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Revolution 173

Revolution 173

Table of Contents

The SHOOT Project logo burns into the scene and fades out in a wisp of smoke as the initial keys of “Tougher Colder Killer” by EI-P featuring Killer Mike fades in.


To the mother of my enemy I just killed your son

He died with his face to the sky and it cannot be undone


A splatter of blood flies across the screen. Within the splatter the image of the World Tag Team Champions, The Unholy Cyber Army lay waste to an unseen opponent. The champions unleash a silent roar that shakes the entire image.


He didn’t die hard in the end he just grinned and bowed

Made him dig his own grave at the point of a gun while he laughed to the gods out loud


Another splatter of blood covers the first, this time the image shows Pat Cassidy driving his opponent into the canvas face first to win the Sin City Championship.


And it made me wanna jump out a window 

And it made me wanna scream

Tear my face off run through the streets

Pandemonium me fucked by decree


This time, the splatter splashes outward, covering the scene in large red splotches. In each splotch is a different image. We see Lexi Gold landing the moonsault neckbreaker drop that won her the Shut Up & Fight Championship from different angles in each image.


Came a long way from young and alive when I was not blind

Now I cannot see

Grace in reverse at best it gets worse and I wanted you to know

Since then I don’t sleep


A fresh splatter flies across the screen with images of Buck Dresden obliterating an opponent with the Buck Shot cut with another image of Buck submitting an opponent with his high angle cloverleaf in defense of his Iron Fist Championship.


And the uniform, tags, side arm and ID that I wore when I got sent C.O.D

To the HQ note reading this is not me

And hate you for making me make a man bleed


Another, larger splatter flies across the screen, covering most of it. In this splatter we see images of Joshua Breedlove winning the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship interspersed with the image of the champion leveling Lindsay Troy with a burning hammer.


And before the man passed and his last gasp fled

And this is why I’m writing you now his eyes gleamed


The blood burns away and, in the large flakes of ash we see images of The Apex participants. Dan Stein, Jacob Mephisto, Cal Crawford, NEMESIS, Josh Conway, and RAIKO all make an appearance as the ashes twist in an unseen breeze.


And he pointed to the part of his chest that still beats

Looked dead in my grill and then said this to me


A fire bursts from the darkness, images of the other block of Apex participants appearing in the flames. We can see Void, Ayumi Seppuku, Go Gensai, IAM, Jamie Johnson, and Nate Robideau dancing their deadly dance in the fire.


There’s a tougher colder killer than

A tougher colder killer than

A tougher colder killer than you


Blood begins to rain down onto the fire, causing heavy smoke to begin filling the scene, the silhouettes of various SHOOT Project Soldiers fighting through the smoke.


And he will wipe us from this place

You will learn to crawl

You will learn it all in just one day


An explosion of violent red neon crosses the screen, wiping away the fire, blood, and smoke. What remains is simply the Revolution logo…

A to Zee

Walking hand-in-hand, Ayumi Seppuku and her new friend Zee step out from the staging area in the Epicenter – the arena mostly quiet except for a dozen or so arena crew double checking some equipment and doing audio testing.


Ayumi pulls Zee forward onto the arena floor, smiling as the two eventually stop in the center of the west side of the arena – in between the ring, standing tall above the two women, and the arena seats.


The Ronin Wraith gestures to a seat in the front row.


Ayumi: I promised you a surprise, didn’t I?


Zee looks over at the seat and then back to Ayumi.


Zee: You want me here to watch you, tonight?


Ayumi nods, but looks slightly nervous.


Ayumi: That… okay?


Running a hand through her red hair, a smile flashes over Zee’s face; a warm rush flowing over Ayumi.


Zee: Of course… I just; I’m a bit surprised. 


Ayumi: I know it seems a bit sudden, but this place is such a big part of my life. And if things go well tonight it’ll be a big step towards proving I can still cut it among the best of the best – and be the role model I never had as a kid.

And… having you here to support me? I know I can do it.


Zee hops up onto the padded barricade and swings her feet over the side. As she stands on the other side, ready to find her seat, she leans down and gives Ayumi a brief kiss.


Zee: Go get’em, champ.

Unholy Breedlove Empire Vs. Lindsay Troy, Sisters of Steel


After the bell, Superbeast wastes no time and charges Lindsay Troy with a massive running boot to the face! She rolls to the floor, clearly dazed, while Power Devil and Joshua Breedlove fill into the ring, backing up their man. Many screams are lobbed at the Sisters of Steel, who take a moment to look at one another–and then step up to the Unholy Breedlove Empire to a huge reaction from the crowd!!

Eryk Masters: Sisters of Steel aren’t backing down, and it looks like we might have an old-fashioned fracas on our hands!

Other Guy: What a pair of idiots though–Hey! You can’t beat them, dummies!!

Breedlove intercedes and says something–we can’t hear what–but it’s enough to make Ria and Danni haul off and double boot him in the midsection! As he doubles over, the Cyber Army rush them with stereo lariats, but both members of the SoS duck the clotheslines and send the tag champs flying backwards with dropkicks! Both of the Demons of Cyber Roppongi stumble into the ropes, and Power Devil stalks back to the Sisters of Steel with rage in his eyes–but Superbeast is stuck! Gripping him by his leather mask is the rising figure of Lindsay Troy, who has made her way back to the apron and looks ready to do damage. She clubs him across the throat with her free hand and bends him backwards…hooks his head under her arm…and LAUNCHES HIM TO THE FLOOR WITH A REVERSE SUPLEX! 

Other Guy: Oh, shit!

Eryk Masters: Lindsay Troy just flipped him to the floor from the ring, and the numbers advantage has been neutralized!

Breedlove rushes a distracted Ria, drubbing her on the back of the head and waistlocking her. He tosses her backwards with a release german–but she flips it and lands on her feet! Power Devil gets his haymakers ducked and weaved by Danni, who plays keepaway until she sees her opportunity: Power Devil launches himself at her body with a standing spear, and she sidesteps, lets him eat mat, and leaps into the air before BURYING his face into the mat with a driving leg drop! Breedlove and Ria lock up, and he gets her in a headlock easily. There’s a moment of jockeying–he wants to take her to the mat with a standard takedown, but she hooks his leg with own, blocking the motion. She pops him in the ribs once before locking his waist and flipping him backwards onto his head with a backdrop! Danni is laying boots into Power Devil, who is trying to get to his feet. Breedlove is already back on his own, clutching his neck. LT and Superbeast are both still trying to get their bearings outside, but she doesn’t let up on the pressure, dropping an elbow on his neck to keep him dazed!

Other Guy: We have a full on war going on out here and I need my boy Joshie B to take charge here!

Eryk Masters: He may not have the chance to take charge–the Sisters of Steel are fired up!

Danni and Ria meet each other’s gaze and take off towards one another, criss-crossing the ring. Ria plants her elbow in the side of Power Devil’s head with a diving elbow suicida! Danni aims for a lariat, but Breedlove ducks it and elbows her in the back of the head, sending her scrambling! On the outside, Troy has dragged Superbeast to his feet and gets him in a front headlock, looking for a DDT, but he blocks the motion by grabbing her around the waist and LAUNCHING her backwards INTO THE STEPS with a modified release suplex! He drops to his knees, shaking his head, trying to get his bearings, and back in the ring, Danni and Breedlove are trading blows like Frye and Takiyama! Ria intercedes and cuts The Emperor’s momentum off with a boot to the midsection–Power Devil is still slow to get to his feet after multiple strikes to his skull! Breedlove blocks Danni’s forearm, then swings at Ria, who dodges his strike and CRUMPLES him with a stiff kick to the side of his leg! Danni rears back to throw a left hand–and gets ANNIHILATED with a blind shoulder block from Power Devil! Danni damn near flies out of the ring!

Eryk Masters: Danni just got flattened by Power Devil, but he’s still worse for wear!

Power Devil stumbles and catches himself on the top rope–he’s bleeding profusely from his nose at this point–and doesn’t notice that Ria is gunning for him. But Breedlove catches her arm, spins her, and actually headbutts her! She stumbles backwards and then comes RIGHT BACK at him with a headbutt of her own! He takes a step back and then collects himself, eyeing her with contempt, and hauls off with a knife edged chop! She steps back, then chops him right back with authority! He goes for a forearm, but she blocks it, boots him in the gut, goes behind and lifts him vertically before PLANTING him with a German suplex! The crowd erupts into cheers as they seem to have the upper hand, but the reaction quickly sours as Superbeast rolls the still practically out cold Lindsay Troy into the ring, and Power Devil boots Danni from the mat to the outside with zero ceremony or care. 

Other Guy: See?! See! I told you, under the leadership of Joshie B, these animals–

Eryk Masters: Leadership?! He’s practically out cold! 

Superbeast rolls into the ring himself, clutching a steel chair. Ria actually steps forward, her jaw set, and waves him on to BRING IT, to a THUNDEROUS reaction from the fans! He grins and taps the chair on the mat twice–and Power Devil grabs her blind and sends her upside down with a half nelson suplex! Ria rolls to the floor and lands roughly, right next to her tag partner! The crowd drowns them in boos, which only ratchet in intensity as Power Devil and Superbeast walk over to the still rising LT and lay in stereo boots to her midsection! As she’s reeling in pain, Superbeast raises the chair–but Power Devil stops him. They speak for a moment, then both nod. Power Devil steps, first on one of her hands, then the other, pinning her arms to her sides and leaving her head entirely exposed…

Eryk Masters: No! Don’t! 

…Superbeast moves the chair until he’s holding it with the top edge down, clearly intent on driving it into her skull! He raises his arms up–AND JOSH BREEDLOVE STEPS IN BETWEEN HIM AND LINDSAY TROY! 

Other Guy: What?!

Eryk Masters: What?!

Other Guy: Hold up…what?!

Eryk Masters: Josh Breedlove is saving Lindsay Troy! Folks we are shocked and confused here, but we can’t begin to compare to Power Devil and Superbeast!

Superbeast throws the chair to the side and gets directly in Breedlove’s face, and both men can be seen yelling at one another nose to nose before Breedlove shoves one half of the Cyber Army! Power Devil gets involved, shoving him right back! The crowd is electric, as it seems like we might have a full on brawl here! Joshua Breedlove points to LT, then to the Unholy Cyber Army–and ORDERS THEM FROM THE RING! The rage, the anger, all of it fade from the faces of Superbeast and Power Devil. They affix the Emperor with cold, hard stares. Both men softly nod their heads and then walk past him, roughly shouldering him as they do. As they exit the ring and gather their titles, they look over to the recovering Sisters of Steel–and make a promise with their thumbs to their necks before walking up the ramp and into the back. 

Other Guy: I am SO confused right now, E! 


Eryk Masters: Me too, man. I can’t believe Breedlove would STOP the Cyber Army from ending Lindsay Troy right here and right now. 


Other Guy: Is it an affection thing? Does he still have some kind of feeling for her or something? 


As if he hears the question, Breedlove picks up the chair, visibly frustrated with the entire situation. It’s just him and a stunned and groggy Lindsay Troy in the ring now, the crowd in a hushed, waiting-on-tenterhooks type of vibe. He holds the chair in one hand, looks out to the crowd, looks up the ramp at the Unholy Cyber Army, looks down at Lindsay Troy and… ABSOLUTELY DEMOLISHES HER WITH A SHOT TO THE HEAD. Troy crumples to the ground, busted open the hard way, and Breedlove continues, just laying shots into the fallen number one contender! 


Eryk Masters: This is disgusting. THIS is how we’re going to lead in to our pay-per-view?! 


Other Guy: Well yeah, E. The CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS has to get his licks in. Do the damage before the damage can be done by him. 


Eryk Masters: Did he really send the Unholy Cyber Army away just so he could do this himself?!


Other Guy: Sure looks that way, and I am here for it.


Four, five chairshots in, Breedlove drops the mangled steel onto the ring and looks down at it and down at Lindsay Troy, who is splayed out in the ring. She seems to be either semi-conscious or unconscious, and Breedlove takes this opportunity to pull her back to her feet, talking to her every step of the way. His face shows anger, shows resentment. Moreover, it shows bloodlust, and it shows violence. He lifts the ragdolled body of Lindsay Troy onto his shoulder and DRIVES HER ONTO THE CHAIR WITH A BURNING HAMMER!! The crowd boos vociferously, letting Breedlove know that they aren’t into it, and at this point, medical personnel and security hit the ring, putting distance between the fallen Lindsay Troy and the SHOOT Project World Champion, Joshua Breedlove. 


Eryk Masters: This is bad. Is she even going to be able to compete at the ApeX? She’s taken a LOT of damage here.


Other Guy: Like her or not, she’ll be there. She’s a warrior, Eryk. I’m team Breedlove through and through, but that woman is tough, and she’ll definitely be there.


Eryk Masters: We’re going to give security and the medics time to get this whole thing cleared up. We’re going backstage. Hope Lindsay Troy is okay…

I Dreamed a Daihm

A pensive-looking Daihm Ferguson stands just behind the curtain ahead of his match with Malice – a grudge match of sorts following the two’s exhibition match with Lindsay Troy.

Standing behind Daihm is Sarah King, her hands firmly on Daihm’s shoulders, rubbing them to try and relieve his anxiety.


Sarah: You’ve got this, Daihm. The world took notice when you kept up with the Master of the Mat and now it’s time to put an exclamation point on your debut by taking care of Trey Willett’s prodigal crotch fruit.


Daihm winces.


Daihm: Do you have to be so… crass? And by the way I’m a crotch fruit too – don’t forget.


Sarah frowns, but resists the urge to put a nerve hold on Daihm.

Sarah: You’re different Daihm … you’re not a fruit.


Daihm: Oh? Well – then I’ve got a lot of apologies to make to all those men I slept with.


Sarah: Now who’s being crass?


Daihm smirks.


Sarah: What I mean is… it’s easy to claim patronage and use that to launch your career – as good as they may be, Malice, Void, even NEMESIS; they were able to lean on active talent, they were able to get a foot in the door on name recognition alone. You, Daihm? You fought your way here from the London fed to PRIME and now to Revolution in front of thousands.


Don’t sell yourself short, kid – you may be a legacy, but it’s YOUR legacy. No one else’s.


Daihm immediately relaxes, his shoulders dropping out of Sarah’s hands as he rolls his neck to loosen up his muscles and then firmly presses a fist into his palm, turning around to face his manager.


Daihm: Thanks, Sarah. I needed that.


Sarah nods as Daihm rushes off and his music hits the arena speakers. As he rushes through the curtain, Sarah’s face steels as she whispers under her breath.

Sarah: …how much longer, Lennox? What will it take for you to show your face?


Sarah clenches her fist tightly as she makes her way around the back and down the side steps to join her ward at ringside.

Malice Vs. Daihm Ferguson


We focus on Abigail Chase, standing mid-ring.


Abigail Chase: Ladies and gentlemen–Laura Seton…


Ohhh, oh-oh-oh-ohhhhh, o-o-o-o-o-ohhh…


The crowd cheers hearing the opening to the chorus of Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face.”


Eryk Masters: A favorable return to SHOOT two weeks ago, you wonder what Laura Seton has on her mind.


Other Guy: Favorable?  It’s not like she won.  She hasn’t even had a match yet.


Eryk Masters: I think you know what I mean.


Can’ read my, can’t read my, no he can’t read my poker face…


She emerges through the curtains to a further heightened cheer, wearing black knee-high boots, black pants, a white shirt and red leather jacket.  She gives a number of courtesy high fives on the way to the ring, then climbing through the ropes.  She approaches Abigail and gives a friendly handshake and partial hug.  The two wait for the cheers and music to die down before Abigail begins.


Abigail Chase: First off, welcome back.  It looks like you’ve made a few friends over the years.


Laura Seton: Heh, yeah… I guess I have.


A wave of cheers passes as she grins.


Abigail Chase: As you may have noticed, it’s a little different here from the last time you were.


Laura nods.


Laura Seton: Yeah, it sure is.  Bloodthirsty soldiers aren’t quite as plentiful.


Abigail Chase: Would you say that’s the real reason you returned?


Laura Seton: I don’t know… 


She steps back from the mic and looks up.  Her gaze is off to the distance.  She turns right, then left just taking in the moment.  She steps back towards Abigail.


Laura Seton: Pretty awesome to experience this every week, right?  Stand right here… middle of the ring.  Surreal, isn’t it?


Her gaze goes to the distance again.  A few fans cheer as she smiles.


Laura Seton: Last week I asked myself what I was doing.


I had no answer.


But now… being here…


She politely extends a hand towards the mic.  Abigail lets it go.  Laura paces towards the ropes closest to her.  She leans into them and wraps her arms around them.


Laura Seton: … The feel of these ropes.


She turns to a corner and shoves the mic into a pants pocket as she braces her hands on the top rope and bounces to the middle set, then carefully climbing to the top.  She balances carefully as she takes out the mic, grinning as the fans cheer.


Laura Seton: The feel of being up here.  


She looks to the mat before turning to the crowd.  She speaks in a near whisper.


Laura Seton: Just amazing…


She hops down and walks back to Abigail, handing her the mic.


Laura Seton: Everything here is why!  Everyone here is why!  Everyone out there has made an investment.  An investment in time to come see us.  An investment in money for tickets to come see us.  And I get to be one of a VERY LUCKY FEW that get to do what we do.


And I think that’s something most wrestlers forget.


I don’t even care if I’m cheered–


On cue, the fans cheer.


Laura Seton: –or if the fans say they’ll see me next Tuesday–


A chanting of “See you next Tues-day” (clap, clap, clap-clap-clap) goes around the arena to her smiling and chuckling.


Laura Seton: Because I’ve been a runner… but that was more like a hobby.  I’ve been a basketball player… but that was more like a gig.


I’m a wrestler…


She gets a huge grin.


And I love my job!




A familiar voice interrupts over the PA.  Everyone turns to watch Bobby Tick slowly walk onto the stage.  Broodwarden’s manager is alone, but comes equipped with a sinister grin.  


Bobby Tick: …Should.


The crowd boos as Laura and Abigail glare with confusion and curiosity.  


Other Guy:  Great.  We’re blessed with the presence of a rotund rat!  Way to ruin a perfectly good come back segment, Tick!


Bobby Tick:  Yes, you SHOULD love your job.  I know that I love mine.  I know that my client, the near eight foot mass of Earthly enigmatic energy, the mountainous beast called Broodwarden LOVES his job.  We love our jobs because it’s our livelihood.  I do this because I am DAMN good at it.  Broodwarden destroys opponents because he’s DAMN good at it.  And, from what I’ve seen, you too are DAMN good at what you do.  


The crowd cheers.  Laura does not respond.  She’s seen men like this before, and they’re not new.  She knows a jerk when she sees one.  Tick begins to pace the stage.


Bobby Tick:  It looks as if the SHOOT Project has left us no choice but to fend for ourselves.  Typical, and that’s not something foriegn to our ideologies.  We are born and bred scavengers; every single one of us.  However, when I promote my business as being the best, and the SHOOT brass tell me they’ll provide the challenge, then I expect my best to be challenged WEEKLY.  Daily.  Not every so often, and not by scrubs picked off the dirty, scum-riddled streets of this puckered orifice called Las Vegas.


That doesn’t sit well with the Vegas faithful.  Seton rolls her eyes and shakes her head.


Bobby Tick:  Then there was one man, and apparently the only man in SHOOT with the balls big enough to confront my monster and I.  We bumped into Kincaid two weeks ago…


The boos have faded and are replaced with a mixed reaction.


Bobby Tick:  Kincaid was in the mood to flop his balls onto the scale and see just how heavy his warrior work ethic really is; or, in this case…was.  I say ‘was’ because Kincaid tucked tail and skedaddled out of the SHOOT Project like a gutless, yellow, wimpy dweeb once he realized he was no match against the Masked Mountain of Machismo.  That’s right!  In case you missed it – since his reign lasted shorter than the blink of an eye – Kincaid has once again left SHOOT Project because of his…inadequacies.


Tick pauses, scratches his chin, and then directs an index finger at the legend in the ring.


Bobby Tick:  Which brings me to you.  Apparently nobody in SHOOT has balls.  You’d know something about that, yes?  We know something about you, Ms. Seton.  We’ve heard your name vibrate off the lips of men and women across the globe.  You’ve accomplished some great feats in your time.  You also know a thing or two about big men.  Two weeks ago I mentioned that there are no main course meals for Broodwarden to consume, so we’ll just have to settle on the snacks.  Junk food.  You know…like…milk…and cookies? 


The camera zooms in on Seton as she grinds her teeth.  Bobby Tick wears a devious grin.


Eryk Masters:  That’s just uncalled for.


Other Guy:  I think that Tick may have messed with the wrong person.  Remember the return of Chael Sonnen going against Spider Silva?  Chael was unbelievable in his second coming!  He went five rounds, ground and pound, and lit Silva up!


Eryk Masters:  Chael Sonnen won the first four rounds and then tapped out to the triangle choke in the fifth.  


Other Guy: Welp, needless to say, sometimes older and wiser competitors are not to be fucked with, ‘Ryk.   


Bobby Tick:  So, how’bout it, Laura?  Why don’t you drop the existential crises, get out of your stupid little head, and show every self-defined ‘man’ in the locker room what a real warrior truly is?  How about you cultivate a pair of great, big, imaginary cojones, giddy up, get’yer slingshot ready for the Goliath, and challenge my Frankenstein?  These are rhetorical questions, mah’lady, because Broodwarden and I have already made our decision.  Yes, or no, we’re preparing to tag team with your flashbacks; and we’re going to haunt you until you’ve officially returned to the SHOOT Project graveyard.


Laura Seton: You’re no fool– you know your history… but…


You forget how I launched my status both in LEGACY–proving I was worth the investment after a two year layoff, and here.  I beat men that were monsters.  Both mean and large.  We’ll save the history lesson for another time, but let’s just say?


Challenge accepted!


She smirks as we fade.

The Twins Vs. NAFTA

The Last Returns

Out from the back emerges the FURIOUS Keiji Tokugawa!  He points to both of the Twins and stomps down to the ring.  Before he can even get halfway, Daiichi sprints down and puts his hand on Keiji’s shoulder.  Keiji turns around and glares at Daiichi.  Daiichi has a microphone.  He turns to the Twins in the ring and smiles to them.


Daiichi:  Patience.  Decius.  Hello!


He waves to the two of them and continues to smile.


Daiichi:  The two of you managed to bring us down and I must tell you that I am impressed.  It takes a lot to bring the fire out of Tokugawa Keiji and so much more to bring the calm to me.


He holds Keiji’s arm.


Daiichi:  The two of you decided it was a good idea to step in front of us.  I respect that.  I respect you for thinking Saigo no Eiyu was the perfect target for you.  But there’s a problem.


He continues to grin to the two of them.


Daiichi:  You didn’t kill us.


There is a cheer.


Daiichi:  Enjoy tonight, siblings.  Get some sleep.  SAIGO comes for you now.


He whispers in Keiji’s ear.  Keiji nods and leans his head to the microphone and points to the Twins.


Keiji:  See…you…soon.


Daiichi drops the microphone and the two of them continue to talk to each other while Patience and Decius start talking to one another, plotting their next move.


Jamie Johnson Vs. Ignatius Albert Martin

Exit Light

We cut back to the parking garage, deserted as usual at this time of night. Azraith DeMitri walks to his car dressed, as usual, in full formal suit and tie. He stops for a moment and takes in a deep breath.


Azraith: Again? Really? Do you not have anything better to do?


Azraith turns to see Jacob Mephisto, dressed in his own pinstriped formal suit with blood red tie. He’s flanked by Dietrich and KC Rockefeller. Just behind Mephisto is Timothy Roy, The Rooster. The hulking frame of Maverick’s nephew is flanked by Patience and Decius Montgomery. The twisted Family stands before Azraith like a pack of jackals preparing to stalk their prey.


Azraith looks slowly from one family member to another, finally finding Tim Roy’s masked face.


Azraith: Tim, I…can we talk?  I just nee-


Without warning, Mephisto backhands Azraith. Az’s head snaps to the side and stays there for a moment.


Mephisto: He doesn’t want to hear apologies. You have built a legacy, Azraith. Your name is ingrained into the very blood of the SHOOT Project. You’re a certified hall of famer, labeled as one of the greatest of all time. Meanwhile, Damien Roy’s name has practically been stricken from history. You took that away. It’s time to pay penance.


Az slowly turns his head to look dead into Mephisto’s eyes. Something in the way those violent blues stare into pale greys causes Mephisto’s calm mask to slip for half a second.


Azraith: I’m a fool for asking, but I feel like it’s my last chance. Are you sure you want this, Jacob? Do you really want to do this?


The words are both pleading and ominous all rolled into one. There’s a stillness to Az’s voice as he speaks. He knows the answer. Mephisto smirks, but the usual confidence behind it is shaken.


Mephisto: Are you afraid to face your past? You should know that it’s always only been a matter of time, Sandman.


Azraith’s fist clenches and his eyes narrow at the sound of the old moniker. Somewhere deep in Az’s soul, in the dark quiet parts he’s locked away, something stirs. Azraith takes a breath and slowly un-clenches his fist. Those vibrant, emotionless eyes stare into Jacob’s as a sickening grin starts to curve his lips, and reflexively he unbuttons his suit jacket.


Mephisto takes a half step back, but allows himself a humorless smirk.


Azraith: Fine. Okay. Good…good. The Apex. You and Tim.


Despite the eerie calm in Az’s voice, Mephisto actually laughs.


Mephisto: Oh, sure, Sandman. But here’s the thing, your partner? Can’t have the last name DeMitri. Let’s not make this any more of a family affair than it has to be.


Azraith… chuckles… and it clearly unsettles just about every member of Mephisto’s family. The Rooster’s mask hides any emotion he may be showing,


Azraith: Oh you got it, Jacob.  I’ll find a fuckin’ partner.  Just remember…you asked for this.


Az makes a grand motion of raising his arms upwards, stretching out like a lion that’s just been let out of its cage.  A low, snarling groan escapes him before he brings his hands down onto each of Mephisto’s shoulders, patently ignoring the bristling and defensiveness of the rest of The Family as he leans his face inches away from Jacobs, his voice barely above a whisper.


Azraith: Pleasant Fucking Dreams.


Az laughs, laughs, as he shoves past The Family and stalks off, leaving Mephisto a mix of confused, elated, and… something else. Afraid? Tim Roy leans down to Mephisto.


The Rooster: I’m impressed you were willing to push him that far… but are you sure you’re ready for what’s coming?


Mephisto allows himself a smirk, but it soon fades as a familiar song is heard humming from just past the door, Az’s growling voice fading as Jacob’s eye twitches softly.


Azraith: Exit Light…Enter Night…

Ayumi Seppuku Vs. Go Gensai

Alpha Vs. Omega

Ayumi has an arm around Zee as the two make their way up the side stairs to the curtain area. The two are laughing and chatting back and forth – lost in their own world – that it isn’t until they nearly run directly into Void that the two stop.


True to his name, Void doesn’t react to the scene – at all. He doesn’t even look at Ayumi, instead keeping his attention focused straight ahead towards the arena and on his match with Nate Robideau. Fade and Mbaye are nowhere to be seen.


Ayumi looks nervously at Zee for a split second, pulling her in tighter.


Void: Don’t worry, Seppuku… Not here. Not today.


Zee goes to push herself towards Void in a show of ignorant bravado but Ayumi holds her back with an extended arm and a calm tone.


Ayumi: I’m glad. I don’t want you to worry either. Because I’m going to keep my promise, Void… BOTH of them.


Void doesn’t react. After a few seconds of tense silence, Ayumi tugs on Zee’s arm and begins moving away from the scene and back towards the locker rooms; it is only then that Void breaks his concentration – eyes wide and piercing as he follows their movements down the hallway until Ayumi and Zee turn a corner and vanish out of sight.

Void Vs. Nate Robideau