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Resistance Pro: News & Notes – Vol. 1

Resistance Pro Wrestling: Obstruct - News and Rumors

Resistance Pro Wrestling: Obstruct - News, Rumors, and Notes

New Champion Crowned

At the latest episode of Obstruct, Los Heroes Enmascarados made history by winning the inaugural RPW Tag Team Championships. The victory came after a grueling Gauntlet Match that had the SRC Arena on its feet. The tag team division is now officially on notice!

Mystery Competitor to Debut

Insiders are buzzing about a mysterious new competitor, known only as "The Enigma," set to debut in the ring. After a chilling promo that left the audience intrigued, what impact will this new wrestler have on RPW, and who might be their first target?

Television Championship Announcement

Commissioner Austin Linam is expected to make a groundbreaking announcement regarding the introduction of the RPW Television Championship. With this new title in play, every episode of Obstruct promises even more action and competition.

Upcoming Episodes & PPV Hype

The road to the first Resistance Pro Wrestling PPV event, "Uprising," is heating up. Scheduled after the next two episodes of Obstruct, "Uprising" will feature title defenses, grudge matches, and the crowning of the first-ever RPW Television Champion. Rumors suggest a tournament might decide the inaugural champion, with details to be confirmed by Commissioner Linam.

International Talent on the Horizon

There's talk of international talent making their way to RPW for "Uprising." With the company's open invitation to wrestlers from around the globe, who might show up to claim glory and gold in Resistance Pro Wrestling?

Fan Reaction & Involvement

RPW's dedication to its fans has never been clearer, with audience reaction playing a pivotal role in shaping the show's direction. The RPW community's enthusiasm and support continue to be the backbone of the promotion's success.