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The Los Angeles Epicenter

El Paria d. Electryk Tyger w/ La Espina (8:35)
Notes: After the bell, Tyger attacks El Paria and leaves him laid out in the ring. He stands over Paria and draws a thumb across his throat, signaling that this will not be the last time he and El Paria meet.

Backstage: REIGN Champion Adrian Reyes is with Maria Madden, who asks him about his upcoming title defense against Cromwell Yarbury, who won a battle royal at the last REIGN event to become the number one contender. The former Avarice is dismissive of Yarbury and looks forward to the matchup later in the evening.

AzteX d. OLYMPUS w/ the Jaguar Suplex (12:42)
Notes: N/A

Fabian Kaye d. Hank Coltrane by KO (6:51)
Notes: Kaye called out Adrian Reyes after the bell, stating that what he did tonight is just a sample of what he can do should he get an opportunity at the REIGN Championship.

KAGAMI d. El Simbolo with the Baku Bomber (7:33)
Notes: Just a dominant showing from KAGAMI, who had Simbolo beaten much earlier in the match and instead chose to keep dishing out pain.

Promotional Video: A short hype video is shown with highlights of the Master of the Mat tournament from Ruination and Revolution. The video finishes up with a shot of Lindsay Troy and Azraith DeMitri, the two finalists, facing off.

Adrian Reyes d. Cromwell Yarbury with T.C.K. v. II (16:01)
Notes: After the match, Muratagi Hanzo ran down and blindsided Reyes, hitting him with his Legend of the Silver Blade. He is joined by UBE driver and his manager, Armstrong, who declares Hanzo as the next challenger for Reyes’ title, ignoring Kaye’s challenge from earlier in the evening.