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REIGN: News & Notes

REIGN Dominion Wrestling News & Rumors

REIGN Dominion Wrestling News & Rumors


  • "The Colossal" Casey Jones Makes a Statement: The REIGN universe is still buzzing from the debut of "The Colossal" Casey Jones. His dominant victory over Norris Feraatuu has put every champion on notice. Fans and insiders alike are speculating on who he will challenge first.
  • Women's Division Ignites: The introduction of the Women's Division, featuring "Lightning" Lexi Gomez and "The Queen of Spades" Sarah Knight, has been met with tremendous excitement. Their debut match is already being hailed as a highlight of the latest Dominion episode.
  • WOLF MAN Continues His Reign: The Horizon Champion, WOLF MAN, successfully defended his title against Diego Ramirez and is now set for a high-stakes match against El Simbolo. The intensity of their upcoming clash is the talk of the wrestling world.


  • New Tag Team Formations: There's buzz backstage about potential new tag team partnerships forming in response to the dominance of Chingons Groseros. Tag teams like SAFEGUARD and Spinebuster Island are rumored to be seeking alliances or new strategies.
  • Tiberius Blade's Mysterious Ally: Rumors have been swirling about Tiberius Blade possibly recruiting a mysterious ally to aid in his quest against Avalanche Anderson for the World Heavyweight Championship. Speculation is rampant on who this could be.
  • Expansion of the Women's Division: With the successful debut of the Women's Division, there are whispers of more signings to come. Sources hint at international talent being scouted to join REIGN's roster.


  • Viento Helado's Rising Stock: After being correctly identified as a singles competitor, Viento Helado's stock has been on the rise. His impressive performance against Spinebuster Island has fans eager to see what's next for this emerging star.
  • REIGN's PPV Plans: Officials are reportedly planning a major PPV event that could see several championship titles on the line, including the much-anticipated match between WOLF MAN and El Simbolo for the Horizon Championship.
  • Community Engagement: REIGN is increasing its community engagement with fan meet-and-greets, charity events, and interactive social media campaigns. These initiatives are aimed at building a stronger connection with the wrestling community.