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Revolution 187

Revolution 187

The Truth You Need




The SHOOT Project fans go wild as Dan Stein’s theme music hits the speakers.

Eryk Masters: Well here we go OG! I thought we may be at risk of needing to call this match because of the gutless attack on Dan Stein at Ruination but it looks like you can’t keep a good man down!

Other Guy: About that…

A visceral upheaval amongst the audience takes place as, rather than Dan Stein appearing at the top of the rampway, three figures appear in his place.


The Rooster.

Blaze Claymore.

Eryk Masters: These fuckin’ guys… I just wanna… ARGH!


Other Guy: Chad has a lot of nerve coming out here, to Dan’s music, after what he did!

Eryk Masters: Oh please. We all know it wasn’t Chad!

The trio walks down the ramp and then into the ring. As they position themselves, Blaze Claymore steps forward as a stoic-looking Rooster and nervous-looking X-Chadlibur stand at his side.

Delayed Heat stands in the ring for a solid minute, not doing anything. This leads the crowd to begin a rousing chant directed at Blaze, Chad, and Rooster.



Blaze shakes his head.

Blaze Claymore: You really, REALLY don’t get it, do you? I just… the stupidity on display in this arena is INCOMPREHENSIBLE! 


Surprisingly, belittling the crowd does not, in fact, win them over.

Blaze Claymore: You wanted proof that Deep SHOOT exists? That I am being SILENCED for the truth I am trying to impart on you all?


Eryk Masters: Dude… you’re literally on a microphone in front of more than 10,000 people. 

Blaze Claymore: Look NO further than this so-called “ATTACK” on the “HERO” “DAN STEIN”

Other Guy: Wait. Why was “Dan Stein” in quotes?

Blaze Claymore: LOOK with your HEARTS and not your eyes and you will CLEARLY see that Dan Stein was too afraid to face me in this ring here tonight and so he concocted some scheme to injure himself before our big match where I would have, UNDISPUTEDLY, have become a TWO TIME Shut Up and Fight Champion here in SHOOT Project. BUT NOOOOO. 


Blaze wags his finger at the crowd.

Blaze Claymore: The poster boy for Deep SHOOT, Hall of SHAMER Dan Stein couldn’t even bring himself to come to the ring tonight and defend his title like a TRUE champion would. And what’s worse? He blamed CHAD! A man who would just as soon lie down in  a puddle so you could step on his body and not get wet… THIS INNOCENT MAN!


Blaze grabs Chad by the shoulders and gestures to X-Chadlibur’s confused and nervous-looking face.


Blaze Claymore: HOW DARE! How… DARE.

Eryk Masters: I really hate that man.

Other Guy: Dan? Yeah… he’s the worst.

Eryk Masters: No! You… human aerosol can. You know DAMNED well Blaze was behind that attack! Just like he was behind the attack on Stein at Revolution two weeks ago! The man is an egotistical COWARD.


Blaze Claymore: Folks… things are becoming truly dire here in SHOOT Project and tonight’s abdication of duty by YOUR so-called Shut Up and Fight Champion who can’t even be bothered to SHOW UP and Fight is too much. 


Blaze pauses for dramatic effect.

Blaze Claymore: As far as I am concerned with Dan Stein’s vacation from the ring he has by all rights VACATED his responsibilities as champion … and his willingness to defame his own legacy like this only further proves to me that Delayed Heat is one step closer to uncovering the true root of the dark, nefarious source that has plagued this company for so long – holding it back from TRUE greatness.


Blaze puts his arms around Rooster and X-Chadlibur.


Blaze Claymore: You may not see it now, ladies and gentlemen… but soon… SOON you will be THANKING us for bringing you the truth. While it may not be a truth you deserve… it is a truth that you all DESPERATELY need.


With those final words, Blaze gestures for an audio cue as “The Touch” kicks back on the speakers and the fans boo Delayed Heat out of the ring and out of the Epicenter.


Welcome to the Neighborhood



Here’s Abigail Chase, looking very professional, along with a couple of smiling goobers. Said goobers wear similar outfits–blue jeans and satin ring jackets; one red, one green.


How do we know they’re goobers? Because those jackets have their names on them. Seriously guys, in public?


Abigail Chase: Hello fans! I’m here with two of the newest members of SHOOT Project: Benjamin and Dennis Colton! These two promising young stars are part of the Colton family of wrestlers, and just last year had an impressive run to the finals of the Milo Flynn Tournament. Gentlemen, what brought you to SHOOT Project?


Denny Colton: 2016 Chevy Impala.


Benny Colton: Nah, dude. She means why we signed with the company.


Dennis smirks as he shares a quick glance with Chase. His dry wit is not often appreciated by his cousin, so he always appreciates meeting someone who finished high school.


Benny Colton: We’re here for the competition, Abigail! From what we can see, SHOOT Project is the place to be! Can’t swing a cat without hitting a top flight tag team.


Denny Colton: Carolina Lions.

Benny Colton: Blood Money.


Denny Colton: Unholy Cyber Army.


Benny Colton: God, that name’s cool. Delayed Heat.

Denny Colton: Spinbuster Island.


Benny Colton: Zoomer Love. Well, one of them.


Denny Colton: Good Job!


Benny Colton: Thank you!


Denny Colton: No, that’s one of the teams.


Benny Colton: Huh. Well, now you can add one more to that list. Me and the big man here have been going all over the Midwest, taking whatever fights we can get. Honing our skills. Putting our names on people’s lips. And I don’t meant to brag–


Denny Colton: Yeah you do.


Benny Colton: Yeah, I do. But we’ve broken through to the next level. Not just us; the whole family. My big bro Nate, my little sister Jenny, they’re doing all they can to stamp our name onto the business. And while all that’s goin’ on, I says to Denny, “Cuz…we can’t let them do this without us, can we?” And what did you say to me?


Denny Colton: “Nope.”


Benny Colton: Insufferable chatterbox, this guy. But he’s right. 2023 is the year our whole damn family makes a statement. In PRIME, in MVW, and now in SHOOT Project. If you know, you know…and if you don’t know, you’re about to find out.


Denny Colton: You’re about to see the world get shook up by a couple boys from Indiana. We’ll be on your shows, in your ring, and before too long, holding your gold.


Benny Colton: Preach it, cousin. The Coltons are here, and we’re ready to show you what wrestling really is.


Abigail Chase: Bold statements from Benjamin and Dennis Colton; we’ll find out soon if they can back it up. Let’s go back to ringside!


She puts on her best smile, and the Coltons do the same. Benny also takes the opportunity to tilt his head toward Abigail.


Benny Colton: So…you busy later?

Abigail Chase: Yes.


Benny Colton: A’ight.

Misery Loves Company

We come to the commentary desk where Eryk Masters and Other Guy are shuffling through a few papers and preparing for the next segment on the show.  Eryk Masters places a finger to his ear and gets a confused look on his face before looking back down to his paper.


Eryk Masters: What?  Are you sure?  Since when?


Other guys sets his papers on the desk and looks over to Eryk, waiting for him to finish his conversation.


Eryk Masters: I mean…This is a complete waste of time, but if you really think that…Ok, we’ll do it.


Eryk looks up and towards the camera.


Eryk Masters: Folks I’ve just gotten word from the back that we have an exclusive interview with Ignatius Albert Martin coming in for you.  I’m being told that it’s an exclusive…from backstage interviewer…Curtis Rose.


Other Guys attempts to hold in his laughter, but is unable to, letting out an audible chuckle.


Other Guy: The did it?  They finally demoted him?  God, poor guy.  Gets beat so bad by BRONSON that they took him off the competition sheet.


Eryk Masters: I doubt that, OG.  I think we both know this is some kind of ridiculous ploy by Rose to maintain relevance.


Other Guy: “Maintain” suggests that he had relevance to begin with, Eryk.


Eryk Masters: Touche’ OG.


We enter the locker room area where Curtis Rose is standing in front of a very confused looking IAM.  Curtis is holding a comically large microphone that looks to be a relic from a CBS football broadcast from 1972.  You know the ones.  The microphone with the comically large, green foam microphone head and the boxy exterior that appears to have “SHOOT Project” scribbled in Sharpie marker on the side?  Curtis is wearing a mustard yellow blazer with no shirt underneath and has a hunter green tie around his neck.  The knot is…very large.


Curtis Rose: Thank you for that very kind introduction Eryk and OG.  You know, after my match with BRONSON, I was pretty dejected.  I was a little sad even.  How could I, a veritable superstar, lose to a scrub like BRONSON?  It ate at me, gnawed at my very soul.  Then it dawned on me.  I just needed to talk with someone with similar experience to me.  SO here we are with Iggy Martin!


Ignatius looks even more confused, both at the statement by Rose, and at where he is supposed to talk in regards to the ridiculous prop mic.


IAM: I’m not really sure where you’re getting your information, Curt but I have never competed against BRONSON.  Let alone lost to him.  


Curtis Rose gives a theatrically over exaggerated but silent “belly laugh.”


Curtis Rose: No of course you haven’t, Iggs.  You have to go on a more “metaphorical” journey with me here.  I simply meant that after I lost to BRONSON, I was left with a feeling that I had lost to a clearly inferior opponent.  And I thought to myself, if there is someone in the SHOOT Project that is used to taking “Ls” to inferior opponents, it was you!  So tell me, how does it feel to lose to losers?


IAM begins to look perturbed but still seems to be giving Rose a chance with this “Interview.”


IAM: Again, I’m not sure that you have your information quite right.  I’ve competed at the highest level here, and I’ve won more than I’ve lost.  I’ve held two of the top prizes that this company has to offer, and I came up just short on my defense of the last one.  I wouldn’t say that I’ve lost to any “losers” here.  And to be honest, I feel like you’re just having some sour grapes about losing to anyone, let alone BRONSON.  I don;t think he’s subpar competition at all.  If anything, his career resurgence should be recognized as an accomplishment considering where he came from.


Curtis narrows his eyes and rolls his shoulders back, taking the microphone away from IAM.


Curtis Rose: Listen.  I know that you have a PR voice and a script that you’ve perfected from your time of media days.  Don’t want to say the wrong thing, or take a crap on anyone.  But you’ve definitely gotten blasted by some losers in the ring.  Breedlove?  RAIKO?  Come on.  Those two suck, and you just keep on losing.  That has to feel bad.  It’s ok to be angry.  Hell, I’m angry for you.  


IAM: Joshua Breedlove is a multi-time World Heavyweight Champion.  I don’t always agree with his methods, but he ran one of the most successful organizations within the SHOOT Project for a good period of time.  An organization that you were in, and removed from if I remember correctly.  As far as RAIKO goes, I remember her pinning you to win the redemption Rumble, and then she went on to defeat several people to earn the right to challenge for the Iron Fist Title.  I came up short, it happens.  I’ll train harder and come back at her, and I don’t think that she would expect anything less of me.  Look, I don’t really know what you’re…


Curtis Rose suddenly drops his snarky disposition and his eyes burn red with anger, suddenly cutting off Martin from finishing his thought.


Curtis Rose: I wasn’t booted from the Empire Damnnit!  I saw the weakness of Breedlove since he started being poisoned by that foul harpy, Danni!  I left to pursue a successful solo career while I waited for Axe to get back.  And I think that we both know that RAIKO cheated to “win” the Redemption rumble.  I did ALL THE WORK, and Raiko came in and just STOLE that win from me.  Then she disappeared!  I AM THE REDEMPTION RUMBLE WINNER BY DEFAULT.  I don;t even know why I bother talking to you.  You;re just like everyone else here.  Inferior to the Greatness that is Curtis Rose.  I got cheated against RAIKO, I got cheated against BRONSON.  And you know what?  I thought that maybe…just MAAAAAAYBE someone like you could understand what I was going through.  You know…since your career is in the garbage can right now?  But no.  All you wanna do is give me canned responses about how much you “respect” everyone and how great all of your opponents are.  No one is buying it, Iggs.  No one is buying what you’re selling!  You can’t possibly respect everyone in SHOOT Project.  You have to hate someone!


Rose is practically seething in place as a smile comes across IAM’s face.


IAM: Well, you’re absolutely right.  I don’t respect everyone in the SHOOT Project…


The smile on Martin’s face get’s wider as he starts poling at the Smiley Face carved into Curtis Rose’s Chest.  The ager on Curtis Rose’s face suddenly boils over.




Curtis spins on his feet and throws his microphone into the trash can next to the door.  The mic crashes into the can with a loud “THUD” followed by a scratch of feedback before producers are able to cut the feed from the microphone.  Curtis Rose storms out of the locker room as Martin begins to chuckle to himself before he turns to go back to packing his belongings into his gym bag.  The scene fades to black.

Zoomer Love Vs. Good Job!

How Many Roads Must BRONSON Walk Down, Before You Call Him a Bitch?

Direct your attention backstage and feast your eyes because there’s a fine young man touring the Epicenter.  Black Sheep Baez is at the center of this hot scene.  Who the Hell is he?  You’ll learn.  He’s a nucleus though.  He’s certainly dressed to wrestle based on some simple visual mathematics.  Seems like Black Sheep is anxious as he jumps into an interview with Abigail Chase


Black Sheep Baez: Yo I’m ready!  I’m so ready. [He’s geeked and slaps his chest] They can hit me with that booking right’na! Ya boi was born for this.


Abigail Chase: Black Sheep Baez – welcome to the SHOOT Project!


Black Sheep Baez: Say less Queen! You don’t know how long I been waitin to stand here and hear you say that.  Damn man.  SHOOT? LETS GO! I got my work shirt on…


That’s true.  It’s a black t-shirt that says WORK in big and bold white text.


Black Sheep Baez: …and I came prepared to be puttin in that work on day one.  That’s BIG energy fam.


Abigail Chase: The SHOOT universe needs to know the answer to the big question of the night: what makes Black Sheep Baez so special? What makes him SHOOT special?


Black Sheep Baez: Yo. Bet. Lemme – 


“HOLY COW…I mean…Holy Sheep?  You know what?  Never mind.”


Baez looks up to the sounds of the obnoxious voice he hears.  Who, oh who can it be?  It can only be the one and only…BRONSON.  BRONSON is not dressed for combat at the moment, wearing a black leather jacket, blue jeans, and a plain gray t-shirt with Aviator sunglasses on.  Yeah, he’s got some serious Maverick vibes going on and you fucking love it.


BRONSON:  Black Sheep Baez!  Oh man, I can’t believe what I’m seeing!  A fresh face, a new face, and a guy who looks like he’s ready to hit the big time!


He grins and extends his hand.




How is Black Sheep going to pronounce that?  There’s not enough chin stroking in the world to come up with a good enough idea, so Baez leans in and extends his hand.


Black Sheep Baez: I dunno what I’m gonna do about’cha all caps, but where I come from we start off with a lil bit of respect.


It’s an awkward handshake, and made more awkward by BRONSON’s limp and soulless wrist.


Black Sheep Baez: Name’s Black Sheep Baez.  Third generation professional wrestler outta the Buffalo territory.  Home grown, and greener than a peppa’tree, but I gotta passion for this business that’s unmatched in every single way.  I think that covers it all in a neatly wrapped nutshell.  Feel it?  Bet.  There is one lil tid bit that’s pretty easy to claim: ya boy gonna look forward to sharin that ring with ya.


BRONSON grins a shit eating little grin.


BRONSON:  Oh…kay.  I like the funny words you use, Mr. Livestock Man.  Well, take it from me, a veteran with many years in this industry and the second ever REIGN champion in company history: you have potential to be great.  Great like the Black Sheep of yesteryear with their classic jam “The Choice is Yours” or maybe even great like the only other Baez in my head with her own classic jam “No Expectations!”


BRONSON looks BSB up and down, smirking.  He pats Baez on the chest with a level of condescension you can feel oozing out of him.


BRONSON:  And like they said before…you can get with this, or you can get with that.  I’m on my way to the top, young man, so you’re gonna have to earn the right to face a talent on my level.  But you’ll get there one day, champ!  Like I tell everybody: we’ve got work to do.  That means all of us.  The ladder’s right there, big guy, best to start climbing!


It’s evidently clear to Black Sheep Baez that this joker is looking to get under his skin.  So, BSB does what every youngster does in this situation.  He smirks, takes a moment to calm down, and then takes a step into BRONSON’S personal space.  The tips of their nose are in the same zip code.  Yea, Abigail Chase has moved aside.  This is lukewarm, but the temperature is slowing rising.


Black Sheep Baez: You’re right.  Funny words.  Wanna know what’s funny about words?  Words don’t do what I know I can do in that ring.  I don’t mind shit talk, big or small.  It ain’t nothin in this business if it can’t be handled on our stage though.  So, I gotta ask you about this level you on and this vibe ya got.  You’re on your way to the top?  Me too, so let’s fight and see who’s actually ready.  Whatcha say? Nah, you said enough already.  You either game or just another mouth with no limbs.  You want this smoke? Lemme know when you ready…THE CHOICE IS YOURS!


Black Sheep is quick to spin and leave the scene but not before whistling the tune to Joan Baez’s No Expectations to put the icing on the cake.  BRONSON looks at Abigail Chase, perturbed at this new face that just came in and put him in his place.


BRONSON:  Not.  One.  Word.


Abigail shakes her head, agreeing to say nothing.  BRONSON storms off, frustrated at this new guy and clearly about to see about this “smoke.”

Ghost of Friendship Past

A door opens along the back entrance to the SHOOT Project Epicenter as RAIKO steps out into a mostly empty parking lot – her recently-won Iron Fist Championship slung over one shoulder and a black duffle bag slung over the other.

There is a calm, almost serene silence as she looks up at the moon hanging high above the Las Vegas sky and the only sound for miles is a quiet hum of electricity.

Voice: You’re still here too, huh?

RAIKO is startled as she sees Judy Punchinello sitting off to her immediate left – initially hidden in the shadows, back leaned up against the building’s exterior. There is no anger or animosity to Judy’s tone; rather, she just seemed tired.


RAIKO: Yes. Long night. Lot of… paperwork.


Judy lets out a dry laugh.


RAIKO: Was not making joke.


Judy leans forward, her face now illuminated by the fluorescent lighting on the edge of the building.

Judy: No… no… of course not. Well… I suppose I should congratulate you on your win. Hell of an accomplishment.

RAIKO clearly wasn’t sure how to react. The two competitors hadn’t spoken in months; nearly a year since the two fought alongside each other against Azraith DeMItri, Lindsay Troy, and Chadwick Kyle.

The new Iron Fist champion glances instinctively at her wrist where a friendship bracelet she shared with Ayumi and Judy had once resided; she looks back up at Judy whose eyes are clearly glazed over – from crying or some chemical substance she couldn’t tell.

RAIKO: Thank you. I… 


RAIKO doesn’t finish the thought. She shakes her head.


RAIKO: Get home safe, Punky- I mean…

She said the name almost reflexively … innocently. But still… with those words, Judy’s body language changes. Her eyes were no longer distanced – they were now firmly focused on RAIKO. The look in her eyes was… horrifying.

The former Rule of Surrender Champion didn’t say anything at first… the calming silence from earlier had turned suffocating and oppressive. Then, when she did speak… it wasn’t what RAIKO expected to hear.


Judy: Hmmm…

Judy looks on, almost like she was studying RAIKO, and then relaxes slightly before turning her attention back out into the starry, Las Vegas night.

Judy: Sure thing, champ. Sure thing…

RAIKO pauses – expecting something more from Judy, but when nothing comes she decides to move on, walking past her former friend as she finds her car and begins to pack up for the night. 

The Iron Fist Champion settles in, adjusting her mirrors and getting her driver’s seat positioned, she turns on her headlights that come up, casting a spotlight on a now-standing Judy Punchinello who watches RAIKO as she slowly starts her car and begins to pull out of the Epicenter parking lot.

As she exits, putting distance between herself and the Epicenter, her attention is drawn to her rearview mirror – where she sees Judy Punchinello still watching her, standing, unmoving on the dock at the rear entrance. It was an image that remained burned into her mirror – unchanged and unsettling – for every agonizing second until she finally found the access road and, at least for now, was leaving the ghost of Judy Punchinello behind her.

Judy Punchinello Vs. Azraith DeMitri

The Prophecy

Location Unknown.

They stand shoulder to shoulder, which makes men of their muscled width a proper backdrop for someone much smaller.  That individual is the haruspex, the herald of the Unholy Cyber Army, a being of unknown history and less known looks.  The robes that they clad themselves in are voluminous and layered, some bare shreds and others thick cloth, all in varying tones of black sackcloth.  The only thing we ever see are their hands: vascular, thin, pale claws that accuse and dance as they hiss out their proclamations in a lizard tone. 

The haruspex: They sent my Lords to far-off lands, to seize territory thus unclaimed, to defeat opponents who foolishly thought that they could lay their gauntlets down upon the floors of the palace!  But they made a mistake…

A wagging finger, black with ichor. 

The haruspex: The same mistake you all keep making, graves you continue to dig!!  You are grown fat and complacent on your own lazily earned success, or you are still so wet behind your ears that you’re no more than whelps!!  But no matter which you be, your flesh is still a meal, your blood still slakes!!  But these meager meals cannot sustain giants such as the Demons of Cyber-Roppongi!!  Their voices are a weapon too destructive for common speech, but they told me.  They whispered and said…we will speak.  For we have a message. 

At this, the haruspex cowers, folding over and clutching where their ears might be under the massive hood.  They even shake, truly fearful, as the Cyber Army opens their mouths. 

Superbeast, Power Devil: We Hunger.  

The words reverberate and echo–not the bark of war that we are used to from them, but a rumbling, thundering sound, the tubas and timpanis of the marching song of Hell’s own armies.  The haruspex raises a hand high, testifying. 

The haruspex: Pittance is no longer enough!  The Unholy Cyber Army must feast!  And there is but one meal, one table that they crave to dine at: The SHOOT PRoject Tag Team division.  Not just you, Lions of the Carolinas!  You may yet hold the crowns in your youthful hands, you may yet sit on the throne, but even your bones know that you are pretenders, claimants, unworthy usurpers!!  But for my Lords to snatch them from you and find themselves atop their dread mountain once more would be…a small thing.  An easy thing.  And once they are there, the hunger will not be abated.  The meals still roam free!  There is only one solution. 

Fingers to the ground as the figure jerkily strides in front of his kings. 

The haruspex: Every.  Single.  Team.  An entire division shall bow or shall be made to bow before the awesome might of the Unholy Cyber Army!  The stones and the entrails foretold a time when the great Wyrm would devour the marshaled forces of humanity into the oblivion of its maw–now is that era!!  They have made rubble of every team that has come before them and left them shadows, beings with no soul, wights cursed to walk this plane until they are but dust returned to the scorched ground!!  Cuddle them!!

The haruspex raises both hands high, their fingers spreading as if they are having a vision.  The words come shakily, the figure gasping for breath. 

The haruspex: Lionhearts, cuddle them!  Clutch them!  Keep the belts close at hand and soak in every available moment!  Act like the Kings of old and defeat inferior competition!  Savor these times as the food of Gods, for there will come a day!  There will come a day!!

At this, the figure draws a ragged, desperate breath inward and its shoulders slump.  Then it speaks again, it is not the ragged slithering hiss of before.  The words come deep within them, the timbre low.  As if they are being spoken through their body by an untold force. 

The haruspex: The day will soon arrive when you awaken and the dawn touches not another team in this division.  And you will not hear the raucous songs of conquest in your great hall.  There will no longer be sycophants to tell you how amazing you are no concubine to make a cold night warm!  There will just be…you.  You two and the howling wind.  It cuts.  And the thrones you have sat upon no longer offer relief.  And those belts sit heavy in your hands, their weight drags you.

The haruspex begins to go limp.   

The haruspex: And you will see them across the foggy fields.  You will hear their boots crush bones beneath them. 

Suddenly, the figure snaps up straight and, faster than we have ever seen them, rushes the camera.  Grasping it close so that we only can see the hood and the black void of shadow it casts, the herald speaks in a threatening croak. 

The haruspex: And you will cower. 


This video has been produced by the Sanctorium Entertainment DBA the Holy Breedlove Empire…


All smiles, I know what it takes to fool this town

I’ll do it ’til the sun goes down and all through the night time

Oh yeah

Oh yeah, I’ll tell you what you wanna hear

Leave my sunglasses on while I shed a tear

It’s never the right time

Yeah, yeah


As “Unstoppable” by Sia plays, the camera fades in to the end of 2022, Nate Robideau tears Joshua Breedlove’s shoulder out of its socket, putting Breedlove out of action indefinitely.


I put my armor on, show you how strong how I am

I put my armor on, I’ll show you that I am


We flash forward to a hospital, Breedlove is gassed and nearly unconscious, as a concerned Danni Johnson sits nearby and watches over him. The shot changes as they wheel him back for surgery.


I’m unstoppable

I’m a Porsche with no brakes

I’m invincible

Yeah, I win every single game

I’m so powerful

I don’t need batteries to play

I’m so confident

Yeah, I’m unstoppable today

Unstoppable today

Unstoppable today

Unstoppable today

I’m unstoppable today


Time for some physical therapy shots. Breedlove and one therapist are in the Sanctorium gym, working on his mobility. He winces with pain every so often, but he struggles through and fights on.


Break down, only alone I will cry on out

You’ll never see what’s hiding out

Hiding out deep down

Yeah, yeah

I know, I’ve heard that to let your feelings go

Is the only way to make friendships grow

But I’m too afraid now

Yeah, yeah


I put my armor on, show you how strong how I am

I put my armor on, I’ll show you that I am


He’s lifting in the gym now, and in the background, the SHOOT Project Year End Awards are playing. He sees his name and visage, along with the words “2022 Villain of the Year”… he smiles.


I’m unstoppable

I’m a Porsche with no breaks

I’m invincible

Yeah, I win every single game

I’m so powerful

I don’t need batteries to play

I’m so confident

Yeah, I’m unstoppable today

Unstoppable today

Unstoppable today

Unstoppable today

I’m unstoppable today

Unstoppable today

Unstoppable today

Unstoppable today

I’m unstoppable today


Still in that same gym, now it’s Revolution 186, the first one back from the extended holiday break. Breedlove’s upped his weights and is getting stronger. He sees Nate Robideau take out Buck Dresden and claim the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship.


I put my arm around, show you how strong I am

I put my arm around, I’ll show you that I am


At the end of Revolution 186 now, as Breedlove stands and watches the Carolina Lions, El Paria, and Nate Robideau stand tall over the SHOOT Project. Multiple champions. Multiple winners. It’s bittersweet, but he shakes his head and simply gets back to work.


I’m unstoppable

I’m a Porsche with no breaks

I’m invincible

Yeah, I win every single game

I’m so powerful

I don’t need batteries to play

I’m so confident

Yeah, I’m unstoppable today

Unstoppable today

Unstoppable today

Unstoppable today

I’m unstoppable today

Unstoppable today

Unstoppable today

Unstoppable today

I’m unstoppable today!!!

The Bone Brigade Vs. Nate Robideau/El Paria

Nate rushes Mike, who tries to cover up and eats a thrusting knee to the midsection!  Dave catches eye of this and starts to run towards the pair to break things up, but Paria catches him from behind and roughly chops at the side of the man’s knee with a kick, cuasing de los Muertos to falter and attempt to stop himself from crumpling! 

Eryk Masters: Oh come on, really? 

Other Guy: Look this one is kind of on the Boner Bros for not being prepared, it’s not like Nate hasn’t left ample evidence of how he likes to do business!

Dave turns with a wild swing that Paria ducks–Johnson throws a right of his own that Dave blocks, and he raises his hand for a patented Broguns magic spell…but Paria boots him directly in the crotch, causing him to drop to the mat in pain!!  Nate shoves Mike to the corner, using his size advantage, and BLASTS him to the nose with a headbutt!!   Mike reels, clutching his face, as Robideau and El Paria stand tall, cracking their knuckles and plotting their next move…

Eryk Masters: You’ve got championships, accolades, you’re just being bullies for zero reason at this point!

Other Guy: Yo ‘Ryk this is just how us dominant athletes do, all we know how to do is win!

Eryk Masters:Dominant athletes’ my ass–we need some assistance out here!

As Masters is screaming for assistance and the coalition are circling their prey like sharks, the lights go out–literally for 2 seconds–and when they come back up, the crowd erupts!!  Atop the top turnbuckle is

Eryk Masters: It’s Kitsune!!

Other Guy: Illegal!  Sorcery is illegal in this state!!

Eryk Masters: Robideau and Johnson may yet regret what they’ve started–the Purple One is here!!

Nate turns, sneering, and the lights go out again–when they come back up, Kitsune is behind him!!  Robideau turns and lays out a BIG right straight , but Kitsune catches his fist, and takes the moment that he’s stunned in shock to work his own throat with his free hand, Muta style,  before letting loose with a Bone Brigade-style Yoga Flame!!  Nate crumples and rolls backwards, making sure that he’s not ablaze, and Paria interposes by taking Kit to the mat with a spear, but Dave is right on him, booting him in the side of the head!!

Eryk Masters: And just like that, Kitsune has turned the tide of this gutless exhibition!!

Paria and Nate get to their feet on one end of the ring–Kitsune, Dave, and the bleeding Mike on the other.  There’s a pause in the action here, as Robideau and Paria stand tall, straightening their backs with pride, and begin shaking out and adopting fighting stances.  Kit steps forward and indicates his Brogun compatriots, indicating the numbers advantage.  Nate steps forward and doesn’t say anything–but does spit on Kit’s Air Maxes!!  The Purple Yokai looks at his shoes and then slowly goes back to Blackhawk, who grins and eggs him on.  There’s a tense moment when he looks like he might erupt, maybe going into full divine fury mode, but he breathes and waves it off as the Broguns begin backing up.  Nate looks to Paria, who shrugs–and they both rush the Broguns, turning the ring into an absolute donnybrook of fists and kicks!!

Eryk Masters: These jokers are outnumbered and they don’t seem to care!  This is pure chaos!

Other Guy: That’s the patented fighting spirit that this group has displayed time and again!!

Eryk Masters: Fighting spirit doesnt account for there being one fresh man in the ring–and he’s not on their side!!

The brawl is truly confusing.  There’s no technique to it, just defense and attack, then attack and defense.  Just as soon as Nate has suffocated Mike de los Huesos in right punches, then Kit is on him, peppering his ribs with low shots and knees.  Just as soon as El Paria has elbowed Dave de los Muertos in the mush so much that the mask is hanging askew, Dave goes full yambag and doubles his opponent over.  Then Nate goes after him.  Then Mike goes after Nate–it’s an absolutely chaotic scene, but the Broguns have the numerical advantage, and they turn the tide in short enough order, pushing the alliance backwards and starting to lay in some serious blows, causing even a seasoned cagefighter like Nate to reel!!  The crowd is cheering this on, every blow ratcheting their excitement higher and higher–but the cheers turn to screams?

Eryk Masters: Behind you!!

Reaper and Smoke make it from a production area to the ring and slide in, and they don’t even let the antifcipation build–as soon as Dave and Mike back up for some kind of running start, they dive forward and chop block them both with their shoulders!!  The crowd erupts into boos as the Bone Brigade clutch their knees in agony, the Lions popping to their feet and closing in on Kitsune.  Nate shakes his head, getting his wits about, and Paria straightens his body out.  Kitsune, realizing he’s surrounded, does a quick spin and begins the hand motions to cast his enticement spell–but Paria cuts him off with a heel kick directly to the jaw!!  Purp stumbles back, then gets upended by a double team suplex from the Carolina Lions!!

Eryk Masters: The numbers game!

Other Guy: That, my main brochacho, is a dominant faction.  Who can stop ‘em?!

Eryk Masters: They’re standing tall…and they aren’t gloating?  They aren’t done?! 

Paria grabs Dave by his neck and drags him to his feet, then rushes him to the far ropes and launches him over the top rope and into the barricade!!  Mike is to one knee, and is throwing wild shots towards anyone who’s near him, finally making it to his feet and splitting his attention betweeon Smoke, Reaper, and Nate.  All three calmly walk forward, Nate openly chuckling, and Mike finally has a “fuck it” moment, rushing the World Champion with a roar–Nate shoots low and LAYS his shin into Mike’s kneecap!!  Mike de los Huesos crumples, screaming, and the Lions shove him to the floor…leaving Kitsune in the ring with four bad men with bad intentions. 

Other Guy: Awww shit!

Eryk Masters: This is beyond any quarrel, what is this?!

Other Guy: He did interpose himself in this business, ‘Rykie Tikki Tavi!  You reap what you sow!!

Kitsune stands up, and though we can’t hear it over the crowd, there’s a fair amount of jawing taking place.  He starts directing it towards Nate, but the Lions start making their presence known, and the realization that there’s one way out of this appears to be dawning on Dat Boy.  He turns, realizing he’s now entirely surrounded for the second time.  His shoulders slump, just for a moment, before he stands erect and…grabs his dick!  Reaper rushes him with a lariat, and Kit ducks–still gripping his hog–then narrowly dodges an axe kick from Nate!  The crowd is going wild for this, Kitsune actually looks like he might extract himself for a brief moment, but as he’s bending backwards to dodge a right hand from Paria, smoke CRUMPLES him with an elbow to the back of the neck!!  Kit stumbles forwards and doesn’t hear Robideau’s approach, eating a MASSIVE running knee thrust to the side of the head!!  Kit’s head snaps and he drops, bell clearly rung, and the faction descends on him.  The Carolina Lions gasp him and dump him to the floor…and follow.

Eryk Masters: We get it!  You won, you’re the best, you don’t have anything to prove!!

Other Guy: What if this ain’t about proving anything?

Isaiah stomps Kitsune a couple of times for good measure as Luis and the rest of the alliance roll from the ring.  The Lions quickly confer for a moment…then both run their heads and look at the ring steps.  There is a nod of agreement as the crowd starts to buzz, it dawning on them that something bad might happen.  Nate and Paria hang back, watching with interest, as Reaper hauls Kit to his feet, spinning him and grabbing him from behind…they position themselves quickly, parallel to the ring apron.  Isiah sets his feet and tosses Kit backwards in the air with a belly to back suplex–Luis catches his body midair and SNAPS him backwards with a German suplex–DIRECTLY ONTO THE EDGE OF THE RING STEPS!!  GRAND AMPLITUDE!! 

Eryk Masters: Good God!!  That was beyond unnecessary, we need a medical team!! 

Other Guy: Yo did you see that?!  Holy shit!!

Eryk Masters: Kitsune is limp, and it’s not even that the Lions don’t care–those bastards are chuckling about it!!

Kitsune is splayed out, not even clutching his head, his frame draped limply across the edge of the ring steps!!  The crowd is nuclear, screaming for blood, and the group meet at the base of the ramp–title on his shoulder, Nate grasps the wrists of Smoke and Reaper, raising their arms high into the air to a renewed wave of venom and boos!  All of the men smile and bump fists, leaving the Bone Brigade to stumble and crawl their way to their fallen friend, screaming for medical help, as the show fades to black.