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REIGN: Dominion 004

REIGN: Dominion 004

REIGN: Dominion 004

Segment 1: Opening Announcement

  • Summary: The show kicks off with a major announcement from REIGN officials, unveiling the newest signing to the roster, "The Colossal" Casey Jones, a towering figure with unmatched strength, poised to dominate the heavyweight division.

Match 1: Singles Competition

KAGAMI vs. Roddy Oddie

  • Summary: KAGAMI, with his methodical style, takes on the unorthodox and unpredictable Roddy Oddie. After a captivating display of technical prowess and high-flying antics, KAGAMI secures the victory with the "Mirror's Edge" finisher.
  • Outcome: KAGAMI wins.
  • Star Rating: ★★★☆☆

Segment 2: "The Colossal" Casey Jones Speaks

  • Summary: Fresh off his grand unveiling, Casey Jones grabs the microphone to issue a bold challenge to the locker room, declaring his intention to climb to the top and capture gold in REIGN.

Match 2: Tag Team Match

Spinebuster Island (Dan Richards & Joe Quinn) vs. Viento Helado

  • Summary: In a thrilling tag team match, the cohesion and veteran instincts of Spinebuster Island clash with the mysterious and agile Viento Helado. In a surprising turn of events, Viento Helado secures a win with a spectacular aerial maneuver.
  • Outcome: Viento Helado wins.
  • Star Rating: ★★★½

Segment 3: A Challenge for the Horizon Champion

  • Summary: Following his win last week, WOLF MAN is confronted by El Simbolo, who lays down a challenge for the Horizon Championship, claiming he’s the only one capable of ending the champion’s reign.

Match 3: Women's Division Debut Match

"Lightning" Lexi Gomez vs. "The Queen of Spades" Sarah Knight

  • Summary: Marking the debut of REIGN's Women's Division, "Lightning" Lexi Gomez faces off against "The Queen of Spades" Sarah Knight in a match filled with athleticism and fierce competition. Gomez wins with a lightning-fast pin, outmaneuvering Knight.
  • Outcome: "Lightning" Lexi Gomez wins.
  • Star Rating: ★★★★

Segment 4: Tiberius Blade's Dark Promise

  • Summary: Tiberius Blade appears in a dimly lit corner of the arena, reminding Avalanche Anderson of his looming threat and promising that their confrontation will be inevitable and cataclysmic.

Match 4: Singles Competition

"The Colossal" Casey Jones vs. Norris Feraatuu

  • Summary: In his debut match, Casey Jones goes head-to-head with Norris Feraatuu in a clash of the titans. Jones showcases his power, dominating Feraatuu and securing the win with a devastating move called "The Colossus Crash."
  • Outcome: "The Colossal" Casey Jones wins.
  • Star Rating: ★★★½

Segment 5: Horizon Championship Match Set

  • Summary: Backstage, WOLF MAN accepts El Simbolo's challenge, setting the stage for a Horizon Championship match at the next major PPV event, declaring that he will prove why he is the apex predator of REIGN.

Match 5: Main Event - Horizon Champion in Action

WOLF MAN vs. Elgin Blair (Non-Title Match)

  • Summary: In a high-stakes main event, Horizon Champion WOLF MAN faces Elgin Blair in a non-title match. Displaying his championship-caliber skills, WOLF MAN secures a hard-fought victory, sending a message to his future challenger, El Simbolo.
  • Outcome: WOLF MAN wins.
  • Star Rating: ★★★★½

Segment 6: Closing Showdown

  • Summary: As WOLF MAN celebrates his victory, El Simbolo ambushes him from behind, setting off a brawl that ends with El Simbolo standing tall, holding the Horizon Championship aloft, and setting the stage for their upcoming clash.