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Midnight Cowboys MC Vs. Smashtown!

He sits in a dark room, illuminated only by a small TV screen. The Speaker stares back at him, unmoving except for the occasional glitch or disruption from the power that seeps into the monitor. CICADA looks down at the letter, addressed to him. The envelope is at his feet, no address, no city listed, just “For CICADA” in big black letters. For anyone else, it would be frightening to receive a letter in the mail that is addressed to them without having their address, but CICADA isn’t frightened.


He knows who he is dealing with. 


He unfolds the letter. The camera zooms in on what it says.


Mr. CICADA and your Speaker,


You are cordially invited to meet with the High Brujah at her compound. Inside this envelope are two first-class tickets to Mexico. Feel free to bring a guest. Upon arriving, you will be taken by men under our employ to meet with the High Brujah.


We look forward to meeting you in person. We are very curious about what you represent.


CICADA puts the paper down and picks up the two tickets.


The Speaker: Go to theeeeeeeeeeeeem-emem-emem.

WOLF MAN Vs. Buddy Amigo

The bell rings as WOLF MAN climbs the ring posts and lets out a guttural howl as he celebrates another victory.

Dr. Străjer looks on, smiling, until he catches, out of the side of his eye, a pair of teenagers in the front row right below WOLF MAN. They elbow each other back and forth, one of them digging into a bucket of popcorn to grab a handful and – out of nowhere – begins to howl.

The teen’s friends cover their mouths to keep from laughing as he shoves a fist of popcorn into his mouth and shakes his head violently, slapping the barricade in front of him and howling again.

WOLF MAN’s attention snaps to the teen who is still laughing and howling. WOLF MAN howls back, now looking directly at the kid who thinks it’s the funniest fucking thing ever. He decides to grab another handful of popcorn and this time he hucks it solidly at WOLF MAN.

Before Dr. Străjer can register what’s happening, WOLF MAN leaps off the turnbuckle and lands perched on the barricade directly in front of the teen and his friends with teeth bared, Buddy Amigo’s blood smeared across his lips and chin.

The crowd around the teens scream and scatter as WOLF MAN snaps his teeth violently in the group’s direction. The teens themselves are too stunned to move or scream.

Străjer sprints over to the scene and slams his cane on the floor twice.

Străjer:  Încetează! Încetează!

WOLF MAN turns to look at Străjer and even Străjer takes a step back at the look in WOLF MAN’s eyes. Catching himself, he waves his cane and points at WOLF MAN with a glowing inset gem that flashes brightly for a few seconds. He slams the cane down twice once more.

Străjer: Jos! Jos!

WOLF MAN pauses and sniffs the air around him before hopping off the barricade, finding his way over to Dr. Străjer just as ring security appears and swarms the area. Străjer looks back and sees that the teens have fled.

Străjer: It’s OK gentlemen! It’s under control! Let us pass! Trust me… you WANT to let us pass.

WOLF MAN looks almost drunk now, wobbling back and forth as Străjer holds him up and begins to back up towards the ramp. Security follows, giving the pair a wide berth as arena crew try to regain order in the stands.

Avalanche Anderson Vs. Mystic Warrior

We’re backstage with Maria Madden, who’s standing next to the lecherous Johnny Brave. Brave, naturally, is reveling in the boos with a big ol’ grin right across his ugly face. He brushes his hair out of his face and instead of letting Maria ask the questions, he just shoos her away, drawing yet another reaction from the REIGN crowd.


Johnny Brave: Oh blah blah blah wah wah wah… you don’t get to look at your little drop of eye candy, instead you’re here with me! JOHNNY BRAVE. And I’m going to keep this short and I’m going to keep this sweet. 


The crowd keeps booing.


Johnny Brave: Rapture and I, we’re throwing a challenge out to Furia Inviernal. ALL of Furia Inviernal, for the main event of tonight’s show. We want Viento. We want Mordida. We want Sangre. Six man tag.


The crowd cheers at this, a nice turnaround from the previous reaction. Brave smirks.


Johnny Brave: You guys are so fickle. So, so fickle. You might be wondering who Rapture’s partners will be, well… I’ve met some enterprising young gentlemen… youngish gentlemen… who are looking to make a little extra money, and they’ve got some skin in the game as well. 


Allow me to introduce you to Rapture’s partners for the evening… They’re Furia Inviernal’s opponents for the REIGN Tag Team Championships at Total Annihilation. 






The Willett Clan.


Two brutish, disheveled looking men walk up behind Johnny and stand to either side of him. He crinkles his nose a bit, out of their line of sight, as though they might smell or be lacking in some kind of hygienic way.


Johnny Brave: So, Viento? What’ll it be! We’ll be out there in the ring waiting for ya, you just have to show up! Back to you, MARK.


Mark Kendrick: You heard it, folks. There’s a challenge and we’ve ALREADY received word from Viento Helado that Furia Inviernal will be there to meet Rapture and the Willett Clan tonight! Stay tuned, that’s our main event!

“Golden” Burkhalter Vs. Miles Miller

CICADA sits in the back of an SUV with a black mesh hood over his head. He wears his traditional ring wear, from what we can tell. The white pants with blue markings and a white vest adorn his body. On either side of the monstrous man are two equally imposing soldiers of the coven, wearing black suits with bolero ties and dark sunglasses. The camera is pointed past CICADA and out the back of the SUV, where we can see sand and dirt being kicked up by its tires. The SUV slows and comes to a stop. The soldier on the driver side opens his door and pulls CICADA toward the door. CICADA allows the man to escort him from the vehicle. The second soldier walks around the back of the SUV and stands on the opposite side of CICADA, and the three men enter a business front somewhere in the Mexican desert.


The camera fades and returns on the two men sitting CICADA down in a leather chair, and pulling the hood from his head. CICADA simply stares forward, stoic and never flinching. The man on the driver side speaks English with a thick Mexican accent.


Driver Side Soldier: The High Brujah will be here soon.


The two men step back and stand by the door with their hands crossed in front of their belt lines. Within a few seconds, a woman appears at the doorway. She’s older, perhaps in her seventies. She wears what you’d expect a Grandmother to wear: a loose fitting knit sweater with a collared shirt underneath it, stretchy blue jeans and velcro shoes. Not what you’d expect of a High Brujah. Her short white hair contrasts on her dark, sunkissed skin. As she steps into the room, she gasps. The men beside her move their hands to their weapons, but she stops them. She catches her breath and speaks as she walks toward the desk CICADA is staring at. Her accent is less thick, but still noticeable.


High Brujah: You are very deceiving, Mr. CICADA. Even your size is masked by the television screen. You are more impressive in person, but I must ask: Why do you reside in Thailand when you are not Thai? Why do you wear this mask, yet it is not customary to wrestle in a mask in your culture. Why do you shelter the unwanted and make them the unknown?


The High Brujah stands beside her desk, placing a hand upon it for stability. She pauses, looking at CICADA’s face. CICADA maintains stoic, staring straight ahead.


High Brujah: There is an aura about you, Mr. CICADA, that I can not crack. You have dabbled in dark magick, that much I can tell. Something you have done in your past…you hide from, yet, it does not weigh you down like other men. 


She pauses again, this time examining him in full.


High Brujah: You have proven yourself to be a great match for Ultimo Muerte, Mr. CICADA. Perhaps I underestimated you still. Mr. Johnson had to name his REIGN event after your match, something a businessman does not take lightly. Perhaps I did.


The High Brujah walks between CICADA and her desk, sitting on the edge of it and crossing her arms.


High Brujah: Ultimo Muerte’s purpose is clear. His motives are clear. He must provide for this coven. What are your motives? What is your purpose?


She stares at the man in front of her. CICADA turns his head ever-so-slightly. Though there are no holes for his eyes, the High Brujah can feel his locking on hers. CICADA nods slightly. A rush of air rolls through the office. Uneased, the High Brujah gasps again. Immediately, she starts shouting. 


High Brujah: Get! Get him out! Get him back to the United States, and as far away from the compound as possible. NOW!


The two men by the door rush over to CICADA, throwing the hood back over his head and pull him up out of the chair. The High Brujah is shaken, collapsing briefly on the desk but catching herself. A woman rushes in as the two men step out. The new woman helps the High Brujah to her feet. The High Brujah grabs the woman by the arm and looks her in the eyes.


High Brujah: That was no ordinary man. He is not to be taken lightly. Get me Pandora. Ultimo Muerte must know!


The camera fades as the woman who rushed in to help the High Brujah exits the room just as quickly.

Furia Inviernal Vs. Rapture & The Willett Clan