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Redemption 2008

The darkened horizon of Las Vegas, Nevada is seen first. A slow pan crosses it, the sun setting behind.  As the picturesque scene is taken in “The Ecstasy of Gold” by Metallica begins, the powerful instrumental obviously acting as the driving force.

“In life, many times we are wronged.  Many times we are stolen from. Robbed of what we believe belongs to us.”

The sun sets all the way, leaving Las Vegas in a state of darkness.

“More often than not, action is not taken. The crime committed is left unpunished.  The goal, the dream, left unfulfilled.  For others, however, REDEMPTION is what is sought.  REDEMPTION is the only way to make things right.

Suddenly the darkness is broken up by clips of the SHOOT Project soldiers battling it out over the past few months.  The clip suddenly becomes specific, surrounded in a golden hue as we see Benjamin Biggs and Kilgore Stochansky battling it out.

”For some, the way to Redemption is by breaking free of that which confines you.  Breaking out of the cage that keeps you from your end goal.

Dave Dymond: Kilgore Stochansky may be the champion, but Benjamin Biggs has the belt!

Other Guy: And this one goes to a whole new level as the two step inside a fifteen foot high STEEL CAGE!

A shot of a cage lowering over an empty ring is seen as the music picks up.  The shot of the cage fades to the Soldiers battling it out again, a sea of many of them all in the ring at the same time.  Again another bit of footage is isolated.  This time Cade Sydal and Donovan King are seen glaring at one another inside the squared circle.

“For others, it is a matter of til death do they part.  And Redemption will not be had until the other is no longer standing.

Cade Sydal: You want to fight me like a man, then I’m game for whatever fucking match you want!

Donovan King: If the ball’s in my court, the answer’s simple. If dis is about real life, den we can have ourselves a good old fashioned DEATH MATCH.

We see slower moving shots that contrast the epic instrumental done up Metallica of King bloodying up Cade, and in turn Cade laying it to Donovan King in tag team action.  Then it goes back once again to the footage of countless of SHOOT Project soldiers battling it out, not one particular fighter can be clearly made out though.  Again footage is isolated by being surrounded in a golden hue, and this time we see Corazon assaulting Del Carver time and time again.

“For two men the path to Redemption winds through a HOUSE OF PAIN.  Where the stakes go beyond winning and losing, and man’s very career is placed in jeopardy.”

Del Carver: Nobody knows the Hardcore House of Pain like I KNOW the Hardcore House of Pain!

Corazon: I am brutal… inhuman. And this is your final fight, Del Carver!

We see shots of the Hardcore House of Pain being constructed outside of the Thomas and Mack arena, and the footage of the countless of fighters battling it out inside one wrestling ring fades in again, as it is the constant footage that shows throughout the opening video… the fight very much in time with the instrumental song.

“And for THREE men, Redemption is in the prize they all so desperately want to hold.  THE SHOOT PROJECT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!”

The isolated footage are three separate clips.  First seen is Jun Kenshin winning the world heavyweight championship. Then seen is Trevor Worrens’s past victory over Ray Willmott from Uprising, and the last bit of footage shown is Roland Caldwell taking down Christopher Davis.

Dave Dymond: It is the biggest prize in this sport, and these three men will stop at NOTHING to call it their own.

Other Guy: Can Jun Kenshin remain the champion, or will Worrens start his second reign… or worse, does Roland Caldwell take SHOOT Project into the dark ages?

The footage of Kenshin, Worrens, and Caldwell all seem to play simultaneously now, coming together into one blur… and now what used to be background footage to the shots that were focused on, takes up the entire screen.  The battling SHOOT Project Soldiers.

“But for many, the only way for Redemption is to go through one’s peers.  Only one can stand on his own, and all others must fall.

The battling continues as the music gets even louder.

“Over 40 men will enter, ONLY one will walk away. It is the 2008 REDEMPTION RUMBLE!

The footage suddenly cuts… the screen is black.

“Who will get what they desire? Who will walk away with heads held high? Who will survive?


“Live from the Thomas and Mack Center and only on Pay Per View, this is REDEMPTION!

And we open live into the SOLD OUT Thomas and Mack Center, where standing room only is the only option, and even then it would be a tight squeeze.  The usual Revolution set is replaced by sleek, golden set-up of two large pillars on each side of the word REDEMPTION in gold plated lettering, which runs across the top of the set. The R and N the size of the pillars themselves, and the actual entryway is in between the two legs of the “R” with a black curtain hanging in the gap.   Gold and silver pyrotechnics shoot off from the tops of the two pillars and the ramp way to the ring is alternating panels of gold and silver as well.

Dave Dymond: (from ringside) It is sold out, it is high energy, it is a SHOOT Project classic.  Folks, we are live in Las Vegas for Redemption!

The cameras capture many of the SHOOT Project faithful in attendance. They come with their excitement and of course their homemade signs.  Another round of pyrotechnics shoot off while “The Ecstasy of Gold” plays loudly, the powerful music adding to the high energy!

Other Guy: (from ringside) it is so loud in here right now, Dave, I can’t even hear myself THINK about what I’m gonna say next, it’s wild. And if you’re watchin on Pay Per View, thanks for joinin’ us too, but I’m telling ya all, it’s insane right now!

The camera finally comes to rest on Dave Dymond and Other Guy at ringside.  Cool Redemption name graphics appear under them for a moment, and then come to vanish.

Dave Dymond: Insane might be an under statement, Other Guy. These fans are above and beyond excited and we haven’t even gotten to our first match.  But what a night, what a night of physical brutality in store for our fans.

Other Guy: No kddin. Cage match, Death Match, The Hardcore House of Pain… WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP three way dance, and to top it all off, over forty SHOOT Project fighters battling it out for a chance at the big time.

Dave Dymond:The Redemption Rumble returns tonight and it has been FOUR years since the last rumble match, so definitely a historic night, and from what I’m hearing, some old SHOOT Project alum have come out specifically for that.

Other Guy: I CANNOT wait, but just like all the cats here, all the cats in the back, and all them watchin’ at all home, we’re gonna have to wait. Because Redemption has JUST begun!

The focus shifts now to above the ring where the fifteen foot high steel cage looms high overhead.

Dave Dymond: And tonight it all starts with the Laws of Survival Championship.  Benjamin Biggs, Kilgore Stochansky… inside THAT Steel cage!


The first thing we see is the backstage of Thomas and Mack, and then Benjamin Biggs. He’s dressed for his match, and seems to be thinking deep in concentration, prayer, or meditation. His head is bowed, but he looks up in anger when he hears the footsteps of his competitor for the evening: Kilgore Stochansky. Clad in his usual prematch tracksuit, he pauses and looks at Benji, who for his part clutches the Laws of Survival title a little tighter. Kilgore looks very happy, somewhat uncharacteristically, and he pats Biggs on the shoulder.

Kilgore: Hey, Benji Biggs! Seriously, good luck out there.

Biggs rolls his eyes, and snorts somewhat.

Benjamin: Right… sure… whatever you say. Look, I know you don’t mean it. I think we got passed the point of playing games. So why don’t you just shut up and save your shit for the cage.

Kilgore leans back, raising his hands up, a shocked look on his face.

Kilgore: Why, now, Benjamin…! I’m hurt by words like that. You know what? This is a big match. For Both of us. And I was just trying to wish my fellow competitor a bit of luck before hand…but now I’m not even sure if I feel like it.

Biggs laughs and makes a very mocking pouty face.

Benjamin: Did I hurt your feelings, Kilgy? Awww… I guess it’s the Black Sheep dickishness inside me. Look, I’ll make it up to you. Here.

Dragonfly tosses the title belt directly into Kilgore’s chest, not hard enough to cause any injury, but with enough force to make some type of point.

Benjamin: Have it. I want you to have it in your possession when I TAKE it away from you tonight.

Stochansky’s smile drops, and he gliowers at Benji with hate in his eyes.

Kilgore: Now, Benjamin…you’re being prideful. It doesnt look good on you. I’d stop that, were I you, before you piss someone off and they decide to make you shut up.

His dark countenance changes to a cheery one.

Kilgore: Of course, then you’d slip even further into criminality…what’ll be next? Male prostitution? Stealing prescription drugs from old women? Heroin? I mean, the sky is truly the limit for Benjamin Biggs…

Biggs just laughs and shakes his head.

Benjamin: You really have an imagination, Kilgore. I’ll give you that. Maybe you can use that imagination after you lose the title to me… maybe some network will pick up that children’s reading show of yours… maybe NAMBLA has their own network… I wouldn’t really know. But one thing, Kilgore… don’t get MY belt too dirty from now until the cage match. I don’t want your staled cheese stench over it when I walk away with it.

Kilgore smiles, then walks a little too close and shoves the title into Benji’s chest.

Kilgore: No. Buddy, I insist. Hold on to it for just a little while longer. Say your goodbyes. Because…what was it, Eloise? Well, she wont be seeing you anymore. Especially after you leave that cage mauled.

Benjamin sneered, letting his anger show in his face.

Benjamin: At least I’ll be leaving the cage, Stochansky. You, on the other hand… won’t be leaving on your two feet. So step off, bitch, and get that fucking Furby you call a moustache away from my FACE.

Kilgore: Man, why do we fight so much? Huh? Why cant it just be two friends, competiting? Come on in for the real thing, Benji…

The Champion goes in for a hug, cuasing Biggs to tense up.

Benjamin: Don’t. Fucking. Touch…

At that Moment, Kilgore hauls off and kicks Benjamin’s left leg out from under him at the knee!! Benji drops to the ground, yelling in pain. Kilgore laughs directly at him as he screams in pain.

Kilgore: Know another way to say good luck, pal? Break a Leg!!

He hauls off and soccer-style kicks the side of Benjamin’s knee, causing the former Lyger Kid to scream in pain once more.

Kilgore: See what I did there? Get it? Haha…see you out there.

Stochansky walks off, leaving Benji to scramble to his feet, still holding the title. We cut away…


We cut to the ring, where we can see the cage being lowered. As soon as the cage hit’s the floor and is locked into place, “Genesis” By Justice hit’s the arena’s PA, and the lights cut out. Amidst the pitch black darkness, a bright spotlight emerges, showing Kilgore Stochansky. He looks severe, to match the tone of the music…and as soon as the music switches to the happy French electro sound, the arena lights fill up with strobe, and Kilgore begins his strut to the ring.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following Laws of Survival Title match is set for one fall. Introducing first, from Verona, New Jersey…He is Six foot Five inches tall, and weighs Two-Hundred and Fifty Pounds…Your LAWS OF SURVIVAL CHAMPION…KILGORE STOCHANSKY!!

Stochansky smiles and struts, despite the near deafening boos that are filling the arena. He even attempts to give out some high fives, but no one’s taking the offer. He is undeterred, however, as Austin Linam lets him through the cage door.

Dave Dymond: If this is setting the tone for the rest of Redemption, then this is going to be one hell of an event. We’re Starting with a cage match!

Other Guy: You know, rarest of all occasions, I agree with you!

As Kilgore removes his beloved tracksuit, his entrance music is abruptly cut off. He looks to the entrance ramp with an expectant gleam in his eyes when “Misfit Love” By Queens of The Stone Age hit’s the speakers. The crowd immediately does a 180 degree turn, switching from boos and jeers to screams and cheers. Benjamin Biggs hobbles out to the entrance ramp, his leg obviously giving him problems. He doesn’t let it phase him, though, and has the look in his eyes of a determined man.

Samantha Coil: And, Introducing his opponent. From San Francisco, California…He is Five Feet, Nine Inches Tall, and weighs One-Hundred and Seventy-Nine Pounds…BENJAMIN BIGGS!!

At the calling of his name, Benji does pause his fast limp to the cage, long enough to break into a grin and raise the Laws of Survival Belt above his head. Needless to say, this spurs the crowd on even further.

Other Guy: Disgusting! He’s still running around like it’s his belt!

Dave Dymond: I cant say I’m the biggest fan of what he did, but it did get the job done: It got Kilgore to Man up and face him!

Austin Linam lets Benji, still clutching the title belt, in through the cage door. Kilgore, for his part, is leaning against the corner turnbuckle, a devious smile on his face as he watches Biggs hobble into the ring. “Misfit Love” cuts off, and The camera cuts to show Linam Locking the cage door with a large, circular padlock. Biggs tosses the title between the ring and the cage and tries stretching, rubbing his injured knee with a bit of a wince. Linam calls for the starting Bell, and Kilgore stands up straight, popping his neck. Benjamin eyes him with distrust, a mean scowl on his face. Kilgore, for his part, simply smiles and approaches the center of the ring. The crowd is buzzing as Benji approaches Kilgore, a slight limp still in his step. Kilgore can be seen yelling something and calling Biggs over to him, holding up one hand.

Dave Dymond: It looks like Kilgore is calling for a textbook lockup to start things off.

Other Guy: And it’ll happen, if Biggs will stop being such a pansy.

Benjamin slowly walks forward, a smirk creeping across his face. Kilgore continues to call for the lockup, smiling wide and nodding his head. Biggs walks a little closer–then breaks into a run! Kilgore immediately does an about-face and runs to the other side of the ring, leaping over the ropes and starting to climb the cage! The crowd screams as Benji tries to catch up to him on his bad leg!

Dave Dymond: Kilgore Might have the win right here!

Benji finally vaults off of his good leg and grabs Kilgore around the waist! Both men are clinched onto the side of the cage: Kilgore is holding on for dear life, as Biggs cinches his arms around the big man’s waist, using his lower body for leverage.

Dave Dymond: That’s close to 180 pounds of dead weight! Stochansky cant hold on for much longer!

Other Guy: Benjamin Biggs needs to either put up or forfeit this match!

Kilgore screams and tries to redouble his grip–But falls! Screams fill the arena as both men come crashing to the mat! Benji rolls off to the side and gets up quickly, But Kilgore is about a second behind him. Both men are on their feet, and Biggs is right on the ball, nailing Kilgore in the face with a left hook! Kilgore reels back, but responds with a huge overhand chop! Benji clutches his chest as a few smattered “Whoo!” cries fill the arena. Biggs steps up and responds with his own knife edge chop. Kilgore screams and responds with his overhand version!! Benji, this time, grits his teeth but stands still, giving Kilgore a moment to pause…before nailing him with another overhand chop!! Benji doesn’t back down, and the crowd cheers in approval!!

Other Guy: Benji needs to back down here! His chest is beet red!

Dave Dymond: He’s trying to prove that his will is stronger than Kilgore’s! But at what cost?

Kilgore unleashes another chop, causing Benji to back up a bit, but he wont recoil! Kilgore finally shrugs and telegraphs a BIG left hook–Benji blocks, but it was just to distract him from the big low blow coming his way! Kilgore Connects, lifting Benji off of his feet a little, and Biggs falls to the mat, doubled over in pain! Kilgore’s on top of him, and lays two stiff boots to Benji’s bad knee before climbing the corner to gloat, causing boos to fill Thomas and Mack.

Dave Dymond: Benjamin Biggs is down thanks to some very dirty tactics by Stochansky–although I cant say that I’m shocked!

Other Guy: Like the big man says, he’s just leveling the playing field–Don’t hate the player, Davey!

Benjamin slowly gets himself to his feet–or rather, foot, as he’s favoring his good knee at the moment. Kilgore pops down off the turnbuckle, and find himself face to face with a very pissed Benjamin Biggs! Both Men lock up immediately, and Kilgore uses his size to gain an advantage over his smaller foe. Kilgore Brings a knee right into Benjamin’s But, then takes him to the mat the a quick Belly to Belly Suplex! Benji rolls through with it and gets to his feet just as Kilgore does, the throw apparently not fazing him! Benji gets a slight run going and leaps into the air–Nailing Stochansky right in the chin with a flying forearm!! The Crowd pops for this, and Benji rolls to his feet!!

Dave Dymond: We could be seeing a turning Point here–Biggs seems to have the upper hand!

Other Guy: Just a momentary surge! Kilgore’ll be back on top, trust me!

Kilgore hazily gets to his feet, the blow having knocked him a bit loopy. He makes a beeline for Biggs, But Benji is ready for him and tries to meet him with a Gut kick–But Kilgore catches his leg! Kilgore tries to sweep his other leg out from under him–But Benji leaps off of his bad knee and NAILS Kilgore across the side of his head with an enzugiri!! Kilgore drops to the mat, face first, and Benji drops to a sitting position, clutching his knee!

Other Guy: Benji’s corner needs to throw in the towel, he’s obviously hurt!

Dave Dymond: He’s out there trying to prove himself, seemingly at any cost–including sacrificing his mobility! You Have to respect that!

Benji stands up slowly, the crowd urging him on. Kilgore seems to be laid out, and Benji is visually torn about what to do–he finally decides on one of two options and moves to the turnbuckle! The crowd’s volume kicks up markedly as he slowly gets to the top rope, his knee giving him some trouble. As he reaches the top, Kilgore kips up and runs to him faster than he can react, showing surprising speed!! The crowd screams as Kilgore lets loose with a wild uppercut, catching Biggs right in the mouth!! Stochansky steps up to the second turnbuckle and sets Benji on his shoulder, pulling his wrist through his own legs…And Vaults off!! Benji Lands DIRECTLY On his head as both men crash to the mat, and the screams erupt from the crowd!!

Dave Dymond: DEAD BENT! Dead Bent off of the TOP ROPE!! This has to be it!!

Kilgore rolls over in pain and drapes his arm over Benji’s chest…Linam slides to the mat and makes the count…




The Crowd Cheers as Kilgore slams the mat with his fist, then stands up to argue with Linam!! The Referee makes it quite clear that Biggs got a shoulder up. Kilgore is furious, but pauses to look at Benji, who is rolling around slowly, trying to get his bearings back. With an angry scowl on his face, Stochansky picks Biggs up by his hair and drags him to his feet. Biggs, still very dazed from the massive head dropping he got, can do nothing but follow Kilgore as he leads him to one of the walls of the cage. Kilgore stops short and spins Benji around in a hammer throw motion before Launching Him, head first, into the cage!! The crowds boos are almost deafening!

Other Guy: You see that, Double D? That’s called ingenuity! Using his surroundings to his advantage!

Dave Dymond: Even though I’m not the biggest fan of Stochansky’s, he’s simply dominating right now!!

Benjamin drops to the mat, and it’s apparent that he’s been busted open! The crowd screams as Kilgore hooks the leg…




Dave Dymond: Can you believe this?! Benjamin Biggs has been dropped on his head, his forehead has been busted open–but he will not be pinned!

Other Guy: He’s killing himself right now!

Dave Dymond: Killing himself? Kilgore’s the one doing all of the damage!

Kilgore stands up in a furious huff and glowers directly at Linam, who one again lets him know that Benji legitimately got the shoulder up. Kilgore stomps his feet on the mat in an angry tiff, then runs over to his tracksuit as if an idea has just hit him. He rummages through and comes up with his favorite pair of brass knuckles, causing the crowd to boo loudly. Kilgore steps up to the middle Turnbuckle and regards his hand, then points to Biggs’ still frame. The crowd’s boos become deafening as Kilgore leaps off of the turnbuckle and comes down with a fist drop–But Benji Rolls out of the Way!! Kilgore’s hand eats mat, and he immediately tosses the knuckles away, screaming in pain and clutching his hand!!

Dave Dymond: Did you see that?! Kilgore may have broken his hand!!

Other Guy: And look, Benji’s actually trying to get to his feet!!

Indeed he is, as Benji slowly gets to his feet, using the ropes for help. His knee is still bothering him, and blood has nearly drenched his entire face–but he doesn’t seem to be angry, or tired…his face, though crossed in pain, has a bit of a serene feel to it, as he stands up straight, the crowd cheering him on. Kilgore, though, is screaming in pain as he gets to his feet, holding his hand to his chest, his face beet red. Benji approaches Stochansky with a pronounced Limp, but his stride seems confident. Kilgore Begs off, backing up slowly as he does so, but Benji keeps advancing, and finally unleashes a HUGE Shotei Palm strike right into Kilgore’s Mug! Kilgore reels, and Benji keeps on him, nailing him in the face with a series of Palm Strikes!! The crowd volume increases with each one, and Benji Pauses before putting the exclamation point on–He leaps into the air and lands a wheel kick right into Kilgore’s face!! Kilgore drops to his back, and Benji gets up, gripping his knee in pain!

Dave Dymond: Benjamin Biggs showing that he is far from out of this fight!! His face is coated in blood, his knee is getting progressively worse, but he wont stop!!

Other Guy: But he needs to! This could be the type of performance that both defines and ends a career!

Dave Dymond: Was that just…relevant commentary from you? Wow!

Other Guy: Eat it, De Beers.

Benjamin limps to Kilgore’s laying form and Picks him up by the hair…He slaps on a front headlock and looks like he’s trying for a DDT, but Kilgore plants his feet, stalling the move! Benji settles for dropping to his knees, taking Kilgore with him and the fight to the mat. Kilgore struggles to get out of the hold, But Biggs cinches it in tight, gritting his teeth in the effort. Kilgore reaches up blindly, getting a hand on Benji’s face, trying to push him off–But Biggs wont let go! The big man takes his hand away from the smaller competitors face…then JAMS his thumb right into his forehead wound!! Benji releases the hold and backs off, gripping his head in pain!! The crowd’s boos are deafening as Kilgore stands up, trying to shake it all off. We can see that his nose is visibly broken from the series of palm strikes to the face, blood covering his moustache and lips.

Other Guy: Ha! See that?! Benji Dragonfly would have never thought of that, but Kilgore is smarter than the average wrestler!

Dave Dymond: Oh, it was a dirty blow and you know that, stop kissing ass!

Kilgore shakes his arm, trying to get the feeling back into his hurt hand. Benji gets to his feet, approaching the Big Man, who meets his halfway, and swings with a Clothesline, but Biggs ducks! Kilgore turns, a little too slow, and Benji is able to land a big kick to the gut! Benji hooks Kilgore’s arms and turns around so that the big bam is facing his back, head down. He looks to be going for some Impaler DDT variation, but Kilgore powers his arms out of the hold! Stochansky turns and brings Benji Down with a Chop Block! Benjamin is upended and falls to his back, clutching his knee!! The crowd screams, concerned for his safety, and Austin Linam walks over to check on that as well. Kilgore backs off momentarily, clutching his face in pain and spitting crimson from his mouth.

Dave Dymond: Referee Austin Linam checking to see if Benjamin Biggs is fit to continue…

Other Guy: Oh, he should have called this match a no contest a while back!

Benjamin Biggs keeps shaking his head no, and Linam stands up, nodding to the timekeepers table. Kilgore looks over to the ref, obviously shocked that the match hasn’t been stopped. Austin Linam shakes his head, and Kilgore looks up to the ceiling, trying to clear his head. He then looks directly at Benji, a light bulb seemingly having gone off…Kilgore turns and starts climbing the cage!

Dave Dymond: He might have it right here–Benjamin Biggs’ pride might have cost him the title!!

Benji looks over and sees this, as the crowd is screaming. Kilgore’s close to being halfway up the cage, his injured hand making the climb a lot slower than usual. Benji struggles, but gets to his feet…then runs to the ropes on the corner, leaps up, and vaults off of them–Benji Flies through the air and lands a HUGE Body Block onto Kilgore, smashing his body against the cage!! Benji hit’s the mat and rolls with the landing. Kilgore falls like a sack of bricks, hitting the mat with the thud of a man who has been knocked out!!

Dave Dymond: MY GOD! Benjamin Biggs, busted knee and all, just flew through the air and FLATTENED The Laws of Survival Champion!! The crowd is going insane!!

Other Guy: But Look at the TOLL, Dave! Biggs can barely stand up!!

Indeed, he cant. Benji is essentially down to one leg, as he limps and finally falls on top of Kilgore. Linam goes to make the count…




Kilgore shoves Benji off of himself at the last second! The champ isn’t by any means back, but he rolls to his stomach, trying to get to his feet as Biggs stands up shakily, a look of shock in his eyes!!

Dave Dymond: I cant Believe it! Kilgore Stochansky is putting up a fight!!

Other Guy: Your precious Benjamin Biggs isn’t the only guy with the warrior spirit, Dave!!

Benjamin lets Kilgore get to his feet, which he does, albeit woozily. Benjamin stands, bowed only slightly by his head wound and bad knee. Kilgore approaches him, blood dripping onto his chin, and places his hurt hand on his shoulder, rearing his other arm back for a big Punch—but Benji grabs Stochansky’s bad paw and hooks him into a quick wrist z-lock, Causing the Big man to bow over in pain, screaming flecks of red saliva onto the mat!! Benjamin gets closer, increasing the leverage of the hold!! The crowd’s cheers fill the arena as they cheer on the Dragonfly Kid!!

Dave Dymond: Can you imagine the pain?! Benji has locked onto the hand and wrist that Kilgore hurt earlier, and he isn’t letting go!! We might see a tapout right here!!

Linam goes to check on Kilgore, asking him if he Gives up. Kilgore shakes his head no very enthusiastically, gritting his teeth in pain. After a good 15 seconds, Benji modifies the hold and puts Kilgore into the same Impaler DDT position!! The big man tries to power out, but before he can, Benji Launches off to the side, taking Kilgore with him!! Biggs does a spin and lands on his back, Bringing Kilgore’s Head RIGHT INTO THE MAT!! The Crowd Pops Huge as Benji rolls to the side, clutching the leg he had to use to get the move off!! Kilgore rolls to his back slowly, and looks to be knocked out!!

Dave Dymond: THIS HAS TO BE IT!! Biggs calls that the Dragonfly Buster, and it looks to have been the deciding moment in this brutal contest!!

Other Guy: But, Dave, Look! He isn’t going for the pin!

Benjamin, although his leg is still giving him trouble, has stood up, and is looking up. A few folks in the crowd catch on to where he’s going, and the rest join in with cheers as Benji starts scaling the cage!!

Other Guy: What? He isn’t going for the pin?!

Dave Dymond: He wants this win to eat at Kilgore, and he’s winning it on his own terms!!

Benji connotes the slow climb, his hurt knee making it slower than usual. Kilgore hasn’t even stirred yet, the Dragonfly Buster having laid him out cold. The crowd cheers Benjamin On, the screams increasing in Volume as he nears the top of the cage.

Dave Dymond: He’s about to take it!! He’s about to win the title that he covets so much!!

Other Guy: The title that he stole, remember that!

Benjamin Biggs reaches the top of the cage and stands up, Shakily. It’s quite a sight…Benji’s face is smeared with blood, he’s covered in sweat, and the camera flashes are going off like crazy, almost creating a strobe light effect. Biggs looks back to Kilgore, the looks to the fans and throws his arms out, causing even more cheers. He straightens up and seems to be checking his position…

Other Guy: He Wouldn’t!!

Dave Dymond: He Just Might!!

Benjamin Biggs bows to the crowd, Then crouches…and LAUNCHES OFF THE SIDE OF THE CAGE~!!

Dave Dymond: OH MY GOD!!

Biggs executes a flip in Midair…and LANDS a PERFECT Moonsault!! Unfortunately, He lands on the Raised KNEES Of Kilgore Stochansky!! Benjamin rolls off, screaming in pain and clutching his ribs in a fetal position!! Kilgore clutches his knees in pain, gritting his teeth in concentration as the crowd screams in a combination of horror and anger. Kilgore scoots over to Biggs and hooks both of his legs…Referee Austin Linam slides to the mat and makes the count…




The bell rings, though barely audible over the roaring din of boos that fill the arena. Sam Coil grabs the microphone…

Samantha Coil: Ladies and Gentlemen, Your Winner…and STILL LAWS OF SURVIVAL CHAMPION…KILGORE STOCHANSKY!!!

Austin Linam Hands Kilgore the title and helps him to his feet as the medical team opens the cage door and rushes to check on both competitors. While Benji receives medical care, Kilgore waves them off and raises the belt towards the crowd, resulting in renewed boos.

Other Guy: He got it back! Kilgore got back the title that he rightfully deserves!!

Dave Dymond: It’s a tainted victory, OG, and you damn well know it!! For a man who came in hurt, Benjamin Biggs nearly had it!!

Other Guy: Almost doesn’t count, Dave, it NEVER counts!!

As the Medical team helps a bloody and busted up Benjamin Biggs up the entrance ramp, Kilgore Stochansky hobbles out of the ring. The cage begins to get raised as we cut away…


With a sense of urgency, TOM QUINN enters through a backdoor in the Thomas and Mack Center.  A couple security guards start to try and stop him, but he quickly pulls out a “worker’s pass” from the pocket of his black slacks.  The guards nod and then just as quickly move out of the way, allowing Quinn to pass.

He glances at his watch and then hurries down the hall, where he is eventually met by a couple of stage hands and a woman with a headset on.

“A little late, Tommy.” The woman says with a smile as she starts to take his black jacket.  “But looking good, kid.  What’s the occasion”

Quinn grins.

Tom Quinn: Just want a job, Rita.

She smiles and hands the jacket to one of the stage hands who runs off down the hall.

“Well, just head down the hall and take a right, and the boys are dressing in the third room down.  Hurry, though, road agents want to meet for the rumble in about twenty minutes.”

Quinn nods and gestures to the backpack slung over his shoulder.

Tom Quinn: Everything ready to go, mam.  Just gotta get it all on.

“All right, hun.  Well good luck tonight.”  She talks to the other stage hand and moves out of the scene.

To Tom Quinn’s credit, he DID look cleaned up.  His hair was shorter than it was, no dread locks.  In fact, his bangs barely made it to his eyebrows; sort of a clooney(ish) mop top cut.  It suited him.  He was dressed like a professional…  black suit jacket (well, before Rita took it), black slacks, shines black shoes…  white button-up with the top couple buttons undone.

He was serious about this.

Quinn takes a couple deep breaths, his nerves starting to kick in as he heads down the hall, getting closer to the “locker room”; closer to his first work in several months.  As Quinn continues down the hall Riley and Rizzo start to come around the corner

Rizzo:  All right bro, tonights the night, I’m gonna go take my seat.  Good luck and try not too be the first one out.

Riley hastily moving Rizzo along

Riley:  Ya ya ya, sure thing man.

Rizzo in his excitement almost walks right past Quinn, not noticing him at first, but Riley recognizes him right away! Quinn smiles as Riley charges at his best friend and tag team partner!  The two embrace, and Riley takes a step back, shaking his head in disbelief.  Rizzo, hearing the commotion, turns back around, and smiles as well.

Riley:  Holy shit, dude!  Look it what we have here. 

Tom Quinn: Haha!  Fucking jesus, Riles…  It’s been what?  Shit, three or four months?

Riley: It’s been a real long time man.  In fact way too long buddy.  Last I heard you were homeless living on the streets, but looking at your sexy self, I don’t see how that can possibly be!

Quinn laughs and shrugs.

Tom Quinn: All the shit I saved up.  This is my chance so I better cash in right?

Rizzo comes in closer to the group.

Rizzo: Looking good, Tommy.

Quinn laughs and slaps Rizzo on the side.

Tom Quinn: Thanks, Rizz.  (looking over the former “druggie”.) You’re looking fucking GREAT dude.

Riley rolls his eyes.

Riley: He stopped doing shit and found God.

Rizzo: Fuck off.

Riley: Whatever. Just telling it like it is.

Quinn laughs at the pair’s antics, but before he can say anything, another familiar face finds his way at this particular intersection.

Declan O’Leary: One o’ you pricks want to get the fuck out o’ the way? People are tryin’ to walk here!

Declan O’Leary stands there, deadpan, while Riley and Quinn size him up. Then, bursting into a HUGE grin, O’Leary claps Rizzo HARD on the back, nearly bowling him over.

Declan O’Leary: The looks on yer faces! Jaysis, doesn’ anyone trust me anymore? Show an Irishman some love, aye?

O’Leary, Riley and Quinn exchange one-armed embraces, after which Quinn gives O’Leary a playful shove.

Tom Quinn: I forgot who you were, dude.  Hahaha!

Riley: No shit, Declan, where the fuck do you disappear to? Off to pine over more women you’re NOT sleeping with?

Declan laughs and drops into a shadowboxing stance, taking a few swipes at Riley.

Declan O’Leary: Hey, watch yerself, lad. Bit below the belt, aye?

The old friends continue to share a laugh, though it starts to die out after a few seconds once they all sort of realize what this means.

Declan O’Leary: So, ah… we all here for the same reason, I’m guessin’?

Quinn looks and Riley, who looks at Quinn, who looks to Declan, who looks at Riley, who looks back to Declan.

Tom Quinn: Heh.  Seems like it.  Rumble?

Declan nods, as does Riley.

Declan O’Leary: ‘Fraid so, lads.

Riley: Yeps.

The three get silent, as they realize they might have to work against one another, and that this might be the last time any of them see each other again.

Tom Quinn: We’re not going to be on anyone’s lists to win this thing, but fuck that, right?  We’ll stick together as long as we can…

Riley: And then ten grand?

There’s more silence.

Tom Quinn: We do what we have to do.

Riley: Fuck yeah, bro.

Riley puts his fist out and Quinn bumps knuckles.

Declan O’Leary: And pints on the winner?

They all laugh, nodding in agreement.  However, that attitude seems to change with one, unexpected hello.

The DEFILER: Well… heh…  if it…  if it isn’t the whole fucking gang.

A very loud, very audible level of MIXED REACTIONS can be heard from the fans watching this at ringside.  Rogue and Riley both get giant grins on their faces, while Declan sort of stays back and watches with a stern gaze and tight lipped, smile.

Tom Quinn: DUDE!!!

Quinn embraces Jonny, who embraces back.

Tom Quinn: Jonny man, thank you so much for this.  I fucking owe you, dude.

Riley: What UPPPPPPPPP big cousin!

Riley slaps Jonny on the back, mid hug.  Quinn steps back and Jonny looks to Declan.

The DEFILER: No hugs, Dec?

Declan sort of laughs under his breath and shakes his head.

Declan O’Leary: Never hug a man ye can’t trust.  But hello to ye, much the same, Jonny.

Jonny smiles, but shrugs.

The DEFILER: No worries, Dec.  No worries at all.  (Feigning a sense of excitement, but subtle enough that it’s not completely assholish.) So you guys ready or what?  Huh?  I mean…  this…  this night is huge for guys like uhh… I’m sorry.  Huge for YOU guys.

There’s a growing uneasiness between Declan and Jonny, but Quinn and Riley seem genuinely happy to see him and respond to his inquiry.

Tom Quinn: I’m super pumped.

Riles: Yeah, man.  This shit is gonna be tweeeeeeeeaked out!

Jonny again nods.

The DEFILER: Well I heard you all from my dressing room, which I think is…  it’s maybe two or three doors down from yours.  I needed a little more space, or whatever…  but I heard you guys and I was…  well I wanted to wish you all good luck.  And, just… whatever happens…  If shit goes down or whatever…  just know that I’m gonna do my best to look out for you guys.  And I… I assume I can expect the same?

Quinn and Riley are quick to nod.

Tom Quinn: You got it man.

Riley: Family first, Jonny-boy!

Declan doesn’t say anything at first, which draws Jonny’s attention.


Declan hesitantly responds.

Declan O’Leary: As much as I’d be lookin’ after anyone’s back but me own, Jonny.

Jonny doesn’t seem terribly satisified with the response, but accepts it regardless.

The DEFILER: Good.  (Nodding) I’m gonna…  gonna have a lot of guys gunning for me…  being the favorite and all…  So…  So it’s nice to know I’ll have…  umm…  nice to know my friends will be there.

He pats Quinn and Riley on the back and gives a quick glance to Declan.

The DEFILER: I have to go.  Maybe catch a quick nap or something, huh?

Jonny smiles.

The DEFILER: See ya guys.

He walks away.

Quinn, Riley and Declan watch on for a moment before turning back toward each other.

Riley: So good luck then?

Declan O’Leary: Aye.

Tom Quinn: The best of.


The video open to Kaz standing in front of a house. He is staring through the windows at the woman working inside. He takes a deep breath and walks up to the door.

*knock, knock*

It took a while for someone to open the door, but when it did, a woman answered the door, but opened it slightly as the chain was still on the lock. Kaz remembered the Chris Lee/Ron Barker promos… this chick was Maria Enriquez-Bayani, wife of Chris Lee.

Maria Enriquez: Yes? Do I know you? Oh… wait a minute… I know who the f…

Maria shut the door, only to open it again wider, releasing the chain.

Maria Enriquez: You’re that fucking prick who gave Chris that concussion… what the fuck you want? You want your ass kicked or something?

Sato: I just want to talk

Maria shook her head, not satisfied with this unwanted visitor.

Maria Enriquez: With who? Chris? He’s not even here. He went to the sports clinic to get his head checked… to see if he’s fully recovered from that fucking concussion you gave him. So get the fuck out of here.

Maria went to shut the door, but Kaz put his hand in the way, keeping the door from closing in his face.

Sato: I’m here for you. You see Chris isn’t thinking about you. He is only thinking about himself and that’s not fair.

Maria Enriquez looked worried, but immediately went on the defense.

Maria Enriquez: You fucking get closer and I’ll kick your ass… you fucking watch it.

Kaz leans closer to Maria, Maria quickly smacks Kaz. Sato steps back and licks his lips.

Sato: You tell that man of yours, he should stop while he still is capable. If he doesn’t, it’s gonna take more than a smack to make me leave…sweet heart.

Kaz winks at Maria and leaves as she slams the door on him. The scene fades back to the announce table.


Six men come out of the back, two carry a piece of plywood with barbwire on it to the ring. Two more carry a piece of plywood with nails hammered through. The other two each carry trash cans down and leave them on either side of the entrance amp, a wide array of weaponry in each trash can becomes obvious. The camera moves to Samantha Coil, in the center of the ring, while the four men with beds of destruction set each bed up diagonally in opposite corners.

Samantha Coil: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is to be fought under TEXAS DEATH MATCH RULES!

The fans begin to cheer, the anticipation is off the charts, while the six men setting everything up make their hasty exits.

Samantha Coil: The rules of a Texas Death Match are as follows! After a pinfall or submission, the man being pinned or submitted cannot answer a standing ten count the match is awarded to the man that scored the pinfall!

Suddenly, “Everybody Down” by nonpoint hits and the fans begin to cheer loudly.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first! Weighing in tonight at 181 pounds! From Southport, North Carolina! He is CAAAAAAAAAAADE SYYYYYYYYYYYYDAL!

Cade Sydal steps through the curtain as the fans come unglued! He isn’t dressed as he normally would be, instead opting to dress in a pair of loose fitting blue jeans over a pair of white and red wrestling boots. He is shirtless as he clenches both fists and raises them to the crowd, encouraging their cheers.

Dave Dymond: Cade Sydal looks like he’s ready for a fight, not a wrestling match!

Other Guy: Because this isn’t a regular wrestling match, Dave. It’s a war.

Cade pops his neck from side to side before he takes a few steps down the ramp. Suddenly, a blur of black and blue rushes him from behind and bowls him over!

Dave Dymond: What the hell?!

Donovan King, dressed in a pair of blue jeans himself, with his wrists and hands taped up in white athletic tape, starts stomping down on Cade’s back with his black boots. The music fades out as the fans begin to boo.

Other Guy: Like we said, it’s a war, and Donovan King is hitting Cade when he least expects it!

King pulls Cade to his feet and starts punching him down the ramp. After the third big punch, Cade falls onto the apron and rolls backward a full reverse somersault. King follows and boots Cade in the face when he reaches a sitting position. King pulls Cade up and whips him toward the ring apron and Cade reverses! King’s back smashes into the ring apron and Cade takes a limping step toward King and starts laying into him with punches!

Dave Dymond: It looks like this match has officially started, OG, as the brawl is on on the outside!

Other Guy: This fight, you mean. This fight is officially on…

Cade grabs King by the head and turns him around before rolling him under the bottom rope and into the ring. Cade raises his hands, soaking in some cheers. Cade hops onto the apron as King manages to get his feet under himself. Cade grips the top rope and springboards into the ring! King turns and catches Cade on his shoulders, in a fireman’s carry position!

Dave Dymond: Donovan King just caught Cade Sydal and looks to be going for the KTFO!

Other Guy: If he hits this he’s going to have a huge advantage right away!

Cade kicks his right leg repeatedly and slides down King’s back, hooking King’s head in an inverted facelock in the process!

Dave Dymond: Cade has him hooked for the Nightcap!

Other Guy: How in the hell?!

King turns into Cade and shoves Cade backward into the ropes! King straightens up as Cade rebounds and snaps into King, firing off with a spinning wheel kick into King’s jaw! Cade rolls out of the ring and limps slightly and approaches one of the trash cans. Cade pulls on the taped handle of a kendo stick and pulls the stick straight out of the can! Cade raises it to the crowd, eliciting cheers from the fans!

Dave Dymond: It looks like Cade’s preferred weapon is in hand!

Other Guy: This can’t be good, Dave.

Cade rolls back into the ring and limps toward King, as King stumbles to his feet holding his jaw. King turns as Cade swings it hard, both hands around the handle, and the stick lays into King’s forehead! King stumbles back around to a rope, and Cade lays it into his head a second time! King stumbles back, holding the rope to keep himself steady. Cade lays it into his forehead one more time, and King snaps down to the canvas as cheers erupt!

Dave Dymond: Cade has put the kendo stick to use in a big way already!

Other Guy: I told you this ain’t no good!

Cade drops the kendo stick and grabs the top rope. Cade springs up and bounces the back of his thighs off the top rope, using the momentum to snap him backward into an Arabian Press style moonsault onto King’s chest! Cade hooks the leg!



King kicks out, but Cade rolls out of the ring anyway. He looks in the same trash can he found the kendo stick in and finally grabs something. He pulls his hand out to show the crowd a cheese grater!

Dave Dymond: Whoa…

Other Guy: …Cade Sydal, I think, is going to grate Donovan King’s face off…

Cade turns back to the ring and starts to slide in as Donovan King scrambles to his feet and launches himself at Cade, connecting with a baseball slide dropkick, knocking Cade out of the ring! Cade drops the cheese grater as he lands with his back on the arena floor! King grabs Cade and pulls him to his feet and sends him face first into the ringpost! Cade slumps against the post! King lifts the ring skirting up and pulls a chair out from under the ring. He folds it open and leans the chair up against the ring apron!

Dave Dymond: I have no idea what Donovan King has in mind, but I can’t say that I believe it to be any good for Cade Sydal!

Other Guy: You can say that, Dave. This definitely doesn’t look good for Cade, and I’m…well, I’m alright with that.

King pulls Cade away from the ringpost and shoves him into the chair. King stands over Cade, a leg on either side of him, and starts punching down hard at Cade’s forehead! Jab after jab after jab slams into Cade’s forehead and rocks his head backward. King grabs the back of Cade’s head and starts punching quickly into Cade’s forehead!

Dave Dymond: King will not stop punching Cade in the face!

Other Guy: Eventually a punch will knock a dude out, for sure.

King lays one final jab into Cade’s face before blood starts to slowly ooze from the corner of his left eyebrow! King grins at the sight, delighted at making Cade bleed with his fist, and starts hammering the fist into the cut repeatedly to open it wider! As King continues to punch Cade, he smiles more, as more blood spills from Cade’s forehead, before King pulls Cade off of the chair and forcefully throws him into the ring! King raises his bloody fists, grinning from ear to ear as he’s showered with jeers!

Dave Dymond: King is parading around Cade’s blood, putting it proudly on display!

Other Guy: Well he did bust the dude open with his bare fist. That’s pretty damn impressive.

King rolls into the ring as Cade slowly starts to sit up. King pulls Cade to his feet and looks at both the bed of nails and the bed of barbwire, grinning. King whips Cade toward the bed of barbwire! Cade slides to his right knee and shoots up to his feet and reverses, sending King into the bed of barbwire instead! The plywood breaks and the barbwire digs into King’s back!

Dave Dymond: Cade just kept himself alive in this battle for survival!

Other Guy: Do you think they’ll make this a Laws of Survival stipulation after this, Dave? Something like, just as your parents wanted to kill you for breaking a vase, you too must try to kill your opponent to survive? No?

Cade stumbles toward King, with his blood pouring into his left eye, and grabs King by his left ankle. Cade backs up, pulling King out of the entangling barbwire and plywood, tearing at his back in the process! Cade drops to his right knee then hooks King’s leg and rolls to the side for a cover!




King kicks out!

Dave Dymond: Donovan King isn’t even going to let there be a remote possibility of a ten count, as he kicked out in the knick of time!

Other Guy: It’s an interesting concept, a pinfall doesn’t end it. Hell, getting the most pinfalls in a certain time frame doesn’t mean shit. All that matters is the ten count after the pinfall.

Cade pulls King to his feet with a bit of a struggle. Cade whips King off the ropes, but King reverses using his weight advantage and catches Cade on the rebound in his arms! King spins a full 180 degrees and drives Cade into the canvas with a vicious Arn Anderson-like spinebuster! King rolls out of the ring, cringing as he rolls across his back. King bends and picks up the cheese grater. He rolls back into the ring and mimics Cade by raising the cheese grater into the air with a smirk on his face.

Dave Dymond: King has the cheese grater Cade went after earlier!

Other Guy: Cade is gonna regret letting King know that was there, I can tell you that!

King kicks Cade in the forehead, driving him back into the canvas to keep him down. King sits Cade up and sits behind him on a knee. King holds Cade by the chin and tilts his head back before dragging the cheese grater across Cade’s forehead with his other hand! King drags the grater across Cade’s face, ignoring his screams of agony, repeatedly! Blood flows freely now before King tosses the grater out of the ring!

Dave Dymond: Cade Sydal’s face and body are covered in blood now!

Other Guy: Donovan King is absolutely delighted that HE is the man that is making Cade bleed so much!

King covers Cade, pressing his elbow into Cade’s face happily.




King looks down at Cade, almost shocked, as the fans boo loudly. King gets to his feet as referee Dennis Heflin begins the standing ten count.

Dave Dymond: King used stiff shots to the head and a cheese grater to score the first fall of the contest, but will it be enough?!


Other Guy: I hope so, so we can stop listening to you shill this kid.


Cade rolls to his side.


Cade pushes to a knee and referee Dennis Heflin stops the count. King rushes Cade and knees him in the face! Cade drops to a knee again. King pulls Cade off the canvas and sends him into an empty corner! King charges at Cade, and Cade barely gets a foot up into King’s chest shoving him backward!f King stubbornly charges in at Cade again, and Cade swings his body through the middle and top ropes, with King crashing into the turnbuckles instead of into Cade!

Dave Dymond: I don’t know how he does it, but Cade Sydal is still very much alive and kicking!

Other Guy: I…have no idea how he does this shit either, Dave.

Cade snaps into King with a stiff forearm, and King stumbles back. Cade springboards to the top rope and off with a cross body block onto Donovan King! King rolls backward to his knees and pulls Cade upward onto his shoulders as he stands! King swings Cade’s body!

Other Guy: KTFO!

Cade swings his legs and lands on his feet, avoiding the maneuver! Cade pushes King’s back and turns to hit the ropes! King turns around and swings a clothesline, but Cade catches the clothesline and swings right into an inverted facelock! Cade snaps through quickly, spinning King as he snaps into the canvas, driving King’s face straight into the canvas!

Dave Dymond: NIGHTCAP!

Cade pulls King over onto his back and hooks both legs!




Cade pushes off of King and waits for the count.



Dave Dymond: Donovan King is motionless! This could be it!


Other Guy: Donovan King has got to get to his feet, and quick!


King rolls over onto his stomach and starts pushing upward.


King makes it to a knee, and Dennis Heflin stops the count. The fans groan, disappointed. Cade pulls King to his feet, but King explodes into action with a back elbow into Cade’s chin! Cade stumbles back, from both the blow and the surprise, and King catches Cade as he stumbles back into him with a strong lariat to the throat, driving Cade into the canvas!

Dave Dymond: Cade has got to get his legs back under him!

Other Guy: Its hard to do when Donovan King keeps shutting him down at every possible moment. As soon as Cade builds momentum, BAM! There he is!

King approaches the bed of nails in its corner and drags it out, centering it in the ring. He smiles at it. King moves back to Cade and grabs him by his head, guiding him to his feet. Cade grabs King by the back of his head suddenly and drops to his right knee with a jawbreaker! Cade pushes off his knee and hits the ropes to his right and snaps into King as he turns with a jumping calf kick! Cade lands hard on his own left knee and instead of popping right back up to his feet he clutches his knee instead!

Dave Dymond: Cade is using those kicks he’s become famous for!

Other Guy: But look, his knee drove into the canvas, and that’s not exactly going to do him any favors…

King scrambles to his feet, holding his jaw. Cade slowly gets to his own feet as well. Cade cringes at his knee, but runs in at King anyway! King sidesteps Cade and pushes on the back of Cade’s head, pitching him over the top rope! Cade swings over the top rope and lands on the apron! King turns and Cade springboards off the top rope and lands on King’s shoulders, snapping back with a hurricanrana! King spills through the ropes to the outside!

Dave Dymond: I don’t think that bad wheel is slowing Cade down one bit!

Other Guy: That reckless abandon is gonna cost him, Dave, I’m tellin’ ya!

Cade limps up to his feet as King slowly picks himself up off the arena floor. Cade rushes at King and dives through the ropes! Cade launches his body through the top and middle rope, driving his elbow into King’s face! King falls backward into a trash can, knocking it over, as Cade limps to his feet and soaks in more cheers.

Dave Dymond: Huge elbow suicida from Cade Sydal!

Other Guy: Donovan King took the point of Cade’s elbow right in the eye!

While Cade is playing it up to the crowd, King looks to his side and grabs something. Cade turns back to King and pulls him to his feet, rolling him back into the ring. Cade hops onto the apron as King gets to his feet. Cade springboards off the top rope and sails toward King as King turns and swings the chain he found! The chain smacks Cade right in the chest and Cade crashes into the canvas!

Dave Dymond: King just hit Cade with a chain from the trash can, out of nowhere!

Other Guy: Heh, he didn’t even stand a chance!

King drops the chain and pulls Cade to his feet. King sends Cade off the ropes and ducks his head with the bed of nails to his left! Cade catches King by the head and swings around for a tornado DDT, turning 270 degrees, putting his own back to the bed of nails before pushing cade off of him! Cade charges right back in, seeing an opportunity, but King ducks his shoulders at the last second and back body drops Cade, right onto the bed of nails!



Other Guy: I…cannot…fucking…believe it…

Cade rolls off the nails as blood rolls from the tiny cuts on his back. He spasms on the canvas, and King looks down at him, grinning happily. King kicks Cade over onto his back and plants his foot on Cade’s chest for the cover.




Cade kicks out, swatting King’s foot off of his chest. King shrugs as he pulls Cade to his feet and sends him into the corner. Cade stumbles out of the corner and King runs at Cade and leaps, driving the sole of his right foot into Cade’s face with his jumping Yakuza Kick!

Dave Dymond: Penalty Kick!

Other Guy: Its good!

King grabs Cade by the knee and covers him!




King pushes off of Cade and Dennis Heflin begins the count.




Dave Dymond: Cade is a bloody mess! His back is bleeding! His face is bleeding from multiple wounds!


Cade rolls off his back and onto his belly.


Other Guy: Donovan King is going to win this thing, right here and right now!


Cade shoves up onto a knee, and the count is broken. King turns and grabs the chain off of the canvas as Cade pulls himself the rest of the way to his feet. King swings the chain for Cade’s head and Cade ducks the swing! King turns, and Cade kicks straight into King’s hand! King drops the chain, and Cade follows with a quick reverse roundhouse kick to King’s chin and King collapses to the canvas!

Dave Dymond: Every single moment has got to be agonizing and torturous for Cade!

Other Guy: Multiple cuts will do that to you, Dave.

Cade grabs the chain and wraps it around his fist. Cade drops into a mounted position and starts hammering King with the chained fist! The camera can pick up his screaming!


Cade continues to hammer the chained fist into King’s face until an opening in his forehead is created. Cade focuses on the cut, and continues to hammer away. Blood starts pouring down King’s face to match the blood on his back from the barbwire! Cade gets to his feet and throws the chain down before he steps through the ropes quickly. Cade springboards off the top rope with a beautiful Shooting Star Press!

Dave Dymond: Incredible athleticism, and Cade is going for the cover!




Other Guy: That pinfall won’t prove anything, Dave! King still has the count of ten to get to his feet!




King rolls to his chest.


King starts pushing up and a puddle starts forming under his forehead from the laceration.



King pushes up to his knee and Heflin stops the count. King puts his hand on the chain Cade dropped and as Cade comes rushing in at him, King swings the chain right into Cade’s left knee! Cade collapses to the canvas!

Dave Dymond: I hate to give him credit, but Donovan King has got to be one of the most resourceful men in this company!

Other Guy: He knows that knee is bad, because he helped get it that way, and now he’s done playing around and I think he’s gonna go after it head on now!

King stands over Cade with the chain and starts swinging the chain downward into Cade’s knee! Three, four times in a row the chain comes down hard on Cade’s knee! King grabs Cade by the left ankle and places his left knee on the side of Cade’s knee and drops the knee on Cade’s knee and pulls back on the ankle! King gets to his feet and starts swinging the chain into Cade’s knee, taking great pleasure out of his screams of pain and agony as well as the hateful jeers from the fans in attendance.

Dave Dymond: I think you’re right, OG. King knows that knee is bad, and he will not stop until Cade is crippled!

Other Guy: Which won’t take long from the look on Cade’s face!

After another round of ten straight shots from the chain King throws the chain down with authority. King bends Cade’s right leg and hooks his right ankle under his left knee. King turns Cade over onto his stomach and places his left foot on the back of Cade’s right ankle and snaps backward pulling on Cade’s left knee with the same modified Haas of Pain that Chivalric used weeks ago!

Dave Dymond: That’s the same hold Chivalric used after King’s assault to take the Redemption Championship from Cade!

Other Guy: And it’s the same hold that will pick another fall up for King!

King pulls back hard and turns a little, placing his right knee under Cade’s left thigh to keep it off the canvas completely. King pulls back harder still as Cade screams in agony! The ringside camera picks up a subtle pop over the booing of the fans, and immediately after the pop is heard Cade starts slapping the canvas, his eyes wide in a mixture of shock and pain!

Dave Dymond: I think I heard something pop! Like a kneecap popping out of place!

Other Guy: That might be true, but I KNOW I heard Cade’s hand slapping that canvas!

King gets to his feet, grinning, as Dennis Heflin begins his count!






The fans begin to cheer Cade on, trying to encourage him!


Cade pushes but his knee won’t support him and he collapses back to the canvas!


Dave Dymond: Cade’s left knee has got to be destroyed!


Cade struggles and pushes again as blood rolls off his face and down his back, but collapses again as his knee won’t allow for him to put pressure on it at all!


Other Guy: I’ll be surprised if he even makes it to the Redemption Rumble, let alone win this match!


Dennis Heflin calls for the bell as Cade Sydal falls back to his chest after his third attempt to try to get to his feet, and the fans begin to boo loudly. “Hail Mary (Rock Remix)” by 2Pac hits, and the fans boo even louder when Donovan King raises his arms in the air, showing off the blood on his fists while ignoring the blood pouring from his face and his back.

Samantha Coil: Here is your winner, at a time of 34 minutes and 41 seconds! DOOOOOOOOOOOOOONOOOOOOOOOOOOVAAAAAAAAAAAAAN KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!

King rolls out of the ring, grinning happily. The camera turns to Cade, who grabs Dennis Heflin by the ankle of his pants. Heflin bends to hear what Cade has to say and quickly retrieves a microphone for him.

Cade Sydal: DONOVAN!

The music fades out and King turns to stare at Cade.

Cade Sydal: THIS! ISN’T! OVER!

King shakes his head and goes back to the ring. King slides under the bottom rope and kicks Cade in the face with a full-on sprint!

Dave Dymond: Oh shit! King just kicked Cade’s head off!

Other Guy: Looks like Cade isn’t the only one with stiff kicks, huh Dave? Wanna talk about that?

King rolls back out of the ring and fishes in the trash can that spilled over. He grabs a staple gun! King rolls into the ring and drops the staple gun. King pulls Cade to his feet and onto his shoulders, spinning him off right away with the KTFO! King goes back to the staple gun and picks it up, and the camera picks up his words.

Donovan King: You talk too fuckin’ much!

King mounts Cade and purses Cade’s lips together! King squeezes the handle of the gun, shooting an industrial strength sized staple through his lips! One to the left, and one to the right, follow stapling Cade’s lips shut! Cade’s eyes shoot open in pain, as his screams of agony are obviously muffled!




King gets to his feet and kicks Cade between the eyes before “Hail Mary (Rock Remix)” by 2Pac hits once more. King rolls out of the ring as referee Tony Lorenzo and Austin Linam rush the ring to help Dennis Heflin get Cade Sydal out of the ring, while King soaks in the hateful jeers and insults!


Normally, when a camera fades in to a shot of Ainsley Lake, the logical continuation is ‘Ainsley and Jester argue, then they stop talking’. Tonight, however, SHOOT’s Black Widow has something else in mind. There was someone she needed to talk to, in order to hopefully secure her safety.

A door with the placard SAMUEL ROCHESTER stood slightly ajar. Ainsley knocked on the door frame, calling out to the occupants.

Ainsley Lake: Hello? Are you in there?

Sammy Rochester: It’s the whore, Mikey. The whore is here. Should we get here now? Do you want to take her now?

Sammy is silent for a moment. Finally, the door is thrown, nearly knocking Ainsley down.

Sammy Rochester: Mikey says he’s not horny enough right now, whore.

Ainsley knows better than to argue with him about whether or not she’s a whore, so she half plays along. No need to get herself injured before the Rumble even starts.

Ainsley Lake: I’m not here to talk to you, Sammy, I’m here to talk to Mikey. And only talk. This is about business. 

Sammy looks shocked, and a little hurt. He stares down at Ainsley for a long moment, before, finally, slamming the door in her face. For a long moment, it seems that he’s not coming back. However, the door flies back open, and outsteps Sammy, cradling Mikey in his arms.

Sammy Rochester: Talk fast, whore. Mikey might get excited.

Ainsley smiles slightly. It was almost like being backstage in the south. At least here, she only had the one lunatic to really worry about.  

Ainsley Lake: I wanted to let you know, Mikey, that you and your friend are doing a great job here in SHOOT. I know a great team when I see one. I hope to see you throw Jester out, you deserve that money. 

Sammy holds Mikey to his ear, listening.

Sammy Rochester: Mikey says we aren’t going to talk to people who are afraid to fight clowns themselves. Mikey says you are weak, and it’s getting him very excited. He likes the weak ones. They scream the loudest.

Ainsley Lake: Oh, Mikey, you’re missing why I’m doing all of this. Look how pitiful the clown has been. I’ve beaten him so many times in the ring that, honestly, why should I put in the effort? I’m better than he is. This isn’t weakness. This is planning. This is all mapped out… And every week, he’s more and more miserable. No, I’m not weak, Mikey. I’m very strong. 

Sammy Rochester: Mikey says the weak always say that.

Ainsley Lake: That doesn’t make it a lie when the strong say it, just because weak people copy us. I’ve fought Jester, and I’ve beaten him. And recently, all I have to do is snap a finger, and the poor man is beside himself. It’s the best kind of strength… Almost effortless, but with profound effects. You’re not a large man, either, Mikey. But you’re strong as hell. 

Sammy again listens to Mikey.

Sammy Rochester: Mikey says we’ll see if you are strong, when we are crushing you in the ring. When we plow through you like all the other sheep, we’ll see how strong you are. But Mikey still doesn’t get why we should help you with the clown, especially if he’s so weak.

Ainsley Lake: It’s fun to watch him cry. I thought you’d agree with me, at least on that much. He wants to save me? No. He wants me to be a little weak girl again. I’ve defeated him physically before. Now it’s time to defeat him, heart and soul. Besides… It’s not like I’m not an advantageous partner, Mikey.

Again, Sammy listens. Suddenly, his eyes go wide with horror. He lashes out, grabbing Ainsley by the throat.

Sammy Rochester: Fun to watch him cry?! Like it’s fun to watch me cry?! Like everyone used to do!? Laugh when Sammy cries?!?! IS THAT FUCKING FUNNY WHORE?!

Ainsley doesn’t recoil. In fact, she remains very calm, her voice soothing. She had been planning on an outburst, she just wasn’t sure when it would come, or what the trigger was going to be.

Ainsley Lake: No, Sammy. Jester’s the only one who I want to see cry. You don’t deserve how those people have treated you, not at all. Jester earned it. You know what it’s like to be a friend. You and Mikey have been friends forever, right? Well, Jester isn’t that sort of person. He abandoned his friend when she needed him. Bad people should cry, and the world should smile when they do. But you aren’t bad.

Sammy Rochester begins to tighten his grip on Ainsley, tears starting to form in his eyes.

Sammy Rochester: You are ALL bad people! I’m the only good one! I’ll kill the clown, but first, I think I’ll kill you. That’d hurt him, right? That’d hurt the clown? Hurting you? Would THAT make you laugh?! 

Ainsley looks down at Mikey, cradled in Sammy’s arms. She looks up into Sammy’s eyes, remembering that you shouldn’t show an animal fear. She’d never met a mountain lion, but she imagined it would be like this.

Ainsley Lake: Sammy, Mikey and I were having a discussion, and you interrupted us. Please let me finish what I had to say, so that Mikey and you can make a good decision on what to do with Jester, if anything. Would that be alright?

Sammy suddenly looks startled, as if someone yelled at him. He releases Ainsley, looking down at Mikey.

Sammy Rochester: I’m sorry Mikey. It won’t happen again, Mikey. I’m sorry, Mikey.

Ainsley Lake: Mikey, try not to be too harsh with Sammy, he was just upset. He didn’t hurt me, I’m not angry with him. But… Oh, now I’m worried. I don’t want to upset you two even more. Honesty is the best policy, though. I’m encouraging you to throw Jester out of the ring not only because I think you’re the best for the job, but because I think you two deserve to get some revenge on him. 

Sammy holds Mikey in closer, giving Ainsley an inquisitive look.

Sammy Rochester: Revenge? Why?

Ainsley once more lets her gaze drop to the disgusting, filthy doll.

Ainsley Lake: He was mean about Mikey. I heard him call you both crazy and weak. He said you don’t belong here.

Sammy just stares ahead.

Sammy Rochester: Are you lying?

Ainsley Lake No, I’m not. I’m a church going woman.

After tonight, she’d really need the confessional, if she was capable of remorse. This was worse than a normal lie… this was meta-lying to a man who needed serious mental help. Sammy, however, shows no other signs of emotion. He simply stands up, cradles Mikey, and walks into his locker room, slamming the door.The abrupt end to the conversation amuses Ainsley, and she nods with satisfaction.

Ainsley Lake: Beautiful. 

The camera fades back to Dave Dymond and Other Guy.

Dave Dymond: I think the Rumble just got a lot more frightening.

Other Guy: I may have been wrong about Jester being in the top four. After tonight, I’m not even sure the guy’s going to be able to walk.


With Redemption just getting under way, the cameras catch up with Eryk Masters somewhere within the inner workings of the Thomas and Mack Center.  He shakes his head a few times, seemingly upset, and finally he approaches a door.  He knocks on it once.  He then waits and the door eventually opens and standing there is none other than Roland Caldwell.  Masters seems a bit confused, as if not expecting him.

Eryk Masters: I’m sorry I was asked down here…

Caldwell turns into the locker room.

Roland Caldwell: He’s here.

With that, Caldwell disappears back into the locker room, and moments later Vincent Mallows emerges out of the room, wheel chair and all.

Vincent Mallows: Eryk Masters, it has been some time.  I apologize for the state I am in.

Mallows seems to laugh, but it sounds more like guttural noise than an actual laugh. His words slur together and a small bit of spit builds up in the corner of his mouth.

Eryk Masters: Right. Well I was told you wanted to address a few things tonight, so here’s your chance.

Mallows pushes the lever on his wheel chair to move a bit more forward.  Eryk Masters brings the microphone down, positioning it in front of Mallows.

Vincent Mallows: Straight to the point, I like it.  And so well introduced too.  You are certainly right, I do have something to address.  The beginning of the end, Eryk Masters, and more importantly MY revenge.  You witnessed it last week when Roland Caldwell took out the legend that is Christopher Davis… and tonight… and tonight… it continues!

Mallows’s tone gets more heated, some of the spit drips out of his mouth and he pauses to slurp more of it in.

Vincent Mallows: I said, Eryk Masters, I said a new year and a new life.  I said Redemption would come and now it is here.  Tonight I will revel in the destruction of Del Carver, tonight I will revel in the destruction of both Jun Kenshin and my FAILED underling Trevor Worrens.  Tonight, I will witness my greatest acquisition in Sammy Rochester; destroy any man that crosses his path.  It will come to pass.

Eryk Masters:… and what if it doesn’t?

Mallows cannot move his head, but one of his eyes, the one that can move, looks upwards at Masters, his right eyebrow furrows with anger, distorting his face that much more.

Vincent Mallows: What if it doesn’t?  Now you choose to ask a question, but I assure you, Eryk Masters, it is the wrong one.  Tonight it WILL come to pass.  I will NOT be robbed of my revenge!

His anger shows through clearly, and despite him being paralyzed, Mallows manages to still be an imposing figure.  Masters backs away.

Computerized Voice: Hello there. Vincent. Mallows.  I understand your pain.

The camera suddenly pans out revealing an older man in a wheel chair, his coming complete with a computerized console on the arm.  Eryk Masters turns and shakes his head in a bit of disbelief.

Eryk Masters: Uhhh… former SHOOT Project owner John Williamson?

Williamson’s fingers quickly type on the keyboard, which is attached to a voice box.

John Williamson: (in computerized voice) Shut up. You.  I am here to speak to Vincent Mallows.

Williamson turns his chair to face Mallows who continues to look angry.

John Williamson: (in computerized voice) I understand why you are angry.  But you have to understand that being stuck in a wheelchair is not the end of the world.  Believe you me. I would know.  But the good thing is. Chicks dig my wheels. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha.

Williamson blinks.  Mallows doesn’t even crack a smile.

John Williamson: (in computerized voice) It was a joke.  Geez. Man. Ligh-ten up.

Williamson pushes a button and his wheelchair heads off down the hall, leaving Mallows to fume.  His one eye follows Williamson, while his left eye lazily droops towards the outside of his face.

Vincent Mallows: I will not be robbed…

Mallows’s voice trails off as he puts his wheel chair in reverse, disappearing into the open locker room.  Eryk Masters moves forward.

Eryk Masters: But Vincent…

The door SLAMS in Masters’s face.  Masters just sighs and the focus cuts away from outside Mallows’s locker room to elsewhere in the arena.


The scene opens to Eli Storm sitting in his Locker room. He sits on his bench dressed in his ring gear. His towel resting over his head as he begins to speak.

Storm: I hear voices…

“They think you’re a joke, Eli. They call you a disgrace to the World Championship.”

Storm: The voices tell me things. Things that aren’t very nice.

“No one takes you seriously, Storm. You are nothing more than a punch line to the jokes that are told in the locker room.”

Storm: Are they right? Have I been nothing more than a joke all this time? Have I been fooling myself?

Storm stands up. He throws the towel at the mirror in front of him. With the towel gone you can see the bruises that he received.

Storm: SHOOT World Heavyweight Champion, SHOOT Rules of Surrender Champion, SHOOT Iron Fist Champion and SHOOT World Tag Team Champion. Damn near a freaking Grand Slam champion. And do you know why…because every time that they joke or laugh or doubt…I prove them wrong and win another championship. The rumble will be no different. They laughed when I returned. They thought is was a joke. Than right before our match, during my interview, Kilminster attacked me. He brutally beat me in the ring. And then as I laid there in pain. Oz and Trevor Worrens had a joke at my expense. They had a good laugh. I’m glad about that. I hope that they enjoyed themselves. I hope that it was all worth it. Because just like always, the joke will be on them. Only thing is….I don’t think they’ll find it that funny this time around. Tonight many shall enter the rumble, but only one will grab his destiny. Only one shall accept his incredible fate.

Storm walks over to the camera and stares into the lens for a moment before flashing a devilish grin. He pushes the camera at the way and heads out of the locker room as the scene fades.


Dave Dymond: Fans, at this time we are required to issue a warning.  Tonight we have seen physical brutality inside the squared circle.  We watched Cade Sydal and Donovan King push themselves to a near blood bath, however what is about to be witnessed goes beyond what can be completely controlled.

Other Guy: It’s a very serious deal, the SHOOT Project organization had to go through a great deal of paper work and waivers in order for the Hardcore House of Pain to return to the United States in its true fashion.

Dave Dymond: Due to its use of high voltage of electricity and explosives, the Hardcore House of Pain is not only one of the most, if not THE most brutal structures ever created, but it is also one of the most unpredictable ones as well.  This match up will certainly NOT be for the weak of stomach.

Other Guy: That said it just didn’t seem like there was gonna be any other way this hatred between Del Carver and Corazon was gonna come to an end… so Jason Johnson along with Del Carver made this match happen.

Dave Dymond: We take you now to just outside the Thomas and Mack Center, far from the main parking lot, to The Hardcore House of Pain.

The camera focus cuts away from the ring area inside, and soon it is witnessed. For the first time in years, the completely enclosed steel cage structure is seen.  Stands have been set up around it at a safe distance and on hand outside of the ring is SHOOT Project official Tony Lorenzo.  He stands with a microphone in hand.

Tony Lorenzo: For the safety of you fans sitting ringside out here, please refrain from getting up from your seats at any point while this match takes place.

Lorenzo issues the warning with a very serious tone in his voice, adding to the already looming feeling of the brutality that is going to occur.  At that moment "It’s A Long Way To The Top" by AC/DC is played inside the Thomas and Mack Center as well as added in live for the viewers watching at home on Pay Per View.  However the fans outside cannot hear the music, but begin to cheer as they see Diamond Del Carver emerge from a make shift aisle way that leads to the ring.

Tony Lorenzo: This next match up is a CAREER versus Title match for the IRON FIST CHAMPIONSHIP and will be fought inside the HARDCORE HOUSE OF PAIN!

Carver walks around the full area of the ring, taking all the time to personally make eye contact with the fans who purchased the special seats for Redemption.

Tony Lorenzo: Introducing first, the man putting his career on the line and CHALLENGING for the SHOOT Project Iron Fist Championship, he weighs 245 pounds, he is known as the Hardcore Outlaw… THIS. IS. DEL CARVER!!!

Carver goes out into the crowd, walking up the stands, personally tagging hands with those who cheer him on, with those who have come to support his illustrious career.

Dave Dymond: (from ringside) Are we coming through? I think we’re good. Folks Other Guy and myself will be calling the action as it goes down right here from ringside, and I just have to say no matter what happens here tonight, Del Carver’s legacy will have been cemented in my eyes.

Other Guy (from ringside) The man’s had a long career, but I don’t know, I’ve gone on record to say it, Dave, but I’m not sure Carver has a prayer.  I don’t see that same fire, hell, I think the cat may just be a little frightened of his own end.

Dave Dymond: A lot of people have been talking, a LOT of fans, superstars, everyone has been saying this could very well be the end of Del Carver, and really if you kept hearing that about yourself, O.G., I think it would get to you to.

Carver continues to tag hands with the fans and eventually comes down out of the stands and just stops at the cage door. He looks at the structure; he notices the medical staff on hand.  And Carver takes one long breath… and lets out one even longer sigh.  Slowly he marches up the steel steps that lead into the 20 feet by 20 feet ring.  His eyes scan the weapons hanging in the corner, and then they focus around the ring, the ropes all wrapped in barbed wire.

Dave Dymond: This is not going to be a wrestling match; this is not going to be a match of any kind. It is going to be a fight, a potential massacre on both ends as The Hardcore House of Pain is something that changes anyone who steps inside of it, or so I am told… but frankly I’ll take the words of those who experienced this hellacious structure.

Carver’s music eventually fades out and the fans around the demonic steel cage all buzz now, and the fans live inside can be heard, their noise being piped to the outside ring set up as well.  Finally "Inhuman" by DZK starts to play, and the second Adrian Corazon emerges from the makeshift entryway, nothing but boos come from the fans outside and the fans inside.

Other Guy: Nobody wants to see it happen, Dave, nobody wants this to be the end, especially not with that man, the Iron Fist Champion, involved.

Dave Dymond: Corazon has been nothing short of confident and brutally arrogant since being crowned the Iron Fist Champion, and so tonight for him this is more than a title defense. This is a moment where victory proves Corazon right. Where victory makes him the most dominant Iron Fist Champion the SHOOT Project has seen, AND it makes him the only man that could finally put Del Carver’s career to rest.

Other Guy: It’s scary shit.  This thing hasn’t even started and my stomach is in all sorts of knots.

As Corazon approaches the Hardcore House of Pain, he keeps his eyes locked on Del Carver, as if ignoring the structure he is about to walk into all together.

Tony Lorenzo: And his opponent.  He weighs in at 225 pounds and is the DEFENDING Iron Fist Champion.  THIS. IS. CORAZON!!!

Other Guy: Lorenzo ain’t no Samantha Coil, but does a nice job fillin in and kudos to him taking this match with no complaints.  I wouldn’t want to be standing that close to the cage… ya never know how often or when the damn thing is gonna explode.

Dave Dymond: Other than the crew that constructed the Hardcore House of Pain, nobody knows how many charges of  Lead azide explosives were hooked up to the cage and that’s where the unpredictability comes into play. One bad hit, one wrong explosion, and some serious damage can be done.

Corazon now stands the ONE door that leads into the completely enclosed steel cage.  He holds the Iron Fist Championship up above his head, eyes still not leaving Del Carver’s.  As Corazon’s music fades out, he hands his championship title off to Tony Lorenzo who tucks it securely under his arm.  Corazon then starts up the steel steps, looking dead on at Del Carver.

Other Guy: Other than open that steel cage door, there is no officiating to this match up.  The winner is the one guy who can muster up enough inside to walk out of the cage… and it ain’t gonna be easy.

Dave Dymond: We have said all we can say about the structure, we have weighed both sides as much as they can be weighed. It’s time for it ALL to go down. Does Carver’s legacy continue as he takes hold of the ONLY championship title he has never possessed, or does Adrian Corazon go down in the history books as the man to end The Hardcore Outlaw….

The door closes behind Corazon, sealing his fate as well as Carver’s.  Carver immediately charges at Corazon, and Corazon wisely looks right to the nearby corner where the kendo stick is hanging he looks to get up the turnbuckle, but Carver right there to pull him away!  Corazon throws a back elbow, but Carver ducks it and lifts Corazon up and looks for the back drop suplex, but Corazon uses his momentum to his favor and flips all the way over, landing on his feet. He grabs Carver by the head and VICIOUSLY slams his forehead into the top turnbuckle, which is also wrapped in barbed wire!  Without mercy, Corazon twists Carver’s head back and forth, basically GRINDING his flesh into the turnbuckle pad covered in barbed wire.  Carver fights through the pain though and just THROWS a kick backwards, catching Corazon in the left leg.

Corazon stumbles back and Carver now turns and CHARGES, taking Corazon down with a devastating clothesline!  Corazon rocks back and forth on the mat and Carver goes right after him. Carver pulls the Iron Fist Champion up to his feet and then WHIPS him into the ropes.  Corazon stops his own body from colliding with the ropes… only for Carver to pick come up from behind, LIFT Corazon by the legs and DROP him upper chest first onto the top rope!  Corazon bounces off the rope, some of the barbed wire scraping his chest! Corazon winces in pain and Carver stays right on top of things and SHOVES Corazon hard into the ropes at close range, forcing the prongs of the barbed wire to pierce parts of Corazon’s flesh!

Dave Dymond: Carver already bleeding a bit from the forehead, and Corazon’s chest on the verge of being shredded, and we just started this thing.

Other Guy: Like we said, not for those who got weak stomachs, Dave.

Carver turns Corazon around now, pushing Corazon’s back against the ropes and now Carver winds up… HUGE vertical slap down the length of Corazon’s chest! Corazon shouts out in pain and Carver brings his hand up again, and SLAPS Corazon down the front of the chest a second time.  Carver then goes to whip Corazon across the ring, but Corazon reverses, pulls Carver back in, whips his and Carver’s body around and soon Carver is down on the mat via a quick neck breaker!

Dave Dymond: Corazon wisely avoiding those ropes now, having already felt some of the sting of the barbed wire wrapped around them.

Corazon gets up to his feet, but Carver still has PLENTY of fight in him and he gets up as well. Turns with a leg sweep kick and Carver goes back down onto the mat.  Corazon stays on top of things at this point, instead of going to the corner, and starts stomping away at Carver’s hip!  The fans boo as Corazon takes blatant advantage of one of Carver’s very well known injuries.  Carver rolls to his side grabbing at his hip now and Corazon DROPS a knee right into Carver’s side!  Carver rolls completely over onto his stomach now and Corazon makes a move for the corner, where hanging from a length of rope is the steel chair. Corazon quickly yanks at the steel chair, the rope snapping with it.

Other Guy: As if this structure wasn’t bad enough, the fact that they ARE given weapons makes it that much more brutal.

Dave Dymond: Corazon the first to get his hands on one of the four weapons of pain found within the hardcore house, and its an old classic in the steel chair.

Other Guy: It only gets worse from this point out.

Corazon walks towards Carver who pushes up off the mat, unknowing of the fact that Corazon has the steel chair tightly in his hand.  Before Carver can get himself all the way up, Corazon SWINGS the chair downward at Carver’s head…. CRACKING him in the back of the skull!  Carver collapses onto the mat  and Corazon now continues the assault with a SECOND chair shot to the back of Carver’s head!  Corazon smirks as he looks down at Carver and then Corazon sets up the chair by Carver’s head.  Corazon bends down and lifts Carver up just enough to place Carver’s head on the seat of the chair, then Corazon walks off towards another corner, this time going for the kendo stick.

Dave Dymond: Corazon has that look in his eye.  He is now coming to full realization that in this match, in this hardcore house of pain, he can have his way of torture with Del Carver.

Other Guy: The man lives up to the names he’s been given, brutal… inhuman. That’s why I’m startin’ to second guess Del’s decision to call for this fight.

Corazon snatches the Kendo stick; once again the rope it is attached to breaks easily.  Corazon then goes back towards Carver, looking to smash the kendo stick over his head, but just as he raises it up the stick, Carver lunges up and KICKS Corazon square in the gut!  Corazon drops the kendo stick and doubles over in pain.  Carver capitalizes, pulling Corazon into a standing head scissors and then he HOISTS Corazon up… turns and takes two steps in and DROPS Corazon via a power bomb right on the steel chair!

Dave Dymond: Carver with a HUGE execution of what he calls the Carver Crunch… and Corazon is LAID OUT!

Other Guy: Yeah but that ain’t enough to end this match, and I don’t think Carver would want it to end here anyway. The guy has a death wish, I’m telling you.

Dave Dymond: Del Carver pretty much on the verge of having the back of his skull assaulted by that kendo stick, but now he has the upper hand and these fans here are loving it, the fans ringside out there are loving it. Del Carver is VERY much in this thing.

Carver looks down at Corazon now and then looks to the kendo stick and all at once the fans can be heard cheering.  Carver nods his head and grabs a hold of the kendo stick now and points down at Corazon who starts getting up.  Carver SWINGS and CRACKS the kendo stick across Corazon’s back! Corazon snaps up to his feet, shouting in pain and Carver just winds up and swings again… and again… and again and again and again!  The fans ERUPT with a huge pop as Carver winds up and then as Corazon faces him… CARVER SMACKS the kendo stick clean across Corazon’s face!  Corazon goes down and Carver now stands over him with the stick raised high overhead!  Carver then turns and points the kendo stick at the cage!

Dave Dymond: Here we go!  Del Carver VOWED that he’d make Corazon respect him or put him through a world of hurt, and it looks like that world of hurt is about to be unleashed!

Carver drops the kendo stick now and grabs Corazon, pulling him up to his feet into a headlock position.  Corazon struggles, so Carver clenches his fist and drills a couple of hard punches into Corazon’s face.  With Corazon slumping to one knee, Carver picks him back up and then runs him towards the side of the cage!  The fans around the ring all start to get up out of their seats and JUST as Corazon is about to go head first into the cage, he grips the top rope tightly, despite the barbed wire and pushes off of them to knock Carver stumbling back.  Corazon takes a moment, wincing as his hands now show blood on the palms, while Carver quickly recovers and runs back at Corazon.  Corazon turns around and fires with a European uppercut.  Carver’s head snaps back but he recovers quickly, straight punch to the face. Corazon staggers, returns with another European uppercut.

Straight punch from Carver.

Uppercut from Corazon!

Straight punch from Carver!

Uppercut from Corazon!

Straight punch from Carver… then another!  Corazon’s head snaps back from the second punch and Carver winds up big and spins with a roaring elbow… but Corazon ducks under and sends a VICIOUS hook kick into the back of Carver’s head!  Carver stumbles from the impact and now Corazon takes control, grabs Carver from behind and runs him into the steel cage, SHOVING him in between the second and top rope!  The barbed wire tears at Carver’s head and shirt and Carver suddenly CONVULSES as his head hits the cage!

Other Guy: I know it’s a hard thing to imagine, but that’s 250 volts goin through the body of Del Carver right now.

Dave Dymond: Not enough to kill, as we know, but definitely enough electricity to disorient, that’s for sure!

The fans gasp as Carver manages to pull himself out of the barbed wire ropes now, but he staggers a great deal.  Corazon NAILS him with a forearm shot to the back then turns him around and throws a low hook punch to the gut.  Carver doubles over and Corazon quickly throws all his momentum into executing a cradle neckbreaker… swinging Carver down for added force!  Carver writhes on the mat in pain and Corazon looks for revenge, grabbing a hold of the kendo stick now.  The fans boo as Corazon toys with Carver for a moment, prodding him with the kendo stick…

and then WHACK! The kendo stick comes down hard on Carver’s body.

WHACK!  Again!  WHACK!  Corazon bends down now and just RIPS Carver’s t-shirt from his body, exposing his skin.  Corazon prods at him again and then WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!

Carver spasms from each shot to his body, red marks appearing after the first few hits from the kendo stick.

Dave Dymond: Corazon doing what he can to keep Carver down flat on his back, as the only way that cage door opens is if your opponent is down and not moving.

Other Guy: Yeah even the littlest bit of motion is gonna keep this match goin, making it THAT much harder to pull off the “W” in this match.

Dave Dymond: More like torture, O.G.  That’s really what the Hardcore House of Pain TRULY is.

With Carver down, Corazon tosses the kendo stick to the side now and makes his way into the upper right corner, there the length of steel chain dangles.  Corazon grabs at it and pulls it down and immediately wraps it around his own fist.  He turns just as Carver starts to get up to his feet.  Corazon storms towards the disoriented Carver and CLOCKS him with the steel chain!  Carver stumbles, almost falling off his feet, but he stays standing.  Corazon winds up and NAILS Carver square in the forehead once more, busting open the barbed wire wounds from earlier!  More blood seems to cover Carver’s forehead at this point, but Carver still not going down.  Carver brings his fists up, as if in a boxing stance, still swaying a great deal.

Corazon unrolls the chain just a little bit and then WHIPS it at Carver!  It wraps around Carver’s wrist, but Carver at the same time grabs a hold of the chain and out of nowhere PULLS Corazon inwards and then hoists him up and over with a belly-to-belly suplex!  The fans pop as both men are down on the mat now, with Carver trying to get back up to the feet, the chain still lashed around his wrist.

Other Guy: I don’t know WHERE Carver pulled that sudden burst of energy from, but then again there’s a lot of times I wonder where the hell the old man gets his drive.

Dave Dymond: Del Carver has been doing this all his life, a LONG LONG career builds one hell of a pain tolerance, which is why, no matter how many people DOUBT Del Carver, he really is in his element here tonight.

Carver is up to his feet now and he tugs at the chain, basically pulling Corazon half way up to his feet, only for Carver to BOOT him square in the face.  Corazon lets go of the chain as he drops back down onto the mat, and suddenly Carver sits down on Corazon’s back and wraps the chain around his neck and just PULLS up on it choking the life out of Corazon!  Corazon gasps for breath, kicking his legs about, and finally Del Carver breaks the choke on his own as Corazon’s head falls back to the mat.  Now Carver slowly staggers towards the cage door, but referee Tony Lorenzo motions for the match to continue.  Carver turns to see Corazon crawling towards the upper left corner of the ring and sure enough Carver goes right back after him.

Corazon starts to push up off the mat, still taking in deep breaths and Carver pulls him up the rest of the way and now just SLAMS Corazon head first into the turnbuckle, much like Corazon did to him at the start of the fight.  Carver pulls Corazon’s head away only SLAM it down again!  This time he holds it there and then DROPS an elbow to the back of Corazon’s head, FURTHER pushing it into the strands of barbed wire that are wrapped around the turnbuckle.  He then pulls Corazon back, and cuts and small gashes are seen on Corazon’s cheeks and forehead.  Carver hooks Corazon and FALLS backwards with a Russian leg sweep.  Corazon’s head bounces off the mat.  With Corazon down yet again, Carver suddenly starts pulling strands of barbed wire OFF of the top turnbuckle and WRAPPING THEM AROUND HIS OWN ELBOW!!!

Dave Dymond: If there’s ONE thing Del Carver knows BETTER than anyone else, it’s how to make barbed wire work for you, and these fans are OUT of their seats in anticipation!

Other Guy: What’s he gonna do, Dave… what in the hell is Del Carver looking to… OH GOD!

The fans only get louder as Carver now CLIMBS to the top turnbuckle, sizing up Corazon who stirs on the mat in pain, clutching his head.  Carver holds the elbow out for all to see, the barbed wire wrapped around it… and then without hesitation Carver LEAPS from the top rope and DRIVES the barbed wire elbow right into Corazon!

“CAR-VER!” “CAR-VER!” The chant rings out from the fans surrounding the hardcore house of pain, and Carver lies on top of Corazon, as if making a pin.

Dave Dymond: No pins, no submissions here, Carver NEEDS to get himself up and out of that cage door as Corazon isn’t moving a muscle!

The fans continue to chant Carver’s name and he slowly but surely gets himelf up, the barbed wire digging into his own skin now as he tries to rip it off of him from causing Carver more pain. As Carver walks towards the cage door once again, Corazon slowly starts to crawl behind him, his chest and lower portion of the neck all cut up from the barbed wire elbow drop.  He reaches out and grabs at Carver’s foot, stopping Carver in place. Carver turns around and goes to just STOMP down on Corazon, but Corazon rolls out of the way and now works on getting up to his feet.  Carver swings with a wild punch, but its with the arm that the barbed wire is wrapped around so the motion causes the barbed wire to TEAR at his own arm!  Carver pulls back the punch, wincing in pain, and Corazon takes the full opportunity to capitalize, grabbing the arm and YANKING it up and around behind Carver’s back, PRESSING the barbed wire into Carver’s own back!

Carver SHOUTS OUT in pain, and from there, Corazon pulls Carver back into a Dragon Sleeper hold… but only holds it for a short while before DROPPING Carver with a modified dragon DDT!  Corazon takes a moment to regroup but then gets up, but realizes that he hasn’t done enough to keep Carver down.  Instead Corazon goes to the final corner and grabs the large bag of tacks! The fans boo as Corazon holds the bag for all to see and then stalks towards Carver who works his way up to his feet once again, blood covering his arm now and dripping down his face.

Other Guy: Corazon has that bag of tacks, Dave, the final weapon to come into play which means now its ALL Fair game.

Dave Dymond: A sick and twisted game at that as Carver is already bloodied up fairly badly, and Corazon isn’t exactly looking hot right now either.

The fans shout with concern as Carver slowly turns around, trying to get his bearings back… when suddenly Corazon VIOLENTLY SWINGS THE BAG OF TACKS RIGHT AT CARVER’S FACE!!!


Dave Dymond: MY GOD!  The impact of that shot!  SICK… HOW SICK!

The fans can’t believe what they just witnessed as Carver clutches at his face, screaming in agony!  Corazon drops the remainder of the bag part in his hand and with Carver clutching at his face, Corazon goes for a DDT onto the scattered tacks… but Carver BLINDLY lifts Corazon up… ATOMIC DROP!

Corazon winces in pain and Carver pulls his hands away from his face, revealing his entire face pretty much cut up on one side!  Still Carver presses on and just starts NAILING Corazon with hard punches once again.  Corazon falters and now Carver hooks Corazon… looks for a vertical suplex… but Corazon brings a knee up and then just PULLS Carver down with a sitting face plant RIGHT INTO THE TACKS!!!  Fans cringe, many look as Carver lies amongst the sharp tacks and now Corazon up to his feet starts towards the cage door, waving backwards towards Carver as if to say “I’m done!”

Other Guy: I can’t believe I’m still sittin’ here watching this.  Carver is messed up good… and I think Corazon is done. I think Corazon realizes this is it… goodbye Carver’s career.

Dave Dymond: I am still in shock from the bag of tacks just tearing open and… I can’t get the image out of my head…

Corazon gets to the cage door but Tony Lorenzo does not open it.  Corazon shouts for Lorenzo to open it but again Lorenzo does not and he points back into the ring.  Corazon turns around and at the same time the fans begin to cheer as they realize Carver IS STILL MOVING!  Corazon cannot believe it and he stomps back towards Carver and pulls him up to his feet.  Corazon WHIPS Carver into the ropes and Carver hits the barbed wire hard and comes bouncing back.  Corazon lifts Carver up, turning spinebuster…


Dave Dymond: Eye for an eye, tacks for tacks! What a counter. And I continue to say in my head, maybe… maybe Carver has what it takes… maybe this is NOT the swan song everyone seems to think it will be!

Corazon writhes in pain and quickly rolls out of the tacks, clutching at the top of his head where various tacks can be seen stuck to his scalp.  Carver, a bloody mess, sits up now holding his arm and pain and finally he just RIPS the barbed wire from his arm, despite some flesh being torn with it.  Carver grits his teeth but now he wraps it around his fist and then Carver grabs the steel chain and wraps it around the other fist!

Other Guy: Oh man, Del Carver has been known to say the only weapons he ever needs are his own two fists, but he’s addin’ a little hardware to them now!

Corazon struggles to get up to his feet… completely unaware of Carver coming up from behind him. Corazon turns, right fist punch nails Corazon with the steel chain, left fist punch the barbed wire!  Corazon falls into a sitting position and Carver just pulls him right back up, another left right combo… Corazon staggers up against the lower right corner of the ring and now Carver sends him into the opposite corner with a hard Irish whip!  Carver then charges full speed, like a man possessed, but Corazon drops down at the last second and LIFTS Carver up so he partially hits the steel cage! The fans cringe, but no explosion occurs.  Carver leans against the cage, face sideways… and suddenly Corazon grabs the steel chair and CHUCKS IT at the cage…


Dave Dymond: GOD NO!

Other Guy: Carver’s face was RIGHT there! I think his damn ear nearly got blown off his face!

Dave Dymond: Carver is down… and we can’t see through that smoke just yet… I don’t know what state he is in, but Corazon was also knocked back by the explosion… folks I can’t see…

The fans buzz with confusion, wondering what condition Carver is in.  Eventually the smoke slowly but surely starts to clear.  Carver is down on his back; Corazon sits there, part of his face blackened with residue from the explosion.  For a moment Corazon just sits there, seemingly in a state of shock.  Carver’s entire right side of his face is COVERED in blood and what appears to be some splotches of burnt skin, but could also just be the residue from the explosion as well.

Dave Dymond: The smoke finally clearing and that was not what I was expecting… that explosion quite possibly acting as a turning point in this match up.

Corazon starts to get up to his feet now, legs somewhat shaky as he walks towards the cage.  Carver doesn’t seem to be moving… the fans around ringside have fallen silent, seemingly the impending doom, the end of Del Carver.  Corazon gets closer to the cage door and now Tony Lorenzo opens it.

Other Guy: That’s all she wrote folks… all Corazon has to do is walk out that door to retain the Iron Fist title, and in turn send Del Carver into retirement.

As Corazon gets closer his once shocked face is replaced by a grin, and that’s when the booing begins.  Corazon walks a bit quicker now, at the cage door… AND LORENZO SHUTS IT!

THE FANS POP HUGE!  Corazon shakes his head in complete disbelief but turns to see CARVER SITTING UP!!!

Other Guy: That crazy old man! That son of a bitch, Dave!

Dave Dymond: Del Carver sitting up and Corazon can’t believe it!

Corazon continues to shake his head, frustrated beyond belief.  Carver gets up slowly, blood dripping, legs quivering…. And he just looks at Corazon and motions for him to bring it!

Del Carver: WE AIN’T DONE, SON!

The chanting and cheering starts up again as Carver slowly walks towards Corazon.  Corazon in a fit of rage charges at Carver.  Punch attempted by Corazon, BLOCKED by Carver! Another punch attempted, blocked again and now Carver with a punch of his own and then he just GRINDS his barbed wire fist into Corazon’s face!  Corazon literally BITES at Carver’s thumb to get him to pull back and then Corazon goes for another straight shot but Carver ducks it.  Corazon spins all the way around and Carver picks him up and then takes him down with a samoan drop!  Corazon clutches at his stomach and Carver grabs Corazon by the arm and DRAGS him close to the edge of the ring and to the cage.  Corazon tries to fight free from Carver, but Carver with ANOTHER punch, this time with the steel chain wrapped fist.  Corazon’s head slumps and with NO REGARD for Corazon…

Carver PUSHES Corazon’s face up against the cage… and just HOLDS IT THERE!!! The fans can’t help but gasp at the brutality and the sick image of the Iron Fist Champion shaking profusely from the electric shocks!  Carver KEEPS Corazon’s head up against the cage though…. And foamy spit starts to form at the corners of Corazon’s mouth!

Dave Dymond: Carver is a man possessed now!  He’s been bloodied, beaten, and even blown up, and now he’s in this to give that much more pain BACK to Corazon!

Carver finally lets go of Corazon’s head and Corazon slumps on the mat, the electricity obviously still going through him as he spasms on the mat.  Carver isn’t anywhere near done though.  He walks away from Corazon and gets the steel chair, setting it up again, despite it already being in pretty bad shape.  Carver then walks back over to Corazon and takes the steel chain from around his fist and wraps it around Corazon’s neck!  Carver DRAGS Corazon back first THROUGH the tacks and Corazon flails, pulling at the chain trying to get free… but to no avail.  Carver then PULLS up on the chain, almost hanging Corazon for a brief second and then with the chain held tightly Carver runs… side steps the chair and DROPS Corazon face first with a 3/4th NECKBREAKER!!!

Other Guy: The Diamond Cutter!

Dave Dymond: A classic and signature move there and Corazon has been laid out.  To all those doubters, right now I’d like to say LOOK IN THAT RING!  Look at who is the man standing tall right now!

Other Guy: I admit, I didn’t think Carver’s mind was in this fight, but I’m bein’ proven DEAD wrong, Dave.

Carver gets back up to his feet and now marches to the cage door, shouting for Tony Lorenzo to open it up.  The fans are on their feet.  Carver is making his way… the door remains open.  One foot out on the steel steps, both feet out…


Carver raises his arm high into the air as he walks down the steel steps… but JUST as he is about to step down onto the ground…

Tony Lorenzo: No!  Back inside Carver!

The fans ARE LIVID!  But Carver looks back into the ring and Corazon is slowly propping himself up via the totally bent up steel chair.

Other Guy: the fans unhappy, but just as I give credit to Del Carver, ya gotta hand it to Adrian Corazon now, Dave.  The man is pushing on, the man is fighting despite the pain he must be feelin’.

Dave Dymond: Corazon taking the word “inhuman” to a whole new level, as I’m not sure how he’s getting back up, let alone now standing up.

Carver walks back into the ring and right at Corazon.  Carver fires with his barbed wire wrapped fist. Once, twice, three times, four times… Corazon is staggering a great deal, blood covering all different spots on his face. Carver grabs Corazon by the arm now and then pulls behind him, locking Corazon into a half nelson position.  The fans start to pick up as Carver looks for the Diamond Death Drop, but before he can get his arm around Corazon’s waist, Corazon fires with a blind elbow with his free arm.  At first Carver barely falters, but Corazon fires a few more quick elbows, just to break free and knock Carver for a loop.

With Carver stumbling back Corazon takes a few steps away and then runs at Carver, but now Carver ducks down and Corazon can’t react, BACK BODY DROP INTO THE STEEL CAGE…


Dave Dymond: I don’t want to jinx it, but that HAS to be it… that HAS GOT. TO. BE. IT!

The explosion was higher up this time around so the smoke filters into the sky quickly as Corazon slumps, a wreck amongst the barbed wire ropes now.  Carver pulls him down, parts of the hair on Corazon’s body snags the barbed wire, but then Carver just lets him fall the rest of the way down onto the mat.  Carver takes a few steps, but suddenly Corazon spasms, showing signs of life still.  Carver bends down and grabs Corazon only to take him right back down with a quick body slam.  Again Carver starts to walk away… but Corazon now moves about again, trying to get to his feet, arms shaking as he pushes up from the mat.

Other Guy: How much more can either of these men take.

Dave Dymond: When so much is on the line, SO much at stake, you’d be surprised how far any person can push themselves if they need to… and that’s what we’re witnessing right here, right now.

Carver has no choice but to bring Corazon up to his feet and find someway to keep him down for good.  As Carver picks up Corazon this time, Corazon suddenly scoops up a handful of tacks, and before Carver can react… CORAZON SHOVES THEM INTO CARVER’S FACE AND TWISTS HIS HAND FROM SIDE TO SIDE!!!

Dave Dymond: Damn it! Corazon trying to BLIND Carver all over again!  Maybe its not a screwdriver, but he’s just trying to grind those tacks into Carver’s good eye!

The fans boo loudly from around the hardcore house of pain, but Carver gets his hand up and shoves Corazon’s own hand away.  The blood is all around Carver’s eye, but he got his hand up soon enough to protect the eye itself. Corazon snarls with rage and comes back at Carver, dropping the tacks and just nailing him once more with quick European uppercuts.   Carver stumbles back and suddenly Corazon breaks his repetition with a sudden kick to the gut.

Carver doubles over… Corazon hooks one arm… then the other…

Other Guy: Here it comes…

NO!  Carver DIGS DOWN DEEP FOR STRENGTH and sends Corazon up and over with a back body drop once more. Corazon just misses some of the tacks that are spilled out all over the mat, but the pain is still very much there.  Corazon arches his back in pain but starts to get back up to his feet. Carver pulls Corazon all the way up, and that’s when Corazon SPINS with a STIFF AS FUCK HAYMAKER! Carver goes down and Corazon walks to the cage door…. But Carver is still moving and starting to stand!

Corazon here’s the cheering and turns right back around and just as Carver is almost up to his feet, Corazon CONNECTS with a short arm roundhouse kick!  Carver is knocked down again and AGAIN Corazon turns, looking to leave the ring.  Again though the referee is NOT opening the cage door!

Dave Dymond: Corazon can NOT keep Del Carver down and slowly but surely that is eating away at the Iron Fist Champion.

Other Guy: He’s thrown everything at him and then some.  Carver’s as stubborn as they get and the pain the man can endure… Corazon may literally have to KILL Carver here tonight by the time its all said and done.

Corazon grabs at Carver now and whips him sternum first into the lower left corner post, the one that is closest to the steel cage door.  Corazon then turns Carver around and just starts wailing on him with quick kicks and punches.  Carver’s head snaps back with each punch to the face, but eventually he powers out of the corner, over taking Corazon with a quick shoulder tackle.  Corazon goes down and Carver staggers towards the kendo stick, despite Corazon hot on his tail.  Carver bends down and gets the kendo stick, but Corazon right there… and CARVER KICKS UP BACKWARDS…


Dave Dymond: How GREAT is that!  For as many times as Corazon cheated his way to tainted victories, he GETS what he deserves! ALRIGHT DEL!

The fans cheer loudly as Corazon winces in pain and now Carver has the kendo stick down low… then raises it up high and CRACK!!!

The Kendo stick SPLITS in half right over the skull of Corazon!

Corazon slumps down, Carver tosses the remaining half of the kendo stick to the side and starts for the cage door… but as if running on only adrenaline, Corazon snaps both his arms out and reaches up for the waistline of Carver’s jeans. He PULLS Carver back in a semi roll up, and Carver’s head BOUNCES off the mat.  Corazon then goes to the corner, back to Carver… AND FLIPS with an impressive moonsault!  Corazon and Carver both lay on the mat now… but slowly Corazon crawls off of Carver and crawls towards the cage door.

Other Guy: Lorenzo opening the door now, is this finally it?

Dave Dymond: It can’t end like this… it just can’t.  Carver fighting so strong, does it just turn around that quickly?

Corazon is on hands and knees now, then up to his full vertical stance, he gets to the door, starts out… but CARVER BACK UP!  Lorenzo shouts at Corazon to get back into the ring so he can close the door. Corazon refuses to at first and continues out of the ring… but now Carver comes from behind, grabs the door from behind Corazon and SLAMS it SHUT INTO CORAZON’S HEAD!  Corazon stumbles back and Carver throws his body into the ropes despite hitting the barbed wire, and charges for a clothesline from hell, but Corazon thinking quickly counters with a sudden drop toehold!  Carver’s face hits the mat, his nose jamming UPWARD into his own skull and now Carver kicks his legs in pain, clutching at his face, in particular his nose.  Corazon gets up to his feet and just looks down at Carver.

Corazon: Stay down, Del.  IT’S FOR YOUR OWN GOOD!

The shout is meant to make Carver feel hopeless, but instead Carver starts pushing up off the mat, only to be KICKED in the ribs by Corazon.  Carver goes back down, blood smearing on the mat under him. Again though Carver pushes on… and Corazon KICKS him in the ribs again! Again Carver though fights on… pushing through the pain and agony.

Corazon shakes his head, backs up a few steps… a third kick… NO!  Carver springs up to his feet and catches Corazon’s leg!  Before Corazon can do anything about it, Carver TAKES Corazon down with a leg-capture suplex!

Dave Dymond: Huge move right there and it is EXACTLY what Carver needed to get the momentum BACK in his favor.  This could be it! This is the moment!

Carver gets up to his feet, Corazon writhes on the mat in pain and now Carver pounds his chest looks down at Corazon and then drags his thumb across his neck!

Dave Dymond: The Hardcore outlaw calling for the execution of Adrian Corazon!

Other Guy: I can’t believe it.  I really can’t believe it that after the career he has had, after the insane amount of pain and agony his body has gone through, Del Carver is GOING to pull this off!

Carver pulls Corazon up to his feet…. Locks on the half nelson… wraps his arm around Corazon’s waist… but is caught off guard as Corazon suddenly RUNS at the down ring side of the cage and just FORCES both him and Carver into the ropes and into the cage siding!!

THE EXPLOSION FIRES OFF THE WRONG WAY and explodes outward from the cage! Both men stagger back… fans duck for cover!

Dave Dymond: oh shit… that…

Other Guy: That wasn’t supposed to fucking happen!

Dave Dymond: The explosion malfunctioning there, but the fans seemed to clear fast enough and both Carver and Corazon are sent staggering… Carver still has him though… he elevates him up!

The fans realizing everything is okay quickly focus back on the match to see Corazon SOMEHOW maneuver his body to flip out of a potential end.  Carver still somewhat holding Corazon is then twisted up… and Corazon hooks one arm…. then the other…

ORIGINAL SIN… NO!  Carver pushes all his force into Corazon running him up against the up ring ropes. The impact with the barbed wire forces Corazon to lose his hold on Carver’s arms.  Carver now WRAPS Corazon’s arms up into the ropes, the barbed wire digging into his flesh and then Carver JUST UNLEASHES WITH LEFT FISTS DRIVING THAT BARBED WIRE AGAIN INTO CORAZON’S FACE!!!

Dave Dymond: Carver has no care for his own body any more as with each punch that barbed wire presses further and further into his own skin as well.

Other Guy: Well he’s a man that’s got everything to lose and everything to gain, Dave.  He’s gotta toss all cares out the god damned window at this point.

Dave Dymond: This has been beyond grueling, beyond anything I even thought these two men were capable of… but Carver fighting on and he just looks to be out for blood and LOTS of it!

Corazon’s face becomes a crimson mask now as blood runs down from a fairly noticeable gash in his forehead. Still Corazon is standing and he eventually frees himself from the ropes, despite scraping up his arms pretty good.  He fires a wild uppercut that just catches Carver enough to interrupt his furious fists.  Carver tries to get the momentum back, but Corazon lifts his leg up and STOMPS at an angle right into Carver’s hip!

Carver immediately goes down to one leg and Corazon swoops around behind him and with everything he has… HOISTS HIM UP… BELLY-TO-BACK BRAINBUSTER SUPLEX!!!


Carver’s head and neck make a sickening noise as he lands on the steel chair that has been busted up beyond repair!

Other Guy: Carver’s out, Dave!

Dave Dymond: The noise, the imagery, did Corazon break his neck…!?

The fans once again buzz with concern, as the Carver lies motionless now… Corazon lies on the mat, breathing heavily but then he slowly sits up, wiping some of the blood from his face. He glances at Carver who is still motionless.  Corazon gets up to his feet, staggering a great deal as he walks, but slowly he moves towards the cage.  Referee Tony Lorenzo opens the cage door as he watches Corazon approach. The fans boo loudly, but most still seem very concerned with Carver’s well being.

Dave Dymond: Carver not moving an inch now and Corazon almost looks shocked to see this.

Other Guy: This whole match Del Carver has gotten back up from everything Corazon threw at him, I think now it’s settling in that this time Carver might not be gettin’ up.

The sadness builds with each step that Corazon takes.  Slowly Del Carver’s career seems to fade.  Corazon reaches the cage door, he looks again… NO movement from Carver.  And then Corazon steps out of the steel cage onto the steps.  He stops for a moment… the fans buzz with confusion…. But then he starts again.

Corazon walks down the steps and to the ground below.

Tony Lorenzo: That’s it!  It’s over!

“Inhuman” can be heard playing for a second time tonight as the referee hands Adrian Corazon the Iron Fist championship and then quickly motions for medical staff to get into the ring.

Tony Lorenzo: The winner of the match, and STILL the SHOOT Project Iron Fist Champion… ADRIAN CORAZON!!!

The boos sound out as Corazon clutches his title, and for the first time relishes his victory more than ever before.  He looks back into the cage one last time, watching as the medical staff swarms around Carver, quickly checking on his condition and what needs to be done.  Corazon does not wait to see what becomes of the old man, instead he walks to the back, slinging the Iron Fist Championship over his bloody shoulder.

Dave Dymond: And for what it was… it was the most brutal fight I have seen out of Adrian Corazon and one of the most determined and passionate fights I’ve seen out of Del Carver.

Other Guy: So how do you react? Do you cheer the man for givin’ it his all, only to realize that’s it.  He’s gone.  Diamond Del Carver put his career on the line, and tonight that was taken from him by the SHOOT Project Iron Fist Champion.

Dave Dymond: Indeed a very somber and sad moment as Del Carver being tended to in the ring.

The fans all are on the edge of their seats now as medical continues to work on Carver… but then suddenly Carver’s hand can be see rising up and clasping onto one of the shoulders of the medical team!  Soon another arm raises up and the fans ERUPT with cheers as Del Carver pulls himself up onto his own two feet… however incredibly wobbly and definitely trying hard not to fall back down.  The cheers only get louder though as Carver breaks from the medical staff and stands on his own.

“WE LOVE YOU DEL!” can be heard shouted from fans, while others are actually seen crying.

Dave Dymond: what a surreal moment this is… and it’s a day I never thought we’d EVER see.

Other Guy: Yeah, part of me wanted to doubt Carver just so he could prove me wrong.  But still, after all has been said and done, Del Carver STILL manages to stand… what a hell of a competitor… what a LEGEND, Dave.

Del Carver stands there, tears welling up in his eyes as well, but like the true man that he is, Del Carver raises his arm high into the air, fist clenched tightly.  The fans all rise up out of their seat and continue applauding, cheering, crying… but then an uproarious “THANK YOU DEL! THANK YOU DEL!” chant starts up. At that moment the focus cuts back into the Thomas and Mack Center. On the SHOOT Project Video Screen you see Del Carver standing there… but more importantly you see EVERY fan on their feet chanting along… and you see THE ENTIRE SHOOT Project locker room spilling out from the back, looking up at that screen, applauding as well.

Dave Dymond: No man deserves more respect than who we see standing in that ring.  He lost the battle, maybe even the war against Adrian Corazon, but he did not die.  No, despite it all, Del Carver still has done what he had to do to survive!

The shot pans around the arena now, even showing Dave Dymond and Other Guy up on their feet cheering as well.  The focus transitions back outside to the hardcore house of pain now as Del Carver, with medial staff escort slowly starts to leave the hardcore house of pain… only to turn back around and lift his fist high in the air one more time… then pound his chest, specifically the spot where his heart is!  The cheering ERUPTS again.


Carver nods his head, then turns from the fans continuing his way out of the ring and eventually disappearing back inside the Thomas and Mack Arena.


Roland Caldwell walks down a back hallway towards the gorilla position.  Several workers hang against the wall and watch him pass.

Dave Dymond: Yes folks, in just a few minutes, that man could be your next SHOOT Project World Champion.

Roland’s jaw is clenched.  He breathes rhythmically and deeply.

Other Guy: If he becomes champion…

Roland stops and his eyes narrow.  Roland cracks his neck back and forth.

Roland: I’ve been wondering when you’d confront me.

Jason Johnson steps into frame.  He nods slowly, and his face surrendering no emotion…

Jason Johnson: Good luck out there tonight, Roland.

Roland stares at Johnson for a beat, as if confused.

Roland: Is that all you have to say?  After all the things I have said since I came back.  All the vitriolic rhetoric I have spewed.  All the insults I’ve thrown at you… and the first thing you say to me since I signed my contract with that false smile on my face is, “good luck?”

Jason Johnson calmly nods.

Jason Johnson:  Yes.  Good luck out there, Roland.

Johnson gives a final nod and walks off.  Roland stares after him.  He shakes his head slowly, and then slaps himself several times across the face.  A deep breath; his earlier focus returns.


Just moments before the triple threat World Heavyweight championship match up, the camera cuts to the gorilla position with Abigail Chase and Trevor Worrens.  Trevor Worrens is wearing his black wrestling shoes, black jeans, and a dark blue button up shirt, untucked and unbuttoned.

Abigail Chase: At this time I am joining one of the challengers to the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship and the FORMER champion himself, Trevor Worrens.

Chase motions to Worrens and from ringside some cheers can be heard.

Abigail Chase: Worrens, first off this has had to have been a very difficult week for you. Watching your old mentor’s newest associate in Roland Caldwell destroy Christopher Davis, not to mention the match itself, and thinking about IF you win tonight who in that Redemption Rumble would you then go on to face.  It’s a lot to handle.

Worrens nods his head.

Trevor Worrens: Abigail, it was a tough week, and I can only imagine how hard of a week it had to be for you.  And I mean that in all sincerity, from what I know, from what I heard, nobody escapes the Defiler… or so I’m told. But here you are, still standing.

Chase seems a bit uncomfortable even mentioning what happened earlier in the week.

Abigail Chase: mmm… yeah.  But tonight is about you and what will happen in a few moments when you head out into the ring.

Worrens again nods, showing a more focused energy.

Trevor Worrens: Tonight is about s lot of things though, Abby.  And I admit going out there is the BIGGEST thing on my mind. It has been all week. Despite Vincent Mallows’s efforts to get under my skin, get in my head, I haven’t let it happen. Despite Jun Kenshin’s massive following talking him up, I haven’t faltered in what I vowed to do tonight. But the common thread is that tonight is about the future.  What is going to happen.  Looking beyond this night, looking beyond Redemption there are SO MANY different outcomes that can happen. So many end results that may very well take place.

Worrens pauses for a moment.

Trevor Worrens: Tonight is still a night of uncertainty for a lot of people.  But I’m tired of not being certain. I’m tired of not knowing, of not having a CLUE what’s in store.  So when I go out there, what’s going to happen is that there is going to be a World Heavyweight Championship match.  Three men are going to fight, and I have every intention of winning.

Worrens looks back down the hall, away from the ring area.

Trevor Worrens: of course Roland Caldwell and Jun Kenshin have that very same intention…

Abigail Chase: That they do so can you be certain, Trevor Worrens?  Can you go out there with absolute confidence that you will win and once again be the World Heavyweight Champion?

Worrens contemplates the question, lowering his head for a moment.  He then looks back out in the direction of the ring area before looking right at Abigail Chase.

Trevor Worrens: I did it once… I can do it again.

Worrens walks out of the view of the camera, and at that moment the focus shifts right back to the ring area.


Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen it is now time for tonight’s SHOOT Project WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION MATCH UP!!!!

The fans pick up and at that moment The SHOOT Video screen comes to life and witnessed is the usual art-house montage of Trevor Worrens from different angles, all done in grainy black and white film.

“Believe in me if you want, but believe you me… I don’t need your faith.”

The footage stops abruptly and all of a sudden four streams of silver pyros shoot downward at the stage area and the second the brightness of the pyro fades, “The Pursuit” by Evan’s Blue plays throughout the Thomas and Mack Arena for the sold out and then some Redemption crowd!  The SHOOT Video screen then plays clips of Worrens in action, all done in brilliant, but Indy Technicolor.

Dave Dymond: And here it all begins, three men enter, only ONE can be called the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion when it’s all said and done.

Worrens walks out from the back now, wearing his black wrestling shoes, black jeans, and a dark blue button up shirt untucked and unbuttoned.  He looks out to the crowd for a moment and then continues his confident walk towards the ring.

Other Guy: And Trevor Worrens the first challenger to step out from the back and he’s lookin’ ready, Dave.

Dave Dymond: That he is, seems he’s gotten through a lot of his burden and has put ALL his focus on the match and task ahead.

As Worrens reaches the ring the fans continue to buzz, a rather mixed reaction, but tonight there seems to be a bit more respect shown from the crowd in attendance.

“The Pursuit” cuts off and the arena lights are cut off. A single spotlight falls onto the entrance ramp and “Summer Overture” blasts throughout the speakers.

The video screen comes to life and we see acts of violence and destruction appears onto the screen. Animals being slaughtered, we see protestors being run over by a tank, dead bodies being carelessly thrown over pits, villages being burned, buildings imploding, the boots of an army trampling over…. Death….Famine…. Pestilence…. and finally we see the smiling visage of Roland Caldwell.

“….it begins.”

Dave Dymond: Roland Caldwell is the Number One Contender. He systemically destroyed Christopher Davis last week.

Other Guy:I personally believe this is Roland’s Caldwell. This is his moment and what an era we’re going to see, Dave.

Roland Caldwell is plainly dressed in all black. There is no pyrotechnics but just the supreme determination etched on the face of the Boston native. Roland walks over the top rope and stalks the ring like a caged animal.

Dave Dymond: I got goose bumps, Other Guy.

Other Guy:This is gonna be a classic!

The arena lights now fall onto the green hue. We cut to the guerilla position and we see Jun Kenshin make a sign of the cross while is kneeling. He kisses the World Heavyweight Championship and puts it on his shoulder. His head is covered with a black hoodie and he’s in position now.

The Undeniable!

Green and silver pyrotechnics ERUPT on the entrance ramp and from the ashes, we see Jun Kenshin come out to a THUNDEROUS ovation as “Undeniable” continues to play. He slaps hands with the fans and makes his way down.

Dave Dymond: Jun Kenshin has wrestled a lot of big matches in his career but THIS match is the biggest in his storied career.

Other Guy:No doubt. His story has been a great one but I believe the feel good story of the year comes to a close.

Dave Dymond: Jun Kenshin can lose his World Heavyweight Championship and not be pinned. The stakes are enormous, the pressure must be off the charts and I wouldn’t bet against Jun Kenshin!

Kenshin rips the hooded jacket and throws it into the crowd. He raises the World Heavyweight Championship for all to see and wipes his feet on the apron before entering. He kisses the Championship for one last time and hands it to senior referee Scott Kamura.

All three men are in the ring now.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first at this time, fighting out Claremont, New Hampshire. He stands at 6 feet 1 inches tall and weighing in tonight at 236 pounds… ladies and gentlemen… he is a Former SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion….. THIS IS TREVORRRRRRR WORRENSSSSSSSSSS!!!

A mixture of cheers and boos ring out and Worrens raises his hand.

Samantha Coil: The next challenger…. Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts. He stands at 6 feet 4 inches tall and weighs in at 289 pounds. He is the Number One Contender…. THIS IS ROLANNNNDDDD CALDWELLLLLLL!!!!!

The  crowd erupts in boo’s and Caldwell smirks.

Samantha Coil: From San Diego, California. He stands at 6 feet tall and weighs in at 204 and one quarter pounds. He is the reigning and defending SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion…. THIS is THE UNDENIABLE JUNNNNNN KENSHIIIINNNNNNNNN!

The crowd POPS hard as hell and there is an electric buzz in the air.

Scott Kamura raises the World Heavyweight Championship in the air for the final time and hands it to Sam Coil as she exits. He orders the bell to ring and we’re on!

Immediately, all three men dart at one another. Kenshin fires a forearm shot under the chin of Worrens stunning him. Caldwell fires a right hook onto Kenshin knocking him a few feet back. Caldwell immediately follows it with a running clothesline knocking Kenshin onto the apron but the champ has enough awareness to hang onto the ropes to prevent him from spilling onto the floor. Caldwell drives his right knee into the sternum of Worrens doubling him over. Caldwell has a front face lock and easily hoists Worrens up and drops him with a vertical suplex. Kenshin gets up groggily and gets a big boot from Caldwell knocking him onto the floor. Caldwell covers.


Worrens angrily kicks out.

Dave Dymond: Caldwell has taken Kenshin out of the equation here.

Other Guy: That’s smart. Get rid of one guy and focus on the other.

Caldwell callously kicks Worrens in the back and executes a nerve hold on the trapezoids of Worrens. The big man from Boston is driving those giant paws onto the toned frame of the former Heavyweight Champion who cries out in pain. Kenshin crawls back in and executes a dropkick onto Caldwell who gets knocked down onto one knee. Kenshin however shows no allegiance to Worrens and he kicks him onto the side of his head knocking the New Hampshire challenger down! Kenshin hits the ropes and executes a running Yakuza kick onto Caldwell but Caldwell is not going down. Kenshin hits the ropes again but this time, he gets powerslammed by Worrens who recovered in time to catch Kenshin!

Dave Dymond: Kenshin got caught by Worrens!

Other Guy: Kenshin became too aggressive I think.

Kenshin’s back arches in pain but Worrens knows Caldwell is lurking around the corner. Worrens grabs the right arm of Caldwell and trips up Caldwell using great leverage. Worrens hits the near side of the ropes and does a high knee drop onto the forehead of Caldwell! Kenshin is slow to get up and Worrens fires a palm strike but Kenshin blocks the palm strike. Kenshin fires double hand martial arts chop onto the chest of Worrens.  Kenshin and Worrens are going at it with a furious exchange of palm strikes and knife edge chops. The crowd is going CRAZY at the intensity of the two competitors.

Dave Dymond: Oh man! Look at the chest of Worrens. It’s bright red!

Other Guy: He’s not going down though. He’s absorbing the blow to strike Kenshin.

The crowd reaches a crescendo but it is abruptly broken up by a running splash onto the corner by Caldwell. The crowd BOOS loudly because Kenshin and Worrens are both stunned. Caldwell grabs both men around their throats going for a choke slam but no! Kenshin and Worrens do a double stomp onto the belly of Caldwell who gets doubled over. Double front face lock by Worrens and Kenshin. DOUBLE DDT! Roland is down and out!

Dave Dymond: Oh my! Kenshin and Worrens worked as a team.

Other Guy: That was purely an act of survival because Roland had both of them.

Kenshin and Worrens fight each other for the pin fall. Kenshin fires a kick to the thigh and then a hard elbow strike stunning him. Kenshin whips Worrens into the corner and Kenshin charges in but gets a boot to the chin. Kenshin is stunned and Worrens quickly hops onto the middle turnbuckle. Worrens flies of with THE TAKEDOWN! Kenshin is leveled with the middle rope clothesline!



Kenshin kicks out.

Dave Dymond: Worrens with a surprising high risk move there!

Roland rolled out onto the apron to prevent a pin fall and Worrens does a running low drop kick kicking Roland out onto the floor. Worrens works over Kenshin on the ground with a series of stomps. Worrens grabs Kenshin up and then WOOO!

Other Guy: Smart move by Roland to get out of harm’s way.

A blistering knife edge shot by Kenshin knocks Worrens down. Kenshin slaps himself in the face and fires himself up! Caldwell is slow to get up and Kenshin charges at Roland who is on the outside. Kenshin throws his body through the middle ropes in a suicide dive! Kenshin is recklessly throwing right hands over and over onto the head of Caldwell!

Dave Dymond: Kenshin is hitting anything that’s moving, Other Guy. The champ is fired up!

Other Guy: He knows what’s at stake and he can’t hold anything back!

Kenshin gets up and shouts. He grabs Caldwell by the hair and throws the challenger back onto the ring. Kenshin climbs onto the top rope but wait! Worrens was waiting in the wings and Worrens has Kenshin in his grasp! Worrens throws Kenshin onto his back. Kenshin’s back arches in pain and stumbles back up. Worrens grabs Kenshin from behind and has his knees onto the back of Kenshin and throws his body back. Back Stabber! Kenshin violently shakes in pain!

Dave Dymond: Damn! Kenshin was working on Caldwell and he got caught by Worrens!

Other Guy: This match is so dangerous. You got to keep your eye on both guys wherever they are.

Worrens now shifts his focus onto Caldwell who is getting up. Worrens looks to execute another Back Stabber on Caldwell but Caldwell shoves him down. Worrens gets back up but gets run over by a running knee doubling him over. Roland has a  butterfly locked in on the double over Worrens… butterfly suplex!



Worrens kicks out.

Kenshin is still down and now Caldwell turns his attention on the champion. Caldwell hoists Kenshin up in a military press showing off his brute strength. Caldwell drops Kenshin onto the downed Worrens! However because of that, Kenshin is on top of Worrens for a cover!


Roland kicks Kenshin off with a boot to the head. Roland grabs Kenshin back up and shoots him to the ropes, Kenshin counters with a Handspring Elbow but Caldwell has seen that before and counters with a clothesline to the rebounding Kenshin! Kenshin is flattened and Caldwell covers!

Dave Dymond: Caldwell countered the counter!

Other Guy: The speed and agility of Kenshin is no match for Caldwell’s brute strength in my opinion.



Kenshin gets a shoulder up.

Caldwell grabs Kenshin and Caldwell turns his head to see where Worrens is at. Caldwell grabs Kenshin and carelessly throws the champ right at Worrens. The two men clash heads and Worrens spills onto the floor. Caldwell kicks Kenshin onto the stomach. Standing headscissors…. HUGE POWERBOMB! Worrens is outside and there is no help!




Kenshin barely gets a shoulder up.

Dave Dymond: One second! One second away from crowning a new World Heavyweight Champion!

Other Guy: And what a champion Roland Caldwell would be!

Caldwell says “one more time” and he grabs Kenshin back up. Standing headscissors but wait! Worrens comes charging in recklessly and Caldwell shoves Kenshin away from his grasp. Caldwell is waiting for the New Hampshire native though and Caldwell fires a left hook but it’s caught by Worrens. Worrens executes a hip toss onto Caldwell. Worrens drops the leg onto the neck of Caldwell. Worrens executes a third move with a driving elbow to the neck of Caldwell and finally executes a camel clutch.

Dave Dymond: Beautiful chain wrestling there by Trevor Worrens.

Other Guy: He’s looking to wear down this monster but I don’t think it’s gonna work.

Kenshin is slow to get up and he sees that Caldwell is locked in the camel clutch. Worrens barks at Kenshin in some command but the boom mic’s can’t pick it up. Kenshin hits the ropes and does running low drop kick onto the face of Caldwell! WHAM! Caldwell is knocked into a daze.

Dave Dymond: Kenshin and Worrens are working as a team!

Kenshin says “one more time” and he hits the ropes but this time, he does a running dropkick onto Worrens knocking him down!

Other Guy: No, they’re not!

Some of the crowd boo’s the act of Kenshin. The champ now is awaiting for Caldwell to get up. Caldwell shakes his head to clear the cobwebs, Kenshin with a running step up enziguri! Caldwell is wobbly. Kenshin hits the ropes and Worrens crawls toward Roland. Kenshin hits a running spin wheel kick while Worrens does a chop block and Roland is TAKEN OUT! Kenshin and Worrens get up and they both throw out Roland to the outside.

Dave Dymond: Oh boy! Here we go! Worrens and Kenshin are about to go at it!

Other Guy: These are two guys that do NOT like one another. Worrens eliminated Kenshin from the World Title Tournament and Kenshin ended Worrens title reign.

The crowd POPS hard for the rubber match between the two and they’re off. Worrens fires a shot to the chin stunning Kenshin. Worrens whips Kenshin onto the ropes, Worrens with a leap frog and Kenshin rebounds. Worrens waits for Kenshin with a hip toss but as Kenshin is getting hip tossed, he executes a rather sloppy arm drag to get out of harm’s way. Worrens however rolls on his shoulder lessening the damage.

Worrens rolls Kenshin in a small package.



Kenshin executes an arm drag on Worrens. Worrens wraps his leg around Kenshin’s neck. Kenshin nips up. Worrens and Kenshin charge at one another and both have the same idea with a double clothesline! Both men are down!

Dave Dymond: Kenshin and Worrens know each other so well!

Other Guy: All three guys are down. What’s Kamura gonna do?

Kamura starts a count.







Roland starts to get up and the crowd BOOS loudly. Kenshin and Worrens both get up at the same time however! Kenshin and Worrens both do a dropkick onto the knees of Caldwell knocking him down onto the floor. Worrens grabs a leg of Kenshin and he tries to throw the San Diego native over. Caldwell is on his knees now and he has a hold of Kenshin’s ankle and he’s preventing him go anywhere. Roland shouts at Worrens and Kenshin is trapped! Worrens does a chop block onto the trapped leg and his leg buckles instantly! The crowd BOOS loudly.

Caldwell drags Kenshin over to the ring post and he barks at Worrens to hold Kenshin down. Caldwell RAMS Kenshin’s leg onto the post! Kenshin SCREAMS in pain and there is a slight look of regret on Worrens face but he knows taking out Kenshin greatens his chance of a second Title Reign! Caldwell RAMS Kenshin’s leg again onto the post and Kenshin violently trembles in pain!

Dave Dymond: Caldwell is telling Worrens what to do.

Other Guy: And Worrens is listening!

Caldwell now walks over and grabs the steel chair of time keeper Mark Kendrick. Worrens immediately releases Kenshin and he goes to the outside. Worrens and Caldwell are having an argument on what to do. Caldwell wants the chair but Worrens says that he wants the chair instead!

Dave Dymond: Wait a minute! Was this all an act of Trevor Worrens?

Other Guy: Maybe it was! Maybe Worrens and Caldwell are working together!

Caldwell smiles and hands Worrens the chair. Caldwell smiles that sick smile of his and he WANTS to see Kenshin’s leg get broken on the hands of Trevor Worrens. Worrens raises the chair. Kenshin’s leg is wedged right onto the steel post! Trevor is going to BREAK KENSHIN’S LEG! The crowd shrieks and some of the audience close their eyes.

Dave Dymond: Oh my God! NO!

Other Guy: Do it, Trevor!




Trevor Worrens: Fuck you, Roland! FUCK YOU! You don’t tell me what to do!

The crowd LOSES IT and POPS HARD for Worrens! Worrens mounts Caldwell and punches the hell out of him over and over! 

Dave Dymond: Trevor Worrens listens to no man!

Other Guy: Damn it! He could have taken out Jun Kenshin but instead he takes out Caldwell! That ain’t right!

Worrens throws the steel chair away not wanting any part of it. Worrens grabs Caldwell and rams him face first onto the ring post and Worrens grabs Roland’s face and he shows it to the camera. Blood trickles out of Roland’s forehead and Worrens PUNCHES again and again wanting to open Roland up. Kenshin gets up but he is badly limping. He knows now is his time for a small respite from the action and he looks on at the rampage of Trevor Worrens!

Dave Dymond: Kenshin got a break of a lifetime.

OG: His leg should have been shattered if Worrens hit him but NOOOO, he turns on Roland instead!

Worrens grabs the head of Caldwell and RAMS it into the steel post. Over and over! Finally, Roland’s body goes limp and the bloodied hands of Worrens points at the champion who is motioning for the former Champion to bring it!

Dave Dymond: Worrens says that Kenshin is next!

Other Guy: Roland is a bloody mess! We need some help out there!

Kenshin backs away wanting a clean fight with Worrens. Worrens comes over and the two square off. Worrens drives Kenshin into the corner. Worrens with a punch to the abs and immediately grabs a hold of Kenshin. Worrens goes for a running bulldog but Kenshin shoves him off. Worrens hits the turnbuckles chest first! Kenshin grabs Worrens from behind and skillfully executes an O Connor Roll!



Kenshin grabs both legs of Trevor and does a jack knife pin!



Kenshin grabs Trevor’s arm and shoots a half nelson into a pin!



Kenshin is breathing heavy and he’s limping but he fights through it. He grabs Trevor back up, a kick to the gut. A front face lock and WHAM! A snap suplex by Kenshin! Kenshin hobbles over to the ropes and he climbs up. His leg is badly hurt but he doesn’t give a damn. Kenshin slaps his chest at the top rope and flies off!






Worrens gets a shoulder up.

Roland gets up and his crimson mask is seen for all to see. Roland gets up and he’s laughing! He’s laughing at the sight of his blood! Kenshin looks in pure shock at Roland. Kenshin comes over but Roland gets up. With ONE ARM, Roland throws Kenshin away like he’s nothing. Kenshin stubbornly comes over and Roland grabs him again with one arm and hoists the champion up and down with a CHOKE SLAM!

Dave Dymond: How can Roland Caldwell execute a move like that when he’s lost so much blood?!?

Other Guy: This is his time. He will end the Undeniable Era! I know he will!

Caldwell grabs Kenshin when he’s down onto the mat and surprisingly, Caldwell applies a KIMURA ARM BAR on Kenshin and he SCREAMS in PAIN!

Dave Dymond: Oh my God! Caldwell did his homework! That’s the same move that Kenshin tapped out to Cade Sydal!

Other Guy: That was his first submission loss in his career!

The arm of Kenshin looks completely contorted and he is SHOUTING in agony. Kamura asks him if he’ll give up.

Jun Kenshin: NOOOOOO!!!!!!

Worrens stumbles back up and he sees his title hopes is about to be ended. He comes over and Caldwell is wide open.


Caldwell is OUT!





The crowd can’t believe that! Worrens can’t believe that!

Caldwell rolls onto the apron. Worrens grabs Kenshin and he focuses on the arm that Roland just worked on. Worrens grabs the arm, twists it and places it over his own shoulder and Trevor drops down to his butt in a Shoulder Stunner! Worrens grabs Kenshin back up, hammerlocks the arm and slams him down. Worrens stomps the arm over and over and Kenshin screams in pain!

Dave Dymond: Kenshin can barely walk and now his arm might be broken!

Other Guy: It’s been a rough day for the champ.

Caldwell rolls back in now but he’s not attacking Worrens. Instead, he drops down and slumps in a corner and he is WATCHING Worrens attack Kenshin.

Dave Dymond: The mind games continue, OG!

Other Guy: Caldwell is enjoying the screams of Kenshin.

Worrens cautiously moves away from Caldwell. Worrens grabs Kenshin’s arm and rams him onto the turnbuckle. Worrens places the arm of Kenshin and it’s trapped in. Worrens hits the ropes and kicks the trapped arm of Kenshin! Caldwell pulls his body back up and he’s sarcastically clapping for Worrens. Worrens looks confused but he stares at Caldwell and he kicks Kenshin’s arm over and over!

Dave Dymond: Why is Roland Caldwell just standing there?

Other Guy: I think Worrens is doing a pretty damn good job taking Kenshin out!

Kenshin’s arm is still trapped and Kamura is trying to break him free. Worrens charges at Caldwell in the corner now. Caldwell is rested and punches Worrens in the gut followed by a high knee stunning him. Caldwell places Worrens onto the top rope now and he’s looking for a superplex! They’re both on the top turnbuckle but Worrens is fighting desperately to not be suplexed. Kamura breaks Kenshin out of the ropes and Kenshin who’s limping and his right arm is dangling. Kenshin recklessly comes over and he’s got Roland onto his shoulders. While Roland is on Kenshin’s shoulders, Roland suplexes Worrens!


All three guys are OUT!

The crowd POPS again and an audible chant of “THIS IS AWE-SOME!” is heard over and over.

Kamura starts the count.















Kenshin actually rolls back up and both guys are still down. Kenshin grabs Worrens and just kicks him back down. Worrens falls right next to Caldwell and Kenshin hits the ropes and jumps onto the middle rope and executes a Lion Sault on both guys! Kenshin screams in pain because he landed on his arm and he can’t make the cover! Caldwell however rolls back up like the moonsault didn’t faze him and he clotheslines Kenshin up and over to the floor. Roland goes to the outside and stalks Kenshin. Roland grabs the ring bell from the time keeper and he measures Kenshin.


Ring bell to the head takes Kenshin out!

Caldwell rolls back in and he’s got the ring bell in hand. Worrens is slow to get up.


Ring bell to the face of Worrens! Cover by Caldwell!



Caldwell gets up?

Caldwell doesn’t want to pin Trevor just now! NO! He wants to further punish Worrens! Caldwell grabs Trevor and throws him onto the corner. Roland gets a running start and a BRUTAL KICK TO THE FACE! Worrens looks to be out.

Dave Dymond: Look at what Roland has done! Kenshin is out! Worrens is out!

Other Guy: But he’s not going for a cover! Why doesn’t he just finish Worrens?

Caldwell grabs the knocked out Worrens and places him on his shoulders. He’s going for The Burning Hammer! Worrens escapes and slides out. Trevor grabs Roland and does an Orton style back breaker! Roland is only stunned though and he’s still up. Kenshin crawls back in now. Trevor with a desperate palm strike to the chin turns Roland around.


The crowd LOSES IT!

Roland is OUT!

Kenshin screams and slaps his chest. Now, Kenshin POINTS at Worrens like it’s on, motherfucker! Worrens and Kenshin go at it like cats and dogs! Chop by Kenshin! Palm strike by Worrens!


The crowd goes “OOOOHHH!”

Palm strike!

The crowd goes “AAAHHHH!”


The crowd is going CRAZY!

Palm strike!

Both guys are on their knees and they’re STILL fighting! Neither man wants to give an inch! Finally, Worrens rakes the eyes of Kenshin. Worrens whips Kenshin to the ropes and as Kenshin rebounds.


Dave Dymond: That’s how Worrens pinned Kenshin!

Other Guy: This is over!




Kenshin gets a shoulder up! Roland starts to stir. Oh no, he’s not! Worrens TAKES ROLAND OUT with a RUNNING STO!

Dave Dymond: What has gotten into Trevor Worrens?!?!?

Other Guy: He WANTS to regain his Title!

Trevor covers Roland.



Roland gets a shoulder up.

Kenshin is slow to get up and he’s got his arms clutching his throat. Worrens comes over and he grabs Kenshin.


Worrens is BLINDED!

Kenshin grabs Worrens by the wrist and dumps him on his head!


Other Guy: Exploder! Exploder!





Kenshin looks in pure shock! He measures Roland now who is slow to get up!



Roland hoists Kenshin onto his shoulders!


Other Guy: New champ! NEW CHAMP, baby!






The mist covered face of Worrens desperately grabs the crimson masked Caldwell. Caldwell has Worrens in his clutches. HEADBUTT by Caldwell takes Trevor out! Caldwell hoists Worrens onto his shoulders!

Kenshin stumbles up. Roland spins Worrens and takes Kenshin out with Worren’s body side swiping him. Roland drops Worrens on his head! BURNING HAMMER!

Trevor is OUT and Roland covers!



Kenshin lunges but he’s too late!


Samantha Coil: Your winner at 36 minutes and 19 seconds and NEEEEWWWWW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION…. ROLANDDDDD CALDWEEEELLLL!!!!

“Summer Overture” plays over the speakers.

Caldwell is handed the World Heavyweight Championship and Kenshin can do nothing but watch. Kenshin is FUMING that he lost his Title without being pinned!

The crimson masked face of Caldwell is LAUGHING as he is crowned the new World Heavyweight Champion!

Dave Dymond: Oh. My. God. The SHOOT Project landscape has been rocked with this title change!

Other Guy: I told y’all! I TOLD Y’ALL! Roland Caldwell is the CHAMP, bitches!

Kenshin POUNDS the mat in frustration and Caldwell retreats to the back with the prize in his hand. Caldwell continues to laugh as he shows of his Title.

Dave Dymond: The World Heavyweight Title match is over but we still got ourselves a RUMBLE, baby!


We’re taken backstage, to the SHOOT Project interview stage, where Abigail Chase waits with the tag team we all know and love, Long Island Hardcore. CJ and Jared look impatient and somewhat angry.

Abigail Chase: I’m here with–

CJ Nelson: Save it, Abby, they know who we are, and we have something important to say.

Jared Walsh: Specifically to two people, but it’s gonna effect every one of you tonight.

CJ Nelson: Ainsley Lake and Jester Smiles. Ainsley, we haven’t talked for a couple of months now, and it’s about time we called you out.

Jared Walsh: This thing you got goin’ with Jester? It’s officially crossed the line. We are supposed to be the bad guys. You were supposed to be the white knight and all that.

CJ Nelson: We’re the ones who should be the hypocrites, not you. And quite frankly, you’re making us look positively nice in comparison.

Jared Walsh: Unacceptable.

CJ Nelson: So we’re gonna make this interesting.

Jared Walsh: That ten grand you put on Jester’s head?

CJ Nelson: It just got three times as hard to get.

Jared Walsh: Because the sad clown just got a pair of bodyguards.

CJ Nelson: And Jester, before you say a word, no, we don’t give a shit whether or not you want the help. This is only marginally about you.

Jared Walsh: As for the rest of you?

CJ Nelson: We told you we’d ruin your day.

Jared Walsh: You want Smiley? You go through us.

CJ Nelson: Blood simple.

Jared Walsh: Let’s get ready to Rumble. Nice talking at you, Abby.

The pair walk off, leaving a poor, bewildered Abigail Chase alone.

Abigail Chase: Back to you, Dave and OG.

Dave Dymond: LIHC taking sides in the Ainsley/Jester situation, and I don’t think anyone expected this!

Other Guy: I always thought Jared hated Jester… and they’re making that 10K harder to get? I’m glad I didn’t join the Rumble.

Dave Dymond: What happened to “ten thousand is ten thousand, Dave”?

Other Guy: Those guys are mean, Dave!


Eryk Masters is backstage in front of a SHOOT Project, REDEMPTION background, microphone up to his lips and ready to go.

Eryk Masters: We are now just MOMENTS away from the 2008 Redemption Rumble, and I am here with one of the men, chosen by MANY thus far as an ODDS ON FAVORITE TO WIN IT ALL…  He is, THE DEFILER, JONNY JOHNSON!

The cameras pan back, placing Jonny in the scene to the left of the screen next to Masters.

Eryk Masters: Jonny…

The DEFILER: (Interrupting with a “knowing” smile on his face) How’s the back, Eryk?

Masters shakes his head, annoyed that Jonny ruined his build in to ask that particular question.

Eryk Masters: It’s fine.

Jonny nods, and it’s kind of quiet for a moment. Of course, Jonny spins it as though the “lull” were Masters’s fault.

The DEFILER: Eryk…  Go ahead.

Masters takes a deep breath and bites his tongue as he continues.

Eryk Masters: Jonny, tonight you return not only to the SHOOT Project, but to UNITED STATES SOIL in your first IN-RING appearance in over a year.  Yet, many sources have  still selected you as their odds on favorite to walk away with your SECOND Redemption Rumble victory.  That has to make you feel good about your chances tonight.

He shrugs.

The DEFILER: Does it, Eryk?  I don’t know.  Heh…  I mean,  liked my chances before “the media” or “the fans” or “my peers” started picking me.  I like my chances to win EVERY TIME I do ANYTHING.  Tonight is no different, man.  (Shaking his head) Not different at all.

Eryk Masters: We know that the order of tonight’s entrants was completely randomized via computer, and obviously, you’ve been given number.  Are you satisified with your position and can you let us know any details of who might be coming out and when.

He laughs at the question.

The DEFILER: Dude, if…  If you’re destined to win… you’re… destined to win.  And no, I’m… I’m uhhh,  automatically disqualified if I give up any numbers. Heh.  God knows I’d spoil the whole thing if I could, Eryk, but umm…  but I guess the suspense of who comes out when will be good for the fans…  since they already know who is winning this thing.

He looks into the camera.

The DEFILER: I won’t be signing any autographs after the show, guys.  Just wanted to throw that out there now.

Looking back at Eryk, He pats the long time SHOOT employee on the shoulder.

The DEFILER: And I…  I think that’s a rap here, Eryk.  Wish me luck!  WINK, WINK!

Jonny exits the interview pretty quickly, leaving Masters alone and visually irritated.


Redemption fades to black momentarily.  We see the SHOOT Project logo flash onto the screen momentarily. We hear the voice describe the action.

“Redemption is … near.”

Dave Dymond: The winner of The Redemption Rumble gets a guaranteed title shot whenever and wherever they want it to take place. It’s the platform where legends are born!

Other Guy: It’s quite possibly the toughest match to compete in. You don’t know when you’re going to enter. It is every man for himself. No allies. No alliances. No friendships!

“Redemption is … tradition.”

Robert Mack: The Beautiful People have done it! Davis and Johnson have won the Redemption Rumble!

Dave Dymond: Azraith DeMitri has won The Redemption Rumble!

“Redemption is… controversy.”

Dutch Harris: But how can two men win the Rumble? How is that possible?

Robert Mack: Will this break up the Beautiful People?

“Redemption is… .”

“Redemption is… tradition.”

Fast forward through some of the faces that have competed in the Rumble.

John Thomas, Dave Marz, Greyson Blade, Rocky Stellar, Adam Davis, Azraith DeMitri, Mirage, Jonny Johnson, Vincent Mallows, Jun Kenshin, Christopher Davis and finally we see a shadowed figure.

“Redemption is … opportunity.”

Fast motion clips of the soldiers of today.

Osbourne Kilminster, The Poe, Long Island Hardcore, The Collins Boys, Killian Reilly, The Avengers, Chivalric, Sato, Lake, Catcher, Obsidian, Harmston, Christopher Davis, Jester Smiles and we slow down to see…

Sammy Rochester DESTROYING Malice.

Long Island Hardcore in action against The Collins Boys.

Christopher Davis overcoming the odds in a 2 on 1 match.

Osbourne Kilminster coming back.

Jester Smiles raising his hands after No Escape.

Chivalric with his newly won Revolution Championship.

Ainsley Lake conspiring against Smiles.

Collins and Reilly brawling in a bar.

Sato attacking Chris Lee.

Harmston in action against King.

We see the ONLY former Redemption Rumble winner in tonight’s match up… Jonny Johnson

We slow down for a moment and then we see a MASS of wrestlers fighting in the middle of the ring.

“Redemption is .. sacrifice.”

We see a bloody Collins and Reilly as an aftermath of their bar fight. Osbourne Kilminster getting carried out. Jester Smiles wearing the crimson mask. Jonny Johnson smirking as he stands in the ring.

“Redemption is the launching point for immortality.”

The faceplate of the World Heavyweight Championship is seen.

Past champions of the past come onto the screen.

Lee, Carver, Van Warren, OutKast, Real Deal, Davis, Storm, Sydal, Worrens and finally Kenshin.

“Redemption… draws near.”

The footage fades to black.

The noise of the SOLD OUT Thomas and Mack Arena can be heard. Screaming fans, buzzing with excitement. Then the fade up returns us to the LIVE Pay Per View event, Redemption.  The cheering only gets louder as the focus is placed on Samantha Coil who stands confidently inside the ring.  Around the ring, referees Austin Linam, Willie Dean, Dennis Heflin, and Senior Official Scott Kamura stand in position.

Samantha Coil: SHOOT Project fans both watching in attendance or on Pay Per View… it is now time for the Two Thousand and Eight REDEMPTION RUMBLE!!!

A huge pop of excitement comes from the crowd.

Dave Dymond: It is great to hear those words again, O.G.  Redemption has been nothing short of amazing at the amount of action and physicality we’ve seen tonight, and really it comes down to this classic SHOOT Project match up.

Other Guy: Oh yes, oh yes.  The insane, the MASSIVE over the top, every man for themselves brawl for it all… the Redemption Rumble. It’s back and I’m ready for it.

Dave Dymond: As am I, but the question is, are the 40 PLUS superstars waiting their turn to get into that ring ready?  We find out in a moment, but first to ringside with senior official Scott Kamura WITH the 2008 Redemption Rumble official rules.

The focus shifts from Samantha Coil to a closer up shot of Scott Kamura who is just handed a microphone.

Scott Kamura: In tonight’s battle royale, better known as the Redemption Rumble, competitors are eliminated from the contest when BOTH of their feet touch the floor.  Both feet must be on the floor for it to count.  Competitors will enter into the rumble match at intervals of NINETY SECONDS after the first two competitors have stepped foot into the ring.  In addition the use of any foreign objects will NOT be allowed in tonight’s rumble match!

Other Guy: No cheatin tonight, Dave. Tonight these SHOOT Project soldiers gotta earn their way to the top.

Dave Dymond: And with four referees at ringside, not to mention referee Tony Lorenzo watching from a monitor in back, rules will definitely be enforced.

With the rules announced, the fans pick up once again.  Samantha Coil looks to the entryway…

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen the number one entry into the 2008 Redemption Rumble…

All eyes turn to the special Redemption entranceway and after a moment “Devil’s Dancing Floor” by Flogging Molly plays over the arena’s sound system.  The boos start up before she even steps out, but eventually Ainsley Lake saunters out from the back, looking back at the crowd with a look of disgust.

Dave Dymond: How appropriate that the bitch queen herself, the woman responsible for Jester’s HUGE uphill climb tonight, has drawn the unlucky number one entry.

Other Guy: Unlucky maybe, but with a LOT of cats gunning for Jester Smiles, and knowing damn well Ainsley’s the one handin’ out the cash, she may have also protected herself in the process.

Dave Dymond: Ms. Lake is not paying for protection, so she’s as much in the way as all the other competitors set to take part in the rumble match up.

Ainsley Lake reaches the ring and slowly enters.  She walks around the ring, taking in the night ahead of her.  She is not exactly happy with the spot she’s drawn, as you can tell by the look on her face, but obviously with the match moments from being under way, nothing can be changed.  Ainsley’s music dies down now and she stops pacing the ring, eyes nervously focused on the entryway.

Samantha Coil: And the number two entrant…

Suddenly  “Here It Goes Again” by OK Go! picks up and the energy picks up right along with it.  Kid Lightning DASHES out from the back, his right thumb extended up into the air.  Many of the fans that have front row entryway tickets mimic the superhero’s thumb’s up gesture, and Ainsley rolls her eyes at the very notion of the number two entrant.  Kid Lightning stops every so often to high five a fan or just gives the thumbs up to them personally as he makes his way to the ring.

Other Guy: Flash Dynamite’s tag team partner and also resident superhero draws the number two slot, and I’m guessin’ the cat is hoping those “powers” of his will come in handy.

Dave Dymond: If by powers you mean his athletic ability and quick feet, then I’d say he has a chance at this thing, Other Guy. But that’s the interesting notion behind the Redemption Rumble; anyone walking into this thing COULD end up the winner.  It’s all up in the air tonight.

Kid Lightning hops up onto the ring edge, and he points the Ainsley Lake.  Ainsley again rolls her eyes and backs away, letting Kid Lightning enter. Samantha Coil takes her leave of the ring and with Kid Lightning inside with Ainsley, Scott Kamura signals to Mark Kendrick for the bell.

Dave Dymond: No turning back, the order of entry is set in stone and we have ourselves the very start of the Redemption Rumble!

Kid Lightning and Ainsley Lake both quickly move towards the center of the ring and lock up into grapple.  Ainsley works a swift arm bar lock, but Kid Lightning flips his way out of it and then reverses and TAKES Ainsley down with a quick a modified hip toss. Ainsley scrambles up to her feet and Kid Lightning is right there with a low drop kick to the legs, but Ainsley darts to the side and then hits the ropes. Kid Lightning leaps up off the mat just as Ainsley comes at him and LEAP FROGS over her. Ainsley stops her momentum and before Kid Lightning can turn around, Ainsley DRILLS him in the back with a hard forearm shot and then runs Kid Lightning towards the ropes.

Other Guy: Could see an elimination already!

Lightning is tossed over the ropes, but he hooks his arms before the full of his body can be sent over and he quickly pulls himself back down into the ring and then SPRINGS off the ropes with a back elbow to Ainsley.  Both Ainsley and Kid Lightning go down and the official Redemption Entry Clock Timer starts to count down.


Kid Lightning is up and he pulls Ainsley up as well in a headlock position, he then grabs the waistline of her in ring attire and hoists her up and takes her back down with a vertical suplex.


The clock fades away and Kid Lightning glances to the entryway as “Thrash Unreal” by Against Me picks up from the chorus.  The SHOOT Project Video screen flashes the name Tom Quinn as Quinn rushes out from the back.

Dave Dymond: A former underling, if you will, of Jonny Johnson, Tom Quinn has TRIED to get a job here and tonight if he puts up a good showing he may finally get his wish.

Other Guy: Was surprised to see this kid’s motivation spring up out of no where Dave. He wants to win this thing.

Quinn slides in under the bottom rope and Kid Lightning abandons his fight with Ainsley and meets Quinn with an attempted chop, but Quinn ducks under, spins around, grabs Kid Lightning by the back of the head, and DROPS to the mat SLAMMING the back of Kid Lightning’s head into the mat.  Ainsley gets up but instead of getting into the thick of things, plays it smart and backs off slightly into the upper right corner of the ring.  Quinn pulls Kid Lightning up to his feet and forcefully whips him into the lower right corner.  Kid Lightning hits chest first and NOW Ainsley goes for the kill.  She moves towards Kid Lightning and grabs him by the legs and tries to push him up and over the corner post. Kid Lightning holds onto the ropes connecting to the corner top turnbuckle, preventing himself from going over.

Dave Dymond: Kid Lightning not having the initial best of luck, but he’s hanging in there.

Other Guy: Not sure how long that’s gonna last, here comes Quinn to help out.

Dave Dymond: Tom Quinn one of many superstars involved in the rumble who are looking to collect on Ainsley Lake’s ten thousand dollar bounty, so it looks like the black widow and Quinn are forming a bit of a temporary alliance here.

Quinn and Ainsley work on trying to get Kid Lightning up and over, but he continues to put up a fight, now flailing his legs too.  Finally the two push him over, but he swings his body around to land on the ring edge on the outside.  Ainsley swings, Kid Lightning ducks with a shoulder thrust to the gut, then he LEAPS over the doubled over Ainsley and NAILS Tom Quinn with a hard flying clothesline!


Kid Lightning gets up, playing up to the fans, but quickly focuses back on Ainsley who comes at him.  Kid Lightning side steps Ainsley and takes her down with a drop toe hold!


Kid Lightning gets up, but is NAILED with a hard kick to the back of the head, and Kid Lightning goes down hard.


The clock fades out again and is replaced with the name “The Poe” flashing on the screen.  The Poe comes out to little to no reaction, but looks more than ready to get into this thing.

Dave Dymond: Tom Quinn gets Kid Lightning back up to his feet now as The Poe enters the fray. Irish whip… OH! He almost knocked the Poe out before The Poe could even get in!

The Poe moves out of the way JUST as Kid Lightning hits the ropes.  Kid Lightning hooks his arms to stop his momentum, and Quinn thinks better of charging at him.  The Poe enters now and immediately hits a hard knife-edge chop to Kid Lightning.  Kid Lightning comes off the ropes though and fires with a chop of his own.  The Poe staggers back, but then returns chop for chop and NAILS Kid Lightning across the chest again.  Kid Lightning winces in pain, but fights on, pushing The Poe back and then before the Poe can react, Kid Lightning NAILS a picture perfect flipping dropkick! The Poe goes down and now Ainsley and Quinn both charge at Kid Lightning the second he gets up.  Kid Lightning ducks a double clothesline attempt, and suddenly Tom Quinn turns and just DECKS Ainsley Lake!  Ainsley drops to the mat, and Quinn turns his focus back to Kid Lightning who LEAPS again and nails Quinn with a dropkick, this one to the stomach!

Other Guy: Clock’s countin down and Quinn SPILLS to the outside.

Dave Dymond: He of course went through the ropes and not over the top, so Quinn may be down, but he’s not out of the rumble.

The fans come to life as they count with the clock… FIVE… FOUR… THREE… TWO… ONE!

“The Wicked” by Stone Sour quickly plays and Kid Lightning freezes as he watches Obsidian storm out from the back.  The one half of the Flying Avengers scrambles up to his feet and starts backing away.

Other Guy: And we’ve got our first BIG threat, Dave. And I mean big in the very literal sense.

Dave Dymond: Kid Lightning does not look like he’s ready for this fight, but he’s not backing down either.

Other Guy: Not smart. I’d be runnin’ if I was the kid.

Obsidian EASILY steps over the top rope. And after a slight hesitation, Kid Lightning CHARGES at Obsidian, attacking him with chops and swift kicks! Obsidian BARELY flinches from the impact of the hits and then he just STIFF ARMS Kid Lightning, causing him to hit the mat hard!  Kid Lightning SPRINGS up to his feet and gets right back into things but Obsidian catches him in mid-run and then CHOKE SHOVES Kid Lightning down again!  Kid Lighting’s head SMACKS against the mat and he cradles it in pain.

Other Guy: See what I mean. Rumble’s all about survivin’ and attacking the biggest man in the ring is not my idea of survivin’ 

Obsidian then turns to The Poe who gets up to his feet. The Poe KICKS Obsidian in the lower portion of his gut, almost a groin shot and Obsidian seems to shrug off the kick.  The Poe, realizing that was a mistake, starts to back off, but Obsidian grabs him around the neck and with little trouble he LIFTS The Poe high up into the air and then just CHOKE-SLAMS him to the outside!

Other Guy: See ya, Poe.

Dave Dymond And so we have our FIRST elimination as The Poe takes a nasty fall to the outside via a choke slam at the hands of Obsidian.


As the Poe struggles to get up to his feet, the entry clock starts counting down again.  Obsidian in the meantime turns his focus to Ainsley Lake who gets herself up to her feet.  Obsidian goes after her and SHOVES her up against the upper left corner and just chokes her!  Some of the fans boo, while others cheer.


Kid Lightning is up to his feet and despite Obsidian attacking Ainsley Lake, he goes after the big man, ATTACKING him from behind with a leaping double axe handle!


The countdown ends and bagpipe music begins to play, a very scotish/irish tune.  The SHOOT Video screen flashes the name… “The Limey!”  Fans buzz with confusion, while old school SHOOT Project fans laugh with disbelief.

Other Guy: The hell?

Dave Dymond: It’s The Limey!  SHOOT Project’s answer to Fit Finlay!

The Limey walks out from the back, despite YEARS being gone from the ring, the short two hundred and fifty pounder looks to be in good shape.  Obsidian turns away from Ainsley, leaving her gasping for breath in the corner and turns his attention to Kid Lightning, again dominating, but this time Kid Lightning avoids a horribly devastating clothesline… bounces off the ropes and lands a running kick to the back of Obsidian’s legs!  Obsidian falters slightly, and Kid Lightning continues sending KICK AFTER KICK into the back of Obsidian’s legs.  Obsidian looks about ready to fall, but The Limey enters at a horrible time and attacks Kid Lightning from behind with a hard boot to the back. Kid Lightning stumbles out of the way. The Limey laughs hardily when suddenly Obsidian turns around to find himself looking down at The Limey!

Dave Dymond: Talk about your wrong place at the wrong time! Obsidian thinks The Limey was kicking away at him!

Other Guy: Two words for The Limey, HE GONE!

Obsidian in one SWIFT motion kicks his leg up and DRILLS The Limey in the face with a big boot!  The Limey drops like a cement bag and Obsidian just grabs him up and again with little trouble hurls The Limey over the top rope!



Dave Dymond: So as it stands right now, Obsidian laying claim to the ring, and with three cruiserweights as his competition… it’s going to be tough to take Corazon’s personal bodyguard down.

Quinn gets up slowly on the outside now, obviously taking his time as he is on one knee looking to the inside of the ring. Kid Lightning catches Obsidian before he can turn around and now suddenly tries to eliminate him! The fans pick up and Ainsley Lake joins in…and even Tom Quinn gets back in and now ALL THREE are trying to take out Obsidian!

Other Guy: Another competitor about to enter the fray, and NOW these cats got the right idea. Team up for survival!

TWO… ONE!  The countdown clock ends and “Broken Bones” by Nonpoint begins to play. The fans already cheer loudly before the SHOOT Video screen flashes the name Cade Sydal!!!

Other Guy: Sydal drawing number seven in this thing, didn’t give him all that much more time to rest up.

Dave Dymond: Despite a GRUELING death match, that neither Donovan King NOR Cade Sydal escaped unharmed, Cade Sydal making his way out here, and it’s now four cruiserweights to ONE mammoth of a man!

Sydal limp runs to the ring as Ainsley, Kid Lightning, and Quinn all continue to try to eliminate Obsidian. Obsidian’s strength is just too much and one by one he shoves the three back. Sydal enters the ring, but doesn’t go after Obsidian. Instead as Ainsley is up to her feet, Sydal goes right for her, DRILLING her with quick strikes! Ainsley staggers back, but Obsidian comes off the ropes and attacks the fresher, yet still hurting, Sydal.  Sydal is INSTANTLY dropped to one knee with a clubbing axe like chop down from Obsidian.   Quinn gets up now, only for Ainsley to be right there to shove him into the ropes.  Quinn bounces off of them and Ainsley kicks to the gut and turns Quinn DROPPING him with a swift neck breaker.

Obsidian stands over Sydal now, and he has him bent over in a vertical standing head scissors position.  The fans buzz with concern; the countdown clock begins to count down again… when suddenly Kid Lightning hits the ropes and CHARGES towards Obsidian.


Dave Dymond: Lightning’s going to STRIKE!

Kid Lightning LEAPS UP onto Cade Sydal’s back and then jumps off with a close range cross body!  At the same time Cade lifts up on Obsidian’s legs as much as possible and FINALLY the big man is taken down onto the mat!  The fans go nuts, but the excitement is killed as Ainsley is up to her feet and takes both Sydal and Kid Lightning down with a cartwheel into a double back elbow shot to both men!


For a moment no music plays, and Ainsley Lake stays focus on Cade Sydal, lifting him up to the mat and now working him with open palm downward slaps to the chest! Sydal winces in pain.  Kid Lightning works on getting up to his feet and the fans buzz… waiting for the next entrant when…

“This what ya all been waitin for ain’t it?”

The opening line from “Barry Bonds” by Kanye West BLARES throughout the arena and the fans go absolutely NUTS!

Dave Dymond: Oh my god!  WE thought…

Other Guy WE were DUPED, Dave… and I’ve never been happier to be…

Suddenly the music cuts off and the cheering fans once again buzz with confusion.  Obsidian is up to his feet at this point

I am brutal… inhuman.

The mood changes completely as “Inhuman” by DZK replaces Davis’s music and despite the hell he went through, Adrian Corazon steps out from the back, glaring down at the ring.

Other Guy: What is HE doing out here?

Dave Dymond: the number eight spot belonged to Christopher Davis, but the rumors were in fact true, Davis was taken out of the Redemption Rumble due to Roland Caldwell, and now Corazon has stepped up into that place.

Other Guy: Things just went from bad to worse, Dave.

Dave Dymond: I have to agree with you there, and look at Obsidian’s face, he’s smiling.  They say every man for themselves in this thing, but I SERIOUSLY doubt that is going to be the case for Obsidian and Corazon now.

Corazon slowly makes his way down to the ring, the booing continues. Inside the ring Obsidian once again focuses on Kid Lightning, while Cade Sydal tries to break out of the corner, where Ainsley keeps him, continuing to work vertical and horizontal chops to his chest.  Tom Quinn stays in the upper left corner of the ring, again biding his time, and keeping a low profile.  Kid Lightning is up to his feet, but the fans can only feel sorry for him, as Obsidian is right there waiting.  Obsidian lunges at Kid Lightning, but Kid Lightning darts out of the way, only to be attacked from behind by Quinn.  Kid Lightning stumbles forward and Quinn spins him around by the shoulder and lands a hard kick to Kid Lightning’s right knee.  Kid Lightning falters and Quinn follows up with an STO take down that drives Kid Lightning flat on his back.


Dave Dymond: Corazon not yet in the ring on this one, but considering how worse for wear he looks, that is no surprise.

Other Guy: Sydal ain’t exactly lookin’ so hot either, so maybe he should have taken a page from Corazon’s book.

Obsidian goes for Quinn now, quickly grabbing him by the arm and violently whips him into the ropes. Quinn comes bouncing back.


HUGE body toss from Obsidian to Quinn who arches his back up in pain upon impact. All eyes quickly turn to the entryway as Obsidian now picks up Tom Quinn AND Kid Lightning, looking to eliminate both.  "Here It Goes Again" by OK Go! Plays for a second time tonight and the fans cheer as a big, but quick FLASH Dynamite charges towards the ring!  Ainsley is knocked back by Sydal and then before she can react… SHINING WIZARD!  Ainsley is taken down and Sydal goes towards Kid Lightning JUST as Flash Dynamite gets into the ring.  Obsidian storms towards him and FLASH bull rushes into a low shoulder spear, catching Obsidian straight in the gut!  Obsidian doesn’t even double over fully, but Sydal and Lightning capitalize with DOUBLE ENZEGURIS!!!

Dave Dymond: This trio is cleaning up now some and things just got a little better in favor of The Flying Avengers, and the honorary member of Cade Sydal.

Obsidian falls to his knees and FLASH Dynamite now launches his own partner into the ropes, only for Corazon to grab him by the feet and YANK him out of the ring under the bottom rope!  Kid Lightning FLIES out of the ring and smashes face first into the floor.  The fans boo loudly and now Corazon slinks into the ring, stalking up behind FLASH Dynamite.  Sydal winces in pain on the mat, favoring his left knee, and Quinn sees this, coming back into things and immediately goes after Sydal, stomping down hard on the left knee.  Ainsley Lake is the one to play it smart now as she stays off, picking her mark.


The fans count along with the timer just as FLASH Dynamite is spun around and nailed with a STIFF European uppercut.

Other Guy: Corazon, as messed up as he is from that Hardcore House of Pain, is not beyond still lookin’ to mess others up too.

Dave Dymond: Flash Dynamite on the verge of a double team assault here…


The countdown clock vanishes and soon "Hail Mary (Rock Remix)") by 2Pac plays and the name -Donovan King- flashes on the video screen.  Donovan King swaggers out, also looking worse for wear, but he’s grinning as he lets the steel chain unfurl from his hand.  His hands are covered in bloodied white tape, while his ribs are bandaged up. He wears blue jeans as well, but no shirt.

Dave Dymond: And we have our number ten entrant in Donovan King. And with Cade Sydal in the ring, I think we know where his focus is going to be.

Other Guy: These two put each other through hell in their death match, but I guess it ain’t gonna stop at that!

Inside the ring FLASH Dynamite finds himself being CHOKED by Obsidian, who then suddenly pushes FLASH away and right into an awaiting kick from Corazon. FLASH Dynamite doubles over in pain, and Corazon has him set up…Original Sin… NO! Kid Lightning leaps at Corazon from the side, knocking into him with a hard forearm shot.  Corazon goes down, losing his balance quickly, and Kid Lightning comes to his partner’s aid only to get a BIG BOOT for his trouble.

The once booing fans suddenly begin to cheer, as outside, referee Austin Linam is REFUSING to let King into the ring unless he leaves the steel chain outside!  King throws a fit about this, and looks to charge in, but Linam grabs at the chain!


The argument continues on and Obsidian grabs FLASH Dynamite, only for FLASH to swat his arm away and CONNECT with a heroic chop, then another, then another, then another.  Quinn comes back into things and as FLASH winds up with a huge chop, Quinn comes from behind Obsidian with a CHOP BLOCK!  Obsidian is taken down again and now FLASH Dynamite looks to capitalize, but Quinn goes after Dynamite.


"Not Without a Purpose" by Street Dogs plays as the video screen flashes the name -Rowland Collins-  King enters the ring, without the chain, as Rowland Collins starts his way out from the back.  Ainsley picks her spot now, attacking FLASH Dynamite from behind and pulling him away from Quinn. Quinn looks to see King going directly for Kid Lightning and so Quinn turns back to focusing on Cade, watching as he struggles to his feet.  Quinn pushes Cade back so his back is up against the ropes and now works on eliminating the former Revolution Champion.

Dave Dymond: As the numbers start to build, Tom Quinn looking to try to clear this ring out, taking advantage of the fact that Cade Sydal has already been in action earlier tonight.

Other Guy: It’s smart strategy, Dave. Cuz when the ring starts fillin’ up, it’s damn hard to move around in there and you could end up eliminating yourself just because you got no room to move out of the way.

Dave Dymond: Sydal holding onto the ropes though giving Quinn a hard time, but here comes Ainsley joining right in… and OH! King just DRILLED Kid Lightning with a not so fancy straight punch to the face!

The fans cringe upon watching Kid Lightning go down hard, but then all eyes focus on the close elimination of Cade Sydal.  King starts that way, but then sees Rowland Collins trying to get the better of Adrian Corazon! King turns around and nails Rowland with a square punch, almost directly to the spine! Rowland arches his back in pain and now Sydal starts fighting back against Ainsley and Quinn, as his back is perpendicular to the top rope!  Cade though throws his knee out to the side, catching Quinn square in the face but hurting himself in the process.  Quinn staggers back and Ainsley SHOVES Cade all the way over, but he collapses onto the ring edge and quickly rolls back into the ring under the bottom rope.

Other Guy: Sydal just barely holdin’ on there, but he stays in this thing.

Ainsley, frustrated, starts stomping down on Cade, and now Quinn moves off elsewhere as the countdown clock starts again.


Dave Dymond: This has been a pretty straight forward rumble thus far, everyone going after everyone else, but you know, O.G. the dynamic is going to change the SECOND Jester Smiles enters this thing.

Other Guy: Yeah, but so far so good for the clown, as he isn’t in yet…


"Not Without A Purpose" by Street Dog plays AGAIN and now Michael Collins charges out from the back!  The fans can’t believe it.

Other Guy: And Jester didn’t draw the number twelve spot either, but looks like the Luck of the Irish pays off as now the Collins Twins are united.

Dave Dymond: It’s a tag team war brewing inside the ring now, with The Flying Avengers represented, the Collins twins, and well we all know that there’s some sort of connection between Donovan King, Corazon, and Corazon’s bodyguard Obsidian.

Michael Collins bolts into the ring and immediately goes after Donovan King for picking on his brother.  The two men exchange heated blows, while Corazon and Rowland battle it out.  Flash Dynamite and Quinn fight now, with FLASH starting to build some momentum. Quinn staggers and then Flash pauses, gives the thumbs up and looks to take Quinn down with a spinning palm thrust, but Quinn ducks it, side steps and brings a knee up into Flash Dynamite’s gut.  Flash doubles over in pain and Quinn grabs him by the head, and drops down, DRILLING both of his knees into Flash’s face!

Dave Dymond: What a move by Quinn now and Flash Dynamite staggers back, slumping against the ropes.

Other Guy: Bad spot to be in!

Quinn gets up to his feet, but Kid Lightning back into things and he goes for Quinn!  HUGE CLOTHESLINE!

Other Guy: SHIT!  Obsidian from out of nowhere, and Kid Lightning was just killed if ya ask me!

Quinn looks on, a bit shocked and surprised himself as Kid Lightning now spasms on the mat.  Obsidian turns his focus to Quinn, while Michael Collins gets the better of Donovan King, attacking him where he was obviously attacked during his match with Cade.  Michael Collins leaves King down in the corner for the moment and now Rowland and Michael work a double team on Corazon, swinging him across the ring. Corazon bounces off the ropes comes back, double clothesline from The Collins Twins!


All eyes turn to the entryway as there is a bit of lull in the action, but the Collins Twins look to Obsidian now as their next potential target…


As if the clock was there own countdown, Michael and Rowland both charge at Obsidian, while "Natural One" by Folk Implosion begins to play.  The name -Ron Barker- flashes on the video screen now and sure enough the Ravishing One heads out from the ring, walking slowly, grinning from ear to ear.

Dave Dymond: And the number of enemies of Cade Sydal seem to be piling up here as Ron Barker enters unlucky number thirteen.

Other Guy: Pretty lucky for Barker though, Dave, hell he’s got some serious allies in the ring already.  Makes for a much easier night.

Ainsley and Cade continue to battle it out off to the side, but the main focus right now is the fists being thrown at Obsidian by Michael and Rowland Collins.  Obsidian sways from the hard punches being thrown upwards at his head and into his chest as well.  Quinn grabs Kid Lightning, who continues to writhe in pain on the mat.  King gets up and heads over to Ainsley and now both King and Ainsley pull Cade up and forcefully shove him into the lower right corner of the ring.  The two take turns just DRILLING hard strikes into Cade’s body.  Barker waits outside of the ring, but walks over to where Cade is, and from outside starts shouting insults at Cade, literally adding insult to injury.

Other Guy: We’ve got a mugging go down!

Dave Dymond: Cade Sydal in terrible position, so is his friend in Kid Lightning who looks to be on the verge of elimination at the hands of Tom Quinn.

Rowland and Michael both continue their assault on Obsidian, and they take him by the arms down and whip him into the ropes.  Obsidian comes back and extends his arm for a counter double clothesline, but Michael and Rowland both side step, grab his arms and FORCE him down with a double team reverse Russian leg sweep!  The fans pop for a moment, and with Kid Lightning on the verge of being eliminated, Michael and Rowland charge up from behind and take out BOTH Kid Lightning and Tom Quinn…


Dave Dymond: A VERY close one there, the count down clock starts up and the Collins twins think they made a double elimination.

Other Guy: Never turn your back in a rumble if ya can help it… that’s what I always say.

Dave Dymond: Really? You always say that?

Other Guy: Startin’ now I do.


Quinn and Kid Lightning both struggle to get back into the ring, Quinn finally rolls under, while Kid Lightning tries his hand at skinning the cat.  The Collins Twins turn to see Kid Lightning back in the ring and they shake their heads.  They storm towards him and before Kid Lightning can turn around, Michael and Rowland TOSS Kid Lighting over the top rope and to the outside!



Quinn pulls Flash Dynamite up to his feet just as "Undercover" by Joey Deluxe begins to play.  The video screen flashes the name -Mark Questian- and sure enough the undercover detective turned wrestler jogs out from the back, receiving some laughs, but other than that no reaction.

Dave Dymond: And Mark Questian on his way out to the ring now, so a superhero is eliminated, but a super detective takes his place.

Other Guy: I don’t think he’s gonna last, Dave.  And I don’t have to be a P.I. to figure that one out.

Questian charges into the ring and makes a B-line for the unfair double teaming taking place on Cade Sydal.  Questian lands a hard punch to King, then to Ainsley… and both turn around and just look at him.  Questian shakes both of his fists and looks right at Kind and Ainsley.


He goes to swing, but Ainsley and King both grab his arms and just whip him over the top rope. Questian spills to the outside.


Dave Dymond: Good call on that one O.G., but you have to admit it was fun to see old Mark Questian at it again.

Other Guy: For all three seconds he was at it… sure.

The fans can’t help but laugh.  King looks down, jaw jacking at the stupidity of Mark Questian, which allows Cade Sydal to fight back, looking to eliminate King! The fans pick up, but Barker in now and he and Ainsley grab Cade and pull him away.  Barker gets a hold of Cade and swings him into the ropes.  Cade stops himself and then taunts Barker to come at him. Barker thinks better of it and so Cade quickly goes off now and attacks Quinn, saving Flash Dynamite, and that’s when Barker goes after Cade. Cade though played it perfectly and he turns now and STEP UP ENZEGURI!!!

Dave Dymond: Cade lured Barker right in and kicked his head in as a result!

Sydal has to recover quickly and as he gets up, he and Flash Dynamite find themselves looking at King, Ainsley, Corazon, and Obsidian.  Obsidian suddenly turns though and goes after Michael and Rowland, while Cade and Flash move in at King, Corazon, and Ainsley!  The fans pick up with cheers as the two battle against the three, and once again Quinn plays the smart man and keeps out of harms way.


Other Guy: King and Cade goin at it again! We gonna see death match part two!

Dave Dymond: In physicality you bet, but weapons as we saw, are NOT allowed in this match up.

Other Guy: Don’t think it would matter, damage has been done, and King workin’ the back of Cade… and you can still see the blood from there, Dave.


As Corazon fights against Flash Dynamite, Ainsley looks to the entryway.  "Down a Rabbit Hole" by Bright Eyes plays and now the name -Conor McLellan- flashes on the screen. McLellan comes out from the back, not in much of a rush to join in the thick of things.

Dave Dymond: So Conor McLellan trying to re-establish a name for himself.  Didn’t have much of a showing in his one match up here in SHOOT thus far, but like we’ve said the Rumble can change the dynamic of just about EVERYTHING here in SHOOT Project.

Ainsley goes for McLellan just as he enters the ring, looking for a possible quick elimination.  McLellan fights back.  With Ainsley and McLellan both close to the ropes, however, Quinn sees a moment of opportunity and heads over that way. Obsidian continues his two on one battle with the Collins Twins, now getting the upper hand as he BOOTS Rowland square in the shoulder! Rowland goes down, clutching at his shoulder and wincing in pain, leaving Michael on his own.  Obsidian goes for a huge standing clothesline, but Michael ducks under and puts some space between Obsidian and himself. Obsidian looks to go for Rowland, but Michael taunts the big man, keeping him away from his brother.  Obsidian stomps towards Michael Collins now, and the fans buzz as Quinn ALMOST eliminates both Ainsley and McLellan.  The two bring their bodies back into the ring though before they can be sent over.


Other Guy: Who’s next?

Dave Dymond: We are nearing the half way mark on entrants as this will be number sixteen if my count is right… and already we’ve had fights bouncing back and forth, left and right… it’s hard to keep track.


Amidst the count down, Cade builds up a second wind and starts firing at all cylinders at King. Barker is back up to his feet at this point though, groggy as hell… and he grabs Cade from the back of the head and just WHIPS him down onto the mat!


The excitement for Cade dies, but the buzz of anticipation picks up as "Lay Down" by Priestess begins to play and the name -CJ Nelson- flashes on the screen.  The fans in attendance start to cheer for the most part as CJ Nelson starts out from the back, ready to raise some serious hell.

Dave Dymond: One half of Long Island Hardcore officially steps into the Redemption Rumble, and while alone from his partner right now, we’ve heard the game plan, CJ Nelson is the X-factor right now as he doesn’t care who he hurts, just so long as he ruins someone’s night.

Other Guy: More like multiple people and here we go!

Nelson picks up steam and quickly enters the ring, he KNOCKS down Michael Collins with a steam roll shove and then finds himself face to face with Obsidian! Nelson does not back down and throws a haymaker of a shot at Obsidian. Obsidian staggers and powers right back with a huge right hand!  On the other side of the ring Quinn and McLellan look to one another now and seem to share a common thought they both go to eliminate Ainsley but she claws her way out, scratching at McLellan’s face and then kicking Quinn almost right in the groin!  CJ Nelson continues to exchange blows with Obsidian, while Corazon tries to eliminate FLASH Dynamite.  Flash fights to the best of his ability and suddenly avoids a hard shot and lifts Corazon up and takes him down with a spinning back breaker!  Corazon rocks back and forth on the mat in pain. The fans cheer and Flash Dynamite gives the thumbs up… and then goes after CJ Nelson, working an odd double team with Obsidian!

Dave Dymond: Never thought I’d see the day when Flash Dynamite and Obsidian would work together, but then again this IS the Redemption Rumble!

Other Guy: Alliances form just as quickly as they can be broken.


King goes after Flash Dynamite now, seeing an opportunity and Barker slowly lifts Cade up off the mat, dragging him closer to the edge of the ring.  Michael and Rowland both get up and observe what’s happening around them…


Another entrant is due in as "Famous" by Puddle of Mudd and as the name -Jason Riley- flashes on the video screen, the man formerly known as The Crazy Kid sprints out from the back, with a very weird energy about him.  Riley dives under the bottom rope immediately springs to his feet and just DROPKICKS Ainsley! Ainsley stumbles back into the lower left corner, and Riley smacks Quinn on the back and then turns, running for The Collins Twins!

Other Guy: What the hell’s this kid been on.

Dave Dymond: Hearing of his past, I’d say at some point, pretty much everything. But Riley looks to be cleaned up for now, though his energy is a little reckless.

Other Guy: I don’t think he cares about who he’s goin for, he’s not stopping for a second!

The fans can’t help but rally a little bit behind Jason Riley who just hits someone then moves to the next target… not taking anyone down, but doing enough to interrupt the fights.  Riley WHACKS Barker from behind with a single axe handle blow, and Barker turns away from Cade and glares at Riley.  Riley goes to swing at him again, but this time Barker blocks and kicks Riley hard. Riley crumples up and Quinn now comes to Riley’s aid.

Dave Dymond: Quinn and Riley used to make up a tag team, and we may see them reprise that role right here.

Quinn helps Riley up and then BOTH men land a dropkick to Barker’s back, and Cade pulls down on the ropes at the same time, however Barker’s size prevents him from falling over the ropes all the way and gets his footing back and then kicks Cade in the face with a boot.  Meanwhile King has Flash Dynamite up against the ropes, and CJ Nelson suddenly throws a hard punch to Obsidian, sending him staggering, and seeing Flash Dynamite out of the corner of his eye, CJ turns and just CRUSHES Flash Dynamite with a stiff bicycle kick!  Flash Dynamite spills out of the ring.


CJ Nelson and King go at it now, while Quinn and Riley both target Ron Barker yet again, pulling him away from Cade and swinging him into the ropes.  The Collins Twins come after Quinn and Riley though before they can work a double team move on Barker.  The brawling Irish men both land hard forearms to Quinn and Riley then turn them around and look to run them out of the ring.  Jason Riley and Quinn put on the breaks and try to reverse against The Collins twins, running them out of the ring, but they don’t have enough momentum and Rowland and Michael spin around and land mirrored hook punches to both Quinn and Riley. The two go down hard.

Other Guy: Collins Twins keeping their team alive, as the Flying Avengers are now no longer represented in this fight, course we still are waitin for Jared Walsh to step into this match up.

Dave Dymond: Not to mention the 10,000 dollar man, Jester Smiles, who STILL hasn’t entered, and you have to think that’s upsetting Ainsley Lake.


Obsidian goes right back after CJ Nelson now, while Corazon seems to have vanished, but the cameras see him stalking in the upper left corner of the ring now, nursing his injuries and again methodically picking his mark.


The fans await the next entrant, and some generic hard rock music BLARES over the sound system.  At that moment the name -Jeff Cross- flashes on the screen and some of the old school SHOOT Project fans start to buzz.

Dave Dymond: Are you kidding me?  Jeff Cross making a return here tonight?

Other Guy: There he is, Dave. Not familiar with the name completely, but I have heard of this cat.  Not a lot of people like him.

Dave Dymond: Make that nobody likes him, O.G.

Jeff Cross arrogantly heads to the ring, talking trash and pointing at everyone in the ring.  In an odd moment all the fighting stops.  Jeff Cross enters and just starts jaw jacking and shoving everyone.  The fans see what is about to happen and as Cross continues to jaw jack, EVERYONE in the ring rushes him at once, looking to get some hold on him and they TOSS Jeff Cross over the top rope!

Other Guy: Unity under one banner!  That was some great shit!

Dave Dymond: Not sure who lasted longer now, Jeff Cross, Mark Questian, The Poe, or The Limey, but once again its an in and out fashion, this time for Jeff Cross!

The fans cheer as Jeff Cross looks beyond pissed on the outside. He storms to the back just as quickly as he came out… and that momentary alliance of all the competitors in the ring quickly ends. Barker goes back after Cade, as does King, both men trying to eliminate Cade. Cade holds onto the ropes tightly though. Ainsley and Conor battle it out, with Ainsley once again getting the better of Conor, fighting her way back towards the center of the ring.  Corazon goes after CJ Nelson now and after distracting him, Obsidian comes in and does the serious damage, punching Nelson in the side of the head.  Nelson stumbles and Corazon right there looking for Original Sin, but Nelson digs down and hoists Corazon up and over.  Obsidian helps Corazon land on his feet though and Corazon just NAILS a nasty hook kick out of nowhere!

Dave Dymond: And the 315 pound marine that is CJ Nelson just got taken clean off his feet by Adrian Corazon.


"Salty Dog" by Flogging Molly hits and the fans begin to cheer as the name -Killian Reilly- flashes on the video screen.  Killian comes out ready for a fight as he marches towards the ring.

Other Guy: So the Irish boxer comes in at number nineteen… and this fight continues on.  It’s insane, Dave, we’re only at the half way mark of number of entries… I mean damn!

Dave Dymond: It is a testament to ones strength and willpower, not to mention their stamina. The Redemption Rumble is not for those who cannot pace themselves, and eventually it comes down to who can outlast who.

Reilly enters the ring with confidence and quickly goes to make his mark, charging at Donovan King, and thus saving Cade.  King is met with a combination of punches that send him staggering off to the side… then Reilly focuses right on Ainsley Lake, pulling her away from Cade as well.  Corazon however attacks Killian Reilly from behind and Ainsley goes right back to eliminating Cade, only for Cade to push off the ropes with a hard clothesline! Ainsley goes down to the mat and Cade points to her then points to the ropes. The fans pick up with cheers as Cade calls for the elimination.

Dave Dymond: And we could see Ainsley Lake removed from the rumble now… the bitch queen unable to be present if or when that bounty is collected!

Cade pulls Ainsley up to her feet, but here come Michael and Rowland. The fans boo as Rowland gets to Cade first clocking him with an ugly but effective punch.  Cade loses hold of Ainsley and Michael Collins grabs a hold of him into a headlock and starts driving punches into Cade’s face. Cade drops to one knee, and Ainsley is saved.   Obsidian lifts CJ Nelson up to his feet and now he works on eliminating him.

Other Guy: Jared Walsh might have to go it alone when he enters… Obsidian tryin’ to push CJ out of the ring.

Dave Dymond: And this is the first time Obsidian is being met with serious resistance upon being eliminated.


CJ Nelson fights his way back into the ring, but Corazon joins in, after dropping Reilly with a fisherman’s suplex, and Nelson finds himself in a bad spot!


The anticipation turns into a mixed reaction, but mostly cheering takes places within the Thomas and Mack Center as "Happy" by Mudvayne begins to play and the name -Jester Smiles- flashes on the video screen!

Dave Dymond: And here he comes!  The $10,000 man and look at the smile on Ainsley’s face, just look at it.

Other Guy: Yeah and look who’s not smilin’…. Jester Smiles.

Smiles literally storms his way to the ring and upon entering he is met by Conor McLellan, Tom Quinn, AND Jason Riley!  The fans boo as the three swarm him, but Jester swings wildly, trying to fight through the attackers.  McLellan is knocked down, but Riley and Quinn fight on, pushing Jester Smiles up against the ropes.  Reilly is back up, and before Ainsley can react, Reilly SAVES Jester!  He pulls Riley, HUGE boxing uppercut.  Quinn turns in reaction, kick to the mid section, snapping vertical suplex!  Smiles shakes off the attack and now goes towards Obsidian and Corazon.  King right there though… and Rowland pulls King away from Jester.

Rowland Collins: That money is ours!

King, frustrated, DECKS Rowland Collins, dropping him to the mat, but leaves himself open. He turns… VIRGINIA SIDEKICK!!!  King is taken down, but now Michael Collins goes to eliminate Jester, pushing him over the ropes… but Jester fights against it!

Other Guy: Collins is gonna collect… Jester on the verge of walking in and bein tossed out of this thing!

Dave Dymond: No! Here comes Cade!

Cade makes an effort to save Smiles now, attacking Michael Collins from behind with stiff as fuck kicks!  Michael Collins is knocked to the side of Jester, and now CJ Nelson fights back as Jester Smiles pulls at Corazon, keeping him from eliminating Nelson.  Ainsley comes after Jester directly now but Reilly right there to intercept, and he starts driving quick punches into Ainsley, knocking her back as Jester is once again saved.

Other Guy: And this alliance thing has turned now that Ten thousand dollars is officially in play inside the ring.

Dave Dymond: Indeed it has. You have CJ Nelson, Cade Sydal, and Killian Reilly looking to seemingly protect Jester, then you have Tom Quinn, Jason Riley, Conor McLellan, and The Collins Twins wanting that bounty.

Other Guy: And then the third alignment is lookin’ like Ainsley Lake, Donovan King, Ron Barker, Corazon, and Obsidian… the group that just wants to dominate this thing right now.

Dave Dymond: And that dynamic could change yet again as the countdown starts, we’re looking at entrant number twenty-one here.


"Hey Man Nice Shot" by Filter plays, and with the music change the fans aren’t sure of who is coming out until his name -Kaz Sato- flashes on the video screen.  The Beast storms out from the back and then charges towards the ring.

Dave Dymond: And the beast officially out of the case as Sato definitely could use this match to propel himself right back up to where he thinks he belongs.

Other Guy: Oh so much fight goin on right now, and throwing in a fresh and ready to go fighter like Sato, well that’s gonna shake some of this shit up.

Sato does not hesitate to get right into the mix, and he attacks Jester from behind then turns to Killian Reilly, taking him down with a quick leg lift!  Sato mounts Reilly then and starts working hard elbow strikes to Reilly… Jester looks around now, avoiding Ainsley, but then turns to see Quinn and Riley both regrouping.  Jester starts towards them both and Riley charges in first.  CJ Nelson battles it out with Michael at this juncture, while Rowland is still down, clutching at his face from the hard punch from Donovan King.  King remembers Rowland off in the corner and goes towards him.  Obsidian and Corazon stand in unison together and seeing McLellan left alone, Corazon points to him. Obsidian nods his head and storms towards McLellan.

Dave Dymond: This fight has broken up in so many different smaller fights and I’m just… hey where’s Ron Barker?

Other Guy: Damn good question, Dave, one I don’t have the answer to.

Dave Dymond: Well somewhere in the midst of this Rumble, Ron Barker has I guess vanished. He wasn’t eliminated… but he’s not in the ring!


The fans let out a collective "OOOOH" as McLellan just narrowly dodges out of the way of impending doom at the hands of Obsidian.  McLellan scrambles away from Obsidian and CJ Nelson finds himself now battling it out with the big man once again while Michael Collins, staggering, attacks Donovan King from behind, once again coming to the aid of his brother.


As the fighting continues, now too many in the ring for anyone to stop and look towards the entryway "Louis XIV" by Louis XIV begins to play and -Declan O’Leary- is the name that flashes on the video screen.

Dave Dymond: A former Iron Fist Champion is Declan O’Leary and he is on his way to the ring making his official return to SHOOT Project.

Other Guy: It’s a homecoming for a few tonight ain’t it Dave.

Dave Dymond: It is a night of redemption, for those who haven’t had the shot to take the next step up in their careers, this is their chance.

O’Leary enters the fray and immediately pulls Sato off of Killian Reilly.  Sato looks to clobber Declan, but Declan dodges then throws a swift punch to the gut then brings Sato’s head down right into Declan’s knee! Reilly gets up and just gives a nod to Declan.  Declan turns then as he feels a hand on his shoulder, only to see McLellan standing there. The two share a moment and then collectively, Reilly, McLellan, and O’Leary go on the rampage!!!  They assault Sato who works on getting up to his feet. Then they branch off, attacking anyone and everyone that moves!  Obsidian is met with some hard shots from Declan, Corazon taken down by a double team from Reilly and McLellan!  Rowland and Michael see what’s going on and suddenly THEY JOIN IN!!!

Other Guy: It’s a god damned Irish invasion, Dave!

The fans can’t help but cheer as Michael, Rowland, Killian, Declan, and Conor just drop bodies left and right.  Killian takes down Quinn, Rowland takes down Riley.  Declan and Michael team up and drop Donovan King.  Cade goes down… Ainsley taken down again!  CJ Nelson is attacked by all five men… he’s taken down… and THEN Obsidian is finally brought down by all five men as well!

Dave Dymond: This is a sight to see! We have just watched the Irish run roughshod over the Redemption Rumble!

Amidst the downed bodies, The Collins Twins, Conor, Killian, and Declan all stand, smiling from ear to ear in unison!  Conor goes to pat his former teammate in Declan O’Leary on the back and Declan nods his head… only then to snatch Conor’s arm and WHIP him into the ropes!  The fans are shocked now as the Irish TURN ON EACH OTHER!!  Michael and Rowland double-team up on Killian now while Conor is CLOTHESLINED over the top rope by Declan O’Leary!


Other Guy: Hah! Just like the Irish. Fight together, then fighting each other!

Dave Dymond: CJ Nelson going to take advantage of this as he’s coming full speed at the Collins Twins!

Nelson grabs Rowland Collins and starts attacking him with everything he’s got, not looking to put on a wrestling show at all. Rowland staggers about while Michael and Killian continue to battle it out… only for Jester to come and LEVEL both men with arms outstretched!


The fans lose their count as suddenly Rowland Collins is knocked over the top rope by CJ Nelson!



The countdown clock ends just as King takes Jester down with a stiff DDT.  At that moment "The Entertainer" by Scott Joplin plays and the lumbering seven-foot clown that is Rufio heads out to the ring. There is laughter from the crowd as Rufio, in all his lanky awkwardness and big clown shoes heads to the ring.  He fumbles to get in but finally does and just looks around.

Dave Dymond: From the fighting Irish to a seven-foot clown, this rumble really DOES have it all, Other Guy.

Other Guy: Oh yeah, some seriously…. Uhhh… unique competitors are throwin’ down in the rumble tonight.

Rufio turns to the first body he sees and looks to execute the clumsy clown kick. Of course he messes up and barely grazes Corazon and Corazon almost laughs.  Rufio nods his head, smiling as well… when suddenly he’s JUST CRUSHED IN THE FACE BY A YAKUZA KICK FROM OBSIDIAN!

Dave Dymond: SHIT!

Rufio takes a nasty fall over the top rope and to the outside!

Other Guy: Rufio won’t have anything to laugh about once he wakes up from THAT!


King lifts Jester up from the mat, and Ainsley watches on, nodding her head.  Quinn, Riley, and Declan seem to have formed an alliance now as the three come up from behind King, inadvertently saving Jester from potential elimination.  Ainsley shakes her head, caught up in the moment, she doesn’t see Cade SPRINGBOARD off the ropes and she is taken down hard with a bulldog!  King is pre-occupied with Quinn, Riley, and Declan, but soon Corazon and Obsidian join the fight to even the numbers, but ultimately stack the odds against Quinn, Riley, and Declan.

Dave Dymond: So many bodies in the ring, and wait a minute… AINSLEY ABOUT TO BE ELIMINATED!!!

The fans are on their feet cheering loudly as Cade as Ainsley up against the rope.  She holds onto the ropes tightly, but Cade kicks at her, forcing her to loose her grip.  Ainsley about to go over, but Michael Collins gets back into things and goes towards Cade… interrupting his chance at eliminating Ainsley Lake.

Other Guy: Michael Collins saving Ainsley, maybe he thinks he’ll get a bonus then if he saves her AND eliminates Jester.

Dave Dymond: Or with Rowland Collins now out of the Rumble, he could be looking for some allies.

Other Guy: Either way he’s workin his way in good to try to win this thing… but here comes Jester!

Jester starts to bring the fight once again, taking Michael Collins from behind. The two exchange blows… and Cade gets in there, fighting against Michael Collins as well.  Ainsley gets involved, fighting against Cade, and that’s when Jester breaks away from the group and suddenly moves to the upper left corner of the ring… the fans pop as without hesitation Jester FLIPS BACKWARDS…


Other Guy: Jester Smiles takin’ EVERYBODY OUT!

Jester, Cade, Ainsley, and Collins are all down on the mat with the fans chanting loudly!  The countdown clock starts once again while CJ Nelson and Kaz Sato duke it out… with Sato drilling repeated knees into Nelson’s gut.


Dave Dymond: Obsidian SINGLE HANDEDLY taking down Quinn, Riley, and Declan there.  And still Ron Barker NOWHERE to be found.

Other Guy: I smell a Barker scheme, Dave.

Dave Dymond: Same here, but the count down clock ending… who steps in as number twenty four?


With pretty much only Obsidian left standing, he turns his focus to the entryway "All Apologies" by Nirvana plays, giving contrast to the pumped up and energetic new superstar that steps out.  Arion Catcher’s name flashes on the screen as he runs out from the back.  Jester gets up at this time and Obsidian is right there to get his hands on somebody.  Sato leaves Nelson down for the time being and turns his focus on Arion Catcher who vaults over the top rope… ONLY to be SPEARED IN MID-AIR!!!

Other Guy: Not a good way to enter this one as Sato just TAKES CATCHER DOWN!

Dave Dymond: Catcher had the impressive debut victory over The Poe, but now in this rumble, the rookie could very well find himself biting off more than he can chew.

Sato works punch and elbow strikes to Catcher, and then finally gets up off of him. Sato smirks and lifts Catcher up off the mat and looks to spear chuck him out of the ring, but Catcher holds onto the ropes and pulls himself back in, unknown to Sato.  Sato storms off looking for his next victim.  Catcher in the meantime clutches at his ribs but shows perseverance and gets back up to his feet slowly. Jester struggles against Obsidian who just lifts him up with a double choke and then SLAMS him down onto the mat.  The fans boo Obsidian loudly as one by one now he picks up those who are down and repeats what he did to Jester.

Other Guy: Cade lifted up high… AND DROPPED!

Cade spasms, clutching at his back as Obsidian stands over him.  Meanwhile King is back up to his feet and he grabs Riley and VICIOUSLY runs him into the upper right corner post and sends Riley SHOULDER first into it!  Riley SCREAMS OUT in pain and King grabs Riley’s feet now and just YANKS him back!  The force literally flips Riley so he ends up landing on his back and King now drops a hard leg drop across Riley’s neck.  Ainsley and Killian Reilly are back at it, this time though Ainsley has the better of Killian, and she RAKES him across the back and then turns her back to him and drops him with a standing neck breaker!


"Holy Fool" by The Boondock Saints picks up now and Alex Harmston sprints out from the back!  The fans are cheering him on as he slides into the ring passing by Sato and Corazon who fight, with Sato doing whatever he can to capitalize on the injuries Corazon already suffered tonight.  Obsidian once again comes to Corazon’s aid though and Sato is quickly taken over in the two on one situation.

Dave Dymond: Harmston making a B-line for Donovan King!  He’s healed up from that wicked attack and now he wants some revenge!

Before King can react, Harmston spins him around and just starts working him with alternating punches.  Riley rolls out of the ring, in pain and out of further harms way.  Harmston knocks King back against the upper right corner of the ring, while close by Ainsley Lake works on trying to eliminate the strong willed Killian Reilly.  Reilly fights back though, refusing to go over.  CJ Nelson is back up and he quickly surveys the situation, finally picking his spot as he goes for Declan who is up to his feet.  Nelson lifts Declan up and takes him down quickly with a fireman’s carry.  Quinn up to his feet though, but Nelson turns around in time to catch him and scoop him up… quick body slam.  King and Harmston brawl out of the corner now, with King taking the advantage, but NO!  Harmston fights right back, and all eyes seem to be on King and Harmston for a moment.

Other Guy: This is a hot fight, Dave. And I say give em a one on one rematch.

Dave Dymond: We’re somewhat witnessing that now as these two WILL NOT slow down against one another, and this could wear both of them out a great deal.

Harmston picks up the momentum again, taking control of King who looks to be tiring somewhat. Harmston lands a solid kick to the gut… swinging neckbreaker!  King is down, the fans pop, but as Harmston turns Ainsley OUT OF NOWHERE!!

Dave Dymond: Hurricanrana!

Harmston is flipped over the ropes, but he hangs on to stay alive, rolls back under the bottom, but Ainsley lands a flipping leg drop on him, catching Harmston across the chest.


Catcher gets back into things now, and focuses on Michael Collins who works his way up to his feet, having stayed down the longest from Jester’s moonsault.  Michael is bleeding from the lip a bit but he doesn’t focus on that as Catcher comes at him with a LEAPING CLOTHESLINE!


As Catcher takes Collins back down to the mat, he springs up to his feet and FLIPS forward into a body splash… then springs up and charges at the ropes, picking up momentum he then SLIDES and KICKS Michael Collins in the side!

Dave Dymond:  Innovative chain of moves from the swift moving Arion Catcher and we are still awaiting what should be the twenty sixth entrant.

Nobody comes down for a moment, but then "Are You Ready?" by Creed plays and Edward Raymond is literally SHOVED out of the entryway.  The fans all pick up as they see Raymond, complete in a blue wrestling singlet and white boots and amateur wrestling headgear.

Other Guy: Oh man, NOW I’ve seen everything. What the hell is Raymond wearing?

Dave Dymond: Looks like wrestling gear.  Raymond has obviously come prepared to wrestle.

Other Guy: This ain’t a high school wrestling meet though, Dave. It’s the rumble of all rumbles.

Fans laugh as Raymond slowly passes by, very annoyed at his situation and also incredibly hesitant to get inside the ring.  As Raymond approaches from the outside, inside Sato and CJ Nelson are fighting once again, but this time Nelson has the upper hand.  Obsidian has his hand around Cade’s neck, choking the life out of him…. While Corazon now is the one working to eliminate Killian Reilly.  Jester Smiles is back up and he goes for Corazon, but now Ainsley Lake right there and she grabs Jester’s shoulder hard.  Jester BACK HANDS Ainsley, not even knowing it was her!  He turns and just looks down, a look of shock!

Dave Dymond: I don’t quite understand Jester Smiles, but frankly I don’t think anyone does. He wants a match with Ainsley, yet he has his chance to put his hands on her now and he’s SHOCKED that he hit her!

Other Guy: Nobody but Jester knows what’s goin on in Jester’s head, but this is something he’s strong about. He wants to save Ainsley, just don’t know exactly how he plans on doin’ that.

Jester, concerned all of a sudden for Ainsley, leaves himself open to a very NEAR elimination from Tom Quinn and Declan O’Leary!  The two scoop Jester up, but he pushes off the ropes before any real momentum can be had… turns… and Declan and Quinn drop Jester face first with a double team flapjack!  Raymond still isn’t inside the ring yet as he seems to be picking his moment.


Catcher attacks Quinn from behind, trying to eliminate Quinn now… and all of a sudden "Cochise" by Audioslave starts up and FLAMES ignite all around the entrance to the ring area!  The fans buzz as they wait… and more flames shoot up and suddenly…


Dave Dymond: NO WAY!  OH MY GOD NO WAY!

Other Guy: OH YES WAY… LOOK!!

The fans GO INSANE as sure enough OutKast and The Real Deal step out from the back, In wrestling attire.  The cheering is through the roof and the noise level is deafening!

Dave Dymond: OutKast and Real Deal have ENTERED. THE. RUMBLE! I Can’t believe it!

Other Guy: Shit just picked up TEN FOLD!!!

Everyone in the ring seems to just stop and look out at Real Deal and OutKast in disbelief.  Especially Adrian Corazon, Obsidian, and Donovan King.  Raymond slowly turns around, hearing the crowd, knowing the music…. But he doesn’t want to believe it.  But then Raymond’s eyes go wide as OutKast and Real Deal head right for him.  Raymond scrambles into the ring…



Dave Dymond: Where’d he come from!

Other Guy: Who cares, Dave… all that matters is X-CALIBUR IS HERE IN THE RUMBLE TOO!!!

Dave Dymond: Instant Heat in true form… the trio of terror if you will, but god damn is it good to see them!

The fans are just continuing to go nuts as X-Calibur stands over Ed Raymond. He lifts him up and now OutKast and The Real Deal are in the ring… X-Calibur shoves Raymond at Real Deal… REALITY CHECK!  The fans pop huge… and everyone can’t believe it.  Raymond, nearly dead, is picked up by the Real Deal and shoved at OutKast!  OutKast hooks him… and looks RIGHT AT CORAZON…


Dave Dymond: This is too damn good to be true!

Everyone is on their feet as X-Calibur, Real Deal, and OutKast pick up the completely unconscious Ed Raymond and toss his limp body over the top rope.  The three men then turn, finding themselves face to face with King, Corazon, and Obsidian!


Other Guy: Since the start of this rumble, this ring basically belonged to the three men ya see right there in Corazon, Obsidian, and King, but INSTANT HEAT crashing the party!

Dave Dymond: What a stare off, a surreal moment in time, but its VERY real!


The count down ends and the name -Sebastian Crow- flashes on the screen.  The excitement is still alive though as Instant Heat stands united once again.  Sebastian Crow stupidly makes his way to the ring, and for that split instant, X-Calibur, The Real Deal, and OutKast suddenly turn and just as Crow enters the ring… all three take him RIGHT BACK OUT!


The fans POP HUGE and OutKast, Real Deal, and X-Calibur all turn… and they charge right in at King, Corazon, and Obsidian!!!  The three men exchange blows.  With X-Calibur sizing up against Donovan King, Corazon and OutKast fighting it out, and The Real Deal looking to chop down Obsidian!  This battle takes center focus, and X-Calibur drops King with a standing clothesline, OutKast with a kick to the gut, goes for the Alienator on Corazon, but Corazon gets out of it, but OutKast right there pulling him right back down with a snapping DDT!

Dave Dymond: and Obsidian the last man standing and all three members of Instant Heat are focused square on him!

As OutKast, Real Deal, and X-Calibur all work on bringing Obsidian down, the action continues around them as well.  Michael Collins and CJ Nelson battle it out. Declan O’Leary and Tom Quinn work on once again trying to eliminate Jester, while Jason Riley, hurting, now rolls back into the ring.  Obsidian falters a great deal and X-Calibur, Real Deal, and OutKast work him slowly towards the ropes.  The fans are still standing, feeding off the wave of momentum created by Instant Heat.

Other Guy: Obsidian up against the ropes, oh man…

Dave Dymond: Dare I say it… dare I shout it… TIMBER!!!

All three men LEVEL Obsidian and he flips to the outside, landing on his feet!  The crowd goes insane once again as Obsidian stands on the outside, FURIOUS!


Obsidian tries to storm back into the ring, but now the officials keep him at bay.  One isn’t enough… and soon all four are shouting and trying to send Obsidian to the back.  During the distraction… Donovan King suddenly rolls to the outside, grabbing the steel chain he left out there. He then sneaks back in, sizing up The Real Deal… BUT SYDAL RIPS IT FROM HIS HANDS AND CLOCKS King with the chain!  The fans pop and Cade tosses the chain to the outside, now standing over King, shouting down at him.  Suddenly though, from behind Cade, Barker sneaks back in out of nowhere!

Other Guy: There he is… there’s Barker!

Dave Dymond: Damn it… he was hiding the whole time!

Barker charges from behind Cade, but Cade suddenly turns around, backs up against the ropes and pulls them down… and Barker FLIES over the top and spills to the outside!


Dave Dymond: His sure fire plan back fired!

Other Guy: Cade felt it comin’ and he survives it. Barker… is gone from the rumble.

Obsidian is finally brought under control, and that’s when X-Calibur, Real Deal, and OutKast size up who’s left in the ring.  Corazon struggles to get up to his feet, holding his head in pain, and now the trio branches off.  X-Calibur sees Declan O’Leary and immediately goes after him.  Declan is ready and the two come to blows, a bit of nostalgia.

Dave Dymond: Both X-Calibur and Declan O’Leary former Iron Fist Champions, and them coming to blows once again brings back memories of my days as a road agent with the company.


"Welcome to Assholeville Pt. 2" by Apathy picks up and the name -Eli Storm- flashes on the video screen.  There is a mixed reaction from the fans, but never the less Eli Storm walks out from the back, somewhat leery of entering the rumble now, especially with OutKast standing right there.  The battles continue on though as Storm makes his way to the ring.  Collins works on trying to eliminate CJ Nelson, while Kaz Sato eagerly waits, watching Eli Storm approach the ring.  The Real Deal plays up to the fans seeing no immediate focus spot… while Quinn targets Harmston.  Harmston fights back suddenly, but Riley joins in the fight, and despite a hurting shoulder the two work on Harmston… but Harmston fights back yet again and clotheslines his way through both men.  He sees King down ring, getting up and Harmston charges.

Dave Dymond: The Foundation charging and Donovan King doesn’t see it coming!

King snaps back to reality at the last possible second and BACK BODY DROPS Harmston over the top rope!  Harmston flips over but lands on his feet on the ring edge… only for Riley and Quinn to run now and land double knee jumps into Harmston’s back, sending him out of the ring!


King looks over his shoulder and smirks, but then turns around only to be caught by a REALITY CHECK FROM REAL DEAL!!!

Dave Dymond: King is taken down… and Cade’s loving it!

Cade and The Real Deal share a moment and then Real Deal points to the edge of the ring, pumping up the crowd.  Eli Storm finally enters his focus put solely on Kaz Sato… the two lock up while Jester Smiles gets his own bearings straight, having taken a constant beating pretty much since getting into the ring.  X-Calibur and Declan continue to battle… X-Calibur goes for the X-terminator, but Declan shoves him away, and he bumps into Jester… and Jester just swings wildly, KNOCKING X-Calibur down!

Other Guy: Oh man… I think Jester just made an enemy with someone ya don’t want as an enemy.

Declan moves away now, focusing on Killian Reilly who isn’t in the midst of a fight.  Declan axe handles him from behind and then tries to force an elimination, but Killian is still pretty much in this thing.


Dave Dymond: We have reached the number thirty spot… and from what we’re being told there will be eight more entries after this.

Other Guy: This thing can STILL go any which way.

The fans buzz with anticipation once again, and "Float On" by Modest Mouse begins to play… EVERYONE recognizes it and the arena fills with the sound of booing.  The name -The Defiler- flashes on the video screen as Jonny Johnson walks out from the back.  His eyes IMMEDIATELY fall on OutKast’s and OutKast WARMLY Welcomes the approaching Jonny.

Dave Dymond: You want to talk about nostaligia… you want to talk about epic fights!  It’s going to happen right in this very ring right now!  Jonny Johnson and OutKast!

Jonny walks quicker now as OutKast jaw jacks at him, taunting him to get into the ring.  The fans are more than excited to see it all go down… when suddenly OutKast is DUMPED out of the ring!

Dave Dymond: What the hell!?  Adrian Corazon ELIMINATES OutKast!!!

The boos sound once again as OutKast is on the floor, livid!  Jonny just shrugs at OutKast and slides into the ring officially entering the Redemption Rumble.

Samantha Coil: OutKast HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!

Other Guy: What a shocker there, BUT OutKast let his guard down… and Adrian Corazon is ever the opportunist… no more OutKast!

Corazon looks down with a menacing smirk at OutKast…  when suddenly CORAZON IS DUMPED OVER FROM BEHIND!!!!!!  As Corazon’s feet hit the floor, ARION CATCHER looks on with excitement, but also in shock!


Dave Dymond: THAT right there is your shocker… Arion Catcher, I don’t think even REALIZED who he was targeting has JUST eliminated Corazon!!!  That’s HUGE

Other Guy: Yeah but its also one way to shave off years from your career. Corazon ain’t someone you piss off, and you sure as hell don’t eliminate him either!

Arion Catcher celebrates his elimination, and OutKast, somewhat pleased, leaves the ring, walking backwards so he can see Corazon’s expression.

Inside the ring Jester Smiles and X-Calibur go at it, while Real Deal and Cade try to eliminate Donovan King, but Ainsley Lake halted that idea.  Ainsley and Cade battle it out once again, while Real Deal is being choked up against the ropes by the ruthless Donovan King.  Jonny waits patiently, looking for the right mark.  King leaves the Real Deal gasping for breath and then attacks Cade from behind.  Cade fights back though…. Fighting against both Ainsley and King, while Collins can’t quite CJ Nelson out of the ring and Nelson just SHOVES Collins to the mat.


As the count down clock fades away, X-Calibur drops Jester Smiles with a hard punch only to be attacked by Declan once again.  Jonny still hasn’t gone after anyone.  Killian Reilly however takes initiative and goes after Jonny!  At that same moment, a relative unknown in Rex Michaels heads out to the back, not receiving much reaction from the crowd.

Dave Dymond: Rex Michaels making a return to the SHOOT Project ring here tonight, but the bigger story is Killian Reilly stepping up against The DEFILER right as we speak.

Other Guy: That’s one way of makin’ a name for yourself, but Reilly may have just put himself in position to be Jonny Johnson’s first victim!

Dave Dymond: Rex Michaels in the ring now… but Jason Riley SPRINTING… WHERE’D HE COME FROM!

The fans are caught off guard as Riley BOLTS across the ring and just CLOTHESLINES Rex Michaels over the top rope!  Jason Riley cheers in Riley fashion, taunting Rex Michaels who barely even stepped foot in the ring.  Riley has one foot on the first rope and the other foot on the second rope as he LAUGHS at Rex Michaels.


As Jonny and Killian battle it out, Arion Catcher goes to make it two for two… and he SHOVES Riley over the top rope!  Riley spills to the outside!


Dave Dymond: Arion Catcher racking up the eliminations now, first eliminating Corazon, and now Jason Riley!

Other Guy: Gotta hand it to the kid, he’s playing this rumble smart.

Eli Storm is left slumped in the corner, and CJ Nelson resumes his fight with Sato, who continues to throw stiff shots around in attempts to stay in the ring.  Real Deal recovers, and now X-Calibur and Declan O’Leary are both close to the ropes.  The fans buzz as X-Calibur looks about ready to have the elimination on Declan… but Declan fights it.  Jester joins in now and comes up behind X-Calibur, looking to eliminate both him AND Declan!

Dave Dymond: Hold on another elimination, maybe two here as X-Calibur and Declan O’Leary are being pushed over the ropes.

Killian is knocked down hard on the opposite side of the ring, and now Jonny Johnson wastes no time crossing the ring and PUSHING on all three men.  X-Calibur and Declan O’Leary SPILL to the outside, while Jester Smiles keeps his balance and immediately turns to face off against The Defiler!


Dave Dymond: Who picks up the elimination on that one, Jester Smiles or Jonny Johnson?

Other Guy: I think they’re settlin’ that right now!  These two have OPENED UP on each other!

Jester and Jonny exchange stiff blows back and forth, at first neither man getting a clear advantage.  Jester blocks a stiff shot from Jonny and then TOSSES Jonny over the top rope!  The fans are about ready to cheer, but Jonny holds on and pulls off a picture perfect “skin the cat” maneuver as he brings himself back up into the ring and then grabs Jester from behind and ELIMINATES HIM…


Jester tucks under and rolls back into the ring under the bottom rope and TAKES Jonny down with a bulldog from behind!

Dave Dymond: Two close eliminations there but both Jester Smiles and Jonny Johnson hold on and remain in the rumble.

Other Guy: Might not be able to say the same for Sato… CJ Nelson on the verge of eliminating him… and here comes Eli Storm to help out!


Kaz Sato fights against being eliminated, he’s dumped over, but only ONE of Sato’s legs touch the floor as his body falls on the ring edge, and his leg dangles off to the side.  Storm stomps away at Sato and Nelson looks to leave the edge of the ring, but Michael Collins right there with a clothesline!  CJ Nelson spills to the outside!



Sato rolls back into the ring, but Eli Storm continues to stomp on him.  At that moment “ANGELDUST” by D’espairsRay begins to play.  The fans look to the entryway, unknowing of whose music is playing.  Just then the name –Kenji Yamada- flashes on the SHOOT video screen and sure enough the former OPW superstar makes his way to the ring, a look of intensity in his eyes.

Dave Dymond: Here is a man I’ve come to know all too well, a man that thinks it is his FATE here tonight to win the Redemption Rumble.

Other Guy: Yeah well all I gotta say to Yamada is take a number. Everyone WANTS to win this thing tonight, but only ONE person is gonna have that honor.

Dave Dymond: Kenji Yamada storming the ring now and he’s taking any opening he has. Down goes Killian Reilly, down goes Arion Catcher!

Yamada continues his fight anyone and everyone near by, making a pathway to Jester Smiles who is up to his feet.  Quinn intercepts Yamada, but DOWN goes Quinn from a spinning roundhouse kick! Quinn rolls out of the way and now Yamada looks to see Ainsley Lake and Donovan King teaming up against Cade Sydal still.  Cade gets the better of Ainsley, knocking her back once again. Ainsley spins from the shot… and Yamada CHARGES…  YAKUZA KICK RIGHT BETWEEN THE BREASTS and Ainsley flips backwards over the ropes and CRASHES to the outside.


Dave Dymond: And just like that Kenji Yamada makes a HUGE impact, but look at Jester! He saw it go down and he is NOT happy!

Other Guy: From the buzz in the back, all these cats, Yamada, Ainsley, Jester, they got history… and I think its lookin’ to be resolved right here… right now!

Smiles storms towards Kenji and clocks him from behind. Kenji falters and now Jonny back up and he sees Arion Catcher going after Tom Quinn.  Meanwhile Real Deal comes to Cade’s aide, while Cade is once again feeling the ruthless assault of Donovan King.  Real Deal takes King and yanks him away from Cade and nails him with a hard knife-edge chop.  King takes the blow, and then he feels another sting across the chest.  King is up against the ropes now and The Real Deal looks to shove him over… BOTH men go over… Donovan King HOLDS ON!


Dave Dymond: Damn it… and the last member of Instant Heat is gone from the rumble.

Other Guy: You’re a little more in tune with those old school guys than I am Dave, but I’m kinda bummed too.  Woulda been great to see one of the old guard get a shot to get back into the world heavyweight championship picture…

King stands up on the outside ring edge, trying to recover… and suddenly CADE LEAPS OVER THE TOP ROPE WITH A BULLDOG TO KING!!!

Other Guy: WHOA!  Cade sacrifices himself to eliminate Donovan King… and now he’s STILL goin’ at him!

The fans are up out of their seats as Cade, who is now on top of King, starts punching wildly at him!


The announcement doesn’t break the two up, but officials seem to be letting them fight… that is until senior official Scott Kamura motions to the back, and now SHOOT Project security makes its way down to the ring.

Other Guy: Nothin’ is gonna stop these two, and I don’t think that death match ended a damn thing

Dave Dymond: The numbers slowly and surely dwindling but we have SIX more entries still yet to have been called down… and there’s the count down clock as we get things cleared away at ringside.


Jester and Kenji continue to go at it, while now Jonny grabs Arion Catcher and smashes him face first into the corner turnbuckle.  Jonny then spins Catcher around and starts sending hard kicks into the stomach and ribs, forcing Catcher into a sitting position.  On the other side of the ring, Storm has Sato up, trying to get The Beast up and over, but Sato punches backwards at Storm, finally catching him and forcing him to stagger back.


Other Guy: Now Sato almost on the verge of eliminating Storm….


“Start Wearing Purple” by Gogol Bordello plays now and the second half of Long Island Hardcore, Jared Walsh, makes his way out to the ring.

Dave Dymond: A few minutes too late as we just saw CJ Nelson eliminated, but that will only add fuel to the fire for Walsh who has his eyes locked on Michael Collins!

Other Guy: Revenge is a dish best served angry, and Jared Walsh looks pissed off!

Walsh enters the ring, looking to go after Michael Collins, but Killian Reilly comes out of no where and as Walsh and Reilly battle it out, Cade and King can be seen being escorted away by SHOOT Project security.  Jonny continues to focus, unrelenting on the rookie Arion Catcher, now the stomps to the chest are DIRECTLY to Catcher’s face.  Quinn is up to his feet and he shoves at both Kenji and Smiles who are close to the ring ropes, but not close enough for an elimination.  Kenji just turns and SPIKES three fingers into Quinn’s throat, taking him down.  Quinn gasps for breath and Collins now joins in AIDING Killian Reilly against Walsh.  Walsh fights the two on one battle but is soon sent into the ropes.  Reilly and Collins look for the double team back body drop, but Walsh FLIPS over both men and lands on his feet. He keeps running… SCALES the ropes… and then FLIPS OFF WITH A CORKSCREW SPLASH!!!

Dave Dymond: High-risk move… and DANGEROUS considering how elimination works, but Jared Walsh makes it pay off!

Walsh gets up to his feet after taking down both Collins and Reilly and now charges at Yamada, who looks to eliminate Jester.  Walsh pulls Yamada away and Yamada goes for the three finger spike again, but Walsh darts out of the way goes for a springboard off the nearby second turnbuckle… but as he turns his body, Yamada KICKS him out of mid-air!  Walsh falls to the mat, bent in half.  Jester gets Yamada from behind by surprise…

Other Guy: Elimination… NO!  Wow… that was REALLY close.

Dave Dymond: Every move, every elimination is that much more imperative as this rumble continues on.

Other Guy: No kidding, anyone in the ring now could very well be in the final four, not to mention we still got five more entries to go!

Jonny pulls Catcher out of the corner now and just VIOLENTLY sends him over the top rope, thinking nothing more of it.  Catcher however rolls back into the ring NOT eliminated.  Jonny turns around to see this and goes RIGHT back at Catcher, dropping down now with swift punches to the face, continuing to just PUMMEL him.  The fans boo loudly, at least those who are watching Jonny at the moment.  Arion Catcher looks limp under Jonny and Jonny once again lifts Catcher up and suddenly just hoists him up… STALLING BRAINBUSTER!!!

Dave Dymond: Jonny just DESTROYING Arion Catcher, and I guess his good fortune thus far in the rumble has officially worn out.


Jonny spits down at Arion Catcher than motions to Quinn, who is back up for him to help him out. The two men lift Arion Catcher up and now Jonny runs him to the ropes again, and AGAIN without care flings Catcher out of the ring.


Other Guy: The kid ain’t goin out, Dave!  But that could be a death wish if ya ask me.


No music plays but the name –Osbourne Kilminster- flashes now on the SHOOT video screen.  Kilminster steps out from the back, wearing his chainmail coif/vest combo.  He walks slowly, but with a great deal of intensity.  Quinn points to Catcher who rolls back into the ring, barely able to stand, and Jonny shows a look of pure hatred.  He waits now, stalking behind Catcher, while Storm fights back into the ring. Sato tries to get the better of him… but Storm ducks an incoming clothesline and NAILS Sato with a superkick!

Kilminster hits the ring at this point and goes right for Storm, who is caught off guard and Kilminster takes him down with a standing spinebuster, right into a mounted position and he starts his ground game with elbow strikes to Storm!

Dave Dymond: It was a one-side affair last week, and NOW Kilminster taking advantage of Eli Storm from behind.

Other Guy: Don’t turn your back in a rumble match…. See Dave, told ya I always say it.

Dave Dymond: You’ve said it twice tonight and NEVER have I heard you… ugh… nevermind.

Catcher is up to his feet now, the fans shouting with concern as Jonny waits behind him… but Kenji Yamada stalks up behind Jonny!

Dave Dymond: We mentioned history… THESE two men The Defiler and Yamada ALSO have some history and its not a NICE one, O.G.

Other Guy: Jonny is SO focused on Arion Catcher he has NO idea what’s about to happen!

The fans pick up now as Yamada is right behind Jonny.  Jonny goes after Catcher, but Yamada grabs him and spins him around! Jonny is caught completely off guard!  Blade thrust, blade thrust, spinning kick… blade thrust!  Jonny staggers as Yamada UNLEASHES on Jonny, and the fans actually rally behind him.


Jonny is up against the ropes… and Yamada CRUSHES him with a spinning polish hammer!  Jonny FLIPS OVER THE ROPES…

Dave Dymond: The Defiler… HOLDS ON!

Other Guy: Lot a disappointed fans because of that, Dave.

Before Yamada can capitalize and send Jonny to the floor, Quinn comes from behind with a kick to the legs and then a Russian Leg sweep to take Yamada down.  Jonny gets back in the ring as the count down clock once again comes to an end


“Voodoo Child” by Jim Hendrix plays now as the name –Leon Strife- flashes on the video screen.  Strife unknown to SHOOT Project, makes his way out from the back with tons of energy and looks to play up to the fans.  Some of the fans feed off his energy, but most just wait to see what Strife can do in the ring.  Quinn and Yamada battle it out while Collins and Reilly get up to their feet. Collins is up first, but Walsh up in the corner, sizing both men up.  Walsh comes at both men, and Collins shoves Reilly in the way and Walsh collides head to head with Killian Reilly! Both men fall to the mat, which leaves Collins open to see Jester recovering and goes right after him!

Other Guy: Jester has been saved on purpose and inadvertently many times in this match, but he’s been the target and he’s taken the hits, and that’s what Collins is bankin’ on here to score himself ten grand.

Collins works a couple of quick punches to Jester, to keep him groggy, and nearby Kilminster and Sato have Storm up and they whip him backwards into the near ropes.  Storm bounces off of them and right there are Sato and Kilminster with a double team clothesline that takes Storm down onto the mat.  Jonny is up to his feet, Strife finally enters the ring and looks to make an impact, turning to Quinn who is wide open.  Strife charges at Quinn and the two lock up now, neither man having the initial advantage.  Jonny in the meantime focuses on Arion Catcher yet again…

Dave Dymond: Catcher in all sorts of confusion now, knocked for a loop by Jonny, and Jonny now from behind!

Jonny SHOVES Catcher into the ropes now and he flips over landing on his feet on the ring edge, arms hooked around the ropes.  Jonny follows up and DRILLS Catcher in the back with a mule kick and Catcher’s body FLINGS forward, FACE smashing onto the floor, hands on the floor, but legs STILL IN THE RING!!!

Other Guy: Oh god… that kind of a fall knocks teeth out of men!

Dave Dymond: But the referee is calling it a NO elimination.  Both FEET must touch the ground, and Catcher’s legs are STILL in the ring!

Catcher pushes up slowly on his hands as the count down clock starts.  BLOOD POURS from his mouth and nose, but he presses on, scrambling to turn his body and be able to pull himself up and into the ring.


Catcher gets his hand on the ring apron and turns his body around slightly to start pulling himself up. FINALLY he rolls into the ring, back under the ropes.  Jonny focuses on Yamada now wrenching at his head in a headlock position, while every so often driving a knee into the top of Yamada’s head.  Quinn is whipped into the corner… and Leon Strife summersaults forward leaps up at Quinn and Monkey FLIPS Quinn HIGH!


The count down clock fades out but the fans watch as Storm is nearly taken over the top rope, but he flips all the way over… has Sato in a headlock and tries to DRAG Sato over the ropes as well!  At the same time “Amor de mis amores” begins to play and the name –El Grande Luchadore- flashes on the video screen.

Dave Dymond: El Grande Luchadore a past name SOME fans might remember, but those fans would probably rather forget the rude and large luchadore.

Other Guy: I don’t know about that, Dave, he’s got a certain charisma about him.

Dave Dymond: Sometimes I think you say things JUST to disagree with me.

Other Guy: You’re just now figurin’ that out?

El Grande Luchadore pompously makes his way into the ring.  Across the ring Collins tries so very hard to eliminate Jester Smiles… but Jester keeps fighting.  Jonny leaves Yamada on the mat and starts towards Jester and Collins.  El Grande Luchadore stops him though.  Jonny turns around and El Grande Luchadore points to himself and Jonny then points to Jester Smiles.

Dave Dymond: I can’t hear what El Grande is saying, but… it looks like he’s trying to barter with Jonny Johnson and work as a team!

Jonny, showing no expression suddenly nods his head and points to Jester.  El Grande Luchadore boldly starts towards Jester, only for Jonny to DISCUS punch El Grande in the back of the head.  He goes down and Jonny just STIFF KNEES THE FUCK OUT OF HIM… then pulls El Grande’s cape over his head and starts KNEEING El Grande in the head!  Jonny then winds up and KICKS El Grande in the ribs, two times before picking him up and just shoving him hap hazardly into the ropes.  El Grande Luchadore stumbles and Jonny just charges, wasting no time to knock El Grande over the top rope and to the outside!


Other Guy: I guess that meant he DIDN’T want to work with him?

Dave Dymond: Understatement of the year.

Kilminster saves Sato from elimination by attacking Storm from behind.  Storm fights back… and as Sato tries to recover Storm ducks a HARD punch from Kilminster… and Kilminster NAILS Sato knocking him over the top rope!


Dave Dymond: Osbourne Kilminster with the accidental elimination, and now he’s completely on his own here against Eli Storm and the rest of those in the rumble.


The fans suddenly buzz with concern as Jester VERY close to being eliminated… but Walsh back up and he LEAPS at Collins, and Jester gets back into the ring.  Meanwhile Strife has Quinn back up, but Jonny attacks Leon Strife from behind, hard forearm to the back of the neck.  Strife falters and Jonny spins him around and just elbows him in the nose!  Strife goes down hard.


“Heathen Mothers” by nata/lee/nasal begins to play and Chivalric starts out from the back, showing off his Revolution Championship title.  Walsh and Collins go at it, with Collins trying to cinch Walsh in a double arm headlock to bring him down, but Walsh pulls off a display of strength and takes Collins up and over with a back body drop!  Collins goes down hard and now Jester is freed up, but only for a moment as Quinn gets back into things.  Chivalric slides into the ring at this point, leaving the Revolution Championship on the outside and he sees Arion Catcher stumbling about a bloody mess because of Jonny… but then more so sees Jester Smiles ONCE AGAIN on the verge of being eliminated, this time by Quinn and so Chivalric goes over trying to eliminate BOTH Quinn and Jester.

Dave Dymond: The Revolution champion pulling a very good number as the thirty seventh entrant, which from what we know, means there is only ONE entrant left.

Other Guy: Yeah and from who HASN’T been out there I think we all know WHO that entrant is gonna be.

Dave Dymond: I shudder to even think about it.

Chivalric struggles and while all eyes are on Jester’s possible elimination… suddenly the focus shifts as Kilminster with a HUGE LEG LFIFT to Eli Storm… and he DROPS him out of the ring!


The fans buzz as Storm looks pretty hurt on the outside.

Dave Dymond: We didn’t have a good angle on it, but Storm took a nasty fall there as Kilminster just dumped him with total disregard over the ropes.

Other Guy You can never predict how someone’s gonna land, Dave, but somethin’ tells me Kilminster was aiming to put some serious hurt on Eli Storm.

Jester avoids elimination yet again, and Chivalric focuses just on Quinn.  Walsh gets Collins up, but here comes Killian Reilly.  Walsh fires a backwards lunging elbow.  Reilly staggers, but Michael Collins right there and he elevates Walsh up!

Dave Dymond: Michael Collins going for the Irish Car bomb… but he’s moving towards the ropes… he’s GOING TO DROP WALSH ON HIS HEAD!!!

The fans boo as Collins is right up against the ropes now… he goes for the Irish Car Bomb… BUT COUNTERED AT THE LAST SECOND… And Walsh PULLS Collins over the top rope and lets his own body momentum take Collins to the outside!


Collins, frustrated grabs at Jared Walsh’s legs and at the same time, Killian Reilly charges with a knock out punch and Collins pulls Walsh back at the same time, INSURING Walsh’s elimination.


Chivalric and Quinn continue to fight, with Chivalric hooking Quinn with an uppercut punch with the forearm square under the chin.  Quinn’s head snaps back and Jonny goes after Jester now, while Kenji Yamada works his way up to his feet.

Dave Dymond: Some how Tom Quinn has lasted in this thing since the number three entrant, but Chivalric is taking it to the worn out Quinn now.



NO! He keeps alive and Jester is frustrated.  He grabs Jonny pulling him all the way back in the ring and sets up for the Virginia side kick… but Jonny ducks, grabs Jester from behind, a sit down neck breaker that just SNAPS Jester’s neck over Jonny’s shoulder!


Dave Dymond: This is bad news, Other Guy.

Other Guy: I’m scared!

The lights flicker.

"You don’t want to hurt anyone."

"But I do, and I’m sorry…."

"It won’t stop."

“Danse Macabre” by Celtic Frost plays ominously throughout the Thomas and Mack Center, and the monster-child himself, Sammy Rochester, stalks out from the back, carrying with him Mikey.  The lights return to normal and Kenji Yamada is up to his feet, looking towards Sammy.  Jonny leaves Jester down and out, when Chivalric comes from behind Yamada and starts attacking him.  Yamada turns to face his attacker and now Chivalric and Kenji exchange some WICKED stiff chops, with Chivalric working some open hand punches, trying to knock Yamada for a loop. Sammy gets into the ring, and instantly Kilminster goes after him… but Sammy just HEADBUTTS Kilminster, dropping him to the mat.  Arion Catcher has no time to react as Sammy just spins around and sees him… SWATTING him with a hard back hand!  Catcher goes down hard and Sammy continues on his path of destruction.  Sammy sees Killian Reilly and just double choke slams him down onto the mat!

Dave Dymond: How do you stop that, Other Guy? How do you stop Sammy Rochester.

Other Guy: I’m guessin’ you don’t, Dave.

Dave Dymond: Sammy going after Leon Strife now… and LOOK how easily he lifts Strife up!

The Strife struggles to break free of Sammy’s choking grip… but he’s just DROPPED to the mat with Sammy still choking him!  Sammy then REPEATEDLY bounces Strife’s head off the mat, still choking him… and now Kenji Yamada comes after Sammy!  Kenji KICKS Sammy in the face… then in the back of the head. Then in the face again.  Sammy just takes the blows, rising up to his full seven foot two inch vertical stance.  Kenji doesn’t back down and keeps kicking at Sammy, but Sammy eventually lunges out and HEADBUTTS Kenji Yamada, sending him down onto the mat.

Jonny watches the destruction and moves around out of Sammy’s way… and seeing Arion Catcher starting to get up again, Jonny SNAPS again and charges at him… he forces Arion Catcher into the lower left corner of the ring, Jonny’s body pushing against him.  Jonny targets the head, just BEATING THE SHIT out of Arion Catcher who is already a bloody mess.  Arion tries to get his arms up, but in doing so Jonny just grabs his arms and pulls him viciously out of the corner.

Dave Dymond: Arion Catcher at the mercy of The Defiler, and I don’t think he’ll get it, Other Guy.

Other Guy: Jonny Johnson showing mercy?  Yeah, not gonna happen.

Arion slumps, but Jonny forces him back up a bit… and then just continues with stiff punches, this time to the back of Catcher’s neck.  Meanwhile Kilminster is back up, but stays out of the way of Sammy who makes a B-line for Jester Smiles.  Quinn focuses on Leon Strife now, who is left on the mat, and Quinn picks up Strife and runs him to the ropes, trying to eliminate him… but at the last possible second, Strife locks on a head scissors around Quinn’s neck and pulls HIM OVER INSTEAD!!!


Dave Dymond: Not sure if Leon Strife was playing possum there, but quick leg work finds Tom Quinn out of the rumble… but the kid lasted long.

Other Guy: He snuck around, played his cards right… and he survived.  Unfortunately for Quinny, it doesn’t pay off in the long run.

Strife pulls himself back into the ring but lays out on the mat, still hurting from Sammy’s attack on him.  Meanwhile Sammy chokes the life out of Jester, pushing him up against the ropes, while Jonny continues to toy with Catcher, letting him drop only to pull him back up and assault him with fists and stiff elbow shots.  Catcher at one point TRIES to break free and Jonny just LIFTS a knee up square into his face!

Blood flies out of Catcher’s mouth and as his head snaps back, Jonny spins around him…

Locks it in!




The fans can’t help but react as Catcher is DRIVEN down onto the mat.

Dave Dymond: It hasn’t been seen in some time and Jonny Johnson has single handedly picked on Arion Catcher for most of this rumble and now the ultimate damage is done… I hate to say it, but Arion Catcher has been demoralized!

Jonny lifts the dead weight of Arion Catcher, props him up so half his body is slumping over the top rope, and then with a shove, Jonny sends Catcher to the outsider, and Catcher FOLDS up on his shoulders, pretty much landing square on the top of his head!  The fans cringe… booing loudly as Jonny Johnson smiles, happy with his handy work…


Jonny starts to back up, but Kenji Yamada right there… TOSSING Jonny Johnson over the top rope!

Other Guy: YES!

Dave Dymond: NO!  Jonny holds on…. FEET dangling mere inches off the floor!

Other Guy: How many times is Jonny Johnson NOT going to get eliminated?

The fans let out a collective “OOOOH” as Jonny is on the very verge of being eliminated but he flips himself back over, showing his ability to skin the cat.  Kenji is attacked from behind by Kilminster who forces Kenji to double over and the jumps up to bring both his knees into Kenji’s face.  Jester on the verge of elimination, but now Killian Reilly back into things and he storms after Sammy, CLOBBERING him with boxes and forearm shots to the back. Sammy backs away from Jester now, and Jester slumps down onto the mat.  Sammy turns and faces Reilly… and he PALMS Reilly’s face. Reilly fights though and starts punching at Sammy’s arm. Sammy eventually feels the pain and retracts his hand and Reilly goes low, ramming shoulder after shoulder into Sammy’s gut!

Dave Dymond: The drive and determination of Killian Reilly really pumping up these fans, and look at that, Sammy Rochester starting to falter!

Reilly keeps attacking Sammy, not giving him a second to fight back.  Sammy teeters up against the ropes… Reilly unleashes more punches. Hooks and uppercuts fly at Sammy’s upper body. Sammy rocks more and more, the ropes almost giving way behind him.  Jester gets up, recovering but Chivalric comes after him before he can join in against Sammy.  Chivalric tries to eliminate Jester… but Yamada from behind him out of nowhere… and Chivalric FLIPS over Jester and is sent to the outside!


Yamada shifts his focus right to Jester Smiles now working him with wicked chops to the neck!  Smiles reels from each blow… but Smiles fights back, brawling like never before, keeping himself alive in the match up! Reilly works on trying to eliminate Sammy still, when suddenly Sammy SCREAMS out almost like a child, but with this monster like rage to the tone!  He just FLAILS his arms now as if having a temper tantrum and he DRILLS Reilly, beating him down to one knee then just kicking out his legs!  Reilly can’t recover and with one swift motion, Sammy LIFTS Reilly up WAY over head and GORILLA PRESSES REILLY OUT OF THE RING!


Other Guy: There’s your Redemption Rumble winner right there! After what we just witnessed, ain’t NOBODY beatin’ Sammy Rochester!

Dave Dymond: I hate to agree, but he just MAN-HANDLED Killian Reilly, and Reilly isn’t exactly a small guy.

Other Guy: We got six men left, in this thing, I’m not even sure the combined effort of the other five are gonna be able to take Sammy down.

The fans buzz with shock as Sammy now paces uncontrollably around the ring… and then spots Leon Strife who so desperately tries to get up to his feet. Sammy doesn’t hesitate to stomp over towards Strife. Strife is pulled up to his feet, but Kilminster from behind ATTACKING Sammy’s legs!

Dave Dymond: I have not found anything to like about Osbourne Kilminster since he returned to SHOOT, but right now I’m rooting for him!

Sammy drops Strife, and Strife staggers off into the corner and now Sammy turns to Kilminster who doesn’t back down from the fight.  He starts striking with knees… and Sammy chops down at him with a hard punch, but Kilminster ducks to the side and continues the knee strikes, continuing to catch Sammy in the gut with hard knees!  Jonny is up to his feet and he sees Leon Strife going up top looking right at Sammy!

Other Guy: Strife looking for somethin big… but here comes The Defiler!

Strife shifts his focus as he sees Jonny coming at him, and Strife LEAPS with a missile dropkick that takes Jonny clean off his feet.  Strife springs up to his feet now and keeps the momentum in his favor and he runs to the lower left corner now and runs up to the top turnbuckle…  Jonny gets up to his feet and Strife FLIPS backwards 360 degrees and lands on Jonny’s shoulders looking to execute a Hurricanrana… AND HE DOES!!!

Dave Dymond: What a move by Leon Strife and Jonny Johnson is taken down… THIS could be a HUGE moment for the newcomer in Strife!

Strife, hurting but still alive, slowly gets up, sizing up Jonny who stirs on the mat.  Kilminster is knocked down again by Sammy who just kicks him recklessly and Sammy goes right for Strife.  The fans shout as a warning, but Strife is calling for Jonny to get up, looking to make his huge impact…


Other Guy: It was huge, but this is BAD… REAL bad for newcomer Leon Strife.

Dave Dymond: Sammy drops Strife down in front… NO! HE’S SQUEEZING HIM NOW WITH A BEAR HUG!

Strife’s face turns incredibly red as Sammy Rochester just squeezes him and FLINGS him from side to side like a rag doll!  As Strife suddenly falls limp in his arms… Sammy just CHUCKS Strife over the top rope and to the floor below.


Dave Dymond: Five men remain… one of which is a seemingly unstoppable wrecking machine in Sammy Rochester.

Sammy charges after both Kenji and Jester now, looking to scoop them both up and over the ropes, but Yamada sees Sammy approaching and he leaves Jester and once again unleashes with brute force strikes, trying to bring Sammy down.  Kilminster is back up as well and he joins Yamada, both men just assaulting Sammy now, trying to knock him off his feet.  Sammy starts to falter again… and Jester now gets back into things and seeing Sammy rocking he suddenly hits the corner… SPRINGBOARD KICK!  Sammy stumbles back a GREAT deal from the kick to the head, his momentum off set and Yamada and Kilminster stay after him!

The fans start to pick up and Jester gets up and goes to the upper left corner now, as Rochester is closer to the left side of the ring.  Kilminster and Yamada both wind up… HUGE double punches… and Jester with a TOP ROPE SIDE KICK!  Sammy’s SPUN around, stomach to the ropes… and now Jester, Kenji, and Kilminster all grab at Sammy’s legs…  using Sammy’s size against him as his top weight carries him OVER THE TOP ROPE!!!


Dave Dymond: Listen to these fans, they are ecstatic… and Other Guy we are down to our FINAL FOUR!

Other Guy: I’m not blind and I can count just fine, Dave. I see that!

Rochester sits on the outside, rocking back and forth repeatedly as the fans cheer loudly.  Sammy covers his ears, not wanting to hear it.  Inside the ring the moment of unity is ended as Jonny Johnson springs back into things, purposely waiting as the other three did the dirty work.  As Jester Smiles turns around he is met with a stiff punch from Jonny.  Jester staggers back but before Jonny can continue the attack, Kilminster drills him from the side with a clothesline!

Dave Dymond: The Defiler taken down with authority by Kilminster!

Jonny clutches his head in pain, but Yamada right there to capitalize on Kilminster, spinning him around and whipping him into the ropes.  Yamada runs along with Kilminster, and KNEES Kilminster in the gut, causing Kilminster to flip over onto his back.  Smiles is back up to his feet and doesn’t let Kenji come for him, he goes right for Kenji. Smiles hits a hard punch, Yamada takes it and CHOPS Jester across the chest. Jester takes it and punches Yamada again.  Then again… then again! Yamada gets pummeled by Smiles who stays with the upper hand.  Smiles hits a few more punches, keeping Yamada staggering.  Smiles then goes to the corner… and the fans start rising up to their feet.

Other Guy: Smiles lookin’ to entertain!

Dave Dymond: Fans on their feet… but wait… KILMINSTER UP TO HIS FEET!

The fans react as Kilminster charges the corner, runs up the turnbuckles and from there HIP TOSSES Smiles off the top turnbuckle and then jumps from there DRIVING A KNEE INTO JESTER’S FACE!!!

Other Guy: SICK!  That was absolutely sick as the full force of Kilminster’s weight came down on Jester’s face!

Dave Dymond: A super high impact end of days, if you will, and Jester has been knocked out!

Other Guy: That just clinched it for me.  I’m backin’ Osbourne Kilminster. I know how much ya hate the guy, Dave, but that was damn impressive!

Kilminster gets up to his feet.  Jonny gets back into things but Kilminster spins around and catches Jonny with a striking knee to the gut, then a bicep uppercut that sends Jonny staggering back.  Kilminster keeps focused on Jonny, and now Yamada gets back into things, and seeing that Jester is down and out, he drags Jester close to the ropes and works on getting Jester eliminated.

Dave Dymond: Yamada TRYING to eliminate Smiles now, but you have to imagine he is dealing with the FULL dead weight of Smiles… and Smiles isn’t exactly a cruiserweight.

Other Guy: No doubt, and that’s what’s takin’ so much time, BUT with Kilminster dead set on bringing an end to Jonny Johnson in this thing now, Yamada’s got himself all the time in the world.

Jonny is dangerously close to the ropes now, still on his feet, but Kilminster continues his striking offense, causing Jonny to half bend over the ropes.  The fans are on edge as on one side Jonny is on the verge of being eliminated, and on the other end Yamada now has Jester up against the ropes.

Dave Dymond: Kenji Yamada inches away from being one step closer to winning the Redemption Rumble AND being ten thousand dollars richer.  Who goes out first, Jonny or Jester… and if it comes down to Yamada and Kilminster… that’s going to be one heck of a striking fight.

Other Guy: I’m tellin’ ya, with Sammy out, Kilminster is the guy that’s gonna dominate the remainder of this rumble

Dave Dymond: He’s trying to push Jonny out, but Jonny, to his credit, has done something smart and has tangled up his body around the ropes, making it VERY hard for Kilminster to push him out.

Kilminster continues to try, but the more Kilminster shoves Jonny, the more Jonny wraps himself up in the ropes.  Kilminster becomes increasingly more frustrated and suddenly just KICKS Jonny and the force untangles him from the ropes, but Jonny rolls into the ring as opposed to out of it.  Kilminster then charges across the ring, NAILING both Jester and Yamada!  Both men ALMOST fall over the top, but Jester’s body swings back down, feet on the mat, which pushes Yamada back in the ring as well.  Yamada fires at Kilminster, but Kilminster shoves Yamada back….

BUT Yamada bounces right back off the ropes, Kilminster goes for a double leg lift take down, but Yamada suddenly hooks him… AND TAKES KILIMINSTER DOWN WITH THE ONIFUUSHA TWISTER!!!

Dave Dymond: Kenji Yamada delivers Kilminster to the mat with his signature swinging neck breaker, and that just changed the proverbial layout of the land.

Yamada is up to his feet, looking confident now and he turns to Smiles… kick to the gut.  Smiles doubles over and staggers back, and Yamada goes into a low, back foot stance, and then PUNTS a kick straight up into Smiles’s face! Smiles’s head snaps back and Yamada JUMPS with a spin kick, but Smiles with it enough to move out of the way!  Yamada leg goes over the top rope, and he inadvertently crotches himself on the rope.  Smiles takes two shuffle steps in…


Yamada is nailed and he spills to the outside!


Jonny Johnson looks to quickly capitalize, he charges at Smiles… the fans on their feet, but Smiles ducks and shoves Jonny past him…Jonny falls over, but gets right up onto his feet on the ring edge and turns Smiles around FOREARM to the face!  Smiles staggers from the shot, but nails Jonny with a quick palm thrust of his own.  Jonny holds onto the ropes as his head snaps back and then he goes low for a shoulder thrust, but Jester there with a kick to the head!  Jonny loses his grip with one hand, now hanging by the other hand from the ropes, feet still planted on the ring edge!

Dave Dymond: Jonny Johnson hanging on by a few fingers!

Other Guy: But he’s STILL in this thing, so Jester’s gotta finish this and knock the Defiler down off the edge.

Dave Dymond: Smiles pounding away on Jonny, but Jonny NOT letting go with that other hand.

The fans rally behind Jester now who grabs at Jonny’s head and pulls him up for better positioning.  Jonny however suddenly FIRES a messy kick through the ropes that catches Jester in the gut.  Jester doubles over and Jonny gets back into the ring now and pulls up on the second rope, catching it under Jester’s throat!  Jester gasps for breath and now as Jonny drives his knee into Jester’s back while pulling up on the rope.  Kilminster starts to come to and finally Jonny lets go of the ropes, leaving Jester breathing heavily, face red.  Kilminster grabs Jonny from behind and spins him around, he goes for a hard elbow strike, but Jonny drops to the mat and Kilminster’s momentum spins him around and Jonny just KICKS his leg out NAILING Kilminster in the calf!  Kilminster winces in pain and Jonny springs up and then DROPS back down, driving Kilminster to the mat with a reverse DDT!

Kilminster clutches at his head and as Smiles gets up, Jonny charges at him, turns, HARD back elbow and Smiles GOES OVER THE TOP ROPE… BUT NOT DOWN ONTO THE FLOOR!

Other Guy: Jester still in this, but I REALLY Think Jonny Johnson thought that was it for him.

Dave Dymond: Nope Jonny turning right back around!

Jonny grabs Smiles and pulls him up to his feet, again working a few more forearm shots to the face. Kilminster up to his feet and he PLOWS into both Smiles and Jonny, pushing them up against the ropes, but Jonny and Smiles in a double team moment, HOISTS Kilminster up and over DUMPING him to the outside…


And just as Kilminster goes over, Jonny turns his body to clothesline Smiles, but Smiles ready for it!  He ducks… Jonny goes through… sidekick to the back of the head… Jonny moves out of the way!  Smiles regroups and Jonny with a low kick to the shin!  Smiles falters Jonny with another clothesline attempt… Jester ducks and starts towards the ropes… he springs off with a double axe handle attempt…


Smiles drops to the mat, clutching at his stomach and Jonny now goes behind him, waiting, shouting.

Dave Dymond: Jonny calling for an end here…

Other Guy: But The Defiler’s gotta remember if he knocks out Jester here, he’s gotta get that dead weight up and over the top rope.

Smiles works his way up to his feet, holding his stomach, Jonny stalks closer to Jester.  Before Jester can turn around Jonny gets him…


Jester fights to get one of his arms free and he elbows Jonny in the face.  Jonny staggers away from Smiles. Smiles turns to face Jonny’s back, he gets Jonny around… arm wrench, leg grapevine…

Dave Dymond: The End of the Laughter!!!

The fans pop but as Smiles drops down, Jonny just SHOVES him to the mat, but pops his shoulder in the process!  Jonny SCREAMS out in pain, staggering backwards as he holds his shoulder with his right hand and brings his arm close in to his stomach.  Smiles recovers, getting up to his feet, and seeing Jonny hurt, Smiles sees his moment, he attacks the arm then whips Jonny into the ropes. Jonny comes bouncing back and Smiles kicks Jonny in the shoulder! Jonny drops to the mat, but sits up, arching his back in pain.  Smiles stays on the aggressive offense, and the fans start to rally behind him.  Smiles pulls Jonny up to his feet and YANKS down on the injured arm.  Jonny SCREAMS out again in pain and Smiles goes to whip Jonny into the corner… Jonny, despite the pain, counters and sends Jester Smiles into the corner instead, sternum first!

Other Guy: Jonny fightin’ with one bad arm now, after sacraficin’ it so he woudn’t feel that desecrator DDT… but now he’s payin for it.

Dave Dymond: That he is, but he seems SO focused on winning this thing, it’s like he’s trying to ignore the pain!

With Smiles slumped chest first in the corner, Jonny charges after him now, but Smiles gets back into it and pushes off the corner post.  Jonny almost collides, but stops himself with his one good hand.

Jonny turns, Smiles right there and hoists Jonny up into a fireman’s carry position… possibly going for the side splitter, but Jonny flails about, rolls down behind Smiles, dropping to one knee.  Jester turns… LEAPING LUNGING CLOTHESLINE!

Smiles loses balance and falls to the outside!

Other Guy: That’s it!  In a blink of an eye that’s it!

The bell sounds suddenly and Jonny Johnson continues to hold his arm in pain as “Float On” by Modest Mouse plays once again.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen… the winner of the 2008 Redemption Rumble… “THE DEFILER” JONNY JOHNSON!!!

The fans are not happy, but Jonny Johnson, despite clinching his teeth in pain, is all smiles as he raises his good arm in victory.

Dave Dymond: Like it or not, we are looking at the man that has a one way ticket to a SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship match.  Jonny Johnson arrived in SHOOT Project and tonight he took the next step up, once again winning the Redemption Rumble. But this time not with a partner, this time, Jonny Johnson did it on his own.

Other Guy: Exactly. You hate to see him win, but ya can’t discredit what he went through to get the victory tonight.

Dave Dymond: You can’t, but what this means for SHOOT Project and the World Heavyweight Title scene can’t be anything good because for my money there is no one so sociopathic, so LOST in his own beliefs than that man right there celebrating a victory in the Redemption Rumble.  And that kind of a man challenging for the HIGHEST prize in this industry, not my idea of a good thing.

The fans continue to boo as Jonny Johnson leaves the ring area, still smiling, still in pain, but never the less still victorious. Eventually though the focus shifts to Other Guy and Dave Dymond at ringside.

Dave Dymond: Fans, it has been a night of memory making moments, it has been a night of grueling fights… a night of beginnings and endings.  Redemption LIVED up to its name and we thank you all for joining us on Pay Per View.

Other Guy: No doubt much love to the SHOOT Project faithful who continue to put the SP BACK on the wrestling map where it belongs… as the number one spot.

Dave Dymond: The next time SHOOT Project comes to you on Pay Per View will be in March for MALICE!  Join us then.  And catch us every week on Revolution… from the sold out Thomas and Mack Center, I’m Dave Dymond alongside Other Guy and this has been Redemption LIVE and only on Pay Per View!

The focus shifts one last time to Jonny Johnson who stands by the Redemption entryway, looking out to the crowd that loathes him.  And in turn, the crowd and the people, and the very concepts that he himself loathes.

From there, Redemption comes to an end.