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REIGN: Dominion 002

REIGN: Dominion 002

Match 1: Horizon Championship Match

WOLF MAN vs. Diego Ramirez

  • Summary: After last week's open challenge acceptance, Diego Ramirez gets his shot at the Horizon Championship against WOLF MAN. In a fast-paced, highly athletic match, WOLF MAN retains his title after a thrilling sequence of counters, ultimately landing his signature move, the "Lunar Lockdown."
  • Outcome: WOLF MAN retains the Horizon Championship.
  • Star Rating: ★★★★☆

Segment 1: SAFEGUARD's Message

  • Summary: SAFEGUARD (Martin Claypool & Devoe Anderson) come to the ring, boasting about their previous week's dominance and issuing another open challenge, this time hinting at targeting the Tag Team Championships. Their promo is interrupted by The Empire (Muratagi Hanzo & Cromwell Yarbury), setting up a future confrontation.

Match 2: Tag Team Turmoil

The Willett Clan (Sherman T. Willett & Skeeter Willett) vs. Espacio Profundo (Puma de la Galaxia & Azteca Cosmico)

  • Summary: A match showcasing the diversity of REIGN's tag team division. The rough and tumble style of The Willett Clan clashes with the high-flying, luchador-inspired maneuvers of Espacio Profundo. In a surprising twist, Espacio Profundo secures the win after a cosmic splash from Puma de la Galaxia.
  • Outcome: Espacio Profundo wins.
  • Star Rating: ★★★½

Segment 2: Tiberius Blade's Warning

  • Summary: In a dark, cryptic vignette, Tiberius Blade delivers a chilling message to the World Heavyweight Champion, Avalanche Anderson. He hints at gathering a force to dethrone Anderson, building anticipation for a massive showdown.

Match 3: Singles Competition

Kentucky Sasaki vs. Robby Bingo

  • Summary: In a battle of contrasting styles, the martial arts mastery of Kentucky Sasaki faces off against the brawling tactics of Robby Bingo. Sasaki's precision and agility overcome Bingo's brute force, leading to a decisive victory via submission.
  • Outcome: Kentucky Sasaki wins.
  • Star Rating: ★★★☆☆

Match 4: Main Event - Non-Title Match

Avalanche Anderson vs. Norris Feraatuu

  • Summary: In a titanic main event, the REIGN World Heavyweight Champion, Avalanche Anderson, takes on the powerhouse Norris Feraatuu in a non-title match. The match is a clash of titans, with both men showcasing their strength and resilience. Anderson secures the win with his devastating "Avalanche Drop," standing tall as Tiberius Blade watches from the shadows, his presence felt but unseen.
  • Outcome: Avalanche Anderson wins.
  • Star Rating: ★★★★½