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REIGN Check: Episode #1

REIGN Check - Wrestling Podcast Transcript

REIGN Check - Wrestling Podcast

Duration: 1 Hour
Hosts: Alex Turner and Jessie Carmichael


Alex: Welcome back, folks, to another episode of REIGN Check! I'm Alex Turner.

Jessie: And I'm Jessie Carmichael. Today, we're diving deep into the whirlwind that's been REIGN wrestling over the last few episodes. Strap in, it's been quite the ride!

Segment 1: Recent Events Recap

Jessie: Let's start with the bombshell from Episode 7—Furia Inviernal taking the Tag Team Championships. Who saw that coming?

Alex: Absolutely, Jessie. Their strategy was flawless, and it really feels like a new era for the tag division. But the bigger shock was SAFEGUARD challenging them right after their victory. That match at "REIGN: Ascension" is going to be explosive.

Segment 2: DeathKore Championship Reactions

Alex: Moving on to the brutal debut of the DeathKore Championship. El Simbolo and Diego Ramirez went all out with chairs, tables... you name it. El Simbolo coming out on top was something, huh?

Jessie: It was hardcore to the core, Alex. But the aftermath was just as intense. That attack by Diego? It's clear this feud is far from over. I'm betting we'll see a rematch soon, possibly at the PPV.

Segment 3: Women’s Division Developments

Jessie: Let's talk about the Women’s Division. "Lightning" Lexi Gomez continues to impress, and that victory over Sarah Knight was a standout moment. But that challenge by the new wrestler post-match sets up some intriguing storylines.

Alex: Right, the Women's Division is getting hotter by the minute. Lexi's in-ring skills are top-notch, and this new rivalry could really test her mettle.

Segment 4: Speculations and Predictions

Alex: With "REIGN: Ascension" just around the corner, let's speculate. I think we’re going to see Tiberius Blade and Avalanche Anderson tear the house down. Their buildup has been intense.

Jessie: I agree, Alex. And don't forget about "The Colossal" Casey Jones. He's been a fan favorite, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up challenging for the World Heavyweight Title soon.

Alex: Absolutely. Also, the introduction of the DeathKore Championship adds a new layer. El Simbolo's reign could really redefine what it means to be a champion in REIGN.

Segment 5: Fan Questions

Jessie: We’ve got some fan questions here. First up, "Do you think the DeathKore Championship will overshadow the World Heavyweight Title?"

Alex: That's a great question. It’s possible, given how different and extreme the DeathKore matches are. It appeals to a certain segment of fans more, maybe.

Jessie: Next question, "Who’s the mystery partner for Tiberius Blade?" My guess? It’s someone we've not seen in REIGN yet, possibly an external shocker.


Alex: It’s been a packed show today! Thanks for tuning in to REIGN Check. We can't wait to see how everything unfolds at "REIGN: Ascension."

Jessie: Remember to keep the questions coming and join us next time. Until then, keep your eyes on the ring—it’s where legends are made!