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Welcome to REIGN 90!

The Los Angeles Epicenter is alive and rocking, as REIGN 90 takes the airwaves. The show starts at the commentary desk with REIGN GM and head commentator Mark Kendrick, and with him of course, the lovely Maria Madden.


Mark Kendrick: We’ve got a big night ahead of us tonight, Maria! 


Maria Madden: The Redemption season has kicked off, and tonight, we’ve got three of the first qualifying matches to get into SHOOT Project’s Redemption Rumble! 


Mark Kendrick: Yep yep, and in case you’re unfamiliar, the Redemption Rumble is essentially a guaranteed shot at the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship at Reckoning Day at the end of the year.


Maria Madden: Are we doing anything like that for the Rumble winner? 


Mark Kendrick: We are! If a member of the REIGN roster wins the Redemption Rumble, not ONLY will they receive that World Heavyweight Championship shot, they’ll ALSO get an opportunity to fight for the REIGN World Championship at Reckoning Day as well. It’d be a tough night for them, but that’s what the grind is all about.


Maria Madden: High stakes here tonight! On top of that, Avalanche Anderson and Rapture meet for the third time, with the score tied at one match apiece! As you know, if Rapture wins this series, then he will get entered into the match between Avalanche Anderson and Viento Helado, making it a triple threat match for the REIGN World Championship. If Avalanche Anderson can stave off Rapture, he will get his shot at Viento alone.


Mark Kendrick: And speaking of Viento Helado, he defends the REIGN World Championship TONIGHT against MORITON! Moriton is starting to pick up momentum here in REIGN, and what better way to get a great feel for where you stand, than by mixing it up with the World Champion! But listen Maria, enough about that. Let’s get this show on the road. Avalanche Anderson and Rapture square off, and that match? 


Maria Madden: Is NEXT.


Mark Kendrick: You stole that from me!

Avalanche Anderson Vs. Rapture

Match 3 - Best of 5

Singles Match

Diego Rivera Vs. Kentucky Sasaky

Redemption Rumble Qualifier

Singles Match

Rafael Ortega Vs. Clemson Dean

Redemption Rumble Qualifier

Singles Match

Julia Riff-Raff Vs. BLOOD

Redemption Rumble Qualifier

Singles Match

Moriton Vs. Viento Helado (c)

REIGN World Championship

Singles Match