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Singles Match

Post Match

No Spooky Sh-

The bell rings as a victorious CICADA stands tall above an injured and recovering Buddy Amigo. CICADA takes his title and leans down, holding it in the face of the thoroughly defeated Buddy Amigo.

Maria Madden: See, now this is the good, ol’ fashioned, TRADITIONAL wrestling that the fans here have come to know and love.

Mark Kendrick: I don’t know if there is anything all that traditional about CICADA or how he beats down his opponents.

Maria Madden: Listen, I’m just… I’m just glad we got through that match and the opening of the show without any spooky sh-

A howl cuts through the arena stopping everyone – including CICADA – dead in their tracks. He stands, turning towards the entrance ramp, lowering his title and preparing himself.

The fans are riled up, buzzing, as another howl emanates from somewhere close by. The fans stand up, looking around the arena themselves, as many join in a howl of their own – like a pack calling for a leader.

Mark Kendrick: You were saying, Maria? Maria… MARIA! Get out from underneath the announce desk! You’re being childish!

Maria Madden: No, Mark, you don’t know what- OH GOD!

Mark Kendrick: AGH!

From somewhere in the crowd, a beast of a man leaps upwards, clearing the barricades easily only to land on top of the announce table and standing tall as Mark and Maria scramble out of the way. 


Nearly eye-to-mask with CICADA, WOLF MAN leaps again, pushing all his weight off his back foot to land on the edge of the ring mat. CICADA has only just realized that WOLF MAN is not coming from the entrance ramp; he turns slowly in realization as Buddy Amigo, having regained some wherewithal, has quickly rolled out of the ring to avoid the clash between the ghost and the beast.

WOLF MAN bears his teeth in a snarl before gripping the top rope and throwing his head back in another guttural howl.

WOLF MAN: Aaaaooooooooooo!


WOLF MAN leaps in the ring in a single pound and meets a hard right hand to the jaw from a ready CICADA! WOLF MAN staggers as CICADA is now on him, pounding him with fists; however, the advantage lasts only for a second as WOLF MAN simply pushes CICADA away, knocking the champion to the ground. CICADA scrambles to his feet quickly, but as he rushes in to deliver more damage WOLF MAN lunges with lighting speed toward CICADA, grabbing him around the waist and then launching him into the turnbuckle with a belly to belly suplex! WOLF MAN recovers quickly, closing the distance and pouncing on top of CICADA – slamming his fists into the champion’s masked face. 


Mark Kendrick: Jesus, has anyone been able to manhandle CICADA like this yet? 


Maria Madden: I’m not watching. Tell me when it’s over.


WOLF MAN stops the assault for a brief moment in order to lift CICADA back to his feet, like a beast playing with its prey. As he does, he looks furiously into the masked man’s face before driving his teeth into the forehead of CICADA! CICADA swings punches at WOLF MAN’s stomach in an attempt to get him to stop, but it is to no avail. Blood pours from CICADA’s head as WOLF MAN clamps down with even more force. 


Finally a lucky shot catches WOLF MAN hard enough in the liver to stagger him, but it doesn’t do much for the Horizon Champion. Blinded by blood and feeling the results of the assault, CICADA simply stumbles backwards. WOLF MAN recovers quickly, licking his lips and looking more annoyed than hurt. He digs in his heels once more and is quick to spear CICADA to the ground! More fists rain down on CICADA before WOLF MAN once again bites down onto CICADA’s shoulder and neck area. WOLF MAN raises his head and howls, blood pouring from his mouth, as the crowd cheers this display of brutality.


Mark Kendrick: I’m all for brutality, but this is…this is unreal. I’m not sure the fans realize what is going on here! We’re watching a man get murdered in that ring!

Maria Madden: As P.T. Barnum once said, Mark, I’d buy that for a dollar.

Mark Kendrick: That was Bixby from Robocop! 


The fans howl at ringside as WOLF MAN once again lifts CICADA up. Miraculously, CICADA is still fighting, throwing weak punches that do nothing to WOLF MAN but annoy him. Suddenly, a thumping sound can be heard reverberating through the arena. Short, staccato beats that immediately draw WOLF MAN’s attention toward the rampway.

As WOLF MAN looks, the audience follow his gaze to see Ultimo Muerte emerge from behind the curtain. WOLF MAN’s eyes grow wide as his grip tightens even further on CIDADA as the two men stare at each other while CICADA desperately, and hopelessly, tries to fight out of WOLF MAN’s grasp.


Mark Kendrick: Ultimo Muerte is out here now and I’m uncertain what kind of chaos is going to follow.


Maria Madden: No no no, not the witches guy too! Just tell me when it’s over and I can open my eyes!


The staredown is short lived as Ultimo Muerte merely smiles at WOLF MAN. Then, the staccato beat hits again, even louder, as two figures emerge at Muerte’s side… first to come into view is Muerte’s handler, Pandora, but then a purple glow emanates from the shadows to reveal…


Mark Kendrick: Dr. Străjer?


Străjer wears a grin mirroring Muerte’s as he nods toward WOLF MAN. WOLF MAN’s eyes are locked on his master as his grip grows even tighter before Străjer gives one last look toward Pandora before he raises his cane.








With an inhuman level of force, WOLF MAN throws CICADA’s face into the ground and begins to stomp on the fallen champion. His eyes now wild, he scans the ring and locks on immediately to the Horizon Championship. WOLF MAN grabs the title belt, letting it hang loosely at his side before returning to CICADA and then violently whipping the champion into the turnbuckle! WOLF MAN raises the title above his head and gives a roar before lowering it to his chest and then barreling forward! He SLAMS the belt firmly into CICADA’s face causing the champion to immediately crumble in a heap, completely lifeless.

WOLF MAN throws his head back in a victorious howl before looking down at his prey, seeking to deliver more punishment, until… 






Străjer signals him to stop. WOLF MAN looks slightly confused as he holds the bloody belt; he looks at it, mesmerized by its shininess before looking back up to Străjer. The doctor gestures toward Pandora and Muerte, both of whom look very pleased as the REIGN cameras zoom into the bloodied face of CICADA – holding on the image for just long enough before everything goes black.

BLOOD Vs. The Avenging Shadow

Singles Match

Moriton Vs. Kentucky Sasaky

Singles Match

Assault Baes Vs. Mojo Machine

Tag Team Match


Calling In My Chit

“Oh, wow.” 


The shot opens to the lockerroom of Furia Inviernal, housing the REIGN World Champion and the REIGN World Tag Team Champions. They’re chatting amongst themselves and are caught a touch by surprise when they catch sight of their visitor.


Viento Helado: The Emperor himself. To what do we owe this pleasure? 


The camera pans, showing none other than former SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion Joshua Breedlove standing in the doorway dressed casually and wearing a large smile directed towards the group.


Joshua Breedlove: I love it here in LA, Viento. There’s so many interesting things happening, you know? So many new and interesting people to meet. So many new types of experiences, things like that.


Viento Helado: You looking to get into Hollywood, Josh? 


Joshua Breedlove: Oh god no, that sounds miserable. I’m looking at continued and forever domination of one thing and one thing only. 


Viento Helado: Professional wrestling? 


Joshua Breedlove: Professional wrestling. And I figured now might be a good time to call in my chit.


Helado smiles, shakes his head, as though he knew this was coming. Escarcha and Fria both look over at Helado, confused.


Viento Helado: What if I’m not interested in paying you back at this time, Breedlove? 


Breedlove shrugs.


Joshua Breedlove: That’s your call, Viento, but you know what I want and you know the lengths I’ll go to get it, so do we really need to puff out our chests and bloviate or can we just do the business that we agreed to, because it’s really simple.


Viento Helado: Is it that simple though, man? Linking up with you is great for some, but not great for others. You know that, right? 


Joshua Breedlove: I merely give people opportunities to succeed and excel. What happens beyond that is generally up to them, but here’s the kicker, Viento. 


Breedlove smirks.


Joshua Breedlove: We’re already linked up. So the quandary is a simple one. Either you trade out your icy visage for something a little more regal, or I go another direction and find new opportunities and new successes for others. The thing is, Viento? I KNOW you’ve got your hands full with two mountains of men. One with a very loud manager and one who just wants to kick ass that ALSO does some icy shit. 


Viento looks away, annoyed.


Joshua Breedlove: Do you really want to add another element to that mix, because I’ve got a samoan in my back pocket that would LOVE to reclaim REIGN gold, you know what I mean? Or, you know, I bet Dr. Străjer would be interested in having a chat. Or Pandora. Or CICADA. You SAW what happened out there earlier. You get what I’m saying, right?


Breedlove holds his hands up.


Joshua Breedlove: Don’t answer me now. Just think about it. Consider your future, you know? I’m gonna jet though, buddy. I know you’re going to have your eyes on the main event tonight. Good luck with all of that.


With that and a slightly devious smirk, Breedlove casually walks away and you hear “See ya, Viento, have a good night!” while Viento Helado stews and Furia Inviernal has nothing but questions.


Mark Kendrick: What do you suppose the kind of deal is that Breedlove made with Viento!?


Maria Madden: Couldn’t begin to tell you, but it sure seems like Viento knows he’s between a rock and a hard place, and it would appear Breedlove is beginning to enact some kind of plan here in REIGN. 


Mark Kendrick: Sure does seem that way, and we’re not going to get a chance to ask Viento Helado about it, because we’ve got Rapture and Avalanche Anderson facing off in our main event, the SECOND of their best of five series! That match is now!



RAPTURE Vs. Avalanche Anderson

BEST of 5 - Match 2

Singles Match