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ELITE: 10/6/2013

Guitar.  A foggy smoke hangs around over the streets of Las Vegas.  As we swoop down the streets are a war zone.  Burned out shells of cars.  Rubble everywhere.  Our trip slows down at the front doors of the Epicenter.  Where everything is most disheveled.  The silence is shattered by a pair of fighter jets roaring overhead.  The guitar opening of Eminem’s "SURVIVAL".  Liz Rodriguez’s hook starts up.



Survival of the fittest

The door swings open and Trey Willett steps out with the SHOOT Project World Championship on his shoulder.



Do or die

Through a window we see Adrian Corazon in SHOOT’s gym, working out furiously.   



The winner takes it all…  So take it all

Inside the Epicenter, the place is in shambles.  Smoke fills the arena from the SHOOT Ring which is destroyed and smoldering.

Wasn’t ready to be no millionaire, I was ill-prepared 

I was prepared to be ill though, the skill was there"

Shot of Thomas Manchester Black inside the Hall of Champions, holding the Rules of Surrender Belt. 

From the beginning, it wasn’t ’bout the ends 

It was ’bout busting raps and standing for something, fuck an acronym

Dave Marz is outside the Hall he winds up and kicks open the door and we jump cut.  TMB Beating down Marz in the ring.

Cut the fucking act like you’re happy, I’m fucking back again 

With another anthem, why stop when it doesn’t have to end?

A shot of Isaac Entragian stepping back into the Epicenter.  We slowly zoom to the scarred eye, and when we pull out we see that eye next to the scope of a sniper rifle.  Our shot becomes the crosshairs of the rifle and in the cross hairs,  

It ain’t over ’til I say it’s over – enough when I say enough 

Throw me to them wolves and close the gate up

Adrian Corazon sitting at his locker, sweat soaked and exhausted after his workout.

I’m afraid of what’ll happen to them wolves 

When the thought of being thrown into an alligator pit, I salivate at it

Donovan King is walking down a deserted street.  Coming towards him in the distance we see the giant hulking shadow of Sammy Rochester.

Raise your, hands up like it’s 12 noon, nah, homie 

Hold them bitches straighter up, wave ’em ’til you dislocate a rotator cuff

Orion are driving down a bombed out road.  We see 3M with a pair of binoculars pressed to his face watching them from a parking garage. 

Came up rough, came to ruffle feathers, nah, egos 

I ain’t deflate enough, last chance to make this whole stadium erupt

Cut to Orion decimating 3M. Close up on Valentine Lionheart reveling in his handiwork.  



Survival of the fittest

A shot of the arena set up for ELITE!



Do or die

A time lapse of a SHOOT event.  Crowds fill in.  Lights dance.  Pyro explodes.



The winner takes it all…  So take it all

Back outside to the war torn streets of Las Vegas.

I can see the finish line with each line that I finish 

I’m so close to my goals I can almost pole vault over the goal post

We see ANARCHY! sitting in a helicopter.  They nod to each other and each launch out zip lining down to the streets below.  Kenji and Obsidian stand in an alley awaiting their next victim becomes… 

And if I don’t got enough in the tank, maybe I can just siphon enough 

To fill up this last can, man will I survive in this climate or what?

T.Rex brawling with Kenji.  Obsidian dropping Arch Angel.

They said I was washed up, and got a blood bath 

I’m not a rapper, I’m an adapter, I can adjust

We see Loco Martinez marching towards the Epicenter.  Jumps to his hand being raised after winning Master of the Mat.  Jumps to him standing next to Lunatikk Crippler across from Laura Seton and Maya.

Plus I can just walk up to a mic and just bust 

So floor’s open if you’d like to discuss

We see Mephisto and Crippler brawling.  Which becomes Laura Seton and Maya mixing it up.  Becomes Mason Pierce dropping Loco.  Becomes Trey and Stein brawling.

Top 5 in this mothafucka and if I don’t make the cut 

What, like I give a fuck, I’mma light this bitch up like I’m driving a truck

Stein Hoisting the World Title at Master of the Mat.  Becomes Trey hoisting the title, and then just the title, glimmering beneath a spotlight.

To the side of a pump, 0 to 60 hop in and gun it 

Like G-Unit without the hyphen, I’m hyping ’em up

Cronos Diamante standing, surveying the scene.  Studying the chaos before him.  Johnny Napalm runs through a series of explosions.  One knocks him down, but he gets back up.

And if there should ever come a time where my life’s in a rut 

And I look like I might just give up, eh you might’ve mistook

Tanya Black being attacked by a mystery woman.

Me for bowing out I ain’t taking a bow, I’m stabbing myself 

With a fucking knife in the gut, while I’m wiping my butt!

A quick series of brawling shots.  King and Rochester becomes Napalm and Cronos becomes 3M and Lionheart becomes Lazarus and Gaunt becomes TMB and Dave Marz becomes ANARCHY and SCAR and things slow down to a stop on…

Cause I just shitted on the mic, and I like getting cut 

I get excited at the sight of my blood, you’re in a fight with a nut

Corazon and Entragian.  Entragian with the brand.  Corazon with the Asp.  Corazon’s branded back.  Entragian’s branded eye.  A cascade of blood runs over the screen wiping everything away to white.

Cause I’mma fight ’til I die or win 

Biting the dust it’ll just make me angrier, wait

A shot of the Epicenter.  It flickers from pristine and ready for ELITE, to the post war hell zone we saw at the open. 

"Let me remind you of what got me this far, picture me quitting 

Now draw a circle around it and put a line through it, slut 

It’s survival of what?"

Inside the Epicenter.  Flickers from crowded fans roaring inside the ring, to empty, smoke filled.  The ring destroyed and smoldering as if some sort of riot broke out.  The music drops out and just the vocals



Survival of the fittest

Shots of Soldiers running towards the Epicenter, as bullets wiz by and explosions go off all around.



Do or die

They charge up the steps. We charge with them. Pushing and shoving.  Fighting to get in.



The winner takes it all…  So take it all

We get to the front door. Reach for the handle and as we swing it open we are taken LIVE into the Epicenter packed with rabid SHOOT Project fans.   Pyro explodes as the opening of "Survival" Plays over the PA system.

Eryk Masters:  Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Las Vegas Nevada.  Welcome to the EPICENTER, and WELCOME to… ELITE!!!!!

More pyro as the crowd works itself into a fever pitch and the ELITE logo takes over the screen!

We cut back to the inside of the sold out and jam packed Epicenter. Survival by Eminem featuring Liz Rodriguez continues to play and the always faithful SHOOT Nation is on its feet and screaming with cheers as we are LIVE! The cameras pan around the absolutely rabid crowd, still going crazy, before coming to rest on our broadcast team of Eryk Masters and Other Guy.

Eryk Masters: WE. ARE. LIVE! Hello, SHOOT Nation, and WELCOME Day ONE of ELITE! I’m Eryk Masters and, as always, beside me is Other Guy!

Other Guy: We’ve been anticipating this night for a while now, and it’s finally here! Tonight, SHOOT Project brings you the best professional wrestling on the planet, as only we can do. We’ve got FIVE huge matches for you tonight, folks, and that’s just the first HALF of ELITE!

Eryk Masters: Tonight’s main event is going to be a match that I didn’t think we’d see again. Ladies and gentlemen, tonight, we are going to see "The Baddest Man Alive" Adrian Corazon going head to head with "The Ivory Terror" Isaac Entragian. Folks, these men have alread physically maimed each other over the past year. We’ve had a man get a tattoo blowtorched from his back. We’ve had a man have is EYE branded with the SHOOT Project Helmet. How much more violent can this thing get?

Other Guy: If these two former brothers-in-arms have taught us anything, E, it’s that it can always get worse. Tonight is an example. Because the main event between these two… is an Iron Fist Match. And how fitting is it that two of the Iron Fist Division’s most influential former champions are continuing this blood feud in a match like that tonight?

Eryk Masters: It’s very fitting, OG. But, I can shake this feeling that this match is going to be brutal beyond words. But, that’s not the ONLY match we have on this card! We’re also going to see more members of Project: SCAR in action tonight. First, SCAR’s Hellcat, Liz Gaunt will go one on one with "The Hollywood Kid" Corey Lazarus.

Other Guy: Well, the L-A-Z definitely has an axe to grind with Gaunt, E. She put him out of action twice. Gaunt may be looking to end his career once and for all tonight, but Corey Lazarus will have his say before the night is over. But, also tonight, we’re gonna see the Rule of Surrender Championship on the line when Thomas Manchester Black will defend against "Die Hard" Dave Marz!

Eryk Masters: TMB certainly has a grudge with Marz, and Marz is not going to back down from a fight! Also tonight, we’ve got an interesting triple threat match. The number one contender to the Iron Fist Championship will be decided when Jerry Matthews, Rellik, and "The Sin City Sain" Brock Steele collide. Steele and Rellik are brand new to the SHOOT Project so we’ll see what these guys are made of.

Other Guy: It’s a golden opportunity, E. Speaking of golden opportunities, we start off tonight with the World Tag Team Championships on the line when ANARCH defends against Kenji Yamada and Obsidian. That one is going to be rough. Kenji has been unsuccessful in multiple attempts at the titles, but that was with Flay Rios. Now, will Obsidian be the partner he needs to wrest the titles away?

Eryk Masters: I can’t wait to find out, OG. Let’s get started! Folks, this is ELITE!

The crowd is in a frenzy. They’re ready. They’ve waited. The SHOOT Nation has shown patience. Samantha Coil takes to the ring and they let out a cheer.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, WELCOME to ELITE!!

The crowd lets out all of their anticipation in a LOUD cheer as they know the night is about to get underway.

Samantha Coil: Our opening contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS!!

The Epicenter is bathed in black as the lights die and the sold out crowd unleashes the first boos of the evening, knowing who is about to enter the arena.

The SHOOTtron springs to life, providing the only illumination in the arena as the beginning of You’ve Seen the Butcher by The Deftones begins to play. The screen shows a desert landscape, barren and desolate. In the distance, two small figures run towards the camera. As they get closer, it becomes apparent that they are children… brothers. They run around the desert playing some sort of brotherly game. But then they stop, facing one another. One of the brothers pulls out a pocket knife and slices the palm of his hand. The other brother takes the knife and does the same. The two children press their bloody palms together and suddenly, the blue sky above the desert begins to rain down crimson. The brothers look up as the blood rains from the sky, coating them in the crimson fluid. They smile as their faces point skywards and then they both fall to their backs, making the motions of a twisted snow angel in the sand as the blood pours from the sky. The two brothers roll away from their creation and the camera settles on the spot where they were laying. But, instead of a twisted and bloody pair of sand angels, there is only one solitary word etched in the sand and stained crimson…


The song kicks into full gear and the lights of the arena go to their full brightness for a split second before the arena is plunged into darkness, save for a single spotlight on the entrance stage. Standing in that spotlight is none other than Project: SCAR’s Sociopath Pioneer, Kenji Yamada, his face grim, eyes set on the ring. Just outside of the light stands the behemoth known as The Scourge of SCAR, Obsidian. The two brothers of SCAR begin to stalk towards the ring, ignoring the utter hatred coming from the SHOOT Faithful.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, representing Project: SCAR, weighing in at a total combined weight of five hundred and sixty pounds, here is the team of KENJI YAMADAAA and OOOBSIIIDIIIAAANNN!!!

Kenji and Obisidian continue to walk to the ring in silence, neither man giving the booing crowd any attention.

Eryk Masters: Project: SCAR is reunited and that may not bode well for the World Tag Team Champions here tonight. And folks, if you thought the tandem of Kenji and Flay was dangerous? These two men are damn near as deadly a combination as you’ll ever see in a SHOOT Project ring.

Other Guy: I won’t argue with you there, E. This match looks like it’s going to be much different from what we’ve seen in the past between ANARCHY and SCAR. Kenji doesn’t have to worry about protecting Flay tonight. He’s got his brother by his side and this is going to be a fight.

Kenji rolls into the ring underneath the bottom rope and Obsidian climbs up onto the apron before stepping into the ring over the top rope. The two men glare out over the hateful crowd for just a moment before going to their corner. Obsidian stands tall, strong, and silent, his face somewhat hidden by his mane of hair. Kenji stands ready, his lifeless eyes looking to the entrance ramp.

Samantha Coil: And… their opponents!

The Crowd buzzes with anticipation as the jumbotron springs to life with the letter "A", as it begins to spell out. The crowd shouts along with each letter as it flashes "A…N…A…R…C…H…Y!!!!" They shout "ANARCHY!!" as the whole word jumps onto the screen before a series of highlights begins to play as soon as Sebastian Bach’s shriek rips through the Epicenter as the crowd jumps to their feet.


T.Rex and Arch Angel step out onto the entrance ramp each man with a belt on a shoulder. Anarchy are in their matching black leather wrestling pants and white tank tops with the red circle with an "A" through it. They pause at the top. They turn to each other. T.Rex winds up and slaps the hell out of Arch Angel’s chest all the while yelling. He points at the ring. Arch Angel nods with a confident smile and they turn and walk with a purpose slapping hands with some fans.

Samantha Coil: Making their way to the ring, from Seaside Heights New Jersey, and weighing in at a combined six hundred hundred eighteen pounds. The REIGNING and DEFENDING SHOOT Project WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS. T.Rex. Arch Angel. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANARCHY!!!!!!!!!!!!

T.Rex and Arch Angel slide into the ring beneath the bottom rope, and pop to their feet hoisting their belts high above their heads.

Eryk Masters: Well the champions look ready as always. These two never met a fight they didn’t like.

Other Guy: Absolutely. But, let’s not forget the role they played at Master of the Mat. That’s got to be on the minds of Kenji and Obsidian.

Eryk Masters: We’ll see how much of a factor that plays here, OG.

T.Rex and Arch Angel hand their title belts to Scott Kamura. The referee holds the World Tag Team Championships high in the air, turning to show the whole crowd, before handing the belts off to Mark Kendrick on the outside.

Scott Kamura looks at the SCAR tandem as Obsidian steps over the top rope to the apron. He turns to look at ANARCHY, who share a quick high five before Arch Angel steps onto the apron as well.

Eryk Masters: Looks like it’s going to be Kenji and T.Rex starting things off here.

Scott Kamura calls for the bell!

Other Guy: And here we go!

Kenji stalks out of his corner and T.Rex steps out of his corner to meet him. The two men circle for a moment before stepping in for a tie up, but Kenji immediately buries a knee into T.Rex’s stomach. Kenji doesn’t waste any time as he follows up with a quick kneelift, planting his knee right into T.Rex’s face.

Kenji fires a forearm into T.Rex’s face before grabbing a wrist and whipping him into the SCAR corner. Kenji charges in after him, connecting with a lariat into the corner. Kenji tags Obsidian. The Desert Nomad of SCAR steps into the ring over the top rope and Kenji CHOPS T.Rex before stepping out of the ring. Obsidian measures T.Rex and SLINGS a back elbow into T.Rex! Obsidian pulls T.Rex out of the corner and FIRES a big right hand to T.Rex’s jaw, rocking him back. He Irish whips Rex into the ropes and hits the opposite ropes. Both men come off the ropes and Obsidian DRILLS T.Rex with a huge lariat!

Eryk Masters: And we’re underway here at ELITE! Project: SCAR is off to a strong start here. And Obsidian is just merciless!

Other Guy: That’s right, E. It’s a completely different dynamic for Kenji with Obsidian as his partner and T.Rex is finding that out the hard way.

Obsidian reaches down and brings T.Rex back to his feet. He wraps his huge hands around the throat of T.Rex, with Scott Kamura right there admonishing him. The big man SLINGS Rex back into the SCAR corner and makes the tag to Kenji. Obsidian lifts his boot and begins to choke Rex with it as Kenji steps in and Scott Kamura begins his count.





Obsidian releases Rex and steps to the outside as Kenji moves in quickly and begins to send vicious knife edge chops into T.Rex’s chest. Kenji pulls Rex out of the corner and boots him in the gut. Kenji hooks the head and SNAPS to the mat with a NASTY DDT. Kenji gets back to his feet and quickly drops a knee across Rex’s forehead as the crowd boos loudly.

Eryk Masters: And SCAR has been very fluid as a team so far with those quick tags.

Other Guy: It’s a great game plan, E. These guys are looking to take ANARCHY apart systematically.

Kenji brings T.Rex back to his feet and grabs a wrist. He Irish whips Rex, but Rex reverses and JERKS Kenji back in, quickly wrapping him up and bringing him up and over with a HUGE belly to belly suplex out of nowhere and the crowd lets out a LOUD cheer!

T.Rex gets to his feet slowly and Kenji is not very far behind. T.Rex UNLEASHES a big right hand that rocks Kenji. Rex drives a knee into Kenji’s gut and follows up with an axehandle smash to the back of the neck that sends Kenji down to his knees. T.Rex hits the ropes and NAILS Kenji with a big boot to the side of the head, sending him all the way down to the mat! T.Rex quickly brings Kenji to his feet and backs him into his own corner. T.Rex makes the tag to Arch Angel and the crowd lets out another cheer. Arch Angel steps into the ring and ANARCHY Irish whips Kenji into the ropes, catching him on the rebound, lifting him up and DRIVING him into the mat with a double spinebuster! T.Rex exits the ring.

Eryk Masters: And it looks like the tables have turned! T.Rex hit that desperation belly to belly, but it was the opening ANARCHY needed. And now the fresh Arch Angel is in this thing!

Other Guy: They’ve got to cut the ring in half here, E. If ANARCHY wants to keep those titles, they’ll need to keep Kenji isolated.

Arch Angel brings Kenji to his feet before planting a boot into his stomach. Arch Angel hooks Kenji’s head and HOISTS him up, dropping back with a textbook vertical suplex! Arch Angel with the cover and Scott Kamura is there!




Kenji gets the shoulder up, but Arch Angel is undeterred. He gets to his feet and stomps Kenji right in the chest. He brings the Sociopath Pioneer to his feet and whips him into the turnbuckles HARD. Kenji hits the buckles and staggers out. Arch Angel boots Kenji in the gut and hooks him in a standing headscissors. Arch Angel LIFTS Kenji and POWERBOMBS him into the turnbuckles! Arch Angel charges in and RAMS a knee into Kenji’s gut. He makes the tag to T.Rex, who steps into the ring, backs up and CHARGES forward, connecting with a big splash in the corner on Kenji much to the crowd’s delight!

Eryk Masters: What a devastating series of moves from ANARCHY!

Other Guy: They’ve really got Kenji in a bad way here.

T.Rex pulls Kenji out of the corner and DRIVES into him with a nasty headbutt, sending Kenji to the canvas. Rex covers!




Obsidian rushes into the ring and STOMPS T.Rex on the back of the head, breaking the count. Referee Kamura is up admonishing the big man, but Obsidian pays him no mind as he calmly stalks back to his corner.

Eryk Masters: That would’ve been it if it hadn’t been for Obsidian making the save.

T.Rex gets to his feet, shaking the cobwebs out and brings Kenji up with him. He Irish whips Kenji into the ropes. Kenji comes off and ducks clothesline from T.Rex, hitting the opposite ropes. Kenji comes off on the rebound and PLANTS a NASTY Yakuza kick right into the face of T.Rex, knocking the big guy down, but Kenji also hits the canvas from the impact. The crowd shouts a mix of boos and cheers!

Kenji scrambles to his feet and hits the ropes again as T.Rex begins to push himself back up. Kenji comes off the ropes with some speed and NAILS T.Rex with a shining wizard!

Other Guy: What a shot! And Kenji is NOT going for a cover here, E. I think he wants to punish ANARCHY.

Kenji clambers to his feet again. He moves towards T.Rex’s head and SNAPS down with a quick legdrop across Rex’s throat before getting to his feet again. Kenji turns quickly and LUNGES forward, catching Arch Angel with a forearm to the face. The now FURIOUS Arch Angel barrels into the ring, but Scott Kamura quickly rushes over trying to get him back to the outside. Kenji waves in Obsidian and the big man enters the ring behind the referee’s back amidst a sea of boos from the SHOOT Nation!

Eryk Masters: Oh, come on! Scott Kamura is busy with Arch Angel and Project: SCAR is about to take some liberties with T.Rex! This is the opposite of what makes my heart pee.

Other Guy: By any means, Masters. This is classic strategy, like it or not.

Obsidian and Kenji bring T.Rex to his feet. Obsidian clamps his huge hand around T.Rex’s throat and HOISTS him into the air, DRIVING him into the canvas with a chokeslam! Kenji hits the ropes and SNAPS down onto the prone body of T.Rex with a senton splash! Kenji exits the ring just as Scott Kamura turns back around. Kamura sees Obsidian and Kenji have switched places and questions the big man about a tag. Obsidian doesn’t answer and simply drops down to cover T.Rex with a lateral press. Scott Kamura hesitates for just a split second, but drops down for the count as the crowd boos!



Arch Angel breaks up the cover as the crowd cheers with relief! Scott Kamura admonishes Arch Angel and attempts to get him back to his corner. With the referee distracted, Kenji comes back into the ring as the crowd boos loudly. Obsidian brings T.Rex to his feet before lifting him up and DROPPING him across his knee with a backbreaker. Kenji LEAPS into the air and DOUBLE STOMPS T.Rex in the chest for good measure. Obsidian exits the ring and when Kamura turns, he sees Kenji has switched places with his partner again. Kamura questions Kenji about a tag and Kenji simply nods before stomping away at T.Rex and the SHOOT Nation voices its displeasure.

Eryk Masters: Come on, Kamura! You think they’re gonna be honest about it. You didn’t see the tag!

Other Guy: It looks like he’s gonna allow it, though, E. Regardless, SCAR is in control now and T.Rex badly needs a tag.

Kenji moves to T.Rex’s legs and drives his knee into the upper thigh of T.Rex. Kenji brings T.Rex back to his feet again and LEVELS him with a jumping leg lariat. Kenji stalks over and tags in Obsidian. The big man steps into the ring and Kenji brings T.Rex to his feet before planting a boot to his gut for good measure and then exits the ring.

Eryk Masters: And finally, a legitimate tag from Project: SCAR.

Obsidian begins to club away at the back of T.Rex’s neck, the force of the blows actually dropping him to one knee. Obsidan JERKS Rex back to his feet and Irish whips him into the ropes. T.Rex comes off on the rebound and Obsidian swings with a lariat. T.Rex ducks under, stops in his tracks and turns with a WILD haymaker that ROCKS Obsidian! T.Rex winds up and sends ANOTHER BIG shot to Obsidian that staggers him! The crowd is starting to work itself back into a frenzy and T.Rex UNLEASHES a series of rights and lefts, backing SCAR’s Scourge into the ropes!

Other Guy: And here comes T.Rex!

T.Rex backs up a few steps, Obsidian leaning on the ropes, and CHARGES forward with a HUGE clothesline!

BUT OBSIDIAN DUCKS IT! Obsidian ducks and HOISTS the HUGE T.Rex up and over the top rope to the outside! The crowd gasps and then lets out a LOUD chorus of boos!

Eryk Masters: OH MY! T.Rex is 330 pounds! That’s one HELL of a spill for a man his size to take!

Arch Angel drops off the apron and rushes around to check on his partner. Meanwhile, in the ring, Scott Kamura begins his count as Obsidian looks on coldly.






Other Guy: SCAR better be careful! They can’t win the titles by count out!


Obsidian steps in, getting the attention of Scott Kamura and points to Arch Angel, saying something to the referee that the cameras don’t pick up. Kamura notices Arch Angel and breaks his count, stepping out to the apron and gesturing for Arch Angel to go back to his corner. Arch Angel pleads with the referee, but Kamura drops to the floor and continues to gesture for Arch Angel to go back up onto the apron. Meanwhile, Kenji Yamada has dropped down and rushed around behind Kamura’s back, putting the boots to T.Rex as the crowd boos LOUDLY.

Eryk Masters: This is despicable! Kenji Yamada and Obsidian have taken liberties with T.Rex at every turn here!

Arch Angel has seen enough. He BARRELS past the referee and CLOBBERS Kenji! The crowd UNLEASHES a cheer and Kenji and Arch Angel begin to brawl on the outside! Scott Kamura turns his attention to the fight and attempts to restore some semblance of order and Obsidian steps out of the ring and grabs T.Rex! He brings him to his feet and RAMS his head into the ring apron! Obsidian grabs T.Rex’s wrist and whips him into the steel ring post, BUT T.REX reverses and sends Obsidian shoulder first into the post instead! The crowd cheers loudly and T.Rex stays on top of things! He rushes forward and grabs Obsidian’s arm and SLAMS it into the post! And AGAIN! T.Rex grabs a handful of the big man’s hair and RAMS his head into the steel! Obsidian staggers backwards and the crowd cheers LOUDER as they notice Obsidian has been cut, a small trickle of blood beginning to flow from his forehead! T.Rex rolls him into the ring and slides in after him!

Other Guy: I suppose you condone that, Masters?

Eryk Masters: Damn right I do! Turnabout is fair play!

T.Rex hits the ropes and LEAPS, absolutely CRUSHING Obsidian with a HUGE splash! Rex covers! He looks around and sees Kamura in between Arch Angel and Kenji and SHOUTS out. Kamura sees the cover and immediately slides into the ring to count!




Eryk Masters: And Kenji Yamada out of NOWHERE with the save. He must’ve broke away from Arch Angel to make that save!

Other Guy: Looks like it, E. Arch Angel is climbing back up onto the apron on his side of the ring. And he is SCREAMING for T.Rex to make the tag!

Kenji rolls away and Kamura is right there, shouting at him to get back to his corner. T.Rex begins to CRAWL towards his partner, whose arm is outstretched for the tag. The crowd is getting LOUD, encouraging T.Rex, WILLING him on! He’s CLOSE. He reaches out for the tag!

BUT KENJI comes barreling into the ring and CLOBBERS T.Rex!


Eryk Masters: HERE WE GO!

The crowd EXPLODES as Arch Angel CHARGES into the ring and NAILS Kenji with a lariat. He turns and sees Obsidian getting to his feet. Arch Angel rushes in and clinches with Obsidian, sending sloppy, but effective Muy Thai knees to his chest and face. Arch Angel releases the clinch and HEADBUTTS the big man, staggering him backwards! Arch Angel begins to fire shot after shot at the big man in the corner! Kenji rushes around and hops back onto the apron, tagging himself in. But Arch Angel sees the tag and turns, firing rights and lefts at Kenji as he enters the ring! Kenji fires back! Arch Angel and Kenji are going at it and the crowd is going wild.!

Other Guy: We’ve got a FIGHT on our hands, E!

Kenji and Arch Angel give as good as they get until Obsidian RUSHES in and CLOBBERS Arch Angel, buckling him. BUT HERE COMES T.REX! All four men are in the ring and the crowd is going NUTS as the fight is on!

Eryk Masters: Scott Kamura needs to get control here!

Arch Angel plants a knee into Kenji’s abdomen and SNAPS him down with a DDT! Obsidian misses with a haymaker and T.Rex ducks under and circles him. T.Rex chop blocks Obsidian and Arch Angle LEVELS him with a big boot at the same time.


Arch Angel and T.Rex DRAG Obsidian to the ropes and they TIE HIS ARMS between the bottom and middle ropes!! The crowd lets out a cheer! The two turn in time to see Kenji charging forward, but they LIFT him up and NAIL him with a HUGE double spinebuster. T.Rex SLAPS Arch Angel on the chest and screams with primal rage! And the crowd responds with a shout of ”ANARCHY!” Rex whips Kenji into the turnbuckle. He grabs Arch Angel’s wrist and WHIPS him into Kenji! Arch Angel NAILS Kenji with a lariat, causing him to stagger out of the corner!

Eryk Masters: Here we go!

Arch Angel boots Kenji in the gut and sets him up! T.Rex scales the second turnbuckle. The crowd is in a frenzy! Pedigree! Reverse Splash!


T.Rex rolls out of the ring and Arch Angel covers! Kamura is there!


Obsidian is out of the ropes!


He lunges forward!



The crowd goes CRAZY as the bell sounds and "Monkey Business" begins to play again! ANARCHY rolls out of the ring as Obsidian makes one final lunge at them! Scott Kamura hands T.Rex and Arch Angel their titles and raises their arms in victory!

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, here are your winners, and STILL the SHOOT Project WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS! AAAAANNNNAAAAAARRRRCHHHHYYYYYY!!!!

T.Rex and Arch Angel walk backwards up the ramp holding the World Tag Team Championships high in the air in celebration as Obsidian tends to Kenji Yamada in the ring.

Eryk Masters: What a way to kick things off here! It was a hell of a hard fought match, but ANARCHY retains their tag titles!

Other Guy: It was a great match, E. And it seems like ANARCHY just has Kenji’s number. But, folks, we’re not done by a long shot! Still to come, a triple threat match to decide the number one contender to the Iron Fist Championship, the Rule of Surrender Championship Match, Laz and Gaunt, and of course, our Main Event! Stay tuned!

We cut to the backstage area where Abigail Chase stands with a microphone in hand.

Abigail Chase: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time. He is one of the eight Soldiers who will participate in the Primus tomorrow night. Please welcome… Jacob Mephisto.

Jacob steps into the shot and the crowd out in the arena begin to boo loudly. Jacob sneers, his cool pale gray eyes devoid of any real emotion.

Abigail Chase: Jacob, tomorrow night is a match that you’ve called the biggest of your career. How are you feeling about it?

Jacob turns his pale gray gaze on Abigail, staring at her wordlessly for a few moments. She becomes slightly nervous and twitchy, but Jacob breaks the uncomfortable silence.

Jacob Mephisto: Abigail… of all the questions you could’ve asked… you ask how I feel about The Primus? Have you paid any attention over the past couple of weeks? If you had? You’d know the answer to that question. How I feel doesn’t matter. What matters… is that we are just twenty-four hours from making history.

Abigail says nothing. She holds the microphone for Jacob to continue speaking. Mephisto eyes the camera with his pale gray gaze.

Jacob Mephisto: Tomorrow night, eight Soldiers enter. Tomorrow night, seven go home dejected. And tomorrow night, Jacob Mephisto walks out as the World Heavyweight Champion.

Jacob stalks off camera, leaving Abigail Chase by herself.

Abigail Chase: There you have it, folks. Let’s go back to the ring.

Samantha Coil: The following contest is a Triple Threat match, and it is to determine the number one contender to the Iron Fist Championship!

The crowd cheers, but their cheers fall silent as the man in the ring begins yelling at them.

Samantha Coil: Currently in the ring, from Parts Unknown….RELLIK!

The crowd boos a little, but otherwise makes not much noise.

Eryk Masters: The fans in attendance don’t seem to know what to make about the newcomer Rellik.

Other Guy: I do. That’s killer spelled backwards. Let’s see what he’s made of.

“Long Black Train” kicks in, and fans’ collective voice is heard more vocally, though in the same grain. The crowd showers “The Evangelist” Jerry Matthews with a heaving helping of boos, that he seems to not take too personally. He holds his arms up high, Bible in his hand, as he makes his way down to the ring.

Samantha Coil: And his first opponent, he is The Evangelist, Jerryyyyyy MAAAAAATTHEWWWWS!

Other Guy: Here’s a guy who should impress. He recently picked up a huge win over Thomas Manchester Black at Revolution.

Eryk Masters: Impressive, indeed. Matthews looks to continue his winning ways.

Matthews makes it to the ring, Rellik standing in the turnbuckles, staring daggers at him. Matthews slides under the bottom rope, ignoring his foe, looking ready to preach to the masses here tonight.

The music changes, signaling the arrival of the third man in this match.

Samantha Coil: And finally…

Coil is cut off as Matthews suddenly rushes Rellik from behind as he awaited Brock Steele! Matthews slams his Bible into the back of Rellik’s head, causing him to fall into a Tree of Woe! Matthews looks shocked, and dusts the Bible off, reciting what seems to be some kind of prayer.

Other Guy: If he’s successful tonight, I feel God will forgive him.

Steele comes out, his music still playing, as Matthews takes something out of his pocket.

Eryk Masters: That’s athletic tape! What’s he need that for? Shouldn’t he have taped himself up before coming out here?

The purpose is made apparent quickly. Matthews quickly goes to work, wrapping that tape around Rellik’s legs and the top rope! The referee is trying to stop him, but technically, the match has not started. Steele grins, as if he doesn’t mind this turnaround. Matthews quickly tapes Rellik’s legs together with the ropes, and Rellik struggles. Matthews then climbs the turnbuckle, his foot planted FIRMLY in Rellik’s crotch, and begins calling down to Steele.

Eryk Masters: That’s….the Lord’s Prayer!

Other Guy: I love it! He’s preaching from The Pulpit!

Eryk Masters: Did you just name that?

Other Guy: Yup.

Steele has had enough waiting. He rushes into the ring, and the bell is rung. Matthews leaps and delivers a devastating kick to the head of Steele! Steele crumples, and Matthews wastes NO TIME in taking advantage. He picks Brock back to his feet, bent over, head between Jerry’s own legs and then lifts him up into a Splash Mountain position.

Other Guy: He’s got him up like a Crucifix!

Matthews falls, driving Steele into the canvas on his back and neck! Steele doesn’t move as Matthews covers, Rellik still trying to free himself.




The bell rings and “Long Black Train” kicks back on, and the fans are….shocked. The ref is shocked. The only one who isn’t shocked is Jerry Matthews, who gets up, motioning for the ref to raise his hand.

Samantha Coil: Here is your winner and the new number one contender to the Iron Fist title, JERRY MATTHEWS!

Eryk Masters: It’s….over?

Other Guy: Of course! The power of Christ compelled Jerry Matthews to make quick work of these two newbs, and he did just that! What a dominating performance!

Matthews bows out as the ref finally produces a pair of safety scissors and begins trying to cut the tape off of Rellik’s feet. Matthews calmly makes his way back up the ramp, ignoring the shock and awe he left in the ring behind him, as well as the boos from the fans.

The lights flicker out in the arena and the titantron fills with green lines and static, sort of a matrix style. In the middle of the screen, a message pops up, bold and black as night.

Can You Solve The Puzzle?

The words fade away like a silhouette as more letters start spinning around in the middle of the screen, like a slot machine.


The letters stick out for a while, with eerie music in the background before fading away, and the words "COMING SOON" appearing on the screen.

Thomas Manchester Black stands in the hallway, shadow boxing, and obviously preparing his match. Corey Lazarus is jogging through the hallway, though, and is nearly struck by an "accidental" haymaker. TMB barely hides a grin as Corey stares daggers through him.

Corey Lazarus: Really?

TMB: Hey, sorry, but you should’ve probably asked me to stop for a second.

Corey Lazarus: I didn’t know that being the only other person in a hallway and visibly jogging towards you required me shouting "heads up," Tommy boy.

TMB grits his teeth, shaking his head.

TMB: So what? Do you want to be next in line after Dave Marz tonight? Because, I tell you, I’d just love to make you tap like I did a while back.

Corey shakes his head and throws up his hands he turns around, starting back in the direction he came from.

TMB: What’s the matter? Chicken?

Corey Lazarus: It’s not that, it’s just that I have much more important things to deal with tonight than you, babe. Ones that put up a better fight, too.

Corey jogs away, casually gracing TMB with the sight of both of his middle fingers, and Black sneers before going back to shadow boxing.

The camera cuts back to ringside to catch Other Guy putting a water bottle under the announce table. Without missing a beat, and with the fans all screaming behind him, Masters begins.

Eryk Masters: The action is so hot tonight at ELITE that even OG needs to get rehydrated.

Other Guy:  (laughing) God dammit, Masters.

Eryk Masters: Don’t worry, OG. The fire is going to get fanned by this next match up as Dave Marz looks to knock off the Rule of Surrender Champion, Thomas Manchester Black. You might remember after Black won the belt in record-setting time, TMB went absolutely ballistic about Del Carver and other legends of SHOOT Project’s past.

Other Guy: Well, the guy’s the Rule of Surrender Champ. Why is everyone concentrating on those guys of the past, when the future is now, and it’s Thomas Manchester Black? Dave Marz makes his return to the SHOOT Project ring, and the first thing he does is run down a current champion. Doesn’t seem like Black’s issues were off base to me.

Eryk Masters: Well, the champion took it to another level when he interfered in Marz’s match with Henry Gordon at Revolution 117.

Other Guy: Another example of the way TMB takes matters into his own hands, just like he should here tonight in this match up.

The camera cuts to the SHOOT-tron, as the fans wait for the Rule of Surrender match to start.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the RULE OF SURRENDER CHAMPIONSHIP!!

The fans erupt, causing Samantha to pause.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first…

For Whom the Bell Tolls by Metallica begins to play and the crowd begins to get louder. The older and more hardcore fans in the crowd begin to REALLY get pumped.

Samantha Coil: He hails from Ozone Park in Queens, New York and weighs in at two hundred and sixty-five pounds! He is the challenger to the Rule of Surrender championship, here is "DIE HARD" DAAVE MAAAARZZZZ!!!

The song kicks into gear and Dave Marz steps onto the entrance ramp to a LOUD ovation from the SHOOT Faithful. He walks to the ring, a look a pure focus on his face. He bumps fists with a few fans on his way to the ring.

Eryk Masters: And here he is! The former Revolution Champion and tag team partner of Diamond Del Carver is looking to show TMB a few things about being a legend, folks. We’ll see if he’s lost a step here tonight!

Other Guy: He looked good against Henry Gordon, let’s see what he can do against the Rule of Surrender champion!

Marz steps into the ring and looks out over the thousands of fans cheering. The music fades and Dave Marz shakes Willie Dean’s hand as they await the champion.

Eryk Masters: Listen to the fans cheer for Marz! Absolutely loving seeing the man back in the SHOOT Project ring.

Other Guy: Just wait until TMB walks out, Masters. They’ll show their true colors.

The fans turn to the entrance ramp as They Are Lost by Last Remaining Pinnacle begins to play. As the music hits the PA system, the electricity in the air amplifies the boos until Thomas Manchester Black steps out from the back, Rule of Surrender Championship over his shoulder, strategically placed to reveal the “Dave Marz Re-Retirement Tour” t-shirt Black is wearing.

Eryk Masters: TMB honing in on his mixed-martial arts background with this entrance here at ELITE.

Other Guy: Both he and Marz are brawlers, but Black has been studying Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and it showed when he ripped the title away from Mister Ocelot at Revolution 116.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, hailing from the Queen City of Charlotte, North Carolina, he weighs in at two hundred forty five pounds, and he is the REIGNING. DEFENDING. RULE OF SURRENDER CHAMPION. Ladies and Gentlemen, here is “The Queen City Hitman” THOMAS MAANCHESTEEER BLAAACK!!!

Black doesn’t take his eyes off the ring as he walks down the ramp to the ring. Marz stands across the ring rubbing his wrists and licking his lips.

Other Guy: Looks like Marz can’t help but see the absolutely hilarious t-shirt Black has on.

Eryk Masters: A legend like Dave Marz can stand a t-shirt, I think he’s ready to get his pound of flesh for the way TMB has been handling himself in the weeks since he won the title.

As TMB ducks into the ring and climbs the nearest turnbuckle to raise the Rule of Surrender Championship, Marz attempts to rush towards him, only for Willie Dean to cut him off! Black senses something going on behind him and looks over his shoulder before dropping to the mat. Dean pushes Marz back, and takes the belt from TMB, allowing TMB to quickly pull his t-shirt over his head and throw it into the crowd. Dean holds the Rule of Surrender Championship above his head, showing it to the cameras, and then hands it to someone on the outside of the ring. As Dean steps back between the two men, he looks at Marz, then to TMB and both men signal they’re ready for action!

Eryk Masters: There’s the bell!

Immediately, Marz sprints across the ring, nearly clipping Willie Dean on his way by. TMB steadies himself for the attack and locks up with Marz just out of the center of the ring. The two men battle for position as Black tries to dig in. Marz lifts a heavy knee right in to the midsection of the champion, but Black blocks it with his own leg! Marz quickly grabs TMB’s exposed leg and drives him back into the corner.

Eryk Masters: TMB is not a small man by any means, and Dave Marz eclipses him in the weight department.

Other Guy: Are you calling Marz fat? You’re calling Marz fat! How rude!

Black tries to move out of the turnbuckle, but Die Hard is right there keep him in a vulnerable position. Marz pushes Black’s head back by shoving his jaw. As Black shakes his head free, Marz steps back and unleashes a flurry of punches to TMB’s stomach. Black’s body jerks like he’s being hit by a machine gun and causes the man to fall into the ring corner.

Eryk Masters: Marz doing exactly what he said he would in taking this match right to TMB from the start! Those are some heavy punches.

Other Guy: He’s sticking up for his former tag team partner, Eryk. He’s going to have some extra “oomph” in his attacks.

Marz capitalizes on TMB’s positioning by racing to the middle rope, bringing Black up a step with him. Dave Marz looks out to the fans and slaps a closed fist over his heart once, causing the arena to EXPLODE. Looking down at TMB, Marz begins to drill the Champion in the face with punches, causing Willie Dean to begin to count! Over and over Marz smashes TMB with those closed fists, listening to the fans as they count along with the punches.


Marz gets pulled off of the champion by Willie Dean, who warns Marz to listen to his count! Marz acknowledges Dean, but races back to the middle rope! Before Marz can let loose any more punches, TMB grabs him by the top of his tights and lifts him up off of the ropes! With whatever breath he has left, TMB races out from the corner and SLAMS Dave Marz to the mat with an absolutely DEVASTATING powerslam!

Eryk Masters: How did he have that much energy?!

Other Guy: I think Marz’s desire to teach TMB got the best of him there, Eryk. TMB is a champion, and a champion is going to fight until he doesn’t have any energy left!

TMB rolls to his back and lurches for a second before moving back to his opponent. As Marz struggles to catch his breath, TMB stands up, grabbing one of Marz’s legs from the mat. The fans show their displeasure with the turn of events, causing TMB to look out at them with a smirk. Marz comes to and tries to push himself away from TMB with his free leg, but TMB pulls him back to the center of the ring! Marz struggles to get away from Black, but Thomas DRIVES Marz’s knee into the mat with his elbow! Marz reaches out for his knee in agony! TMB rolls quickly back to his feet, grabbing that same foot and AGAIN drives his elbow into the knee. Once more, TMB grabs the foot and moves to drop the elbow…but stops! TMB reaches down and grabs Marz’s other foot, spreading the man’s legs! Looking out at the fans one last time, Black LEAPS into the air and BLASTS Marz in the stomach with an elbow, completely knocking the wind out of the challenger!

Other Guy: THAT’S how you get control back, Eryk.

Eryk Masters: The match is far from over, but Marz definitely has his work cut out for him.

Marz rolls on the ground now, clutching his abdomen. Black smirks down at his opponent as he circles the man for just a moment, before reaching down and dragging him by the bad leg to the furthest ring corner, grinning as he does. TMB quickly drops to the mat and rolls out of the ring, pulling Marz further across the mat. With the fans screaming in his ear, Black grabs Marz’s foot and yanks it to the side, causing Marz to beg for TMB not to do anything. TMB barks something at Marz, before slamming the bad leg into the ring post!

Eryk Masters: Marz is in absolute agony here, and TMB loves every minute of it!

Other Guy: Hey, Marz brought the fight to Black, not the other way around. Be careful what you wish for!

The Queen City Hitman has Dave’s foot, again pulling it out to the side. Marz begins to wiggle the bad leg around, trying to free it from TMB’s grasp, but TMB’s hands never let go. Marz brings his free knee to his chest as Black toys with the injured leg, and SMASHES the heel of his boot into TMB’s face! Black is caught off guard, and Marz breaks his grip free and scoots away from the ring corner. TMB rubs his jaw and attempts to realign his nose to his face before jumping back to the ring apron. As TMB stands up straight, Marz greets him with a stiff uppercut, sending TMB wobbling! Black holds onto the ropes with one hand as he tries to shake the cobwebs loose, but Marz is right there to grab his free hand when he tries to use it to grab the ropes. Marz YANKS down on TMB’s arm, hyperextending it over the rope!

Eryk Masters: Marz going after that arm now, but the damage done to his knee is making it hard for him to stand!

Marz grabs at his own knee for a second before taking the dangling arm of TMB and stepping over it so that his own back is to Black. Dean steps in to Marz’s face and tells him to break the hold! Marz, obviously frustrated, YANKS up on the arm to bend the arm the opposite way! TMB calls out in pain as Marz steps away from the ropes at the behest of Willie Dean. Dean looks over at Samantha Coil and barks something at her. Coil stands at ring side with the microphone.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, Rule of Surrender rules state that each competitor in an R-O-S sanctioned match will be awarded three rope breaks to be used during the course of the match. Willie Dean has awarded Thomas Manchester Black his first rope break, leaving him with two remaining!

The fans cry out in boos, and Marz puts his hands on his hips as he limps in a small circle near Black.

Other Guy: The fans can be upset all they want, Willie Dean is using the rules of the match.

Eryk Masters: That’s right, folks. As the Rule of Surrender Championship was reinstated, SHOOT Project also instated a new set of rules to go along with it. Willie Dean has to give either man three rope breaks during the course of the match.

TMB remains on the outside of the ring, now down to a knee, clutching his arm. Marz realizes the vulnerable position this puts TMB in and charges him from the middle of the ring, DRIVING a knee into the side of the Champion’s face and sending him CRASHING into the guardrail below! TMB’s right arm and shoulder are driven into the railing, further injuring the arm! Marz wastes no time in ducking under the ropes to stand on the ring apron. As TMB turns around, Marz LEAPS off and drills TMB’s shoulder with a double axe handle. TMB immediately grabs his shoulder in pain, but the impact on Marz’s knee causes him to crumple immediately to the ground, only using the barricade for support.

Eryk Masters: It’s possible TMB did some major damage to Marz’s leg when he wrapped it around the steel post earlier in the match, OG.

Other Guy: He’s smart, Masters. He knows that if you take a man’s legs from him, sooner or later the odds are ever in your favor.

Eryk Masters: We’re not sponsored by Hunger Games, OG. You know that, right?

Marz and TMB are both down against the barricade as Willie Dean begins his ten count. TMB seems in absolutely no hurry to get back into the ring, but Marz realizes what is happening. Die Hard stands up off of the guardrail and moves to get back into the ring, but TMB chop blocks him down on that injured leg! Willie Dean waves off his count, and jumps to the outside of the ring as Marz is down on a knee.  TMB steps back and snaps a HARD kick to Marz’s back, sending him face first into the steel post! Marz falls to his back as TMB grabs at his shoulder, smirking.

Other Guy: Looks like the message is being sent by TMB, and that message is that TMB is no cheap victory!

TMB grabs the stirring Marz and slides him onto the ring apron, climbing onto the apron himself as Marz pulls himself up. Both men stand on their feet with Marz shaking off the cobwebs from the steel post. TMB steadies Marz’s face and SLAPS him across the chest, causing Marz to clutch himself. Again TMB steadies Marz and AGAIN he slaps him across the chest, causing the fans to call out.


TMB steadies Marz’s face again, and this time pulls his entire arm back giving Marz just enough time… to deck black in the face!

Eryk Masters: TMB is rocked! Marz regains his composure just in time to catch TMB!

TMB wobbles a bit but doesn’t fall, catching Marz with a right jab of his own! The fans boo in unison! Marz sends a STINGING kick to the leg of TMB and TMB returns the favor! The crowd begins to get rowdy as Marz and TMB trade HEAVY shots back and forth, neither man giving an inch!

Other Guy: Look at these two go at it! Neither man wants to give and that hard hitting mixed martial arts style is being shown off here!

TMB swings with a wild haymaker, BUT MARZ drops down and brings TMB to the canvas with a quick double leg takedown to the delight of the screaming fans! TMB quickly wraps his legs around Marz’s waist in a guard situation, but Marz postures up and begins to rain shots at TMB’s head! TMB manages to block the first couple, but Marz slips a few shots in as he continues the ground and pound!

TMB uses his leg strength and the leverage from the guard position and ROLLS to the side, changing his position to a mount and begins to UNLOAD heavy shots of his own at Marz and the crowd expresses their displeasure by booing loudly. Marz reaches up, grabbing TMB by the head and ROLLS through again, but TMB positions his feet on Marz’s chest and KICKS forward, sending Marz away from him. Marz regains his footing, but TMB has pulled himself to his feet, leaving both men at a stalemate and the crowd cheers, showing both men respect!

The two men GLARE at one another for a split second before charging forward in a flurry of fists! The crowd LOSES it as the two Soldiers clash in the center of the ring, swinging for the fences.

Eryk Masters: And look at them go!

Other Guy: BOTH of these men want it, E. But more than that, they are trying to BEAT each other into submission!

Marz swings with a wild shot, but TMB ducks down, shifts his position and NAILS Marz in the side of the knee with a NASTY elbow and the crowd lets out a loud hail of boos. Marz drops to his knees and TMB pushes himself back to his feet. He SNATCHES Marz by the head and brings him to his feet. TMB boots Marz in the stomach and hooks his head. TMB HOISTS Marz up, BUT Marz floats over and lands behind him! TMB spins around quickly JUST as Marz hits the ropes coming off with a HELLACIOUS looking lariat!

BUT TMB ducks the lariat and LIFTS Marz up onto his shoulders!

TMB has the massive body of Dave Marz on his shoulders, parading around the ring. The fans can’t stand to see the smug look on Black’s face, showing their distaste for the man. Marz starts to fight back, catching Black in the side of the head a few elbows!

Eryk Masters: Marz is trying to fight back!

Other Guy: Might be too little too late, though, Eryk! TMB has Marz right where he wants him!

TMB gets rocked by one of the elbows being thrown by Marz, and blinks repeatedly! Black tries to muster up the strength to throw Marz up over his own head…

BUT MARZ SLIDES OUT! Marz grabs TMB’s arm, sliding behind it for a chickenwing! Reaching up, Marz YANKS TMB’s face to the side!


TMB tries to fight out of it! Marz picks up TMB and SLAMS him down to the mat, keeping the hold locked in. Marz traps TMB’s body with a body triangle, assuring he won’t move!

Other Guy: Black still has rope breaks!

Black tries to scoot toward the ropes…

Eryk Masters: MARZ ROLLS HIM OVER. Almost like an anaconda choke, Marz rolled TMB out of the way! Now it’s just Marz and TMB in the center of the ring!

The fans are on their feet, absolutely exploding! TMB struggles, reaching out to the ropes, trying not to tap…



Other Guy: Don’t get cocky, kid.


Eryk Masters: Marz just proved that the Old Guard does know best, and did it with an Old Guard move!

Willie Dean hands Marz the Rule of Surrender Championship and Marz stands proud in the ring, celebrating his huge victory with the fans!

Other Guy: Well, for as much as I was behind TMB for this match, Marz did show me that he deserves to be in a SHOOT Project ring, and he definitely has fight left in him.

Eryk Masters: The new Rule of Surrender Champion is definitely going to be getting a fat paycheck, and a call from a very familiar Hall of Famer in the near future!

Backstage, we see a backdrop featuring the SHOOT Project helmet alongside the logo for the ELITE pay-per-view. Standing in front of it is Abigail Chase, a mic in hand.

Abigail Chase: Hello once again, SHOOT fans. For the past two months, the SHOOT world has seen the chase of seven Soldiers for the SHOOT World Championship, as one other man looks to keep control of it. The Primus is around the corner and at this time, I am joined by one of the competitors, Laura Seton.

The camera pans back a few feet to reveal Laura, wearing a blue top with black pants. The crowd begins booing in anger of seeing her while she only smirks to that.

Abigail Chase: Laura, the days and weeks have gone by and proverbially, the Primus is just around the corner. The chance you’ve been, in some people’s minds, begging for is finally yours. It’s a fine line, so to speak, of your thoughts of the front—

Laura Seton: I’m not walking that line right now. Don’t ask me anything about the front office.

The ensuing glare is enough to have Abigail drop that subject.

Abigail Chase: There are a number of talented Soldiers in this company. You get to be in the limelight for a first time—a first huge main event—that change you’ve wanted. Has your mindset changed from even a few days ago to right now, being so close to the event?

Laura Seton: Not a chance. It’s a highlight for me and I would like to think it’s a refreshing change for the SHOOT fans, but they’re used to everything from the past. I’m sure they view someone like Mephisto or Mason, much less myself, as novelties… flavors of the month that will disappear soon enough.

Abigail Chase: The change of the SHOOT landscape; why is that a big point for you?

Laura Seton: We’re not in the mid-to-late ‘aughts’ anymore. It’s 2013. Jun Kenshin couldn’t get it done a year ago. It’s just a matter of time before Martinez’s body gives out one more time. These legends can’t continuously be brought out, because you’re ruining chances for the current stock of Soldiers.

A disheartened looks falls on Laura.

Laura Seton: It’s awful. Just look at the roster. The fact there’s so much talent underutilized… it’s awful. I mean…

Laura has a breath before going back to her non-disheartened state.

Laura Seton: If you want some of the best matches, you go to those in their best shape, right? The ones that have been active for the last few years and not someone that was pulled off the street recently. Jay won Master of the Mat—but is he a long-term answer? There was no excuse to put him in that tournament, but he was and what happened? Good for him. After he loses and he’s anywhere near a title shot after this, I don’t know, Abigail. Same goes for Trey. He can have a rematch, but if he loses that, he has no right over anyone else to be given an automatic bid or anything close to it. He should have to earn his chance one more time. Too many chances for the same people. That means Crippler. That means Maya. No more automatic bids for these people. They’ve had enough. Make them earn it like everyone else. These opportunities need to come fairly. I can surprise people beyond belief, the problem is there’s always a stupid roadblock in the way. This is my chance, Abigail. This is my chance to finally say, “I was right.” I will finally move those roadblocks and push myself into the forefront here.

Abigail Chase: Interesting way to put it—but it’s about what the fans want.

Laura Seton: Oh the fans suck! I’m not in this for them. I’m in it for me. I’m sure they want to see me decapitated in the Primus. Hey, it’s not going to be easy but I’m going to get it done. I wanted my chance and now that I have one, I’m not squandering it because of caring about the fans booing me. I’m not taking my eyes off any one of those seven men because some little kid cries when I hit his favorite Soldier. This is about what Laura Seton wants. That big light shining down and all the attention being drawn—I have to keep putting my money where my mouth is. I know that Donovan King is seething; hoping someone screws up badly so he gets another World Championship chance. A failure will happen, Abigail. There’s bound to be one—logistically it pretty much has to happen. Unfortunately for the fans, I won’t be the one goofing up. I’ll be the one out there longer than anyone else. This second Primus is going to be one for the ages; just as advertised. It’ll be remembered because it was so heart-stopping. It will be so exciting that fans won’t be on the edge of their seats because they won’t want to sit down. It will see sweat drench the floor. It will see looks of shock from Soldiers as they get eliminated. It will see looks of shock on the fans. It will see Laura Seton back it all up and put the past in the past. It will see Laura Seton holding up the SHOOT Project World Championship.

With that, we cut away.

An old fashioned, black and white film countdown starts rolling on the Video Wall, the film flickering and a beep heard after every digit.


Lo-Fidelity Allstar’s "Battleflag" cues up, bringing Corey Lazarus out from behind the entrance curtain to a solid pop, the hood of his entrance jacket pulled up over his head.

Samantha Coil: Introducing at this time, standing at 6-foot-1 and weighing in tonight at 239 pounds…

Other Guy: He’s been bulking up a little, eh?

Corey stops at the top of the ramp to adjust his knee brace, now found over a new pair of long-legged tights with designs identical to the shorts he wore all year up to this point, and then jogs down the rest of the ramp, throwing the hood back to reveal a custom eye patch (with, of course, a design matching the rest of his gear) as he casually slaps some high-five’s with folks in the front row.

Samantha Coil: He hails from Hollywood, California…"The Premier Attraction"…

Lazarus rolls into the ring and (with the aid of the ropes for leverage) kips up to his feet, strolling to the center of the ring before reaching his arms out to each side, his usual big smile replaced with a stoic stare.


"Battleflag" dies down as Austin Linam checks Corey out, all the while Lazarus slides his entrance jacket off and tosses it out to a ringside attendant.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent…

An image of a thorny white rose appears on the SHOOT video wall, and a finger with black nail polish appears to drag across the thorns and draw forth a blood ruby. The hand begins to move at a freakish time-lapsed speed, tearing petals from the rose and leaving blood drops on the white petals…until a single message shines in the blood on the tattered petals.


A cascade of black & red rose petals fall from the rafters as “Blood” by In This Moment continues to pound through the arena, earning a huge negative response from the capacity crowd.

Elizabeth Gaunt steps out from the back, a sneer etched across her ruby red lips. She wears her black latex bodysuit, unzipped a bit along the chest…and her eyes glare in Corey Lazarus’ direction.

Samantha Coil: Introducing second, she hails from Coney Island, New York…weighing in at 155lbs…representing PROJECT: SCAR…THE HELLCAT…ELIZABETH GAUNT!!!

“Blood, blood, blood,

Pour more through my veins

I’m a dirty, dirty girl

I want it filthy.”

She strolls down the ring, never taking her eyes Lazarus.  She gets to the ring and looks down at braced knee.  She smiles demonically as she slowly slithers into the ring beneath the bottom rope. She pops up and blows a sarcastic kiss in Corey’s direction. 

Eryk Masters: There is no love between these two.  For weeks they’ve been at each other’s throats… or knees and tonight they try to settle it once and for all. 

Other Guy: I wonder what effect Entragians return will have on Gaunt.  She was mighty quiet this week, and who KNOWS what kind of "celebration" those two had.

Austin Linam stands in the middle of the ring and calls for the bell.  The two begin to circle. She dives in towards his bad leg, he quickly drops down and stuffs the single leg take down attempt.  She scrambles to her feet.  Lazarus gives he a look and wags his index finger at her like he was Dikembe Mutombo.  Her eyes go ravenous, and she decides to dive back at the bad leg, and he’s prepared.  He pulls his leg back so she slides past and he quickly drops an elbow across her back.  He pulls her up, and she kicks his knee.  She drives another shot to that knee brace and Corey pulls his leg up.  She grabs the leg looking for a dragon screw leg whip, but Corey uses his legs to pull her in and quickly rolls her up with an inside cradle!



Th-NO!  She shoulders out.  The two get back up and Corey is met with a wicked leg kick to the thigh.  Gaunt winds up and delivers another leg kick right above the knee brace.  She dives in again looking for a single leg, but Corey stuffs it again and grabs her in a tight waist.  He scoops her up and delivers a gut wrench suplex.  He floats over for the cover.


Two…NO!  She shoulders out. 

Other Guy: Putting that added muscle mass to good use. 

Corey gets up and brings Liz to her feet and levels her with a short-arm clothesline. 

Eryk Masters: He put everything he could into that one.

He drags Gaunt up and backs her into the corner.  He looks like he wants to just wail away on her, but he backs away.

Eryk Masters: What’s he doing?

Other Guy: He clearly wants this match to take place in the middle of the ring.  Keep it a wrestling match.  Knowing if he gives in to making this an outright brawl, it would mean Gaunt got to him.

She launches herself out of the corner with a dropkick to the knee that sends Lazarus down, hard, clutching his knee.  She attacks like a feral cat, viciously punching, stomping, clawing at the banged up knee.  She grabs his ankle, and hoists it up and drives the knee down into the mat.   She pulls it high over head again, and drives it down again.  She winds up, and drives a stomp down.  She goes and bounces off the ropes and runs before jumping and driving a double stomp onto the bad leg.  She then reaches down and grabs the leg and pulls it back into a single leg crab!

Eryk Masters: She’s looking to end it after working that bad leg!

She leans back, Austin Linam checks if Corey wants to quit, but he shakes his head adamantly "no" and then begins crawling towards the corner.   The crowd clapping, stomping, and cheering him on as he digs his fingers into the canvas and pulls with all his might.  He reaches and is able to grab the ropes with his left hand.  Linam begins his five count for Gaunt to break the hold.  She drops the leg at three and whirls around as Corey pulls himself up with the help of the ropes.   He gets to his feet and leans in the corner.  She charges in, but Corey quickly side steps and uses her momentum to slam her into the turnbuckle.  He whirls her around a fire in his eyes and winds up and chops her… IN THE FACE!  Winds up, delivers another.  Winds up, and ANOTHER, the crowd counting along now. 

FOUR!   FIVE!   SIX!  He winds up for a seventh, but instead pulls her out.  Puts his head under her arm and launches her back with a Northern Lights Suplex!  Bridge!



Thr-NO!  Laz’s bum leg gives out as Liz shoulders out.

Other Guy: That bad leg had a hard time keeping that bridge!

Lazarus is up, he drags Gaunt up.  She kicks the knee again.  Shoves him backwards and looks to nail a head kick, but Corey ducks it.  He drives a boot to her gut.  Quickly hooks her up…

Eryk Masters: He’s looking for the Box Office Bomb!

But Liz uses he free leg to drive her knee into Corey’s knee which causes him to loosen his grip.  She drops down into an inside cradle!




Other Guy:  She almost had him there!

Gaunt gets up and quickly scurries to the top rope.

Eryk Masters: Maybe looking to hit the Lobotomy on Corey?

Lazarus gets up quickly and quickly runs, knocking Liz’s legs out from under her and crotching her on the top rope.  He quickly pulls her onto his shoulders into an Argentine Rack position. The crowd buzzes and Corey takes three steps from the corner and drives her down with the Mercury Driver!!!

Other Guy: HE NAILED IT!

He covers and hooks a leg.




The bell rings as Corey gets to his feet, still favoring the bad leg.


"Battleflag" starts back up, as Corey has his hands raised.  Liz has regained her bearings and rolls out under the bottom rope and heads to the back.

Corey falls against the ropes, gathering his breath, and then holds his neck with one hand and his ribs with the other.

Fans: L-A-Z!! L-A-Z!! L-A-Z!! L-A-Z!!

Surprised by the ovation, Corey turns, raising an eyebrow, to each part of the crowd before dropping to his knees, taking a deep breath, and then a bow for everybody, eliciting a solid pop.

Eryk Masters: Say what you will about Corey Lazarus as a human being or the things he’s said and done, but there is no arguing that he is absolutely among the elite in this sport.

Other Guy: Well, it looks like one person might be able to argue it!

A section in the row turns their cheers to boos as Thomas Manchester Black hops over the barrier and slides into the ring.

Eryk Masters: What the hell is he doing out here?!

Lazarus looks up to eat the bottom of TMB’s boot, sending the Hollywood Kid down. He struggles to get back to his feet, but Black dives on him and rains down fist after fist, targeting Corey’s left eye.

Other Guy: Oh, this is just despicable…

Lazarus desperately tries to cover up, but TMB’s offense is too on point as shot after shot either connects or grazes Corey’s face. TMB stands up, dusting off his arms, and then hooks Corey’s legs, turning Laz over onto his stomach and grabbing his arms in a surfboard.

Eryk Masters: No! He’s looking for the Queen City Stomp! This is…!

Suddenly, 3M runs down from behind the entrance curtain, diving beneath the ropes and immediately tackling TMB off of Corey. 3M throws a few wild punches to TMB, but Black rolls out of the ring and backs up against the barrier, checking his lip for blood. 3M rushes back over to Lazarus, checking on his eye. He looks back out at TMB as the latter begins to make his way casually up the ramp, laughing to himself at Corey’s predicament.

Other Guy: It looks like old vendettas really do die hard after all.

3M helps Corey roll out of the ring, helping him walk up the ramp as both of Laz’s hands cover his eye.

We go backstage right now to where Abigail Chase is standing outside of the locker room of Valentine Lionheart. She looks like she’s hoping to get a word with the challenger to the Sin City Championship when the door opens and Mason Pierce emerges!

Abigail Chase: Mason! I was wondering if I could get a quick word with you concerning tomorrow night’s match. You’re a part of the-

Mason raises a hand, cutting her off.

Mason Pierce: Primus again. Yeah, I know. Same shit as last time. You run around backstage, looking for a few choice nuggets from everyone in the big frenzy. Make it look like you’re actually still of some use to the company. You want a sound bite for the newsreels? Here ya go. PISS. OFF.

The camera cuts away with a final shot of Abigail’s slightly hurt expression.

We stay backstage and this time we go to Mark Kendrick who is standing at the backstage interview area.

Mark Kendrick:  We’re backstage talking with one of the eight competitors who has a chance to walk out of ELITE with The SHOOT Project World Championship.

Loco steps into frame.  The crowd roars.  His huge Cheshire Cat smile glowing in the lights.

Mark Kendrick:  What are your thoughts going into the biggest match of you career?

Loco Martinez:  You know Mark, I think my mind’s state can be summed up with a quote, you’re familiar.  "Believe deep down in your heart that you’re destined to do great things."  … … … Do you know who said that?

He takes a few seconds, but judging by the GIANT smile that has spread across Kendrick’s mouth he knows all too well, and is trying to contain himself.

Mark Kendrick:  It was Joe Pa!

Loco chuckles knowingly at the interviewers enthusiasm.

Loco Martinez:  Yes.  Joe Paterno.  I figured you’d like that, big guy.   But, in it lies what I’m thinking.  What I’m feeling.  Most importantly… what I’m believing.  I believe I’m destined to do great things, and tomorrow night… right here in the Epicenter?  I’m fixing to achieve that destiny.  Will it be hard?  Absolutely.  But, I came prepared for you… here’s another Paterno Gem… "You have to perform at a consistently higher level than others.  That’s the mark of a true professional."  Since coming back to SHOOT.  Since dedicating myself to have success inside THIS arena.  To doing great things inside THAT ring.  Tomorrow night, I attempt to put the cherry on top of the sundae.  I have worked and literally fought my way to get here and I will be going out there and doing what I do best…   Performing at a higher level.  Primus competitors… and that beautiful gold belt?  A simple message…

One… Two… Loco’s Coming for YOU!

Loco gives a playful wink and bounds off, leaving the smiling Mark Kendrick.

Mark Kendrick:  Thanks and good luck tomorrow night, Loco.  Lets head back to the ring.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the following is the MAIN EVENT of ELITE DAY ONE…and it is an IRON FIST MATCH!!!

The capacity ELITE crowd is going INSANE in anticipation of the new chapter about to be written in the Corazon/Entragian blood feud. “Baddest Man Alive” signs are popping up all throughout the stands and there are even a few signs held up by particularly morbid fans in the crowd that bear the scarlet eye of Entragian surrounded by SHOOT Project Helmet scar tissue.

Other Guy: Can you FEEL it, E?? That ring is moments away from becoming a gladiatorial arena and two of the baddest BASTARDS to ever walk through SHOOT Project are about to take up residence in it.

Eryk Masters: Bad meets Evil. Hell meets Fury. The war that has left the symbol of this company BURNT into the very flesh of both competitors continues on here tonight…

Other Guy: It was born from a broken brotherhood and the excision of Adrian Corazon from Project: SCAR. We’ve watched this story play out…we’ve seen how it’s affected Project: SCAR and the interpersonal relationships of the group…and we’ve seen Corazon’s obsession to remove the demons he once called familial from the hallowed ground of SHOOT Project.

Eryk Masters: We thought we’d seen the last of Entragian after Master of the Mat. He suffered GRAVE injuries at the hands of Corazon…and it was almost a forgone conclusion that his career was over. But at this past Dominion…that all changed.

Other Guy: It certainly did. Entragian returned. He came for blood…and he came for retribution. SHOOT Project is still reeling from the “homecoming” of the savage leader of Project: SCAR…and I can only imagine what might happen next here tonight.

Eryk Masters: With Isaac and Adrian? You NEVER really know…

“War Is My Destiny” by lll Beat feat. Immortal Technique TEARS through the Epicenter, dark purple strobe lights starting to blaze down from the head of the ramp.

"They killed my entire family, murdered and tortured, raped and pillaged

I was only five and I was the only surviving witness

My entire village burned to the ground

He wore a serpent in his crown."

"I watched the palaces burn

I’ve seen the ashes of my comrades return to they family in a urn

While a proud child remembers his father that died

The cycle continues with vengeance alive in his mind"

With this last line playing overhead…the BADDEST MAN ALIVE steps out from behind the curtains. His black hair frames his face perfectly…and that trademark smirk still tugs at the side of his mouth. Corazon nods at the fans, and this elicits a ROAR of support from the Las Vegas faithful.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, hailing from Mexico City, Mexico…he weighs in at 225lbs…he is the BADDEST MAN ALIVE…ADRIAN CORAZON!!!

We take note of the fact that Corazon’s ribs are heavily wrapped in white bandaging…and there’s the slightest wince of pain on his face as he begins to trek down the ramp towards the ring.

Eryk Masters: Corazon will NEVER turn away from the call of the war drums, OG…but I gotta wonder if that might be a mistake on his part tonight? He is still in BAD shape from that surprise attack Entragian unleashed on Dominion. Varying reports indicate he’s suffering from several broken ribs and some incredibly deep bruising along the torso…yet he STILL doesn’t back down from this match.

Other Guy: The heart and determination of Corazon is staggering…but it does seem like he’s going into this one with a very distinct disadvantage. ESPECIALLY when you figure into it that this is an Iron Fist match where virtually anything goes…

Eryk Masters: Not to mention the fact that Entragian is coming into this thing at a solid 100%…if anything that monster seems REVITALIZED since returning to SHOOT Project…

Corazon makes it to the ring apron and he gingerly climbs up the steps and enters the ring, holding his ribs slightly as he enters through the middle ropes. He glares at the ramp, waiting for the enemy that he has sworn to exorcise from SHOOT Project’s halls.

Darkness falls on ELITE.

We hear the sound of hooves slamming against desert earth, and on the video wall a pure white horse appears galloping across the Mojave. The horse stops at the very edge of Las Vegas, Nevada.

One of the pale horse’s eyes is terribly burnt, bloodshot and red, and it wears the burden of the SHOOT Helmet on its head. This horse stares at Las Vegas…and the entire city bursts into flames.

And on cue, triggered blasts of pure hellfire shoot up from either side of the ramp way…and the flame catches a gasoline-soaked structure built above the ramp. The fires spreads and it becomes clear that the structure is built up of LETTERS…four of them to be exact.

The fire burns bright…spreading and spreading…until it spells out a single word above the ramp way.


“Sympathy for the Devil” by Tiamat starts to pour out of the arena speakers, the vocals dark and haunting.





The curtains get thrown to the side…and out walks the pallid fiend known as SHOOT Project’s IVORY TERROR. Entragian’s facial expression is cold and grave, his scarlet eye looking especially hideous in the firelight reflected above him.

Samantha Coil: Introducing second, hailing from Mideon, Nebraska…he weighs in at 320lbs…he is the IVORY TERROR of PROJECT: SCAR….ISAAC ENTRAGIAN!!!

And it appears that Entragian…is not alone.

ALL of Project: SCAR follows him out from the back, taking their places in a line at the top of the ramp. Deviant with his porcelain mask and his hands clasped in prayer. Gaunt with her head slightly hung, still ashamed about her earlier defeat.

Kenji & Flay stand to one side, and Kenji’s arm is around Flay’s shoulders. Obsidian stands right beside the two of them…slightly apart from Isaac, Gaunt and Deviant. It becomes immediately apparent by body language alone that Kenji and Obsidian seem almost reluctant to be out here for this.

Kenji watches Isaac very carefully out of the corner of his eye…and there seems to be a twinkle of mistrust in his gaze.

Other Guy: Uhoh. ALL of Project: SCAR is out here…

Eryk Masters: And is it just me, OG…or does there seem to be some MAJOR tension hanging in the air between Kenji and Entragian? Something just feels….off. There’s usually that strong feeling of connection and brotherhood with SCAR…but this seems almost…awkward somehow.

Isaac has a microphone in hand as he stares down at the ring at Corazon.

Kenji quickly says something to Obsidian…and then the two men start to head off in the direction of the back, Kenji bearing Flay along with him with his arm around her shoulders.

Entragian’s voice stops them.

Entragian: No.

His head cranes over his shoulder, white hair hanging about that horrible red eye.

Entragian: Stay.

Kenji turns back around…and that mistrust seems to grow in his eyes as he holds Flay close to him. Obsidian just glares at Isaac defiantly through a mask of brown hair.

Entragian: I want you all…to watch.

Isaac then hands the mic to Gaunt and simply turns away from the other members of SCAR…leaving them all standing in a row at the top of the ramp as he stalks his way down the ramp towards the ring.

Eryk Masters: I don’t know what that was all about….but I’m getting a weird vibe from Project: SCAR tonight. Before it always seemed like the group was all about brotherhood and blood ties…but right about now it seems more like a cold, loveless dictatorship…with Entragian making it very clear to the others that he’s calling the shots.

Other Guy: And let’s face facts, E…it’s been an awful night for Project: SCAR. Kenji has been trying for weeks and weeks to dethrone the Tag Team Champions with multiple SCAR partners and he failed once more here tonight to accomplish that.

Eryk Masters: Plus Gaunt has been waging a VERY personal battle with Corey Lazarus that saw her gain the advantage heading into this PPV…but she was soundly and decisively defeated tonight by The Hollywood Kid. It doesn’t break my heart all that much to admit it…but Project: SCAR has never looked weaker.

Other Guy: You gotta wonder if that theme of failure and defeat is gonna carry over into the main event too?

Entragian stalks his way down to the ring amidst a chorus of boos from the crowd. He steps up onto the apron and steps over the top rope, that infernal gaze of his never leaving Corazon’s face.

Eryk Masters: Would you look at that EYE? Permanently bloodshot…and the SHOOT Project Helmet scar that surrounds it has been outlined into a TATTOO. It’s almost like Isaac is proud to show it off…much like Corazon is proud to show off that brand of the Helmet he has on his back.

Other Guy: I think it’s all about territory, E. Both of these men consider SHOOT Project their “territory”…and they want each other to know that they’ll stop at nothing to claim ownership of that territory.

Corazon steps to the center of the ring, showing no fear of Entragian…and Isaac gladly meets him, their foreheads already beginning to press together before the bell can even ring.

The tension mounts…and when the bell finally DOES ring…both men start to just TEE OFF on each other with punches. Corazon is swinging wildly for the fences, rights and lefts that sting Isaac’s cheeks and rock his head from side to side…and Entragian answers by HAMMERING bone-rattling uppercuts into Adrian’s jaw…knocking him back a few steps with each one that connects.

Corazon switches to knife-edge chops, scathing shots that leave bright red marks across Isaac’s bare white chest. Corazon seems to be getting the better of Isaac for a moment…but that immediately stops when Entragian BURIES a knee-lift into Corazon’s taped up ribs.

A gust of broken air escapes Adrian’s lips…and he simply FOLDS down to both knees while holding his torso tightly.

Other Guy: Oh god…did you see how ALL the fight just went out of Corazon when Isaac targeted those ribs? I think the damage there may be worse than we previously thought…

Eryk Masters: I think you’re right, OG. I’m suddenly very worried for the long-term health of the Baddest Man Alive…you CANNOT afford to go into this type of match with a man like Entragian when you’re already hurt.

A very wide smile appears on the face of Entragian as he realizes the condition Corazon is in. He simply leans down for a moment, studying the expression of agony on Adrian’s face…and then he hits the ropes and PISTONS a straight boot into Corazon’s face, knocking him backwards violently.

Eryk Masters: Something tells me we won’t see many wrestling moves in this match. This damn SHARK smells blood…and it’s obvious that he just wants to get to that blood in the nastiest way possible.

Isaac immediately just DESCENDS on Corazon, sending STOMP after STOMP into Adrian’s ribs…and the cries of pain can’t be withheld, Corazon moans with each boot that connects….rolling back and forth across the canvas to try and gain some reprieve…but The Ivory Terror is RELENTLESS.

Corazon manages to get to his belly…and he starts to crawl to the ropes…trying hard to get into some type of battle stance so he can fight off a purely rabid Entragian.

Adrian reaches down into the side of his tights…and he pulls out that signature ASP. He grabs the ropes, pulling and clawing himself up while holding the ASP…and then he WHIPS it around…but his strike is slowed down by the injured ribs and Isaac easily ducks underneath.

Corazon tries again…but his wrist is caught, and Isaac simply SQUEEZES. Corazon grits his teeth, he struggles valiantly to keep the ASP in hand…but the raw strength of Entragian is just too much…and it drops from his hand.

And it’s immediately caught…by Isaac Entragian.

Other Guy: Oh god.

Eryk Masters: Corazon is one of the most dangerous forces of nature SHOOT Project has EVER seen…and that’s why what I’m about to say next seems all the more surreal. I am….terrified…for Adrian Corazon right now.

Corazon’s eyes float down to that ASP clenched in Isaac’s pallid hand…and that’s when the first shot BLASTS down into the side of his taped ribs. The pain is immediate and explosive, the already fractured ribs seeming to RIP into Corazon’s insides. Isaac whips the ASP down again, this time connecting directly with Corazon’s sternum…and the force of the blow is so severe that Corazon FLIES backwards and rolls until landing badly on his stomach.

He’s coughing…coughing raggedly…and we see small splatters of blood collecting on either side of his mouth.

Isaac slowly walks over to the downed Corazon…taking his time with every step. He drops the ASP down directly next to Corazon’s hand…simply toying with him…giving him the chance to pick it back up.

Corazon’s trembling hand reaches out to grab the ASP…and Isaac brings his boot down slowly and patiently, grinding it into Corazon’s hand and relishing the hiss of excruciation that escapes Adrian’s lips.

Entragian: You’re weak, bad little brother. Fighting hurt…so valiant. So heroic.

Isaac grinds his boot down harder, crunching Corazon’s hand against that ASP handle on the canvas.

Entragian: Show me how bad you are. Show the world…

Corazon grits his blood-stained teeth together…his trembling hand reaching down towards a black-handle that sticking out of one of his boots.

Eryk Masters: This is starting to be become sickening to watch. Entragian is…humiliating Corazon right now. This isn’t a wrestling match. This isn’t even a fight…it’s little more than a slaughter.

Other Guy: That’s because Corazon came into this match HURT, E. He knew the cost…and I give up all the respect in the world to the Baddest Man Alive for having to balls to step into the ring with Entragian when you’re not even fit for competition…but I’m starting to think this was a grave mistake on Corazon’s part.

Corazon scrapes and digs at the black handle sticking out of his boot…his fingers slipping momentarily to let a screwdriver roll across the canvas…and finally he gets a hold of it and SLASHES at Entragian’s calf…but the blade barely digs down against Isaac’s flesh, grazing it.

The Ivory Terror never even flinches.

He simply hauls that same leg back…and KICKS Corazon’s hand as hard as he can, the screwdriver flying out of the ring.

Entragian then SNATCHES Corazon up to his feet by the hair, twisting and tearing at him, practically digging down into his scalp…and he brings Corazon’s face close to his own.

Entragian: Doesn’t matter how bad you are, little brother.

Isaac looks down at the bandaging covering Corazon’s ribs…a wicked smile growing large on his face.

Entragian: I’ll always be worse.

Isaac then SNAPS his head down and RIPS the bandaging away from Corazon’s torso with his TEETH…razor-sharp chompers tearing entire portions of the bandaging free to expose flesh that is bruised a deep and dark purple.

Eryk Masters: ENOUGH, ref! It’s obvious Corazon can’t even defend himself right now…the man is spitting up blood…for all we know those broken ribs might have punctured something inside of him. Let this END.

Other Guy: I know how you feel, E…but you and I both know the referee is powerless to do anything here. This is an Iron Fist match. Virtually no rules…and I’m sure Isaac planned that out accordingly before sending the contract to Corazon to be signed.

Isaac SHREDS the remaining bandaging with his hands, and Corazon sinks down to both knees with his hands wrapped so tightly against his ribs…almost like he’s trying to keep his very bones from ripping from his own flesh.

Entragian rolls out of the ring for a moment, leaving Corazon there…and he reaches beneath the ring apron for something.

When he reappears…there’s cold metal in his pallid hand.

A claw hammer.

Entragian taps this against the steel steps…then he slowly reenters the ring.

He looks to the members of SCAR standing up at the top of the ramp for a moment, the claw hammer clasped tightly in his right hand.

Gaunt licks her lips, her eyes full of delight and sadism.

Evers prays madly to himself, looking at Entragian like he’s some morbid “god.”

Kenji doesn’t even watch what’s happening in the ring…his eyes are on Flay, his gaze incredibly protective and caring…and he hugs the young woman even closer to his own body.

Flay herself…seems almost curious about what is about to happen. Her eyes float over that hammer in Isaac’s hand…and the pain he’s capable of inflicting with it.

Obsidian…looks angry. His fists are clenched at his sides…and he looks like he’s barely able to restrain himself from going down to the ring to stop this. It’s clear by the expression in Erick’s eyes that he believes there is no honor in what Entragian is doing to their former battle-brother.

Entragian stares down at the barely conscious Corazon for a moment…and then he raises the claw hammer high over his head.

Isaac lets it fall…and the head of the hammer SMASHES into Corazon’s left leg just above the knee. Corazon SCREAMS in pain, his voice ear-splitting and TORN with agony…barely recognizable.

Eryk Masters: WHY is he doing this? What point does this prove? This cruel…selfish…sadistic…PIECE OF SHIT…this is not how a warrior puts down another warrior. This is WRONG.

Other Guy: Corazon…deserves better than this.

Isaac motions to the referee while going to lean back against one of the turnbuckles.

The referee starts his ten count.






Corazon…stubborn and with a heart the size of a continent…grabs the ropes and starts to pull himself back to his feet…despite the fact that he can’t put any weight on the leg Isaac struck.

Isaac doesn’t appear upset by this.

He very calmly walks back up to the staggering Corazon…and he BLASTS the claw side of the hammer down into the bicep of Corazon’s arm, immediately forcing him to let go of the ropes and FALL right back down to the canvas….blood leaking from the torn flesh along his arm.

We take in another view of the SCAR members at the head of the ramp.

Obsidian has turned away…refusing to look at what’s occurring in the ring.

Flay’s hand covers her mouth…the fingers brushing against wet lips.

Kenji just stares at the horror show unfolding before him…and there is absolutely no joy in what he’s seeing. No shared kinship as he watches Entragian do this to Corazon.

Eryk Masters: I never thought I’d say this…but it appears almost like Entragian is going just too damn far EVEN for his own brothers and sisters in Project: SCAR. Some of them appear just as disgusted with this as the fans out there in the crowd…

Isaac leans down to look at Corazon for a moment, the hammer in his hand dripping red with blood.

Entragian: Try again.

Isaac steps back…and he motions for the referee to restart the count.









Corazon…starts to stir. His eyes are full of defiance…full of anger…full of hatred for this pallid monster that stands before him. He holds his bleeding arm close to his torso…and he struggles so hard to rise…using his good leg to get his weight beneath him…limping and showing INCREDIBLE heart with each bit of ground he gains…until he FINALLY gets back up to his feet…


Eryk Masters: THAT is SHOOT Project. THAT is a warrior…THAT is a man who fights for what he believes in and has a bottomless heart. EAT IT, Entragian. You can do this to Corazon…you can maim him and torture him like this….but you will NEVER be even HALF the man the Baddest Man Alive is.

The glob of bloody spit drips down Isaac’s cheek.

Isaac doesn’t appear angry about it. There’s no infuriation at all in his expression. His face looks…very impassive. Almost like everything that’s happening right now…is exactly what he expected to happen and WANTED to happen.

Entragian slowly and calmly wipes the spit from his cheek with one thumb…and then he walks back over to Corazon…and SLAMS the head of the hammer into his right shoulder socket…sending a BOLT of pain through Corazon’s entire body.

And just when this new pain is fresh and scorching…Isaac casually leans down and WHIPS the claw side of the hammer into Corazon’s ONLY good leg…the claw connecting with Corazon’s shin and sending his entire body CRASHING down to the canvas with another scream of pain escaping his blood-speckled lips.

The fans are BOOING so loud that the ELITE promotional banners seem almost to blow in a wind created by the horrified and upset capacity crowd.

Entragian takes time to grab a mic from ringside…and he walks over to where Corazon fell…and he stands over top him, both feet planted to either side of his face.

Isaac lords over the Baddest Man Alive…his own blood dripping off that hammer and pattering down against his face.

And STILL…Corazon glares up at Isaac. Defiantly. Full of fighting spirit. Conscious and full of wrath…aware of everything and REFUSING to let the darkness win.

Entragian: Feel that, do ya? That DESIRE to stand…that DESIRE…to get back up…to rise up and keep on fighting for everything that you believe in?

Isaac chuckles.

Entragian: And yet…your body won’t let you. You have the desire…but not the ability. All you can do is lie there…lie there with your anger and your impotent hate…unable to rise…unable to fight….unable to do anything at all.

Corazon attempts movement, but EVERY limb is full of flaming agony…white hot bolts of pain…and he can barely even twitch from his motionless position on the canvas.

Entragian leans down…terribly close….intimately close to his former battle-brother.

Entragian: That…is how it feels to be helpless.

Isaac stands straight back up…and Corazon’s eyes clench shut in a mixture of frustration and excruciation.

Entragian turns to the referee…and he nods one final time.











Samantha Coil: Here is your winner…the IVORY TERROR of PROJECT: SCAR….Isaac Entragian!!!

Other Guy: Gutwrenching…disturbing….I don’t even know what else to say about what we just witnessed.

Eryk Masters: I think it’s safe to say that every fan in this arena was pulling for Corazon to beat the odds and overcome this pallid demon once again…but that just wasn’t in the cards tonight.

Other Guy: This was Isaac’s match to win from the start. He ensured it would be his kind of match…he ensured Corazon would be fighting hurt…and he ensured he could get away with this senseless CRUELTY without being stopped.

Eryk Masters: Ask yourself though, OG…how SICK a person do you have to be to do what that man just did only to SMILE about it afterwards?

A small cold smile is indeed resting on Isaac’s face…but it abruptly vanishes, replaced by the vacant gaze of a serial killer just after a fresh kill.

Entragian leaves the ring…hammer still in hand…and he stalks up the ramp towards the rest of Project: SCAR.

Isaac looks at Gaunt…and she smiles at him.

He walks over to Danny…and Danny immediately drops to his knees and KNEELS before him.

Isaac walks over to Obsidian next…and Obsidian GLARES at Isaac…the desert nomad’s eyes full of emotion. Finally…Obsidian drops his eyes to the floor…and Isaac moves on.

He stops before Kenji and Flay last.

Isaac casually reaches out with his free hand…and he brushes a few locks of Flay’s hair behind her ear. He does this…while making direct eye contact with Kenji Yamada.

Isaac slowly brings the mic up to his lips.

Entragian: Loyalty.

The word hangs heavy in the air.

Entragian: That’s all I ever expect from my family.

The tension between Yamada and Entragian seems almost to BOIL…the icy gaze of Kenji’s opaque eyes flashing against the caustic poison that shimmers in Isaac’s own gaze.

Entragian: Disloyalty…comes with a price.

Entragian looks over his shoulder for a moment…one final glance directed at the bleeding and immobile form of Corazon in the ring.

He then turns back to Kenji…and he drops that blood-soaked claw hammer at the feet of Flay Rios.

Entragian stalks off into the back without another word said.

Eventually the rest of Project: SCAR follows him…

But Kenji lingers, Flay still held in his arms.

Kenji’s gaze is locked on that bloody claw hammer lying at Flay’s feet.

This is the final shot that closes out Day One of ELITE…

Kenji Yamada with the young woman who is like a daughter to him in his arms…looking down at a claw hammer soaked in the blood of a man who defied the authority of Entragian.