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REIGN: Dominion 001


Match 1: Opening Bout

"Texas" Pete Jack vs. Elgin Blair

  • Summary: In a fierce opening match, "Texas" Pete Jack, known for his ruthless aggression, takes on the technical wizardry of Elgin Blair. After a back-and-forth battle, Pete Jack secures the victory with his signature move, the "Lone Star Lariat."
  • Outcome: "Texas" Pete Jack wins.

Segment 1: The Arrival of SAFEGUARD

  • Summary: The arena goes dark, and when the lights come back, SAFEGUARD (Martin Claypool & Devoe Anderson) are in the ring. They issue an open challenge to any tag team in the back, claiming they are the real guardians of REIGN wrestling.

Match 2: Tag Team Showcase

Furia Inviernal (Mordida de Escarcha & Sangre Fria) vs. Smashtown! (Bart Abernathy & Andrew Abernathy)

  • Summary: A high-octane tag team match showcasing the best of REIGN's tag division. The icy precision of Furia Inviernal clashes with the raw power of Smashtown!. Furia Inviernal emerges victorious after Mordida de Escarcha hits a frostbite DDT on Bart Abernathy.
  • Outcome: Furia Inviernal wins.

Segment 2: WOLF MAN's Open Challenge

  • Summary: REIGN Horizon Champion, WOLF MAN, declares he's a fighting champion and issues an open challenge to anyone in the back. Diego Ramirez accepts the challenge for next week's show.

Match 3: Singles Competition

Avarice vs. Clemson Dean

  • Summary: Avarice and Clemson Dean leave it all in the ring in a match filled with raw emotion and technical prowess. Avarice secures the win with a clever counter into his finisher, "The Greed Lock."
  • Outcome: Avarice wins.

Match 4: Main Event - REIGN World Tag Team Championship

Chingons Groseros (Bennet Bronco & King Oso) vs. Spinebuster Island (Dan Richards & Joe Quinn)

  • Summary: The reigning champs defend their titles against Spinebuster Island in a match that has the crowd on its feet. Chingons Groseros retain their titles when King Oso lands the "Bear Slam" on Joe Quinn.
  • Outcome: Chingons Groseros retain the REIGN World Tag Team Championship.

Segment 3: Avalanche Anderson's Surprise Confrontation

  • Summary: "Avalanche" Anderson, the REIGN World Heavyweight Champion, interrupts the champions' celebration, asserting his dominance. His speech is cut short as Tiberius Blade warns Anderson that a storm is coming for his championship.