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Resistance Pro: Obstruct 003

Resistance Pro Wrestling: Obstruct - Episode 3

Location: SRC Arena & Events Center, Syracuse, NY

Opening Segment

Commissioner Austin Linam kicks off the show with a major announcement: a Tag Team Turmoil match to determine the next contenders for the RPW Tag Team Championships. He promises that tonight's show will be one for the history books, with the Resistance Pro faithful in Syracuse playing a vital role.

Opening Match

Thunderbird vs. Fuchinkan

Match Type: Singles Match

Summary: Thunderbird's agility clashes with Fuchinkan's brute strength in a dynamic opening bout. With Senior Official Alex Jacobsen officiating, Thunderbird manages to secure a win using his Thunderstrike, overcoming the odds against the towering Fuchinkan.


Backstage Interview with Dustin Jackson

Dustin Jackson is interviewed backstage about his upcoming title match against Captain Maximum. He vows to become the new face of Resistance Pro Wrestling and dedicates his match to the hard-working people of Syracuse, NY.

Match 2

The Ivy League vs. The Heartless Bastards

Match Type: Tag Team Match

Summary: In a match filled with technical skill and ruthless aggression, The Ivy League's calculated tactics face off against The Heartless Bastards' brawling style. The match concludes with an unexpected interference by Dirty South, costing The Ivy League the match. Rodrigo Cortez, the referee, had his hands full managing the chaos.


Commissioner Linam Addresses the Interference

Following the controversial finish, Commissioner Linam announces a Triple Threat Tag Team match for the next episode of Obstruct, featuring The Ivy League, The Heartless Bastards, and Dirty South to settle their disputes in a fair and decisive manner.

Match 3

Savage vs. Pyro

Match Type: High Flyers Showcase

Summary: Savage and Pyro dazzle the Syracuse crowd with a high-octane display of aerial maneuvers and risk-taking. The match ends in a draw as both competitors simultaneously pin each other after a double crossbody from the top rope, leaving the audience in awe and chanting for a rematch.


Mid-Show Announcement

Mid-show, Commissioner Linam appears once again to announce that due to the spectacular performance by Savage and Pyro, they will have a rematch in the next episode of Obstruct with a special stipulation to be revealed.

Main Event

Captain Maximum vs. Dustin Jackson

Match Type: RPW World Heavyweight Championship Match

Summary: In a battle of wills, the champion Captain Maximum defends his title against the challenger Dustin Jackson. With the entire SRC Arena on their feet, Captain Maximum manages to retain his title after a hard-fought match, countering Jackson's King Killer into a Smash Maximum for the victory. Post-match, both competitors show mutual respect, shaking hands in the center of the ring.