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ReIGN 79

Championship Contendership

Avalanche Anderson Vs. CICADA

REIGN Tag Team Championships

Martial Law Vs. Furia Inviernal (c)


Maria Madden: We’ve got a lot of great action coming up next, like-


Mark Kendrick: Hold on Maria, we’re going to the backstage area where we’ve got some commotion.


The scene cuts to the back. Ultimo Muerte and CICADA are locked up close together absolutely HAMMERING each other with punches. Referees, trainers, and wrestlers are trying to break them up, but it is not working out. Every time the two men get any separation, they simply push the various crew members out of the way and continue to throw hammers at each other. People yell, people jump in the way, people grab both men, it doesn’t matter. They hammer each other. More bodies fill the scene, but neither man budges. No words exchanged, no hint as to why this happening. Just two scary men throwing scary blows.


Finally, with the frame almost so full of bodies that the two men fighting are barely seen, the fight is broken up. Neither man stops trying, but the amount of human flesh stopping them from colliding is finally too much. Both men are silent, seething at one another. CICADA is the first to walk away, realizing he can’t get past the crowd. Muerte shoves the crowd away and stares down the hall. The environment is tense as the crew prepares to stop Ultimo Muerte from chasing, but he simply checks his nose and mouth for blood before walking away. The scene cuts back to the announce table.


Maria Madden: Does this mean we are getting Ultimo Muerte vs CICADA?


Mark Kendrick: Well, between this and the match result between CICADA and Avalanche earlier tonight, I guess I have to!

Annunaki Vs. Percy Puente

REIGN Horizon Championship

Pigpen Matsumoto Vs. Ultimo Muerte (c)