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REIGN: Dominion 013

REIGN: Dominion Episode 13

REIGN: Dominion Episode 13


Maria Madden and Mark Kendrick

Match Card

Match 1: Courtney Hatchett vs. "Money" Jonny Montgomery

Summary: The show opens with Courtney Hatchett looking to bounce back from her previous defeat as she takes on "Money" Jonny Montgomery. Hatchett's agility and striking ability put Montgomery on the defensive early on. However, Montgomery's experience and cunning tactics allow him to gain the upper hand. After a series of counters and reversals, Montgomery lands his finisher, the Cryptographic Solution, to secure the win.

Result: "Money" Jonny Montgomery wins via pinfall.

Star Rating: 3 stars

Segment 1: Avalanche Anderson Accepts Tiberius Blade's Challenge

Summary: REIGN World Heavyweight and UWA World Heavyweight Champion Avalanche Anderson comes to the ring to address Tiberius Blade's recent challenge. Anderson acknowledges Blade's determination and accepts the no-disqualification match challenge. He promises to retain his titles and teach Blade a lesson in respect. The segment sets the stage for an explosive main event showdown between the two rivals.

Star Rating: N/A

Match 2: Fighting Spirit vs. Bad Brad Hellström

Summary: Fighting Spirit faces the imposing Bad Brad Hellström in a battle of resilience versus brute strength. Spirit uses his speed and technical skills to keep Hellström off balance. However, Hellström's sheer power proves difficult to overcome. After a hard-fought contest, Hellström catches Spirit with a devastating Sündenfall (bull hammer) to clinch the victory.

Result: Bad Brad Hellström wins via pinfall.

Star Rating: 3.5 stars

Segment 2: Irina Volkova and Lexi Gomez Face-Off

Summary: Irina Volkova and Lexi Gomez come face-to-face in the ring to hype their upcoming Women's Championship match. Volkova exudes confidence, vowing to dethrone Gomez and usher in a new era of dominance. Gomez, unshaken, responds with equal determination, promising to defend her title with everything she has. The segment intensifies the anticipation for their championship clash.

Star Rating: N/A

Match 3: Chingons Groseros vs. The Empire

Summary: Tag team action heats up as Chingons Groseros take on The Empire. The match features a mix of high-flying maneuvers from Groseros and brutal power moves from The Empire. Both teams exchange control, with several near falls and dramatic moments. The Empire's ruthless tactics ultimately pay off, as they isolate Sangre Fria and execute their finisher to secure the win.

Result: The Empire wins via pinfall.

Star Rating: 4 stars

Segment 3: SAFEGUARD Issues an Open Challenge

Summary: SAFEGUARD's Martin Claypool and Devoe Anderson hit the ring to issue an open challenge to any tag team willing to face them. They express their frustration with being overlooked and vow to prove their dominance. The segment ends with SAFEGUARD daring any team to step up and face them next week, promising a demonstration of their superiority.

Star Rating: N/A

Main Event: Avalanche Anderson vs. Tiberius Blade (No-Disqualification Match)

Summary: The main event sees Avalanche Anderson defending his titles against Tiberius Blade in a no-disqualification match. The bout is intense and brutal, with both competitors utilizing weapons and the environment to gain an advantage. Blade's ruthless tactics put Anderson in jeopardy several times, but the champion's resilience shines through. In a dramatic finish, Anderson counters Blade's finisher and lands a devastating move of his own to retain his titles.

Result: Avalanche Anderson wins via pinfall.

Star Rating: 4.5 stars

Additional Details

Attendance: 16,200

Gate Receipts: $486,000

Match of the Night: Avalanche Anderson vs. Tiberius Blade

Top Acts of the Evening: Avalanche Anderson, Tiberius Blade, Bad Brad Hellström, The Empire

TV Rating: 2.2