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REIGN: Dominion 005

REIGN: Dominion 005

REIGN: Dominion 005

Segment 1: Opening Announcement

  • Summary: The show opens with an announcement from REIGN officials that "REIGN: Ascension," a major PPV event, will take place following the 8th episode of Dominion. The night's main event will be announced, adding excitement to the episode.

Match 1: Singles Competition

El Simbolo vs. "Texas" Pete Jack

  • Summary: In a highly anticipated match, El Simbolo takes on "Texas" Pete Jack. El Simbolo secures a win with his signature move, "Symbol of Excellence," solidifying his status as a top contender.
  • Outcome: El Simbolo wins.
  • Star Rating: ★★★½

Segment 2: "The Colossal" Casey Jones' Next Move

  • Summary: Casey Jones comes out to the ring and declares his intent to dominate the heavyweight division, hinting at a challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship at "REIGN: Ascension."

Match 2: Tag Team Action

SAFEGUARD vs. The Willett Clan

  • Summary: A gritty match between SAFEGUARD and The Willett Clan, showcasing teamwork and resilience. SAFEGUARD pulls off a win, moving up the tag team ranks.
  • Outcome: SAFEGUARD wins.
  • Star Rating: ★★★

Segment 3: WOLF MAN's Open Challenge

  • Summary: WOLF MAN issues another open challenge, answered by KAGAMI. A match is set for the next episode of Dominion, with high stakes on the line.

Match 3: Women's Division Showcase

"Lightning" Lexi Gomez vs. "The Queen of Spades" Sarah Knight (Rematch)

  • Summary: A highly competitive rematch that has the crowd on its feet. Lexi Gomez once again proves victorious, establishing herself as a cornerstone of the Women's Division.
  • Outcome: "Lightning" Lexi Gomez wins.
  • Star Rating: ★★★★

Segment 4: Tiberius Blade's Sinister Plot

  • Summary: Tiberius Blade reveals he has formed an alliance with a mystery partner, promising devastation for Avalanche Anderson at "REIGN: Ascension."

Match 4: High-Flying Spectacle

Viento Helado vs. Espacio Profundo

  • Summary: A match that showcases the agility and aerial prowess of both competitors, with Viento Helado securing a narrow victory.
  • Outcome: Viento Helado wins.
  • Star Rating: ★★★★

Match 5: Main Event - Tag Team Championship Match

Chingons Groseros vs. Furia Inviernal (Championship Match)

  • Summary: A rematch for the ages, with the tag team titles on the line. In a shocking turn of events, Furia Inviernal dethrones Chingons Groseros, becoming the new REIGN World Tag Team Champions.
  • Outcome: Furia Inviernal wins.
  • Star Rating: ★★★★★