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REIGN: Dominion 012

REIGN: Dominion Episode 12

REIGN: Dominion Episode 12


Maria Madden and Mark Kendrick

Match Card

Match 1: "The Hero of Guitars" Billy Rocktober vs. Robby Bingo

Summary: The show kicks off with the energetic "The Hero of Guitars" Billy Rocktober facing off against Robby Bingo. Rocktober's high-flying maneuvers and musical charisma captivate the audience. Despite Bingo's solid defense and technical skills, Rocktober's relentless energy and the crescendo of his offense overwhelm him. Rocktober hits a stunning guitar-inspired springboard move to secure the pinfall.

Result: Billy Rocktober wins via pinfall.

Star Rating: 3.5 stars

Segment 1: Irina Volkova's Challenge

Summary: Following her recent victory, Irina Volkova comes to the ring to address the crowd. She declares her intention to dominate the women's division and challenges Lexi Gomez for the Women's Championship. Volkova's confident and intimidating presence leaves a strong impression, as she promises to bring a new era of power to the championship scene. The segment sets the stage for an epic showdown between Volkova and Gomez.

Star Rating: N/A

Match 2: For Those Who Wanna Rock vs. SAFEGUARD

Summary: The new tag team of Billy Rocktober and Marty Lombardi, known as For Those Who Wanna Rock, faces off against the experienced SAFEGUARD. The match is a blend of high-energy rockstar antics and technical prowess from SAFEGUARD. Despite a strong start from Rock and Lombardi, SAFEGUARD's cohesion and experience turn the tide. Martin Claypool and Devoe Anderson execute a flawless tag team finisher to secure the win.

Result: SAFEGUARD wins via pinfall.

Star Rating: 4 stars

Segment 2: Tiberius Blade's Declaration

Summary: Tiberius Blade appears backstage in a pre-recorded segment, declaring his relentless pursuit of Avalanche Anderson's championship. Blade vows to stop at nothing to claim the title, highlighting his recent victories as proof of his dominance. The segment ends with Blade issuing a direct challenge to Anderson for a no-disqualification match, promising to end Anderson's reign once and for all.

Star Rating: N/A

Match 3: Fighting Spirit vs. "Money" Jonny Montgomery

Summary: Fighting Spirit takes on "Money" Jonny Montgomery in a fast-paced encounter. Montgomery's arrogance and flashy style clash with Spirit's disciplined and resilient approach. The match features several high-impact moves and near falls, but Spirit's perseverance shines through. After countering Montgomery's finisher, Spirit lands the Muteki (1916) for the win.

Result: Fighting Spirit wins via pinfall.

Star Rating: 4 stars

Segment 3: The Empire’s Domination

Summary: The Empire, consisting of Muratagi Hanzo and Cromwell Yarbury, comes to the ring to deliver a powerful message. They reiterate their goal of dominating the tag team division and warn all challengers to beware. The segment is punctuated by a brutal attack on a local tag team, showcasing The Empire's ruthless tactics and leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

Star Rating: N/A

Main Event: Avalanche Anderson vs. "The Try-Sexual Savage" Harrison Phillips

Summary: In a highly anticipated main event, REIGN World Heavyweight and UWA World Heavyweight Champion Avalanche Anderson takes on the towering "The Try-Sexual Savage" Harrison Phillips. The match is a clash of power and endurance, with both men delivering punishing blows. Phillips uses his size advantage to dominate early, but Anderson's resilience and championship spirit keep him in the fight. The match reaches its climax when Anderson executes a breathtaking finisher to secure the victory.

Result: Avalanche Anderson wins via pinfall.

Star Rating: 4.5 stars

Additional Details

Attendance: 16,500

Gate Receipts: $495,000

Match of the Night: Avalanche Anderson vs. "The Try-Sexual Savage" Harrison Phillips

Top Acts of the Evening: Avalanche Anderson, Harrison Phillips, SAFEGUARD, Fighting Spirit

TV Rating: 2.3