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REIGN: Dominion 010

REIGN: Dominion Episode 10

REIGN: Dominion Episode 10


Maria Madden and Mark Kendrick

Match Card

Match 1: "Texas" Pete Jack vs. Clemson Dean

Summary: Clemson Dean continues to prove himself against seasoned veterans. The match features a mix of technical prowess and brawling.

Result: Clemson Dean wins via pinfall after hitting his finisher, the Dean Driver.

Star Rating: 3.5 stars

Segment 1: SAFEGUARD's Address

Summary: Martin Claypool and Devoe Anderson of SAFEGUARD address their recent losses and vow to reclaim the Tag Team Championships from Furia Inviernal. They issue a challenge for a number one contender’s match next week.

Star Rating: N/A

Match 2: Irina Volkova vs. Ayesha Raymond

Summary: Irina Volkova showcases her dominance against newcomer Ayesha Raymond. The match is a showcase of power and agility.

Result: Irina Volkova wins via submission with the Siberian Clutch.

Star Rating: 3 stars

Segment 2: Avalanche Anderson Interview

Summary: REIGN World Heavyweight Champion Avalanche Anderson addresses his upcoming match against Tiberius Blade, emphasizing his resolve to remain champion and the betrayal of KIMO.

Star Rating: N/A

Match 3: Chingons Groseros vs. The Empire

Summary: The Empire looks to regain momentum in the tag team division by taking on Chingons Groseros. The match is hard-hitting with several near falls.

Result: The Empire wins after a combination finisher on Sangre Fria.

Star Rating: 4 stars

Main Event: Tiberius Blade vs. Erik "The Anarchist" Olson

Summary: In a highly anticipated match, Tiberius Blade faces off against newcomer Erik Olson. The match is brutal, with both competitors showcasing their hardcore styles.

Result: Tiberius Blade wins after interference from KIMO, setting up further tensions.

Star Rating: 4.5 stars

Additional Details

Attendance: 16,000

Gate Receipts: $480,000

Match of the Night: Tiberius Blade vs. Erik Olson

Top Acts of the Evening: Tiberius Blade, Erik Olson, The Empire, Clemson Dean

Storyline Developments

Avalanche Anderson vs. Tiberius Blade/KIMO

Summary: The tension between Avalanche Anderson and Tiberius Blade intensifies with KIMO's betrayal looming large. The interference in the main event adds fuel to their rivalry.

Status: This feud is set to culminate in a major showdown, possibly leading to a stipulation match at the next PPV.

Furia Inviernal vs. SAFEGUARD/The Empire

Summary: The tag team division heats up with SAFEGUARD issuing a challenge and The Empire securing a win. Furia Inviernal must now fend off multiple threats.

Status: A number one contender’s match is set for next week to determine the next challengers for the Tag Team Championships.

Irina Volkova vs. Lexi Gomez

Summary: Irina Volkova's victory over Ayesha Raymond positions her as a dominant force in the women's division, continuing her pursuit of Lexi Gomez's championship.

Status: A potential rematch with added stipulations to elevate the stakes.

Clemson Dean's Rise

Summary: Clemson Dean continues his rise in the singles division, securing another impressive victory. His momentum positions him for bigger opportunities.

Status: Ongoing development as a top contender for the Horizon Championship.

Erik Olson's Chaos

Summary: Despite his loss, Erik Olson’s chaotic presence in REIGN adds unpredictability, making him a wild card in future matches.

Status: Potential future feud with other hardcore competitors, keeping the DeathKore Championship in sight.