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Master of the Mat 2013: 6/30/2013

The camera is sweeping across the desert plains as the opening of “The Catalyst” by Pendulum begins to play.  The camera begins to follow a road until it catches up with a runner’s feet.  Slowly, the runner begins to walk until he finally comes to a standstill.  The camera slowly climbs up his body to reveal Donovan King.  He slowly brings his hood over his head as he looks upward, the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship tightly gripped in his right hand.

God bless us everyone

We’re a broken people living under a loaded gun

We cut to Dan Stein, who is sitting on a throne, a Crown cocked on one side of his head, a menacing glare fixed on the sky mixed with a vile smirk on his face.

And it can’t be outfought, it can’t be outdone

It can’t be outmatched, it can’t be outrun, no!

Just as quickly, we see Adrian Corazon bracing himself against a wall, his back steaming and his head bowed.  He struggles, but he also looks to the skies.

God bless us everyone

We’re a broken people living under a loaded gun

It cuts to Isaac Entragian, sitting alone in a locker room, his head bowed, his eyes aflame, refusing to look up.

And it can’t be outfought, it can’t be outdone

It can’t be outmatched, it can’t be outrun, no!

Loco is shown standing next to ANARCHY, and the three of them slowly look up, as does Valentine Lionheart and ORION.  None of them look at one another, the six of them have their eyes transfixed upon the sky.

When I close my eyes tonight

To symphonies of blinding light!

Sammy Rochester is shown next, being guided down the road by Jester Smiles.  He sees King ahead of him and stops the monster, both men watching the skies before it cuts to Jacob Mephisto, who is cradling his Sin City Championship to his chest.  Quickly we see Lunatikk Crippler closing his eyes to the sky as Laura Seton throws her arms out, ready to embrace it.

Like memories in cold decay

Transmissions echoing away

We see Maya Nakashima slowly picking himself off of the ground from where he was curled up at the Epicenter.  He touches his image on the poster before he peers above him.  He looks at Trey Willett, who slowly walks past him, watching the skies as well.  Trey doesn’t notice Malice and Mason Pierce, standing with Valentine Lionheart, all nearby.

Far from the world of you and I

Where oceans bleed into the sky!

We finally get to peer upward ourselves and see a darkening sky.  Lightning strikes the ground directly in front of King, who takes a step back and peers into the char mark left from the bolt.  The camera looks down as well…and dives in.

We are seemingly transported to war.  We see King locking Jonny Johnson in the Carolina Crossface before it cuts to Dan Stein completely destroying OutKast, pinning him down with a chair, taunting him.  Corazon is shown coming closer and closer to Elizabeth Gaunt with a box cutter before it shifts to him decimating Danny Evers and then caressing Flay Rios and then taunting Kenji Yamada.

Entragian is shown, throwing Corazon as if he were a lawn dart through a trophy case before it quickly switches to Valentine Lionheart defeating Corazon quickly cut with Loco Martinez defeating Isaac Entragian to advance to the finals of the Master of the Mat.

God save us everyone

Will we burn inside the fires of a thousand suns

For the sins of our lands, the sins of our tongue

The sins of our fathers, the sins of our young? No!

The Bad Ass Brotherhood is shown being defeated by ANARCHY, who then are shown capturing the World Tag Team Championship.  Kenji Yamada and Flay Rios are next, nursing their wounds from ANARCHY’s victory over them.  Meanwhile, FLASH Dynamite, Kid Lightning, and the Green Bolt stand triumphantly at the end of their promotional vignette.

God save us everyone

Will we burn inside the fires of a thousand suns

For the sins of our hands, the sins of our tongue

The sins of our fathers, the sins of our young? No!

Datura is shown earning victory over Sammy Rochester before it cuts to Tanya Black going toe to toe with Corazon, giving as good as she gets.  Meanwhile, Jerry Matthews is shown stepping over Henry Gordon’s body, a satisfied smile on his face.  We see Conor Caden behind Art DeLuca, who doesn’t seem to want to stop trumpeting Conor’s perceived greatness.  Randall Kash is shown damn near killing an unsuspecting foe with the Kash’d Out, screaming to the booing fans.

When I close my eyes tonight

To symphonies of blinding light!

Johnny Napalm is shown, alone, practicing in the ring.  He bounces against the ropes, his eyes closed, going through maneuvers, seemingly far more ready than anyone had given him credit.  Meanwhile, Solomon Richards is shown locking in a Cobra Clutch on a foe, showing off his submission prowess.

Laura Seton is shown popping Buck Dresden in the mouth before it cuts to her destroying Lunatikk Crippler and earning a disqualification.  Crippler is shown on his knees, his beautiful black hair cascading around his face, his eyes glazed over as Seton backtracks up the ramp.  It cuts to Thomas Manchester Black losing the Iron Fist Championship to Ja-Gi Kyung Moon before we see Black, furious, pounding the mat as Moon raises the Iron Fist Championship in the air.

Like memories in cold decay

Transmissions echoing away

Trey Willett is shown coming back to the ring after months away, only to cut to Morgana leading Malice away from the ring, having brutalized his opponent.  Mason Pierce is shown, looking down at the ORION Championship, a smirk on his face.

Far from the world of you and I

Where oceans bleed into the sky!

The music eases off and we’re back on the road.  It is an empty road.  The camera slowly picks up speed, heading back to Las Vegas.  Back to the Epicenter.

Lift me up, let me go

We see Adrian Corazon shouting in pain as his back is branded.

Lift me up, let me go

We see Maya Nakashima wiping a tear from his face as he rests his head against his poster.

Lift me up, let me go

Dan Stein is shown, stubble on his face as he constantly rewinds footage of Donovan King locking in the Carolina Crossface.

Lift me up, let me go

Isaac Entragian grits his teeth as he is flanked by Project:SCAR, standing in the ruins of the Hall of Champions.

Lift me up, let me go

Mephisto is next, standing in front of Sammy Rochester.  Sammy is shaking violently, ready to strike, as Mephisto can only smirk.

Lift me up, let me go

Loco Martinez is shown getting his hand raised only to have the scene literally shift to the side and reveal Valentine Lionheart having his hand raised.

Lift me up, let me go

Suddenly, we are jolted back to the road and the music stops.  Donovan King is shown once again, lifting his head to the sky one final time.  He lets the first droplet of rain hit his face and he begins to smile.  He throws the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship high into the air, hoisting it above his head before a single bolt of lightning comes crashing down upon the faceplate, the screen flashing bright white…

Lift me up, let me go


We cut to the inside of the jam packed Epicenter. "The Catalyst" by Pendulum blares over the speakers as the SHOOT Project faithful are going crazy and we are LIVE! Multicolored pyro EXPLODES on the entrance stage, which has been altered in preparation for Master of the Mat. The cameras pan around the sold out crowd as the fans continue to lose their minds before resting on the broadcast team of Eryk Masters and Other Guy.

Eryk Masters: Ladies and gentlemen, WELCOME to MASTER OF THE MAT 2013, Day ONE! I’m Eryk Masters alongside my broadcast partner, the Other Guy!

Other Guy: It’s been one hell of a road, but here we are! Tonight, we are going to bring you the best action in the sport of professional wrestling. We’ve got five AMAZING matches to bring to you, including the Main Event, where we will crown the 2013 Master of the Mat when Loco Martinez and Valentine Lionheart collide!

The crowd cheers, hearing the words of the announcers.

Eryk Masters: That match is going to be crazy. Neither Valentine, nor Loco were favorites to win it all, but that just goes to show you ANYTHING can happen in the SHOOT Project! We’ve also got the Iron Fist Championship on the line, as Thomas Manchester Black gets his rematch and challenges the reigning champion, Ja Gi Kyung-Moon!

Other Guy: That should be one brutal affair, E. We’re also going to see Lunatikk Crippler and Laura Seton go at it as well as tag team action as The Bad Ass Brotherhood clashes with the reunited Flying Avengers!

Eryk Masters: Both of those matches should prove to be absolutely amazing. And speaking of amazing, we’re also going to see the RETURN of the Rule of Surrender Championship in a nine-person submission gauntlet. And that match is up first!

The announcers are interrupted as the Epicenter lights suddenly go out and a DRIVING, TOE-TAPPING, HEAD BOBBING BASS pours out of the building’s speakers!!!  The familiar sound brings about an ELATED POP from the crowd, which only gets LOUDER once the jangly opening verse starts up!!!

A wide array of colored lights flash on and off in HIPSTER RAVE MADNESS!!

"I got this feeling on the summer day when you were gone…

"I crashed my car into the bridge. I watched, I let it burn.

I threw your shit into a bag and pushed it down the stairs.

I crashed my car into the bridge.

"I don’t care!

"I love it."

I don’t care.

White, sparkling pyro trickles up into the air, followed by a TREMENDOUS EXPLOSION OF LIGHTS AND SMOKE!!!  At the same time, JONNY JOHNSON arrives from back behind the entrance curtains where he is met with almost OVERWHELMING praise from Day One’s SOLD OUT CROWD.  He stays at the top of the ramp; relaxed, casual.  The man seems at peace as he smiles, genuinely, back at the people cheering him on.  He sees a few fans off camera, out of the corner of his eyes and gives them a nod and quick salute, laughing at whatever it is they’re doing.

He’s sporting the fancy-pants BUSINESS WRESTLER apparrel tonight.  Grey suit jacket.  Grey slacks. Black shoes.  He’s got a pink button-up on, no tie, though.  The top two buttons are unbuttoned.  His hair looks "freshly shaped" blonde, messy, but not without very proper attention., and the old beard is back down to its trendy, "cool adult" length.

Icona Pop’s, "I Love It fades out and Jonny, grasping a microphone waits a few seconds for the crowd to get in a couple last minute cheers.

He nods at their recognition before slowly raising the mic to his lips.

Jonny: Thanks.  (Nodding) Thank you guys.  I…  I appreciate it.

With a broad smile, he soaks in the adoration, staring out at the mass of humanity packed inside this place.

Jonny: Truth be told…  this was supposed to be a "before the show", "dark opener" kind of deal…  But…  Heh.  They couldn’t get something with my pyro to work or whatever. (Looking up toward the rafters)  Which is seriously the dumbest reason for not going out and now I’m gonna look like a fucking diva… (Laughing)   But… ummm… I feel kind of weird being out here and that’s uhh…  that’s why I’m gonna stay on the ramp.  Because that ring…  (pointing at the ring) That ring, on a night like tonight, is for professional wrestlers to DO WORK.  That ring belongs to every Soldier waiting in the back with dreams of making something SPECIAL happen.

He pauses, allowing the fans to react.

Jonny: (Still kind of laughing to himself) So I basically can’t avoid looking like a real Labron James asshole…  since I’m now "the first thing you see on the show."  But… yeah.  Here goes, guys. Heh. Josh and…  and Jason and, and uhh…  and Sean.  We’ve been chatting, and after a ton of internet stuff and confusion about my contract, blah blah blah…  I just wanted to be the one to tell you guys…

"I’m back for the long haul.

Before anyone can have a reaction, Jonny holds out his hands and basically keeps everyone silent.

Jonny: Just…  save your POPS and ROARS or whatever you have inside of you for the guys and gals in the ring tonight.  Like I said, this wasn’t supposed to kick things off.  It’s embarrassing…

"But uhh…  Look, I’ve uhh..

He pauses, not sure how to word things exactly.

Jonny: I’ve signed a long term contract.

"Seven years for an amount of money I probably don’t totally deserve, but…  Starting in August.  I’ll be on the very first fucking show and I don’t care who they have in the ring with me.  I have a career that needs to be fixed… Gotta close out the show properly, and…  and I got a few demons that I need to deal with.

He keeps his hand out again, doing everything he can to make sure everything stays moderatle humble.

Jonny: I wanna…  do things right.  Whatever that might be to someone else, who knows.  But I can assure you I’m gonna do right, BY ME.  That means busting my ass off.  WINNING matches…  WINNING TITLES.  That means doing everything I can to make up for a LIFETIME of hurt I’ve caused other people; my peers"

"It means…  making amends."


His tone lowers and with it, the crowd again is forced to stay silent so they can hear him.

Jonny: This is just a courtesy call.

"I’m back…

He shrugs.

Jonny: Feel about that however you want.

"But for now, Welcome to Master of the Mat!"

The SHOOT Project faithful that have packed the Epicenter are ready. They buzz in anticipation of the opening match of the night.

Eryk Masters: We’re about ready to kick things off with our first match of Day 1, folks. But first, we think it’s important to explain a little bit about this match.

Other Guy: That’s right, E. There’s been an additional rule put in place for all Rule of Surrender division matches that should make things interesting.

Eryk Masters: Absolutely. In a standard SHOOT Project match, when a wrestler locks in a hold and his opponent reaches the ropes, there’s normally a rope break called for. The wrestler applying the hold has five seconds to release it before he risks a disqualification.

Other Guy: But, a Rule of Surrender match is anything but standard. The only way to win is via submission so a five count does nothing. But, to make things interesting, the SHOOT Project Officials have decided to allow each competitor 3 rope breaks. Now, after a five count is given by the referee, if the wrestler applying the hold refuses to release it, he or she will lose one of his or her rope breaks.

Eryk Masters: That’s right, OG. Now, once a wrestler has exhausted his or her rope breaks, he or she will no longer have any other way to break a submission hold except for any counter he or she might be able to make.

Other Guy: What this means is that a wrestler can cling to the ropes for dear life, but if the rope breaks have been exhausted, his or her opponent can keep the hold on in an attempt to finish the match. Now, for this specific gauntlet match tonight, each competitor will be given three rope breaks, BUT, they will not reset after each fall. The three rope breaks each Soldier has will have to last them through the entire gauntlet.

Eryk Masters: It should make things very interesting in the RoS division. With that out of the way, let’s send it up to Samantha Coil!

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to MASTER OF THE MAT 2013!

The sold out crowd cheers loudly as one of the biggest events of the year is about to kick off.

Samantha Coil: Our opening contest is a special nine-person gauntlet match and it is for the vacant and reinstated RULE OF SURRENDER CHAMPIONSHIP!!

The cheering of the crowd reaches a fever pitch as the SHOOT Faithful eagerly await the return of the iconic championship to active competition.

Samantha Coil: And now, introducing the Soldier who drew number one!

The lights dim slowly and a slight hush falls over the crowd as the anticipation reaches its climax. And then…

"We will never sleep! ‘Cause sleep is for the weak!

No, we will never rest! ‘Til we’re all fuckin’ dead!

We will never sleep! ‘Cause sleep is for the weak!>

No, we will never rest! ‘Til we’re all fuckin’…"

Diamonds Aren’t Forever by Bring Me The Horizon kicks in… The metal melody bringing cheers from the crowd as they await Conor Caden. And the song starts to pick up!



Samantha Coil: He hails from Ann Arbor, Michigan and weighs in at 185 pounds. He is THE GHOST. OF. ANN. ARBORRR! CONOOOR CAAADEEEEN!!!

After a few seconds, Conor steps out onto the entrance stage and the lights brighten to normal. Conor looks around at the crowd for a moment before pulling on his mask and running down the aisle, slapping hands with the fans lining the aisle on either side. He slides into the ring underneath the bottom rope and springs to his feet quickly.

Eryk Masters: Well it looks like Conor Caden has a mountain to climb here tonight, folks. He admittedly hasn’t had his head in the game, but we’ll see how he fares here.

Other Guy: Conor’s gone on record and said he doesn’t know a whole lot about submission wrestling as well. But, maybe he’s picked up a thing or two since then. After all, it doesn’t take a technical mastermind to win in this division. Former Rule of Surrender Champion Alex Brooks had a similar style to Conor’s, but he managed to rule the division with a simple rear naked choke.

Eryk Masters: GREAT point, OG. It’s definitely going to be interesting to see what happens. Let’s see who he’ll face in the opening fall of the gauntlet!

Diamonds Aren’t Forever fades and the crowd begins to buzz louder, eager to see the first opponent.

Samantha Coil: And now, ladies and gentlemen, introducing the Soldier who drew number two!

The lights die down again and then the fans begin to cheer wildly as the start of HORIZON by D’espairs Ray fills the arena. Spotlights search through the seats as the fans rise up from their seats in boisterous anticipation.

The words “CAN YOU FEEL THE NEW WORLD?” scribble across the SHOOT-Tron in elaborate silver script for a moment. The searchlights converge on the ramp, on Maya with his head bowed downward. The script on the SHOOT-Tron fades slowly into light particles, the moment Maya lifts his head the word “HOPE” etches its way across the video screen, and the spotlights SHOOT out in all direction as the lights in the Epicenter surge on to their most brilliant and brightest.

Samantha Coil: Making his way to the ring… by way of Nagasaki, Japan… standing at FIVE feet and SEVEN inches… weighing in at ONE HUNDRED and THIRTY FIVE pounds… he is a former RULE OF SURRENDER and SIN CITY CHAMPION… MAYA… NAKASHIIIIIIIMAAAAAAAAA!!!

Eryk Masters: All you need to do is listen to the ovation of all these SHOOT Project faithful to understand how loved Maya is.

Other Guy: I won’t argue with you there, E. Maya has been very vocal about NEEDING to win this match. He feels he let down the division and he is very focused tonight.

Eryk Masters: This pairing of Conor Caden and Maya Nakashima should prove to be interesting. I can’t wait to see how it unfolds!

Maya walks down the entrance ramp, making sure to reach out and tag hands with as many fans as he can. Maya finally slides into the ring, stretching the ropes, and shaking his arms to try and stay loose.

Samantha Coil exits the ring as referee Austin Linam gives some last minute instructions to both men. The crowd is ready. The SHOOT Nation’s patience is about to be rewarded.

Linam calls for the bell and we are under way! Maya and Conor step out from their corners and begin to circle one another.

Conor and Maya step in and lock up. Conor, being the bigger man, begins to back Maya towards the corner, but Maya drops to a knee and uses his speed to go behind and grab a rear waistlock. He drops down and picks the ankle, sending Conor to the canvas face first. Maya floats over quickly and snatches an arm attempting to slap on a fujiwara armbar, but Conor tucks the arm and quickly rolls away. Both men pop up to their feet and face each other in a fighting stance, receiving a round of applause from the crowd.

Eryk Masters: And Maya starts things out going for a quick submission, but Conor Cade manages to avoid it.

Other Guy: It was a smart move by Maya. He knows he’s outweighed by just about everyone in this gauntlet. He’ll need to use his speed and technique, but he’s got to pace himself at the same time to keep from burning out.

Eryk Masters: And Conor needs to make sure he doesn’t put himself in a position to get hooked into one of those submissions. Let’s see if he’s picked up any submission wrestling leading into this one.

Both men move in cautiously Maya fakes a lock up and picks the ankle again, taking down Conor. He grabs a leg, but Conor LASHES out with a mule kick that sends Maya backwards. Conor gets to his feet quickly as Maya moves back in with blinding speed, but Conor catches him with a DEEP armdrag! Maya pops back to his feet and turns around and gets caught with a QUICK spinning heel kick!

Conor stays on the offensive as Maya starts to get to his feet a little slower this time. He boots Maya in the stomach and SNAPS him down with a DDT. Conor follows up, quickly wrapping Maya’s left leg with his own and reaching forward.

Eryk Masters: And Conor’s going for an STF! This could be it for Maya if he can lock it in!

Other Guy: Conor has a 50 pound weight advantage and if he clamps this hold on, I don’t know if Maya can break it or make it to the ropes!

Conor fights to wrap his arm around Maya’s neck, but Maya fights back, FIRING several quick elbows up at Conor’s arm! Conor relents for just a half second, but that’s all the opening Maya needs and he scoots forward quickly hooking the bottom rope!

Referee Linam immediately calls for a break. Conor complies quickly and as Maya starts to pull himself to his feet, Austin Linam holds up two fingers, showing that Maya only has two rope breaks left.

Maya moves away from the ropes and Conor IMMEDIATELY goes back on the offensive, delivering a boot to the stomach. He pulls Maya into a standing headscissors and LIFTS him up for a powerbomb!

BUT MAYA ROLLS THROUGH AND HOOKS THE ARMS! Maya drops to a seated position with both of Conor’s arms still hooked in a straightjacket type hold as the crowd cheers wildly!

Eryk Masters: GORY CROSS ARM CHOKE! Maya countered the powerbomb attempt and he’s got Conor!

Other Guy: There’s one of the benefits of Maya’s size! He can maneuver his body more easily and now he’s got Conor in a bad way!

Referee Linam is right there asking Conor if he wants to give it up, but Conor is shaking his head in the negative. Conor begins to use his size advantage and starts to get to his feet, loosening the hold, BUT MAYA ROLLS THROUGH, sending Conor to his stomach while keeping the arms in place. Maya WRENCHES back!

Other Guy: WOW! What a move! Maya Nakashima has locked on what appears to be a cross between a Carolina Crossface and a Straightjacket Choke!

Eryk Masters: That’s a Japanese style submission maneuver called Aoki Hikari, OG! Clearly, Maya has been learning several different styles of submission and he’s displaying that knowledge right now!

Other Guy: It definitely looks like a painful hold, even if your pronunciation is crap, E!

Masters Sighs.

Eryk Masters: And we were doing so well, too.

Maya continues to WRENCH back on the hold as Conor shouts in pain and struggles to get out. Austin Linam is still there checking on things. But, Conor doesn’t tap… because he CAN’T due to his arms being wrapped around his own throat! Instead, Conor starts nodding his head vigorously and mouthing the words “Yes.” Austin Linam checks one more to time to be sure and Conor repeats his answer and the referee calls for the bell!

Maya releases the hold and rolls away, pulling himself up to his feet in the corner as Conor Caden rolls out of the ring clutching his arms and neck as he begins his walk back up the aisle.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, CONOR CADEN has been ELIMINATED!

Eryk Masters: Well, it looks like Conor just couldn’t hang in there, OG.

Other Guy: He gave it a shot and almost had Maya with the STF, but his inexperience in submission wrestling cost him here tonight.

Protovision by Kavinsky begins to play and the crowd gives a mildly favorable reaction as Takuma Sato sprints down to the ring. Maya moves out of the corner as Sato slides underneath the bottom rope into the ring.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the third entrant in the gauntlet, from Detroit, Michigan and weighing in at 190 pounds, TAKUUMAA SAATOOO!!!

Sato pops to his feet and goes right after Maya, FIRING chop after chop to his chest as Austin Linam signals for the bell and the second fall of the gauntlet begins.

Eryk Masters: This young kid is coming in looking to prove something tonight, OG! Look at him go right after Maya!

Other Guy: That eagerness might cost him though. You need to pace yourself in a match like this.

Sato attempts an Irish whip to the corner, but Maya reverses, pulls him in and JUMPS up, bringing Sato over with a BEAUTIFUL headscissors! Sato gets to his feet as Maya hits the ropes; he passes Sato once and hits the far ropes just as Sato gets all the way to a standing position. Sato turns to see the blur that is Maya Nakashima coming and attempts to lift him in a quick tilt-a-whirl, BUT MAYA GRABS an arm and hooks his leg over the back of Sato’s head, stopping all momentum in the center of the ring and the crowd cheers loudly again!

Eryk Masters: WOW! Maya’s speed was on display there and now he’s got ANOTHER Japanese style submission locked in, OG! That one’s known as “Christo” in certain parts of Japan!

Other Guy: That came out of freaking NOWHERE! AND SATO IS TAPPING!

Takuma Sato is, indeed, tapping vigorously and Austin Linam calls for the bell. Maya unties himself from the hold and goes to his corner again as Sato rolls out of the ring and walks back up the aisle with his head hanging low.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, TAKUMA SATO has been ELIMINATED!!

Other Guy: Thanks for coming, kid, but that’s what happens when you can’t be bothered to cut a promo for a match of this magnitude and you piss off a former Rule of Surrender Champion.

Eryk Masters: That was one of the quickest submissions I think I’ve ever seen, OG. And Maya Nakashima is off to a GREAT start here tonight!

The lights in the Epicenter cut out and the crowd cheers loudly anticipating the next Soldier. Then…




The lights come on as the opening to Pop Evil’s Trenches kicks to life and the fans start cheering. Then out from the back comes Johnny Napalm. He stands at the top of the ramp wearing old school purple tights and a jacket with that joker mask on. He takes it off and the crowd offers more cheers.

Other Guy: Things are about to get really interesting here!

Samantha Coil: Introducing the fourth entrant, he hails from South Boston, Massachusetts and weighs in at 302 pounds. He is the SHOOT Project Joker… JOHNNY NAAAAPAAALMM!!!

Eryk Masters: Napalm has done a complete 180 from where he was a month ago. I still have my reservations about him, but now with all his talk these past few weeks, let’s see if he delivers tonight.

Other Guy: Many people have been saying that his rebirth as the SHOOT Project Joker may be a good thing, but also he has something to fight for now.

Eryk Masters: Well, let’s see how this plays out. It’s David and Goliath with the 135 pound Maya Nakashima and the 302 pound Johnny Napalm. This should make for a VERY interesting fall.

Napalm walks to the ring takes his jacket off and gives the mask and jacket to a ringside assistant, he then gets up on the ring apron and gets into the ring.

The bell sounds to start the fall and Maya nods respectfully at Napalm, who returns the favor. Maya steps in and tries to pick the ankle of Napalm, but Napalm YANKS his leg away and drops a HEAVY elbow right across Maya’s upper back. He wastes no time and quickly brings Maya back to his feet, laying into him with VICIOUS forearms, snapping Maya’s head back with each one.

Eryk Masters: Maya’s going to need to adjust his strategy here to compensate for Napalm’s size. I think he went for that ankle pick without thinking, OG.

Other Guy: Yea, he’s eager to move on, but he can’t forget that Napalm comes into this match with a lot to prove and a ton of determination. But you can NEVER count Maya out either!

Napalm Irish whips Maya into the corner and follows up with a BIG running clothesline into the buckles! He quickly brings Maya out of the corner, lifts him up, and SLAMS him to the canvas with a sidewalk slam! Napalm brings Maya to his feet and Irish whips him into the ropes. Maya rebounds and ducks under a clothesline attempt, he hits the far ropes, picking up speed and ducks a second clothesline, hitting the opposite ropes again.

Napalm turns around in time to catch a lightning fast Maya up in a tilt-a-whirl.


Eryk Masters: NO, NO! LOOK. Napalm hooked Maya’s free leg and countered! That move was created in Japan specifically to counter Christo. It’s called “Judah!”

Other Guy: Well, it looks like Napalm has REALLY been scouting his opponents and learning a few new tricks of his own!

Napalm has Maya locked in that counter submission and Maya is SCREAMING in pain, but REFUSES to surrender as Austin Linam is right there asking him if he wants to give it up. Napalm, sensing that the hold won’t be enough to put away the former champ, releases him, allowing Maya to crumple to the canvas. But, Napalm doesn’t give him any room to breathe as he goes right back on the attack!

Napalm stalks forward and begins to put the boots to Maya. The crowd is cheering for Maya to get up, but there is clearly a contingent of Napalm fans here tonight as well. Napalm Irish whips Maya to the buckles again and gets a running start, BUT MAYA RUSHES FORWARD and catches a charging Napalm with a running step up enziguri! Napalm doesn’t go down, but he staggers backwards. Maya runs to the ropes, jumps up and springboards off the top, hooking Napalm’s head and SWINGING down with a BEAUTIFUL springboard tornado DDT! The crowd lets out a LOUD cheer for the amazing athletic ability of Maya Nakashima.

Eryk Masters: Maya’s got Napalm down! He needs to capitalize though!

Maya slowly gets up to his feet using the ropes as Napalm is pushing himself up to his knees. Maya moves quick as greased lightning and scales the top turnbuckle, LEAPING off and coming across Napalm’s back with a DEVASTATING double stomp, sending Napalm flat on his stomach and causing the crowd to cheer!

Maya wastes little time as he wraps Napalms legs into an Indian death lock position before bridging backwards and hooking Napalm under the chin!

Other Guy: And here’s ANOTHER clever submission maneuver by Maya Nakashima! He’s got that bridging Indian death lock cinched in tight!

Eryk Masters: Napalm is in trouble here! Maya is pulling up on that chin for all he’s worth! BUT LOOK AT NAPALM FIGHT IT!

Napalm is shouting in pain as referee Linam checks on him. The 302 pound Joker of SHOOT Project begins to crawl, dragging Maya with him and intensifying the agony of the hold. He reaches out as Maya continues to wrench upward, continuing the pressure on the lower back. Napalm grasps the bottom rope and continues to cry out in pain as Austin Linam instructs Maya to release. Maya complies immediately and rolls away. He pops up to his feet and hits the ropes, coming off with his trademark blinding speed and delivering a QUICK dropkick to Napalm’s ribs as he attempts to pull himself up.

Maya pops back to his feet as Napalm begins to pull himself up by the ropes again. Maya rushes in, grabbing hold of one of Napalm’s arms just as he gets to his knees, BUT NAPALM FIRES a shot to Maya’s midsection, doubling him over! Napalm pulls himself all the way to his feet and CRUSHES Maya with a running lariat, sending Maya down to the canvas. Maya immediately begins to try and stand as Napalm advances. The crowd is clearly becoming torn between the two as alternating chants begin to start.



Maya makes it to his feet and Napalm spins him around, Maya comes out of NOWHERE with another enziguri, BUT NAPALM DUCKS IT! Napalm releases the leg and SNATCHES Maya by the arm, bringing him down to the mat! He traps Maya’s arm between his legs and cinches in a LeBell lock! Napalm reaches around with his right arm and hooks Maya’s free arm as well!

Eryk Masters: NAPALM’S GOT MAYA! That modified LeBell Lock looks EXCRUCIATING!

Other Guy: It damn sure does, E! The 302 pound frame CRANKING back has got to be HELL on Maya’s neck , arm, and back, but Maya is FIGHTING the hold as best he can!

Napalm continues to WRENCH back and Maya is in pure agony as he tries and tries and tries again to get some kind of momentum going towards the ropes. Austin Linam is in perfect position asking Maya, who REFUSES to give in. Napalm pulls back on the hold even FURTHER, forcing a SCREAM of pain from Maya. There’s nowhere to go for the former Rule of Surrender Champion and he has no choice but to tap out!

Austin Linam signals for the bell and Napalm lets the hold go as Maya slowly rolls from the ring in pain. He has a look of disappointment and agony on his face as he makes his way back up the aisle.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, MAYA NAKASHIMA has been ELIMINATED!!

The crowd boos a bit, but the cheers for Johnny Napalm are becoming more prominent.

Eryk Masters: I can’t believe it! Johnny Napalm has forced Maya Nakashima to submit!

Other Guy: I’ve just gotten word that Napalm calls that hold the South Boston Hangover. It’s obviously very devastating. But, Maya Nakashima has absolutely NOTHING to be ashamed of here tonight, E.

Eryk Masters: Absolutely not. He went through two other opponents before facing a fresh Johnny Napalm. Regardless, Napalm moves on. Who’s next up?

“The car’s on fire and there’s no driver at the wheel and the sewers are all muddied with a thousand lonely suicides and a dark wind blows. The government is corrupt and we’re on so many drugs with the radio on and the curtains drawn. We’re trapped in the belly of this horrible machine and the machine is bleeding to death. The sun has fallen down and the billboards are all leering and the flags are all dead at the top of their poles…”

The crowd begins to boo as the sounds of The Dead Flag Blues begin to play throughout the Epicenter.

Eryk Masters: Well, we know who’s about to make her entrance now.

Samantha Coil: And now, introducing the fifth entrant, weighing 130 pounds… DAAATUUURAAAAA!!!

Datura walks out from behind the curtain, making her way down the aisle ignoring the booing fans all around the Epicenter.

Other Guy: You’ve got to wonder what Datura is thinking after she just watched Napalm dispatch Maya, who is similar in size to her.

Napalm simply paces back and forth in the ring as Datura takes her time walking to the ring. She finally makes it ringside and climbs the ring steps before stepping between the ropes. Austin Linam calls for the bell and the fourth fall begins!

Napalm immediately goes after the much smaller Datura, but she quickly drops down and rolls out of the ring to avoid him. The SHOOT Faithful don’t care much for the tactic and they voice their displeasure. Datura ignores the boos as she stalks around the ringside area. Napalm looks irritated in the ring and Austin Linam is shouting for Datura to get back inside the ring. After a few more seconds pass, Datura finally climbs onto the apron and steps back into the ring. Napalm advances again and Datura drops down and rolls to the outside again and again the crowd boos.

Eryk Masters: Someone should let Datura know that it’s not smart to make Johnny Napalm angry.

Other Guy: She’s trying to get into the big man’s head, E. But, realistically, in a match like this, there’s nowhere to run or hide.

Napalm is becoming a little frustrated, but backs off as Linam continues to try and get Datura back in the ring. After a few more seconds, she climbs back into the ring. Napalm advances once again and Datura steps back through the ropes onto the apron, BUT NAPALM SNATCHES HER BY THE HAIR!

Eryk Masters: Uh oh! Datura wasn’t fast enough that time and I think she’s made Napalm angry!

Datura tries to pull away, but Napalm hooks her head and brings her into the ring the hard way with a BIG vertical suplex from the apron to the inside of the ring, much to the delight of the crowd! Datura hits the canvas HARD and arches her back in pain. Napalm stays on the offensive, bringing her to her feet and CLUBBING her across the back with a forearm, dropping her down to her knees.

Napalm brings Datura to her feet again and Irish whips her into the corner! Napalm gets a head of steam, but Datura drops down and rolls out of the ring again! Napalm stops short before he collides with the buckles AND STEPS OUT OF THE RING, following Datura. He spins her around and LEVELS her with a clothesline, sending her CRASHING to the mats on the outside! The crowd gets LOUD as they show their appreciation for Napalm!

Other Guy: Datura made two big mistakes right there. First, she turned her back on Johnny Napalm. And second, she let the match go to the outside with Johnny Napalm. Those are two things you should definitely avoid if you are facing this man.

Napalm brings Datura to her feet and SHOVES her back-first into the steel ring post. The rushes in for a lariat, BUT DATURA MOVES! Napalm hits the steel post HARD. He immediately clutches his right arm in pain! Datura, sensing an opening, grabs his arm and SLAMS it into the post again before rolling into the ring.

Eryk Masters: Well, it looks like Datura had a game plan after all, OG. Now she’s got Napalm with a hurt arm. But, she needs him in the ring to get a victory here.

Datura shakes out the cobwebs from being planted on the outside while Napalm climbs back onto the apron and steps into the ring, trying to protect that right arm. Datura quickly rushes forward, grabbing that hurt arm. Napalm tries to pull away, but Datura LEAPS up, springboarding off the top rope for leverage and twisting her body midair to bring Napalm over with a NASTY looking springboard armdrag!

Other Guy: Don’t let the fact that an armdrag is a basic move fool you, folks. When done the way Datura just did it, it can easily hyperextend the arm, which could lead to big trouble!

Napalm tries to bring his arm in, but Datura keeps her grip and crosses her legs over Napalm’s chest with a cross armbreaker! Napalm shouts in pain as he tries to drag Datura towards the ropes, but her positioning is picture perfect and it’s a long way across the ring!

Eryk Masters: Datura has that cinched in pretty well, but Napalm is fighting it for all he’s worth!

Napalm sits up with the hold still applied, trying to relieve some of the pressure, but Datura manages to shift her weight and drop him to his back again as she slowly raises her hips, applying more pressure. Austin Linam is right there asking Napalm if he wants to quit, but Napalm shouts “NO!” Napalm sits up again, trying to relieve the pressure and AGAIN Datura shifts her weight, BUT NAPALM DOESN’T GO BACK DOWN! Instead he gets his knees under him as Datura continues to try and add pressure to the hold. Napalm gets to his feet and LIFTS Datura into the air with the hold still applied and the crowd begins to cheer wildly! Napalm SLAMS Datura back to the mat, causing her to release the hold and roll away. Napalm backs away as well, nursing the hurt arm. The crowd begins to chant!


Other Guy: Napalm showed his strength here, but was the damage done?

Eryk Masters: Only time is going to tell, OG. Datura just had the wind knocked out of her right there.

Napalm makes it to his feet, shaking out that arm. He stalks over to Datura and slowly brings her to her feet. But Datura JUMPS up and gives Napalm a thumb right to the eye! Napalm staggers back slightly but LUNGES forward and Datura catches him with a QUICK drop toehold, sending his face first into the canvas! She capitalizes quickly and butterflies the arms!

Eryk Masters: She’s going for the Moonflower!


Napalm has rolled through with uncharacteristic skill and traps Datura’s arm between his legs. He reaches forward and cinches up on the neck and free arm!


Napalm wrenches back HARD and Datura SCREAMS in pain before tapping after a few short seconds in the excruciating hold! Austin Linam calls for the bell and Napalm hangs on for a few extra seconds as the crowd gets LOUD before he releases the hold, allowing Datura to roll out of the ring and stumble her way towards the back.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, DATURA has been ELIMINATED!!

Eryk Masters: Well, it looks like Datura’s plan didn’t work out for her. And Johnny Napalm continues on in this gauntlet!

Long Black Train by Josh Turner kicks up throughout the Epicenter, bringing down boos for the next Soldier about to enter the fray. Napalm continues to try to shake out his right arm as he paces back and forth in the ring.

Other Guy: Here comes a relative newcomer who impressed the SHOOT brass in his first outing against Henry Gordon.

Samantha Coil: Introducing entry number six, he hails from Redemption, Alabama and weighs in at 275 pounds. He is THE EVANGELIST… JERRRYYY MAAATHHHEWWWWSS!!!

Matthews saunters out from behind the curtain with Deacon Jeremiah trailing behind him. “The Evangelist” carries his bible with him and holds it out towards the booing fans as he preaches his way down to the ring.

Eryk Masters: I don’t like this guy, OG. He reminds me of those people that knock on your door at five in the morning asking if you know Jesus.

Other Guy: We have those in Vegas?

Eryk Masters: ANYWAY, regardless of what I think, Jerry Matthews has held championship gold in other promotions and can clearly go inside that ring. It’ll be interesting to see how he fares tonight… OH!

Napalm wastes no time at all as he climbs out of the ring and LEVELS Matthews, who was jaw jacking with the fans around ringside. Jeremiah attacks Napalm from behind, but Napalm turns and LEVELS him too! The crowd EXPLODES with cheers as Napalm pumps his fist!

Other Guy: Johnny Napalm doesn’t want to wait. He wants to take the fight to his opponents and that is exactly what he did there! But, if it were me, I would have waited for Matthews to get into the ring. Could’ve let that arm rest a little more.

Napalm brings Matthews to his feet and RAMS his head into the ring apron before rolling him into the ring. He follows Matthews in under the bottom rope and the bell rings to start the fall!

Napalm gets to his feet and brings Matthews up with him. He FIRES a shot to Jerry’s jaw and pulls him in, bringing Matthews over with a belly to belly suplex. Napalm drops down and quickly attempts to lock in the South Boston Hangover, but Matthews quickly scrambles away and latches on to the ropes. Napalm releases the hold before Austin Linam can begin to execute his count and the referee holds up two fingers, showing Matthews that he has two rope breaks left.

Napalm backs away, allowing Matthews to separate himself from the ropes. Matthews begins to cautiously circle with Napalm. The two go to lock up, but Matthews buries a knee to Napalm’s gut. He immediately begins to club away at Napalm’s right arm with forearms, causing Johnny to back up. Matthews back Napalm into a corner and wraps his right arm around the top rope, YANKING back on the hold. Austin Linam is right there to make a count.





FIV-Matthews breaks his hold. Linam signals that Napalm has only one rope break left.

Other Guy: That was a clever strategy by Jerry Matthews. He deliberately forced Napalm into losing a rope break and also went to work on the arm.

Eryk Masters: Napalm has to protect that arm, OG. But he’s got to keep the offense going as well. The longer these falls go; the worse off that arm is going to be.

Matthews smiles at Napalm while Napalm glares at Matthews. Johnny moves in, as does Matthews and the two lock up again. Matthews snatches that right arm and again tries to back Napalm into the corner, but Napalm turns him around and fires a STIFF fist right between the eyes, staggering Matthews backwards. Napalm grabs a wrist and Irish whips him into the ropes, but Matthews reverses!

Napalm hits the ropes and IS TRIPPED UP by Deacon Jeremiah on the outside! Napalm turns to glare at him, but Matthews charges in and begins firing shots back into Napalm’s arm, wrapping it around the top rope again! Austin Linam shouts for Matthews to break it up, but Napalm NAILS Matthews with an elbow right on the nose, causing him to stagger away. Austin Linam makes it known that Napalm is out of rope breaks.

Eryk Masters: Napalm is going to have to be VERY careful here. He’s out of rope breaks and he won’t be able to use that to save himself from any submission attempts.

Other Guy: Jerry Matthews has clearly come into this match with a solid strategy.

Eryk Masters: Yeah. It’s called being cheap and using outside interference.

Other Guy: Hey, it’s working so far.

Matthews backs up slightly and moves back in, grabbing Napalm by the arm and Irish whipping him across the ring into the ropes. Napalm comes off the ropes and is caught by a BIG clothesline that sends him down to the canvas. Matthews drops down and grabs that hurt right arm and attempts to lock in an armbar, but Napalm fights it! The crowd is growing restless as the two men struggle for position on the mat.

Napalm manages to get his knees underneath him and rolls to his back, pulling Matthews’ head down and bringing his legs up.


Other Guy: AGAIN Johnny Napalm impresses with yet another submission. He’s really been training these past few weeks!

Matthews is flailing around as Napalm PULLS down on his head, cutting off the airway with his shin bone. The crowd is on their feet cheering! Matthews attempts to roll, but Napalm rolls with him and keeps the hold on! Matthews reaches for the ropes! But they are JUST out of reach and Matthews taps!!

Austin Linam calls for the bell and Napalm releases Matthews and rolls away. He’s slow to get to his feet, pulling himself up on the ropes with one arm. Deacon Jeremiah pulls Matthews out of the ring and begins to help him back up the aisle.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, JERRY MATTHEWS has been ELIMINATED!!

Eryk Masters: Well, Matthews did everything he could, but Johnny Napalm REFUSED to be denied… WHOA!

In the ring, the next Soldier has entered and is going right after Johnny Napalm! Randall Kash didn’t wait for his entrance music or introduction to get the next fall underway and Austin Linam calls for the bell to get the sixth fall officially started!

Kash continues to fire away at Napalm’s right arm before quickly circling around and chop blocking the back of Napalm’s knee, sending him down to his knees on the canvas!

Other Guy: Randall Kash came out of nowhere! And he isn’t wasting any time at all with this vicious assault!

Eryk Masters: Kash is definitely looking to get noticed here in SHOOT and a win here tonight would definitely put him on the radar in a major way.

Kash goes back around the front of a kneeling Napalm, hooking his head and SNAPPING down with a DDT. The crowd is slightly hushed, still a bit surprised by Kash’s sudden involvement in the match, but they quickly begin to rain down boos. Kash pays the booing crowd no mind as he gets to his feet and begins to stomp away at the head and neck of Napalm.

Eryk Masters: Kash is targeting his favorite area of the body now. But, even if he could manage to hit Kash’d Out, he’ll need to find a way to make Napalm submit.

Kash hits the ropes and comes off with a quick legdrop to the back of Napalm’s neck. He gets back to his feet and lays a few more boots to the head and neck area before dropping down and hooking in a camel clutch! The crowd begins to try and rally Napalm as Kash wrenches back and Austin Linam gets into position to check on him.


Kash continues to crank back on the neck, but Napalm manages to get his knees under him. The crowd begins to cheer loudly as Napalm FORCES his way to a standing position with Kash on his back. Napalm THROWS himself backwards and DRIVES Kash into the mat, causing the crowd to let out a raucous cheer! Napalm slowly rolls away and starts to DRAG himself to his feet using the ropes.

Other Guy: Johnny Napalm just WILL NOT give up. He’s as determined as I’ve ever seen him right now. Is there ANYTHING that can keep this man down?

Kash has managed to pull himself to his feet and charges in on Napalm, but Napalm CATCHES him and SLAMS Kash down with a HUGE spinebuster! Napalm gets to his feet slowly and brings Kash up with him. He boots Kash in the stomach and sets him up, crossing his arms underneath. Napalm LIFTS!

Eryk Masters: NAPALM BOMB!

Other Guy: He just DESTROYED Randall Kash and this crowd is loving it! But, that’s not going to do him any good if he can’t get the submission.

Napalm scoots backwards into a corner, taking a few moments to catch his breath and try to stretch out his aching limbs. He pulls himself back to his feet and stalks forward. Kash slowly begins to stir, rolling to his stomach. Napalm has a look of fury and determination in his eyes as he drops down and rolls Kash onto his back. Kash starts to fire right hands up into Napalm’s face, snapping his head back with each shot, BUT NAPALM GRABS THE ARM!

Napalm bends the arm back and positions himself for a an anaconda vise.

Eryk Masters: That’s the Killing Joke! Napalm has it locked in!

Other Guy: Can Randall Kash survive Napalm’s onslaught!?

Napalm HOWLS out in fury as the crowd is coming unglued at the possibility of a FOURTH submission by Johnny Napalm! Kash scoots his body as he struggles to make it to the ropes, BUT NAPALM TURNS HIS OWN BODY, adding more pressure and moving Kash out of reach! Kash reaches out, but the ropes are too far! Kash taps out!

The bell sounds and Napalm SHOVES Kash out of the way, getting to his feet and leaning heavily in his corner. Kash gets to his knees and slams his fists into the canvas out of frustration before exiting the ring and making his way to the back.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, RANDALL KASH has been ELIMINATED!!

Eryk Masters: Johnny Napalm’s hot streak continues! Randall Kash came out and went to work, showing his ruthless side, but it just wasn’t enough to stop Napalm’s rampage!

Other Guy: Just LISTEN to this crowd, Masters! These people are LOVING Johnny Napalm right now!

Napalm continues to lean against the turnbuckles and stretch out his arms and neck while he tries to shake out his leg when the opening riff to Savior by Rise Against hits the speaker system and Solomon Richards steps from behind the curtain. There is a mixed bag of cheers and others who are simply watching the superstar walk down the ramp. He reaches out and slaps hands with a few of the fans that cheer for him and continues his walk down the ramp.

Eryk Masters: Ohhh boy. Here comes a man that can match Johnny Napalm in size and likely outmatch him in submission skills.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, introducing entrant number eight. He hails from Wichita, Kansas and weighs in at 320 pounds. Here is SOLLLOMOOON RIIICHAAARRRDSSS!!!

Solomon calmly continues his walk down to the ringside area as Napalm steps out from the corner with a slight limp and stands in the center of the ring as if DARING Solomon to step into the ring.

Other Guy: Solomon hasn’t really found his stride here in the SHOOT Project yet, but tonight could be the night he does. He’s gone on record as being very proud to be in this match.

Solomon climbs up the ring steps and walks to a corner, his eyes never leaving the proud gaze of Johnny Napalm. Referee Linam calls for the bell and the penultimate fall has begun!

The fans in the Epicenter know the gauntlet is winding down and they begin to clap their hands and stamp their feet as the two big men slowly begin to circle one another. Napalm has a very slight limp while Solomon is almost light on his feet. But, Napalm doesn’t back down and the two men lock up like two charging bulls. Solomon begins to push Napalm backwards, but Napalm grits his teeth and stops the momentum, pushing Solomon backwards. Solomon halts the momentum and the two men reach a stalemate in the center of the ring, breaking the tie up. Solomon nods approvingly at Napalm and then SHOOTS in and takes him to the canvas with a double leg takedown!

Solomon shows great agility for a man his size as he floats up and applies a rear chinlock, bringing Napalm to a sitting position.

Eryk Masters: Solomon knows Napalm is hurting and he’s employing a brilliant strategy here. He’s got to keep Napalm grounded. That’s where he’s going to be able to do the most damage.

Solomon leans his weight forward on Napalm, trying to soften up that neck even more, but Napalm gets his knees under him and manages to get to a vertical base. He FIRES a pair of elbows to Solomon’s midsection, breaking the hold and then turns and DECKS Solomon with a right hand. Solomon rocks backward and Napalm shakes that arm out. Napalm advances forward, burying lefts and rights to Solomon’s midsection, backing him to the corner. He takes a few steps back and charges in, BUT SOLOMON moves and Napalm hits the post shoulder first! Most of the crowd groans a bit, but there are a good amount of fans who cheer for Solomon moving out of the way.

Other Guy: OH. That was a big mistake from Napalm there and that could cost him!

Solomon moves forward and pulls Napalm out from the corner. He grabs the head and neck and begins to cinch Napalm up.

Eryk Masters: Going for that Cobra Clutch early here!

Napalm feels the move coming and drops to his knees, bringing Solomon over in a modified snap mare! Napalm lunges forward as Solomon comes to a seated position and Napalm clamps on a Cobra Clutch of his own!

Eryk Masters: Oh WOW! Napalm has Solomon’s own signature move locked in! What a way that would be to finish him off!

Napalm JERKS Solomon to his feet and begins to apply pressure to the hold as Solomon flails around, finally hooking the top rope and forcing a break! Austin Linam goes to count, but Napalm lets go of the hold. Linam notes that Solomon has two rope breaks remaining.

Other Guy: That can’t be a good feeling for Solomon, knowing that his opponent not only has his finisher scouted, but he almost finished HIM with it.

Solomon turns to face Napalm who looks for a boot to the stomach, but Solomon catches his foot and SNAPS him down with a dragon screw! Solomon gets back to his feet, keeping Napalm’s leg and turns him over into a half crab! Napalm is in a lot of pain as he shouts out, covering his face with his hands. Austin Linam is right there, but Napalm is already shaking his head no! Solomon inches his body backwards, bending Napalm into the hold further and increasing the pain to Napalm’s lower back.

Other Guy: Solomon has that hold on tight. Can Napalm hang on, or will this be it for the Violent Savior!?

Napalm begins to flail around on the mat and manages to get ahold of one of Solomon’s ankles! He PULLS forward on the ankle, causing Solomon to lose his balance and fall forward, releasing the hold!

Eryk Masters: Napalm’s reversed it! And he’s scooped up Solomon’s other leg and now has a full Boston Crab applied! How impressive has Napalm been tonight!?

Napalm wrenches back on the Boston Crab and now it’s Solomon’s turn to shout out in pain. But Solomon is too close to the ropes and hooks the bottom rope. Austin Linam demands that Napalm release the hold and Napalm complies. Linam instructs Solomon that he only has one more rope break. Solomon pulls himself to his feet, but Napalm is right there with a clubbing forearm to the chest. He swings for a big right hand, but Solomon ducks under and clamps the Cobra Clutch back on! BUT NAPALM ROLLS FORWARD, sending Solomon through the ropes and out to the floor! Napalm staggers back and leans against the turnbuckle, getting a brief moment of respite.

Eryk Masters: Richards has been relentless so far, but Napalm’s had an answer for him each time!

Other Guy: And Johnny Napalm just bought himself a few moments… WAIT A MINUTE!!

Solomon has climbed onto the apron in the corner behind Napalm and HE CLAMPS ON THE COBRA CLUTCH IN THE CORNER! Napalm grabs at the ropes frantically trying to pull away!

Eryk Masters: What an innovative way to use that hold! And Napalm can’t do anything because he’s out of rope breaks!

Napalm starts to use his strength to move forward; starting to pull Solomon with him, but Solomon is still on the apron and uses the steel post and the ropes to brace himself! Napalm’s hurt knee buckles and Solomon YANKS him back to the corner, clamping on the Cobra Clutch tighter, using the turnbuckles as leverage!

Other Guy: Napalm is fighting it as best he can right now, but Solomon has that hold on tight! And Napalm is tapping!

Austin Linam calls for the bell as Napalm taps out after a long and grueling showing in the gauntlet. Solomon lets go of the clutch and Napalm drops to his knees. Solomon steps into the ring and helps him to his feet, applauding. The crowd joins in the applause and Johnny Napalm gives a polite nod before dropping to the mat, rolling out of the ring, and walking back up the aisle clutching his neck and limping.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, JOHNNY NAPALM has been ELIMINATED!!

Eryk Masters: Well, after an absolutely OUTSTANDING performance here tonight, Johnny Napalm is out. But he definitely gave these people MORE than their money’s worth tonight.

Other Guy: No doubt about it, E. And now we’re down to two. It’s no secret who the final participant is and this is going to be very interesting.

Samantha Coil: And now, ladies and gentlemen, introducing the ninth and final participant!

Your fear it moves me.

Your weakness I taste.

I breathe you, I hate you.

You course through my veins.

And now.

And now.

The lights dim down for a moment and an explosion of pyro signals the entrance of Tanya Black who stands on the stage looking mesmerized for a moment as she soaks in the boos of the fans.

You want me. You love me.

And I hate myself.

I need you, but I hate you.

‘Cause I want nothing else.

Samantha Coil: She hails from Boston, Massachusetts and weighs in at 165 pounds.

And I bleed you since I’ve healed you.

Your pain escapes through me.

‘Cause I breathe you, but I hate you.

‘Cause they say we could never be.

They can’t see.

Samantha Coil: Here is “The Alpha Female” TANYAAA BLAAAACK!!!

As Die for You continues to play the arena watches as Tanya Black begins walking to the ring, every step seeming to awaken her more and more, her look going from vacant to determination. Sliding into the ring Tanya Black moves to the middle and holds her arms out to the sides as she leans her head back

It seems the pain’s been traded,

Since I pulled you through.

And now my mind’s been so jaded.

And I would kill myself for you.

I’d die for you.

Eryk Masters: The dynamic between these two Soldiers has been… interesting to say the least over the past month or so.

Other Guy: It really has. Tanya’s been trying to “recruit” Solomon to her cause, but Solomon really wants no part of it. But, I bet he DOES want a piece of Tanya after her actions during the Solomon Richards/Mirage match that happened on a recent edition of Dominion.

Solomon and Tanya stand across the ring from one another. Tanya pops her neck in preparation while Solomon shakes off the aches from the previous fall.

Eryk Masters: But that’s not what this is about, OG. This is about something entirely different. This is it. This is the deciding fall. Whoever wins here becomes the new Rule of Surrender Champion. And these fans are READY! Just LISTEN to them!

The fans are cheering. They aren’t at a fever pitch, but they are still pretty loud.

Other Guy: And just think, E, this is ONLY the first match of the night!

Tanya and Solomon begin to circle one another and Solomon reaches forward to lock up, but Tanya SNAPS off a short series of kicks to the leg, backing him up quickly. Solomon moves forward again and Tanya steps to the side, bringing him down with a quick drop toehold. She floats over and grabs hold of the arm, attempting the Tap Out Bitch, but Solomon tucks his arm in and shoves himself to his knees. He reaches around her waist and rolls through, sending Tanya away from him. Solomon pushes himself to his feet and Tanya pops up as well.

Tanya moves in quickly and sends a pair of stinging kicks to Solomon’s legs, getting inside. She grabs an arm and FIRES a knee to Solomon’s midsection. Solomon buckles slightly and Tanya drives a second knee to the midsection, doubling him over. Tanya hits the ropes quickly and comes off with a head of steam and NAILS Solomon right in the head with ANOTHER knee. Solomon STILL doesn’t go down, but Tanya hooks his head and PLANTS him with a DDT!

Eryk Masters: Tanya is very methodical in her approach. She knows what is at stake here. She went for that one submission, but now she’s wearing Solomon down.

Other Guy: She needs to keep the momentum going though. She can’t hang back and let him get a second wind.

Tanya gets to her feet and steps out onto the apron. She climbs to the top turnbuckle and measures Solomon before LEAPING of and BURYING her knees into Solomon’s stomach, rolling forward and coming to her feet. Solomon clutches his stomach as he rolls around on the canvas. Tanya stalks Solomon as he rolls to the ropes and pulls himself to his feet.

Before he can get all the way to a vertical base, Tanya LEAPS up onto his shoulders and as he stands all the way up, Tanya drops back!

Eryk Masters: Tanya just locked in Kama Suture!

Tanya continues to fire her elbows into Solomon’s kidneys, but Solomon reaches back and hooks Tanya’s head and DROPS down, planting Tanya face first into the canvas!

Other Guy: WOW! Did you see that!? What a BRUTAL counter to that Kama Suture hold!

Solomon clutches his back and neck as he slowly gets back to his feet. Tanya starts to stir and manages to push herself to her knees and we can see a little bit of blood begin to drip from her nose.

Eryk Masters: It looks like Solomon busted Tanya’s nose with that unique counter move.

Solomon moves over to Tanya and brings her up, butterflying her arms and bringing her up and over with a double underhook suplex! The crowd begins to get louder again as Solomon moves behind her as she starts to push herself to her feet. Solomon grabs her arm and head and begins to lock on the Cobra Clutch, but quickly spins out, going behind him. She LEAPS into the air and puts her knees up, bringing Solomon backwards with a back cracker! Tanya wastes no time and grabs Solomon’s legs, pulling back into a Boston Crab!

Other Guy: What a counter to the Cobra Clutch by Tanya! Throughout this entire gauntlet we’ve seen some awesome counter. THIS is what the Rule of Surrender division is all about!

Solomon is shouting in pain as he looks for a way out of the hold. He reaches forward and grabs the bottom rope, but to no avail since he’s out of rope breaks! He Tanya wrenches back on the crab, applying even MORE pressure and Solomon reaches up, grabbing the middle rope, putting even more pressure on himself, but he KICKS his legs out sending Tanya flying forward and breaking the hold!

Eryk Masters: Solomon Richards with a NICE show of strength there, escaping that Boston Crab!

Tanya gets back to her feet and goes back on the attack, stomping away at Solomon’s legs. Solomon attempts to get back to his feet as Tanya continues to stomp. He gets to his feet and Tanya DRIVES a knee into his thigh. Tanya grabs a wrist and attempts an Irish whip, but Solomon reverses and pulls Tanya back in and hits a BIG belly to belly suplex, slamming Tanya into the canvas! He brings her to a seated position and AGAIN clamps on the Cobra Clutch!

Eryk Masters: Solomon’s got it again!

But Tanya is too close to the ropes and reaches out with her legs, hooking the bottom rope! Austin Linam shouts for Solomon to break the hold and he complies. Linam notes that Tanya is down to two rope breaks. As soon as Tanya pulls herself to her feet, Solomon moves in, grabbing a wrist and Irish whipping Tanya into the ropes. Tanya comes off and ducks a clothesline. She hits the opposite ropes picking up speed. Solomon ducks down and Tanya stops short, hooking the head and PLANTING Solomon with a flowing DDT!

Tanya IMMEDIATELY drops down, trapping Solomon’s arm and wrapping her hand around his face!

Other Guy: TAP OUT BITCH! She’s got it locked in right in the center of the ring!

Tanya WRENCHES back shouting to the heavens and Austin Linam is in perfect position to check on Solomon. Solomon shakes his head no as best he can to show he doesn’t want to quit. He reaches out, but he’s nowhere near the ropes. Solomon reaches out and prepares to tap! BUT he tucks his arm in before he can and continues to shake his head no. Tanya CONTINUES to just pull back for all she’s worth!

Eryk Masters: Tanya has that crossface locked in perfectly. But Solomon is REFUSING to give in!

Solomon takes his free hand and begins to try and pry Tanya’s hands apart. He begins to loosen her grip, but Tanya lets go to readjust her grip! AND SOLOMON TAKES ADVANTAGE, snatching one of her arms! He rolls through and slips his arm out from Tanya’s legs! Solomon floats behind Tanya and clamps on the Cobra Clutch, JERKING Tanya up to her feet!

Other Guy: ANOTHER great counter by Solomon Richards and he’s got the clutch on again!

Solomon begins to SWING Tanya back and forth a few times before LIFTING her into the air and sitting out with a Cobra Clutch bomb, BUT he hangs on to the hold!

Eryk Masters: MAN that was devastating! And Solomon STILL has the clutch locked in! Can Tanya hang on!?

Tanya is SCREAMING in pain as Solomon forces his weigh down on her and tightens his hold! She reaches out, but she’s in the center of the ring.


Austin Linam calls for the bell and the fans let out a LOUD cheer as Savior by Rise Against begins to play and Solomon releases the hold, rolling away from Tanya!

Eryk Masters: HE DID IT!

Other Guy: Solomon Richards has won the gauntlet!

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, Tanya Black has been ELIMINATED! Here is the winner of the gauntlet match… and NEW RULE OF SURRENDER CHAMPION… SOLLLLOOMOOOONN RIIIICHAAAARRDSSS!!!

Solomon pulls himself to his feet using the ropes and Tanya Black rolls out of the ring and walks backwards up the aisle cradling her head and neck. Austin Linam hands the shining Rule of Surrender Championship to Solomon. Solomon stares into the title’s faceplate for a few seconds before holding it high in the air as the crowd continues to cheer and the music continues to play.

Eryk Masters: This was everything a Rule of Surrender match should be and more! But we’re not done by a long shot!

Other Guy: A GREAT win by Solomon Richards here at Master of the Mat. But, still to come, we’ve got the Iron Fist Title on the line as well as the Master of the Mat finals!

Solomon holds the title in the air for a few more seconds before dropping down and rolling out of the ring. He walks back up the aisle with the title on his shoulder as the crowd shouts their appreciation for the hard fought gauntlet.

We are walking backstage with Loco Martinez.  Its still a few hours before he will step out into the Epicenter to battle to be the Master of the Mat.  He smiles and nods.  Exchanging pleasantries with some SHOOT employees as he walks.  He catches something out of the corner of his eye.  Its the sign for Dan Stein’s dressing room.  He stops.   Something weighing on his mind as his body language is conflicted.  He reaches to knock.  Pauses.  Turns like he might leave.  Takes a deep breath and lets it out, as he turns back to the door, and again reaches to knock, but is cut off by the voice of Molly, Stein’s assistant.

Molly the Assistant: Can I help you?

She hurries over to keep Loco from knocking or, worse, entering Stein’s dressing room. Putting her arm up on the door jam, she bats her eyelashes at Loco, remembering fondly their conversation at the Waterpark Birthday Bash.

Loco Martinez:  I was just gonna pop in and wish Danny boy, good luck.  I know we’ve had our differences.  I know we may not be quote – Friendly – unquote, right now, but i DO still consider him a friend.

Molly smiles to herself, bringing her arms down and crossing them over her chest.

Molly the Assistant: Aw, Jay. (Touches his arm quick) That’s real cute of you.

She bats her eyes at the attractive man. She takes a peek into the dressing room before turning back.

Molly the Assistant: I’d let you in the room but I don’t think Dan is in the talking mood lately. He’s been very focussed on the match tomorrow.

Loco nods knowingly.  He smiles warmly at Molly.

Loco Martinez: I understand.  If you could pass along the message?  I’d greatly appreciate-

Dan Stein: What message?

The door to the room swings open, nearly sending Molly backwards on her hiney.  Loco reaches an arm out to steady Molly. Stein shakes his head and grabs rubs just above the arms of his shutter shades briefly at the awkwardness of the moment before shooting Loco a glare when he sees his hand on Molly’s arm.  Loco releases his grasp as Molly straightens out her little black dress. Dan eyes Loco up and down, stepping out between Molly and Loco.

Dan Stein: What message, Jay?

Loco Martinez:  I was walking by and just wanted to wish you the best of luck tomorrow versus King.  Despite everything between us over the last few months… I know this means a lot to you.  I know how badly you want it.

Dan Stein: Do you? Do you know how badly I want to be World Heavyweight Champion?

Stein slides off a pair of stunna shades from his face, revealing black bags under his eyes.

Dan Stein: Do you really understand what this has done to me?

Loco smiles.  

Loco Martinez: I do.  I know all too well what its like to obsess and want something that badly.  Everything.  EV.RY.THING.  Comes a distant second.  Even sleep.  

Dan slides the sunglasses back over his eyes, taking a moment to collect himself.

Dan Stein: You’ve got a match tonight, right?

Stein smirks at the Master of the Mat finalist.

Dan Stein: A guy like you, “experienced”, if you will… this could be your last shot at being the number one contender, you know this, right?

Loco smiles widely, then nods.

Loco Martinez:  Yes. I am “experienced” enough to know that every match puts such accolades at risk… but?  Yes.  This could be my best, last, and only shot… (pauses thinking it over)  Redemption Rumbles aside.  

Dan Stein: Well, look at that. Waiting until the last moment to pull something out of your ass, congratulations.

Stein feigns a clap. Dan smirks, and puts his hands on his hips, totally exposing himself to an attack he knows won’t come.

Dan Stein: You’ve waited all these years, had all of those Hall of Fame memories and all of those Sky High moments. You’ve worked your ass off, you’ve fought through a damn hard road for this ONE opportunity in SHOOT Project.

Loco Martinez:  I know… just like YOU know how hard to come by these opportunities are.  That’s why we gotta make the most of ‘em.

Stein pauses, patting him on the side of the arm.

Dan Stein: It’ll be a tragedy if you run into a Dan Stein buzzsaw in your first World Heavyweight Championship match, huh?

The fans absolutely EXPLODE at the thought.

Loco Martinez:  Just like it’d be CRUSHING to be placeholder between Donovan King and Loco Martinez… or better yet, to be a spectator for King – Martinez.  

The fans roar once again.  Stein gulps behind a smirk, fingers tightening around his hip bone for a split second.

Dan Stein: You do your part, I do mine, all of these hypotheticals become null and we do it for real, you think you have a shot against the sexiest man in SHOOT Project?

Loco looks around playfully.

Loco Martinez:  Am I wrestling MYSELF?  

He winks at Molly. Stein can only bring himself to grunt.  

Loco Martinez:  I know I have a shot against you, Dan.  You go ahead and pencil me in on your day planner.  Because even if one, or both  of us doesn’t do our part?  We come up short?  Somewhere.  Sometime.  Win or lose?   We can still make it a date.  (He looks at Molly once more with a wink)  That offer goes for you too.

Loco moves to turn away but Stein catches his attention by speaking.

Dan Stein: Y’know, for a long, long time there I resented you. All of these people were claiming you were the best cruiserweight in the business. I wanted to get you in the ring and I wanted to show them all that Loco Martinez isn’t who they think he is. I wanted to prove that Dan Stein is the best cruiserweight in the business. We dance for the World Heavyweight Championship, we won’t have to worry about weight classes.

Loco Martinez:  Many moons ago I was the self proclaimed Crowned Prince of Cruiserweights.  I’ll tell you right now.  I have no desire to be the best cruiserweight any more. My goals are loftier.  My dreams, while sky high, are no longer “Sky High”.  I want to be the best wrestler in the world.  That starts with winning Master of the Mat.  After that?  Maybe a little “One… two… Loco’s coming for you.”

Loco points at Dan Stein playfully.  He turns to head off.  He gives a polite nod to Molly.

Loco Martinez:  Nice seeing you again.   

Stein reaches out, grabbing Loco’s arm and turning him around. The men stand nose to nose and stare at each other for a moment.  There is a palpable tension before Stein speaks.

Dan Stein: Good luck tonight, Jay. Wouldn’t want you to miss out on the fun.

Loco Martinez smirks. Stein releases his grip on Loco.  Loco turns and starts to back away.

Loco Martinez: You know me, Danny.  I’m ALL about the FUN!

Loco turns the corner.  Stein turns and heads back into his dressing room.  Molly following closely behind.  

The opening strands of an acoustic guitar begin to play.

Fifteen past the hour

Runnin’ on my time

The SHOOT-Tron reveals a rattlesnake striking at the camera, but the camera merely fades into black to reveal a beautiful bald eagle flying over mountains.

Your clock runs slower now

Runs slower than mine

The eagle lands on a flagpole atop the tallest mountain.  A single black flag is raised to wave majestically above the mountaintop.

Hundred miles an hour

Pedal down wide open

Two men stand at the base of the flagpole, their backs facing the camera.

Got one in the chamber

But the trigger’s broken

They both throw on the official BAD ASS BROTHERHOOD vests.

Take what’s mine…

Take what’s mine…

Take what’s mine…

One of the men peer over his shoulder and winks to the camera.

Take what’s mine.

The two men stand revealed.  Buck.  Magnus.  Buck winks at the camera as "Take What’s Mine" by Black Bone Child RIPS through the PA system.  Just as the SHOOT-Tron ended with their backs turned, both Buck Dresden and Charles Brandon Magnus stand with their backs turned to the booing masses.  As the music hits its crescendo, they both turn around.  Magnus stands tall, a grin on his face as he raises both of his arms out from his sides while Buck kneels down in front of him, aiming his imaginary shotgun at the ring, shouting "BOOM!" as he does so.

Samantha Coil:  The following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL…introducing first…at a combined weight of…a four hundred and fifty-five pounds…they are the former World Tag Team Champions…BUCK DRESDEN AND CHARLES BRANDON MAGNUS…THE BAD…ASS…BROTHERHOOOOOOOOOD!!

Buck rolls into the ring as Magnus steps through the middle ropes.  They both stand there, glaring at the booing fans as "Take What’s Mine" dies down. Suddenly, the sounds of a gun being loaded, and then cocked, can be heard!

Steady drum beat! A guitar riffs in!


FLASH Dynamite and Kid Lightning step through from the back, both pumping their arms energetically, as "Bullet With a Name" by Nonpoint hits! The Green Bolt steps out behind the in her dangerously seductive lgreen lightning bolt shaped top and skirt, a microphone in hand!

Other Guy: Ooh! We get Green Bolt introductions!

Eryk Masters: It’s been awhile…wait…

The trio begin their way down the ramp, with FLASH pointing at both members of the Bad Ass Brotherhood, one and then the other and then back again.

Green Bolt: Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and girls! SHOOT Project Citizens of all ages! It is my distinct honor and privledge to announce these two men, tonight! Two more upstanding men could not be found anywhere else, but right here in Las Vegas, Nevada!

The fans cheer loudly, and she smiles sweetly at a few catcalls before continuing.

Green Bolt: First, the mightiest of the mighty! With fists of steel, and a heart of gold! He is the unintimidatable, the unwavering, the incomparable FLAAAAAAAAAAAAASH! DYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYNAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAMIIIIIIIIIIIIITE! And his partner, making his incredible return to action! He is the quickest of the quick, the man that gravity forgot! With a can-do-attitude and winning smile! He is the daredevil extraordinaire himself! KID! LIIIIIIIIIIIGHTNIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIING!

The fans cher, as the trio make it to the bototm of the ramp, but she’s not done there. Both men slide into the ring, as the Bad Ass Brotherhood both step out and onto the apron.

Green Bolt: Together, they are the defenders of hope! The bearers of light, in the darkest days! Together, they will fight for what’s right, for what’s good in the world! Together, they will bringjustice to the doorsteps of those that would dare to try and hide from it! They are, accompanied by myself, the Green Bolt, the ultimate tag team! The FLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYINN NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAVENNNNNNNNN NNNNNNNNNNNNGERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR RRS!

The music fades out as the Green Bolt makes her way to the timekeeper’s table, handing her microphone over to the appropriate stagehand, as Scott Kamura begins to make his last minute instructions.

Other Guy: That outfit can’t be legal. Mmm mmm mmm

Eryk Masters: Who’s? The Green Bolt’s?

Other Guy: Yeah.

Eryk Masters: Yeah.

Charles Brandon Magnus stands inside the ring, with Buck Dresden on the outside, as Kid Lightning steps out of the ring and FLASH Dynamite appears to be staring directly across the ring at Magnus. As Scott Kamura calls for the bell, however, FLASH Dynamite rushes out of the corner, fists balled up and ready to swing, and Magnus has no choice but to back pedal and duck under the top rope, sitting on the middle, and Scott Kamura moves to keep FLASH from striking!

Eryk Masters: Cha–FLASH Dynamite wasting no time trying to get his hands on his rivals!

Other Guy: And Magnus wisely getting out of the way of that fire!

Magnus audibly insists that Kamura makes "FLASH back up so we can wrestle", with the emphasis clearly placed on the last word, and FLASH backs up on his own, motioning for Magnus to bring it. Magnus smirks openly at FLASH as he slowly weaves back under the top rope, fully in the ring once more. Magnus wipes his hands on his tights before moving forward, and FLASH is all too happy to oblige, both men lunge for a collar and elbow lock up, but Magnus retracts his arms and ducks under FLASH’s instead, running past him to shove Kid Lightning off the apron with his forearms!

Other Guy: Whoa! What the hell?

Eryk Masters: I’m not sure how wise that was, OG!

Kid Lightning lands on his feet and slides in under the bottom rope, only to be caught by the official while Buck Dresden takes advantage of the moment of distraction to creep into the ring behind FLASH, who has his fist cocked back to strike Magnus as soon as he turns around! The fans shout at FLASH to turn around, but it’s all jumbled so he stays his course and as Magnus starts to turn around he cocks his arm back further for a mighty punch! But Buck grabs his arm!

Eryk Masters: It looks like the Bad Ass Brotherhood want to get the jump on FLASH instead!

Other Guy: Of course they do, he’s been a thorn in their side their entire tag team career!

Magnus catches FLASH with a right cross, and together he and Buck send FLASH off the ropes. They follow, swinging their arms together with a double clothesline, but FLASH ducks under them as Kid Lightning gets out of the ring and Scott Kamura turns back around to see what’s going on. FLASH stops running and turns around as Buck and Magnus run through their missed swings and hit the ropes together, running at FLASH together as he runs to meet them. FLASH ducks at the last second and launches them BOTH over his shoulders in a back body drop on both of them!


Other Guy: Unbelievable display of power!

Eryk Masters: I, like these fans here in the Epicenter, can’t believe what I’ve just seen! Those are two big boys in their own right, and FLASH just sent them both flying in one motion!

Both men slowly get to their feet, Buck being instructed to get out by the official and Magnus turns into a trio of jabs that rock him! FLASH grabs Magnus by the wrist and whips him into the Flying Avengers corner, following behind him swiftly with a huge body avalanche!

Eryk Masters: Huge standing splash! Magnus is feeling that, I assure you!

FLASH tags Kid Lightning and pulls Magnus out of the corner and turns him around, hoisting him seamlessly and dropping him across his ring as KL climbs to the top rope and dives off, driving his elbow into Magnus’ sternum and riding him off FLASH’s knee to the canvas!

Other Guy: Big impact on that double team move!

FLASH gets out of the ring as KL hooks Magnus’ leg!



Magnus kicks out hard, and KL quickly gets to his feet and kicks hard into Magnus’ back before he can even begin to start getting to his own feet! KL quickly tags FLASH back in and together they whip Magnus off the ropes, KL follows quickly and catches Magnus as he rebounds with a low dropkick to the knee! Magnus crashes to the mat, face first, and FLASH hits the ropes to the side and leaps into the air, crashing down across Magnus’ back with a big senton splash!

Eryk Masters: That’s a familiar Avengers maneuver!

FLASH turns Magnus over and hooks the leg, facing the BAB corner!



Buck runs in to break the count up, even as Magnus kicks out! Buck doesn’t stop, though, and goes to stomp at FLASH but his foot is caught! FLASH gets to his feet, still holding Buck’s ankle, before whipping Buck around and ducking his head under Buck’s arm, hoisting him up for a back suplex! Magnus gets to his feet and clubs both arms across FLASH’s back, saving his partner and allowing Buck to tumble awkwardly, though harmlessly, sideways to the mat as FLASH drops to his knees.

Other Guy: Magnus has turned the tide, now!

Eryk Masters: Thanks in no small part to his partner in Buck. If FLASH hadn’t been occupied with him, who knows, he might still be in control.

Scott Kamura gets Buck’s attention and orders him out of the ring, and Buck reluctantly does as he’s told, as Magnus pulls FLASH up from behind and ducks his head under FLASH’s left arm before snapping him back with a back suplex of his own! Magnus floats himself into a cover, hooking FLASH’s leg deep!



FLASH kicks out before the referee’s hand hits for the second time, eliciting a respectable cheer from the fans in attendance, but Magnus catches FLASH’s wrist as he kicks out and locks FLASH in an armbar!

Eryk Masters: I almost hate to say it, but good strategy on Magnus’ end there, controlling FLASH’s wrist and snatching up an armbar in the process.

Other Guy: It’s a lot of weight to force FLASH to move around with his off-hand, it’s going to be hard to just power out of that.

FLASH does, however, push to his knees and bends his arm enough to keep Magnus in front of him, stopping Magnus from being able to put pressure on his shoulder and elbow, FLASH backs Magnus up into the ropes instead. Buck slaps Magnus’ back for a tag as Magnus hooks his elbow over the rope and resecures FLASH’s wrist, keeping him trapped as Buck steps through the ropes and kicks FLASH in the side of the head! Magnus let’s go of FLASH’s arm, and FLASH drops to a knee, only to have Buck come off the ropes and boot him in the side of the face again!

Other Guy: A pair of boots put FLASH down!

Buck hooks a half nelson on FLASH and turns him over from his belly onto his back for a cover!



FLASH kicks out quickly, sending Buck in the air a few inches!

Eryk Masters: But FLASH Dynamite is full of fight to night!

FLASH starts to turn over to begin pushing to his feet, but Buck meets him and pulls him up before popping him with a stiff jab to the chin! FLASH’s head rocks back, as Buck smiles and follows with another jab! that rocks FLASH again! A third and fourth punch fail to send FLASH stepping back any, though his head does snap back each time and his arms flail in an attempt to maintain balance. Buck follows up with another punch that has FLASH teetering to keep his balance, and takes off to hit the ropes! FLASH turns just slightly, catching Buck on the rebound with a tilt-a-whirl all the way through before putting Buck’s belly up on his shoulder! FLASH runs two steps forward and drives Buck into the canvas with a running powerslam!

Eryk Masters: Incredible resilience and strength!



Buck rolls his left shoulder off the canvas!

Other Guy: Buck manages to kick out, but look at him…that powerslam caught him way off guard!

Buck shakes the cobwebs loose, as FLASH grabs him by the wrist and pulls him up to his feet. FLASH tags in Kid Lightning before whipping Buck to the ropes and this time follows himself, diving low onto his belly as KL hops through the ropes! Buck has no choice but to jump over FLASH (or get tripped), and when he does, Kid Lightning is already running and jumps up to land on Buck’s shoulders, snapping him over nwith a hurricanrana!



Eryk Masters: Kid Lightning just plucked Buck Dresden OUT OF THIN AIR and hit a BEAUTIFUL hurricanrana!

Kid Lightning holds on tight through the maneuver, hooking both of Buck’s legs as both men hit the canvas!




Magnus starts to run in to break it up but stops as Buck kicks out!

THAT WAS AWESOME! *clap clap clapclapclap* THAT WAS AWESOME! *clap clap clapclapclap* THAT WAS AWESOME! *clap clap clapclapclap*

Eryk Masters: They’re not kidding! That was an amazing sight!

Other Guy: I witnessed it, and I still don’t know if it really happened!

KL is quickly back to his feet after the kick out, his arms spread out wide as he measures up Buck, who’s starting to get to his feet. As Buck starts to turn toward KL, he turns and hits the ropes and ducks under Buck’s predictable clothesline attempt! KL continues running and leaps up, springboarding off the middle rope he turns and catches Buck with a dropkick!

Eryk Masters: Incredible speed and agility from Kid Lightning! The muscle control needed to hit that dropkick like that is off the charts, too!

Other Guy: So would you say FLASH has super strength, and Kid Lightning has super speed?

Before Eryk Masters has a chance to answer, Kid Lightning is back to his feet and he takes the two steps to run at Buck before leaping into the air and hitting a Shooting Star Press on a short run!

Eryk Masters; I would say Kid Lightning defies the laws of physics and gravity!

The cheers are LOUD as Kid Lightning goes for the cover!




Magnus dives into the ring, driving his elbows into Kid Lightning’s back! The cheers turn into boos immediately as the referee gets Magnus and guides him back to his corner!

Other Guy: Magnus just saved the match for the Bad Ass Brotherhood!

Both Buck and KL start to push to their feet, nearly at the same time, and Buck swings a punch first! KL blocks the punch with both arms and kicks Buck in his left thigh! KL spins and throws a back kick into Buck’s gut, doubling him over, before kicking up into his chest to straighten him back up! KL hits the ropes and rushes back at Buck, leaping up to land on his shoulders, KL snaps backward for a hurricanrana but Buck holds on this time and pulls Kid Lightning back upright!

Other Guy: This doesn’t look good for Kid Lightning!

Buck falls backward while walking forward and pushes Kid Lightning over, sending Kid Lightning crashing to the mat face first!


Eryk Masters: Great counter with the good old fashioned Alley Oop!

Buck shakes his head slowly as he sits up, clearly trying to get his head right, before he turns KL over onto his back and plants his right hand across his throat! Buck starts choking the life out of Kid Lightning, as the fans begin booing loudly and Scott Kamura moves to admonish him, Buck releases at the count of four and then turns slightly to cover KL, hooking a leg!




Kid Lightning kicks out!

Other Guy: Buck was dangerously close to being disqualified, but nearly scored the pin immediately after.

Eryk Masters: The Brotherhood are just out to hurt the Flying Avengers. Yeah, they want to win, but they made it very clear they want to end two promising careers tonight, possibly more than they want to win!

Buck pulls KL to his feet and hooks him for a suplex before reaching to his side and tagging in Magnus. Magnus steps into the ring as Buck hoists KL up for a suplex, and just as Buck starts to drop Magnus positions himself and drops to a knee, catching Kid Lightning with a backbreaker out of the suplex!


Eryk Masters: They may have broken Kid Lightning in half!

Kid Lightning kicks his legs as both hands clutch at his lower back! The screams of pain are audible in the rafters as Magnus kicks him in the back, sending him rolling over onto his belly!

Other Guy: The complexion of this match has changed drastically!

Magnus stomps down on Kid Lightning’s back and grinds the heel of his boot into the point of impact as Kid Lightning tries to push the foot off his back awkwardly at such a poor angle. Magnus finally does pull his foot off KL’s back before kicking him in the ribs and turning him over onto his back, Magnus glares down at KL at barks out an audible command.

Charles Brandon Magnus: STAY DOWN BOY!

With that, Magnus turns to stare at FLASH Dynamite, flexing both arms as he puts one foot on KL’s chest for a pin!



KL slaps the foot off of his chest, and the fans begin to cheer at the spirit being displayed!

Eryk Masters: Magnus had to have known that weak cover wasn’t going to be enough!

Other Guy: What if KL’s body just couldn’t take any more and he did win like that, though? You wouldn’t be able to shut these guys up!

Magnus stares down at KL in disbelief before pulling him to his feet. Magnus whips KL off the ropes and follows, ducking his head down for a back body drop as Kid Lightning rebounds! KL turns his body at the last minute, though, and backflips through the attempted back body drop, landing on his feet! Magnus turns around and KL leaps up, catching him in the chin with both feet with a perfectly executed Dropsault! The fans cheer loudly as KL holds his back, pushing to his feet, gritting his teeth through the pain! Magnus starts to get to his feet as well!

Eryk Masters: Listen to these people, OG! They’re breathing new life into Kid Lightning!

Other Guy: It’ll all be for nothing if he doesn’t capitalize right now!

Kid Lightning turns and hits the ropes, sprinting off of them at full speed toward Magnus, spinning through for a flying head scissor attempt, but Magnus pushes KL’s knees off as they spin! KL pushes off Magnus’ torso at the same time in order to flip forward through the attempted counter, landing on his knees Kid Lightning somersaults forward and his hand tags FLASH’s! The Epicenter erupts!

Other Guy: That’s not what Magnus had in mind!

Eryk Masters: He probably should’ve just rolled with the head scissors instead!

FLASH steps through the ropes quickly, as Magnus cocks his hand back to meet him with a punch! FLASH catches him with a bicycle kick to the chest instead, dropping him to the canvas, as Buck runs into the ring ring as well! Buck makes it half way across the ring, though, before Kid Lightning springs to the top rope behind FLASH and leaps back with a moonsault clear over FLASH, catching Buck in mid-stride! The fans cheer wildly as Buck rolls out of the ring, followed shortly by Kid Lightning, who is wailing on Buck with forearms across the back!

Eryk Masters: Wait, Buck…Buck dropped something before he rolled out of the ring!

Other Guy: Are you sure? Wait, Magnus just picked something up!

Magnus starts pushing to his feet, with FLASH behind him, unaware that Magnus did in fact pick something up off the mat, something Scott Kamura is unaware of as well as he ducks his heads through the ropes to try and restore order between Buck and KL! FLASH grips both hands together and starts winding his arms up in a circle!

Other Guy: it might not matter, though! He’s calling for the Hammer of Justice!

Eryk Masters: If FLASH can hit this, it could spell that coveted victory over the Brotherhood!

The fans begin to cheer loudly, rallying behind FLASH as the Green Bolt can be seen slapping her hands on the canvas! Magnus slowly turns around, and FLASH explodes into action, spinning a full circle for the Roaring Polish Hammer of his, but Magnus ducks under it! FLASH throws his arms hard, and teeters forward off balance just a little, and Magnus uses that moment to clock him in the back of the head with whatever he picked up!

Eryk Masters: That son of a bitch!

FLASH drops to a knee, holding the back of his head! The Green Bolt, on the outside, runs to the other side of the ring to yell at the official and get KL’s attention! Kamura turns around in time to see Magnus pulling FLASH to his feet and hooking him in a front facelock! Magnus pulls FLASH up into a vertical suplex, before turning in a Jackhammer motion, driving FLASH down on top of his head with a brainbuster!

Other Guy: BLOODLINE! Magnus just hit the Bloodline, after hitting FLASH with whatever the hell that is he’s got in his hand!

Magnus tucks the hand in question between his body and FLASH’s as he covers FLASH, the fans booing loudly! Kid Lightning starts to try and slide into the ring, but Buck catches him by the ankle!




The fans boo even louder, as the bell sounds and Magnus gets to his feet! Kid Lightning turns and kicks his other foot into Buck’s face, and Buck lets go as he falls to the arena’s floor!

Eryk Masters: The Bad Ass Brotherhood just won, but I don’t think this fight is over!

Other Guy: Not according to that look Kid Lightning’s got right now!

Samantha Coil doesn’t even have a chance to announce the winners as Kid Lightning gets in the ring the rest of the way and rushes at Magnus, sliding into him with a low dropkick to the side of the face before he can even get off of FLASH! FLASH rolls to the side cradling his head, as Magnus’ grip loosens on…a pair of handcuffs! Kid Lightning kicks Magnus in the chest, and then in the back, and then the chest again! Kid Lightning sprints to the ropes, but suddenly falls flat on his face as he starts to rebound off of them! Buck pulls Kid Lightning out of the ring by both ankles and swings him into the barricade at ringside, releasing just inches from it!


Other Guy: Oh! That did not feel good!

Eryk Masters: That’s a huge understatement!

Buck slowly rolls back into the ring, as the fans boo louder. Buck ignores them, as the Green Bolt moves to check on Kid Lightning on the outside! Magnus slowly shakes his head, as Buck helps him drag FLASH to the nearest corner, and together they handcuff both his wrists to the bottom turnbuckle!

Eryk Masters: Oh, come on! This is getting to be too much, guys!

Other Guy: You’re not kidding. They need to just walk away, they won!

But that’s not what they do. What they do is they begin to stomp down at FLASH’s defenseless body! The bell rings repeatedly as FLASH writhes in pain, but just as the fans begin to litter the ring with trash in protest, Kid Lightning starts to push to his feet on the outside! The fans begin to cheer as Kid Lightning slides into the ring and runs full speed at the Bad Ass Brotherhood! Both men turn around as Kid Lightning leaps into the air, planting one foot in each of their chins, and all three men hit the canvas!

Other Guy: Where’s this fight coming from?

Eryk Masters: Kid Lightning isn’t going to just roll over and die! Not tonight!

The fans cheer even louder as Kid Lightning slaps the canvas repeatedly with both hands, willing himself to his feet, he meets Magnus before he can get off his knees with a forearm shot! KL turns and catches Buck with a kick to the chest before he can start to get off his knees as well! KL turns back to Magnus and kicks him across the back, and then spins back to stop Buck from gaining any ground with a forearm!

Eryk Masters: There you go, KL! Don’t stop now!

KL turns back to Magnus and swings a forearm, but Magnus catches KL in a sort of bearhug, enduring the forearm blow in the process! Buck pushes off his knees and charges into KL with a big boot, right in the mouth, and KL drops to the canvas hard!

Other Guy: The numbers aren’t working in Kid Lightning’s favors! Not with FLASH Dynamite handcuffed at ringside!

Buck rolls out of the ring and reaches under the ring skirting, pulling out a chair before rolling back in the ring! Magnus pulls KL to his feet and turns him around, hooking his arms behind his back and holding him in place! FLASH kicks at Magnus and Buck, but they’re not close enough for him to reach, and Buck just laughs at him before running at Kid Lightning, chair raised! Magnus pushes Kid Lightning forward at the last second, right into Buck’s swinging chair, and with a loud CRACK Kid Lightning hits the canvas in a heap!

Other Guy: NASTY!

Eryk Masters: Someone’s gotta get out there and stop this!

The bell rings again and again, but Buck throws the chair down on the mat as Magnus pulls KL’s lifeless body back up, this time into a standing head scissors. Buck jumps up onto the second rope as Magnus pulls KL up into a vertical position! Buck jumps off the second rope and grabs KL’s ankles as Magnus jumps just a little with a Spike Piledriver on the chair!

Eryk Masters: Come on! Haven’t you made your point yet?!

Other Guy: I don’t think they have, E!

Buck turns to FLASH, who kicks and kicks at them, and picks the chair up off the canvas before throwing it like a pie at FLASH, crashing it into his face from a safe distance! Buck moves into a mounted position on FLASH, where his kicking legs can’t reach now, and RIPS the mask right off of his face! The jeers are deafening, as Buck teases Chance Ryan with the FLASH Dynamite mask, dangling it in his face as the Green Bolt screams for him to stop from the outside! Buck throws the chair from the corner back to the middle of the ring before blowing a lewd kiss the Green Bolt’s way.

Other Guy: I don’t know how smart that was.

Eryk Masters: Yeah, that could have been a mistake.

Meanwhile, Magnus bends over Kid Lightning and pulls his mask off of him as well! Magnus begins choking Chris Sydal with the Kid Lightning mask! Chris pushes his hands against Magnus’ face, trying to claw him off of him to no avail, as Buck comes along and kicks him in the ribs! Buck turns back to the Green Bolt and starts taunting her with inaudible words, the look of disgust on her face suggests enough, though, as Magnus looks from Chris to Chance. Magnus points down at Chance, while staring at Chance, and shouts.


As Chance kicks and screams, pulling so hard against his handcuffs the gauntlets on his wrists are tearing, Magnus turns back to Chris then and bends to pull him to his feet, but Chris grabs him by the front of his tights and rolls backward, sending Magnus stumbling forward into Buck’s back! Buck stumbles forward and through the ropes, to the floor on the outside!

Eryk Masters: Valiant effort from Kid Lightning…or is it Chris Sydal now?

Other Guy: Whichever it is, unless help gets out there, it won’t last for long!

Chris starts to push to his feet, holding the back of his head with his right arm, balling his left hand up in a fist! The fans don’t begin to cheer, however, because they see Magnus grabbing the chair before he turns around! Both men turn, and Magnus is a step ahead of Chris, driving the top of the chair into Chris’ throat with a horizontal thrust, and Chris hits the canvas hard, coughing and spitting blood almost immediately!

Eryk Masters: …oh my.

The Green Bolt starts running up the ramp at this point, while Austin Linam and Dennis Heflin start running down the ramp to help the rightfully intimidated Scott Kamura in trying to get either Chance or Chris to safety, but Magnus comes to the edge of the ring and swings the chair threateningly. Buck rolls back into the ring, staring hatefully at Chris.

Other Guy: No one’s going to get close enough to help, E! The Brotherhood are going to end the careers of both those boys, they’re not going to stop until they do!

Satisfied that the referees won’t be trying to stop them, at least for now, Magnus pus the chair on the canvas and pulls Chris back to his feet and shoves him into Buck, who DESTROYS him with the Buckshot! Chris turns inside out as he crashes to the canvas, blood pouring freely from his mouth!


Chance pulls and pulls on the handcuffs, tearing his gauntlets more and ripping into the flesh of his wrists! He releases a roar of anger, trying to break the surprisingly strong cuffs, but to no avail as Magnus retrieves the chair once more, driving the point of it down again into Chris’ throat! Chris lies lifeless on the canvas, as Chance tries in vain to get the Brotherhood’s attention.

Eryk Masters: This is getting hard to watch.

Other Guy: This assault is lasting nearly as long as the match did!

Magnus throws the chair back down on the canvas, as Buck pulls Chris to his feet, this time shoving him into Magnus! Magnus catches him and hooks him in a front facelock, hoisting him up right away in a vertical suplex position! Magnus walks, with ease, toward the chair, before turning and driving Chris down on the chair, head and neck first, with the second Bloodline of the night!

Other Guy: Seriously, how much more can they do?!

Magnus pushes to his feet, as Buck makes the hand-dusting motion down at Chris. Both of them turn their attention to the captive Chance, now, with devilish grins.

Eryk Masters: I think they’re done with Chris now…

Chance isn’t shying away, though, as he pulls harder and harder on his restraints, blood flowing freely from his wrists, and just as the Brotherhood start to move to flank chance, a commotion on the stage catches their attention and they both look up to see Cade Sydal slamming a crowbar down on the stage, with the Green Bolt right behind him!

Other Guy: Oh shit!

Eryk Masters: It took him long enough!

The fans begin to cheer with a renewed hope, as Cade Sydal begins to sprint down the ramp, crowbar in hand! Buck looks like he wants to fight, but Magnus pushes him toward the ropes anyway, and just as Cade slides under the bottom rope, both members of the Bad Asds Brotherhood escape through the ropes on the other side of the ring and raise their arms in victory! Cade screeches to a halt over Chris’ body, checking on his younger cousin, as the Green Bolt moves to the bottom turnbuckle beside Chance and starts twisting it!

Eryk Masters: The officials can finally help get Chance freed from that turnbuckle!

Other Guy: And someone can finally get Chris some medical attention! It doesn’t look good for him!

Black Bone Child’s "Take What’s Mine" starts up again finally, as the Bad Ass Brotherhood maneuver their way toward the ramp and walk backwards, pointing at Cade and yelling at him that he just made a big mistake!

We come across a large amount of unopened boxes of SHOOT merchandise in the back of the arena. Surely many of these will be gone through as the evening and next night progress. Enough of the boxes have enough merchandise that they are able to withstand the pressure of a person sitting atop them. This is evidenced by the sight of Laura Seton, in her wrestling gear sitting with seemingly no care in the world. A few people pass by her and she simply nods her head to them. Then, another person appears. Catching sight of this person causes her to form a legit smile.

Lunatikk Crippler stands there, ready for action. His wild beard poking from underneath the hood from his vest. His face is stoic. He pulls down the hood so as to stare Seton directly in her face.

Lunatikk Crippler: You seem….happy. I’m confused, Laura. Don’t you understand that we’re about to go to war?

She playfully taps a finger on the top of his head.

Laura Seton: How’s the old noodle, Crip?

Crippler smirks.

Lunatikk Crippler: Don’t worry about me, Laura, I’m fine. You rang my bell pretty good a couple weeks ago, but I’ve got a nice, thick skull. I hope you brought your work boots with you.

Laura Seton: Amazing how you’re able to be so lucid for the first time in…

She feigns hard thought before giving a wide grin.

Laura Seton: … Your whole life!

Crippler fake laughs, and stops abruptly.

Lunatikk Crippler: The laughter is about to end, Laura. If you aren’t gonna take this seriously, well…I’m gonna have to make you.

Oh yeah? And how’s that? Are going to use your head?

She pokes him on the forehead.

Laura Seton: Are you going to sniff out a way to victory?

She pokes him in the nose.

Laura Seton: Or maybe you’ll see a secret way to pull this one out.

She spins her finger in the air a couple times and runs it back and forth across Crippler’s line of sight before poking him between the eyes.

Laura Seton: I wasn’t aware an egg-sucking chicken turd had the advanced abilities of a human.

Crippler rubs his eye, and then does what is expected of him. He retaliates. He puts his hands on Laura’s face, pie-face style, and shoves her back, against a box she was sitting in front of. We can see Laura’s eyes go wide for just a second between Crippler’s fingers.

Lunatikk Crippler: Insults like that are gonna get you hurt, Laura. I’m gonna save my anger, save my rage for the ring, Laura.

Crippler lets Seton go, allowing her to compose herself.

Lunatikk Crippler: When that bell rings, I’m not holding back. Keep on like that, Laura, and I may have to flee to Mexico for what I do to you.

Laura Seton: I remember going there once. It was a nice time. It would do you good for a summer vacation. Too bad for you it’ll be following a losing effort.

Crippler snarls in the face of Seton and goes to walk away. Seton utilizes the oldest trick in the book, and sticks her leg out. Crippler notices too late, and the juvenile prank sends him sprawling to the ground. Laura throws her head back and laughs.

As she laughs, she hops off the boxes and kneels next to his head.

Laura Seton: Have a nice "trip." See ya next "fall!"

Crippler swipes at Seton, which she is able to dodge easily. She starts laughing all over again, as she walks away calmly. Crippler gets back to his feet, fury etched in every feature of his face.

The opening of "Sound of Madness" starts up, and the crowd rises to their feet, cheering for the man stepping out onto the top of the ramp.

Yeah, I get it

You’re an outcast

Always under attack

Always coming in last

Bringing up the past

No one owes you anything

I think

You need a shotgun blast

A kick in the ass

So paranoid


Lunatikk Crippler stares out at the crowd from under his hood, his face etched in rage. His focus is on the ring, and the war that is surely about to take place.

Samantha Coil: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! On his way to the ring, residing in Las Vegas, Nevada by way of South Bend, Indiana, weighing in at two hundred and thirty-eight pounds, Lunatikk CRIIIIIIIIPPLER!

Crippler stalks down the ramp toward the ring fans reach out to slap his hand or his back, but he is unfazed.

Eryk Masters: Lunatikk Crippler is completely in the zone tonight. He’s looking forward to getting his hands on Laura Seton.

Other Guy: Time will tell if this will be the night he was waiting for, or if this will truly be "Twenty Minutes of Terror" for the Whole F’d Up Show.

Crippler slides underneath the bottom rope, and gets to his feet. The music shuts off and he whips off his vest. He turns, staring daggers at the top of the ramp, waiting for his rival.

Ohhh, oh-oh-oh-ohhhhh, o-o-o-o-o-ohhh

I’ll get him hot; show him what I’ve got…

Lady Gaga’s "Poker Face" blares throughout the arena, and the boos come down like a hatred filled rain. Laura Seton steps out from behind the curtain, a huge smile on her face. She waves playfully at Crippler in the ring, as he stands there gritting his teeth.

Samantha Coil: Introducing next, from Oshkosh, Wisconsin, weighing in at One Hundred and Seventy-Five pounds, Lauraaaaaa SETON!

Laura bows at the top of the ramp before making her way down the ring, ignoring the vile insults coming from the crowd.

Eryk Masters: Seems like Laura’s gameplan is to make Crippler as angry as possible.

Other Guy: It could be the master plan or one that blows up in her face.

Seton reaches up to grab a rope to pull herself up onto the apron, but Crippler starts forward toward her. She smirks, and releases the rope, walking calmly to another side of the ring. The music has shut off, and Willie Dean is trying to hold Crippler back so Seton can get into the ring. She quietly slides under the bottom rope, smirking at Crippler in the corner, and Willie Dean finally ushers Crippler into the opposite corner and calls for the bell.

Crippler CHARGES immediately, and Seton easily dodges, and Crippler crashes into the corner, chest first. Laura peppers him with a quick kick to the thigh, followed by a shove in the back. Crippler whips around, glaring at Laura Seton, and she is smiling even wider.

Eryk Masters: Crippler’s fury has gotten the best of him already. He needs to keep that in check, or Laura is gonna walk away with this match!

Laura beckons Crippler forward, and he quickly obliges. He steps forward, looking to take her head off with a lariat, but Seton ducks, and paint brushes Crippler a couple times in the back of the head!

Other Guy: Oh, now she’s just getting insulting!

Crippler is shaking with rage as he turns around, and Laura hauls off and slaps the taste out of Crippler’s mouth. The shot echoes through the arena, and draws an "Oooooooh" from the crowd. Crippler’s head jerks to the right, and stays there, as if he couldn’t believe what just happened. Laura starts laughing at Crippler….until he turns around. Crippler’s look of fury quells Laura’s laughter, and she makes the mistake of staying still too long, and Crippler thumps her HARD in the chest with a forearm, knocking her to the ground. She winces, and gets up quick, only to get rocked with an elbow shot to the top of her head. She spins in place, and Crippler nails her on the rebound, clotheslining her off her feet! The fans explode as they watch Seton get hers! Crippler stomps forward, but Seton quickly escapes from the ring!

Other Guy: Smart move by Seton. If she didn’t break the momentum from Crippler, this match wouldn’t last so long.

Her reprieve doesn’t last, as Crippler slides out of the ring after her! The fans cheer as Crippler stalks behind Seton, who begins to run. Crippler gives chase, the two running around the ring until Seton slides back in. Crippler follows, falling for the oldest trick in the book! Laura drops a double sledgehammer to the back of Crippler as he enters the ring. Crippler hits the mat before he can stand, and Laura follows up with a second sledge. Crippler is slow to get up, so Laura takes advantage, getting a running start before driving her feet into the side of Crippler’s head, causing him to slide back to the outside, crashing to the ground with a sick THUD.

Eryk Masters: Laura once again using Crippler’s blind rage against him, this time leaving him in a heap on the outside!

Crippler struggles to get to his feet. He gets to one knee when Laura walks over, and reaches through the ropes, and smacks Crippler in the face again. This time, he’s stunned enough to fall down to one knee. Laura sees her opening, and runs the ropes. She dives throught he middle, and smacks right into Lunatikk Crippler with a perfectly timed suicide dive!

Other Guy: A Buzzer Beater! Crippler is in a bad way!

Seton gets to her knees, immediately. She takes a deep gulp of air, smiling as the boos come her way, and gets to her feet. She rolls into the ring, as Willie Dean calls down to Crippler, who is near motionless. Seton motions obviously to Willie Dean to start counting.



Other Guy: It seems Laura is gonna take this victory any way she can get it.


Eryk Masters: The easy way certainly seems to speak to her.


Crippler stirs, trying to sit up.


Crippler rolls over, pushing himself up to his knees.


Crippler throws himself against the apron, but Laura steps over and STOMPS on Crippler’s hands! Crippler whips his hands away, shaking the feeling back into them. Willie Dean pushes Laura back, and it gives Crippler time to roll into the ring. Seton shoves Dean out of her way, and goes to plant a boot into Crippler’s chest, but he catches it! The crowd roars as Crippler’s look of anger is a sharp contrast to Seton’s dawning fear. Crippler shoves back, and Seton topples over to the ground! She’s up quickly, and Crippler also makes his way to his feet! Seton swings her fist, but Crippler blocks it! Crippler fires a quick right, followed by another, and ending with a big left that drops Laura Seton! The crowd roars as Crippler fights back into this.

Other Guy: Laura is finding herself on the run now! She’s gotta look for a way out of trouble here!

Crippler pulls Laura up by her hair and whips her into the ropes. She ducks a clothesline attempt and rebounds behind Crippler. He turns and ducks his head just in time, and tries to flip her over his head, but she doesn’t turn all the way! Crippler salvages the move, turning it into a flapjack! Seton’s face leaves in imprint almost on the canvas, and she is motionless!

Eryk Masters: Oh JEEZ what an impact! Laura’s face is gonna have a bit of swelling there!

Crippler huddles over Seton’s head, taking his time in locking in a front face lock. Seton begins to struggle a bit in the hold, but she’s going nowhere. Crippler cinches in, pulling upwards hard on Seton’s jaw. Laura pushes off the canvas and rolls to the left, but Crippler keeps hold! She pushes again, and rolls to the right, but Crippler keeps locked on. He rolls her back and forth a couple times, remind her of her precarious position!

Other Guy: Crippler is clamped on like a Gator, and Seton is locked in his jaws!

Laura pushes off and rolls to the right in a last ditch effort, and is able to hook a rope in her free left hand! Willie Dean is right there, reminding Crippler he has to release the hold! Crippler looks Dean in the face, snarling, and pulls back even harder! Seton is really struggling now!

Eryk Masters: That’s very nearly a choke hold! Crippler is looking to back Seton black out tonight!

Dean shoves Crippler, trying to forcibly break the hold but he has no luck! He uses his last resort!





Crippler is not releasing the hold, but Dean stops his count, trying to pry the fingers of Crippler from around the neck of Seton!

Other Guy: What gives? That should be a DQ!

Eryk Masters: This is a bitter grudge between these two, OG. Willie Dean isn’t going to call a DQ if he can help it!

Thanks to the sweat rolling down the arms of Crippler, he is able to help it. He prys the hands of Crippler away from Seton, and she quickly escapes, gasping for breath. Crippler glares at Dean, and moves toward Seton. She gets her wits about her enough to kick Crippler in the knee with her left foot, and raises her right knee, and Crippler falls, face first onto it. His nose immediately gushes blood as he rolls to his side, trying to create distance between him and Laura.

Other Guy: That could be a broken nose, Eryk.

Eryk Masters: Wouldn’t be his first, OG.

Seton gets up first, rubbing her throat. Crippler uses the ropes to pull himself up, his nose still bleeding badly. Seton tries to sneak up on Crippler, but he juts his elbow out, catching her in the cheek! She stumbles back, clutchinig her face, and Crippler turns quick, and hooks her for a back suplex, but instead of driving her back, he twirls her in the air, catching her with a piledriver! Seton’s head sticks in the mat before her body hits the mat.


Eryk Masters: Crippler nails The Cross and Seton is stiff as a board right now!

Crippler quickly transitions, and tries to lock in his patented Crossface! He’s trying to Bitchify Laura Seton in the center of the ring, but someway, somehow she fights out of it!

Other Guy: How in the HELL is Laura still CONSCIOUS, let alone able to fight Crippler off like that?

Setom rolls away, breaking Crippler’s grip quickly before the hold could be locked in. Crippler slaps the mat in frustration. He gets up to move towards Seton, but she uses her brains, performing a drop toe hold and Crippler’s face hits the canvas! The mat splatters with his blood and Seton quickly gets to her feet. Too fast, as she has to clutch the top rope to avoid losing balance. Seton shakes her head, and then starts to climb the turnbuckles.

Eryk Masters: Laura is going up high! She’s going for the kill!

Crippler is to his feet, and he moves towards the turnbuckles. Laura fires off a right hand, but Crippler grabs her head and fires back! Seton grabs the top rope to keep herself on the turnbuckle. Seton fires off a forearm, but Crippler answers back! He starts climbing the turnbuckles as well, joining Seton on the top! Crippler jabs Laura in the side, and starts hooking her up for a suplex!

Other Guy: Seton and Crippler are about to crash into Earth!

Crippler tries to pull Seton over, but she keeps her grip on the top rope. Crippler attempts a second time, but it’s blocked again! Seton jabs Crippler in the throat, causing him to wobble backwards! She gets her foot up, and she uses it to kick Crippler straight in the chest! Crippler loses his balance, and Crippler crashes to the mat on his side, HARD!

Eryk Masters: Seton turns the tide! Neither one of these two can keep an advantage too long!

Seton stands up straight and leaps high, connecting with a huge legdrop! She turns and covers Crippler, hooking the leg!



Th-Crippler kicks out!

Eryk Masters: Crippler kicks out of the first near fall of the contest! Seton needs to press her advantage!

Seton gets up, looking very frustrated. Crippler’s looking a bit crosseyed.

Other Guy: Looks as if Crippler’s trying to see if his nose is still bleeding.

Seton is measuring Crippler, waiting for him to get to his feet. Crippler is groggy, and holding his neck, but he does. He nearly stumbles as Laura comes up behind him. Crippler turns and Seton kicks at him. Crippler catches the foot under his arm, but Seton swings her other leg around for an enziguri!

Eryk Masters: Crippler ducks the High Hurdle! And Laura keeps balance, landing on her foot!

Laura twists her other foot free, and Crippler shoves her into a corner! He stalks behind her, and Willie Dean gets in close, to break them up, but he takes his eye off the ball. Or balls, as in Laura lifts her foot backwards and kicks Crippler square in his BALLS.

Other Guy: That field goal is GOOD!

Crippler freezes, grabbing at his little Lunatikks as Seton lifts her head out of the corner, grinning like a Cheshire Cat. Crippler steps back, and Seton turns, and slaps him in the face again! Crippler drops to a knee, and Seton begins to laugh. Crippler swings, but Seton easily dodges. Then she spits in his face. The fans groan in shock.

Eryk Masters: A disgusting display of sportsmanship by Laura Seton!

Other Guy: Don’t worry, E. I think that’s gonna prove to be a huge mistake.

The camera zooms in on Crippler’s face, looking at the loogie Seton just hocked in his face. It slides down his cheek, and he looks shocked. And quickly, the shock gives way to absolute RED. He snaps his neck in Seton’s direction so hard, we can hear it crick. Seton’s smile wavers for a second, but she puts on a new look. A look of victory.

Eryk Masters: I wouldn’t be smiling if someone like Lunatikk Crippler was looking at ME like that.

Crippler gets to his feet slowly, staring down Seton, shaking with fury. She backs up, and Crippler pounces, splashing her into the corner! Crippler fires right hand after right hand, rocking Seton hard in the corner, the fans roaring in approval. Crippler grabs Seton’s arm and whips her hard across the ring, causing her to bang off the turnbuckle, the impact slamming her into the ground! Crippler wastes little time, walking over and grabbing Laura by the hair, bringing her to her feet. He hooks her leg, and takes her over with a T-Bone suplex!

Other Guy: Seton bounces HARD off the canvas! I don’t think she’s smiling anymore!

Crippler is still shaking, and he smacks himself in the face, getting himself riled up even more. Seton slowly gets to her feet, and turns, and Crippler takes his shot, locking her arm up and taking her down to the mat, right in the center of the ring!

Eryk Masters: BITCHIFIED! Crippler has it locked in! There’s nowhere for Laura to go!

Crippler wrenches back on Laura Seton’s neck, and we can literally hear her muffled scream as he tries to seperate head from shoulders! Crippler is practically foaming at the mouth as he is ripping at tendon and bone, trying to make the top of Seton’s head touch her back!

Other Guy: Laura Seton is nearly bent backwards in half! How is she still in one piece right now?

Crippler continues to pull back, and Laura is struggling, her feet kicking, and arms flailing around, trying to find an escape! She’s clawing at the mat, trying to pull herself away, but Crippler’s grip is like a vise, and it’s not quavering!

Eryk Masters: Laura is not about to quit, but you have to feel for her! That hold has got to be excrutiating!

Other Guy: Feel for her? This is competition! Seton may be hurting, but she can end it all!

Crippler’s arms are shaking as he yanks back and forth on Laura’s neck, leaning as much of his weight as he can against her, keeping her trapped in the center of the ring, but Laura hasn’t quit yet! She is still trying to spin out, but Crippler keeps her grounded! Laura’s eyes begin to close, and her arm rises, hand extended. Crippler drops Seton’s head down, granting her a moment’s reprieve, but then he yanks back hard once more, and that’s all. Laura Seton TAPS OUT! Willie Dean calls for the bell and the ovation is THUNDEROUS! The bell rings!

Samantha Coil: Here is your winner, Lunatiiiiiiikk CRIIIIIIIIIPPLERRRRRR!

Crippler keeps the hold locked on Seton in the center of the ring! Dean tells him the match is over as "Sound of Madness" kicks on, but Crippler has gone deaf! The ugly look on his face tells the story: it’s not over until Seton’s neck snaps. Laura taps again, and the bell rings once more, this time, reminding Crippler that the match has ended!

Other Guy: Crippler keeps the hold on after the bell! He’s looking to hurt Laura!

Eryk Masters: Can you blame him? The weeks leading up to this, Laura Seton has been tormenting him physically and verbally, and she kept that up tonight!

Willie Dean finally breaks Crippler’s grip and he rolls off Laura. She clutches at her neck, and Crippler is shoved backwards by the ref as he starts back toward Seton. Dean steps aside, raising Crippler’s hand to the roar of the crowd, but Crippler snaps back into action, going back to the ground and slapping Bitchified back onto Twenty Minutes of Terror! The fans ROAR and Seton starts tapping again! Willie Dean silently curses himself, and goes back to trying to break up the hold! The bell rings again, and the Crippler is unfazed, trying to wrench backwards on Seton’s neck even harder!

Eryk Masters: Seton has played her mind games with Crippler for weeks, and now Crippler has finally snapped!

A parade of referees comes out from the back, sliding into the ring, trying to force Crippler off of Seton. Tony Lorenzo and Scott Kimura are both physically trying to wrench Crippler’s hands apart! Austin Linam is trying to coax Crippler into releasing the hold while Willie Dean is leaning through the ropes to talk to Samantha Coil. Finally, and with the help of Dennis Heflin, the hold is broken! Crippler is forced backward by a wall of zebras, while Willie Dean helps Seton out of the ring to a chorus of boos.

Samantha Coil: May I have your attention please?

Eryk Masters: What’s this?

Crippler is still trying to get by the wall of refs as Willie Dean and Tony Lorenzo are trying to help Seton to the back.

Samantha Coil: Due to Lunatikk Crippler’s refusal to break the Crossface after repeated warnings…

Eryk Masters: Oh no…

Samantha Coil: Referee Willie Dean has REVERSED HIS DECISION!

Boos. Heavy, disgust filled boos rain down from almost every member of the audience. Crippler’s fury renews, and he knocks over Dennis Heflin trying to get by the referees.

Samantha Coil: Therefore, your winner as a result of a disqualification….LAURA. SETON!

Eryk Masters: I can’t say I am surprised at that result, but damn. I don’t like it.

Other Guy: He was warned! I hate to say it, but maybe, just maybe, this was Laura’s plan all along!

Eryk Masters: You might be right.

Laura feebly raises her arm in the air in victory, soaking in her boos. A rage of cheers, however, erupts as Crippler gets by the referees in the ring, escaping between the ropes! Crippler charges up the ramp, hitting Seton from behind! The fans explode as Crippler sinks in the Crossface one more time! It’s not locked in for long, however, as a small army of security steps in, forcing Crippler and Seton apart. Laura raises her hand in the air one more time, as Crippler screams in rage.

Eryk Masters: Laura got what she wanted: a victory over Lunatikk Crippler. But at what cost?

Other Guy: Doesn’t matter! She’s tough and a win is a win!

Dutch Harris is backstage with Luther Crumb – the Manager-Agent of Mr. Ocelot standing at this right. Crumb’s client is not dressed to fight. He’s not wearing the smiley face mask. No, he’s wearing a dark gray suit jacket with a black button-up shirt underneath. The pants and tie match the suit jacket. Luther Crumb adjusts the lapels on a dark green suit jacket with darker green LC‘s fading throughout the fabric. He adjusts his fedora of the same design. He’s wearing dark blue jeans. The faithful in attendance have their attention on footage revealed from the back.

Dutch Harris: I’m backstage with the SHOOT Project new addition, Mr. Ocelot; and you can’t say you’ve had a Mr. Ocelot siting without seeing Luther Crumb at his side.

Mr. Ocelot nods at his agent. Crumb is smirking at his client, and then nods at Dutch.

Dutch Harris: A video went viral just days before Master of the Mat. Mr. Ocelot is in the ring, and you, Luther Crumb, being indescribable as usual. However, it certainly displayed some of what Mr. Ocelot has been through to be at this level of the industry.

Luther Crumb signals for the microphone, and Harris deciphers appropriately.

Luther Crumb: Dutch, let me tell you in a nutshell why my client is the best freakin’ professional wrestler in this industry…

Luther Crumb’s speech is slightly slurred. He puts his arm on Ocelot’s shoulder. Dutch Harris takes advantage of the observation. Mr. Ocelot stands with his arms closed, and his legs spread apart. He glares into the distance while Dutch and Crumb converse.

Dutch Harris: Luther Crumb, have you been drinking?

Crumb is stunned. Harris gives Luther the opportunity to retort. Crumb looks at the microphone, and then wafts it. He looks at Dutch and smiles.

Luther Crumb: No, sir. But, the microphone has.

He points at Dutch Harris. He may have been drinking, but he’s conscious.

Luther Crumb: Don’t patronize me, Dutch. Don’t patronize us. The video that went viral was an artistic threat that I co-directed to reveal to the world the real reason they’ll be tuning in. Ladies and gentlemen – (he turns to Mr. Ocelot) – I now introduce to you the guaranteed epitome of absolute wrestling Godliness…MR. OCELOT…

Crumb guides Harris’ microphone to direct it appropriately at Mr. Ocelot. The bald superstar briefly stares into the distance, and is perhaps gathering his thoughts. He speaks his mind while staring into the camera, but his eyes are empty as if to be looking straight through his subjects. His face is emotionless. His voice is business.

Mr. Ocelot: I’m not here tonight to do what I do best. Tonight – I enter the world of professional wrestling by simply receiving the opportunity to be here. I’m given the opportunity to guide you all into my light. Eventually I will prove to all that I am what my verbiage reveals. The SHOOT Project ring will become my Elysian Field and it’s canvas will feel the whip of my brush as I spatter the structure with the blood, sweat and tears of its creators. I get goosebumps thinking of all the moments I’ll have to throw people around the ring. Toys. My drugs. I’m fiendishly craving every opportunity I receive in this company.

Ocelot rubs his hands together.

Mr. Ocelot: I’ll let all of you have your two nights, but after that it will be my time. You can’t count me out on all of the fun.

He then pulls the black smiley mask from an inside pocket of his suit jacket. He holds it up for all to see.

Mr. Ocelot: Have your moment in the Sun, Mr. Master of the Mat. Enjoy your time in the spotlight, Mr. Champion. Mr. Ocelot is here, and there’s no turning back. I will hunt all of you down one-by-one, and I will succeed. I will carve away the exoskeleton that masks your ego. I will feast on the substance that creates your existence. Embrace the present. The future brings fear of the happiness within the chaos I’ll display. I will smile with every broken bone, and during every pain filled howl. The smile will never fade. Never. There will be happiness in your destruction, and it will be beautiful. Mr. Ocelot…is home. The Master of the Mat is born.

There’s a brief moment of silence, and then the microphone is guided back to Luther Crumb. The Manager-Agent smiles into the camera.

Luther Crumb:That, my friends, is the nutshell. We’ll be seeing you all very soon. Good luck.

Crumb turns to his client and directs him away from Dutch Harris. They leave the scene. The interviewer ends the segment.

Dutch Harris: There you have it, ladies and gentlemen, the first instance of Mr. Ocelot on SHOOT Project programming. He states that his presence tonight is the birth of the self-proclaimed Master of the Mat. Either way – tonight we’re going to see the match that guarantees a solid answer to who the Master truly is. Valentine Lionheart; Loco Martinez…it’s coming up later tonight


Bun B’s “Chuuch!” hits the PA as the crowd comes alive for the one and only Real Deal!

Eryk Masters:  This guy… I love this guy.

Other Guy:  You and everyone else, I’d think!

Real Deal emerges from the curtain, dressed in warm up pants and a black SHOOT Project t-shirt.  He’s not really smiling, not very happy, and instead of his typical high fiving on the way down, he’s just focused on getting to the ring.  The crowd quiets down, a little bit surprised at his actions.

Real Deal:  I’m out here tonight for something very simple.  A few months ago, someone did something to me that I’ve yet to get revenge for…

The crowd is hushed.

Real Deal:  And truthfully?  Even though nowadays, he’s just a glorified contract spot?  I’m not going to sit back in the back anymore and just sign his paycheck.  It’s time this motherfucker earned his keep.

Eryk Masters:  Iiii think I know who he’s talking about.

Other Guy:  The last time we saw Real Deal on camera in a somewhat in-ring capacity was right after Reckoning Day.

Real Deal:  So, Jester Smiles…  I’ve had enough of your bullshit.  I’ve had enough of you whining.  I’ve had enough  of you ducking me and not paying what you’re owed in my realm.  In the house that the Real Deal built.

The crowd pops.

Real Deal:  You can hide behind Sammy Rochester all you want.  You can just be a manager, I truthfully do not give a fuck, but right now?  You’re going to walk out that entrance ramp, and I’m going to make you my bitch.

The crowd pops again! 

Eryk Masters:  I don’t think there’s any way to confuse Josh’s intentions!

Real Deal:  I don’t care if you come out here and kick the fuck out of me, but I’m going to get a pound of flesh from you, win or lose.  Stop being such a god damn pussy, suit up, and get your ass out here.

I’ll wait.

Real Deal smirks.

Jester Smiles: That’s fucking enough!

The crowd begins to boo as Jester Smiles emerges from the back, microphone in hand, dressed in his wrestling attire. He walks to the ring, ignoring the boos, focusing entirely on the man in the center of the ring.

Jester Smiles: I tried to make it crystal clear that I had no intention of having a match, a feud, or some kind of war with you. I tried to make it clear that I could give a shit less about you and your further attempts to relive past glory. But, apparently, you aren’t going to shut up and leave me be until you get what you want.

Jester climbs up on the apron and enters the ring through the middle and top rope.

Jester Smiles: If you REALLY want this, Real Deal, if you REALLY want me to shut your mouth, then fine. Right here, right now, Master of the Mat 2013. Let’s do this.

The crowd pops. Both men drop their microphones and step off into opposite corners, removing their shirts. Willie Dean runs to the ring, sliding in and quickly checking both men for foreign objects.

Eryk Masters: Well guys, it looks like Master of the Mat, Day One, just got an impromptu match!

Willie Dean signals for the bell, and both men just charge the center of the ring and start pounding each other with fists, much to the joy of the crowd. Real Deal decides that going strike for strike with Jester is not a great ploy, so he shoots with a perfect double leg takedown, mounting Jester and raining down punches! Jester covers up, but after a few blows, Willie Dean pulls Real Deal off. Jester is up quickly, and both men begin to circle. The Real Deal initiates a grapple, which Jester takes. Jester manages to take the advantage, and he SLAMS Real Deal with a snap suplex. As Real Deal is getting back up, Jesters fires off a right hand that puts Real Deal down!

Other Guy: It’s okay to hate the guy, some people may want to even overlook the guy, but you cannot ignore how good Jester’s hands are.

Jester lifts The Real Deal up and plants a couple of forearm shots. He then irish whips Real Deal to the ropes, ducking down and looking for a back body drop, but Real Deal stops himself and kicks Jester in the face! Jester pops up and The Real Deal winds back, looking for the Reality Check-NO! Jester dodges and moves in himself, VIRGINIA SIDEKICK-NO! The Real Deal dodges! Both men lock up again, with Real Deal landing a knee that rocks Jester. Real Deal proceeds to drop Jester with a DDT! He rolls Jester over and locks in a camel clutch, pulling back HARD on Jester’s chin!

Eryk Masters: Real Deal is showing why he calls himself that. Josh is showing Jester that you never REALLY have an advantage over a SHOOT Project legend.

Willie Dean checks to see if Jester wishes to tap out, which Jester emphatically says no. He reaches for the ropes, but they aren’t close enough, so Jester reaches down and pushes himself up, putting more strain on his back, but allowing him to move towards the ropes. Real Deal, seeing that Jester is close to the ropes, stands up, while keeping the hold locked in, and jumps up, double foot stomping on Jester’s lower back! Jester collapses, and Real Deal pulls him back to the center of the ring and locks in the Camel Clutch again!

Other Guy: I think Jester should have maybe just let Real Deal keep talking and never agreed to this match.

Eryk Masters: I think maybe Jester shouldn’t have attacked The Real Deal at Revolution 109.

Jester again tries to rise up and moves his way to the ropes, but as he does so, Real Deal transitions the camel clutch to a rear naked choke! Jester’s eyes go wide, realizing that he is now being choke. He fights, getting to his hands and knees, and then actually lifts himself up vertical on his knees. While being choke, he manages to stand up, but it’s clear that he’s fading fast as Real Deal tightens his grab on Jester. In a last ditch effort, Jester leaps backwards, dropping his full weight onto The Real Deal, sandwiching Real Deal between himself and the mat! The impact causes The Real Deal to lose his grip, and Jester rolls away!

Other Guy: Successful desperation move by Jester there, but if he wants to stand any chance of not being totally embarrassed by Josh, he better do something real quick.

The Real Deal grabs his back as he rises up. Willie Dean checks on him, but Real Deal shoos him away. Both men get to their feet at the same time, both men clutching their backs. Jester goes to tie up with Real Deal, but Real Deal simply kicks Jester in the gut. He plants a hard forearm shot before irish whipping Jester to the corner. Real Deal runs hard and connects with a hard corner splash! Real Deal then plants another forearm and Irish Whips Jester again-NO! Jester reverses, pulls Real Deal in and PLANTS him with a overhead belly to belly suplex! Real Deal pops up quickly, but he is clearly stunned, clutching his back. Jester plants a spinning back kick to the stomach of Real Deal, doubling him over. Jester takes this opportunity to lock in a Thai Clinch and just begins to obliterate Real Deal with knees. He starts at the stomach and thighs, but as he plants legs and weakens Real Deal, a few start landing on the face. Jester then pushes Real Deal away and looks for the Virginia Sidekick-NO! Real Deal dodges! Jester turns around just in time to see a Reality Check coming, which he dodges-But Willie Dean is right behind Jester! Referee is out!

Eryk Masters: Oh man, wrong place, wrong time Willie.

Real Deal stops for a second, shocked that he hit Willie Dean, which gives Jester the chance to strike. Jester lashes out, planting a solid right hand in the face of Real Deal, followed by a left. Real Deal backs up, trying to escape, but Jester chases, landing lefts and rights. Real Deal falls against the ropes, which gives Jester the opportunity to PLANT him with the Virginia Sidekick! Real Deal collapses, seemingly unconscious. Jester looks down at Real Deal. He then looks over at Willie Dean. A sick smile crosses his face as Jester leaves the ring.

Other Guy: Oh come on, just wake Willie Dean up and finish the match Eric!

Jester digs under the ring and finds a steel chair! The fans boos, knowing what his intentions are. Jester slides the chair into the ring. He then goes over to Real Deal, who is still fairly out of it, and lifts him up. Jester plants a couple of solid forearm shots to Real Deal before just RAKING Real Deal’s eyes. Real Deal  stumbles around the ring, clutching his eyes, unable to see. Jester grabs the chair and just THROWS it at Real Deal, the CRASH resounding throughout the arena. Real Deal goes down in a heap.

Eryk Masters: That didn’t look good at all. Real Deal couldn’t see the chair coming, so that chair hit him square in the head without any warning.

Jester slides the chair out of the ring and goes over to Willie Dean, who has now stirred. He wakes Willie Dean up and helps Willie stand. Jester then goes over to Real Deal, locks in a full nelson, and picks him up from the ground. He transitions one arm from the nelson to a chicken wing, locking in for the half and half suplex. As he prepares to hit the move, he says something to Real Deal, which the camera picks up.

Jester Smiles: We’re done. Got it?

Jester throws The Real Deal back and hits the Half and Half Suplex! He bridges for the pin!




The crowd boos as Jester releases the hold, standing up and looking down at The Real Deal, grinning ear to ear.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner, at a time of ELEVEN minutes and THIRTY SEVEN seconds…JESTER…SMILES!

Jester scoffs at Real Deal as the fans reign down boos. He ignores them, seemingly happy with what he’s done. Jester exits the ring and walks up the ramp, not looking back at The Real Deal or the fans. In his mind, this chapter is done.

Other Guy: Josh looks like he could be hurt man. What a shitty way for Jester to take home that win.

Eryk Masters: Yeah, but he did take it home. We may not like it. The fans may not like it. Hell, Josh and Jason Johnson may not like it. But Jester Smiles just added another victory in his career against a SHOOT Project legend.

Backstage we see Mary Kelly. 

Mary Kelly:  I’m here, backstage with Master of the Mat finalist, Loco Martinez.

The Epicenter cheers as Loco Martinez steps into frame with his huge Cheshire Cat smile.

Mary Kelly:  Thanks for granting me a little time.

Loco Martinez:  No problem.

Mary Kelly:  You’re about to embark on the biggest match in your SHOOT Project career.  Your thoughts?

Loco Martinez:  Its a helluva opportunity.  I came back to SHOOT because I wanted to prove something.  Something to my fans.  Something to my opponents,  and largely?  Something to myself.    I’d be lying if I thought I’d get that opportunity this soon.  You know what though, Mary?  Its a great feeling when you realize you still have the ability to surprise yourself. 

The smile melts away.  His face etched with determination.

Loco Martinez:  Makes you hungry to see what else you can do.  What else you can accomplish.  Master of the Mat tonight!

He pauses.  The smile returns, spreading wide as he attempts a modest shrug.

Loco Martinez:  Who knows…  tomorrow? The WORLD. 

Loco winks before bounding off. 

Eryk Masters: What an event we have had here so far tonight; and it keeps getting better.

Other Guy: That it does Eryk. And after the first encounter between JGKM and TMB I cannot wait for the brutality in this one.

Eryk Masters: That’s Ja Gi Kyung-Moon and Thomas Manchester Black; it seems my broadcast partner is too lazy to say their actual names.

Other Guy: Not at all, I get tongue tied with Moon’s name and thought I would play it fair and do abbreviate Black’s name also.

Eryk Masters: Yeah, yeah.

We whisk away from the squabbling announce table; and too the lovely Samantha Coil who stands dead centre of the ring.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and Gentlemen; the next contest will be for the Iron Fist Championship!

The fans cheer loudly with anticipation; firstly they have eagerly followed the recent rivalry and feud between TMB and Moon; secondly they simply cannot wait to see these two men rip eachother apart here tonight.

Samantha Coil: First…He is the challenger; Weighing in at Two-Hundred and Forty-Five Pounds and hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina…Thomas…Manchester… BLACK!

“They Are Lost” by Last Remaining Pinnacle kicks up and the crowd quickly get into this one as TMB makes his way onto the stage. Black then confidently walks down the aisle, climbs into the ring and awaits the start of the match.

Other Guy: TMB has his game face on tonight Eryk.

Eryk Masters: He will be stupid not to, Moon is a very focused individual, and when facing someone as determined as Ja Gi; you need to match that focus and intensity.


The opening chords bring out Ja Gi Kyung-Moon from the back, who skips his usual entrance and sprints full-clip down to the ring.

Samantha Coil: And from San Diego, CA weighing one hundred ninety one pounds…

Kyung-Moon slides into the ring and hops to his feet, unbuckling the title from his waist and holding it in the air.

Samantha Coil: He is the reigning and defending Iron Fist Champion… Ja Gi Kyung-Moon!

JGKM hands his championship title to referee Austin Linam, as he does this TMB charges him with a tackle knocking Moon into the ropes; Linam calls for the bell as Black clotheslines Ja Gi over the top rope and to  the outside, getting this one underway as soon as he can.

Other Guy: Black taking control by dunking Moon out of the ring.

Eryk Masters: I am not sure that did a lot of damage, but it would certainly break some of Moon’s focus.

TMB slides out of the ring and dashes at Ja Gi with a striking elbow to the sternum, he then takes hold of Moon by the wrist and whips him back first into the guard rail with a hellacious crack. With a pound of his fist on his chest TMB shakes his head and then points at Moon before rushing towards him for the second time, only this time Moon had enough time to recover and throws a high kick that staggers Black.

Eryk Masters: Black made a mistake with that second charge, he left it too long and Moon saw it coming.

Ja Gi steps in with a very slick scoop slam, followed by a short leg drop across the throat. The fans begin to cheer “Let’s go Moon!” Of which pumps the defending champion as he lifts TMB off the ground only to eat a Jaw-Breaker. Reeling back Moon turns towards the ring where TMB runs towards him and clocks him in the back of the head with a forearm smash, dropping Moon to the floor.

Other Guy: That had to hurt, did you see the way JGKM hit the floor after that?

Eryk Masters: Luckily Moon got his hands up and didn’t smash his face, otherwise he may have been out cold.

A smile breaks across Black’s face as he stands over Ja Gi Kyung-Moon and then lifts the ring apron and quickly retrieves his favoured weapon the “Kendo-Stick” the fans cheer; knowing that violence will ensue and Black is quick to oblige by bringing the stick down across Moon’s back with a harsh thwack!

TMB pulls Ja Gi back up to his feet and begins to strangle him with the Kendo-Stick from behind; TMB then hooks Ja Gi’s leg and throws himself backwards with a Russian Leg Sweep; as they fall back Moon kicks off the ground, using the momentum of the sweep to flip himself over and onto his feet.

An applause for Moon’s athleticism breaks out and Black is quick to get back to his feet and swing the Kendo-Stick wildly at Ja Gi’s head; Moon ducks and then spins with a roundhouse kick, knocking the Kendo-Stick clean out of Thomas Manchester Black’s hand and into the crowd who leap into the air trying to catch what will become a unique souvenir.

Other Guy: You could have someone’s eye out with that!

Whack! Whack! Moon slams a forearm into TMB’s chest followed by a palm thrust staggering Thomas into the ringside, Ja Gi then takes a hold of Black and throws him back into the ring and pulls the ring apron back down and shakes his head as if to say “Not this time” before rolling into the ring.

Other Guy: Why didn’t Moon grab a weapon, I am pretty sure I saw a tool box under there.

Eryk Masters: Ja Gi has something to prove, he has faith in his ability and it is that faith that propels him.

Moon quickly brings TMB back to his feet and delivers a low kick to the left get followed by a forearm strike that forces Black to cover up, sensing that he has Black in a vulnerable position Ja Gi darts to the opposing ropes and comes flying back with a diving forearm smash…BUT…TMB Skips forward with a duck as if to tackle JGKM; but instead he lifts and turns slamming Moon into the ground with a Spinebuster that literally shakes the ring.

Black rocks back up as the referee begins to count…






Moon begins to stir and gets back to his knees…

Other Guy: I thought Black had him there.

Thomas Manchester Black steps forward and shakes his head in disbelief that his spinning Spinebuster didn’t put Ja Gi away. TMB reaches down to take hold of Ja Gi and lifts him back up, he throws a wild short arm clothesline, however Moon holds onto TMB’s arm and ducks the clothesline attempt pulling TMB forward and down into the Tidal Lock…

Eryk Masters: It could have ended with that Spinebuster, but now it may very well end with the Tidal Lock, if he holds it in long enough then TMB may very well pass out.

Moon tugs away trying to get the lock fully in place; fully supported by the SHOOT faithful. TMB however is having none of it and rocks back and lifts Moon off the floor…Sensing that he may get dunked on his head Ja Gi shifts in mid-air and turns the Tidal Lock into a release Hurricanranna; Black falls forward hanging across the middle rope.  Ja Gi can feel a unique opportunity and charges towards the bent over TMB with a low kick; aiming his foot straight towards TMB’s ass, but Black scurries out of the ring mere milliseconds before the kick was about to land.

Other Guy: TMB almost got his ass kicked!

Eryk Masters: Literally.

TMB turns and takes hold of Moon’s legs pulling him to the outside where he clobbers him with two harsh right hand blows to the face, Moon falls to his knees and eats a striking elbow down on the top of his head, thus giving Black the time to look for a weapon while the referee counts….


Eryk Masters: An elbow to the top of the skull like that is bordering on concussion territory.


Other Guy: Did you hear the “donk” when the elbow hit?


Eryk Masters: That was Ja Gi’s brain being scrambled for sure.


TMB retrieves the trusty steel-chair and begins to stalk the downed Ja Gi, who is only just starting to come to.


TMB Unfolds the chair and places it down and then begins to back away from his opponent…


Moon reaches the chair and uses it to pull himself up when he is blind-sided by a running knee to the gut that doubles him over, TMB then pushes Ja Gi down onto the chair in a seated position and takes a run up before throwing himself at Moon. But Ja Gi scoots off the chair in the nick of time; Black avoids crashing into the chair by leaping over it.

Moon backs up and then runs up the chair for propulsion just as TMB is turning back round and eats a hellaciously hard side-kick to the side of the head and temple area. “Holy Shit” chants fill the arena as Black lays flattened thus ushering a referee count.

Other Guy: Was it a bird, was it a plane? No it was the MOON leaping off a chair with a thunderous kick.





Moon kicks the chair out of the way, again showing no want or need to use a weapon and then rolls back inside the ring as the referee continues his count.

Eryk Masters: Thomas Manchester Black is flat out.

Other Guy: I think they call it spreadeagle.




TMB begins to roll to his side, shaking out the cobwebs and reaching for the nearby ring steps as the referee count gets to “EIGHT.” Black raises his head “NINE” the ref shouts just as TMB pulls himself up for the save. Moon spots just how groggy TMB is and races across the ring with a baseball slide only to have TMB pull the ring apron up and catch Ja Gi in it like a net and then backs away from his opponent creating distance.

Other Guy: Why would Black back away like that, surely he should be laying in some heavy blows.

Eryk Masters: Not necessarily, Black is still hurting from that kick to the temple, but by trapping Moon and creating distance he is buying himself more time to recuperate.

Just as Moon unravels himself from the apron Black rushes in with a “pull back” Irish whip, sending the Iron Fist Champion up and over the ring steps with a crashing boom, Moon flips hard down onto the outside as looks around for the chair.

Other Guy: How much does a move like that take out of you, Eryk?

Eryk Masters: Firstly it will knock the air right out of you, then you have the fact that your legs to the brunt of the impact, thus working against you when you need to make it back to your feet.

Chair now in hand and referee count at “FIVE” TMB closes in on Ja Gi; and just as the referee shouts the number “FIVE” Thomas Manchester Black raises the chair above his head and brings it down across the back of Ja Gi Kyung-Moon.

Linam stops the count as Black slams the chair down across his opponents spine for the second time, only this time Moon reacts by arching his back in pain and rolling away in agony. Black slides the chair into the ring, not content with his handy work just yet and reaches down lifting Moon up by his head.

Other Guy: Why on earth did he break the count?

Eryk Masters: Perhaps TMB knew it wasn’t enough to garner the ten-count, and so instead of give Moon time to breath he just stepped in and steam rolled him with those chair shots.

Black rolls Moon back into the ring and quickly follows, the groggy Ja Gi grips away at the ropes trying to find a life line as Black lifts the chair and pulls back as if he in the ballpark, Moon begins to get up as the crowd stomp their feet and turn the Epicentre into a giant drum machine. 

Other Guy: This is going to hurt!

Moon is up and TMB swings, but somehow Ja Gi ducks and spins back round with a Sole-Butt kick to Black’s chest; the chair falls to the ground and Moon steps in kicking it with his feet towards the ropes and then gives a second kick nudging it out of the ring.

Back slightly turned Moon left himself open and TMB takes full advantage by running in behind and hooking for a German Suplex, he lifts but Moon blocks with his feet…However Black just sits out there and then dunking Moon into the mat.

Other Guy: Moon should have grabbed that chair and clocked Black when he had the chance.

Eryk Masters: I understand where Ja Gi is coming from, he feels he doesn’t need a weapon to beat Thomas Manchester Black, but that could have cost him right there.

Still with Moons legs around his waist, Black stands and deadlifts Ja Gi off the floor, up and over with a Wheelbarrow German Suplex! TMB stands and steps forward to the turnbuckle, leaning against it and catching his breath as the referee beings his count.







After taking a breather Black turns, looking down at Moon who still hasn’t moved by the time we hear a resounding “SEVEN!” Black bends forward holding his chest, still feeling the effects of the Sole-Butt. “EIGHT!” Linam calls garnering boos from the fans.

Suddenly Moon lets out an almighty roar and rolls onto his knees pounding his fist on the mat and pumping himself up with a second wind, and astonished TMB looks up as Ja Gi springs to his feet and rushes him out of nowhere with a flurry of punches, knees, elbows and kicks!

Slap! Knee! Forearm! Knee! Elbow! Knee! Ja Gi drops low and throws an uppercut wobbling TMB who now falls to his knees. With another huge roar Moon lashes out with a Buzzsaw kick followed by a second Buzzsaw kick to the kneeling Thomas Manchester Black

Other Guy: Where the hell did that flurry come from!?

Ja Gi steps back and then fires one last strike…This time swinging around his hold body with the “Good Night Moon” tornado kick straight to the head. Moon slumps to his knees, breathing heavy and gasping for air as Black lays out cold. “ONE! TWO!”

Eryk Masters: That is what I call running on empty, Moon had that last little bit left in the tank and he used it all up right there.


Other Guy: This is over; there isn’t a man on earth who could survive that.


Eryk Masters: If ever a man could get up from that, it will be Thomas Manchester Black.


The fans rumble and cheer, after a night of full throttle action they are still very much alive and letting these two men know what they think of this match. “SIX!”  Moon staggers around barely able to stand himself.  The referee calls for “SEVEN” as Black begins to stir.

Other Guy: And these fans…Wow have been awesome tonight. And to think we still have our Main Event to come.

EIGHT! Black now has both hands on the middle rope, but is still unable to get back to his feet.

Eryk Masters: Tell me about it, and a lot of them will do it all over again tomorrow night.

NINE! Black, trembling from the beating; somehow pulls himself up to his knees and then to his shaken feet avoiding a ten count, he leans back against the ropes breathing  heavy and then looks across the ring to Ja Gi who is equally as exhausted.

Both men stagger forward into the centre of the ring; TMB throws a right hand, but Moon ducks and hoists him up onto his shoulders, with wobbly legs Moon begins to rotate with what is known in the wrestling industry as the “aeroplane spin.” He spins and spins and spins and spins and spins almost never tiring over and over Moon whirls around the ring.

Other Guy: This is amazing…

The fans now begin to count, despite missing at least fifteen or twenty rotations already. But still Moon continues to twirl. “Thirty” that chant, egging Moon on; to which he obliges. “Fifty” Relentless Moon spins even more, his legs wobbling his face blurred and TMB almost lifeless on his shoulders! “One Hundred!” the cheer loudly as Ja Gi places Black down.

Eryk Master: How are either of those men standing is beyond me…But this ladies and gentlemen, this is SHOOT Project, this is why we are the ELITE in this sport of kings.

Both men feeling the effects of dizziness, both men looking as if they will drop at any minute when from out of nowhere Moon pulls TMB in by the arm with a Headscissors and then pulls him down to the mat with a reverse Tidal Lock.

With his head spinning, body battered, bruised and beaten Black’s attempts to fight out of the hold are futile and he slowly begins to lose consciousness…

Other Guy: Black is out cold…He is literally out cold.

Moon rolls off and lays dormant on the mat giving the referee no choice but to count both men down.




The fans once again stomp their feet, cheer, boo and go insane as champion and challenger lay side by side, tattered and crushed by their match tonight; almost drowning out the “FOUR” and “FIVE” count.

“SIX” the referee shouts as Moon rolls to the side and beings clutching the ropes. “SEVEN”  Moon pulls himself up just before the “EIGHT” and then staggers to the corner looking down at TMB for the “NINE” count…



Referee Linam hands Moon his championship belt, Moon clutches it in his arms and then falls to the mat as the fans give him one hell of a round of applause. Linam turns calling for the EMT’s as we go to the broadcast booth.

Eryk Masters: Ladies and Gentelmen, what a match we just witnessed here tonight…And what a story with Ja Gi Kyung-Moon still your Iron Fist Champion.

Other Guy: Man that was epic. Hopefully these two guys go at it again soon.

Eryk Masters: Not too soon I hope, as they need some well-deserved Rest and Relaxation after that one. We now go to a short word from our sponsors…

The camera cuts back to the backstage area, where Charles Brandon Magnus and Buck Dresden are shown, bringing boos raining down from the audience.  Both men have showered, cleaned themselves up, and are dressed in two piece black suits, their hair combed and their heads lowered.

Charles Brandon Magnus:  Ladies and gentlemen…what you saw earlier this evening was a travesty.

Buck Dresden:  It was sick.

Charles Brandon Magnus:  Completely sick.

Buck Dresden:  But, ya know what?  It hadda be done.  Chance Ryan an’ Chris Sydal ain’t have no rights ta be tag teamin’ no more.  We only did what was necessary.

Magnus nods.

Charles Brandon Magnus:  We didn’t want this show to end without reminding our legions of fans out there that we still…care.  We still love all of you.

The fans boo.  Harshly.  Buck looks up, obviously perturbed while Magnus holds his hand up.

Charles Brandon Magnus:  We understand you’re angry, you have every right to be.  However, do understand that the decimation of the Flying Avengers was done with a heavy heart and Chris Sydal’s career?

Magnus sighs.

Charles Brandon Magnus:  May it rest in peace.

Buck Dresden:  So, at the next set o’ shows we have…we’re gonna be havin’ us a memorial service.  Somethin’ we all can share in.  Kid Lightning, Chris Sydal, whatever…

Buck holds up Kid Lightning’s mask to a new cascade of booing.

Buck Dresden:  …this one’s fer you, lil’ buddy.

Buck smiles as Magnus wipes away a tear.

Charles Brandon Magnus:  We need to cut.  It’s just…too painful.


After what has been a memorable evening, it’s amazing that a great majority of tonight’s SOLD OUT crowd is still on its feet.  The Epicenter is a buzz with anxious, "pre-main event chit-chat" as fans are given a moment to catch their breath and weigh in on everything that’s happened to this point.  SHOOT’s top-notch tech-gurus pan across the arena, catching folks at their most candid.  Their most real.  A few nerds realize they’re on television, though, as always, and stick out their tongues and shout nonsense sound… a few wave smarky signs like "Push Stein" or the more obscure "Bring back Ringo Starr".  Of course there are generic signs and fans.  Boys, girls, men and women.

But at the end of the day…

They’re all SHOOT Project fans.

They LOVE professional wrestling.

And that’s exactly what they were going to get.

Eryk Masters: We’re at the tail end of Day One…  and are now at the FINAL BOUT of the tournament for which this pay-per-view was named…  MASTER.  OF THE MAT.

Other Guy: A purists dream, Eryk and, to me, a reminder that SHOOT Project, no matter how dark, disgusting and gritty she may get…  Is dedicated to the SPORT of professional wrestling.  The two cats about to square off have EARNED the right to be here.  Gone through what?  Four?  Five competitors to be here?  Loco Martinez….  Valentine Lionheart.  These boys are about to go to war.  And the winner?  Shit, Eryk, whoever WINS this match is GUARENTEED a shot at the SHOOT Project WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP.

While Eryk and OG discuss the evening’s ramifications, the cameras have settled in on the ring where Samantha Coil is joined by assigned official TONY LORENZO.

Eryk Masters: And OG, The stakes DO NOT get any higher than that.  Lionheart.  Martinez! This is YOUR Master of the Mat FINALS!!!

Masters and OG fall silent, and leave the television audience with only what is happening live.  There’s a good six or seven seconds of ONLY crowd noise; actions.

They’re starting to cheer.


The opening ambient strains of "Salt on Everything" by Sole fades in through the PA System with the opening lines "Seven Thousand Day Cough.

"Better to be sick in the head than sane in the city 

Like there’s a difference or a reason to stay in the city. 

Sell the mob to the king, sleep with the dragon, 

Slay the princess, lay peaceful in the nothing nest. 

Laughing outside my opinion permeates and lives forever."

A spotlight beams down to the entrance ramp and VALENTINE LIONHEART emerges from back behind the curtain.  Amidst a normal crowd, he may be BOOED to high heavens, but SHOOT Project Pay-Per-View crowds tend to be…  "more open minded".  Lionheart receives a surprisingly MIXED reaction, and it is LOUD. 

However, he clearly couldn’t care any less.

He has never appeared more focus.

"The way people live to be remembered, then and only then 

See me perfect, more perfect than the sidewalk, 

More expensive than my shoes, more meaningful then hidden messages. 

In a quite safe quiet walk 

You forget your personality when they birth 

In the after-birth, I still fake it like I’m naked.

If you got the right sunglasses, I wrote this on cough drops

With the secret conveyer belt in the sidewalk 

And the big laughing gaping drooling lips ticked up 

And dressed like the lighter side of death.

Neon eyes, cold to the touch and there’s salt on. 

Salt on everything. Salt on…salt on everything."

His wrestling trunks are brand new.  Red trim with with the letters MOTM across the beltline…  a series of small skulls down the right thigh and a persona logo on the left.  He ignores every comment, every waving "high five please!" hand waving over the guardrail.  His eyes are on the ring and the ring ONLY.  Not so much as a GLANCE to either side.  It’s eerie.

Valentine Lionheart meticulously makes his way up the steel steps and into the ring.  He snarls, instinctually, perhaps the consequences of this main event finally sinking in.  He stretches his neck…  his arms, and checks in with Lorenzo.

Eryk Masters: That is a cold man, OG.  I’m terrified.

Other Guy: Undeniable, Eryk…  And we got a FULL ON SHOOT PAY-PER-VIEW CROWD.  Cheering out of respect.  These boys and girls are letting Lionheart know…  maybe they don’t like ‘im…  but they are damn sure ENTERTAINED by what he does between the ropes.

As his music fades, Valentine only seems to grow more intense.  His eyes never once waver from their fixation on the ramp.

He awaits his opponent.

There is a pause between entrances, which only seems to serve as a backdrop for MORE NOISE.  While the reaction for Lionheart was mixed, it’s clear that the majority of this crowd, tonight, is more than ready for a LOCO MARTINEZ victory.  They know he’s due out next and the noise builds…  and BUILDS AND BUILDS…

The lights cut out for a few moments, and the SHOOT Video Wall starts to showcase a time lapsed sunrise.

The sun hits the top of the tron and quite suddenly the ENTIRE Epicenter is bathed in warm, soft yellow light…the perfect replication of sunbeams falling across the faces of so many excited faces in the crowd.

"Tonight we’re going Har-Har-Har-h-h-h-HARD!!!"

Loco Martinez EXPLODES out from behind the curtains, bobbing to the sounds of Ke$ha’s "We R Who We R." The fans ROAR for the MoFo.  Loco bounces on the ramp and takes a step like he’s going to walk the ramp, but something dawns on him.  He holds a finger up.

Eryk Masters:  Did Loco forget something?

Other Guy:  Looks that way.

He then takes a step backwards and points at a section right by the ramp.  They roar and knowingly throw their hands up.

Eryk Masters:  Ahh… Loco is going to conserve energy getting to the ring.

Loco takes  a step and stage dives into the outstretch hands.  The crowd roars and the section he jumped into begins crowd surfing him to the ring as he bobs his head and pumps his fists to the music. 

Other Guy:  He better hope there aren’t any Valentine Lionheart fans in there.  They might drop him.

Loco gets to the barrier and Epicenter security is there to make sure he has a safe landing.   He tears off running a quick lap around the ring slapping any extended hands before diving into the ring under the bottom rope.  Rolling to his back and kipping up.  When he lands the ring posts explodes, launching glitter into the Epicenter.

Other Guy: Dammit.  More glitter! 

Eryk Masters:  Not a fan OG?

Other Guy:  It just gets EVERYWHERE!

Throughout all the pageantry, Lionheart never sways emotionally.  Loco points at his opponent, though, smirks, and climbs the nearest turnbuckle, evoking even more LOVE from the SHOOT Project fans.

Eryk Masters:(Still laughing about OG’s glitter comments) Well, what we have here are two completely different personalities, OG.

Other Guy: Sure.  Night and Day, Eryk, but it’s also important to keep in mind that Loco  may very well need every intangible he can muster up and so this pomp and circumstance entrance could be serving a much deeper purpose.

Whether OG is onto anything is moot at this juncture.  Lionheart appears very much unfazed by any of this, while Loco is clearly JACKED and ready to go.  Both men go through a series of stretches as they await Samantha Coil’s introductions!

Samantha Coil: The following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL, with no formal time limit and is the TWO THOUSAND, THIRTEEN MASTER OF THE MAT FINALS!!!

The intro gets a STRONG cheer from the crowd, which, in this business, is definitely a good sign.  Coil is proud to be a part of the moment and lets the fans express their excitement before continuing.

Eryk Masters: This is what it’s all about.

Other Guy: Absolutely.

Samantha Coil: Introducing FIRST…  he is from Philadelphia Pensylvania!  Weighing in tonight at TWO HUNDRED, FIFTEEN POUNDS…  (Gesturing toward the introductee) LO-COOOO…!  MARRRRRTIIIIIIIIIIINEZ!!!!

The LOVE in the air for the long time veteran is UNDENIABLE.  Loco receives a GIGANTIC POP from the fans, which only inspires him to BEG for more!  He waves at the crowd to GET UP and ASKS FOR AN EVEN LOUDER RESPONSE!!!  They, in turn, ROAR MORE LOUDLY!!!  Although Samantha Coil is supposed to remain a neutral party, she, too, gets caught in the moment and can’t help but smile slightly.  In the meantime, Valentine remains as calm and collected as a person could ever be.

He continues to ignore any possible distractions.

Coil proceeds.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent…

While he was cheered earlier, at least more noticeably than ever before, the BOO BIRDS come out in full force during the introduction.


He raises a single arm very briefly.

And that is all before his eyes cast a deathly focused gaze upon his opponent.  Loco nods, acknowledging the intensity, and begins moving around the ring.  Lorenzo briefly keeps both men back, but only so he can call for an OFFICIAL START TO THE MATCH!!


Loco puts his arm out for a handshake, but Lionheart shakes his head with a "No, no, no" eye-roll. and gestures for Loco to come at him.  Martinez smirks, nods and does as requested.  He comes in for a lock-up and JUST LIKE THAT, things are under way.  Lionheart engages back and both men find themselves in a very traditional elbow-collar-tie-up to start things off.  Martinez struggles to gain ground and Lionheart easily picks up the early advantage, slowly working Loco toward the nearby ropes.  However, in a clever RUSE, Loco stops putting up resistance.  Valentine overexerts and Loco is able to side step and spin away.  Lionheart stumbles a few steps forward, but uses the ropes in front of him to gain balance and quickly turn back around.  Loco goes at the knees with a low-angled drop kick, but Lionheart, far from a clumsy oaf is able to leap over the attack and barrel-roll away!  Loco slides through.

Valentine to his feet.

Loco pushes himself around and tries to move off the mat, but Valentine is there to CONNECT on a wicked knee to the face!!!

Eryk Masters: SHINING WIZARD right out of the gates!  Valentine going for a quick cover!

Lorenzo drops to make the count!



Eryk Masters: No!

Loco KICKS OUT.  Valentine doesn’t waste any time.  He grabs Loco by the back of the head and pulls him back up to his feet a Muy Thai Clinch.  Loco wiggles, but Lionheart connects on a couple knees to the midsection.  Martinez does his best to back pedal out, but Lionheart smothers him along the ropes, landing two more shots in the ribs.  Loco is winded and Valentine releases the hold to change the pace.  He pushes Loco up against the ropes and uses his opponents momentum to fire him across toward the other end.  Loco bounces back in a hurry and Valentine CHARGES and SPINS with a ROARING ELBOW!  Loco ducks through!  Valentine is off balance!  Loco keeps running toward the ropes and very quickly springboards with a reckless crossbody!!  Valentine cannot react quickly enough and Loco CONNECTS!!  He tries to grab the leg for a cover…

Lorenzo down for a count!

But Valentine’s strength and Loco’s awkward positioning allow for the Omega Messiah to push away before a count of one.  Both men up to a neutral position, but neither letting up.  Loco charges in.  Elbow-collar tie-up.  Valentine is stronger, but Martinez holds his ground.  Loco releases and tries to snap off a surprise dropkick!  Lionheart quickly STEPS BACK, pushes Loco’s feet aside and sucessfully DODGES!  Martinez crashes to the mat!  Valentine takes a few steps forward, under-hooks both of Loco’s legs and FLIPS FORWARD with a bridge!  Loco never stops squirming, though, which causes Valentine to lose his grip, mid flip!  Loco is able to scoot away and Valentine hits the mat awkwardly, back first!  Trying to build some momentum, Loco darts to his feet and quickly attacks with a running senton splash!  Valentine ROLLS out of the way!  Loco hits the mat backfirst!  Valentine drops a quick elbow!  Connects!  He GRIIIIINDS his forearm into the side of Loco’s face for a pin attempt!

Lorenzo to the mat!



Loco out again quickly before a full two.  Valentine grabs Loco by the back of the head and SLAMS him back down head first!  AGAIN with a GRIIIIIINDING forearm across the face for the cover!

Other Guy: Valentine is getting downright dirty!




Loco is out JUST in time, but clearly showing the affects of Valentine’s brutish offense.  Lionheart is to his feet quickly as he continues the systematic pace.

Eryk Masters: Valentine with a sound strategy as he goes right back to work.  Keep Loco on the mat, at bay.  Nothing flashy.  Just ground and pound…

Other Guy: Flawless execution, Eryk.  The key to this match is WIN.  No points being awarded for how you do it, and I think Valentine is fully prepared to take this bout however he possibly can.

Valentine drops a right KNEE across Loco’s face, spins around and STOMPS DOWN HARD with a left boot to the skull!  The crowd cringes at the unique combo.  Loco can’t help but yelp in pain after that one.  Valentine follows with an ELBOW DROP across the throat!  He stays on the mat with his opponent, hooks Loco’s leg’s with his right arm, while simutaenously scraping the back of his elbow and forearm across’s Loco’s nose and mouth!

Lorenzo makes the count!




Loco’s JUST muster’s a kick out.  Valentine then SLAMS the point of his elbow directly into Loco’s mouth and Loco very audibly screams "FUCK!" and tries to turn away!  Valentine AGAIN pulls him back, GRIIIIINDS the forearm across the face and makes an aggressive cover!

The fans, at this point are getting a little frustrated with Lionheart’s tactics and begin booing quite audibly.




Loco again barely manages to escape the cover and is now very much bleeding from the mouth and nose.  Lionheart, on his knees, disinterestedly waves for Loco to GET UP.  He wipes his nose and gets back to his feet, casually brushing away drops of Loco’s blood from his own arm.  Lorenzo, seeing the blood, kneels down to check on Martinez as per standard SHOOT procedure.  Valentine attempts to continue his onslaught, which causes Lorenzo to shout "BACK IT UP VALENTINE!".  Lionheart pushes the official out of the way, though and reaches down for Loco.  However, Loco COUNTERS by grapevining Valentine’s leg and tripping him down to the mat!!!  Loco floats over into a sideheadlock, blood very visibly pouring down his face.  Valentine, relatively unscathed at this juncture is able to muscle up, though not with a bit of mounted frustration.

Eryk Masters: Loco with a standing side headlock, and OG, it almost feels like he’s fighting time itself.  Valentine is just SO strong, and, Loco’s getting up there in age.

Other Guy: Every advantage he’s picked up in the early going has been fleeting and or countered…  and you’re right.  He just looks a little outmatched…  but the man’s a VET, Eryk.

Loco shakes blood and sweat from his face.  He appears to have a cut on his forehead as well…  so sweating is not ideal.  Loco can’t hold the headlock for very long as Lionheart shoves him off.  Loco bounces off the ropes!  Valentine spins around VIOLENTLY with a backfist, but Loco DUCKS!  Valentine loses his balance and stumbles away.  Loco continues his motion toward the ropes at the other end and bounces back for a second time.  Valentine turns around, but LOCO CATCHES WITH A SPINNING HEEL KICK!!!  Valentine goes down, but not for long!  He’s up quickly, but not before Loco catches him off guard with a SHARP kick to the left thigh.

Valentine winces!

The fans start to cheer for the potential comeback!  Loco fires off ANOTHER kick!  Same thigh!  Valentine’s leg buckles this time and he falls to a knee!  Loco DRILLS him in the left ARM with a kick!  Valentine wobbles!  Loco then WHIPS around and, with Valentine lands a LIGHTING QUICK ENZUGURAI to the back of Lionheart’s skull!  "CRACK!" and the crowd is ALIVE IN A BIG WAY!!!  Loco scurries to make a cover!





Valentine powers out before a count of three.  Loco moves back over and makes ANOTHER pin attempt!



Valentine out RIGHT at the count of two.  Loco doesn’t let up!  He gets to his feet, leaps, and LANDS with a running senton splash!  He then makes it to his feet and, leaps, torques, backflips and LANDS A PICTURE PERFECT STANDING MOONSALT!!!

He grabs the legs!!!

Eryk Masters: Loco with another cover!

Other Guy: Don’t think it’s enough!




Valentine kicks out.

Other Guy: Pace is picking up!  Loco with a burst and he’s straight GOING with it.

Loco pumps his fists.  The blood is definitely sweating down his face, but with SOOO much on the line, it only seems to fuel his agression, his desire for victory.

Eryk Masters: Loco is feeling it, OG and this crowd is HOT right now.  Both men have literally CLAWED their way to be in the spot they’re in tonight, and they will certainly need to claw their way out if they want to be MASTER of the MAT…  and more importantly, NUMBER ONE CONTENDER to the SHOOT Project Championship!

Loco throws a kick into Valentine’s side to disrupt his recovery process.  Valentine winces, but appears ready to power through the pain.  He lets out an animalstic growl and shakes his head.  Loco fires another kick to subdue his opponent!  Valentine staggers but makes it to his feet.  However, as soon as he does, Loco charges with a STINGING dropkick to the knee!  Valentine all but flips over in midair, crashing awkwardly to the mat!  Loco with the cover!!!




Valentine is OUT at two and manages to SHOVE Loco off of him.  Loco DIVES BACK THOUGH AND FIRES OF A FLURRY OF RIGHT HANDS!!!  Valentine, not expecting the onslaught tries to cover up in defense, but Loco is not letting up!  HE FIRES PUNCH AFTER PUNCH AFTER PUNCH!!!  Lorenzo finally intervenes and RIPS the longstanding veteran off Lionheart, not wanting to be forced into a disqualification call!  Loco DEMANDS Valentine get up and the fans are ON THEIR FEET!!!

Eryk Masters: The old man is giving it EVERYTHING HE HAS!!! HA!  An unexpected ASSAULT!!!

Other Guy: Looks like Valentine just got busted up himself now…

Lorenzo is checking on Valentine, but Martinez doesn’t seem to care much for rules at this juncture.  He more or less walks through the official and goes straight for Lionheart!  Lorenzo is not happy and pulls Loco back, but as that happens, Valentine springs up and absolutely OBLITERATES Martinez with a ROARING ELBOW!!  Loco stumbles back and now Lorenzo shouts at Lionheart.  Valentine shoves Lorenzo out of the way!

Other Guy: This is starting to get ugly, man…  Lorenzo on the verge of losing control.

Valentine fires off a high-leg kick to Loco’s right side and CONNECTS.  Valentine taunts Martinez to come back at him, but Loco is reeling.  Both men are bleeding and this thing isn’t calming down.  Lorenzo stands back, realizing his job at this juncture is to call a finish and try to avoid a DQ or count-out if he can.  Valentine hits on a SECOND kick to the same spot.  Then he slams a THIRD kick with his LEFT LEG into Loco’s LEFT side.  Loco reels!  Valentine spins and ABSOLUTELY DESTROYS LOCO WITH A SPIN BACK KICK RIGHT UNDER HIS JAW!!!!  Loco GOES DOWN IN A HEAP!!!

Eryk Masters: LOCO DOWN!!

Other Guy: My SWEET LORD!!!

Valentine does not go for a cover.  Instead he mounts Martinez and begins bringing out the HEAVY artilery!  He throws some SICK forearms into the side of Loco’s head to start, and then targets the chest throwing PUNCH AFTER PUNCH AFTER PUNCH!!!

Eryk Masters: (Pained) NOOO!  Right into the sternum!  OVER AND OVER!!!!  This might be too much!!!

Lorenzo offers only a weak warning, which Valentine shrugs off.  "WHAT NOW?  HUH!?!  COME ON LOCO!!!" Valentine shouts.  He glowers at his battered opponent and then finds a wave of calm. 

He takes a deep breath and slowly stands up…


The fans are ALL OVER Valentine for the barbaric display.  Valentine responds by leaning his neck to the right side…  and looking down to the mat.

He picks Loco up by the back of the head, like he was nothing but a doll and HOISTS HIM UP ON TO HIS SHOULDERS!!!

He glares out at the crowd!!


Valentine SPINS Loco into the air…


Eryk Masters: WHAT?!

Valentine FLIPS over and his momentum sends him tumbling out of the ring under the bottom rope!  Loco is PASSED OUT in the center of the ring, while Valentine finally looks worn down for the first time all night on the floor outside.






Other Guy: How…  How the HELL, man?  I have seen the F-5 done by a lot of guys…  Seen Valentine KILL people with it…  NEVER have I seen someone have the where-with-all to fight against the current like that…  and counter into a GODDAMN hurracanranna.  HOW.  THE.  HELL?

Valentine, hurting and STUNNED slaps the cemement floor in pain and frustration, while Loco shows only very FAINT hints of life.  Lorenzo watches over both men, and begins a very slow, unlikely ten count.

Valentine blocks out the fans leaning over the rails nearby, shouting at him, and manages to pull himself up to his feet.  It looks like he has a pretty nasty gash on the side of his face, and he’s still bleeding pretty badly.  He tries to step away from the rail, back to the ring, but stumbles to a knee.

Other Guy: Valentine a little out of sorts… he might need some medical attention…  not like him at all, but…  usually a dude doesn’t just fall like that and MAN does that cut on his face look bad, Eryk.

Eryk Masters: This is the first time anyone’s had a chance to really stop and see what has transpired…  and I gotta agree, OG, but I don’t think you can stop this match.  This is one of the biggest tournaments, if not THE biggest in our sport…  and Lorenzo is no so much as asking Valentine if he’s okay…

Lionheart winces as he tries to re-center himself.  He shakes away the cobwebs, while, in the ring, Loco Martinez is slowly pushing himself up.


"LION-HEART!" chants actually echo back in response.

Other Guy: Wrestling crowds are so weird…

Eryk Masters: (Laughing) They are, but both men, love them or hate them, are showing INCREDIBLE intensity… they are giving it EVERYTHING they have and the fans are letting them that the effort is appreciated.

Lionheart stumbles again and NOW a few SHOOT Project staff members sorta dart out from the back.  Loco, in the meantime, has made it to his knees.  Valentine AGRESSIVELY shouts at anyone who even comes CLOSE to him and the staff backs down.  Lorenzo is lazily approaching a count of FOUR it would appear…  Valentine takes a few steps toward the apron.  Loco finally seems aware of what’s happening.  Valentine SHOVES one of the medical staff members out of his way and then makes a bolt for the ring.  He slides in under the apron like a wild animal about to devour its prey!

Lorenzo stops his count.

Lionheart CHARGES at Loco and tackles him back to the mat!  He throws a few punches, but Loco spins back and counters by mounting Lionheart!  Loco throws an OVERHEAD CHOP straight down across Lionheart’s chest!  Valentine SCREAMS and THROWS LOCO OFF!  He’s hurting but the ADRENALINE IS OFF THE CHARTS!  He SLAMS a forearm into Loco’s side, trying to drop Loco’s guard and MAYBE get in that "final death blow".  Loco keeps guarded pretty well!  Valentine tries to throw a HAYMAKER, but Loco wiggles out and Valentine loses his balance!  Loco squirms away!  Valentine grabs at his leg!  Loco immediately spins, though and DRILLS VALENTINE WITH AN ENZUGURAI AGAIN!!!!  Valentine staggers back!!!  Loco pushes himself up, but moves maybe a little too quickly and stumbles backward!  Valentine holds at his head, but SCREAMS AGAIN!!! MORE PRIMAL!!!  He WILDLY throws a kick!!!

Eryk Master: This is turning into a HORROR MOVIE!  RUN LOCO!  RUN!!

Loco backs away and DODGES, but not before falling back down to the mat!  Valentine WILL NOT RELENT!!!  He DIVES at LOCO WITH A FLYING FOREARM!!! Loco, completely defensive is able to absord most of the blow but again Lionheart has him pinned down to the mat!!!  Lionheart grabs Loco’s arms, trying to force him down!!!  LOCO HEADBUTS AWKWARDLY!!! Valentine takes the blow to the chest!!!  He falls back!  Loco kicks wildly at Lionheart’s legs!  Both legs!  Straight into Lionheart’s knee!  Valentine falls back!  LOCO scoots back to the ropes and uses them to help pull himself up!!!  He turns his back on Valentine momentarily!!!







Other Guy: VDM!!!!


Eryk Masters: He’s gonna do it!!!

Valentine inches over toward Loco!!!


Other Guy: He’s got him!!!

The fans can’t help but count along with Lorenzo!




…Is what a few fans accidentally say.




Valentine is absolutely BESIDE himself and the arena is GOING BATSHIT INSANE!!!  He falls to his knees and SLAMS both hands on the mat!!!  But he doesn’t let himself remain frustrated for any longer than that.  Loco is still down…  Lionheart shakes his head!  He starts to lift Loco up…



Lorenzo goes to the mat!!!





Other Guy: NO!!!!  NOOO!  VALENTINE OUT!!! Valentine Lionheart KICKED OUT!!!


Eryk Masters: What is it going to TAKE for us to see a Master of the Mat crowned…  Just absolutely UNREAL!!!

Tony Lorenzo indeed shows ONLY A COUNT OF TWO!!!  Valentine realizes the stakes and SPINS around.  Loco tries to gather his bearings, but looks to maybe be the worse for wear…  Valentine approaches…

He lifts Loco up!  DRILLS HIM WITH A EUROPEAN UPPERCUT.  Loco staggers back toward the turnbuckle!  Valentine CHARGES WITH A SPINNING BACKHAND!  Loco puts his hands up, though, and BLOCKS!  He pushes Valentine away and fires with a BACK ELBOW OF HIS OWN!!!  Lionheart stumbles!  Loco shakes his head…  Valentine doesn’t give his opponent any time to attempt a recovery!


BUT MARTINEZ SIDE STEPS!  Valentine hits the corner hard!!!




Other Guy: Out of NOWHERE!!!!

Valentine drops QUICKLY, falling back toward the center of the ring!!!










Lorenzo ADAMANTLY hoists the battered Martinez’s hand into the air to make this whole thing OFFICIAL!!! Loco is POURING blood and looks like he might actually be crying on top of that.


"Tonight we’re going Har-Har-Har-h-h-h-HARD!!!"

STREAMERS, GLITTER and ALL OTHER TYPES OF CELEBRATORY PAPER ITEMS FALL FROM THE RAFTERS!!!!  Loco falls to his knees, looks up and SHOUTS HAPPILY IN VICTORY!!!!  He points to the fans, applauds… all with a ridiculous grin across his face.  He begins bowing from his knees!!!


Eryk Masters: What a crazy, crazy match and HATS OFF to Loco Martinez on what could end up being one of the BIGGEST wins of his storied career!!!

Other Guy: Gotta give props.  Loco came up big, and man…  gotta give it up to Lionheart as well.  I’m hearing now that we might be looking at a possible concussion, which is some serious stuff.  No clue, but I’m sure folks will keep us updated in the next day…  maybe even as early as tomorrow night on DAY TWO.

Eryk Masters: That’s right folks…  we are only HALF-WAY through Master of the Mat…  Day One has ended with the crowning of a tournament champion…  but day two…  Who the HELL knows what we can expect tomorrow night.

Other Guy: I love this place, man.  I really do.  But seriously…  why so much glitter?  THESE ARE GROWN ASS MEN!!!

Eryk Master: HAHAHA!  We end the same way we started.  OG throwing a fit about glitter!  (Pausing briefly before finishing things up) That’s all for us here, though. Thank you sooooo much for tuning in, and we’ll see ya tomorrow night for another go!!!  GOOD NIGHT GUYS!!"

Loco continues celebrating in the ring, having turned to turnbuckle climbing at this juncture.  Posing, joking with the fans.

It’s an amazing sight.

And a pretty cool way to end day one.

We have our MASTER OF THE MAT.

So whose he chasing?

The plot thickens.  TOMORROW.