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Revolution 169

Eryk Masters is ready to open the show with Other Guy at his side.  However, at Masters’ other side there’s a desk chair that’s turned so that we only see the back.  The top of someone’s head can barely be seen hovering just above the back of the chair.

Eryk Masters:  It’s Revolution 169, and we…are…LIVE! Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, to another action packed night overflowing with legendary moments complimented by amazing athletes.  That’s because…this is THE SHOOT Project…celebrating 21 unbelievable years of the greatest professional wrestling in the sport, today.  

Other Guy: True story, ‘Ryk, and there’s not another promotion that can hold us back, or hold us down.  If this is a comparison of steaks then the SHOOT Project is a T-Bone in a world full of PRIME ribs.  

Eryk Masters:  Was that a rib?  Either way, there’s no debating that, my friend, and there’s no debating the great card we have in store for you all this evening.  But, before we dive into that…

The desk chair swivels around to reveal Ben Bronson sitting alongside Masters and OG.  He’s slouched, with his legs crossed and his fingers methodically twiddling.  His smile is as cocky as it’s ever been, full of teeth and disgust, all while his eye gleams toward the camera with a hiked brow.

Eryk Masters: …we are joined to start the evening by one of the competitors in tonight’s APEX Qualifier, and that’s the man who calls himself the Spitter Homerun Hitter, former REIGN Champion, and – 

Ben Bronson: And the NEXT Rules of Surrender Champion.  That’s right, friends, it’s me, it’s me, it’s the Big Bad Double-B, Ben Bronson, large and in charge, here to spice up the chitter-chatter that’s typically polluting your ears and brought to you by two simpletons who don’t know whether to wind their ass or scratch their wrist watch.  

Eryk Masters:  O…k.  Folks, last night we started the year off better than ever with, perhaps, the best Ruination main event we’ve ever seen.  

Ben Bronson:  Was it though?  Was it really the best?  

Other Guy:  How is that even a question?

Ben Bronson:  Because it is.

Eryk Masters: Often times we hear people say there’s no such thing as stupid questions, but here’s that particular moment where Ben proves those people wrong.

Ben Bronson: That’s good, Eryk.  That’s real good.  But, let’s be honest, what we witnessed last night was nowhere near the greatest match to start the new year.  Was it good?  OK, perhaps we can say that Sehpoopoo and Robojoe had an alright shuffle in the showcase, but to use the word great about describing their shindig?  That’s just…ignorant.

Other Guy:  Great word.  You know all about it, I’m sure.

Ben Bronson:  Ignorance is a universal language, you poor-man’s Dutch Harris.  However, as I mentioned last night, I’m doing this not just to do my superstar duty of excellently marketing the SHOOT Project APEX tournament, but to also continue my research.  It’s another fine night to gather some good old fashion information.  INTEL: Night Two.  I’m interested.  I’m intrigued.  I’m…engrossed.  Well, more likely than not I’ll be grossed because tonight I’ve got my beautiful blue eyes on two…competitors…or, whatever they may call themselves.  

Eryk Masters: We’re starting the night off with the Sisters of Steel going up against Fear & Loathing.  Ria and Dani have been a force, lately, and I do not doubt we’ll see these two competing for the tag titles later this year.

Other Guy:  Perhaps sooner, rather than later.

Ben Bronson: The Simpleton Sisters have no reason or right to be competing against UCA.  However, that’s not to say they won’t get their three seconds of fame.  We all know the world is full of Rudy’s fighting through practice for a starting position so that they can get one simple sack and then never see the field again.  Speaking of sacks, it’s probably in your best interest to have one if you’re gonna take a leap of faith against the Unholy Roid Ragers.  

Eryk Masters: Let’s cu-

Ben Bronson:  Yes, cue the music.  Let’s get this show on the road.  I need to witness this mediocre example of a tag team performance and then partake in my pre-match ritual of…doing nothing, really.  I’m just such a God damned natural that I don’t need to do anything to be a winner.  I’m supercharged from the momentum; especially from all my fans.

Other Guy: You don’t have fans.

Ben Bronson: It’s about that old adage – if you don’t like me, but still watch everything I do, then let’s face it…you’re a fan.

Eryk Masters:  Alright, let’s hurry this up so that we can get you out of here.  Sisters of Steel, Fear & Loathing, we start the night off with an excellent tag team match and it’s…RIGHT NOW!…

Sisters of Steel Vs. Fear & Loathing

We come back to Eryk Masters standing in the ring, crowd unsure as to what’s going on here.

Eryk Masters: Thank you all.  Thank you all for allowing me another amazing year being a part of the SHOOT Project!  Now, with that being said, we have closed another amazing year here at SHOOT Project.  And at the end of every year, we honor a select few that have transcended the rank of your average SHOOT Project soldier and have become legends in the sport.  Every year we celebrate entries into the SHOOT PROJECT HALL OF FAME!

He gives the people a few more moments to cheer, some of them chanting for their favorite inductees.  

Eryk Masters: This year, we not only have one heck of a class, but we also have the largest class in SHOOT Project history!  Now over my long career I have had the pleasure to call matches for each one of these ladies and gentleman.  And every one of them have been exciting highlights for me.  So.  Ladies and gentleman.  Help me out here while I welcome down Ayumi Seppuku, Buck Dresden, Eddie E, Trey Willett, and Dan Stein!  Your 2021 SHOOT PROJECT HALL OF FAME CLASS!!

The Crowd Erupts as all five members of the 2021 SHOOT Project Hall of Fame emerge from behind the curtain.  Each of them stop while coming down the ramp to shake hands, high five, and even hug one or two fans on their way down.  Each of them play up the adoration all the way to the ring before they all get inside.  The five of the mill around in the center of the ring for a second, continuing to acknowledge the fans before Eryk Masters hands the microphone to Ayumi Seppuku.

Ayumi Seppuku: Hello SHOOT Project! Hello, Las Vegas!

The crowd responds accordingly to the call-out as Ayumi smiles and waves her hand.

Ayumi Seppuku: I’ll try and keep this short and sweet because despite what some of you may think, I’m not one for overlong, sappy speeches.

Everyone can see her fellow Hall of Famers chuckle behind her as she smiles.

Ayumi: As I said right in this ring the last time you heard from me, you have no idea how much you all have meant to me and have kept me from some dark, dark places these last few months. I won’t mince words – I ran away from SHOOT Project because I didn’t trust in the people of SHOOT Project but more importantly I didn’t trust in myself.

To have this honor and recognition? After all of this? To be the first woman inducted into the SHOOT Project Hall of Fame is just…

Ayumi lowers the microphone trying to keep it together as the crowd cheers her on.

Ayumi: DAMMIT. And I just promised I don’t do sappy speeches… but that’s okay because THIS? Right here? Being named to the Hall of Fame isn’t some swan song – it’s the spark that’s going to ignite a whole new era of what is possible in SHOOT Project. I can’t wait for you all to see what’s next.

Ayumi lowers the microphone and hands it over to Eddie as she wipes at her eyes and moves out of the way.

Eddie holds the mic up his mouth, his grin inescapable.  He inhales as if he’s about to speak, then drops his arms to his sides and takes a moment to look at the crowd in the Epicenter, blinking rapidly, setting his mouth to hold back something.  He puts his hand over his heart and exhales slowly, before finally speaking into it, the years having added a gravelly fry to his thick Londoner accent. 

Eddie E.:  Look, I’ll let the people who have achieved more than me carry on here in just a second, alright?  And, in fact, I intend to keep this short and to the point, because I’ve been enough of a windbag in my years to last a few lifetimes. 

He drops the mic and looks to Trey, who mimes a pain in the side of his neck–dreaded T.N.S., no doubt.  Both men laugh at one another for a moment, and The Willenium puts a hand on his old friend’s shoulder, gripping him reassuringly. 

Eddie E.: I’ve been a lot of things in this life.  And for far longer than I’m proud to admit, I was a burnout.  But this company, these people, you fans…have made sure that I had a second act I could be proud of.  And I know I’ve got some notoriety for chasing legs and even more for being a sarcastic asshole, but let me speak clearly, emphatically, and honestly. 

He looks to the rafters.  Finds the words. 

Eddie E.: Thank you, every single one of you, for this honor.  It is the greatest thing I have achieved in this life. 

He raises his free arm, kissing his fingers, and mouthing “thank you” over and over, as Buck Dresden gets a hold of the mic.  The fans pop for the Iron Fist Champion as he takes a moment, composes himself, and begins to speak.

Buck:  This wasn’t supposed to happen to a guy like me.  Jonas Coleman, Charles Magnus, these guys with me now…these are the guys that belong in a Hall of Fame.

Buck motions to the lot of them and then looks back to the fans.

Buck:  But the fact is, like Ayumi, you fans out there said it was supposed to happen to a guy like me.  You fans have never given up on me.  You have never stopped believing in me and whenever I’ve wanted to call it a day on this career of mine…and God knows I’ve wanted to…your love, your respect, and your loyalty has kept me coming back again…and again…and again.

The fans applaud.  He lets it quiet down before continuing.

Buck:  You all keep payin’ me this kind of love, this kind of respect, an’ when things get tough, I know I’ll have to stand right back up for each and every one of you.  I love you, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, and don’t you worry about the ride we’re on because it ain’t over.

The fans pop once more as Buck motions to Dan Stein to step up to the mic. Dan waves him off with a smile, mouthing that the ‘fans want more Buck’. Buck again motions to Dan to step up, and Dan grins as he limps over to the microphone, quickly.




The fans chant at Dan as he steps up, Dan raises a hand and gestures for the crowd to quiet down.

Dan Stein: I learned about this little shindig just before the show, so forgive me if I’m a little out of sorts, I’ve got an infant at home who rarely sleeps through the night.

Dan laughs.

Dan Stein: I just want to say that being inducted into the SHOOT Project Hall of Fame alongside these four other pillars of SHOOT Project’s history is the greatest honor I have ever achieved. When I found out that the Faithful had voted for my induction it brought a tear to my eye. For years now, you and I have been on bad terms, Faithful. Yet, you saw through my dickheadedness and debauchery and recognized my accomplishments. 

Dan pauses, adjusting the Shut Up and FIGHT! Championship on his shoulder. The fans in the arena cheer for him. Dan again gestures for them to quiet.

Dan Stein: Thank you. I cherish this moment above all others. 

Dan raises a finger, cutting himself off with a laugh.

Dan Stein: Except my wedding and my daughter. I better correct that or I’ll be sleeping on the couch tonight. But, seriously, thank you to each and every one of you that voted for me, that cheers for me tonight, or who posts mean message board content on Twatter. You’re the reason I do this, and I’m thankful for you. 

Dan looks back at the row of men behind him, honing in on Trey Willett.

Dan Stein: I guess that just…leaves…you. 

Trey Willett grabs the microphone from Dan and gives a half- hearted “put em up” move with his hands before laughing and patting Dan on the back.  Dan begrudgingly pats Trey on the back in kind.  Trey pulls the microphone to his mouth.

Trey Willett: Listen, SHOOT you have no idea how much money and begging I had to do to let Dan Stein let me go on last.  Seriously.  It hurt this man’s soul to let me have the last word.

Dan Stein rolls his eyes and comes to rest in the corner, allowing his rival to have his moment.

As Trey brings the microphone to speak again, he notices that there is no sound coming from it.  He taps it once or twice, but still no sound.

??????: Then let me make this a lot easier for Mr. Stein and I’ll take the last word and you’ll shut your damned mouth for once.

The fans of SHOOT Project immedialey go from excited cheering to jarred silence.  “Saturn Barz” by the Gorillaz start to play over the PA system when MALICE steps out from behind the curtain.  In the ring, Eddie E has a stunned look on his face, as if he’d seen a ghost.  He begins to make his way to the back of the ring.  Buck Dresden, with an annoyed look on his face can be seen mouthing “This ain’t your time, son.” as he leans on the ropes towards the ramp.  Dan Stein, infuriated that someone would take this moment from them readies himself for a fight.  Aymu Seppuku, also ready to storm the ramp, looks towards Trey looking for the next move.  Trey closes his eyes and drops his head at the sound of Malice’s voice.  Trey raises his hands to try to simmer the rest of the Hall of Famers in the ring.  

Malice begins to make his way down to the ring.  

Malice: How DARE you stand in the ring with the rest of these men and women, Trey.  How DARE you pretend to be on the same level of any of them.  What are you in the Hall of Fame for?  Did no one tuck tail and run away when things got hard as well as you did?  Was there no one else in the SHOOT Project as good at destroying their family and abandoning their friends?  Did you get the award for sitting back as your best friend laid in a coma?  TELL ME!

Buck looks done, and is mouthing out to Trey “Thats about enough of this.”  Malice is making his way down the ramp when he stops about five feet shy of the apron.  His gaze never looking towards any of the other Hall of Fame inductees in the ring.  Trey finally looks up to meet Malice’s gaze.  The crowd is booing loudly and begin to toss garbage in the direction of Malice who doesn’t seem to notice.  

Malice: I’m not going to crash your little party anymore, Trey.  You prance out here in the ring.  You hide behind your betters for now.  Just know, you won’t be able to hide from me forever.  Your reckoning is coming.  No amount of Hall of Fame nods or “Semi-Retirement” nonsense will save you from it.  Just be ready.  I’m coming home…Dad.

The microphone THUDs on the ground in feedback as Malice turns his back on the ring, making his way back up the ramp.  The others seems to consider going after him, but all of them collectively decide to let the slight go.  The fans continue to boo loudly until Malice finally makes his way back behind the curtain.  As soon as Malice is gone, Ayumi Seppuku motions towards the fans, and back towards her other fellow Hall of Fame Inductees to try to swing the mood back towards a happier feeling.  The fans respond in kind as Dan Stein and Buck Dresden start playing to the crowd again who erupt in applause.  Trey, still staring down the ramp notices Eddie E place a reassuring hand on his shoulder.    We cut out as the fans start chanting the names of their favorite Hall of Fame Inductee.

Doozer Vs. Brian Calahan Vs. Go Gensai

There is a voice in the air.

The camera opens up to reveal the vast, empty desert.  The camera sweeps across the land until we see Las Vegas on the horizon.  It fades to black.

It calls to me, it whispers in my ear.  It tells me things that make me question, make me doubt, make me fear.

The camera opens back up on the SHOOT Project Epicenter.  It lifts up, past the bustle of the Epicenter, and looks upon the infamous Las Vegas Strip.  It fades to black.

That voice, it hisses like ice.  It cracks like thunder.  It howls like the wind.  It speaks of darkness.  Helplessness.  The neverending abyss.

The camera opens back up once again, this time on a large gaping maw just off of the Strip.  It descends down into the darkness.  Black once more.

The voice often sounds familiar.  It sounds haunted.  Sad.  It is filled with regret of a life long bereft of hope, of love, of safety.  I know this voice.

The camera opens once more on the darkness of the maw, where graffiti peppers the walls and trash litters the ground.  Fires abound, music is heard, hushed whispers in the dark.

This voice knows what I know.  It says what I say.

The camera settles on a hooded individual, his head bowed.  He lifts his head to reveal his face, wearing a black and white mask modeled after a human skull.  His face is obviously heavily damaged but who he is is abundantly clear.  His dyed white hair falls into his face and he slowly smiles at you.

The voice reminds the city, the SHOOT Project, that if you stare too long into the void…

Void:  The Void stares back.


Instant black.

Josh Conway Vs. Steve Solex Vs. Ben Bronson

We’re directed to an anxious Abigail Chase guiding the cameraman toward Ben Bronson who is awkwardly pacing back and forth.  Bronson is fresh off a loss in a triple threat qualifier for the Apex, so he’s drenched in sweat and still wearing his in-ring attire.  Ben stops on a dime and delivers a glare toward Chase and her crew.

Ben Bronson:  What?  You want an interview?  

He reaches forward and rips the microphone from Chase’s hand.  The interviewer gasps and takes a step back as the camera focuses on the livid Bronson. 

Ben Bronson:  Bitch.  You don’t get to ask me questions.  First, I’d like to file a complaint against the referee, Josh Conway and Steve Solex for the conspiracy that just occurred in the ring.  These three jerks worked together to smite Ben Bronson.  I can’t believe this.  I can’t!  I am yet again held down for being better than every single superstar in this company.  I am the real winner of the match, and I will now dub myself the SHOOT Project Rules of Surrender Champion.  My road to the belt has been STOLEN FROM ME.  THIEVES! REPROBATES! Once I get my hands on that belt…I WILL RAISE IT…

His arm is raised and his eyes are closed.  His basking stops as his eyes snap open and he continues his tirade.

Ben Bronson: Next, I’m going to tell you what’s really got my goat.  There’s so much wrong with SHOOT Project.  Just. Look. Around. You.  What do you see?  I’ll tell you what I see.  I wasn’t proactive enough with THE MAN holding me back.  So, let’s talk about the future and what’s at stake.  I’m going to be proactive.  I see a WOMAN in a MAN’S main event.  TWO NIGHTS IN A ROW!  I see MEN, WARRIORS, losing to WOMEN!  I’ve spent the past 24 hours watching men lose.  Ayumi Seppuku defeated one of THE BEST pound for pound fighters in SHOOT Project, and the Sisters of Steel defeated one of the best teams in our sport!  Gentlemen…we are losing.  TO WOMEN!  

He shakes his head and takes a moment to reflect as he stares at the ground below.  He slowly raises his head.

Ben Bronson: Even Azraith, the SHOOT Project GOD, could not defeat a woman to become the Master of the mat.  He lost!  CLEAN!  The same GOAT has a daughter who recently held the title that should be around my waist!  I’m beside myself.  Appalled.  We’ve gone soft.  No mojo.  Hell, Buck Dresden, the HERO [he uses his fingers to quote the word “hero”], was buried alive by a Bible whoring Nicole Bass wannabe.  I – AM – SICK!

Ben Bronson: Sick, and tired.  I’m going to fix this.  I told your bitch-ass world champion that I’ll take it into my own hands, and I will.  Breedlove failed to take out the trash.  He should have put Troy out of her God damned misery.  We are failing.  This is a man’s job, and I won’t continue to sit back and watch sinister sirens luring my soldier brethren toward the demise of masculinity!

He walks up to the camera so that all we see is the disgust littering his face. 

Ben Bronson: …and I’ll start in two weeks.  I know exactly who I’m coming for.  Get out of my face – 

He smacks the camera away as it falls to the floor.  We see a low cockeyed angle of a startled and irritated Abigail Chase.  She mouths “what a jerk” toward the camera man, and the scene transitions… 

Jamie Johnson Vs. NEMESIS

The arena comes to a hush as a brass ensemble begins to make its way to the top of the ramp. They’re all dressed in some form of red, black, and gold, giving a hint as to what this may belong to, and so the Faithful begin to boo. 

Eryk Masters: If this is what I think it is, this might be the greatest thing I’ve ever seen in this business, OG.

Other Guy: Really? The greatest thing you’ve seen in this business? What do you think this is, exactly? 

Before Masters can answer, an explosion of trumpets, trombones, french horns, and more blast through the arena in a brass processional. The cameras pan out, showing ballet dancers, also adorned in red, black, and gold, dancing atop the Revolution video wall! There’s a roaring crescendo as gold and red pyro begins to fall from the sky! 


Other Guy: Don’t say it.

Eryk Masters: MY HEART IS PEEING!!!

Timpani players appear, rhythmically hammering on their drums as the musical procession reaches its climax before… 


The crowd boos MERCILESSLY.

Eryk Masters: YESSSSSS!!!! The SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion is here!!!

Superbeast, Power Devil, Cromwell Yarbury, and Muratagi Hanzo make their way to the top of the ramp as the shadow of a palanquin, adorned in red and gold, begins to creep its way onto the stage, carried by faceless men. The palanquin holds none other than the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion… JOSHUA BREEDLOVE.

Other Guy: Couple of interesting notes here as this crazy abomination continues… no KIMO. No Ultimo Muerte. El Paria and Clemson Dean are not present either.

Eryk Masters: Well, can’t speak to Muerte, but KIMO is no longer part of the Empire, as of Ruination. Mutual separation and all that. KIMO’s got his eyes on the Iron Fist Championship. I don’t know anything about Paria, but Dean is probably in the back doing the accounting or something…

As the palanquin reaches the ring, the faceless carriers drop to a knee so that Breedlove may walk from it into the ring. The ropes are being held open by Clemson Dean and El Paria, and Breedlove has a microphone. 

Joshua Breedlove: Oh my GOD, what an amazing thing we have here! 

To the boos of the Faithful, Joshua Breedlove holds up the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship. 

Joshua Breedlove: I told you all that I’d be the spoiler. The ruiner. I’m not going to call NEMESIS the former Fraudweight Champion, though. She gave me a very, very difficult fight she just… well… wasn’t quite good enough. She got beat. Fell. Lost. Is a loser, technically speaking. Insanely talented. Scary in the ring. 

He smiles and looks lovingly at the championship belt.

Joshua Breedlove: No longer the champion. That honor? That privilege? Well, I dedicate my win to you, SHOOT Project Faithful. I want you to know that I did all of this, the palanquin, the processional… don’t you guys just love brass ensembles and ballet dancers?! I did all of that for you. I go out every day, fight SO hard… so that I can look at all of you out there… every one of you, and I can gladly and rightly declare myself… the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion. 

Breedlove exuberantly and emphatically holds the championship up and bounces around the ring with it, hyping himself up. The crowd is not into it, just continuously booing and letting the man know their displeasure.

Joshua Breedlove: Ahhh, that’s fine. Let’s talk about the future. NEMESIS is the past, right? You know who’s next? The MASTER OF THE MAT winner! LINDSAY TROY.

The crowd pops for Troy.

Joshua Breedlove: The SAME Lindsay Troy whose moment I RUINED at the end of Master of the Mat by drilling her dumb skull into a chair with a burning hammer! 

He laughs uproariously as the crowd continues to pepper him with boos! 

Joshua Breedlove: The thing I’ve learned about how all of this works during my career is that you gotta strike when they’re least expecting it, and I think Ms. Troy expected to be able to enjoy her moment just… you know, just a little bit…

He holds his thumb and forefinger up, signifying a small amount.

Joshua Breedlove: But nah, I’m the World Heavyweight fuckin’ Champion, BITCH, and I do what I want! Neutralize VALOR. Neutralize Azraith, no hard feelings by the way, big guy… and then DECIMATE Lindsay Troy. It was the PERFECT event for me in every way. EVERY way. It’s the perfect introduction into what will be a glorious  and magnificent World Heavyweight Championship reign, and it’ll all start by ruining Lindsay Troy’s dreams and aspirations! 

He smiles directly into the camera, but his smile turns to a frown as “Put ‘Em in the Grave” by the Jedi Mind Tricks interrupts his thoughts and Lindsay Troy saunters out to the stage with a microphone in hand! 

Eryk Masters: Oh no! She’s going to ruin everything! 

Other Guy: Please. Lindsay Troy is not going to sit back there just listening to this go on. She won the Master of the Mat tournament, for fuck’s sake! She’s in elite company! 

Eryk Masters: Puhleeze. I respect the hell out of Lindsay Troy, but this is the champ’s moment! 

The Faithful are firmly behind the Master of the Mat winner, who lifts the talky-stick to her lips. 

Lindsay Troy: You’re a dummy ass bitch, Josh. 

Cromwell Yarbury holds a hand up and leans forward towards Breedlove’s microphone, interrupting Lindsay Troy.

Cromwell Yarbury: That’s Mr. Breedlo–

Lindsay Troy: Shut up, clown. Josh, you’ve got to seriously be on one if you think this whole thing is going to just be sunshine and rainbows falling out of your ass. What you did at Master of the Mat wasn’t just obnoxious, it was stupid. Stupid, because you found a brand new way to irritate me. Stupid, because you took a moment from me that should have just been mine. Stupid, because you just don’t understand the unholy shitstorm of consequences you’ve unleashed, do you? 

Breedlove goes to speak, but Troy holds a hand up.

Lindsay Troy: No, fucknut, I’m not done talking. All you’ve done by handling the ending of Master of the Mat the way you did was put an expiration date on your World title reign. As soon as we meet in the ring, you’re done. Kaput. Over. There’s not gonna be a hundred-whatever day Sin City title reign in your future with the World Title, and I’m not gonna play a cat and mouse game with you either. You’re the prey.

Troy smiles.

Lindsay Troy: And I’m the predator. 

Breedlove begins to throw a tantrum in the ring as Yarbury and Hanzo start to make their way up the ramp to end this interruption and silence Lindsay Troy.

Eryk Masters: She’s holding her ground! What is she thinking!? Get out of there!

Other Guy: She’s not scared of these guys, that’s what she’s thinking. 

As if on cue, Pat Cassidy, NEMESIS, Ayumi Seppuku, Courtney Hatchett, and Kayden Paulton make their presence known as they come out on the ramp and stand behind Lindsay Troy, stopping Hanzo and Yarbury in their tracks! 

“I knew we should have left more back there instead of Paria and Clemson! Fuck!” Breedlove yells, audible but off mic. 

Before anything else can go down, a huge pile of security begins to swarm down the ramp, getting between VALOR and the Unholy Breedlove Empire. They’re joined by Eddie E., Donovan King, and the Real Deal, who keeps his eyes locked on Joshua Breedlove, as if to warn him against any further action! 

Eryk Masters: This is getting out of control! Security’s here! The Empire is stalled! VALOR stands at the top of the ramp and a message has CLEARLY been sent. 

Other Guy: This shit is CRAZY. There’s SO much security out here and you’ve got like… the entire C-Suite out here too, good LORD. 

Eryk Masters: We’re getting word in our headset that we’ve gotta cut the show! We’re out of time! I’m Eryk Masters! That’s the Other Guy! This is Revolution! Holy shit there’s so many people out here! Goodnight everybody!