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Willett Clan Vs. SMASHTOWN!

An Open Challenge

Maria Madden is backstage now, microphone in hand. She starts to walk back towards the ring area, but she’s stopped by none other than REIGN World Heavyweight Champion, Viento Helado.


Maria Madden: Mr. Helado, to what do I owe the pleasure? 


Viento: I’m bored, Maria. Bored. I’ve seen what the SHOOT Project has to offer and we got it handed to us at Master of the Mat. There will come a day when Furia Inviernal will come for its revenge, but that day… not today. Today, I have a different goal in mind.


He adjusts the REIGN World Heavyweight Championship on his shoulder and leans in to Maria Madden.


Viento: I want a challenge. Something I’ve never seen before. Someone I’ve never fought before. I’ve fought prodigies, jokes… I want REIGN… the SHOOT Project… whoever, wherever… I want them to show me something. Anything.


Maria Madden: So what are you going to do? 


Viento: Simple, Maria. I’m going to walk out there later tonight, in our main event, and I’m going to wait. If someone shows up and wants a shot at this? 


He taps the championship belt.


Viento: I’m willing to give it to them. I’ll see you later, mami.


He smiles and walks away, leaving Maria holding the microphone and looking into the camera.


Maria Madden: Well, you heard it here, folks. Viento Helado intends to defend his championship tonight! Who will answer the call?

Mystic Warrior Vs. Clemson Dean

An Interview w/ WOLF MAN

Maria Madden: Hello everyone! I am here with one of the more mysterious members of our REIGN roster, WOLF MAN, and his manager Doctor… Stranger?

Maria steps back instinctively as WOLF MAN steps into frame, growling through his teeth and sniffing at her arms and shoulders.

Dr. Străjer: Oh my dear Ms. Madden, it appears my Champion has taken a liking to you. And I must say I, too, have to say you are quite gorgeous tonight.

With a set of boney fingers, Străjer reaches out and grabs Maria’s hand, but she quickly yanks her arm back and holds it tight to her chest. Străjer glares at the young interviewer as WOLF MAN’s growl’s get louder.


Străjer taps his ornate-looking cane on the cement floor loudly, causing WOLF MAN to scurry away from Maria and back over to his side.

Dr. Străjer: The name is STRAH-JER, Ms. Madden. Not Stranger. I would hate for our audience to get the wrong impression that my Champion and I are somehow not welcome in SHOOT Project.

WOLF MAN looks around sporadically as he drops to his haunches and begins grunting wildly as Maria looks on trying to hide her disgust.

Maria Madden: Of course not. But perhaps you could tell our audience what it is this… WOLF MAN hopes to achieve next? Especially after he came up short in his last match.

Străjer smirks as he looks down, his lips twisting unnaturally as he places a hand on the top of WOLF MAN’s head.

Dr. Străjer: My Champion wants what any of us want, Ms. Madden… a chance to build a life for himself and protect those he cares about.

Maria looks skeeved out as WOLF MAN leans back and utters a guttural howl.

Maria Madden: And what about you, Dr. Străjer? What is it you are trying to achieve?

Străjer slowly raises his hand from WOLF MAN’s head, causing the beast’s gaze to follow along as the pale figure looks up and stares intensely at Maria. His eyes flicker like a cold flame as he grips his staff and swings it across his body, gesturing WOLF MAN to follow him away from the scene.

Dr. Străjer: Oh, my dear frumuseţe, that is something that requires a much more… appropriate venue worthy of such an important and personal question.

Străjer goes to reach back out to grab Maria’s hand once again but stops himself and lets out a wry laugh before turning and walking away with WOLF MAN at his side.

Dr. Străjer: Let’s do this again soon, Ms. Madden. We both look forward to getting to learn more about you, as well.


The lights go out in the arena.




“Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni” by Eiko Shimamiya begins to play. Cell phones start to light up the arena as a single spotlight illuminates CICADA at the top of the entrance ramp. He stares at the ring, possibly feeling slightly more weight with this match-up than with others. He stands at the top of the entrance ramp for longer than usual.


Maria Madden: Are we seeing some rare hesitation from CICADA tonight?


Mark Kendrick: Hesitation, reverence, or maybe he’s just savoring the moment? He certainly didn’t show any hesitation in picking a fight with Ultimo Muerte after decimating Avalanche Anderson.


Maria Madden: Who knows, but I’d tend to think that the opportunity to hold gold for the first time in REIGN and SHOOT Project would weigh heavily on anyone’s mind.


Regardless of the actual emotions felt, CICADA stalks to the ring, as he always does, completely focused. He doesn’t get in the ring once he reaches the bottom. Instead, he sits on the apron, awaiting his opponent.


Mark Kendrick: Why isn’t he getting in the ring? I don’t like that he’s not getting in the ring.


“Inhumano” by Anna Fiori hits over the PA. Ultimo Muerte emerges, Pandora closely behind. She holds the Horizon Championship over her shoulder. CICADA is no longer sitting on the apron. He stands, staring ice into Ultimo Muerte, who stares back in kind.


Maria Madden: I’m not sure hesitation was the right word earlier. Neither of these men seems intimidated by the other.


Mark Kendrick: I don’t know if fear and intimidation are feelings that CICADA or Ultimo Muerte feel, but-oh god, they’re not waiting.


CICADA has met Ultimo Muerte in the center of the ramp. They exchange blows, Pandora screaming at Muerte.




Though Muerte seems to try, he cannot get the upper hand on CICADA, who strikes with power and precision despite how chaotic the brawling is. With that said, Muerte takes everything that CICADA gives him and returns it, eventually catching CICADA with a knee strike that doubles CICADA over. Muerte tosses CICADA into the guard rail, but CICADA seems barely phased as he staggers Muerte with a back elbow. CICADA hits a leaping knee to Muerte, driving him into the opposite guard rail. The referee screams for the men to get in the ring, but CICADA has other things in mind. He grabs Muerte by the head and looks to slam him into the ring post, but Muerte blocks and reverses, driving CICADA’s face into the post! 


Mark Kendrick: I’m not sure this match is even going to get started.


Muerte takes the staggered man and looks to suplex him on the ring floor, but CICADA launches a quick blow to Muerte’s stomach, causing Muerte to release the hold. CICADA backs up before launching a VICIOUS liver kick to Muerte. Muerte drops to a knee, clutching his side. CICADA backs up and runs at Muerte, looking for a knee, but Muerte burst forth with a leaping clothesline! Both men are down on the outside!


Maria Madden: Referee Alex Campbell hasn’t officially started this match, but I’m not sure a match is even what either of these men wants. This is just a fight.


Mark Kendrick: Jesus, they’re both back up.


Both men clutch the head of the other and proceed to exchange nasty blows back and forth. From behind their masks, blood can be seen flowing, but neither man notices. They just toss each other back and forth, delivering blow after blow, slamming against the ring, the steps, the guard rails, everything. Campbell is warning both men that if they don’t get in the ring he will call the match a no-contest, but they don’t hear him. Pandora screams for Muerte to annihilate CICADA while the crowd begins to chant.




Seeing that his warnings have fallen on deaf ears, Campbell calls for the bell, but even this does not stop either man. CICADA has mounted Muerte and rains down fists on him, but Muerte is able to catch one of the shots and looks to apply some kind of arm lock. In an attempt to fight away from this, Muerte is able to get on top of CICADA, and now it is his turn to slam CICADA with punches. CICADA scrambles though, and in a few moments, both men are back on their feet. At this point, the locker room empties with wrestlers, referees, trainers, and security, in a scene similar to the previous episode of REIGN. They are quick to leap on top of both men, separating them. Pandora shouts insults at CICADA, but CICADA is only focused on trying to get back at Ultimo Muerte. Muerte shares the same goal, but the sea of bodies is too much for either man.


Mark Kendrick: Jesus Christ, nothing was resolved here. Let’s…just…just cut to the back or something while we try to get this nonsense sorted out.

Avalanche Anderson Vs. Moriton

An Open Challenge - Part 2

Maria Madden: I’m backstage once again, awaiting the arrival of Viento Helado, who to my knowledge, does not have an opponent for this main event yet. 


As if on cue, Helado appears in his gear, title wrapped around his waist. He smirks as Maria looks him over before continuing.


Maria Madden: Any takers? 


Viento: Of course not, Maria. I’m the most dangerous champion in this organization. Nobody wants to step to me, nobody CAN step to me. I came in here, I took this title, took this organization, took the SHOOT Project by complete storm. Me and the boys? Furia Inviernal? 


He laughs and shrugs. 


Viento: We’re untouchable. 


Without warning, Viento is violently shoved out of the way and into the wall next to the two of them. Soon after, what can only be described as a MOUNTAINOUS man enters the frame, disrespectfully standing in front of the REIGN World Champion. 


Maria Madden: You’re… oh my god.


The crowd pops once they recognize the man who’s taken the frame. He is none other than a member of the Holler, ELGIN BLAIR.


Elgin Blair: I’ll fight the loudmouth. 


He has no other words than those and he shoves past him once more as he walks towards the ring. “You’ll Never Leave Harlan Alive” starts over the PA and the audience goes nuts as a new challenger for the REIGN World Heavyweight Championship has emerged…


Elgin Blair Vs. Viento Helado (c)