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REIGN: News & Notes – Vol. 2

REIGN Wrestling News & Rumors

REIGN Wrestling News & Rumors


  • Furia Inviernal Crowned New Tag Team Champions: In a shocking upset, Furia Inviernal has dethroned Chingons Groseros to become the new REIGN World Tag Team Champions. Their victory has sent shockwaves through the tag team division.
  • Introduction of the DeathKore Championship: REIGN officials have announced the creation of the DeathKore Championship, a title that promises to bring a new level of hardcore wrestling to the promotion. Details on the inaugural championship match are forthcoming.
  • WOLF MAN Defends Horizon Championship: WOLF MAN successfully defended his Horizon Championship against KAGAMI in a match that is already being talked about as a candidate for match of the year.


  • Mystery Partner for Tiberius Blade: Speculation is running wild on who Tiberius Blade's mystery partner might be for his showdown with Avalanche Anderson at "REIGN: Ascension." Names from past and present rosters are being whispered in the locker room and among fans.
  • New Talent on the Horizon: Rumors suggest that REIGN is on the verge of signing several new talents, including international stars and seasoned veterans, to shake up the roster as we head into "REIGN: Ascension."
  • Special Stipulation for DeathKore Championship: Insiders hint that the inaugural DeathKore Championship match at "REIGN: Ascension" might feature a unique and brutal stipulation, setting the tone for what fans can expect from this hardcore title.


  • Upcoming Special Events: With the PPV "REIGN: Ascension" on the horizon, REIGN is planning special events for the next two episodes of Dominion, including a tournament to crown the first DeathKore Champion and a battle royal to determine the #1 contender for the Horizon Championship.
  • Enhanced Fan Experience: REIGN is rolling out new fan engagement initiatives, including interactive voting on match stipulations and behind-the-scenes content, as part of their build-up to "REIGN: Ascension."
  • Cross-Promotional Surprises: Sources suggest that REIGN is in talks for potential cross-promotional appearances, which could lead to unexpected matches and rivalries at the PPV.