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Revolution: 211

EP.: 211

DATE: 07.08.2024




We move to outside the arena, where the weather is far from ideal as rain pours heavily from the sky. Despite the downpour, Lexi Gold stands there motionless, intrigued by the sight of raindrops hitting the ground. In the distance, the camera captures Abigail Chase emerging from inside, holding an umbrella in one hand and a microphone in the other, as she hurries towards Lexi.


Abigail Chase: “Lexi, I have to ask, what are you doing out here in this weather?”


Lexi finally turns her head toward her, rain-soaked hair clinging to her face.


Lexi Gold: “This weather is perfect. It’s the ideal gloomy moment, with an air of mystery lingering around.”


Abigail Chase: “I hope you manage to get inside soon. It’s been quite a while since we last saw or spoke with you. The last time we saw you was at Master of the Mat, where you claimed victory over WOLF MAN in a tough battle. Would you like to share your thoughts on that?”


Lexi ran her nails along the wall before turning her attention to Abigail, a satisfied smirk forming on her face.


Lexi Gold: “I’m sure you’ve heard the classic story of Little Red Riding Hood. You see, in the story, Little Red Riding Hood was naïve, wandering through the forest, unaware of the danger lurking in the shadows. I knew exactly what kind of beast I was facing. Wolf Man thought he could intimidate me, scare me, break me? Ha! I played him like a fiddle. You see, wolves might be cunning, but I’m smarter, stronger, and more ruthless. I didn’t just beat him; I dismantled him, piece by piece. I left him lying in that ring, and proved to the world that fairytales are for the weak.”


Suddenly, a loud crack of lightning startles Abigail, while Lexi remains unfazed. Abigail quickly regains her composure.


Abigail Chase: “Congratulations on your victory. With your rivalry with Wolf Man now behind you, you’ve been placed in an Iron Will Classific Qualifier match against the likes of Mike de los Huesos, Solar Gamma Death Ray, and Anna Daniels. Have you been using your time away to develop a winning strategy?”


Lexi Gold: “It seems to be a common theme to be placed in qualifying matches and I think the reason they do it is because they are testing me by putting me through the ringer, but Abby dear I always have surprises up my sleeve. Now that I’ve got my doll safely in my possession, no one is in safe hands. This match won’t be any different, so gather all the enhancement talent and hype them up to be bigger than what they are, because I’ll be the one advancing and continue terrorizing the entire locker room. The thought of that is music to my ears. Now get out of my sight before I turn you into my next doll.”


Without hesitation, Abigail scurries inside, while Lexi stays motionless, the rain smearing her face paint and making her look terrifying.



Lexi Gold Vs. Mike de los Huesos Vs. Solar Gamma Death Ray Vs. Anna Daniels





A wayward camera finds its way through the back halls of the Epicenter as Revolution is in full swing; however, far from the proceedings, including the match between HEXXX and Heirs to the Throne, two other HEXXX members, Ayumi Seppuku and NC-17, are huddled together in whispered conversation.

The camera operator inches as close as possible, careful not to make their presence known, as they try to pick up what the pair are saying.

Ayumi Seppuku: …exactly why we’re doing what we’re doing.

NC-17, looking like the hallucination scene from Bevis and Butt-Head Do America come to life standing next to the graytoned and conservatively-dressed Ayumi, adjusts his red-tinted sunglasses onto the bridge of his nose.

NC-17: Everyone in this business is gettin’ it on like rabbits and normally I’m down for that kind of shit, let your freak flag fly, but we’re purse on a grotto while these chodes get a red carpet rolled out for them? Heirs to the Throne my ass … I’M the only heir to the throne in SHOOT.

Ayumi Seppuku: Persona non grata, but yes… it doesn’t surprise me that Lindsay and her Brady Bunch are suddenly pushed to the front of the line and treated with, excuse the pun, kid gloves. SHOOT has always wanted controvery; they’ve always had ‘outsiders’ — but only as long as they heeled like good little bitches. The truth has always been … if you want to get ahead in SHOOT you’ve got to know how to rub a Johnson the right way.

NC-17: Fuckin A. Should call it the SHOOT Prudject at this point.

Ayumi stifles a laugh as the camera operator tries to get even closer.

Ayumi Seppuku: And that’s the rub. Not THAT kind of rub, I mean,  but in the Shakespearean sense. You make SHOOT money, fine. You’re a WBNA star or some TikTok thirst trap spending 20 hours a day in a gym? Golden. You and I? We’re the liabilities. We’re the ones that get chucked into the garbage when shit gets too ‘real’ for them – just look at Nate Robideau… Jacob Mephisto… Kenji Yamada… Issac Entrigran. You think any of them would waltz in here and immediately get a Heavyweight title shot? That’s reserved for House Troy. House DeMitri. House Seton… bending the knee before King Johnson and King Stein.

NC-17’s face is beginning to contort with rage as Ayumi speaks.

Ayumi Seppuku: Funny thing is that when Lindsay and I were a team… Lux Aeterna was a name I took to heart. I thought we were going to be that eternal beacon of light for everyone, no matter their sex, gender, orientation, race, religion… just two women fighting for something meaningful — but I should have fuckin’ known it was too good to be true. That light got snuffed out REAL quick once I stopped becoming useful to her and to this company.

Ayumi looks down, shaking her head and voice shaking with a mix of hurt and rage.

Ayumi Seppuku: You wanna know what Vae Victis means,Teen? It’s Latin for “woe to the vanquished” … something an ancient warrior stated after having conquered Rome — all except for one city that begged and pleaded to be spared. Sound familiar?

Ayumi lets out a laugh.

Ayumi Seppuku: The warrior, Brennus, agreed to spare them — in exchange for 1,000 pounds of gold. The Romans brought the gold, but when confronted with actually having to follow through with the ransom, threw his sword on the scale so that they knew no amount of gold would never be enough to spare them. And as Brennus tossed his sword onto the scale, he cried “Vae Victis” …. Woe. To the vanquished.

Ayumi’s lips begin to curl in a snarl as her sadness turns to rage.

Ayumi Seppuku: The scales will never tip in our favor, Teen. It’s right there, shining in FUCKING neon above Lindsay Troy’s head. Vae Victis. Heirs to the Throne.

Ayumi balls her hand into a fist.

Ayumi Seppuku: But HEXXX is going to take that sword they’ve tossed on the scales and use it to CUT. THEM. DOWN.

NC-17’s reaction, at first stoic with attention, turns into a beaming showcase of absolute excitement as he rubs his hands together.

NC-17: Fuck yes. Let’s go cheer on our boys.

The HEXXX members turn to leave, slipping around the corner of a hallway as the feed cuts and we go back to the ring.


Singles Match



Jason Johnson: We’re getting word from the back that there’s a brawl happening! 


Eryk Masters: And it’s a BIG brawl. 


The scene cuts to the back, showing Archer Quincannon, Ultimo Muerte, Elijah Starborne, and Solstice brutalizing each other. Quincannon and Starborne are bleeding, Muerte and Solstice might be too but it’s not as easy to tell because of the masks, and off to the side is a grinning Pandora, hands clasped together. 


Muerte and Quincannon incapacitate Starborne long enough that they both are able to shift their focus onto Solstice. They go to town on him, peppering him with rights and lefts, and with the big man stunned, they dual lift him onto their shoulder and just… chuck him right into the wall! He crumples to the ground and the crowd goes NUTS. 


Jason Johnson: I’ve never seen anything like that! Did you hear the thud?! 


Eryk Masters: Oh yeah, that dude is out. I don’t care how big you are, how strong you are… you take cement wall to the dome like that, you’re counting sheep. 


Quincannon and Muerte do not slow down as they turn their focus back to Starborne, who’s begging off, both hands up, sliding backwards as far as he can before Quincannon catches up to him. Meanwhile, Muerte is gathering cored cement blocks and tossing them into a pile. Quincannon nails Starborne with a couple of hard rights and begins pulling him towards the pile. 


Eryk Masters: Oh I don’t like where this is going. 


Jason Johnson: The fans do though! 


Quincannon has Starborne to his feet and shoves him over to Muerte, who doubles him over and pulls him up to his shoulders. He takes a few aided steps forward with Archer Quincannon holding the back of Starborne up, and when they reach the pile of cement blocks, Muerte just DRIVES STARBORNE DOWN WITH A POWERBOMB. 


Jason Johnson: Oh fuuuuuck.


Eryk Masters: Yeah, that’s bad. I think Medical is on the scene already, but they aren’t sure what to do, exactly.


Starborne is unconscious and splayed out across the pile, Muerte is standing over him expressionless, and Archer Quincannon has a twisted grin on his face, but there is no face that is more smiley or twisted than Pandora’s, who is clearly jubilant at the destruction in front of her. 


Jason Johnson: It seems as though she has ignored the Real Deal’s warning. 


Eryk Masters: We’ll have to see what the consequences are for that. 


The Real Deal makes his way onto the scene, causing Quincannon and Muerte to back off. He is seemingly ignored by Pandora, who is just staring at the fallen body of Elijah Starborne. Medical starts to make their way to him, but they’re stopped by a battered Solstice, who’s gotten up from the beating he took. He lifts Starborne straight up from the pile and puts him on his shoulder. He turns, and through his mask, you can see anger and rage on his face as he glares towards the duo of Ultimo Muerte and Archer Quincannon.


Jason Johnson: This clearly isn’t over.


Eryk Masters: Oh definitely not.


Jason Johnson: I’m being told to keep things moving, so we’ve got the fourth of five Iron Will Qualifiers happening next. Vito Valentino, Jack Johnson, Kazna Morozova, and Josh Kaine are vying for that opportunity. 


Eryk Masters: Any favorites? 


Jason Johnson: Man, I really love what Josh Kaine does. He’s so new to SHOOT yet his style is so unique. He and Jack have that in common, but for me? If I’m being completely objective? It’s Vito Valentino. That guy’s a fuckin’ stud. 



Vito Valentino Vs. Josh Kaine Vs. Jack Johnson Vs. Kazna Morozova




Scene opens in the locker room of the Epicenter. Johnny Patriot, fresh off his win against Rick Hull, enters the room, still catching his breath and feeling triumphant. He grabs a towel and wipes the sweat from his face, smiling to himself. Suddenly, his phone rings, and an unknown number pops up on the screen.


Johnny Patriot: [Grinning] Unknown number? That’s unpatriotic!


He blocks the call and goes back to cleaning himself off. A few moments later, the phone rings again with the same unknown number. Johnny thinks for a moment, then decides to answer.


Johnny Patriot: [Answering the phone] Alright, let’s see who this is. Hello?


Ryan Samuels: [Annoyed] Finally! Took you long enough. It’s me, Ryan. I’ve been trying to call you.


Johnny Patriot: [Surprised] Ryan? Why didn’t you say so! I thought it was some telemarketer. Why the unknown number?


Ryan Samuels: [Grumbling] I’m using a phone I borrowed from some little kid. It’s got glitter all over it. Thanks to my suspension, I’m stuck on this damn island in the middle of nowhere with no access to my own stuff.


Johnny Patriot: [Laughing heartily] That’s quite the image, Ryan! But hey, I’m glad you called. Did you catch the match? I just beat Rick Hull!


Ryan Samuels: [Sighing, clearly struggling to be polite] Yeah, I saw it. Look, Johnny, I… uh… I wanted to… thank you… for standing up for me, even though we’ve had our issues in the past.


Johnny Patriot: [Smiling brightly] No problem, Ryan! I believe everyone deserves respect, no matter what’s happened before. I’m happy to help!


Ryan Samuels: [Grumbling, clearly uncomfortable] Yeah, well, I… appreciate it. But you know, it’s not easy for me to… you know, say thanks. Especially to you.


Johnny Patriot: [Nodding, understanding] Hey, I get it. We’ve had some rough times. Remember that time when you disrespected my family? That wasn’t easy to get over. But everyone can change, Ryan. You just gotta believe in it!


Ryan Samuels: [Grimacing, struggling to be sincere] Yeah, yeah, I remember. And I get that you’re always Mr. Sunshine and Rainbows, but it’s tough for me to swallow my pride and say you did good by me.


Johnny Patriot: [Laughing heartily] Well, I’m glad you’re trying! That’s a big step, Ryan. And don’t worry, I’ve got your back. We’re in this together, even if you’re not here in the arena.


Ryan Samuels: [Trying not to sound too grateful, clearly struggling] Yeah, well, I don’t need your pity. I just don’t want to be seen as a complete screw-up. I’ve got my own issues to work out.


Johnny Patriot: [Cheerfully] You’re not a screw-up, Ryan. You’re a fighter. And I know you’ll come back stronger. Just keep your head up, alright?


Ryan Samuels: [Softening slightly, but still gruff] I’ll try. But don’t think this makes us buddies or anything. I still got a lot to prove.


Johnny Patriot: [Grinning] That’s the spirit! And when you’re back, we’ll settle things in the ring, fair and square. Until then, stay strong, Ryan. You’ve got this!


Ryan Samuels: [Nodding, trying to hide a small smile] Yeah, yeah. Thanks, Johnny. And, uh, good luck out there.


Johnny Patriot: [Waving again, enthusiastically] Thanks, Ryan! We’ll show them what respect looks like! Take care!


The screen goes back to full view of Ryan, who ends the call and leans back on the couch, a mix of frustration and determination on his face. The camera lingers for a moment, capturing his inner conflict, before fading to black.


Tag Team Match



The arena is hushed as Joshua Breedlove, Izzy Sia, and Cormac Nelson stand in the ring awaiting the arrival of the fourth participant in this Iron Will Qualifier. Until now, nobody’s had any idea who might be taking the opportunity, but that’s all about to change. 


Jason Johnson: Who do you think it is? 


Eryk Masters: I think we’ve seen it could be anybody. 


Jason Johnson: What if it’s–


You’ve got the touch! 

You’ve got the power!


Jason Johnson: –Dan Stein! 


Eryk Masters: Oh bullshit, Jason, you didn’t know.


Turns out that even though the fans are feverish for it, it’s not Dan Stein, as he walks out onto the ramp in a suit and with his cane, drawing an audible sound of disappointment from the Epicenter crowd. Stein smiles, laughing at the little bait and switch, but he’s got a microphone in hand, so that means it’s business time. 


Dan Stein: I’m gonna make like my boss and just keep it quick out here. Obviously, I’m not dressed or cleared to compete.


He motions at his own body, illustrating his point.


Dan Stein: And we had a couple of ideas for the fourth competitor that ranged anywhere from UWA and REIGN Champion Avalanche Anderson to a special surprise return, but at the end of the day, we decided to do things a little differently.


The three in the ring are listening intently, the crowd is too. 


Dan Stein: It’s nothing crazy. There’s just no fourth competitor. 


Jason Johnson: Wow! That’s… kind of a break, right? 


Eryk Masters: Well if you look at Breedlove’s face, you might not think so.


Jason Johnson: Wonder why. 


Dan Stein: In the ring, represent three different sort of “generations” of SHOOT Project soldier. Izzy’s been with us for a bit now, she’s started to make her mark. Breedlove… well, everyone knows about Breedlove, and then there’s Cormac Nelson. Cormac Nelson is a sneaky underdog in this match because he’s the least known of the three, and we figured… let’s just see how it plays out. 


He smiles. 


Dan Stein: So this’ll be a three way elimination match, and that match’ll start NOW.


Joshua Breedlove Vs. Cormac Nelson Vs. Izzy Sia



As the bell rings, Breedlove rolls to the floor and calls for a microphone. Sia is still in the ring, back on her feet, and both she and Breedlove are exhausted. As he’s handed the mic, he starts clapping, which is extra audible. 


Breedlove: I know he’s back in the back, but Cormac, you and Izzy deserve all the credit in the world tonight. The SHOOT Project asked you to step up and put on an incredible main event with me, and you did that. So, thank you.


He holds the microphone up and the crowd cheers, showing their appreciation. 


Breedlove: I meant every word I said earlier this week about the both of you, and you’ve proven me right tonight. I love being right. 


The crowd continues cheering, as he laughs. Izzy makes her way out of the ring and he rolls into it, getting back to his feet.


Breedlove: With this result tonight, the main event of Iron Will 3 is locked in. The triple main event. For all the gold. You’ll see me, Laura Seton, Moriton, Vito Valentino, Mike de los Huesos… shout out to you, my dude that’s sick… take on each other with RIA, LOCUST, and Lindsay Troy all added in the mix. The prizes are clear. 


The Sin City Championship.


The Premier Championship.


The World Heavyweight Championship. 


All three of those represent some of the most prestigious championships and accolades in this industry. For me, they represent the cementing of a legacy. The declaration of a Hall of Fame career. For others, I’d imagine it’s probably the same, but I’m full steam ahead on this now and I know that I’m going to have to fight like hell to be successful in just ONE of these matches, nevermind THREE, but for this? 


For the SHOOT Project? 


For you faithful? 


I’ll do it. 


The crowd pops. 


Breedlove: I’ve never felt like it was my job to TRULY represent the SHOOT Project until now, but these are… some interesting times. So I’ll make this declaration. 


Should I win the World Championship at Iron Will 3… should I capture that elusive third championship… my next target are what amounts to a bunch of emo disgruntled employees. I’m sure you guys know who I’m referring to .


Ayumi Seppuku.




Lars Bremen.


But especially, particularly, NC-17, because buddy? If I win that title from Lindsay Troy and you’re next, you won’t have a prayer. None of your jokey fake OnlyFans bullshit will be able save you. 


You’ll be done. 


The crowd pops HARD for that.


Breedlove: So enjoy these moments while you have them. Where you can freely talk shit, you know? Follow the playbook, be as disgusting as you can be, because when I’m done at Iron Will 3… 


He draws his thumb across his neck and then thrusts it downward, staring directly into the camera. 


Breedlove: I’ll put your ass into the ground for what you did to Jamie Johnson.