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ELITE: 10/7/2013

Guitar.  A foggy smoke hangs around over the streets of Las Vegas.  As we swoop down the streets are a war zone.  Burned out shells of cars.  Rubble everywhere.  Our trip slows down at the front doors of the Epicenter.  Where everything is most disheveled.  The silence is shattered by a pair of fighter jets roaring overhead.  The guitar opening of Eminem’s "SURVIVAL".  Liz Rodriguez’s hook starts up.



Survival of the fittest

The door swings open and Trey Willett steps out with the SHOOT Project World Championship on his shoulder.



Do or die

Through a window we see Adrian Corazon in SHOOT’s gym, working out furiously.   



The winner takes it all…  So take it all

Inside the Epicenter, the place is in shambles.  Smoke fills the arena from the SHOOT Ring which is destroyed and smoldering.

Wasn’t ready to be no millionaire, I was ill-prepared 

I was prepared to be ill though, the skill was there"

Shot of Thomas Manchester Black inside the Hall of Champions, holding the Rules of Surrender Belt. 

From the beginning, it wasn’t ’bout the ends 

It was ’bout busting raps and standing for something, fuck an acronym

Dave Marz is outside the Hall he winds up and kicks open the door and we jump cut.  TMB Beating down Marz in the ring.

Cut the fucking act like you’re happy, I’m fucking back again 

With another anthem, why stop when it doesn’t have to end?

A shot of Isaac Entragian stepping back into the Epicenter.  We slowly zoom to the scarred eye, and when we pull out we see that eye next to the scope of a sniper rifle.  Our shot becomes the crosshairs of the rifle and in the cross hairs,  

It ain’t over ’til I say it’s over – enough when I say enough 

Throw me to them wolves and close the gate up

Adrian Corazon sitting at his locker, sweat soaked and exhausted after his workout.

I’m afraid of what’ll happen to them wolves 

When the thought of being thrown into an alligator pit, I salivate at it

Donovan King is walking down a deserted street.  Coming towards him in the distance we see the giant hulking shadow of Sammy Rochester.

Raise your, hands up like it’s 12 noon, nah, homie 

Hold them bitches straighter up, wave ’em ’til you dislocate a rotator cuff

Orion are driving down a bombed out road.  We see 3M with a pair of binoculars pressed to his face watching them from a parking garage. 

Came up rough, came to ruffle feathers, nah, egos 

I ain’t deflate enough, last chance to make this whole stadium erupt

Cut to Orion decimating 3M. Close up on Valentine Lionheart reveling in his handiwork.  



Survival of the fittest

A shot of the arena set up for ELITE!



Do or die

A time lapse of a SHOOT event.  Crowds fill in.  Lights dance.  Pyro explodes.



The winner takes it all…  So take it all

Back outside to the war torn streets of Las Vegas.

I can see the finish line with each line that I finish 

I’m so close to my goals I can almost pole vault over the goal post

We see ANARCHY! sitting in a helicopter.  They nod to each other and each launch out zip lining down to the streets below.  Kenji and Obsidian stand in an alley awaiting their next victim becomes… 

And if I don’t got enough in the tank, maybe I can just siphon enough 

To fill up this last can, man will I survive in this climate or what?

T.Rex brawling with Kenji.  Obsidian dropping Arch Angel.

They said I was washed up, and got a blood bath 

I’m not a rapper, I’m an adapter, I can adjust

We see Loco Martinez marching towards the Epicenter.  Jumps to his hand being raised after winning Master of the Mat.  Jumps to him standing next to Lunatikk Crippler across from Laura Seton and Maya.

Plus I can just walk up to a mic and just bust 

So floor’s open if you’d like to discuss

We see Mephisto and Crippler brawling.  Which becomes Laura Seton and Maya mixing it up.  Becomes Mason Pierce dropping Loco.  Becomes Trey and Stein brawling.

Top 5 in this mothafucka and if I don’t make the cut 

What, like I give a fuck, I’mma light this bitch up like I’m driving a truck

Stein Hoisting the World Title at Master of the Mat.  Becomes Trey hoisting the title, and then just the title, glimmering beneath a spotlight.

To the side of a pump, 0 to 60 hop in and gun it 

Like G-Unit without the hyphen, I’m hyping ’em up

Cronos Diamante standing, surveying the scene.  Studying the chaos before him.  Johnny Napalm runs through a series of explosions.  One knocks him down, but he gets back up.

And if there should ever come a time where my life’s in a rut 

And I look like I might just give up, eh you might’ve mistook

Tanya Black being attacked by a mystery woman.

Me for bowing out I ain’t taking a bow, I’m stabbing myself 

With a fucking knife in the gut, while I’m wiping my butt!

A quick series of brawling shots.  King and Rochester becomes Napalm and Cronos becomes 3M and Lionheart becomes Lazarus and Gaunt becomes TMB and Dave Marz becomes ANARCHY and SCAR and things slow down to a stop on…

Cause I just shitted on the mic, and I like getting cut 

I get excited at the sight of my blood, you’re in a fight with a nut

Corazon and Entragian.  Entragian with the brand.  Corazon with the Asp.  Corazon’s branded back.  Entragian’s branded eye.  A cascade of blood runs over the screen wiping everything away to white.

Cause I’mma fight ’til I die or win 

Biting the dust it’ll just make me angrier, wait

A shot of the Epicenter.  It flickers from pristine and ready for ELITE, to the post war hell zone we saw at the open. 

"Let me remind you of what got me this far, picture me quitting 

Now draw a circle around it and put a line through it, slut 

It’s survival of what?"

Inside the Epicenter.  Flickers from crowded fans roaring inside the ring, to empty, smoke filled.  The ring destroyed and smoldering as if some sort of riot broke out.  The music drops out and just the vocals



Survival of the fittest

Shots of Soldiers running towards the Epicenter, as bullets wiz by and explosions go off all around.



Do or die

They charge up the steps. We charge with them. Pushing and shoving.  Fighting to get in.



The winner takes it all…  So take it all

We get to the front door. Reach for the handle and as we swing it open we are taken LIVE into the Epicenter packed with rabid SHOOT Project fans.   Pyro explodes as the opening of "Survival" Plays over the PA system.

Eryk Masters:  Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Las Vegas Nevada.  Welcome to the EPICENTER, and WELCOME to… ELITE!!!!!

More pyro as the crowd works itself into a fever pitch and the ELITE logo takes over the screen!

We cut back to the inside of the sold out and jam packed Epicenter. Survival by Eminem featuring Liz Rodriguez continues to play and the always faithful SHOOT Nation is on its feet and screaming with cheers as we are LIVE! The cameras pan around the absolutely rabid crowd, still going crazy, before coming to rest on our broadcast team of Eryk Masters and Other Guy.

Eryk Masters: WE. ARE. LIVE! Welcome back, SHOOT Nation! Last night, the SHOOT Project brought you an amazing night of action. However, our feed was interrupted due to technical errors and the Main Event was not aired. In the interest of not giving away spoilers, we’re not going to talk about the main event from last night. However, we WILL tell you that is was an absolutely BRUTAL affair between Adrian Corazon and Isaac Entragian that the SHOOT Nation will not forget any time soon.

Other Guy: It sure was, E! And folks, for those of you at home, we WILL be correcting the stream error and that match WILL be aired in its entirety as soon as our technicians figure out the error. But, also last night, we crowned a brand NEW Rule of Surrender Champion as "Die Hard" Dave Marz forced Thomas Manchester Black into submission!

Eryk Masters: He sure did, OG. Also last night, Corey Lazarus managed a measure of revenge on Liz Gaunt, but the former RoS Champion interrupted his celebration and Corey Lazarus was again rushed to the emergency room. ANARCHY also retained their World Tag Team Championships in a HARD hitting match against Project: SCAR!

Other Guy: It certainly was hard hitting, E. But also, last night we crowned a new number one contender for the Iron Fist Championship in Jerry Matthews as he DOMINATED newcomers Rellik and Brock Steele. But, THAT was last night!

Eryk Masters: Yes, it was! TONIGHT, we’ve got five MORE amazing matches for you, folks! Tonight is the night. The main event PROMISES to be one to remember. Tonight, we see the World Heavyweight Championship on the LINE. Tonight, we see the Primus II! There’s not a ton to say about anymore, the time has arrived!

Other Guy: Truer words have never been spoken, E. But also tonight, we’re going to see the Sin City Championship on the line as the reigning champion, 3M defends against Valentine Lionheart as these two warriors FINALLY step into the ring to settle the score in a Bloodletting match!

Eryk Masters: That has bad intentions written all over it, OG. Speaking of bad intentions, we’re also going to see Donovan King going one on one with the monster child, Sammy Rochester! THAT one is going to be nothing less than a fight!

Other Guy: Absolutely, E. Also tonight, Tanya Black settles the score against the debuting Angel Thorne. Thorne has been blindsiding Tanya at every turn and tonight, we’re going to see that Total Domination match, where to win, one of these ladies will have to score and pinfall and a submission to win it all.

Eryk Masters: Well, OG, we talked about settling scores and opening the night, we’re going to see the Iron Fist Championship on the line as Johnny Napalm defends against his recent heated rival, Cronos Diamante. This one has become personal and it’s coming up right now! WELCOME to ELITE, DAY 2!!

Samantha Coil: The following contest……is for the IRON….FIST…CHAMPIONSHIP!

The crowd roars, until the music of Cronos Diamante hits the speakers. Their excitement turns to dread as they await the devil himself, Cronos Diamante.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, the challenger! Hailing from the Bronx in New York City, he is CRONOS….DIAMANTE!

“In Time” continues to play, but there is no challenger. The music shuts off, and even Samantha Coil looks confused.

Eryk Masters: This is an odd time for the challenger to not show up here. Cronos has been looking forward to getting his hands on Johnny Napalm.

We quickly cut to the back and we see a bloody Cronos Diamante, hobbling down the hallway, trying to make it to the ring! He doesn’t get far as Johnny Napalm, the Iron Fist Champion, is right behind him! The fans explode! Napalm has a cut on his forehead as well, but he clobbers Diamante from behind!

Other Guy: Looks like someone couldn’t wait to get this match started! I bet it was Napalm.

Eryk Masters: I’d…..have to agree. Napalm is extremely hot tempered, even with his wedding yesterday!

Cronos falls into a trunk, knocking into the wall, which knocks back into him, putting him on the ground. Napalm grabs him by the hair and pulls him to his feet. Cronos, ever the fast thinker, elbows Johnny in the groin on the way up. It freezes Napalm in place, almost comically, yet every man in the arena could probably feel that.

Other Guy: Desperation shot by Diamante. There’s the referee, I guess this match is underway officially!

As if on cue, the bell rings, though I’m not sure if these two heard it. Diamante is trying to get up and away from Napalm, to find himself an advantage.

Napalm, however, is recovering from having his bells rung. He gets up after Cronos.  Diamante was able to put enough distance to get his hands on a lead pipe. He swings it, and connects with the ribs of Napalm! The breath rushes from the lungs of the Iron Fist Champion, and Diamante swings again, connecting with the man’s forehead!

Eryk Masters: A knockout shot!  Diamante is gonna take this one!

Cronos leans against the wall, trying to collect himself, while motioning for the ref to do his job. The ref checks on Napalm quickly, and stats laying his count down.


TWO!  Napalm begins to stir!



FIVE! NAPALM SITS UP! Cronos looks shocked! Napalm powers to his feet, but too fast as he steps forward, a bit dizzy. Cronos charges, but Napalm gets a foot up, plowing into Cronos’ face! The fans cheers can be heard throughout the arena! Napalm even hears it, looking to the sky as the calls of favor for him echo to his ears.

Other Guy: Now Napalm is picking Cronos up! He DOES know what Iron Fist rules consist of, right?

Eryk Masters: I have a feeling that Johnny Napalm has more in store for his rival!

Napalm slams Cronos into the wall, and a spot of blood is left from where the impact was made! Johnny grabs his man by the scruff of his neck and steers him through some curtains.

The camera cuts to the Epicenter now, where Cronos was just thrown the curtains onto the stage! The crowd roars! Napalm stalks forward, blood leaving a trail down his face as he stares down his hated foe. Cronos is trying desperately to get to his feet, but Napalm decides to help him out.

Cronos quickly goes behind Napalm and leaps on his back!


Other Guy: It’s only a matter of time before Napalm passes out!

Napalm is fighting, trying to swing Cronos off his back, but the Devil has his grasp tight on Napalm. Johnny fights, but it just makes him tire faster. He drops to one knee. The boos are absolutely DEAFENING. Napalm sticks a hand out, tensed up, and shakes it in the air. The boos start turning slowly into cheers, until the entire crowd is on their feet!


Eryk Masters: The fans are trying hard to will the Iron Fist champion out of this predicament!

And they succeed! A loud ROAR sounds like an explosion as Napalm powers back to his feet! He runs backwards, Cronos still on his back, and squishes him against the stage setup! Cronos’ grip slackens and he falls off Napalm’s back but on his feet.

Napalm wastes no time. He shakes the cobwebs loose, and kicks Cronos in the gut!

Other Guy: Here it comes!

Napalm lifts Cronos up for the Napalm Bomb!

Eryk Masters: No! Napalm is moving too close to the edge of the stage!

Without stopping, without hesitating, Johnny Napalm LEAPS off the stage, with Cronos Diamante, and DRIVES THE DEVIL STRAIGHT BACK TO HELL AND THROUGH A PAIR OF TABLES!


Eryk Masters: I can’t believe that! Napalm just SACRIFICED HIMSELF to put Cronos Diamante down!

The ref looks down, sees both men on the ground, and begins the count!












The bell is rung and the fans are ECSTATIC! Napalm collapses back down as trainers and EMTs rush in to check on both men.

Samantha Coil: Here is your winner….AND STILL the Iron Fist Champion ….JOHNNY NAAAAPAAAAALM!

Eryk Masters: Napalm risked it all, but it pays off as he slays the Devil to retain the Iron Fist championship!

Other Guy: Who knows what these guys did to each other before we caught up with them. What we DID see? Brutality at it’s finest.

Napalm  is handed his Iron Fist title and he clutches it to his chest, staring a hole through the body of Cronos Diamante as the fans continue to cheer for their champion.

We go backstage where Mary Kelly is standing outside the locker room of Maya Nakashima. The crowd lets out a LOUD cheer as they see the name on the door.

Mary Kelly: Good evening, SHOOT Fans. I’m Mary Kelly and I’m standing here outside of the locker room of one of the eight hopeful Soldiers going into tonight’s Primus main event. In just a moment, I’m going to knock on this door and try to get a few comments from Maya Nakashima.

The door suddenly opens and Maya steps into the hallway looking one hundred percent focused. He looks slightly startled at the sight of Mary Kelly with a microphone and the camera, but keeps hi cool and the crowd grows louder as they see him.

Mary Kelly: Maya, tonight is the big night. You weren’t even initially supposed to BE in the Primus, and now, you are very close to competing for the World Heavyweight Championship. You thoughts?

Maya opens his mouth to speak, but no words come out. He closes his mouth and shakes his head, a light smile on his lips. And then Maya walks off camera, a look of pure determination on his face.

Mary Kelly: Well, fans, it looks like Maya is totally focused. He may not have said anything, but the look said it all. The Primus is going to be something special. Let’s head back to the ring!

Samantha Coil: The following contest is being fought under Total Domination rules. In order to be declared the victor, you must not only pin your opponent for a three count, but also register a submission! Introducing first…TAN…YAAA…. BLLLLACK!!!!

Your fear it moves me.

Your weakness I taste.

I breathe you, I hate you.

You course through my veins.

And now.

And now.

The lights dim down for a moment and an explosion of pyro signals the entrance of Tanya Black who stands on the stage looking mesmerized for a moment as she soaks in the mixed reaction from the fans.

You want me. You love me.

And I hate myself.

I need you, but I hate you.

‘Cause I want nothing else.

And I bleed you since I’ve healed you.

Your pain escapes through me.

‘Cause I breathe you, but I hate you.

‘Cause they say we could never be.

They can’t see.

As “Die For You” continues to play, the arena erupts as Tanya Black begins walking to the ring, every step seeming to awaken her more and more, her look going from vacant to determination. Sliding into the ring, she makes her way to the center and holds her arms out to the sides as she leans her head back.

Eryk Masters: Tanya’s been waiting for this moment. Not only does she finally get to face the one who’s been stalking her these last few weeks, now it’s under her terms, her rules.

Other Guy: Maybe, E, but keep in mind nobody’s seen this Angel chick in the ring before. Nobody knows what kind of skills she’s got or, more important, what she’s capable of doing. I’ve been hearing a rumor that this is going to be a no-disqualification match as well.

Samantha Coil: And her opponent… from Starkmoor…. ANGEL…. THORNE!!

The lights in the arena go down… a bloodcurdling scream erupts over the loudspeakers, followed by the haunting opening strains of Chastain’s “Angel Falls”. A green spotlight hits the stage, and Angel is standing, head bowed, fists clenched tightly. As the drums and guitar enter the picture, her head snaps up, and she beelines toward the ring with reckless abandon, sliding inside the ring and quickly getting to her feet. Her wide eyes stare at Tanya, and an evil grin creeps over her green-tinted lips.

Eryk Masters: For someone who’s apparently never set foot in a wrestling ring for a full match before, she’s doing an awfully good job of showing absolutely no fear.

Other Guy: Considering where she came from before SHOOT, it wouldn’t shock me one bit if any fear she might have had was stripped out of her system long ago. She looks freakin’ nuts. And all of a sudden, I’m a little concerned for Tanya. I have the feeling this isn’t what she was expecting.

Eryk Masters: She’s got a penchant for violence, which is going to play nicely into the no-DQ stipulation. But the question is, can she out-wrestle Tanya? You know the Alpha Female is going to come at her with everything she’s got.

Other Guy: Guess we’re gonna find out pretty quick. I think this is about to finally get underway.

The bell rings to get the match officially started as the two women stare at each other in the middle of the ring. Angel seems to have an almost amused look on her face, while Tanya is much more about business, and she doesn’t hesitate to get things started with a quick shove, which is immediately returned. Tanya pushes Angel again, but when Angel goes for the retaliation, Tanya grabs the arm and delivers an armdrag takedown that gets a roar from the crowd early on. Tanya keeps a hold of the arm and locks in an armbar, wrenching on the shoulder, but Angel manages to get to a vertical base and she pushes Tanya into the ropes, bracing herself and locking her hands together, swinging for a double axhandle that catches Tanya flush across the chest and down!

Eryk Masters: Tanya caught the full force of that blow, OG, and right now I think she’s gotten the message that maybe Angel Thorne might just be for real.

Other Guy: I’m not convinced. Anyone can do an axhandle. Hell, I could lay you out with one right now if I wanted. Not that I’m going to, though.

Angel quickly mounts Tanya and starts raining down some punches, but Tanya is quick enough to dodge one of the rights and clutches the wrist, snaking her arm underneath and pivoting, reversing the situation into an attempted Kimura, but Angel manages to shake it off, allowing Tanya to get vertical again. The two women exchange a few blows before Tanya dodges an errant punch and lifts Angel, slamming her down with an STO! She goes for a cover, but only gets a one count before Angel kicks out. Tanya scrambles to her feet, waiting for Angel to get up before scooping her up and sending her right back down with a slam! Tanya follows up with a knee to the sternum and goes for another cover, but only gets the one count again. Angel scrambles to her feet and stares at Tanya, who seems to have a slight smile on her face as she motions for Angel to bring the fight to her. Angel’s only too happy to oblige, and Tanya is quick to take her down with a leg sweep and a cover that still only gets a one count!

Eryk Masters: So far it would definitely appear Tanya’s got the advantage in this one early on. She’s got the size, the speed and the smarts. This could be a quick one unless Angel can start mounting some significant offense.

Other Guy: Too early to call it. You should know better than that, E.

Tanya lifts Angel up with a fist full of hair and then hooks her in a front facelock, Tanya controls the lock by lifting upwards and then jumps back for a DDT; But Throne pushes forward breaking out of the hold and sends Tanya crashing to the mat face first.

Eryk Masters: That wasn’t very pretty, but it sure got the job done.

Other Guy: What Angel or the reversal?

Eryk Masters: I wouldn’t say that Angel is unattractive; more that she’s a required taste.

Other Guy: Well with all the freaks and weirdoes here in SHOOT I am sure she will have many takers.

Tanya pushes herself up off the mat onto all fours when Thorne rushes in and jumps into the air bringing her foot down across the back of Tanya’s head and neck smashing her back down into the mat. Angel is quick to act as she drops to her knees and lifts Tanya’s head off the mat and then slams down an elbow to the back of Tanya’s head and neck once again.

Eryk Masters: Angel is smarter than she looks; she has focused her attack on Tanya Black’s surgically repaired neck.

Other Guy: She knew exactly what she was doing with that attack, chicks done her homework.

Thorne then mounts Tanya’s back and locks her hands under her chin and quickly applies pressure by wrenching back, forcing Tanya’s neck to bend backwards.

Other Guy: I’m not sure if she knows what she’s doing, but that’s one hell of a Camel Clutch.

Angel continues to apply pressure to the Camel Clutch and really rocks her whole body back; lifting Tanya’s head further off the ground and creating somewhat of an arch with her spine, referee Heflin steps in to check on Tanya, a move which almost shocks Angel Thorne.

Thorne lets go of the hold by slamming Tanya’s face back down into the mat and swiftly gets back to her feet, glaring at the referee. 

Eryk Masters: Did you see the look on Angel Thorne’s face? She looked as if she was about to hit Heflin.

Other Guy: I wish she had, I can’t stand that guy.

Thorne paces around Tanya’s fallen body while keeping a watchful eye on the referee; who backs away from the unhinged Angel Thorne.  Tanya begins to grasp at the mat, feeling the effects of the shots to the neck and the Camel Clutch, Angel spots this and is quick to put a stop to it by dragging Tanya up off the mat.

Tanya is groggy on her feet when Throne darts to the ropes and fires back full speed to deliver a lariat when Tanya ducks in the nick of time; Thorne turns back around only Tanya to reach up taking hold of Angel Thorne’s neck; She then jumps up into the air, twisting her whole body up and over the SHOOT new comer and then comes crashing down slamming the back of Throne’s head into the mat.

Other Guy: TOUGH LOVE! From out of nowhere.

Eryk Masters: Tanya is the veteran here, she knows the ring like the back of her hand and the moment Thorne missed that Lariat she was left wide open for some Tough Love.

Tanya makes the cover and hooks the leg.




Samantha Coil: Scoring her first fall…TANYA BLACK!

Tanya springs into action with a new lease of life, literally kipping up off of the floor and springing straight into action with a diving elbow drop to the stomach of Thorne who rolls to the side in agony, but Tanya is relentless and leaps into the air crashing down a leg-drop to the back of Angel’s head, Angel rolls back onto her front when Tanya hit’s the bottom rope and leaps down with a second leg-drop right to her face, followed by a jump to the second rope…

Other Guy: From the second rope! That’s three out of four. You know what this means.

The third leg drop crashes into Throne’s skull, almost knocking her out cold; but still Tanya goes on the offensive by  leaping to the top rope and then hurtling herself off into the air, gaining a lot of height and speed before finally slamming down a leg drop and completing her patented Four-Peat combo.

Eryk Masters: Did you see how high Tanya managed to get on that final leg drop, she must have been about twelve thirteen feet in the air.

Other Guy: She’s firmly in control of this one now Eryk.

Tanya gets right to work, she wants to make sure that Angel Thorne is completely out of it before locking in a submission; She drives down another hard elbow and follows that up by lifting Angel off of the mat and straight up into a scoop slam!

Other Guy: Tanya, has really taken control here.

Black stands tall over Angel Throne and takes a clump of her hair, ripping at it to bring her to her knees. Angel rocks back trying to figure out where the hell she is as Tanya races to the ropes and comes running back at the kneeling Angel Thorne who suddenly springs up with a huge uppercut that drops Tanya dead in her tracks.

Eryk Masters: Wow! That uppercut would even rival Sugar Ray Leonard.

Other Guy: Except there was no “sugar” or sweetness involved in that shot. 

Angel lunges down onto Tanya with a falling forearm to the face and then into a full mount where Throne unleashes a barrage of Hammer Fists, forearms and punches to Tanya’s head and chest. And then quickly goes for a cover attempt.




Eryk Masters: Angel Throne is one very, very physical girl. Those strikes could have broken Tanya’s jaw.

Angel stands as Heflin quickly checks on Tanya who rolls to her side and begins to get to her knees, Thorne however is not willing to give up any advantage and so charges at Tanya and delivers a swift kick straight to her ribs, Tanya rolls over in pain and begins to clasp at the ropes attempting to pull herself back up when Throne comes flying in with a knee to Tanya’s spine.

Tanya arches her back in pain and reaches up for the top rope when Angel reaches down with a chin lock and begins pulling back on Tanya’s neck once again only this time through the ropes. Heflin steps in for a closer look when Throne lets go of the hold and then drives the point of her elbow down in-between the shoulder blades of “The Alpha Female” with a tremendous blow. Thorne then spins Tanya around and rocks her with a huge boot to the midsection that doubles Tanya over.

Other Guy: Angel Thorne is one vicious competitor.

Eryk Masters: And she has only just started her wrestling career, imagine how far she can go when she learns to channel that aggression with skill and technique.

With Tanya double over, Angel Thorne locks both arms behind her back with a double underhook and then wraps her legs around Tanya’s waist, wrenching her neck and head down and begins to rock violently to yank the hold tighter.

Other Guy: This is such a unique hold.

Eryk Masters: According to my sources Angel Thorne calls this manoeuvre the Black Halo, and from looking at it, I understand why.

Tanya falls to her knees and Angel rolls to the side pulling back harder and harder on the Black Halo; Tanya fights, she struggles and kicks with her legs but to no prevail as Angel squeezes tighter like an anaconda suffocating its prey and forcing “The Alpha Female” to tap out.

Samantha Coil: Scoring her first fall…ANGEL THORNE!

Eryk Masters: I have to say I am impressed with Angel Thorne here tonight, she hasn’t hit a lot of “wrestling” moves, but her strikes, as wild as they are have all found a purpose.

Other Guy: The game plan of attacking Tanya’s neck has served her well also.

Heflin orders Thorne back to her corner and quickly checks on Tanya Black, paying extra attention to her neck for good measure; the fans however jeer loudly at Thorne who stares wildly at the downed “Alpha Female” with a sicking grin on her face.

Tanya begins to get back to her feet, a motion that prompts an attack from Thorne who once again charges in with reckless abandon and leads her to be caught with a very quick drop-toe-hold. Thorne hits the middle rope and slumps over as Tanya reaches her second wind and rushes to the opposing ropes. Gaining speed Tanya flies back with a soccer kick that lands square in the middle of Angel Thorne’s derrière.

Other Guy: Now that’s what I call an ass kicking!

Thorne attempts to stand, she turns and Tanya takes her by the arm and brings her crashing down to the mat, she then hooks the arm between her legs and wrenches back on Angel’s chin and neck locking in the Tap Out Bitch!

Heflin dives to the mat as Tanya pulls back on Angel’s chin as hard as she can, bending her neck back like an elastic band! Angel Thorne SHRIEKS in pain as Tanya wrenches, but Thorne is too close to the ropes and hooks the bottom rope. Heflin shouts for Tanya to release the hold, which she does JUST as Heflin begins his count!

Eryk Masters: That was almost all she wrote right there, but Angel Thorne was just too close to the ropes.

Tanya is quick to act and again hits the opposing ropes only this time on the return she drops down with a baseball slide and dropkicks Thorne clean off the apron and down to the ground below. Thorne begins to grasp at the security railing to lift herself up and doesn’t see that Tanya is standing on the apron. Angel Thorne turns as Tanya runs along the apron and leaps off the side with a Busaiku Knee kick variation which sends Thorne flying back on the outside of the ring.

Eryk Masters: A decapitating shot from Tanya, she really drilled Thorne with that one.

Tanya doesn’t allow Angel any time to recover and quickly steams in with a heavy stomp to the back of her fallen foe before swiftly pulling Thorne up to her feet and then Irish-Whipping her all the way across the outside of the ring right into the guard rail with a hellacious thud.  Throne leans back against the railing as Tanya takes backs away sizing up her opponent.

Other Guy: What a slam, Thorne almost when straight through the guardrail.

Tanya sprints at full speed towards Angel and attempts a second Busaiku-like knee only this time Angel dives out of the way causing Tanya to hurtle straight into the guardrail, her knee and body slamming against it and creating a huge dent in the side.

Throne scrabbles across the floor and lifts herself up by the ring steps and begins to catch her breath as Tanya rolls around clutching her knee.

Eryk Masters: If that guardrail is anything to go by, then Tanya’s knee is in a lot of trouble.

Angel Throne takes hold of a steel chair and begins to stalk “The Alpha Female.” Upon closing in on Tanya, Angel hits the floor repeatedly with the chair, ushering Tanya to get back to her feet. Black pulls at the busted guardrail and slowly gets to her feet.

She turns…Throne Swings…Tanya ducks and rips the chair right out of Angel’s hands which causes the green haired vixen to back away. “You want this huh!?” Tanya Screams, adding “Shall I give it to her?” the fans let out a cheer and Tanya throws the chair at Angel Thorne who catches it and begins to grin from ear to ear that she dodged Tanya’s attack…When.


Tanya leaps with a spin kick, slamming the chair straight into Throne’s head and knocking her down to the ground as the fans erupt with cheers.

Other Guy: Van Terminator!!!

Thorne rolls around clutching her head as Tanya steams in once again, taking Angel by her hair and lifting her back up to her feet, but Angel swings wildly with a right hook-elbow which connects straight to Tanya’s jaw and sends her falling back into the weakened security rail.  Thorne shakes out the cobwebs the best she can and then lets out a guttural scream before charging at Tanya with a football tackle-like spear that sends both of them crashing straight through the railing as the fans explode with chants of “Holy Shit!”

Eryk Masters: My words exactly. These two women right here have beaten the living daylights out of eachother here tonight.

Other Guy: This is what you get in SHOOT, no Bikini Contests or Bra and Panties matches. Our chicks like to FIGHT!

Both Tanya Black and Angel Thorne begin to pull themselves out of the wreckage that was once the guard rail, both of them clearly showing signs of the hard fought match. Thorne staggers out of the rubble and stumbles into the ring steps to keep her balance as Tanya drags herself to her feet, barely able to stand.

The two women lock eyes and then come crashing together with fists, knees and kicks flying.

A right hand from Tanya!

Forearm smash from Thorne!

A Low kick to the thigh from Black! And another to the ribs!

Uppercut from Angel…Followed by a knee to the midsection.

Angel wraps her arm around Tanya’s head, clamping hard on the headlock and dragging Tanya toward the ring steps… she lets out a scream and kicks her leg out before lunging forward and driving Tanya face-first into the ring steps!! Tanya’s neck snaps back and she’s lying motionless on the mat as Angel stands above her, motioning for her to get to her feet! The crowd is roaring now and it wills Tanya Black back to her feet, her face bloody but her expression that of one who’s not ready to quit just yet.

Eryk Masters: She’s back up!! She took that vicious manoeuvre into the steps, she’s busted wide open, and yet she still refuses to back down! What resilience! What determination!

Other Guy: Gotta give her credit for that, but how much did that take out of her? Both of these women have been giving it to each other tooth and nail since the opening bell. We’ve seen weapons, we’ve seem some memorable moments of violence on both parts, something’s got to give.

Angel backs up and charges toward Tanya, who flattens Angel with a clothesline! The crowd is absolutely electric as both women are slowly getting to their vertical base… Angel’s the first one to her feet and she grabs a steel chair, setting herself… waiting for Tanya to get up… Angel swings the chair, but Tanya ducks out of the way and the chair ricochets off the ring post! She drops the chair as Tanya gets vertical and charges at Angel, looking to hit a spear into the ring apron, but Angel catches Tanya with a perfectly timed knee right to the skull! Tanya crumples to the mat as Angel’s attention turns to the ring post. She looks at the stunned Tanya and then back at the ringpost…

Eryk Masters: Oh, God, no…

Other Guy: If she’s thinking what I think she’s…

Eryk Masters: I sure as hell hope not.

Angel grabs Tanya by the hair and pulls her to her feet, dragging her to the ringpost… she clamps on another headlock… kicks out the leg..and lunges forward once again, sending Tanya’s head hard into the ringpost!!! Tanya falls to the mat as referee Heflin rushes in to check on the unconscious superstar. Angel is staring at the carnage she’s created, watching the referee trying to revive her opponent- and she goes for another steel chair!

Eryk Masters: Are you SERIOUS?? Tanya Black is out cold with a pretty much guaranteed concussion and possible injuries to an already damaged neck, and she STILL goes for the chair?? How much more of this will Tanya have to endure?

Other Guy: I think we are about to find out.

Angel’s getting ready to swing the chair again, but Heflin quickly turns his head, sees the steel coming and reaches up, grabbing the chair and pulling it out of Angel’s hands! He tosses the chair away and starts yelling at Angel, ordering her to get Tanya into the ring and end the match. He’s trying to reason with the psychotic green-haired monster, and it’s not clear whether or not the pleas are actually getting through.

Eryk Masters: FINALLY… the referee is exercising some sort of authority here. I know he’s powerless to do a lot in this match and there could be repercussions for this, but I’ve got to tip my hat to the man- he’s doing his job and looking out for Tanya’s health. She’s out, she’s done- come on, Angel- get her in the ring and pin her already!

Angel cocks her head, almost as if she’s actually thinking about following the instructions of the official.. she grabs Tanya and tries lifting her, but all that dead weight seems to be more of a challenge than she originally anticipated. She’s struggling, but eventually she gets Tanya over to the ring apron and slides her partially underneath the bottom rope… she climbs back into the ring and pulls Tanya in a little more, setting her face-down on the canvas and going over to the corner, climbing onto the second turnbuckle!!

Eryk Masters: NO!! NO!!

Other Guy: I can’t watch.

Angel leaps and brings a knee down on the back of Tanya’s skull! The crowd is roaring its disapproval as Angel gets back to her feet, looking around at the crowd, smiling as she pulls Tanya to the middle of the ring and rolls her over. The crowd is shouting “PIN HER!! PIN HER!! PIN HER!!” She lays across Tanya as Heflin rushes to make a count!




Heflin immediately calls for the bell and throws his arms up in an X, yelling at the ringside security to get the paramedics down to the ring quickly.

Eryk Masters: Thank God. Someone PLEASE get her out of the ring before she does any more damage.

Other Guy: This is not the way Tanya Black wanted to be remembered at ELITE. She’s one hell of a competitor, even if her attitude might have rubbed a few people the wrong way. Love her or hate her, you’ve got to respect her. And what we just saw… you can’t respect that. That was just…

Eryk Masters: Wrong.

The paramedics hit the ring and surround Tanya, trying to rouse her back to consciousness as security ushers Angel from the ring, escorting her to the backstage area. The medics step back as Tanya is struggling to get to her feet, a dazed look in her eyes and blood pouring from her forehead.. the crowd is deafening in its support for Tanya as she is helped to get vertical. The crowd is roaring, “TANYA… TANYA..” She leans on the ropes and acknowledges the crowd as the medics at ringside pull open the ropes and help her out. She starts walking up the ramp on rubber legs… and quickly collapses! The medics are on point right away, helping her to her feet. She tries to shake off the medics, but after some coaxing, she relents and allows the medical staff to help her up the ramp.

Other Guy: Even after the beating she just took, she still tries to walk away on her own. That’s guts, ladies and gentlemen.

Eryk Masters: Hopefully there are no long standing effects from this match. We will keep you posted on Tanya’s condition as the night goes on.

Other Guy: Up next ladies and gentlemen we bring you another action-packed match between Sammy Rochester and Donovan King.

The scene fades into the back. Jester Smiles is sitting on a bench, sipping form a bottle of water and generally looking  out of place and nervous. A roadie walks up to him, to his left, holding a manila envelope.

Roadie: Hey Eric.

Jester jumps, not having noticed the man. He looks up at the roadie, irritated at having been startled.

Jester Smiles: The fuck do you want?

The roadie gives him an irritated frown and tosses the envelope down on the bench next to Jester.

Roadie: This is for you. Someone left it in the mail slot.

With that, the roadie walks away, muttering “asshole”  as he leaves. Jester shrugs this off and looks at the envelope, opening it up. He pulls out a letter and reads it out loud.

Jester Smiles: Thought you’d like to see these?

Jester reaches into the envelope. It’s clear that these are pictures, but the way Jester is holding them, it can’t be made out what they are. Jester’s face puts on a look of shock. He just stares at them for a moment. He then places everything back in the envelope, folds it up, and sticks it in his back pocket, walking away. The camera fades out.

Eryk Masters: Well, that was interesting. Anyway, folks, what a night it’s been so far, and it’s only gonna get better from here! Let’s take a break in the action and send it back to Dutch Harris with a special guest. Dutch?

We cut backstage where Dutch Harris is standing by, microphone in hand.

Dutch Harris: As my partner on Dominion would say, GREAT PATERNO’S GHOST what a night it’s been so far, but we are all still eagerly anticipating to the sequel to the match that ended one career, and nearly left us missing a second SHOOT Project Soldier.  Joining me at this time is one of the competitors in the Primus II tonight! He is The Whole F’d Up Show, Lunatikk Crippler.

Crippler steps into the shot, in a disheveled tuxedo, bow tie loosened and vest opened. The crowd loses their shit at the sight of him, which Crippler can hear. He grins.

Dutch Harris: Crippler, the time is nigh. Tonight is the night we’ve all been waiting for. You join seven other Soldiers in a dangerous match, The Primus, and the goal is just: The World Heavyweight Championship. What are your thoughts?

Lunatikk Crippler: You can ask that question to any of us in the Primus, Dutch, and you’re gonna get the same answer: I can’t fucking wait.

The crowd pops, and Crippler’s grin grows wider.

Lunatikk Crippler: Ever since Redemption, I’ve waited for my opportunities to present themselves. I failed at Reckoning Day, but I survived Sammy Rochester, and now here I am. This time, I’m ready to make good on all of my claims, all of my promises. Dutch, at Redemption, I won. And I lost. But I held the World Heavyweight Title in my hands.  I HELD it, Dutch. For a fleeting moment, it was all MINE.

Dutch nods.

Lunatikk Crippler: But it was taken from me. Ripped away, Dutch. I came to terms with that. Donovan King is a great man, and he was a deserving champion. But tonight? I sign my name in the history books right along with his. Right along with names like The Real Deal. With Cade Sydal. With…Dan Stein.

The crowd boos Stein’s name. Crippler raises a hand to be heard.

Lunatikk Crippler: Say what you want about Stein, but he EARNED that title. And Trey Willett EARNED that title when he took it from him. And tonight, Dutch? I earn that title. Once, I was held back. Twice, I was beaten back. This is ELITE. This is about Primus, part Deux. This is about Lunatikk Crippler, The Whole Fucked Up Show, going out there and doing things the right way: beating people up to EARN his bread and butter.

The crowd pops again, and Dutch seems to have another question.  Crippler grabs his hand to pull the mic closer to his lips.

Lunatikk Crippler: No more questions, Dutch. Tonight, I will leave NO QUESTION as to who the World Heavyweight Champion should be. And I will show Seton, Mephisto, Pierce, Willett, Loco, Maya, Stein, and EVERYONE ELSE that for Lunatikk Crippler?

Crippler looks dead into the camera.

Lunatikk Crippler: The third time… the CHARM.

Crippler releases the microphone, and walks away from Dutch Harris.

Dutch Harris: There you have it, straight from the man himself. Eryk, OG, back to you guys at ringside.

Eryk Masters: Thanks, Dutch. Well, folks, up next is a match that is going to be nothing short of a fight.

Other Guy: Indeed it is, E. Sammy Rochester was pointed in Donovan King’s direction by Jester Smiles. Now that confrontation comes to a head.

The fans cheer loudly as Samantha Coil goes center ring.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is a special grudge match, scheduled for one fall! Introducing first…

The March of Mephisto begins to pound through the speakers and the boos rain down as Sammy Rochester walks out onto the entrance stage. He ignores the booing fans and angrily stomps his way down the ramp towards the ring. Jester Smiles follows a few steps behind, still looking sheepish.

Samantha Coil: Making his way to the ring, accompanied by Jester Smiles, here is SAMMMY ROOOOCHEEESSSTEEEERRR!!!

Sammy marches forward and climbs into the ring. He begins to pace back and forth like a caged animal waiting for his prey. The music fades.

The crowd begins to chant for King as a brief moment of silence hangs over the Epicenter.

The familiar spotlight shines down on the entrance of the arena, the green hue and the fog billowing out from the stage, bringing the fans to their feet. Then, the smooth yet rugged stylings of KRS One’s “Step Into A World” kicks in.

Step into a world

Where there’s no one left

But the very best

No MC can test


Pyro EXPLODES on the stage as out from the back emerges DONOVAN KING, the hood already pulled off of his head. He shouts out to the crowd, pointing to each of them, slapping his chest. He nods his head to the beat of the song, the fans cheering for his return to the ring.

Samantha Coil: And hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina…weighing in at 250 pounds…he is the former World Heavyweight Champion DONOVAN…KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!!!

King walks up the ring steps, slapping his chest one last time as he ascends the ring ropes to perch himself upon the top of the turnbuckle, his grin slowly twisting into a scowl as “Step Into A World” fades out.

Eryk Masters: This one will NOT be pretty, folks.

Other Guy: Not at all. These two men are going to look to hurt one another. Sammy has been pretty much unprovoked except for Jester’s prodding. Meanwhile, King is looking to show Sammy that he’s not about to back down. Something’s got to give and tonight, we’ll see what that something is.

Willie Dean calls for the bell and we’re underway!

Sammy CHARGES forward, catching King off guard in the corner! He begins to HAMMER away at the former World Heavyweight Champion, while King gets his hands up, trying to block some of the heavy shots coming from Sammy! Sammy swings wild and King ducks under, switching positions! Now KING begins to fire rapid shots at Sammy as the crowd gets LOUD!

Sammy barely registers most of the shots coming from King, but it’s clear from his expression that he feels them. King begins to send boots into Sammy’s midsection, while Willie Dean is right there shouting for King to get Sammy out of the corner. Finally, Willie Dean bravely positions himself between both men, shoving King backwards! King GLARES at the referee and SLINGS him to the side, BUT SAMMY charges out and LEVELS King with a big clothesline, sending him to the canvas hard!

Eryk Masters: And here we go! We KNEW this was going to be a fight. And right off to bat, that’s what we’ve got!

Other Guy: No question about it, E. Though Willie Dean might want to just let these guys go. He made King get caught right there and his own well-being might be at stake!

Sammy stays on the offensive, reaching down and SNATCHING King by his throat. He JERKS King to his feet and SMASHES a headbutt into King’s face! And AGAIN. Sammy TOSSES King across the ring and HOWLS with rage! Meanwhile on the outside, Jester is nervously pacing back and forth.

King drags himself to his feet in the corner and Sammy CHARGES in again, BUT KING MOVES and Sammy hits the buckles chest first. The monster child whirls around quickly in a rage and lunges again, but King sidesteps and circles behind him before DIVING forward and chop blocking the right knee! Sammy is forced to his knees! King his the ropes and comes off with a LOW dropkick to the same knee and Sammy suddenly clutches his knee!

Eryk Masters: And I think King hurt him there! Sammy is grabbing at that leg!

Other Guy: No question about it! But, we know Sammy has an almost INHUMAN instinct to fight through any pain. And yes! He’s pushed himself to his feet. BUT he’s limping a little!

King notices the limp and begins to lay into that leg with SNAPPING kicks! Sammy winces slightly, but continues to try and get to King. Finally, Sammy reaches out with one massive hand and PIE FACES King, SHOVING him backwards! King quickly regains his composure and comes right back at Sammy, but Sammy DIVES forward and CRUSHES King with a VERY sloppy spear! The crowd gasps and begins to rain down boos as Sammy recovers and begins to HAMMER away at King!

Eryk Masters: OH MY! Sammy just LEVELED King and now he’s got him in a real bad way!

Other Guy: Donovan King has a ton of heart, E. And I mean a ton. But, I don’t know if he can withstand this onslaught.

Willie Dean is right there trying to get Sammy to relent on the assault, but Sammy simply glares at him as he wraps his hamhock hand around King’s throat. Willie Dean has no choice but to start his count.





FIV-Sammy breaks the choke and begins to STALK Willie Dean!

The crowd continues to boo loudly as Willie Dean backpedals around the ring as Sammy stalks him. King staggers to his feet and LAUNCHES himself onto Sammy’s back, wrapping one arm around his neck and firing right hands into his head with the other! The crowd CHEERS and the added weight forces Sammy’s right leg to buckle and Sammy drops to one knee as King RAINS down heavy right hands!

Eryk Masters: And look at King! Look how TENACIOUS the former World Heavyweight Champion is!

Other Guy: Well, E, that’s no secret. You and I both know how much fight King has in him. But, you can never count out Sammy Rochester either.

King stops his barrage and swings to the front, hooking Sammy’s head!

Eryk Masters: OH! Modified Dealbreaker to a kneeling Sammy! This might be all!

King drops into a cover, hooking one massive leg and Willie Dean is there as the crowd counts along!



NO! Sammy KICKS OUT with authority!

Other Guy: Sammy Rochester is FREAKISHLY strong, E. Did you see how hard he kicked out there?

King is relentless. He doesn’t stop to argue with the referee, but pounces back on Sammy, driving his fists into Sammy’s forehead. King gets to his feet and goes back to that right leg, STOMPING away at the apparently hurt knee. Sammy is showing slight signs of pain, but KICKS up at King, catching him with a glancing blow to the chest that staggers King back slightly!

King moves in again and Sammy LAUNCHES a kick with his left leg that catches King square in the face, knocking him backwards. Sammy struggles to his feet and limps slightly as he moves forward. King comes back at Sammy, swinging again, but Sammy shrugs off the shot and LIFTS King up!

Eryk Masters: Oh no! This won’t be good!

Sammy rushes to the ropes and TOSSES King over the top to the floor below! The crowd groans and BOOS as Sammy shakes that right leg out before stepping over the top rope and dropping to the floor to meet King. He DRAGS King to his feet as Willie Dean shouts for Sammy to bring King back into the ring. Sammy ignores the referee and PISTONS a heavy shot to King’s jaw. The monster child grabs King by the throat and LAUNCHES him backwards into the steel ring post!

Other Guy: This is about to get really ugly, E.

Sammy RUSHES forward and SPLASHES into King, driving him into the steel HARDER! Willie Dean SHOUTS for Sammy to bring it back in the ring, but Sammy only smiles wickedly. He grabs King and SLINGS him into the ringside barricade! The giant of a man RUSHES forward, BUT King BARELY slumps out of the way and Sammy hits the barricade HARD with his right knee! The crowd lets out a cheer and Willie Dean FINALLY begins a count!

Eryk Masters: My god, OG. These guys aren’t doing a lot of flashy stuff, but when they hit each other, it is absolutely HORRIFYING how brutal those shots are.



Other Guy: You aren’t kidding, E. This is a fight, pure and simple. I think I’ve seen MAYBE one wrestling move used. Other than that, it’s been a brawl, just like we expected it to be.


Sammy turns as King comes FLYING into him with a NASTY forearm. BUT Sammy shrugs it off a RUSHES forward, CLOBBERING King with a HUGE right hand that sends him to the floor HARD!


Sammy JUMPS and STOMPS King right on the chest as the crowd continues to BOO. He brings King to his feet and RAMS him into the steel ring steps! King bounces back and blood begins to flow from his head!


Sammy RAMS King into the steel post!



FINALLY, Sammy rolls King into the ring and limps his way to the apron, pulling himself up, BUT KING stagger to his feet and BASEBALL SLIDES into Sammy’s right shin, DROPPING the big man to his knee on the apron! King SHOUTS out at the crowd, who cheers WILDLY! He hits the far ropes again and comes towards Sammy, BUT SAMMY LAUNCHES his shoulders through the ropes, catching King in the ribs and dropping him much to the SHOOT Nation’s dismay! Sammy steps into the ring and LEAPS into the air, SPLASHING down onto King again! Sammy PUSHES himself to his feet, that knee slightly shaky. He looks out over the crowd and then down to the apprehensive looking Jester on the outside.


Eryk Masters: Oh man, did you hear…

Other Guy: I heard. This is going to be BAD.

Sammy STOMPS the back of King’s head and then GLARES out at the booing and jeering crowd.


Sammy reaches down and CLAMPS his HUGE hand around the back of King’s neck. He JERKS him to his feet, the blood running down King’s face. Sammy HOISTS King high into the air!


Donovan King comes ALIVE as the crowd lets out a ROAR. He FIRES a series of elbows back into the bridge of Sammy’s nose. Sammy drops King, BUT King keeps that arm and tries to drag Sammy to the mat, but Sammy fights it. BUT King KICKS at that hurt right knee and Sammy goes to the mat! King traps the arm with his legs! He wraps his hands around Sammy’s face! The crowd fucking LOSES it!


Sammy IMMEDIATELY begins to flail wildly as he SCREAMS in pain and the crowd gets LOUDER!


Sammy struggles, screaming and flailing! He reaches out for the ropes, but they’re nowhere in sight!


The crowd EXPLODES as Sammy slaps the mat with tears in his eyes and Willie Dean calls for the bell. King holds onto the crossface for a few extra seconds before releasing it and rolling away as Willie Dean reaches down and raises his arm!

Other Guy: Donovan King has slain the monster child! He’s made him TAP OUT! What a BRUTAL match!

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner, DONOVAAAAAN KIIIIIIIIII-

King gets DRILLED from behind by Sammy Rochester! Willie Dean starts forward, but Sammy SHOVES him away and begins to POUND at King, screaming wildly!

Eryk Masters: Oh, come on! You lost fair and square, Sammy. That’s ENOUGH!

Other Guy: Wait… WAIT. NO. Look at Jester!

The crowd BOOS as Jester Smiles rolls into the ring with a chair. He winds up…


Eryk Masters: WHAT!? Jester just nailed Sammy!

Other Guy: Well, Donovan King IS his friend, E. But, Jester may regret that. Look at Sammy. He’s FURIOUS!

Sammy turns to Jester with a look of pure RAGE on his face he stalks forward, BUT King clips that right knee! Sammy buckles and Jester hits a LOW dropkick. The knee bends awkwardly and Sammy COLLAPSES to the mat screaming!

Eryk Masters: Oh man, something may have broken there, OG. That knee bent awkwardly!

Jester takes the chair and folds it with Sammy’s right leg woven betwen it. Donovan King simply takes a knee and looks on as Jester scales to the second turnbuckle. The crowd can’t HELP but CHEER!

Other Guy: This is nuts! I guess Jester feels responsible for bringing Sammy back. And now he’s gonna try to take himm out!

Jester LEAPS off the second turnbuckle and DOUBLE STOMPS the chair! There’s an audible CRACK as he connects and rolls forward before popping up to his feet and Sammy is SCREAMING in agony! Jester drags the chair off the leg and it is crystal clear that the leg is broken!

Eryk Masters: Did you HEAR that crack! That leg has been MANGLED! Donovan King and Jester Smiles have DESTROYED the monster child!

Jester looks down at Sammy and then over to King. The two friends lock eyes. AND JESTER NAILS King with a Virginia Sidekick to the side of the head out of NOWHERE! The crowd IMMEDIATELY begins to HURL boos towards the ring!


Jester positions the chair on the canvas and brings King to his feet. He hooks him into a standing headscissors and LIFTS King!

Eryk Masters: NO! NO! He’s gonna piledrive King onto that chair!

Jester holds King over the chair, but hesitates. He steps to the side and DROPS down, spiking King into the canvas with a piledriver instead of onto the chair! Jester drops down and rolls out of the ring amidst a sea of booing fans!

Other Guy: My GOD! What is going on here!? Thank god he didn’t spike him on that chair!

Eryk Masters: Not that the landing he gave him was much better, but I have to agree. What is going on with Jester Smiles??

EMTS rush to the ring to check on a VERY hurt Sammy Rochester. A few extra EMTs help King to his feet, who glares out at Jester. Jester simply glares back at King with cold, dead eyes.

Eryk Masters: While the medical team tends to Sammy Rochester folks, we’re going to have to cut to something else. Here’s a message from one of our sponsors.

We cut backstage after the message from our sponsors, where the crowd LOSES it as none other than the World Heavyweight Champion Trey Willett exits his locker room, the World Heavyweight Championship buckled securely around his waist. He paces back and forth in front of the door, seemingly gaining focus with each pass.

Abigail Chase enters the frame, microphone in hand and approaches Trey.

Abigail Chase: Trey, the time is winding down and everyone in the Primus seems to be on edge. How are you feeling right now?

Trey stops and stares at Abigail, a look of determination on his face. He looks down to the championship fastened around his waist for a moment and then into the camera. Trey slaps the faceplate of the World Heavyweight Championship twice and nods solemnly before shoving open his locker room door and stepping back inside.

Abigail Chase: Well, it looks like the champion has no words, which seems to be a bit of a trend with some of the Soldiers in the Primus. One thing is for sure. Tensions are running high as the anticipation for the Primus continues to build. Back you you, Eryk and OG!

Samantha Coil: The following contest will be a BLOODLETTING match for the SIN CITY CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

Eryk Masters: The rules are simple folks, Bleed, beat and destroy your opponent until he physically cannot continue.

Other Guy: I didn’t think ELITE could get anymore barbaric…When this show comes out on DVD how on earth will we get a rating?

A rumble anticipation fills the Epicentre as they know that the very personal war between Valentine Lionheart and Marcus Mirage is about to conclude here tonight. Samantha Coil raises the Microphone to her lips once again.

Samantha Coil: Weighing in first, a Two Hundred and Sixty-Five Pounds…Hailing from London, England and repressing ORION; He is the challenger…”THE OMEGA MESSIAH!” VALENTINE LIONHEAAAART!

The arena gradually dims down to pure darkness as the eerie sound of waves and water begins to slowly play as a single cord struck by a guitar plays in bated intervals; the Jumbo Tron flickers on as an image from deep within the ocean plays out to the strange sounds.

Eryk Masters: What is this?

Other Guy: I’m not sure…But it’s scaring the hell out of me.

A heavy guitar kicks in and bursts into action playing “Beyond The North Waves” By Immortal as a deep blue spotlight befalls upon the lone figure of standing on the stage, head looking down and hair covering his face and in his hand Valentine Lionheart is holding a sword.

Other Guy: What the… Surely he can’t bring a sword to ring side can he?

Eryk Masters: I have no issue with him bringing a sword to ringside, as long as he doesn’t use it.

On many ships we have sailed

Far beyond the north waves

On the high northern seas

We have found our way

The shadowing voices of our Gods

Singing on the calling winds

Where the cold waves

And the long boats brought us far

Lionheart raises the sword above his head and begins to look around the arena, his wild eyes almost glaring at every single fan in attendance as a sickening  toothy smile stretches across his face.

The saga of the warriors from Northland

Speaks of greatness and strength

The saga of the warriors from northland

Are the saga of many great a man

On seas against the open

We traveled on and on

Through the raging winds

And storms we arrived

The shadowing voices of our Gods

Singing on the calling wind

Where the cold waves

And the long boats brought us far

With a sneer, the Orion member points the sword forwards and towards the ring before slowly and methodically marching his way down the ramp, still illuminated by the spot light. He stops and climbs the ring steps where he holds the sword in both hands and brings the steel to his lips, kissing it.

With sword in hand I now stand

On my enemies land

With a northern heart

I will fight until the day I die.


He pushes the sword down, between the gap behind the ring steps and the ring apron and then turns looking to the crowd and soaking in their boos for a second or two before entering the ring.

My time will be remembered

My time it will be known

By my sons by my tribe

And by the sun the sea and moon

For the who battle for his land

His pride and for his men

Shall be remembered and stand eternally named

In the legends of our land

The lights return to normal as Valentine’s eyes focus on the entrance ramp and the imamate arrival of his nemesis Marcus “3M Mirage.

Other Guy: Valentine is one seriously creepy dude.

Eryk Masters: That’s a polite way of putting it.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent; weighing in at Two Hundred and Thirty-One Pounds, hailing from Chicago Illinois, he is the current and defending SIN CITY CHAMPION!!! “THREE EMMMMMMMM!”

The slow industrial tones of “Ressurection” by Fear Factory begin to play in the darkend arena as the 3M logo flickers in stating on the Jumbo Tron.

Consumed with memories that preceded today

Given a chance to bereave life that’s slipping away

The heavy flashing guitars kick in as 3M emerges from the entrance, cloaked in glowing lights, face covered by his haunting mask as the fans erupt into cheers.

Suffered through tradegy of my slow decay

Deceptive tendencies dragged my soul away

He stands still staring down the ramp, both he and Valentine glaring at eachother; they both know this is the end, this is the final battle that started all those months ago and now it is coming to an end…3M raises the Sin City Championship above his head and then without a seconds thought he sprints towards the ring.

Other Guy: Who do you think is behind the mask today? Is it Marcus Mirage or 3M?

Eryk Masters: In my honest opinion. I think, that this time…it’s a mix of both. That’s not 3M nor is it Marcus Mirage. It’s both of them, fighting together for everything they love and hold dear.

All that I know

There was no God for me

Force that shatters all

Absence of mortality

Revive all my fears

Revive wasted tears

Revive void within

Revive once again

Again, again, again, again…

3M slides into the ring, side steps referee Scott Kamura, making a charge for Valentine while dropping the Sin City Championship on the mat and throwing a wild right hand at his opponent.  The strike rattles Valentine and 3M delivers another and another, backing Valentine up against the ropes.

Eryk Masters: This one started off in a big way.

Other Guy: This has been months in the making; can you believe that this is the first time these two men have faced in singles competition?

Eryk Masters: Given the bad blood, you wouldn’t know it.

3M throws another high right hook but before it can land Valentine drives a very hard knee to the “Dark Saviour’s” mid-section, the masked man almost doubles over as the larger Valentine retaliates with a series of punches and elbows that force 3M into the corner. Valentine simply unloads a barrage of strikes as 3M does his best to cover up from the shots.

Other Guy: Holy crap. I’ve never seen Valentine strike with this much ferocity before.

3M slumps back against the turnbuckle as Valentine slams his entire forearm and elbow right into 3M’s face, knocking him groggy.  Lionheart backs away and then charges at 3M with hellacious speed, but somehow 3M darts out of the way sending Valentine straight into the turnbuckle. 3M moves into place behind Valentine and smashes a forearm into Lionheart’s lower back before reaching in and wrapping his arms around Valentine’s waist.

3M uses all his strength to lift Valentine up with a German Suplex; but Lionheart flips up and over landing on a downed knee; 3M turns and Lionheart leaps from his downed position throwing his patented Tiger Knee towards his opponent.

But The Sin City Champion side steps… Valentine lands, turns and eats a Superkick to the face for his efforts. Valentine falls back against the ropes and 3M dashes towards him taking up and over with a clothesline to the outside where Lionheart slams back into the security rail.

Other Guy: What an exchange, these two literally want to kill eachother here tonight.

Eryk Masters: Normally I would call you out for an over-exaggeration; but in this case I think you may be right.

Lionheart winces in pain and then staggers forward away from the rail and to the ring, but 3M is having none of it and rushes towards Valentine with a baseball slide knocking the London-Native back into the guard rail.

Valentine slumps as 3M backs away and then rushes towards him, diving up and over the top rope with a crossbody…Valentine however moves out of the way and 3M crashes down stomach first into the security rail as the fans let out a collective groan sound.

Eryk Masters: 3M took a wild risk there, if it had paid off, he would have crushed Valentine’s spine over the rail.

Scott Kamura check to make sure 3M is alive as Valentine shakes out the cobwebs and then steams in as 3M hangs over the rail. Lionheart brings down a double axe handle across the shoulder blades before wrapping his arms around 3M’s waist and deadlifting him off the rail, up and over with a German Suplex of his own… The Chicagoan’s shoulders back then crunch down across the ring apron with an almighty thud that causes yet another collective sigh and wince from the crowd.

Other Guy: Holy shit! That had to hurt…

Eryk Masters: Hurt? 3M will be lucky not to suffer slipped or broken disc after that, Valentine just German Suplexed him back first into the ring apron.

Lionheart rolls away and turns to look at 3M who is writhing in pain, arched back and kicking his legs as if trying to somehow escape the agony. Lionheart however doesn’t take a moment’s notice; instead he ploughs back in with a few heavy stomps before lifting 3M up and whipping him straight into the ring steps with a loud bang as 3M flies up and over the steps. A grin breaks out on Valentine’s face as he lifts the ring apron and retrieves a steel chair and then makes his way over to 3M.

Other Guy: Luckily the sword is on the other ring steps.

Eryk Masters: You said it.

Valentine stalks the fallen 3M, wielding the chair in both hands and brings it up over his head before slamming it down across the back of 3M, not once but twice with ferocity. Mirage rolls to the side, clutching his back as Valentine unfolds the chair and places it down on the ground.

Other Guy: Valentine seems to be focusing on 3M’s back, E. Any thoughts on that?

Eryk Masters: I don’t think Valentine intended for 3M to crash into the apron during that German Suplex. He smells blood and is sticking to something that clearly works.

With brute strength “The Omega Messiah” drags 3M up off the floor and straight onto his shoulders before looking down at the steel chair and shouting “Valentine’s Day Massacre!” He positions himself next to the chair and then notices the steps in the corner of his eye.

Eryk Masters: I don’t like that look on Valentine face.

With 3M on his shoulders, Valentine marches up the steps and then stands directly above the steel chair, He swings with the VDM but 3M leaps out of the move and lands on the ground; before Valentine can even act 3M takes hold of his legs and pulls them out from underneath him, causing Orion’s Assassin to come crashing down on top of the steps, a move which elicits a roar from the crowd.

Valentine then rolls down the steps and onto the floor as 3M goes for the chair and with one full motion bring it up and down straight across the back of Valentine head with a thud! The Sin City Champion then throws the chair to the ground and races to the apron, lifting it and looking underneath.

Other Guy: It would seem that 3M is looking for something.

3M then produces a small canvas sack from under the ring and holds it up in the air as the fans chant “THREE EMM!” over and over; He then pours the contents of the sack onto the floor revealing hundreds of Thumbtacks, Nails and other sharp inanimate objects…The fans once again burst into cheers.

Other Guy: Now that’s what I call an ASSORTMENT OF AGONY!

Eryk Masters: What else could you call it?

Other Guy: How about…A PILE OF PAIN!

The Dark Saviour then races round to Valentine, taking a fist full of hair and begins to pull him to his feet; once up Valentine fires a palm thrust straight to 3M’s face knocking him back, followed by a knee and then a huge haymaker that sends 3M teetering towards his “PILE OF PAIN.”  Lionheart charges with a clothesline but 3M ducks Valentine stops, standing on the sharp objects.

Other Guy: Close call for 3M, Valentine’s clothesline would have knocked him back first into the Assortment of Agony.

Valentine turns straight into a kick to the midsection from 3M, who then hooks Valentine’s head for  DDT; 3M is about to drop Lionheart face first into the Pile of Pain, but Valentine breaks out of it and knee’s 3M in the gut and quickly double underhook his arms.

Eryk Masters: Here comes the Lion’s Mane.

Other Guy: No…No…Not that.

But 3M uses all his strength and stand with a Back Body Drop sending Valentine down, back first into the “Assortment of Agony!” Valentine bounces off the floor, thumbtacks, pins, nails and god knows what sticking out of his back as blood begins to pour from now women wounds.

“Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit!” the fans chant as Lionheart rolls away, frantically swatting and wiping at his back in hopes of ridding himself of the sharp objects.

Other Guy: Ha, Ha…He looks like a porcupine.

Eryk Masters: I’ll make sure to fill Valentine in on that quote later on.

Other Guy: Yeah, right. Like you will be hanging around with that lunatic tonight.

Eryk Masters: Okay, you got me there.

3M tosses the chair into the ring and then goes after Valentine, hitting a few stomps before lifting him to his groggy feet and rolling him inside the ring; Referee Kamura has a quick look, but understands he is limited to do anything other than call a winner. Blood drips from Valentine back, staining areas of the canvas as 3M climbs the apron and then ascends the top rope. The fans who are still buzzing from the “Assortment of Agony” cheer 3M on as he dives off the top rope with and elbow drop down onto Valentine Lionheart!

Eryk Masters : 3M is really hitting his stride; he seems to have a new lease of life.

Taking hold of the chair, 3M pulls Valentine to his knees and stands over him holding the chair above his head and glaring down through his mask at the wounded Lionheart. “I want you to look at me when I end you!” 3M shouts.

Eryk Masters: You can hear the vitriol in 3M’s voice; this hatred runs deep.

Valentine slowly looks up at 3M, a dark, sadistic grin etched into his face as he suddenly pulls a metal Barbecue skewer out of the back of his boot and then stabs it down into 3M’s foot, nailing him to the mat. The chair falls from The Sin City Champions hands and Valentine pulls a second skewer from his other boot and then drives it into 3M’s thigh.

Other Guy: Holy shit! He just stabbed him!

A mix of shock, venom and disgust explodes throughout the crowd as Lionheart then stands as 3M wobbles in agony grasping at his thigh and unable to free his skewered foot. “I want you to look at me when I end you!” Valentine retorts mockingly before ripping the mask right of 3M’s head and tossing it to the ground.

Eryk Masters: Valentine has 3M pinned there; this is going to be bad.

“The Omega Messiah” then darts back to the opposing ropes and comes flying back, leaping into the air and driving his knee straight into Mirage’s solar plexus with a Tiger Knee. 3M flies back his foot ripping from the skewer out of the ground as he falls down, his blood staining the ring. With the hatred still flowing from the fans, Valentine Lionheart reaches down and wipes his hand in 3M’s blood before smearing it across his mouth and tongue.

Other Guy: We heard the rumours when Valentine first signed with SHOOT, that he was one sick puppy. But as the weeks and months went on Valentine did everything in his power to not only prove those rumours true but go beyond and transcend them.

Eryk Masters: I think, when you reach a certain point of brutality, the only place you can go is beyond, OG. Valentine seems to know, no limits or boundaries. As he himself says “All’s fair in love and war.”

Other Guy: Screw that. He gets off on it, plain and simple.

Scott Kamura doesn’t know what to do as he looks to 3M; who lays bleeding on the ground, Valentine moves in, shoving Kamura out of the way and then  takes hold of the Sin City Champion and yanks back him up, 3M wobbles as Valentine slaps him across the face, a sure sign of disrespect and then hoists “The Dark Saviour” onto his shoulders. “It’s all over!” he shouts.

As Valentine glares out into the crowd, his hatred for both them and 3M ever present, the Sin City Champion yanks the Skewer out of his own thigh and then stabs it down into Valentine’s shoulder, Valentine drops 3M and falls to one knee as the clearly battle damaged 3M scrambles for the steal chair, taking hold of it and turning with one full swing cracking Valentine across the head and sending him down to the mat.

Other Guy: What a shot! Come on Mirage.

Blood trickles from Valentine’s head as Mirage stands, his foot and thigh pouring with blood and his legs wobbling with every step, in his hand he claps the steel chair and hobbles towards Valentine and then crashes the chair down over his back, again and again and again, blow after blow 3M hits Valentine five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten times with the steel chair.

Lionheart rolls away, barely able to move and falls straight out of the ring and to the outside, the skewer still poking out of his shoulder. Scott Kamura checks on Mirage and then makes his way over to the ropes, making sure that Valentine is still moving. 

Other Guy: Scott Kamura must have drawn the short straw calling this one.

Eryk Masters: All he has to do is a call the bell when one guy is down and out.

Other Guy: God knows when that will be, these two have are not likely to just quit.

Valentine begins to drag himself towards the ring steps and more importantly the sword that resides behind them, 3M drops to his knees and rolls out of the ring, almost falling to the ground as he follows Valentine.

Lionheart pulls himself up the steps but 3M begins to rain down punches across his back, trying to stop him from taking hold of that weapon. 3M turns Valentine around and is waylaid by huge left hand that seems to be gripping onto Brass knuckles.

Other Guy: Did he slip them out of his tights?

Eryk Masters: It seems he did. Valentine came prepared.

Other Guy: Prepared? He brought a freaking sword to ring side!

3M slumps back into the guard rail as Valentine turns gripping hold of the giant sword and turns towards his foe. Laughing manically, Valentine lowers the sword down holding it mere inches away from 3M’s face.

The fans shower Lionheart with rubbish and drink cartons as Mirage grips the blade with his gloved hands and fights through the pain as the point of the sword begins to dig into his forehead, cutting him open…It is here when Referee Scott Kamura rushes to his side and pulls the weapon right out of Valentine’s hands. Valentine turns glaring at Kamura who sprints away with the sword, a distraction that gives the fallen 3M enough time to kick Valentine square in the balls.

Eryk Masters: Thank god for Scott Kamura; I have no doubt in my mind that Valentine would have run 3M through with that thing.

Valentine falls to his knees and 3M reaches up pulling the Skewer out of Valentine’s shoulder and then slashes Valentine across the face with it, opening a wound across his eyebrow and down to his temple. Lionheart lets out a painful roar and then falls backward into the ring steps. 3M pulls himself to his feet and sucks in a second wind, charging at Valentine with a lunge attempting to drive the skewer right into him, But Valentine reaches up the skewer going straight through his gloved hand and out the other side as both men tumble over the ring steps and down next to the time keeper. On the ground Valentine pulls the skewer out of his hand in one last ditch attempt he jabs the skewer into 3M’s shin, the skewer cuts through his costume and hits the bone, dragging itself down 3M’s leg before slipping from Valentine’s hands and to the ground.

Other Guy: This is too much; these two men are killing eachother.

Eryk Masters: Even the crowd have gone quiet. I think they fear this will end with a serious injury or worse.

Other Guy: So do I. When is this going to end?

Both men drag themselves to their feet, by hook or crook they manage to get back to a vertical base, legs shaking and giving away from underneath them, blood pouring from their faces and bodies. They step forward and fall into eachother, too weak and hurt to mount any serious offence, but too filled with hate not to take a swipe.

Mirage pushes Valentine away, Lionheart strikes back with a punch to the jaw…3M stumbles forward grabbing Valentine as both fall into the time keepers table, knocking the hammer, bell and a glass jug of water onto the ground…Valentine claws for a weapon, as does 3M…  

Mirage grips onto the ring bell, Valentine takes hold of the jug and both men clamber onto their knees face to face…and…Swing…

The glass jug crashes into 3M’s head, shattering on impact and ripping into his flesh …The bell however cracks Valentine in the skull with an echoing ring as both men rock back on their knees, blood covering their bodies and pain coursing through their veins.

Valentine: You…You’re bleeding…Faster…Ha,ha,ha…Ha…

3M falls back into the pool of his own blood…his eyes rolling back into his head as Referee Kamura calls for the match to end.


Kamura drapes the Sin City Championship over Valentine’s shoulder, the new Sin City Champion attempts to stand but then falls to the ground, landing next to his vanquished foe…3M. The two of them lay bleeding, almost like mirror images of eachother as the fans slowly begin to come back to life after the shocking conclusion to the match.

Other Guy: I really don’t know what to say…Neither of them look like winners here tonight.

Eryk Masters: You have to take your hats off to them, they beat the living daylights out of eachother…This wasn’t a wrestling match…It was a war.

The fans, while worried for the two SHOOT Soldiers, begin to rise to their feet, clapping and cheering the bloodied and battered combatants as EMT’s and SHOOT staff surround them…

Eryk Masters: Ladies and Gentlemen…Up next…Is the World Heavyweight Primus match… But right now, let’s head backstage where Mary Kelly is standing by!

Mary Kelly: Thanks, Eryk. With the Primus just so few moments away, the excitement level is rising back here. SHOOT Project Soldiers have been gathering around their television sets, ready to get ELITE’s main event underway. Standing next to me now is one of the “ELITE Eight”, former World Heavyweight Champion and SHOOT Project’s Golden Boy, Dan Stein.

The camera pans back to catch Dan and Molly, his assistant, standing next to Mary. Dan’s hands are on his belt line, and Molly stands behind him.

Mary Kelly: Thanks for your time, Dan. This second Primus features some of the biggest names in SHOOT Project, and some names that could use this as a launching pad for the rest of their careers here in SHOOT Proj-

Dan Stein: Let’s be honest, Mary. Everyone in this match has achieved success in SHOOT Project at some level. They don’t need this match as some sort of launching pad to bigger and better things; THIS is the biggest thing. There is no getting better than this. If you were chosen to be in this match, THIS is what you have worked your entire lives for. You were chosen for this, or you fought for this, because you deserved this. The fans can obviously hate who they want to hate, and they can cheer for who they want to cheer, but you can never.

Stein looks from the camera, to Mary.

Dan Stein: Ever.

His eyes go back to the camera.

Dan Stein: Take that away from them, win or lose. All of the fans in the stands, and those of you streaming at home, no matter who walks out with the World Heavyweight Championship, the shape of the future of SHOOT Project is being molded before your very eyes. The Soldiers of SHOOT Project are defining the new generation of SHOOT Project. This is the cataclysm that reshapes the company. And I plan on remaining the face of the company in the future. Stay Sexy, SHOOT.

With that, Dan walks away from the camera, leaving Molly behind. As Dan walks away, a familiar face walks on camera, tapping Molly on the shoulder. Turning around, Molly’s nose is touched by the masked nose of Johnny Patriot.

Johnny Patriot: Hello, Meghan.

Molly the Assistant: Molly.

Johnny Patriot: No thanks, I don’t do drugs. It’s good to see you and Dan have been very much healthy.

Molly looks at Patriot, confused.

Molly the Assistant: Yes, why wouldn’t we be?

Johnny Patriot: Oh, I don’t know… BECAUSE YOU DIDN’T PICK UP THE MAKE-A-WISH KID!

Molly looks at Patriot like he’s confused.

Molly the Assistant: Well, Johnny, that’s because the Make-A-Wish kid was actually a Wounded Warrior Project man, and you gave us incorrect information.

Johnny Patriot: Mindy, I promise you that you are giving me unfactual information.

Molly crosses her arms over her chest.

Molly the Assistant: Is that so?

Johnny Patriot: Yes, I am sure of it.

Molly the Assistant: How can you be so sure?

Johnny Patriot: Because…

Patriot turns down the hallway, to point out a little bald headed boy being wheeled toward the camera, a SHOOT Project stuffed buddy on his lap. Molly’s eyes go wide.

The camera fades back to ring side, to a shot of Nic Ezra in the front row, smiling and clapping his hands like a fan at a SHOOT Project Pay-Per-View would.

There’s anticipation in the air that can practically be cut with a knife. The fans are buzzing. They know what’s coming next. ELITE has been a wild ride. And there’s only one thing left…

Eryk Masters: Folks, we’ve had an absolutely amazing show so far. Last night and tonight have been full of action that only the SHOOT Project can bring. And we’re not done yet. Next up, we’ve got the main event.

Other Guy: This match is one that everyone has been anticipating. Eight soldiers. Seven eliminations. One World Heavyweight Champion. Folks, this… is the Primus.

The crowd lets out a bit of a cheer as Samantha Coil steps into the ring, microphone in hand.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is the MAIN EVENT of the EVENING! This is the PRIMUS and it is for… the WORLD. HEAVYWEIGHT. CHAMPIONSHIP!!

The SHOOT Nation lets out a thunderous cheer for one of the most anticipated Main Events of the year!

Samantha Coil: Introducing first…

The lights in the arena dim and a baby blue spotlight shines on the entrance ramp. Suddenly, "Applause" by Lady Gaga begins to pulse throug the Epicenter and the crowd begins to BOO loudly. Molly the Assistant steps onto the stage and motions to the curtain.

Samantha Coil: He is the former World Heavyweight Champion. Ladies and gentlemen, "The Golden Boy" DAAAN STEEEEIIIIN!!!

Stein begins to walks to the ring, looking incredibly focused.

Eryk Masters: And here we go, folks. Dan Stein has been totally focused lately. He NEEDS that World Championship back.

Other Guy: That short reign has GOT to be eating at him, but Dan Stein is a competitor behind ALL the bravado.

Stein continues to walk to the ring, rolling in underneath the bottom rope and pacing back and forth as he awaits his opponents.

Samantha Coil: And next…

The lights die down again and then the fans begin to cheer wildly as the start of HORIZON by D’espairs Ray fills the arena. Spotlights search through the seats as the fans rise up from their seats in boisterous anticipation.

The words “CAN YOU FEEL THE NEW WORLD?” scribble across the SHOOT-Tron in elaborate silver script for a moment. The searchlights converge on the ramp, on Maya with his head bowed downward. The script on the SHOOT-Tron fades slowly into light particles, the moment Maya lifts his head the word “HOPE” etches its way across the video screen, and the spotlights SHOOT out in all direction as the lights in the Epicenter surge on to their most brilliant and brightest.

Samantha Coil: Making his way to the ring… by way of Nagasaki, Japan… standing at FIVE feet and SEVEN inches… weighing in at ONE HUNDRED and THIRTY FIVE pounds… he is a former RULE OF SURRENDER and SIN CITY CHAMPION… MAYA… NAKASHIIIIIIIMAAAAAAAAA!!!

Eryk Masters: All you need to do is listen to the ovation of all these SHOOT Project faithful to understand how loved Maya is.

Other Guy: I won’t argue with you there, E. Maya EARNED his way into the Primus and he is DETERMINED to be the next World Champion.

Maya walks down the entrance ramp, making sure to reach out and tag hands with as many fans as he can. Maya finally slides into the ring, stretching the ropes, and shaking his arms to try and stay loose.

The lights dim and change to a purple/pinkish hue.

Ohhh, oh-oh-oh-ohhhh, o-o-o-o-o-ohhhh

I’ll get him hot, show him what I got…


Purple pyro goes off at the top of the entrance ramp in time with the ensuing beat of Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” before the lights return to normal. In the smoke of the fireworks is Laura Seton, being met with an enormous amount of booing and other verbal abuse. She stands in her standard shiny black leather sleeveless top and matching pants to go with nearly knee-high black boots.

Standing in the smoke, her head is down, eyes closed, as if in deep thought.

Can’t read my

Can’t read my

No he can’t read my poker face…

She’s got me like nobody

Her eyes open and her head lifts. She stares at the ring, a harsh look towards Stein and Maya.

Can’t read my

Can’t read my


She takes a deep breath before stepping forward and slowly walks down the ramp and aisleway leading to the ring.

Samantha Coil: The third challenger… from Oshkosh, Wisconsin… the one known as Twenty Minutes of Terror… Lauraaaa… SETON!

Eryk Masters: The biggest match of this woman’s life and you can see how focused she is right now. Just look at her eyes. The focus…

Other Guy: Her demeanor tells you all you need to know. She’s got what she’s been pining for. She’s not planning to let it slip.

She stops at the end of the aisle and keeps her glare towards the two men in the ring. She pulls her hair back, utilizing the hair tie around her right wrist. She does her best to keep her cool as she dives into the ring and holds her spot in the closest corner as her music dies down.

Samantha Coil: And now, introducing…

A soft, pulsing sound begins to reverberate throughout the arena. The fans begin buzzing, not knowing who’s coming out next. The pulse turns into a loud vibration, as yet another wave of buzzing hits the crowd.

The sound stops.

A green light emanates from somewhere within the crowd.

A shadow steps forward.

And then a familiar song begins to play over the speakers, and the crowd begins cheering like mad.

"Yeah I get it

You’re an outcast

Always under attack

Always coming in last

Bringing up the past

No one owes you anything

I think You need a shotgun blast

A kick in the ass

So paranoid


"Sound of Madness" continues to play and the lights come back up, showing Lunatikk Crippler, "The Whole Fucked Up Show" himself, standing where the green light was coming from, deep into the crowd of the SHOOT Project faithful, all trying to get a piece of him. Crippler begins to wade his way through the sea of humanity, his eyes locked on the ring. More specifically, locked upon Laura Seton.

Eryk Masters: Two times he’s challenged for the World Heavyweight Championship. Two times he’s been turned back. Is tonight where Lunatikk Crippler proves that the third time is the charm?

Other Guy: He’s got seven others, including some people he’s got some bad blood with in that ring tonight who would like to thing otherwise. All eight competitors have a tough hill to climb.

Samantha Coil: He hails from South Bend, Indiana, and weighs in at two hundred and thirty-eight pounds, he is a former Sin City Champion and the 2011 Sin City Championship Series Winner! Here is "The Whole Fucked Up Show" LUUUNATIIIK CRRRRRIIIIIIPLEEEEERRR!!!

Crippler hops the guardrail, perching himself on the announce table, stretching his arms out wide, screaming to the crowd, who scream back at him. He stares, face expressionless now, hiding his emotion, pointing directly at Seton.

Eryk Masters: What is more important tonight for Lunatikk Crippler? Revenge? Or the World Heavyweight Championship?

Other Guy: He better be focused on the task at hand. If he spends all his time worrying about Laura Seton, he’s going to find himself on the losing end for the third time.

Samantha Coil: Introducing next…

The lights in the Epicenter flicker, dim, then die, bathing the arena in black. A low, eerie music begins to emanate from the speakers. It is just string instruments, perhaps violins, but the effect is chilling. The Epicenter is completely dark, save for the die hard fans that have lit their cell phone screens or lighters. The SHOOTtron springs to life with the image of a bright red apple. The apple begins to fall slowly into the darkness before landing with a soft thud.

The sound of a low hiss followed by a rattle cuts through the speaker system and light floods the SHOOTtron, showing numerous snakes slithering around the shiny apple. Rattlesnakes bite each other as they hover over their prize. Then, a King Cobra pops up between the rattlers, its hood flared and fangs bared. The Cobra strikes at each of the snakes, driving them away before sinking its fangs into the apple. As the fangs pierce the red flesh of the fruit, the arena is plunged back into darkness and silence.

A loud, slow, ticking begins to permeate through the speakers, slowly picking up speed with every other tick until…


A HUGE burst of silver and gold pyro explodes on the entrance stage. Silver pyro erupts down the left side of the ramp and gold pyro erupts down the right side. The fans unleash a hail of boos as "Time is on My Side" by The Rolling Stones begins to hammer out those haunting vocals. Jacob Mephisto steps out onto the stage and the booing grows louder. He glares out over the capacity crowd before beginning his walk towards the ring.

Samantha Coil: Hailing from Nazareth, Pennsylvania and weighing in at two hundred and seventy pounds, he is the 2013 Sin City Championship Series Winner and the FORMER Sin City Champion. Here is JAAACOOOB MEEEEEPHIIIIIISSSTOOOO!!!

Eryk Masters: This is a man who has no friends, OG. Jacob Mephisto is a manipulative snake in the grass. And tonight, he’s looking to become the World Heavyweight Champion.

Other Guy: Let’s not forget, Jacob Mephisto is responsible for Maya being in this thing. He’s borderline obsessed with this match. Can he take home this sport’s biggest prize? Or will his journey end here?

Jacob reaches ringside, looking into the ring at each of the competitors before pulling himself onto the apron and stepping into the ring. He walks center ring and glares out over the crowd before slowly extending his arms to the side. As he does, the lights begin to strobe wildly and several small bursts of silver pyro erupt over the ring in the rafters. The lights return to normal and the music fades. Jacob stands ready, cooly eyeing the Soldiers in the ring and glancing at the entrance stage.

Eryk Masters: He looks ready. But, rest assured, under that cool demeanor is something savage.

Other Guy: Absolutely. We’ve seen it before. There are only three left to enter, E. This crowd is getting excited!

Samantha Coil: And now, introducing the next participant…

The Epicenter lights dim and the crow buzzes. The SHOOTtron goes to static, and “Set The World On Fire” by Symphony X booms from the speakers. The familiar logo appears on the screen as the picture clears…


The crowd rains down boos as Mason Pierce steps onto the stage with Leona in tow. The music continues to pound the speakers as Mason begins his walk towards the ring.

Samantha Coil: Hailing from Manchester, England and weighing in at two hundred and thirty pounds, he is a former Rule of Surrender Champion and the self-proclaimed Orion Champion. Ladies and gentlement, representing Orion, here is "The Fixer" MAASSSSOOOOOOON PIEEEEEEEEEERCCEEEE

Mason walks down the aisle, ignoring the jeering fans on either side of him. His eyes are locked on the ring and the Soldiers inside it.

Eryk Masters: Well, I’ve said a lot about Mason Pierce in the past, but this man WANTS the World Heavyweight Championship. And he is willing to do anything it takes to get it.

Other Guy: He feels like he’s been passed over in SHOOT, E. You can’t really blame the man for having a chip on his shoulder. The question is, can he get the job done tonight?

Mason rolls into the ring and gets to his feet as Leona stays on the outside. The music fades, and the crowd grows even more excited.

Samantha Coil: Introducing next…

Eryk Masters: OG, knowing who’s coming out next, I’m guessing if you’re not a fan of glitter, confetti, streamers, or anything of such a nature? You’re gonna want to poncho up.

Other Guy: He’s a man who loves a grandiose entrance, and for the SHOOT Project career of Loco Martinez, you can get no grander stage than this match tonight.

Lights drop out. A few moments of silence broken by a few sections worth of fans starting up a "LETS GO LOCO!" chant. We hear a familiar song, but its NOT Ke$ha. We hear Elvis Presley’s voice.

"Bright light city gonna set my soul… Gonna set my soul on fire Got a whole lot of money that’s ready to burn,… So get those stakes up higher"

The crowd roars at recognizing "Viva Las Vegas", and the Epicenter is lit up by two spotlights that fall on a huge pink and yellow disco ball, that begins lowering from the ceiling to the entrance ramp.

"There’s a thousand pretty women waitin out there And they’re all livin devil may care And Im just the devil with love to spare Viva las vegas, viva las vegas"

The crowd sings along, full throat, with "VIVA LAS VEGAS". The disco ball finds a resting spot at the top of the entrance ramp, and explodes with silver and gold pyro along the outside. Elvis’ ode Las Vegas melts away. The lights go back out, and when the spotlight comes back on to where the disco ball WAS? It is gone and replacing it, standing there in a yellow top hat and tuxedo with tails is Loco Martinez. The crowd roars and the tune we’ve all grown accustomed to hearing when it comes to Loco Martinez rips through the Epicenter’s sound system.

"Tonight, we’re going hard, hard, h-h-hard
Just like the world is ours, ours, o-o-ours
We’re tearing it apart, part, p-p-part. You know we’re superstars, we are who we are…"

Ke$ha’s "We R Who We R" rocks the arena as Loco pogos on the stage. He points at the section to the right of the ramp and they roar and instinctively throw their hands up knowing what’s coming next.

"We’re dancin’ like we’re dumb, dumb, d-d-dumb. Our bodies going numb, numb, n-n-numb. We’ll be forever young, young, y-y-young. You know we’re superstars, we are who we are…"

He takes off his yellow top hat and slings into the crowd before he runs and follows stage diving into the Epicenter crowd. They begin crowd surfing him towards the ring.

Samantha Coil: Making his way to the ring, hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and weighing in at two hundred and twenty-two pounds, he is the 2013 Master of the Mat! Here is LLLLLOOOOOCOOOOO MAAAAARTIIIIINEEEEZZZZ!!!

Eryk Masters: Our 2013 Master of the Mat making his way to the ring in a way only he could.

Other Guy: Not a fan of all the theatrics, but there is no denying that this man comes to his match focused on continuing the incredible run he’s been on since returning to SHOOT. Tonight he attempts to realize a dream.

The crowd and a couple security guards put Loco down on the other side of the barrier. He jumps up on the apron and rolls over the top rope backwards, when he lands inside the ring the four ring posts explode with a blizzard of glitter and confetti.

Other Guy: Ugh…

Eryk Masters: I warned you.

The music fades away as Loco begins the process of taking off the shirt and tuxedo jacket as we await our final entrant.

The lights go down on the arena as a single purple spotlight centers on the entrance ramp. The fans come to their feet and turn their attention to the ramp for the entrance of the World Champion.





The music stops for a moment…BOOM!

A White flash of light explodes in the center of the arena. The lights come up to a dull dim while a shower of purple streamers trickle down from the rafters and onto the fans. Trey Willett storms from the curtain with the SHOOT Project world heavyweight championship draped over his shoulder.

Eryk Masters: And here is the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion!

Other Guy: Why? Why does he have to shower me with confetti? Maybe he should wait until the end of the match?

Trey makes his way down the ramp, clapping hands with as many fans as he can along the way. He stops just short of the ramp raising the title belt high into the air. He slaps the faceplate and looks onto all of the challengers standing in front of him. Without any hesitation he slides right into the center of the ring, going post to post displaying his belt.

Samantha Coil: And NOW, in the ring, he hails from Staten Island, New York! He is the current REIGNING and DEFENDING SHOOT Project WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION! The Wayward Son! TREEEEEY WIIIIIILLLLEEEEEETTT!!!

Other Guy: He’s going to enjoy every second of this, Eryk.

Eryk Masters: And why shouldn’t he? Looks like we are just about ready to get this match underway. The champ is handing the belt over Tony Lorenzo.

Other Guy: FINALLY. I thought it was bad enough sitting through Loco’s entrance.

Trey hands the title to Tony Lorenzo as the crowd begins to grow louder, their patience starting to grow thin. The referee shows the World Heavyweight Championship to each Soldier before holding it up in the air for all to see.

Eryk Masters: That’s what it’s all about folks. Every war. Every fight. It’s al about the World Heavyweight Championship.

Tony Lorenzo turns slowly, showing the sold out crowd the shining championship belt before he hands the title off to Mark Kendrick on the outside. The eight competitors continue to stretch and shake out their muscles as Tony Lorenzo turns to each of them. He checks that they’re all ready. And then he calls for the bell.

Other Guy: And the Primus. Is. ON!

The eight soldiers stand in the ring, looking at one another slowly. Suddenly, Laura Seton RUSHES forward towards Loco Martinez, who moves forward as well, BUT LAURA is cut off by Lunatikk Crippler! Crippler spins Laura around and begins to PEPPER her with rights and lefts, backing her up. And suddenly, the fight is joined! Mephisto CLUBS Crippler from behind, but Loco is right there with a shot to Mephisto!

Trey makes a beeline for Mason Pierce, but Mason drops down and rolls out of the ring! Stein spins Trey around and delivers a STIFF forearm shot to Trey. Maya quickly joins the fray, rushing in and sending SNAPPING kicks to Stein’s legs!

Eryk Masters: And here we go! None of these Soldiers wasted time here! Seton looked to get at Loco. But Crippler went right for her! And Mephisto went to Laura’s aid!

Other Guy: It’s partially what I expected, E. Mason bailed out, but that could be the smartest strategy in this thing right now. Stein caught Trey off guard and Maya went for Stein!

Eryk Masters: Folks, we have to apologize in advance. This is going to be hard to call with all the action, but we’re going to do our best.

Trey and Maya whip Stein into the ropes. Stein comes off on the rebound, BUT MASON slides back into the ring and sends a knee into the lower back of Trey! Maya goes to hiptoss Stein, expecting Trey to help, but loses his balance slightly, allowing Stein to block the attempt! Stein boots Maya in the stomach and drops down HARD with a snapping DDT!

Mephisto and Loco trade rights and lefts while Laura and Crippler do the same. Laura swings wild and Crippler ducks, lifting Laura up and over to the outside as the crowd lets out a cheer! Mephisto throws a knee into Loco’s gut and attempts to sling him out of the ring, but Crippler NAILS him with a lariat out of nowhere! Crippler and Loco look at each other for a moment before sharing a smirk. Loco hits the ropes. He comes off with a lot of speed and Crippler cups his hands, giving Loco a “boost” as Loco FLIES to the outside and NAILS Laura with a somersault plancha! And the crowd LOVES it!

Crippler pumps his fist as the crowd cheers, but as he turns her runs right into a HUGE lariat from Mephisto! Mephisto brings Crippler right back to his feet, adding a boot for good measure. He boots him in the gut and SNAPS Crippler over with a snap suplex!

Meanwhile, Mason Pierce is methodically stomping the limbs of Trey Willett. He reaches down, grabbing a handful of hair and brings Trey to his feet. He lifts Trey up for a backbreaker, BUT Trey brings his legs up, hooking Mason’s head and SWINGS down, bringing Mason over with a headscissors! Trey makes his way to his feet and turns to see Dan Stein working on Maya in the corner.

Trey rushes forward and spins Stein around, firing a HEAVY shot to Stein’s jaw. Stein fires right back, but Trey sends a dropkick to the knees, sending Stein face first into the canvas. Mason comes from behind to nail Trey, BUT Maya rushes forward! Trey sees Maya coming and quickly drops down on all fours! Maya uses Trey as a springboard and LEAPS onto Mason’s shoulders, WHIPPING him around with a hurrancanrana! Mason rolls to the outside! So does Stein! Mephisto continues to stomp away on Crippler, but turns and sees Loco sliding back into the ring. He turns again and sees Trey and Maya staring at him as well!

Eryk Masters: Oh man! Mephisto is surrounded!

Other Guy: He sure is, E! And LISTEN to this crowd!

The crowd is on their feet, wanting to see Mephisto get his! Crippler spins Mephisto around and delivers a HUGE shot, staggering Mephisto. The big man turns to eat another shot from Loco! He staggers again and turns into a shot from Trey! Finally, Mephisto staggers and turns to see Maya charging forward. His eyes go wide and Mephisto BAILS from the ring!

Maya, Trey, Loco, and Crippler stand tall in the ring and the crowd is on FIRE!

Eryk Masters: Mephisto got out of dodge before any real damage could be done. But the message is clear, none of these men are intimidated at all!

Other Guy: Oh sure, when it’s four on one. Let’s see how that works in a one on one situation. This is supposed to be everyone for themselves, E!

Mephisto turns and begins shouting at some of the ringside fans who are hurling insults at him. Laura slowly begins to pull herself to her feet on the floor. Stein and Mason turn to each other on the outside, and Mason BOOTS Stein right in the gut before SNAPPING him down with a DDT!

Eryk Masters: There it is, OG. Mason Pierce clearly isn’t interested in any alliances. He just PLANTED Stein.

Trey glares out at Mason and quickly scales the top rope. Mason turns around JUST as Trey LEAPS from the top and NAILS Mason with a crossbody to the floor! In the ring, Maya looks to Loco and Crippler before hitting the far ropes, coming off with BLINDING speed. Loco and Crippler squat down and use their hands to “boost” Maya. Maya gets airborne off the boost and LAUNCHES himself up over the top towards Mephisto! Mephisto turns! AND MOVES OUT OF THE WAY! Maya hits the barricade and the crowd groans!

Mephisto stomps Maya in the ribs. He grabs him by the hair and his tights and SLINGS him into the barricade again! Mephisto turns back to the ring, and gets LEVELED by a suicide dive from Crippler, sending him to the floor HARD! Back in the ring, Loco looks out at the crowd and shrugs. He hits the far ropes, BUT GETS CAUGHT with a knee to the lower back from a recovered Laura Seton on the apron!

Other Guy: OH! And Laura Seton stops the momentum! Loco looked like he was gonna join the dive party, but Seton put a stop to that!

Seton climbs into the ring and CLUBS Loco across the back. She hooks his head an SNAPS over with a picture perfect snap suplex! Laura floats over for a cover and Tony Lorenzo DIVES down into position!




Loco shoulders out and Laura immediately pops to her feet and drops a leg across Loco’s throat! But she gets caught from behind by a forearm from Crippler, who’s climbed back into the ring!

Meanwhile, on the outside, Trey and Mason are trading lefts and rights. Trey gets the upper hand and fires away, backing Mason into the barricade. Trey grabs a wrist and whips Mason towards the apron, but Mason reverses! Trey avoids impact with the apron by sliding into the ring! He pops to his feet and SLINGS himself over the top using the top rope as leverage! BUT MASON CATCHES Trey with a powerslam to the floor and the crowd GROANS! Mason begins to STOMP away at Trey on the outside!

Eryk Masters: The action is hot and heavy right now, OG! Laura tried to get an early elimination on Loco, to no avail and now Mason Pierce has turned the tide on Trey Willett with a DEVASTATING powerslam to counter that plancha! OH!

A recovered and angry Dan Stein CLOBBERS Mason from behind and the crowd actually cheers for it! Stein swings Mason around and boots him in the stomach, SNAPPING down with a DDT to the floor! Stein pops back up and pumps his fist!

Other Guy: Talk about a receipt! Stein just got Mason back!

Mephisto has gotten to his feet on the outside, BUT so has Maya! Maya turns towards Mephisto, but the former Sin City Champion notices and IMMEDIATELY rolls into the ring, backing away from Maya! Maya goes to follow, but HE gets caught from behind by Dan Stein, who has made it around the ring! The crowd voices its displeasure and the cheers for Stein end!

Eryk Masters: It looks like Mephisto wants NO part of Maya Nakashima, OG.

Back in the ring, Crippler has Seton in the corner and he and Loco are taking turns teeing off on her! Until Mephisto HAMMERS Loco from behind! Crippler turns to help, but catches a boot to the ribs from Seton for his trouble! Outside the ring, Stein has Maya cinched up for a suplex! He HOISTS Maya into the air, but Nakashima floats over and lands behind him! Maya JUMPS and dropkicks Stein in the lower back, sending “The Golden Boy” down to the floor face first!

In the ring Mephisto Irish whips Loco into the ropes and catches him on the rebound with a BIG powerslam! He quickly gets to his feets and DRAGS Loco up with him. Seton has gotten the upper hand on Crippler and both she and Mephisto lock eyes for a moment and nod. Seton grabs Crippler by the wrist and Mephisto grabs Loco by his. Seton and Mephisto Irish whips their respective opponents towards each other! BUT CRIPPLER sidesteps on his way an OBLITERATES Mephisto, using the momentum to NAIL him with the BLOOD DRIVE! Loco LEAPS up and turns, catching Seton with a spinning heel kick! Mephisto is down! Seton is down! And they BOTH roll out of the ring, leaving Loco and Crippler standing tall!

Other Guy: And the attempted teamwork from Seton and Mephisto backfires!

Eryk Masters: LISTEN to this crowd, OG! Crippler and Loco are circling one another and THIS could be one HELL of a confrontation!

The crowd has started up dueling chants of LOCO and CRIPPLER as the two fan favorites tie up in the center of the ring, jockeying for position. Crippler backs Loco into the corner, but gives him a clean break. Loco nods and steps back out. They tie up again and begin to jockey for position again, BUT BOTH MEN suddenly drop to their knees as Mephisto and Seton have climbed back into the ring and NAILED the two men with simultaneous low blows! And the crowd is letting them have it!

Seton and Mephisto glare down at their fallen opponents. Laura points at Loco and Mephisto nods. Laura DRAGS Loco to a seated position and Mephisto hits the ropes with uncanny speed for a man his size!


The crowd lets out a YELL of surprised cheers mixed with boos as Crippler DIVES in the way and catches Mephisto’s Godless kick right to the ribs! Crippler drops HARD and rolls to the outside! Loco struggles quickly to his feet and goes for Mephisto, but Seton cuts him off with that High Hurdle enziguri!

Other Guy: I don’t know how smart that was for Crippler, but he protected a man he calls friend from that NASTY Yakuza kick of Mephisto’s.

Mephisto GLARES out at Crippler on the floor but turns his attention back to Loco. He brings Loco to his feet and BOOTs him in the stomach. Mephisto positions Loco for a piledriver, lifting him up as Laura Seton climbs to the top rope!


Mephisto JUMPS in the air and DRIVES Loco into the mat with a piledriver, BUT Laura never makes it off the tope because out of NOWHERE comes Maya Nakashima, who’s climbed to the top and delivered a modified shining wizard to Laura’s jaw! Maya stands on the top rope and LEAPS onto Laura’s shoulders, WHIPPING her down to the canvas with a hurrancanrana! The crowd mixes between CHEERS for Maya and BOOS for Mephisto! Mephisto gets to his feet and so does Maya! The two men GLARE at one another! Maya moves in… but AGAIN Mephisto bails from the ring amidst a chorus of BOOOOOS!

Maya rushes forward to follow Mephisto out, but MASON PIERCE CLOBBERS Maya from behind. Mason wraps his arms around Maya’s waist and GERMAN SUPLEXES Maya nearly across the ring! Mason pops back to his feet, dragging Maya to the middle of the ring and covers him. Lorenzo notices after a second and dives down for the count!




Mason gets up and angrily shouts at the referee for being late to count and begins to stomp away on Maya!

On the outside, Stein has made it around to where Trey Willett has gotten to his feet. Trey turns and the two Soldiers lock eyes for a brief moment before SWINGING for the fences! Stein and Trey trade rights and lefts on the outside and the ringside fans immediately begin to cheer!

Eryk Masters: And here we go! The former champion and current champion are going to to toe on the outside!

STEIN with a right hand! TREY with a left! STEIN! TREY! STEIN! TREY! STEIN! TREY! TREY! TREY! Trey takes over and begins to beat Stein back into the barricade. Trey advances, BUT STEIN goes downstairs with a LOW kick and the crowd boos! Stein grabs a handful of Trey’s hair and RAMS his head into the barricade. “The Golden Boy” walks over to where Mark Kendrick is sitting and grabs a chair. The crowd BOOS loudly as Stein reaches Trey. Stein LIFTS the chair high over his head, BUT HE HESITATES! The crowd is booing their heads off! Stein drops the chair! Instead, he fires a STINGING jab into Trey’s jaw before booting him in the stomach and bringing him up and over with a beautiful vertical suplex on the floor. A mild cheer comes from the crowd for not using the chair!

Other Guy: Would you look at that! Stein took the high road for once and opted not to level Trey with a chair shot!

Stein brings Trey to his feet on the outside and Irish whips him towards the barricade and RIGHT INTO an oncoming Mephisto, who LEVELS Trey with a NASTY lariat! Mephisto brings Trey to his feet, smirking at a somewhat surprised Stein. Mephisto rolls Trey into the ring and turns to follow, BUT STEIN spins Mephisto back around and NAILS him with a LIGHTNING quick enziguri! AND LOCO COMES OVER THE TOP OUT OF NOWHERE and catches Stein with a somersault plancha! The crowd goes NUTS over the trainwreck on the outside!

Back in the ring, Mason is really working over Maya! He WHIPS Maya into the corner and follows him in with a running knee to the stomach! Mason brings Maya out of the corner just as Crippler comes back into the ring. Mason hooks Maya up and DROPS down with a DDT. He rolls away and comes to his feet only to EAT a right hand from Crippler! Crippler begins to FIRE away on Mason, but Mason ducks under a shot and hooks Crippler up and hits a BEAUTIFUL Northern Lights Suplex, sending Crippler back out over the top rope!

Back on the outside, Loco has gotten to his feet and is going back and forth between delivering shots to Stein and Mephisto, BUT LAURA SETON comes from nowhere with a flying forearm! Seton and Loco begin to brawl, rolling into the ring as they do!

Eryk Masters: And things are just CRAZY right now. Seton and Loco are brawling! Maya is down from a DDT! Mephisto and Stein are down on the outside! Crippler just got dumped over the top rope again! And NOW Trey is getting to his feet and Mason is waiting for him!

Trey turns around in time to eat a HUGE lariat from Mason! Mason brings Trey back up and Irish whips him to the ropes. Trey comes off on the rebound and ducks under a Mason clothesline. Trey hits the other side and LEAPS for a spinning heel kick! BUT MASON CATCHES HIM and DROPS down with a SLAM! Mason turns Trey to his stomach! He straddles Trey. He brings one arm up onto his knee in a camel clutch position. Mason locks in the cobra clutch with the other arm and WRENCHES back!

Eryk Masters: MANCHESTER NECKTIE! Mason’s got that excruciating hold clamped on Trey and he’s got it clamped on tight!

Other Guy: It may be just a matter of time now, E. He’s got it right in the middle of the ring!

Mason is screaming for Trey to tap and Trey is shouting in agony. Tony Lorenzo rushes over and he’s checking on Trey! Suddenly Mason is SHOVED forward violently, breaking his hold as Laura Seton and Loco Martinez barrel into him in a wild flurry of fists as they brawl!

Eryk Masters: Trey just got inadvertently saved by Laura and Loco there. I don’t know how wise that was.

Other Guy: Tensions are running high in this thing, E. We just saw a little tension boil over. And look at Mason! He’s LIVID!

Mason gets to his feet as Trey rolls out of the ring to the floor. Mason turns to see Loco and Laura brawling on the mat, his eyes wide with rage. He LUNGES forward, dropping down with an axehandle, BUT Laura moves out of the way and Mason only catches Loco! Mason pops to his feet, turning around, AND GETS CAUGHT with the High Hurdle Enziguri from Laura Seton!

Seton drops down to cover Mason, but LOCO is all over her, dragging her away and dropping down with fists of fury!

Mason rolls from his stomach to his back, but doesn’t see that Trey has managed to not only get back to his feet, but climb to the top rope! The crowd gets LOUD as they notice the champion on the top rope. Trey LEAPS!


Trey covers Mason and hooks the leg! Lorenzo DIVES into position!




Lorenzo calls for the bell!

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, Mason Pierce has been ELIMINATED!

The crowd cheers loudly as Mason clutches his ribs and rolls out of the ring where Leona tries to support him as they move towards the entrance ramp.

Other Guy: And we finally have our first elimination. One down and six more eliminations to go!

Trey grabs the ropes and pulls himself to his feet, clutching his midsection. He turns and notices Loco and Laura fighting tooth and nail and advances. Loco ducks a wild punch from Laura, causing her to lose her balance and Trey NAILS Laura with a standing dropkick! Loco steps in, bringing Laura to her feet and both he and Trey hook her head. The former Wayward Insanity team LIFTS Laura up and over with a double suplex! They get to their feet and drop stereo elbows down into her sternum before kipping up and the crowd CHEERS wildly!

Until Dan Stein springboards from the apron to the top rope and takes out BOTH men with a double crossbody! Stein rolls away quickly and gets to his feet! Loco is the first of the downed men to get to his feet and Stein moves forward with a forearm to the jaw! Trey is up now and spins Stein around, grabbing his head and sitting out with a jawbreaker! Stein rocks back and Loco grabs his head and DROPS down with a VICIOUS neckbreaker! Stein rolls around on the canvas clutching at his neck! Loco gets back to his feet quickly and turns to come face to face with the World Heavyweight Champion and the crowd SHOUTS cheers in anticipation!

Eryk Masters: And now the 2013 Master of the Mat and the World Heavyweight Champion are face to face in the middle of the ring!

Other Guy: This could get REALLY interesting!

The two men shake hands to the delight of the crowd AND THEN TREY CHOPS THE HELL out of Loco’s chest! Loco staggers back, but then CHOPS Trey right in the chest. Loco and Trey begin to trade STINGING knife-edged chops back and forth as the rowdy Epicenter crowd “WOOOS” along!

On the outside, Crippler has made it to his feet and is rolling into the ring. He struggles to his feet and watches the chop battle between his two friends. Crippler hits the ropes and NAILS both men with one foot each on a double dropkick, sending them crashing to the mat! “The Whole Fucked Up Show” advances and brings Loco to his feet, Irish whipping him into the ropes. Loco comes off the ropes and slides between Crippler’s feet, popping up behind him! He spins Crippler around but Crippler JUMPS up and NAILS Loco with a SICK enziguri, sending him crashing to the canvas! Crippler turns and sees what can only be described as a blur rush past him. That blur is Maya Nakashima, who hits the opposite ropes and BLINDING speed, coming off and jumping up onto Crippler’s shoulders!

Other Guy: FOR JAPAN! Maya got Crippler with FOR JAPAN!

Eryk Masters: This is TRULY every person for themselves here tonight, OG! What an AMAZING match so far, and we’ve only had ONE elimination!

Maya moves in to cover Crippler, BUT LAURA Seton is there, catching him with a boot to the side of the head! Meanwhile, Stein has rolled into the ring and so has Mephisto. Both men look on as Laura Seton begins to hammer away on Maya! Suddenly Jacob turns to Stein and SWINGS with a lariat! BUT STEIN DUCKS! Mephisto turns back wildly and Stein takes him down with a QUICK armdrag! Mephisto pops back up and eats a PERFECT dropkick from Stein! The crowd lightly cheers Stein, but many are booing because Laura Seton has just double underhook suplexed Maya on the other side of the ring!

Loco is back up and so is Trey! The two men glare at one another for a moment, but turn to see the pairings of Maya with Seton and Mephisto with Stein. The two nod and split up! Loco rushes forward and NAILS Laura with a flying forearm! He looks down at Maya who is struggling back to his feet. The two share a nod and move in on Seton, delivering a pair of boots to her midsection! On the other side of the ring Stein has outclassed Mephisto again, bringing him over with a Steinarana! But Trey HAMMERS Stein from behind. Mephisto DRAGS himself back to his feet, still a little wobbly, BUT JOINS TREY and begins to STOMP at Stein. Trey stops and SHOVE Mephisto, who pauses for a moment and simply points to Stein! Trey hesitates, but nods and the two bring Stein to his feet. Trey fires a forearm to Stein’s chest and Mephisto fires one in as well. Mephisto motions for Trey to go to the top and Trey obliges, climbing to the top turnbuckle. Mephisto, positions Stein in a standing headscissors and LIFTS Stein up into a powerbomb position!

Eryk Masters: OH MY GOD!

Other Guy: WHAT A MOVE!

As Mephisto DRIVES Stein to the mat with a powerbomb, Trey LEAPS off the top rope, planting his feet into Stein’s chest and riding him down with an ABSOLUTELY NASTY doublestomp! Stein hits the canvas HARD and the crowd GASPS at the brutality of the tandem move by Trey and Mephisto. Trey rolls forward and turns, but Mephisto LAUNCHES forward and nearly takes Trey’s head off with a HUGE running lariat!

Eryk Masters: My GOD. That could have KILLED Stein.

Other Guy: True, E. But, you have to remember, this match isn’t for the faint of heart! And who would’ve though Trey and Mephisto would’ve worked together?!

Across the ring, Maya and Loco have positioned Laura Seton on the top rope. Both men have climbed up with her. Loco nods at Maya and Maya LEAPS onto Laura’s shoulders, BUT Laura DIVES off the top rope, shoving Loco to the canvas HARD, his head SNAPPING off the mat, and DRIVES Maya into the mat with a POWERBOMB!

Eryk Masters: And I don’t know what Maya and Loco were planning, but Laura Seton is proving she belongs in this match! She just took them BOTH out!

Mephisto Irish whips Trey into the ropes, ducking down and lifting Trey up and over with a back body drop, BUT TREY LANDS ON HIS FEET! Trey RUNS forward jumping up and springboarding off the top rope and twisting in mid-air. Mephisto turns and gets NAILS with a springboard corkscrew plancha, catching the heel of Trey’s boot right in the jaw!

Trey rolls forward and gets to his feet. He sees Loco and Maya lying on the canvas and Crippler still out from For Japan! Laura Seton is staggering to her feet. Trey rushes in and boots her in the gut. He bends her over, and hooks her arms!

Other Guy: DAWN OF A NEW ERA! TREY HIT IT! And the World Heavyweight Champion may have his second elimination of the night here!

Trey gets to his feet and looks out at the SHOOT Nation, who are SCREAMING and YELLING! Trey points to the top rope and the crowd goes WILD! Trey steps onto the apron and climbs to the top rope! He looks down at the prone Seton and LEAPS!


Crippler springs up out of NOWHERE and LEAPS into the air, catching Trey on the way down!


The crowd is going INSANE and begins to chant!


Trey lies on the canvas out cold and Crippler rolls away for a moment before crawling towards him for the cover, BUT HE’S quickly caught with a dropkick to the ribs from Laura Seton! Meanwhile, Stein has staggered to his feet and brings Loco back to his feet and fires a STINGING jab to Loco’s jaw. On the outside, Mephisto is leaning on the barricade, while Maya rolls to the outside himself.

Eryk Master: What a HUGE move by Crippler there! Trey is down! And Seton all over Crippler!

Other Guy: And Maya and Mephisto are on the outside while Stein is teeing off on Loco!

Laura brings Crippler back to his feet, BUT CRIPPLER shoves her away and rushes forward!

Eryk Masters: BLOOD DRIVE! Crippler hit that big spear again!

Crippler pops back to his feet, turning to see Trey getting up. Crippler RUSHES forward!


Crippler pops up again and it’s clear he smells blood. He’s in a frenzy! The crowd is cheering him on wildly! Loco pulls himself onto the apron, having been tossed out of the ring by Stein moments ago. Stein turns and Crippler NAILS him with yet ANOTHER BLOOD DRIVE!!

Crippler gets back to his feet JUST as Loco is springboarding off the tope rope!

Eryk Masters: OH! ZOMBIE KILL OF THE WEEK! But Loco hit Crippler! I think he was going for Stein!

Other Guy: I don’t think it matters. Friends or not, it’s every man for himself and Loco has to take advantage if he wants to win it all!

Loco looks slightly apprehensive, but moves to cover Crippler, but LAURA SETON NAILS him with a low blow. Loco collapses to his knees and rolls over in agony. Laura looks down at the fallen Crippler and smirks before dropping down to cover him. Tony Lorenzo slides into position!




Tony Lorenzo calls for the bell and the crowd begins to boo loudly.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, Lunatikk Crippler has been eliminated!

Eryk Masters: This crowd doesn’t like it, but Laura Seton took advantage of the situation and we are down another soldier! Six more remain!

Crippler rolls out of the ring, shaking the cobwebs out. He manages to glare up at a smirking Laura Seton, but smiles himself as Loco Martinez CLOBBERS her from behind! Crippler begins to stagger towards the back, shaking his head dejectedly.

Back in the ring, Loco continues his assault on Seton. He Irish whips her into the buckles and rushes in after her, BUT Seton brings her feet up! BUT LOCO stops short snatching her feet and slinging them to the side before SLAMMING a clothesline into her chest!

On the outside, Maya has gotten to Mephisto and is sending STINGING kicks to his chest against the barricade! Maya swings a kick to Mephisto’s head, but Mephisto CATCHES the leg and LIFTS Maya up and over the barricade into the crowd. Maya lands on his feet and as Mephisto turns, Maya catches him with a forearm! Maya LEAPS up onto the barricade and the off into Mephisto, BUT Mephisto CATCHES him!

Other Guy: Wait a minute! Look at Stein!!

Stein has climbed to the top and he LEAPS from the top turnbuckle to the outside! Flashbulbs pop as Stein comes CRASHING down on Mephisto AND Maya with a SHOOTING STEIN PRESS! The crowd ERUPTS with cheers in appreciation for the display of athletic ability from Stein! “The Golden Boy” is slow to get to his feet, but does so, planting a boot to the side of Mephisto’s head.

Trey has gotten back to his feet, still clutching his ribs. He turns and gets out of the way JUST as Loco whips Laura across the ring into the buckles, BUT Laura LEAPS onto the middle buckle and DIVES off as Loco comes charging in! Loco ducks and rolls forward, but Laura tucks and rolls as she lands, popping to her feet! But Trey NAILS her with a spinning heel kick! Trey pops back to his feet and turns as Loco comes FLYING from the top rope with a crossbody, catching Trey. Loco stays on top and covers and Lorenzo is right there!




Loco pops back to his feet, but Seton is back up and grabs Loco from behind, SNAPPING down with a reverse DDT!

Eryk Masters: And there’s the GOLD MEDAL!

Laura goes to cover Loco, but Trey breaks it up with a quick elbow drop to Laura. Trey brings Seton to her feet and SLINGS her to the outside. On the outside, Maya and Mephisto have gotten to their feet. Maya turns towards Mephisto, but the former Sin City Champion has slid into the ring. Maya climbs up onto the apron. Trey notices Mephisto in the ring and LAUNCHES himself forward, but Mephisto ducks and Trey collides with Maya, sending him CRASHING back to the floor on the outside!

Mephisto rushes forward and DUMPS Trey to the outside as well! Mephisto turns to see Loco scrambling back to his feet and Mephisto RUSHES forward, but Loco sees him at the last minute and catches Mephisto with a drop toehold! Loco gets back to his feet and hits the ropes, coming off and DROPPING across Mephisto’s back with a senton splash!

Back on the outside, Stein has caught up with Trey and is clubbing him on the chest against the barricade. Stein backs up and rushes in and CLOTHESLINES Trey over the barricade into the crowd!

Eryk Masters: And it looks like Stein’s guest, Nic Ezra, is getting an up close view of the action!

Nic Ezra cheers along as Stein climbs over the barricade to meet Trey. Trey is back to his feet and lunges forward at Stein, but Stein HAMMERS him with a VICIOUS forearm, sending Trey crashing down, BUT TREY falls into Nic Ezra and the young man falls to the ground, his prosthetic leg being taken out by Trey’s fall! Stein simply shakes his head at his fallen guest, before grabbing Trey by the hair and SLINGING him back over the guardrail and climbing over after him.

Other Guy: He may have gotten more than he bargained for there, E. Hopefully he’s ok.

Maya has gotten back to his feet and slides into the ring, but Seton is right behind him and clubs him on the back before he can get to his feet! Seton is all over Maya, but Maya fires and elbow back into Seton’s jaw. SHOOT’s Soldier of HOPE gets to his feet and hits the ropes. Laura catches him in a tilt a whirl on the rebound, but Maya brings his body around hooking her head with his leg and grabbing an arm!


Laura is SCREAMING in pain, while on the outside Stein is putting the boots to Trey. Meanwhile, Loco has brought Mephisto back to his feet. Loco hits the ropes an LAUNCHES into Mephisto with a crossbody, but Mephisto CATCHES him and DRIVES him down into the canvas! Mephisto gets to his feet and sees Maya wrenching on Seton! Seton looks ready to tap, but Mephisto LAUNCHES forward and CLOBBERS Maya, causing him to release Seton! Seton slowly gets to her feet, clutching her shoulder and nods at Mephisto. Mephisto brings Maya up to his feet and Irish whips Maya in to the ropes. Maya comes off and Mephisto TOSSES him into the air, BUT MAYA comes down, hooking Mephisto’s head and bringing him over with a headscissors! Laura charges in as Maya gets to his feet, but Maya catches Laura with a NASTY running knee!

On the outside, Stein has shove Trey into the barricade. He stops to showboat for a moment and NIC EZRA CLUBS Trey from behind! Stein turns back quickly and grabs Trey, SLINGING him away and IMMEDIATELY getting into Ezra’s face!




Nic Ezra scowls at Stein, but sits back down. Stein turns back to see Trey NAIL him with a forearm. Trey GLARES at Nic Ezra in the crowd for a split second, but grabs Stein and tosses him back into the ring. Trey rolls into the ring after him and all six remaining Soldiers are in the ring!

Eryk Masters: Well, I know he wanted to help, but Stein appears DETERMINED to win this thing clean and on his own!

Other Guy: And Ezra’s little distraction cost Stein right there.

In the ring, Maya has brought Mephisto to his feet. Loco has gotten back to a vertical base as well and joins Maya. Both Loco AND Maya drop low and hit stereo dropkicks to Mephisto’s knee, sending him to the canvas. But, Laura Seton is back up and hooks Loco for the Gold Medal again! But Maya LEAPS up and nails her in the face with a dropkick!

Trey brings Stein back to his feet and Irish whips him into the ropes. Trey hits the far ropes and both men come off and COLLIDE with a double clothesline! BOTH MEN ARE DOWN!

Tony Lorenzo is over checking on Seton, Mephisto, Maya, and Loco. But meanwhile, as Stein and Trey both begin to slowly stagger to their feet, NIC EZRA has hopped the barricade and slid into the ring. Molly is SHOUTING at Stein to lookout as Ezra pulls himself to his feet clutching his prosthetic leg and is MEASURING Stein! Stein and Trey get to their feet and Stein turns to face Ezra. A QUICK look of SHOCK crosses Stein’s face as Ezra LUNGES forward SWINGING the prosthetic! BUT STEIN DUCKS AND EZRA HITS TREY! Trey goes down HARD!

Eryk Masters: WHAT THE HELL?

Stein turns to face a shocked Nic Ezra. Stein GLARES at Ezra and begins to STALK forward as the crowd begins to cheer Stein wildly!

Other Guy: Oh, man. This kid may have just made a HUGE mistake here.

Stein REARS back to punch Ezra, but suddenly he SMILES! And Nic Ezra does to! Stein and Nic Ezra embrace and the crowd begins to HURL boos down as Ezra drops to the canvas and rolls out as Molly looks on with a mixture of disapproval and admiration. Stein reaches down and brings a VERY wobbly Trey to his feet. Stein LIFTS Trey and steps through!


Stein drops down, still smirking and covers Trey, shouting at Tony Lorenzo, who notices the cover and dives down for the count!




Tony Lorenzo calls for a bell and the crowd is BOOING LOUDLY!

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, Trey Willett has been ELIMINATED!

Trey rolls out of the ring and staggers back towards the dressing room with his head hung low.

Eryk Masters: What a slime ball! Trey Willett has been eliminated! He was ROBBED here tonight!

Other Guy: I agree, E, but we’re not done here by a long shot. And now we know we’re going to have a brand new World Heavyweight Champion!

Back in the ring, Maya is firing away at Laura Seton and Loco is firing away on Mephisto. Maya NAILS Seton with a standing dropkick, sending her to the canvas. Seton gets right back up, but Maya is still on her with a FLURRY of chops! And Loco brings Mephisto back to his feet. Meanwhile Stein rushes in and HAMMERS Loco from behind. Mephisto and Stein glare at one another, but bring Loco up. Mephisto boots Loco in the gut. He points to the top rope and Stein obliges, climbing to the top. Mephisto hooks Loco up for a powerbomb!

Eryk Masters: Oh my god! It looks like Mephisto and Stein are going to use the same powerbomb and double stomp combo Mephisto and Trey hit on Stein earlier! This is going to be DEVASTATING!

Mephisto LIFTS Loco, BUT MAYA comes from NOWHERE and NAILS Mephisto with a dropkick to the midsection as Stein LEAPS from the top! Mephisto doubles over, dropping Loco and Stein misses, landing HARD on his back! Maya moves in quickly and hooks Mephisto’s head. He runs UP the turnbuckles and twists, landing a NASTY looking tornado DDT that PLANTS Mephisto! Stein gets back to his feet holding his back, but Loco is up and CLOTHESLINES Stein over the top rope to the outside. Loco goes over with him!

Other Guy: WHAT A DDT from Maya! And Loco has taken Stein out of the picture!

Maya covers Mephisto and Tony Lorenzo is right there!




Maya quickly gets back to his feet, but Seton is there! She NAILS Maya with superkick from out of NOWHERE! Maya CRUMPLES to the canvas! Mephisto pulls himself to his feet and both he and Laura begin to STOMP away on Maya! Mephisto brings Maya to his feet and Irish whips him into the ropes Maya comes off and Laura and Mephisto BOTH lift Maya into the air and DROP him straight into the canvas! Mephisto and Laura bring Maya back to his feet again. Mephisto says something to Laura that the cameras don’t quite pick up and Laura backs into the corner. Mephisto whips Maya into the buckles HARD, the impact causing Maya to stagger back out and Seton comes in with a one handed cartwheel into an Au Bautido kick!

Other Guy: ANGEL’S FURY!

The force of the blow sends Maya through the ropes to the outside. Maya hits the floor HARD! Mephisto and Seton smirk and share a VERY brief handshake. BUT MEPHISTO CLOSES HIS GRIP and JERKS Seton in, FLATTENING her with a short arm clothesline!

Eryk Masters: OH! And there’s the PRIDE BEFORE THE FALL! THAT partnership is over.

Other Guy: That’s for sure, E. Mephisto is a known snake in the grass. And Seton should know you should NEVER trust a snake!

Mephisto GLARES down at Seton as she begins to sit up. Mephisto hits the ropes and comes off with speed!

Eryk Masters: GODLESS! Mephisto just FLATTENED Seton!

Other Guy: And that should be it for Laura.

Mephisto drops down to cover Seton, hooking the leg!




Lorenzo calls for the bell and the fans let out a LOUD, but mixed reaction!

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, Laura Seton has been ELIMINATED!

Eryk Masters: And we are down to the final four! Dan Stein, Loco Martinez, Jacob Mephisto, and Maya Nakashima!

Maya is down on the outside, while on the other side of the ring, Loco is PUMMELING Stein! Loco grabs Stein by the wrist and SLINGS him into the ring post shoulder first! Loco climbs onto the ring apron and MEASURES Stein before running along the apron and LEAPING off, catching Stein with a running dropkick!

Mephisto drops down and rolls to the outside, bringing Maya to his feet and rolling him into the ring. Mephisto rolls in after him and IMMEDIATELY covers the still prone Maya. Lorenzo is there!




Maya kicks out and Mephisto SLAPS the mat in frustration, glaring at Tony Lorenzo. He brings Maya to his feet and boots him in the gut before LIFTING him in the air and DRIVING him into the mat with a powerbomb! Mephisto covers again!



THRE-NO! Maya kicks out again!

Mephisto begins growing frustrated as he gets to his feet and begins to just STOMP away at Maya! Meanwhile Loco has rolled Stein into the ring. Loco climbs to the top rope and waits as Stein slowly gets to his feet on wobbly legs. Stein turns and Loco LEAPS!!


Loco tucks and rolls, but collides with the back of Mephisto’s legs, causing the big man to drop to the canvas! And Stein is RIGHT there, dropping down with an axehandle smash across Loco’s back. Stein FIRES a pair of fists into Loco’s forehead before bringing him up to his feet. Mephisto pulls himself back up as well while Stein SLINGS Loco into the turnbuckles. Stein moves in and LIFTS Loco onto the top rope, climbing up after him.

Other Guy: What’s Stein going for here? A superplex, perhaps?

Stein LEAPS up, wrapping his legs around Loco’s head and WHIPPING down with a Steinacanrana, BUT LOCO holds on to the top and Stein goes down HARD! Mephisto brings Maya across the ring, BUT MAYA surprises him with a small package! Lorenzo DIVES down for the cover, meanwhile Loco turns and NAILS Stein with a split legged moonsault and covers Stein! Lorenzo sees BOTH covers!

Eryk Masters: MAYA with a rollup and Loco hit HAPPINESS!

Lorenzo looks quickly to both covers and begins a DOUBLE count!



Mephisto kicks out!


Other Guy: NO! Stein got his foot on the bottom rope!

Eryk Masters: Oh MAN! That was CLOSE! We nearly has a HISTORIC fall there!

Loco looks a bit frustrated, but Mephisto immediately goes on the offensive, FIRING a shot at Maya, but MAYA blocks it and JUMPS into the air, CRACKING Mephisto with an enziguri!

Maya backs up, as does Loco and the two men bump into each other. They QUICKLY turn to face one another and Loco swings without thinking, BUT Maya ducks, catching the arm and bringing Loco down with a crucifix pinning combination and Tony Lorenzo is there for the count!



NO! Loco kicks out!

Both men rolls away and come to a standing position, facing one another! But Mephisto CLOBBERS Maya from behind, sending him down to the canvas! Stein gets to his feet and charges, Loco, but Loco senses him coming and ducks! And Stein hits Mephisto, sending him back into the ropes. Maya gets back to his feet and RUSHES towards Mephisto, but Mephisto ducks down and TOSSES Maya over the top, but Maya lands on his feet on the apron! Maya JUMPS up, springboarding off the top rope and landing on Mephisto’s shoulders before WHIPPING around with a hurrancanrana, hooking the legs!

BUT TONY LORENZO HAS HIS BACK TURNED! Stein has LEVELED Loco and is blatantly CHOKING him while Lorenzo admonishes him! Lorenzo quickly turns to see Maya has Jacob and DIVES down for the count!




Other Guy: OH. If Lorenzo wasn’t distracted, Maya might’ve had him!

Across the ring, Stein has released Loco from the choke hold and brought him back to his feet. Stein Irish whips Loco into the ropes, BUT Loco JUMPS up and springboards off the top, turning in mid air towards a charging Stein!


Loco drops down for the cover!




Other Guy: HE GOT HIM!

The crowd BURSTS with cheers as Lorenzo calls for a bell and Loco rolls Stein out of the ring!

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, Dan Stein has been ELIMINATED!

Eryk Masters: And we are down to THREE!

Loco gets to his feet and sees Maya DRAGGING Mephisto to a vertical base. Loco moves in and assists Maya, bringing Jacob fully to his feet. Maya and Loco Irish whip Mephisto into the ropes. Mephisto comes off and Maya and Loco join hands for a double clothesline, but Mephisto runs THROUGH them both with a HUGE double clothesline, sending Maya and Loco down to the canvas HARD! Mephisto tosses his head back a HOWLS with a primal rage!

Other Guy: Mephisto is a BEAST. He just MOWED down BOTH of them!

Mephisto reaches down and grabs Loco by the head, bringing him to his feet. He snatches Loco by the head and WHIPS him over with a QUICK snap suplex. Mephisto gets back to his feet and grabs a handful of Maya’s hair, bringing him to his feet. He Irish whips Maya into the buckles chest first and CHARGES in after him, BURYING his knee into Maya’s lower back and transitioning to a neckbreaker, SNAPPING Maya to the mat!

Eryk Masters: And Mephisto is building momentum here. He calls that Faithless!

Mephisto stalks back to Loco, who is slowly getting back to his feet. Mephisto Irish whips Loco to the ropes, BUT Loco springboards AGAIN looking for the Zombie Kill of the Week, BUT MEPHISTO CATCHES HIM in mid-air and SLAMS him down into the canvas! Loco begins to sit up and Mephisto hits the ropes!

Other Guy: Here it comes! GODLESS!!


Mephisto hits the mat HARD and Maya dives down for the cover!




Mephisto BARELY gets a shoulder up and now Maya looks frustrated. Loco staggers to his feet and as Maya turns around Loco NAILS him with a dropkick and the fans boo!

Other Guy: This crowd doesn’t like Loco’s tactics, but it IS every man for himself!

Maya gets back to his feet and Loco moves in again, booting Maya in the stomach, BUT MEPHISTO is back up and NAILS Loco with a running boot to the face, sending him down HARD. Maya recovers and turns to face Mephisto. The both GLARE at one another before turning their gaze to Loco.

Eryk Masters: No way! Are these two going to ACTUALLY work together?

Mephisto points to the far ropes and Maya goes running. Mephisto grabs Loco’s feet as Maya makes a pass and hits the near ropes, picking up speed. Mephisto sets Loco up for a slingshot and Maya hits the far ropes again coming off with BLINDING speed. Mephisto drops back, bringing Loco up with a slingshot as Maya LEAPS forward, sticking his feet out and CRUSHING Loco in the face with a running front dropkick as Mephisto slings him up! Loco gets CLOCKED and drops back to the mat limp. Mephisto rolls away and gets to his feet. BUT HE CHARGES Maya, AND MAYA ducks under and counters with a NASTY buzz saw kick to the head, dropping Mephisto!

Other Guy: WOW! What IMPACT! And Loco is OUT. But Maya looks torn!

Maya looks from Loco to Mephisto, who are BOTH down. Maya moves towards Loco and the crowd boos slightly, causing him to pause. Instead, he turns and covers Mephisto as the crowd cheers!




Mephisto kicks out and Maya SLAPS the mat in frustration. Maya gets to his feet, bringing Mephisto up with him. He SNAPS off and stinging kick to Mephisto’s chest, rocking him backwards. Mephisto is wobbly on his feet and Maya hits the far ropes. Maya comes off and ducks under a very sloppy clothesline, hitting the ropes again with LIGHTNING fast speed. Maya JUMPS up onto Mephisto’s shoulders!

Eryk Masters: FOR JAPA-NO! MY GOD!

Jacob Mephisto DROPS back before Maya can complete the move and DESTROYS Maya with an electric chair drop! Mephisto gets to his feet and hits the ropes!

Other Guy: GODLESS NO! Maya caught Mephisto’s boot! And Maya is getting to his feet!

Maya gets to his feet, holding Mephisto’s boot while Mephisto looks on in SHOCK. Maya trips the other leg! He steps through tying the legs up. Maya reaches forward and hooks the head and arm before dropping back!

Eryk Masters: HOPE FOR SHINYA! Maya’s got that same submission he beat Mephisto with before locked in!

Mephisto is SCREAMING in pain as Maya wrenches back for all he’s worth. Mephisto fights WILDLY, dragging Maya towards the ropes! Mephisto reaches out and his fingertips are just a hair’s breadth away!


Tony Lorenzo calls for the bell and the crowd goes CRAZY! ABOLUTELY NUTS!

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, Jacob Mephisto has been ELIMINATED!

Mephisto rolls out of the ring, GLARING up at Maya, who has pushed himself to his knees. Maya and Loco BOTH slowly make it to their feet and turn towards one another.

Eryk Masters: And we are down to the FINAL two! WAIT A MINUTE! WHAT THE HELL?!?

Mephisto slides back into the ring and NAILS Maya from behind! Loco charges in, but Mephisto LEVELS him too!

Other Guy: This is ridiculous! You lost! Get him out of there!

Mephisto begins to put the boots to both Loco and Maya and the crowd HURLS boos down at the ring!

Eryk Masters: This is totally uncalled for. AND WAIT A MINUTE!!!

The crowd EXPLODES with cheers as Soldiers from the locker room come SPRINTING to the ring led by OutKast and Real Deal! Donovan King is there! So is ANARCHY! And NAPALM as well! Crippler, Trey, and even JOHNNY PATRIOT HIT THE RING. Mephisto BAILS quickly and stalks backwards up the ramp, GLARING at the men in the ring.

The saviors look around at one another help Maya and Loco to their feet before exiting the ring and stand around the ring, guarding from any interference! The crowd goes WILD as Loco and Maya turn towards one another!

Eryk Masters: And we are going to get one HELL of a final two here! There will be NO interference and it looks like these men are going to make sure of it. And boy do they have a front row seat!

Other Guy: And here we go. Maya Nakashima. Loco Martinez. ONE of these men is going to be the new World Heavyweight Champion!

Maya and Loco begin to circle one another, BOTH men showing signs of exhaustion. They step in for a tie up, but Maya drops to a knee and ducks under, wrapping his arms around Loco’s waist. Loco grabs the hands and peels them off, executing a standing switch, going behind and wrapping his own arms around Maya’s waist. Loco pops his hips and LAUNCHES Maya with a German suplex, but Maya lands on his feet! Loco turns to face Maya and eats a dropkick that sends him to the canvas. Loco pops back up and turns to see Maya coming and catches Maya with a QUICK armdrag. Both men pop to their feet and reach a stalemate! The crowd shows its appreciation and even the Soldiers at ringside clap along.

Maya and Loco step in, but Maya drops down, sliding between Loco’s legs and coming out behind him. Loco spins around and Maya SWINGS with a spinning heel kick! But LOCO rolls forward, causing Maya to miss. Loco pops to his feet, as does Maya and Loco NAILS him with a clothesline!

Loco moves in and DROPS down with a legdrop! He gets to his feet, bringing Maya up with him. He PISTONS a forearm to Maya’s chest and backs him into the ropes. Loco FIRES Maya across the ring with an Irish whip, catching him on the rebound with a back elbow! Loco brings Maya back to his feet and hooks him up, WHIPPING him over with a snap suplex! Loco floats over for a cover!



NO! Maya kicks out!

Eryk Masters: And we’re off to an amazing start to this part of the match. It’s AMAZING how these two can keep this pace, but Loco has slowed things down a bit.

Other Guy: These two have proven that they’re the cream of the crop and we’re seeing why right now.

Loco brings Maya to his feet and SNAPS off a pair of kicks to the legs. He moves in, backing Maya up against the ropes. Loco Irish whips Maya into the opposite ropes, BUT Maya LEAPS up and springboards, JUMPING back with a crossbody press, DROPPING Loco and hooking the leg!




Loco kicks out and Maya goes right to work! Maya brings Loco to his feet and SNAPS off a pair of kicks of his own! Maya follows up with a jumping thrust kick to the chest, that sends Loco to the canvas! Maya steps out onto the apron and climbs to the top!

Eryk Masters: Maya’s gonna fly!

Maya LEAPS from the top, looking for a frog splash, BUT LOCO rolls towards the buckles and Maya hits the mat HARD. Loco gets to his feet and hops to the top, dropping into a split!

Other Guy: HAPPINESS!! Loco hit Happiness!

Loco covers and Lorenzo is there!




The crowd cheers LOUDLY as Maya kicks out!

Eryk Masters: I can’t believe it! He kicked out!

Loco looks at Lorenzo almost pleading, sweat POURING down his face, but it’s only two. Loco brings Maya to his feet and whips him to the corner, BUT MAYA reverses. Loco hits the buckles hard and Maya RUSHES in, using the momentum to go into a handstand on Loco’s shoulders!


Other Guy: But can Maya cover him! BOTH men are down!

Maya and Loco BOTH lay motionless on the mat for a few seconds before Maya FINALLY rolls over and covers him!




Loco BARELY manages to escape and the crowd lets out a RAUCOUS cheer!

Now MAYA looks at Lorenzo with shock, but again it’s only two! Maya gets to his feet and brings a VERY wobbly Loco up with him. He SHOVES Loco into the corner and HOISTS him up onto the top turnbuckle. Maya climbs up to meet him, but Loco FIRES a shot to Maya’s stomach. Loco wraps his hand around Maya’s throat!

Eryk Masters: Could it be!?

Loco LEAPS from the top and SLAMS Maya into the canvas! The crowd CHEERS!


Loco covers!




Eryk Masters: NO! NO! MAYA KICKED OUT!

Loco looks SHOCKED. He brings Maya to his feet and hits the ropes. Loco comes off the ropes, but Maya catches him with a drop toehold! Maya latches onto the leg and hooks in a half Boston crab!

Other Guy: Maya’s got Loco in that crab! Can Loco hold on!?

Maya WRENCHES back for all he’s worth and Loco is SCREAMING in pain. Tony Lorenzo is right there checking. But Loco says no and begins to CRAWL to the ropes. He makes it inch by inch. Loco reaches out! AND HE GRABS THE ROPE! Lorenzo is right there and tells Maya to break the hold! Maya complies immediately. He backs up as Loco begins to PULL himself up to his feet. Maya RUSHES forward, but Loco LAUNCHES himself forward and LEVELS Maya with a flying forearm!

Both men are down, but Loco quickly gets back up. He steps out onto the apron and climbs to the top turnbuckle. Loco waits as Maya staggers to his feet! Loco LEAPS, BUT MAYA COUNTERS THE ZOMBIE KILL OF THE WEEK with a dropkick right to the knee! Loco hits the mat HARD clutching his knee and Maya DIVES forward, hooking the leg!




Loco KICKS OUT! Maya staggers back to his feet and wastes NO time. He brings Loco up and Irish whips him to the buckles. Maya rushes in, BUT Loco brings his boot up and catches Maya. Loco climbs up onto the turnbuckles, dragging Maya up with him. Loco is standing on the top ropes with Maya’s head between his legs.

Eryk Masters: Loco is going for it all here. Possibly a powerbomb from the top?

Other Guy: He hits this and we’ve got a new champ!

Loco LIFTS Maya for a powerbomb, BUT MAYA uses the momentum and goes up into a handstand on Loco’s shoulders before dropping back and bringing his knees up! The crowd GASPS!


Other Guy: I don’t know who caught the worst of that, E. BOTH of these guys are down!

Tony Lorenzo and the entire Epicenter can only look on as Maya and Loco both lay prone on the mat. What seems like an eternity goes by until FINALLY Maya crawls forward! He covers Loco and hooks a leg. Lorenzo is there!




Tony Lorenzo calls for the bell and you would think a bomb went off. The crowd ERUPTS and goes APESHIT as Horizon by Despairs Ray begins to play!



Tony Lorenzo hands the World Heavyweight Championship to Maya, who is crying with joy! Pink streamers and fireworks explode from the rafters and the Soldiers around the ring JUMP into the ring as the celebration is ON. Donovan King brings Maya back to his feet and after a moment the two EMBRACE!

Other Guy: And THAT is a beautiful moment right there.

There are fans in the Epicenter CRYING as Donovan King HOISTS Maya up onto his shoulders. Even the recovering Loco Martinez is applauding as Maya is again handed the World Heavyweight Championship. Maya RAISES the title high in the air as the music plays and the celebration continues!

Eryk Masters: Maya has DONE IT.

Other Guy: THIS is what a World Championship match should be, folks. And Maya Nakashima has FINALLY proved that he is, in fact, ELITE!

As the music plays, our final shot of the night is of Maya Nakashima holding the World Heavyweight Championship high in the air, a smile on his face and tears in his eyes.

SHOOT Project has seen dark days. But now, Maya Nakashima has shone brightly. After EVERYTHING he’s been through…

HOPE has prevailed. And Maya Nakashima has proven himself…