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Reckoning Day 2013: Day 2

The scene opens up on an empty Epicenter. There is a single spotlight shining down on the ring.  Silence.

Suddenly, we catch a glimpse of Donovan King embracing the World Heavyweight Championship directly after the PRIMUS.  Then, we hear a quote…from the film Tombstone.

"Have you ever seen anything like that before?"

Moments of Corazon taking out Trey Willett, then an image of King forcing the former World Champion to submit, followed by Corazon pinning Kenji Yamada, Mason Pierce defeating Corazon, then King defeating Mason Pierce before going back to King clutching the World Heavyweight Championship.  Quickly, though, the scene shifts to blood red tint and we see Project:SCAR standing united.  Isaac Entragian, Adrian Corazon, Kenji Yamada, Obsidian, Elizabeth Gaunt, and Flay Rios.

"Hell, I ain’t never even heard of anything like that."

Lunatikk Crippler is shown, defeating Jonas Coleman.  Then, we see Crippler rolling over onto King just as Crippler taps to King’s Carolina Crossface.  We see Corazon eliminating Isaac Entragian from the Redemption Rumble.  Then, he attacks Corazon viciously.

"If they were my brothers, I’d want revenge, too."

Corazon and Isaac Entragian stand across from one another as Obsidian and Kenji Yamada stand between them.  We see Scott Kamura from years ago, Revolution 20.  He is declaring Dan Stein’s shot against World Champion Roland Caldwell a draw.  There is a moment where his face is shown, his mouth agape.  Then, we see a similar face, as Dan Stein manages to flip Corazon from the ring and become the 2013 Redemption Rumble winner and Number One Contender.

"No, make no mistake.  It’s not revenge he’s after."

We see Isaac Entragian placing his hands on Obsidian’s shoulders, followed by Kenji bracing himself against a wall, his head bowed.  Dan Stein is shown, a malevolent grin on his face.  He wins the Tag Team Championship.  He defeats Lunatikk Crippler and Donovan King.  Then, we see Lunatikk Crippler defeating Dan Stein.  Then, we see Donovan King staring Dan Stein down as he stands over Stein’s tag team partner, Johnny Napalm.

"It’s a reckoning."

The screen goes black with the sound of a shot, echoing.  Suddenly, the rock mix of The National’s "The Rains of Castamere" begins to play. 

And who are you, the proud lord said,

that I must bow so low?

Laura Seton stands over her fallen former lover, an evil smirk sliding across her face.  Then, Thomas Manchester Black is shown standing underneath a tall ladder, the Iron Fist Championship dangling above him.  Ripper is shown suddenly, locking a poor victim in the Rip-Off.

Only a cat of a different coat,

that’s all the truth I know.

Long Island Hardcore stands across from The Bad Ass Brotherhood before it quickly shifts to Ja-Gi Kyung Moon flying in slow motion to connect with Good Night Moon directly into the lens of the camera.

In a coat of gold or a coat of red,

a lion still has claws,

Sammy Rochester howls into the darkness, the Sin City Championship in his clutches, Jester Smiles standing behind him.  We then see Jacob Mephisto, his hand being raised in victory before it shifts to Corey Lazarus sauntering down the entrance ramp, a smirk on his face.  It shifts to MDK hitting a devastating DDT on an unsuspecting foe.

And mine are long and sharp, my lord,

as long and sharp as yours.

Solomon Richards has his hands clasped and his head bowed before he raises it slowly, looking to the heavens for answers that may never come.  The scene shifts to Danny Evers grinding Ainsley Lake’s face into the wall.  Suddenly, we see The Real Deal, who appears at the entrance ramp with a smirk on his face.

And so he spoke, and so he spoke,

that lord of Castamere,

Mason Pierce, Malice, and Valentine Lionheart celebrate their union in the middle of the ring before they are interrupted by Cronos, who is backed by none other than Mirage.  Kincaid is shown just as suddenly, leaning against the ropes with a large grin on his face, glaring out at the sea of fans.

But now the rains weep o’er his hall,

with no one there to hear.

Tanya Black attacks Chance Ryan from behind and begins to pummel him.  He fights back valiantly until the scene shows Johnny Napalm powerbombing a poor victim into shards of glass on the outside of the ring, which quickly shifts to Henry Gordon slowly walking down the entrance ramp, looking rather apprehensive.

Yes now the rains weep o’er his hall,

and not a soul to hear.

The battle is joined when the guitar solo begins.  Kincaid trades punches with Ja-Gi Kyung Moon before we see Mephisto going toe to toe with Adrian Corazon.  Quickly we see Isaac Entragian beating the living hell out of Donovan King, slamming him down onto the mat.  Then, Tanya Black is shown eliminating Charles Brandon Magnus from the Redemption Rumble followed by Buck Dresden in the face of CJ Nelson.  Sammy Rochester pins Edmund Augustus Shan with a glare in his eye to the camera.  ANARCHY is shown with their hands raised in victory over the fallen Long Island Hardcore before the scene shifts to the members of Orion pummeling Cronos and Mirage.

And so he spoke, and so he spoke,

that lord of Castamere,

Vermont’s Finest parades down to the ring or, rather, El Asso Wipo parades down to the ring while Silas Mitchell walks silently behind him.  We then see Arch Angel and T-Rex in the ring, slapping hands with one another as they await their foes.

But now the rains weep o’er his hall,

with no one there to hear.

Chance Ryan is shown on the microphone, obviously yelling to Tanya Black.  Then, The Real Deal is shown about to connect with the Reality Check on a poor unsuspecting victim.

Yes now the rains weep o’er his hall,

and not a soul to hear.

Finally, we see Donovan King, then Lunatikk Crippler, then Dan Stein, with the World Heavyweight Championship’s faceplate shown behind them.  Just as quickly, we see Adrian Corazon, Obsidian, Isaac Entragian, and then Kenji Yamada with a bleeding SHOOT Project Helmet behind them.  The screen goes black for a final time.  We hear the ending of the quote that started this all once more.

"No, make no mistake.  It’s not revenge he’s after."

"It’s a reckoning."

The arena EXPLODES with pyro as Two Steps From Hell’s "United We Stand, Divided We Fall" kicks in.  We see that the arena has been altered, reflecting the colors of the Reckoning Day banner.  The camera flies up the entrance ramp as pyro CONTINUES to EXPLODE throughout the stage and the entrance ramp.

Eryk Masters: Ladies and gentlemen, you’ll have to forgive me if I’m not amazingly excited tonight like I was last night, but the fact of the matter is that last night we witnessed something that may have been the most vicious brutalization of one person that has ever happened in the SHOOT Project.

Other Guy: In a form befitting that of the evil union that is Project: SCAR, we watched a man have his back lit on fire and listened to the blood curdling screams echo throughout the hushed Epicenter arena. I’m still not even really sure what to think about what happened. This event was something that happened outside the normal confines of what the SHOOT Project allows and it’s unknown yet what kind of consequences there will be for the members involved.

Eryk Masters: What I can tell you and what we’ve heard is that Adrian Corazon went to University Medical’s burn center and was being treated last night for 3rd degree burns. Corazon was believed to be in shock following the incident with Isaac Entragian, Kenji Yamada, and Obsidian. We’re being told that when he recovered from shock, he was in an absolute fury even despite the immense amount of physical pain he was in. Doctor’s attempted to provide him with dilaudid, an incredibly potent pain killer, but Corazon, always trying to keep his facade up, was adamant in his refusal. They ended up having to sedate him in order to treat his burns.

Other Guy: It’s unknown yet what the extent of the physical damage is. They’re going to be using skin grafts to help aid the scarring and healing process. We’re not quite sure when Corazon will be back, but he made it quite clear when asked that he was not done here and that he would in fact make his return. We here in the SHOOT Project do not condone what happened to the man and we, as much as some of us used to despise him, wish him the best in his recovery. I personally hope he comes back and shoves his fist down Isaac Entragian’s throat.

Eryk Masters: With all that out of the way, we do indeed have a show here tonight. Titles are on the line… pride is at stake. This is the second part of the SHOOT Project’s Reckoning!

Other Guy: Welcome to Reckoning Day… DAY TWO!



Eryk Masters: Ladies and Gentlmen WELCOME to day two of Reckoning Day. Another jam packed card, where our Soldiers will fight like hell to put their stamp on this the ultimate weekend on the SHOOT Calendar.

Other Guy: After an amazing Day 1 I know we and the SHOOT fans are looking forward to seeing what Day 2 has in store for us!

Eryk Masters: And we kick off Day two with a tag team battle that has been brewing for weeks.

Other Guy: Its been dubbed the Battle of the Bearclaw, and while the HOW this rivalry started was unconventional, to say the least? The fire that burns between these two teams is… legit… Masters, are you hearing this?

Eryk Masters: Yeah, OG. We’re getting word from the backstage that a brawl has erupted. We have a camera man en route!

Other Guy: Oh man, we’re starting off Pier Six style today!

We are jostling with a camera man through the backstage of the area. We fly past "Gorilla Position" and we hear yelling and commotion. We see road agents and referees circled around the four men who are part of the opening fight. Arch Angel and Silas are exchanging rights and lefts. T.Rex and El Asso Wipo are rolling on the ground brawling. T.Rex gets into a mounted position and begins pistoning right hands. Silas kicks Arch Angel in the gut, and runs over and drives a knee into T.Rex’s temple. Wipo shifts and rolls, and now he’s in a mounted position reigning rights and lefts into T.Rex’s grill.

Eryk Masters: This might be getting out of hand.


Silas heads back to Arch Angel who absolutely levels Silas with a big boot. He bends over and scoops up Silas and walks over to a modest snack/coffee table.

Other Guy: I hope you got your coffee already, Masters.


Arch Angel body slams the big masked muted man through the table with authority and continues to lay boots to him. He turns and sees Wipo continuing his assualt on T.Rex and Arch Angel grabs the glass coffee pot. The Epicenter crowd buzzes in the arena Arch Angel stalks Wipo with a smirk. Standing over him. The shadow of the nearly seven foot Arch Angel falls over Wipo. His fists slow as he looks up to see what is causing this shadow.

Wipo: Senor, Angel… its not like-


Glass is sent flying everywhere. Wipo slumps to the concrete. T.Rex violently shoves Wipo off him. He gets up slowly clutching at his head. He winds up and drives a boot into Wipo’s rib cage. He then goes to the remnants of the snack/coffee table. He drives a boot into Silas, and reaches down and grabs something. He holds it up.


T.Rex takes a huge bite of it, chews twice and then spits it on Wipo.

T.Rex: There’s ya fuggin’ bearclaw.

He wraps his fist around the rest of the delicious treat and delivers stiff right hand into Wipo’s temple, and then rubs the rest of the bearclaw into Wipo’s mask.

T.Rex: Well… that got out of hand in a hurry.

Arch Angel: Yeah that escalated in a hurry. There was a man on fire, and I killed a guy with a coffee mug.

He gets up and shares a smirk and nod with Arch Angel. They start heading for the curtain when they notice Nova Lynn Jackson sitting on the concrete floor. A piece of chalk gripped in her fist. The boys of Anarchy look down and see the hop scotch course. They’re about to just walk over it and head to the ring, when she jumps up, a defiant hand held high.

Nova: HALT! You don’t dare walk over my hopscotch course.

T.Rex: Listen, lady… we got a match to get to. Let us go through. We’ll win by countout, cuz as you see those two ain’t in no condition to get to the ring.

Nova: No! You must play to advance. Those are the rules, and don’t pretend you don’t know the rules.

Arch Angel: What?

Nova tosses Arch Angel a pebble. He sighs, but relents. He tosses the pebble. Deftly hops his way through the course.

Nova: See? Easy as pie, and you did such a good job, too! I’ll make sure you get extra cookies for being a good sport and respecting the, like, totally sacred game of hopscotch!

Arch Angel smirks and looks T.Rex’s way.

Arch Angel: I’ll see ya out there, Teddy.

Nova: Teddy? Like Bear? I think I’ll call you Teddy Bear from now on! I super-duper pinkie-swear it’s not an insult, because Teddy Bear’s are totally named after Teddy Roosevelt and he was amazing! I know, like, boys get a little emotional sometimes about nicknames and insults but it’s a cool nickname I swear and why aren’t you going yet? Didn’t you have a match you were rushing to?

T.Rex has a hard time restraining a smile, as Arch Angel tosses the pebble T.Rex’s way. Teddy snags it and smirks. He tosses it onto Nova’s hopscotch course. He kind of clumbsily and awkwardly starts his hopping. He gets to his pebble and looks heavy with concentration to skip that block, but he doesn’t get the chance he is blasted with a running forearm from behind by Silas. Silas begins working ribs with his boots. He drops a knee into the ribs. Takes a full mount and begins pistoning rights into the side of T.Rex’s head. Wipo has now gotten to his feet, and is cheering his silent partner on.

Wipo: Get him Silas! Get him! Do it for the bearclaw! Do it for ME!

Wipo joins in with some stomping. We see Nova who scurried out of the way, wided eyed, and red faced.

Other Guy: Nova…looks…PISSED!

The chalk breaks in her hand. SHe shrieks bringing Wipo/Silas to a halt.

Nova: Stop it STOP IT STOP IT!Hopscotch is a game to bring people together and YOU two jerk-face nincompoops ARE RUINING IT and I! Am! Not! HAPPY!!

Wipo: I have no idea what she’s talking about, Silas. Listen, pretty lady. Vermont’s Finest will gladly drink some Scotch and hop around all you want after we make this Dinosaur extinct.


Silas and Wipo scoop T.Rex up and begin to usher him towards the ring. We are back in the arena. Arch Angel just saw what happened and is heading back up the ramp to the back, when T.Rex comes stumbling through the curtain as Vermont’s Finest continue their assault. Wipo sees Arch Angel heading up the ramp and with the memory of being smashed with a coffee pot, charges. He takes Arch Angel down with a double leg take down, and those two begin rolling on the ramp, brawling. Wild haymakers being thrown. Silas locks a sideheadlock on T.Rex and walks toward the ring.

Other Guy: Well, they’re getting closer. I guess we can throw ring entrances out?

Eryk Masters: Looks that way, OG. Willie Dean is out here, and I’m guessing if and when these guys get in the ring? The bell is ringing and this bad boy will be "official".

Silas gets to the apron and drives a knee into T.Rex’s ribcage. Looks like he is going to try to get him into the ring and roll him into the ring, but T.Rex fights. Grabs Silas and drives him back first into the ring post.

Other Guy: So close, yet so far away.

T.Rex then grabs Silas and irish whips him HARD into the ring side barricade. Grabs his wrist again and then irish whips him hard into the apron.

Eryk Masters: T.Rex really working Silas’ back.

T.Rex scoops up Silas and then looks up the ramp and makes eye contact with Wipo. He smirks, and takes a step forward, bending that knee and dropping Silas hard across his knee, sarcastically screaming.


Silas falls in a heap. Wipo stares stunned. He gets up, shaking with rage.


Eryk Masters: Here. We. Go!

Wipo charges down the ramp. T.Rex runs over the downed Silas and the two large men meet right hands flying

Eryk Masters: A wild brawl as Wipo and T.Rex let their mutual hatred boil over.

Other Guy: Its a hockey brawl, Masters!

Wipo rocks T.Rex with a right. Then staggers him with a headbutt. He takes a step back and then drops T.Rex hard with a running clothesline. He is absolutely incensed as he continues to lay boots to T.Rex. He drags T.Rex to his feet. He scoops him up, the crowd buzzes knowing what’s coming.

Other Guy: I think its that time, Eryk.

Wipo smiles through his mask relishing what he’s about to do. Steps forward, and drops T.Rex across his knee screaming with the crowd.


Other Guy: A devastating back breaker. An impressive display of power by Wipo.

The lone man standing is El Asso Wipo. The Epicenter erupts with a "WIPO" chant. He takes a turn and looks to the ring. He begins to walk to the ring, unaware that behind him, Arch Angel is on his way.

Eryk Masters: Finally looks like this match might get under way, OG. Referee Willie Dean has been admonishing these guys, hoping two would get in and the bell could ring.

Wipo starts to slide under the bottom rope, but is stopped. Arch Angel grabs his ankle and pulls him back to the floor. Arch Angel steps back and then drive a knee lift into Wipo’s gut, doubling him over. Angel quickly grabs him around the waist, looking to set him up for a piledriver.

Eryk Masters: Oh no. he couldn’t hit the Weight of the Halo on the outside! Could HE?!

Other Guy: Looks like he’s gonna try Masters.

Arch Angel lifts with all his might, and gets Wipo off the ground, but not vertical. Wipo kicks his feet and Arch Angel can’t get Wipo up fully. Wipo’s feet hit the ground and he then launches Arch Angel back with a back body drop. Angel lands with a thud. Wipo collapses to a knee. The Epicenter echo chants "Lets go Wipo" with a quieter "AN. AR. CHY!" chant answering. Wipo takes a few breaths on the outside, and again turns towards the ring.

Other Guy: Not so fast!

From behind T.Rex charges and nails a huge body splash driving his weight into Wipo and Wipo’s chest and ribs into the ring apron. The crowd "ooohs" as Wipo slumps to the floor. T.Rex brings Wipo to his feet and irish whips him HARD into the barricade. T.Rex quickly follows up. Brings Wipo to his feet and then launches him back HARD into the barricade with a side Russian leg sweep!

Eryk Masters: I and Willie Dean are begging these guys to actually get in the ring and start this match!

Other Guy: They’re getting closer!

Silas is back to his feet. He charges T.Rex with a clothesline. T.Rex ducks. Silas turns and eats a kick to the gut, doubling Silas over. T.Rex grabs him in a front facelock and spikes him with a DDT! Silas looks out. T.Rex gets to his feet and gives an adrenaline fueled fist pump!

Eryk Masters: With T. Rex in control for his team, maybe, JUST MAYBE, we can get this match OFFICIALLY started!

Not quite! Rex turns to the ring, and El Asso Wipo blitzes him from behind! A double axe to the back of the head sends T. Rex stumbling, and his head collides with the steel ring post! Rex hugs the post, obviously dazed, but Wipo is not through! He clutches at his back as he stalks closer to his deadliest foe, and he picks Rex up, hooking Wipo’s own head under Rex’s arm! Wipo GRUNTS and is SOMEHOW able to take the massive Anarchy member over with the one, the only, the legendary…

Other Guy: THE QUILTED! NORTHERN! LIGHTS! SUPLEX! It is UNREAL how strong El Asso Wipo is when he is motivated!

Eryk Masters: By donuts. None the less, VERY impressive by Wipo, but there’s one problem! You can’t pin your opponent on the outside of the ring!

Willie Dean is trying to tell him that, and El Asso Wipo is enraged!


Willie Dean: The match hasn’t started! Get it in the ring!

Wipo: YOU get it in the ring! This is hands slap anywhere!

Willie Dean: I AM in the ring! That match isn’t real!


Wipo would argue more, but he just tasted the big boot of Arch Angel, who had a nice running start! El Asso Wipo’s left eye drifts lazily as he crumples in an unconscious mass of humanity outside the ring! T. Rex gets up, shaking the cobwebs loose, and he looks to his parnter. Angel nods, and Anarchy begins putting the boots to El Asso Wipo! Wipo is trying to cover up, but he cannot stop the full assault of the two men he has tormented and annoyed for the past several weeks!

Eryk Masters: Big double team from Anarchy, I don’t think Wipo can survive this!

Other Guy: He’s gonna Wipo up here in a minute! You watch!

Wipo IS trying to fight to his feet, and it looks like he’s shaking, but it could be the repeated kicks and punches from the duo from New Jersey! One boot from Arch Angel nails Wipo in his jolly bowl of jelly, and seems to take the wind from him! Rex grabs Wipo by the laces and ROLLS HIM UNDER THE BOTTOM ROPE AND INTO THE RING!


Anarchy takes time to high five each other, but that moment costs them as SILAS MITCHELL is on his feet, and he takes them down with a thunderous double clothesline! Rex smacks his head on the ring apron, and Angel hits the ground. Silas picks up Rex and goes with an irish whip….RIGHT INTO THE RING STAIRS! The sound of the crash as Rex’s back collides with the steel pops a sympathetic groan from the crowd! Silas turns and sees Angel getting up and he plants a bicycle kick to the side of his head that knocks him down flat on the ground!

Other Guy: Silas Mitchell in control now! I guess you can say that The Silence is The Violence tonight!

Eryk Masters: That was….not bad, actually.

Other Guy: Thanks!

Silas bends down and picks Angel up and rolls him into the ring!

Eryk Masters: As soon as someone gets to their feet, this match is underway!

Silas tries to follow into the ring, but T. Rex has crawled over and grabs Silas’ foot! Silas comes back down and kicks Rex in the face! He picks up Teddy and starts slugging away, backing him up to the guardrail. Silas backs up and gets a running start and charges! BUT REX DUCKS! He backdrops Silas OVER THE GUARDRAIL! Fans get out of the way as best they can, and Silas lands through some chairs right on the concrete! Rex collapses from exhaustion on the outside and the fans are cheering all four men!

Eryk Masters: I can’t believe this brawl! Just a brutal and personal way to kick off Day Two of Reckoning Day!

Meanwhile, in the ring, El Asso Wipo is starting to get to his feet, as is Arch Angel! Angel is using the ropes to pull himself up, and Wipo is on his feet! Willie Dean checks on his condition, and rings the bell!

Eryk Masters: FINALLY!!

Wipo charges Angel, who mule kicks Wipo right in the gut! The LEGENDARY LUCHADORE is doubled over, giving Angel opportunity to set up for his patented hold!

Other Guy: He’s looking for the Weight of the Halo, but that’s a LOT of weight!

Eryk Masters: He wasn’t able to get him up last time! If at first you don’t succeed!

Angel grasps his hands around Wipo’s waist and lifts him off his feet, sticking Wipo’s feet straight up in the air! The fans applaud this show of strength, as Angel switches his grip, bringing Wipo down with a Cradle Piledriver that he is known for! He covers Wipo, hooking the far leg!




The bell rings, and this one is over!

Samantha Coil: Here are your winners at the time of EIGHTEEN SECONDS….T. Rex and Arch Angel…..AAAAAAAAAAN AAAARRRRRR CHHHHHHYYYYYYYYY!

Rex is on his knees, pumping his fist in the air as Willie Dean raises the hand of Arch Angel in the ring.

Eryk Masters: WHAT A BATTLE! This was personal, no matter how it started, and Anarchy is going to walk away with the victory here!

Other Guy: All four men pounded the crap out of each other! And I think they set a new Reckoning Day record! EIGHTEEN SECONDS?

Eryk Masters: Officially, yes! We both know this fight lasted a lot longer, but now, it finally seems to be over! Congrats to Anarchy on their big win, and their roll keeps going!


The scene opens to Thomas Manchester Black standing in front of the SHOOT Project banner. “Price You

Pay” by Staind begins to play as the cameras focus on TMB.

Fail to see how destructive we can be

Taking without giving back ’till the damage can be seen

Can you see? Can you see?

TMB: Do not adjust your screen. Because this isn’t a normal promo video. This is a PSA. A warning.

Slowly the a video plays off all the people that TMB has beaten.

The more you take, the more you blame

But everything still feels the same

The more you hurt the more you scream

The price you pay to play the game

TMB: This is a cautionary tale for all those who are watching. I just hope for your sakes, you are taking


Then all you see and all you gave

And all you step on will know shame

The clips switch to TMB in legacy…in the background watching Laura Seton. A small grin on his face. A

few clips of her Legacy matches start to play.

TMB: You see, Laura, dear sweet Laura has spent many years in the light. Looking at the green grass and

wondering…wondering what it would be like to bite the apple of the snake in the Garden of Eden. And

like everyone…she was tempted and she took a bite.

There are no rules, no one to blame

The price to play the game

The clips melt away to clips of Laura Seton’s turn against the fans and people who thought she card

about them.

Empathy, the chosen way to be

Blindly look the other way

While you waste away with me

Can you see? Can you see?

TMB: She took and huge bite and enjoyed the taste. She walked into Hell’s diner and gorged herself on

everything it had to offer.

The clips pauses for a moment of the picture of Laura Seton and Jaime Alejandro .

What you pay to play the game

What you pay to play the game

A flames slowly burns through the middle of the photo. Slowly burning the side that has Jamie on it.

What you pay to play the game

What you pay to play the game

The clips now change to the attack on Jamie by Laura. The clip shows the reaction of all the fans in the


TMB: But what she has forgotten…is the bill. Nothing in this life is free, Seton. Not change, not a new

image and not what you did to my “brother”. But don’t get it confused, I’m not doing it for him.

AS the clip continues you see Jamie being carted out of the arena. Workers and wrestlers alike looking


TMB: I’m doing it, because I like what I saw in you. I enjoyed this…this turn.

Seton come rushing in with a look of concern. And that look slowly turns into one of disgust and pity. It

is the face of one who no longer concerns herself with the well being of others.

What you pay to play the game

What you pay to play the game

What you pay to play the game

What you pay to play the game

The clip shows the Iron Fist Championship being vacated. And Laura stepping into a spot that she feels

she has earned.

TMB: But it wasn’t enough yet, Laura…something else needs to be done. Something more extreme is


But that picture fades away to one of the shadows. Slowly the shadows fade to clips of every single

beating that TMB has taken since stepping into this sport. From Garvin to Corazon. Bloody and bruised,

TMB lifts his head and shows a smile.

TMB: Therefore I’m stepping up to help you. Just like “he” helped me. I will make you better. I will make

them a believer of you. You will replace my “brother” and become my “sister”. You will learn from his

mistake…embrace the pain and leave the rest to me…


“Passive” by A Perfect Circle begins to play, bringing the fans to boo.  The lights stay the same as out from the back comes DANNY EVERS.  Evers stands there, wearing a blood red shirt with a black SHOOT Helmet on the front.  He stands there, his brown hair wet and stringy, matted against the ornate steel of the Deviant mask, which is buckled tightly against his face.

Eryk Masters:  We’re looking at Danny Evers…or Deviant…or “Devious” Danny Evers…or whatever he’s calling himself.

Other Guy:  Can you believe he asked this match be put as low as possible on the card?

Samantha Coil:  The following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL!  Introducing first…from…nowhere?  Weighing in tonight at 230 pounds…he is…Danny…EVEEEEEERRRRRSSSS!!!

Eryk Masters:  Yeah, I heard he had said he didn’t want to give Ainsley Lake any more exposure than is necessary.

Other Guy:  We really need to screen our hires a little bit better.

Evers is also wearing a pair of black shorts with the name “EVERS” written down both legs in blood red letters.  He also has black kneepads, black wrist tape taped around his fingers, and black wrestling boots.  He enters the ring and asks for Samantha Coil’s microphone.

Danny Evers:  Cut the music.

“Passive” fades out.

Danny Evers:  Let’s just get this over with.

He bows his head.

Danny tosses the microphone back to Samantha Coil, who is visibly disgusted with him.  He leans against his turnbuckle and cocks his head to the side and waits.  Without warning “Devil’s Dance Floor” by Flogging Molly kicks in and the fans POP.  AINSLEY LAKE steps out from the back, her bottom lip quivering as she stares at the ring.

Eryk Masters:  You can see it in her eyes, OG.  Ainsley’s conflicted beyond belief.

Other Guy:  Angry, sad, scared, defiant…she’s in a world and a fight she’s never known before.

Samantha Coil:  And his opponent…from Wantagh, New York…weighing in at 138 pounds…

The camera shows Danny Evers patting his stomach, clearly mocking her weight.


She rushes the ring, her purple hair trying to fly behind her.  She slides underneath the bottom of the ropes, and the referee gets between her and Danny.  Deviant paces back and forth in the center of the ring as she is checked out for any and all weapons she might have on her person.  The referee turns to Evers, but Evers shoves him out of the way and HEADBUTTS her with the steel mask!  The fans ERUPT into boos as “Devil’s Dance Floor”  dies out!  Ainsley cups her face in pain as Evers backhands her to the mat!  The referee rushes and SHOVES Evers back to a pop!  He demands the mask or the match isn’t going to happen!  Evers slowly unbuckles it from his face and drops it to the mat, revealing…a toothy, malevolent grin.

Other Guy:  Oh man…what did she get herself into?!

The bell rings and Evers is immediately after her, but she rolls from the ring to the ring apron.  Evers paces as the referee demands he give her some space for the opening bell.  She leans against the ring apron but Evers charges her anyway!  He rushes at her, but she pulls down the top rope, sending Evers OVER to the outside!  The fans pop as she measures him as he gets to his feet.  She LEAPS off the ring apron and connects with a flying headscissors!  Evers SLAMS against the guardrail as she gets to one knee and prepares for her next assault!  Evers is resting against the guardrail trying to shake off the cobwebs as the camera gets a full view of the bridge of her nose, which is busted open from the masked headbutt!  She LEAPS to the opposing guardrail and NAILS Evers with a flying drop kick!

Eryk Masters:  THAT’S what you get for talking about a mother’s children, Evers!

Ainsley picks Danny up but Danny gouges her eyes!  The fans boo as he leans against the guardrail still, trying to shake off the effects of her assault.  She clutches her eyes and Danny takes the moment to grab her from behind…and he BITES her neck?!  She shrieks in pain as Danny gouges at her throat, and she manages to get him off of her with a well-placed elbow to the side of his head.  She staggers into the ring apron, and it’s obvious she’s in a great deal of pain.  She slowly turns her head to see Danny coming towards her, and she rolls into the ring to avoid him.  He slides in after her and she seems to be running from him.

Other Guy:  What is she doing?

She rolls out from the other side of the ring and Danny gives chase.  She runs around the ring and he follows her.  He turns the corner and she reaches up, grabs the bottom rope, and lifts her body up, hooking her legs around his head…and sends him spinning with a hurracanrana!  Danny flips onto his back as Ainsley reaches down to pick him up.  She rolls him into the ring and slides in behind him.  She climbs the turnbuckle and measures Danny and leaps off with a splash that Danny rolls away from!  She lands HARD stomach first on the mat as Danny is shaking his head, trying to get his wits about him.  She cradles her stomach, in obvious pain.

Other Guy:  I’m not sure, but both sides of this conflict don’t look too into it.

Eryk Masters:  Danny’s clearly just trying to hurt her, but she looks like she’s trying to finish this match as early as she can!

Danny crawls to the ropes and begins to pull himself to his feet while Ainsley slowly tries to get to the ropes as well. Evers gets to his feet and turns to see Ainsley pulling herself to her feet. He rushes forward and drives a knee into her back, causing her to collapse back to the ground. He stands over her for a moment before dropping a knee across her lower back, causing Ainsley to scream out in pain!

Eryk Masters: Danny Evers wants to cause her pain, plain and simple. It’s sick to watch.

Other Guy: It’s what she gets for being so mean-hearted, Masters.

Eryk Masters: I’m not going to dignify that with a response, OG.

Evers turns his body and grabs Ainsley’s leg, pulling it back into a half crab. Ainsley claws at the mat trying to get to the ropes, but is just not strong enough to pull Danny there. The referee is right there asking if she wants to give it up, but Ainsley shakes her head no. Evers WRENCHES back harder, causing Ainsley to cry out in pain again.

Slowly, Ainsley starts to crawl forward, inching towards the ropes. Inch by inch she begins to make her way closer and closer to the ropes. Finally, she manages to hook her arm around the bottom rope and Austin Linam attempts to get Danny to break the hold, but Evers just continues to wrench back! Austin Linam starts his count.





Danny breaks the hold before the count of five, but quickly pulls Ainsley back to the middle of the ring! Danny steps over for a figure four, BUT AINSLEY ROLLS HIM UP!




Eryk Masters: Ainsley ALMOST stole one from Danny there! That was close!

Other Guy: She almost stole this match like she stole Danny’s heart years ago!

Eryk Masters: Really? That’s what you’re going with?

Other Guy: It seemed fitting.

Evers rolls away and quickly gets to his feet. He turns back to Ainsley only to eat a dropkick to the face. Danny hits the canvas hard, but pops back up. He rushes forward and Ainsley catches him with a SWIFT drop toehold. As Evers gets to his feet, Ainsley bounces off the far ropes and catches him with a flying headscissors! She runs the ropes again, rolls forward, and SLAMS down across Danny’s stomach with a rolling senton splash! Ainsley covers!




Ainsley slaps the mat in frustration and goes to the corner. She climbs to the top turnbuckle, poised to launch. Danny makes it to his feet and turns just as Ainsley LEAPS from the top with a crossbody, BUT EVERS CATCHES HER and WHIPS her over with a powerslam!! Danny covers!




Ainsley gets her shoulder up JUST before Austin Linam counts three!

Danny gives Austin Linam an aggravated look, but goes back on the offensive, bringing Ainsley back to her feet by her hair. Austin shouts at Danny to let go of the hair. He looks at the referee for a second and SLAMS Ainsley back to the mat by her hair! Danny again brings Ainsley to her feet, this time setting her up and WHIPPING her over with a snap suplex.

Eryk Masters: Once again, Danny Evers is in control of this match. But I’ve got to say that he’s taking plenty of cheap shots.

Other Guy: I don’t know about “cheap,” Eryk. But, he is doing everything he can to punish Ainsley.

Grabs the back of Ainsley’s head and starts to GRIND her face back and forth against the canvas. He grabs a handful of her hair, lifts her up slightly, and SLAMS her face back into the mat! He floats over and grabs hold of a front facelock. Keeping it held, he brings Ainsley to her feet and lifts her for a suplex, but Ainsley drops down behind him hooking head and DRIVING him down with a modified reverse DDT!!! Ainsley covers!




Ainsley gets to her feet and executes a QUICK legdrop across Danny’s throat. She brings Danny to his feet and begins to fire forearms to his jaw, backing him into a corner. Ainsley backs up, gets a running start, and executes a picture perfect monkey flip, sending Danny halfway across the ring! Ainsley quickly scales the top turnbuckle. She LEAPS from the top and NAILS Evers with a guillotine legdrop. She covers Danny and hooks the leg!




Evers just barely gets the shoulder up!

Eryk Masters: What a fantastic move by Ainsley Lake! And she nearly got Danny again!

Other Guy: Almost doesn’t count here, Masters. I don’t think she can get the job done.

Ainsley gets to her knees and looks at Austin Linam, holding up three fingers. But Linam only holds up two, letting Ainsley know that Danny did, in fact, get his shoulder up. She gets to her feet and brings Evers up to a standing position. Ainsley backs Danny against the ropes and Irish whips him to the opposite side, but Danny hooks the ropes and stops. Ainsley rushes forward, but Danny ducks under and sends Ainsley to the outside with a back body drop!

Danny slides out under the bottom rope and grabs Ainsley by the hair. He slams he face into the ring apron. And again! AND AGAIN! Finally, he rolls her back into the ring, following closely behind. Danny grabs Ainsley by her leg, lifting her right off the mat and DRIVING her knee back into the canvas. Danny grabs her leg and does it AGAIN! He brings her to her feet and Irish whips her to the far ropes on the rebound, Danny hoists her up for a powerslam, BUT AINSLEY SHIFTS HER BODYWEIGHT mid-move and rolls Danny up into a small package!





Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner, AINSLEEYYYY LAAAAAKKKEEEE!!!

Danny Evers pops up, his eyes wide with shock as he digs his hands in his hair. Ainsley’s eyes are just as wide. Danny looks over at Ainsley for a moment before rolling out of the ring and stalking back up the entrance ramp. Ainsley can’t help but celebrate as the referee raises her arm in the air. Danny Evers stalks back through the curtain, shaking his head.


World Heavyweight Championship Title contender Dan Stein glances down at a small piece of card in his hands, he thumbs across the name on what appears to be a business card before reading it out loud so that all those in the lobby area of the arena can hear him; even if they want to or not.

Dan Stein: Maximus Clementine Fanjita III: PR planner and professional dog walker extraordinaire.

Molly shakes her head in disbelief and looks to the overly shit eating grin etched into Dan’s face.

Dan Stein:Come on Molly. His names Maximus; he has to be cool.

Molly the Assistant: If his name was Spartacus would that be equally as cool? Wait, don’t answer that.

“Coooie” A shrieking high pitched voice echoes throughout the lobby as both Dan and Molly’s ears pick up, they turn slowly not knowing what to expect. Which is probably for the best given the fact that a thin, short man in purple skin tight lycra pants, Knee High sliver cowboy boots, black vest, fur waist jacket, hundreds of beads around his neck, long curly effeminate hair and a crown situated upon his head.

Molly the Assistant: Is that?

Dan Stein: Maximus?

Maximus: IN.THE.FLESH! You can call me Maxi. Although in certain circles I am merely known as The Amazing FANJITA!

The “Man” now identified as “Maximus Fanjita” twiddles his very thin moustache and then reaches looks down to his handbag where a cream coloured Chihuahua pokes it’s head out of the bag and yelps. Stein hops back on one foot, holding his hands out in front of his face.

Dan Stein: Heel! Heel! Not the face!

Molly looks at Stein, then at the dog and then back at Stein.

Molly the Assistant: He’s a Chihuahua, Dan. Not a Tibetan Mastiff. Get a hold of yourself.

Maximus: This HE, is actually a SHE! And her name is Molly.

Stein lowers his hands with a confused smile on his face.

Dan Stein: Wait, what? You named your dog Molly?

Maximus nods emphatically.

Dan Stein: Huh. I guess Molly really is a bitch.

Molly slaps Stein across the chest, knocking the smirk off his face. Turning toward Maximus, Molly steps forward, clasping her hands in front of he.

Molly the Assistant: Listen, Maximus. Before we hire you to handle Stein’s Coronation Party as the new SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion on Revolution 109, we – I – am going to need to see…some of your vision. So tell me, Mr. Fanjita, what do you think we could do with this…area?

Maximus’  overly plucked eyebrows peak with interest as Molly looks on with a quizzical expression.

Maximus: This area? Well first of all I would ask those grunts in the corner to leave. Unless they wanted to do some form of interpretive dance while dressed as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. If not then they will need to leave. But there is nothing gold drapes and a few meerkats running around wouldn’t fix.

Stein snaps his fingers, pointing them at Maximus.

Dan Stein: Meerkats, Molly! Meerkats! I like this one. Who thinks about MEERKATS when planning a party? Huh? This guy. And he’s awesome.

Molly the Assistant: Yeah, he’s…something.

Maximus: I am more than something. I’m fabulous!

Maximus coils his effeminately limp hand high above his head, standing on the toes of one foot. Stein nods, stepping forward to bump Molly out the way.

Dan Stein: I agree, Maxi. So, I was thinking that there needs to be more of a focus on…well, me for this shindig. Like, blown up posters of my face, penis mold centerpieces on the table, things like that. What are you thinking, as an artist such as yourself?

Stein puts his right hand across his body, and rest his left elbow on his hand, hand on his chin.

Maximus: You’re thinking too small. Posters of your face? Too Adolf Hitler. Penis Molds? Too Miley Cyrus. No you want…Ice statues, naked ice statues of YOU Mr Stein. And to top it off…Whiskey will flow straight from your groin into the mouths of your subjects. SHOOT Project will literally be sucking your cock.

Stein looks at Maximus with mouth agape, eyes wide in an excited expression. His eyes dart to Molly, then back at Maximus.

Dan Stein: You’re hired! After I win the World Heavyweight Championship belt tonight, you start IMMEDIATELY.

Molly the Assistant: Dan, he has two weeks.

Dan Stein: You’re right. Start NOW. I want this to be big, bigger than big. I want this to be…Ainsley’s ass big!

Stein’s excited expression greets Molly as he turns to her.

Dan Stein: Shut up and give him my money.

Stein turns back to Maximus.

Dan Stein: Sorry to leave so quickly, Maxi, but I have a company to save. Molly will take care of the details. I…you’re going to do a great job, I just know it.

Stein curtsies at the effeminate man, and heads off before either Molly or Maximus can speak. Molly turns to Maximus, pulling out Stein’s checkbook.

Molly the Assistant: You realize that “Maxi” is the name of a tampon brand, right?

Maximus: That’s the closest I’ll ever get to a vajayjay, that’s for sure, sweetheart. I prefer meat over mushrooms.

Molly the Assistant: Oh, good

Sarcasm drips from the word as it escapes her mouth. Molly puts the pen to the checkbook and begins to write as the camera fades.


Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall.

If I Was Your Vampire (Instrumental) by Marilyn Manson begins to play of the speakers.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, to be accompanied to the ring by Michelle Rochefort and Jax Hammer, hailing from New York City, New York, standing 6’4 and weighing in at 240 lbs, here is the number one contender to the Iron Fist Championship, KIIIIIINNNCAAIIIIDDD!!!

As the music continues Kincaid steps out onto the entrance ramp flanked by Michelle Rochefort and Jax Hammer. He looks out over the crowd with indifference and then down to the ring. He starts to walk forward, but stops and turns back to Jax and Michelle. He speaks to them and after a second, Jax shrugs his shoulders and walks back behind the curtain. Michelle begins to argue with Kincaid, but he simply shakes his head no and points. She reluctantly walks to the back. Kincaid returns his focus to the ring and begins to walk forward. The crowd voices their displeasure, raining down heavy boos on the number one contender to the Iron Fist Title.

Eryk Masters: And it looks like for the second time, Kincaid is sending his people to the back. It worked out for him at Revolution 108. Let’s see how it works for him here.

Other Guy: Kincaid is on a role, Masters. He wants to prove to the world that he can get it done without any help.

Kincaid climbs up onto the ring apron and enters the ring. His face is a mask of pure focus. He stretches on the ropes for a few seconds as the music fades.

Jap the Ripper by B’z begins to kick over the speaker system.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, hailing from San Diego, California, standing 5’11 and weighing 193 lbs, here is JA GIIIII KYUUUNNNNGGG MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!!!

Ja Gi BURSTS from behind the curtain and he is fired up! He runs to each end of the stage and salutes the SHOOT Nation, who roar their approval at him. Moon begins to head down the ramp, touching the hands of as many of the SHOOT faithful as possible.

Eryk Masters: Moon certainly seems more energetic than he did at Revolution 108. And listen to this crowd, OG.

Other Guy: He looks like he’s ready for this one, Masters. And this crowd is making it clear who their support is behind tonight.

Moon jumps up onto the ring apron and hops over the top rope. He runs to the nearest turnbuckle and climbs it, playing to the crowd. He hops down as his music fades. He goes to a neutral corner and locks his eyes on Kincaid.

Referee Dennis Heflin calls for the bell and Moon RUSHES Kincaid with a running dropkick, sending him into his corner and the crowd POPS big for it!

Eryk Masters: And here we go! Ja Gi wasted absolutely no time! He’s got Kincaid in that corner and he is going to work!

Other Guy: That was a cheap shot if I ever saw one, Masters. Kincaid wasn’t ready!

Eryk Masters: Well, considering Kincaid’s been getting the better of him by hook or crook lately, I’d say it was justified.

Moon begins to PEPPER Kincaid with forearm shots and leg kicks. Kincaid tries to block the forearms with little success and Dennis Heflin tries to get Moon to get Kincaid out of the corner.





Moon backs away at four, but rushes back in only to be greeted with a thumb to the eye as Kincaid drops down and rolls out of the ring to avoid another flurry and the SHOOT Nation lets him have it!

Other Guy: A great strategy by Kincaid. He knows he has to control the pace of this match if he wants to win.

Eryk Masters: That’s right, OG. You can question Kincaid’s tactics all you want, the fact is that he’s very smart when it comes to in ring strategy.

Kincaid paces back and forth on the outside and Ja Gi dares him to get back in the ring. Dennis Heflin begins his count.



Kincaid begins to climb the ring apron, but drops back down as Ja Gi moves forward.




Moon backs off to allow Kincaid into the ring.



Kincaid walks up the ring steps, keeping his eyes on Moon.



Kincaid FINALLY steps back in the ring. The two begin to circle for a moment, but Kincaid stops. He raises his arm for a test of strength. Moon looks out to the cheering crowd. The fans shout at him not to do it, but Moon offers his hand. Cautiously, the two men bring their other hands up and complete the test of strength position. Kincaid pulls Ja Gi in and sends a boot to his gut, BUT JA GI JUMPS OVER IT and executes a picture perfect monkey flip!! Kincaid bounces off the canvas and returns to his feet angrily and charges forward only to be caught with a DEEP armdrag! He bounces up again and turns around to eat a dropkick from Moon! Kincaid rolls out of the ring again to avoid Moon!

Eryk Masters: And AGAIN Kincaid hits the floor! This time, he seems to be a little frustrated, OG!

Other Guy: But not as much as Moon is, Masters. He knows Kincaid is deliberately trying to slow the pace here, and he is not liking it.

Moon argues with Dennis Heflin about getting Kincaid back into the ring, but Heflin, enforces his authority and tells Moon to step back while he begins his count.



Kincaid approaches the ring apron cautiously, bringing his knee up to the apron. As soon as Ja Gi takes a step forward, he drops back to the floor.



Again Kincaid approaches the apron and begins to climb up, but drops back down as Ja Gi advances again.



Kincaid climbs up onto the apron and steps through the ropes, breaking the count. Moon rushes forward, but Kincaid drops down and rolls back out of the ring! Moon grows visibly frustrated in the ring!

Eryk Masters: Kincaid wants absolutely NO part of Ja Gi right now, OG.

Other Guy: It’s psychology, Masters. Kincaid is getting inside Moon’s head right now.

Kincaid turns around to face the crowd as some of the fans in the front row begin to hurl insults at him. He turns back toward the ring AND MOON VAULTS OVER THE TOP ROPE WITH A FLYING CROSSBODY!! Moon pops back to his feet and the crowd POPS big time! Moon brings Kincaid to his feet and rolls him back into the ring, following close behind.

Eryk Masters: It looks like Ja Gi is has had enough! If Kincaid won’t come to him, he’s going to push the pace himself!

Moon drops to the mat and slaps on a side headlock, cranking down on Kincaid. Referee Dennis Heflin is right there asking Kincaid if he wants to give it up, but Kincaid tells him no! Slowly, Kincaid is able to get to his feet, driving Moon back against the ropes and he SHOOTs him off to the opposite side. Moon rebounds off the ropes, ducks a clothesline, hits the ropes again and NAILS Kincaid with a Rolling Elbow!! Ja Gi covers!




Other Guy: Kincaid gets a shoulder up! Moon’s not going to get him that easy, Masters.

Moon stays on the attack, bringing Kincaid back to his feet and sending a short flurry of leg kicks to Kincaid’s thighs. He follows up with several backhand chops to Kincaid’s chest before ducking under a wild shot thrown by Kincaid. Moon hooks his head and DRIVES Kincaid to the mat with a bulldog! Moon covers!




Kincaid gets his shoulder up. Moon brings him to his feet again and backs Kincaid into the corner. Moon nails a forearm to the face and backs up. Moon gets a running start, but Kincaid moves out of the way at the LAST second, sending Moon face first into the turnbuckle!

Kincaid turns Moon around and pulls him out of the corner and WHIPS him over with a snap suplex! Kincaid covers!




Eryk Masters: And now Kincaid is the one in control. But Moon isn’t going to go away easy!

Other Guy: Absolutely not, Masters. Moon had a good flurry going on, but now Kincaid is looking to bring the match to his pace.

Kincaid gets to his feet and IMMEDIATELY begins to methodically stomp at Ja Gi’s legs. Moon writhes on the mat in pain as Kincaid continues his relentless assault. Kincaid grabs a leg and sits back in a half-crab! Moon screams in pain as Dennis Heflin is right there checking on him.

Moon begins to crawl towards the ropes, a mixture of pain and determination on his face as Kincaid wrenches back on the half-crab. FINALLY, Moon hooks the bottom rope and Heflin tries to make Kincaid break the hold, BUT Kincaid hangs on and starts to HAMMER shots to Moon’s knee as he continues to wrench back! Heflin begins to administer the count!






Kincaid releases the hold at the last possible second, but the damage has been done! Ja Gi rolls on the mat, clutching his left knee. Dennis Heflin admonishes Kincaid, but Kincaid pays him no mind.

Eryk Masters: Kincaid has done some damage to that leg. Moon is just writhing in pain!

Other Guy: He took full advantage of that five count and did the damage he needed to do.

Kincaid grabs the left leg of Moon and drags him back to the center of the ring. Moon rolls to his stomach, but Kincaid just begins to STOMP the back of the knee again! Kincaid drops right onto the knee with a NASTY kneedrop, causing Moon to scream out in pain again. Kincaid slowly brings Moon to his feet. Ja GI is slightly unstable on his left leg and Kincaid hoists him up and drops him down with a VICIOUS kneebreaker!

Kincaid slowly brings Moon to his feet again and hoists him up and over with a vertical suplex. Kincaid covers!




Moon gets his shoulder up again!

Kincaid jumps up and starts arguing with Dennis Heflin about the speed of the count. But Heflin holds up two fingers confirming the count. Kincaid turns back to Moon but is met with a flying forearm from Moon! Kincaid is rocked backwards and Moon moves forward with a slight limp. Kincaid advances again, but Moon hops up onto his shoulder and brings him over with a MAGNIFICENT frankensteiner! Moon follows through and hooks the legs!




Kincaid kicks out at the very LAST possible second!

Eryk Masters: Look at Ja Gi! He’s showing tremendous heart out here and just caught Kincaid off guard!

Other Guy: That’s one of the things that make Moon so dynamic, Masters. He can catch you at any time from any position and Kincaid almost lost just like that!

Kincaid has a look of surprise on his face as he pops back up and rushes forward at Moon. Moon ducks the clothesline and bounces off the far ropes…


BUT KINCAID DROPS DOWN AND AVOIDS IT! Moon hits the canvas hard and Kincaid’s eyes go wide, knowing he just barely avoided what would have surely been a knockout blow!

Eryk Masters: WOW! That was close. Moon almost caught Kincaid from out of NOWHERE!

Other Guy: But Kincaid has that move VERY well scouted. This is the second or third time in two matches that Kincaid’s dodged that move!

Kincaid wastes no time and immediately drops to the mat, hooking Moon around the waist. He dead lifts Moon from the canvas and brings him over with a HUGE gutwrench suplex! Kincaid floats over and covers!




Ja Gi throws his shoulder up just in the nick of time!

Kincaid slaps the mat in frustration and holds up three fingers to Dennis Heflin. Heflin vehemently shakes his head no and holds up two fingers. Kincaid gets back to his feet, bringing Moon up with him; he absolutely UNLOADS a STIFF European uppercut to Ja Gi, sending him crashing back to the canvas. Kincaid brings Moon back to his feet again, but Moon EXPLODES forward and catches Kincaid with an inverted atomic drop! Moon backs up and launches himself forward with a FLURRY of open hand slaps and chops, backing Kincaid up against the ropes! Moon hops backward a launches himself again, taking BOTH men over the top rope to the floor and the crowd POPS big!

Eryk Masters: And Moon AGAIN makes a comeback, taking both he AND Kincaid to the outside.

Other Guy: This could start getting ugly.

Moon is first to his feet just as Heflin begins to make his count.



Moon drags himself up onto the ring apron as Kincaid is slowly getting to his feet.



Moon looks over his shoulder just as Kincaid is beginning to turn around.



Ja Gi hops up and springboards of the tope rope onto Kincaid with an AMAZING Asai Moonsault!!



Moon pulls himself up and gets his arms on the apron.


Ja Gi leaps up and rolls under the bottom rope, breaking the count!

Eryk Masters: THAT was incredibly close, OG. BOTH men almost got counted out there, but Moon was able to get into the ring to break the count!

Other Guy: It was almost TOO close, Masters.

Kincaid brings himself to his feet, but Ja Gi slides back outside and goes after him AGAIN! Moon slams Kincaid’s head into the apron and rolls him back in the ring. Ja Gi backs himself into the corner, looking to go for the Good Night Moon again!

But from the entrance comes Michele Rochefort and Jax Hammer, making a bee line for the ring!

Eryk Masters: And here comes trouble! I KNEW Kincaid couldn’t get through this without help!

Other Guy: Oh, come one, Masters. It’s not like Kincaid ASKED them to storm the ring!

Moon looks over at Kincaid, who is up to one knee and out at Jax and Michele. Without warning Moon rushes forward and DIVES over the rope with a PLANCHA SUICIDA taking BOTH Michele and Jax out!!!


Eryk Masters: Ja Gi just eliminated ANY help Kincaid was planning on getting and got himself a small measure of revenge on Jax Hammer!

Other Guy: He just took out a woman, Masters. She’s not a wrestler, she’s a manager!

Moon jumps back onto the apron and into the ring. Kincaid is waiting for him and plants a boot to his stomach. He tries to lift him for the Gotch Driver, but Moon is able to send him over with a back drop!

Moon gets a running start and bounces off the ropes he goes for the Good Night Moon, but Kincaid ducks! Ja Gi lands on his feet, but his left leg gives out on him and he collapses to the mat. Kincaid rushes forward and lifts Moon up!


Eryk Masters: Kincaid got all of that! This has got to be over!

Kincaid covers!





Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner, KIIIIINNNCAAAAAAIIIIDDD!!!!

Kincaid rolls off Moon and allows Dennis Heflin to raise his arm in victory. He slides out of the ring, where Jax Hammer and Michele Rochefort are getting to their feet. The three of them support each other as Kincaid raises his arms again. The trio retreat up the entrance ramp as Ja Gi Kyung Moon gets to his knees in the ring, glaring at Kincaid.

Eryk Masters: What a win by Kincaid, tonight.

Other Guy: Absolutely. The number one contender to the Iron Fist Championship is certainly on a roll!


As the scene opens you see all members of the Deadpool in Thomas Manchester Black’s locker room. Deacon Frost is leaning up against the left side wall. Flanking his right is Matthew Kanyon, his cane resting against his leg as he sits. Eli Storm is busying handling business on the phone. Kaz Sato pats TMB on the shoulders before grabbing a chair to sit in. Each man is wearing Incredible Inc’s “The Best NIGHTMARE” shirt in honor of their fallen friend. All except TMB. Instead of the shirt he is writing Nightmare’s name on his fist wraps. His tribute to the fallen SHOOT soldier. Kaz is the first to break the silence in the room.

Kaz Sato: Saw you with Ozzy the other day on the replay. I know some in here wouldn’t approve of it too much. But me…I think it was the right move. I think Ozzy can get you over the hump…

As Sato finishes his words, the door to the locker room opens. Standing in the doorway is none other than the man Sato is just speaking about. All heads turn towards the doorway, but only one stands up. Eli Storm, a man who has been to war against Kilminister many times, walks towards the man who used to make his life hell. Osbourne narrows his eyes as he looks each man right in their eye. Kanyon had been a foe a couple of times. Frost, only once. Sato, many times… but the man who now stands nose-to-nose with him, Eli Storm, is something apart. Kilminster’s jaw tightens and his traps flex.

Osbourne Kilminster: I’m not here for you, Eli.

Eli looks at Sato; someone he knows has vouched for Ozzy many of times. He looks towards Black, who has done the same. In his mind the battles wage back and forth. The self pro claim leader of the Deadpool stares at the man who was a part of the group that forced him out of SHOOT Project. But…this is a room of grown men…and grown men understand the rules of war.

Eli Storm: Nightmare…as well as Tommy and Kaz always spoke highly of you. No matter what side of the fence you were on. Heh, I guess the young guys know better than us old fools. Welcome to the family. "He" would be happy that you are here.

Storm signals for Kanyon to toss him a "Nightmare" shirt. Storm hands it over to Ozzy and shakes his hand.

Eli Storm: I heard Vikings are great at summing up a war…getting the troops amped up. The floor is yours.

With a slit smirk, Kilminster nods before pulling the Nightmare T-shirt on over the top of his black vest.

Osbourne Kilminster: I remember Nightmare. Some of you guys remember him too, but some not so much. You see, there was a time of chaos that you can’t imagine, a time when you didn’t have all the best talent in the world under the SHOOT banner – it was broken up with a few guys here and a few there, many of us just floating around, hunting the good pay-cheques as each company had their moment in the sun…

He looks around the room, pushing past Storm to stand by TMB, looking him in the eye.

Osbourne Kilminster: He was one of the good ones, a beacon in the darkness. There was a time when I needed help and he was there. Tough love, sometimes, but love for me. What did he owe me? Fuck all. Does anyone here disagree with me?


He throws up his arms as he looks around at each of the men again, seeking answer

Sato: True…true…

The rest of the room nods, allowing Ozzy to continue.

Osbourne Kilminster: A man who just helped people out of the kindness of his heart. I think almost all of us here benefitted from that. Now, I’m not the saint Nightmare was, Tommy. Nowhere near. What he did out of love for his fellow man, I do for a price, but that’ll come later. There will come a time when I want something and no man in this room can give it to me. Not Storm nor Kanyon nor Sato – no one but YOU, Tommy. You won’t forget that, will you?

TMB stands us and looks into the eyes of the man that has been friend and family.

TMB: I will not forget the promise, Ozzy. That is the price I am willing to pay for this. And when the time comes…we will settle up.

Nodding, Kilminster can feel each set of eyes burning into the back of his head, but they’re not his focus – TMB is.

Osbourne Kilminster: I’ve been gone for two long years. I come back and you’re just fighting for the Iron Fist Championship. That means you’re at least a year behind schedule because you have been running this by now. It doesn’t matter now though. We lock in a new trajectory – starting TONIGHT with you bringing home the Iron Fist Championship. It’s going to be one of those moments when, in the future, they’ll all look back and say "that’s when Black started his reign".

Stepping right in toward the bigger man, Kilminster slaps his hands down on Black’s almost comically huge shoulders.

Osbourne Kilminster: Remember everything. Guard up. If they can’t hit you, they can’t put you down. If they can’t put you down, they can’t win. If they can’t win, you already have. Bring that belt home.

TMB smiles and looks around the room.

TMB: Usually this is where Eli would say this is where the PPV gets a

Eli Storm: Ratings BOOST!!!

TMB laughs and looks right at Ozzy.

TMB: But I think you have a more fitting saying to end this, don’t you?

Osbourne Kilminster: To Victory, brother… or Valhalla!


The cameras move in for a close up of ring announcer Samantha Coil.

Samantha Coil:  Ladies and gentleman, the following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL…

The shot pans back as "Jesus Freak" by DC Cross begins to play throughout the area.  There is a small pop, but otherwise, it’s a mostly subdued crowd, a great many of them unfamiliar with this particular entrance song.

Eryk Masters: The night continues on, as we showcase a couple of our Sin City Championship contenders.  Of course, one of those men will be David Miller, a new face to the SHOOT Project organization, but a near 15 year professional…  It will be his last contracted date with the company for the foreseeable future.

Other Guy: Yeah and don’t think this man comin’ out here right now knows just that.  Solomon Richards has been off to a pretty slow start here in SHOOT…  not bad, but the cat jus’ hasn’t quite hit on the cylinders I’m pretty sure a lot of us think he can.  A win over a guy like Miller on stage like Reckoning Day?  Heh…

Solomon Richards, having stepped out from behind the curtains strides confidently toward the ring, shaking a few hands a long the way.

Eryk Masters: It could be exactly what the doctor ordered, OG.

Richards cordially enters the ring while his name is being introduced.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, out of Wichita Kansas.  Standing Six Feet, Nine Inches, and weighing in at Three-Hundred, twenty-two pounds, SOLOMON RICHARDS!

Richards receives only a very sleight cheer from the crowd, which he modestly accepts with a quick, appreciative wave.

Other Guy: It would be a big deal for Richards no doubt, but Miller isn’t leaving on bad terms, folks.  So, I mean, this a’int gonna be no goodbye garbage squash.  You got two very competitive men, and just like Richards is gonna want this, don’t write off Miller just cause you nerds at home think you know what’s up.  Stranger shit’s happened ’round these parts.

DC Talk fades out, and, after a few seconds, David Miller pushes out from behind the curtain to no music.  It’s a solemn, determined entrance for a man who made a quick splash with the SHOOT Project.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent…  At six feet-one inch tall, with a weight of two hundred, thirty-eight pounds.  Hailing from Anaheim, California…  DAVID MILLER!

A few "hardcore" fans stand up and cheer Miller, who, as expected, ignores them.  Opting to, instead, keep his gaze on Richards.

Eryk Masters: Both men come from VERY strong amateur backgrounds.  Richards a stand out in Greco roman, while Miller has a very MMA, strike hard, strike quick approach to his game.

Other Guy: Like I said man, it’s gonna be a crazy fight.  You got a lot goin’ down on this card.  Two days of Reckoning Day.  SHOOT’s biggest nights of the year.  Still a shit ton o’ buzz from what happened last night…  and yeah, sure, it’s harder for a couple of "get to business" dudes like Richards and Miller to strum up crazy press, but the fact is… they’re gonna fight and neither man gon’ back down, Eryk.

Miller slides into the ring and checks in with official Austin Linam.  Satisfied with the status of both competitors, he calls for the bell,  (DING, DING!) and things are under way.  Richards moves in for a quick handshake, to which Miller obliges, both men slapping sporting fives, before immediately dropping to a readied stance.

Miller moves in quickly, going for the legs of his much larger opponent.  He’s quick enough to get low before Richards can react and grabs a hold of his left leg.  Richards tries to get to a knee to block a take-down, but Miller is able to shit to the left and successfully takes the big man down.

Eryk Masters: Miller trying to work quick against a much, much larger opponent.  Almost nine inches in height, and close to a hundred pound weight differential.  He floats over now…

Miller does just as Masters calls it, floating over and attempting some sort of cross-face, STF attack to keep the big man grounded.  But Richards stays active, making life difficult for Miller as he uses his upper body strength to roll his body.  Miller continues to reach forward, but Richards is able to escape, and, with surprising agility, twists and turns into a beautiful float-over escape.  Now on top of Miller, Richards keeps his guy at bay, quickly hopping to a knee, only to strike with a QUICK elbow to the back of Miller’s neck.

Other Guy: Richards hitting the sweet spot.  Lots of years of neck issues for Miller.

Richards follows quickly with a CROSSFACE of his own.  He locks it in pretty easily and Linam drops down to check on an already pained Miller.  Miller shakes his head, not wanting to go out on a note like this.  He pulls at Richards arm and tilts, and twists as much as he can.  Richards is caught slightly off guard, perhaps underestimating his opponent’s strength.  In that very brief instant, Miller is able to create enough separation to land a jolting head-butt to the side of Richard’s face.  It’s a glancing blow, but enough to disrupt the hold.  Miller scurries free, and Richards attempts to stay on even ground.

Eryk Masters: Clever counter from Miller…  Both men to their feet.  Richards moves in for a grapple…

But Miller, luring him in perfectly, ducks through and wraps around, following with a speedy school boy!  Richards is dragged down to the mat!  SHOULDERS DOWN!!!

Linam counts!


Eryk Masters: Holy shit!  He got him?!?!

Richards KICKS OUT.

The bell rings awkwardly, but Linam shakes his head.

"Ding… ding…"


Eryk Masters: NO!  Linam singaling that Richards was out at TWO and a very DEEP half!  WOW.

Other Guy: That’ll wake you up, man!"

The fans come alive a bit after the very bizarre series!  Miller doesn’t waste anytime debating the call and moves aggressively at Richards.  However, this time it’s Solomon who ducks through!  Miller tries to turn back around, but before he can, Richard’s large arms lock themselves through and around Miller’s!  And JUST LIKE THAT, RICHARDS HAS MILLER TIGHLY BOUND IN A STANDING COBRA CLUTCH!!

Eryk Masters: And now RICHARDS with the quick reversal!  Miller’s stuck!  Solomon has that hold CYNCHED IN!!!

Other Guy: Miller’s a tenacious cat, but the size difference…  holy shit.  He’s goin’ nowhere fast, Eryk!!!

Miller tries to take a step forward, but very promptly realizes he’s going nowhere.  They’re in the center of the ring. 

His guy is a hundred pounds heavier… 

Nine inches taller…

It’s either tap out.  Or pass out.

Miller realizes he was caught, and is smart enough to make the veteran play.

He quickly taps!!!

Eryk Masters: And Miller’s calling it quits!  This one is in the books!!!



Richards, sportingly releases the hold and Miller falls to a knee, obviously frustrated.  He grabs his neck and slaps the mat HARD.  Richards steps back, and Linam moves in to raise his hand.

Samantha Coil: The winner of this match, by SUBMISSION…  SOLOMON RICHARDS!!!!

The fans applaud the finish, but no major fanfare to note.  Linam, as well as Richards check on Miller, who nods but, waves them off, too stubborn to take their assistance right now.

Other Guy: Tough loss for Mister Miller, man.  Not the way you necessarily want to go out…  but he’s still got some years in the tank, the quick tap may have bought him a few more.  Also, maybe another run in SHOOT once he gets his shit sorted out.

Richards gives a friendly clap to the fans and exits the ring.  He gives a little fist pump to himself, obviously happy with the victory on such a giant stage.

Eryk Masters: And while we’ll certainly be wishing David Miller the best in his travels, it’s Solomon Richards who picks up the VERY important victory…  and maybe, FINALLY some much needed momentum as we head back into the Sin City Championship Series and the run for Master of the Mat.

Other Guy: He’s got the talent…  just has to show the dedication…  I think he can be something special, and a few more wins like this are gonna back my claims up, Eryk!  Good win Solomon Richards.


“Who the hell are you?” a voice shouts as Dan Stein’s newest “friend” Maximus Clementine Fanjita III confidently minces his way down the backstage corridors as Reckoning Day Night II rages on around him. He stops looks down at Molly the dog whose head is still poking out of his handbag and then yelps as “Mr.” Fanjita stops outside a lockeroom door.

Maximus: What’s the matter Molly? You don’t like this nasty tasteless symbol on the door.

“Mr.” Fanjita looks up and you can clearly see the Orion logo hanging from the door.

Maximus: Well this will simply not do. Not for Danny-Boys big title wins celebration. It’s too garish and scary for my liking. Perhaps we can change it for a gold painted male torso or maybe I can turn it into a quiet room; where Mr. Stein’s guests go to relax. You know, Molly, a little mood lighting, some sexy music…Who knows; the place may even get a little erotic.

Molly the dog barks once.

Maximus: I know sweetheart, shall we go through the keyhole?

Molly barks once again.

And with that Maximus knocks on the door with the back of his knuckles and then stands back with one hand on his hip and the other clutching Molly and his bag. The door opens and standing before him is the tall, long haired, blue eyed, tanned skinned, dark and brooding Valentine Lionheart.

Maximus: Well, I most certainly wouldn’t mind going through your keyhole.

Valentine’s nostrils flare as he glares down at the short and skinny Maximus.

Maximus: Ohhhhh and you’re fierce to boot. Say, would you like to be part of the biggest event to ever grace SHOOT Project?

Valentine: I’m listening.

Maximus: All you would need to do is wear a skimpy devilish outfit; I’m thinking red thong, daemon horns and a trident. Oh, you will also need dance around a little as Dan Stein walks to the ring…It will be the most sexy and amazeballs things SHOOT Project has ever seen.


The door almost hits Maximus in the face as Molly the dog cowers in fright.

Maximus: Maybe he’s a catholic? You know what they get like when Beelzebub is mentioned. Where to next Molly?

Molly woofs loudly…

Maximus: Ohhhhh. Project SCAR. I bet those guys know how to have fun. I think you may have made the right choice there, Molly.

And with that Maximus Fanjita and Molly mince off down the hallway as the scene fades to black.


The arena goes dark and a now familiar dim red aura bathes the audience as bright white spotlights drop down on the entrance ramp.  A light cool mist fills the air, which brings out the reddish aura of the lights, bathing the audience in a cloud of red mist.  The effect once again has various members of the audience lifting their hands to feel the air around them.  The haunting notes of “Heart of Courage” by Two Steps From Hell begins to play over the Public Address system as Mirage and Cronos Diamante step out beneath the bright white spotlights.

Other Guy: I know I said it last time, but I’ll say it again, I love the mist, guys!

Eryk Masters: It’s interesting, I’ll give them that.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, weighing in at a combined weight of five-hundred, twenty-two pounds, Cronos Diamante and his tag-team partner, 3M, Marcus Mirage!

Slowly making their way to the ring, on the biggest night of the SHOOT Project year, both Mirage and Cronos appear poised and ready to go.

Eryk Masters: Look at the stoic look on their faces, OG, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen them this serious about a match before.

Samantha Coil: And their opponents…

Before she can finish, “Set The World On Fire” booms from the speakers and the familiar logo of Orion appears on the JumboTron..


Eryk Masters: Here we go again. Are we going to be seeing the same team that managed to get one over on Cronos and Mirage at Revolution, or is there a new pairing in the works for Reckoning Day?

Other Guy: Either way, Cronos and Mirage are in for one hell of a fight- and so is Orion. The veterans are pretty pissed at how Orion outplayed them at Revolution, that’s for sure.

Mason Pierce, Malice and Valentine Lionheart appear on the stage with their entourage, the newly-revealed Orion Championship belt over Leona’s shoulder and the mysterious canvas bag in Morgana’s grip. In the ring, Cronos is motioning for the group to send two down to the ring to face them. Mason raises a finger and turns to face his partners. Valentine nods and Morgana scowls, apparently not thrilled with the decision. However, a few words from Leona seem to calm her and as the crowd awaits, Mason and Lionheart start to make their way toward the ring!

Eryk Masters: Well, I guess we know the answer now. Mason’s going to get his hands dirty here on SHOOT’s biggest stage, and he’s got the wily Valentine Lionheart watching his back. This is about to get very interesting, very quickly.

Other Guy: You have to think this is exactly what Cronos Diamante wanted right from the start. He’s got scores to settle with both of these guys, and you know Mirage is going to be out for a measure of payback as well.

Cronos and Mason aren’t wasting any time sending their partners to their respective corners, insisting that they be the ones to kick things off tonight. The two rivals circle each other, looking for that moment of weakness in the other.. suddenly they clash in a tie-up, with Mason catching Cronos with a knee to the gut to gain enough of an advantage to send Cronos to the mat with a forearm to the back of the head. Mason quickly grabs the arm of Cronos, trying to lock in an early armbar, but the veteran gets back to his feet and sends Mason into the ropes, turning the tables with a wicked powerslam that doesn’t even manage to get a one-count before the kickout. Mason scrambles back to his feet and smirks, shaking his head at Cronos and taunting him… Cronos charges, but Mason sidesteps and sends Cronos into the ropes, where his momentum, along with a timely pull on the ropes from Lionheart, sends him to the floor! The referee starts the count…1… he’s trying to keep an eye on Morgana, who is slowly making her way toward the dazed Cronos!

Eryk Masters: I guess we know Orion’s gameplan. Take things outside the ring and use that numbers advantage.

Other Guy: Gotta admit, it’s effective. Even if Malice or Morgana don’t lay a finger on him, just the threat of it can give a bit of a psychological edge to Orion. Brilliant, if I do say so myself.

Cronos gets back to his feet as the count reaches two… Mason rushes the ropes and suddenly drops, landing a textbook baseball slide dropkick to send Cronos into the barricade! The count goes to three as Mason whips Cronos toward the ringpost…but Cronos has the presence of mind to reverse the move, sending Mason toward the post- but instead of hitting cold, unforgiving steel, Mason runs hard into the massive frame of Malice, who has positioned himself in front of the post to shield Mason from the blow! Malice doesn’t even flinch as he watches Cronos charging toward Mason- he whips “The Fixer” hard toward Cronos, catching him with a shoulder block as the count makes six… Mason gets to his feet and gets back into the ring… seven… Malice grabs the stunned Cronos and sends him into the ring as well!

Staggered and wobbly on his feet after a crushing comeback blow from Mason, Mirage watches in horror as Mason makes a hot tag and Valentine enters the ring a house of fire, immediately charging Mirage and spearing him to the canvas.  Pinning one knee to the ground, Valentine jumps up and stomps down hard on one of Mirage’s knees, causing him to writhe in pain.  Dragging Mirage back into their corner, Valentine doesn’t let up, relentlessly stomping down on the knee, keeping his opponent right where he wants him.  With a quick tag to Mason, both men take their precious seconds in the ring together and lay the boots to the fallen veteran.

Picking Mirage up in a body slam position, Mason hangs him upside down on the turnbuckle, kicking him in the midsection for good measure.

Eryk Masters: Cronos is livid, but there’s nothing he can do to help his partner right now, Orion have him pinned in their corner and they’re really going to work on that knee.

Other Guy: With one bad wheel, Mirage is going to be forced to fight his larger opponents without the one thing he’s relied upon, his speed.

Making quick tags and in out, Mason and Valentine continue their relentless assault on Mirage, finally dumping him off the ropes after the referee seemingly had enough.  Valentine grabs Mirage, bring him to his feet, visibly favoring his bad knee.  Taking his time, Valentine slowly backs in the ropes, bouncing off toward Mirage, measuring him as he leaps, bringing Mirage’s head down on his knee, sending him tumbling.

Eryk Masters: Mirage is unable to find an opening here, but he needs to get the hell out of there.

Other Guy: Orion is playing this perfectly, they gained the momentum, and they’re making sure they keep the wily veteran grounded.

Every time he attempts to stand, Mirage is immediately sent back down to the canvas, as neither The Fixer nor Valentine look to give Mirage any breathing room.  Falling to his hands and knees, Mirage crawls toward Valentine, reaching up, grabbing at straws.  Valentine steps aside, as Mirage struggles, falling to one shoulder before picking himself up again.  Shaking his head, Valentine holds his arms out wide, as if the tell the audience, ‘he’s done’.  He once again stomps down hard on the back of Mirage’s head, who lays limp in the ring.

Eryk Masters: I’m not sure he has anything left after that assault by Orion, OG.

Other Guy: Mirage knows what day this is, and there’s no way he’ll go out with a whimper like this, Eryk, we’ve known him long enough to know that much.

Bending down and grabbing Mirage by his ears, Valentine forces him to his feet, immediately kicking him in the stomach doubling him over.

Eryk Masters: No, not this again!  NO!

Bounding off the ropes, Valentine once again nails Mirage right in the forehead with that devastating Thai knee that he used to bust his nose open a few weeks prior.  Sent staggering back off the ropes, Mirage drops to his backside, as blood suddenly starts pouring from his forehead, covering his face.  The referee immediately checks on Mirage as you can hear Cronos yell, ‘do NOT stop this match!’.

Other Guy: Wow, he’s a crimson mask again at the hands of Valentine!

Valentine shakes his head at his fallen foe and arrogantly looks around the arena, not at all impressed with his opponent.  Cronos, helplessly on the outside watching his partner get demolished, grabs his head and then reaches out, yelling loudly, trying to coax his partner back into the realm of reality.  Cronos begins stomping on the ring apron, hoping to waken his partner.  His eyes suddenly open, peering through a mask of blood at Valentine Lionheart.

Eryk Masters: Valentine thinks he’s out, OG!  He thinks he’s out!

Other Guy: Valentine thinks that blow knocked him out, but I think it woke him up!  He’s got his mask back!

Eryk Masters: I’m not quite sure it’s the same sort of ma…

Just then Mirage grabs the top rope with both hands and lifts himself up to his feet, staggering toward Valentine, who turns with a spinning clothesline, which Mirage ducks beneath, wrapping his hands around his waist Mirage hits a devastating german release suplex, dropping Valentine right on this back of his head!  Cronos jumps up, again stomping the ring apron as Valentine wastes little time getting back to his feet, he stomps down on Mirage who rolls out of the way, barely missing!  He stomps again, but Mirage continues to roll.  Stomp.  Roll.  Miss.

Eryk Masters: He keeps on missing him!

Other Guy: Watch out Valentine!!!

Valentine, too caught up trying to catch the crimson covered Mirage with a stomp doesn’t even realize he’s standing right in front of Cronos who absolutely waylays him, sending him staggering backwards much to the crowds approval.

Mirage reaches up and Cronos makes the tag. The crowd absolutely loses it.

Cronos climbs through the ropes into the ring, slowly stalking Valentine as the Orion member backs away toward the corner.. but his approach to get Mason back in the ring falls short thanks to a wicked spear from Cronos Diamante that floors him! The crowd is roaring as Cronos’ eyes widen and he starts laying in a series of pummeling blows that begin to open a slight cut over Valentine’s left eye! The deafening roar of approval from the crowd only seems to egg Cronos on even more as he seemingly ignores the warnings of the referee, stopping only when the word “disqualification” is mentioned. His eyes go right to Mason in the corner, and he points to the stunned Lionheart and starts yelling at Mason to “come get some”.  Mason starts to climb into the ring, but he’s caught right away by the sharp-eyed referee, who keeps him at bay. Cronos pulls Lionheart to his feet and sends him toward the friendly corner, following right behind and looking for a shoulder block, but Lionheart has the presence of mind to roll out of the way at the last second, sending Cronos hard into the ringpost! Valentine quickly retreats for the outside of the ring, looking to catch a breather as Cronos regains his bearings… but Mirage is having none of it, and he grabs Lionheart and tosses him into the ring steps! He rolls Lionheart into the ring and as he does, he looks right into the maniacal eyes of Malice, who has made his way around the ring and is now looking at Mirage like a pitbull on a porkchop- but Morgana quickly puts a stop to things, calling the beast off.

Eryk Masters: Wait a second… she’s calling him off? What the hell is this?

Other Guy: You tell me, then we’ll both know. You think it might have something to do with the guy in the striped shirt looking right at them? This is Reckoning Day, after all. A win in the middle of the ring will look a lot better than getting disqualified because someone can’t keep their anger issues in check.

Mirage doesn’t take his eyes off Malice, which is a shame, because he misses the tag from Valentine to Mason Pierce. Lionheart takes a breather, and Mason runs the apron, planting his foot right in the face of Mirage, sending him down to the concrete floor!

Eryk Masters: Mirage pays for his distraction, and Mason Pierce is looking to take over!

Mason quickly turns back, focusing in on Cronos. He enters the ring, and begins going to work on Diamante’s shoulder, the same one that he just accidentally rammed into the ring post! Mason jams his knee right under the shoulder, in the armpit, trying to give the shoulder separation from the rest of the body! Cronos grits his teeth in pain, but is still fighting to get back to his feet! Mason is vicious, however, and right this moment, not terribly technical. He drives the point of his elbow into the joint, grinding bone against bone, trying to cause Cronos Diamante as much discomfort and pain as he possibly can.

Other Guy: Cronos is definitely feeling that. That elbow has got to feel like Cronos has broken glass underneath his skin.

Cronos fights to his feet, attempting to alleviate some of the pain by proxy, and it works. Cronos and Mason are similar in height, so it’s difficult for Mason to continue to grind his elbow. It is NOT difficult, however, for Mason to attempt to yank the arm out of socket, which he does, bringing Cronos back down to a knee! Diamante attempts to power up to his feet again, but this time, Mason slams his head into the shoulder of Cronos. It dazes Mason for a second, but gets the job done, as Cronos lets slip a momentary gasp of pain.

Eryk Masters: The viciousness of Orion knows no bounds. Mason Pierce is living proof tonight.

Cronos pushes up off his knee, and is standing once again. Mason tries to put some pressure on the shoulder, and Cronos takes advantage by executing a surprise double leg takedown! The fans roar, and Diamante tries to get into a full guard, but Mason kicks him off. Mason hurries to his feet, and turns to meet a huge hammer blow from Cronos that sends him back to the mat! His left arm is held close to his body right now, but his right arm is as dangerous as ever with that clenched fist! He fires one more shot, right to the top of the head of Mason Pierce as he tries to get up.

Other Guy: If Cronos keeps hitting Mason like that, he won’t know what his name is!

Cronos prepares to fire of one more shot, but Mason grabs his bad arm, and brings him down with an armbar DDT! Cronos is really gripping that injured arm right now, and for good reason with all the damage that’s been done to it! Mason isn’t finished, either. He transitions quickly into an armbar, forcing the shoulder joint in an opposite direction than it’s meant to go. He’s got Cronos in the middle of the ring as Willie Dean check on him, looking for a submission.

Eryk Masters:  Mason would LOVE to make Cronos tap right now, and it’s really looking like he just might do it!

Mason continues to put the pressure on the shoulder, putting so much pressure into the hold that the vein is popping on the side of his neck. Cronos is covering his face, but we can see the obvious pain he’s being put in. He’s reaching out to Mirage, who is desperately trying to make the, but he is way too far away! Mason bridges up, almost literally trying to physically remove the arm, and Cronos is forced to dig deep. He somehow is able to roll onto his side, which releases a great amount of pressure on that injured shoulder! Mason still has the arm in his grip, so he transitions again, getting to his knees with the arm bar. Cronos raises his free arm, shaking it in the air, and the fans take their queue. They begin cheering, and clapping in unison, trying to will Cronos on. Mirage is slapping the turnbuckle in his corner, tag rope in hand, trying to goad his partner back to life, and it seems to be working! Cronos sits up, still trapped in Mason Pierce’s deadly grip, and then moves to a knee! He gets up to his feet, but is forced into a hunch by Mason Pierce. Cronos winds up and tries to connect with a right hand, but is unsuccessful. He does, however, succeed in STOMPING on the foot of Mason Pierce! The move shocks Mason more than hurts him, but it gives Cronos the opportunity he needs to wriggle his arm free! Mason tries to re-apply the hold, but Cronos grabs him around the neck with his good arm, and sweeps Mason’s feet, causing him to fall on his back with a quick STO! Mason groans in pain, and Cronos is trying to find his bearings in the ring, trying to get his way to his corner!

Eryk Masters: These fans are trying to lead Cronos, trying to direct him to Mirage!

Mason Pierce is much closer to his corner, but he’s moving slower after the impact of that STO. Cronos is crawling with his arms, which is causing him a great amount of pain, but he’s extending his hand as far as he can towards Mirage, who does the same! Meanwhile..

Other Guy: Tag is made, here comes Valentine!

The crowd roars, however, as Cronos makes a last ditch lunge, slapping the hand of Mirage on his way down to the mat! Mirage gets in, fury hidden in his eyes behind his mask of blood, but he is not backing down! Mirage meets Valentine in the center of the ring, and Lionheart fires a right hand, but it’s blocked! Mirage fires back, and connects, right to the cheekbone of Valentine! Mason is up, attempting to turn the tide back to his team, but Mirage lifts his boot, and Mason tastes the sole! Mason rolls onto the ring apron, as Valentine delivers a clubbing blow to the back of Mirage. Valentine looks around and his eyes lock on Mason, who nods.. Lionheart picks up Mirage…

Eryk Masters: He’s going for the VDM!! This could be the end!

Valentine sets Mirage up for the devastating maneuver, but Mirage is able to escape at the last second, countering it into a DDT! Both men are down and referee Dean is starting to count… 1… 2… Mirage gets to his feet first, but he’s on rubber legs right now! 3… Valentine gets back to his feet and shakes off the cobwebs as the count ends and Mirage charges at his Orion adversary, taking Valentine down with a spear! He goes for the cover, but the lessened power of the charge allows Lionheart to kick out just before the two count. Mirage manages to send Lionheart into the corner, charging right behind.. but Lionheart manages to get his head down and he elevates Mirage over the top rope and out to the floor! Mirage’s head catches the apron as he falls and his neck snaps back as he lands on the floor. Malice starts to approach him, but he is quickly pulled back. Lionheart slides underneath the bottom rope to the floor as Dean starts the count. 1… 2… Lionheart grabs the bloodied and dazed Mirage, whipping him into the security barricade. 3… Lionheart hops up onto the apron and measures his helpless quarry, but Cronos hits him from behind with a forearm, sending him hard off the apron and into the wall himself! Mason quickly leaps into the fray, attacking Cronos, but referee Dean is right on the ball, sending him back to his corner- but the momentary distraction allows Malice to grab the dazed Mirage and throw him into the ring as Leona tends to Lionheart.

Eryk Masters: Come ON!! Lionheart would have been counted out by now if it hadn’t been for the very timely intervention of Mason Pierce.

Other Guy: Timely is right.

Dean goes back to the count, but by this time Lionheart has managed to get his bearings back and he returns to the ring, making his way over to his corner and tagging Mason Pierce back into the action. Mason rushes to keep Mirage from making the tag, but the bloodied veteran lunges as Cronos reaches..and the tag is made! Cronos climbs up on the turnbuckles, leaping and looking for a missile dropkick.. the crowd roars as the kick finds paydirt! Both men are slow to get up, but Cronos is on his feet first, and he goes over to Mason, grabbing his arm and looking to lock in an armbar submission, but Mason counters into a cradle.. 1… Cronos kicks out just at the two count and scrambles to his feet as Mason finds his vertical base as well.! Both men approach each other and start exchanging blows, but Mason gets the momentum with a knee to the midsection that he follows up with a double axhandle to the back! He draws his thumb across his throat and mounts Cronos, grabbing his arm and trying to lock in the Necktie, but Cronos gets to a knee and stands, hooking Mason’s legs and falling back! The crowd is on its feet now, chanting “FINISH HIM!”

Eryk Masters: The crowd is definitely making their wishes known here. They want this over. And right now Cronos is in the position where he can do just that.

Other Guy: He dodged a bullet with the escape from the Manchester Necktie…does he have something left in his arsenal to answer back?

Cronos grabs Mason and hooks him, lifting him up for a suplex… and suddenly dropping him to the canvas face-first! He winces as he tries to get the circulation back in his aching arm and mounts Mason, slipping his arms underneath and locking in…

Eryk Masters: NE-HAN!!

Other Guy: This is not going to end well for Mason. He’s taken one hell of a beating in this match, and now it’s time to see what he’s got left in the tank!

The crowd is on its feet as Cronos leans back.. the look on Mason’s face is one of absolute agony as Leona is yelling from ringside, “NO! DO NOT TAP!” She suddenly turns to Morgana and nods. Morgana returns the gesture and points to the ring, and no sooner does she do this than Malice slides into the ring and rushes toward Cronos, planting a big boot right to the side of Cronos’ skull, forcing him to release the hold and causing the official to immediately call for the bell!

Eryk Masters: They were so desperate to keep Mason Pierce from submitting that they got themselves disqualified. Nice move.

Other Guy: Why do I get the feeling they don’t care?

The referee is trying to restore order, but he’s no match for the masked menace, who grabs him by the throat with both hands, lifting him up and looking into the referee’s terrified eyes before dropping hi, hooking his arms and hoisting him onto his shoulder… and dropping him with-

Eryk Masters: Oh God.. he just hit referee Dean with a Chainbreaker! For God’s sake, the man is not a wrestler- he’s just doing his job!

Other Guy: You want to go in there and tell him that? Be my guest. I’ll start auditioning new broadcast partners tomorrow.

Leona tosses the Orion belt into the ring and Mason immediately grabs it. He gets Malice’s attention and points to Cronos Diamante.

Mason:Pick him up.

Malice nods and grabs Cronos by the hair, pulling him up. Mason gets into his face, holding the belt up to make sure Cronos sees it.

Mason:You see this, Cronos? Get a really fucking good look, because this is the closest you’re EVER going to get to it.

Mason suddenly rears back and slams the belt right into Cronos’ face, busting the dazed veteran wide open! Mason nods and Malice drops him to the canvas as Mason tosses the belt to Valentine…

Valentine catches the Orion championship belt in both hands, he nods to Mason before looking down at the belt. He clutches onto it as an ear to ear grin stretches across his face. And it is clear that he has nothing but bad intentions in mind as he begins to stalk Marcus Mirage.

Lionheart crouches just behind his prey; belt in hand and smile still beaming. Mirage turns and Valentine instantly leaps up putting all of his force into the blow as he smashes the Orion Championship flat into Mirage’s face.

Eryk Masters:  Just a sickening vile blow by Lionheart.

Other Guy: After meeting Valentine face to face I can’t say I am shocked.

Mirage simply slumps to the ground with blood dripping from his forehead as Valentine stands over him; his expression changed from that of glee to a cold, emotionless stare. Lionheart crouches down, still staring at Mirage; never blinking, never flinching.

Eryk Masters: What makes a man behave like this?

Other Guy: I don’t even want to think about it.

Lionheart passes the belt to Leona before slowly  rising to his feet; glaring wildly out to the angry jeering fans in attendance. Leona and Morgana stand between Mason, Lionheart and Malice in the middle of the ring. Mason and Lionheart each place a foot on their vanquished foes and Leona holds the bloodstained belt high.

Eryk Masters: This is just…

Other Guy: Expected. We knew from the start Orion was out for blood. Didn’t quite expect them to go this route, but hey- it’s the nature of the business. They might have technically lost the match, but something tells me right now Cronos and Mirage aren’t feeling much like winners.

Eryk Masters: And when they come to, something tells me they are going to be thirsty for some serious vengeance. I don’t know if I’d want to be in the shoes of Orion- I don’t care how many they’ve got.


Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest will be contested under both traditional Iron Fist Rules and Ladder Match rules. The competitor must keep their opponent down for a ten count, at which point they will have ONE opportunity to climb the ladder and grab the title. This match up is for the SHOOT PROJECT IRONFIST CHAMPIONSHIP!

The lights go dim as the crowd gets ready to see the match that promises to be a very violent one. As the cold silence works its way through the crowd, you can hear a voice whisper through the arena.  

”I want you to know pain!” 

“They Are Lost” by Last Remaining Pinnacle starts up over the PA system, as the crowd explodes for the man known as “The Queen City Hitman”.  

Samantha Coil: Now introducing, weighing in tonight at TWO HUNDRED and FORTY FIVE pounds, from Tokyo, Japan by the way of his hometown, The Queen City…Charlotte , North Carolina… 

TMB comes out from behind the curtains wearing Black and White MMA shorts and boots. He tops that off by wearing a Grey North Carolina Tar Heels Hoodie with a towel over his head & his forearms and fists taped up. On his fist and forearm tape you see the words “Nightmare”. Black hardly looks out from the hoodie as he walks toward the ring. He stops and cracks his knuckles before raising his hand into the air pointing and mouthing the words, “I hope you are watching.” 

Samantha Coil: He is “The Queen City Hitman”… “The Scarred Saint”… 

TMB continues to make his way down the ramp way, soaking up the reaction from the crowd that are tossed his way. TMB makes his way up the steel steps and steps over the top rope and doesn’t even look at the ref as he makes his way to the middle of the ring. He folds his arms as Carolina Blue and White streamers flood the ring, Japanese style. TMB bows to the fans and goes to the corner as Ring Hands start to clean the streamers from the ring. 

Samantha Coil: This is THOMAS MANCHESTER BLACK! 

Once the ref is finished, TMB takes off his hoodie and tosses it to a ring hand, before slinking down into a sitting position in the corner. Black eyes remain focused on the entrance ramp as he waits for the champion. 

Other Guy: Man, TMB has been talking about taking Laura on some kind of path of pain this entire time, and….well…he looks ready to do so.

Eryk Masters: I’m not expecting a path of pain to be a very nice thing.

The crowd starts booing in anticipation, but then something weird happens. The crowd stops booing and starts a chant.


TMB smirks for a second, his gaze never leaving the entrance ramp.

Other Guy: And the SHOOT Project faithful, once again, letting Laura Seton know they don’t much care for her.

“Poker Face” hits over the PA and the crowd HAILS down boos! Laura Seton emerges from the back to no pyros or any effects. Just her with the Ironfist Championship around her waist. She stops at the top of the ramp, glaring down at the ring towards TMB, who himself has not moved from his seated position or has cast his eyes anywhere else. Laura ignores the fans entirely. She keeps her gaze on TMB as she unbuckles the Ironfist Championship and hoists it high in the air. The crowd jeers even louder.

Samantha Coil: And now, making her way to the ring, weighing in at ONE HUNDRED and SEVENTY FIVE pounds and hailing from Oshkosh, Wisconsin…

Laura Seton slings the belt over her shoulder and walks down the ring, ignoring the fans completely, though they try their hardest to get her attention and phase her with their taunts and jeers.

Samantha Coil: …she is “Twenty Minutes of Terror”  and is the REIGNING SHOOT PROJECT IRONFIST CHAMPION… 

Laura stands at the ring apron, still glaring at TMB. TMB keeps his seated position, and he also never casts his eyes anywhere else. Laura climbs onto the ring apron and leaps over the top rope, handing the title to Dennis Heflin. Heflin takes the title and clips it to the device which will suspend the title. The wire is then hoisted high. Both TMB and Laura break their gaze for a second to watch the Ironfist Championship rise into the air.

Samantha Coil: …LAURA SETON!

The crowd boos the loudest it has yet, but again, Laura is unphased. Both TMB and Laura remove their gaze from the title and back to each other at virtually the same time, neither person moving an inch or casting their eyes in a different direction.

Other Guy: That’s an intense stare down.


The ref calls for the bell and TMB doesn’t even get up from his spot in the corner. Seton looks at the ref then at Black. She starts to yell at the ref about having to wrestle in this type of match and the fact Thomas acts as if he doesn’t have to stand up.  

Eryk Masters: And the mind games continues as TMB refuses to stand up to the ire of Seton and the ref.  

Seton has had enough and walks over to where TMB is sitting and she is reading him the riot act. TMB just looks up at her and smiles. And that is the final straw for Laura. Almost as if the smile pushed a button, Laura quickly rams her knee into the jaw of TMB. It’s almost as if Laura has snapped as she starts to rain down punches and elbows into the face and body of Back. The ref rushes in and backs her away  only to have Laura step back before running and leap frogs over the ref’s back and slamming both feet into the face of Thomas Manchester Black causing him to roll out of the ring! Thomas hits the floor and drops to one knee, trying to recover from a attack that he didn’t expect.  

Other Guy: It looks like Tommy may have over thought this one. 

Laura isn’t giving TMB the moment he needs though and springboards off the ropes and driving her elbow into the lower spine of the Queen City Hitman. TMB goes flat against the floor as Laura looks to keep up the speed advantage that she has and keep Black off guard. Seton hops on the guard railing and perches herself as TMB slowly starts to work his way back to his feet!  

Eryk Masters: This is smart thinking by Seton, she isn’t going to match power for power with TMB but she can use her speed to keep him off balance.  

TMB shakes the cobwebs out of his head and turns right into a rushing Seton, who leaps off the guard railing and looks to connect with an hurricanrana. But TMB has enough wit to pull her back up and plant her against the ring apron with a vicious powerbomb!! 

Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit!  

Seton crumples against the ring apron before falling to the floor in pain. TMB falls against the guard railing and tries to finally get some air back in his lungs. TMB looks at Seton, who is trying to crawling away from Black in order to recover in peace. But that isn’t going to happen. Thomas grabs Seton by the head and brings her up to her knees. He rams his forearm into her face 3 times before blowing her a kiss. Seton, still having her senses spits in Black’s face.  

Other Guy: This isn’t going to be good. 

Thomas just smiles before dropping down into a DDT, taking Seton off her knees and planting her head into the ringside mats. Black sits there for a moment cradling Seton’s head in his leap. Thomas pushes her off and yells to the ref to start the count. Thomas digs under the ring and starts to pull out a ladder. The ref shakes his head and begins to count.  






Seton SHOOTs a arm up and pulls herself up on the ring apron as TMB just looks over at her. He nods as if he is happy that she was able to pull herself up and break the count. Thomas bridges the ladder across, from the ring to the guard railing and starts to walk over to Laura. The crowd is starting to go nuts just thinking about what TMB is about to do to Seton. Black grabs Seton and whips her against the Ladder, chest first. Black measures her up before running forward and going for the Yakuza kick to the back of the head. Either from quick thinking or a sore body, Seton drops off the ladder at the last second, causing Black to crotch himself on the ladder. Seton to the other side of the ladder and a small grin creeps on her face. Laura leaps up and dropkicks the ladder, ramming it right back into that special place of TMB’s.  

Other Guy: OWWWWW, you can see every guy in here hunched over.  

Seton falls back on her ass and yell s for the ref to count as Thomas slides off the ladder onto the floor.  







Thomas gets up on wobbling legs as hops on the ring apron and runs towards him. This time Seton is able to leap off the ring apron and nail TMB with a hurricanrana that send Black face first into the ladder. Seton paces around for a second, rubbing her back. Seton goes under the ring herself and pulls out a chair. Seton sets the chair up behind Black and slides under the ladder and waits for Thomas to lift his head. Thomas lifts his head and you can see the trickle of blood start to come from his forehead.  

Eryk Masters: And here comes the blood.  

Other Guy: Black isn’t looking to good here and it looks like Seton is about to make things worse.  

Seton runs towards the ladder and throws the chair at TMB. Out of instinct TMB catches the chair. As he does, Seton rams the ladder right into Black’s chest causing him to fall back! TMB sits up, holding his back as Seton grabs the ladder and swings under it driving her feet into TMB’s face. Black rolls over and is trying to wipe the blood from his face as Laura grabs the chair and just throws it to the back of Black’s head. Seton screams something at Black before driving her foot down onto the chair and driving the chair into the back of TMB’s head.  


Seton grabs the chair and folds it open and sets it up in front of the downed TMB. Laura gets a running start and using the chair to get some extra height, she catches TMB with a picture perfect HIGH HURDLE!! TMB snaps forward and hits the floor as Seton looks up at the ref to tell him to start another count. The ref shakes his head and points to where TMB was laying and is now standing, his blood, crawling down his face as he just stares at Seton!  

Other Guy: Well I take it this is where everything goes all to Hell!  

Eryk Masters: Laura, you need to move and move NOW!!  

TMB slowly starts to take steps towards Seton, who quickly folds up the chair and has it in hand. She is yelling to Black to step back, but Black isn’t hearing any of it.  


Seton jumps and with all the motion she can muster dents the chair right over TMB’s forehead.  

Eryk Masters: Did you hear that shot. TMB is down to one knee.  

Seton eyes go wide as she sees that Thomas is still somewhat able to move and she cocks back one more time. 


TMB is now down on both knees looking up at Laura. Through the blood washing over his face he mumbles… 

“Is that all you got…CUNT!?!” 


Other Guy: Shit!!! Laura is just unloading with that chair and it almost looks like a crumpled piece of paper in her hands!  

Black is still up on his knees, but you can tell the lights maybe out inside. Seton quickly steps back and fires a very brutal looking superkick to a already out cold TMB! TMB leans back, but doesn’t fall over. Seton yells out in frustration and wraps TMB into a reverse DDT hold.  

Other Guy: GOLD MEDAL!!!  

Eryk Masters: The ref is going for the count. 











Seton falls back against the guard railing and relaxes for a brief moment for before sliding back into the ring. Seton drags the ladder inside the ring and starts to set it up. Seton looks down to make sure Black is still down as she starts to climb. Seton is halfway up the ladder as TMB slowly starts to pulls himself into the ring. Seton is reaching up for the belt as TMB flings himself against the ropes and he goes flying off and crashing into the ladder tipping it over. Seton goes flying off the top of the ladder and get hung on the top ropes and flings off onto the mat! Black falls back onto the ropes. 

Other Guy: That is what we call reckless abandon. TMB pretty much threw himself into cold hard steel to stop Seton from reaching the title!  

Thomas pulls himself into the corner and start to wipe the blood from his face. TMB rolls out of the ring and reaches under the rign again and pulls out a bag. On the bag are the words “Blacklists and Blue Balls”. TMB empties what is inside of the bag onto the mat. And the crowd is in shock, surprised at what has been in poured into the ring. 

Eryk Masters: Dreidels!?! TMB has poured wooden dreidels onto the mat. Why!?! 

TMB grabs Laura by the back of her neck and lefts her in the air. 


Seton is choke slammed face first into the pile of dreidels. TMB looks at the ref and points at Seton. 










TMB breaks the count and pulls Laura up to the shock of fans. TMB fires Seton into the turnbuckles and she stumbles out and is greeted by a vicious looking CHIN CHECK clothesline. Seton nearly folds on impact as TMB grabs the ladder and places it in the corner. Black grabs Seton  and spins her around only to wrap her back up and send her into the ladder with a dead lift German suplex.  

Other Guy: This match is getting nasty. With TMB living up to his promise to show Seton all he knows about pain.  

Seton slides off the ladder. TMB crawls over to her and wipes the blood off his face onto hers. Whisper the words “Let the lesson begin!” as he wipes the rest of the blood on his chest. TMB pulls himself up on the ropes and once again rest the ladder in the corner. Black grabs Seton by the back of the head and introduces her face to each of the lower rungs of the ladder. Carefully place her forehead against the middle rung, TMB rears back and fires off a Roaring elbow smashing into the back of her head which collides with the metal rung and opening Laura up.  

Eryk Masters: This is insane, both wrestlers are busted open and TMB looks like he is about to slow things down to his pace. 

While Seton is still on the ladder, bloodied, Black flings the ladder to the mat, crashing Laura under it. Thomas steps back on the ropes and comes off with a double knee onto the ladder on top of Seton. The crowd flinches as TMB looks and the ref and says…”Count”.  






TMB: Let’s see how bad you want this.  


Seton, somehow is slowly starting to move.  


TMB humbles a bit towards the ladder, having hurting himself nailing the last move. Not wanting to hurt himself more, TMB decides to sacrifice his ribs and drives an elbow onto the ladder, crushing it down on Seton again. TMB bounces back holding his ribs and cursing to himself as Seton has all but stopped moving. The ref drops down to check on her, but jumps back as she surprisingly sits up. The blood running down her face like hair, makes her seem Carrie-ish.  

Eryk Masters: I think the shock has finally hit her body as Seton has just sat up. And has that blank stare on her face!  

Thomas is a little cautious but walks over to Seton and grabs her by the hair. As he goes to lift her up, he suddenly stand deathly still.  

Other Guy: OOOOWWWW!!! Every guy in her must be feeling for Black at this moment.  

As the camera pans around you see Seton has  a death grip on Thomas’ balls! Seton begins to runs for the ropes and TMB is trying to keep up with her in order to make sure his boys stay attached. Seton jumps through the ropes, yanking TMB forward, whiplashing him on the ropes and sending to the back, alternating between holding his nuts and neck.  

Other Guy: Well, that is a very creative way to get some space between her and Black.  

Seton is trying to get air in her lungs as Black is rolling around in immense pain. Seton leans against the ring apron and looks at the ladder on the mat. She decides to grab a fresh ladder from under the ring and slides that inside. She sets it up and looks down towards Black. She grabs the top of the ladder as she starts the climb the one she has set up.  

Other Guy: Did she get knocked senseless. You can’t go after the belt until you get another 10 count.  

Eryk Masters: I think she has something else in mind!  

Seton jumps off the ladder, using the height she jumped from to add more force as she slams the ladder down onto Thomas’ rib cage!  

Other Guy: He already hurt those ribs doing that elbow drop earlier. That is a veteran move for Seton to take advantage of that opening. The ref looks at Laura and she nods. 









Seton sees that Thomas is trying to pull himself up on the ropes and rushes towards him. Black ducks the leg lariat and waits for Seton to turn around. Laura turns around right into THE TAR HEEL SUPLEX! Seton lands head first on the ladder laying on the mat. TMB slams his fist against the mat and starts to measure up Seton. Seton is up and this time Black isn’t waiting for her to turn around as he wraps her in a Dragon Sleeper! In one quick motion Black suplexes Seton stomach first on the ring ropes. 

TMB: Lesson one…FIX YA FUCKING FACE!!!  

While Laura is hanging on the rope, Black blasts her in the side of the head with a Yakuza kick. Black now yells at the ref to make the count.  








Laura tries to push herself up, but collapses on the ringside floor.  




TMB himself collapses in the corner as the crowd is yelling at him to get up and climb the ladder! But the blood lost is finally catching up to the big man.  

Other Guy: When you have lost as much blood as Black, you gotta find some time to get that energy back.  

Eryk Masters: Problem is, he is choosing a time that he should be climbing the ladder  

TMB is wiping the blood off his face and is now trying to stand up. He grabs the ladder he just suplexed Seton into and re-sets it up in the middle of the ring.  

Other Guy: He is trying to climb, but being weak from blood lose and not being able to see is slowing him down.  

Eryk Masters: Do not forget the nut abuse…never forget the nut abuse.  

O.G. rolls his eyes as the cameras switch back to the ring. Back in the ring, TMB slips on a rung, due to the blood pouring from his face. Black goes to move his leg and can’t.  

Eryk Masters: He took too much time resting and look who is back!!  

Seton gets Black by the leg and is trying to yank him down. Black tries to quickly fire a boot towards her, but misses, allowing Laura to land yet another low blow, forcing every man in the arena to tear up a little bit. Black however drops down and is bent over on the ladder. Laura takes a deep breath and runs towards the opposite ropes.  

Other Guy: What is she trying to do this time!?!  

Laura runs full speed at TMB, only to duck down and slide between his legs to the outside. Before she can go on the attack, Black quickly wraps his hand around her throat. He looks as if he is going to chokeslam her off the ring apron onto the floor. But Laura isn’t having any of that as she fakes for another low blow, causing TMB to let go and protect himself. Seton quickly hops on the ropes and springboards off onto TMB shoulders. She quickly spins around and throws herself backwards, nailing a reverse hurricanrana that send herself and TMB off the ring apron and onto the floor 

Holy Shit!!!  Holy Shit!!!  Holy Shit!!!  Holy Shit!!!  Holy Shit!!!   

Other Guy: Like her or not, you have to be impress with the showing Laura Seton is having here tonight. 

Eryk Masters: That was just…fucking insane!!! 

The ref looks at the pile of bodies on the outside of the ring and doesn’t know what to do. He starts to wave for the EMTS to come down to ringside. The medics rush down to the ring and start to check on both Laura and Black. The crowd is very silent as nobody has moved for a few seconds. At the top of the rampway you can see various talent and agents looking down at the scene. Laura seems to be moving a little as the medics help her up.  

Other Guy: That was a scary moment, the way they both hit the floor.  

The medics are talking to a bloody Laura about coming to the back so they can check her out. Seton is shaking her head, not wanting to waste this chance she has. She turns to look where TMB is and sees him pushing medics away as he makes it back to his feet. Laura is having none of that as she runs through medics and jumps on TMB, firing lefts and rights. TMB is stumbling back, trying to cover up and keep his balance at the same time! Seton drives an elbow into the bridge of TMB’s nose. TMB drops down to one knee. Laura quickly grabs the back of TMB’s head with both hands and nails a sit out face buster. She rolls away and tells the ref to count. 











Eryk Masters: Seton is back in the ring and going for the ladder.  

Laura steadies the ladder. She starts to climbs it and has a quick reach for the belt, but sees TMB getting up and into the ring. She reaches a couple times for the belt as she gets to the top; she notices the ladder is just too far from the belt to reach it. She sees that TMB is awfully close to the ladder.  

Other Guy: Seton is trapped at the top of the ladder and is maybe a good foot to the right of the belt.  

Laura jumps off the ladder to Thomas’ surprise. Now black is stuck on the ladder, he can’t go after the belt and has Laura scheming below him. Laura fires a kick to the back of Thomas’ leg. The sting of the unprotected shot almost makes Black’s leg buckle. AS TMB is trying to steady himself and figure out what to do, Laura runs and springboards off the ropes and nails a dropkick to TMB’s knee. TMB folds back as his foot and ankle are caught on the ladder which leaves him hanging upside down. Laura grabs the ladder that is laying on the mat and just slams it onto TMB. Seton backs up and nails TMB in the exposed ribs with a Yakuza kick of her own. Thomas claws at his leg trying to free himself as Seton now can take her time and focus the damage she will inflict.  

Other Guy: Thomas’ ribs has have to be killing him right now.  

Eryk Masters: Hanging upside down like that is stretching those already hurt ribs. And that Yakuza kick didn’t help matters any.  

Seton lines up and starts to fire off kick after kick into the midsection of TMB. And all the big man can do at this moment is cover up the best he can. Seton runs to the ring ropes and comes off jumping in the air and for what seems like a few seconds. Seton extends her legs and place a solid hanging dropkick, smashing the back of Thomas’ head into the ladder. The impact and the angle that TMB bends at is enough to loosen his foot and TMB falls to the mat. Dennis Heflin looks as though he is about to start the ten count, but Seton tells him no. She grabs a hold of TMB and helps him up, before shoving his nearly lifeless body against the ring ropes. She reels back and hits a vicious knife edged chop!


She hits another, with serious force!


She tries to hit another, but TMB blocks and…does a titty twister? The crowd laughs as Laura leaps back, TMB laughing. Laura, though, does not find it funny, as she quickly does a one handed hand stand and splits her legs, slamming TMB in the face with an au bautido kick! The smile is gone quickly as TMB falls against the ropes, hanging oddly on the middle rope, seemingly lifeless.

Eryk Masters: Laura Seton did NOT find that very funny and punishes TMB with the Angel’s Fury!

Other Guy: TMB is out man. OUT out.




TMB begins to stir. Laura looks frustrated and yells at Heflin to count faster.



TMB grabs the top rope and begins to pull himself up. Laura decides to go ahead and break the count. She moves forward, but TMB throws his leg out and catches Laura in the stomach! Laura drops to one knee, and TMB just lashes out, grabbing Laura and lifting her up on his shoulder! He looks up to the sky and smiles through the blood, spinning around and sitting out with the ganso bomb! The crowd recognizes the move and cheers raucously!

Eryk Masters: Was…was that…

Other Guy: Requiem For The Fallen, that was Nightmare’s finisher!

Both competitors lay on the ground, neither person moving. Dennis Heflin pauses for a moment, kind of confused at the implications of possibly counting both out. He still begins the count though.



Neither competitor stirs.


Other Guy: Nightmare had a vicious finisher, and TMB just violently planted Laura, but-

Eryk Masters: But TMB was already pretty beat up, and at that point, lifting up even someone like Laura is going to expend all his energy.




Laura rolls over onto her stomach. TMB sits up, but he has to place his right arm behind him to steady himself. Neither competitor even seems aware of the count.




Laura is up to her hands and knees. Is now just sitting up, head in his hands, trying to shake the cobwebs out.


The crowd goes silent, not exactly sure what the count means. Even Dennis Heflin stands in the middle of the ring a little befuddled. TMB looks up from his hands, looking around, not sure what’s going on. Laura rests against the middle rope, now up, but still not sure what this means.

Eryk Masters: Soooo…now what?

The bell rings three times, and the crowd boos, thinking this has come to a no contest.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, due to a double count out, it has been decided that BOTH competitors are eligible to climb the ladder and attempt to take down the title!

The crowd pops loudly, excited to hear that the match is still going. TMB and Laura glare at each other, both the picture of exhaustion. They then both look at the ladder. They look back at each other and nod. They take to the center of the ring, grab the ladder, and both of them place it underneath the title.

Other Guy: I guess they both realize they don’t have the strength or the energy to keep battling it out, so, now, it’s about who can get up there and fight down the title first.

Both competitors slowly climb the ladder. Laura is the first one up, and as TMB’s head reaches the top, she throws a weak punch, but it’s still enough to rock TMB. She tries another, but as she reels back, TMB uses his last bit of strength to lift himself up quickly and slam the top of his head into Laura’s jaw! Laura is rocked, but she keeps her grip. TMB is now on level with Laura, and both of them are reach for the title!

Eryk Masters: Neither competitor has an ounce of strength left. Yet, somehow, they have to get that title loose before the other one does!

Both competitors have one hand wrapped around the title. Laura reels back and attempts to punch TMB in the face again, but TMB dodges, and as Laura loses her balances and falls forward, TMB lashes forward with yet ANOTHER headbutt! Blood splatters, and TMB’s knees go weak for a second, but Laura loses hold of the title and falls from the ladder! However, she takes the ladder with her, but right before TMB loses his position, he grabs hold of the title with both hands! As the ladder collapses, TMB pulls down with all his weight and the title breaks free, both it and TMB crashing down to the canvas! Dennis Heflin signals for the bell!

Other Guy: Oh thank god that’s over!


The crowd makes very little noise. Neither competitor moves. TMB clutches the title closely, but seems unable to stand. Laura has her head in her hands, and also seems unable to stand. Road agents, trainers, and paramedics rush to the ring, both competitors assisted up and placed on stretchers.

Eryk Masters: From the looks of things, it’d be hard to tell who the real winner was tonight, as both competitors are unable to leave this ring of their own will.

Other Guy: But when Laura Seton wakes up tomorrow, she’ll know she’s the former champion. And when TMB wakes up, he’ll wake up with SHOOT Project gold!



Bun B’s “Chuuch!” hits the PA as the crowd comes alive for the one and only Real Deal! 

Eryk Masters:  This guy… I love this guy.

Other Guy:  You and everyone else, I’d think!

Real Deal emerges from the curtain, dressed in warm up pants and a black SHOOT Project t-shirt.  He’s not really smiling, not very happy, and instead of his typical high fiving on the way down, he’s just focused on getting to the ring.  The crowd quiets down, a little bit surprised at his actions. 

Eryk Masters:  Something’s up.

Other Guy:  What was your first clue?

Real Deal gets to the ring, rolls underneath the ring rope and calls for a microphone from Mark Kendrick.  The music cuts immediately and the crowd is getting more and more quiet.

Real Deal:  I’ll keep this quick, because I don’t want to take up a whole bunch more time, but I’m not going to be wrestling Alex Brooks tonight.

The crowd boos!  Real Deal holds his hand up.

Real Deal:  Nah, no need for that.  Alex Brooks got called home for an emergency, and even though some really nasty shit happens here in the SHOOT Project, we’re a company that exists for our roster members as much as it exists for our fans.  So, we let him go home.  He’s not sure yet if he’ll be back. 

Real Deal chuckles, almost to himself.

Real Deal:  I’m kinda cursed, you know? 

The crowd chuckles a bit too.

Real Deal:  Anyway, we’re going to make Brooks a road agent when he returns so that if he needs to come and go, he can do so without it being so detrimental to the product and so hard on him.  If he gets to a place where he wants to return to active competition, much like Danny Evers, that’s something we’ll discuss.  So, for now, Alex Brooks time as an active competitor in the SHOOT Project is over.  I’m sorry to be the one to have to deliver this news to you all, because like you, I truly believed he was one of the men who had an extraordinary amount of potential.  Nothing I can say but sorry, guys.

The crowd is dejected.  You could almost hear a pin drop.

Eryk Masters: So disappointing, and while we wish Alex Brooks nothing but the best, we can’t help but sit here wondering and wishing for what we could have seen in that ring tonight-

"Tonight We’re going Har-Har-Har-H-H-HARD!"

Other Guy:  Oh… My…

His last word is drowned out by the Epicenter who has become completely unhinged as Ke$ha’s "We R Who We R" rips through the PA system. 

Eryk Masters:  Could it be? 

It kicks up another decibel as Loco Martinez steps out onto the ramp.  A smile beaming as huge and as bright as you could imagine.  The next thing you notice… He’s in his gear.   The crowd roars, as Loco slices his hand in front of his neck to get the music cut.  He pulls a mic from the back of his black baggy vinyl pants. 

Loco Martinez:  No-no-no-no.  Not AGAIN, dude!  SHOOT can’t keep its fans from seeing the Real Deal in action in that ring.  And me?  I’ve been having a serious itch, recently.  *the crowd pops* – They know what I’m talking about.  I haven’t been able to get the rancid taste of my last appearance in that ring out of my mouth, and I am hoping tonight… right here in Vegas! *waits for the cheap pop* – I get lucky enough for one more chance inside a SHOOT Project ring.   So when I caught wind of this little situation, well?  It’s damn lucky I always wear my gear under my street clothes.   

Loco flashes his trademark Cheshire Cat smile and a playful wink. 

Loco Martinez:  What’ya say?   As a fellow man of the PEOPLE.  You can make my and every last ass that is no longer in a seat’s day, by one simple phrase, word, gesture…

Real Deal smiles as he goes and sits on the middle rope and opens it inviting Loco in.  The crowd roars.  Loco smiles as Scott Kamura comes running out the back. 

Loco Martinez:  Looks like we got ourselves a ref… At least I think that blur was the ref!  Hey… its been a while, and who knows when I’ll get a chance to do this again. 

Loco tosses the mic, and points at the crowd and yells something.  They roar and throw up their hands. Loco runs and stage dives into the crowd.  The hands of the SHOOT Project faithful hoist him and begin passing him towards the ring.

Eryk Masters:  Looks like we’re going to have a match after all, OG!  Loco Martinez is crowd surfing to the ring for an epic confrontation with Real Deal!!!  Samantha Coil?

Samantha Coil:  The following contest is scheduled for one fall.  Announcing first.  Weighing in at 222 pounds, and coming to us from Philadelphia Pennsylvania.  "The Freakshow" … LLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOCOOOOOOOO  MMMMMAAAAARRRRRR.TI.NNNNNNNNEEEEZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!

Loco gets passed ring side and a couple security guards make sure he doesn’t get dumped on his head.  He jumps on the apron and rolls backwards into ring over the top rope and jumps to the middle rope to the roar of the crowd. 

Samantha Coil:  And his opponent…  

The sound is deafening inside the Epicenter.  Loco smiles and nods his head in a sign of respect.

Samantha Coil:   Weighing in at 228 coming to us from Las Vegas, by way of Charleston South Carolina, He is the SHOOT Project Hall of Famer, THE  RRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEAAAAALLLLLL   DDDDEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLL!!!!

Loco and Real Deal meet in the center of the ring.  Exchange a handshake.  Referee Scott Kamura calls for the bell.

Eryk Masters:  And we’re off. 

Other Guy:  I don’t know what kind of condition either man will be in.  Real Deal has been training and had a match on Revolution.  We haven’t seen Loco in the ring since he got retired.

They circle.  Tie up.  Real backs Loco into the ropes.  Whips him off.  Drops to the mat.  Loco runs over.  Comes back off the ropes and Real Deal leap frogs him.  Loco off the ropes again and Real Deal flattens  him with a drop kick.    The crowd applauds.  Loco rolls to his stomach and pushes up.  He rubs at his chin and nods with a smirk.  They circle again.  They lunge to lock up, but Loco ducks and slips behind Real Deal.  Drops down with a roll up.


Two-NO!  Real Deal kicks out. 

Eryk Masters:  Loco almost got a surprise win there. 

Each man gets to their feet.  Loco holds his thumb and index finger close together intimating "this close".  Real Deal smirks.  They tie up.  Real Deal snaps Loco into a side headlock.  He takes him into a side headlock takeover.  Loco drives an elbow into Real Deal’s ribcage, and reaches up and puts Real Deal into a head scissors.  Real Deal quickly spins his way out of it and pops up goes to drop an elbow, but Loco rolls.  Loco kips up and tries a leg drop, Real Deal rolls out of the way.  Real Deal is up and he goes for a kick, but Loco lays down, so Real Deal’s kick misses and Loco again reaches up and pulls Real Deal down into another roll up!



NO!   Real Deal shoulders out.  They both pop up.  The Epicenter stands and applauds. 

Eryk Masters:  Fast paced.  Neither man looking rusty. 

The crowd begins a loud "Lets go REAL DEAL …  Lets go LOCO" echo chant.

They circle again.   Real Deal buries a boot into Loco’s gut, doubling him over.  He grabs a wrist.  Whips him off the ropes and then LEVELS Loco with a clothesline.   He brings Loco up and delivers a crisp snap suplex.  He floats over quickly for the cover…



NO!  Loco kicks out. 

Real Deal is up, he brings Loco to his feet.  He goes to pull him in for a short armed clothesline, but Loco ducks it and runs to the ropes and jumps to the middle leaping to the second rope, and launching back and twisting into a high cross body.  Real Deal turns and is leveled by the cross body.  Loco hops up.  Leaps and drops both legs across Real Deal’s torso.  Rolls off.  Gets to his feet and quickly nails a standing moonsault!  He stays on top and hooks a leg.



NO!  Real Deal shoulders out.

Eryk Masters:  Loco showing his speed there. 

Loco is up and looking to continue the offense.  He drops a knee into Real Deal’s ribcage, and follows that up with a quick elbow.  He gets back up and brings Real Deal to his feet.  He whips Real Deal hard into the corner!

Other Guy:  I think I saw the ring shift with that impact. 

Loco goes to the opposite corner as the crowd buzzes.  Loco takes off full speed sprinting, but Real Deal senses it and ducks down and LAUNCHES Loco high into the air over the corner. Over the ring post.    Time almost stands still as we see Loco flying all the way to the outside.  Arms and legs wave frantically, before he comes crashing down on his back and a little twisted to his left with a sickening thud! 

Crowd:  Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit!

Other Guy:  Well… that could be the end of this run. 

Real Deal drops to a knee catching his breath from the impact of the whip into the corner. He sneaks a look Loco’s way as the referee begins his 10 count.  



THREE…  Loco begins to stir.  Rolling to his stomach.

FOUR…  He gets to a knee, Clutching at his ribs.  He shakes out his left knee as he gets to his feet.

Eryk Masters:  He landed hard on that left knee, OG.  We’ll see if he can bear wait on it. 

FIVE…  Loco puts weight on the left knee.  He winces, but it doesn’t buckle.  He nods, and heads to the ring and slides in.   Real Deal stays back letting Loco get in without attacking.

Other Guy:  More sportsmanship from these two! 

Eryk Masters:  Two men who respect the hell out of each other.  Two long time vets who have crossed paths before.  No doubt they want to put on the best contest for these fans here tonight!

The two men again find themselves facing off in the center of the ring.  Loco throws a leg kick that lands with a loud thwack.  He throws another one, but this time Real Deal checks it by lifting his leg.  Real Deal then drives  stiff European Uppercut that rocks Loco.  He grabs him and snap mares Loco over into a seated position.  Real Deal then drives stiff kick with his shin across Loco’s back.  Loco’s face contorts in a pained expression as Real Deal bounces off the ropes and rocks Loco in the face with a low dropkick!  

Eryk Masters:  He got all of it!

Real Deal makes a quick cover.  Hooks Loco’s good leg.



Thr-NO!  Loco kicks out!  Real gets up.  He takes Loco and whips him hard into the corner.   He doesn’t waste a second and charges in rocking Loco with a clothesline in the corner.   He then hoists Loco into a seated position on the top rope.  The Epicenter buzzes with anticipation.  Real Deal drives three lightning quick forearms into Loco’s chest and head and then begins to climb.  He gets to the middle rope.  Takes another chance to drive two more forearms into Loco.

Other Guy:  Smart. Keep Loco reeling and gives him the time to climb the ropes and do whatever it is he has in mind!

Real Deal climbs one more rope and is now bringing Loco to the top with him. 

Eryk Masters:  Both men standing, perilously perched upon the top rope! 

Other Guy: That was poetic, Masters.

Eryk Masters:  Thanks, OG. 

Real Deal attempts to hook Loco into a front face lock for a superplex, but Loco wiggles and drives an elbow into Real Deal.  Real Deal attempts again.  Loco blocks and answers with another elbow.  Real Deal drives a forearm into Loco.  Loco answers with a headbutt.  Both men dangerously close to tumbling off their perilous perch.  Loco drives one more elbow into the ribs and is able to quickly slide off to the left, and leaps out feet first.  Grabbing Real Deal under the chin with both his hands in a neckbreaker and letting gravity take care of the rest!!!  Both men crash to the mat in a heap!!!!!

Eryk Mastesr:  OH MY GOD!  Super neck breaker!  BOTH MEN ARE DOWN!!


Scott Kamura checks on both men, who aren’t moving much, and once he checks that they are willing to continue begins his 10 count.


TWO…  Each man begins to roll. 

THREE…  The Epicenter on their feet urging each competitor to get up.

FOUR…  "Lets go Loco"

FIVE…  "Lets go Real Deal"

SIX…  Loco is up to a knee.

SEVEN…  Real Deal is up and leaning against the ropes.

EIGHT…  BOTH men are up and see each other across the ring.  They charge.  Full speed.  And LEVEL one another with a double clothesline!!! 

Eryk Masters:  And they’re both back down!

Other Guy: That was a car crash of a collision!

Kamura again checks on each man, before going into his ten count. 



Eryk Masters:  Both begin to stir.


Other Guy:  Thank goodness.




The crowd is amazingly amped up, the “Let’s go Real Deal” and “Let’s go Loco” chants nearly drowning each other out! 




Both men get to their feet!  Real Deal’s just a STEP faster as he flies across the ring and nails Loco with an elbow!  Loco’s rocked and Real Deal turns up the pressure, laying into him with a furious flurry of rights and lefts.  Kamura begs Real Deal off of Loco after a potential five count, and Real Deal takes the time to pander to the crowd for a brief moment, allowing Kamura to get out of the way.  As soon as he’s clear, Real Deal flies into Loco nailing a splash!  Loco staggers forward, Real Deal moves behind him, hops up to the turnbuckle and comes flying off, hooking Loco and nailing a bulldog! 

Eryk Masters:  Real Deal is definitely starting to get the momentum going his way! 

Other Guy:  You’ve got that right.  He’s essentially a house of fire, right now.

Eryk Masters:  A house of fire?  Really?  Is business about to pick up? 

Real Deal with the cover!



THRE—NO.  Loco kicks out and the crowd pops loud! 

Real Deal gets up, shaking his head, making sure that Kamura was positive about his count.  There’s a humorous exchange between the two where Real Deal pantomimes that he’s signing something, presumably Kamura’s paycheck.  The crowd laughs and then that turns into a loud pop as Loco gets back to his feet!  He pulls at Real Deal’s shoulder and NAILS him with a hard right hand, staggering the Executive Vice President!  He bludgeons Real Deal with another right hand before setting up and hitting a VERY fast DDT!  Real Deal’s flattened out!  Loco goes to the top rope! 

Eryk Masters:  I think we’re about to get happy in here! 

Other Guy:  I think you might be right! 

Loco gracefully drops for the split legged portion of HAPPINESS and then comes off the top rope, but Real Deal rolls underneath him as he’s rotating and gets to his feet!  Loco lands on his feet, but before he can even appreciate the stuck landing, he gets DESTROYED WITH THE REALITY CHECK. 

Eryk Masters:  REALITY CHECK.

Other Guy:  HOLY SHIT that was fast.

Loco is OUT cold and Real Deal goes for the cover!




Samantha Coil:  Your winner, at a time of eighteen minutes and forty-five seconds…  THE REAL DEAL!!!

“Chuuch!” by Bun B hits the PA and the crowd goes NUTS as Real Deal has his hands raised in victory! 

Eryk Masters:  That was awesome! 

Other Guy:  You know what I took from that?  Both of those guys still have it, man.  I mean, yeah, Real Deal’s been sitting in an office for awhile and Loco’s been sitting at home, but wow…  that was way better than I thought it was going to be.

Real Deal goes to check on Loco who accepts his hand, helping him to his feet.  Real Deal grins huge and then raises Loco’s arm as the crowd showers them with affection! 

Eryk Masters:  I’ve gotta hand it to these guys and to the crowd.  This was a great, fun little match and it’s definitely helped raised my spirits quite a bit.

Other Guy:  Yep, for sure.  It’s nice to just see two guys go out there and have a really highly competitive match.  Plus, Loco’s back!

Eryk Masters:  Yes he is, and I’ll tell you this much…  I feel like the table has been set perfectly for the World Heavyweight Championship, which is coming up next!


Backstage after a grueling Iron Fist title match, the new champion Thomas Manchester Black sits in an empty locker room on a steel chair. The belt is cradled in one hand, resting on his elbow so that he can stare into the face of it. He seems transfixed. Lost in the moment and getting the first time in a while to unwind after his victory. Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, Kincaid appears from off camera. He pulls a steel chair of his own from beside the wall and slams it down heavily in front of the new champion. He takes a seat and the two men stare at each other in silence for a moment. TMB’s expression is hard to read. If this new arrival intimidates him, there’s certainly no indication of it on his face.  After a minute of silence goes by it’s Kincaid who gives a tiny smile and speaks.

Kincaid: You know what’s funny? They’re going to say it’s an upset.

With that, he hops to his feet out of the chair and backs away. He doesn’t turn his back on TMB until he’s to the door, and then he slides out of view. The camera closes on the confused face of the new champion.


Samantha Coil: Ladies and Gentlemen, the next contest is scheduled for ONE FALL and is the main event of the evening!

The fans erupt, causing Coil to pause.

Samantha Coil: It is a three way match and it is for the SHOOT Project World. Heavyweight! CHAMPIONSHIP!

The fans absolutely explode

Eryk Masters: FINALLY! The main event of Reckoning Day!

Other Guy: All three men have shown they’re hungry. Let’s find out who’s feasting on gold!

Static over the PA system. The arena goes dark. Explosions on the stage, pyro just shooting EVERYWHERE. The fans close to the stage are tossed back, confused, scared. Then, a line of blue and pink alternating pyro explodes from the stage, one after another. On the SHOOTron flashes Dan Stein’s name, causing the arena to IMPLODE in boos, but again the arena goes dark.

Other Guy: Aw, hell. It’s the Super Bowl all over again.

Eryk Masters: Something tells me someone is behind this.

Out from the back walks a group of gospel choir singers wearing white robes with gold trimmings. A spotlight shines on them from the ceiling, illuminating their presence on the stage. As the group takes their spot, a soft noise is heard over the PA system.

Choir: Reach and touch faith!

The words echo, the fans begin to SHOWER the group with boos.

Eryk Masters: PERSONAL JESUS? REALLY, STEIN? Thank the Desert Angels Gospel Choir for being here, but REALLY

Your own Personal Jesus

Someone to hear your prayers

Someone who cares

Your own Personal Jesus

Someone to hear your prayers

Someone who’s there

Other Guy: YES! Another Pay-Per-View, another spectacular entrance by our NUMBER ONE CONTENDER!

The choir continues to sing the song in the style of Depeche Mode, the live band playing the instrumental part next to the stage. Then, the fans notice another spotlight scanning over the arena, trying to hone in.

Eryk Masters: Don’t even find that bastard! Don’t give him the attention.

Other Guy: The CATWALK, Masters! The Model American is on the catwalk! Perfect!

The spotlight snaps to the ceiling, where, sure enough, Dan Stein stands, hands outstretched. Stein has on an earpiece, with a microphone that wraps down his cheek to his mouth.

Dan Stein: When the Son of Man comes in His glory. All the nations will be gathered before Him.

Stein steps off the catwalk almost certainly to his impending doom…but a wire catches him. Stein is wearing a harness, and on the back of the harness are angel wings. His normal pink and blue ring attire is white, with silver lettering and gold trimmings. The fans can’t help but loathe every word he speaks as he slowly descends upon them, legs crossed at the ankles, hands still outstretched elegantly. His eyes look around the arena.

Dan Stein: and He will separate people one from another as a shepherd separates his sheep from the goats

Eryk Masters: Well, that explains what he meant with his last promotional video.

Dan Stein: and He will set the sheep on His right hand but the goats at the left. Then the king will say to those on His right hand, “Come, you blessed of My Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world; for I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you took Me in, I was naked and you clothed Me, I was sick and you visited me, I was in prison and you came to me. Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My Brethren, you did it to me.”

As the song comes to a close, the choir takes a quiet leave. Stein continues to talk over the loud booing. A smile never leaves his face.

Dan Stein: Then He will also say to those on the left hand, “Depart from Me, you cursed, into the everlasting fire prepared for the devil and his angels; for I was hungry and you gave Me no food, I was thirsty and you gave Me no drink, I was a stranger and you did not take Me in, naked and you did not clothe Me, sick and in prison and you did not visit Me. Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did not do it to one of the least of these, you did not do it to me.” And these will go away into everlasting punishment, but the righteous into eternal life."

Eryk Masters: Quoting scripture, while idolizing himself as an angel. How much more douche can this guy get?

Other Guy: Maybe you need to pay attention in bible study, that passage was beautiful!

Stein’s feet touch the mat slowly. The fans begin to throw their drinks and trash into the ring at this time. As Stein stands in the middle of the ring, Molly, who slipped out of the back with Johnny Napalm while the attention was one Stein, unhooks the harness from Stein’s back.

Dan Stein: Five LONG years. Since February, 2008 you have waited, watched for me to ascend to my rightful place in SHOOT Project history. Now, as the Angel of Reckoning, I wait and watch for you, cursed sinners, as you choose your eternal resting place. Will you, those who loved me once, love me again like the sheep you should be? Or will you suffer with the rest of the naysayers in the eternal Hell of Being Cut to Pieces by my greatness with the rest of the goats of the world? Choose, young SHOOT Project spectators. For I am the future, and tonight, I establish my reign as KING

Eryk Masters: Is it over? Is he done yet?

Other Guy: Boy, I hope not!

The lights go out. Lighters spark throughout the arena, and some fans are glad to no longer be able to see Dan Stein’s display.

Eryk Masters: Thank. GOD.

Other Guy: What the hell happened? Did Stein do this?

There is some movement coming from either side of the entrance ramp, but we can’t make out what it is. The crowd is a buzz as to what is going on, but they still don’t know what it is.

Then, a familiar sound of guitar echoes across the arena. "The Sound of Madness" is blaring across the speaker system, and the fans are fucking losing their minds. Whatever bile they had been throwing at Dan Stein is now turned to rabid cheering as the other number one contender is about to make his entrance.

Yeah, I get it

You’re an outcast

Always under attack

Always coming in last

Bringing up the past

No one owes you anything

I think

You need a shotgun blast

A kick in the ass

So paranoid


The guitars kick back in and the song continues to play, as the lights all pop into existence all at once, and the sight we see is a strange one.

Other Guy: What is all this?

Eryk Masters: This….is the OTHER Number One Contender! The man who beat Dan Stein to get his opportunity here tonight!

The entrance ramp is lined with men, all with long, dark hair. All struggling against the straight jackets that they are wearing. And at the top of the ramp now stands the man himself, Lunatikk Crippler. He stares down Sex and Violence in the ring, his eyes peering out from beneath his hood and behind the curtains of long hair in his face. Behind his beard, a grin rests upon his lips. He begins a slow walk down the ramp, and with each pair of straight jacketed men he passes, they rip free of the jacket and turn to face the ring.

I created the Sound of Madness

Wrote the book on pain

Somehow I’m still here to explain

That the darkest hour

Never comes in the night

You can sleep with a gun

But when you gonna wake up and


A blast of pyro goes off at the top of the ramp, where Crippler was once standing. He now stands at the bottom of the ramp, each of the inmates now staring dead ahead at the ring. At Dan Stein. At Johnny Napalm. The grin is gone from Crippler’s face, as it reads empty. Blank. Emotionless.

Eryk Masters: Crippler’s got his poker face on tonight. You can tell he’s focused. He’s ready. He’s been ready for this night since Redemption!

Other Guy: He’s waited for his opportunity to take on Donovan King one more time, and refused to step aside for Stein to get his crack first!

Eryk Masters: You can’t just wait for opportunities sometimes! You have to reach up and take them!

The inmates begin turning and leaving, leaving Crippler alone, standing at the bottom of the ramp, game face on, waiting to get into the ring.

Other Guy: Never thought I’d say this, but, is Crippler a coward?

Eryk Masters: A coward? Not in the slightest. This match is the biggest of his career. He will NOT allow Stein to gain any sort of advantage if he can help it. That includes a two on one assault with his tag team partner!

Other Guy: So in other words, yes? Say it isn’t so!

The music shuts off as Crippler begins to stalk around the ring, not taking his eyes off of Napalm and Stein, who are goading him into the ring.


“All of the Lights” by Kanye West begins to play as the fans in the arena start to cheer loudly.  The arena goes black save for the light emanating from the SHOOT Tron.  It shows a throne sitting defiantly in the middle of the empty Las Vegas strip, a Crown resting in the seat.

Turn up the lights in here, baby

Extra bright I want y’all to see this

Turn up the lights in here, baby

You know what I need

Want you to see everything

Want you to see ALL OF THE LIGHTS

The arena is BATHED in bright light as the stage ERUPTS with pyrotechnics.  Standing in the middle of the pyro, smoke billowing from behind him is none other than SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion DONOVAN KING.

Other Guy:  Well, all the god complexes in the world aren’t gonna save you once the bell rings and HE’S in the ring with you!

King walks down the entrance ramp, his black KING hood pulled tight over his head, the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship buckled tight around his waist.  He keeps his fists clenched and his pace deliberate, wearing dark green tights with a black Crown on the front and KING written on the back, with matching green kneepads and black boots.  He walks up the ring steps and ascends a turnbuckle, throwing his hood from his head and unbuckling his World Championship belt.  He turns and glares at Dan Stein and then at Lunatikk Crippler, holding the belt by his side.  Slowly, he raises his arm, showing the world his title, bringing them to further cheers.  He drops down from the turnbuckle and hands Tony Lorenzo the belt.  “All of the Lights” dies down.

Samantha Coil:  Introducing first…hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada and weighing in at 216 pounds…he is the Co-Number One Contender and the winner of the 2013 Redemption Rumble…he is Dan…STEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNN!!!!

The fans boo as Tony Lorenzo shows Stein the World Championship.  He blows it a kiss and winks at it.

Dan Stein:  I’ll see you later.

Eryk Masters:  Oh God.

Samantha Coil:  And his opponent…hailing from South Bend, Indiana and weighing in at 239 pounds…he is the Co-Number One Contender…he is Lunatikk…CRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRIIIIIIPPLEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!

Tony Lorenzo shows the World Championship to Crippler as the fans ERUPT at the sound of his name.  He rubs his fingers across the front of the belt’s face plate.

Samantha Coil:  And finally…he hails from Charlotte, North Carolina and weighs in at 249 pounds…he is the SHOOT Project WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION…he is Donovan…KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGG!!!!!

The fans POP as King bows his head to the World Heavyweight Championship as Tony Lorenzo walks past him with it.

Eryk Masters:  Okay, Tony’s handing the belt off and calling for the bell and it is ON!

Other Guy:  No more talk, it’s time to prove you belong in the main event of Reckoning Day!

The bell rings, and the fans pop loud! Stein is in the corner, motioning for both King and Crippler to bring the action to him! Crippler and King oblige, and both men move on him quickly, only for Stein to slip out of the ring, between the ropes! The fans start to boo, but Crippler and King knock shoulders on their path to Stein, and turn real quickly towards one another.

Eryk Masters: Oh, here it comes! This is what I’ve been waiting for for months! King and Crippler! One more time!

Stein is on the outside of the ring, trying to rile up the fans to get them to egg on the fight between Crippler and the World Heavyweight Champion, but they aren’t buying it. Crippler, however, is focused completely on King, and likewise the champ is not taking his peepers off The Whole Fucked Up Show. They begin to circle each other, each man taking a passing glance over at The Golden Boy, who is still on the arena floor.


Eryk Masters: You can’t be serious…

Other Guy: He’s going to let King and Crippler tear each other apart and then take what is left!

Eryk Masters: Well, when you put it that way, Stein is a chicken!

Other Guy: You mispronounced GENIUS. Common mistake, though.

Crippler lunges forward, as does King. Each man is struggling, trying to break the other’s grip. King ends up taking the advantage, pushing Crippler into the nearby corner. Tony Lorenzo is right there to break things up, despite Stein on the outside trying to egg things on. King and Crip release their holds on one, King backing up slowly, arms raised in the air.

Eryk Masters: Clean break by the champion, a sign of respect to his opponent!

The two circle each other again, this time when they lock up, Crippler slaps on a side headlock! King counters QUICKLY, slapping Crippler into a hammerlock. Crippler fires off a back elbow, that breaks the hold, but King ducks, and drops down, taking Crippler down with a drop toe hold! King transitions over to a headlock of his own, but Crippler forces both men to their feet, while King remains gripped across Crippler’s head and face. Crippler shoves King into the ropes, and King bounces off, dropping Crippler with a shoulder block! The fans pop, and King hits the ropes. He jumps over Crippler, who tries to use his body to trip him up, and then Crippler gets to his feet. King rebounds, and gets caught flush in the face with a dropkick!

Other Guy: The champion is down!

Crippler scurries to a cover, but before he can get to King, Dan Stein rushes back into the ring and starts putting the boots to the other number one contender! The crowd voices their hatred of Stein as he kicks Crippler right in the back of the head! Crippler rolls, clutching the soft spot that now has a Dan Stein boot imprint on it, before Stein turns and sees King getting to his feet! Stein quickly pounces, driving his knee into the gut of the World Champion, and whips him into the ropes! Stein attempts a clothesline, but King DUCKS the attempt, and rebounds off the ropes from behind the Golden Boy, dropping him with a flying forearm that sends the booing crowd into a face frenzy! They cheer hard as Dan Stein clutches his face and rolls out of the ring!

Other Guy: A cheap shot! You don’t attack the face of Stein!

Eryk Masters: Stein once again rolls out of the ring, none too keen on making this one on one with the champion!

King dares Stein to get back into the ring before he’s tapped on the shoulder. King turns around and faces Lunatikk Crippler, who gets his attention with a right hand! King is rocked into the ropes, and Crippler follows through. He whips King into the ropes, and then bounds to the opposite side of the ring. They meet in the middle, and Crippler drops the World Champion with a big facebuster! He hooks the leg!


T-King kicks out quickly! Crippler pulls King up to his feet and tries a right hand, but King ducks! He goes behind on Lunatikk Crippler and takes him down with a big German Suplex! The crowd pops hard, and King holds on with a bridge!



Dan Stein! He trips King’s foot, breaking the bridge from outside of the ring! King sits up and glares at the Redemption Rumble winner, but Stein holds up his hands as if to say he did nothing wrong!

Eryk Masters: I honestly can’t blame Stein there. King shocked Crippler with that huge suplex, and Stein wants to keep his title hopes alive!

King turns back to Crippler who is starting to look a little worse for wear, but he still fires off a chop that echoes off of King’s chest! The crowd lets out a resounding WOOO, and Crippler fires a second chop! King responds this time, chopping the nipple off Crippler’s chest! The welt in the shape of King’s hand is immediately apparent on the pale chest of Crippler, who clutches at it in obvious pain. King follows up with Crippler, with a sort of forearm lariat that drops Crip like a stone. Before King can take advantage, Dan Stein leaps into action! He DRIVES his knee into the back of King, sending him sprawling through the ropes to the outside! He picks Crippler up and slams him, away from the corner. He latches onto the top rope and leaps into the air, driving his knee down into the shoulder area of Lunatikk Crippler!

Eryk Masters: And there it is! I knew it was a matter of time before Stein targeted the weak shoulder of Crippler!

Other Guy: It’s called "smart". Crippler came into this match hurt, and if Dan Stein exploits that injury, who’s to say it’s not good strategy?

Stein drives his knee into Crippler’s shoulder once again, as King starts getting to his feet on the outside. Stein sees it out of the corner of his eye, and then clamps his leg over the windpipe of Lunatikk Crippler! Tony Lorenzo sees this immediately, and warns Stein about the illegal choke!

Eryk Masters: NO! Dammit, keep your eyes on Napalm!

Johnny Napalm rushes over behind King and pulls him off the apron before he can get back in the ring! The crowd is booing as the other half of the Tag Team Champions picks up King, and rams him back first into the apron! Stein releases the choke on Crippler and Napalm scurries back over to Stein’s corner, acting like nothing happened!

Eryk Masters: You can’t seriously condone this? This is the main event at Reckoning Day! This is for the World Heavyweight Championship!

Other Guy: EXACTLY! Dan Stein is going to do whatever it takes to win the big one!

Stein grabs two big handfuls of Crippler’s hair and yanks him to his feet. He whips Crippler into the corner but Crippler comes back with a hard clothesline! The crowd goes crazy as Stein is stopped in his tracks! Crippler tries to IMMEDIATELY hook Stein up for his patented submission!

Eryk Masters: BITCHIFIED! Crippler going for the kill early!

But Stein escapes before the hold can be clamped on! He slides out of the ring to catch his breath. Crippler gets to his feet, staring down at Stein. Danny boy stands up straight and puts his finger to his head, indicating his intelligence.

Other Guy: ALWAYS have an escape route! Stein had that well scouted!

Crippler looks down at Stein, grinning. What Stein doesn’t know is that Donovan King has gotten back to his feet! The cheering of the crowd drowns out Napalm’s warnings, giving King ample time to grab Stein by the tights! The look of shock and terror on Stein’s face says it all as King forces him to roll back into the ring! Donovan King follows behind and Stein gets up, and faces off with King! Stein backpedals, and bumps right into Lunatikk Crippler! One gulp of fear later, and Stein knows how much trouble he is about to be in, and the fans are absolutely LOVING IT!

Eryk Masters: YES! This is it! This is what the people have been waiting for!

Other Guy: This is TERRIBLE Triple Threat strategy! Every man for himself, come on!

Eryk Masters: You can’t sit there and say you didn’t see this coming!

Other Guy: You’re right! Stein is in a heap of trouble, and I think Crippler and King are going to savor this!

Crippler and King both move in on Stein, and Stein moves in…on Tony Lorenzo? The crowd begins to boo viciously as Stein hides behind the referee to save himself! Both challenger and champion are challenging Stein to bring it on, and Lorenzo is trying to shake himself free of Stein’s grip.

Eryk Masters: This is great! Our Redemption Rumble winner is HIDING from the competition!

Other Guy: It’s part of his plan. He can cross "Use Human Shield" off his bucket list now!

Eryk Masters: It’s not going to work forever, but it IS working now.

It’s obvious Crippler and King are getting frustrated with Stein’s cat and mouse game, but Stein could care less. He pushes Lorenzo forward into Crippler and King, and slips out of the ring underneath the bottom rope. King starts to go after him, but Crippler stops King in his tracks and nails a right hand!

Eryk Masters: That’s the second time Crippler has caught King like that tonight.

Other Guy: Say it like it is, Eryk. A cheap shot. That’s the second time he’s sucker punched the World Heavyweight Champion.

Eryk Masters: It’s no secret that Lunatikk Crippler wants to be World Champion. It looks like he’s gonna do what it takes to make that dream a reality here tonight!

Crippler buries a knee into the gut of King, and then whips him. He hangs on to the arm and pulls King back towards him, hitting a short clothesline! King is impacted, but he stays on his feet, and yanks his own arm free. He tries a go behind to Crippler, but Crippler counters with a go behind of his own! Crippler tries to run King into the ropes, but King spins around and is now behind Crippler once again! Both men push into the ropes, and fall backwards, rolling with King’s arms locked around Crippler’s waist. They make it onto their feet, King still holding on, and he MUSCLES Crippler up over his head for another German!

Eryk Masters: Crippler rolls out of it! He lands on his feet behind the champion!

Crippler grips around King’s waist and lifts him up, trying for a suplex of his own, but King grabs Crippler’s leg and rolls him forward, in a victory roll!



Crippler rolls backward, reversing the pin!



King breaks it up, and reverses position, sitting on Crippler’s chest and pulling his legs forward!



Crippler rolls through, forcing King’s shoulders onto the mat in a sunset flip!



King breaks out of it, rolling backward, then moving through, forcing Crippler’s legs down, and shoulders flat!



Crippler kicks out hard, sending King sprawling to the side! Dan Stein is antsy as hell on the outside, his indecision on whether to get in the ring to break up these pins is absolutely killing him!

Eryk Masters: Dan Stein almost stood outside and lost this match about six times right there! He needs to take it into the ring!

Other Guy: He’s smart, Eryk. He probably knew Crippler and King weren’t going to give it up that easy!

Both Crippler and King rise to their feet, and go at each other once again! King nails Crippler in the face with a forearm, and Crippler responds in kind, thumping his elbow against the chest of the champion! They trade blows, neither man willing to give, until their fists and forearms become simultaneous!

Eryk Masters: These two men are knocking the crap out of one another! The fans love it!

Other Guy: Stein loves it!

One last simultaneous blow, and both Crippler and King bounce off the ropes, to opposite sides, and run full force at each other, each man having the same idea. The dual lariats take both men down to the ground, and they crumple in a heap! The fans begin to boo as Stein quickly slips into the ring, and crawls over and covers the champion!



King rolls his shoulder up, much to the delight of the crowd! Stein doesn’t skip a beat, as he shoves King to the side, and hooks the leg of Lunatikk Crippler!



And Crippler kicks out, and the cheers get louder! Stein gets up and advances on Lorenzo, demanding that the count be changed to three! The referee is unfazed, reminding Stein that the count was two on both occasions!

Other Guy: Dan Stein is not going to intimidate Tony Lorenzo. He’s making a big mistake in trying.

Eryk Masters: The big mistake is right behind him!

Both Crippler and King are stumbling to their feet, both realizing that Dan Stein is unaware of this fact. Crippler storms over and….gets in Lorenzo’s face?

Lunatikk Crippler: Yeah! That was three, ref! C’mon! Learn how to count!

Stein nods in agreement for a half second before realizing what’s about to happen. Crippler CLOBBERS him with a big right fist to the face, sending Stein reeling backwards! He bumps into King, and King whips him around and drives a forearm right to Stein’s precious face! Stein goes down!

Eryk Masters: YES! This is it! Get him! GET HIM!

Stein tries to escape, but both Crippler and King get their hands on him, grabbing him by the tights! There’s a few squeals from some female fans, and one male fan, as part of Stein’s bare as is briefly exposed as Crippler and King pull him back to the center of the ring. They pick Stein up, and both whip him into the ropes! The crowd EXPLODES as King and Crippler team up to lift Stein in the air, and bring him CRASHING down into the canvas with a version of a double spinebuster!

Eryk Masters: The fans are loving this! Stein’s spine has been reduced to dust!

Other Guy: It’s pretty sick that they love the misfortune of their Golden Boy!

No pinfall attempt is made, but Crippler picks Stein off the mat, a huge grin on his face. King’s grin rivals Crippler’s as Crippler whips Stein into the corner. He grabs a hold of King and goes to whip him into Stein, but King reverses, and it’s Crippler who avalanches Stein in the corner! Crippler quickly moves out of the way, because the World Heavyweight Championship freight train is on the tracks, and Dan Stein is on them! King crashes into Stein with a clothesline, and Stein slumps into the corner! The fans are estatic, some seen in the front literally jumping for joy! Crippler comes back over and together, he and King put the boots to Stein!

Eryk Masters: This has been a long time coming for Dan Stein! Finally, someone has forced Stein to shut his mouth!

Other Guy: I don’t like this, but I can’t argue with the strategy: you only have a thirty three percent chance to win a Triple Threat, but your odds get better if one of the men gets taken out!

King bends over to pick Stein up, nearly catching an accidental boot to the head from Lunatikk Crippler! King tells Crippler to go up, and Crippler obliges! King bends down and hefts Stein in a sitting position on his shoulders!

Other Guy: I have a feeling that Stein is heading for Doomsday!

Crippler gets set to leap, but King shoves Stein off his shoulders, hanging him across the chest on the top rope! The violent shaking of the ropes causes Crippler to fall and crotch himself on the turnbuckle, drawing a huge gasp from the male contingent in the crowd!

Other Guy: It’s a triple threat! King is bettering his odds a twofold!

Stein gets back off the ropes, landing on his feet. He turns around, and King is ready. He turns sideways, reaching out for the head of Stein!

Eryk Masters: DEALBREAKER! NO! Stein escapes!

But he doesn’t escape for too long, because now King clutches Stein’s arm, and tries to pull him down to the mat! He’s going for the CAROLINA CROSSFACE! Stein is fighting manically, desperately trying to avoid the deadly submission hold, and he’s saved, ironically, by none other than Lunatikk Crippler, who dive bombs King, driving his head into the lower back of the World Heavyweight Champion! Johnny Napalm takes advantage of the situation to reach into the ring, and pull his partner to safety.

Eryk Masters: Once again, Johnny Napalm to the rescue of Dan Stein!

Other Guy: What did you expect? That’s his tag team partner! Of course he’s going to help him out!

Eryk Masters: He’s not involved in the match! At least Molly is minding her own business out there, but Napalm has NO RIGHT to be getting involved!

Crippler is still wincing after having his balls busted on the turnbuckle, but he starts to take control of King while Lorenzo is warning Napalm about interfering. He pulls King to his feet and grabs his waistband, pulling him into the headbutt Crippler fired off right to the kidneys of King.  The World Champion gasps in pain, and Crippler grabs King around the waist from behind and lifts him up, planting the champion with a sidewalk slam! Crippler hooks the leg, and Lorenzo turns around just in time to see the pin!



King kicks out! Napalm is on the outside, trying to revive Stein, and Crippler get back up, a shadow of frustration appearing on his face for just a second. He helps King get to his knees, and then runs to the ropes. King stand up, just in time to catch the springboard dropkick from The Crippler! King finds himself back on the mat with a sore face after that one! Crippler crawls quickly into the cover!



No! King shoulders out this time.

Other Guy: Another close call for the World Heavyweight Champion!

Eryk Masters: Crippler is being relentless with the Champ right now. He’s already made it known that King is the man he wants to beat, and he’s trying hard right now to do it!

Crippler picks King to his feet and whips him into the ropes. Crippler ducks his head, but the World Champ has it telegraphed. He kicks Crippler in the chest, causing his head to whip back, and King lays a quick chop to the chest of Crippler, fighting back with all he can. King finds himself running the ropes, but Crippler chases after him, bounding off the ropes a moment after King, and catching the champ unaware with a huge clothesline from behind!

Eryk Masters: King falls face first! Crippler needs to keep at him and press his advantage!

Other Guy: And he also needs to breath, eat and drink. Tell him something he doesn’t know!

Crippler shakes his head, trying to shake off the effects of the kick earlier, and begins to ascend the turnbuckles once again. He perches himself on top, half way across the ring form Donovan King, waiting for his foe to get to his feet. King is groggy, but he pulls on the top rope to get up. He turns around and takes a step toward Crippler, who springs into action, leaping high in the air at Donovan King…….or more specifically, his foot! The fans pop loud as Crippler hits the mat like a ton of bricks!

Eryk Masters: A Reality Check! King had the wherewithal to unleash that deadly superkick and Lunatikk Crippler may be out!

Other Guy: That was a heartstopping counter, and these fans are blowing up! A lot of them want to see Donvoan King retain his championship, and he just may here tonight!

King falls to his knees, and begins to slowly crawl over to the limp body of Lunatikk Crippler. He collapses, his arm and head draped across the chest of one of his challengers, and Lorenzo wastes NO TIME!



THREE!! WHAT? Lorenzo is jerked away from the pinning predicament!

Eryk Masters: Johnny Napalm! That bastard just pulled Tony Lorenzo out of the ring! Donovan King had this match won!

Lorenzo slides back in the ring, yelling at Johnny Napalm! King gets to his feet, and starts jawing at Napalm as well! This match should have been over, but Sex and Violence has found a way to keep things going! Meanwhile, Dan Stein is laying on the apron, still reeling from the two on one assault he suffered just minutes ago. Tony Lorenzo has had enough. He points at Napalm and makes an exaggerated gesture that is absolutely unmistakable.

Other Guy: Napalm is GONE! He has been ejected!

The fans come unglued, as does Napalm! He gets up on the ring apron, only to eat a right hand from Donovan King! The fans erupt even louder, although there are some boos creeping up! The reason for that is Dan Stein is back in the ring, and he is crawling over to the downed Lunatikk Crippler! While Napalm is struggling with King, Stein crawls across the carcass of his fellow number one contender, and weakly hooks the leg. Tony Lorenzo’s Spider Sense must have been tingling, because he turns and sees the pin! King grabs Napalm across the neck and snaps off a DEALBREAKER across the top rope that pops the crowd once more, but Lorenzo slides over and begins to make the count!



THR-NO! Crippler gets a shoulder up, and Donovan King breaks it up almost simultaneously! A couple of trainers have come out to check on Napalm, who is nearly motionless on the outside! King picks up Stein and begins to fire away, rights and lefts across the body and face, rocking the Golden Boy up and down, until Stein reaches up and jabs his thumb in the eye of the World Heavyweight Champion, halting the onslaught. Stein then crouches, and comes up with a BEAUTIFUL standing dropkick to the back of King’s head! King falls to a knee and tries to get back up, but Stein follows through with a bulldog!

Other Guy: A nice flurry of offense from Dan Stein!

Eryk Masters: What other choice does he have? His muscle is banned from ringside, and he’s got no choice but to stand and fight if he wants to become World Heavyweight Champion here at Reckoning Day!

King is smashed face first into the mat, and Stein rolls him over and hooks both legs!



King kicks out! Stein, out of frustration perhaps, drives his forearm into the face of King. He does it a second time, and forces King’s shoulders down once again!



King kicks out again! Stein pulls King up by the head, and whips him into the ropes. King ducks a clothesline attempt, and bounces off the ropes behind Stein, but Dan snaps King over on the rebound with a high impact powerslam!



King rolls his shoulder up, and Stein is incensed! He picks King up again, and does a go behind. He ties up King’s leg with his own, and forces King’s arm behind his own back with an abdominal stretch, right in the center of the ring! King grits his teeth in pain as Stein yanks back with his left arm, while digging his elbow into King’s rib cage with the right one! That is, until Stein’s right arm is forced back behind Lunatikk Crippler! He ties up Stein’s legs, and hooks in an abdominal stretch, while King is still locked in the same move from Stein!

Other Guy: A triple stacked abdominal stretch! Stein’s being stretched by Crippler, King is actually being stretched by BOTH MEN!

It doesn’t last long. Stein is able to hip toss Crippler over himself and King. Crippler crashes to the mat, and Stein is soon to follow, as King sends him over as well! Stein is quicker to his feet, but he meets a bionic elbow to the top of the head from King! Crippler gets up, and King reverses course, using a back elbow instead that catches Crippler right in the mouth! Stein is back up and he ducks an elbow, and drives his knee into the side of King. Crippler gets his bearings and unleashes a double axe to the back of Stein, before chopping the chest of King! Stein nails a big right hand on Crippler, and then is rocked by King and a hammer shot right between the eyes that causes Stein’s eyes to cross!

Eryk Masters: The fans are on their feet! It’s a three way slugfest!

King advances on Stein, but Stein rakes the face of King before he can do any more damage! He quickly snatches the hair of Lunatikk Crippler and pulls him down to the ground with force! Stein turns back to King and peppers him with a right hand! King swings, but Stein ducks, and the momentum forces King to show his back, which Stein takes advantage of, dropping King with a Backcracker! Stein gets back to his feet, but before he can celebrate, the wind leaves him with vengeful force as Lunatikk Crippler hits him like a truck with the Blood Drive!

Other Guy: Huge spear by Crippler! Stein is down! King is down! This one is Crippler’s for the taking!

Crippler looks from left to right, and then crawls over and pins Donovan King!



TH-King kicks out!

Other Guy: HUGE mistake by Crippler! Don’t waste time, pin the man you hit!

Eryk Masters: It’s about respect, OG! Crippler has a great deal of it for King, and if he’s going to be World Champion, he wants to beat KING for it!

Crippler gets up, pulling King to his feet. King shoves Crippler away, who falls backwards over the back of Dan Stein! Stein scurries, capitalizing and trying to schoolboy Crippler!



King breaks it up with a well-placed kick to the kidneys of Dan Stein! Crippler scrambles to escape, and King pulls Stein to his feet. Stein tries to set King up for a Jawbreaker, but King holds his ground, and the top rope, and Stein falls flat on his ass! The fans roar in delight, and now King advances. Stein hurries to his feet and kicks King in the gut! He tries an irish whip, but King counters! King ducks, but Stein puts on the breaks! As it turns out, he should have kept going, because Lunatikk Crippler his back to his feet, and he just nearly took a tooth from Stein with a huge haymaker! Stein and Crippler begin trading blows, and King runs at them! The number one contenders turn just in time, and catch a double clothesline from the World Heavyweight Champion! King explodes through them, and bounces off the ropes. Stein and Crippler are to their feet, and ready for King. King tries another clothesline, but so does both Crippler and Dan Stein! All three men connect!

Eryk Masters: All three men down! All three men out!

Other Guy: Whomever makes it to their feet first is going to have a tremendous advantage!

That person?  Dan Stein.  Stein slowly comes to, rolling to his side.  He looks and sees King and Crippler both slowly trying to come to.  He gets to his hands and knees and throws himself against the ropes, trying to get his head together.  He staggers over to King and picks him up.  He drags him over to the corner and lifts him so that he is sitting on the top rope.  He takes a step onto the bottom rope and immediately he starts to shake as if he’s about to go flying to his doom.

Eryk Masters:  Okay, wait a second.  Is he scared of hitting a top rope move on King?

Stein bows his head and gets focused.  He reaches up and pops King in the face and then climbs to the bottom rope.  He takes another step and he’s on the middle rope!  He hooks King’s head and it looks like he’s going for a SUPERPLEX!  Stein keeps his eyes tightly closed as he grabs a hold of King’s tights when the fans pop!  Stein’s eyes go wide as he looks down and Lunatikk Crippler is there, hooking him into a powerbomb!

Dan Stein:  NO!  NO!  STOP IT, LOU!  BAD!

Crippler looks up at Stein and he grins!  CRIPPLER POWERBOMBS STEIN AS STEIN SUPERPLEXES KING TO THE MAT!  The fans POP and Crippler keeps a hold on Stein’s legs and flips over him into a pinning predicament!




Stein kicks out, but just barely!  Crippler picks Stein up, but Stein quickly rolls Crippler up into a small package!




Stein rolls to the ring apron as Crippler gets to his feet.  He goes after Stein, but Stein quickly drops to the outside.  Crippler takes a wild swing, halfway leaning over the top rope, leading to Stein being able to reach him for a HARD smack to the face!  Crippler staggers back as Stein demands Molly come over to him.  He motions to the ring apron and she reaches underneath and finds a bottle of water?

Other Guy:  Ha ha ha ha ha ha!  Dan Stein’s taking a water break!

Molly unscrews the cap of the water bottle and tucks Stein’s chin to help him swallow the water.  She dumps some of it over his head, prompting Stein to shake his head and stretch his eyes.  He gives her a thumbs up and walks back to the ring.  He rolls underneath the bottom rope and sees Crippler coming for him, but he manages to counter Crippler’s punch with an elbow strike!  Crippler staggers back once more and Stein hits a drop toe hold on him to send him to the mat.  All of a sudden, however, KING is on Stein, scissors the arm, and starts trying for another Carolina Crossface!  King starts wailing away on the back of Stein’s head, trying to get him dazed enough to lock in the Carolina Crossface!  Stein, however, lets out a yelp of fear and covers his head and buries it into the mat as best he can to avoid the Crossface.

Eryk Masters:  King’s almost got the move locked in!  Stein’s trying valiantly, but King’s having none of that!

Stein gets nearly his entire body out of the ring from his frantic scramble away from King’s Carolina Crossface.  King releases Stein and lets him fall to the mat on the outside.  King gets to his feet and glares down at Stein, only to turn around…LUNATIKK SWEET!!  Cripper has PLANTED King!  Crippler sprawls over King and he hooks the leg!



THREE…wait.  Dan Stein has slid INTO the ring and is HOLDING Tony Lorenzo’s arm up, keeping him from hitting the mat for the three!

Dan Stein:  It’s two!

Tony Lorenzo yanks his hand from Stein’s grasp and the two of them start arguing back and forth!

Eryk Masters:  Dan Stein just stopped Lunatikk Crippler from becoming World Heavyweight Champion!

Crippler gets in Stein’s face and starts wailing away at him!  The frustration has finally gotten to him and he’s tearing into Stein!  Stein is trying to block the punches and he staggers into the corner.  Crippler whips Stein into the opposite corner!  Stein bounces out of the corner and Crippler catches him with a HARD BLOOD DRIVE!  Stein is FLAT on the mat!  Crippler sprawls over him and hooks the leg!




The fans let out a collective gasp as Crippler slaps the mat in frustration.  Stein holds his stomach in sheer agony.  Crippler looks over at King, who is still reeling from the Lunatikk Sweet and then to Dan Stein, who is on his side from the Blood Drive.

Other Guy:  This is Crippler’s match to win!

Crippler slowly bends down and picks Stein up.  He whips Stein to the ropes and catches him for a spinebuster…NO!  KING CATCHES DAN STEIN WITH THE DEALBREAKER WHILE CRIPPLER HAD HIM IN THE AIR!

Eryk Masters:  King is up!  Stein is down!

Crippler tries to scramble as Stein rolls to the ring apron.  Crippler gets up to his feet and he throws a Lariat, but King catches him, drags him down…CAROLINA CROSSFACE!!

Eryk Masters:  Donovan King’s got the Carolina Crossface on!  Crippler’s in the middle of the ring!

Molly is shaking Stein, trying to get him to come to, but it’s just not happening!  Crippler is reaching out valiantly, but King arches back HARD on Crippler, howling with intensity!  King pulls back so hard on Crippler, Crippler’s entire upper half is arched off of the mat!

Other Guy:  Hang on, Crippler!

King loosens the hold for the slightest moment…and then WRENCHES in deeper than before!  Crippler’s hand raises, searching for the ropes!  He swings his legs, trying to shake King loose, but he can’t!  Stein is still out on the ring apron!  Molly SHOVES Stein one final time and he groggily turns his head to the center of the ring…just in time to see LUNATIKK CRIPPLER TAP OUT!!!!!  The fans ERUPT as Tony Lorenzo calls for the bell!


“All of the Lights” by Kanye West kicks in as King lets go of Crippler’s head, letting him fall limp to the mat.  King sits back on his knees as Tony Lorenzo holds his arm up in victory.

Eryk Masters:  Donovan King retains his title in a HARD fought match against the two TOP competitors in SHOOT Project!

Other Guy:  Over his rival Lunatikk Crippler and the Number One Contender Dan Stein, Donovan King is STILL the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion.  WOW.

Tony Lorenzo hands King the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship as King watches both Crippler and Stein.  He cradles the World Championship in his arms as he gets to his feet.  Stein is pulled from the ring by Molly, who drapes his arm around her shoulders.  He is still groggy, but he has the wherewithal to look over his shoulder at Donovan King in the ring as he is led up the ramp.

Eryk Masters:  Ladies and gentlemen…Day One ended on such a dark note…but tonight, here we are on Day Two and Donovan King is our World Champion.  For Other Guy, I’m Eryk Masters saying so long, goodnight, and we’ll see you at Revolution!

King ascends the turnbuckle and holds the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship belt high above his head as the fans continue to cheer.  Pyro EXPLODES in the arena to celebrate the tremendous victory.  The camera sees Lunatikk Crippler holding his arm and his neck, sitting against the turnbuckle on the opposite side of the ring.

However, tonight ends with Donovan King standing tall, SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship in hand…victorious.