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Revolution 179

Revolution 179

Table of Contents

Revolution 179: The Jet City Jamboree

The stream comes alive as the SHOOT Project helmet burns its way onto the screen.



🎶Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden🎶


The SHOOT Project tour bus hurtles through the city streets of Seattle as “Black Hole Sun” by Soundgarden plays.


Boiling heat, Summer stench

‘Neath the black, the sky looks dead


We pass by several coffee shops with familiar siren logos as well as several Seattle landmarks. The ground is slick from constant rain, though right now the skies are merely cloudy.


Call my name through the dream

And I’ll hear you scream again


Our bus hits a traffic jam and slams on the breaks. But, this is the Jet City Jamboree. Above, in the sky, a Boeing 747 flies by, the SHOOT Project logo on its tail. The plane flies over the Climate Pledge Arena and the Revolution logo flashes on the screen.



We cut to the inside of the arena to thousands of screaming fans. Pyro explodes on the stage as the chorus picks up.


Black hole sun

Won’t you come

Wash away the rain

Black hole sun

Won’t you come

Won’t you come

Won’t you come…


As the cameras pan around Climate Pledge Arena, it’s not the familiar voices of Eryk Masters and Other Guy we hear – it’s… oh god.


We cut to another camera positioned directly in front of the commentator’s table and, rather than our usual emcees, sitting behind the desk are Blaze Claymore, wearing an ill-fitting tuxedo, and Chadwick Kyle, wearing something pulled randomly from a Goodwill laundry basket.


Blaze Claymore: Well, Chad, we’ve got an amazing lineup of matches tonight, don’t you think?


Chadwick Kyle: Amazingly BORING that is…. We’ve got the curious case of Nate Roubideau going up against Special K. Obviously not the ORIGINAL Special K, because there is only one special “K” and it’s Chadwick Kyle. Fabian, if you’re listening, you’re welcome to trade “Kygon” for “Kyle” any time!

Blaze Claymore: And who would have guessed that the U-C-A didn’t stand for the University of Cal Arts!? Apparently these Unholy Cyber Army fellows mean business as they take on SAFEGUARD tonight.


Chadwick Kyle: But we know everyone has their eyes on the LAME event triple threat tonight.


Blaze Claymore: Better be by an eye-wash fountain if you do. Safety first, everyone. 


Chadwick Kyle: Obviously we have Lexi McBadWoman trying to perpetuate her lies, slander, and obfuscations into Iron Will, but of COURSE she’s booked against two members of the Deep SHOOT conspiracy in Laime Johnson and Cuck Dresden.


Blaze Claymore: Good one, Chad.


Chad beams.


Chadwick Kyle: Honestly, it’s hard to find anything to enjoy in tonight’s show… except…


Blaze nods.


Chadwick Kyle: Two freedom fighters. From Las Vegas to Los Angeles. From Spitter hot takes to hot takes in the shitter, there is no team – NONE – willing to go to these lengths to revolutionize SHOOT Project.


Chad winks hard to emphasize the pun.


Blaze Claymore: Well, Chad, I couldn’t have said it better myself. Obviously Mr. Deal realized when he booked tonight’s matches the show was lacking a semblance of… quality. Which is why you and I were told that we needed to prepare a lip sync battle for the crown. At least, I understand that is what everyone was referring to in the back when they kept saying “Good luck, and don’t fuck it up.”


Chadwick Kyle: Well, if it takes two KINGS of wrestling to take down these drama queens, then so be it. So, without further ado, let’s welcome… two old women!


There’s silence as no music plays on cue. The fans, initially finding humor in the exchange, start to boo and grow restless – that is until Eryk Masters and Other Guy suddenly emerge from the back, throwing what looks to be… a ball of extension cord off to the side as they get a tremendous “pop” – one that is only bested by Lindsay Troy and Ayumi Seppuku emerging immediately after, flanking the two announcers.


Blaze Claymore: Look who’s made their appearance, Chad! It’s the tag team champions! Champions of LIES! Sux Et-


“Blinding Lights” by The Weeknd kicks on the speakers, shutting the pair down as Eryk grabs a microphone from Ayumi and points down toward the announce desk.


Eryk Masters: You absolute pieces of shit!


The roof figuratively blows off the arena as the OG OG and Eryk stalk down the ramp looking to reclaim their posts.


Blaze Claymore: Ah yes! Collusions of grandeur! How EXPECTED!


As Blaze says this, he and Chad flee the announce desk and make their way into the ring. Blaze grabs a microphone as they narrowly avoid physical contact with a FURIOUS looking Eryk Masters and Other Guy. 


Lux Aeterna shake their heads and begin their trek to the ring, but not before Blaze holds up a hand and gestures dramatically to the crowd.


Blaze Claymore: You see, everyone! This is a COORDINATED attack – a planned coup d’etat – A SHOOT D’ETAT if you will – by those in positions of power wanting to silence us for telling the truth that this company does NOT want people like Chad and I to succeed. 




Blaze waves this off.


Blaze Claymore: The truth, fans, that people like Josh Johnson, Sean Kygon, Lennox Ferguson, and yes – even Eryk Masters and Other Guy – don’t want you to hear is that pretty much every roster member is just a puppet – a mouthpiece. Oh, sure, they’ll sound different, have a different backstory, play up some sort of unique quirk – but it’s these … corporate tools that are putting words in their mouths and blatantly putting them in matches they know serve their own selfishness. 


Blaze looks around nervously while Chad nods along approvingly. Eventually Blaze refocuses.


Blaze Claymore: Everyone… does it REALLY surprise anyone that the two presidents of this company were once a part of a tag team called “INSTANT HEAT” 


The crowd EXPLODES at the reference to the iconic team while Lux Aeterna cross their arms, waiting for the SAG Award Winning* Actor to get to the point.


Blaze Claymore: Look around! The world is HOT. And not the good kind of hot like 1990s Brad Pitt – the bad kind of hot like the lava lake from Dante’s Peak that melted that grandma. Almost like the world has been SABOTAGED by INSTANT HEAT.


Eryk Masters: Jesus Christ, everyone. Can you hear us? Are we on?


Other Guy: Testing. Testing. One. Two. Three….


Blaze Claymore: And now we have a team called LUX AETERNA? Light forever!? Have you seen the movie Insomnia? I have! Al Pacino shot a woman because he couldn’t get enough sleep because the sun was up for like … 18 HOURS A DAY. Is that the future you want for yourselves!? 


The crowd – and quite frankly everyone listening – is confused.


Chadwick Kyle: Blaze is right! Everyone knows “instant” just means “lazy” Do they serve “Instant Ramen” at a 5-star restaurant? No. Do they serve “Instant Espresso” at high-end cafes? No. Do people DESERVE instant allergy relief? Sure. It feels good in the moment, but then you come crawling back for more to Big Pharma who’ve got you hooked on ketamine, dopamine, taurine, chlorine, and Highlights Magazine… and is that the America – the SHOOT Project we want? A bunch of chlorine in your coffee? I think not. That is why, my friends, you need DELAYED HEAT.


Other Guy: Oh for fuck’s sake…


Blaze Claymore and Chadwick Kyle flash “the horns” at each other and then point directly at Lux Aeterna who look on in amusement.


Blaze Claymore: Come on, Chad. Let’s show these Deep SHOOT puppets what it means to SLOWLY simmer in the stew that is their LIES by treating them to some…. DELAYED HEAT.





Delayed Heat Vs. Lux Aeterna (c)

Good Luck.

Backstage, Jamie Johnson is gladhanding with someone.  It appears to be a member of the medical staff–he’s finishing up an anecdote that involves him referencing his shoulder before he stride off, laughing.  He’s walking backwards, finishing off a few “I’ll see you laters” and “Good lucks”, and as he’s about to duck into a locker room, he comes crashing into the IMAX chest of his former Sensei.  Nate Robideau.  Owner of Blackhawk Fight Gym.  Friend.  Jamie looks nonplussed, clearly not expecting to see him–in fairness, Nate is arriving later than usual. 

Jamie: Oh.  Hey. 

Robideau: James. 

He passes his former student, barely even glancing at his direction, striding to a bench to set down his gym bag.  For a long moment, nothing is said between them–Nate busies himself with getting his tape, his shorts, drinking water.  Jamie finally sighs and approaches him. 

Jamie: We just gonna keep not talking to one another?

Robideau:  Because you left, my life is Hell. 

Jamie: Now hold the fuck on, we talked about this–

Robideau: No, James, listen.  You aren’t to blame.  But what you did had a direct effect on my life in a terrible, terrible fashion.  I’ve lost students, I’m basically competing to keep the lights of the school on at this point.  One of the heads of the company is so…fucking angry with me that he’s seen it fit to attack me multiple times–and now he’s booking me against his own kids.  I suppose he wants to break me, but nastier men than him have tried.  But those nasty men, James?  They were broken minds full of rage and sadism.  And they didn’t have the resources that OutKast does.  This Hell doesn’t have any sort of expiration date.  It’s just going to keep happening.  So while you get to have a fun time with your new crew, I get to suffer like a rube in the dark.  And maybe he’s right.  Maybe you did leave because I didn’t offer anything worth staying for.  But this?  Talk about this?  

He faces his former student with a look that seems foreign to his face.  We’re used to his calm demeanor, his stern rage.  But he looks at The Realness with a withering sort of disdain, almost pity. 

Robideau: I honestly don’t think you want to have that talk. 

Jamie: When Breedlove turned El Paria loose on me, I concluded my business arrangement with the Empire. Done. But all this? You’re backsliding, Nate. Complaining about fighting OutKast’s kids? To me? You know I grew up with them, right? Complaining about OutKast to me? The guy I call Uncle Sean? Think about this shit, man.


Jamie’s agitated, not quite angry yet. 


Jamie: Sack up, Nate. Fight your battle. Maybe LISTEN to what you’re being told. Take stock of the shit that’s going on around you, Nate. Your business is failing? Students are leaving? And your reaction is to blame literally anything and everything else but the actual problem. That problem? You.


He puts a finger into Nate’s chest.


Jamie: You are the problem. The Nate that I’m talking to now and the one I left when I moved to take the next step in my career are two entirely different people. Wake up.

For a brief moment, there’s practically a cracking fire between them.  Nate’s face goes to a moment of pure rage, snuffed just as quickly, but his eyes still burn.  To his credit, Jamie meets his gaze and doesn’t back down.  The finger stays.  Finally…Nate backs away.  His former student almost looks disappointed, but more shocked.  Nate sits and starts to unlace his sneakers. 

Robideau: You’re probably right.  Your Uncle Sean is probably right.  Verde, Butcher, all of them.  And you can call it foolish pride, you can call it whatever you might like, but James?

He looks directly at Jamie, a sort of smile playing at his lips–or a wince.  

Robideau: None of you are getting the satisfaction.  If I’m a failure?  I’m a failure on my own terms.  I didn’t get to make a lot of decisions for myself while I was a guest of the correctional system.  So I’ll make my own–and I might crash and burn in the process.  But I’ll be free. 

Nate sets his shoes on the bench and stretches his shoulders for a moment. 

Robideau: Now please, leave me to get dressed.  I have to go hurt a friend of yours.  And James? 

Jamie: Yeah, Nate. 

Robideau: Good luck tonight. 

Jamie looks like he’s about to say something, but just nods.  He taps the door frame and leaves Nate Robideau alone, where he finally lets out a ragged breath and doubles his body over, gathering himself mentally.  We leave him there, getting himself into the right mindset, as we cut away.  

Nate Robideau

With a muted guitar riff and the pulse of an electronic beat, the arrival of the Blackhawk himself is heralded.  


“Sick, Sick, Sick”  erupts, and the fane leap to their feet in a roaring cheer as Nate Robideau steps onto the entrance, hopping on the balls of his feet, shaking out his arms.  He’s wearing his gear, feet taped, rocking his Blackhawk Gym hoodie–in short, a fighter on his way to battle.  He eyes the crowd, scanning them, all business in his bearing, before he begins to step down the ramp.  


Samantha Coil:  Introducing…From Natakkoa, Elko County Nevada, weighing two-hundred and forty pounds…

He makes it to the ring and rolls in, popping to his feet and raising his arms high, to resounding cheers.  He peels off his sweatshirt, throwing it into the crowd, and immediately begins tugging at the ropes and stretching his limbs.  He kneels in the corner, taking a silent moment to himself, as Coil continues. 

Samantha Coil: …he is The Blackhawk…NATE ROBIDEAU!!

He pops to his feet and raises one arm, before busying himself with stretches and shadowboxing as 16 Volt fades out.  

Nate Robideau Vs. Fabian Kaye

Time is (Blood) Money

The cameras cut backstage to the interview area of the Climate Pledge Arena, where Abigail Chase is standing by with a microphone in hand. Behind Chase is a branded backdrop, displaying proudly the logos of SHOOT and the ACE Network. Alongside Chase are two figures who quickly get a boo from the fans watching on the giant screen inside the arena, Anthony Moretti & Joe Barone, collectively known as Blood Money. Moretti & Barone are clearly not here tonight to compete, wearing dark suits instead of their usual ring attire. 


Abigail Chase: “Anthony, Joe, thanks for joining me tonight!”


Barone stands silently behind Moretti with his arms crossed, looking menacing as Moretti impatiently waves his arm. 


Anthony Moretti: “Come on doll face, let’s get this moving huh? We are contractually obliged to be here but time is money capisce?”


Chase looks a little rattled by the answer for a few seconds, before, ever the professional, she quickly pulls herself together and carries on with the broadcast. 


Abigail Chase: “I understand that you are not booked tonight, but you have asked to address the fans, what is it you wanted to say?”


Moretti glances at Barone with a smirk on his face, but Barone remains expressionless.


Anthony Moretti: “Address the fans? Madone! I couldn’t give two shits about the fans!”


Loud boos from the fans watching on the giant screen from within the Climate Pledge Arena.


Anthony Moretti: “I am here to address the management here in the SHOOT Project, you know the capo di tutti.”


Moretti makes air bunnies with his fingers as he says the words capo di tutti mockingly. 


Anthony Moretti: “You know them right? The ones that have such an aversion to booking Blood Money on their shows? Well I hope they were watching last week when we beat their boys SAIGO on another show on PWA TV!”


More boos from the crowd 


Anthony Moretti: “I am here to give them a little warning….. If they don’t want to be sleeping with the fishes…. Receiving the kiss of death.…. So to speak…. They better start booking Blood Money every week here in SHOOT! Just how do they think their new masters at PWA TV are going to feel when the ratings nose dive because we ain’t on the show…. MADONE!”


Barone remains expressionless as he stares at Chase.


Abigail Chase: “Well who would you like to….”


Anthony Moretti: “Ohhh! Listen doll face, no more questions huh. We will beat anyone on the SHOOT roster. Just line em up and we’ll knock em down!”


Moretti mimes hitting a home run with an invisible baseball bat, before pinching Abigail Chase on the cheek and walking away from the scene. Barone takes a few steps forward, stares down at Chase before following Moretti as the scene fades out. 

Quinn Wants a Fight

The lights go down and a mist starts to emanate from the stage and blue, purple, and white lights shoot out.





The sound of a robotic voice takes over the PA as “Waveshaper” by Crystal Protocol screams out over the speakers, and the crowd gives a decent reaction for the up and coming tag team! Blue and purple ribbons shoot out across the stage as Joe Quinn steps out into the lights and streamers to the crowd’s delight.


Eryk Masters: We heard that Joe Quinn was gonna be in the building, but we weren’t sure if we’d see him out here! 


Other Guy: You know it, E. Dan Richards is still out injured, he hasn’t been cleared to compete yet, so you’ve gotta wonder what’s on Joe’s mind. 


Eryk Masters: It’s definitely going to be something directed at the UCA, right? 


Joe Quinn has made his way to the ring at this point, and he rolls in underneath the ropes, grabbing a microphone from the other side of the ring. He taps it with purpose as the music cuts and the only sounds left are the fans cheering.


Joe Quinn: I’m gonna keep this brief, because there’s not a whole lot to say…


He turns and looks directly into the camera.


Joe Quinn: UNHOLY CYBER ARMY. SUPERBEAST. POWER DEVIL. This is to you. You put my partner on the shelf, you took him down, made him unable to compete. He’s not even here tonight, trying to heal up. He won’t be cleared in time for the next set of shows either, so here’s what I’m thinking.


I’m thinking that Joe Quinn wants a fight.


Joe Quinn wants a brawl. 


The crowd pops for this, knowing where it’s going! 


Joe Quinn: JOE QUINN WANTS THE UNHOLY CYBER ARMY. Pick one of you. I don’t care if it’s the Superbeast or if it’s the Power Devil. We’re going to fight, we’re going to bleed together, and damn it, we’re going to hurt each other. Meet me at Ruination 30 or Revolution 180! We’re gonna fucking fight.


Simple as that.


“Waveshaper” picks up again, as Quinn drops the mic and rolls right back out of the ring, almost as quickly as he came in! 


Eryk Masters: Well god damn! Joe Quinn wants a FIGHT.


Other Guy: I’m not sure which match I wanna see more, E. Superbeast or Power Devil? Hell, man. Both options are scary, I hope Quinn knows what he’s getting into. 


Eryk Masters: Something tells me he does, because he’s just shouting WITNESS as he walks back up the ring, over and over again. Awesome! Crowd’s loving it too!


Quinn pauses at the top of the ramp, carried by the cheers of the crowd, the Spinebuster Island graphic, and the sound of “Waveshaper” and he holds a fist up and almost immediately…

PRIME Wrestling

Unholy Cyber Army

The light in the arena go pitch black, turning the feed to an inky, inescapable darkness.  A few cellphone cameras flash, but after a moment, there is a massive, foundation-shattering bleat of what sounds to be horns–and the arena is bathed in red light in time with it.  As soon as the noise stops, the darkness returns.  When it cuts through the silence again, the arena is bathed in purple.  Then, silence again.  Darkness, again.  When it hits again, a shuffling drumbeat begins to rattle the floor, the lighting shifting with every rumble of the bass drum. 

“Cold Burn” by Cult of Luna tears through the soundsystem as smoke bathes the entrance ramp–and from that smoke emerges two positively colossal figures.  Power Devil remains as ever in war paint, lending him an air of a warrior from an ancient culture–Superbeast’s mask makes him look coldly emotionless as they stare toward the ring, neither moving their gigantic frames. 


Breathe into

The Harrowing


The lights cut out again, pitch darkness enveloping everything until another deafening blast–and the Unholy Cyber Army are now at the edge of the ring, looking across the gathered fans. 

Samantha Coil: Introducing…from Cyber-Roppongi, Tokyo Japan…at a combined weight of six-hundred and thirty-four pounds…they are THE UNHOLY CYBER ARMY!!

Power Devil and Superbeast take this as their cue to slide into the ring, where they stomp the perimeter, staring coldly at the gathered SHOOT faithful.  Finally they stop and meet in the middle of the ring, forehead to forehead, speaking to one another amidst the music and hitting each other in the chest, close proximity not robbing their sledgehammer blows of any of their bone-rattling force. 


Your Skull is Screaming

The Sky Darkens

Visions Dragged From Light

Finally, they each rear back and headbutt one another–hard–before sprinting to the corners and climbing the turnbuckles.  As they raise their arms, there are a smattering of screams of support, but mostly just screams of hatred and violence.  They stand, arms raised to the rafters, eyes closed, until Cult of Luna fades out…

Unholy Cyber Army Vs. SAFEGUARD



Power Devil grabs Claypool by his head and drags him to his feet.  The ref tries to intervene and gets shoved for his troubles, but Devoe Anderson is getting into the ring–and Superbeast is right there with him, cutting him off with a rushing headbutt!  Power Devil boots Martin in the gut and flips him high into the air…and runs TOWARD Devoe, throwing his own partner into him with a powerbomb motion!! 

Other Guy: The Cyber Army just hit a dude with another dude! 

Eryk Masters: They aren’t going to stop, either!  Get the security down here!!

Superbeast gathers Martin Claypool and hauls him to his fdfet, where he sways in a punchy fashion, clearly not all there.  He grabs him by his throat and raises one half of SAFEGUARD and walks him to the ropes…he raises him high with a Chokeslam, but LAUNCHES HIM OVER THE ROPES, causing his body to catch the edge of the apron on the way to a nasty tumble onto the floor outside!!

Eryk Masters: Superbeast showing blatant disregard here, and I don’t know how effective Martin Claypool is gonna be here!!

Other Guy: ‘Ryk-Mast you said it–it looked like his face broke most of the rest of his bodies fall!!

Anderson is able to get the drop on the Cyber Army, who are looking at their handiwork with an almost clinical fascination.  He rushes them from behind, kicking Superbeast in the side of his knee and DRIVING his elbow into the side of Power Devil’s skull, causing him to stumble, shaking his head, trying to get his bearings!  Superbeast swings wild but telegraphs it too much, and Devoe blocks the punch before laying in with a jab of his own!  The crowd starts to cheer as he blocks another shot and lands another of his own!!  He’s rocking and rolling now, cutting Superbeast’s momentum off with another punch–and tumbling forward with whiplash-inducing speed as Power Devil rushes him and gives him a HIGH BOOT IN THE BACK OF THE SKULL!!

Other Guy: Oh, shit!

Eryk Masters: I can’t do much but agree, that massive boot damn near planted Anderson’s face into the mat!

Superbeast screams a roar of absolute rage and grabs the dazed Devoe Anderson, mounting his torso on the mat and grabbing him by the throat!  Not content to just choke him, he rears back…and then pulls Devoe’s head towards his own on the downswing, headbutting the man!!  Another rear back…another headbutt!!  He pulls the downed man to his feet by his throat and feeds him into the ropes with an irish whip–but follows close behind, and rushes ANOTHER HEADBUTT–so hard that his mask cracks above his left eye!!  Superbeast stares at Devoe, who isn’t making any movement, not even covering up his lumpy and bleeding face!

Eryk Masters: Christ, he broke his mask on Devoe Anderson’s face!!  He’s sporting a deep cut from those headbutts, and there are no lights on at all! 

Other Guy:  Y’know what the craziest part is?  I don’t even think the Cyber Army even met SAFEGUARD before tonight!  This whole thing was just like…this is the cruising speed, man!

As referees, medical staff, and security swarm the ring, The Unholy Cyber Army don’t move.  They don’t even acknowledge them.  They’re just breathing heavily, staring at what they’ve done, as the scene cuts away from the ring area…

High Octane Television

Coffee Town USA

Dan Stein walks through the backstage door into the Climate Pledge Arena. He wears a SHOOT Project t-shirt and a pair of jeans. He has a no-nonsense look on his face as he peeks around the area. Stein is then approached by Mary Kelly, who just so happened to get a scoop on Dan walking into the building. Dan stops walking as she sticks a microphone up between them and speaks into it.


Mary Kelly: Dan, after your elimination during the First Strike match at Ruination last night, many fans are claiming you looked dejected walking back up the ramp. What was going through your mind?


Dan runs a hand through his hair, looking at Mary Kelly briefly before looking at the camera.


Dan Stein: Mary… a lot has changed in the last year. The Hall of Fame got lighter, and SHOOT Project has undergone a metamorphosis of sorts, with PRIME coming around. There’d be times we’d try to make nice with other promotions, but it’d all fall apart. You see us branching out into the ACE Network, now, and it just…feels…right. Myself, I’ve gone from watching my wife and child fight to survive in a hospital, to winning Feud and Hero of the Year, to being inducted into the SHOOT Project Hall of Fame…to relative mediocrity. Truthfully, Void may have lost the battles in the ring, but I’m not sure he didn’t win the war. 


Dan taps the side of his head.


Dan Stein: Last night, I thought I was going to get back on track here in SHOOT Project. I thought I’d get back to my winning ways. I honestly thought I’d move a step closer to shoring up my shot at the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship. And now…


Dan looks at Mary, then back to the camera.


Dan Stein: For a year now, I’ve concentrated on spending time with my family after what Void did to them. I want my daughter to be proud of me. I want her to grow up and accomplish all of her dreams. I want to be her hero. Maybe I get another chance at the Iron Will Classic down the line, maybe I don’t. Maybe I get an opportunity at another championship, maybe I don’t. I can’t control that. I can’t control what goes on backstage in the hearts and minds of the Real Deals and OutKasts. All that I can control, Mary, is the mental game. The physical game. MY game. 


Dan pauses, looking out into the camera.


Dan Stein: Molly, I know I’m here in Seattle and Siobhan is asleep in her crib back in Las Vegas, but I promise you and our little girl that Dan Stein is not going anywhere. Dan Stein is not giving up.Dan “The Lights” Stein is back, SHOOT Project. And I’ve got some to make some things right.


Dan looks at Mary Kelly, then the camera.


Dan Stein: Lights out.


Dan walks in front of Mary Kelly and disappears off the camera, leaving the camera to fade on her looking at Dan.

Keiji Tokugawa Vs. Kitsune

Your Champion is here... AGAIN!

Eryk Masters: That had to be emotional for Kitsune, for sure.


Other Guy: Has there been any word on RAIKO? Any anything?


Eryk Masters: Officially? Short of the message that came out about her having an undisclosed injury, no. No there hasn’t been.


Other Guy: That’s such a bummer. Hopefully she can still make it to Reckoning D–


“Make Way for the King” by OHANA BAM EXPLODES over the speakers, interrupting the Other Guy, and the capacity Climate Pledge Arena crowd comes alive right before transitioning to a SERIOUS amount of boos when they realize what’s happening. Crimson and gold shiny confetti falls from the sky, blurring everything out, confetti everywhere, and then…



Crimson and gold pyro shoots out from various places on the ramp, announcing and confirming the entrance of the former SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion, Joshua Breedlove! 

Eryk Masters: YES! I was hoping for this! The newly re-signed SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion is here! You think he’s gonna come out and sit with us?!

Other Guy: Well, if Ruination is any indication, that’s exactly what he’s planning to do. Guest Spot Breedlove over here, making the most of it, clearly.

In full royal garb, the EMPEROR of the HOLY BREEDLOVE EMPIRE steps out onto the top of the ring ramp as confetti continues to shower down from the top of the building, nearly covering Breedlove, who makes a motion like he’s peering through the curtain, and he begins his walk over to the announce desk! Without anymore fanfare, he takes his seat next to the jubilant Eryk Masters!


Joshua Breedlove, SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion: Men, we’re here. This is the third first strike match, and it’s one I am VERY interested in. Not that the others weren’t interesting, but this one features Buck Dresden, my eternal rival. It features Jamie Johnson, a very smart and business savvy talent in this business, and Lexi Gold… a chick who wouldn’t know what respect for professional wrestling meant if it got up and slapped her in the face. There are so many elements here!


Eryk Masters: You got any picks or predictions on this one?


Other Guy: Wouldn’t know respect if it got up–


Joshua Breedlove: Don’t worry about it, OG. I DO have a prediction, actually. Whoever wins this match is just setting themselves up to lose to me later on down the road. That’s my prediction! Let’s get to it!



Buck Dresden

The horns sound.


“American Venom”  plays, bringing the fans to their feet.


Samantha Coil:  And now…hailing from the Great American South!


The fans begin to cheer as Samantha Coil continues the introduction.  The drums pound.


Samantha Coil:  He is a member of the SHOOT Project Hall of Fame!


He steps out onto the stage, staring at the sea of fans, listening to their kind adulation.




Buck Dresden stands on the entrance stage dressed in his All-American Outlaw red, white, blue, and black tights.  He walks down the ramp looking dead ahead at the ring.  He stops just shy of the end of the ramp and looks over the fans before nodding to them on his right, then turning and nodding on his right.  He wipes his feet off on the ring apron before stepping into the ring itself.  In one quick motion, he is across the ring and to the middle of the ropes, staring into the camera.  He steps up and braces his left leg on the middle rope and cocks his right leg to the top rope, pulling back on his imaginary bow and aiming at the camera with its arrow..  “American Venom” dies down.

Buck Dresden Vs. Jamie Johnson Vs. Lexi Gold

Congratulations, Friends.

Eryk Masters: Oh snap! Big time win for Buck Dresden, eeking it out over a VERY game Jamie Johnson and Lexi Gold! 


Other Guy: Hell yeah, man. Buck is one step closer to getting into the Iron Will Classic and righting what he felt was a big step back in his career last year. 


Joshua Breedlove: Okay, okay. Just a moment, please.


The loud, obnoxious sound of someone punching a microphone interrupts Buck Dresden’s American Venom, and it becomes very, VERY clear that it’s the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion, who’s currently standing on top of the announce table, fully kitted out in his Emperor’s attire, SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship on his shoulder.


Joshua Breedlove: Fucking hell yeah! BUCK DRESDEN, everybody! 


The crowd pops, recognizing the former World Champion and current Hall of Famer.


Joshua Breedlove: Everything is a grind with Buck Dresden, you know. Nothing’s ever easy for him. Not a single thing. Love, life, and wrestling, it’s all a struggle. For me? It’s a little different… everything comes easily. I have my life, love is going well, and wrestling? Well…


He taps the World Championship.


Joshua Breedlove: Wrestling’s beautiful, man. I’m here to tell you, I like what I see so far out of the First Strike. My guy, Curtis Rose, someone who presents a VERY interesting story, Judy Punchinello (call me if you want to take the next step in your career), and my eternal rival… Buck Dresden. That’s an incredible match that’s happening at Revolution 180, and you can be sure that I’ll be there to watch. 


So who’s it going to be? Well, Rose managed a tough victory… Judy P did what Judy P does, and wins, but Buck? Well, it’s like I said before… everything’s a grind for Buck Dresden. That’s what makes Buck, Buck as far as I’m concerned. Far be it from me to make things ANY easier on him.


Eryk Masters: Oohhh, what does he have in mind?


Other Guy: Can’t be good.


Joshua Breedlove: So in just a few moments? Things are going to… well, they’re going to get just a little bit more difficult. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiight……. Now.


The lights go out.


Eryk Masters:  What’s going on?


Other Guy:  I’m guessing one of the stipulations in Breedlove’s contract is the ability to shut the lights off in the arena at will!


The lights come back on and Buck is ready to fight.  Too bad, though, that he is looking in the other direction from the person in the ring with him now: VOID.  Void grins underneath his mask and before he can attack, Buck turns around and begins to trade blows with the monster!


Eryk Masters: Void’s continued alliance with Joshua Breedlove is paying off dividends for Breedlove!  Void’s taking it to Buck!


Buck ducks another shot from Void and catches Void’s arm, spins him around… BUCK SHOT!


Other Guy:  That’ll do it!  Void is OUT!


Void, however, is NOT out.  Buck takes a step back and glares at Void, who staggers against the ropes, shaken but NOT beaten by the Buck Shot!  Buck is stunned as the massive submission specialist straightens himself up to a standing position and screams a guttural howl at the All-American Outlaw!  Buck grits his teeth and charges at Void, who ducks a Lariat attempt from Buck.  Buck bounces against the ropes and is NAILED by a quick low blow from Joshua Breedlove, who leapt onto the ring apron like a lion pouncing upon its prey!  Buck staggers forward and Void catches him with an armbar, dragging him to the mat, and bends Buck’s arms into the STRID, howling with laughter as Buck calls out in pain!


Eryk Masters:  Jesus, that son of a bitch is loving this assault!


Breedlove enters the ring and kneels down, cupping Buck’s chin in his hand.  Buck grits his teeth as Void arches back with the Strid.  Breedlove leans over and whispers in Buck’s ear something that quickly infuriates him.  Breedlove, however, waves to Buck a cute goodbye before KNOCKING BUCK OUT with a HARD kick to the forehead.  The fans are booing mercilessly as Void releases the Strid and rolls away from Buck’s prone form.  Void is on one knee, breathing heavily as he looks down at his fallen victim.  The camera cuts to Joshua Breedlove, now with World Championship in hand and a grin on his face, proud of the work he has done.