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Resistance Pro: Obstruct 004

Resistance Pro Wrestling: Obstruct - Episode 4

Location: SRC Arena & Events Center, Syracuse, NY

Opening Segment

Commissioner Austin Linam opens the show with a recap of last week's championship match, praising the competitors for their sportsmanship. He then hypes the audience for tonight's Triple Threat Tag Team match and the special stipulation match between Savage and Pyro, which will be a Ladder Match for the newly announced RPW Cruiserweight Championship.

Opening Match

Savage vs. Pyro

Match Type: Ladder Match for the RPW Cruiserweight Championship

Summary: Savage and Pyro battle it out in a high-risk Ladder Match. With both men pulling off breathtaking aerial attacks off the ladder, the match reaches its climax when Pyro executes The Inferno from the top of the ladder onto Savage, who's laid out on another ladder bridged between the ring and barricade. Pyro then climbs the ladder to retrieve the championship, becoming the first RPW Cruiserweight Champion.


Backstage Interview with The Ivy League

The Ivy League is interviewed backstage, discussing their strategy for the upcoming Triple Threat Tag Team match. They promise to outsmart their opponents and prove that intelligence is just as powerful as brawn in the wrestling ring.

Match 2

Mike McCoy vs. ULTRA SUPLEXBOT v. 5.1

Match Type: Singles Match

Summary: In a match showcasing man versus machine, Mike McCoy battles the formidable ULTRA SUPLEXBOT v. 5.1. Despite the robot's relentless suplex assault, McCoy's determination shines through as he manages to outmaneuver and pin the SUPLEXBOT after a Murder City Drive By.


Mid-Show Announcement by Commissioner Linam

Commissioner Linam announces that due to the overwhelming response from the RPW fans, next week's episode of Obstruct will feature a Battle Royal to determine the next contender for the RPW World Heavyweight Championship, inviting every wrestler on the roster to participate.

Triple Threat Tag Team Match

The Ivy League vs. The Heartless Bastards vs. Dirty South

Match Type: Triple Threat Tag Team Match

Summary: A chaotic match with all teams putting everything on the line. The Ivy League uses their strategic prowess to control the pace of the match, but the raw power of Dirty South and the ruthless aggression of The Heartless Bastards make it anyone's game. The match ends with The Ivy League capitalizing on a miscommunication between Dirty South members, securing the win with a Harvard Hard Knock.


Post-Match Confrontation

After their victory, The Ivy League is ambushed by a new tag team looking to make their mark in RPW, setting the stage for a heated rivalry.

Main Event

Captain Maximum vs. Dustin Jackson - Rematch

Match Type: RPW World Heavyweight Championship Match

Summary: The rematch between Captain Maximum and Dustin Jackson is even more intense than their first encounter. With the entire arena on the edge of their seats, both wrestlers push each other to their limits. In the end, Captain Maximum retains his championship in a hard-fought battle, solidifying his position as the top wrestler in RPW. The show ends with a show of respect between the two competitors, as the RPW fans cheer loudly.