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Reckoning Day 2013: Day 1

The scene opens up on an empty Epicenter. There is a single spotlight shining down on the ring.  Silence.

Suddenly, we catch a glimpse of Donovan King embracing the World Heavyweight Championship directly after the PRIMUS.  Then, we hear a quote…from the film Tombstone.

"Have you ever seen anything like that before?"

Moments of Corazon taking out Trey Willett, then an image of King forcing the former World Champion to submit, followed by Corazon pinning Kenji Yamada, Mason Pierce defeating Corazon, then King defeating Mason Pierce before going back to King clutching the World Heavyweight Championship.  Quickly, though, the scene shifts to blood red tint and we see Project:SCAR standing united.  Isaac Entragian, Adrian Corazon, Kenji Yamada, Obsidian, Elizabeth Gaunt, and Flay Rios.

"Hell, I ain’t never even heard of anything like that."

Lunatikk Crippler is shown, defeating Jonas Coleman.  Then, we see Crippler rolling over onto King just as Crippler taps to King’s Carolina Crossface.  We see Corazon eliminating Isaac Entragian from the Redemption Rumble.  Then, he attacks Corazon viciously.

"If they were my brothers, I’d want revenge, too."

Corazon and Isaac Entragian stand across from one another as Obsidian and Kenji Yamada stand between them.  We see Scott Kamura from years ago, Revolution 20.  He is declaring Dan Stein’s shot against World Champion Roland Caldwell a draw.  There is a moment where his face is shown, his mouth agape.  Then, we see a similar face, as Dan Stein manages to flip Corazon from the ring and become the 2013 Redemption Rumble winner and Number One Contender.

"No, make no mistake.  It’s not revenge he’s after."

We see Isaac Entragian placing his hands on Obsidian’s shoulders, followed by Kenji bracing himself against a wall, his head bowed.  Dan Stein is shown, a malevolent grin on his face.  He wins the Tag Team Championship.  He defeats Lunatikk Crippler and Donovan King.  Then, we see Lunatikk Crippler defeating Dan Stein.  Then, we see Donovan King staring Dan Stein down as he stands over Stein’s tag team partner, Johnny Napalm.

"It’s a reckoning."

The screen goes black with the sound of a shot, echoing.  Suddenly, the rock mix of The National’s "The Rains of Castamere" begins to play. 

And who are you, the proud lord said,

that I must bow so low?

Laura Seton stands over her fallen former lover, an evil smirk sliding across her face.  Then, Thomas Manchester Black is shown standing underneath a tall ladder, the Iron Fist Championship dangling above him.  Ripper is shown suddenly, locking a poor victim in the Rip-Off.

Only a cat of a different coat,

that’s all the truth I know.

Long Island Hardcore stands across from The Bad Ass Brotherhood before it quickly shifts to Ja-Gi Kyung Moon flying in slow motion to connect with Good Night Moon directly into the lens of the camera.

In a coat of gold or a coat of red,

a lion still has claws,

Sammy Rochester howls into the darkness, the Sin City Championship in his clutches, Jester Smiles standing behind him.  We then see Jacob Mephisto, his hand being raised in victory before it shifts to Corey Lazarus sauntering down the entrance ramp, a smirk on his face.  It shifts to MDK hitting a devastating DDT on an unsuspecting foe.

And mine are long and sharp, my lord,

as long and sharp as yours.

Solomon Richards has his hands clasped and his head bowed before he raises it slowly, looking to the heavens for answers that may never come.  The scene shifts to Danny Evers grinding Ainsley Lake’s face into the wall.  Suddenly, we see The Real Deal, who appears at the entrance ramp with a smirk on his face.

And so he spoke, and so he spoke,

that lord of Castamere,

Mason Pierce, Malice, and Valentine Lionheart celebrate their union in the middle of the ring before they are interrupted by Cronos, who is backed by none other than Mirage.  Kincaid is shown just as suddenly, leaning against the ropes with a large grin on his face, glaring out at the sea of fans.

But now the rains weep o’er his hall,

with no one there to hear.

Tanya Black attacks Chance Ryan from behind and begins to pummel him.  He fights back valiantly until the scene shows Johnny Napalm powerbombing a poor victim into shards of glass on the outside of the ring, which quickly shifts to Henry Gordon slowly walking down the entrance ramp, looking rather apprehensive.

Yes now the rains weep o’er his hall,

and not a soul to hear.

The battle is joined when the guitar solo begins.  Kincaid trades punches with Ja-Gi Kyung Moon before we see Mephisto going toe to toe with Adrian Corazon.  Quickly we see Isaac Entragian beating the living hell out of Donovan King, slamming him down onto the mat.  Then, Tanya Black is shown eliminating Charles Brandon Magnus from the Redemption Rumble followed by Buck Dresden in the face of CJ Nelson.  Sammy Rochester pins Edmund Augustus Shan with a glare in his eye to the camera.  ANARCHY is shown with their hands raised in victory over the fallen Long Island Hardcore before the scene shifts to the members of Orion pummeling Cronos and Mirage.

And so he spoke, and so he spoke,

that lord of Castamere,

Vermont’s Finest parades down to the ring or, rather, El Asso Wipo parades down to the ring while Silas Mitchell walks silently behind him.  We then see Arch Angel and T-Rex in the ring, slapping hands with one another as they await their foes.

But now the rains weep o’er his hall,

with no one there to hear.

Chance Ryan is shown on the microphone, obviously yelling to Tanya Black.  Then, The Real Deal is shown about to connect with the Reality Check on a poor unsuspecting victim.

Yes now the rains weep o’er his hall,

and not a soul to hear.

Finally, we see Donovan King, then Lunatikk Crippler, then Dan Stein, with the World Heavyweight Championship’s faceplate shown behind them.  Just as quickly, we see Adrian Corazon, Obsidian, Isaac Entragian, and then Kenji Yamada with a bleeding SHOOT Project Helmet behind them.  The screen goes black for a final time.  We hear the ending of the quote that started this all once more.

"No, make no mistake.  It’s not revenge he’s after."


"It’s a reckoning."

The arena EXPLODES with pyro as Two Steps From Hell’s "United We Stand, Divided We Fall" kicks in.  We see that the arena has been altered, reflecting the colors of the Reckoning Day banner.  The camera flies up the entrance ramp as pyro CONTINUES to EXPLODE throughout the stage and the entrance ramp.


Other Guy:  WHAT A SHOW!

Eryk Masters:  I’m here tonight with my ever present co-host, The Other Guy, and I am Eryk Masters!  Tonight, we’ve got so many matches and SO MUCH on the line, let’s just get to it!



The bell sounds and Samantha Coil stands in the center of the ring.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Reckoning Day 2013! Our opening contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Little Rock, Arkansas, standing 6’4 and weighing in at 264 lbs, here is THE EGO, CRAAAAIIIGGGG THOOOOOOMAAAAAAASSS!!!

Do You Call My Name by Ra kicks up and the crowd begins to buzz in anticipation. After a few moments, Craig Thomas saunters out onto the entrance ramp, a cocky grin on his face. The crowd begins to hurl boos and jeers his way as he starts to power walk down the entrance ramp.

Eryk Masters: Craig Thomas is making his second appearance in a SHOOT Project ring tonight. He’s been given a golden opportunity to make a statement here on the grandest stage of them all.

Other Guy: Let’s see how he does, Masters. He’s facing another newcomer here tonight.

Thomas continues down the ramp, but stops for a moment as he jaw jacks with the fans, daring them to “take a shot” at him after a moment he just smirks at them and steps back.


He continues his power walk to the ring, sliding underneath the bottom rope. He walks to each corner, raising his arm over his head and talking trash to the fans. Finally, he goes to a neutral corner as his music fades.

Sound of Madness by Shinedown begins to play over the speaker system.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, standing 6’2 and weighing in at 237 lbs, here is RRRIIIIIPPPPPEEEEERRRRRRR!!!

Ripper walks through the curtains and the crowd begins to give an appreciative reaction. Ripper paces on the entrances ramp for a couple seconds before beginning a purposeful walk to the ring, stopping to reach out at touch the hands of the fans reaching for him.

Eryk Masters: Well, Ripper has his work cut out for him tonight, OG.

Other Guy: I don’t know about that, Masters. Did you SEE how Ripper trains? Nothing beats a montage!

Eryk Masters: Oh, god. Don’t start already.

Other Guy: Just sayin’.

Ripper makes it to the ring, climbs up onto the apron, and steps through the ropes. He walks around the ring for few seconds with his arms in the air. He gives Craig Thomas a long stare before going to a neutral corner. He… calls for a microphone? Ripper stands in the ring, while taking the few“Beastie” chants, heard throughout the Epicenter. 

Ripper: Give me one second money bags.

I’m coming from riches to rags,

So just let spit my shtich

For all my herd, real quick.

Craig Thomas argues with the referee about Ripper delaying the match.

Ripper:  It’s taken me a long time, and I’ve come a long way.

But finally! The Beast is back! And he is back on Reckoning Day!

Word to my Herd!

It ain’t easy, bein’ Beastie!

Ripper tosses away the microphone, as the “Beastie” chants continue, louder than before..  

Referee Austin Linham calls for the bell!

Thomas and Ripper begin to circle each other. They both step in for a tie up, but Thomas ducks under and grabs hold of a rear waistlock. Ripper tries to peel the hands of Thomas from around his waist, but Thomas lifts him up and slings him down to the mat with a perfect waistlock takedown. Thomas releases the hold and backs up into his corner smiling mockingly at Ripper.

Eryk Masters: Craig Thomas using his size advantage here, executing a picture perfect waistlock takeover. But, he’s being a little cocky here as well.

Other Guy: Craig Thomas wants to make a statement. But, maybe he’s underestimating Ripper. I would have stayed on him.

Ripper slowly gets to his feet, glaring daggers at Craig Thomas, while Thomas just continues to smirk. The two begin to circle one another again. Ripper reaches in to tie up again and AGAIN Thomas ducks under and hooks on a rear waistlock. But this time Ripper FIRES and elbow back into the face of Thomas, breaking his grip and causing him to stagger backwards holding his face! Ripper turns around and begins to piston right hands to a reeling Craig Thomas, backing him into a corner.

Eryk Masters: And here comes Ripper! He’s got Craig Thomas backed into the corner, just hammering on him.

Austin Linham begins to admonish Ripper, telling him to get Thomas out of the corner.





Ripper backs out of the corner and Linham breaks the count. He moves back in, grabs Thomas by the wrist and Irish Whips him to the other side of the ring! Thomas hits the buckle HARD and stumbles back out where Ripper meets him with a HUGE running reverse bulldog clothesline! Thomas hits the canvas HARD. Ripper goes for the cover!




Eryk Masters: Ripper almost had him there! But, Craig Thomas shows his resiliency.

Other Guy: Ripper almost took his head off with that move, Masters. I’m surprised Craig Thomas survived it.

Ripper stays on top of the situation as he quickly grabs for Thomas’  arm, looking to lock in a fujiwara armbar! But Craig Thomas quickly realizes his situation and scrambles forward, hooking the ropes with his free arm and his legs, forcing the referee to break the hold. Ripper complies and backs off, this time he is the one smiling, while Craig Thomas scowls.

Other Guy: Looks like Ripper is giving it right back to Craig Thomas here, Masters.

Eryk Masters: That’s right, OG. He’s showing that he is not going to be intimidated or outdone. Not here. Not tonight!

Thomas carefully begins to circle with Ripper again. This time, Craig goes low and sends a crisp dropkick to Rippers knee. Ripper hits the canvas hard and Thomas is quick to capitalize. He begins to put the boots to Ripper, then he steps back, gives the crowd as COCKY grin, and hits a BEAUTIFUL jumping legdrop right across the throat of Ripper! Thomas covers!





Eryk Masters: And Ripper manages to kick out!

Other Guy: This guy has some guts, Masters, but will it be enough to overcome Craig Thomas?

Thomas argues with Austin Linham about the speed of the count for a moment before going right back on the assault. He brings Ripper up to his feet by his hair and backs him into the corner. Thomas rears back and NAILS Ripper with a vicious knife-edge chop!

Craig Thomas: WOOOO!

Crowd: BOOOOO!

Eryk Masters: This crowd certainly not appreciating Craig Thomas’s antics thus far in his SHOOT career, OG.

Other Guy: And it’s a shame, too, Masters. Craig Thomas is our entertainment savior after all.

Eryk Masters: How much did he pay you to say that?

Other Guy: None of your… I mean, he did no such thing!

Eryk Masters: Riiighht.

Thomas goes for another chop, but Ripper ducks under and sends Thomas to the buckle instead. Ripper begins to unload chop after chop to the chest of Craig Thomas!


Ripper completes the striking combination with a NASTY European uppercut, nearly sending Craig Thomas out of his boots! He pulls Thomas from the corner and hoists him up in a vertical suplex position before dropping him down with a SICK brainbuster!!

Eryk Masters: What a brainbuster! Ripper really showing his strength, executing that maneuver on a man who outweighs him like Craig Thomas.

Ripper covers!




Thomas manages to just barely get his shoulder up!

Other Guy: Craig Thomas is not about to be upstaged by Ripper, Masters!

Eryk Masters: He certainly is showing some resilience of his own, OG.

Ripper slaps the mat in frustration but stays on Thomas. He brings him to his feet and fires a STIFF forearm to the jaw of Thomas, rocking him. Ripper pulls Thomas forward and Irish Whips him. Thomas comes off the ropes and eats a jumping leg lariat from Ripper! Ripper quickly drops down and slaps on a fujiwara armbar!

Craig Thomas immediately begins to scramble towards the ropes screaming in pain, but Ripper leans back, halting his progress. Austin Linham is asking Craig Thomas if he wants to give it up, but Thomas shakes his head no!

Eryk Masters: That is a VERY painful maneuver that Ripper has hooked on, OG. Craig Thomas is desperately trying to get to the ropes!

Other Guy: He’s too far right now, Eryk, but LOOK at the strength this man has!

Thomas begins to DRAG Ripper with him as he slides closer and closer to the ropes. Ripper wrenches back on the arm as hard as he can, BUT THOMAS REACHES THE ROPES. Austin Linham is shouting at Ripper to release the hold and Ripper complies.

As Ripper is standing up, Craig Thomas kicks him right in the kneecap while still holding onto the ropes. Ripper angrily advances and lunges for Thomas as he is standing up, but Thomas quickly pulls the ropes down and Ripper goes tumbling over the top to the outside!

Other Guy: What a smart move by Craig Thomas!

Eryk Masters: It was a cheap move out of desperation, but effective. I’ve got to say, Craig Thomas is a smart man. He knows where he is in that ring.

Thomas makes his way to his feet and parades around the ring as the crowd lets him have it. Ripper climbs up onto the apron, but Thomas meets him there and delivers a boot to Ripper’s head, sending him back to the floor. Austin Linham begins to admonish Thomas, but Craig is having none of it.

Craig Thomas: Just count!

Austin Linham, having no real choice begins to count.



Ripper gets back to his feet and shakes the cobwebs loose.



He stares daggers at Craig Thomas as Thomas taunts him in the ring.


Ripper darts forward and slides in under the bottom rope, but Craig Thomas pounces and just starts hammering away on Ripper with axehandle shots. He picks Ripper back up and slings him through the ropes to the outside AGAIN!

Austin Linham begins to admonish Thomas again.

Eryk Masters: It looks like Craig Thomas WANTS to have Ripper counted out, here. I’m not sure I understand why.

Other Guy: He wants to humiliate him, Masters. Maybe he believes Ripper doesn’t belong in the same ring as him.

Craig Thomas: COUNT HIM OUT, REF!

Austin Linham gives Craig Thomas a clear look of disgust but does his duty.




Ripper is up again on the outside. He puts his hands on his hips and stares at Craig Thomas while Thomas again mocks him.




Ripper jumps up on the apron, but Thomas runs forward with a forearm. BUT RIPPER DUCKS and pulls the rope down, sending Thomas over to the outside, breaking the count!

Eryk Masters: And Ripper using Thomas’ own methods against him!

Other Guy: It’s still cheap, Masters. But I guess turnabout is fair play in this one.

Ripper hops down off the apron and grabs Thomas as he gets to his feet, Irish Whipping him into the barricade! Thomas bounces off the barricade and faceplants on the mat surrounding the ring. Ripper brings him to his feet and begins to fire forearm shots to his jaw as Austin Linham begins his count again.



Ripper grabs Thomas and walks him to the ring apron, SLAMMING his head against the apron. Thomas drops to his knees. Ripper hammers on Thomas a few more times for good measure.



Ripper rolls Thomas back into the ring and follows suit, breaking Linham’s count.

Ripper brings Thomas to his feet and Irish Whips him to the ropes. Thomas comes off the ropes and DUCKS a clothesline from Ripper, bouncing off the far ropes, BUT RIPPER CATCHES HIM with a HUGE sit out SPINEBUSTER!

Eryk Masters: WOW! That took a lot of strength! He calls that The Beastie Bomb!

Other Guy: This one should be over.

Ripper covers and hooks the leg!




Craig Thomas just BARELY manages to get his shoulder off the canvas.

Ripper looks slightly frustrated, but gets to his feet, just waiting for Thomas. Slowly, Craig Thomas begins to get up. As Thomas gets to his feet, Ripper grabs him, but suddenly…



Ripper steps out of the way JUST in the nick of time and Thomas lands flat on his back. Ripper quickly capitalizes, bringing Thomas to his feet, kicking him in the stomach, and putting him into position…


Eryk Masters: Ripper narrowly avoided the Egoburst from Craig Thomas and just NAILED him with his own finisher!

Other Guy: This has GOT to be it!

Ripper covers and hooks the leg!





Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner, RRRIIIPPEEEERRRR!!!

Sound of Madness by Shinedown kicks up again and Ripper JUMPS to his feet in celebration as Austin Linham raises his arm in victory. His manager, Lil Beastie, appears on the entrance ramp clapping for him.

Eryk Masters: Ripper pulls out a HUGE victory tonight! What a way to make your debut! He picks up a win here on the grandest stage of them all!

Other Guy: His stock definitely just went up some, Eryk. Impressive debut from Ripper.

The camera focuses on the entrance stage, where Ripper has lifted Lil Beastie up and is spinning him around in celebration. Lil Beastie looks none too pleased about it, but when Ripper sets him down, he smiles all the same as the two head back up the entrance ramp, Ripper holding his arms in the air.


The scene fades in. Jester Smiles is standing in front of a seated Sammy Rochester, bent over, paint brush in hand. He is working on the left side of Sammy’s face. It’s apparent that the opposite side of his face is painted, but since the non-painted side is the one that’s facing the camera, it’s not clear how it’s painted.

Jester Smiles: You are going to look AWESOME Sammy.

Sammy grins.

Sammy Rochester: You really think so, Eric?

Jester nods.

Jester Smiles: Hell yeah, man! Tonight, we both go to that ring unified, and tonight, we both leave that ring with YOU as the UNDISPUTED Sin City Champion.  And you know this is a big day, right Sammy?

Sammy nods, still grinning like a child.

Sammy Rochester: I know Eric. It’s Reckoning Day. The biggest Pay Per View that SHOOT Project has. All those monsters, those cruel people, they’ll be watching. They…they want to see me fail…

The grin is gone. Jester stops painting as Sammy looks down at the ground.

Jester Smiles: But we’re gonna show them, right Sammy? We’re gonna show them that THEY are wrong and they you WON’T fail, right? We’re gonna show them that you are STRONGER than the cruel world, stronger than any fake assholes like Corey Lazarus and Jacob Mephisto, right Sammy?

Sammy looks up at Eric.

Sammy Rochester: I’m going to crush their fucking skulls, Eric. I’m going to rip their fucking brains out.

Eric pats Sammy on the shoulder.

Jester Smiles: Good Sammy. Very good. Now hold still so I can finish your paint!

The scene fades out.


The camera cuts back to ring side, to Eryk Masters and Other Guy sitting in their pod.

Eryk Masters: Reckoning Day is already off to a hot start with Ripper getting a big win over Craig Thomas to start the show!

Other Guy: And what better way to keep the action moving, than a Sin City Championship Series match between the two monsters of the Veterans Division?

Eryk Masters: With Napalm standing at 6’9”, and Henry Gordon only at 6’2”, it’s hard to imagine a situation where Gordon outweighs the man who stakes claim to one half of the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championships.

Other Guy: But he does, but about twenty pounds. Maybe if he lost some weig-

Eryk Masters: Oh, c’mon!

Other Guy: What? Everyone is thinking it!

Eryk Masters: Regardless of his size, the fans love Henry Gordon, OG. Most of it is muscle, regardless.

Samantha Coil: The following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL and is a Sin City Championship Series Showcase Match!

The fans jump to their feet as “Gimme Back My Bullets” by Lynard Skynard plays. Gordon walks out from the back stage, playing a bit of an air guitar. The fans cheer for Henry as he walks down the ramp.

Eryk Masters: Big opportunity for Gordon to come out and pick up a much needed win in the Veterans Division, and it seems that the fans are WELL on his side.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, from Harrisonburg, VA, weighing in at three hundred and twenty pounds! “HAMMERIN’ HANK” HENRYYYYYY GORRRRRRRDONNNNNNN!


As Henry makes his way up the steel steps and up to the ring apron, the sides of his shirt and his collar have perforations in them. Henry dips into the ring between the top and middle ropes and bounces around on one foot in a circle, out to the center of the ring. As the fans get louder, Henry grabs the collar of his shirt, arches his body backwards and TEARS the shirt off his body.


The fans are going nuts now. Gordon throws his shirt out to the front row before turning to the SHOOTron. "Absolute Zero" By Stone Sour kicks in and the fans welcome Johnny Napalm with a chorus of boos. Napalm has a smug look on his face, and shoots back a look to Sakura.

Other Guy: FINALLY. This is the definition of a man, folks. Jack Daniels drinking, Tag Titles winning, Hardcore, VIOLENT SAVIOR of the masses. This is my pick to win tonight.

Eryk Masters: You can’t see it, but I just rolled my eyes.

Napalm has his World Tag Team Championship belt on his shoulder and he is wearing his t-shirt, which has his bloody, smiling face on the front above the word “Submit”. As he passes by the camera, the back of the shirt reads: "I Am Your Violent Savior".

Samantha Coil: And his opponent! Weighing in at THREE hundred pounds, he is one half of the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Champions. He is the Violent SAVIOR! JOHHHNNNYYYYYYYY NAAAAAAAAPAAAALM!

Napalm walks down to the ring as the boos become deafening.

Other Guy: Napalm’s match against Donovan King, where he absolutely BRUTALISED the Champion, really cemented him in the SHOOT Project world. These fans are solidly behind him here.

Eryk Masters: Yeah, I don’t think that’s what a “boo” means. Regardless, his match with the Champ was definitely something he could build off of, even in a loss. He showed he is as violent as he claims. I’m sure his aligning with Dan Stein isn’t helping his case with the fans, either.

Other Guy: If Henry Gordon isn’t careful, he might end up with worse than just a loss on his record.

Napalm stands at the bottom of the ramp and raises the tag title belt high with one hand and the devil horns with the other, soaking in all the boos and heat he is receiving. Napalm looks all business tonight as he walks to the steel steps, giving the fans as much disgust as they have given him.

Other Guy: This is the guy that pinned Alex Brooks, planted Hall of Famer, The Real Deal with a Napalm Bomb, AND has successfully defended the World Tag Team Titles countless times!

Eryk Masters: Twice.

Napalm slides under the ring ropes, again holding the title high in the air. The fans boos don’t faze him, but he yells a primal scream at them from the middle rope. Hopping down, Johnny Napalm hands his belt to Sakura and turns back into the ring…


…right into a clothesline from Gordon, knocking him over the top rope!

Eryk Masters: Gordon getting this match off to a quick start with that short armed clothesline!

Other Guy: Oh, c’mon! Napalm wasn’t even ready!

Napalm collects himself on the outside, rubbing his jaw as he leans against the ring apron. Gordon puts his hands out, motioning the fans to keep the energy up. Napalm gives Gordon an evil look, then grabs the top rope, pulling himself up from the outside of the ring, then steps over the top rope to meet Gordon chest-to-chest in the middle of the ring.

Other Guy: Napalm absolutely dwarfing Gordon there.

Johnny pushes Gordon’s chest, causing the Hammer to be off balance for a moment, but collects himself and SHOVES Napalm back two or three steps.

Eryk Masters: Regardless of Napalm’s past, Gordon is still a blue collared man and shows NO fear.

Napalm, realizing that Gordon might’ve just embarrassed him, races back at Henry, and locks up with the man in the middle of the ring. Both men attempt to posture for leverage, but neither seem to get anywhere and the lock up is broken.

Eryk Masters: And it seems Napalm doesn’t have that strength advantage he’s normally used to!

Other Guy: Gordon’s like a bowling ball in there! Short, compact and round!

The men circle around each other for a few moments, each man trying to gain ground. Finally, Gordon steps forward, forcing Napalm into a lock up. Gordon uses his center of gravity to move Napalm backward and right into the corner, causing the fans to erupt!

Eryk Masters: Strength is Gordon’s strong point, and he’s putting it on display there!

Gordon steps back from the corner raising his hand high and closes off the ring from Napalm…but Napalm puts a thumb in his eye! Gordon has no other choice but to back off, Napalm fires out and…CLOTHESLINE!

Other Guy: Napalm capitalizing on the rookie mistake by Gordon.

Eryk Masters: He was recovering from an illegal blow!

Gordon falls down on top of himself just out of the corner of the ring. Napalm smiles out at the fans briefly before going back to Henry and picking the man up by his head. With Gordon’s head under his arm, Napalm LIFTS The Hammer HIGH into the air, holding him up in a stall suplex.

Other Guy: Napalm showing he has some strength of his own!

As Napalm completes the suplex, both men come CRASHING down on the ring, causing the ring posts to SHAKE and QUIVER but not give.

Eryk Masters: Well over six hundred pounds of man just took that ring nearly off its posts! Huge impact!

Other Guy: That could be the first BIG moment on Reckoning Day!

The sound echoes in the arena, and the fans cheer the spot more than the wrestler now. Napalm makes his way back to his feet as Gordon holds his back in obvious pain. Gordon near sitting up as Napalm again grabs his him by his head, lifting him up to his feet.  The Violent Savior leans Gordon against the ropes, and WHIPS him across the ring. Gordon picks up speed, and ducks a clothesline by Napalm.

Eryk Masters: Great speed by Gordon there.


Other Guy: Running like there’s a bucket of chicken cross the ring from him.

Henry bounces off the ropes, Napalm turns and CATCHES A FLYING FOREARM to the head!

Eryk Masters: Napalm down!

Hammerin’ Hank notices Napalm is still down, gets a running start and lands a HUGE back splash on the Tag Team Champion! Napalm coughs and rolls over to the ring post to help himself up. Gordon bounces quickly to his feet and meets Napalm in that corner. Again, Henry raises his hand, this time bringing it down quickly on Napalm’s chest once, twice, again and again. Heflin steps in as Gordon brings down his hand HARD, then steps back.

Eryk Masters: OOH! That was nasty!

Other Guy: Napalm’s chest is already welting!

Gordon hurries to the opposite of the ring, throws himself back against the ring post and then RACES across the ring!

Eryk Masters: HUGE CORNER SPLASH! Gordon very light on his feet!

Other Guy: Hey, get a lot of weight behind anything and it’ll go fast. Just physics, Masters.

Napalm collapses to the ground, and Gordon makes the quick pin cover.



Napalm kicks out juuust at two! Gordon uses that momentum from the shove to stand up and drops back down with an elbow drop!

Eryk Masters: No time to breath for Napalm there! Gordon on the attack!

Gordon rolls off of Napalm and grabs the man’s hair as they stand. Violent Savior still bent over, Gordon lifts up the man’s head JUST to eat a head butt!

Eryk Masters: Napalm drops to a knee! Gordon has Napalm in a rough spot here.

Other Guy: No where he hasn’t been before!

Napalm stands up only to get ANOTHER headbutt! Again, he drops to a knee! Napalm stands up, and swings at Gordon’s midsection. Gordon jumps a bit at the impact, but still has time to launch ANOTHER headbutt! This time Napalm falls back to the mat!

Eryk Masters: He was trying to fight back, but Gordon squashed that! Looks like Napalm might’ve underestimated Gordon’s power here tonight!

As Napalm lays on the mat collecting himself, Gordon wastes no time and stomps down on Napalm’s ankle!

Other Guy: Garvin Stomp time! Heflin needs to step in here!

As Gordon stomps on Napalm’s shoulder the cheers from the crowd implode. Gordon makes his way back down Johnny’s body, Johnny’s look of pain turns into one of anger!

Eryk Masters: Looks like Napalm is having enough of this!

Gordon stands beside Napalm and jumps up in the air…BUT MISSES THE SPLASH! Napalm rolls out of the way and out of the ring!

Eryk Masters: Gordon just took a moment too long with that stomp.

Other Guy: He’s the Violent Savior! It’s going to take a lot more than just Garvin Stomps to keep the Tag Champ down!

Napalm grabs a hold of his shoulders as he rolls back into the ring. Gordon holds on to his gut, all of the weight coming down on the mat like that. Napalm stands up.

Other Guy: All week Napalm has been saying how this is his chance to shine in the Sin City Championship Series!

Eryk Masters: But Gordon has held his own against the big man, tonight.

Napalm picks Gordon up by his hair once more. Limping to the center of the ring, Napalm wraps his arms around the wide frame of Gordon, locking his hands together from over and under Henry’s arms.

Eryk Masters: Belly-to-Belly Suplex? Someone get the ring techs on alert, the ring might cave!

Napalm EXPLODES up, sending Gordon flying over his shoulder. Gordon lands on his back, legs bouncing off of the ropes. With Gordon in pain, Napalm reaches down and grabs Gordon’s nostrils, lifting him up to his feet.

Eryk Masters: Total lack of respect for Henry Gordon shown there.

Other Guy: Well, maybe Napalm is proving a point to him?

Napalm SMACKS Gordon on the side of the face, causing him to wrench back in pain and fall against the ropes. As Gordon bounces off the ropes, Napalm shoves him across the ring, and chases after him, clotheslining Gordon over the ropes and to the ground! Napalm realizes this moment might not last and steps over the top rope. As Gordon gets to his feet and turns around, Napalm leaps from the ring apron with a bionic elbow, catching Gordon on the top of the head!

Other Guy: HIGH FLYING MOVE from the big man!

Eryk Masters: High flying?

Other Guy: Journalistic integrity, Masters. Look into it.

Heflin leans out of the ring to get both men back. Napalm waves off Heflin, but still grabs the back of Gordon’s singlet and drags him to the side of the ring, then rolls him inside. Napalm slides in after Gordon and gets in Heflin’s face for not letting them work. Gordon uses this time to collect himself a bit, weak-kneed and using the ropes to collect himself. Napalm turns around and DRAGS his fingers down Gordon’s back.

Eryk Masters: There was NO need for that!

Other Guy: Look at Napalm’s face? He just wanted to hear Gordon yell!

Napalm yells out to the fans as Gordon steps away from the ropes in pain. Napalm wraps his arm around Gordon and lifts him up, SLAMMING him down with a sidewalk slam. Napalm’s anger is evident as he grabs Gordon’s leg for the pin.




Gordon kicks out JUST in time. Napalm slaps the mat a few times, holding up three fingers in Heflin’s face. Gordon sits up, still holding his back.

Eryk Masters: A lot of damage done to Gordon’s back. Napalm wanted to keep momentum on his side in this thing and has been doing, regrettably, a good job at that.

Other Guy: He’s showing why he’s a champion, and Henry Gordon is just a man.

Napalm angrily catches Gordon and YANKS him up to his feet by the hair. Johnny lifts his knee into Gordon’s stomach, lifting the man off the ground with obvious effort. Napalm thrusts his knee into Gordon’s stomach AGAIN. Napalm picks Gordon’s head up and THROWS the man into the ring corner.

Eryk Masters: Napalm and Gordon have a similar style, looks like Napalm is going for the corner splash!

Napalm stands at about the center of the ring before he takes off toward the corner. As Johnny spreads his arms for a splash, Gordon spins along the ropes out of the way!

Other Guy: NO! How?!

Eryk Masters: Napalm meets the ring corner, face first!

As Napalm stumbles out of the corner, Gordon steps up to him and locks him into an over/under hold! Gordon lifts up…


Other Guy: They hit the mat and all the sweat on these guys splattered like a giant bowl of Rocky Road.  Eww.

Gordon manages to crawl over and slide his body onto Napalm. Heflin drops down for the count.




Other Guy: YES! Napalm kicks out! Napalm kicks out!

Both competitors exhausted at this point. Gordon rolls over just as Napalm is able to stir.

Other Guy: Y’know, for a fat guy, Gordon does have great cardio.

Both men begin to stand up now. Gordon staggers over to Napalm, socking him with a right handed punch!


Napalm socks Gordon!


Gordon with the left!


Napalm with the LEFT!


Gordon with the RIGHT!


Napalm with the righ- BLOCKED!


Gordon with the LEFT!


Gordon fires off punches, driving Napalm back into the ring corner. Heflin steps in, warning Gordon, but Gordon continues to sock Napalm in the face. As Heflin gets to four on his count, Gordon winds his hand up in a wind mill motion, the fans are going NUTS! Gordon holds the hand up in the sky, shaking it, the arena and all of humanity at the same time, looks at it, spits in his palm and LEVELS Napalm with it!

Eryk Masters: Napalm out on his feet!

Other Guy: He’s not out! He can’t be out!

Gordon digs his head into Napalm’s gut, lifting him up and setting him up on the top turnbuckle.

Gordon pulls Napalm’s head down on his shoulder, and wraps his hands around Napalm’s thighs! Gordon steps out from the center of the ring…

Eryk Masters: MUSCLE BUSTER! Napalm went stiff!

Other Guy: Don’t look at that!

Gordon drops down to the mat, covering Napalm and reaching for the man’s tree trunk of a leg.





Eryk Masters: He did it! Henry Gordon picks up his win!



Jacob Mephisto stands with Abigail Chase, a large black Reckoning Day 2013 banner hanging behind them. Jacob looks prepared for his match tonight, decked out in his sliver tights and a black cutoff “Mephisto”  t-shirt. His shoulder-length black hair is wet and hangs loosely over his shoulders. 


Abigail Chase: SHOOT fans, I’m here with Jacob Mephisto, just moments away from the Sin City Championship match. Jacob, you and your opponents have had a lot to say about one another coming into tonight. So the only question left has to be, are you ready for Sammy Rochester and Corey Lazarus tonight? 


Jacob looks down at Abby briefly before staring back into the camera with those eerie pale-grey eyes. A hint of a smirk plays on his lips. 


Jacob: I’m about as ready as can be. I’ve said just about all there is to say, but I’ll reiterate. Tonight is the beginning of progress. Not just for Jacob Mephisto. Not just for the Sin City Championship. But, for SHOOT Project as a whole. Tonight, Jacob Mephisto wins the Sin City Championship. It’s put up or shut up time for all three of us. 


Abigail Chase: Jacob, you’ve been getting quite a bit of fan support lately. Any comments on that? 


Jacob can’t help but smile. 


Jacob: You know, it’s all a little surreal. I never thought I’d gain the people’s support. But, it looks like the fans have come to realize that maybe; just maybe, Jacob Mephisto isn’t such a bad guy. Sammy Rochester wants to paint Corey and I as bad men because we’re out to take the Sin City Championship from him. After tonight, he’ll probably see one of us as pure evil. But, the fact is, that it’s just the nature of our sport. The fans understand that. Speaking of Corey Lazarus, the man is too self-centered to even care about the SHOOT Nation. That’s why they don’t support them. Well, that and the fact that they’ve probably downloaded “The Black Circle.” 


Jacob smirk widens. 


Abigail Chase: Well… 


Suddenly, Corey Lazarus and Gregory Price stroll onto the scene, Corey with the brand new hood of his entrance jacket over his head and his eyes behind his trademark silver-rimmed Ray Bans, and Price looking as Mad Men-ish as he usually does. 


Corey Lazarus: Whoa, Phisty, whoa…just hold on one second, dig? Now, have we not gone over this ad nauseum these past few weeks?  


Mephisto rolls his eyes as Price snaps the piece of gum in his mouth. 


Corey Lazarus: I mean, yeah, sure, there’s an extremely slim possibility that the L-A-Z won’t be the champion of Sin City by the end of the night, about the same kind of odds that your average pig farmer in Turkey has of winning Powerball and being struck by a dune buggy in the same day, but this "Jacob Mephisto this, Jacob Mephisto that" bullshit? Man, that just has to stop. 


Corey smirks as Price quickly checks his iPhone 5. 


Corey Lazarus: And these people? If they don’t support me after tonight, when I prove one more time just why they’ve been calling me "The Premier Attraction" since day one? Then I don’t care if ever have their support, slick. However, considering these people tend to back winners more often than they do losers, I have a feeling that a lot of people are going to be screaming my name, and not just in my hotel room at the end of the night.  


Abigail Chase: Corey Lazarus, are you telling me that you believe you’re going to be the next Sin City champion? 


Dumbfounded, Corey’s jaw slacks, and Price snatches the microphone away from Abigail before handing it to his client. 


Corey Lazarus: First of all, Abs, you probably shouldn’t talk as much as you do, because with a face like yours, a mouth like that, and the kind of IQ that even Tommy Boy would consider mentally deficient? All you need to do is stand around and look pretty, babe. 


Mephisto flexes his arms and steps towards Corey, but Laz holds up a hand and steps back. 


Corey Lazarus: Now, now, Jakey-poo, I’m not here to start it all earlier than it needs to be started. In fact, I’m here to say something that you’re probably not too used to hearing, especially from somebody with the level of reassured self-confidence that the Hollywood Kid possesses, and that is…you’re right. 


Corey pulls his hood down and slides his Ray Bans up onto the top of his head, scratching the corner of his eye. 


Corey Lazarus: This isn’t Hollywood. This isn’t some film set. This is athletic competition, the sport of kings, and we don’t have stuntmen here to take the falls for us. I know I’ve said a lot of things that could be taken a little personally these past few weeks, to you especially, and I’m here to let you know that, tonight? It’s strictly business, nothing personal. May the best man win, cool? 


Corey goes to shake Mephisto’s hand, but Jacob stares at it for a second, giving him a look that screams "are you serious?" before Corey brings his hand back, pulls his Ray Bans back down, and pulls his hood back up. 


Corey Lazarus: Alright, alright, that’s cool. I can dig, babe, I can dig. Rock n’ roll, rock n’ roll. 


Corey hands the microphone back to Abigail and holds his hands up as he backs away with Price in tow. Chase, disgusted by Corey’s words, turns to Mephisto. 


Abigail Chase: Can you believe him?! 


Jacob stares daggers at Corey as he backs away with Price. 


Jacob: It’s typical Lazarus, isn’t it, Abby? I mean, he just had to steal the spotlight because he could never stand it when someone else was in it. 


Jacob looks in the direction of Laz, where he can see them rounding a corner. 


Jacob: Tonight marks a new era in the Sin City Championship Series, Abby. 


A SHOOT Project road agent can be heard just off camera. 


Road Agent: It’s go-time, Jacob. 


Jacob smirks at Abby, then looks into the camera. 


Jacob: Well, you heard him. It’s time. 


Jacob cracks his neck and walks off camera.


The Epicenter is plunged into darkness, sending a murmured wave of uncertainty through the capacity crowd. The sound of a clock slowly ticking down seconds begins to resonate through the speakers as an eerie voice begins to speak and the lights begin to strobe to the ticking.

You may delay, but time will not…

The ticking sound begins to speed up, the strobes picking up pace as well.

Time… is an illusion…

The ticking sound speeds up again, reaching a very fast pace and the strobes begins to flash wildly.

The future is uncertain… but the end is always near…

As the last line is spoken, the strobing stops and the Epicenter is plunged back into complete darkness and silence.

The SHOOT Project Video Wall lights up with a pair of eerie gray eyes, and then those eyes transition into the image of a hand that is holding a bright red apple with a sleek green serpent wrapped around the wrist.

BOOOOOOM!!!! Silver pyro erupts on the entrance ramp and then…


The lights slowly come back on, and “Time Is On My Side” by The Rolling Stones starts to really hammer those haunting vocals throughout the arena. The curtains get pushed to the side, and out steps Jacob Mephisto.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, hailing from Nazareth, Pennsylvania.

The crowd favors Mephisto with the most positive reaction he has had yet as as he begins to make his walk down the ramp.

Samantha Coil: He stands at 6’6" and weighs in at 270 lbs.

Jacob stops halfway down the entrance ramp and looks out over the cheering crowd. He offers them a smirk and a light nod before continuing.

Samantha Coil: Here is challenger number one, JACOOOOOBBBB MEEEEEPHIIIIIIISSSTTOOOOOO!!

He stalks his way down to the ring, and enters by rolling underneath the bottom rope. He goes over to one corner and leans back with his elbows resting on the top rope, simply awaiting his opponents.

Eryk Masters: This is a huge opportunity in the career of Jacob Mephisto.

Other Guy: You said it. He had a big match with Adrian Corazon a few weeks ago, but you could argue this is the biggest match of his career. His first shot at the Sin City Championship, and the chance to cause chaos to the Sin City Championship Series itself? I’m willing to bet Mephisto likes that just fine.

An old fashioned, black and white film countdown rolls on the VideoWall, the film flickering and a beep heard after every digit, unheard over the chorus of jeers from the crowd.



Lo Fidelity Allstars’ "Battleflag" cues up over the PA system as Gregory Price and Corey Lazarus burst out from behind the entrance curtain, Price sliding his iPhone into his coat pocket and Corey adjusting the brand new hood attached to his entrance jacket.

Eryk Masters: I think it’s safe to say that Corey Lazarus feels like he has a full head of steam going into this match.

Other Guy: New entrance gear, new music…I think you’re right, Eryk.

Corey marches down the ramp, his head lowered and face hidden by the hood and his trademark silver-rimmed Ray Bans. Price rushes after him, trying to catch up.

Samantha Coil: Introducing next, he weighs in tonight at 228 pounds and stands at 6-foot-1, being accompanied to the ring by Gregory Price, he hails from Hollywood, California…COOOORRRREEEEEYYYYY LAAAAAAZZZZZZAAAAAARRRRRUUUUUUSSSSS!!!!!!!

Lazarus hops onto the apron and stands up straight, one hand on the top rope and the other adjusting his Ray Bans. He holds his hood steady and then steps into the ring, kicking the bottom rope quickly before marching to the center of the ring, his arms spread out wide to his sides. Price steps onto the apron himself as Corey backs into his corner. Price jaws a little bit with his client as "Battleflag" dies down, but Willie Dean shoos him back down to the floor. Dean then asks Corey for his Ray Bans, but Corey waves him off.

Eryk Masters: Oh, how cool of you, Corey. Wrestling with your sunglasses still on.

Other Guy: Hey, maybe he’s just so full of starpower that he doesn’t want sun flares to fly out of his eyes and burn Mephisto and Rochester alive.

Eryk Masters: What the hell are you talking about?

The lights go out. The crowd boos, knowing exactly what is about to happen. However, nothing at all can be heard. For a few moments, all we can hear is boos. After awhile of sitting in the darkness, the crowd silences, growing anxious. Suddenly, "O, Death" by Ralph Stanley kicks in.

O, Death.

O, Death.

Won’t you spare me over till another year

Suddenly, an EXPLOSION of fire hits at the top of the ramp, and "O, Death" is replaced with "The March of Mephisto" by Kamelot. We see Sammy Rochester, glaring at the ring, dressed in his usual ring attire, except the left side of his face is painted black with two white tears and a white outline on his lips making a frown. Jester Smiles stands next to him, looking identical in ring attire, with the right side of his face painted identical.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, making his way to the ring, being accompanied by JESTER SMILES, he weighs in tonight at FOUR HUNDRED and SIXTY FIVE pounds! The current SIN…CITY…CHAMPIOOOON…SAAAAAMMY…ROOOOOOCHESTER!

Jester and Sammy ignore the booing fans. They ignore every sensory image around them. They walk to the ring, both men staring at the two men in the ring. Jester sorta half glares/half grins at them, while Sammy is full on burning hate into them through his irises.

Eryk Masters: A showing of unity, in appearance anyway, by Jester and Sammy, but keep in mind, Sammy is alone in this match.

Other Guy: Keep in mind, Eryk, that Jester will probably TRY to inject himself into this match, and even if he doesn’t…that’s Sammy Rochester. Does he NEED anyone else?

Jester reaches under the ring and finds a steel chair upon reaching the apron. He simply unfolds it and sits down by the barricades, crossing his legs and leaning back to watch the match. Sammy walks up the steps, his eyes moving back and forth between Mephisto and Lazarus. He grits his teeth, eyes wide with rage, as he steps over the top rope and enters the ring. He stands up completely straight, showing his full frame, his eyes still darting back and forth between both men.

The bell rings, and Sammy rushes Lazarus! Laz ducks out of the ring, and Mephisto takes advantage of the distraction and starts laying kicks into the leg of Sammy Rochester! Sammy tries to brush back with his hand to knock Mephisto away, but Jacob jams his elbow into the arm of Rochester, and continues to slam kick after kick to the hamstring of Sammy. Lazarus is on the outside, pumping his fist at Mephisto, egging him on.

Eryk Masters: Glad to see Corey Lazarus contribute to the match.

Other Guy: He’s a team player! He’s supporting Mephisto against Sammy Rochester!

Mephisto gets caught with a back hand from Sammy that knocks Mephisto into a corner! Sammy snarls and pounces, clobbering Mephisto mercilessly with blows across the chest! Jacob turns and Sammy doesn’t discriminate and begins delivering blows to his back as well! Sammy picks Mephisto’s head up and slams it into the top turnbuckle, and Mephisto slumps in the corner, in big trouble early! Corey Lazarus cheers and he is raising his hands up and down, trying to get the crowd to support Sammy, but to thunderous boos!

Eryk Masters: The man hasn’t even bothered to take his jacket off!

Other Guy: He’s biding his time!

Sammy turns Mephisto around and whips him into the opposite corner! Sammy charges, but Mephisto scoots out of the way! Sammy crashes chest first, and Mephisto goes right back to the leg, peppering Sammy with kicks to both hammys and even a couple to the shins! Sammy feels each one, and his teeth are gritted, but other than that, he doesn’t seem to be bothering with feeling the pain, though it’s obvious it’s there. Sammy turns to fight, but Mephisto strafes to the side, still throwing kicks, and adding in a few punches to the body. He throws one vicious shot to Sammy’s liver, and the monster buckles a bit, but stays standing. Lazarus is on the apron now, clapping in rhythm, trying to get the crowd going.

Eryk Masters: Jacob Mephisto is throwing everything he can at Sammy Rochester, and Corey Lazarus is throwing in a bunch of bullcrap!

Other Guy: Now that’s not fair! When the fans applaud the wrestlers in the ring, you don’t call THAT a bunch of bullcrap!

Eryk Masters: HE IS NOT A FAN!

Sammy suddenly lurches forward and snags a hold of Mephisto, and slams his own head into Jacob’s. You can almost see tweeting birds circling Mephisto, and then Sammy slams his head into Jacob’s once again! Mephisto crumples to his knees, and Sammy leans back against the ropes and runs at Jacob, driving his knee into his face! Mephisto goes limp in the ring, and Sammy jerks his head suddenly in the direction of Lazarus, who’s eyes are probably full of fear behind those shades! He hurries off the apron as Sammy starts towards him, a look on his face that would put the fear of God in anyone.


And he does. Sammy is outside now, chasing Lazarus around the ring! Laz slides into the ring to get away, but Sammy follows! Laz sees and yelps, going out the opposite way! Mephisto is stirring, and sees Sammy stepping over the ropes, going after Lazarus. Corey is still running, and the shades and coat still intact, and he’s hoping to keep it so! Laz runs around one side of the ring, and Mephisto slides out behind him. Sammy turns the corner and runs right into a high knee from Mephisto! Sammy staggers and throws a fist, but Mephisto ducks, and grabs Sammy’s arm. He slams his arm down onto the apron, and Sammy is DEFINITELY feeling that! Sammy turns, clutching at his arm, and Mephisto shoves him HARD into the ringpost! Sammy moves around the post and rolls back into the ring. Mephisto looks out to the crowd, and they cheer.

Eryk Masters: Jacob Mephisto the favorite of the crowd here tonight. Will that be enough for him to fight to victory?

Mephisto stalks around the ring, looking to get back in to strike at Sammy, but he sees Laz cheering him on! Laz sees this too, and begins running from Mephisto now. Jacob gives chase, and chases Corey into the ring, where he runs SMACK DAB INTO SAMMY ROCHESTER! Sammy grabs Lazarus, which gives the crowd a surprising amount of pleasure. Mephisto slides into the ring and looks at Sammy. Sammy looks back. Both men clobber Corey Lazarus to the delight of the crowd! Corey drops to his knees, and the sunglasses finally come off!

Eryk Masters: Yes! This is it! This will show Corey to screw around with men like this!

Jacob and Sammy continue to hammer Corey, until Sammy lands one last clobbering blow! Mephisto smiles and nods at Sammy, and picks him up by the scruff of his jacket and tosses him over the top rope! The jacket comes off in Sammy’s hand, and then Sammy drops it when Jacob Mephisto chop blocks him from behind! Sammy drops to a knee! Mephisto gets some running room and rushes Sammy, driving his forearm to the back of the monster’s head, causing him to fall into the ropes as Gregory Price comes over to help Corey Lazarus up.

Eryk Masters: Corey’s finally getting up on the floor, but…wait…tha…that’s not…THAT’S NOT COREY LAZARUS!!!

Price walks away from "Corey" and smiles, waving somebody in from down the ramp. In the ring, Sammy looks to clothesline Jacob down, to back him off, but Mephisto ducks his arm and grits his teeth and SOMEHOW drops him with a back suplex. Before Mephisto can cover him, though, Price jumps onto the apron, taunting him.

Eryk Masters: Who the hell is this impostor?!

Other Guy: And who the hell is coming down the ramp!?

Mephisto walks over and grabs Price by the collar, threatening him up close, and THE REAL COREY LAZARUS dives into the ring and covers Sammy.


Jacob turns to see Willie Dean counting the pinfall…


…and then shoves Price away, breaking it up. Corey immediately leaps up to his feet and drills Jacob with a high roundhouse kick to the face, sending him back into the ropes, and hits a big Rolling Elbow that sends Mephisto tumbling over the top and to the floor. Corey turns to face Sammy as the Sin City champion rises back to his feet, and then smirks, leaning over the top rope with his TRADEMARK DEVILISH GRIN.

Other Guy: So…wait…Corey has a STUNT DOUBLE?!

Eryk Masters: This isn’t Hollywood, this is wrestling! We don’t have stunt doubles!

Other Guy: Apparently, Corey Lazarus does.

Corey begins to kick Sammy repeatedly in the back of the legs as the Manster sits up, snarling, showing his teeth. Corey ducks a meathook from Sammy, and does a version on an enziguiri, catching Sammy right between the shoulder blades! Sammy staggers, but does not fall! Mephisto gets back up on the ring apron but Laz plants both feet in the side of his head, keeping him on the outside! He turns around and walks RIGHT INTO SAMMY who grabs him around the throat!

Other Guy: Oh, good lord, Laz is gonna die!

Sammy grabs Laz around the neck and throws him into the corner! Sammy charges, and Laz gets his feet up! But SAMMY CATCHES THEM! He pulls Laz hard, bringing him out of the corner, leaving him dangling in a piledriver position. Sammy heaves, and lifts Laz up for a powerbomb! The look of fear on Lazarus’ face is priceless, but he immediately begins to pound on the forehead of Sammy, and Corey is able to slip free! Mephisto is there, and together, he and Lazarus charge Sammy, but Sammy takes both men down with a double clothesline! Mephisto and Laz are hurt and Sammy Rochester is standing tall!

Eryk Masters: Things are looking grim for everyone who is NOT Sammy Rochester.

Sammy picks up Laz by palming his skull. Laz grips Sammy’s wrist, trying to break free of his grip, but with no luck. Sammy squeezes with his vice like palm, and Laz is screaming in pain. Mephisto staggers close, and Sammy uses his other hand and locks onto the temples of Mephisto as well! Mephisto is in pain as well, as he drops to a knee as Sammy is crushing the melons of both of his challengers!

Other Guy: This match could potentially shake up the entire SCCS, but Sammy Rochester likes it the way he is! I’d do what he says, personally.

Mephisto makes it up to his feet, Sammy still squeezing hard on his head, and he kicks the Sin City Champion in the stomach. Sammy keeps his grip, but now Corey Lazarus takes a hint and starts kicking at Rochester as well. Both challengers are pummeling the midsection of the giant champion with boots, and Sammy has little choice but to release the hold. Of course, he doesn’t take that choice. He forces Mephisto and Laz together, but they are able to stop themselves before their skulls collide. They kick simultaneously, and Sammy releases his hold. They kick again, and the ref misses the fact that Corey kicks a little low, causing Sammy to fall to a knee. Mephisto and Laz run in opposite directions, and both have the same idea: kick Sammy in the head. They sandwich Rochester’s head between their feet. Sammy falls face first into the mat, and Mephisto pumps his fist.

Eryk Masters: A small victory but you have to take what you can get with Sammy!

Jester Smiles is not happy at ringside, as we can see him tensing up in his chair. Lazarus smacks Mephisto on the chest to get his attention, then points to Sammy. They both work to lift Rochester to his massive feet, and begin to hook him for a vertical suplex!

Other Guy: Not possible!

They attempt to lift, but Sammy doesn’t budge. They try a second time, but Sammy slumps to his knees, turning his frame into dead weight. Mephisto releases Sammy, and Laz nearly buckles unexpectedly under Sammy’s weight. Mephisto clobbers Laz across the back with a forearm, officially buckling Corey to his knees. Mephisto quickly untangles Sammy from Lazarus and takes Lazarus down with a snap suplex! Jester is SCREAMING at Sammy, abandoning his seat at ringside, as Mephisto makes a cover!



Sammy breaks it up in time, but it looks like Laz was getting his shoulder up. But Sammy is completely ENRAGED! He picks up Mephisto and pie faces him to the ground.

Eryk Masters: Mephisto gets SPLATTERED there! A normal man would not hurt you with a move like that!

Other Guy: And since when is Sammy normal?

Sammy bends down and picks up Lazarus and begins to whip him around like a rag doll, cinching in a tight bearhug! Laz’s arms are loose, so they flail around while Rochester tries to compress his rib cage! To his credit, Laz is TRYING to fight, but with the amount of violent flinging from Sammy, it’s hard for him to hit his target. He finally is able to rake the eyes, causing Sammy to slacken his grip.

Other Guy: No matter how big you are, no matter how strong you are…If you can’t see, you can’t fight.

Eryk Masters: Corey Lazarus did what he had to do to escape. Any longer and he might have been torn in half!

Sammy comes to his senses, his vision returning to him, and he ROARS! He takes the advice of his screaming friend, Jester Smiles, and charges after Lazarus! Laz ducks out of the way, but Mephisto stands and fights! He peppers Sammy’s face with a couple of quick jabs that surprise the big man, and then kicks him HARD in the hammy, the sound echoing across the arena!

Eryk Masters: If that hamstring didn’t snap, I’d be surprised!

Other Guy: I’d be surprised if a snapped hamstring would STOP this man!

Sammy goes to a knee, and Mephisto tries to fight forward, but Sammy pushes him away. Mephisto doesn’t let up, though, seeing Sammy in a somewhat weakened state, he presses his advantage. He fires off with forearms to the back and neck of Sammy Rochester, and it seems to do some good. He pulls Sammy to his feet and slams another kick, this time, to the side of the knee. He grips Sammy around the head and ascends the turnbuckle, and the crowd is cheering in anticipation!

Eryk Masters: What’s Mephisto thinking?

Jacob leaps and spins….TORNADO DDT! NO! Sammy HURLS Mephisto across the ring, and Jacob slams with the impact, hitting very hard on his hip and rolling into the opposite ringpost! The force of the throw brings Sammy to a knee, and Lazarus is quick to capitalize, scaling the turnbuckles and coming down with a NASTY double stomp to the back of Sammy’s head! As big as he is, even Sammy gets rocked by that stiff impact!

Other Guy: Looks like the real thing is taking control, and the stunt double cheers him on from ringside!

Mephisto starts to bring himself to his feet. Laz sees this and gets a running start. He runs ACROSS the body of Sammy Rochester!


Lazarus connects with his Busaiku knee, right to the mush that used to be the face of Jacob Mephisto.

Other Guy: REEEEEEEEEEEEL! Nailed it in one take!

Mephisto falls slowly like a chopped tree and Corey pulls him out of the corner and hooks both legs!




That last sound was the sound Lazarus made when SAMMY ROCHESTER grabbed him around the throat and lifted him off of Jacob Mephisto!

Eryk Masters: Looks like someone didn’t like being used as a stepping stone!

Sammy lifts Lazarus over his head, holding up in the air as if he were weightless! Gregory Price and Laz’s stunt double are on the outside, begging Sammy to stop! The double is shaking his head so hard, his fake beard and stache are coming off! But Sammy has gone momentarily deaf, and can’t hear them! He walks over to the side of the ring they are on and HURLS Lazarus over the top rope, right onto his cohorts! The fans….love it?!

Other Guy: A SCARY display of power by Rochester! At least Gregory Price and the fake Corey were there to break his fall!

Sammy surveys his carnage, but with verbal prodding by Jester Smiles, he turns around. Jester is pointing playfully at Jacob Mephisto, who is barely to his feet, holding his face.

Eryk Masters: You heard Sammy this week, OG. He is going to look to hurt both of these men to win.

Sammy stalks Mephisto, but Jacob uses the ring to his advantage, using the ropes as leverage to lift his feet to the 7’2 face of Sammy Rochester! Rochester is rocked, and Mephisto scales the ropes! He dives, driving a forearm into the face of Rochester that sends the big man crashing down to the canvas!

Other Guy: He’s down! Jacob Mephisto NEEDS to capitalize!

And he does. Kind of. Mephisto wobbles and falls, accidentally headbutting Sammy in his Rochesters! Smiles in INCENSED! Mephisto is still out of it from that Reel To Reel from Lazarus, but he struggles up to his feet. The bad news is so does Sammy, and he gets up first! Clutching his grapes and in pain, Sammy is also seethes, and he grabs at Mephisto, who suckers Sammy in and goes to whip him, but changes it up, nailing the monster and taking him down with his patented short clothesline!


Mephisto covers!



THR-SAMMY POWERS OUT! Mephisto gets back up quickly as he can, and Sammy sits up…just in time to take a kick right to his face! Sammy’s nose starts dripping blood, and that’s not going to be good when he realizes it! Mephisto, however, goes back downstairs to Sammy’s legs, and begins to tie them up!

MEPHISTO’S METHOD! He’s got it locked in! Well he HAD it locked in!

Other Guy: GOOD GOD Sammy just rocketed Mephisto across the ring…WITH HIS LEGS!

Mephisto is utterly shocked that Sammy was able to force his way out of his favorite submission! But it doesn’t stop him for long. He lifts the foot of Sammy, high into the air, and drives Rochester’s knee into the canvas! He then ties Sammy’s legs up once more in Mephisto’s Method!

Eryk Masters: If at first you don’t succeed, but it looks like Mephisto has this! He’s sitting on the back of Sammy!

COREY LAZARUS! He’s back in the ring! He kicks Mephisto in the leg, then is able to plant a roundhouse to the midsection of Mephisto, and finishes off Combo #5 with his Muay Thai Elbow/Knee combination that stuns Mephisto! He releases the legs of Sammy Rochester and drops to a knee, which gives Corey PERFECT opportunity to nail him with the COMING ATTRACTIONS!

Other Guy: Mephisto catches another Busaiko knee, this time to the back of the head! He’s gotta be out!

Laz scurries into the cover!



THR-NO! Mephisto gets a shoulder up! Lazarus cannot belive it! He gets to his feet and waits, stalking behind Jacob Mephisto preparing for something big! Mephisto is extremely dazed, but he somehow makes it to his feet. He turns to Corey, who leaps in the air for END CREDITS! But Mephisto telegraphs! He ducks under Laz’s deadly kick, and grabs him by his waistband, tossing him over the top rope! Mephisto collapses to his knees, and the referee goes to check on him. With his back turned, Jester Smiles LEAPS into action, rushing to the other side of the ring, and picks Lazarus to his feet. Jester brushes the man off before politely taking his head off with the Virginia Sidekick!

Eryk Masters: DAMN THAT MAN! As if battling Sammy Rochester wasn’t enough!?

Other Guy: That’s one down, and Sammy is stirring!

Sammy has rolled over and is trying to sit up, his legs and back starting to give him problems from the abuse they have taken. Mephisto gets back to his feet, and sees the huge problem he’s about to have. But he doesn’t back down. He runs full force at Sammy Rochester, and catches him right in the face with a Yakuza Kick!

Eryk Masters: GODLESS! Mephisto nailed Sammy right in the face!

Sammy hits the mat, but he’s still alive. He immediately begins to stir, and Mephisto is beside himself! He bounces off the ropes, and runs full force and AGAIN hits the Godless kick, right again to the face of Sammy! His eye is beginning to swell, but he is STILL ALIVE! He begins to sit up again, but it’s taking more effort! Jester Smiles is beside himself on the outside, a little bit of fear mixed with panic! Mephisto gets anothe running start, and takes Sammy’s head off ONE MORE TIME with Godless! Sammy’s arms fall LIMP on the canvas! Mephisto is satisfied, and so are the fans, who pop loud of Mephisto! He hooks the legs, pulling back as far as he can!



THREE!!!!!!! YES!!

The bell rings, and the Stones hit the PA one more time, and the fans are SHOCKED! Jester Smiles is SHOCKED! Corey Lazarus is enraged on the outside, holding his face together after a Virginia Sidekick and Mephisto can HARDLY believe it!

Samantha Coil: At the time of thirty-two minutes, twelve seconds your winner…..and the NEWWWWWWWWWW Sin City Champion….JAAAAAAACOOOOOOB MEEEEEEEEPHIIIIIIIIIISTO!!!!!!!!!!

Mephisto is handed the Sin City Championship and Sammy Rochester is STILL not moving!


Other Guy: We are going to need some brave EMT’s to come check on Sammy, but right now, you’re right! Jacob Mephisto is the NEW Sin City Champion!

Eryk Masters: My hat is off for all three men, but it’s Jacob Mephisto who has created the chaos that is turning the Sin City Championship Series on it’s end! My god what a brutal match!



The lights flash in the Epicenter as the steel cage lowers down from the ceiling. A few members of the stage crew work together quickly to secure the cage against the ring posts and ensure the integrity of the structure as the shot goes to the booth with Other Guy and Eryk Masters.

Eryk Masters: This next contest, as you can see the cage being expertly put together, is an intimate grudge match.

Other Guy: That’s right. What’s interesting about this is, even though Chance asked for this match so Tanya can’t escape from his wrath…she actually can, that’s one of the ways to win.

Eryk Masters: That’s true. They both can win either by escaping the cage, either through the door or over the top, or they can finish the match inside via pinfall or submission.

Other Guy: Now, I don’t expect to see Tanya trying to win in the ring, she’s definitely going to need to use her speed to get out of the ring and out of harm’s way.

Eryk Masters: Whereas Chance, I believe, is going to try and beat her into the canvas and win on the mat.

Other Guy: Absolutely. He has no interest in escaping the cage, he’s even gone so far as to say he wants to hurt his former tag team partner in a bad way. I guess we’ll find out soon, looks like the cage is fully assembled.

Eryk Masters: Take it away, Samantha!

Samantha Coil: The following contest is a CAGE MATCH!

"Bully" by Shinedown hits, and the fans begin to cheer a little. Chance Ryan steps out from behind the curtains, wearing an orange and yellow Chance Ryan zip-down hoodie, half-zipped with the hood over his head. He stares ahead at the cage and raises his arms in the air, receiving a few more cheers in the process, before marching down the ramp.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, from Metropolis, Illionois! Weighing in at 287 pounds! "The LAST" CHAAAAAAAAAAAAANCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCE RYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!

Chance continues down the ramp, and even slaps the few hands that reach out for him, before climbing up the ring steps and getting into the ring. "Bully" fades out slowly.

Your fear it moves me.  

Your weakness I taste.  

I breathe you, I hate you.  

You course through my veins.  

And now.  

And now.

The lights dim down for a moment and an explosion of pyro signals the entrance of Tanya Black who stands on the stage looking mesmerized for a moment as she soaks in the boos of the fans. 

You want me. You love me.  

And I hate myself.  

I need you, but I hate you.  

‘Cause I want nothing else.  

And I bleed you since I’ve healed you.  

Your pain escapes through me.  

‘Cause I breathe you, but I hate you.  

‘Cause they say we could never be.  

They can’t see.

As Die For You continues to play the arena watches as Tanya Black begins walking to the ring, every step seeming to awaken her more and more, her look going from vacant to determination. Fearlessly walking through the cage door Tanya Black moves to the middle of the ring and holds her arms out to the sides as she leans her head back 

It seems the pain’s been traded,  

Since I pulled you through.  

And now my mind’s been so jaded.  

And I would kill myself for you.  

I’d die for you.

Other Guy: It seems Tanya Black has some new music to show off that this is a new era for Tanya, if Chance lets her survive.

Eryk Masters: Indeed. That pose and music screams Martyr which is adding a layer of mind game to this match.

As Dennis Heflin calls for the bell from within the ring, Tanya Black immediately darts for the cage door! Chance Ryan steps in front of it though and cuts her run short and she starts back pedaling. She turns and starts running for the cage wall now, but Chance is quick to catch up to her and grabs her by her left shoulder, whipping her around to face him before snapping a right hook into her cheek!

Eryk Masters: Tanya Black was looking for a quick way out, but the fight is on now!

Other Guy: The fight is on is right, Chance Ryan just rocked her with that first punch!

Tanya throws her arms up to cover her face from the barrage of rights and lefts that still drive her back into a corner! Chance continues to rain his fists down into Tanya’s face, arms, and head to drive her down in the corner to a seated position. Chance lets out a wild roar as the fans cheer for the opening burst of aggression, but is cut off by Tanya kicking her right foot up into his gut. Chance takes a step back and doubles over as Tanya reaches up to grab the top rope.

Other Guy: Tanya’s trying to fight out of the corner though.

Eryk Masters: She’s going to need to do just that!

Chance moves back toward her and Tanya kicks up at him again, but he catches her foot. With some panic, Tanya kicks her left foot up at Chance in an attempt to break free, but Chance catches her by that foot as well before smiling. Chance takes two big steps backward, pulling Tanya out of the corner violently, sending her high into the air and crashing down on the canvas!

Eryk Masters: That was a huge modified powerbomb to bring Tanya out of the corner the hard way!

Other Guy: Well, she wanted out I guess, right?

Tanya arches her back and clutches it as Chance raises his arms to another moderate round of cheers. Chance turns back to Tanya and pulls her to her feet by her hair before grabbing her arm and whipping her off into the ropes. He ducks down for a back body drop attempt but Tanya hooks the top rope with both elbows! She turns around and starts climbing the cage with great haste!

Eryk Masters: Clever attempt to escape and win by Tanya Black!

Other Guy: It’s not going to work, though. Chance is already looking back up to see what’s taking so long!

Sure enough, Chance spots Tanya as her feet pass the top rope and she’s only inches away from grabbing the top of the cage! He quickly clears the distance between them and grabs her by her left ankle, halting her momentum. He tugs and tugs, but Tanya won’t let go of the cage! Chance starts to pull again but Tanya pushes off the cage suddenly and turns her body to slide her left leg down onto Chance’s shoulder and drop her right leg on his other shoulder, she wraps her legs tight and turns through a hurricanrana!

Other Guy: I’ve gotta give her credit that was a unique and interesting counter out of that predicament!

Eryk Masters: If she can’t escape, she may as well find a way to create some offense and her speed is definitely one of the advantages she has. If she can keep moving, she’s got a shot.

As they scramble to their feet, Tanya is up first and she starts running for Chance before he can even turn around. The moment he does turn around she dives low, driving both feet into his left knee with a nasty dropkick! Chance drops to his knee and Tanya is up and running again, hitting the ropes behind him she builds up even more steam before diving for the back of Chance’s head, catching it under her arm and riding him to the canvas with a bulldog off his knee!

Eryk Masters: Just like that! If she can keep this momentum going, Tanya Black has a very real chance of, well, beating Chance.

Other Guy: That’s got to get confusing sometimes for him.

Eryk Masters: What?

Other Guy: The whole chance, Chance thing.

Tanya walks toward a corner, but instead of climbing she turns her back and pulls herself up onto the bottom rope before jumping off and dropping her right leg across Chance’s throat! Tanya pushes up to her feet and moves back to the corner, this time pulling herself up to stand on the second rope. She dives off again, and again connects with the leg drop once more!

Eryk Masters: Wh…why are we talking about that? There’s a match going on right now!

Other Guy: Right, and Tanya Black is taking a chance by dropping legs on Chance Ryan. Confusing, or not?

Tanya pushes to her feet again and moves back to the corner, this time climbing up to the top before turning around on it and leaping off to come crashing down with a third leg drop, bringing out the jeers from the Epicenter. Tanya pushes up again, holding her lower back after the impact of that one before moving to the middle of the cage wall and starts climbing.

Other Guy: Never mind that, Eryk! Now it looks like she’s going to try and escape!

Eryk Masters: It does, but…but wait, she only dropped three legs. She usually drops four!

Tanya climbs the cage wall and grabs the top of the cage with both hands. The fans boo louder as she starts to pull up more, but turns to look at Chance clutching his throat on the canvas. A devious grin crosses her face as she gets a tight grip on the top of the wall and digs her feet in deep. Tanya suddenly pushes off the cage wall and turns to deliver the fourth leg drop of the Four-Peat! Tanya bounces off her back side and clutches her lower back for a second or two before rolling to cover Chance, hooking one of his legs deep!

Eryk Masters: Amazing variation on the Four-Peat here at Reckoning Day!




Chane kicks out!

Other Guy: And a close near fall for Tanya Black right there! That high risk nearly paid off!

Taking a moment to catch her breath Tanya gets to her feet and measures things out, seeing if she can escape. Noticing Chance is trying to get up already, she frowns and circles to stay out of his line of sight. Seeing Chance crawl to the ropes to pull himself up, Tanya backs up several steps. As soon as Chance is vertical Tanya charges and spears him hard, sending Chance through the ropes and into the cage!

Eryk Masters: A sick spear! Tanya just used the cage wall as a weapon big time!

Other Guy: It’s not enough Chance got crushed between Tanya and the wall but now he’s tangled up in that thin space between the cage and the ropes.

Sure enough Chance struggles to stand up and Tanya takes advantage dragging his face across the cage wall ripping skin all the way. Letting go she waits for Chance to turn and super kicks him, Chance having nowhere to go, embedded into the unmoving wall causing the fans to boo loudly as those in the front row wince in pain. Smiling Tanya blows him a kiss before telling the referee to open the cage door. It takes the referee a moment to open the cage door and Tanya begins to walk out but at the last moment she is spun around by a revived Chance who tosses her over his head and back into the center of the ring.

Eryk Masters: Chance Ryan keeps this match going!

Other Guy: And he just noticed that thin stream of blood on his forehead. That won’t improve his mood when it comes to this young woman.

Wiping his forehead clean Chance lines up the rising Tanya and begins peppering her with left and right jabs causing Tanya to stagger. A right cross sets up Tanya who turns into a hard uppercut that lays her out on the mat. Chance seems to know it’s nowhere near over yet and picks Tanya up. Whipping her into the ropes, Chance catches Tanya, spinning her around before transitioning into a hard spinebuster that shakes the whole ring!

Eryk Masters: Tilt-a-whirl Spinebuster! What a great move!

Other Guy: Pin Her! This woman doesn’t need to regain consciousness or the advantage will be snatched away.

Seeing Tanya not moving Chance thinks for a moment before attempting a pin.




Not totally surprised Chance simply grunts before looking around. Deciding to head up top, he climbs the nearest turnbuckle. Taking a moment to rile up the fans before turning around for the big moonsault, Chance pays for it as Tanya dashes and hits the ropes causing Chance to shake on top. A desperation kick a moment later and Chance falls onto the corner post, hurting his favorite body part as the fans gasp and boo. Tanya waves them off, clubbing Chance in the back several times. Using the turnbuckle to help her balance and hold the weight of the bigger man, Tanya goes for a crucifix but as soon as she steps forward to slam Chance down he springs to life and turns it around into a backbreaker with surprising speed and agility.

Eryk Masters: This time it’s Tanya who underestimates Chance Ryan and it cost her.

Other Guy: This is what happens when former partners collide! They know each other so well, it’s a matter of doing the unexpected.

Chance pulls Tanya up but takes a step back when she bites his forehead before punching it, making sure to dig her knuckle into the wound, busting Chance open further. Blinking away the blood, Chance looks at Tanya a bit incrediously before shocking her and the fans with a sudden and impactful Hammer of Justice! Tanya is laid out on the mat as the fans chant HOLY SHIT causing Chance to smile. Lifting Tanya up Chance hoists her up on his shoulder. Turning around in a slow circle Chance takes a couple steps forward and tosses Tanya like a javelin at the cage wall, causing her to hit face first which sends up another huge pop from the fans. Surprisingly Tanya hangs on to prevent falling to the mat but she’s not moving either. The cameras zoom in and we see that Tanya has been busted open as well as she stares vacantly.

Eryk Masters: This is getting deranged. Chance almost tossed Tanya through the cage.

Other Guy: Good thing the cage is built to last. If it broke she would have hit the floor and won.

Chance walks over and grabs Tanya’s ankle to try and yank her off but her grip is surprisingly strong. Yanking a little harder Chance is caught off guard when Tanya kicks her other leg up and slams it into the side of his face. Chance staggers and moves back in but this time Tanya kicks him with both feet right to the face. Chance stands there dazed and Tanya wraps her legs around his neck in a chokehold. Letting go of the cage Tanya positions herself and slides down his back, her legs choking Chance out as she slams her elbows into his kidneys over and over.

Eryk Masters: Kama Suture! How did she have the awareness to do that!

Other Guy: I don’t know but this is quite the sight. She’s smiling and bleeding while she hangs upside down like some kind of rabid bat.

Chance staggers out into the middle of the ring unable to get his head to clear as Tanya cuts off his oxygen while pounding his sides. Finally she seems to sense something and lets go, flipping onto her feet as Chance falls. Dragging him to the corner Tanya waves to the fans as she blinks away the blood. Smiling she reaches down and wipes Chance’s blood across her chest, looking somewhat turned on as she skips across the ring. Lining Chance up Tanya races across and hits a Bronco Buster bouncing up and down a good dozen times before placing her feet against the middle ropes. Swinging herself up and back down her knees slam hard into Chance’s face busting him up even further.

Eryk Masters: Tanya Black has gone to that place. The pain and the competition has her adrenaline running.

Other Guy: Yeah straight to her pants. The sadist is out and that means Chance needs to stop her soon or he’ll be in a bad place.

Eryk Masters: Right. I’m sure Chance is right on that.

Taking a few moments to catch her breath, Tanya demands the door be opened up. Walking across the ring Tanya Black smiles in triumph and stands in the doorway when she hears a huge cheer start. Turning back she sees Chance up and staggering across the ring. Getting ready to leap Tanya is caught in mid-air by a running Chance who just manages to get one hand around one of her ankles. Her body swinging down Tanya slams against the side of the ring with a loud thud and is dazed as Chance drags her back into the ring. Telling the referee to close the door, Chance grabs Tanya and powerslams her into the mat for good measure. With his opponent out of it, Chance sets her up in the corner and begins peppering fists into her stomach, each shot causing a new pop from the fans as they count along. After the fans reach the count of twelve Chance grabs the back of Tanya’s head and tosses her forward onto the mat.

Eryk Masters: They are bloody, they are beaten but neither one is pinned yet.

Other Guy: Yet. That aborted exit left Tanya in a bad place and Chance just wore her out with some hard hitting punches.

Looking at the fans Chance rattles the cage before calling for the Hammer of Justice. Waiting for Tanya to move into position Chance winds up for a big one as he wipes the blood out of his face. Pure instinct takes over though and Tanya ducks out of the way at the last possible second hitting a Back Cracker on Chance before he can turn back around as the fans roar in disbelief and respect for her tenacity. Pulling herself up Tanya pulls her shirt off and wraps it around Chance’s neck choking him out with the fury of a demon as he struggles on the mat.

Eryk Masters: Holy Hell! Chance Ryan made his last mistake in this match. Tanya’s going to kill him if he doesn’t tap out!

Other Guy: Tanya’s got that bright red sports bra on but I don’t think she wore it hoping to match her crimson mask. Both of these two refuse to lose to the other.

Eryk Masters: This is what SHOOT Project is all about! Fighting with every ounce of your being to call yourself the best!

Chance refuses to tap out to the choking as the fans chant for him, the bigger wrestler starting to rise off the mat. Looking for inspiration Tanya seems to find it and crashes down on the Chance’s spine sending him crashing down. Wiping the blood off with her shirt, Tanya uses her shirt to hog-tie Chance’s legs to the turnbuckle. Crawling over to Chance, Tanya locks on the Tap Out Bitch! causing the fans to scream louder as Chance struggles in the proper submission hold.

Eryk Masters: He can’t resist this. She’s been attacking his head and neck all match long.

Other Guy: Yes he can. Chance Ryan is righteous. He has emotional strength and he’s the star pupil of a former SHOOT Project World Champion.

The audience holds their breath as Tanya cranks back on the neck of Chance who screams in pain but refuses to tap out. The two lay there on the mat in a deadlock as neither competitor gives in. Finally Tanya lets go, slamming the mat in frustration. Waving goodbye to Chance, Tanya slowly walks over to the cage wall, clearly running out of energy as she prepares to climb. Chance manages to come to and rolls around, untying his legs as Tanya gets halfway up.

Eryk Masters: Make It Chance!

Reaching up Chance slams his fist into Tanya’s back halting her climb. Seeing her still holding on after a couple more shots Chance climbs up as well. The chase is on and both are at the top as they slug it out.

Other Guy: This won’t end well for somebody. It’s a long fall down.

Neither wrestler gives in as both sway at the top of the cage. Surprising Chance, Tanya wraps her arm around his neck. Before Chance can react Tanya kicks off the cage and drops to the mat, DDTing Chance Ryan causing an echo that ripples across the Epicenter silence hanging in the air before the chant starts.




The referees on the inside and outside look confused as both lay there. Finally Tanya rolls over and drapes an arm over Chance Ryan’s chest as the chant stops.






Almost crying Tanya forces herself to stand up. Beckoning Chance Ryan to his feet the cameras zoom in hard on Tanya’s face and we can just barely pick up her cracking voice.

Tanya: Good fight. Now die.

Chance manages to get up but is still bent over in pain. Grabbing him by the head Tanya manages to leap up and hits the Tough Love. Rolling away she strains to crawl over. The audience is practically begging for Chance as Tanya drapes her whole body over his to hold him down.




Tanya looks up in shock as the referee claims Chance just rolled his shoulder up breaking the pinfall. Muttering to herself Tanya pulls herself up by the ropes. Making the sign of the cross Tanya takes three big steps and hits the concussion kick sending Chance crashing to the mat, unmoving. Crawling forward Tanya can’t seem to speak as the door is unlocked. Blinking away the blood one last time Tanya grabs the apron and drags herself forward as Chance lays there unconscious. One last spasm of effort and Tanya manages to fall out of the ring, hearing the bell ring.

Samantha Coil: Your Winner by Escape! TANYA BLACK!

The fans mostly boo but a few seem to be applauding the sheer effort as the referees signal for the EMTs, Tanya sitting on the ground smiling as her music plays too tired to celebrate but at least able to know she won.

Eryk Masters: Those two just gave it all to this sport tonight. Tanya Black may be a dirty fighting bitch but she took a beating tonight and was just a little better.

Other Guy: It took literally everything she had to win. She can’t even stand up to applaud herself. Both of these two should be proud.


“Bad Company” by Five Finger Death Punch sends a wave of cheering through the Reckoning Day crowd, and out from the back emerges Long Island Hardcore. CJ & Jared stand side by side, taking in the response from the crowd while nodding in appreciation. The two men head down to the ring while walking in unison.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, at a combined weight of 520 lbs, CJ Nelson and Jared Walsh,  LOOOOOOOOOONG ISLAAAAAAAAND HAAAAAARDCOOOOOOORE!!

Eryk Masters: One of the most storied tag teams in SHOOT Project history, OG. They’ve done it all, they’ve fought them all, and they’re looking to retake this division and take it by storm.

Other Guy: Jared is as quick as they come, and CJ is one hell of a powerhouse. The dynamic works perfectly for these guys, and they KNOW they’re in for a fight tonight on the Reckoning Day stage.

Jared slides into the ring, and CJ heads in through the ropes, both men awaiting their opponents.

“Back In The Saddle” by Aerosmith elicits a LOUD pop from the huge capacity crowd lining the stands of the Epicenter, and BUCK DRESDEN and CHARLES BRANDON MAGNUS step out under the lights, both men wearing tights that sport that signature BAB skull.

Buck & Magnus waste no time heading straight down the ramp towards the ring, and they slap hands with as many fans as they can before entering the ring.

Samantha Coil: Introducing second, at a combined weight of 505lbs, Buck Dresden & Charles Brandon Magnus…THE BADASS BROTHERHOOD!!

Eryk Masters: The Brotherhood is literally back in the saddle here in SHOOT Project, these guys have BEEN to the top of that mountain, and they’re gonna do everything they can to get back there.

Other Guy: Few teams in SHOOT Project history have the camaraderie of BAB. Together, these men are a mountain climbing, luchasabre wielding FORCE to be reckoned with.

Buck and Magnus climb right up into the ring, and we hear the bell ring with a loud clang, signaling that we are OFFICIALLY UNDERWAY!!

Magnus and CJ Nelson start things off, both men jocking for position in the center of the ring. CJ takes the advantage with a big knee to Magnus’s gut, and he then rude tosses him down to the canvas. Magnus pops right back up and gets CJ locked into a tight side headlock, only to take him right down to the canvas with authority. CJ kicks his legs and breaks free, getting back up and looking to score with a clothesline…but Magnus ducks!

Magnus hits the ropes and CRUSHES CJ in the face with a nasty leg lariat, bringing the big man down, and he goes for a quick pinfall.



CJ literally military presses Magnus off of him.

Other Guy: CJ is a big, strong ox of a man…but Magnus is very technically capable when it comes to pure wrestling. Makes for an interesting mesh of styles here.

Eryk Masters: I know one thing, that leg lariat looked like it HURT pretty damn badly…

CJ climbs back up to his feet while shaking his head back and forth to drive away cobwebs, and Magnus hits the ropes again, looking for a cross body…but CJ catches him!! CJ Nelson then repositions Magnus and DROPS him hard with a sidewalk slam, holding tight to the leg as soon as he hits the canvas.



Magnus wastes no time shoulder out, and when CJ goes to pick up back up he’s met with a BRUTAL chop to the chest that sends CJ reeling.

Eryk Masters: Several quick pinfalls in the early goings of this match. These men know that it only takes THREE seconds to get closer to that tag team gold.

Other Guy: I think that’s the type of match we’ll see here tonight, E. These guys wanna go into a fast paced battle that will yield results quickly…that’s how hotly contested the Tag Team division in SHOOT Project is right now.

CJ Nelson goes to scoop Magnus back up, but he’s met with a beautiful jawbreaker that sends the big man stumbling into the turnbuckles. Magnus is quick to head over to his corner and tag the awaiting hand of Buck Dresden.

Other Guy: Now THIS will be interesting. Buck’s a big ol’ country brawler…and if anyone can match strength with CJ, Buck might just be the guy for the job.

Eryk Masters: There are symbolic mudholes ALL around this ring…and Buck knows just when to throw someone into them!

Buck enters the ring, staring across towards CJ, allowing him to make the move into his own corner and tag out to Jared.  Scott Kamura calls for the tag and Jared enters.  The two walk with purpose towards the center of the ring and as the direction becomes clear, they pick up a head of steam and immediately upon meeting, lock in a collar and elbow tie up.  Buck doesn’t give Jared the satisfaction of engaging with him and immediately turns the collar and elbow into a headlock.  Jared shoves Buck off but Buck hits the ropes and immediately rebounds with a BIG clothesline that rocks Jared!

Eryk Masters:  Buck Dresden is getting down to business here and it looks like messing around is NOT on the menu tonight.

Other Guy:  Really?  Restaurant humor?  That’s what you went with? 

Eryk Masters:  I mean, my heart’s not peeing QUITE yet.

Other Guy:  Ugh…

Buck doesn’t let Jared have the time to get back to his feet and begins laying boots into the downed member of LIHC, stomping legit mudholes where symbolic ones used to be.  Scott Kamura quickly moves to admonish Buck Dresden, begging him off of Jared, who’s managed to crawl to the bottom ring rope.  Buck backs off just enough to let Jared get back to his feet and the two immediately re-engage in another collar and elbow.  Buck takes the dominant position one more time, and Jared tries once more to shove him off, but Buck holds on.  Jared’s hands reach out in pain, but Buck isn’t about to let up!  Buck instead powers Jared away from him and then with two hands straight SHOVES him into the turnbuckle where Magnus stands.  Magnus throws a REALLY hard elbow into the back of Jared’s head, causing Jared to stagger out of the corner and into a HUGE belly to belly suplex from Buck Dresden! 

Buck covers! 



THR–  NO.  Jared is BARELY touching the ring rope with his foot.  Buck gets up, shaking his head and looks to Magnus who simply shrugs.

Other Guy:  The Bad Ass Brotherhood is RELENTLESS tonight.  That was a hard shot that Jared took from Magnus and then the follow up suplex from Buck was just… a really great… follow up.

Eryk Masters:  And you were picking on me for restaurant humor?  Come on.

Other Guy:  ANYWAY.  The duo seems to have the chemistry that it’s been claimed they lacked.  They’re working in great tandem tonight. 

Eryk Masters:  And that is something I’m glad to see.  It really sucked when the BAB weren’t really doing much of anything.  I know *I* hated it.

Jared reaches for the top rope to pull himself up, and Buck turns around to see the man struggling to get to his feet. Picking up his feet, Buck races across the ring at the surprised Jared, who falls down, pulling the top rope with him, sending Buck FLYING out of the ring and to the mat on the outside.

Eryk Masters: Buck Dresden on the outside of the ring here, giving Jared all the time he needs to make the tag!

Jared collects himself on the mat as Buck attempts to regain his composure on the outside of the ring. Jared reaches out for CJ’s hand as Buck slides into the ring with a hold on Jared’s ankle…but JARED MAKES THE TAG!

CJ enters the ring and immediately begins to trade heavy shots with Buck. The two exchange lefts and rights, but CJ begins to get the upper hand, rocking Buck backwards. After two or three more BIG right hands, CJ winds up and unleashes a HUGE haymaker, sending Buck against the ropes.

CJ moves in and Irish whips Buck to the opposite ropes. Buck ducks a clothesline and hits the ropes again where Magnus makes the blind tag. CJ catches Buck with a HUGE powerslam and makes the cover, but Magnus quickly delivers a NASTY dropkick to CJ’s head. Magnus brings CJ to his feet slowly, but CJ shoves him away and delivers a lariat that nearly decapitates him!

Eryk Masters: CJ Nelson is a house of fire right now!

Other Guy: I thought for a second the Brotherhood was going to take it right back over with that blind tag, but CJ just won’t be stopped.

CJ snatches Magnus forward and hoists him up for a vertical suplex, but Magnus lands behind him and clamps on a rear waist-lock. Magnus grunts as he pops his hips and lifts with all his strength, taking CJ over with a HUGE German suplex! Magnus covers!




CJ just manages to get his shoulder up! Magnus brings CJ to his feet again and brings him to his corner, making the tag to Buck. Buck enters the ring and the BAB send CJ into the ropes, catching him with a double back elbow before Magnus exits the ring.

Buck fires a couple of STIFF forearm shots into CJ’s chin before whipping him into the ropes, where Jared makes the blind tag this time! Buck LEVELS CJ with a lariat, but Jared springboards off the top rope, catching Buck in the back of his head with a spinning heel kick! CJ gets to his feet and rushes Magnus, forearming him off the apron to the floor. CJ turns back to Buck who is just getting to his feet and delivers a HUGE boot to the gut before lifting him up into a Canadian backbreaker position. Jared jumps up, grabbing ahold of Buck’s neck and they DRIVE Buck to the mat!


Jared covers!




Eryk Masters:No! Magnus breaks up the cover!

Magnus pulls Jared off of his tag partner, saving the match!

Other Guy:CJ and Jared have team unity, but Buck and Chuck are BROTHERS!

Eryk Masters:Yeah, I don’t think that’s right.

CJ thinks that LIHC has the match won and stands tall as Magnus slides into the ring and kicks Nelson in the stomach! Jared latches on to Buck’s head, running toward the ring corner!

Eryk Masters:You Dissolve!

Other Guy:Iconoclasm! Both men hit their finishers!


Eryk Masters:It’s a race to the finish! Jared covered first!


Other Guy:Magnus laid out the big man before Kamura dropped to the mat!


Scott Kamura calls for the bell and walks over to Samantha Coil! Both Magnus and Jared celebrate the huge win!

Eryk Masters: Uh oh. Looks like we’re going to have some discussion.

Other Guy: It’s obvious we have new number one contenders for Sex and Violence, just give it to the Bad Ass Brotherhood!

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, Referee Scott Kamura has called an end to this match due to double pinfall, thus making this match a NO CONTEST!

Eryk Masters: Well. It looks like both men got the cover at the same time.

Other Guy: So who are the number one contenders?

Eryk Masters: I guess we’ll find out at Revolution! Regardless, this hard fought match highlighted two of the best tag teams in SHOOT Project history and they proved that hype true..


The crowd is frenzied with excitement thanks to the great matches that have already taken place here at Day 1 of Reckoning Day, and the energy in the Epicenter just continues to rise in anticipation of the monumental main event to follow.

A low purple glow starts to blanket the arena, and it’s immediately followed by a dirty blues guitar riff that sends the crowd into total mark out mode.

“I could take the pitchfork from the devil  

Keep a super suit like I’m incredible.  

From the deep blue sea to the dark blue sky….” 

The song cuts out and the lights go dark, and then seconds later a purple spotlight falls at the top of the ramp, and ADRIAN CORAZON steps out from behind the curtains. Dark purple pyro fires off to either side of him, and the crowd pops HARD for the Brutal, Inhuman Soldier of SHOOT Project.


The cheers just continue to grow and grow with The Black Key’s “Baddest Man Alive” serenading the Epicenter, and out from the curtains steps the desert nomad called OBSIDIAN. Surprisingly enough, Obsidian is met with yet another major pop from the crowd as he stands there at his blood-brother’s side, his hair swept back from his face and his beard well groomed.

Corazon & Obsidian look at each other for a moment, sharing in the kinship and the appreciation of the crowd, and then both men start to head down the ramp, walking side by side.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, at a combined weight of 565lbs…they are THE DARKNESS & THE BADDEST MAN ALIVE….Corazon & Obsidian….Project: SCAR!!!

Other Guy: One half of Project: SCAR, folks…the Baddest Man Alive and the desert wanderer Obsidian. They once served together years past in a group called the Vanguard, and when it comes to loyalty and familial bonds, look no further than these two men. They’ve been through so much together, and the bond between them has roots that run deep into the ground of SHOOT Project.

Eryk Masters: And just listen to the crowd, OG….THIS is the version of SCAR that the fans want to see triumph here tonight at the grand stage of Reckoning Day. This SCAR offers hope for a better future. THIS SCAR wants to see SHOOT Project thrive and grow. This SCAR…could change the game entirely.

Other Guy: I don’t doubt for a second that Corazon can follow through with that promise, OG. This man lives, eats, and breathes SHOOT Project. He has the SHOOT Helmet proudly tattooed onto his back…THAT is how much he respects the symbol of this great company. Say what you will about the dark deeds that line his past, but when it comes to what a Soldier SHOULD be in SHOOT Project…I believe Adrian Corazon is the archetype.

Corazon slides into the ring beneath the bottom rope, and Obsidian steps into the ring over the top rope. Both men stare up at the ramp…awaiting the rest of the “family.”

Darkness falls on the great stage of Reckoning Day. The crowd grows uneasy, most of the fans already starting to voice disdain for the ones that are about to arrive. The disjointed, jagged melodies of Katatonia’s “Black Session” start to pour through the Epicenter like the vocal equivalent of acid, setting the crowd even more on edge.

On one side of the ramp, a terribly cold dry ice smoke has begun to creep out from behind the curtains. The chill bites deeply into ringside attendants and cameramen alike, some of the fans on that side of the ring actually shivering a little.

On the other side of the ramp, bursts of scorching hellfire start to blast up from ramp, painting that side of the ramp in hot, infernal light. The flames are summoned up at timed intervals, and many of the fans on that side of the ramp have to turn their faces away from the baking heat that emanates from the man-made inferno.

The SHOOT Video Wall starts to project the images of nightmares. Maggots wriggling, cities burning, scenes of gruesome carnage. We see a flash of opaque blue eyes staring out from the Video Wall, the gaze like soulless frostbite. The eyes transition into a smiling mouth, teeth sharpened to points, and a surgically forked tongue slips out to lick those teeth, leaving droplets of saliva laid across them.

The curtains flutter, and KENJI YAMADA steps out to stand in the cold embrace of the dry ice smoke, and then ISAAC ENTRAGIAN steps out to stand comfortably with hellfire blazing at his back. The fans ROAR with a negative response, the Epicenter coming alive with disfavor for these two deviants.

Samantha Coil: Introducing second, at a combined weight of 540lbs…they are THE SOCIOPATH PIONEER & THE IVORY TERROR…Kenji Yamada & Isaac Entragian…Project: SCAR!!!

Eryk Masters: And here’s the version of SCAR…that we all loathe. The creators. The innovators. The monsters responsible for the architecture that has gone into this despicable design. You won’t find any hope in sight with these two. All they have to give…is HATE. They are living, breathing embodiments for what happens when a human being is lost to the darkness for too long.

Other Guy: Kenji…deadened and cold, the soulless Soldier. Isaac…full of malice, a specter of spite…a demon masquerading as a Soldier. These two men BUILT SCAR, and the repulsive acts they are responsible for are just too numerous to even begin to name. They’ve ended careers. They’ve ruined heroes. They just take anything that is GOOD…and they rend it into ribbons with their bare hands.

To make matters even worse, Elizabeth Gaunt and Flay Rios emerge from the curtains now. Liz slithers up next to Isaac, her hands running across the arm and chest of her scarred titian. Flay meekly goes to stand by Kenji’s side, and he immediately digs his hand into her hair, pulling at the roots and making her arch her back in pain. Gaunt’s face is adorned with a bratty smile, and Flay’s eyes are wide and nervous, yet a bare hint of that animalistic streak can be seen deep down inside of her.

Eryk Masters: I don’t like this. These two women are capable of reprehensible acts too…and if they’re out here with Isaac & Kenji, god only knows what their involvement might be in this match. Gaunt’s a mean-spirited little lunatic, and Flay might look nervous and normal on the surface…but we’ve seen before that she can go off into horrifically violent episodes when provoked.

Isaac wraps a big arm around Liz’s shoulders, and she grasps his pallid hand. They share a grin, and Isaac offers her a wink. Meanwhile Kenji just TOSSES Flay forward to the ground, forcing her to start crawling her way own the ramp towards the ring. All four of them begin to stalk down to the ring, Isaac & Gaunt practically joined at the hip, and Kenji kicking Flay forward bit by bit to get her down to ringside.

Kenji points to the side of the apron, giving Flay a command to STAY, and Isaac and Gaunt share a poisonous kiss before breaking apart. Kenji hops up onto the apron, entering the middle ropes, and Isaac steps up over the top rope. The two splintered factions of SCAR glare across the ring at each other, the tension hanging in the air like something you can actually touch.

Eryk Masters: You can just SENSE the bad blood, OG. Kenji & Obsidian have been pretty emotionally torn throughout this entire thing…but there’s only one thing brewing between Entragian & Corazon. Animosity.

Other Guy: You can say that again. Adrian and Isaac seem to just want to WRECK each other. Corazon calls Isaac bloodthirsty and power-hungry. Isaac calls Corazon envious and prideful. The brotherly bonds between these two…are already broken.

Obsidian looks at Corazon. Isaac looks at Kenji for a moment, and then he points a pale finger across the ring to fall on Corazon. He mouths the words “I WANT YOU.” Corazon nods to Obsidian, and he exits the ring, and Kenji also exits the ring to stand at his corner.

The bell rings with a loud clang, and we are OFFICIALLY UNDERWAY!

Corazon and Isaac begin circling each other in the ring, both men looking to pick that perfect spot to gain an advantage.

After a moment of this…Corazon just steps to the center of the ring, challenging Isaac to meet him there. Isaac’s response is immediate; he steps up to Corazon and gets RIGHT UP in the face of the Baddest Man Alive.

Both men press their foreheads together, the tension growing by the millisecond…and Corazon is the first one to break it with a SCATHING knife-edge chop directed into Isaac’s pale chest. Isaac stumbles back a step, hissing air in through his teeth…and then he just leans right in and CRACKS Corazon on the side of the face with a right cross. Corazon gets rocked to the side, but he gets right back into it with ANOTHER chop! Isaac staggers backwards again, and this time he BLASTS Corazon in the shelf of the jaw with an uppercut….and the Baddest Man Alive is thrown down to the canvas so violently you’d think he was just hit by a wrecking ball.

Eryk Masters: Both men testing the waters with strikes in the early goings.

Other Guy: Entragian’s uppercut is DEADLY. Just about beheads a person every single time he scores with it. The man is just so damn strong…

Eryk Masters: Isaac’s got the height and weight advantage on Corazon, that much is true…but Corazon is fast as hell, OG…and his knowledge of this bloodsport called professional wrestling is another major positive attribute. He’s one of the most technically sound Soldiers we have on the roster.

Other Guy: That’s what Corazon needs to do here….just outwrestle Isaac and wear him down. He’s doesn’t wanna try and throw hands with Isaac…that’s pretty much a death sentence for anyone who faces The Ivory Terror.

Corazon pops right back up, and Isaac makes a move to grab him…but Corazon lashes out with a hook kick that SNAPS right across Isaac’s jaw, sending him flying back into the ropes. Corazon then grabs Isaac’s arm, pushing him off the ropes and irish whipping him hard across the ring, but the moment Entragian bounces off the ropes he ducks a Corazon clothesline and DIVES into a lethal looking shoulder tackle aimed directly at Corazon’s knee.

Corazon’s legs get cut out from under him, and Isaac goes for a quick cover.


Corazon is quick to shoulder out.

Other Guy: Say what you will about Entragian….but he is one of the most athletically gifted big men we have in SHOOT Project. He’s capable of amazing feats of agility for a seven foot, three hundred plus pound man.

Eryk Masters: And he just aimed himself at Corazon’s knee like a 300lb torpedo…that’s a good way to tear ligaments clear away from the bone.

Isaac goes to scrape Corazon back up, but Adrian takes the big man down with an over the shoulder arm drag. Isaac hits the canvas with a loud crash, and Corazon floats right overtop him and focuses one on tree-limb sized arm with a short arm scissors submission hold. Isaac flails in pain, struggling hard….and his sheer strength allows him to LIFT Corazon up off the mat and slam him down to break the submission, and instead of taking the fight back up to vertical bases Isaac keeps it grounded, proceeding to wrap his arm around Corazon’s neck to BEND it backwards with a grounded dragon sleeper.

Corazon sputters as his oxygen is cut off, and he just manages to throw a few sharp elbows into Isaac’s ribs, forcing him to release. Both men fight up to their knees….and they start to just trade punches with each other, both Isaac & Corazon just SLAMMING rights and lefts into each others faces.

Eryk Masters: Beautiful use of leverage with Corazon managing to take Isaac down there. These men started out trading and countering submissions, and now they’re trading strikes.

Other Guy: Usually when you get a big man off his feet, that’s the beginning of the end. Not the case with Isaac, though…his grounded game is just as proficient as the fight he can bring to you while standing tall.

Eryk Masters: And we all know that Corazon is a MASTER when it comes to that type of strategic wrestling. So we’re seeing a very even playing field between these men, so far.

Isaac blocks one of Corazon’s punches, and then he hauls Corazon up by the waist and SMASHES him into the canvas with a spinning spinebuster. Isaac then grabs Corazon’s foot and just yanks him across the ring, and he tags the hand of Kenji Yamada. Isaac makes a motion to Kenji, and Kenji jumps up onto the turnbuckles and then climbs up onto Isaac’s shoulders, standing there perfectly poised…THEN HE LEAPS OFF ISAAC’S SHOULDERS AND CONNECTS WITH A DOUBLE STOMP TO CORAZON’S RIBCAGE!!!

A wretched crunch sound travels through the Epicenter as Isaac exits the ring, and Kenji just begins to circle Corazon like a predator licking his chops.

Eryk Masters: Talk about IMPACT! That could have easily broken a few of Adrian’s ribs…you can just never gauge the type of internal damage moves like that can do to a human body…

Other Guy: Better believe Kenji & Isaac will utilize double team maneuvers like this throughout the course of this match. These two operate like a well-oiled machine built to MAIM.

Kenji scrapes Corazon up from the canvas, and he WHIPS him hard into the buckles, actually dropping down to the canvas himself to ensure additional torque. Kenji gets up a head of steam, and he DRILLS Corazon in the face with a yakuza kick. Corazon’s body pitches backwards limply, and Kenji takes hold of his neck and rolls him towards the center of the ring with a snapmare followed by a quick pinfall.



Corazon kicks out with authority.

Eryk Masters: In the early goings of this divide within SCAR, Kenji seemed very remorseful about targeting Corazon…but it seems like that remorse just vanished. He wants to rip the Baddest Man Alive apart here tonight just as much as Entragian does.

Other Guy: I think all the betrayals of the past just finally opened the flood gates for Yamada. If anything threatens SCAR as a whole, the Architect is going to respond in his usual ruthless way…and that’s what we’re seeing tonight.

Kenji grows with frustration, and he rolls Corazon back towards his corner, pausing to tag Isaac’s pale hand. Kenji then scrapes Corazon up onto his shoulders in the electric chair position…holding him up high while The Ivory Terror ascends to the top rope. Isaac pauses with flashbulbs clicking…AND THEN HE LEAPS AND WHIPS A CLOTHESLINE INTO CORAZON’S THROAT JUST AS KENJI COMPLETES THE ELECTRIC CHAIR DROP!!!

Eryk Masters: WINGS OF WAR along with an electric chair drop! I’ll say this much…Kenji & Isaac came prepared to dish out carnage here tonight.

Isaac rolls through and pops right back up this feet just Kenji leaves the ring, and Isaac immediately falls atop Corazon’s chest for the pin.




Corazon kicks out yet again.

Other Guy: How resilient is Corazon?? The level of damage he’s able to take is out of this world!

Eryk Masters: One of the perks of being the Baddest Man Alive, OG. Corazon needs to make the tag soon, though…Obsidian is fresh and fully capable of matching power with Isaac.

Isaac rudely yanks Corazon back up to his feet, looking to continue the assault…but Corazon steps to the side…and SNAPS A SUPERKICK INTO ISSAC’S JAW!!! Isaac’s body becomes dead weight, falling down to the canvas with a hollow thud…and Corazon drops down as well out of exhaustion.

Eryk Masters: ACT OF REALITY!! Corazon hit that flush!

Other Guy: He needs to make a tag! Now is the time!

Corazon is crawling his way across the canvas…and he finally leaps forward and tags the hand of Obsidian! The desert nomad steps into the ring just as Entragian is getting up while shaking his head from side to side to drive away the cobwebs, and Isaac’s head cranes around to find Obsidian standing there.

Obsidian remains stoic for the moment…and Entragian steps towards him. Isaac reaches out…but instead of striking Obsidian, he pulls him close. Isaac plants a pale hand on the back of Obsidian’s head…and the albino starts to whisper in his ear. Entragian stares directly at Corazon as he continues to whisper…and then he steps back.

Obsidian….looks suddenly very conflicted. The bearded behemoth’s head hangs low…and his eyes seem to fill up with unrest. With the crowd hushed into silence…Obsidian takes a few steps backwards, and he lightly pats Corazon’s chest, tagging him right back into the match.

Corazon’s face scrunches down in confusion as he mouths “What are you doing?” to Obsidian, but the big man just drops down from the apron and begins to pace back and forth with his head hung low.

Eryk Masters: What the hell is this?? What did that pale serpent say to Obsidian?

Other Guy: I have no idea, Eryk…but some kind of seed of doubt must have been planted, because Obsidian looks to be lost in his own thoughts right now WHILE this match is going on.

Entragian favors Corazon with a grin, sharp and spiteful, a grin that taunts the Baddest Man Alive into action. Corazon has no choice but to get back into the match, and he does so with style…the Baddest Man Alive barrels into Entragian with a volley of fist and elbow strikes aimed at Isaac’s head, driving him backwards bit by bit…

Eryk Masters: Act of Brutality!! Isaac is getting ROCKED…

Isaac falls down to one knee after a particularly hard elbow to the head, and Corazon hits the ropes and DRILLS Isaac in the temple with a running shining wizard!!

Other Guy: Act of Defiance now…Corazon is picking up steam, and this man is ROLLIN’!

Corazon ROARS with a battle cry befitting the Baddest Man Alive, and he grabs Isaac’s arm and HAULS him up onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry, straining with effort…BEFORE DROPPING ISSAC TO THE CANVAS WITH A DDT! Corazon is quick to cover!!

Eryk Masters: FURY OF THE DARK HEART…put this pale bastard down for the count, Corazon!




Kenji breaks up the pinfall, and Corazon gets right back up in a rush of Brutal, Inhuman fury…BOOTS Kenji in the midsection…locks him up with a double underhook…AND THEN DESTROYS HIM WITH A PEDIGREE!!

Eryk Masters: ORIGINAL SIN!!! LISTEN TO THE CROWD, OG!! Corazon is fighting off Kenji & Isaac all by himself…and he’s doing a damned good job of it, too!

Kenji rolls out of the ring while holding his ribs, and meanwhile Isaac is getting back up to a shaky vertical base. Corazon goes for another superkick, but Isaac catches his foot…ONLY TO LEAP FORWARD WITH A BOOT OF HIS OWN AND SMASH CORAZON IN THE FACE WITH A BICYCLE KICK!!!

Other Guy: Uhoh. Adrian’s momentum just came to a halt via Mark Of The Beast…you never really can count this pallid hellion out.

Kenji is climbing back up onto the apron while holding his ribs, and Isaac DRAGS Corazon back over to his corner, proceeding to tag the hand of the Sociopath Pioneer. Isaac lifts Corazon up and holds his arms while Kenji just SLUGS him in the torso with multiple rights and lefts, and then Isaac tosses Corazon into the buckles, grabs Kenji’s hand…and IRISH WHIPS KENJI RIGHT INTO CORAZON!!

Kenji uses the momentum to CRUSH a forearm shot into Corazon’s face, and Isaac finally leaves the ring at the behest of the official.

Eryk Masters: Come on, ref! Get some control going in there. This is turning into a glorified handicapped match.

Other Guy: It looks like Obsidian has finally climbed back onto the apron on his side of the ring…but we still don’t know where his head is at right now.

Kenji then bulls Corazon back into his corner, and he once again tags Isaac into the match, and Isaac comes in and just starts to RAM his shoulder into Corazon’s stomach multiple times. Isaac then plants a boot on Corazon’s throat and just CHOKES him mercilessly…pausing only to tag Kenji right back into the match!

Eryk Masters: Isaac & Kenji are just wearing Adrian out with these quick tags. Something’s gotta give, here…

The crowd fires up, trying hard to get Corazon back into this match.




A surge of adrenaline seizes the Brutal, Inhuman Soldier…and he DROPS Kenji to the mat with a hard clothesline, only to then spin around with a hard back elbow that knocks Isaac clear off the apron. Corazon then falls downward and begins to crawl towards his corner…his hand reaching out for Obsidian…

Obsidian’s hair hangs down against his face, obscuring his expression…and his hands reaches out too, trying to connect with Corazon’s fingers.

Corazon gets INCHES away….SO CLOSE to the tag…and that’s when Obsidian…retracts his arm.

Corazon’s eyes widen in shock, and the desert nomad offers him no expression in response. Just a mask of stony nothingness covered by wild, tangled hair.

Eryk Masters: ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? What kind of game is Erick Brooks playing here tonight?? He is LETTING these wolves pick his tag team partner apart!

Other Guy: Something is wrong here, E. Something is very wrong…

Kenji stumbles right back onto the scene, and he CURB STOMPS Corazon’s face down against the canvas…proceeding to grab his legs and PULL him rudely back into the lion’s den. Kenji tags Isaac back in, and the albino immediately goes to one corner and drops down, looking to size Corazon up.

Eryk Masters: Oh god….we know what’s coming now. Isaac wants to uncoil with that big spear…and if he connects with Corruption, this thing is OVER!

Corazon pushes up to a wobbly vertical base from his hands and knees, and Isaac DASHES forward, looking to spear Corazon out of his boots…BUT CORAZON COUNTERS WITH A BIG KNEE TO THE FACE, KNOCKING ISAAC BACKWARDS WITH THE IMPACT!!

Eryk Masters: CORAZON LIVES!!! This ain’t over yet!!! This is Reckoning Day, ladies and gents…and the BADDEST MAN ALIVE is playing for keeps!

Corazon then sizes Isaac up…and he LEAPS with both knees extended, looking to score with the ACT OF INHUMANITY…BUT ENTRAGIAN CATCHES HIM IN MIDAIR!!!

Eryk Masters: NO!!! How in the hell??

Other Guy: Corazon is fighting, he’s struggling hard, but he’s taken SO much abuse from both Kenji & Isaac here…

Isaac pulls and bulls Corazon up onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry; Corazon throws wild elbows trying to break free…BUT ISAAC THROWS HIM UP AND OVER INTO HIS KNEE WITH A HUGE GUTBUSTER!!

Other Guy: THE DISEMBOWELER!! He countered the Act of Inhumanity and hit that damned gutbuster!

Corazon falls down to the canvas in the fetal position, his hands cradling his stomach as his eyelids flutter closed…and Isaac is quick to make the pinfall.




Samantha Coil: Here are your winners, at a time of nineteen minutes and seven seconds…the team of KENJI YAMADA & ISAAC ENTRAGIAN….PROJECT: SCAR!!!

Other Guy: The originals take the win here tonight, folks…but it’s certainly not an honorable victory.

Eryk Masters: That’s an understatement. Corazon fought this entire match BY HIMSELF….Obsidian refused to lay even a hand on either Isaac or Kenji! That man needs to explain himself…

Kenji enters the ring, and he makes a motion to Flay, and she enters the ring as well. Isaac nods to Gaunt, and she comes into the ring too…while holding a black sack of some kind. The four of them begin to circle Corazon like rabid dogs, who’s just BARELY gotten up to his knees with his fists raised up weakly…and that’s when OBSIDIAN stomps into the ring, dispersing the crowd!

Eryk Masters: Now we’re talking, Obsidian! Come to your senses! Drive this pack of hounds away and stand up for your brother!

Obsidian stares down at Corazon on his knees…and then he offers him a hand to help him up to his feet. Corazon nods, gratefully, reaching his hand up to take Obsidian’s hand…but instead, Obsidian’s hand keeps descending…


Obsidian’s voice comes out like booming thunder, heard by all despite the fact that he doesn’t have a microphone.

Obsidian: You should NEVER have asked me to choose against my brothers…my sisters…my only family. I am….your ENFORCER….no more.

Corazon’s facial expression literally seems to SAG downward, emotions pouring through him…AND OBSIDIAN ROCKETS HIM UP INTO THE AIR AND DESTROYS HIM WITH A CHOKESLAM!!!

The crowd UNLEASHES with booing, a loud cacophony of noise that makes the grand stage of Reckoning Day practically shake as a result.

Eryk Masters: That…BASTARD!! How could he do this, OG?? Corazon has been one of this man’s only friends for YEARS…long before SCAR ever even existed! They were in the Vanguard together…one of the strongest bonds in SHOOT Project…SHATTERED by this shocking act of betrayal.

Other Guy: I don’t even know what to say, E….this rotten Entragian got into this man’s head somehow….POISONED his mind…and now we see without a shadow of a doubt, Erick Brooks has FULLY given himself over to the darkness…

The cameras focus on Isaac Entragian now….and a vile, knowing grin creeps across his face. He’s taken a microphone into his pallid hand…and he approaches Obsidian carefully….before EMBRACING him as a brother…and Erick Brooks…RETURNS the embrace!! Kenji looks on with a hideous smile, Gaunt actually CLAPS with glee, and Flay just stands there like a meek little mouse.

Isaac breaks away from Obsidian, and he drops down to his knees next to Corazon.

Entragian: Looks like somebody….doesn’t have your back anymore.

Corazon stares up at Isaac, his body brutalized, and he can only cough in response.

Entragian: Heh. Look at you. Such a poor, pointless, pathetic little thing. I bet you’re wondering….how did it all go so WRONG? Well, Adrian…I guess you could say this was all preordained. It was only ever meant to go ONE way, ya know?

Isaac grins down at Corazon.

Entragian: MY….way. This is MY family. These are MY siblings. Did you ever truly believe that you could turn them against me? You overstepped, little brother. Tried to usurp control over something that you don’t even fully understand. Tried to make this about honor. Tried to instill…integrity…into our design. You wanted to make SCAR about some kind of moral code, right?

Isaac shakes his head slowly from side to side.

Entragian: I’m not a big fan of morality, Adrian. You’ve become a sheep in wolfskin. Nothing but prey trying to blend in with predators. You lost your way a long time ago, Adrian…and deep down….a part of you knew it would always come to down to this.

Isaac stands up, and Kenji moves forward. Kenji lifts Corazon up…almost gently…to look into his face.

Kenji: Goodbye.

Kenji then DROPS Corazon with DEEP SCAR, blasting him down against the canvas. Kenji then barks instructions to Flay, and Isaac says something to Gaunt.

Both of the girls pick Adrian up and DRAG him over to one of the turnbuckles, and Gaunt reaches down into the black bag she brought with her and produces a pair of handcuffs. Corazon is practically dead weight, and working together Gaunt and Flay manage to CUFF his hands together around the ring post so that his back is facing the ring.

Isaac steps forward again, and he RIPS Corazon’s black ring gear shirt into shreds, exposing THE SHOOT PROJECT HELMET tattoo that proudly adorns his back.

Entragian: See that? It represents EVERYTHING that this man is. He is a Soldier of the SHOOT Project. He fights for each and every one of YOU out there in the stands and watching at home. I etched this symbol into Corazon’s very flesh…because he wanted the world to know what he stands for. I gave him this ink…because he was SCAR…he was kin…he was my brother…and I would have done anything for him.

Isaac’s eyes sweep through the unruly crowd, peering out from dark hollows.

Entragian: When I give a gift like that…it’s a privilege. Not something to be taken for granted. Because if I…GIVE something…it can always be taken away. This man…turned his back on me. He willfully turned his back on SCAR. He drove blades into my back, and he smirked while he did it. I cannot let that pass…

The cameras pass over the faces of the other SCAR members. Obsidian’s face impassive behind the veil of hair. Gaunt’s eyes wide and excited like a child about to get a treat. Flay frightened and jittery. Kenji with a rare, toothy smile curving up from his scarred lips.

Entragian: In life…in this world….there are consequences for every action. You gotta PAY…as you go. Every SCAR has a story. Every wound is a memory. Every gash…every laceration…every bit of skin that is ripped and chewed up…they’re like the CHAPTERS in the story. Our scars let us remember WHO WE ARE…what we’ve endured…and some remind us of mistakes that we’ve made in the past.

Gaunt reaches her hands down into that black bag…and she approaches Isaac with something held behind her back.

Entragian: I’m gonna give you a new scar, Adrian Corazon. It will be your story. Every piece of ruined flesh….a chapter devoted to your failure. Each frayed nerve…a monument to your mistakes. Every glance into a mirror…will remind you of the STAND you tried to make against me. You’ve earned this, little brother….with betrayal and passivity…this is the story you’ve written for yourself.

Gaunt places the item into Isaac’s hand…and the entire crowd is hushed into uneasy silence. It is a portable welder’s torch.

Entragian: For you, Adrian…on the great stage of Reckoning Day….there are no happy endings.

Eryk Masters: OH MY GOD. PLEASE, Isaac…don’t do this. If there is even a FIBER of humanity left inside of you….even a bare SCRAP of mercy…please think about this. This is a human being….NO ONE deserves this.

Other Guy: We need some help out here…do no screw around back there, GET SOMEONE OUT HERE…NOW.

Isaac turns back to his brother & sisters for a moment.

Entragian: Many will try to stop this. Ensure that they don’t succeed.

Isaac takes the welder’s torch into his hand…flicks a trigger…and a jet of bluish flame rises from the nozzle.

Corazon starts to come to now with sweaty hair hanging in his face, and he struggling mightily against the cuffs, watching that torch in Isaac’s hand with wide eyes.

Entragian: Adrian Corazon….I cast you out. I mark you as an exile. You are my brother no longer. You are a member of Project: SCAR…no longer. From this night onward…you are dead to us. Any hand that rises to help you after tonight…will become an enemy of SCAR. Any eye that looks upon you with sympathy…will bring SCAR’s wrath upon the beholder. You will be SHOOT Project’s leper, Adrian. A carrier of disease to be turned away from every door.

Isaac leans closer, that hot flame sizzling so close to Corazon’s back.

Entragian: You’re out, Corazon. You’re finished.

And just like that…Entragian TOUCHES that white-hot flame to the SHOOT Project Helmet tattoo adorning Adrian’s back. Corazon’s back ARCHES in unknowable pain, the flame BURNING into him, SCORCHING his skin…for a moment he tries to bite back the pain, but then the SCREAMS start….and they travel through the Epicenter like jagged symphonies. The type of screams reserved for angels getting their wings ripped off. Screams that under normal circumstances would NEVER pass from the lips of the Baddest Man Alive.


Finally after several agonizing moments a pack of security guards run out from the back to stop this travesty…the first two jump up on the apron, only to be BATTERED to the ground by Kenji Yamada.

Another guard tries to enter the ring, and Gaunt starts to stomp down wildly on his head and shoulders. Several more guards attempt to get to Entragian, but Obsidian takes them down left and right with punches and clotheslines.

One big guy is SECONDS away from grabbing Isaac before Flay leaps onto his back and starts to practically scratch his eyes right out of his head.

Other Guys: Jesus Christ…these goddamned lunatics won’t even let anyone HELP THIS MAN!! No one can even get close to him!

While SCAR is busy fighting off every single security person and official trying to help Corazon, Isaac is finishing his work. Corazon’s flesh is a charred, melting, bleeding RUIN…his back looks like raw and weeping hamburger meat, and there is NO sign of the SHOOT Helmet that once decorated his skin.

Sections of the flesh on his back are actually ON FIRE….and the nauseating smell of human flesh COOKING travels through the Epicenter, causing members of the audience to literally storm towards the exits while struggling with their sickened stomachs. Parents rush children away while trying to cover their eyes from the HORROR show that has become the Reckoning Day ring.

Corazon screams no more. His head hangs limp having simply passed out from the ungodly excruciation. Finally…MERCIFULLY…Entragian lowers the welder’s torch. Corazon’s back is a burnt canvas with the consistency of beef jerky, and dark, molasses-like blood oozes from the charbroiled cracks.

Isaac looks up for a moment, watching the crowd going into full on panic mode. He laughs. This sick, revolting…perverse son of a bitch….actually laughs.

Entragian: What’s the matter, folks? Don’t got the stomach for a good ol’ FAMILY BARBECUE??

Entragian looks around while cutting off the torch. The ring and the outside are COVERED with bodies of security members and officials, SCAR finishing a few of them off with kicks and punches to drive all the fight out of them.

The Ivory Terror focuses his attention back on the burnt, bleeding THING that used to be the Baddest Man Alive. He leans close, his pale lips inches away from Corazon’s ear.

Entragian: You know…I never really thanked you for opening SHOOT Project’s gates to us. I am grateful for that. But you gotta understand, Adrian…when you open up a doorway to HELL…you can’t ever close it again. If you play with fire….if you invite demons into your home…sooner or later….you’re gonna BURN for it.

That smile…just eats Isaac’s face right up. Sharp teeth, demonic eyes…and a maelstrom of playful hate. Isaac lightly runs his fingertips along the mangled flesh of Corazon’s back, simply teasing his unconscious form. Even though he’s deeply asleep…Corazon can’t help but shiver in agony.

Entragian: But I don’t have to tell you that, do I? After tonight…I think you know.

Isaac steps back….and he stands among his brothers & sisters. He and Kenji share purely repugnant grins, and Isaac plants a brotherly arm around Obsidian’s shoulders. Gaunt goggles at Corazon with wide-eyed delight, and even Flay….usually so normal and uncertain….seems somehow stimulated by this hellish display of carnal destruction. Her eyes…seem almost to smile.

Other Guy: Please…please just leave. It’s over. You’ve…mutilated this man in front of the eyes of MILLIONS. God, just let this END…Corazon needs to get to the closest burn unit IMMEDIATELY…

Eryk Masters: Ladies and gentlemen….I am so sorry. I…I’m so sorry for this. This is not what SHOOT Project is about. This is not…what Reckoning Day is about. These people…NO…they don’t DESERVE to be called people…these MONSTERS…will pay for this. Please let’s cut out, can we PLEASE just cut the broadcast?

Eryk Masters stares into the camera, looking totally vexed and uncomfortable…and the last image of this first night of Reckoning Day shows Corazon strung up by cuffed hands with his back a charred, bleeding canvas of flesh that has been FOREVER….scarred.