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Revolution 193

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Backstage, we find REIGN’s resident all-bulk monster, Avalanche Anderson finishing up happening his wrist.  This is probably one of the only times you really get much in the way of quiet on a show night–but his quiet is going to get interrupted, anyway. 

Because the man who raps at the door twice isn’t the type to wait for anything, not these days.  Strutting in wearing high-dollar athletic wear and with a stock Audi A4 on his wrist, the World Heavyweight Champion looks like all the money he’s making.  Hair is perfect, stubble just right, and his vintage Cartier shades are dazzling.  He reached over to Anderson, hand extended, and the admittedly nonplussed big man grasps his massive mitt in a massive-r one. 

Robideau: Nate Robideau, undisputed, pound for pound best fighter in the company.  Pleasure to meet you. 

Avalanche opens his mouth to speak, but Nate cuts him off. 

Robideau: Oh, you hardly need an introduction.  You’re one of the newest signees, and I gotta say, I wasn’t expecting the scope of you.  I mean you hear that they signed an absolute mountain, you see him on streaming, but that can’t prepare you.  I try to keep my eye on upcoming talent–you never know who might be the next big thing–and you stand out.  That’s why I pulled some strings to get you this match up here. 

Anderson looks ready to react, possibly to thank the man.  Nate deads this with a raised hand. 

Robideau: No, no need to.  See, my motives aren’t pure, and what I’m going to ask you to do…against who I’m going to ask you to do it?  Well…that’s when I start talking bonus. 

From his pocket, Nate produces a roll of bills that feels relatively obscene.  Flattened out it’s likely about an inch, maybe an inch and a half tall.  He considers it for a moment. 

Robideau: See, people get the wrong idea about me.  They think I’m a bad person, when really all I am is honest and extremely talented.  Take, for instance, what I’m about to ask of you.  Folks who have always had issues with me are going to try and claim that I asked you to be unfair to Azraith, that I tried to bribe you to injure him….when really, I just want you to do your best.  See I freely admit that pride is a big driving factor for me.  And when I called out DeMitri?  Yeah.  I wanted to defeat a legend.  So maybe people would show me a little more respect and recognize my reign as one of the greatest.  But I can just hear it now, Anderson.  “The old man was over the hill, he wasn’t up to fighting form, he was too rusty”.  Blah, blah blah.  Anything they can use to discredit me.  Not on my watch.

He taps the stack of cash against his thigh and sets it on a bench seat. 

Robideau: Five thousand dollars.  And that’s yours, no condition required.  Except one: You go out there, and you do your damndest to beat Azraith DeMitri.  I don’t want you in awe of where you’ve found yourself and I don’t want you being deferential and respectful.  Fight him.  Do whatever you can to win.  Be the unstoppable beast stud that you’ve been advertised to be. 

He reaches over, clapping Anderson on his massive shoulder, grinning.

Robideau: Good luck out there, Avalanche.  Show me something, eh? 

With that, Nate walks off, apparently not willing to wait for any sort of response–or not interested in one.  Anderson looks to the stack of money, then to the door that Nate just breezed back through, his brow furrowed. 

The Patriot Act Vs. Carolina Lions (c)

Inside the Ring (Pt. 2)

Eryk Masters: Coming up in just a few minutes, two of our rookies go at it, in Madison Seton versus So-jun Lim.  But before that, we have our second part of Abigail Chase’s sit-down with the younger Seton.


Other Guy: I don’t think Maddie will appreciate your calling her that, as viewers will see.  I admit, I was wondering if we would be getting a Laura clone at first, but its been far from that.


Eryk Masters: Indeed–a rare time we agree.  Maddie has already forged a different style and has quite the personality difference, too.


Other Guy: She may not be elite, but she’s made an impact already.  Almost hard to believe she comes from the same tree as…


Eryk Masters: And before you say anything that risks a lawsuit, let’s have a look at part two between Abigail and Madison.

Abigail Chase: So your first match.  COMBAT Kabuto.  And you bloody her–


Madison Seton: I know, right!?  Like, I didn’t even realize it in the moment.  It took like five minutes.  I happen to look down, notice my boots are in blood and there’s a few smatterings of blood nearby and I’m like, “Oh shit!”  I look up and there’s Kabuto in front of me, gashed open and it’s like, “Oh SHIT!”  And like, I saw the video and I remember the move, I remember doing that, but for the moment, everything was spinning.


Abigail Chase: You were a bit of a mess prior to that.  How did you find yourself before the opening bell?


Madison Seton: Heh… I credit Jack for that.  You know, El Paria.  He was, still is, my calming blanket.  I’m definitely blowing chunks beforehand if he doesn’t show up.  Admittedly, even at the bell I was still in another world.  Just so surreal!  After the first couple moves I felt “autopilot” turn off and could think.


Abigail Chase: And your second match, it was you being busted open.


Madison has a chuckle.


Madison Seton: And I survived.  That’s what happens.


Abigail Chase: How do you feel you’ve been received by everyone?


Madison Seton: Pretty good, to be honest.  I mean, I’m friends with Judy and Jack and yeah, I’ve ruffled some feathers on SPITTER so if I was treated like shit, I’d get it.  But so far, so good.


Abigail Chase: Its now been your third time seeing you prepare for a match.  Does it feel different at this point?  Becoming routine?


Madison Seton: Heh… uh… no, I don’t think so.  I still… like… it’s like sitting next to your SO while watching a super-hot porn, then getting fucked into the ground.  I just absolutely love being able to do this.  Being inside the ring… I feel that’s becoming my catchphrase, “Inside the ring.”  Slap that on a shirt with my name on it.  But honestly, there’s nothing better than being inside the ring.


Abigail Chase: A number of people might still think this is publicity or some other stunt by you.  That this won’t be long term.


Madison Seton: They’re fucking stupid.  First, see me this whole interview.  Second, something COMBAT said before we fought, like, whether I’m serious or “something to do.”  This is not “something to do” for me.  I know what it looks like being in this sport is as far as “something to do.”  Look no further than my sister for that–at least at the start of her career.


Abigail Chase: What was she like back then?


Madison cringes a bit.


Madison Seton: Kinda treated it like a paycheck back then.  She’s so competitive she made herself improve… but it wasn’t because of a passion or fire for her.  I mean, she loves wrestling now.  She’s shown and said that and that’s all legit.  I talked with her about all this and I hadn’t seen her love for this sport so high, but I think if she was like this back then?  Much different career arc.


Abigail Chase: You think more success for her?  How much more?


Madison is clearly becoming irritated, even pursing her lips a moment.


Madison Seton: I don’t know.  Probably cost her World Titles elsewhere.  Fuck, we’d probably be calling her an ex-SHOOT World Champ right now.


Abigail Chase: In terms of her, wh–


Madison can’t contain herself anymore.


Madison Seton: Enough!  I get it.  Trust me, I do.  The last name is the same, the relation.  I get it…  but pleasestop the fucking comparisons!!  I know it’s an easy storyline to play up and yeah, I compare us as well.  I get it.  But I am NOT her.  I am NOT Laura Seton.  I am MADISON Seton.  And just like on the basketball court, I’ll let my talent outweigh my relation.


And I’ll stand on my own.

Madison Seton Vs. So-Jun Lim


Sitting in a dark corner of the arena, clad in a faded and torn pair of blue jeans, a ripped t-shirt, an old farmer’s coat, and an old pair of Chuck Taylors, Thane is alone.  He notes the camera and how that must mean that it’s time for him to speak.  He nods a few times, as if he is working up the courage to finally let out the things he wants to say.


Thane:  Ben Bronson is gone.


He lets the words waft through the air like the stench of detritus.  It disgusts him to think of how their relationship crumbled, but even more so knowing he’s sent an old friend back to unemployment, or at the very least back to obscurity.


Thane:  Ben Bronson is a side of me, a part of me, that I was and am ashamed of.  Was he right on some things?  Yes, he was.  Was he also wrong?  Of course.  He was human.  But what that means is that my time in this company is perhaps coming to a close.


He thinks on his words quite carefully.


Thane:  I do not belong in this world anymore.  I stick out and not in a good way.  I tried so hard to make it work for me, to build a legacy, but I just couldn’t get it done.  I look at the people that lived on after I failed them: the alumni of the Proper Villains and I am both proud and ashamed.  Proud not of me but of them.  Ashamed not of them but of me.  Kitsune, of whom I am so proud.  Mike and Dave, of whom I am so proud.  RAIKO, of whom I am so…ashamed.


He sighs.


Thane:  You see, I took from Kitsune a shred of his youthful playfulness.  Mike, I took his face and a piece of his legacy.  Dave, I nearly took all of his friends away.  RAIKO…RAIKO I nearly took everything she had left away.  I was…wrong to her.  I did wrong BY her.  She never deserved the hell I put her through that I pretended was a bit of fun.  It’s something I see in my nightmares.  It’s something I see in every face I look upon.  It’s is a devil that throttles me at every turn.  And if it does that to me…I can only imagine what it does to her.


He pauses.


Thane:  But in my selfishness, I can no longer wait for her vengeance or justice.  No, I want to put my neck against the blade and slide across it of my own accord.  I want her to know that I am Waylon Jeffries, Jr.  That I am Thane.  That I am a coward and a fool and I deserve what she does to me.  So, I have asked and it has been granted.  At Master of the Mat, I am going to give RAIKO the chance to finish me once and for all.  To do away with me.  To hurt me.  To kill me if she so desires.


He closes his eyes, thinking about what he has had on his mind for so long.


Thane:  There was a time I would wade through a river of the dead to squeeze the light from the eyes of my final enemy.  Once upon a time, I thought of the world as though they believed me a monster.  It didn’t matter to me what they thought of me.  But when I woke up from my penance, the one perception that changed was mine.  I believed I was the monster the world believed I was.  So I reacted as such.  RAIKO, she was never the victim I wanted her to be.  Instead, she came out of my clutches stronger, more determined, and all of that was in spite of me.


He leans forward.


Thane:  So when I call her to face me at Master of the Mat, I call the woman that ignored the torture, ignored the suffering, ignored everything that I threw at her.  I call on her to fight me and whether or not the Iron Fist title is on the line isn’t important to me.  Management is still thinking on how they want to proceed with that.  You and I are done running.  Sometimes the monster forces you to act, forces you to face it.  I am scared of you, RAIKO.  I am scared of what I did to you.  I am scared.


He pauses.


Thane:  That is why I plunge into this.  Fight me at Master of the Mat, RAIKO.  Bury the monster once and for all so we both can…maybe…hopefully…move forward.  I don’t deserve your forgiveness for whatever people think I have done…it was far, far worse.  I don’t fight for your forgiveness, RAIKO.  I fight for my absolution.


He bows his head.  He is done speaking.  The scene fades to black.

Dennis Colton Vs. Alexander Vaka

Sexy Ass Lucha Goodness

The scene fades into the ring. Kid Lucha stands in the ring to virtually no response. His mask differs from the last time he was seen, trading the green/teal for green/hot pink. He wears a three-piece suit, a lime green dress shirt, a pink vest, and a lime green suit coat. His pants are hot pink with white dress shoes. 


Eryk Masters: We haven’t seen or heard from Kid Lucha since The Riot Patrol unsuccessfully challenged for the tag titles against Lux Aeterna at Revolution 185. His partner, Israel Bishop, has since been released from SHOOT Project.


Other Guy: This was Jester Smiles’ failed project, right? 


Kid Lucha looks incredibly annoyed at the crowd and their lack of response. In the background, you can see people leaving their seats for a piss break.


Kid Lucha: You know what, fuck it, let’s not waste any time. Fuck all of you and this company.


This gets a slight reaction with a few boos, but people are largely uninterested.


Kid Lucha: I wrestled one of the greatest tag teams this company has ever seen and was milliseconds from beating BOTH members at points in the match, and then I get demoted to REIGN? I get told I need more DEVELOPMENT?!


Other Guy: This guy was in this company for…seconds, right? 


Eryk Masters: He is right that Riot Patrol put up a solid fight against Lux Aeterna, but…


Other Guy: Then they did nothing.


Kid Lucha: Man, I was primed to take OVER this company, but I had to carry this fat fuck that I called a tag partner, and then, to make matters all the better, my MENTOR closes down my wrestling school, and home I might add. I just keep getting fucked over, left and right, and then I get told I’m going to get demoted to REIGN with a pay cut?


A few more people in the crowd boo. A very small “GO A-WAY” chant starts, but the main vibe is disinterest.


 Kid Lucha: Nah, I went away already, and you know what? I went all over Central and South America AND the Caribbean getting better, taking all of this ASTONISHING LUCHA GOODNESS and making it…ASTONISHINGLY MORE ASTONISHING!


Kid Lucha nods his head, smiling cockily, but aside from a few boos, there isn’t much of a response, which turns his smile into a scowl.


Kid Lucha: Yeah, whatever, fuck you guys too. You don’t get it, but you will. Real soon, you’ll get it, because while I was in South America, I found someone even more ASTONISHINGLY LUCHA than me-hard to believe, I know-and together, we’re going to become the most dominant tag team in SHOOT Project. So, let’s not wait any more, SHOOT Project, ladies and gentlemen, idiots and morons, and let’s not forget the morbidly obese…I give you…MAXIMO…FISICO!



“Pump It” by Electric Callboy hits over the PA. The lights dim as purple lasers stream across the Epicenter. An incredibly muscular man emerges from the back. He wears hot pink TIGHT latex briefs, a flamboyant overcoat with lime green and hot pink checkerboard, and furry pink leg warmers. He wears a green mask covered in hot pink patterns with pink feathered ears emerging from the mask. He gestures at the crowd, swaying his coat before completely removing it, flexing his muscles at the top of the stage. He poses for a long time as gold sparks stream behind him. There is still not much of a reaction, as people aren’t sure who he is or what they are looking at, but the luchador, apparently Maximo Fisico, doesn’t seem to notice.


Other Guy: The kids would call this…extra, right?


Eryk Masters: I’m gonna say yes.


After a long time of posing, Maximo Fisico makes his way to the ring, flexing his pectoral muscles and admiring his biceps. The camera cuts to Kid Lucha, who holds the top and bottom rope open for his partner, applauding him. Maximo Fisico bows in an over the top, incredibly extra way. He enters the ring. There is a long, dick-sucking exchange of the microphone where both men show far too much reverence to one another while the crowd is largely dead.


Other Guy: Commercial break or…?

Maximo Fisico: ¡Buenas Hijueputas! I am Colombian Aristocracy. I am Latin Sex Appeal. I am Athleticism Personified. I am the REAL Sexiest in SHOOT. I am-


Kid Lucha runs up to the microphone.


Kid Lucha: Astonishingly Lucha.


Maximo Fisico: Si hermano, si, pero I am so much more. With your mastery of the Lucha arts and with my dominating power and mind for the ring, the world will know the name of…

Kid Lucha again gets up on the microphone.

Kid Lucha/Maximo Fisico: LUCHA FITNESS!


The two men high five each other ecstatically, despite the fact that the crowd is not really reacting to what they are doing.


Maximo Fisico: Since we have a premium live event coming up, we want to run circles around some lesser team, so we are throwing out a CHALLENGE! Master of the Mat…Lucha Fitness vs…whoever! We’ll see you beauties in the ring.


Maximo Fisico drops the microphone and flexes. Kid Lucha does a backflip before holding his hands up in triumph.


The crowd does not react.


Eryk Masters: I…guess we’re getting a surprise tag match at Master of the Mat.


Other Guy: *yawns*

Avalanche Anderson Vs. Azraith DeMitri


After the bell, Azraith is stalking the ring,clearly still full of energy.  His eyes scan the crowd, paying close attention to the guardrails, and as he rolls his shoulders, he really looks like he’s ready to go again. 

Eryk Masters: Azraith DeMitri, victorious, and it looks like he’s expecting an attack of some kind!

Other Guy: I mean, he did call down the thunder, so…

Suddenly, there’s a commotion among the crowd, the noise ramping up in intensity as boos start to pepper the noise of excitement.  This ratchets to a fever pitch of hatred when one man makes his presence known–not via the crowd or with any sort of sneak attack, but at the top of the entrance ramp, applauding with mock sincerity.  Nate Robideau, World Heavyweight Championship across his shoulder, is giving Azraith applause with the least sincere smile he’s ever attempted! 

Other Guy: You see that, ‘Ryk?  Magnanimous!  To a fault! 

Eryk Masters: Oh, shove it up–Azraith’s on the move!  Azraith’s on the move!

Leaving Avalanche Anderson, DeMitri slides to the floor and begins stalking his way up the ramp!!  The crowd cheers him on, and Nate hasnt stopped his golf clap or his mouthing of what one assumes is mocking praise.  Azraith finally gets closer to the top of the ramp itself, and Nate stops clapping long enough to set the belt on the floor between them, standing tall!  The crowd buzz is electric as they finally meet…

Eryk Masters: We’re gonna need someone to separate these two…

Other Guy: Ha!  Good luck!

But the blows never come!  Az steps over the title and Nate meets him head on, both men forehead to forehead, nose to nose, yelling at one another!  Nate shoves forward, separating them long enough for him to peel off his sweatshirt and then return to the fray!  DeMitri points at the blet, and Nate nods enthusiastically–though we can’t hear therm so well, the parabolic mics definitely pick up Robideau booming “You can try!”  Finally, possibly in order to preserve the matchup, more likely to preserve the possible destruction of the set, security comes and separates the men, though distance doesn’t stop their yelling at one another, no the crowd’s reaction to it! 

Eryk Masters: I know Nate hates a lot of people, but there’s something deep in his anger towards Azraith!

Other Guy: I mean, how do you think Azraith feels? 

Eryk Masters: They better keep multiple medical teams on standby come Master of the Mat…

Fighting Fatal Fourway







The SHOOT Project faithful EXPLODE as Dan Stein’s music blares over the PA system. Dan walks out just as the awesome 80s guitar riff starts. Obviously absent is Molly Stein. 


Eryk Masters: You had to know this was going to happen at some point this weekend, OG.


Other Guy: Of course the original architect of DEEP SHOOT couldn’t go a show cycle without making the show about him, Eryk.


Dan wears his Shut Up and Fight Championship on his shoulder and a new MOLLY OF THE MAT t-shirt with Molly standing on the bottom rope of the SHOOT Project ring, one foot on the middle rope, and a finger high in the air. On his opposite shoulder is a dark wood Louisville Slugger baseball bat, similar to the one Blaze Claymore used last Revolution against Chad Kyle. He makes a beeline to the ring, his face flush with determination.


Eryk Masters: Blaze Claymore’s antics have been pushing Dan Stein to his breaking point, and it looks like Dan’s ready to put an end to it, TONIGHT.


Dan drapes the Shut Up and Fight Championship over the top rope and rolls into the ring with a microphone in his back pocket. Dan wears a pair of nice Jordans as he pushes himself up to his feet. Dan lets the fans shower him with praise for just a moment before pulling out the microphone, flipping it in his hand once, and then putting it to his mouth.


Dan Stein: Lately, I’ve been lacking on being a worthy Shut Up and Fight champion.

Dan looks around showing a semblance of legitimate frustration an anger.

Dan Stein: Rather than “WOW” the faithful with championship matches, all my attention has been focused on keeping Blaze Claymore at arms length while he spouts these wild conspiracy theories. But that ends now.

The crowd roars.

Dan Stein: BLAZE. We’ve been doing this dance for too long. And I’m about to put an end to this whole thing right fucking now, because come Master of the Mat… I’m putting THIS on the line.

Dan pats his SUAF Title.

Dan Stein: But no t just against you… because as far as I’m concerned, you’re just the whitehead on the boil that is, or maybe was, DELAYED HEAT. That’s why I’m also putting up my belt against “The Worst Roy Ever” in Rooster and, yes, Chad Kyle as well…

Eryk Masters: What an announcement!

Other Guy: This is clearly a trap of some kind by a Deep SHOOT accomplice!

Dan Stein: Take your time, I’m not going anywhere and I have nothing but ti-


 Oooooooo oooooo oooooo oooooo 


The opening beats of “The Rooster” by Alice in Chains play as The arena goes dark before fading into a dark orange hue.

With the opening lines of Damien “The Maverick” Roy’s  Rooster steps out from behind the curtain – arms crossed – but strangely not wearing his signature mask. Instead, his orange hair is pulled back in a ponytail and the youthful face many remember from his time as Damien “The Maverick” Roy’s nephew looks twisted and angry.

As Rooster’s entrance song fades out, we hear…

I’m just an average man with an average life

I work from 9 to 5, hey hell, I pay the price

 All I want is to be left alone, in my average home

But why do I always feel

Like I’m in the Twilight Zone?

 I always feel like somebody’s watchin’ me

And I have no privacy 

A timid-looking Blaze Claymore peeks from behind the curtain, looking up at the ceiling, before stepping forward onto the stage. As he does, he tries to show confidence but, as he look over to Rooster, turns sheet white.

Eryk Masters: What an apt song choice for such a sniveling bastard like Blaze Claymore…

Other Guy: How DARE you! He’s the victim of harassment, of dare I say terrorism! You saw it just as well as I did, Eryk, all those priceless DVDs and BluRays destroyed…

Eryk Masters: They’re only priceless because you couldn’t GIVE those things away, OG.

Dan Stein: Great! Now you, Chad.


Dan drops the microphone to his hip as the fans start to buzz. Then, Chad’s music hits. The fans in the arena erupt as Chadwick Kyle makes his way out, PS5 headset around his neck and a backward Monster hat to go with the Monster can that he holds. Chad raises his drink to the crowd, enjoying their adulation. Truly, the fans have become fans of Chadwick Kyle. Chad eyes Delayed Heat and walks to the opposite side of the ramp.








Dan Stein: See what happens when I want to get shit done?


Dan points the bat at Delayed Heat, specifically at Blaze.


Dan Stein: You want to fight me tonight, Blaze Claymore?

Blaze holds up a microphone he’s secured from backstage.


Blaze Claymore: YES! But… unless you can assure me I won’t be assaulted with a tow truck’s worth of my screen credits like last Revolution I will not be stepping foot in that ring again. YOU SIR ARE A-


Dan Stein: That’s what I thought. What about you, Tweedle Dum?


Dan asks, pointing the bat at Rooster. Rooster doesn’t respond, he simply stares Dan down.


Dan Stein: Yeah, that’s about right. Chad Kyle, you want a shot at the Shut Up and Fight Championship?


Chad enthusiastically nods his head, beginning to walk to the center of the ramp. Rooster steps up, cutting Chad off.


Dan Stein: Hey, Hodor. You touch Chad and I’ll bury you next to your uncle.


The faithful ERUPT as Rooster now begins to shove Chad aside, looking to get down into the ring himself. As this is happening, Blaze looks around wildly, microphone in hand, as he screams in frustration.

Blaze Claymore: YOU IDIOTS! Don’t you see what he’s doing!? He’s having you play right into Deep SHOOT’s hands! We used to be a united front against-

The fans begin to overpower Blaze as they repeat their new favorite chant:

WE LOVE DEEP SHOOT *clap clap clap clap clap*

WE LOVE DEEP SHOOT *clap clap clap clap clap*


WE LOVE DEEP SHOOT *clap clap clap clap clap*


WE LOVE DEEP SHOOT *clap clap clap clap clap*


Dan laughs, shaking his head, as Blaze looks furious and both Chad and Rooster pause on the ramp.


Dan Stein: I don’t rightly give two shits about “DEEP SHOOT” at this point, because all that matters to me is getting my LIFE back. So, fellas, here’s how this is going to go down. Since Chad had the gumption to step up, HE gets a Shut Up and Fight title shot at Master of the Mat.

Again, the fans erupt. Dan puts up his hand to quiet the crowd.


Dan Stein: Hold on now. I…don’t think you’ll like this next part. 


Dan looks back at Blaze and Rooster.


Dan Stein: ALSO… because you two have absolutely made my life hell, Blaze, you get a title shot at Master of the Mat even if you don’t deserve it. AND you’ll have to not only fight Chad and myself to secure your belt back, but I’m inviting  Rooster to the party too because if I don’t give him a title shot he’ll just involve himself anyway.

Rooster and Blaze look at each other as Blaze’s face goes white.

Dan Stein: Quite simply, I don’t want Rooster doing Blaze’s dirty work like he has up until now and, even if for some reason I can’t defeat these three? I’ll know that Delayed Heat won’t survive.

WE LOVE DEEP SHOOT *clap clap clap clap clap*

WE LOVE DEEP SHOOT *clap clap clap clap clap*

Dan Stein: That means at Master of the Mat, it’s Dan Stein versus Chad Kyle versus Blaze Claymore versus Rooster. And that’s not a Deep SHOOT booking, Blaze, that’s a TRUE champion calling his shot and if you’re too chicken shit to back up the crap you’ve been feeding everyone for the last year? Then you will be shown to be the person we all know you are … a coward.

The crowd errupts as Blaze’s face goes bright red. He screams in frustration at the top of the ramp as he pulls the microphone back to his mouth and begins to say something. However, nothing comes out. The fighter looks confused as he taps the microphone several times, trying to get a feed, but with no luck.



An ethereal voice over the speaker shakes the arena as everyone – the fighters, the fans, and the announcers look around to find the source.






Even Dan looks unnerved as his name is mentioned alongside the other three by this… disembodied figure. He looks around and waves his arms as if trying to convince the crowd he does not belong in the same conversation as the others.


Blaze’s eyes go wide.

Blaze Claymore: Us!?




Blaze is looking absolutely panicked while Rooster and Chadwick look unnerved by the voice’s message. Dan, on the other hand, seems a bit skittish at this point, but the crowd… they are going fucking bonkers bonkers.


Eryk Masters: What the Hell was that?!


Other Guy: Sounds like confirmation of everything that Blaze has been saying for the last year! DEEP SHOOT IS REAL!


Eryk Masters: I still call bullshit, but even if it is… I’m not so sure Dan knows about it. He looks just as dumbfounded as the rest of us. And he’s got the most to lose here putting himself up against three fighters who, at least at one time, shared a common goal.


Other Guy: And a fine acting job he’s doing, indeed! All part of the TRAP. I mean… what are Dan Stein’s initials, Eryk? D.S. DEEP SHOOT! COME ON! Study it out! If Chad wants to put a target on himself? That’s his mistake. Blaze and Rooster are smart enough not to get conned into this farce. 


Eryk Masters: Regardless of who ends up rising to the challenge, it appears Dan Stein just threw down a Shut Up and Fight Championship gauntlet!

Jamie Johnson Vs. Laura Seton

After the bell, Jamie pulls Laura up to her feet, pulls her in for a hug, and then takes a couple of steps back and bows to her. The crowd’s loving the show of respect, cheering on the effort from both stars. Jamie takes a few steps back as the Rule of Surrender Champion exits the ring, then he collapses down to the ringmat, leaning against the bottom turnbuckle. 

Eryk Masters: Love that sportsmanship, and it’s not a shock at all to see Jamie collapse against the turnbuckle there. He’s had a crazy couple of weeks.

Other Guy: Yeah, from losing the REIGN World Championship to a guy who’s new to beating Laura Seton to advance to the FINALS of the Master of the Mat against Kitsune! 

As he’s handed his Sin City Championship, he asks for a microphone and gets that as well. He’s basically just being propped up by the turnbuckle at this point.

Jamie Johnson: Don’t let anyone ever try to convince you that Laura Seton isn’t every bit as good as she’s been, maybe better. That woman is incredible, and I’m grateful to her for this match.

The crowd pops! 

Jamie Johnson: I’m tired, ladies and gents, and I’ve got a lot of work in front of me. Kitsune is so sneaky good that I’ve got so much tape to watch, training to do, and… fuck, who knows what else. 

But I’m here.

Eyes forward.

My goal is RIGHT THERE and it’s within my grasp, so when we square off, Kit? 

At Master of the Mat…

May 28th, 2023.

May the best of us win.