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Resistance Pro: Obstruct 001

Resistance Pro Wrestling: Obstruct - Episode 1

Opening Match

Miguel Martinez vs. Pyro

Match Type: Singles Match

Summary: A high-flying spectacle kicks off Obstruct. Miguel Martinez, the luchador from Guadalajara, faces off against the high flyer Pyro. Both competitors showcase their agility and aerial prowess. The match concludes with Martinez executing a stunning Jalisco Justice, clinching the victory.


Backstage Segment

Dustin Jackson is seen preparing for his match later in the night, emphasizing his readiness to dominate Resistance Pro Wrestling and prove himself as the top powerhouse.

Match 2

The Next Level vs. Dirty South

Match Type: Tag Team Match

Summary: A tag team match featuring the technical prowess of The Next Level against the brawling intensity of Dirty South. After a back-and-forth contest, The Next Level secures the win with a perfectly executed Gunnshot by Mike Gunn.


In-Ring Promo

Captain Maximum delivers a passionate promo about his journey from the Cosmos Redshift 7 to Resistance Pro Wrestling. He issues a challenge to any wrestler in the back, setting the stage for a future high-stakes match.

Match 3

Hiro vs. Savage

Match Type: Singles Match

Summary: An international showcase as Hiro, The Red Dragon from Tokyo, competes against the wild and unpredictable Savage. Hiro's grappling technique eventually overcomes Savage's aerial assault, culminating in a decisive Tidal Wave victory.


Match 4

Dustin Jackson vs. ULTRA SUPLEXBOT v. 5.1

Match Type: Singles Match

Summary: A powerhouse clash as Dustin Jackson takes on the mechanical marvel, ULTRA SUPLEXBOT v. 5.1. Despite the robot's relentless suplexes, Jackson's strength and resilience shine through, winning the match with a devastating King Killer.


Main Event

Captain Maximum vs. Ivan Volkov

Match Type: Championship Match for the Inaugural RPW World Heavyweight Title

Summary: The technician from the cosmos, Captain Maximum, clashes with the powerhouse from Moscow, Ivan Volkov, in a titanic struggle. A battle of agility versus strength that sees Maximum narrowly escape the Russian Bear Hug to deliver the Smash Maximum for the win and become the first RPW World Heavyweight Champion.