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Resistance Pro: Uprising

Resistance Pro Wrestling: Uprising

Resistance Pro Wrestling: Uprising

Location: SRC Arena & Events Center, Syracuse, NY

Attendance: 6,500 ($97,500 gate)

Opening Segment

GM Austin Linam welcomes everyone to Uprising, Resistance Pro Wrestling's biggest event yet. He promises an unforgettable night with high stakes matches including two championship bouts.

Match 1: Television Championship Final

Dustin Jackson vs. The Enigma

Match Type: Singles Match for the Inaugural Television Championship

Summary: The tournament culminates with a fierce battle between Dustin Jackson and The Enigma. After a grueling match filled with near-falls, The Enigma secures victory with a mysterious new finisher becoming the first RPW Television Champion.


Backstage Interview

Los Heroes Enmascarados discuss their upcoming defense of the Tag Team Championships, expressing confidence and respect for their challengers, The Ivy League.

Match 2: Tag Team Championship Match

Los Heroes Enmascarados vs. The Ivy League

Match Type: Tag Team Match for the RPW Tag Team Championships

Summary: In a strategic and high-flying showcase, Los Heroes Enmascarados manage to retain their titles against The Ivy League's intellectual approach, solidifying their reign with a spectacular double team maneuver.


In-Ring Promo by Captain Maximum

Captain Maximum addresses his challenger, stating he has prepared for every possible scenario and that The Enigma's mind games will not deter him from retaining his title at Uprising.

Match 3: Women's Division Showcase

Alexa Valdez vs. Rebecca Knight

Match Type: Singles Match

Summary: Alexa Valdez and Rebecca Knight put on a thrilling match, with Valdez proving why she is the top contender in the Women's Division. The match ends with Valdez securing a victory with a high-flying finisher.


Main Event: RPW World Heavyweight Championship Match

Captain Maximum vs. The Enigma

Match Type: RPW World Heavyweight Championship Match

Summary: In a match filled with drama and suspense, The Enigma pushes Captain Maximum to the limit. However, Captain Maximum's experience and resilience shine through as he counters Enigma's finisher, retaining his title with the Smash Maximum.


Match of the Night!

Closing Segment

The show ends with Captain Maximum celebrating his victory. As the Enigma recovers, his mask is accidentally removed, revealing his identity as "Mad Dog" Mike McCoy to the shocked crowd. The revelation sets the stage for new rivalries and storylines as RPW continues to evolve.

Top 3 Most Popular Acts of the Night

  • Captain Maximum - His victory and unmasking of Mike McCoy make him the hero of the night.
  • Mike McCoy - Despite the loss, the reveal of his identity as The Enigma makes him a central figure in RPW's narrative.
  • Los Heroes Enmascarados - Their successful title defense and high-flying style keep them as fan favorites.