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REIGN: Dominion 011

REIGN: Dominion Episode 11

REIGN: Dominion Episode 11


Maria Madden and Mark Kendrick

Match Card

Match 1: "Texas" Pete Jack vs. Bad Brad Hellström

Summary: "Texas" Pete Jack makes his entrance, but the crowd's attention quickly shifts to the debuting Bad Brad Hellström. The German powerhouse dominates from the outset, using his size and strength to overpower Jack. Despite a valiant effort from Jack, Hellström's raw power proves too much. After a devastating Sündenfall (bull hammer), Hellström secures the pinfall victory.

Result: Bad Brad Hellström wins via pinfall.

Star Rating: 3.5 stars

Segment 1: Avalanche Anderson's Championship Celebration

Summary: REIGN World Heavyweight and UWA World Heavyweight Champion, Avalanche Anderson, comes to the ring for a dual championship celebration. He addresses the crowd, emphasizing the honor and responsibility of holding two prestigious titles. Anderson’s celebration is cut short by Tiberius Blade, who challenges Anderson for a title match, hinting at using any means necessary to claim the gold. The tension between the two is palpable, setting the stage for future confrontations.

Star Rating: N/A

Match 2: Courtney Hatchett vs. Irina Volkova

Summary: Courtney Hatchett makes her REIGN debut against the fierce Irina Volkova. Hatchett shows impressive athleticism, countering Volkova's power moves with agility. However, Volkova's experience and strength begin to wear down Hatchett. After a series of brutal slams, Volkova locks in the Siberian Clutch, forcing Hatchett to submit.

Result: Irina Volkova wins via submission.

Star Rating: 3 stars

Segment 2: SAFEGUARD's Ultimatum

Summary: Martin Claypool and Devoe Anderson of SAFEGUARD storm to the ring, visibly frustrated. They issue a stern ultimatum to REIGN management, demanding a rematch for the Tag Team Championships. Claypool insists that their recent losses were flukes and that they deserve another shot at Furia Inviernal. The segment ends with SAFEGUARD vowing to reclaim their dominance in the tag team division.

Star Rating: N/A

Match 3: Fighting Spirit vs. Clemson Dean

Summary: Fighting Spirit's debut against Clemson Dean is a high-energy affair. Dean tries to assert his technical dominance, but Fighting Spirit's resilience and speed keep him in the match. After a series of back-and-forth exchanges, Spirit hits the Muteki (1916), stunning the crowd with his quick victory. Dean’s frustration is evident as Fighting Spirit celebrates his win.

Result: Fighting Spirit wins via pinfall.

Star Rating: 3.5 stars

Segment 3: The Empire’s Warning

Summary: Muratagi Hanzo and Cromwell Yarbury of The Empire appear on the big screen, delivering a cryptic warning to the rest of the tag team division. They declare that their recent victories are only the beginning and that they will soon dominate the entire division. The segment ends with a challenge to any team brave enough to face them, emphasizing their mission to instill fear and assert their dominance.

Star Rating: N/A

Match 4: Chingons Groseros vs. The Willett Clan

Summary: Chingons Groseros clash with The Willett Clan in a fast-paced tag team bout. Both teams showcase their unique styles, with Groseros' high-flying maneuvers contrasting with the Willett Clan’s brute force. The match is evenly contested, but a miscommunication between Sherman and Skeeter Willett allows Groseros to capitalize. A high-flying double team move secures the victory for Chingons Groseros.

Result: Chingons Groseros win via pinfall.

Star Rating: 4 stars

Main Event: Harrison Phillips vs. Tiberius Blade

Summary: "The Try-Sexual Savage" Harrison Phillips makes his highly anticipated debut against the formidable Tiberius Blade. Phillips' imposing size and unorthodox style catch Blade off guard initially. The match turns into a hard-hitting affair, with both men showcasing their power and determination. Despite Phillips' impressive debut, Blade's cunning and experience allow him to gain the upper hand. After a brutal exchange, Blade hits his finisher, securing a hard-fought victory.

Result: Tiberius Blade wins via pinfall.

Star Rating: 4.5 stars

Additional Details

Attendance: 16,000

Gate Receipts: $480,000

Match of the Night: Harrison Phillips vs. Tiberius Blade

Top Acts of the Evening: Tiberius Blade, Harrison Phillips, Bad Brad Hellström, Chingons Groseros

TV Rating: 2.1