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REIGN 12 – The Los Angeles Epicenter

Notes: N/A

Backstage: There’s a quick shot of a limo pulling up with members of the Unholy Breedlove Empire, including the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion, Joshua Breedlove and the World Tag Team Champions, the Unholy Cyber Army, stepping out. Maria Madden rushes to try to get word on why they’re in attendance but is blown off as the group heads into the locker rooms.

Electryk Tyger d. El Paria
Notes: Despite cheating to win, after the bell, Tyger attacks El Paria again. Leaving Paria downed, Tyger turns to exit the ringside area but is met with the duo of Cromwell Yarbury and Muratagi Hanzo, who are flanked by the UCA and Joshua Breedlove. Yarbury and Hanzo beat Tyger down as Breedlove and the UCA get into the ring to assist El Paria. As Paria comes to, he sees the World Champion, who leans down and says some things in Paria’s ear, which draws a very excited reaction from the masked wrestler. Paria shakes Breedlove’s hand as the whole group exits with Paria in tow.

Fabian Kaye d. Rafael Rodriguez
Notes: Kaye had some choice words for Muratagi Hanzo after his win over Rodriguez, citing his displeasure at Hanzo’s attempt to jump the line. He challenges him to a match for the next REIGN show.

Muratagi Hanzo d. El Simbolo
Notes: Armstrong and Cromwell Yarbury are out with Hanzo, who accepts Fabian Kaye’s challenge for REIGN 13. Mark Kendrick appears on the tron and notes that the winner will get a shot at Adrian Reyes at REIGN: Bloodsport, the companies first ever pay-per-view.

Backstage: Another SHOOT Project surprise has Jacob Mephisto and the Twins walking around in the backstage area. Rumors were that they were looking for a new member to add to their family, but have not seen anyone yet that they wish to pursue.

Daimh Ferguson d. Tiberius Blade
Notes: Great back and forth match that had some crazy moments from Ferguson. Blade did a good job trying to keep pace, but ultimately fell short, giving Ferguson the win.