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Revolution 154

It’s very nearly go time and the Queen of the Ring looks like the picture of preparedness.

She waits some distance away from the curtain, running through her gameplan in her head, finishing the last of her pre-match stretches. In her peripheral vision, she catches someone approaching, and the familiar swoop of hair over one eye causes a scowl to cross her pretty face.

Lindsay Troy: You again.

A distinct cackle echoes throughout the Gorilla Position. Various personnel scatter as they realize just who it is that has stopped Lindsay from finishing her routine.

Arthur Pleasant: Me again! How are you, dear?!

Arthur winks very dramatically, moving his whole head as his eye closes for one to two seconds.

Arthur Pleasant: Oh I’m sorry, did I catch you in the middle of something again? Well I… I certainly seem to have a knack for doing that, don’t I?

His crooked, jagged, yellow teeth flash disgustingly at Lindsay, followed by a low growling… laugh? Or something to the effect. She huffs, annoyed at the interruption.

Lindsay Troy: Don’t you have some Bright Eyes or whatever to listen to? Away from here? Mom’s busy.

Arthur looks confused as to what Lindsay is talking about, but smiles nonetheless.

Arthur Pleasant: Ohhh… Mom. I like that. Do you have some sort of Mommy fetish, too? Because we can really get along GREAT if that’s the case!

Lindsay’s eyes narrow and a look of … puzzlement? disgust? … crosses her face. Arthur breaks out into laughter as he sees this. Raising his hands as if to say, “Got me!”, he represses her disgust, if only momentarily.

Arthur Pleasant: I’m kidding, my deary dearest! I would go into the fetishizations of Mothers and Fathers and Cousins and Uncles with you further but, I see you have a match to win. Please do, dear. Win, that is!  Hehe. I’m… I’m counting on you to, actually.

Lindsay Troy: That so.

She studies him with narrowed eyes for a few seconds.

Lindsay Troy: OK creep show, I’ll bite. Why are you counting on me to win?

Arthur clicks his tongue and takes a step closer to Lindsay. Almost in a whisper…

Arthur Pleasant: Well, I don’t like to play with losers. There, I said it. You seem like a blunt woman so I’d imagine you’d expect the same in return. After all, I AM the greatest Iron Fist Champion that has EEEEEEVER lived! And having such a designation doesn’t afford me the opportunity to shoulder a burden in playing with mediocrity. And a woman of your pedigree… losing so early in your SHOOT career? Mm. What a disgrace that would be, would it not? But believe me, my deary dearest, I for one believe in you. I… I have to. Maybe more than most! Maybe even… more than yourself.

The Lady of the Hour does her level best not to snatch Arthur by the throat and introduce his head to the closest wall. Instead, she gives him a cool smirk and stands her ground.

Lindsay Troy: Good thing I don’t intend to lose…

One beat, and then the follow-up.

Lindsay Troy: …or play with you after I win.

Arthur claps loudly at this. Almost… sarcastically. In the process, he startles everyone in the vicinity.

Arthur Pleasant: YES! YESSSSSS! That’s the spirit! You keep that up and you’ll make mincemeat out of Judy. I’m sure of it!

He stops clapping.

Arthur Pleasant: You should know, though… no one ever “intends” on losing. Or… playing… with me. They just tend to… happen. Now go get ‘er, my deary dearest!

Arthur slaps Lindsay on her back rather harshly, leaving a handprint behind on her perfectly tanned skin. His eyes go wide with feigned-horror as he realizes the force in which he left his mark. Backing away slowly, he winks at her before taking off from whence he came.

With her mouth twitching in anger, and her teeth set on edge, Lindsay watches him slink away before storming towards the curtain.

NEMESIS Vs. Lindsay Troy



The fans in attendance RIP into cheers as out from the back emerges the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion BUCK DRESDEN.  “Man of Constant Sorrow” by Charm City Devils plays as Buck steps out from the back.  He stands there, black jeans and black hoodie with a white tank top on underneath.  On the back of the hoodie is the infamous Bad Ass Brotherhood insignia and on his shoulder is the one and only SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship.

Eryk Masters:  Buck Dresden has defended the World Championship against some tough competition in his time as champion.  Now with SHOOT as diverse and as dense as it has ever been, where does he go from here?

Other Guy:  There’s a ton of stuff going on, that’s true, but let’s face it.  You think CK Butcher’s gonna be happy he got caught and KOed with a Buck Shot?

Eryk Masters:  That move’s put down a lot of amazing competitors, OG, I don’t see why he’d be ashamed–

Other Guy:  Is CK Butcher the World Champion?

Eryk Masters:  I see your point.

Buck stands in the center of the ring as “Man of Constant Sorrow” fades out.  He stands there looking over the fans and nodding his head as he does so.  After a long moment of silence, he slowly lifts the World Championship above his head and looks down at the mat, bringing the microphone to his face.

Buck Dresden:  And.  Still.

The fans pop.

Buck Dresden:  I have busted my ass to get here an’ the ride keeps rollin’.  ‘Round ‘bout six months back I defeated my brother fer this here title an’ ever since I’ve been faced with hick after hick after hick what wants to be champion an’ tear down what we’ve built here in this company!

He pauses, adjusts the title on his shoulder.

Buck Dresden:  Which is real damn funny to me since each an’ every time somebody came along what didn’t show me an’ this title an’ this company the proper respect ya know what’s happened?  They look me in the eyes until they look at the goddamn lights or, in the case of a few of ‘em, they ain’t lookin’ at shit because I knocked ‘em the hell out.

Another pop as Buck paces the ring.

Buck Dresden:  Y’all out there clamorin’ for a shot?  Get yer asses off Spitter, get in this ring, earn yer keep, an’ come face the goddamn mountaintop an’ see if you got what it takes.  I protect this company, I defend this company, I defend this title, an’ I represent each an’ every person out here an’ in the back an’ around the world.  I know what that means.  I know what it takes.  Now it’s a matter of if any of you sons of bitches back there do, too.  I’m waitin’.  I’ve been waitin’.  I’ll be waitin’.

He smirks.

Buck Dresden:  People been askin’ me if I’m feelin’ myself yet.  If I’m high on this feelin’ yet.  Do I like bein’ champion.  Do I like knowin’ all eyes are on me.  Used to be I’d hate it.  I damn sure don’t like it now.  Right now, I just about don’t damn care about it.  I know the weight of this title an’ I know the weight of this company.  As we move forward there’s gonna be two constants.  SHOOT Project will continue to own this industry an’ Buck Dresden will continue to defend this business an’ this company an’ this belt.  But don’t you worry, I ain’t one to wait for challengers.  I’m gonna be right here.  An’ whoever comes next?  If I’ve seen you before or you’re a stranger, the result is the same.  I am Buck Dresden.  I am the World Champion.  An’ I am SHOOT Project.

“Man of Constant Sorrow” kicks in as Buck lifts the World Championship high for all to see.  He nods his head to the beat of his song and smiles at some of the fans in attendance.

Other Guy:  Yo, this guy has never looked so confident.

Eryk Masters:  Defeating the top talents in the business and retaining the World title, you gotta know he’s allowed to feel good about himself.

Other Guy:  No doubt, no doubt, but who will stand up against him?  Who will challenge him next?  My money’s on KIMO.

Eryk Masters:  KIMO?  No way.  Put my money on Lindsay Troy.

Other Guy:  Oooh, good one.  Either way, I can’t wait to see who’s next for the champion, the self proclaimed bulwark of this business, the Sentinel of SHOOT!

Eryk Masters: You’ve got that right. He’s carrying the weight of this company squarely on his shoulders, and he’s doing so with the grace and esteem that you’d expect of its champion. With that said, we’re moving forward tonight and up next, we’ve got the freshly debuting Teddy Palmer taking on Kenneth Casper in what should be an excellent contest. That’s next!

Teddy Palmer Vs. Kenneth Casper

Eryk Masters: Nice debut win for Teddy Palmer! Welcome to the SHOOT Project, man!

Other Guy: You got that right. Casper has nothing to be ashamed of either, that was an excellent contest!

Eryk Masters: Oh wait, what’s this?



The fans in the arena stand on their feet as the music blares through the speakers. What used to be complete disdain has calmed down as there’s a smattering of people who don’t react with boos like they used to. Stein walks through the curtain with a SHOOT Project “Golden Boy” t-shirt, designer jeans, and Timberlands on his feet. Toni and Tina, his twin bodybuilder bodyguards, follow behind him.

Eryk Masters: Well, if you didn’t think this was going to happen sometime tonight, you’re a fool.

Other Guy: The rumor mill has been swirling all month with reasons why Dan Stein was left off of the Reckoning Day card, but I think we’re about to find out from the horse’s mouth.

Stein makes his way to the ring, running his hand through his medium length blonde hair. 

Eryk Masters: There’s Dan and his entourage, but…where’s Molly?

Other Guy: We have to remember, she’s also Stein’s assistant. Who knows what she’s up to backstage.

Stein spins around the ring with his arms outstretched, soaking in the reaction. Stein stops spinning and walks over to the ropes, leaning forward against them toward the camera. Stein puts the microphone to his mouth and the music dies out.

Dan Stein: Have a good Reckoning Day without Dan Stein?

The fans cheer, shaking the arena. Stein shakes his head, putting the microphone back to his mouth.

Dan Stein: Oh yeah, like the geriatric exhibition of X-Calibur and Loco Martinez was going to be a barnburner when both wrestlers had to come down to the ring with a walker.

Stein makes a “jerk off” motion with his hands.

Eryk Masters: Those two men forgot more about wrestling than Dan Stein knows.

Other Guy: Let’s not be too hasty, Eryk, Stein is a fierce competitor when he wants to be…he just rarely wants to be.

Dan Stein: You know you’d rather have a match with Dan Stein against…literally a wet paper bag and it’d be more enjoyable than that dumpster fire. Truth be told, you all were heartbroken you didn’t get to see Dan Stein wrestle at Reckoning Day, weren’t you? 

Stein steps back from the ropes, bobbing his head knowingly. Suddenly, Stein’s music hits again. 



Out from the backstage area steps Molly, Stein’s wife. The fans aren’t sure what to make of this.

Eryk Masters: THERE’S MOLLY! I wonder what news she has for Stein here.

Molly stops at the stage. She wears a cut up “Golden Boy” t-shirt to match her husband, as well as a nice black leather skirt and black high heels. Molly has something in her hand, but has it mostly covered up by the microphone to hide it.

Molly Stein: Hello, Dearest. 

She speaks to the point, with just a tinge of love in her words. 

Dan Stein: Hello, sweetheart. Why don’t you come down to the ring with me here?

Molly holds up her hand to keep Stein in the ring.

Molly Stein: Don’t worry, this will only take a few minutes. 

Molly thinks about it for a second, but shakes her head. She speaks, almost ignoring Stein.

Molly Stein: I was listening to what you were staying backstage while I tried to throw together a last second match against Johnny Patriot or Boyd Walton, but something stuck out to me.

The fans start to buzz right now, sensing the tension in Molly’s words.

Molly Stein: “Truth be told”, you said. “Truth”. 

Stein looks up at his wife on the stage as he starts to pace the ring.

Other Guy: I think we’re all as perplexed as Dan Stein is right now as to what in the hell is going on here.

Molly Stein: Here’s a little truth from me to you.

Molly unclasps the microphone, letting whatever was in her hand fall into her other hand. Molly then holds it up for the camera in front of her.

Eryk Masters: Is…is that…?

Other Guy: That’s a pregnancy test, and it looks like Stein passed!

Molly Stein: We’re going to be parents.

The fans in the arena realize now what is on the camera and erupt in cheers for Molly. Stein looks up at Molly in disbelief. Molly nods, tears welling up in her eyes. Stein catches his breath, and then dances around the ring in jubilation, pointing at all of the fans.


Molly Stein: Dan. DAN!

Molly cuts Stein off. She waits for him to stop before continuing through the tears.

Molly Stein: I need a break. From…all of this.

Dan Stein: What? What do you mean?

Molly Stein: Dan, you and I both know you haven’t spoken a single word of truth to these fans in over ten years. And to me in probably just as long. You…I can’t raise a child with you through this facade.

Molly finishes her sentence, Stein drops his microphone on the mat and jumps through the ropes, but Molly has already turned and left the stage. Stein races up the ramp, panicking, with Toni and Tina in tow. The arena, Eryk and OG, are all stunned at what’s happening. 

Eryk Masters: Wow…huge news from Molly Stein here tonight.

Other Guy: Certainly not what we were expecting…none of that really was.

Masters speaks again, his voice switching from “confusion” to “professional commentator” in an instant.

Eryk Masters: C-congratulations to the Steins!

Eryk Masters: Before we get underway with Kitsune vs. RAIKO, I’m being told RAIKO recorded comments earlier today.

Other Guy: Please have subtitles. Her English is even more brutal than what she does in the ring.

The scene cuts to just outside the Epicenter. Sitting on a bench, in a rather beat up coat, some jeans, a toque and some boots is RAIKO. Though the sun is out, it’s obviously cold out. The weather seems to be of no concern to her as she lights a cigarette and takes a drag.

RAIKO [subtitled]: Tonight… I end this. The harassment, the stupid back and forth banter, this absolute waste of my time… I end it. I’ve had to put up with this idiot constantly badgering me, claiming he loves me. Do you send your lowlife friends to attack someone after they beat you if you love them? Do you mock an injury that completely changed their life if you love them? Do you seek to control and own them if you love them? That’s not love. I may be mean, I may be nasty. I may be an enormous bitch. But I own that. I don’t make excuses or shy away from it. Much like everything else, I face that criticism head on. Just look what happened in our last match. I think stupid fox bitch got a lucky shot in. But I accepted that I lost. I didn’t beg or plead for a rematch. In fact, the only reason I took this match was to finally finish this! Truth be told, if I lose here… I won’t be able to look myself in the mirror. I don’t respect this stupid jackass in a mask. But I know damn well if I lose, then my freedom is gone. Don’t let the dumb jokes and immature humor fool you, this bastard won’t be kind to me. So this, to me, is a fight for my freedom. I can’t fathom losing. Losing… is not an option.

RAIKO flicks the cigarette out into the street before standing up and walking towards the Epicenter.

RAIKO Vs. Kitsune

“3AM (Rock Remix)” by Eminem featuring Travis Barker begins to play as Kitsune drags himself over to the corner.  He is clearly chuckling as the referee helps RAIKO get to her feet.

Eryk Masters:  This is sickening.  There’s no love lost with how RAIKO acts backstage and acts, well, in general but she doesn’t deserve this.

Other Guy:  Deserve what?  She lost, man.  It’s over.  She agreed to be nice to Kitsune.  She has to be nice to him.

Kitsune motions from the back as the music continues to play.  Out from the back comes Akuma Lee and Fuego Eterno.  Behind them comes a stranger to the scene.  He wears a black top hat and a long black duster.  He has a cane by his side as he walks, tapping it against the floor of the entrance.  As he walks, he removes his hat and reveals his face.  Reaching into the pocket of his duster, he withdraws a microphone.

Victor Thane:  Ladies and gentlemen, please cut the music for a moment.  We must speak about the matters before us here.

He smiles as “3AM” dies down.

Victor Thane:  Now, RAIKO, allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Victor Thane.  I am known as the Proper Villain.  You see, my dear girl, you have been the target of my friend Kitsune’s affections for quite some time.

As each member of GODSPEED enters the ring, Thane enters last, continuing to talk.  Fuego and Akuma circle her as Kitsune is now standing, nodding his head in earnest as Thane continues to talk.

Victor Thane:  And here we are, you see, to help our dear friend Kitsune collect on the debt you now owe.

RAIKO glares at Thane as he speaks.

Victor Thane:  You see, once upon a time this may have been GODSPEED.  We may have been a faction of underdogs seeking the approval of the masses.  But now, my dear, we are Proper Villainz.  

Thane himself cringes at the use of the “z” at the end.  Behind him, Akuma and Kitsune high five.

Victor Thane:  And Proper Villainz won’t wait to get what is owed to them.  And, my dear…you owe Kitsune.  And for the next few weeks, you will owe him everything.  As a matter of fact, RAIKO…one could say that Kitsune…owns you.

She grits her teeth, clutching the back of her head in pain.  She is furious.

Victor Thane:  For now, come along child.  We have much to discuss.  Your future with us can be as bright as you want it to be…

He bends down to get closer to her.

Victor Thane:  …or as dark as you want it to be.

At this point, RAIKO’s had enough.  She snaps at Thane and rolls from the ring.  She marches to the back.

Victor Thane:  Villainz…after her.

As if on cue, Akuma and Fuego roll from the ring and head up after her.  Kitsune holds his arms up in victory as the fans rain down boos to him.  He seems confused by their response but Thane puts his arm around Kitsune, telling him to ignore the masses.

Eryk Masters: I mean, I don’t know exactly what all of this means, but I remember Victor Thane from before and that’s bad news in my opinion. The Proper Villainz? I think I miss GODSPEED already, and where is Tadakatsu in all of this?!

Other Guy: Hopefully we’ll get some answers soon, but until then, we’re headed to the back where tonight’s challengers for the World Tag Team Championships have been spotted, and Abigail Chase is on her way to meet them!

We’re now backstage where Loco Martinez and X-Calibur are walking side by side. Loco hops every yard or so, warming up his legs and feet as X-Calibur rolls his wrists. X occasionally pounds a right palm with a closed left fist being the southpaw that he is while Loco throws an upwards thrusting knee. They pass various personnel who nod at them, appreciative of the two legends coming together for a tag team match once again. Once in a while someone speaks up for the camera to pick it up. 

“Go get ‘em!”

“Screw those idiots!”

“You guys got this!”

X and Loco chuckle at this as they walk by all the unused tables, ladders, and chairs that are held together with multiple layers of shrink wrap. Because, well, you just never know.

Once LoCalibur make their way into the production area, they stop mere feet from Gorilla where Abigail Chase awaits with microphone in hand.

Abigail Chase: Gentlemen! I know you’re mere seconds away from competing in tonight’s main event, but may I have a moment of your time? 

Loco and X look at each other briefly and shrug.

X-Calibur: I mean, would we really say no to that, Abigail? HOW long have you known us again..?

Loco holds up a finger about to “Well Actually” one of his best friends.

Loco Martinez: I mean… at ONE point in time? We were TOTALLY dickbaggy enough to say, “no!” Then probably some degrading shit… 

X-Calibur: Oh, degrading ain’t even the word for it. 

Loco Martinez: …but then would STILL give you the interview, anyway.

Abigail chuckles.

Abigail Chase: You are both moments away from not only teaming for the first time in about a decade, but you are also competing for the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championships.  How are each of your nerves doing right now?

X and Loco hold out their hands. X’s is steady while Loco’s is… shaky?

X-Calibur: Hahaha. REALLY?!

Loco shrugs sheepishly and then makes a quick fist numerous times trying to steady himself.

Loco Martinez: Yeah dude. My body hasn’t experienced this level of adrenaline on the regular in HOW many years? As someone who’s got anxiety and is just naturally high strung? This REALLY shouldn’t be shocking. The performance anxiety is a’ FLOWING tonight. Sheeeeyiiiiit … Should’ve seen my hands before OUR match. 

X-Calibur: I get it, dude. I’m just pickin’. Honestly, I thought it was the coffee in catering cause that shit tastes like motor oil infused with Alden Butcher’s crotch sweat. Not that I’d know what THAT tastes like, but you know. The imagery should tell ya all you need to know. I digress. You’re right… this is the first high profile match you’ve had in years.

X turns to face Abigail.

X-Calibur: And that should make the Champions nervous as all hell. ‘Cause when the chips are down and it’s all on the line? Nerves of steel or nerves of rubber, I wouldn’t want another fuckin’ SOUL in my corner than this guy right here.

Loco Martinez: Second. You and I DID just go toe to toe, and I THINK we could call that high profile.  I wouldn’t be here without this man.

Slaps X on the shoulder.

Loco Martinez: I know that beyond this match, beyond the ring, beyond SHOOT. In LIFE, X-Calibur has my back. I know despite all my nerves and everything? That going to the ring with THIS icon next to my side? Anything is possible, which INCLUDES us walking out of this place with a set of Tag Team gold we’ve never held… shit I don’t even know if we’ve ever gotten CLOSE to. 

X nods and rolls his shoulder until it pops a few times.

X-Calibur: It’s true. We haven’t. Just… fate always seemed to have other plans for us while we’ve been inside of a SHOOT Project ring. That is… until right fuckin’ now. Because… this is it. I feel it. Loc feels it. THEY, out there in the Epicenter, feel it! I know YOU can feel it, Abigail! And soon?! When those Scoundrels walk to that ring and see us both standing there itching our fuckin’ necks like some coked up Dave Chapelle meme? When they inch closer and closer to us and have to remove their belts for Tony or Clark and we begin to lay down the unholiest of all beatdowns on their stupid, scrawny asses? THEY’RE sure as fuck gonna feel it too.

“We R Who We R” by Ke$ha can be heard playing as the crowd SHOOT Pop Pops loud for Loco Martinez.

X-Calibur: I really hate your theme music.

Loco Martinez: Yeah well ANARCHY! called, they want their outdated heavy metal back.

X-Calibur: We are sooooo never coming out together. And you take that back!! Pantera will NEVER be outdated!!

Loco looks at Abigail, smirking. Clearly, he misses this.

Loco Martinez: Hard to believe it’s been ten years.

X-Calibur: Dude. You better get out there before Josh starts handing out fuckin’ refunds. You probably already missed your cue.

Loco Martinez: If you would stop trying to get the last word I would!!

X says nothing.

Loco Martinez: That’s better. See you in a minute!

X’s mouth quivers, trying to hold it back. Loco stretches one last time while X covers his mouth to help control himself. Just as Loco disappears out into the adulation of the crowd, X releases his hand from his mouth.

X-Calibur(scoffs): …bitch.

Loco Martinez (Muffled in the distance): Heard that! 

X looks at Abigail, shaking his head

X-Calibur(scoffs): My theme song is NOT outdated.

He catches a skeptical look from Abigail.

X-Calibur: It’s not… is it?! 

LoCalibur Vs. The Sin City Scoundrels (c)

Eryk Masters: Oh man, the Scoundrels snuck that in! 

Other Guy: I dunno if I’d call it a sneak, Lucas hit the Scoundrelcanrana and Mike was quick enough to catch Loco in the middle of the ring to stop him from breaking up the count. 

Suddenly, two HUGE men run down the ramp! The crowd goes nuts, as Power Devil and Superbeast rush down in a flurry, dressed in street clothes! Power Devil is wearing a Gatecreeper t-shirt, Superbeast is wearing a Power Trip t-shirt, and both men are wearing jeans and boots. 

Other Guy: Of COURSE those guys are fans of Gatecreeper and Power Trip! 

Eryk Masters: Even more than that, they’re laying WASTE to the Sin City Scoundrels right now, with X-Calibur and Loco Martinez just looking on in the corner! 

Both members of the Scoundrels are in a bad way in two corners, as the Unholy Cyber Army just barrages them with boot after boot after boot! Power Devil pulls Mike Sexton back up to his feet, shouts for his partner, and they set up and deliver HEAVEN TORN ASUNDER! The crowd goes CRAZY! 

Other Guy: The Scoundrels have had a rough go of it, both at Ruination and now tonight! First KHARRION, and NOW the Unholy Cyber Army! 

Eryk Masters: God, honestly. These guys just defended the tag titles against two SHOOT Project LEGENDS and THIS is how they’re treated?! 

Superbeast goes back to Luke Sexton, drives a few more boots into him, before pulling HIM up and dragging him towards Power Devil for another HEAVEN TORN ASUNDER! The Unholy Cyber Army stands over the Sin City Scoundrels, holding the World Tag Team Championships high in the air! Then…the lights short out?

Eryk Masters:  Oh man this is weird now, come on…

“Nights in White Satin” by Oceans of Slumber begins to play in the darkness.  Slowly, ever so slowly, the lights flicker back to life and we see Power Devil and Superbeast on their guard, we see Luke and Mike Sexton groggy in the corners, and we see Loco Martinez and X-Calibur face to face…with VOID…AND OBSIDIAN.

Eryk Masters:  WHAT.

Other Guy:  Are they…wait, are those two on the same side?!

Without any further warning, Void grabs a hold of Loco and whips him to Obsidian, who catches the legend and SLAMS him down with a chokeslam!  X goes to attack Void, but having been through it with the Scoundrels against a fresh Void, X is quickly countered and locked in the Call of the Void submission!  Void howls in excitement as Obsidian kneels down and gets in X-Calibur’s face.  The camera is close enough to catch what the monster whispers to him.

Obsidian:  It is nothing personal, my friend.  Perhaps you should have left.

Void releases the hold and slams X’s head down to the mat, which Obsidian quickly stomps down on to keep him down.  Meanwhile, the Unholy Cyber Army has rallied and are now face to face with both Void and Obsidian!  Power Devil and Superbeast are HYPED and snarling as they stand toe to toe with the two monsters!  The fans are eating this alive!

Eryk Masters:  Guys, what’s about to happen?!  Why did Void and Obsidian attack X-Calibur and Loco Martinez?!

Other Guy:  Why are they together??!

Eryk Masters:  I can’t believe this, but we’re outta time!

The Scoundrels are starting to come to, as are X-Calibur and Loco with the four of them staring at their four attackers in the center of the ring, measuring one another up.  Before a punch is thrown, a hold locked in, an attack made, SHOOT fades to black.