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Resistance Pro: Obstruct 006

Resistance Pro Wrestling: Obstruct - Episode 6

Location: SRC Arena & Events Center, Syracuse, NY

Opening Segment

Commissioner Austin Linam congratulates Los Heroes Enmascarados on their Tag Team Championship win and announces a Battle Royal to determine the next number one contender for the RPW World Heavyweight Championship.

Match 1: Tag Team Showcase

The Ivy League vs. Dirty South

Match Type: Tag Team Match

Summary: A tactical battle with The Ivy League using their brains and Dirty South using their brawn. The Ivy League secures the win with a Harvard Hard Knock, proving once again that strategy can overcome strength.


Debut Segment

A mysterious figure known as "The Enigma" debuts with a cryptic promo, challenging the very foundation of RPW and vowing to shake up the championship landscape.

Match 2: Women's Division Debut

Alexa Valdez vs. "The Queen" Rebecca Knight

Match Type: Singles Match

Summary: In the debut match of RPW's Women's Division, Alexa Valdez and Rebecca Knight showcase their talent and determination. Valdez secures a hard-fought victory with a stunning aerial maneuver.


Backstage Confrontation

Captain Maximum is confronted by The Enigma, setting the stage for a future clash. The tension is palpable, and the stakes for the RPW World Heavyweight Championship have never been higher.

Main Event: Battle Royal for the Number One Contendership

Battle Royal for the RPW World Heavyweight Championship Number One Contender

Participants: Including but not limited to Dustin Jackson, Mike McCoy, GG Gwarzo, Low, Fuchinkan, and The Enigma.

Summary: An all-out brawl with every competitor vying for a chance at the RPW World Heavyweight Championship. The match concludes with The Enigma, in his in-ring debut, outlasting the competition and earning a title shot against Captain Maximum, setting up a highly anticipated showdown.


Closing Segment

The show ends with The Enigma standing tall in the ring, staring down Captain Maximum, who watches from the stage with the RPW World Heavyweight Championship over his shoulder. The crowd buzzes with excitement for what's to come in RPW.