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Redemption 2009 – 2/2/09

The screen is black as the sounds of Johnny Cash’s “The Man Comes Around” are heard.

Last year saw the rise of The DEFILER.

And I heard, as it were, the noise of thunder:

One of the four beasts saying “Come and see”

And I saw.

A shot of Jonny Johnson entering the 2008 Redemption Rumble is seen.

And behold…a white horse.

Jonny Johnson is shown eliminating Jester Smiles to win the Redemption Rumble as the song kicks in.

A new era began.

Jonny Johnson is seen face to face with Corazon.

There’s a man going ‘round, taking names.

And he decides who to free and who to blame.

Jonny is seen fighting Corazon at Reckoning Day, juxtaposed with images of Corazon going to prison.

Everyone won’t be treated all the same

There’ll be a golden ladder reaching down

When the man…comes around.

A final shot of Jonny Johnson holding the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship is seen.

The SHOOT Project was never the same.

Images of Donovan King fighting The Real Deal, Long Island Hardcore fighting RnRnSF, Cade Sydal fighting Jonny Johnson, flash across the screen, while an image of an empty ring is shown between all of them.

And it all began…with Redemption.

Whoever is unjust…let him be unjust still

A shot of Kilgore Stochansky is shown, grinning ear to ear.

Whoever is righteous, let him be righteous still

A shot of Dan Stein is shown, looking down at his Iron Fist Championship is seen.

Whoever is filthy, let him be filthy still

A shot of a blood soaked Pestalance is shown, laughing as he leaves the defeated Donovan King lying.

Listen to the words long written down

When the man comes around

Images flash of Sinnocence, Lockup, RnRnSF, CJ Nelson, The Flying Avengers, Curtis Rose, Crimson Ghost, Ron Barker, Donovan King, and Thomas Manchester Black across the screen.

And in 2009…at Redemption…

Suddenly, all the entrants in the Rumble are shown, flashing so fast you can’t make out who is who.

…a new era begins…again.

And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts

And I looked and behold, a pale horse

The final image is that same barren wrestling ring, the final haunting words of Johnny Cash resonating through the empty arena in which the ring sits.

And his name that sat on him was Death

The screen goes black, though the words still echo.

And Hell followed with him.


Fireworks explode, as the cameras pan slowly around the SHOOT Project Epicenter, taking in the vastly different arena from each and every vantage point. Fans are standing on their feet, cheering. Many different signs are shown, with practically every wrestler contracted represented in some way. Everything looks so fresh and new. The video wall is integrated in the ramp, and as the cameras pan around, they stop at the announcer’s pod, with Eryk Masters, Jeff Hansen, and Other Guy.

Eryk Masters: We are getting kicked off with a vengeance here, and not wasting any time, getting into the action! Samantha Coil’s already in the center of the ring, and we’re just about ready to go.

Other Guy: I gotta be honest, man. This Epicenter… This place… it’s beautiful. I could blow my whole year’s worth of pay in one week at this place. I can’t believe what’s been put together.

Jeff Hansen: It is definitely something that no owner has even tried to do before. We’ll see in time how it works, especially given a declining global economy, and whatnot.

Eryk Masters: Before I slap Jeff Hansen in the face for being a spoil sport, we’re going to let Samantha Coil do her thing, and we’re going to kick Redemption off!

Other Guy: They’ve hooked us up with some high quality chairs in this thing, man. I almost want to steal this…



Samantha Coil: The following TAG TEAM CONTEST is scheduled for one fall, and is for the Vacant SHOOT Project World Tag Team Titles!

“Defy You” by Offspring hits, and the fans begin to boo loudly. Kid Lightning and FLASH Dynamite step through from the back, in that order, as Kid Lightning spreads his arms out wide, and FLASH moves to stand behind Kid Lightning, flexing over Kid Lightning’s shoulders!

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, at a combined weight of 415 pounds! They are the team of Kid Lightning and FLASH Dynamite! The FLYYYYYYYYYYIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING AAAAAAAAAAAAAAVEEEEEEEEEEEENGEEEEEEEEEEEEEERS!

The two start their way down to the ring, Kid Lightning grinning broadly under his mask, while FLASH rolls his wrists and rubs his hands together, popping his knuckles presumably.

Eryk Masters: Ever since these two returned, they’ve had a chip on their shoulders and a bad attitude!

Other Guy: And its only gotten worse sense then!

The two finally make it to the ring amidst a flood of jeers when FLASH leaps vertically to stand on the apron and Kid Lightning slides in under the bottom rope. Kid Lightning gets to his feet and spreads his arms out wide as FLASH moves behind him and crosses his arms over his chest!

Jeff Hansen: Lets be fair guys, they’ve produced results since their attitudes changed, and really, that’s all that matters.

Their music fades out, and is soon replaced with “How I Could Just Kill A Man” by Rage Against The Machine, and the fans begin to cheer! Diego Reyes and Jonas Coleman both step out from the back in their black trunks, kneepads, and boots, with the black tape around their wrists!

Samantha Coil: And their opponents! At a combined weight of 460 pounds! The team of  Diego Reyes and “The Butcher” Jonas Coleman! They are PEEEEEERDIIIIIIIIIITIIIIIIIIIIIOOOOOOOOOOON!

The two start their way down the ramp, a determined step in their march as they roll their necks from side to side! They quickly make it to the ring and both men hop onto the apron and step through the ropes together, staring at The Flying Avengers across the ring from them.

Other Guy: A very simple and direct approach to things tonight from Perdition, and really, I wouldn’t expect anything less!

Eryk Masters: The two are far more aggressive than the Avengers have proven to be thus far, and they definitely have a psychological edge has Kid lightning has seemed positively frightened all week!

Kid Lightning steps onto the apron, and Jonas Coleman does the same thing. Willie Dean signals for the bell, and FLASH Dynamite and Diego Reyes stare hard at each other from across the ring. They both slowly move to the center of the ring, staring each other in the eyes. Their noses touch, as both men glare into the other’s eyes, and they start to utter insults at each other.

Eryk Masters: This is like a staring contest between two bulls! It’s all about who blinks first!

Other Guy: These two teams are so different from each other, and even without any real history between them, there’s really no love lost. Either team would be happy with beating the dog shit out of the other.

Suddenly FLASH snaps his right fist into Diego’s face with a jab! Diego snaps back, and fires back with a punch of his own! FLASH’s head lurches back, and he responds with a quick right hook, and Diego wastes no time in throwing his own punch! Both men start throwing rights right into the other’s face in a flurry, and Diego quickly gets the upper hand! Diego keeps driving fists into FLASH’s face as FLASH stumbles back to the ropes!

Other Guy: Diego Reyes is taking it to the former amateur boxer with some sharp punches of his own!

Jeff Hansen: He’s got him up against the ropes, and FLASH is in trouble here!

Diego whips FLASH off the ropes, and FLASH reverses! FLASH ducks his head for a back body drop and Diego rebounds off the ropes and kicks hard into FLASH’s chest! Diego turns back to the ropes and charges at FLASH as FLASH charges forward himself, and both men drive their shoulders into the other! Neither man goes down!

Eryk Masters: Oh wow! Neither man gave an INCH!

Jeff Hansen: This is about to get real intense, I suspect.

FLASH stares at Diego and pulls his left arm up and flexes it at the elbow, the arm belonging to the shoulder that drove into Diego’s own shoulder, and the crowd boos. Diego looks right at FLASH and slowly raises his right hand, extending only the middle finger at him, eliciting a pop from the crowd!

Jeff Hansen: That’s not going to make FLASH very happy…

Both men turn from each other and suddenly run at the ropes opposite each other! Both men barrel back into each other and drive their shoulders into each other again! Both men stumble back a step! Diego snarls and turns to hit the ropes, and FLASH runs behind him, and slightly to his right! Diego turns to hit the ropes and FLASH sneaks right past his line of sight as he hits the ropes to his now-left and Diego speeds to the center of the ring only to see no one and turns in surprise, right into a clothesline from FLASH!

Other Guy: FLASH with surprising speed as he snuck right past where Diego Reyes’ line of sight was!

Eryk Masters: You’re not kidding!

FLASH stands over Diego and pulls both arms up to flex his biceps, eliciting more jeers from the fans! FLASH hits the ropes and Diego scrambles to his feet! Diego rushes FLASH as he comes off the ropes, and Diego snaps an elbow up into FLASH’s face, taking him to the canvas! Diego flexes his arms, and the fans cheer as Diego turns his right hand down to extend a middle finger, once more, in FLASH’s direction on the canvas!

Eryk Masters: Diego Reyes obviously not impressed with FLASH Dynamite, and he’s letting him know that right away!

FLASH turns to a knee, rubbing his jaw, and Diego quickly hooks him in a front facelock. Diego backs into the Perdition corner and tags in Jonas Coleman. Together they send FLASH off the ropes, and Jonas rushes FLASH as he rebounds and sends a knee upward into FLASH’s abdomen, turning him over with a kitchen sink knee lift! Diego hits the ropes in front of FLASH as he lands in a seated position clutching his abdomen, and Diego dives low with a shoulder tackel, driving him down!

Other Guy: There’s that shoulder tackle both men were trying to nail on each other at the start!

Jonas quickly hooks a leg and turns back, hooking in a deep cover as Diego exits the ring! Willie Dean slides into position!



Kid Lightning takes no chances as he sprints into the ring and hits a running double stomp to Jonas’ chest!

Jeff Hansen: He probably didn’t need to break that up, but I have a feeling we’re going to see a lot of that going on in this match as neither team wants to lose with the title on the line!

Kid Lightning sprints across the ring again back to his corner as Jonas pushes off of FLASH. Jonas stares at Kid Lightning, who sticks his tongue out at him!

Other Guy: …well, okay then…

Jonas shakes his head and turns back toward FLASH who has started to sit up. FLASH grabs Jonas by the trunks and falls back, sending Jonas to the middle rope, throat first! FLASH pushes to his feet quickly and presses on the back of Jonas’ head, choking him on the ropes! He reaches to his left and stretches, Kid Lightning does the same over the top rope, and makes the tag! FLASH turns and puts his back against the top rope while sitting on Jonas’ back, still choking him on the rope!

Eryk Masters: Willie Dean has got to get in there and break up this choke!

Jeff Hansen: To be fair, they have a five count.

Kid Lightning slingshots over the top rope and turns to hit the ropes opposite FLASH! He runs right at FLASH, and FLASH ducks a shoulder, and sends Kid Lightning over the ropes! Kid Lightning grabs the top rope and swings his momentum, dropping a leg across the back of Jonas’ head as FLASH pushes away, and Jonas snaps off the middle rope clutching his throat! FLASH exits the ring as Kid Lightning pulls himself up onto the apron. Kid Lightning grips the top rope and slings himself over and turns a corkscrew as he somersaults, landing with his chest against Jonas’!

Other Guy: Some of that unique aerial work from Kid Lightning, and he’s hooking the leg!



Diego Reyes, not taking any chances, runs into the ring and grabs Kid Lightning by his legs and forcefully pulls him off the cover! Kid Lightning pushes to his feet as Diego steps back out of the ring, and Kid Lightning kicks the bottom rope near Diego! Diego starts to step through the ropes and Kid Lightning immediately backs away from him!

Eryk Masters: Kid Lightning was a little displeased by Diego’s involvement, but he didn’t want him back in the ring, that’s for sure!

Kid Lightning backs right into Jonas Coleman as he manages to get to a knee! Kid Lightning stops dead in his tracks and slowly turns around as Jonas pushes the rest of the way to his feet. Kid Lightning puts his hands in the air, and can actually be heard saying “Please! Come on, Butcher! You don’t wanna hurt me! Please!?” as he starts to try to back away. Jonas reaches up and grabs Kid Lightning by the tassles of his mask, stopping him from backing away, Jonas raises a fist and pulls it back, only to have Kid Lightning suddenly kick him in the thigh!

Jeff Hansen: If begging off doesn’t work, I guess you can always kick him in the leg!

Other Guy: I don’t know how effective that’ll be, but I guess we’ll find out.

Kid Lightning snaps in two more kicks to Jonas’ thigh before he releases his grip on the mask. Kid Lightning rushes to the ropes and sprints at Jonas, and leaps at him for some flying head scissors! Jonas quickly pushes Kid Lightning’s feet off his shoulders and Kid Lightning crashes down to the canvas chest first! Kid Lightning pushes to his feet, clutching his chest and still doubled over, Jonas rushes at Kid Lightning from the side and drives a running knee lift into Kid Lightning’s face, and he snaps down!

Other Guy: Great counter to the head scissors, AND a stiff knee lift!

Eryk Masters: Kid Lightning is definitely going to be feeling that when all four of these men will be in the Redemption Rumble later tonight!

Jonas drops to make the cover!



FLASH starts in, but Kid Lightning kicks out anyway! FLASH backs out of the ring as Jonas grabs Kid Lightning by the arm and pulls him to his feet. He drags him over to the Perdition corner and tags in Diego Reyes. Diego steps through the ropes and together they whip Kid Lightning off the ropes and catch him on the rebound with a double hip toss, but hook under his legs to hold him horizontal in the air! They both shove his legs back up and over, turning Kid Lightning back over the other way and Jonas drops to a knee, Kid Lightning lands face first on the knee!

Eryk Masters: Oh God!

Kid Lightning bounces off the knee to his feet and Diego hits the ropes behind him! Diego drives a HARD lariat into the back of his head, and Kid Lightning flips through the air, landing on his chest!

Jeff Hansen: He just hit him so hard, Kid Lightning turned a standing four-fifty!

Other Guy: Kid Lightning is DEAD! There is NO WAY he survived that!

The fans appear to agree with that statement as they explode into cheers from the tandem series. Diego turns Kid Lightning over and hooks a leg!




FLASH dives across the ring to drop an elbow across Diego’s chest, breaking up the pin attempt! Willie Dean admonishes FLASH and he backs out of the ring with his hands up. Diego holds his chest momentarily before pulling Kid Lightning to his feet. He points at FLASH before turning and driving the flat of his right hand into Kid Lightning’s chest with a thunderous chop! Kid Lightning collapses to the canvas immediately!

Eryk Masters: Did you HEAR that?!

Other Guy: Hear it? You could FEEL it over here!

Diego bends and pulls Kid Lightning back to his feet and delivers another hard chop! Kid Lightning drops again! Diego pulls Kid Lightning to his feet yet again and pulls back for another chop, but Kid Lightning yelps loudly and puts both arms over his chest! Diego drops his hand and then snaps his left hand across with a jab into Kid Lightning’s chin! Kid Lightning stumbles back to the ropes and Diego whips him off the ropes and catches Kid Lightning as he rebounds with a HIGH back body drop!

Eryk Masters: Diego Reyes just sent Kid Lightning easily fifteen feet into the air!

Flashbulbs go off as Kid Lightning sails through the air before he crashes to the canvas! Diego hits the ropes to Kid Lightning’s side and jumps into the air as he jumps toward Kid Lightning, landing across Kid Lightning’s chest with a back senton splash!

Jeff Hansen: Poor Kid Lightning…wow.

Diego turns and hooks a leg deep for the cover!




FLASH runs into the ring and stomps Diego in the side of the head, breaking the pin attempt again as Willie Dean moves to escort FLASH out of the ring! Diego glares at FLASH as he pulls Kid Lightning to his feet and backs him up to Jonas. Diego tags in Jonas and whips Kid Lightning off the ropes! Diego runs and catches Kid Lightning as if going for a hip toss but turns him through into a wheelbarrow as Jonas runs off the side of the ropes and grabs Kid Lightning by his head with a bulldog out of Diego’s wheelbarrow hold!

Other Guy: Some more tandem offense, and Kid Lightning is the victim of it again!

Jonas turns Kid Lightning over and hooks both legs for the cover as Diego exits the ring.




FLASH runs into the ring and grabs Jonas by the ankle, pulling him off the cover. FLASH steps back out of the ring and Jonas pulls Kid Lightning to his feet. Jonas whips Kid Lightning off the ropes and FLASH slaps Kid Lightning on the back as he hits the ropes! Kid Lightning ducks a clothesline and rebounds off the other ropes! Kid Lightning leaps up onto Jonas’ shoulders for a hurricanrana, but Jonas pulls him back up right away for a powerbomb! FLASH steps into the ring behind Jonas and pulls Kid Lightning down over Jonas’ back, and Kid Lightning lands on his feet! Jonas turns around and FLASH drops into a drop toehold as Kid Lightning catches Jonas with a DDT on the way down!

Eryk Masters: Speaking of tandem offense, that one caught Jonas Coleman, the Butcher, completely unaware!

Kid Lightning rolls out of the ring as FLASH hits the ropes and leaps up, dropping a big knee across the back of Jonas’ head! FLASH tunrs Jonas over for the cover!




Diego runs into the ring and kicks FLASH in the chest! Diego backs out of the ring as FLASH turns back to Jonas to pull him to his feet. Jonas swats FLASH’s hands away from his head and starts driving a quick flurry of rights and lefts into FLASH’s chest and face!

Other Guy: Jonas is fighting back, and so far the Flying Avengers really haven’t been able to get much of an advantage rolling for them all night!

Jonas turns and runs to the ropes, using them to spring back for momentum, but FLASH leaps into the air and delivers a sudden dropkick to Jonas’ chest and shoulder, sending Jonas crashing to the canvas!

Jeff Hansen: Holy shit, FLASH just took to the air!

Eryk Masters: Albeit not as gracefully as his partner or most on the roster, but that was impressive for him nevertheless.

FLASH quickly scrambles to mount Jonas and grabs him by the back of his head with his left hand before punching his right fist right above Jonas’ left eye! FLASH hammers his knuckles into the eyebrow repeatedly at a fast and furious pace, before Willie Dean gets to a four count and tells FLASH to back off! FLASH pushes away from Jonas’ body then drops again and starts punching him above the eye again! FLASH finally stops and holds his fist up, grinning, as a cut opens above Jonas’ eye!

Other Guy: During their training for this match, we saw footage of Jonas Coleman getting cut right above the eye, and FLASH Dynamite has promised to open that cut up again, and he did just that!

Jeff Hansen: You’re not kidding. And he looks absolutely happy about it.

FLASH pushes off of Jonas’ body and flexes his arms, eliciting boos from the crowd, and FLASH shakes his head. He bends and wipes his fingers in Jonas’ blood above his eye before turning and flicking some blood at Diego! Diego is furious and he moves to get into the ring, and Willie Dean quickly intercepts him and starts ordering him back onto the apron, while FLASH drops to place both hands on Jonas’ throat! Jonas kicks his legs wildly trying to escape from the choke attempt!

Jeff Hansen: FLASH Dynamite is showing a real vicious streak as he’s using every opportunity he’s got to really put the hurt on Jonas, guys, and I gotta say I like his focus.

Eryk Masters: Of course you do. Whether we agree with it or not, the fact still remains that it is a very effective strategy to choke a man when you get the chance. If you choke him he can’t breathe, if he can’t breathe its hard for him to concentrate, and so on.

Willie Dean turns around and FLASH quickly hooks a leg!




Diego starts through the ropes, but Jonas kicks out on his own! FLASH pushes to his feet and stomps down at the cut, splitting it open more, widening it and sending more of a steady blood flow into Jonas’ eye and face! FLASH pulls Jonas to his feet and whips him off the ropes! FLASH catches Jonas as he rebounds with a tilt-a-whirl, and floats him straight through into a uranage suplex, driving Jonas down hard across the back of his shoulders and neck!

Jeff Hansen: Holy shit, how about that power and creativity of FLASH Dynamite?

Other Guy: That’s no joke. He does things out of tilt-a-whirls that most people can’t even think of doing!

FLASH hooks the legs deep for the cover!



Diego Reyes sprints into the ring and kicks FLASH in the ribs! Willie Dean quickly moves to escort Diego out of the ring. FLASH pushes to his feet and moves to tag in Kid Lightning! FLASH then quickly moves back to Jonas and turns him over and hooks both arms over his knees, pulling back he squats down on Jonas’ back, pulling him with a Camel Clutch! Kid Lightning hits the ropes in front of them and dives low, dropkicking Jonas in the exposed face! FLASH pushes Jonas down face first and kicks him over onto his back before stepping out of the ring while Kid Lightning spreads his arms wide. Kid Lightning hits the ropes and springs to the middle rope, fans start to cheer a little, and Kid Lightning turns in mid-spring to drop a leg across Jonas’ face instead of doing a flip, and the fans boo loudly!

Eryk Masters: Looks like some people here came to see Kid Lightning fly and twist, and he’s not giving them the show they wanted!

Jeff Hansen: On one hand, why should he? They don’t respect him any other hand. On the other, he should because that’s definitely where his strength lies…

Kid Lightning pops up to his feet and throws his arms out wide and spins full circle, staring up at the rafters, as if he had truly done something spectacular! Kid Lightning turns and covers Jonas!




Jonas kicks out hard! Kid Lightning jumps to his feet with a yelp and moves behind Jonas, kicking him across the back as Jonas turns to his side. Jonas continues pushing to his feet and Kid Lightning hits the ropes! Jonas catches Kid Lightning on the rebound with a fireman’s carry! Kid Lightning shoots his elbow and his knee repeatedly into either side of Jonas’ head, forcing Jonas to put him back on his feet!

Jeff Hansen: Kid Lightning just fought out of a tight spot there!

Other Guy: Which is a good thing for him, obviously.

Kid Lightning hits the ropes and Jonas catches him as he rebounds with a kick to the stomach! Kid Lightning doubles over and Jonas hooks him in a front facelock! Jonas lifts him up and turns, running toward a neutral corner, setting Kid Lightning on the top turnbuckle! Jonas climbs up the ropes to join him!

Other Guy: This doesn’t look good for Kid Lightning!

Kid Lightning starts throwing forearms into Jonas’ ribs! Jonas releases the front facelock but stays standing on the second rope. Kid Lightning snaps his right arm up into Jonas’ chest and chin with a European Uppercut! Jonas falls from the second rope to his back! Kid Lightning pushes to stand on the top rope as Jonas pushes back to his feet! Kid Lightning jumps off the top rope and catches Jonas around the neck with an arm and spins out, spiking Jonas into the canvas with a diving tornado DDT!

Eryk Masters: Oh! That didn’t look good for Jonas Coleman, or for Perdition’s chances either really!

Jeff Hansen: That…was…awesome.

The fans in the sold out Epicenter let out a collective gasp, as Kid Lightning quickly looks to capitalize and hooks both legs of Jonas Coleman as deep as he can!




Diego Reyes is quickly in the ring and lunges at Kid Lightning, clubbing him in the chest with both arms to break up the count!

Other Guy: Just a split-second later and that would have been it! Wow!

Diego is escorted out of the ring, and Kid Lightning turns to pull Jonas to his feet. Kid Lightning struggles to do just that, and settles for getting him to his knees before running to tag in FLASH! FLASH gets in the ring and together they pull Jonas all the way up to his feet. They whip Jonas off the ropes and both move together to deliver a double back elbow, but Jonas manages to duck! They both turn as Jonas rebounds off the other side and extends both arms for a clothesline, and Kid Lightning crashes to the canvas on impact, while FLASH stumbles backward!

Eryk Masters: Jonas Coleman absolutely needs to get FLASH down so he can get to his corner and get the fresh Diego Reyes back into this match!

Jonas runs back to the ropes and runs at FLASH again! FLASH dips low and catches Jonas on the rebound with a hand on the thigh and a hand on the chest, throwing Jonas up into the air! Jonas starts back down and FLASH lunges straight up with an uppercut into Jonas’ face as he falls right into it!

Jeff Hansen: Holy shit!

Other Guy: Jonas Coleman has to be knocked out from that! Oh fuck!

FLASH releases a guttural roar before he drops to cover Jonas, one hand on Jonas’ face, the other on his chest!




Diego is quick to enter the ring and kicks FLASH in the side of the head, breaking up the count! FLASH pushes to his feet, and Diego doesn’t leave the ring as he clubs FLASH in the back! FLASH starts driving punches into Diego’s abdomen as Diego rains forearms down onto FLASH’s back! FLASH suddenly pushes upright and drives a hard punch into Diego’s face! Another right jab meets Diego in the chin! A right hook follows and drives Diego to the canvas!

Eryk Masters: Good God, FLASH Dynamite is intense right now!

FLASH turns around angrily as, somehow, Jonas has managed to push to a knee! Jonas snaps upward with a chop to FLASH’s chest! Jonas drops back to a knee, the blood dripping straight from his eyebrow to the canvas, before lunging up again to deliver a blistering chop! Another chop quickly follows! And another! And another! Jonas whips FLASH off the ropes, but FLASH reverses! FLASH clasps both hands and swings with a hard Polish Hammer!

Jeff Hansen: Hammer of Justice!

Jonas slides under the swinging arms! Jonas scrambles to his feet and starts to his corner, though Diego Reyes is out on the floor holding his chin momentarily! FLASH quickly chops Jonas in the back! Jonas arches his back and his arms come out wide, and FLASH chickenwings both arms quickly!

Other Guy: That chop to the back was just mean!

Eryk Masters: No kidding. And its about to get meaner!

FLASH snaps back with a Tiger Suplex! FLASH maintains a perfect bridge!




Diego Reyes slides under the bottom rope and kicks FLASH hard in the back to break the bridge! Diego slowly backs out of the ring, still rubbing his jaw. FLASH holds hia back as he pushes to his feet. FLASH pulls Jonas to his feet as well before driving a fist into Jonas’ face! FLASH yells something incomprehensible at him. Jonas’ head snaps back and he steps back toward FLASH with a kick to the stomach! Jonas quickly brings a hard forearm down across FLASH’s back, dropping FLASH to a knee! Jonas starts trying to walk toward his corner and FLASH pushes to his feet, grabs Jonas by the shoulder, and drives another punch into his face!

Eryk Masters: Jonas knows he needs to get out of there, and he is trying everything he can to do that.

Jeff Hansen: Unfortunately for him, FLASH Dynamite knows this too, and is doing everything he can to stop him.

FLASH grabs Jonas by his head and walks to the Flying Avengers corner, driving Jonas face first into the top turnbuckle before tagging in Kid Lightning! FLASH pulls Jonas out of the corner and hoists him up before dropping him across his knee with a backbreaker! Kid Lightning leaps off the top rope immediately with a leg drop across Jonas’ face, dumping him off FLASH’s knee! Kid Lightning pushes to his feet and slingshots back over the top rope onto the apron.

Other Guy: Kid Lightning might be going for a kill shot!

Jeff Hansen: I don’t know how much more Jonas Coleman can take, so if he is, this could be it…if the Flying Avengers can keep Diego Reyes out of the ring somehow.

Kid Lightning scoots over more on the apron, pulls back on the top rope, and springs to the middle of the top rope! Kid Lightning springs right off and into the ring, he reaches back and grabs his ankles as he flips through a perfect Shooting Star Press! AND CRASHES RIGHT INTO JONAS COLEMAN’S KNEES!

Eryk Masters: Jonas Coleman just found an opening!

Other Guy: Tag in Diego, Jonas!

Kid Lightning writhes on the canvas, clutching his ribs! Jonas turns to his stomach and starts crawling to make the tag, blood dripping from the cut above his eye! Kid Lightning pushes to a knee, and Jonas dives! Jonas tags in Diego! Diego steps through the ropes and FLASH steps through the ropes too, without being tagged! Kid Lightning turns as Diego rushes into him with a clothesline that sends him flipping inside out!

Eryk Masters: Diego is in, and the complexion of this match just changed drastically!

FLASH rushes at Diego, and Diego leaves his feet to drive FLASH to the canvas with a clothesline! Kid Lightning stumbles to his feet clutching his ribs, and Diego turns to him! Diego sends Kid Lightning off the ropes, and catches him on the rebound with an immediate powerslam! FLASH gets back to his feet and turns into Diego, who scoops him up and drives him to the canvas with a bodyslam!

Jeff Hansen: Diego is on a roll, and this does not look good for those three Flying Avengers fans out there!

Diego pulls Kid Lightning to his feet and sends him off the ropes again, catching him on the rebound with a straight spinebuster, driving him back into the canvas!

Other Guy: That is One Murderous Mother Fucking Spinebuster!

Diego pops up to his feet and turns right into a punch from FLASH! Diego returns fire with a punch of his own! FLASH punches again, and again, and again! Diego suddenly lifts a knee into FLASH’s abdomen and grabs him by his biker tights and mask, throwing him through the ropes to the outside! Diego grabs Kid Lightning and pulls him to his feet again before whipping him off the ropes! Diego ducks down, and Kid Lightning sails over Diego for a sunset flip! Diego looks down at Kid Lightning and shakes his head, while FLASH reaches under the ring skirting!

Eryk Masters: Kid Lightning isn’t going to pull Diego Reyes down into a sunset flip like that, Diego is just too big!

Jeff Hansen: That may be, but FLASH looks like he’s looking for something to help even the odds…

Diego bends and grabs Kid Lightning by the sides of his head and pulls Kid Lightning through his legs and launches him high into the air! Kid Lightning quickly wraps his legs around Diego’s neck while he’s air born and snaps back with a hurricanrana! Diego scrambles to his feet as FLASH slides back into the ring with two chairs, dropping one in his corner, FLASH moves toward Diego!

Other Guy: If he hits Diego right now they’ll be disqualified!

Diego sees FLASH coming and quickly grabs the chair on the other end! Willie Dean moves to them and starts yelling at them both as they both start tugging on the chair, trying to pry it free from the other’s hands! Kid Lightning scrambles to his corner and grabs the other chair that FLASH dropped, and turns around right into a boot to the stomach from Jonas Coleman! Jonas grabs the chair, and the fans cheer loudly!

Eryk Masters: Willie Dean doesn’t see Kid Lightning and Jonas Coleman right behind him!

Jonas swings the chair, but Kid Lightning ducks it! Jonas turns around and Kid Lightning kicks him in the stomach, forcing Jonas to drop the chair! Kid Lightning runs to the ropes behind Jonas, and Jonas turns just as Kid Lightning springs to the second rope and springs off with a backflip! Kid Lighting grabs Jonas’ head and snaps back with a reverse DDT, right on the chair!


Kid Lightning pulls the chair out from under Jonas and throws it out of the ring, while FLASH suddenly releaseshis end of the chair! Diego steps back as he was tugging hard, off-balance, FLASH uses the moment to tackle Diego and spill through the ropes! Willie Dean turns around as Kid Lightning drops to hook both of Jonas’ legs!




Other Guy: Son of a bitch! They stole it!

Willie Dean signals for the bell, and “Defy You” by Offspring sounds as Kid Lightning slides out of the ring! Diego Reyes slides into the ring and checks on Jonas Coleman as he cradles his neck, while Samantha Coil raises the microphone to her lips, the fans booing loudly already!


FLASH Dynamite joins Kid Lightning by the ramp, as the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Title belts are handed over to them! They raise the belts high in the air in celebration while Diego checks on his partner and glares at them through the ropes!

Eryk Masters: I don’t agree with it. I don’t like it. I don’t like HOW they did it, but they did it. The Flying Avengers fulfilled their goal of nearly a year in the making, and they became the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Champions!

Other Guy: They fucking stole it! Jonas Coleman wasn’t even legal!

Jeff Hansen: I didn’t hear you complaining when Jonas was about to hit Kid Lightning in the head with a chair. To be fair.


The scene fades into the back. Sammy Rochester is walking backstage, wearing the sack mask he was seen wearing in his promos, and carrying the large burlap sack that was seen in his promos. His eyes move back and forth, as if he were paranoid that someone were trying to get him. He passes by a hot dog vendor, reloading his crate of hot dogs, and Sammy stops.

Sammy Rochester: You wanna take Mikey away!? YOU WANT TO STEAL MY LAST FUCKING FRIEND?!

Before the vendor can respond in any sort of fashion, Sammy knocks the hot dog crate down, spilling hot dogs all over the floor. Then, in one quick motion, Sammy has the vendor by the throat, and he begins to lift the poor man into the air. Suddenly, Lockup appears, from off camera, and leaps onto Sammy’s back, locking Sammy into a choke hold! Sammy releases the hold and begins to fight with Lockup, trying to get him off, but Lockup has the choke locked on tightly and has his legs wrapped, as best he can, around Sammy’s waist. Sammy runs backwards and SLAMS Lockup, back first, into a wall, but Lockup holds on tight! Sammy takes a few steps forward and slams Lockup AGAIN! Lockup loses his grip, and Sammy is able to throw Lockup off. Before Sammy can continue the attack, SHOOT Project security breaks up the fight, one guy explaining to Lockup that he needs to back off for now, while eight or nine guys attempt to restrain an enraged Sammy Rochester.


Lockup, meanwhile, just nods in agreement to the security guard and walks off, which allows the last security guard to help restrain Sammy. The camera then pans over, and we see Ron Barker, leaning against a wall, watching the whole scene, contemplating and smiling. The camera fades out.


Chris Davis walks down the hallway backstage of the arena. Dressed in black jeans and a grey Henley shirt, he holds a black duffle bag in his left hand. Dutch Harris and a camera crew meet him before he can step into the dressing room.

Dutch Harris : Davis…Chris Davis, a moment of your time please.

Davis appears a bit annoyed but stops anyway.

Christopher Davis : What is it?

Dutch Harris:Tonight you came here to not only compete in the Redemption Rumble but also to face Vincent Mallows in a match that would end your eight year old feud. As a matter of fact you have gone on record as saying that if you were to lose to Mallows tonight you would in fact walk away.

Christopher Davis :That pretty much sums it up Dutch. There’s a question in there somewhere I presume? Or at least something that makes me want to stand here longer?

Dutch Harris:We’ve been in touch with several officials in SHOOT including Jason Johnson and we’ve been told that Vincent Mallows will in fact NOT be here tonight to face you. In fact no one seems to be able to find Vincent Mallows.

With that being said there was no time slot created for the match you requested with Mallows.

Harris pauses to catch the reaction of Christopher Davis.

Dutch Harris : What do you have to say about that?

Davis stares into the camera, his eyes burning.

Christopher Davis : You’re out there listening Vincent, I know you are. You chose to not show up tonight…that’s fine. Play the fucking game Vincent but you know eventually you’re going to have to man up and face me. Eventually you’re going to have to pay for all of the bullshit you’ve not only put me through but every person that you have EVER crossed paths with.

You continue to play this game, prolong this, I promise you that…

…there will be an ending!

Chris leaves Harris and the camera crew standing as he continues towards the dressing room.


We cut to a backstage hallway, all concrete and floursecent bulbs.  Nearly the entire width of the hall is occupied by the frame of Kilgore Stochansky, who is rocking back and forth from leg to leg, shadow boxing at appropriate moments.  His hood casts a downward shaow, only stopping before his moustache and gold-capped grin.

Kilgore: I don’t feel like being cocky.

Our man reaches up, pulling the hood of his jacket backwards, revealing his face.  His eyes are lit up;  he looks well-rested and healthy. 

Kilgore: So allow me to speak on the fact of matters, will you, America?  Thanks.

Absently stretching his arms, his grin blasts onward and he takes an almost comical deep breath before continuing.

Kilgore: I know that many of you think that once I win this belt, Everything in this promotion will be fixed.  Once my glorious ascent has reached it’s zenith, sure we’re in the clear, right?

Stochansky stops stretching and looks at the camera, wearing an almost winsome smirk and shaking his head.

Kilgore: I’m afraid not, though.  See, I’ve promised you a lot over these years, America.  And those promises will be kept, trust me in that.  But they aren’t going to resolve themselves instantly…no matter how much I pray that they would be. 

Our man leans forward, getting close to the camera, letting his grin return naturally.

Kilgore: But have fait, America.  You’ve stuck with me through all of the bad times, when evil men prevented me from claiming what is rightfully mine.  I ask you to stick around for just a little bit longer, until I have removed the cancer from SHOOT Project.  When, not if, but when I win this belt…we can all celebrate.

He stands back to his full height, and looks downward, holding one arm up and making a fist.

Kilgore: Too bad it’ll have to be shortlived.  Stay strong!

Stochansky pulls his hood back onto his head and hops from foot to foot for a moment, before walking off-camera, obviously on his way to the match.  We cut away…


The shot comes back to the ringside area, where a ladder is set up already on either side of the entrance ramp! The camera then focuses in on the TRIAD Championship hanging above the ring!

Samantha Coil: The following LADDER MATCH is scheduled for one fall, and is for the Unified SHOOT Project TRIAD CHAMPIONSHIP!

The fans cheer loudly! And then…

The Lights in the arena cut entirely off, the only thing guiding anyone as to what they’re looking at are the numerous flashbulbs. There’s a long moment, much longer than anyone should have for seperation, and it lasts to the point of confusing those in attendance, as the crowd begins to buzz…

Jeff Hansen: Oh for the love of God, can we get on with th–

Everything is interrupted by a blast of synth arcipelagos, which continues in an almost robotic fashion, never straying, as soft blue light half fills the arena. Finally, we hear a flasetto voice, singing with pain in his timbre…

Our freedom’s consuming itself

What we’ve become

is contrary to what we want

Take a bow…

The Synths begin to go in double time, as a drumbeat joins them steadily, and strobes flicker with epileptic fury–All of the sudden, the strobes stop in perfect time as a Spotlight shows Kilgore Stochansky, standing on the entrance ramp–and simultaneously, an almost apocalyptic guitar line begins, filling the arena with noise, competing with the nearly deafening boos. Stochansky begins a slow walk to the ring, pausing to turn around slowly, bathing in the lights and sound.

Samantha Coil: Introducing First…from Verona, New Jersey…weighing in at 265 pounds! KIIIIIIIILGOOOOORE STOOOOOOOOOCHAAAAAAAAAAANSKYYYYYYY!

"Take a Bow" by Muse continues, the guitars breaking into small solo portions as Kilgore finally makes it to the apron. He clambers up, and then climbs to the top turnbuckle, balancing on it and standing his full height, holding his arms out as the boos get even louder, soon competing with the vocals…


you must pay…

You must pay for your crimes against the earth…

Eryk Masters: Kilgore Stochansky taking his time, but then again we almost wouldnt expect anything less from him.

Jeff Hansen: Everyone’s so quick to write Kilgore off, Eryk, but he could walk out of here as TRIAD Champion!

Stochansky leaps to the mat and takes off his track jacket in one fell swoop, raising his arms as the final, cacophonous note of the song hits, before a measure of quiet returns to the arena, still filled with a decent volume of boos. Kilgore removes his track pants and begins to stretch out. The music slowly fades out. “Carry on My Wayward Son” by Kansas hits, and the fans begin to boo, though there is a very slight hint of cheers.

Samantha Coil: And one of his opponents! From Staten Island, New York! Weighing in at 191 pounds! He is “The Willenium” TREEEEEEY WIIIIIIIIILLEEEEEEEEETT!

Trey Willett steps out from the back and starts down the ramp, both fists taped down to his elbow as he sports his white pants and a pair of white boots. Trey makes his way to the ring, starting straight ahead with a fierce look of determination on his face! Trey rolls under the bottom rope and stares at Kilgore Stochansky!

Other Guy: Trey Willett not coming out with his usual circus show antics, instead he looks like he’s here for business!

Eryk Masters: He absolutely looks serious. No fun and games for Trey Willett tonight!

The music fades out, and is replaced by “Knights of Cydonia” by Muse! The fans begin to cheer loudly! Dan Stein steps out from the back and throws his arms out wide as the fans cheer even louder!

Samantha Coil: And one of their other opponents! Weighing in at 215 pounds, from Cedar Rapids, Iowa! He is the FINAL SHOOT Project IRON FIST CHAMPION! DAAAAAAAAAN “The Lights” STEEEEEEEEEEEEIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN!

Dan Stein continues down the ramp, reaching to slap hands as he moves, grinning from ear to ear!

Eryk Masters: Dan Stein looks excited and ready to go!

Jeff Hansen: He has every reason to be, as he’s legitimately an incredible athlete.

Dan Stein makes it to the ring and vaults up onto the apron. Stein grabs the top rope and slingshots himself up and over the top rope, he turns and climbs up to stand on the second rope, spreading his arms out wide and grinning as the flashbulbs go off and the fans cheer loudly! The music slowly dies down, and is suddenly replaced by Nonpoint’s “Broken Bones”! The fans cheer even louder, if that’s possible, at the familiar music!

Jeff Hansen: Oh God…

Samantha Coil: And their final opponnt! Weighing in at 181 pounds, from Southport, North Carolina! He is the FINAL SHOOT Project LAWS OF SURVIVAL CHAMPION! CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADE SYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL!

Cade steps through from the back, roaring loudly as he does! His arms are tenses and out to his sides as he leans his head back to yell!

Other Guy: Cade Sydal is on fire!

Eryk Masters: He has every reason to be!

Cade stares from the top of the ramp down at the ring and the other three. Cade sprints down the ramp suddenly and slides in under the bottom rope! Cade pushes to his feet in mid-slide and gets right in Kilgore’s face! Stein grabs him by the arm and pulls him away, trying to calm his friend to allow the match to officially start first.

Eryk Masters: Cade’s temper is going to get the better of him sooner rather than later, I suspect!

Jeff Hansen: He’s a hothead. I hear ‘roids’ll do that to ya.

Austin Linam signals for the bell as all four men stare at each other. Suddenly Trey Willett and Kilgore Stochansky rush out of the ring and head for the ramp where the two ladders are set up! They quickly move to start closing the ladders when Cade Sydal kicks Kilgore in the back, and Dan Stein clubs Trey in the back! Cade grabs Kilgore and rolls him under the bottom rope, while Stein does the same to Trey!

Jeff Hansen: So much for the early attempts to bring the ladders into play!

Cade and Stein slide in behind their respective foes and pull them to their feet and start forearming them back into the ropes! They whip them off the ropes, but Kilgore reverses and ducks for a back body drop as Stein dropkicks Trey on the rebound! Cade rebounds off the ropes and jumps, landing with his feet on the back of Kilgore’s shoulders! Kilgore launches Cade up as he straightens up, and Cade lands on Kilgore’s shoulders and snaps back with a hurricanrana that spills Kilgore through the ropes to the outside!

Eryk Masters: This match is already starting at a frenetic pace, and these people are loving it!

Trey stumbles to his feet and turns right into Stein, who drills him with a forearm! Trey turns the other way right into a forearm from Cade! Trey turns back toward Stein, who snaps into his chest with a chop! Trey turns with a grimace on his face, right into a chop from Cade! Trey turns again as Kilgore closes a ladder on the outside, and Stein kicks Trey in the chest! Trey turns and Cade meets him with his own stiff kick across the chest and Trey hits the canvas!

Other Guy: Trey Willett was like a ping pong ball in a game of table tennis between the two best friends!

Cade and Stein pull Trey back to his feet and whip him off the ropes. They both turn to deliver a double clothesline, and Trey hooks the ropes and points behind them! Cade and Stein turn as Kilgore rushes them with a ladder across his chest, clotheslining them to the canvas with the ladder! The fans groan sympathetically as Trey rolls out of the ring to go get the other ladder already positioned at the entrance ramp. Kilgore hoists the ladder in his hands and drives the legs down across Cade’s chest!

Other Guy: Kilgore Stochansky wielding a ladder is going to suck for everyone in there!

Eryk Masters: He’s a big boy to be swinging that thing around, and he’ll pack a lot of power behind each swing of it.

Kilgore opens the ladder and places one set of legs on Cade’s chest, pinning him to the canvas, as he starts to climb up the other side! Stein quickly grabs Kilgore by the shoulder and pulls him off the ladder! Trey slides in behind Stein with the other ladder from the ramp, and Stein gives Kilgore a forearm to the face! Stein turns just as Trey swings his ladder, and Stein ducks! The ladder cracks into Kilgore’s face, and he drops to the canvas!

Jeff Hansen: That’s not going to do Kilgore any favors!

Trey turns around and Stein dropkicks the ladder up into Trey’s face, and Trey drops the ladder as he crashes down! Meanwhile, Cade pushes the ladder off his chest, tipping it over, as Stein mounts Trey with punches! Cade grabs the unopened ladder that Trey had and swings it upward before sending it crashing down on Kilgore’s chest! Cade kicks the opened ladder to the side and hits the ropes, rebounding to run straight at Kilgore, Cade leaps into the air and lands with a running Shooting Star Press on the ladder into Kilgore’s chest! The fans cheer loudly!

Other Guy: Cade Sydal putting his own body on the line to inflict punishment to Kilgore!

Eryk Masters: That just shows you how important this match really is to everyone in there!

Cade rolls off the ladder clutching his chest as Stein slams Trey’s head down. Stein and Cade both move to the opened ladder and set it up from opposite sides. They look at each other through the ladder as both men start to climb up. Cade reaches, but Stein sends a chop into his exposed chest! Cade cringes as Stein now gets higher and reaches for the belt! Cade lurches his forehead forward into Stein’s chest! The fans are buzzing with anticipation, until Trey Willett jumps and dropkicks the ladder hard, sending it tipping over! Stein falls sideways and crashes straight down onto the canvas, while Cade spills over the top rope! Cade grabs the ropes and lands with his back on the apron instead of spilling to the arena floor!

Eryk Masters: The two champions leading into this match were battling atop the ladder, but Trey Willett broke that little party up in a hurry!

Jeff Hansen: That little mini-fight just proves that this match really is everyone for himself, which is good. I was worried Cade and Stein would spend the whole night jerking each other off and double teaming the other two.

Trey grabs the ladder as it hangs on the top rope and pulls it back to the center of the ring and props it up. Trey starts to climb up the ladder as the fans boo. Trey reaches, but his fingers only brush the bottom of the title! Trey climbs a rung higher and straightens up, reaching again! Cade Sydal, out of nowhere, springs to the top rope and springs off! Cade turns his body and snaps his foot out wide over the top of the ladder into Trey’s chest with a springboard spinning wheel kick! Trey Willett crashes to the canvas! Cade Sydal crashes to the canvas! The ladder falls over! And the fans explode!

THAT WAS AWESOME! *clap clap clapclapclap* THAT WAS AWESOME! *clap clap clapclapclap* THAT WAS AWESOME! *clap clap clapclapclap*

Other Guy: Holy shit! That was the highest I think I’ve ever seen Cade throw a kick! Both men are suffering from that!

Jeff Hansen: That kick was insane! Where did he even come from with that thing?!

The chanting slowly dies down as Kilgore slowly pushes to his feet. Dan Stein pushes to his feet and turns, catching Kilgore with a kick to the gut! Stein hooks Kilgore for a suplex, but Kilgore locks his leg with Stein’s, blocking it! Kilgore uses his other hand to punch Stein in the gut! Kilgore keeps his leg locked with Stein and turns to be next to him, and snaps back with a side Russian leg sweep! Kilgore pushes back to his feet and grabs the unopened ladder and throws it to a corner, propping it up against the turnbuckles. He turns back to grab the opened ladder and sets it back up.

Jeff Hansen: Right here, and right now, this match is Kilgore’s to win!

Eryk Masters: You’re absolutely right about that, Jeff. Right now COULD be the moment Kilgore climbs up to capture the title!

Kilgore starts to climb as Stein grabs him from behind! Trey and Cade both stumble to their feet as Stein pulls Kilgore off the ladder! Kilgore turns around with a back elbow, but Stein ducks it! Stein grabs Kilgore’s legs and sweeps him to the canvas as Trey ducks a kick from Cade! Trey kicks Cade in the stomach just as Stein falls back, catapulting Kilgore into the ladder he positioned in the corner! Trey hooks Cade for a suplex and moves toward the adjacent corner, placing Cade on the top turnbuckle!

Eryk Masters: Kilgore Stochansky’s face just crashed into a ladder!

Other guy: Meanwhile it looks like Trey Willett has something nasty planned for Cade Sydal!

Kilgore turns as Stein runs at him! Kilgore ducks a shoulder on instinct and sends Stein over onto the apron, where Stein lands with both feet! Trey, meanwhile, punches up into Cade’s chin, rocking him back in his perch in the corner! Kilgore turns around and Stein shoves the ladder in the corner into him! Kilgore falls back wide and knocks the ladder in the middle of the ring over, the top of the ladder falls about two feet behind Trey!

Other Guy: Trey doesn’t realize that ladder is there! If he goes for a superplex here, he’ll more than likely land on the ladder himself!

Jeff Hansen: That won’t be good if you’re a fan of the Willenium.

Trey climbs up and hooks Cade for a suplex, but Stein steps through the ropes and grabs the ladder he slung into Kilgore’s face and runs, driving it into Trey’s back! Trey drops off the second rope to his put his feet on the canvas as Stein drops the ladder on the other ladder, the unopened ladder’s top pointing up at Cade. Stein punches Trey! Trey turns and punches Stein! Kilgore pushes to his feet and moves towards them, and Trey and Stein both push down hard on the ladder’s top, sending it into Kilgore’s gut! Kilgore backs up, doubled over and coughing, as Stein and Trey suddenly turn and punch each other some more!

Jeff Hansen: That shot to the abdomen could have broken a lower rib or two of Kilgore’s!

Cade pushes to stand on the top rope and leaps off! Cade lands with both feet in the back of Kilgore’s head! Kilgore collapses onto the legs of the ladder! That movement snaps the top of the ladder up into both Trey Willett and Dan Stein’s faces! Stein and Trey spill through the ropes as the fans cheer loudly!


Eryk Masters: Holy fucking shit?!

Other Guy: That was incredible, and the tide of this match has now shifted into Cade’s favor!

Cade rolls forward upon the impact of it all and pushes to his feet, relishing the approval of the fans, letting it wash over him! He turns and shoves Kilgore off the ladder and throws the unopened ladder to the side. He grabs the opened ladder and pulls at the bent hinge, grimacing as he does so, to straighten it back out. Cade backs up to the middle of the ring and sets the ladder up in the center. Cade starts to climb as Trey Willett is the first to move from the see-saw experience! Trey grabs a chair from under the ring skirting and slides into the ring behind Cade as Cade climbs toward the top, reaching as best he can!

Other Guy: Cade, being the shortest, is going to have to climb the highest to reach the belt hanging above the ring!

Jeff Hansen: If he doesn’t hurry, Trey is going to fuck him up, fellas!

Trey opens the chair and sets it down as if he were about to sit in it. Trey grabs Cade’s right ankle, stopping him from climbing, before running toward Cade’s left, swinging Cade’s leg behind himself to swing him off the ladder and trip him, sending Cade crashing downward! Cade’s back lands hard on the seat of the chair!


The gasp is loud as Cade writhes off of the chair, clutching his back in agony! Trey looks at the chair, the seat of the chair having collapsed from the impact and throws it out of the ring. Trey steadies the ladder and climbs up the opposite side! Trey starts to reach when Dan Stein flies out of nowhere as he springs off the top rope! Stein lands on the ladder with both feet as the fans cheer loudly! Stein immediately starts to hammer his right hand into Trey’s face!

Eryk Masters: Where the hell did Dan Stein come from?!

Jeff Hansen: I don’t know, but he is bringing hell to Trey’s face!

Stein punches Trey in the gut and doubles him over the top of the ladder! Stein grabs Trey’s waist and jumps over Trey! Stein sails over Trey and brings him down with a sunset flip powerbomb off the ladder! The ladder falls to the side! Stein clutches his back! Trey bounces off his shoulders through the ropes onto the apron, cradling his neck! The fans cheer loudly!


Other Guy: Jesus Christ! Can these guys even have anything left for the Rumble after this match?!

Eryk Masters: I don’t know, but this match is amazing!

Stein pushes to his feet, clutching his back. Stein grabs the ladder that tipped over and pulls it back upright. Meanwhile Kilgore has finally gotten to his face, his lip and nose trickling blood from them. His back is to Stein who starts to climb the ladder, as Kilgore grabs the unopened ladder. Kilgore turns and spots Stein, who has his back to Kilgore, and drops the ladder in his hands. Kilgore climbs up right behind Stein and ducks his head, going right up between Stein’s legs!

Eryk Masters: I’m not sure what Kilgore Stochansky has in mind, but this could be either really dangerous or it could backfire!

Jeff Hansen: I’m not sure either, but I’m willing to bet Kilgore has a plan in mind.

Kilgore starts climbing and Stein reaches wildly for the belt! Stein’s hand brushes the belt! The fans start to cheer! Kilgore turns sideways suddenly and falls off the ladder! Kilgore falls backward and brings Stein down with him! Stein crashes with his back on the discarded unopened ladder from the Electric Chair, as Kilgore crashes to the canvas!


The fans, hesitant to cheer, gasp loudly again as Stein rolls off the ladder, holdsing his back in agony, as the ladder the two climbed falls over from the impact of them crashing to the canvas!

Jeff Hansen: My fucking God! These four men are killing each other!

Other Guy: If they’re not, they’ve got me fooled.

Cade pushes to his feet, holding his back, his face clenched tightly in agony! He grabs the ladder that tipped over and starts to set it back up before Kilgore is there with a boot to his stomach! Cade drops the ladder back to the canvas, and Kilgore straightens Cade up before snapping him down with an STO!

Eryk Masters: Caput Mortuum connects, and Cade is down!

Kilgore drags Cade to the opened, fallen, ladder and rolls him I nto the ladder! Kilgore smashes the ladder down on Cade, sandwiching him, eliciting another groan from the fans as Kilgore grabs a rung near the top and a rung near the bottom. Kilgore pulls back to the bottom and then HEAVES the ladder under the bottom rope, sending it and Cade out of the ring to the floor!


The fans can’t help but chant as the ladder crashes loudly on the arena floor and Cade spills out of the ladder, writhing in agony! Kilgore grins, the sight a grizzly one indeed as blood drips from his bottom lip and his nose.

Other Guy: Oh my fucking God…

Jeff Hansen: That was fucking AWESOME!

Eryk Masters: …I have never seen anything like that in all my years…

Trey slowly pushes to his feet and he grabs the bottom of the unopened ladder. Kilgore turns around and he grabs the top of the unopened ladder and rushes Trey into a corner! Kilgore pushes the top of the ladder into the canvas, the legs pressing into Trey’s belly to keep him pinned to the turnbuckles, Kilgore walks up the ladder and stands on the legs before driving punches into Trey’s face! Dan Stein somehow manages to get to his feet and he sees the two of them! Stein runs up the ladder behind Kilgore and grabs Kilgore by the back of his head! Stein turns his body and jumps off to the side, dropping Kilgore on the ladder with a neckbreaker!


Eryk Masters: These men won’t give up! Holy shit!

Stein pushes to his feet and shoves Kilgore off the ladder. He pulls it out of the corner and Trey collapses to his knees. Stein walks to the middle of the ring and opens the ladder up, snapping the hinges into place. Stein starts up the ladder, as the fans cheer! Trey pushes off his knees and come at him! Stein spots him and kicks a foot sideways into Trey’s face! Trey drops to a knee clutching his face and Stein continues to climb!

Jeff Hansen: Dan Stein just stopped Trey Willett dead in his tracks, Kilgore Stochansky is down, and Cade Sydal hasn’t moved since that ladder ride! Could this be Stein’s moment to shine?!

Trey walks to the other end of the ladder and starts to climb up! Stein reaches for the title, and Trey punches over the top of the ladder to catch Stein in the belly! Stein doubles as Trey starts climbing to catch up with him! Stein punches Trey when he reaches the top, but Trey quickly punches Stein in the gut again! Trey hooks Stein in a front facelock and snaps backward! SUPERPLEX OFF THE LADDER! Both men crash to the canvas, Stein’s legs hit the second rope on the way down, making him land more on his shoulders and neck!


The fans groan loudly once more, and the ladder falls back over!

Eryk Masters: Jesus! No one can get close to that belt without being pulled off in some violent way!

Other Guy: This is a helluva way to start the new unified TIRAD division!

Kilgore pushes to his feet as Trey pushes to his own feet! Trey backs into Kilgore, who quickly throws Trey’s arm over his head and snaps back with a high angled back suplex, dumping Trey head first ON THE LADDER! The ladder snaps closed upon the impact as Trey rolls backward off of it! Kilgore turns and opens the ladder back up as Cade pushes to his feet on the outside finally! The fans begin to cheer as Cade grabs the ladder he was in and slides it in the ring!

Jeff Hansen: How is he even alive?!

Cade slides into the ring as Kilgore starts up the ladder. Cade grabs the ladder he slid in and Kilgore spots him. Kilgore drops off the ladder and kicks Cade in the back, causing Cade to prop the ladder he was holding up against the open, standing, ladder at an angle! Kilgore turns Cade around and gives him a punch! Cade rocks back into the ladders. Kilgore grabs Cade by the wrist and whips him at the ropes and steps to the side as Cade rebounds! Cade somersaults over the diagnol, propped, ladder and quickly turns to dropkick Kilgore’s legs out from under him on the other side of the ladder, causing Kilgore’s face to crash into the ladder! The cut on his lip splits wider and blood sprays out of the other nostril of his nose upon impact!

Other Guy: I don’t know how, Jeff, but he is, and he is going to put up the fight of his life!

Jeff Hansen: Let’s be honest, guys. These guys have all got to be seriously hurt, and its just a matter of who can dig deeper at this point. Unfortunately, right now that looks to be Cade Sydal.

Cade moves to the free side of the ladder and starts to climb, but Kilgore pushes off the ladder, and he is clearly LIVID! Kilgore moves to Cade and pulls him down forcefully! Cade turns and Kilgore swings a hard clothesline, but Cade ducks! Kilgore tips off balance, and Dan Stein pushes to his feet! Kilgore turns around as Cade steps to the side, and Stein catches Kilgore with a spinning wheel kick! Stein rolls under the bottom rope as Trey rolls to his feet! Cade scoops Trey up and slams him down on top of Kilgore! Stein springs to the top and springboards off, and hits a frog splash on Trey and Kilgore at the same time! The fans cheer loudly as Stein rolls off of Trey, clutching his chest!

Eryk Masters: Just when you thought no one had anything left to give!

Other Guy: These guys turn up the heat, no kidding!

Cade and Stein lock eyes with each other, and both look at the free side of the ladder right behind Cade. Cade backs up to get closer, and Stein moves around the bodies of Trey and Kilgore to get closer as well. The fans cheer in anticipation! Trey rolls off of Kilgore and both men move toward Trey instead! Trey grabs Cade by the front of his shorts and falls back, sending Cade through the ropes! Stein pulls Trey up from behind in a waistlock, but Trey shoots his foot up backward into Stein’s groin!

Eryk Masters: That’ll stop anyone!

Jeff Hansen: Including Dan Stein!

Trey turns around and grabs Stein by the head before falling into a DDT that spikes Stein’s head off the canvas! Cade limps around the outside of the ring, clutching his back in agony as he does so, while Trey pushes back to his feet! Trey slides out of the ring and grabs the chair he used earlier on Cade’s back and slides back into the ring, dropping it on Kilgore’s face! Trey climbs up to the top rope and jumps off immediately with a leg drop onto the chair!

Other Guy: Oh!

Jeff Hansen: Trey Willett is disposing of everyone that moves, and now it looks like THIS could be Trey’s moment!

Trey pushes to his feet, holding his lower back, and turns to the open side of the ladder. He starts climbing up! Cade rolls back under the bottom rope, holding his back! Trey keeps climbing the ladder! He nears the top and reaches! His hands brush the hanging belt! Cade pushes to his feet as Trey climbs a rung higher! Cade sprints up the diagonal, propped, ladder! Cade leaps off near the end of the line and snaps into Trey with a jumping calf kick! Trey crashes off the ladder and Cade crashes off to the side as well! The ladders fall over!


Cade pushes to his feet, his arms out wide, he tilts his head back and roars! The crowd cheers loudly! Cade dislodges the propped ladder and grabs the opened one, pulling it back to stand it up! Cade starts to climb, but Kilgore is there behind him! Kilgore grabs Cade by the arm and pulls him off the ladder and whips him around into a hard lariat that drives him into the canvas!

Jeff Hansen: Kilgore used some Strong Arm Tactics to stop Cade’s momentum dead in its tracks!

Kilgore grabs the ladder and starts climbing it himself! Stein pushes to his feet and starts climbing the opposite side of the ladder! Kilgore punches down onto the top of Stein’s head! Kilgore reaches up, and Stein steps higher and punches Kilgore in the chest! Kilgore pulls his arm back in, and Stein steps higher! Kilgore punches Stein, and Stein responds with a punch of his own! Cade pushes to his feet on the ground and looks up at the belt swinging above both men! Cade runs to the ropes as Kilgore punches Stein! Stein punches Kilgore as Cade rebounds off the ropes! Cade lifts his foot and YAKUZA KICKS THE HINGE OF THE LADDER! The hinge SNAPS and the ladder collapses! Stein crashes to the canvas, and Kilgore hits the canvas and bounces under the bottom rope to the outside!


Eryk Masters: Cade Sydal just destroyed a fucking ladder!

The fans clap loudly at the moment as Cade grabs the useless ladder and kicks the other hinge closed before tossing it to a corner. Trey Willett grabs the chair that has been left in the ring and pushes to his feet. Cade turns around as Trey swings the chair right into his face! Cade crashes to the canvas, as another loud gasp escapes the lips of the fans, and the applause suddenly dies down to be replaced with boos!

Other Guy: And Trey Willett just destroyed Cade’s fucking face!

Jeff Hansen: Can anyone even win this match at this point?!

A cut is opened on Cade’s forehead, and blood rolls out of the small cut, as Trey throws the dented chair out of the ring! Trey moves to the completely broken ladder and hoists it up, propping the last rung up on the outside of the ring post, and the next rung up snug against the front of the post, the top of the ladder facing inside the ring. Kilgore, on the outside, reaches under the ring and pulls another ladder out from under it! Trey turns as Stein pushes to his feet, the other ladder off in another corner, Trey grabs Stein and backs him into the corner opposite the ladder he set up and whips Stein hard into the ladder, Stein’s face crashes into the top of the ladder, and Stein is down!


Eryk Masters: Its like a Goddamn train wreck out here!

Other Guy: And for better or for worse, these people love it!

Trey turns to the other ladder and grabs it! Trey opens it quickly and sets it up in the center of the ring! Kilgore slides the ladder he grabbed into the ring and slides in behind it! Kilgore opens the ladder right next to the ladder Trey starts to climb! Kilgore climbs up right next to Trey!

Jeff Hansen: This looks like it could end really badly!

Kilgore brings a forearm across Trey’s back! Trey arches his back in pain and then drives an elbow into the side of Kilgore’s head! Trey climbs higher, and Kilgore clubs him in the back again! Kilgore climbs higher, and then Trey snaps an elbow into the side of his head! Kilgore swings his other arm around to punch Trey, but trey blocks the punch and underhooks the offending arm! Trey hooks Kilgore by the head and pulls him up and spins him over with an underhook suplex! ON THE HORIZONTAL LADDER! Kilgore’s back bounces off the ladder and he falls into the ring!


Other Guy: Trey could have killed Kilogre with that suplex!

Eryk Masters: Holy fuck! That’s no joke!

Trey pushes off his knees, as that was how he landed from the suplex attempt. Trey grabs the ladder he was climbing and sets it back up, ignoring the other one for now, as he starts climbing! Trey climbs high, the fans begin to boo loudly as Cade is only crawling toward him! Stein and Kilgore are both motionless! Trey climbs higher! His hand brushes the hanging TRIAD Title belt! Trey climbs higher until he feels a hand on his ankle! Trey drops off the ladder and starts punching into Cade’s bloody face! Trey whips Cade off the ropes and ducks his head for a back body drop, but Cade snaps his foot up into Trey’s chest! Trey straightens up as Cade spins backward and snaps off a reverse roundhouse, his heel crashes into Trey’s face!

Jeff Hansen: That kick had to have been fired off on sheer instinct, as Cade looks to be out on his damn feet!

Other Guy: I won’t argue that, Jeff. But right now, Cade is climbing the ladder!

Cade grabs the ladder and does, in fact, start to climb! From the opposite side, Stein grabs the ladder and starts to climb it as well! Cade holds his lower back with his left hand as he uses his right steady the climb! Cade reaches his right hand up for the belt, and Stein punches around the ladder to catch Cade in the ribs! Cade pulls his arm back down, and Stein climbs up some more! Cade forearms Stein as he gets higher, and Stein rears back. Stein responds with a punch in Cade’s cheek!

Eryk Masters: Folks, if this is the first SHOOT Project event you’ve ever seen, Cade Sydal and Dan Stein are best friends! But you wouldn’t know it by the way they’re throwing their arms into each other atop that ladder!

Jeff Hansen: With a match this important, friendships go out the window.

Cade swings a hard right, and Stein ducks under it! Stein hooks Cade under the arm and around the neck before pulling Cade up and driving him down with a backbreaker across the top of the ladder!


Cade rolls off the top of the ladder, clutching his back in absolute agony! Stein looks down at him, and then reaches for the title belt! Kilgore’s hand grabs the back of his tights and tugs at them! Kilgore, his left arm clutching his ribs and his breathing labored, pulls Stein off the ladder with his right hand!

Jeff Hansen: I think that dangerous suplex several minutes ago cracked some of Kilgore’s ribs for sure!

Eryk Masters: Be that as it may, Kilgore is driving his fist into Stein’s face right now!

Kilgore rears back for another punch after three, when Stein kicks up into his ribs! Kilgore coughs hard and backs up! Stein runs right at him and hooks him by the head, looking for his tornado DDT! Kilgore holds onto Stein’s waist though and lifts him up, putting him over the top rope and onto the ring apron! Kilgore sends a hard punch into Stein’s face! Another and another, and Stein drops onto the apron suddenly! Kilgore turns and is caught with a kick to the stomach from Trey! Trey sends Kilgore to the ropes, but Kilgore reverses and catches Trey as he rebounds with a strong spinebuster!

Other Guy: Kilgore’s size advantage is incredible in this match, as he outweighs everyone by at least thirty-five pounds, if not closer to seventy.

Kilgore pushes off of Trey and turns as Stein springs off the top rope and springboards toward Kilgore! Stein grabs Kilgore’s head and swings through with the POWER SURGE tornado DDT! Kilgore’s head bounces off the canvas! Stein pushes to his feet as the fans cheer loudly! Stein grabs the ladder that tipped over with all the action and sets it upright! Stein gets a firm hold of it and starts climbing!

Eryk Masters: Dan Stein could take this match right now!

Stein climbs higher, and Trey crawls to the other side of the ladder! Trey starts crawling his way up the ladder, and reaches around the side of the ladder to grab Stein’s knee pad! Stein shakes his leg and tries to climb higher, as Trey climbs higher as well! Trey punches Stein in the gut Stein doubles and Trey climbs up, catching up with Stein! Trey reaches, and Kilgore pushes to his feet! Stein straightens and chops Trey in the chest!

Jeff Hansen: Kilgore is back to his feet somehow!

Kilgore runs at the ladder and shoves it with all his might! The ladder tips over and Stein lands with his chest on the top rope! Trey reaches for the top rope but misses it and lands with his knee on the edge of the ring before falling off to the side onto the ring floor, clutching his knee in agony! The fans gasp, almost sympathetically, as Trey writhes on the arena floor, clutching his knee!

Other Guy: Kilgore is the only man standing!

Kilgore pulls the ladder back upright and starts climbing it! Kilgore climbs higher as the fans boo loudly. Suddenly a leg snaps into the back of his thighs! The fans cheer as Cade Sydal is back to his feet, holding his back! Kilogre looks down just as Cade snaps another kick into the back of Kilgore’s thighs! Cade moves around the ladder and starts climbing while Kilgore rubs his thighs! Kilgore reaches for the belt, and Cade chops hard into Kilgore’s lower ribs! Cade reaches for the belt, it brushes his fingers! Kilgore drives his left arm into Cade’s chest! Cade reels back, and Kilgore reaches with his left hand! Cade grabs the reaching left wrist and bends it back down and turns it behind Kilgore’s back! Cade reaches his own left arm over the shoulder and under the arm, grabbing his own bicep as he pushes on Kilgore’s arm! Cade leans back and lifts his legs to wrap around Kilgore’s legs, pulling him over the top of the ladder! Flashbulbs go off!

Eryk Masters: KIMURA ARMBAR! Cade has the Kimura Armbar locked on at the top of the ladder!

Cade yells loudly as the fans cheer! Kilgore starts slapping the side of the ladder!


The fans cheer louder! Kilgore keeps slapping the ladder with his free hand!

Jeff Hansen: Too bad that doesn’t win the match, huh?!

Suddenly Dan Stein leaps off the top rope! He snaps off the diving enziguiri! Into the back of Cade’s head!


Cade releases the hold and crashes to the canvas as the ladder tips over! Kilgore lands on his feet! Kilgore turns and pushes the ladder upright as Stein pushes to his feet! Stein swings a clothesline at Kilgore! Kilgore ducks! Kilgore catches the arm and chickenwings it behind Stein! Kilgore wraps his arm over Stein’s face and snaps back!


Other Guy: Dan Stein is folded like an accordion!

Kilgore pushes to his feet and grips the ladder tightly! Kilgore starts climbing! The fans booing loudly! Kilgore makes it to the top! Cade is motionless! Stein is motionless! Trey is holding his knee on the outside! Kilgore reaches up and pulls the TRIAD Championship free of the ring it hangs from! The bell sounds and the fans boo LOUDLY!

Eryk Masters: Kilgore Stochansky will go down in the record books as the first ever TRIAD CHAMPION!

“Take a Bow” by Muse hits and the fans continue to boo as Kilgore raises the title high over his head, atop the ladder! Cade rolls out of the ring under the bottom rope, while officials come from the back to help Austin Linam help Trey Willett to the back. Dan Stein rolls under the bottom rope as well, cradling his neck, and Samantha Coil slowly raises the microphone to her lips.


While Kilgore holds the belt high above the air while standing on the ladder, and the fans boo loudly, Cade limps toward the timekeeper’s table. He looks under the table and the camera watches him pull a water bottle out of an ice chest under the table and nods his head in thanks to mark kendrick. Cade opens the bottle and pours it over his face, washing the blood off him, as he starts to limp to the back!

Eryk Masters: These four men put each other through hell, and they’re still in the Redemption Rumble, which is next!


Sammy is once again seen in the back, mask and all, carrying the burlap sack. He seems to be muttering something that the camera can’t quite pick up, his free hand resting on his forehead. He suddenly walks past Ron Barker, who is sitting in a steel chair. Sammy doesn’t seem to notice.

As Sammy walks by, Ron begins to start sobbing in a rather dramatic fashion. Sammy seems puzzled.

Sammy Rochester: Why are you crying?

Ron Barker: Oh. I didn’t see you walk by. It’s terrible, Sammy. Have you ever had the feeling of being lost after losing what is most important to you? It’s like losing a pet or your keys… or even a member of your family. Have you had that feeling?

Sammy’s expression can’t be seen. He simply stares at Ron.

Sammy Rochester: My family left me. They all left me. My brothers…wiseman…the all left.

A very sly smirk begins to form on the face of Ron Barker.

Ron Barker: Exactly! You know how I feel then! Something very important was taken from me and now I’m filled with so much hurt and pain that I just feel like… like… hurting someone. You know? Do you ever get that feeling?

Sammy suddenly lashes forward, dropping the bag and grabbing Ron by the collar and lifting him off the ground, against the wall.


The smirk turns to a look of fear!

Ron Barker: Whoa, WHOA! Calm down, man! I’m not trying to do any of those things! Just… (He strains to breathe as his collar begins to choke him) Just put me down!

Sammy does just that as Ron straightens out his shirt. He clears his throat as he eyes Sammy cautiously.

Ron Barker: My point was that you and I seem to have a lot in common. I AM feeling a little sad and you appear to be feeling some pain yourself. Maybe all you need is a friend, huh?

Sammy seems to ponder this for a moment. He then picks up the bag and shows it to Barker.

Sammy Rochester: A friend like this?

Ron grins as he puts his hand on Sammy’s massive shoulder.

Ron Barker: Maybe someone a little bit bigger than Mikey. In fact, maybe someone like me.

Ron holds his hand out to Sammy. Sammy looks at it for a long while. Finally, after a lot of tension, Sammy drops the bag and shakes Barker’s hand. The scene fades out.


Kenji is leaning against a wall backstage, his nerves are on edge given that later tonight will be one of the most important matches of his career. But there is something else he is looking for. A woman, there weren’t that many women in SHOOT and there was one woman that stood out. If there was any one in SHOOT that would be the one he is searching for…it would be her.


Kenji pushes through the door without knocking. He stands in the doorway.

Kenji: My apologies for not knocking…I need to ask you a few things.

Sinnocence stands up from digging around in her bag and turns around.  She raises an eyebrow to the former Iron Fist Champion, a frown forming on her pretty face.  The very expression screams doubt, and her voice drips with sarcasm.

Sinnocence: Nice to see you too, Kenji.

Kenji takes a few steps forward and starts to circle Sinnocence. Not even registering that she had said anything. He starts looking her over, she has enough curves to be the one he is looking for…

Kenji: How tall are you?

Her hand shoots out and she grabs his shoulder, stopping him in his tracks before pulling her hand back.  If anything, she knew that Kenji didn’t like to be touched by people anymore than she did.

Sinnocence: First of all, stop circling me like a starved vulture.  Second of all, I’m 5’8” and why does it matter how tall I am?

5’8"…that is within the range of what Kenji guessed the "Shadow" from his dream was, but she could have been taller. He again failed to register anything else she said or did. He didn’t even realize her hand on his shoulder. In on swift motion he reared the back of his hand back and laid it as hard as he could against Sinnocence’s cheek.

Kenji: I’ll tell you if you return the favor.

Kenji leaned forward and pointed to his jaw, the same spot he had been slugged in his dream.

Her head rocked with the blow and her hand came up to sooth the lightning strike of pain.  He had one hell of a backhand and she wanted to immediately lash out…but he wanted her to hit him.  Sinn calmed those instincts and came back, fury in her eyes.

Sinnocence: I don’t think so.

Kenji tilted his head slightly; he isn’t sure what went wrong. At this point there is no other way for him to tell…was hitting her not provocation enough? The fire is in her eyes and yet she refused.

Kenji: What part of this don’t you understand? Just hit me as hard as you can, even a simplistic whore like you can understand that, can’t you?!

Sinnocence: I never said I didn’t understand, Kenji.

A malicious smile crossed those pretty lips as leaned to the side, grabbing the towel from her bag and walked past him.  Her green eyes never left his as she tried for the doorway.

Sinnocence: I’m not going to hit you….sure, I want to take your head off, but I’m not going to.  You want me to hit you very badly, it sounds like.  I think it’ll hurt you more if I don’t hit you.

Kenji snaps around like a viper and grasps Sinnocence’s right wrist, stopping her from leaving. A firm twist and his other arm grabs her left wrist while his right hand twists her wrist behind her.

Kenji: I…could…break your wrist right now. Don’t think that you’re playing me, Sinnocence, don’t think for a second that you’re the one in my head. You couldn’t possibly understand what I want from you. You, a low life street hooker, could never understand what I am looking for.

Kenji lets go of both Sinnocence’s wrists and pushes her towards the door.

Kenji: Run, Little Kitty, run and pretend I’m done with you. I’m not…you and I will see each other again. Whether that be a good thing or a bad thing…I suppose that’s up to you, Little Kitty.

Sinnocence whips around, with a fire still blazing in those emerald eyes.

Sinnocence: Fuck you, Kenji.  At least I’m not the one chasing shadows.

She paused for a moment, not knowing why she said that…but she turned and walked out the door, leaving Kenji Yamada alone in her locker room.

Those last words made Kenji freeze up; he had said nothing about the Shadow from his dream to anyone. No one could have known what he was searching for…but she seemed to realize. It could have been a coincidence, but it was something worth looking into.

Kenji: Interesting…very interesting…

Kenji stalks out of Sinnocence’s locker room, with more than a sliver of a clue on what he was supposed to do next.


The screen is black as the sounds of Johnny Cash’s “The Man Comes Around” are heard.

Last year saw the rise of The DEFILER.

And I heard, as it were, the noise of thunder:

One of the four beasts saying “Come and see”

And I saw.

A shot of Jonny Johnson entering the 2008 Redemption Rumble is seen.

And behold…a white horse.

Jonny Johnson is shown eliminating Jester Smiles to win the Redemption Rumble as the song kicks in.

A new era began.

Jonny Johnson is seen face to face with Corazon.

There’s a man going ‘round, taking names.

And he decides who to free and who to blame.

Jonny is seen fighting Corazon at Reckoning Day, juxtaposed with images of Corazon going to prison.

Everyone won’t be treated all the same

There’ll be a golden ladder reaching down

When the man…comes around.

A final shot of Jonny Johnson holding the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship is seen.

The SHOOT Project was never the same.

Images of Donovan King fighting The Real Deal, Long Island Hardcore fighting RnRnSF, Cade Sydal fighting Jonny Johnson, flash across the screen, while an image of an empty ring is shown between all of them.

And it all began…with Redemption.

Whoever is unjust…let him be unjust still

A shot of Kilgore Stochansky is shown, grinning ear to ear.

Whoever is righteous, let him be righteous still

A shot of Dan Stein is shown, looking down at his Iron Fist Championship is seen.

Whoever is filthy, let him be filthy still

A shot of a blood soaked Pestalance is shown, laughing as he leaves the defeated Donovan King lying.

Listen to the words long written down

When the man comes around

Images flash of Sinnocence, Lockup, RnRnSF, CJ Nelson, The Flying Avengers, Curtis Rose, Crimson Ghost, Ron Barker, Donovan King, and Thomas Manchester Black across the screen.

And in 2009…at Redemption…

Suddenly, all the entrants in the Rumble are shown, flashing so fast you can’t make out who is who.

…a new era begins…again.

And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts

And I looked and behold, a pale horse

The final image is that same barren wrestling ring, the final haunting words of Johnny Cash resonating through the empty arena in which the ring sits.

And his name that sat on him was Death

The screen goes black, though the words still echo.

And Hell followed with him.

The bell rings, bringing the fans’ attention to the ring.

Samantha Coil:  The following match is the 2009 REDEMPTION RUMBLE!!

The fans pop.

Samantha Coil:  The winner of this match will go on to become the number one contender to the World Heavyweight Championship and will be able to, at any time, challenge for the SHOOT Project World Championship!

“Red Tape” by Agent Provocateur plays, bringing the fans to cheer as out from the back comes Lockup.  He slaps hands as he heads down to the ring.  He pops his Teen Idol Cade Sydal shirt to the fans, grinning as he walks down the ramp.  Once he slides in, he nods his head, pointing out to the fans in attendance.  Samantha Coil is out of the ring as his theme song dies down.  Lockup stretches against the ropes, staring at the entrance.

Eryk Masters:  Annnnd Lockup lands the not so coveted number one spot.  He’s gonna have to have one hell of a master plan going into this thing.

Jeff Hansen:  He’s also gotta hope whoever comes through that entrance he can handle for three minutes before the rest of the guys start coming down there in their increments.

“Broken Bones” by nonpoint plays and the fans erupt.

Other Guy:  Uh oh!  Here comes the man who just a short while ago found himself in one of the most intense matches of his time in SHOOT Project!

Cade Sydal steps out to the fans cheering their asses off.  He glares at the ring, where Lockup paces, waiting for him.  He walks down to the ring slowly, clutching his back as he makes his way to the ring.  He walks up the ring steps and into the ring slowly.

Other Guy:  Cade looks like he’s in a lot of pain after that TRIAD title match.

Cade rests against the turnbuckle, watching the fresh Lockup as the referee for the Rumble, Dennis Heflin, calls for the bell.

Eryk Masters:  As everybody knows, the Rumble is a no disqualification match.  In general, the SHOOT Project Soldiers treat this match with respect and, some would say, honor.

Lockup and Cade meet up in the center of the ring, bumping knuckles as the fans pop for both men.  Lockup points to his shirt, smiling at Cade as the two men lock up.  Immediately, Lockup gets the advantage, locking Cade in a headlock that Cade turns into a whip to the ropes.  Lockup ducks a Cade Sydal clothesline, bouncing off the ropes again and NAILING Cade Sydal with a HARD pump kick that DRILLS Cade’s head to the mat!  Cade holds his head as Lockup picks him back up and Cade shoves him back, infuriated.

Other Guy:  Cade doesn’t look all that happy with the idea of letting Lockup get the early advantage here tonight!

Suddenly, Cade NAILS Lockup in the side with a kick!  Lockup cringes and then HE nails CADE in the side with a kick!  Cade cringes and, in turn, NAILS Lockup in the side with his kick again!  Lockup kicks Cade, but Cade catches Lockup’s leg!



Lockup goes for an enziguiri, but Cade catches THAT leg, too, prompting Lockup to land on his back!



Cade leaps into the air and NAILS Lockup’s midsection with a double leg drop!




Cade glares at the ramp.




The alarm rings and “Where Is My Mind” by The Pixies plays and out from the back comes JASON RILEY.  He storms down to the ring once Lockup picks himself back up.  Riley slides into the ring and IMMEDIATELY gets DROPPED with a Cade Sydal Ninjaguiri!

Jeff Hansen:  DAMN!

Riley is down and out on the mat with Cade and Lockup staring at him and at one another.  Lockup applauds Cade’s Ninjaguiri before he picks Riley up and IMMEDIATELY drives him back down to the mat with a HARD STO!

Other Guy:  Lockup and Cade seemingly in a game of one upmanship with Jason Riley playing the victim, Lockup hitting half of his own finisher in response to Cade’s own Ninjaguiri! 

Cade nods his head, seemingly impressed.  Lockup picks Riley back up, Riley very groggy.  Cade and Lockup both take Riley by his head and LAUNCH him over the top rope!


Eryk Masters:  I don’t think Jason Riley meant for that to be his Rumble moment!

Lockup and Cade begin to pace the ring watching one another before they lock back up.  Cade whips Lockup to the ropes and Cade chases after him, NAILING him with a dropkick and sending Lockup OVER THE TOP ROPE, but Lockup holds on!  Cade gets to his feet, seeing Lockup slowly pulling himself up on the apron.



Cade charges at Lockup, who dips the rope, sending CADE flying over the rope, but Cade hangs on!




Both Lockup and Cade are on the ring apron and both men are trading elbows, trying to send the other off the ring apron and to the floor for the elimination!




Cade NAILS Lockup, dizzying him for a second, giving him time to leap back into the ring!


Cade charges Lockup, but Lockup NAILS him in the midsection with a shoulder block!


The alarm calls out while “Natural One” by Folk Implosion plays as out from the back comes RON BARKER.  Barker storms down to the ring and stops while Lockup and Cade continue to battle it out.

Eryk Masters:  Barker’s not getting in!

Jeff Hansen:  Smartest thing I’ve seen all night, Eryk!

Lockup grabs Cade’s head and NAILS him with a Muay Thai knee, sending Cade to the mat!  He picks Cade back up and NAILS him with a HARD kick to the back!  Barker paces outside the ring, watching Cade and Lockup, the fans booing his lack of involvement thus far.

Other Guy:  I know if I were Cade and Lockup, I’d get out there and get Barker’s ass in there myself!

Jeff Hansen:  That’s probably why you’d get eliminated, OG.  You gotta focus on the opponent in front of you to win a thing like this.

Eryk Masters:  What do YOU know about the Redemption Rumble, Jeff?

Jeff Hansen:  …I know Jonny Johnson wins it any time he’s in the fuckin’ thing!

Lockup turns and spots Barker outside the ring.

Other Guy:  He’s not in this one, Jeff.

Jeff Hansen:  Thank God for these guys!

Lockup exits the ring through the middle rope and hops down, glaring at Barker.

Eryk Masters:  Of course, Lockup is NOT eliminated.  Through the ropes isn’t over the ropes, he’s still in the clear!

Barker sees Lockup and runs around the ring, prompting Lockup to give chase!  Barker turns the corner and waits for Lockup, who he LEVELS with a clothesline!  Cade is up in the ring, but he’s taking a breather as Barker picks Lockup up and whips him into the ring, following behind him.




Barker gives Lockup a few more well placed kicks.




Cade charges Barker and NAILS him with a jumping calf kick!!




Cade stops, turning to the entrance!


The alarm rings out and “Defy You” by The Offspring plays, the fans booing loudly as out from the back steps SHOOT Project World Tag Team Champion KID LIGHTNING!  Standing beside Kid Lightning is his tag partner FLASH Dynamite, who is holding both of their newly won belts on both of his shoulders as Kid Lightning limps down to the ring, in agony!  The fans are booing their asses off!

Eryk Masters:  FLASH Dynamite staying in the back and waiting for his turn to enter the ring as Kid Lightning is in definite pain from the hell PERDITION put The Flying Avengers through earlier tonight!

Other Guy:  Hell or not, PERDITION was defeated, Eryk, and you’re looking at one half of the World Tag Team Champions and Cade Sydal’s relative!

Kid Lightning slides into the ring and waves to Cade, who only watches him with a slightly dumbfounded look at how much pain he’s obviously in.  Barker looks at Kid Lightning and busts out laughing, pulling himself up from the kick Cade gave him.  Lockup, meanwhile, nails Barker from behind with a HARD elbow strike!  Barker staggers forward and Kid Lightning catches him with another hard elbow shot!  Barker continues to stagger as Cade leaps up and nails a picture perfect drop kick to Barker, dropping him to the mat!

Other Guy:  Team work!  Kid Lightning is probably gonna be looking to stick close to Cade out there until FLASH shows up later on.

Barker is groggy as Kid Lightning leaps over him and grabs Lockup, whipping him to the ropes and catching him with a flying headscissors!  Lockup falls to the mat and Kid Lightning points to Cade for the assist, and Cade, while somewhat hesitant, hits Lockup with a senton bomb!  Kid Lightning goes to slap hands with Cade, but Barker SNATCHES Kid Lightning up and NAILS him with PERFECTION, flattening him to the mat!





Cade and Barker are trading blows!





Barker NAILS Cade with a clothesline!



The alarm rings out as “Game Over” plays and the fans boo loudly as out from the back comes SAMMY ROCHESTER.  Sammy is wearing a burlap sack for a mask and is carrying a sack behind him.  He slowly saunters down to the ring, sitting the sack down before he enters the ring, the fighting in the match grinding to a halt.

Other Guy:  I think things just got…really fuckin’ scary in there.

Sammy lifts Cade up and LAUNCHES him like a lawn dart across the ring!  Kid Lightning pulls himself up, but Sammy snatches him up, and DESTROYS him with a Polish Hammer!  Barker, in awe of Sammy’s might, doesn’t catch it when Lockup sneaks up on him and tries to tumble Barker out!  Barker’s up on the ropes, struggling, but Sammy NAILS Lockup in the back with a double axe handle!  Lockup lets Barker go and Sammy flattens Lockup with a standing clothesline!  Barker is trying to breathe easy…but Sammy goes to eliminate him!!

Jeff Hansen:  Well, so long Ron Barker!

Barker yells to Sammy, getting Sammy’s attention.  Sammy stops trying to eliminate Barker!

Other Guy:  I can’t believe this…Ron Barker is actually REASONING with the monster!

Sammy LETS RON DOWN.  Barker nods his head approvingly to Sammy, who NODS BACK.  Barker points to Lockup, and Sammy lifts him up!  He hoists Lockup up into the air with a double handed choke slam!






Cade tries to pick himself up, but Sammy picks him up into a gorilla press slam, dropping him casually to the mat!





Sammy turns to Kid Lightning, who Barker points to with a grin on his face!


The alarm sounds and “Ready To Brawl” by 3seven7 plays and ALEX BROOKS SPRINTS down to the ring!

Eryk Masters:  I don’t think Alex Brooks is ready to face a guy like Sammy Rochester!

Brooks hops up onto the ring apron and springboards off the top rope, but Sammy DECIMATES him with a clothesline IN MID AIR.  Barker laughs like a school girl, pointing for Sammy to eliminate Brooks!  Sammy picks Brooks up, but suddenly the fans pop as Lockup nails Sammy in the back!  Sammy turns, glaring Lockup down!  Sammy and Lockup glare long and hard at one another and Sammy goes to attack Lockup, but Lockup ducks it and NAILS Barker with a HARD running kick to Barker’s midsection!

Jeff Hansen:  Lockup isn’t ready to die just yet!

Sammy goes to hit Lockup again, but Lockup ducks the shot again and begins to kick Sammy HARD in the midsection OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN!  Suddenly, Cade Sydal’s up and BOTH men are kicking Sammy as hard as they can!  Sammy staggers back and both men won’t let up on the kicks to the midsection!  Kid Lightning is up and he gets over to Barker to keep him occupied with hard punches!







Sammy lands into the turnbuckle, both Lockup and Cade leveling his midsection with kicks!





The alarm sounds once more as Kasabian’s “Club Foot” kicks in and the fans POP as JACK HEART sprints down to the ring!  He slides in and IMMEDIATELY is in the corner with Lockup and Cade!

Eryk Masters:  Oh, I think this is going to be insane!

Cade NAILS Sammy with a kick!  Lockup follows that up with a HARD kick!  Heart follows THAT up with ANOTHER kick!  Sammy is in the corner still and Cade charges him, AND HE NAILS THE SEX WITH YOUR GIRLFRIEND!


Jeff Hansen:  Oh my GOD that was, like, Adamle…what you just said.  So shit it was actually awesome!

Sammy is rocked in the corner now, and he slowly staggers out, after having taken nearly three dozen HARD kicks to the midsection!  Barker gets Kid Lightning off of him and can only watch in horror as Sammy lays against the ropes, in very definite rick of elimination!  Heart and Cade both grab one of Sammy’s legs, and Barker attacks Lockup to stop him from assisting!





Suddenly, SAMMY’S UP!



Cade and Heart almost have him!



Lockup shoves Barker off of him!


Sammy gets both Cade and Heart off of him, but Lockup’s there!


The alarm rings out and “Out Here Grindin’” by DJ Khaled plays and the fans ERUPT as DONOVAN KING enters the arena, glaring at the carnage going on in the ring!

Eryk Masters:  Drawing number nine is DEFINITELY not what Donovan King wanted for an advantage here tonight!

King stalks down to the ring as Lockup NAILS Sammy in the midsection with ANOTHER kick, but Sammy flattens him with a grazing blow!  King is at ringside as Lockup KIPS UP!  Sammy glares at him, BUT LOCKUP NAILS HIM WITH A HARD RISING UPPERCUT, NEARLY LEAPING OFF OF THE GROUND!!!

Lockup:  SHORYUKEN!!

The fans ERUPT as Sammy falls back to the ropes, and Lockup, WITH EASE ELIMINATES SAMMY.


Other Guy:  WOW.  Last year Sammy was INSANE in this match but this year Lockup catches him!

King slides into the ring and motions to Barker, who barrels Lockup over the ropes!  Lockup lands on the ring apron and King NAILS him with a DEALBREAKER onto the ropes, stunning Lockup!  Barker follows that up with a HARD shoulder block and Lockup is gone!


The fans seem to want to boo as King and Barker have seemingly formed an alliance, King clipping Kid Lightning’s knees from behind while Barker NAILS Lightning with a clothesline from the front!





Cade shoves King, trying to get him away from Kid Lightning, and the fans ERUPT as both these men are face to face again!




Before they can attack one another, though, Barker NAILS Cade with a low blow, while Kid Lightning hits King from behind with a shot to the back of the head!



Suddenly the alarm sounds and, CHARLES BRYANT PENZE steps out, but he has no music.  He stops, very confused.  The fans pop for the unlikely CBP as he walks down to the ring, confused he has no music now.  He walks up the ring steps.  He steps into the ring and immediately he locks up with Alex Brooks.  King, meanwhile, overpowers Kid Lightning, LEVELLING him with a clothesline.  He picks Lightning up while Barker gets Cade into the turnbuckle.  King whips Lightning into the turnbuckle, flattening him against Cade!

Eryk Masters:  Oh this can’t be good!

Barker grabs King and goes to whip him to the corner, but King counters and sends Barker RAMMING into Kid Lightning and Cade Sydal!  Kid Lightning staggers from the corner and Barker DESTROYS him with Perfection!  Cade falls from the corner, but King catches him and sends him FLYING with a belly to belly suplex!

Eryk Masters:  We’ve been going for a little while here, Cade’s been in there for nearly twenty minutes or so, and he’s been in there the longest.

Other Guy:  We’re only a third of the way through, Eryk, and we’ve STILL got Christopher Davis, Azraith DeMitri, Pestalance, Osbourne Kilminster, this is just gettin’ started!

Brooks and CBP trade blows near the ropes as the countdown begins again!











The alarm sounds as “The Crimson Ghost” by The Misfits plays, as CRIMSON GHOST charges the ring!  He runs to the ring, hops up onto the apron and goes to springboard onto both Brooks and CBP, BUT BROOKS AND CBP CATCH HIM!  THEY TOSS HIM!!!


Eryk Masters:  WHAT?!

Other Guy:  CBP, who has probably NEVER had a major moment in SHOOT, ACTUALLY ELIMINATED SOMEBODY.

CBP pops for himself, cheering loudly and very happily until he is met with a HARD elbow from King.  Brooks tries to hit King, but King hits Brooks with an elbow as well!  Suddenly, CBP and Brooks start to trade shots with King, and Kid Lightning joins in!  The three of them get King against the ropes, and they pick his legs up, trying to eliminate him!

Jeff Hansen:  CBP and Brooks are on a roll!  It doesn’t look good for King here!

Suddenly, Jack Heart hits CBP from behind!  CBP staggers away and Brooks gets NAILED with a kick!  King manages to shake Kid Lightning off, and both he and Heart hit Kid with a double clothesline!  Heart and King nod to one another as they have seemingly made an alliance!  Barker has Cade in the corner, beating on him, but Heart breaks off from King and hits Barker from behind with a dropkick, throwing Barker into the corner, his crotch in Cade’s face!

Other Guy:  Oh…EW.

Jeff Hansen:  I’m sure Cade’s sucked a few dicks for some…like…drugs or something.

Eryk Masters:  That one fell a little flat, Jeff.

King charges the corner and hits a BEAUTIFUL splash, grinding Barker’s crotch FURTHER into Cade’s face!!  Barker staggers from the corner and Cade is slowly realizing just what’s happened right then.





Cade freaks out, rubbing his face and spitting!  The fans are popping hard, laughing!







The alarm sounds as “Head Down” by Nine Inch Nails plays and AZRAITH DEMITRI enters the arena.  He saunters down to the ring with a purpose.  Instantly, he enters the ring and hits Kid Lightning with a stiff shoulder block.  CBP is up and is immediately dropped again by Az with another shoulder block!  King stands in the center of the ring as Azraith and he lock eyes.

Eryk Masters:  Oh this has been hinted at all week between Azraith and King!

King holds his fist out to Azraith, who pounds his back in respect and both men begin to trade shots!  King with elbows and Az with punches!  Suddenly, Alex Brooks tries to get in the middle of the two of them and they BOTH nail Brooks with hard shots!  Azraith picks Brooks and and sends him SAILING over the top rope to the floor without any thought whatsoever!


Heart kicks Azraith from behind and King immediately snatches Heart up with a belly to belly suplex!  Barker picks Heart up and throws him from the ring, but Heart lands on the ring apron!  Cade charges at Heart and hits a dropkick, sending Heart down to the floor!





Az and King go back at it!



Kid Lightning and Cade go back after Barker!




CBP hits Kid from behind!



The alarm sounds and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ “Date With The Night” plays and CURTIS ROSE, THE STYLE WARRIOR saunters out down to the ring.  Rose slides into the ring and immediately helps Barker take on Cade.  Kid Lightning hits his own Ninjaguiri to CBP to daze him so he can assist his cousin, who is getting double teamed by Barker and Rose.  Azraith gets King in the corner and hits him with hard shoulder blocks before he picks King’s legs up, trying to eliminate him!

Jeff Hansen:  King in danger again!

Cade EXPLODES out from Barker and Rose and throws elbows to both of them!  He charges at Azraith and hits a flying clothesline to the big man!  King nearly tumbles out, but he manages to pull himself back in, right into a devastating NINJAGUIRI, dropping King to the mat!  Rose tries to sneak up on Cade, but Cade hits Rose in the temple with a HARD kick!  CBP sneaks up on Cade and tries to eliminate him, only for Azraith to catch Cade and SLAMS Cade down with a spinebuster!  CBP looks at Cade before he looks up to Azraith, who snatches CBP up and FORCES CBP’s head between his legs!

Eryk Masters:  Things aren’t looking too good for CBP!

Azraith HEFTS CBP up, who is screaming bloody murder!  Azraith holds him there for a moment…AND SLAMS HIM DOWN WITH THE EXTINCTION!!  CBP IS OUT.  Azraith picks himself up as Barker tries to sneak up on him, only for Azraith to catch him and snatch him up, NAILING Barker with THE PRESENCE!  Barker is OUT!  King, however, is up.  Groggy, but up.  He takes a hold of CBP and tosses him from the ring, CBP putting up no effort to fight back after that HARSH Extinction!












The alarm rings and “Phantom” by Justice plays.  The fans boo as The SHOOT Project TRIAD Champion KILGORE STOCHANSKY walks out, trying to be crafty.  He walks down to the ring, realizing no one’s paying him any attention.  He slides into the ring, surveying the carnage in front of him.  Barker is down while Azraith gets ready for him to get back up.  King is resting after eliminating CBP.  Kid Lightning is down.  Cade Sydal is slowly picking himself up.

Eryk Masters:  I wonder what Kilgore’s thinking…

Kilgore slowly jumps back up over the top rope, the fans booing that no one’s gotten their hands on him, BUT KILGORE GETS KNOCKED DOWN BY CADE FROM BEHIND!!


Other Guy:  Kilgore might have wanted to get away unscathed, but Cade let him know he saw him!!

Kilgore clutches his back as he picks himself up.  Cade glares him down as he leaves the arena, smirking.  Meanwhile, Cade turns around RIGHT into King, lifting him up and NAILING the KTFO!  Cade is OUT.  Kid Lightning attacks King from behind for attacking his cousin, but King catches him and hits a HARD Dealbreaker on Kid, taking him out as well!  Azraith lifts Barker up and tries to eliminate him while the count down begins again!





Barker breaks free!







“How I Could Just Kill A Man” by Rage Against The Machine plays and the fans ERUPT as a FURIOUS DIEGO REYES charges the ring!  He slides into the ring and IMMEDIATELY picks Kid Lightning up!

Eryk Masters:  I bet Diego’s been waiting on this ever since the Tag Team title match!

Reyes hooks Kid Lightning up in the pumphandle and he NAILS LA PENA DE MUERTE!!  Diego pops up, glaring down at Kid Lightning.  He picks Lightning up and he gets attacked from behind by Rose!  Lightning goes to fall again, but King catches him and sends him FLYING over the top rope!!


Diego catches Rose and hits a HARD chokeslam on him!  He picks Rose up and whips him to the ropes!  He ducks down to hit a spinebuster, but Azraith NAILS a clothesline on Rose, eliminating him!


Jeff Hansen:  We’re down to Cade Sydal, Donovan King, Azraith DeMitri, Diego Reyes, and Ron Barker!

Other Guy:  We reached the halfway mark, and it looks like Diego Reyes is STILL angry he didn’t get to attack Kid Lightning any more than he did with that one move!











The alarm rings and “Break Your Face” by Jack Nickelz plays, the fans RIPPING into a LOUD mixed reaction for OSBOURNE KILMINSTER.

Jeff Hansen:  Oh, it’s about to get INSANE.

Ozzy slides into the ring and immediately he catches King, who gets the assist from Azraith.  Az and King team up on Ozzy while Diego picks Cade up, only to have Cade try to whip him to the ropes!  Reyes counters and Cade is whipped to the ropes and catches ONE MURDEROUS MOTHER FUCKING SPINEBUSTER.  Diego glares down at Cade until Ron Barker sends Diego from the ring!


Reyes slaps the ring apron in frustration as Barker waves to him, smirking.  Azraith sneaks up on Barker and throws HIM from the ring, but Barker skins the cat, one foot hitting the floor, but the other still up in the air, Barker still holding the top rope!  Azraith goes to attack again, but Ozzy hits him from behind and hits him with a belly to back suplex!  King, meanwhile, pulls Cade up and drags him to the ropes, trying to eliminate him!



Cade kicks King off of him!


Barker is back in!




Ozzy picks Azraith up onto the top rope!





The alarm rings out and “How I Could Just Kill A Man” picks back up again and JONAS COLEMAN charges the ring!  He slides into the ring and he instantly targets Ron Barker!  He and Barker trade blows as Azraith manages to avoid elimination again while King tries to get Cade out of the ring yet again!  Barker whips Coleman to the ropes and Coleman rebounds with a HARD cross body block!

Eryk Masters:  Jonas Coleman targeting the man who just eliminated his tag team partner and you gotta believe he’s hoping to last ‘til FLASH Dynamite makes his way into the Rumble!

Jeff Hansen:  Diego helped get Kid Lightning eliminated, but he kept focus on Lightning’s cousin Cade, and it cost him getting eliminated himself, so I hope Jonas Coleman isn’t quite as one track minded like his partner.

Suddenly, Jonas turns around and Cade NAILS him with the Ninjaguiri!  Jonas staggers back RIGHT into PERFECTION by Barker!  King goes to pick Jonas up, but Kilminster catches King and HURLS him over the top rope, but King holds on!  Ozzy charges at him but King flips back over the top rope and hits a modified drop kick to Ozzy!  Ozzy staggers back and King hurls HIM over the top rope!  Ozzy holds on valiantly and catches King with a stun gun!  King falls backwards right into an Azraith clothesline to the back of the head!




Jonas slowly begins to pull himself up!



Jonas cradles his back, but he sees Barker teetering dangerously close to elimination from Cade!





Jonas rushes over to help eliminate Barker with Cade!


The alarm sounds and “Defy You” by The Offspring plays yet again and FLASH DYNAMITE sprints down to the ring!

Other Guy:  Oh hell!

Dynamite slides in and IMMEDIATELY clubs Coleman from behind!  Coleman releases Barker and leaves Cade to fight the fight on his own to try to eliminate Barker himself.  Dynamite grabs a hold of Coleman and hooks the head and HOISTS Coleman up…DYNAMITE DROP!!!  Dynamite glares at the booing fans as Coleman is trying his best to get back up, but he just doesn’t have it in him!  Dynamite picks Coleman up and LAUNCHES him over the top rope!!


FLASH Dynamite seems happy with his handiwork, glaring down at Jonas Coleman while the referees try to get him up and out of there.  Diego Reyes rushes back down to the ringside area and checks on his partner, both men glaring at FLASH, who shrugs as the fans boo their asses off!

Eryk Masters:  Well, I’m just SO glad he’s proud of himself here…first they walk out the tag champs, now they’re resorting to sneak attacks…

Jeff Hansen:  That’s what the Rumble’s all about, man!

Both members of PERDITION glare at FLASH, who motions for them to enter the ring, but mocks them because they’re not allowed…ONLY FOR OSBOURNE KILMINSTER TO SCOOP HIM OUT AND ELIMINATE HIM FROM BEHIND!!


FLASH gets up, only to see BOTH members of PERDITION in front of him!

Other Guy:  Looks like PERDITION are about to get a piece of FLASH Dynamite’s ass!

Suddenly, a flood of referees and road agents hit the ringside area, as well as Kid Lightning, to separate the two teams!











The alarm goes off and “Where Is My Mind” by The Pixies and TOM QUINN makes his way down to the ring.  He stops when he sees the melee going on at ringside.  Super Fan is with him, and both men walk down to the ringside area.  Quinn debates where to go and he ATTACKS THE FLYING AVENGERS AND PERDITION.

Eryk Masters:  He’s going after the tag team champs and PERDITION!

Jeff Hansen:  RnRnSF are out to make a statement!

Suddenly, The Flying Avengers break off their battling with PERDITION and Diego Reyes takes a hold of Super Fan’s throat, hoists him up, and chokeslams him down to the mat with a THUD.  Jonas Coleman NAILS Quinn with a kick to the midsection and tosses him to Reyes who lifts Quinn up for a spinebuster and Jonas hits the neckbreaker, DESTROYING Quinn!

Other Guy:  I think it’s safe to say Tom Quinn just got his ass handed to him before he even got in the ring!

Reyes and Coleman point to the ring and they toss Quinn’s body in.  Azraith picks him up and unceremoniously tosses him right back out of the ring!












The alarm sounds and “Gets Me Through” by Ozzy Osbourne plays, bringing the fans to actually cheer as SINNOCENCE heads out in a dead sprint, sliding into the ring right next to her lover Osbourne Kilminster!

Other Guy:  It’s Victory or Valhalla right here!

Sinn and Ozzy get up, the alliance sealed before anyone even has to think about it.  Sinn and Ozzy move to one side of the ring, with Barker moving to their side as well, even if the alliance seems to not approve.  King, Azraith, and Cade all stand on the other side of the ring.

Eryk Masters:  The battle lines are drawn!  Cade Sydal looks positively exhausted right now, having been wrestling tonight for almost an hour in this match, not to mention going almost an hour earlier tonight, I mean…he’s gotta be the target for the fresher Sinnocence…

No sooner does Eryk Masters say that before Sinn attacks Cade with fervor while Azraith attacks Barker, leaving King and Ozzy to go at it.  Ozzy goes to hit a clothesline and King hits him with one as well, both men landing flat on their backs from their attack!  Azraith whips Barker to the ropes and DEADLIFTS Barker up into a tilt-a-whirl powerslam!  Sinn pushes Cade up and hits him with a STANDING hurricanrana!  The fans are popping as she sees King picking himself up as well as Azraith on their feet as well.

Other Guy:  Oh damn, what is she thinking?!

Sinn climbs the corner and is up on the top rope!  King and Az turn to see her and she LEAPS WITH A FLYING CROSSBODY…BUT KING AND AZ CATCH HER NO!!  NO!!!  OZZY TACKLES THE BOTH OF THEM FROM BEHIND!!!  THEY’RE BOTH DOWN!!



Sinn is up!




Barker is up!




The three of them zero in on Cade!



The alarm sounds and “Lay Down” by Priestess plays, the fans cheering as CJ NELSON runs down to the ring.  He slides into the ring and IMMEDIATELY Barker, Ozzy, and Sinn are overpowering him!

Other Guy:  CJ Nelson is trying his hand by himself here tonight, and it’s looking like he’s going to have to fight for his life here if he hopes to beat this trio!

Ozzy NAILS CJ with the Wake Up Call, and Barker picks him back up and tosses him from the ring, but CJ hangs on!  Suddenly, Cade NAILS Ozzy from behind, he brings Ozzy’s head back…NIGHTCAP!!  NIGHTCAP!!  Barker turns around…NINJAGUIRI!!!  Cade drops to his knees as CJ Nelson gets back into the ring, unevening the odds yet again!  Nelson grabs Sinn by the throat and she kicks him in the groin!  Nelson doubles over in pain and she hits him with a DDT!  Sinn turns around, targeting in on Cade yet again!  She charges, King NAILS her with a clothesline, flipping her over onto her stomach!

Jeff Hansen:  DAMN!  Donovan King caught Sinnocence off guard with THAT one!

Nelson struggles to pull himself up as Azraith takes a hold of Ozzy, trying to eliminate him again!  King goes to help Cade up and just flattens HIM with a clothesline, doubling HIM onto HIS stomach!  Barker slides towards Nelson and picks himself up, and then gets Nelson up as well.






Barker tries to eliminate CJ Nelson!


Nelson hangs on!





The alarm rings and “Lies (Jax Remix)” by Evanescence plays, the fans giving a smaller reaction as out from the back emerges BRAD JACKSON.  Jackson enters the ring and IMMEDIATELY throws CJ Nelson from the ring with authority!


Jackson lifts Cade up and puts him on his shoulders, throwing HIM from the ring, but Cade hangs onto the ring apron!  Jackson turns and grabs King by the back of his head and throws HIM as well, but King hangs on!  Suddenly, Jackson stops, eye to eye with AZRAITH.

Other Guy:  This is Brad Jackson’s first appearance in a Redemption Rumble, and he’s making quite the statement.

Azraith suddenly NAILS a punch to Jackson’s jaw!

Jeff Hansen:  Unfortunately…Brad Jackson…meet Azraith DeMitri.

Jackson rallies back with a HARD shot!  Azraith with a punch!  Jackson!  Azraith!  Sinn sneaks up behind Azraith, but Jackson gets distracted by her and Azraith lifts Jackson and NAILS him with a spinebuster!  Azraith picks Jackson up for the Extinction, but Sinn springboards off the ropes and NAILS Azraith with a flying spinning heel kick, taking Azraith away from Jackson!  She goes to check on Jackson and King immediately hits her with a release German suplex!  Ozzy attacks and hits King with a German suplex!  Suddenly, Cade Sydal grabs Ozzy from behind!



Ozzy blocks a Cade Sydal suplex!











The alarm sounds.

Chains gleaming

Switching lanes

Two seating

Hate him or love him

For the same reason (wish)

Eryk Masters:  Is this The Real Deal?

Can’t leave it

The games needs him

Plus the people need someone to believe in (this)

So in God’s Son we trust

The fighting in the ring stops as everyone is watching the entrance.

‘Cause they know I’m gonna give ’em what they want

They looking for… a hero

I guess that makes me… a hero

“Hero” by Nas plays and CHRISTOPHER DAVIS walks out from the back.  He saunters down to the ring, picking up the pace as he makes it to the ring.  The fans are ERUPTING as Davis slides into the ring, nailing Cade Sydal with a punch, Azraith with a punch, Sinnocence with a punch, Brad Jackson with a punch, and Ron Barker with a punch.  The fans pop BIG as standing in the middle of the ring are Christopher Davis…and Donovan King.

Eryk Masters:  These two have had a war of words for what feels like ages and this is the FIRST time they’ve been in the ring with nothing stopping them!

Davis throws a shots, King hits an elbow.  Davis throws another punch, and King hits a second elbow!  Davis throws a third punch, and King goes for an elbow, but Davis blocks it!  Davis hits another punch, King falls back!  Davis hits another!  Another!  Another!  King is in the corner!  Davis unleashes absolute HELL on King!  He gets up onto the second turnbuckle and wails away on King!  ONE!  TWO!  THREE!  FOUR!  FIVE!  SIX SEVEN EIGHT NINE KING BUNDLES DAVIS OVER THE TOP ROPE!!

Jeff Hansen:  Christopher Davis is in trouble!


King pushes Davis with all of his might, but Davis hangs on!





Barker is up, helping King!



Davis hits King!


Davis hits Barker!


Cade dropkicks Davis and he falls to the apron!


The alarm sounds and “Line ‘Em Up” by Freeway and Young Chris plays, the fans booing as THOMAS MANCHESTER BLACK makes his way down to the ring!  Davis rolls underneath the bottom rope, safe from elimination!

Other Guy:  We’re gettin’ down to the wire here now, with only SIX more competitors remaining!

Black enters the ring and bumps knuckles with Ozzy, and suddenly the battle lines are drawn again!  King continues to brawl with Davis while Black attacks Cade!  Sinn and Jackson double team Azraith while Barker decides now’s the time to rest!  Ozzy sits back, resting while Davis and King suddenly stop fighting.  Davis releases the headlock he has King in and motions to Ozzy and Barker, who seem to be enjoying themselves. 

Jeff Hansen:  Don’t do it, Chris!  You were doing great kicking his ass!

Davis suddenly whips King RIGHT AT Ozzy with a splash!  Barker gets up alarmed and is greeted with a kick to the midsection, followed up with a DDT!  King moves to hurl Ozzy from the ring, but Ozzy skins the cat yet again!  This time, however, Davis is right there to assist him!  Jackson and Sinn stop their attacks on Azraith and move to stop Davis and King!





Jackson attacks King, but Davis grabs him and HURLS him from the ring!



Sinn distracts King long enough for Ozzy to get back in the ring!


Davis NAILS Jackson, sending Jackson to the floor below!





The alarm sounds and “One Second Of Insanity” by The Butterfly Effect plays and DINA BRYCE charges the ring!  She leaps up to the ring apron OFF OF BRAD JACKSON’S BACK and springboards into the ring onto King and Davis!

Eryk Masters:  Dina Bryce is making her Redemption Rumble debut here tonight!

Bryce is up and Sinnocence IMMEDIATELY uses Dina’s momentum and sends her FLYING right back out of the ring!!


Jeff Hansen:  Annnnnd it’s back to the drawing board for Dina Bryce!

Dina Bryce slaps her hands together in frustration as Sinnocence waves a bitchy wave to her eliminated foe, only for Cade to dump her out to the ring apron!  She punches Cade’s midsection and re-enters the ring, annoyed that Cade tried to take advantage of her at that moment.  Meanwhile, Ozzy and Black continue their assault on King and Davis, while Azraith takes the moment to rest, as does Barker.  Sinn kicks Cade in the midsection and goes for a DDT-NO!  She locks in a standing Iron Maiden!

Eryk Masters:  First submission attempt, really, of the Rumble thus far and I have to say, it’s genius trying to cut Cade’s oxygen off.  SHOOT Project’s Iron Man doesn’t go down so easily unless you cut off his air supply.


Other Guy:  Not THAT air supply, Jeff.




Cade staggers, trying to keep from falling all the rest of the way!









The alarm sounds yet again and “Side Of A Bullet” by Nickelback plays and EIGHTBALL makes his way down to the ring.  Eightball slides into the ring and is greeted by a chop to the chest by Black!  Eightball chops him back and Black takes him down with a fireman’s carry, following it up with a leg drop, trying to wear Eightball down.

Jeff Hansen:  Black apparently thinks ground work is gonna win him the Rumble…

Other Guy:  He’s trying to wear down the very fresh Eightball, Jeff.

Jeff Hansen:  Dude, you really don’t think I knew that?

Other Guy:  …yeah.

Sinn releases the Iron Maiden on the outside, Cade seemingly completely out.  She sits down next to him, breathing as she watches Ozzy avoid another elimination attempt from Azraith.  Davis and King motion to Black who turns to see the two of them glaring him down.  Suddenly, King shoves Davis into Black and rolls out of the ring himself!  Black LEVELS Davis with a clothesline!  Eightball slowly picks himself up and sees Black taking Davis down.  Eightball takes the moment to attack Davis with him!  Both Black and Eightball put the boots to Davis while King is on the outside taking a breather!




Sinn is up, slowly getting back into the ring!





Azraith clubs Eightball from behind and attempts to eliminate him!




The alarm sounds and Cold’s “Just Got Wicked” plays, the fans booing as KENJI YAMADA storms out from the back.

Eryk Masters:  Kenji Yamada is going back to his roots using his first ever theme song!

Jeff Hansen:  And he’s got murder on his mind!

Kenji enters the ring and absolutely DESTROYS Azraith with a HARD shot to the face!  Az staggers back and instantly goes to choke Kenji!

Other Guy:  Die Hands Des Gottes!

Kenji counters!


Kenji goes for Die Hands Des Teufel, BUT KING CATCHES HIM WITH A LUNGBLOWER!  Azraith staggers forward, stunned he managed to avoid that move.  King nods his head to his somewhat ally before he dips back out of the ring, landing next to Cade, who is trying to come to himself still.  Azraith puts the boots to Kenji while Sinn and Ozzy double team on Davis, trying to eliminate him again.  Eightball sits in a corner watching the chaos while Black does the same in another corner.

Eryk Masters:  It’s all we can do to keep up here!  Cade and King are on the outside taking a much deserved breather while Azraith attacks Kenji, Ozzy and Sinn are out to eliminate Davis, and…where the hell is Barker?

As if on cue, the camera spots a non-eliminated Ron Barker sitting beside Mark Kendrick, sipping on some bottled water.  He laughs and waves to the camera as the fans boo.







Davis survives!





The alarm sounds and “Knights of Cydonia” by Muse plays, bringing the fans to ERUPT for DAN STEIN.  Stein races to the ring and slides in, INSTANTLY attacking Ozzy and Sinn with double clotheslines!  Black gets up and Stein greets him with another clothesline!  Eightball gets up to attack and Stein grabs him by the head and rushes to the corner and SNAPS Eightball around with the Power Surge!

Other Guy:  Dan Stein already in there kicking ass and taking no prisoners!!

Stein picks Eightball up and, taking him by the head, ROCKETS him from the ring to the floor below!


Black attacks Stein, but Stein wastes no time in hurling Black from the ring to the floor below!!


Eryk Masters:  Dan Stein is on a ROLL!

Dan Stein’s roll, however, is stopped by a VICIOUS kick from Chris Davis!  Stein doubles over and Davis hooks him up for a snap suplex!  Suddenly, Kenji Yamada is behind both men and attacks them savagely!  He kicks at Dan Stein and lifts Davis up, tossing him from the ring!  Davis holds on, but Kenji doesn’t care, lifting Stein up and locking in a DDT, but Cade Sydal’s in the ring, hooking in a reverse DDT on Kenji!!  Suddenly, Sinnocence hooks in a reverse DDT on Cade, and behind her is Davis back in the ring, holding her in RIDDLE ME THIS!  HE CONNECTS!  SHE CONNECTS!  CADE CONNECTS!!  KENJI CONNECTS!!  DAN STEIN, KENJI YAMADA, CADE SYDAL, SINNOCENCE, AND CHRISTOPHER DAVIS ARE ALL DOWN ON THE MAT!!







Barker slides back into the ring!




He picks Sinnocence up, acting like he’s trying to check up on her!




Suddenly, Ron Barker throws Sinnocence over the top rope to the ring apron!!


The alarm rings out and “Ready To Brawl” by 3seven7 plays again and JERRY EISENHOWER jogs down to the ring!

Other Guy:  Oh Lord.

Jeff Hansen:  At least he’s booked!

Other Guy:  No one but you and me are gonna get that, Jeff.

Eisenhower gets into the ring and he attacks Barker from behind for attempting to eliminate Sinnocence!  Barker turns his head, glaring at Eisenhower, but Kenji Yamada grabs a hold of Eisenhower and begins to pound down on him, bringing him down to the mat!  Barker and Kenji begin to wail away on Eisenhower together!

Eryk Masters:  We’re down to the last entrant and we ALL know who that is!

Kenji motions for Barker to pick Eisenhower up.  Eisenhower groggily glares at Kenji, who cocks his head to the side, staring at his prey.  Eisenhower is tied up by Barker and he knows he’s in trouble…so he SPITS IN KENJI’S FACE!!  Kenji NAILS Eisenhower in the face, bloodying his nose instantly!  He hits him AGAIN, busting Eisenhower’s lip!  He hits him again and Eisenhower’s eyebrow is cut, blood dripping down his face!  Kenji grabs Eisenhower’s head by his hair and HURLS him from the ring to the floor below!


Barker grins ear to ear until Kenji hurls HIM from the ring!  Barker skins the cat here, holding on for dear life as Kenji begins to punch at Barker’s hands, trying to eliminate him!




King is back in the ring!


Ozzy attacks Kenji from behind, saving Barker momentarily!



Barker gets in and Ozzy NAILS him for attacking Sinn earlier!





The alarm sounds for the final time and Prodigy’s “Firestarter” hits as out from the back comes PESTALANCE.  Pest charges the ring and once he slides in, he immediately targets Kenji!

Eryk Masters:  That’s it!  The last man is out!  The war is ON!

Kenji overpowers Pest for a moment, but King is there to help Pest!  Both men kick Kenji in the midsection and hook him up for a double suplex!  King and Pest cast a long look at one another before they both nail Ozzy with a double clothesline!  Davis charges King from behind and runs him to the ropes, grabs his midsection and hits a release belly to back suplex on him!  Pest turns, glaring at Davis hard!  Davis looks at King for a second before he looks out to the fans.  He freezes, suddenly spotting something in the audience, but Pest doesn’t let him react, AND PESTALANCE CLOTHESLINES DAVIS OVER THE TOP ROPE TO THE FLOOR.


Eryk Masters:  WOW.  Davis attacks Pestalance and KING eliminates Davis as if he were upset at that!

Other Guy:  Pestalance and King have a special sort of bond, Eryk.  King’s got Pest’s respect and Pest’s got King’s.  Davis had a wish to win this thing, but he stepped on the wrong toes here tonight!

Pest helps King up while Dan Stein lifts Sinn up, but Ozzy attacks!  Stein staggers forward while Ozzy checks on Sinn.  Stein turns and Ozzy and Sinn attack him at once, double clotheslining him down to the mat!  They pick him up and hurl him to the corner, attacking him with rights and lefts!  Cade sees what’s happening and tries to intercede as Sinn and Ozzy begin to lift Stein up, trying to eliminate him!

Eryk Masters:  Dan Stein’s in trouble!

Ozzy manages to get Stein out onto the apron as Cade whips Sinn to the opposite ropes, but Sinn counters!  Cade bounces off the ropes while Ozzy keeps Stein locked up on the apron!  Sinn leapfrogs over Cade and suddenly, Ozzy drops down, holding the top rope down AND CADE COLLIDES WITH DAN STEIN, SENDING STEIN TO THE FLOOR AND CADE HOLDING ON FOR DEAR LIFE ON THE APRON!!


Other Guy:  HOLY SHIT.  Cade accidently eliminated Dan Stein and now he’s in trouble, too!

Stein stands there, obviously very disappointed as Ozzy NAILS Cade with an elbow, sending CADE to the floor NO!!  STEIN MANAGED TO CATCH HIM!!  STEIN ROLLS HIM BACK IN!!!  CADE IS SAFE!!!

Eryk Masters:  Even in defeat, Dan Stein’s looking out for his friend and his partner Cade Sydal!  What a night they’ve had!

Sinn seems infuriated that Cade has managed to survive this long and she picks him up again, only to get caught by Azraith!  He clutches her throat and NAILS DIE HANDS DES GOTTES on her!  He stands up, holding his arm up to stretch it before attacking her again, but Kenji catches it!  Azraith looks back and Kenji grins ear to ear AND HE HOOKS THE ARM…DIE HANDS DES TEUFEL!!!!


Azraith is OUT.  Sinn gets dragged away by Ozzy, but Ozzy catches a kick to the temple by Cade, knocking him down!  Kenji drags his fallen prey, Azraith, towards the ropes and as if OUT OF NOWHERE King NAILS THE DEALBREAKER ON KENJI!!!

Eryk Masters:  Donovan King SAVING Azraith from elimination!!

King pops back up, feeling the cheering from the fans and grinning from ear to ear.  He turns to see Pestalance looking back at him approvingly.  Suddenly, Pest gets hit with a low blow from RON BARKER!  Pest doubles over in pain and Barker grabs Pest’s head and tights and THROWS Pestalance from the ring!


King RAMS into Ron Barker with a SPEAR, wailing on him with punches!!  Sinnocence bounces off the ropes in front of King and rushes at him, hooking the head in a front face lock and flipping OVER King, snapping his head back!  King falls off of Barker, clutching his head in agony as Sinnocence and Ozzy lord over their next victim, Donovan King.

Eryk Masters:  Things aren’t looking too good for Donovan King!

Ozzy picks King up, but CADE SYDAL makes the save!  He clubs Ozzy from behind and NAILS a super kick to Sinn, rocking her to the ring ropes!  Ozzy picks himself up AND CADE CLOTHESLINES HER OVER THE TOP ROPE TO THE FLOOR BELOW!!


Ozzy calls out in shock as Cade turns around, smug with what he’s done.  Ozzy charges at Cade, but King trips Ozzy with a drop toe hold!  Ozzy hits the bottom rope, snapping his own neck against the rope!

Other Guy:  His love is gone and now all that’s left is his fury!  Cade and King better pull out all the stops to stop Osbourne Kilminster now!

King picks himself up, glaring at Ozzy.  Cade helps King get up now, and the two of them get attacked from behind by Barker!  Barker gets to Ozzy, trying to help him get up as well, but Ozzy hits him with a back elbow out of instinct!  Barker doubles over in pain and Ozzy sends him SAILING, realizing only too late he’s not eliminating King or Cade!


Eryk Masters:  Ozzy either wasn’t thinking or he just didn’t give a damn who he attacked!

Jeff Hansen:  Considering his lack of guilt on his face?  The latter.

Ozzy goes to attack King and Cade, but Cade and King manage to overpower him with elbow strikes!  Meanwhile, Az is slowly coming to on the other side of the ring.  He sees Kenji out and moves past him towards Cade and King fighting Ozzy.  Ozzy cries out in fury and hits BOTH King and Cade with HARD clotheslines!  Az is up now as Ozzy powers out of the corner RIGHT into an Azraith ROARING ELBOW!!

Eryk Masters:  Azraith doesn’t seem to be all there after that DEVASTATING move from Kenji Yamada earlier!

King picks himself up, inhaling deeply as he turns to Cade.  Cade begins to pick himself up as well, and both men look to the other as Azraith continues his elbow assault on Ozzy.  Cade and King are both up now, both men groggy.  King looks over to Cade and holds his fist out.  The fans ERUPT as Cade daps knuckles back NO!!!  NO!!!  KING SNATCHES CADE UP AND TOSSES HIM FROM THE RING TO THE FLOOR!!!!


The fans BOO as King glares down at the fallen Cade Sydal, a look of intense fury on his face.

Other Guy:  What is Donovan King thinking?!

Jeff Hansen:  He’s thinking VICTORY.

Eryk Masters:  Donovan King just eliminated Cade Sydal, The SHOOT Project Iron Man.  Cade went nearly 90 minutes here in the Rumble, not to mention the hour of action he went through earlier tonight!

Other Guy:  We’re down to our FINAL FOUR!

Kenji slowly comes to as King watches the others in the ring.  Azraith takes a corner, as does the groggy Osbourne Kilminster.  Slowly, Kenji gets the rest of the way up and all four men are in a corner of the ring.

Eryk Masters:  Kenji Yamada, Donovan King, Azraith DeMitri, and Osbourne Kilminster!  One of these men will be the NEW number one contender to the SHOOT PROJECT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP AND HERE WE GO!!

Kenji, Ozzy, King, and Azraith charge all at once with King taking on Ozzy and Azraith taking it to Kenji!  King whips Ozzy to the ropes and Ozzy takes a shoulder block!  King bounces off the ropes and goes to hit a leg drop, but Ozzy moves!  King spings back up and Ozzy goes for a strike but King counters!  Ozzy hits King with a light jab and whips King to the ropes, but Ozzy gets reversed!  Suddenly, Azraith, as if on cue, snaps around and NAILS Ozzy with a powerslam!!  Kenji attacks Azraith, but King is right there and NAILS Kenji with a PENALTY KICK!!

Eryk Masters:  These men are gonna give it their all here tonight!!

King picks Kenji up, but Azraith shoves King off of Kenji and hooks Kenji up for a powerbomb!  Azraith lifts Kenji up, and King snatches Kenji’s head and NAILS a neckbreaker!  Azraith glares at King, who glares back at him!  The two men circle over Kenji, who is struggling to come to between them!  Ozzy slowly starts to get up behind them and Azraith turns to him momentarily and King THROWS Azraith from the ring!  The fans are booing, BUT AZRAITH HELD ON!!!  King turns to Azraith in shock as Azraith glares at him in anger, re-entering the ring!  Ozzy’s up now and King grabs him and throws him into Azraith!  Azraith grabs him by the throat and goes SNATCHES Ozzy with a short arm clothesline!  Azraith glares at King long and hard, and charges for him!  Kenji, meanwhile is back up and picks Ozzy’s legs up.  Ozzy is groggy, and Kenji hooks him up…ONIFUUSHA AVALANCHE CRUSHER!!!!

Other Guy:  Kenji Yamada is pulling out ALL the stops here tonight!

Kenji picks Ozzy’s body up and with momentum, hurls him to the outside!


Kenji turns and King is right there, ducking past him and Kenji NAILS Azraith with a clothesline to bring him down!

Jeff Hansen:  Clever!  I gotta say I’m liking whatever’s hit King to be this cunning!

Kenji goes to pick Azraith up, but King is right behind him and THROWS HIM OUT!


Kenji tries to get back in the ring as King laughs, having outsmarted him.  The referees hold Kenji back as he struggles to get back into the ring.


King backs up and doesn’t realize Azraith is standing up behind him!  King turns around AND AZ HOOKS HIM…POWER BOMB!!!  The fans are popping HUGE as Azraith stands back up over King, who the fans seem to be unhappy with.  Azraith tries to catch his breath as the fans are beginning to chant.




Jeff Hansen:  Wow.  The Blue Haired Demon’s gotta not be used to this kinda adoration from a SHOOT Project crowd.

Other Guy:  It’s definitely surreal, Jeff.  Crazy.

Azraith picks King up, but King low blows him!  Azraith doubles over…DEALBREAKER!!!  Both men are down!  The fans are ERUPTING as King begins to pick himself up slowly but surely.  He turns to Azraith, who is flat on his back.  King picks himself up and staggers over to Azraith.  He picks him up and drags him to the ropes and with all his might HURLS Azraith over the ropes, BUT AZRAITH HANGS ON!!  King collapses to his knees, glaring at Azraith, who is resting on one knee on the ring apron!

Other Guy:  This is IT!

King picks himself up and charges at Azraith AND AZRAITH HOLDS THE TOP ROPE DOWN AND KING GOES SAILING OVER NO!!!  KING’S LANDED ON THE APRON!!!  Both men are on the ring apron!!

Eryk Masters:  What lengths will these men go to win this thing?!

Jeff Hansen:  Number nine and number twelve are going for the right to be number one, Eryk.  These men have been through HELL here tonight!  Both men have more than earned their right to fight for that World title!

And, just like the Rumble began, the final two entrants, like the first two, exchange punches on the ring apron.  Azraith goes for an elbow, but King counters with an elbow shot to Azraith’s face, busting Azraith’s lip!  Azraith staggers and drops to one foot!  King stamps down HARD on the last foot of Azraith’s on the ring apron, but Azraith hangs on and he grabs King by the throat!  He drags King in towards him his teeth gritted in pain as he regains his balance!

Jeff Hansen:  It looks like Azraith’s had enough!

Suddenly, King clips the arm and throws himself BACK into the ring!  Azraith catches him again, BUT KING HITS THE DEALBREAKER ONTO THE RING ROPE!!!  AZRAITH’S HEAD SNAPS OFF THE TOP ROPE!!!


Eryk Masters:  NO WAY!!!

Donovan King lands on the mat, clutching his chest.


“Out Here Grindin’” by DJ Khaled plays again as Dennis Heflin holds King’s arm up, the fans popping BIG!!



King picks himself up in the center of the ring, glaring out at all the fans.  As they cheer him for his victory, the camera moves to Azraith, who is being tended to on the outside.  The camera shifts back and King doesn’t let Dennis Heflin hold his arm up twice, walking over to the ring ropes and exiting the ring through the top and middle ropes.

Eryk Masters:  He’s all about his business and now he’s the number one contender!

Jeff Hansen:  He wants to see who’s gonna walk outta Redemption the World Heavyweight Champion, Eryk, and I can’t blame him!

King steps over Azraith as he exits the ringside area.  He walks up the ramp and turns to see the fans one final time.  He holds his arms up to the fans, nodding his head with a grin across his face.  He disappears to the back after that.

While the ring crew continues to get things in order following a CRAZY Rumble match, the cameras cut over the announce table.  All three commentators seem sufficiently blown away by what they just watched, and honestly, a little wiped-out considering how long the bout went on.  Hansen shakes his head, while Other Guy wipes his brow while showing off a smile of disbelief.  Masters takes lead on the segue.

Eryk Masters: So Donovan King is your winner of the 2009 Redemption Rumble, and what an incredible victory for that young, outspoken man.

Hansen, surprisingly, nods.

Jeff Hansen: As there is ever year, the Rumble was STACKED with some absolutely fierce competition, but yeah…  In the end, it’s Donovan King who survives and he is now GUARANTEED an opportunity to fight for the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship.

Other Guy: What a great win for a man who, whether you love him or hate him, has busted his ass off for this company for well over a year…  And I mean, to me, he deserves that shit and I wish him all the luck in the world.

The cameras switch to a shot overlooking the arena and we get a GRAPHIC advertising the next, and FINAL bout of the evening.



The announcers continue to speak despite the cameras no longer being focused on them.

Jeff Hansen: Well, Donovan King, and, really, the rest of the world will have their eyes GLUED to the screen for our MAIN EVENT here at Redemption ’09… JONNY JOHNSON will defend the SHOOT Project WORLD TITLE against both JESTER SMILES and ADRIAN CORAZON in what will be the culmination of nearly a YEAR’S worth of confrontation.

Hansen pauses a brief instant before continuing. In that moment, we can see SHOOT Project Head Official, TONY LORENZO running down the aisle, though his arrival receives no mention.

Jeff Hansen: It was Adrian Corazon whom Jonny Johnson first interrupted… it was Jester Smiles who Jonny eliminated to win the Redemption Rumble LAST YEAR! IT WAS, fellas, Adrian Corazon who defeated Jonny Johnson to retain his World Title at Reckoning Day… only for the current champion to be presented his FIRST SHOOT Project World Championship after he had Corazon arrested.

Masters proceeds where Hansen left off.

Eryk Masters: Of course it was then Jester Smiles who would go on to later defeat Jonny Johnson at WAR back in November…

Other Guy: Only for the DEFILER to return the favor a few weeks later at Revolution Fifty! It has been a WILD RIDE in the SHOOT Project main event scene, and you’re right, Jeff… As much as I hate to give you credit, cat… Tonight IS the culmination and no more fitting a name than REDEMPTION.

The crowd is starting to get SUPER FIRED UP again after the delay, and the commentators acknowledge it.

Eryk Masters: Well these fans are ready. We’re definitely ready and from the looks of it in the ring… you have a referee and a ring annoucer… FOLKS! WE ARE READY TO GO!!! MAIN EVENT TIME!!! SHOOT PROJECT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP ON THE LINE!!!






Static hits the PA. The fans go quiet. Then… the lights go out.



Orange pyro flies from the ramp, as “Torcher” by DZK explodes over the public address system! The video wall illuminates with an assault of images, from Corazon taking on Dave Marz, to Del Carver, to Dan Stein, to Jonny Johnson. Shots of the Act of Inhumanity being hit over and over again are shown next. Then they stop. What looks like a strip, is torn from the video wall, replaced only by the blood red lettering that draws out his name.

Finally, the orange spotlight shines down on the ramp, and the fans give a very split mixed reaction when his silhouette is revealed.

ADRIAN CORAZON strides confidently down the aisle, paying little heed to anything the fans happen to be shouting. Although mixed, the response he receives is INCREDIBLY loud, and he does seem to be receiving more cheers than boos.

Eryk Masters: Talk about a man seeking vindication… Undoubtedly on a METEORIC RISE through the start of 2008, Adrian Corazon was literally CUT OUT of the SHOOT Project picture for almost four months thanks to the actions of Jonny Johnson and the Real Deal. Now, though, it’s an entirely different story.

Corazon reaches the steps and briefly glances to his sides before walking up to the ring apron.

Other Guy: Sure is, Masters. This is a man who has seen a lot of bullshit in a short career… Spent time in jail, of course. Then came back and was literally a damn SLAVE. But the dude has TOTALLY rededicated himself, REFOCUSED his career, and could very well be to be on the verge of winning his second SHOOT Project World Championship.

Corazon ducks in between the ropes and meets quickly with Tony Lorenzo who goes through the usual check-in process.

Jeff Hansen: Looks like the same Adrian to me, guys. Obviously, I’m “biased”, but, COME ON, he’s still a very RAW kid. Is he a hell of a competitor? Sure. He’s more than had his moments of brilliance. But, guys we’re talking being in the ring with not just Jester Smiles, who for all his shortcomings, is a savvy veteran… but the SHOOT PROJECT WORLD CHAMPION, himself, Jonny Johnson.

Other Guy: Who Corazon beat-the-hell-down if memory serves me right.

Jeff Hansen: Beat down? It was a GOOD match, but don’t YOU change history by telling these SHOOT Project fans that Adrian put on some kind of smoke show. My POINT IS… I don’t think this sort of environment is going to be conducive to what Adrian Corazon’s strengths. Sorry if that’s unpopular, but I think he’s at a disadvantage.

Waiting patiently in his corner, Corazon rolls his neck and cracks his knuckles. The music keeps playing for a little bit longer, but eventually subsides.

The reaction dwindles to an antsy murmur, before the CROWD ERUPTS!!!

"Heroes" by Shinedown hits over the PA. There is a buzz amongst the crowd, awaiting the next entrant, knowing who it’s going to be. As the song hits it’s heaviest moment, JESTER SMILES LEAPS OUT from the back throws his arms out wide, signaling an eruption of purple and green pyros from all around the stage. The crowd becomes insanely loud and Jester just can’t help but smile.

Eryk Masters: It’s really difficult to get used to just how LOUD an arena gets when Jester Smiles comes out from behind that curtain.

Jester makes his way to the nearest barricade and leaps onto it, high fiving, fist bumping, and hugging as many people as he can get to. He then, suddenly, falls forward, the fans catching him, and crowd surfing him.

Other Guy: HA HA!!! (Enjoying the moment) Jester has been wanting to do this for quite some time!

Eryk Masters: Of course, crowd surfing had been deemed ILLEGAL in previous instances. And only recently has the SHOOT Project allowed for Jester to try it, and it seems like the fans are really getting into it!

Jeff Hansen: Not like they have a choice. It’s either help out or get crushed by a two-hundred and forty-five pound clown. (Changing the subject) Are we really breaking down his entrance, guys?

Jester reaches the ring and begins to walk around the crowd, high fiving, fist bumping, and hugging fans has he goes, enjoying every minute that he can interact with the fans. Once he has gone all around the ring, he leaps onto the ring apron and hops over the ropes.

And that’s when he sees Adrian Corazon. Jester just keeps smiling and goes to an opposite corner, keeping his eyes on Adrian. The camera zooms in on Jester’s face just in time to see him wink at Corazon.

Other Guy: Some major tension between a couple cats that seemed to be sweet as chocolate just a few months ago. Weird how shit can change at the drop of a hat.

Jester obliges to Lorenzo’s pat down, but doesn’t once take his eyes off of Corazon.

Eryk Masters: For the son of Allen and Resa Rohkar, tonight could not have a more fitting title. Obviously, all three men are seeking Redemption in their own right, but perhaps neither of the other two more so than former SHOOT Project World Champion, Jester Smiles. After months of a grueling chase, on November Second of last year, Jester overcame everything thrown his way and defeated Jonny Johnson… Only to be, well, pretty much, AMBUSHED with a rematch, where he was defeated in what was one of the most brutal affairs of the year…

Other Guy: And it was that man he’s staring at… Corazon who threw in the towel to give Jonny his belt back.

As his music fades, Smiles starts to hop a bit while the fans still cheer.

The anticipation is certainly mounting.

Jeff Hansen: Guys… That sounds epic and great and everything, but where Adrian Corazon isn’t winning this thing… Jester’s chances are EVEN WORSE. What does this guy POSSIBLY have left in the tank. Be honest with yourselves. He has a leg that could fall off at any second and emotionally… man, this guy is a MESS. If I were him, I woulda stayed on the shelf, cleared my head, and then maybe make another run sometime over the summer. Jester Smiles is NOT winning this match tonight. No way, no how.

Other Guy: So I guess you’re picking Jonny, huh? Shocker of the century, ladies and gentlemen. Such a goddamn snake, Hansen.

Smiles’s music cuts out completely at this juncture, and the fans know EXACTLY what… or rather WHO is coming next.

Jeff Hansen: Yeah and don’t think I didn’t notice you marking like a baby when your boy Donny took home the rumble. We all have our “guys”. Stop making me look like a dick for it.


The announcers stop their bickering and fall silent, allowing for this moment to tell its own story. The fans ARE on their feet, and the ROAR they produce is deafening, though far from concise. It’s a mixture of BOOOS and CHEERS, but all of it is exceptionally noisy.

They are soon greeted with the familiar sound of haunting wind chimes.

And the reaction only gets LOUDER!

Hundreds and possibly thousands of flash bulbs begin going off in schizophrenic succession, an epileptic’s nightmare!

A guitar croaks out a single note…

And a whirring, violin screams like a wounded banshee!

Jeff Hansen: Here we go!

THE DRUMS ROLL IN LIKE AN OMINOUS THUNDERSTORM raining down with dissonant, siren-like sounds! The madness of “Ibi Dreams of Pavement (A Better Day)” plays throughout the arena in all of its loud, screeching glory! Jester and Corazon’s forms are momentarily illuminated by the thousands of camera flashes, and we can see both men staring at the entrance, awaiting the arrival of the man who has what they so UNDYINGLY want!

The mind bleeding sounds seep deeper and deeper into their skulls, swelling…

And swelling, and SWELLING!!

The drums ROLL IN A SECOND TIME, the wick on a stick of dynamite…



The curtains rustle…


“Well, I got shot right in the back,

And you weren’t there, you weren’t there.”

He STORMS through the curtains the very crack of the first verse, looking more determined and ready than EVER before. He ignores the cheering and the booing, ignores how loud this place is and immediately begins his stride to the ring. The SHOOT Project WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP hangs down off his right shoulder, the strap dangling up against the waistline of his black wrestling trunks. His eyes never leave the ring.

“I said I was never coming back,

And you weren’t there, you weren’t there.”

Jeff Hansen: You are looking at the BEST PROFESSIONAL WRESTLER IN THE WORLD and it is going to be a long, long night for his opponents.

His hair, which had been much longer than usual, has returned to its normal length… strands of messily kept blonde hair swooping down around his eye. He still has the beard, though, which makes keeps his wild-eyed, grizzled image in tact… but everything else is pretty standard. Obviously the black wrestling trunks. Black wrestling shoes and white tape around his knuckles.


”When I thought the islands were under attack,

You weren’t there, you weren’t there.”

When I saw the bedroom, wasn’t too sure,

‘Cause you weren’t there, you weren’t there.”

He stops as he reaches the end of the aisle way, and looks into the ring and then around the SHOOT Epicenter! The lighting scheme changes up as the song heads into key-changing chorus.

Pink lights appear to fall from the ceiling like trippy rain drops.

“And if God is what we made.

Cut their hands on the needles

Don’t get high on what you create.”

They all watch each other.

The fans watch.




“Well, I saw the geyser turn into death

And you weren’t there, you weren’t there”

This particular moment gets a HUGE POP from this WAAAAAYYYY SOLD OUT CROWD!!! Jonny slings the title back over his shoulder and walks up the steel steps and into the ring. He hands the WORLD TITLE belt to Tony Lorenzo and then puts his arms up while the official checks him in.

Eryk Masters: Jonny getting checked in and we are now just moments away from the official introductions. This crowd is going nuts, and kudos to them. Such an ACTION PACKED night with another memorable Rumble bout, and yet here we are… last match of the night… the MAIN EVENT and these fans want it more than ever.

Other Guy: Three of the best in our sport, man. ‘CORSE these mother fuckers are gonna be alive and ready.

“Ibi Dreams of Pavement (A Better Day)” fades out and all three competitors start to move to a separate corner. Lorenzo walks over toward Samantha Coil and remains by her side, while the BEAUTIFUL SHOOT Project ring announcer begins to do her thing.


Coil waits out the initial pop and the proceeds.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentleman, the following contest is scheduled for one fall with a time limit not to exceed one hour, And it is for the SHOOT PROJECT HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP OF THE WORLD!!!

She pauses and the fans continue to cheer!

Samantha Coil: Now, introducing the competitors… FIRST, to my right. He weighs in at two hundred, twenty-five pounds. He is a former Iron Fist Champion and also a former World Heavyweight Champion… He hails from Mexico City, Mexico… The BRUTAL, INHUMAN, ADRIAN CORAZON!!!

The fans ERRUPT with a PASSIONATE mixture of mostly cheers trickled with a few boos. Corazon remains unmoving, however, his breath calm, his eyes static.

Coil continues with the announcements.

Samantha Coil: SECOND, in the lower left corner of the ring… Tonight, he weighs in at two hundred, forty-six pounds. He has held the Revolution Championship, the Laws of Survival Championship and the World Heavyweight Championship. From Richmond Virginia… HERE. IS… JESTER SMILES!!!

Before she can even get out the name, the fans GO BATSHIT CRAZY!!! JESTER GETS A RIDICULOUS OVATION and, although he keeps his cool, he does raise his hands into the air to acknowledge these people who have stood by his side thick and thin.

The POP continues for a few extra moments, and Coil gladly waits for the noise to die down before going on.

Jeff Hansen: I’ll never get it…

Smiles sports a large grin while Corazon and Jonny both patiently wait through the giddy response.

It finally dies down, and Coil proceeds to introduce the last man.


Before she even says a word, the BOO BIRDS come out in full force, though are combated with a small, if not passionate section of fans who start to cheer as hard as they can.

Samantha Coil: And finally… to my left. Weighing in at two hundred, twenty-four pounds… He is the CURRENT, SHOOT PROJECT HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD! From Chicago Illinois… THIS. IS THE DEFILER! THIS IS, JONNY JOHNSON!!!


Jonny smirks at the off-balanced reaction and shakes his head, but doesn’t really react other than that. His eyes dart from Eric to Adrian, and you can tell that he just wants this thing to start. Samantha Coil makes her exit from the ring, and while does she does that…


All three men begin to go through their last minute pre-match rituals and stretches. Adrian cracks his knuckles while Jonny rotates his neck and pulls his shoulders back. Jester grabs the ropes and makes sure everything is secure before starting to pace a little bit.

Lorenzo hands the belt to a ring attendant on the outside and calls for the bell!!!


The bell sounds and it’s like all time STOPS. All three competitors stare across the ring from one another, while camera flashes continue to go off in the back. The longer they wait, the LOUDER THIS CROWD GETS!!!

Eryk Masters: These three men know each other SO well. No one wants to make the first mistake…

Other Guy: Yeah some real tense shit early on here!!!


Jester seems the most eager to start this thing, obviously motivated by the STRONG reaction. He looks at Corazon and then to Jonny, all three competitors sort of lazily circling the ring. Corazon looks back over his shoulder at Jonny, who shoots a stare back at him before looking across the ring to Jester.

They all pause for a SPLIT second and then ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE! 

Jeff Hansen: Look out! HERE WE GO FOLKS!!!

Jester CHARGES at Jonny fists-a-flying! He catches the World Champ off guard and the two topple back toward Corazon SLAMS Eric in the back with a clubbing blow! Jonny fires a punch at Jester who reels back! And then he ROCKS Corazon with a shot! Both men shake it off quickly! Corazon moves in on Jonny, but Jester LEAPS at Corazon’s back, just throwing errant blow after errant blow! Corazon throws a back elbow and catches Smiles right under the jaw! He turns to face Eric, but as he does, JONNY COMES UP FROM BEHIND WITH A ROLL UP!!!

Jeff Hansen: Jonny with a roll-up from behind!

He pulls Corazon down to the mat!

Lorenzo with a count!



Eryk Masters: NO…

Corazon uses his strong legs to kick Jonny away! The Champ stumbles back a few steps toward Smiles who then rolls HIM UP!!!


Jonny’s shoulders are down!



Jonny kicks out at two! Before Smiles can recuperate, Corazon has him in his clutches from behind with a waist lock! HE HOISTS ERIC UP AND DRIVES HIM TO THE MAT WITH A GERMAN SUPLEX!!!

He holds on and executes a bridge!!!

Lorenzo with a count!



Eric gets a shoulder up!!!

Corazon spins away, Smiles backs away toward the nearest corner, and Jonny remains where he is across the ring from the other two.

They all stand ready for more, staring each other down.

BIG round of applause from the crowd.


The World Champ shakes his head and stomps the mat in frustration, while Corazon and Jester both wait for more.

Other Guy: Hell of an opening sequence, but I don’t think either of these boys was hopin’ for a stand-still.

Jonny regains his focus and stares his opponents down. He then IMMEDIATELY goes after a grapple with Corazon! Jester comes in to join the party, but Jonny’s ready, pushes Corazon back toward the turnbuckle and catches Smiles with a SHARP forearm strike to the head! Jester stumbles a little bit, but Corazon storms back after being shoved and NAILS Jonny with a forearm of his own! Jonny fires back with a right hand! Corazon reels, not expecting heavy artillery in that scenario!


Jester attempts to blindside Jonny, but the Defiler turns quickly enough to see him coming! He drops his shoulders and sends Jester FLIPPING OVER THE TOP ROPE!!!! HOWEVER, the extremely agile clown keeps his balance on the apron! He reaches over the ropes and grabs a STUNNED Jonny by the shoulders, pulling him DOWN to the mat! Jester springboards back into the ring, but the moment his feet touch the mat, CORAZON DROPS WITH A SPEAR OUT OF NOWHERE!!!

Other Guy: SHIT! Smiles is planted!!!

Jeff Hansen: They’re coming from everywhere, and… Oh there’s a cover! Lorenzo down for the count!!!

Corazon keeps his weight on Smiles and reaches back to hook the leg!


Jonny is able to get back to his feet in time to STOMP Corazon on the back of the head and break the count before it even reaches two. He then reaches down and tries to pull his arch nemesis off the mat, but Corazon has other ideas! He DRILLS Jonny with an elbow! The Defiler stumbles back, holding his face! Corazon turns around and quickly charges his opponent! However, Jonny STUNS the crowd after SNAPPING OFF A LIGHTNING QUICK OVERHEAD, BELLY TO BELLY RELEASE SUPLEX!!! Corazon crashes to the mat! Jonny gets to his feet, and starts to turn away from Corazon, but before he has anytime to react to what’s going on, it’s JESTER SMILES who greets with HIM with an OVERHEAD BELLY TO BELLY, RELEASE SUPLEX OF HIS OWN… Except this one sends Jonny landing BACK FIRST INTO THE CORNER OF THE RING!!!

Jeff Hansen: NO!!!

Other Guy: Good God!


Appearing to be dead, The Defiler FOLDS UP like an accordion and crashes to the mat shoulders and neck first.


The fans start to chant and cheer, but Smiles is smart enough to remember there’s another man in the match. UNFORTUNATELY, as he turns around to do check in on said other opponent, CORAZON CONNECTS ON A SUPER KICK TO THE HEAD!!



Other Guy: We might have a new champion!

Eryk Masters: Smiles took that shot HARD to the side of the head! Corazon rushing over to make the cover and… HERE’S LORENZO WITH THE COUNT!

Corazon reaches back and manages to hook Smiles’s leg this time, and as Masters announced, Lorenzo is indeed down to make the count!



Smiles gets a shoulder up, proving he has plenty of fight left! Corazon seems frustrated but doesn’t react on it. Instead he rushes to his feet and tries to go back to work. He reaches down and tries to pick Smiles up, but JESTER QUICKLY COUNTERS WITH A SMALL PACKAGE!!!

Eryk Masters: Back the other way!!!



Corazon kicks out! Both men get to their feet! Jester throws a punch, but Corazon ducks and counters with a fireman cary! Jester throws a couple elbows to the side of Adrian’s face, but the former Iron Fist Champion is able to hurl Smiles off and connect with a GUT BUSTER, his knee planting itself firmly into Jester’s midsection! Smiles keels over and Corazon uses all of his strength to HOOOOIIIIISST Jester up with a gutwrench suplex attempt! But Jester’s slight weight advantage gives Corazon a little trouble and he loses his balance! Jester then wraps his legs around Adrian’s head and counters with a HURRACANRANA! Corazon hits the mat and rolls toward the corner!

Jester stands up, but kind of pauses a little bit. He looks down at his legs and just gives it a quick massage. He moves in on Corazon and throws a generic strike to the back to keep his man at bay. Jester uses his extra size to help him get Corazon up the mat and the pace finally slows down a little bit. He presses Corazon up against the corner and throws an OVERHAND chop! (WOOO!) But Adrian fires RIGHT BACK WITH AN OVERHAND CHOP OF HIS OWN! (WOOO!) SMILES FIRES ANOTHER ONE! (WOO!) CORAZON RETURNS THE FAVOR! (WOOO!) SMILES WITH ANOTHER CHOP! (WOO!) Corazon turns his body slightly and replies with a BACK ELBOW! Jester strikes with a FOREARM!!! Corazon is dazed and Jester throws a right hand! But Corazon, having apparently lured Smiles in, BLOCKS and quickly grabs Smiles by the back of the head, spinning him around and hurling Jester into the corner!

Eryk Masters: And ANOTHER counter… this time from Corazon!

Jester has his hands up in a defensive position, but Corazon doesn’t seem to care! He throws a VIOLENT RIGHT HAND… AND THEN ANOTHER! AND ANOTHER! Smiles tries to cradle the blows, but Adrian throws them with such force that they still start to have their effect!!! Corazon is UNRELENTING! HE THROWS ANOTHER RIGHT! AND ANOTHER! Jester starts to droop down in the corner, body slinking toward the mat!

CORAZON CONTINUES HIS FLURRY OF STRIKES!  Jester’s hands fall from his face and Corazon’s fists are connecting directly to Smiles’s temple and the side of his head!!!  Lorenzo tries to break it up and starts issuing a mandatory five count!  BUT CORAZON’S RAGE ONLY BUILDS!!!  RIGHT HAND, RIGHT HAND, RIGHT HAND!!!






Tony Lorenzo: ENOUGH!  Corazon, ENOUGH!!!

Jester slumps to the mat, the side of his face bloodied and Corazon suddenly stops.  He clenches his fist and you can tell he doesn’t want to stop…  He glares at Jester and the fans actually start to BOOOO!


Lorenzo scolds Corazon, but he’s having none of it!  He shoves the referee away and starts to turn away from Smiles momentarily…



Jeff Hansen: KILL SHOT!  Yes!!!

Eryk Masters: Out of NOWHERE!  Smiles and Corazon lost track of the Champ, but he just gave Corazon a STUNNING REMINDER!!!


Jonny holds at the small of his back, but has too much adrenaline pumping inside of him at this point for his injuries to show any adverse affects.  He glowers down at Corazon and seems to briefly soak up the cheers from the crowd!!! 

But only VERY briefly!

He immediately turns his attention to Smiles, and the fans start booing again!  Jester is trying to pull himself up as Jonny arrives, but is acting mostly on instinct.  The blood has not stopped pouring down the side of his face and Jonny realizes he’s coming in with a BIG advantage.  He watches Jester struggle and casts a pretty terrible smirk.  Jonny keeps smiling a little bit longer before finally SLAPPING HIM across the face!  (“BOOOOOO!) He grabs Jester by the side of the head and starts to pull him up!  He SCREAMS at Smiles and SLAPS HIM AGAIN!  He puts his hands on Eric’s throat and starts CHOKING HIM!  Jonny presses Eric up against the turnbuckle, but Smiles WILL NOT BE BULLIED!  On instinct he LUNGES FORWARD and HAMMERS the World Champion IN THE FACE WITH A HEADBUTT!!!  Jonny falls back, but before either him or Jester can make another move ADRIAN CORAZON LEAPS AT SMILES WITH A SPLASH ATTEMPT!!!  Jester DODGES THOUGH AND CORAZON HITS THE TURNBUCKLES HARD!!!

Jeff Hansen: OOOH!  So sad!  Corazon misses…  And now Jester is stumbling like an idiot out of the corner…

Smiles is fighting to keep consciousness, but seems to be fading.  Corazon recovers in the corner, while Jonny is the closest one to Jester…  a few feet away, on a knee, trying to pulling himself up using the ropes!  Smiles stops moving and falls to a knee.  He holds at his right leg but then gets back up…  Unfortunately, JONNY IS RIGHT BEHIND HIM!!!

Other Guy: NO, NO, NO!  Turn around, cat!  Damnit Smiles!

Eryk Masters: The World Champion in position!!!

Jonny realizes the situation and REACTS!


Smiles uses his weight to fall toward the ropes!  Jonny tries to pull him back, but SMILES HURLS HIM OVER HIS SHOULDER AND OVER THE TOP ROPE!!!  JONNY CRASHES TO THE FLOOR and Eric goes to a knee!  (YEEEAAH!) Corazon is back up, though, and is able to hit Jester with a running KNEE to the side of his head before the Clown can get up!  The SOUND of the show is disgusting and Smiles slumps to the mat!  The fans proceed to boo, but there is not one second of hesitation from Corazon.  Adrian reaches down and locks Smiles in Tai-Cinch!  He throws a BRUTAL knee to the front of Eric’s face!  He keeps him up and throws another, but this one doesn’t hit AS hard!  Corazon isn’t satisified and attempts another one, but Eric drops to a defensive position and manages to break the Tai-Cinch!  He then lowers his shoulders and as Corazon moves forward, dips down and BAAAAAAAACK BODY DROPS CORAZON OVER THE TOP ROPE!!!

Corazon takes a SICK BUMP off the side of the apron and CRASHES TO THE FLOOR!!!!

Smiles falls to a knee and the fans EXPLODE!!!

Jeff Hansen: How the hell?

Eryk Masters: This man will absolutely NOT QUIT!!!

While Smiles tries to figure out just where the hell he is…  The two men thrown to the outside have not taken long to find each other!  Jonny pounces on Corazon with a STIFF boot to the back of the head!

Jeff Hansen: Jesus…  this has been non-stop with these guys…

Lorenzo checks on Smiles before turning to shout at Jonny and Corazon to get inside.  Jonny completely ignores him, and continues his assault.  He lands another boot for good measure, and although Corazon continues to try and push himself up, Jonny keeps the advantage.  He reaches down and picks Corazon up off the floor, grabbing him by the back of his head!  He then tries to shove him head-first into the guard railing, but Corazon throws his hands up, blocks the attempt, and counters with an elbow!  He then turns and SLAMS JONNY IN THE CHEST WITH A HIGH LEG KARATE KICK!!!


The fans react with a loud “OOOOOOH” to the sound of Corazon’s attack!


Other Guy: DAMN!!!

Eryk Masters: This is getting out of control!!!

Jeff Hansen: WHOA SHIT!!!!

The fans, already stirring with excitement suddenly FREAK OUT!!!  JESTER SMILES COMES FLYING THROUGH THE MIDDLE ROPES WITH A SUICIDE DIVE!!! 




Corazon took the majority of the blow and remains tangled up with Jester, while Jonny awkwardly stumbles backward before falling down off to the side of the collision.

Lorenzo immediately exits the ring to check in on everyone, and notices Jester SCREAMING in pain, holding at his leg.

Eryk Masters: I think Eric’s hurt…

Other Guy: (Sounding serious) He’s holding his leg, man.  Damnit…

Lorenzo starts waving his hands toward the entrance way while trying to separate Corazon and Eric’s bodies.  Corazon is able to move away on his own accord after a minute, but Jester is in some SERIOUS pain.  Lorenzo is crouched at Smiles’s side, and Denis Heflin and Austin Linam come running down the aisle to join.

Jeff Hansen: I think it’s serious.  Wow.  All shit talk aside…  you never want to see something like this…

Corazon gathers his bearings and starts to push Linam out of the way.  Lorenzo immediately steps in, but Adrian looks PISSED.

Corazon: (Trying to shout past Lorenzo) GET UP, ERIC!  GET. UP!

Lorenzo continues to push Corazon back, but the former World Champion finally retreats on his own accord.  Smiles continues to cry out in agony!  Linam and Heflin both nod to Lorenzo, who crosses his hands in an “X” position.  Corazon shakes his head, but smirks, as though he knew something like this might happen.  Off to the side, Jonny actually seems to be showing a little more concern, but doesn’t act on his facial expressions.  Instead he casually gathers himself and slides back into the ring.

The fans are confused at this point.  They’re worried and afraid, but no one seems totally sure what’s going on.  Paramedics rush to the ring bringing a stretcher along with them…  Corazon steps further away from the situation, but, seeing Jonny in the ring, remains on the floor outside.

Eryk Masters: Ladies and gentlemen…  We’re sorry for this.  From what I understand, Eric…  Jester is being deemed unable to continue this bout.  I don’t uhh..  (Frustrated) I’m not sure what’s happening…

As the medical staff rushes to his side, Eric fights with Lorenzo and the other officials.  He seems to think he’s okay, and attempts to stand up, but his leg buckles and he falls helplessly to the ground.  Corazon looks back over his shoulder to see where Jonny is and backs up to the steel steps, seeming to consider going back inside.  As for The DEFILER, he paces in the ring, talking to himself out of frustration while watching the drama unfold outside.  He moves to the ropes and shouts something at the medical staff, and Lorenzo turns to address him.  Corazon then comes over and Jonny shouts something at him before going outside!  Adrian seems ready to throw down, but given the situation, Lorenzo holds both men back.  Linam and Heflin rush over now as well, leaving the medical staff alone to do their thing.

Jeff Hansen: So are we just…  done?  What the hell is going on?

Other Guy: Dude, will you chill.  We know as much as you do.

Lorenzo holds Jonny back, while both Linam and Heflin do their best to contain Corazon.  The World Champion doesn’t look happy, but he at least nods his head and slides back into the ring.  Corazon seems to need a little more talking to…  At the same time, Jester Smiles is being helped up onto a stretcher.  Corazon watches as they secure him down.  Eric doesn’t look up, though, not once; his eyes filled with tears of pain and aggravation.

With everyone’s eyes on the ailing, former World Champion, Jester Smiles is slowly carted away from the ring.

Linam has a few more words for Corazon, who doesn’t respond, but seems calm much the same.  Inside the ring, Jonny shakes his head.  The medical staff surrounds the stretcher… two guys push while the rest of the team act as guards to protect Smiles from any fan who might decide to get crazy and hop the rail.

They push him past Corazon who turns his back and finally slides into the ring.

Everyone begins to applaud.

Eryk Masters: Fans.  Again…  we are very sorry, but it’s hard to plan for these things.  We are doing are best, but…  (Sighing) Man…

Jeff Hansen: Eric Rohkar has a lot of heart, and like I said before.  I don’t necessarily like the guy, but…  But you can’t discredit his heart and you sure as HELL never want to see something like this happen.  Jester Smiles is gonna be unable to finish out this bout and it’s a major shame.

The applause continues as Smiles is pushed down the aisle. 

Lorenzo is back inside the ring with both Corazon and Jonny as they continue to try and sort this out.  Smiles is eventually evacuated, and now ALLLLL eyes fall on the competitors left inside the ring.

Jonny glowers at Corazon.

Corazon glowers at Jonny.

And the fans start to cheer.  Despite everything else, they DESPERATELY want a conclusion.

Lorenzo checks in with Jonny, but he’s too focused on Corazon.  He nods.  Corazon then nods before Lorenzo even says anything to him…

Eryk Masters: The show must go on!


Tony steps back and Jonny wastes NO TIME throwing the first blow!  ADRIAN THOUGH STRIKES RIGHT BACK!!!

Other Guy: And then there were TWO, motherfuckers!

Jonny fires back at Corazon!  Corazon throws a shot of his own!  AND THEN ANOTHER ONE!  Jonny is reeling a little bit!  Corazon spins and hits a SICK little back kick to the midsection!  Jonny falls into the ropes!  He bounces back!  CORAZON PLANTS HIM WITH A SPINEBUSTER!!!

He makes the cover!!!




Jeff Hansen: Toooo close!  But the World Champion is out!

Corazon wants to keep momentum and moves in on Jonny.  However, the Champ rolls under the ropes nearby, his body halfway in the ring and halfway on the apron, which forces Lorenzo to step in and push Corazon back.


Adrian shakes his head but obliges, realizing a disqualification will do him absolutely NO good.

Eryk Masters: Both men have had some time to rest, but keep in mind, they had fighting for nearly half an hour at one of the most frantic paces we’ve ever seen in a multi-man affair.

Other Guy: This has been a night of incredible things and we’re certainly capping things off with a memorable main event.

With Corazon sufficiently far enough away, Jonny starts to pull himself up, but not without favoring his lower back.  Corazon allows the Champ some time to get to his feet but then quickly makes his pursuit!  Corazon comes in hard with a strike, but Jonny stays close to the ring ropes, actually keeping his arm draped over the top one.  The fans boo the tactic, and Lorenzo again comes to break things up!  Adrian tries to get another shot in and CONNECTS before Lorenzo applies some real force and physically shoves Corazon back.  Of course, Adrian does not react well to the move and shoves Lorenzo to the side!  However, as he aggresses on Jonny, the WORLD CHAMP JAMS HIS THUMB RIGHT IN CORAZON’S EYE!!!  Temporarily blinded, Adrian stumbles away from Jonny.


Other Guy: THEEEERE he is.  That son of a bitch…  You knew he couldn’t make it a whole match without pulling out some kinda slime-ball bullshit.

Lorenzo didn’t see it and Jonny follows with LEAPING KNEE LIFT INTO CORAZON’S EXPOSED BACK!!!  Corazon goes down hard and Jonny’s face is starting to show a little desperation, despite being momentarily in control.  He paces a little bit, trying to think of something on the spot, but as soon as Corazon moves, Jonny pounces on him with a knee drop to the side of the back!  He then moves into position and keeps Adrian at bay with a front-face-lock.  Jonny keeps the move cinched in and begins lifting Corazon off the mat.  He throws a knee into the midsection and then executes a PICTURE PERFECT snap suplex!!!  Corazon hits the mat HARD back first, though his momentum actually carries him on to his stomach!  Jonny doesn’t waste a SECOND and CHARGES AT his dazed opponent with a running knee!  BUT CORAZON SIDE STEPS AND COUNTERS WITH A SINGLE LEG TAKE DOWN!!!

Eryk Masters: Nifty little counter!  Corazon going for a pin!

Adrian looks to go for a pin, or at least it seems that way.  However, before he can do ANYTHING Jonny lifts his legs and kicks him away!  Corazon falls backward a few steps!  Jonny makes it to his feet!  He charges with a clothesline!  CORAZON DUCKS THROUGH!  Jonny spins around and CORAZON LEAPS UP WITH AN ENZUGURAI ATTEMPT!!!


Corazon tries to get to his feet, but Jonny sneaks up from behind…


Jeff Hansen: YES!

BUT CORAZON HOLDS HIS GROUND!  Jonny then KICKS the back of Corazon’s left knee!  His leg buckles and he stumbles to a knee!  JONNY then IMMEDIATELY locks in  a DRAGON SLEEPER!!!

Jeff Hansen: YES!  This is what he put Smiles away with two months ago!!!  COME ON!!!

Eryk Masters: The fans on their feet!  IS THIS GOING TO BE ENOUGH!!!

At this point, the fans don’t seem to know who to cheer for and instead cheer for the sheer thrill of it all!!!  Lorenzo checks in on Corazon and JONNY PULLS BACK AS HARD AS HE CAN!  He keeps Corazon’s spine upright with his knee and wrenches back on the neck!!!

Other Guy: God DAMN!  That shit right there is like the LION TAMER is to a BOSTON CRAB!   That aint no regular dragon sleeper!  I don’t know if Corazon’s gonna be able to  hold on this shit!

Jonny pulls back EVEN HARDER NOW!  HIS EYES GO WILD!!  AND HE SCREAMS AT LORENZO TO “ASK HIM!  ASK HIM RIGHT NOW!”  Lorenzo checks in on him, but Adrian won’t give up!!!

Eryk Masters: Shades of Reckoning Day 2008!  Jonny is doing everything he can to get Corazon to tap out, but he WILL NOT COMPLY!!!

Jeff Hansen: SHUT UP!  Shut up, shut up, shut up!!!  TAP ADRIAN!  TAP!!!

The fans cheer and shout!  Some of them shout “TAP!”  Others shout “NO” hoping Corazon can get out!



Eryk Masters: I think he’s fading!!


Corazon waves his free hand…  HE TRIES TO HANG ON!!!  HE SUDDENLY RIFLES BACK AND IS ABLE TO PUNCH JONNY IN THE SIDE OF THE FACE!!!  The Defiler loosens his grip.

Jeff Hansen: NO!  HOLD ON!

Jonny tries to regain control, but Corazon connects with ANOTHER shot!!!  Jonny loses his grip even more!  Adrian is able to escape! 


But Corazon hits a STIFF KICK OUT OF NOWHERE AND DRILLS THE CHAMP!!!  Jonny falls backward, collapsing to a knee!!!

Corazon spins to his feet!!!

Jonny makes a last ditch effort to hit something…  anything…


Jonny falls to the mat nearly unconscious!

Jeff Hansen: NOOOOOO!!!  NOT AGAIN!!!

Eryk Masters: Corazon going for the cover!!!  A NEW ARENA…  A NEW CHAMPION!!!

Other Guy: This crowd is off the HOOK!!!



The fans jump up and down.  EVERYONE ON THEIR FEET!







Eryk Masters: HE DID IT!

Jeff Hansen: NO!  NO LOOK!

Lorenzo VEHEMENTLY singles a count of TWO and gestures that Jonny did in fact get his shoulder up.  The crowd EXPLODES!  Some with BOOS some with CHEERS, but the key is…  they are LOUD AS HELL!  STILL!

Corazon is stunned.

Jeff Hansen: YES!  How’s it feel, Adrian!?

Eryk Masters: How did he kick out?  HOW did Jonny manage to find the…  well the power to do that?  After EVERYTHING?  There is still a little heart left in that cold, body of our World Champion.  UNBELIEVABLE, folks.

Corazon is literally stunned.  He didn’t expect Jonny to kick out.  He closes his eyes and SLAMS his palm against the mat, but doesn’t spend anymore time sulking!  He turns and immediately kicks Jonny in the head!  Jonny rolls in pain across the mat!  Adrian stalks after him!  He connects on ANOTHER SHOT!  Jonny rolls to the ropes and starts to try and pull himself up!  Corazon is getting frustrated!  Jonny grabs a hold of the middle rope and Corazon CHARGES WITH A YAKUZA KICK!!!

JONNY DUCKS!!! Adrian FLIES into the ropes, his foot going through the space between the top and middle ones!  He gets stuck which gives Jonny time to escape!!!  Corazon shakes his left leg and frees himself…  BUT JONNY IS UP TO HIS FEET!!!

Eryk Masters: FROM BEHIND AGAIN!!!

Corazon doesn’t have time to react!!!




Eryk Masters: OH MY GOD!!!

Jeff Hansen: WHAT THE HELL!??!

As Jonny swings him around, Corazon is able to maintain his balance!  As Jonny spins with his momentum, CORAZON LOCKS IN A DRAGON SLEEPER IN THE MOST IMPROBABLE OF FASHIONS!!!



EVERYONE IS IN SHOCK!  FANS ARE JUMPING UP AND DOWN!!!  Some shout “NO!”…  Others frantically cry for the Champion to “TAP!”



Lorenzo is right on top of everything and he checks in with Jonny, who is looking to be in REALLY bad shape!!!  He keeps waving off Lorenzo’s questions, but slowly fades in the process.   His eyes struggle to stay open!  CORAZON PULLS BACK EVEN MORE!!!!

Jonny is GOING FAST!!!

Eryk Masters: I don’t think he’s conscious!

Lorenzo taps Jonny’s arm and realizes he isn’t responding!  Corazon doesn’t let up!  HE KEEPS PULLING BACK!!!

Tony Lorenzo lifts Jonny’s arm and it falls down…

“ONE!”  He shouts!!

Jeff Hansen: NO!!!


Lorenzo lifts Jonny’s arm for a second time!!!

…It falls down!


Tony goes for the third and final time…


Everyone’s eyes are glued on the ring.

Lorenzo releases his grip…





Jeff Hansen: NOOOOO!!!


Other Guy: What a fucking FINISH!!!

“Torcher” by DZK begins to play throughout the arena and Adrian Corazon falls to his knees in exhaustion!  Lorenzo rushes to retrieve the WORLD TITLE from the ring attendant and graciously hands it to its new owner!!!


Still on his knees, Corazon clutches the belt to his chest and embraces it.  He doesn’t care what kind of reaction he’s receiving because HE.  DID IT.  The EPICENTER IS GOING ABSOLUTELY NUTS and CONFETTI BEGINS TO DROP FROM THE RAFTERS!!!

Eryk Masters: Folks, we welcome you to our NEW HOME with a NEW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!!!

Other Guy: Crazy ass finish for SURE.  And is it just me or did Jonny seem to stay conscious just long enough to be able to tap out?  If so… man…  I don’t know.  Guess I gotta give the former Champ some props for makin’ an honorable fall from grace.

Corazon FINALLY stands up and, with some serious authority, RAISES THE WORLD TITLE HIGH INTO THE AIR!

Jeff Hansen: (Disappointed, but trying to be professional) Give him credit where its due.  That’s your new Champion, SHOOT Project.  Congrats to Adrian Corazon.

The cameras stay on Corazon as the celebration continues.  He moves forward and steps up onto the bottom rope, leaning toward the crowd and proudly boasting the prize he has fought soooo hard to recapture.

Eryk Masters: He fought all the way back from hell…

Other Guy: That is a BAD dude, man.  All the shit and whatnot…  Mm!  Gotta feel proud for that man.  That’s a MAN right there.

As “Torcher” continues to play, out from the back emerges DONOVAN KING.  King is wearing long white wrestling tights with golden crowns on both sides of his legs, with his fists taped with white tape and white elbowpads, golden crowns on the back of those, his boots saying KING in black lettering.  He looks to have showered and looks clean with an unbuttoned hooded sweatshirt on.  The fans are erupting HUGE as King stands there for a moment before he walks down to the ring.


King enters the ring while Corazon stands there, World Heavyweight Championship on his shoulder.  He is breathing heavily as King stands there, nodding.  The two of them stare at one another for a long moment until…King begins to clap, a smile crossing his face.


Corazon slowly smiles to King and holds the World Championship up for all to see.

Eryk Masters:  Ladies and gentlemen, we wanna thank you for tuning into this MOMENTOUS pay-per-view event!  SHOOT Project has come back home to Las Vegas…and here in the Epicenter…we have a new number one contender…and a new World Champion!

Corazon turns to the fans and holds his World Championship up to the fans before HE COLLAPSES IN A HEAP.  “Torcher” abruptly shuts off.

Eryk Masters:  WHAT?!

Donovan King stands over Corazon, holding an ASP.  The fans are STUNNED, some beginning to boo as King slowly removes his hooded sweatshirt.  He SLAMS the ASP down AGAIN on Corazon!


King turns Corazon over and DRIVES THE ASP DOWN INTO CORAZON’S THROAT.  The fans are booing LOUDLY as King steps over him.  He walks over to Samantha Coil and demands the microphone.  The fans are booing HARD as Corazon is shown spitting blood.

Donovan King:  Tony Lorenzo.

King turns to the referee calmly.

Donovan King:  Let’s send these people home happy.

Jeff Hansen:  Oh man, what does he mean?!


The fans ERUPT into BOOS.

Eryk Masters:  NO!  Corazon just went through hell!  King’s rested!  NO!

Tony Lorenzo has no other choice.  He rings the bell and King forcibly picks Corazon up…AND NAILS THE DEALBREAKER.  Corazon is OUT.  The fans boo as King begins to pace the ring, staring at his fallen foe.  King picks Corazon up and puts him on his shoulders…KTFO.  The fans continue to boo as King drops to one knee beside Corazon.


King picks Corazon up by his throat one final time.  He smiles to his former ally and SNAPS around with ANOTHER DEALBREAKER.

Jeff Hansen:  WOW.

King stands over Corazon’s prone body and drops to his knees, rolling Corazon’s far leg up violently.  He glares at Tony Lorenzo, who slides into position!




The bell rings and suddenly “Black Republican” by Jay-Z and Nas begins to play.

I know you can feel the magic, baby!

Turn the mother fuckin’ lights down

…I mean…it’s what you expected, ain’t it?

The beat kicks in and Tony Lorenzo disgustedly hands Donovan King the SHOOT PROJECT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP.


Masters throws his headset down in disgust.

King places one boot over Corazon’s body, demanding Tony Lorenzo buckle the World Championship around his waist.

Other Guy:  I…I don’t have…I can’t believe…Jeff, man…I can’t…

Jeff Hansen:  What my colleagues are telling you is they are SPEECHLESS.

King looks down at the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship and a grin crawls across his face.  He stands there over the fallen and broken Corazon, “Black Republican” playing.

Jeff Hansen:  This is why King left the Rumble win so quickly without celebrating.  He had bigger plans here tonight.  Welcome back to Las Vegas, indeed.  A new era begins here tonight…and DONOVAN KING…is YOUR WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION.

King continues to stand over Corazon as the music continues to play and the image fades to black…

…and nothing is ever going to be the same.