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Furia Inviernal Vs. RECOGNIZE (c)

Frank Chapel Vs. Tiberius Blade

A seemingly blank screen appears only to have the camera pull back and reveal the top of a derby hat being placed, by gloved fingers, firmly on the head of a tall, lanky figure wearing a black dress jacket, blue silk vest, and bone-white cane.

Looking like a cross between Alfred Pennyworth, Jack Skelington, and Judge Doom, the man arches forward, leaning on his cane before tapping the base with his closed-toe dress shoes and letting the cane flip up over his shoulder as if he were in a Fred Astaire film.

He turns his head towards the camera but ultimately looks PAST the camera in a way that makes you instinctively want to turn your head to see what may be behind you.

Dr. Străjer: SHOOT Project… what a fascinating place this is. It is like a carnival come to life, right down to the straw mat floors and greasy stagehands.

The man smiles with a cocky grin.

Dr. Străjer: And the audience… oh the audience. Shilling out their hard-earned money for a bucket of popcorn, meat on a stick, and an overpriced novelty soda with their favorite sideshow attractions. The MYSTIC Fox… the WILD WOMAN… the WOLF MAN.

As he says those words, Dr. Străjer bows and quickly gestures off screen. As he does, WOLF MAN indeed appears on screen, his figure so massive that even the clearly tall Doctor is dwarfed by his size. WOLF MAN growls as his long, uncombed hair falls on either side of his face, all the way down to his hairy chest and arms that look as wide as a normal-sized man’s head. Străjer places a hand on WOLF MAN’s bicep as he raises his cane, pointing it towards the camera.


Dr. Străjer: Forget everything you’ve seen before. Forget what you THINK it means to be a warrior, because, dear audience, there is nothing more wild; nothing more thrilling; nothing more EXHILARATING than watching a predator once it has found its prey.

WOLF MAN’s eyes are unblinking, his chest rising and falling calmly but with a sense of intensity as a low grumble escapes his lips.

Dr. Străjer: And my friend here is not content at just being another one of the pack. WOLF MAN has the scent of the REIGN World Championship locked on and he WILL hunt it down regardless upon whose waist it sits, or who may seek to claim his rightful prize as their own.

Străjer smiles.

Dr. Străjer: After all… the only thing more dangerous than a wolf that is hungry, is one that you back into a corner.

Străjer lifts up his cane and gives two taps on the cement floor. As he does, WOLF MAN snaps – leaping in a split second at the camera, pushing down the staff member holding it. We can see a pair of arms being held up as WOLF MAN gnashes his teeth and begins swiping wildly with his claws.

As the camera rolls over to the side, we hear grunting and screaming as Dr. Străjer’s fancy shoes and cane slide into frame. A splash of red suddenly appears across the base of Străjer’s white cane, the contrast in the colors making the visual all that more horrific. The audience only sees this for a second before the feed cuts to black and then… a chilling howl.


Ultimo Muerte Vs. Mystic Warrior

Maria Madden: Up next we have PRIMAL taking on a newcomer to the SHOOT Project universe, CICADA.


Mark Kendrick: Aside from the fact that both men like to spell their names in all capitals, we don’t know much else they might have in common, as CICADA has been quiet, preferring to speak through his…manager?


As PRIMAL stands in the ring, stretching and getting ready, the lights go out. The REIGN screens become the only light, showing only static, until they finally reveal an image.

The Speaker: Good e-e-e-e-evening REIGN audience-ence-ence. I am the SPEAKER. My client, [REDACTED], is very excited to debut-but-but-but-BUT tonight. Thank you PRIMAL for taking this fight. 

The Speaker: Life ends in a flash of white, darkness, and endless bluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu-


A series of glitch sounds interrupts everything before a loud pop chases the image of the speaker away. The arena is pitch black.




“Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni” by Eiko Shimamiya begins to play. The arena remains bathed in pitch darkness. Some fans begin to pull out cell phones, leaving little twinkling lights throughout the arena.


Maria Madden: Well…this is all a little unsettling to say the least.


At the 19-second mark, when the bass of the song kicks in, a single spotlight shines on the top of the stage. Dressed in all white and black with blue accents on his mask stands CICADA. He holds his arms out, looking straight up into the spotlight, almost like he is bathing in the light, or in some odd form of worship.


Mark Kendrick: That must be our newcomer and he is…imposing, to say the least.


 When he casts his eyes toward the ring, it can be plainly seen that underneath his white and blue mask is absolute blackness, revealing no distinguishing features. All we can see is a muscular, very tall man with long arms and legs. He walks slowly to the ring, his eyes seemingly locked only on PRIMAL, his opponent in the ring. He takes his time, in no hurry, ignoring the REIGN fans around him. He stalks up the ring steps, shoulders back and confident, never looking away from his opponent. Once on the apron, he burst into the ring, immediately getting in the face of PRIMAL, standing a little shorter but no less imposing in his figure. The two men stand face to face, CICADA pressing his forehead against PRIMAL’s. The referee separates the two men, but while PRIMAL remains stationary close to the middle of the ring, CICADA prowls in circles around the REIGN star until the match begins.


Viento Helado Vs. Jamie Johnson (c)

Maria Madden: With that victory over Jamie Johnson, and with Furia Inviernal’s victory over RECOGNIZE earlier tonight, it’s safe to say that Viento Helado and his group have made an immediate impact!

Mark Kendrick: You got that right. I did not expect this outcome AT ALL. There’s been a regime change, ladies and gentleman, and wouldn’t you know it… the new REIGN Tag Team Champions are coming out to celebrate!

Furia Inviernal makes their way down to the ring, ignoring a Jamie Johnson who has rolled out and is making his way back up the ramp, holding his ribs and the back of his head. In the meantime, the new REIGN World Champion has called for a microphone!

Viento Helado: What did I say? HMM?! TELL ME. WHAT. DID. I. SAY. I said that FURIA INVIERNAL would come in, and I said that we would take over, and what did we do? 

He holds up the REIGN World Championship as the tag team champions raise their newly acquired gold as well.

Viento Helado: Let it be known. We will take on ALL COMERS. We stand before you, you new champions, and we are going to dominate this place. Doesn’t matter if you’re RECOGNIZE, the Patriot Act, the Murder Doves… we. don’t. care.

We’ll fight all of you.

Any time.

Any place.

Suddenly, the crowd starts to go OFF. They’re cheering, losing their minds! 

Mark Kendrick: Holy shit. HOLY SHIT.

Maria Madden: That’s the… oh my GOD. We’re OUT OF TIME.

Mark Kendrick: WHAT?! OUT OF TI–