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REIGN: Dominion 003

REIGN: Dominion 003

REIGN: Dominion 003

Match 1: Tag Team Action

SAFEGUARD (Martin Claypool & Devoe Anderson) vs. The Empire (Muratagi Hanzo & Cromwell Yarbury)

  • Summary: After last week's confrontation, SAFEGUARD faces off against The Empire in a heated tag team match. The match is a tactical showcase, with SAFEGUARD using their cohesion to overcome the brute force of The Empire. SAFEGUARD secures the win after executing a flawless "Guardian's Fall" on Cromwell Yarbury.
  • Outcome: SAFEGUARD wins.
  • Star Rating: ★★★½

Segment 1: A Challenger Appears

  • Summary: Post-match, as SAFEGUARD celebrates their victory, the lights dim and a spotlight reveals Tiberius Blade on the entrance ramp. He declares his intention to challenge Avalanche Anderson for the World Heavyweight Championship, stating that next week, he'll prove why he deserves the shot.

Match 2: Singles Competition

Flaco Cortez vs. Haskell Payne

  • Summary: In a battle of speed vs. strength, Flaco Cortez takes on Haskell Payne. The match is fast-paced, with Cortez's agility nearly outmatching Payne's power. However, Payne catches Cortez in a devastating "Payne Lock," forcing him to submit.
  • Outcome: Haskell Payne wins.
  • Star Rating: ★★★☆☆

Segment 2: Horizon Champion's Prowess

  • Summary: WOLF MAN, the Horizon Champion, comes out to the ring with his title. He talks about his recent victories and challenges anyone in the back to a match next week, promising to continue his reign as the fighting champion of REIGN.

Match 3: A Grudge Match

Elgin Blair vs. "Texas" Pete Jack

  • Summary: Following their encounter in the first episode, Elgin Blair seeks redemption against "Texas" Pete Jack. The match is intense, with both wrestlers having their moments. Blair, fueled by determination, manages to roll up Pete Jack for a surprise pin.
  • Outcome: Elgin Blair wins.
  • Star Rating: ★★★★

Match 4: Main Event - Tag Team Showcase

Chingons Groseros (Bennet Bronco & King Oso) vs. Furia Inviernal (Mordida de Escarcha & Sangre Fria)

  • Summary: The main event features a high-stakes tag team match between the reigning champions, Chingons Groseros, and the formidable challengers, Furia Inviernal. In a match that has everything from technical wrestling to high-flying maneuvers, Chingons Groseros retain their titles when King Oso delivers a massive "Bear Slam" on Sangre Fria.
  • Outcome: Chingons Groseros retain the REIGN World Tag Team Championship.
  • Star Rating: ★★★★½