiger driver has really taken it out of him.

James: Amorphous now attempts to re-enter the ring and steps over the top rope only to be, met by Ben who rocks him with right hands. Ben whips Amorphous into the rope; Amorphous reverses and catches Ben with a huge boot! Ben in flattened and now Amorphous is signaling this may be over.

John: Amorphous now places Ben on his shoulders and sets him up for a – TOMBSTONE! It is over!



Kick out’

John: And The Limey somehow, someway, manages to break the count!

James: God that was close! The Limey now with all he has left seems to be setting Amorphous up for the Limey! He got it! He covers Amorphous.



Kick out’

James: And Amorphous kicks out!

John: What, the hell is the Limey? The Limey did not get Amorphous how he wanted which meant the LIMSTER was too weak to keep the big person down.

James: The Limster is the best damn finisher! I made the name myself. The Limey is unrelenting however and is now setting Ben up for the Limster as well. Simon however had other ideas and just drop kicked The Limey, which not only took the Limey and Ben to the outside but the referee too who was standing right behind them!

John: We need another ref out here!

James: Simon ignoring that fact is going to try to finish off Amorphous. He lifts Amorphous up and seems to be setting up the northern lights suplex – but Amorphous has other ideas! He has Simon up for his version of the Last Ride! He got it! Amorphous covers Simon! It is over! Amorphous should have this match won – One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, and Seven; but there is no referee!

John: Here comes help James, a new referee is on his way to the ring!

James: The referee slid in and made the count-



Kick out’

James: A kick out, this match should be over. It took too long for a referee to get out here and make a count.

John: This match should be ending soon, look how tired all the wrestlers are.

James: Hold up a second John, Ben is on top the turnbuckle! Amorphous has stood and Ben hits him with a missile dropkick! He lands hard. Ben goes for a heavy cover-




**Ding, Ding, Ding**

{“Symphony of Destruction” by Megadeth blares over the pa speakers as Ben Jackman exits the ring.}

James: And Ben “The Blackout” Jackman has won this match! He is on his way to the #1 Contenders Match for the World Title! Man, this night is something!

Loser Leaves the SHOOT Project KillaCrowe v. Renegade

{“Break Ya Neck” by Busta Rhymes is, heard as KillaCrowe makes his way to the ring.}

John: It should be interesting to see these two tag champions go at it.

James: And we all know that the winner takes both titles, even though there is really no tag division in the fed now.

{"War is Coming" by Six Feet Under blasts over the speakers as Renegade comes at a running pace to the ring.}

James: He cannot to get this match started.

John: And it begins! Now, keep in mind Daniel Jones and Jason Johnson don’t give a shit about the wrestlers on their roster, therefore the referee will not be stopping anything extreme in this match. The only thing he is here for is to count the three counts.

**Ding, Ding, Ding**

James: Renegade is the only one that has landed any kind of offense so far. He is landing lefts and rights all over KillaCrowe’s body. Scar has forced KillaCrowe to the corner and is still throwing lefts and rights.

John: KillaCrowe did not take it any longer though; he blocked a punch, then another, and turned the tables by grabbing Renegade’s shoulders and throwing him into the corner. A flurry of fists followed the toss into the corner. Then Renegade received a knee to the chest.

James: This match does not seem interesting at all to me…

John: It will be…trust me. You have to have faith.

James: And you know this because?

John: I do, now let us focus on the match. KillaCrowe whipped Renegade to the other corner. And followed right behind to slam a clothesline onto his neck; that thing almost beheaded him! Renegade fell to the mat and rolled out of the ring. He is wobbling around clueless right here in front of us.

James: KillaCrowe is following behind him. Oh, damn, that had to hurt. KillaCrowe lifted up Renegade to slam him on the mat but Renegade dropped behind him and pushed him face first into the ring post.

John: KillaCrowe is woozily walking around the outside of the ring. Renegade shakes off his dizziness and follows shortly behind KillaCrowe. He catches up to him and spins him around by the hair. He kicked him in the gut, forcing him to bend, over.

James: Renegade picked up KillaCrowe and grasped his neck. The fans are on their feet as Renegade is about to try to end this match here with a choke slam. He has KillaCrowe on his shoulders now and slammed him right on top of the cement floor, then dropping down for the pin-



Kick out’

James: How, the hell did him kick out?

John: The referee counted slowly, that is how. I see corruption among the referee staff already. I think this match is beginning to get interesting. Renegade is still angry about not getting the three counts. He continues with the match though. Landing a few kicks to the mid-section of KillaCrowe. Renegade made another fast pin but this time only got a one count.

James: Renegade and KillaCrowe both make it to their feet at about the same time. They begin to trade punches right here in front of our announce table.

John: KillaCrowe got the upper hand. He is driving Renegade backwards with lefts and rights! One hard chop and Renegade is now laying flat on our announce table.

James: Oh my, KillaCrowe is going to attempt to put Renegade through our announce table. He has him setup for a brain buster.

John: I am getting out of the way.

{John takes off his headset and backs away.}

James: Pussy, What is the worst that could occur; it is not we being, slammed, and threw the table. It is Renegade! Brain buster threw the table!

{John approaches the table again, putting the headset on.}

John: Did you see that impact? Renegade is, knocked out cold. KillaCrowe makes the cover-




{“Break Ya Neck” by Busta Rhymes blares over the pa speakers.}

James: And Renegade will leave for Mexico as KillaCrowe continues his path here in the Shoot Project!

John: This turned out to be an interesting match indeed.

The Igloo Dare The Crock v. Rancid

{The Crock enters his side of the Igloo while Rancid enters the opposite side.}

James: Now remember the two men will be, locked inside for twenty-five minutes.

John: That is right James. They have to fight their way through the maze to find the exit.

James: Do not forget they have to make it past obstacles and false exits.

John: It looks like we are about to begin.

{The referees shut the steel doors and lock it. The countdown timer begins.}


John: The two are off; both men are heading down a straight hallway.

James: Kind of amazing how they got security cameras in there is not it.

John: Yes with as many cameras as we have in the igloo we will be able to see everything the two of them are doing. We will be jumping back and forth between them.

James: Right now, we will cut to what The Crock is doing.

The Crock turns the first corner and walks down the maze path before coming to a three-way fork in the path.

John: How would you decide which one to go in first? The Crock closes his eyes and does the "inny minny minie moe" method.

James: I guess that works as well as anything else. The Crock selects the middle one and walks down the path.

John: We cut now to see how Rancid is doing.

{The cameras cut to Rancid and you see him running down a twisting hallway. There are large ice crystals falling from the ceiling. He has to dodge his way through the crystals.}

James: Damn that has to hurt! A large crystal falls from the ceiling and slices through Rancid’s right leg.

John: That is going to slow him down for sure.

James: Rancid gets through the hallway and there is a large pit in front of him.

John: How is he going to get past that?

{Rancid looks around the pit}

James: Well there is a quarter inch ledge all the way across. But he cannot stand on that.

John: Well we are going to The Crock now.


{You see The Crock sliding down a slick hill.}

James: Looks like a frozen water slide. The Crock slides down the hill face first. The tube twists and turns, throwing The Crock back and forth from his front side to his backside. Finally, the tube ends and The Crock comes sliding to a haut thanks to a thick wall.

John: Oh shit he hit his head on that wall. The Crock is now bleeding a little bit from the side of his head where he hit the igloo wall.

{The cameras now cut back to Rancid.}

James: Now that is smart. Rancid is edging himself around the pit with his hands held onto the ledge.

John: I would hate to see what is at the bottom of that pit.

James: That makes two of us. Rancid is on the opposite side of the pit now and pulls himself up. He takes a long breath and looks down into the pit as he places his hands on his thighs. After catching his breathe he turns around and walks around the corner.

John: Oh shit, he has found the Crock! The Crock is slowly trying to get to his feet. Rancid sees him and runs across the ice; dropping to his knees and slides into the Crock, knocking him down. He drops to his knees and slides right into The Crock, knocking him back down.

James: Smart move, but I am not sure who got the worst of that. Rancid hit his cut leg into the wall as he slid into Crock.


James: The two men slowly get up and begin exchanging lefts and rights. The Crock grabs Rancid by the arm and whips him across the room. Rancid goes sliding on his backside onto a weight lever.

John: Oh look, Rancid found one of the trick levers. As the lever goes down thanks to his weight, two sections of the wall lift up creating new paths. Now there are four paths out of this room. The Crock looks at the new paths, as well does Rancid.

James: What, the hell was that?

{A loud roar echoes off the walls of the room. Both men look around nervously as the roar grows louder.}


James: A polar bear makes his way out of one of the new passageways. The bear’s roar echoes so loud that The Crock and Rancid have to cover their ears. The bear walks into the main part of the room. This is out of hand. Someone can die here.

John: I think that is the point. The other new passage shows nothing sunlight. The two contestants are so worried about the bear they did not notice until now. The two men race for the sunlight, which is the opposite side of the bear. They both get to the entryway at the same time and exchange more blows to each other. Meanwhile the bear closes in on them.

James: They better hurry up and get out that hole! The Crock throws Rancid out of the way courtesy of a vertical suplex.

John: That is it we have a winner!

James: Oh shit no we do not! The Crock runs towards the sunlight. He gets halfway through the hall when a wall of ice comes crashing down in front of him.


James: Look, he has found lever.

John: DO NOT PULL IT! The Crock looks at the lever with hesitation. He decides to pull it.

John: I told you! Two of the other three paths are, blocked off now with large blocks of ice. Rancid is back up now and runs in the cave, as the polo bear is almost upon them now.

James: What, the hell – The two come running out of the cave as bits of ice are flying through the air. They stop dead in their tracks when the bear is blocking the exit. The shards of ice are beating down upon their backs, which is very painful.

John: Talk about stuck in a difficult situation. The bear will kill them for sure, but those ice shards do not feel too good either. Rancid drops to the ground, followed by The Crock. The shards of ice fly into the approaching bear. The bear let us out a yelp as one of the ice shards hit him in the eye. The bear goes running back to the open cave he came, out of. The two men get back to their feet and quickly exit the cave.


James: As soon as they leave the cave, the ice ceases to fly through the air. They look at the only two open caves. One has a trail of blood leading into it, which is obviously the one the bear left, in.

John: The Crock clotheslines Rancid from behind. Rancid falls to the ground and The Crock leaps into the air. He comes down for an elbow drop

James: Oh, that will leave a mark. Rancid rolls over and The Crock hits his elbow on the ice. Rancid picks up The Crock and throws him against the near by wall. Then Rancid runs full speed towards him.

John: It looks like Rancid’s going for a cross body block.

James: I do not think that is a good idea.

John: Rancid leaps into the air as the Crock moves out of the way; Rancid hits the wall sideways and slides down it.

James: Man these people will not have anything left after this is over. The Crock laughs at Rancid then looks back to the two caves.

John: It looks like Rancid is out cold, pun intended.

James: He sure is that was a hell of a hit he took. The Crock runs towards the cave without the blood trail and disappears into it.

James: Well since he is out cold, we will follow The Crock.


John: The Crock runs blindly around the twists and turns of this part of the maze. He turns around the last corner so fast he does not notice it is a wall of ice waiting for him. He hits it and falls to the ground.

James (laughing): That was some funny shit.

John (also laughing): Reminds me of a comedy movie; someone just running into a wall like that!

James: The Crock shakes his head to get the cobwebs, out. He notices a crawlspace in the bottom of the wall. He gets on his knees and crawls into the space.

{The cameras cut back to Rancid who is still, knocked out. Then they cut back to The Crock.}


John: How long is this crawl space?

James: I do not know but it looks like he is almost to the end of it. Wait a second, the part he entered the crawl space at collapses. The tunnel he is in collapses like a stack of dominoes racing towards him. He had better hurry up or he will not make it out.

John: The Crock gets out of the tunnel just just in time. A cloud of ice and snow comes rolling out of the crawlspace covering The Crock. He looks around the room he is now in as he shakes off the snow and ice. You see that on the far side of the room is an opening towards the top of the wall. Below the entrance is a pack of rabid sled dogs chained to a post. They are stretching out as far as the chains will allow, barking madly at The Crock.

James: The Crock looks around nervously and notices there’s a ladder built into to the wall behind him. The dogs break their chains and comes racing for him. He quickly climbs the ladder, as the dogs near him. One jumps up to bite him and The Crock just barely moved his foot up in time to avoid it. He gets to the ladder where there is a ledge for him to stand on. Rancid finally comes to.

{The cameras cut back to Rancid who is slowly standing to his feet. He walks over to the two caves and stares back and forth between the two. He starts slowly down the cave that has the blood trail.}

John: What is that an idiot? Obviously, the bear took that path.

James: But what John, if the bear was leaving he would take the way out. Rancid must have thought about this and decided to try it.

John: You know Rancid must have many balls if you ask me.


John: Rancid keeps following the blood trail as it turns around a corner. He jumps back in shock.

James: Well we know what happened to the bear now.

John: The bear is laying there in the middle of the path. A large ice crystal pierced through his lifeless body. Rancid looks around at the still hanging crystals’, he takes the risk. He walks down the path AND THE CRYSTALS START FALLING! He sprints towards the end of the hall, barely missing a few collisions with the ice crystals.

{The cameras cut back to The Crock. He is still on the ledge, with the dogs barking at him down below. The Crock decides to take a risk, and leaps to another ledge a little higher on the wall.}

John: He made it.

James: Yeah but can he makes it like that all the way to the end?

John: The Crock hops to another ledge sticking out down below a few feet away. The dogs following him witch each leap. He looks down at the next ledge, which is awfully close to the ground. He leaps to it and almost falls off the edge, the dogs nipping at his heels. He leaps for the next ledge over that is a few feet up the wall. Talk about good timing! As The Crock leaps off the ledge, one of the dogs leaps onto it. The dog runs across the ledge and leaps for Crock’s heels, but just barely misses.

James: He only has three more ledges before the other cave.


{The cameras cut back to Rancid who is standing in front of two different caves, trying to decide which one to go down. He chooses the right one and heads down it. He walks down the path surprises that there is no obstacles to over come.}


James: Time is running out.

John: They had better hurry! Rancid comes to another cave and walks down it.

{The cameras cut back to The Crock.}


John: The Crock is now on the last ledge before the cave.

James: Only forty five seconds left!

John: Suddenly Rancid shows up at the cave The Crock was making his way, to. The two look at each other in surprise.


John: A rumble begins as Rancid makes his way to the edge of the cave. He looks up and notices a section of the wall shaking.

James: He had better get out of there!

John: The section that was shaking falls down, and Rancid leaps backwards.


John: The Crock’s jaw drops as he sees a clear wall of ice where his exit from the room once was. On the other side Rancid, stands there pointing at The Crock and laughing. You see flashes of light behind Rancid as he does this.


John: He turns around and sees sunlight. The only problem is there is a large block of ice in front of the exit. The ice is raising then lowering, raising then lowering.


John: He needs to hurry!

James: Yeah but he does not want to be crushed! He races for the block of ice and the exit and stops right before the animated ice block.


John: He looks like he is getting the timing down.


James: He is going for it!


John: Rancid just barely makes it under the large block of ice.


{A loud buzzer sounds through out the igloo signaling the end of the match. Rancid turns around and looks at the once moving large block of ice. It is not stationary and completely blocking the exit.}

James: And Rancid is the winner!

John: Wait a second, what about the Crock?

{The cameras cut back to The Crock and he is still on the ledge we last seen him. He is sitting down with his arms folded across his legs.}

John: The Crock is, locked in that room with the rabid sled dogs!

Backstage Footage

{KillaCrowe is, seen backstage. He is just wandering around with a grim look upon his face. It is obvious he is looking for someone or something. He is talking to himself as he is walking.}

KillaCrowe: They must be here somewhere. I need to have a talk with someone of some importance in his or her little Japanese mafia. The Yakuza – that is who I am looking for! Where, the hells are they? They must be gambling around here somewhere.

{KillaCrowe stops walking. He sees a dirty, old sign on one of the doors he was passing by. He steps closer to it so it is readable. The sign says KEEP OUT written in red letters, it almost looks like blood. KillaCrowe has a feeling this is the room he has been looking for. Therefore, after deciding whether to go in he opens the door. To his surprise, no one is in the room. There are, however, playing cards on a table and a few pistols as well. No doubt, about it, this room once contained some members of the Yakuza. There was money on the table, which meant they had left in a hurry for something; it also meant they would be back. Therefore, KillaCrowe sat at one end of the table, a seat where he was facing forward at the door. He picked up one of the guns and began to toy with it, aiming it around the room at things for no apparent reason.}

KillaCrowe: Maybe I should bring this to the ring with me next time no way could I lose.

{A sick smile emerges upon his face, but it vanishes quickly because voices can be, heard on the outside of the door. What is being, said cannot be determined, but there are voices on the outside nonetheless. Soon enough the doorknob is turned and in walks a single man. The people he was talking to are gone. He walks in the room with his head down, therefore not even noticing KillaCrowe, who now was pointing the gun at the man. The man closed the door behind him and then sighed before looking up. He was breathless.}

Man: What- How- Who are you?

KillaCrowe: The question is who are you? I need to speak with someone of some importance in the Yakuza. Can you help me?

Man: Well, you came to the right room then. I am one of or possibly the best man the Yakuza has. So, umm- what can I do for you?

KillaCrowe: A big favor, that what you can do for me. First, shut up. I am not in the mood for having a lengthy conversation with you. That is the reason I am pointing this gun at you. Now, tell me the truth, are you really one of the top men that the Yakuza can offer? Keep in mind I am holding a gun at you and I am very good at picking out a liar.

{The man’s voice began to shake a little but he cleared his throat and answered.}

Man: Ok, ok. Therefore, I am not THE best the Yakuza can offer, but I am getting there.

KillaCrowe: If I needed someone to do a job for me, would you be reliable?

Man: Of course I am I would not be a member if I were not a trusty man.

KillaCrowe: Yes, you would and that is what I am afraid’, of. I guess I am going to have to listen to your word though. I am going to give you the details on a job I need done. Then, you say either yes or no. Yes meaning you can get the job done and fast. No meaning you cannot do it and you want me to put a bullet in your body.

Man: That is kind of a one sided deal you know.

KillaCrowe: I guess you will want to keep that in mind when you answer then, will you not.

Man: I guess so. So, give me the details.

KillaCrowe: Okay, There is a hotel about five miles north of this place. I want you to go there. Keep an eye out for anything suspicious, you know cops or anything of that sort. Then, take the elevator up to floor four. When you get out of the elevator, take a left and walk down that hall. Room 210 will be on your left. Casually walk by and make sure no voices can be heard from inside. Keep walking until you reach a flight of stairs. Take the stairs down and you will be at the hotel pool area. Enter the poolroom and look to your left. Now, there should be a green-neon bag. I left it there. Go into the side pocket and take out a key-labeled room 120 as well as a Master Card. Take the key back up to the room and enter the room. In the closet of that, room there will be a body. This is what I need you’, for. I need you to dispose of it in a manner so that it will not be, found. Once this is, done take the master card to the bank and you will find that there is a certain amount of money on the card. Withdraw it all. That will be half of your pay. Then, next Sunday at Oblivion, I will find you. Show me proof that you have disposed of the body properly and I will give you the rest of the cash. This way I know you will not just take the cash and leave the body. I need you to do all of this tonight, or else no cash at all. I will call the Master Card Company and tell them to cancel any transitions with it because it has been, stolen; is that understood?

Man: Yes, I will go out and get it done right away.

KillaCrowe: Good, good, be gone.

{The man leaves. Shortly after KillaCrowe places the gun on his back pocket, sticking out obviously, but his shirt covers it. He then leaves the room as well. KillaCrowe goes back to where he came from and scenes switch to the next match.}

Fatal Four-way Match for the World Heavyweight Title #1 Contender ship

Chris Lee v. Rancid v. Ben “The Blackout” Jackman v. KillaCrowe

James: Jesus, Rancid has a big night tonight! He has competed in the battle royal. He has won the Igloo Dare. Now, let us see if can win a shot for the World Heavyweight Title.

{"Fuel My Fire" hits the speakers and out from the back walks Chris Lee. He looks confident of himself as he walks down to the ring, not paying any attention to anyone as he just walks right up the steps and ducks under the top rope.}

John: It will be interesting to see what happens if Chris Lee wins this match up here tonight, considering that he faces Josh Johnson for the Triad-

John: Please, both of them are professionals, if they had to face each other in the middle of the ring I am sure they would have a technical match up and whoever won would get the belt, no hard feelings afterwards.

James: Yeah right-

{As "N.I.B." by Black Sabbath hits the speakers Rancid tears down the isle, sliding right into the ring, popping up and starting to tear into Lee with punch after punch. The fans go nuts as they see him go after Lee like this and Lee ends up on the ground trying to cover up his face to avoid being, mauled.}

{"Symphony of Destruction" by Megadeth hits the speakers and Ben Jackman walks out from the back.}

John: He sees what is going on in the ring so he takes his time getting there. Instead of getting right into the ring, Ben Jackman walks around the ring, surveying the scene for a second. As Ben Jackman gets his bearings, he slides into the ring. At this point, Chris Lee has gotten the brunt of the attack and so Ben Jackman walks over and kicks Rancid in the midsection, taking him off Lee. This hurts Brown but it also seems to upset him and so he gets to his feet just in time to be, met with a clothesline from Ben Jackman that sends him up and over the top rope.

James: Oh my, this match has started already and only three of the four men are out there!

John: This should be a good one.

{On the outside, Rancid’s frustration is clear as he grabs a SHOOT Project worker out of their chair and grabs it, folds it up and bangs it against the ground. At that point, "Break Yaw Neck" by Busta Rhymes starts playing and KillaCrowe comes down the isle, expecting to get into the action.}

James: As Rancid sees him, coming down, he runs over and blindsides him with a wicked chair shot that leaves Crowe down on the ground, out cold. Rancid then slides into the ring with the chair in hand and the referee begs him to let it go and so while the ref and Rancid are arguing, Ben Jackman runs over and kicks Rancid in the midsection, causing him to release the chair. Jackman then grabs Rancid and takes him down with a nice spinning belly-to-belly suplex.

John: Utter chaos is the only word I can think of that would accurately describe what is going on right here.

James: Poor KillaCrowe was, taken out even before he got to the ring and Chris Lee does not seem in good condition at all.

John: Ben Jackman then gets to his feet and helps Chris Lee to his feet. Ben Jackman then whips Lee into the corner and then catches his breath. On the outside, KillaCrowe starts moving and then gets to his feet somehow. His forehead has blood coming from it. Ben Jackman is surprised to see KillaCrowe getting up and so he does not even notice Rancid get up. Rancid grabs Ben Jackman from behind and takes him down with a gut-Rancid. KillaCrowe slowly but surely gets into the ring’, I cannot believe it KillaCrowe is actually alive!

James: He is a tough one-

John: On the other end, Rancid has Jackman laid out on the ground. Rancid goes up top and drops down, stomping on Jackman’s stomach. Rancid runs and nails KillaCrowe as he gets in the ring. Jackman still holding his stomach stands and is hit by a STIFF standing sidekick from Rancid! Jackman pulls a no sell and stands right up in Rancid’s face before kneeing him in the midsection. Jackman grabs the back of Rancid’s head and smacks it against the turnbuckle. KillaCrowe comes up behind Jackman and gets an elbow in the chin for his troubles. James: Jackman turns and drops Crowe with a falling clothesline. As Jackman, stands his met with a punch from Lee who then jumps spins and lands a leg torso flip! Lee gets Jackman up, tosses him to the ropes, and follows up with a dropkick to the knee and Jackman falls outside through the second rope. KillaCrowe nails Chris in the back of the head, dropping him. Crowe runs, hits the opposite ropes, runs again, and FLIES over the top rope and lands a suicide dive right onto Jackman!

John: Holy Snikies,

James: This is turning out to be almost a cruiserweight battle here!

John: Where is Real Deal when you need him?

James: Crowe gets Jackman to his feet but does not see Rancid who is on the apron. Rancid hops and pulls himself above the top rope and lands an Asia Moon Sault on both men!

John: That was another great move!

James: All three men, dazed, stand at the same time but Chris Lee pulls on the top rope and lands a 450 plancha – OH MY GOD!

John: Eh, that is, also known as Kid Kash.

James: After a few seconds three, Jackman, Rancid, and Chris Lee stand. All three men are very dazed and one by one get into the ring on their own accord. Chris Lee stands but is greeted by Jackman who knocks him down with a dropkick. Jackman gets Chris to his feet and hits the release fisherman’s suplex! Jackman runs to follow for the pin-



James: Rancid pulls Jackman off, breaking the count! Rancid gets Jackman to his feet and goes for a kick but Jackman blocks, catching the leg, and sweeps Rancid to the ground. Jackman, still holding Brown’s leg, rolls over for a one-legged roll over pin-



Kick Out!

John: Jackman goes up top, jumps and lands a fist directly to Rancid’s head!

James – It looks like these two men are the only ones capable of wrestling anymore!

John – KillaCrowe is out cold on the outside still, and Lee received the fisherman’s suplex and has not moved since!

[Jackman gets Rancid to his feet and calls for The Blackout. Jackman locks it on but suddenly Rancid rolls him up for a small package…



Two 1/2′

Two 1/3′

Kick Out!


John: Rancid stands and spins, same with Jackman, Rancid ducks a clothesline from Jackman and Jackman ducks a spinning heel kick from Rancid. Jackman goes for a super kick which Rancid ducks followed by Rancid going for a hurricurrana but Jackman reverses into a power bomb for a pin…



James: Kick Out! Jackman slaps the mat, goes onto the apron, and looks to be going for a springboard but out of nowhere; Rancid runs and nails him in the face. Rancid stands on the top rope, springboards, comes down, looks to be going for some kind of split legged moon Sault, but turns and locks his legs around Jackman’s head and hurricanrana’s him off the apron!!!!!!!]

James: Pardon my French – HOLY SHIT!


James: Chris Lee stands and is, met by a STIFF super kick from Rancid. Rancid gets him to his feet takes him over to the ropes, straps him up, and Manuel Lynching rope choke out submission hold! As it is on the ropes, the ref tells Rancid to break but Rancid will not and the ref has to make the count. At the fourth count, Rancid finally let us go but pulls Chris to the middle of the ring for the pin-




John: Chris Lee kicks out! He is up, albeit in some pain, Rancid turns around, EGO KILLER! THERE IS THE EGO KILLER!

James: OH MY GOD,


James: Cover,




{"Fuel My Fire" hits the speakers as the fans erupt.}


Mask for Glory Match for the DOJO Championship Title Sebastian Crow v. the Trench-Coated Figure

James: Folks, our next match will be one for the ages. It is choke slam verses choke slam. Mask verses Glory. That is right – our next match is Sebastian Crow verses the Trench-Coated Figure. I tell you John, there is some history between these two. My question is will we finally be able to find out WHO the Trench-Coated Figure is?

John: That is a good question, James. I, along with the entire SHOOT roster have been wondering this for months! Who is the Trench-Coated Figure? Tonight, we may finally gain a little access to who it is.

James: I agree with you, John. And, as I said, there is a large sum of rivalry between these two.

**Ding, Ding, Ding**

{Ring Announcer: Compare stands in the ring, with a microphone in hand.}

Compare: God, I have a stupid name. Our next match is, scheduled for one-fall and is, sanctioned for a 60-minute time limit! I will say the rules once and only once so listen up! If our SHOOT Presario, Sebastian Crow wins the match tonight – he wins the DOJO Championship, a shot to fight for the World Heavyweight Title, and the Trench-Coated Figure must reveal him or herself next Sunday on Oblivion. However, if Sebastian Crow loses, and the Trench-Coated Figure does happen to win – God help us, then the Trench-Coated Figure retains his DOJO Championship, earns a shot for the World Heavyweight Title, and Sebastian Crow will retire from wrestling forever.

John: Sebastian Crow – retiring from SHOOT (Dramatic Pause), FOREVER!

James: Relax John; it is only to set the mood. Sebastian will pull through – I hope.

John: He had better or I will pull commentator kung-fu on this Trench person’s ass.

James: Right John, that is interesting.

{“The Ecstasy of Gold” by METALLICA blares over the pa speakers as the fans erupt from their seats in applause. Cheers come from the hundreds of fans in attendance. All the sudden, we see Sebastian Crow walk down the ramp-way.}

Compare: Introducing first, he is from Los Angeles, California. He weighs in at 336 pounds, standing at a height of 7’1 – he has been a former SHOOT Project Iron Fist champion – SEBASTIAN CROW!

{Sebastian Crow enters the ring. He works his arm muscles and sighs, watching the front entrance carefully, awaiting his opponent for tonight – the Trench-Coated Figure. There is a strong sense of silence throughout the factory but still, Sebastian Crow keeps his eyes on the curtains. After a minute, the lights dim through the factory and there is a chill through the air “The God that Failed” by METALLICA blares over the pa speakers as cold, white-powdered smoke rises from the stage vents.}

Compare: Introducing his opponent, I think he weighs in nearly 300-something pounds. He stands at a height of 7’1 and approaches us from the unknown – he is the current DOJO Champion – the TRENCH-COATED FIGURE!

John: What a name’, the Trench-Coated Figure’, it just rings out there, does it not.

James: The mysterious Trench-Coated Figure debuted on SHOOT entertainment several weeks ago. They have taken their toll on a confident winning streak, even by winning the DOJO Championship. They defend it tonight against their archrival, Sebastian Crow.

John: And the fight is on all ready, James! Sebastian Crow slides out of the ring and charges at the Trench-Coated Figure with a right hand, followed by a head-butt. He grabs a-hold of the Trench-Coated Figure and runs his body into the steel ring post. Excuse my word-usage James; I keep forgetting we do not know if the Trench-Coated Figure is a male or a female.

James: Oh, I am sure it is a male, John. Just look at the body on their figure.

John: The body does not necessary give off they are a male, James. Just take Nicole Bass for example.

James: Good point; Sebastian Crow grabs a-hold of the Trench-Coated Figure again and slides him in the ring. Sebastian lifts up the apron and pulls out a steel chair. Ah, the oldest trick in the book. Sebastian slides in the ring but the Trench-Coated Figure is all ready standing. They send a kick to Sebastian Crow’s gut, backing him against the ropes, and Irish whipping him to the other side. Sebastian comes back and the Trench-Coated Figure hits a beautiful sidewalk slam. The Trench-Coated Figure goes for an early cover.


Kick out’

John: Ah, hell no, that is TOO early!

James: Now, the Trench-Coated Figure brings Sebastian to his feet and Irish whips him to the turnbuckle. The Trench-Coated Figure follows it up with an elbow to the jaw, followed by another. They start climbing the turnbuckle and there are the punches!









John: Wait a second, James – Sebastian Crow just hit the Trench-Coated Figure’s gut, followed by a punch to the face. The Trench-Coated Figure fell on their back, Sebastian climbs the turnbuckle, and he strikes Trench Coat in the heart with an elbow! Wow, that is great highflying potential for Sebastian Crow. With him being a man of his size.

James: Now, Sebastian Crow goes for a cover. Can he put the Trench-Coated Figure away?

John: Hell no James, this is still too early in the match-up. But heck, he can try!


Kick out’

John: Do you see what I mean?

James: Sebastian goes for the mask on Trench Coat. Trench Coat is trying to cover up, fighting Sebastian for the mask. The Trench-Coated Figure rises up and knuckles Sebastian in-between the eyes. Sebastian falls to his back. The Trench-Coated Figure stands to his feet; he brings Sebastian up, and strikes him with a Vertical suplex! Sebastian Crow is down. The Trench-Coated Figure stares up at the rafters – I wonder what is up there?

John: I do not know. He grabs a-hold of Sebastian Crow and tosses him through the ropes. The Trench-Coated Figure follows Sebastian Crow as Sebastian stands to his feet. The Trench-Coated Figure goes to grab Sebastian again but Sebastian Crow hits him with a hard blow to the face! Sebastian reaches behind a guardrail and picks up a camera – wait a second, he flashes the light in Trench Coat’s eyes and hands it back to the owner! Now, Sebastian Crow picks up a steel chair and strikes Trench Coat over the head! We can hear Sebastian Crow curse him out, “That should keep you dazed for a while, you dumb fuck!”

James: However, the Trench-Coated Figure stands back to his feet. Sebastian still has the steel chair and he smashes it across Trench Coat’s head again – followed by another shot – and another. Sebastian stands back and he charges the steel chair in the Trench-Coated Figure’s gut from the side of the chair! He sets the chair down and sets Trench up for some sort of move. What will it be? Will it be a power bomb? ‘Or, could it be a pile driver?

John: I do not know’, how about neither? The Trench-Coated Figure just back flipped Sebastian Crow on the steel ramp-way. Look at those fans, James; they are truly showing the Trench-Coated Figure he is number one!

James: Yes, I do not think the Trench-Coated Figure cares though. He brings Sebastian back to his feet and walks him up the steel ramp-way into the back.

John: The camera’s follow through the curtains as we see Sebastian Crow elbow back into the Trench-Coated Figure’s chest; Sebastian reaches back and slams the Trench-Coated Figure into the wall. He brings the Trench-Coated Figure to his feet; he sets him in between his legs, and hits a pile driver on the concrete floor!

James: Sebastian Crow wonders off as the Trench-Coated Figure scurries to their feet. Sebastian Crow knocks off shit from a table and sets it up. He turns around and the Trench-Coated Figure charges at him with a shot to the forehead with a ring-bell! The Trench-Coated Figure clobbers over him, sending rights to his forehead, trying to open up a wound!

John: The Trench-Coated Figure grabs a-hold of Sebastian Crow again and walks him to another door, kicking it open; they go the stairs’, where is the Trench-Coated Figure taking him?

James: Camera’s are following them. This is madness John! Hold up a second – they arrived on that 30-height platform above our stage! They are fighting like mad animals, 30-feet in the air – sending lefts and rights to one another’s forehead! Sebastian Crow stammers back, holds his balance though. And – OH MY GOD – THE TRENCH-COATED FIGURE SWUNG AND THEY FELL 30-FEET OFF GROUND THROUGH THAT WOODEN TABLE!

John: That is it – this person is dead!

James: Sebastian Crow watches down at the Trench-Coated Figure – and, oh my God, he better not be thinking what I think he is thinking!






**Ding, Ding, Ding**

{“The Ecstasy of Gold” by METALLICA blares over the pa speakers as the fans erupt.}


Backstage Footage

{The man KillaCrowe hired to get rid of the body is, seen in a black car. He is leaving the area where the show is being, held. He pulls out and begins to travel north. He travels about five miles before reaching the hotel that KillaCrowe had spoken’, of. He parked the car and got out. He entered the hotel and sure enough, an elevator was right near the entrance to the hotel. Therefore, he pressed the button and awaited the arrival of it. When it arrived a few people got off, but only he got in. He punched in the button for floor number four and the elevator doors closed as it began to move upward. When the doors opened, he left the elevator and turned left. He followed the hall, all the while reading the room numbers on his left. He passed by room 120 as he was, ordered. He continued down the hall. He arrived at the flight of stairs KillaCrowe had spoken of and went down them. Sure enough, he was in the poolroom. He looked to his left and saw the neon green bag that KillaCrowe had spoken’, of. He opened the side pouch and pulled out the room key and Master Card. He closed the side pocket back up and returned to the flight of stairs. He then followed the hall again and stopped at room 120. He slid the key into the slot and opened the door. He closed the door behind him and looked around the room.}

Man: Jesus, this person lived like an animal.

{After saying this, he spotted the closet door. He opened it up only to see Gina’s body. He put the body in a big black bag he was carrying and zippered it up. He then carried the bag to the door and opened it before tossing the bag outside the door. He closed the door behind him and carelessly left the key in the door still. He began dragging the bag behind him as he continued down the hall. He got in the elevator again and took it down to floor one. He continued dragging the bag out of the building and then to his car. He popped the trunk open and threw the bag in. He closed the trunk back up and got in the driver’s seat. He traveled only a little while up the road before he pulled over and got out of the car. He was, parked at a dark alleyway. He opened the trunk and took the bag out. He dragged it down the alleyway until he reached a dumpster. He opened it up and tossed the body in, and then he returned to his car. He got in and drove off to the bank. He withdrew the cash and then decided he wanted to rest now. So he returned to the area where Redemption was being, hosted and began to search for KillaCrowe. Sure enough, he found him in the same room they had talked in before.}

Man: What are you still doing in my room?

KillaCrowe: I knew you would come back looking for me (Pause), and the rest of the money. Do you have the proof that I asked for?

Man: Shit, I knew I forgot something. Earlier you said you could tell when someone was lying, so how bout I tell you what I did with the body and you give me the money when you realize I am not lying.

KillaCrowe: Fine, what did you do with the body?

Man: Well, let us just say the body is swimming with the fishes.

KillaCrowe: You lying sack of shit, There is no way you could have brought the body out across a body of water, dumped it, and made it back here already. What, the hell did you do with the body?

Man: I just told you. I dumped it in the water.

{KillaCrowe shot the man in the left shoulder with the gun. The man was crying and screaming in pain.}

KillaCrowe: Shut up or I will shoot you again.

{The cries and screams continued, but they did become quieter.}

KillaCrowe: Now, tell me. What did you do with the body?

Man: I just dumped it in a dumpster in a dark alleyway. It is an alley where a gang hangs out so if the body is, found the gang will be, blamed for the murder. You will be long out of town for Oblivion by the time the body is, found, though.

KillaCrowe: You stupid son of a bitch, you dumped it in a fucking dumpster. Jesus. I knew I should not have trusted you.

{KillaCrowe shot the man right in the head and now all his crying has stopped. The man was dead. KillaCrowe continued talking to himself.}

KillaCrowe: What am I going to do? If that body is, found, I am a goner. Fuck! Jesus Christ. I need to get out of here.

{KillaCrowe again puts the gun in his back pocket and leaves. The scenes then switch to the next match.}

Ring of Fire Match

World Heavyweight Title

Skull v. “The Real Deal” Josh Johnson

{The cameras cut to the parking lot, where Real Deal Josh Johnson is already awaiting his match. Back in the building Ring Announcer Compare speaks into the microphone.}

Ring Announcer’ Compare: The next contest is a specially gimmick match. This match is, called Skull’s Ring Of Fire Match. Here is how it shall be, done. Nick "Skull" Davis and Real Deal Josh Johnson will be in the middle of the parking lot. A gasoline fueled ten feet high ring of fire will surround them. The two men will have Tai boxing wraps on their hands and feet. Glued to the wraps will be nails and broken pieces of glass. The only way to win this match is to knock your opponent out and throw them into the fire, where our trained medical professionals are awaiting with fire extinguishers to put you out. If for any reason a man is, thrown into the fire and is still conscious, they will put the flames out on that man’s body, and then the match will continue. As you can see, Real Deal is already in the parking lot. Now all we need is Skull and we can start this unusual match.

{Just then, the door opens to a black Chevy Nova and Skull steps out. Josh Johnson is looking towards the building awaiting Skull’s entrance.}

John: Look James, Skull is already in the parking lot.

James: I do not think Josh Johnson knows this.

{When Skull slams the car door shut, The Real Deal turns around.}

Real Deal: Where is she Skull?

James: As I am sure, everyone remembers this match is not only for the World Title but also for the freedom of Tara Sexton.

John: That is right James. I do not think there has ever been a match with such high stakes as this one is tonight.

Skull: Do not worry. She is around here somewhere. I told you; if you win then you get her back

Real Deal: I thought I lost her once before, I WILL NOT lose her again damn it!

Skull: Then let us do this shit!

John: It looks like we are ready to begin finally. Skull walks away from the car towards Josh Johnson, his Tai boxing wraps already in place. Passing the medics with fire extinguishers ready, the two men never take their eyes off each other. The referee calls both men over to a bucket of broken glass and nails he is holding. The ref pours the glue onto the wraps, and then Josh Johnson places his hands and feet into the bucket. This causes an arsenal of glass and nails to become his weapons for the evening. Skull places his hands in first, then his left foot. As he places his right foot into the bucket, Josh Johnson becomes tired of waiting and throws a straight punch to Skull’s chest.

James: Oh that cheating bastard,

John: (Question) Cheating, there is no cheating in this match. Besides James, Skull has everything coming to him tonight.

James: As his chest is cut open he backs up a few feet from the bucket. The ref grabs the bucket and leaves the ring of gasoline. Performing his pretty much last official job for this match, he lights the gasoline. The gas ignites. A wall of flames surrounding the two men stands a good ten feet tall. The Real Deal looked to the fire as ignited, giving Skull a split second advantage, which he uses well.

John: Skull leaps across the ring and brings his large knee into the midsection of Real Deal. As he doubles over, Skull delivers a brutal double axe-handle smash on the back of his head. This sends Real Deal to the ground, the back of his head cut open. Skull goes to stomp on his back, but Josh Johnson grabs Skull’s standing leg and pulls it out from underneath him. The Real Deal gets to his feet, holding the back of his head.

James: Someone get him some Aspirin!

John: Oh, shut up John. Josh allows Skull to get to his feet, and two squares off. Throwing lefts and right at each other, they take turns throwing punches. Real Deal throws a hook punch to Skull’s jaw, and then Skull throws an undercut to his chin. They cut each other open in several places, both men bleeding profusely.

John: This match just begun and it is already a bloody mess.

James: Finally, after several more punches are, thrown, Real Deal kicks Skull in the kneecap, causing him to go down to one knee. Real Deal backs up, and delivers a brutal kick to Skull’s face.

James: Damn he is going to feel that in the morning!

John: If he makes it that long-

James: Skull flies backwards from the kick, causing him to land in the fire. Real Deal laughs as the medics rush over. Skull stands up and walks back in the ring, his clothes on fire. He stands there with a haunting look in his eyes, as three medics put out the fire ring with their extinguishers, and two medics put the flames out on Skull’s clothes. Real Deal stops laughing when he sees Skull stand there burning, and not seemingly noticing.

John: OH my god looks at that freak. He is just standing there!

James: He has focused John. He knows the medics will put out the flames so why panic.

John: After the flames are all, extinguished, the ref pours a fresh ring of gasoline. Real Deal and Skull stand there staring each other down, while the ref relights the fire.

James: As the fire relights, the match continues. Real Deal starts walking towards Skull, but is stopped when Skull leaps, bringing his large knee into the solo-plexus of Josh Johnson. Josh drops the ground gasping for air. Skull lifts his right foot, slices the glass, and nails across Josh Johnson’s forehead, cutting him open. The blood drips down into his eyes as he still gasps for air and coils back from the blow. Skull takes a few steps back and turns sideways. He stands there waiting for Josh Johnson, who finally begins to get to his feet. Skull delivers a powerful Step-In-Side Kick hitting Josh in the stomach. Josh flies backwards a few feet, nearly landing in the fire.

John: Damn that was close! Josh Johnson rolls around in pain as Skull walks slowly over to him. When he gets within reach, Josh Johnson sweeps Skull’s legs sending him down to the ground. Josh Johnson slowly gets to his feet and paces around, trying to shake off some of the soreness. Skull gets to his knees when Josh Johnson starts walking towards him. Skull charges at full speed, spearing Josh Johnson. Skull carries Johnson several feet in the spear dropping him in the fire.

James: That is it is over! We have a new World Champion!

John: No so fast James’, Remember you have to knock your opponent out first Johnson is still coherent.

James: Josh Johnson quickly jumps out of the fire, but he is already burning. The medics put the ring of fire out and rush Johnson to the ground putting out the flames on his body. Skull stands there laughing. The flames are, extinguished. The gasoline is, poured once again and relights continuing the match. Skull walks over to Real Deal who is still lying on the ground. Skull reaches over to pick him up. Wait a minute; Josh Johnson hits him with a powerful uppercut to the chin! The nails and glass dig into Skull’s chin cutting him open yet again.

John: Skull lays there for a minute, while Josh Johnson slowly gets to his feet.

John: The pain is evident in both men now James.

James: Well this match has certainly taken it is toile on these two.

John: Josh Johnson walks over and picks Skull up by his long blood soaked black hair. Josh Johnson goes for a Vertical Suplex, but Skull blocks it. He tries again and again Skull blocks it by wrapping his leg around Johnson’s leg. Josh Johnson hits Skull in the ribs then goes for the Vertical Suplex one more time. This time he pulls it off perfectly, causing Skull to fall to the ground rather hard. Skull slowly gets up to his feet only to be, knocked, back down with a Bulldog Clothesline. Josh Johnson steps backwards.

James: It looks like Josh Johnson is setting up the Super Kick.

John: Skull gets to his feet and turns around towards Johnson. Johnson steps forward and throws his leg out for his Super Kick, but Skull catches his leg.

John: Yes, it was the Super Kick. However, Skull caught his leg.

James: Oh, this cannot be good.

John: Skull waists no time in slamming his nail and glass covered hand down hard on Johnson’s kneecap. Johnson falls to the ground holding his kneecap as it is bleeding.

James: Skull walks over and sits on Johnson’s chest. He begins pounding away at Johnson’s face with a fury of lefts and rights. The nail and broken glass slashing Johnson’s face; Johnson slams his fist into Skull’s ribs and pushes him over. Johnson gets up and stomps away at Skull’s ribs, cutting him open even more with each kick. Both of these men are going to need blood transfusions by time this is, over. They are trying to kill each other. Skull reaches up in a desperate move and hits Johnson in the nuts. You do not need a description to know what that glass and nails do to his nuts.

John: Oh, that had to hurt. Talk about a cheap shot!

James: Hey, anything goes in this match remember?

John: Johnson drops to his knees holding his crotch in pain. Skull gets up to his feet and laughs at Johnson. Skull backs up and goes for a spear. Johnson ducks to the ground and Skull dives right over his head. He almost rolls into the fire but stops himself at the last minute.

James: Damn another near collision with the fire,

Johnson gets up to his feet.

John: Holy shits look James!

{The trunk to Skull’s car opens up.}

James: Oh my god it is Tara. She is here.

{Tara steps out of the trunk and looks around. She sees the ring of fire and walks over towards it. She begins screaming Johnson’s name.}

John: He can hear her but I do not think he knows where she is.

{Josh Johnson is looking around for the source of the yells. At last, Johnson sees Tara and begins running over to her.}

James: He needs to keep his mind on Skull.

John: Come on James. He has not seen Tara in weeks. How can he keep his mind on the match?

{Johnson stops running at the last minute before hitting the fire. Tara is holding out her arm, and Josh Johnson is trying to reach her, but the flames are to hot.}


James: I told you he should concentrate on Skull.

{Skull slowly walks up behind Josh Johnson whose attention is fully on Tara. Skull grabs the back of his neck, and before he realizes it, Josh Johnson is flying through the air.}


{Johnson is, hoisted up over Skull’s shoulders and lands face first into the ground, his Adams apple crushing into Skull’s bicep.}

James: The Real Deal is out cold!

John: We know what comes after the Skullplex!

{Skull lifts Josh Johnson’s lifeless body to his feet and places his head between his legs. Skull lifts him up and holds him above his head. Skull walks over to the fire, directly in front of Tara so she can see what is to come.}

John: Wait James look, Real Deal was playing possum!

{Josh Johnson is, positioned on top of Skull’s shoulder and pounding away at his head.}

James: The big man is teetering!

{Skull stagers backwards several feet and lets go of Josh Johnson’s legs.}


James: I have never seen a counter like that before!

{Josh Johnson leaps behind Skull, over his head and grabs his neck. On his way to the ground, Johnson snaps in a modified The Art of the Deal. ‘, slamming his face down into the concrete.}

Josh Johnson tries to lift Skull’s lifeless body but he is too heavy.

James: He is out cold!

John: Yeah but it looks like Josh is too tired to lift up the big man.

{Josh Johnson is, indeed to worn out to lift the unconscious 375 pound-man to his feet. Instead, he just rolls Skull into the fire.}

James: THAT IS IT! Josh Johnson wins!

{The medics put out the fires immediately as Josh Johnson drops to his knees. Tara rushes over to him and helps him to his feet. The two embrace like never before.}

John: That is what this whole thing was about James.

James: Yeah the Real Deal put his life on the line for the love of Tara.

{The ref walks over and gives the title to Josh Johnson who put it is around Tara’s shoulder.}

James: Folks, what a night we have had – we will see you on Oblivion!

{The show slowly fades out.}

2001. SHOOT-Project-Entertainment

A Daniel Jones/Jason Johnson Production

Sunday, March 24, 2002 END.