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RISE: 8/5/2012

Jason Johnson:  Time…to…RISE.

We open after we hear Jason Johnson’s call.  The opening guitar of Soundgarden’s “Live To Rise” kicks in.  There is an image of Project:SCAR united.  Isaac Entragian, Adrian Corazon, Kenji Yamada, and Obsidian.  It is quickly followed by an image of The Hierarchy which is followed up by the Sinister Syndicate.  However, we suddenly are treated to the image of Jonas Coleman, Jaime Alejandro, and Maya standing tall followed by Donovan King and then Trey Willett.

What if all you understand,

Could fit into the center of our hand,

Then you found it wasn’t you,

Who held the sum of everything you knew

Corey Lazarus is up next, leaning against the ropes, glaring a hole through the camera before we see Thomas Manchester Black smirking as he backpedals up the entrance ramp.

We’re insane but not alone,

You hold on,

And they’re gone

The image of the Hierarchy is lit on fire as we see Mason Pierce confronting X-Calibur in the middle of the ring followed by Buck Dresden locking up with Tanya Black, then the Bad Ass Brotherhood face to face with the Sinister Syndicate.

Like the sun we will live to rise,

Like the sun we will live and die,

And then ignite again

Jaime Alejandro is shown attacking Isaac Entragian, standing up to the Ivory Terror with a ferocity that hasn’t been seen before quite like this.

Like the sun we will live to rise again

Dan Stein gives up the Sin City Championship only to return just as quickly afterwards and attack Pestalance, followed up with Laura Seton raising the Sin City Championship in the air, victorious.

What if the one thing that I missed,

Was everything I need to pass the test

Johnny Napalm stares madly at Piper Fury as we see her fighting in the ring against him intercut in the middle of his stare.

And if I fail what happens then,

Can I still count on you as a friend

Donovan King shakes Mason Pierce’s hand as Mason reveals himself to be the newest member of the PRIMUS.

We’re insane but not alone,

You hold on,

And they’re gone

Jester Smiles attacks Lunatikk Crippler from behind, savagely kicking him while he is down.

Warm My Face,

Warm Your Face

Donovan King:  SHOOT Project…now is our time.

Warm My Face,

Warm Your Face

Adrian Corazon:  I am SHOOT Project’s Black Death.

Warm My Face,

Warm Your Face

Trey Willett:  I hate SHOOT Project.  What it has become.  But I’m still here.

Warm My Face,

Warm Your Face

Kenji Yamada:  SHOOT Project DESERVES to die.

Warm My Face,

Warm Your Face

Mason Pierce:  SHOOT needs a changing of the guard…it’s gonna get one.

Like the sun we will live to rise

Henry Gordon is shown training while Crazy Boy attacks him from behind in another shot.

Like the sun we will live and die,

And then ignite again

Edmund Shan and ‘Red’ Luke Davis share a look with one another.

Like the sun we will live to rise again,


We see X-Calibur’s face.  On either side, as wee Adrian Corazon, Mason Pierce, Trey Willett, Donovan King, and Kenji Yamada’s faces.  The six of them fade out as the single word appears on the screen…



Eryk Masters: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome… welcome all of you to SHOOT Project’s RISE.

The crowd pops.

Other Guy: Look, usually we have a lot to say to butter you people up for these sorts of things, but we’ve been told to stand aside in our hype mode and sit back, call this show, and watch… as the SHOOT Project presents: RISE.

Eryk Masters: Without further ado…



“Bullet The Blue Sky” by U2 starts to play overhead, prompting Jaime Alejandro to step out from behinds the curtains. The RISE crowd greets Jaime with overwhelming support, the very arena seeming to shake and rattle with his arrival.

Jaime wears all camouflage along with a pair of black military boots, and in one hand he holds the old leather belt that he salvaged from Entragian’s childhood home in Mideon. Jaime surveys the crowd with his blue and brown gaze, taking in the raucous reaction from a variety of different angles.

Other Guy: Well here comes the soldier marching towards the battlefield, and I have to say, based on the strategic methods of Jaime Alejandro, this man has a decided mental advantage going into this match.

Eryk Masters: I have to agree with you, OG. Jaime’s plan of attack has been masterful leading up to RISE; he’s been systematically wearing the Iron Fist Champion down on a physical and psychological level for weeks now.

Other Guy: I’ve never seen ANYONE get inside the head of a beast like Isaac Entragian quite like Jaime Alejandro has. It’s almost like Jaime sees Project: SCAR as a terrorist cell, and he’s using all of his military training to just break this group and nullify the “face” of SCAR via Entragian.

Jaime marches down the ramp with a cool, confident expression on his face, and he enters the ring by sliding underneath the bottom rope. He cracks the leather belt against his calloused palm, simply waiting for his opponent to enter the arena.

Eryk Masters: I just can’t stop thinking of that line Jaime used in his RISE promo. He said, and I quote…”I have to kill Project: SCAR. No one else knows how to.” What do you think of that statement, OG?

Other Guy: Well truth be told, I think Jaime is right. I mean think about it, Eryk…we’ve seen SO many incredible athletes on this roster attempt to weaken and dismantle SCAR, and it’s been futile. SCAR always seems to come out on top. Jaime’s approaching this from an entirely new angle and using some particularly gritty tactics to get his shots in. I think he might be the first man on this roster who’s actually found the recipe to truly hurt SCAR in a big way…

Eryk Masters: We can only hope so. Speaking from a personal standpoint, I think Jaime has given these fans a new glimmer of hope. He’s already proved that he can do some heavy damage to The Ivory Terror, and tonight he’s out to prove that he can dethrone the man as SHOOT’s Iron Fist Champion.

The lights shut off one by one, sending The Epicenter into darkness. A harsh, blinding white spotlight falls at the head of the ramp, and Tiamat’s “Sympathy For The Devil” starts to play overhead.

The monster known as Entragian steps out to stand beneath this spotlight with the Iron Fist Championship gleaming on one enormous shoulder. His face is a frigid mask, and his eyes are purely cold-blooded as he gazes down at the ring. The fans unleash with their usual aversion, their screams of distaste pumped up to maximum volume for the grand scale of RISE. Entragian doesn’t even seem to notice, those shiny green eyes focused only on the ring and the man inside of it.

Other Guy: It’s strange not to see a mocking smile on this man’s face, Eryk. It’s a well known fact that he takes pleasure in tormenting the fans, and he always seems to carry himself with a bit of uncouth swagger…but tonight we’re seeing a very different Isaac Entragian.

Eryk Masters: Well I think he sees the object of his suffering standing in the center of that ring, and that’s all he cares about tonight. He’s a man with only one goal in mind, and that’s destroying Jaime Alejandro to retain the Iron Fist Championship.

Entragian stalks down to the ring without even looking at the fans, one pallid hand clutching his Iron Fist title in an almost protective gesture. His eyes never leave Alejandro, and the expression on his face never changes.

Entragian enters the ring by stepping over the top rope, and Jaime proceeds to crack that belt against his palm once more, as though to punctuate things to come.

Eryk Masters: If you want my opinion, I’d be pretty damn happy to see that belt come off of Entragian here tonight. There have been some incredible Iron Fist Champions in SHOOT Project history, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen one as heartlessly sadistic as this albino.

Other Guy: It’s almost like he has an unfair advantage in this division, because the fact that he is totally without a conscience allows him to sink to just about any low to retain that title. It’s interesting with SCAR, because some members covet championship titles, and others don’t. Entragian has proven time and time again that he is OBSESSED with the Iron Fist Championship. I don’t think we’ll ever forget how he destroyed the career of Diamond Del Carver just the win the title back….

With both competitors standing in their respective corners, Samantha Coil steps forward with a microphone in hand.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is an IRON FIST CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH! The only way to win is to incapacitate your opponent for a ten count.

A wave of cheering travels through The Epicenter as Samantha continues.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, the challenger, he hails from San Antonio, Texas, weighing in at 275lbs…he is THE SOLDIER, JAIME ALEJANDRO!!!

Jaime glares at Isaac as the crowd roars with support for the veteran.

Samatha Coil: Introducing second, the reigning IRON FIST CHAMPION, he hails from Mideon, Nebraska, weighing in at 320lbs….representing PROJECT: SCAR….he is THE IVORY TERROR, ISAAC ENTRAGIAN!!!

Entragian slowly lifts the Iron Fist Title upwards with one hand, showing the world his iron prize. He then hands off the title to an official, and the bell rings with a loud clang, signaling that we are OFFICIALLY UNDERWAY!

Jaime is the first man to step forward, and Isaac goes to meet him in the very center of the ring. Jaime’s forearm tenses, and he tightens his hold on the belt in his right hand while smirking up into Isaac’s face.

Entragian’s eyes seem to be burning from the inside out now that he’s this close to Jaime, something like acidic rage that threatens to consume him. His eyes flutter down to the belt in Jaime’s hand, and then they float right back up to stare into Jaime’s mismatched eyes.

Jaime makes the first move, lightning quick he swings his right hand up in a high arch and aims to lash Isaac is the face with the leather belt….but Isaac catches Jaime’s wrist. Jaime grits his teeth, trying to break free of Isaac’s grip, but Isaac starts to force Jaime’s arm to the side inch by inch, that ungodly strength on full display.

Jaime lashes out with his left hand to punch Entragian in the face, but Isaac catches that wrist too, now proceeding to force both arms down to Jaime’s side. The veins in Jaime’s neck stand out in exertion as he tries desperately to break free, but Isaac grips with fingers like steel.

Entragian stares down into Jaime’s face, his jaw clenching beneath his flesh, his eyes leering down into Jaime’s face as his pallid biceps pulse with raw, primal power. With sweat starting to drip down Jaime’s brow….Isaac opens his mouth wide…


Jaime cries out like an animal in the wild that’s been blindsided, his whole body struggling now to break away from Isaac…but Isaac holds his wrists firmly…and those razor-sharp teeth just dig into the flesh even deeper.

Eryk Masters: OH MY GOD! He’s biting him!

Other Guy: He’s tearing into the man like a piece of carrion meat! Is this a human being….or a rabid dog??

Jaime continues to wail as a red wave of pain travels through his upper shoulder, and we see little runnels of blood dripping down around Isaac’s mouth. Finally Entragian breaks away, his filed fangs dripping with red, and Jaime collapses down to both knees. The wound on his shoulder looks horrible, all torn flesh and inflamed bite marks.

Entragian is practically TREMBLING with fury, and once his hands are free, he locks both fists together in a double axe handle and he CRUSHES them down directly into the fresh wound on Jaime’s shoulder. Yet another moan of anguish escapes Jaime’s lips, and he drops to the canvas with his good arm holding his shoulder.


Eryk Masters: To say that this match has started off with a bang would be an understatement. Isaac just sank those filed fangs into the flesh of another human being like it was NOTHING. I’m trying not to be sick here at the commentary table…

Other Guy: As graphic as that was, that was sick intelligence on the part of Entragian. He’s inflicted catastrophic damage early on in the match, and you gotta believe that he’s going to be targeting that shoulder for the rest of the match.

Eryk Masters: That was like weeks and weeks of frustration and rage all poured forth between Isaac’s teeth, and Jaime has got to be in agony right now!

Jaime struggles up to his hands and knees, and Isaac rears back and KICKS Jaime as hard as he can, the toe of his boot connecting with the shoulder joint. Jaime flips onto his back with a pained rictus appearing on his face, and Isaac begins to circle him. The monster starts to stomp down on Alejandro, boots falling on just about every appendage that is visible.

After a few stomps to the torso, Isaac reaches down and grabs Jaime’s right hand, and then he sends the heel of his boot down RIGHT against Jaime’s shoulder, and he starts to grind and twist his boot heel, forcing Jaime to grit his teeth against the pain.

Other Guy: This is bad. Real bad. Entragian seems to be a vessel for murderous rage here tonight, and I don’t know how Jaime’s going to contend with that.

Eryk Masters: Entragian seems….even more horrible than usual. I think Jaime’s mind games have driven this man even further off the deep end…which I didn’t think was even possible.

Finally Isaac relents with the boot heel, proceeding to lean down and latch a hand around Jaime’s throat. Isaac lifts Jaime up from the canvas, turning on his heel….and then he just DEADLIFTS Jaime by the throat, holding him there with his feet dangling at least two feet above the canvas.

Jaime starts to gag and claw at Isaac’s fingers, and Entragian makes no move at all to chokeslam him…he just holds him there in midair with ONE arm…choking the life and the fight right out of the man.

Other Guy: Jaime looks like he has a white tree trunk growing out of his throat. How STRONG is this Entragian to hold a man of Jaime’s size in the air with one arm like that?

Eryk Masters: Too damn strong. It’s scary to just think about it. Jaime needs to start getting some type of offense in sooner rather than later, because it’s clear that The Ivory Terror is strictly in it for the kill here tonight.

Even though Jaime’s face is turning an alarming shade of purple, his face starting to look swollen, he finds it within himself to rally. He starts to send hard lefts into Isaac’s face, one fist after another…but Isaac seems to just ABSORB them. Jaime tries another tactic, managing to swing his legs backwards in midair and drive a big kick into Isaac’s stomach.

This breaks Isaac’s grip, and Jaime falls back to his feet on the canvas. He struggles to tear oxygen back into his lungs, and seeing Isaac stunned, Jaime hits the ropes and looks to take advantage….but Entragian BEHEADS Jaime with a clothesline, the soldier’s entire body flipping over itself before he lands right on his bad shoulder.

Jaime rolls against the canvas, and Isaac reaches down and digs his fingers into the camouflage material of Jaime’s vest. Isaac takes a moment to gather his strength, and then he forces Jaime’s body up from the canvas and he LIFTS him into the air with a military press. Isaac walks to the side of the ring with Jaime lifted high over top his head, and he rears back and THROWS Jaime clear out of the ring to the outside! Alejandro lands with a crash against the thin mats, rolling from the impact before stretching out flat on his back.

Other Guy: JESUS….that man weighs over 275lbs….and Entragian STILL manages to pick him up over his head and throw him like he’s a little baby!

Eryk Masters: Like I said, OG…this monster is on a whole other level tonight at RISE. He’s always been deadly, but it seems that Jaime’s actions as of late have caused his very blood to boil within his veins. The soldier better fall back on that military training and pull something out of his hat, or this thing is going be over quick.

Isaac casts a baleful glance at the referee, and the ref begins his first count of the night.






Jaime starts to stir, one hand reaching over to rub against his bloody shoulder.



Jaime seems to sense that the count is nearing completion, and he climbs back up to a stumbling vertical base. Isaac seethes for a moment, and then he slides out underneath the bottom rope to continue the assault, but he’s met by a backhand chop from Jaime.

Isaac stumbles a step, and Jaime moves in and just starts to pepper Isaac’s face with left handed boxing jabs. Isaac’s legs almost tangle together as he staggers even further back, and that gives Jaime just enough time to take a few big steps back…ONLY TO RUN FORWARD AND DRILL ISAAC IN THE FACE WITH A KARATE TORQUED REVERSE PUNCH!

Isaac gets FLATTENED, landing right on his back on the outside, and this gives Jaime a much needed moment to gather himself and plan for his next move.

Eryk Masters: Jaime’s back in the fray, ladies and gentlemen. This veteran is as tough as they come and he’s got skin about as thick as rhinoceros hide, and the moment you forget that…you’re in trouble.

Other Guy: That was one the nastiest, most hard-hitting punches I think I’ve seen landed here in SHOOT. Jaime’s got hands like bricks, and there’s no give at all when it comes to those fists.

Jaime stumbles over to the apron, and he begins to dig underneath. He comes up with a tattered white rag, and Jaime proceeds to bite through this and tear it with his teeth. He then wraps up the wound on his shoulder and ties it up tight, creating a makeshift bandage. Jaime leans back down and starts digging again, and this time he comes up with a steel chair.

He points to Entragian, and the crowd goes wild. Meanwhile The Ivory Terror is pulling himself up to his feet using the steel steps, but suddenly Jaime gets up a huge head of steam and BLASTS a yakuza kick into the albino’s face. Isaac gets thrown back by the impact, and he sails over the steel steps and bashes his knees on them in the process before landing in a heap. Both pale hands go to one knee, and Isaac groans in pain.

Eryk Masters: One hell of a kick utilized by Alejandro right there!

Other Guy: What’s even worse is the fact that Isaac’s knees smacked right into those steel steps as he fell over them. He seems to be favoring that left knee now…

Isaac is crawling up the ramp, and Jaime follows. Isaac makes an attempt to stand, and Jaime takes that moment to rear back and SLAM the steel chair right into the back of Isaac’s legs. Entragian crumbles right back down with a roar of anguish. Jaime starts to circle the fallen monster, waiting patiently for Isaac to try and rise up again.

Isaac starts to move, pushing up with both hands while grunting, and this time Jaime moves in swiftly and uses the side of the steel chair to JAB Isaac right in the back of his knee. Entragian HOWLS in pain, his hands clutching at the back of his knee….but Jaime gives him no rest, he raises the chair up over his head and just starts to slam it down against Isaac’s legs OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!

Isaac is struggling to crawl away, his forked tongue producing sounds of near inhuman excruciation. Jaime sets his feet, gathers up all of his power, and favors Isaac with a final chair shot to the kneecap that sends a sickening crunch noise through the arena. The fans are cheering at the top of their lungs in support of Jaime, who pauses for a moment to wipe sweat from his forehead.




Eryk Masters: That’s the sound steel makes when it hits bone, folks. Makes me grit my teeth just to hear it from all the way back here.

Other Guy: Jaime was like a man possessed with that steel….if Isaac manages to stand after that it’ll be a miracle!

Eryk Masters: It’ll be a miracle alright, but I doubt God will have anything to do with it…

Jaime lets the chair fall from his hands and he staggers back against the security railing to rest for a moment. The official drops down to begin the count on The Ivory Terror.








Isaac starts to crawl towards the security railing.


The monster makes it there, and he digs his pale hands into the railing and hauls himself back up to his feet. His legs are shaky, but he manages to stay vertical.

Jaime’s brow wrinkles with frustration, and he marches towards his quarry with a scowl on his face.

Eryk Masters: Entragian dodged the bullet there. We’ll see how those legs hold up as this match continues…

Jaime raises up both hands to grab Isaac, but he’s met with a jaw-jacking uppercut that knocks Jaime way off balance. Jaime starts to stumble up the ramp, and Isaac follows, sending a few clubbing blows into Jaime’s back.

Isaac tries for a right hook, but Jaime blocks it, and he starts to ram elbow strikes into the side of Isaac’s face, driving the albino up the ramp now. Isaac fights back into it with a headbutt that almost knocks Jaime flat, but somehow the soldier manages to find his balance before falling. Jaime staggers right back into harm’s way, managing to drill a few heavy knee strikes into Isaac’s ribcage.

At this point both men have fought their way up to the top of the stage, and Jaime sees this immediately. He spins into a discus punch that rocks Isaac down to one knee, and then he gathers the big man up into his arms and SCOOP SLAMS him down on top of the unforgiving steel floor of the stage. Isaac hisses in pain as he rubs at his lower back with one hand, but he makes no immediate move to get back up.

The official moves in while Jaime backs up a few steps.

Eryk Masters: That could be enough to put the champ away. There’s no give on that stage floor…

Other Guy: Plus you gotta keep in mind how dangerously close these two are to the edge of that stage. It’s at least a ten or fifteen foot drop from there down onto nothing but cold concrete floor…






Isaac pushes up to his feet at five, both hands still nursing his lower back.

Jaime moves in, but Isaac just blatantly drops down to one knee and MEAT HOOKS Jaime’s nether regions with a low blow. All of the fight seems to drain out of Alejandro, but instead of letting him fall…Isaac pulls Jaime’s head between his legs and SITS….SPIKING JAIME’S SKULL INTO THE STEEL FLOOR WITH A PULLING PILEDRIVER!!

Isaac rolls away from Jaime while panting, and he slowly but surely rises back up to his feet.

Other Guy: WOW! I don’t know what’s worse…getting smashed in the nutsack or getting your skull practically split open against the floor.

Eryk Masters: They sound equally unappealing to me. Such a generous move on Isaac’s part to let Jaime experience both of those agonies, one after another…

Entragian points down at Jaime’s unmoving body, and Tony Lorenzo starts to administer the ten count.









Jaime’s eyelids start to flutter, and we see blood oozing down from a hairline gash near the top of Jaime’s had.


Jaime flops to his side and pushes up to both knees, then finally stands. A wave of dizziness causes him to almost fall right back down, but he catches himself with his hand and somehow manages to keep his feet.

Eryk Masters: Simply amazing. It’s obvious how much Jaime wants to become the Iron Fist Champion here tonight.

Other Guy: If Jaime pulls it off, he’ll be entering into his second reign as Iron Fist champ. They say that once you’ve tasted glory, you’ll do just about anything to get it back.

Entragian stalks his way over to Alejandro and he CLAMPS a chokehold around Jaime’s throat. The albino then starts to just push and bull Alejandro close to the edge of the stage, his mouth open in a razor-tipped snarl.

Jaime’s heels are literally on the edge of the stage, and he’s struggling with all of his strength to pry Isaac’s hand away from his throat, but it doesn’t seem to be working. Entragian leans in close, his face inches away from Jaime’s own.

Entragian: Don’t worry, Jaime. When you’re in Hell, I’ll make sure that Laura is well taken care of. Goodbye, soldier boy….

Isaac PISTONS Jaime up into the air with one hand, but at the very INSTANT when he’s about to chokeslam Alejandro off the stage the big Mexican manages to shift his weight and drill Isaac in the jaw with his kneecap.

Entragian’s grip falters, and Jaime falls back to his feet, arms pin wheeling for balance. Jaime finally sets his feet, and he promptly grabs Isaac around the middle…


The albino sails through fifteen feet of nothing but air before CRASHING down against a few wooden pallets at the bottom of the stage. Splinters fly everywhere, and Isaac lies there among the wreckage like a giant broken doll. As the cameras zoom in, we see a shard of wood jutting out from Isaac’s bicep with little blood droplets oozing down from it.


Other Guy: He’s got a jagged piece of wooden stake halfway embedded in his arm…he just fell at least fifteen feet through the air…this man HAS to be done.


Jaime stares down at the carcass of his opponent, and he makes the “championship” motion around his waist.

Tony Lorenzo races over towards the wreckage while starting his ten count.








Isaac lies flat on his back amongst the pallets, his chest rising and falling with heavy, labored breathing.



Jaime throws both fists up in triumph, and the crowd roars in support.

But suddenly….Isaac Entragian snaps his way up into a sitting position. The cheering in The Epicenter dies away to nothing, and sullen silence replaces it.

Entragian plants both pale palms on the concrete, and he WILLS himself back up to his feet. He stands there, wobbling back and forth, and then he reaches up and RIPS the wooden shard from his arm before throwing it to the side. Blood oozes down his white flesh, but Isaac seems not to notice.

He cocks his head upwards, locking both of those malignant eyes on Alejandro. Jaime makes no attempt to hide the shocked expression on his face, and his arms wilt down to his sides as he looks down at the Entragian.

Entragian has the audacity to smile up at Jaime, whispering “just a scratch, muchacho” ….only loud enough for Jaime to hear.

Other Guy: Am I seeing this? HOW is this man even standing right now??? He pulled that shard of wood out of his arm like it was a toothpick!

Eryk Masters: Jaime sent him down to Hell, OG. What happens when you send a demon back to Hell? What happens when you send a demon home?

Other Guy: …..

Eryk Masters: He opens Hell’s front door, and he comes right back after you. It’s fitting that this damned Entragian is the Iron Fist Champion, because sometimes I think he’s actually MADE of iron instead of flesh and bone.

Jaime stares down at Isaac for a moment, and then he starts to back up….step by slow step. He starts to pound a fist against his own chest, and the crowd picks up the beat, stomping their feet along with him.

Eryk Masters: What does Jaime think he’s doing?

Other Guy: If he’s going to do what I think he’s going to do…..all I can say is DON’T, Jaime. Nothing is worth the risk…

Jaime sets his feet, and he lets out a battle cry before racing forward and LEAPING OFF THE STAGE WITH A SUICIDE DIVE!!!

The near 300 hundred pounder flies through the air towards Isaac….AND ISAAC SWATS HIM RIGHT OUT OF THE SKY WITH A BONE-CRUNCHING UPPERCUT!!!

Alejandro flails to the side violently in midair and smashes down against the concrete, both hands immediately going down to nurse his ribs.





Eryk Masters: It’s just one insane moment after another in this match….

Other Guy: I don’t know if my heart can take it!

Eryk Masters: I don’t know if Jaime Alejandro’s body can take it! These men are pulling out career shortening move after career shortening move in this match…all in the name of that Iron Fist Title.









Jaime rolls to the side and spits of a glob of blood, proceeding to wipe his mouth with a trembling hand.


The soldier grabs up a piece of shattered wood from the planks, and he RISES up to his feet while grimacing, using the length of wood almost like a cane to help support his vertical base.

Isaac sneers, and he moves in and PUNTS Jaime’s cane out from under him, the

length of wood flying out into the crowd somewhere. Isaac then grabs a handful of Jaime’s long black hair and just starts to pull him down the ramp towards the ring. Jaime staggers along, but halfway down the ramp he reaches into a pocket of his camouflage pants…and he pulls out a retractable police baton.

Jaime flicks his wrist, and the metal baton slides all the way out and locks into place….and before Isaac even knows what’s going on Jaime lashes out and SNAPS the metal baton into the side of Isaac’s leg.

Isaac howls with pain, and Jaime just starts to PEPPER the champion with baton strikes. He snaps the metal baton into Isaac’s torso several times, and then he sends a horrifying shot into the side of Entragian’s kneecap. Isaac promptly drops down to both knees, and Jaime raises up the baton in both hands and attempts to smash it down flush against Isaac’s face…but Isaac catches the baton and manages to wrestle it out of Jaime’s hands and toss it away.

Alejandro remains focused though, and the moment the baton leaves his hands he grabs a hold of Isaac’s neck and just FLIPS his weight backward with a uranage suplex….AND ISAAC CRASHES UP AGAINST THE SECURITY RAILING HEAD FIRST!!!

Isaac’s head actually wedges through two of the bars of the security railing, and he’s TRAPPED like an animal. Fresh blood is dripping down from where the railing grazed against his cheek, and the fans next to the railing are yelling obscenities down at The Ivory Terror as he struggles to pull his head free!

Eryk Masters: Look at that! Isaac’s neck is STUCK between the bars of the security railing next to the ramp! He’s on his knees….I don’t think he’s going to be able to free himself and get back up to his feet!

Other Guy: This is JUST the kind of thing that Jaime Alejandro needs right now. That monster seems to find a way to get up every time he’s knocked down, but right now he’s trapped….he CANNOT get back to his feet!!

Jaime can’t help but laugh at his good luck, and he nods his head while leaning on both knees and resting. The official moves in and starts to count.







Isaac continues to pull and claw at the bars, but his head is wedged in tight, and he doesn’t seem to be able to find a way out of this predicament.



The veins in Isaac’s neck start to pulse, spittle begins to froth from the corners of his mouth, and in a sudden burst of animalistic power Isaac RIPS a portion of the security railing free. The fans leap back to avoid being struck, and Isaac spins away from the side of the ramp.

The albino gets a forearm up, and somehow he manages to slip his neck out from the bars of the security railing. The muscles in his arms contract as he holds the security railing to one side….and before Jaime even realizes what’s happening Isaac takes hold of the portion of the security railing like a two-handed greatsword and he SWINGS THE SECURITY RAILING AND SMASHES JAIME FLUSH WITH IT!!

Jaime’s body flies back at least FIVE feet and SLAMS into the ring apron, and he immediately sinks down to a sitting position with his eyes rolling back into his head, almost knocked totally out cold.

Other Guy: WHAT?!?! Are you kidding me?? I think that’s the first time in my life that I’ve ever seen someone actually RIP the security railing free and use it as a weapon!

Eryk Masters: That was….unbelievable. You’ve seen Game of Thrones on HBO, haven’t you, OG?

Other Guy: Yep. Why do you ask?

Eryk Masters: I’m starting to think that HBO should have cast Entragian as Ser Gregor Clegane. That was like something I would expect The Mountain That Rides to do in a battle scene…

Isaac lets the security railing fall to the side with a huge clash, the noise so loud that you can just imagine the weight of the railing and the strength it took to lift it. The Ivory Terror stalks his way over to Alejandro to continue the assault, and the fans can’t help but roar with excitement at the sheer brutality of this match.




Isaac makes his way over to Jaime, limping slightly on his right leg and moving much slower than when the match originally started. Jaime seems almost knocked out, but that doesn’t stop Isaac from grabbing him up and pulling him back…only to bull him forward and RAM his back into the ring apron yet again.

Jaime is forced back up to the land of the living with a scream of pain bursting from his throat, and both hands immediately move down to his ribs. Several locks of his long black hair are plastered to the side of his face with blood….even his glass eye is caked with crimson.

Other Guy: We can really see the wear and tear that this match is taking on these two men. Isaac looks like his legs are about to buckle underneath him at any moment, and it’s very possible that Alejandro has broken ribs, not to mention that shoulder wound…..which has to be throbbing like crazy.

Eryk Masters: I’m pretty amazed that they’ve made it this far. I thought that fall off the stage would be the end for Entragian, and there have been multiple counts where I figured there was no way in hell Jaime would be getting back to his feet, but he’s proven me wrong each time.

Other Guy: It’s really a testament to how ridiculously tough these two men are. Looking at the SHOOT roster, Entragian & Alejandro both seem tailor-made for the Iron Fist division…and that’s what makes this match so back and forth.

Isaac grabs Jaime by the back of his neck and attempts to throw him into the ring, but Jaime fights his way free and he TOSSES Isaac into the steel ring post. Isaac’s forehead connects with a hollow thud, and he falls down to his hands and knees on the outside of the ring. Jaime then grabs Isaac up by the tights and manages to slide the big monster back into the ring under the bottom rope.

Alejandro follows him in, proceeding to stand up while grimacing with one arm protectively wrapped around his midsection.

Isaac is finding his feet as well, working up from the canvas very slowly, his legs trembling with exertion. Jaime creeps up behind the albino, and he locks both of his arms around his waist and CRUSHES the monster into the canvas with a release german suplex.

Entragian lands right on the back of his neck, and his body remains still. Every bit of Isaac’s bare skin is shiny with sweat, his face practically oozing perspiration from every single pore. Jaime marks his man, and then he starts to scale the closest turnbuckle, one careful step at a time.

Eryk Masters: It’s a rare sight to see Alejandro go up top like this….I’m wondering what he has in mind…

Other Guy: Well whatever it is, he’d better hope it connects, because every little movement Jaime is making seems to be sending tremendous pain through his ribcage. He’s can’t keep going at this pace for much longer…

Jaime sets his feet on the top turnbuckle, his back to the ring. The soldier stares at the crowd for a moment, soaking in the cheers, and then he stands straight up….AND LEAPS BACKWARDS WITH A MOONSAULT!!!

Jaime’s 275lb frame OBLITERATES Isaac, chest meeting chest with a sickening crunch sound. Jaime rolls away from Isaac while cradling his ribs and struggling to suck breath into his lungs, and meanwhile Entragian rolls to his side and begins to cough violently before flopping down onto his stomach.

Other Guy: DAMN! Jaime is giving it absolutely everything he has here tonight. That was a moonsault from a man who weighs nearly 300lbs…and you gotta believe that Jaime sacrificed his own ribs just to try and put Isaac down for the count…

Eryk Masters: That was incredible. You can just sense how much these men want it. RISE is the grand stage, and the Iron Fist Championship is the prize.

Jaime is literally crawling towards the turnbuckles, and once there he grabs the ropes and starts to pull himself up. He manages to gain his feet, and he leans back with his butt resting against the middle turnbuckle. Isaac is still flat on the canvas, both of his eyes closed.







Isaac rolls to his side, gets his hands underneath him, and pushes up to his feet. His knee immediately buckles, and he crashes right back down with a roar of anguish.




In desperation, Entragian uses his long reach to snake up a hand and grasp the top rope, and from there he just HAULS with his upper body….using the rope to bear his weight and get himself back to a vertical base just before the ten count can be completed.

Eryk Masters: So close you could taste it there. Sheer instinct and ring-awareness kept Isaac from losing his title that time.

Other Guy: Something’s gotta give here, Eryk. The human body can only take so much. These men have got to be EXHAUSTED…

Jaime wipes sweat from his brow and blood from his eyes, and he stalks over to Isaac with a determined expression on his face. Jaime snatches hold of Isaac’s arm and negotiates the monster up onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry, bearing The Ivory Terror’s weight while stepping towards the center of the ring.

Eryk Masters: You don’t think? Is Jaime looking to hit Isaac’s own finisher…The Disemboweler??

Other Guy: That’s what it looks like. Jaime has pulled off this move before to send a message to Isaac early in the rivalry…so maybe he wants to finish Isaac off with his own move.

Jaime looks about ready to initiate the gutbuster, but Entragian TEARS the makeshift bandage off of Jaime’s right shoulder and he DIGS his fingernails into that fresh, weeping wound. Alejandro hisses with pain while stumbling as Isaac falls from his shoulders and back to the canvas.

Entragian sees an opening, and he’s quick to take advantage. With Jaime kneeling in the ring and gripping the laceration on his shoulder, Isaac rolls out of the ring and digs underneath the apron. The Ivory Terror finally emerges, and in both hands we see that he’s holding rusty lengths of iron chain.

Entragian slides back into the ring, and he wraps both lengths of chain around each of his fists. Jaime turns to face him while nursing his ribs, and Isaac begins to SLAM chain-wrapped fists into Jaime’s torso, targeting his ribs and his stomach. Jaime is getting ROCKED, each strike that connects sending shockwave after shockwave through Alejandro’s body.

With Jaime reeling, Isaac leans way back…..lets out a LIONLIKE roar….and DRILLS A STRAIGHT RIGHT CROSS INTO JAIME’S FACE!!!

The iron links of the chain smash Jaime’s lips up against his teeth, bloodying them instantly…and Jaime’s eyes close while he’s still standing, his body falling back against the ropes. The ropes catch Jaime’s falling body, and as he bounces off of them…


Eryk Masters: CORRUPTION!!! Isaac connected with the spear!

Other Guy: Not to mention the fact that he just beat the living hell out of the man with iron chains wrapped around his fists!

Jaime flies back against the canvas with Isaac’s shoulder buried into his gut, and he makes no attempt to get back up. Isaac nods at Tony Lorenzo while staggering back up to his feet.







Jaime starts to stir…




Alejandro tries to push up from the canvas with shaky hands, but something in his ribcage sends a bolt of agony through his body, and he collapses right back down on his face.



The official enters the ring and hands the Iron Fist Title off to Entragian. Isaac stares down at the championship belt, his fingers digging into the leather. Isaac drops to his knees, and a GIGANTIC smile appears on his face. The monster begins to laugh, a deep, disturbing chuckle that permeates throughout The Epicenter.

He raises the Iron Fist Championship up high with both hands, grinning like a man possessed by just about every demon Hell has to offer.

Eryk Masters: This is tragic. I predicted this one to end very differently….but somehow this wretched excuse for a human being prevails, and SHOOT Project has no choice but to….ENDURE his reign…

Other Guy: Isaac looks almost….reborn, Eryk. He walked into The Epicenter a man with doubts, almost the underdog in this rivalry…and yet there he kneels, grinning from ear to ear and victorious.

Eryk Masters: I’d say if anything, Jaime has made this man into MORE of a monster….

Other Guy: Well that’s one win for SCAR already here tonight. I think every man, woman, and child in this arena should cross their fingers and toes and hope that Corazon or Kenji doesn’t walk out of the Primus with the World Heavyweight Championship…because then SCAR would be holding half the gold in the company…

Isaac continues to gloat with the Iron Fist Title, holding it close to his cheek while that smile just grows and grows.

Across the ring, shockingly….Jaime Alejandro is finding his feet. Both arms are wrapped tightly around his ribs, but by some miracle he’s actually standing…and STAGGERING towards Entragian.

Eryk Masters: Would you look at Alejandro? How tough is this guy?? He’s been beaten within an inch of his life…and he STILL wants more!

Isaac has no idea that Jaime is up, his back to the soldier….when all of a sudden a black-clad figure slides into the ring and SNAPS a steel pipe into Jaime’s back. Jaime crashes down to the canvas, and Entragian finally spins around to see what’s going on.

Other Guy: Who in the hell is that…?

Entragian finds himself face to face with a strange woman wearing a skintight suit of black latex, complete with a latex mask with purple button eyes and a zipper across the mouth. Isaac cocks his head to the side, seemingly as bewildered by this woman’s presence as everyone else in The Epicenter.

Eryk Masters: I have no idea, OG. Even Entragian looks confused…

The woman twirls the steel pipe for a moment, painted a bright purple, and then she tucks it away into her belt. A gloved hand reaches up…and she begins to tug on the top of her mask…

She finally pulls the mask all the way off…and when she looks up…the world is treated to the familiar face of ELIZABETH GAUNT!

Eryk Masters: Oh no. Please no…

A look of utter shock passes over Isaac’s face, but when the shock finally wears off, a delighted grin spreads across his mouth. The monster holds out his arms in a welcoming gesture…and Liz Gaunt LEAPS into them, locking her legs around Isaac’s waist.

The two simply stare at each for a moment, both of them grinning at each other, and then their faces practically SLAM together in one of the most violent kisses ever seen on SHOOT Project programming. It’s all forked tongue, sharpened teeth, and saliva mingling with saliva.

Other Guy: Eryk? Don’t leave me hanging! Who is she?

Eryk Masters: If you followed LEGACY, you’d know, OG. This is Elizabeth Gaunt. Isaac’s old girlfriend and valet during his tenure in LEGACY….she hasn’t been seen in years…

Other Guy: So why do you look so pale?

Eryk Masters: Because this is just like the rotten cherry on top of a putrid cake. Liz Gaunt is as deranged as they come…people in the business used to say that when she was a little girl she got her rocks off by pulling the wings off of flies.

Other Guy: Oh….

Eryk Masters: This is bad, OG. Very bad for SHOOT Project….and very good for Project: SCAR. These two together again….I don’t even want to imagine the kind of pandemonium they’ll cause…

The final shot shows Entragian lifting the Iron Fist Championship high into the air with one hand while Liz Gaunt remains locked around his waist, running her nimble hands across his pallid chest and FINGERPAINTING in the blood staining his flesh.



The rolling rhythm of “Give Me Back My Bullets” by Lynyrd Skynyrd starts to play over the speakers, and a subset of the fans start cheering. The camera winds around the arena and ends up on Samantha Coil, who is standing in the middle of the ring.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, hailing from Harrisonburg, Virginia… HENRYYYYYYYYYYYYY GORDON!

The stocky-yet-strong competitor steps out to the top of the ramp, and the applause increases a bit more. Not stopping for a moment, Henry Gordon walks down the ramp, slapping some out-stretched hands as he goes.

The intensity amps up as Henry nears the ring apron, though not everyone’s cheering. Sensing something is wrong, Gordon turns around just in time to get drilled in the face from a Crazy Boy forearm.

Before Henry can follow up, Crazy Boy swiftly rains in on him with repeated fists to the face, then grabs him by the hair, turns and shoves him face first into the corner ringpost.

Other Guy: Crazy Boy wasting no time in getting things started here…

Eryk Masters: Among other things, he’s got some things to prove here tonight, and with his approach here, it looks like he’s willing to do whatever it takes!

Henry Gordon staggers back, and as Crazy Boy goes to continue his assault, his punch is blocked aside, and Hank then steps in, grabs CB by the head and slams into him with a headbutt.

Other Guy: Not exactly the route I would’ve taken…

Eryk Masters: I’m surprise he didn’t get busted open!

With the opening to get on offense, Henry ducks his shoulder, drives it into Crazy Boy’s gut, then drives him backwards into the fan barricade. Arching his back as Gordon moves away, it’s clear that the move hit its mark.

The referee calling to him from inside the ring, Henry Gordon backs up, then dives to the side, rolling into the ring underneath the bottom rope. Hopping up to his feet, Hank yanks off his shirt and thrusts his hands into the air, yelling excitedly. He then turns around, takes a few quick steps towards the other side of the ring and then launches the shirt into the crowd.

Other Guy: Somebody’s having a good time!

Eryk Masters: He might want to get his head back in the game…

Having stewed outside the ring for a moment, Crazy Boy has regrouped and now hops up onto the apron. Henry sees his opponent before he gets into the ring, rushes in and slams his forearm into CB’s back.

Other Guy: Well there’s the opening bell, we’re getting this started officially here.

CB throws a hooking blow that catches Henry in the gut before he can continue with the clubbing blows. Sensing that it might not work, Tyrone connects with a second, buying him enough time to get into the ring. After connecting with a kick to the gut, CB grabs Henry by the wrist and sends him into the opposite ropes with an irish whip. On the return, Crazy Boy does a leapfrog, then turns around to find his opponent, but he doesn’t like what he finds.

Eryk Masters: Hank’s a bit quicker than CB was expecting!

Having picked up the pace, Gordon bounced off the ropes before Crazy was expecting him, and he’s able to connect with a full body block that drops Crazy down to the mat. CB forces himself right back up, but Henry scoops him up and bodyslams him back down.

Other Guy: Now these fans are getting behind Ole Hank a bit more… and if they can’t get behind a guy who’s takin’ it to Crazy Boy…

This time when Crazy Boy gets up, he hits a forearm to Hank’s thigh, then does a sideways roll on his shoulder before getting up. Gordon slow to shift his focus, CB sends a kick to the side of his leg, then backs up.

Eryk Masters: Tyrone using his speed advantage to stick and move – smart idea against a much stronger opponent.

Other Guy: And SLOWER, don’t forget SLOWER.

Backing into the ropes, Crazy Boy gets a little bit of momentum, then dives in at Henry’s leg, taking him down with a chop block. CB hops back up to his feet and then starts stomping down repeatedly onto Gordon’s leg.

As the booing starts to rain in, Crazy Boy stops stomping and puts his fists into the air, further inciting the fans. That lasts only a moment, and CB gets out onto the apron through the ropes, sizes up his opponent, and as Henry tries to force himself up off the mat, Tyrone launches himself into the ring, clotheslining Gordon to the mat.

Eryk Masters: A little bit of Crazy Boy’s veteran acumen coming into play here as he isn’t wasting much time in keeping Gordon down onto the mat.

Hopping to his feet, Crazy Boy measures up Hank, then twists around and drops an elbow into the middle of Henry’s chest. Before he can get up, however, CB finds himself in the clutches of his stout opponent.

Other Guy: Not sure I’ve seen that tactic before!

Once he fully realizes his predicament, Crazy Boy tries to wriggle himself free, but no such luck. Gordon forces himself on top of Crazy Boy, lets go with his grasp, starts to sit up but then dives back down with a forearm shot to the face.

Eryk Masters: He didn’t have much room, but he made it count!

Not moving back his arm immediately, Hank grinds his forearm back and forth across CB’s face before getting back into a mounted position. Crazy starts to slip away, but this time it’s a double ax-handle that drives him back into the mat.

Other Guy: Now you’re getting a sense for how frustrating it must’ve been to be Hank’s last girlfriend…

Finally having an opening, Gordon gets to his feet, puts a foot on CB’s chest and steps up over him, getting a fun reaction from the fans. With a grin on his face, Henry rushes into the opposite ropes, and on the return hops up and lands with a senton splash, back first into Crazy’s chest.

Eryk Masters: I think THAT might give you a better idea for what she felt like.

Grabbing CB up off the mat, Henry quickly whips him into the corner turnbuckle, then rushes in with a body attack. Hoisting Crazy up off the mat, Hank hangs him by the ankles in a tree of woe. Backing up all the way across the ring, Gordon sizes him up, signals to the fans, then “rushes” in on the attack.

Other Guy: This ain’t gonna be pretty…!


Using his leg strength, Crazy Boy pulls himself up onto the top turnbuckle and Henry Gordon runs shoulder-first into the corner ringpost.

Other Guy: There’s another example of Crazy Boy using Hank’s speed against him.

Eryk Masters: Or lack thereof.

Hopping down behind his opponent, CB pulls him out from between the ropes, grabs him by the head and slams him backwards with a Russian Legsweep. Rolling to his side, CB makes the cover and Austin Linam makes the count.




Other Guy: Hank shouldering out WITH AUTHORITY!

A bit frustrated, Crazy Boy rolls to the side and gets to his feet, wipes a bit of sweat off his brow and then gets to his feet.

Eryk Masters: Tyrone sizing up the big man, waiting for him to get back on his feet, and we’ll see if this is a good idea…

When Henry gets to his feet, Tyrone steps in and drills a palm strike to the chest, which staggers the big man back a few steps. CB then measures him and dives in, taking out his leg again. Gordon tries to get up to a vertical base, but Tyrone steps in and clamps down onto his shoulder with a Vulcan Death Grip neck pinch.

Eryk Masters: Typically the move of a much bigger man…

Other Guy: Maybe CB thinks he’s “big” in other ways?

Eryk Masters: Well he doesn’t have the leverage that big guys get on that sort of thing, but he sure seems to have it applied right.

Other Guy: No doubt there. You can see what some people might call “agony” on Hank’s face.

Eryk Masters: Linam asking about a submission, but Gordon declines.

Other Guy: Something I hear never happens when he gets to a buffet.

Eryk Masters: Declines?

Other Guy: Nor submits. That’s right, he closes ’em down.

Eryk Masters: Henry starts to clap his hands here, getting the crowd in on the support.

Other Guy: If he were smart, he’d signal out for Ron Bailey to show up and cause some distraction.

Eryk Masters: Somehow, with everything that Henry has mentioned, I don’t think that’s in the gameplan.

With the fans behind him, Henry Gordon pulls his leg in and puts his knee down onto the mat. Positioning himself, Hank finds room and sends an elbow back into CB’s chest. Getting more room, Henry pulls his arm back and gets it around Tyrone, tries to hoist him up off the mat, but CB fires in with an elbow smash to the side of the face. Finding room of his own, Crazy Boy grabs Hank by the wrist, then fires him into the corner chest first with an irish whip, then follows in with a Superman forearm shot to the back of Hank’s head.

Quickly moving out onto the apron, CB climbs the turnbuckles, sits onto the top rope and grabs Henry by the head, then laughs and signals out to the fans before hopping up and twisting, going for the Tornado DDT… TO NO AVAIL!

Other Guy: Now THAT is what I call a SPINEBUSTER!

Eryk Masters: I don’t think he’s letting go!

Showing off some brute strength, Henry keeps his grasp around CB’s torso, plants a foot underneath himself, then forces his way back up to his feet, holding on into a bearhug. Immediately as the pain sets in, Crazy Boy grits his teeth, showing how painful the move is.

Other Guy: Now THIS is the type of move you expect from a big man, and damn if it ain’t workin’!

Eryk Masters: You can say that again, but you might watch the profanity…

The referee steps in as CB starts to show signs of fatigue, but the lift of an arm wields nothing close to a finish of the match, as CB immediately starts fighting back. Using his thumb, CB starts to rip sideways on Hank’s mouth, causing him to let go of the hold and start swinging his arms. As the referee starts to admonish CB, the veteran swiftly moves his face in towards the flailing hands, then grasps at his face.

Other Guy: Did Crazy Boy just… poke himself in the eye with Hank’s fingers?

Eryk Masters: I’m not too sure there was actually contact, but he’s claiming there was.

His eyes “closed”, Crazy Boy starts complaining and flailing HIS arms, twisting wildly and “accidentally sending an elbow into the side of the ref’s head. Knowing that he won’t be seen, CB quickly opens his eyes fully, spots the distraction, then drops to a knee and lands a low blow on Gordon.

Other Guy: FOUL!  I’m CALLIN’ IT!

Eryk Masters: I think that’s quite obvious at this point, but it might not matter… The damage, they say, might be done.

Taking a moment to taunt Henry, then the crowd, and then Henry again, Crazy Boy grabs Henry and tries to hoist him up onto his shoulders…


Other Guy: He can’t do it!

Eryk Masters: Crazy Boy looking to setup for his “Darkness Falls”, but he can’t manage it!

Having strained his back, Crazy Boy squints his eyes in pain. As he opens his eyes and tries to find Gordon, he gets met with a kick RIGHT to the midsection, doubling him over. Putting the back of Crazy’s neck on his shoulder, Hank grabs CB behind the knee, then hoists him up… and DROPS him to the mat with the Muscle Buster!

Other Guy: DAMN HE’S STRONG!!!

Eryk Masters: And a bit of agility here as he rolls backwards into a pinning position…!

Ref slides in…


Hank hooks his legs around Crazy’s…


CB starts to realize what’s going on and wiggles his legs…


Linam gets to his knees and signals for the bell as the fans go crazy!

Samantha Coil: Here is your winner… Henry…. GORDON!!!

Hank gets to his feet and starts LOSING his mind! He stumbles backwards, gets to the ropes, puts his hands up in the air, then gets out of the ring and starts high fiveing fans all around the ring.

Eryk Masters: Now there is a look of disbelief.

In the ring, Crazy Boy sits up, totally in shock over what just transpired. He looks at Austin Linam, holds up two fingers, but the response is three fingers from the referee, who quickly heads out of the ring.



"ET" by Katy Perry starts playing, and by instinct, the fans take to whatever they are more drawn to doing when they hear this song in the Epicenter. They boo, and boo loudly, and prepare to throw garbage.

Other Guy: Listen to this crowd, they really love Dan Stein!

Eryk Masters: Are you….what?

Somewhere beneath it all, we hear the faint sound of La Cucaracha, and it seems to be getting closer. Next to the SHOOT Project stage, some curtains part, and, of all things, a party bus driving through, La Cucaracha blaring from its horn.

Eryk Masters: Dear lord, please make him stop.

Other Guy: What are you talking about? This is STYLE.

The bus pulls up to the ramp, and the door slides open. A couple of Vegas showgirls get out first, dressed in full uniform, feathers and all. A couple of big, burly men, dressed in dark suits with dark sunglasses are next, followed by the one and only Dan "The Lights" Stein.

Other Guy: There he is! He really knows how to make an entrance!

More people get out of the van, including a guy talking loudly on a cellphone, two men in business suits with brief cases, a couple extra party goers, and….a clown. The clown seems to be enjoying himself, he’s trying to make balloon animals for the crowd, but they keep popping his baloons. Stein cares not, as he raises his arms out to his sides, a sick and arrogant grin on his face as a video of his "greatest hits" plays on behind him.

Eryk Masters: Well, whether you like or not, here is Dan Stein, ready to try and regain what he claims to be rightfully his, the Sin City Championship.

Other Guy: It IS his, Eryk!

Eryk Masters: Do I need to point out he stole the thing from Lunatikk Crippler, as it is?

Other Guy: You do not.

Stein steps between the ropes, and instantly goes into a stretching routine in the middle of the ring, which turns the gas up on the fans’ hatred of him.

Eryk Masters: He had ALL NIGHT to get ready for this match! This is ridiculous!

Other Guy: Calm down, calm down! You don’t want him to pull a hammy, do you?

Stein removes his jacket, as not to get sweat on it, as the music shuts off. He stops, obviously annoyed that he wasn’t finished yet, but then "Firestarter" kicks in, and the fans could not be happier to see Pestalance at this time.

Eryk Masters: No amount of mace, no amount of cheap shots is going to keep Pestalance from getting his hands on Dan Stein tonight!

Other Guy: Is that what were calling him tonight?

Eryk Masters: As far as I know, yeah, and here comes Pestalance, charging the ring!

It’s true, he is. Pest slides in under the bottom rope, and Stein starts stomping and kicking the back of Pest. Pestalance is having a little trouble getting to his feet, so his plan hasn’t worked just yet. Stein knows it, as well. He puts one well placed boot in the back of Pest and turns to the crowd, throwing his hands in the air, trying to get the crowd to cheer him. That doesn’t work well.

Eryk Masters: Pestalance dropped his guard, now he’s in trouble early.

Other Guy: That’s the thing about sliding in the ring like that, when your mortal enemy is already in there: you leave yourself WIDE OPEN for that kind of attack.

Stein turns his attention back to Rande, and now looks to put him away quickly, before the champion has any say about it. Before that happens, "Whatever Gets You Through The Day" kicks in, and the fans are electric.

Eryk Masters: You may be able to end this match without the champion, but you can’t START the match without her.

Other Guy: That makes three, and this Sin City Championship Triple Threat is going to be underway!

Laura Seton makes her way through the curtain, unstrapping the SCC as she comes down the ramp. The referee meets her outside, and takes the title from her to the timekeeper’s table. Seton walks up the ring stairs, not allowing Stein out of her eye sight.

Eryk Masters: Well, we were going to have formal introductions after all three combatants were in the ring. Stein ruined that for us, however.

Other Guy: Or we pay Samantha Coil by the word. Have you seen the number of zeros on her checks?

Seton steps between the ropes, and Stein blindsides her, as well, putting a boot right into her midsection, then driving his elbow right into her shoulder joint. Laura is taken off guard, but not enough to stop her from firing back with a right forearm, right to the face of Stein.

Other Guy: Not the face! Not the face!

Seton takes no heed, as she fires off a second one that also finds its mark, sending Stein staggering. Pestalance gets to his feet, and stares at Laura, as Stein is recovering from the two quick shots from the Sin City Champion. Laura looks back at Pest, and nods, and Pest nods back. They join hands, and together clothesline Dan Stein down to the ground, to a thunderous ovation.

Other Guy: Unfair! You can’t be doing that, it’s every person for themselves!

Eryk Masters: There’s no rule saying two people in a triple threat can’t work together to pick apart the third.

Other Guy: There should be!

They wait for Stein to get to his feet again, and drop him once again for another double clothesline! Stein doesn’t move, but Pest does the moving for him, striding over and grabbing a handful of face, trying to pull him to his feet. Stein is resourceful, however, and punches Pest in the knee. Stein shakes his own hand as Pest hobbles, and Stein is able to catch him with a lightning quick uppercut that drops the big man flat. Seton moves forward, and Stein sweeps both of her legs out from under her, and she hits the canvas hard. Stein gets to his knees, arms outstretched, and the cheers turn to jeers.

Other Guy: Here we go, Stein is taking control of this match!

Stein gets to his feet, as both his opponents are trying to do. Seton instinctively reaches out and balances herself on Pest, who is keeled over, rubbing his knee. Both look up, and Steing, with one fluid motion, slaps both competitors right in the face.

Eryk Masters: How disrespectful! Slapping a woman in the face like that.

Other Guy: Ah, she’s the Sin City Champ! She can take it! Besides, Stein just slapped two birds with one stone!

Eryk Masters: I noticed.

Other Guy: The stone is his hand, you see.

Eryk Masters: Got it, thanks.

Stein should pay a little more attention to the task at hand, as he is facing the crowd, back turned from his opponents. He gets an awakening in the form of a double axe handle from Pestalance, followed up by a big dropkick from Seton, sending Stein crashing to the arena floor, again to cheers.

Pest wastes little time turning on Laura, levelling her with a big clothesline.

Eryk Masters: Pestalance takes advantage of Stein’s absence from the ring, and turns on the champion right there.

Other Guy: Should have seen that one coming. This match IS for the Sin City title! Open your eyes, woman!

Fest stomps at Laura, and Stein turns to see the current turn of events. He looks like he’s going to get in the ring, but he decides to lay back down on the outside, exaggerating his injuries.

Other Guy: We should get someone to check on Stein. He could be hurt!

Eryk Masters: He just doesn’t want to get back in the middle of this, and be the target again! It’s pitiful.

Other Guy: You won’t think it’s so pitiful if you find out he slipped a disk!

Pest stomps down hard at Laura’s head, but she is able to roll out of the way just in the nick of time. Rande’s foot keeps trying to find the head of Seton, but she keeps rolling out of the way, until she reaches the edge of the ring. She pulls herself up to her feet, but eats an open hand from Pest, nearly causing her to tumble out of the ring. She uses the momentum to swing back, nailing Pest in the face with a forearm that staggers him back. He shakes it off and advances towards Laura, who uses the ropes to her advantage, creating her own momentum to slide under the bottom rope, and between the legs of Pestalance. Before she can get back to her feet, Dan Stein is back in the ring, and he blindsides Pestalance with a big superkick, sending him tumbling over the top rope to the outside.

Eryk Masters: And Stein nearly takes Pestalance’s head off with that kick!

Other Guy: It’s a miracle he survived that fall out of the ring earlier. I thought we were gonna need a stretcher!

Eryk Masters: Will you just….stop already and be unbiased?

Stein turns to Laura, who jacks him with a forearm. Stein clutches at his face again, and goes to take Laura’s head off with a lariat, but Laura does The Splits, and jacks Stein’s jaw another time, with a big uppercut. Stein hits the canvas hard, and Laura crawls over to take advantage with a pin.



Stein kicks out of it. He rolls to his stomach and pushes himself up, and Seton is hot on his trail. She lays into him with a quick forearm, and whips him in the ropes. Stein bounces off, and rebounds towards Seton, and catches a headscissors for his trouble. The move does not much more than infuriate Stein, who is up immediately, and stomps towards Seton, who this time takes him down with a hurricanrana. Stein is a little dizzy after being flipped so much by Seton, he doesn’t recover in time to block the dropkick to the back of his head. Seton pulls Stein into the center of the ring, and hooks the leg!



Stein is able to kick out again before the three.

Eryk Masters: Seton knows what’s on the line here, she’s trying to put this one away early.

Seton goes to pick Stein up, but Stein rakes the eyes, and then chops Seton across the top of her chest. Seton covers the welt that’s sure to form, and Stein goes to whip her into the ropes. She rebounds, and ducks a clothesline attempt from Stein, and dives through the ropes with a Buzzer Beater to Pestalance, who was just getting back to his feet!

Eryk Masters: The crowd loved that one, and as much as they like Pestalance, they are firmly behind Milk and Cookies here tonight!

That high risk move took a lot out of Laura, as she’s a bit slow to get back into the ring, and Stein is right there to pounce on top of her, hammering her with axe handles to the back, hitting their mark between her shoulder blades. Seton keeps trying to get up, but Stein keeps knocking her back down, not allowing the champion to get her bearings back.

Other Guy: You gotta wonder how smart that Buzzer Beater was. Yeah, the crowd loved it, but you have to remember doing that kind of stuff can get you in trouble, especially if you forget that there’s a third man in this match!

Stein measures Laura as she gets to her hands and knees, and runs and kicks her right in the ribs. The sick THUNK of foot meeting flesh echoes, and elicits a groan from the crowd. Seton rolls in the ring, clutching her stomach in obvious pain. Stein takes the opportunity to climb the turnbuckles unopposed, and leaps high, landing with a big elbow across the chest of Seton. He looks to cover, but before Willie Dean can begin to count, Stein rolls off his challenger, and shoots off a couple of pushups, much to the dismay of the Epicenter.

Eryk Masters: Quit showboating and cover her! The title is on the line!

Stein must have heard him. After his fifth push up, he hooks Seton’s leg and rolls back, putting all of his weight on top of her.



Seton rolls her shoulder, and the crowd cheers. Stein is not a happy man, but he keeps at it, slapping Laura in the back of the head. The fans are angry at Stein’s attempt to embarass Laura, but she is getting to her feet. She tries another forearm, but Stein has it scouted. He ducks to the side, causing Laura to miss, and grabs her head, forcing it down on his knees as he falls to the mat.

Other Guy: The Lights V2! That’s it, it’s over!

Laura has other ideas. She uses what momentum she has to roll out of the ring, and falls to the floor. Stein is visibly upset at this turn of events, but he doesn’t have time to contemplate it, because Pestalance is up, and nearly knocks Stein’s lips off with a big boot.

Eryk Masters: Pest out of nowhere, knocking Dan Stein silly with that boot!

Pest picks Stein up before he has time to recover, and tucks Stein’s head between his legs. Pest lifts at the waist, and powerbombs Stein, smack in the middle of the ring. Rande folds Stein’s legs over him, pinning his shoulders to the mat!



Th-Stein rolls out of it, preserving his chances at becoming Sin City Champion. Pestalance isn’t finished, however. He picks Stein up, and whips him HARD into the corner. Pest runs after him, avalanching Stein flat. The Lights is dazed, but doesn’t fall, as he goes backwards back into the turnbuckle, which keeps him propped up as Pest goes back to the other side of the ring. Stein is able to move out of the way, so Pestalance hits chest first HARD into the top turnbuckle. Stein uses Rande’s own momentum to roll him up with a schoolboy!



Pest kicks out! Stein tries to pick Pest up, but Rande has other ideas. He socks Stein in the stomach, and follows up with a hard elbow to the chest, sending Stein sprawling backwards. Dan Stein seems to have the wind knocked out of him, but Pest isn’t looking to let up. He gets Stein to his feet and measures him for a big right hand, but Stein stomps on Pest’s foot, then pokes him in the eyes.

Eryk Masters: And Pestalance temporarily blinded due to that disgusting display of cheating.

Other Guy: Willie Dean lets Stein off with a warning. This is a title match, you’re not gonna see a DQ that easy.

Stein shoves Pestalance into the corner, and then climbs the turnbuckles in front of him. Stein is perched on the middle rope, leaving Pest’s head exposed for whatever. Stein slams his fist into the top of Rande’s head.

Stein: ONE!

He punches Pest again.


A third shot connects.

Stein: C’mon, can’t you people count to three??

The crowd isn’t loving this at all, until Pest throws Stein off of him. Pestalance tries to follow through, but from the side of the screen, Laura Seton flies in from nowhere, landing a seated senton, taking Pestalance down!

Other Guy: What? Where’d she come from?

Eryk Masters: Looks like the PG Princess isn’t out of this one yet!

Pestalance is down, but not out. He’s trying to get to his feet, and Laura crouches herself on the turnbuckles behind him. Pest finally gets up, and Laura quickly hooks in a half nelson, and drives Pestalance’s face into the ground!

Eryk Masters: There it is! Cookie Cutter! Cover him, girl!

She does. Laura hooks both legs deep and Willie Dean slides into position.




No! Dan Stein flies in at the last second, breaking up the pinfall! Seton releases Pestalance, and rolls away, and Stein capitalizes, hooking both of Pest’s legs himself!



THREE! No! Laura this time breaks up the fall! Stein is upset, and gets up, firing a right hand, but Laura blocks it! She fires off a right of her own that connects! And a European uppercut takes Stein to the mat! Laura hurries to the top rope, primed for another attack, and Stein gets to his feet! Stein turns around and Laura launches herself at Stein with a huge crossbody, and it connects! But Stein pulls on Laura’s shorts, and reverses the momentum! He rolls her over and he’s the one with the pin!


TWO!! Dan Stein stick both feet on the middle rope for leverage!


Stein releases Laura and begins to celebrate, but it looks like Willie Dean is upset. So is Laura, understandably. Dean gets to his feet, and is waving off the three! Stein doesn’t see this, as he has the Sin City Championship in his grasp now, handed to him by Molly the Assistant, and is too busy tooting his own horn to the crowd at large. Dean leans through the ropes, and says something to Samantha Coil, who in turn, lifts the mic to her lips.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, due to the fact that Dan Stein had his feet on the ropes, referee Willie Dean….is ORDERING this match to CONTINUE!

Stein is incensed! Laura is ready to go, and Pestalance seems ready to continue as well, as he’s gotten shakily back to his feet.

Other Guy: You’ve gotta be kidding me! Stein won this match! This is over! Done!

Eryk Masters: Correction, he got caught cheating, so the match continues! Great call by Willie Dean!

Dean wrenches the Sin City title from Stein’s grasp, and while his back is turned, he runs off and kicks Pestalance below the belt!

Eryk Masters: MORE blatant cheating from Stein, but this time, he gets away with it!

Pest grabs his gonads and falls between the ropes, and to the floor. Seton runs at Stein, but he swings his foot back, leaving the ground to deliver a spinning heel kick! Seton is able to duck, and Stein crashes and burns, to the delight of the crowd! Laura climbs the turnbuckles, waiting for a dazed and pissed off Dan Stein to get back to his feet.

Stein is weak in the knees, but makes it to a standing position. He turns slowly, and Laura dives off the top rope. Stein quickly dives out of the way, but Laura rolls through and she’s back on her feet. Stein turns and charges her, looking to decapitate her with a clothesline, but Laura dodges, Matrix style! Stein tries to turn, but Laura jumps up, snaring Stein’s head with her legs, taking him down with a hurricanrana, and hooking both legs, folding Stein in half.




Stein breaks the pin, but a second too late! The bell rings, and the fans EXPLODE! Seton raises her arm in the air, and falls to her knees, exhausted.

Samantha Coil: Here is your winner…..and STIIIIIILL the Sin City Champion….LAURAAAA SETONNNN!

Other Guy: How in the hell…There’s no way.

Eryk Masters: Believe it! Laura puts Stein away, and shes retained her Sin City gold!

Laura accepts the Sin City Title, as it seems Stein is having a tantrum up the ramp, MOlly the Assisstant in tow. Laura clutches the SCC to her chest, and points out to the crowd, paying respect to them after they supported her through her hard fought victory. Pestalance is disappointed on the outside, but he’ll have to wait another day if he’s looking to take the gold from Laura Seton’s grasp.



Samantha Coil: The following contest is a Meat Wagon Match. The only way to win is to get your opponent onto the stretcher at ringside and wheel that stretcher into the back of the ambulance in the parking lot! Introducing first… accompanied to the ring by Sakura Lee and Robert Maieson…. Johnny… NAAAPALM!!!!

“All American Nightmare” booms from the speakers as Napalm emerges from the back in a black leather trenchcoat. Sakura and Maieson are right behind him as he makes his way toward the ringside area. The three of them enter the ring and Sakura takes Napalm’s coat.

Eryk Masters: Well, this one’s been a long time coming. Napalm’s been awfully vocal as of late about what he wants to do to his opponent in this match- someone who has had his number every step of the way.

Other Guy: No kidding. It almost seems as though every time Napalm thinks he has all the answers, the questions change on him. He’s faced a lot of criticism over the course of the last little while- some of it even getting a little on the personal side. Let’s see if he’s got it in him to really bring it tonight.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent… accompanied to the ring by “The Predator” Kevin Stone… Piperrrrr…. FUUUURY!!!!

The familiar strains of “Six Times Dead (16.6)” boom from the speakers. As the staccato drums herald the thunderous riffs, Kevin Stone appears first on the stage, his arms crossed and his eyes obscured by a pair of sunglasses. Right behind him is Piper Fury, her newly-won VCA Women’s Championship belt slung over her left shoulder, Precious draped over her right. The two of them make their way toward the ring, Piper pausing to acknowledge some of the fans who have started chanting her name. She and Stone get into the ring and immediately stare at Napalm and his entourage, who return the gaze.

Eryk Masters: Here we go. Just a matter of time before this hits a boiling point. I notice Piper’s got some fresh hardware courtesy of the Vegas Cagefighting Alliance. She won that title this past weekend by defeating three women in the same night. A daunting feat for any athlete, and it’s got to beg the question- does she still have enough in the tank to compete here tonight?

Other Guy: This is Piper Fury we’re talking about here. I don’t think she would have taken the chance if she wasn’t a hundred percent sure that she’d be ready for this. She’s been poking at Napalm for the last month plus- this is just as much a put-up-or-shut-up moment for her as it is for her opponent.

Security has been summoned to the ring to deal with the entourages and get them away from the ringside area. Kevin Stone seems to be quite cool as he takes Piper’s MMA title belt and nods, not requiring any sort of coaxing from the security guards. However, things aren’t quite so simple when it comes to Sakura and Napalm’s trainer. Neither one of them wants to leave the ringside area, Sakura in particular being quite vocal against the request. However, Napalm’s trainer seems to be able to talk some sense into her, and she finally relents. This draws some ire from Napalm in the ring, but the official is quick to point out that this is for safety reasons.

The cameras cut to the back, where an ambulance has pulled up about twenty feet from the backstage door. The driver exits the ambulance and makes his way to the back door, opening it and allowing two paramedics to exit. They remove the stretcher and extend it, wheeling it into the arena and through the backstage corridor. They wheel it onto the ramp and towards the ring, stopping at the foot of the entrance ramp. They head back toward the exit and the bell rings…

Napalm wastes no time in charging his smaller opponent, using his size advantage to level Piper with a shoulder block, but she gets right back up and into a clothesline! Napalm heads for the outside of the ring- he’s not planning to waste any time in getting to the various weaponry that might be waiting underneath the apron. As Piper is getting to her feet in the ring, Napalm extracts a steel chair and slides it underneath the ring ropes, not realizing that Piper has gotten up… and as Napalm gets back into the ring, he pays for his lack of foresight by the chair being thrown at him, but Napalm retaliates by gripping the chair and swinging, catching Piper’s advancing fist!

Eryk Masters: Wow- the bell has barely rung and already we’re seeing the first weapon brought into the matchup. An omen of things to come, perhaps?

Other Guy: No shit, Sherlock. This isn’t going to be a wrestling clinic. This is gonna be a bloodbath. Plain and simple. You don’t go into something like a Meat Wagon Match expecting to finish someone off with an armdrag or a hurricanrana. That chair’s just the beginning.

Piper shakes the stinger out of her hand as Napalm readies the chair for a home run head shot… but he misses and the momentum sends him slightly off-balance, just enough for Piper to sweep his legs out from under him! She follows up with using her catlike reflexes to get back to her feet just enough to drop a knee across the chest, and just as quickly she’s underneath the ropes and outside the ring, looking for something of her own to play with! She quickly abandons her hunt when she sees Napalm exiting the ring, quickly altering her strategy, but a little too late as Napalm flattens her with a thunderous clothesline!

Eryk Masters: Napalm’s getting an early advantage in this match, OG- do you think all those barbs Piper was sending his way over the course of the last couple of weeks woke something up in him?

Other Guy: Either that or wanting to get some payback for getting his brains scrambled and pretty much humiliated at the hands of The Human Weapon. Right now I wonder if Piper’s thinking maybe she bit off a little more than she could chew. She poked the big guy, and now she gets to reap the whirlwind.

Napalm grabs Piper by the hair, pulling her to her feet and whipping her hard into the steel barricade at ringside. He lifts her and presses her, dropping her right onto the barricade ribs-first! The crowd is booing as Napalm points to the stretcher, hoisting Piper onto his shoulder… but she slides off and pushes him right into the stretcher, knocking it over! Piper winces as she breathes in, trying to block out the pain from the injured ribs. She climbs onto the ring apron, measuring Napalm and waiting for the right moment to strike, but Napalm gets his wits about him just in the nick of time to duck out of the way of the flying knee, sending his opponent onto the metal rail of the stretcher!!

Eryk Masters: Wow- that’s a mistake you don’t normally see from Piper Fury. And Napalm’s wasting no time in capitalizing on it. This is definitely not looking good for the cagefighter, who right now is probably wishing she hadn’t gotten herself into that gigantic tournament this past weekend.

Other Guy: Hey- regardless of what happens, she’s walking away with a championship belt around her waist. Can Napalm say the same? Of course not. Besides, this is just getting started. Don’t go counting her out just yet. I have the feeling she’s got a lot more fight left in her.

Napalm tosses Piper off of the stretcher and works on setting it up- he finally gets it upright, but as he turns around, Piper is waiting with the ring bell and she slams Napalm right in the forehead! Napalm staggers back, just enough off-balance for Piper to drag him over to the ring steps- she kicks him hard in the midsection and doubles him over just enough to hook the head and DDTs him right into the steps!! Piper gets to her feet and puts some distance between herself and the semi-conscious Napalm, taking a moment to catch a breather and block out the pain in her ribs and knee. She rubs her knee briefly and as Napalm staggers back to his feet, she looks to the crowd- someone’s handing her a set of brass knuckles!! She slips on the knuckles and swings for Napalm’s jaw, but the big man is able to get his hand up to deflect the brunt of the blow, brushing it away and countering with one of his own!

Eryk Masters: Whoa… now the crowd’s getting involved in this? Someone’s got to get security down here- the fans should not be handing weaponry to the participants- especially something that dangerous.

Other Guy: Wait… back up the tape for a second… I recognize that face. There, you see it? That’s not just a fan, that’s Piper’s sister Callista! Sneaky, girl. Sneaky.

They’re exchanging blows right now, and Napalm’s keeping pace with the seasoned MMA fighter- until Piper catches him flush across the jaw with a shot from the knuckles! Napalm staggers back, blood trickling from his mouth, and Piper follows up with a thunderous forearm that sends the big man into the ring apron.. Piper quickly hops up onto the announce table and launches herself, driving her knee right into Napalm’s nose! Napalm’s eyes roll into the back of his head and he droops forward! Could he be out?? Piper grabs him by the legs and drags him over to the stretcher, but before she can hoist the three-hundred pounder onto the stretcher, Napalm regains his bearings and kicks her square in the chest, knocking her back just long enough for him to get back to his feet!

Eryk Masters: We were expecting a physical war from the beginning, and we’ve sure gotten it so far- and it nearly came to an early end! If Napalm hadn’t gotten his marbles back when he did, he could have been partway up that ramp!

Other Guy: He got knocked for one hell of a loop, all right- but he’s a tough cookie. It’s gonna take a lot more than that to finish this big guy off. To be honest, I’m wondering if it’s even going to get back into the ring or if these two are just gonna beat the snot out of each other out here until someone’s so damn exhausted they think the stretcher’s a day bed.

Napalm slowly makes his way over to Piper, tossing her underneath the apron and back into the ring. He rummages underneath the ring, grabbing a steel chair and making his way back up to the ropes… but Piper has gotten back to her feet and she lands a textbook snap kick right into the chair, rebounding right into Napalm’s chest and sending him off the apron! Piper sets herself, taunting Napalm to get back to his feet and back into the ring, those brass knuckles still firmly on her left hand. Napalm slowly gets up and shakes his head, trying to get rid of the cobwebs and wipe away the blood that’s coming out of his mouth and nose from the earlier shots. Piper backs off as Napalm gets back into the ring, waiting for him to clear the ropes before charging in.. but Napalm catches her with a sidewalk slam!

Eryk Masters: What a showing from Napalm so far! Everything Piper’s bringing, he seems to have an answer for tonight!

Other Guy: Maybe she did wake him up. Maybe we’re finally about to see the monster that Napalm’s been claiming for so long is inside him. If so, it’s about damn time. I’ve been getting kinda tired of the same old spiel from him.

Napalm pulls Piper to her feet, grabbing her by the throat and lifting her up, looking right into her eyes and snarling as he hits a thunderous chokeslam! He points to the stretcher and places her head between his legs, lifting her up for a powerbomb… but Piper lashes out with a vicious left that catches Napalm right above the temple, busting him wide open and forcing him to drop her.. Piper uses her momentum to push off the ropes, landing with a Lou Thesz Press and wailing on her opponent with a series of lefts and rights, each one doing significantly more damage than the last! The crowd is roaring right now as Piper removes the knuckles and exits the ring, looking for her sister in the audience and handing her the bloodied weapon. Callista high-fives her sister and ducks back into the crowd as Piper looks underneath the ring, extracting a heavy steel chain!

Eryk Masters: Oh crap.. we’ve seen this before, haven’t we?

Other Guy: Parents, hide your kids. This is about to get ratcheted up a few notches.

Piper slides back into the ring as Napalm gets back to his feet… but he’s on rubber legs right now as Piper swings the chain- and Napalm grabs it in midair and yanks, pulling a surprised Piper right into the path of a wicked clothesline! Napalm grabs the chain and wraps it around his fist, mounting Piper and letting loose with reckless abandon, opening a cut on Piper’s forehead! He goes for the haymaker, but Piper ducks out of the way and Napalm’s fist hits the canvas… Piper grabs his arm and brings her legs up, securing the arm and rolling through… she’s got him in a crucifix position, both arms secured tightly.. and Piper starts raining rapid-fire elbows to the already damaged head!! The crowd is on its feet and referee Heflin, after about fifteen seconds, steps in to stop the carnage, pulling Piper off of the semi-conscious Napalm!!

Eryk Masters: Ho…ly…

Other Guy: Goodridge. Is that what you were about to say?

Eryk Masters: Uh… yeah. You know, that’s the first time I’ve ever seen that done inside a wrestling ring. Something like that can cause some permanent brain damage. Thank God Heflin got in there when he did, otherwise forget just sending Napalm to the hospital, that could have easily ended his career if it had been allowed to continue.

Other Guy: I know this is supposed to be a no-holds-barred match, but that’s just….

Eryk Masters: Disturbing?

Other Guy: Yeah.

Piper gets to her feet, a new-found fire in her eyes, almost as if the sight of her own blood has energized her. She sees the chain still wrapped around Napalm’s fist and she goes forward to unwrap it, freeing the heavy metal as Heflin pushes her back, much to Piper’s objection. Heflin goes to check on Napalm, looking for some signs of consciousness, but Piper’s not waiting and she whips her fallen opponent right across the chest with the chain repeatedly! Heflin tries to get between Piper and Napalm, but one swing of the chain turns out to be just too much as Napalm’s eye opens and he grabs the chain, pulling Piper hard through the ropes to the floor! The crowd is on its feet now as Napalm slowly gets to his, using the ropes to prop himself up as he tries to clear his vision and get his bearings back after that brutal assault… Piper is slowly getting to her feet, grabbing onto the ring apron.. but Napalm whips the chain right onto Piper’s hand, forcing her to pull her hand back in pain!

Eryk Masters: He’s still with us, folks! Napalm is not done yet!!!

Other Guy: Maybe, but seriously- how much can he have left in the tank? He’s got to be seeing double right now after all those elbow shots he took- and that’s no scrub amateur elbow, those were thrown by someone who knows how to use her limbs as weapons. Even if Napalm does manage to win this one, he’s going to need medical attention.

Napalm is trying to get himself vertical, but the toll this assault has taken on him is not making it an easy task. He finally manages to get up with the assistance of the ropes as Piper is making her way back into the ring, still nursing that bruised hand. Napalm grabs the chain and swings, but Piper moves out of the way and the referee is slammed! He crumples to the mat as Napalm goes for another shot- but Piper manages to snag the chain and maneuvers herself behind the big man, wrapping the chain around his throat and dropping him to a knee! She leans back, increasing the pressure from the metal chain and slowly choking the wind right out of her opponent! Napalm’s eyes roll and close.. he could be out!! Piper grips both ends of the chain and drags Napalm out of the ring…..

Eryk Masters: Here we go! She’s heading for the stretcher, and I think she might just have him this time around! He’s got nothing left- there’s no way in hell he’s going to be able to fight back!

Other Guy: This time I think I might just have to agree with ya. Stick the fork in him. He’s as good as done.

Piper uses the leverage from the chain to lift Napalm’s upper body onto the stretcher…but as she’s going for the legs, Napalm kicks her square in the jaw, sending her flying back into the ringpost! Piper is dazed as Napalm slowly removes himself from the stretcher, his eyes widening as he sends the stretcher in motion toward his fallen opponent… but Piper manages to get out of the way and the stretcher slams into the ring apron! Piper spots something against the announce table… as Napalm reaches underneath the ring and extracts a barbed-wire-wrapped baseball bat, Piper gets her hands on Precious!!

Napalm swings, but Piper gets Precious up in a classic block move and uses her momentum to knock the bat out of Napalm’s hands, sending the implement soaring over the barricade and into the crowd! Piper swings again and catches Napalm flush in the chest, then resets herself and brings the vicious weapon to bear right down on the top of Napalm’s head! Napalm slumps to the mat, his back to the ring stairs, nearly unconscious… Piper drops Precious and takes a few steps back… she measures Napalm and charges… CONCUSSION BLAST!!! The sickening sound of knee driving skull into unforgiving steel echoes throughout the arena. Napalm is OUT COLD!!! Piper drags the limp form of her opponent to the stretcher, pulling the upper body on first and then following with the legs. She reaches underneath the stretcher and removes the straps, fastening them to restrain Napalm… she then starts pushing with all her might! It takes a few seconds, but she finally gets the momentum of the stretcher started and she starts laboring to get him up the ramp, pausing halfway to catch her breath and wipe the blood from her forehead. The pain on her face is evident as she gets the stretcher up the ramp and heads backstage to where Kevin Stone is waiting! He’s got a towel in his hand and he wipes the blood and sweat from Piper’s brow as he points to the back. Piper sees the target and she gets her second wind, pushing the stretcher through the open doors and into the waiting ambulance! She slams the door shut and pounds the side of the ambulance three times, Stone rushing out to keep her from hitting the ground as it takes off!!!

Eryk Masters: It’s done!! Piper Fury has slain the giant and won SHOOT’s first-ever Meat Wagon Match! It was a long, hard road, but she prevailed in the end.

Other Guy: Yeah, but it took a toll on her. Look at her- she may have won the match, but I’m betting right now she sure as hell isn’t feeling like a winner. Stone’s propping her up right now, and I’ll bet dollars to donuts he’s taking her straight to the medical area for some serious examination. She survived, but she’ll remember this for a long time.



“The One” by Tantric hits the Public Address system and lightning crackles around the image of “Edmund Augustus Shan” on the tron. After moments of white pyrotechnics at the entrance, the newcomer Shan appears at the top of the ramp.

Samantha Coil: Making his way to the ring first, from Las Vegas, Nevada…. Edmund Augustuuuus Shan!

Eryk Masters: After his showing with Corazon I’ve hot high hopes for Shan in his match tonight.

Other Guy: If I had to pick between the two I’d put my money on “Red” Luke Davis, Eryk.

Shan slaps hands with a few fans as he makes his way down to the ring and slides under the bottom rope. He stands in the center of the ring shadowboxing for a few moments then makes his way to his neutral corner to await his opponent.

A few moments pass and “Kick It In The Sticks” by Brantley Gilbert hits the Public Address System. Moments pass and there’s no sign of Davis at the entrance.

Eryk Masters: Is he going to show or what?

Other Guy: I hope so. If he doesn’t he’ll have had the shortest career in SHOOT Project history.

The fans begin to stir as “Red” Luke Davis stands up from a chair in the crowd and begins making his way to the ring. He slaps hands with all the fans around him and smiles.

Samantha Coil: Making his way to the ring… through the crowd… “Red” Luke Daavis!”

Luke hops the guard rail and climbs up the steel steps before entering the ring and holding his hands up over his head. Shan shakes his head and takes two steps forward, holding out his hand.

Eryk Masters: Oh no, we saw what happened on Revolution with this.

Other Guy: Don’t take the hand, Davis. Corazon deserved it, you don’t.

Davis looks at Shan then looks at the outstretched hand. He smirks and takes his hand and without hesitation, shakes it. Shan nods his head and relinquishes his hold and backs up a few feet. Davis nods to referee Austin Linam that he is ready and Shan waves his hand to signal he is too.

Eryk Masters: And there’s the bell!

Shan and Davis circle the ring a couple times, both men looking for an opening. Finally Davis is the first to act and locks it up with Shan in the center of the ring. The two competitors struggle for leverage and Davis comes out on top, yanking Shan down into a side headlock. Shan tries to work his way out of the hold but Davis increases the pressure and brings Shan down to one knee.  Referee Austin Linam checks in on Shan but receives a glare for his troubles.

Eryk Masters:  Shan is known for not giving up. It’s far too early for Linam to be checking in like that.

Other Guy: You never know. Matches have been won in eight seconds before, Eryk.

Shan begins to stir and gets back to both feet, plants his arm on Davis’ back and pushes him into the ropes. Davis rebounds and sends a shoulder into Shan, knocking him down hard to the mat. Davis immediately lifts Shan to his feet and Irish whips him to the ropes but Shan has other plans and lifts a knee into Davis’ gut as he rotates around his opponent. Shan quickly goes on the offensive and nails a spinning neckbreaker on the stunned Davis. He goes for the pin fall.




Other Guy: Way too soon for a pinfall right now. Shan’s greenness showing through.

Eryk Masters: I disagree. Puts it in Davis’ head that he’s going for the win fast and early and forces him to fight on Shan’s tempo.

Shan pulls Davis to his feet and sends a straight right hand into Davis’ jaw rocking him backward toward the ropes. Shan hits him again and again and again until Davis is forced into the turnbuckle. Shan grabs hold of Davis’ neck and begins sending vicious Muay Thai kicks to his kidneys.

Eryk Masters: Shades of his match with Corazon. Shan really does know how to brawl.

Other Guy: Spoke too soon, Eryk. That was a very nice reversal.

Catching Shan’s right leg, Davis sends an elbow into the knee then quickly wraps his arms around him and throws Shan across the ring with a Belly to Belly Suplex. Shan hits the mat hard, clutching his back and kicking the mat. Davis wastes no time in picking Shan up and whipping him into the ropes. Upon return Shan attempts to clothesline Davis but he ducks out of the way and is instead brought down quickly with a snap mare. Davis quickly rolls forward grabbing hold of Shan’s head and snaps forward.

Eryk Masters: Shan in a bit of trouble here. His back and his neck have both taken a bit of a beating here.

Other Guy: Davis did his homework. He’s telegraphed Shan’s moves very well so far.

Davis pulls Shan to a standing position and whips him into the ropes. As Shan is heading toward the ropes he’s able to hold onto Davis’ arm, stopping his momentum completely and spins Davis around taking a full handful of hair and slams him down to the ground. Shan immediately picks Davis back up again and punches him right in the throat, leaving Davis to grasp for air as he’s backed into the turnbuckle.

Davis tries to fend Shan off but to no avail as he receives punch after punch to his jawbone. Linam begins to force Shan away from Davis and Shan throws up his hands as if to back away then quickly sends a back kick into Davis’  gut and doubles him over. Shan then DDT’s Davis down and goes for the cover.




Eryk Masters: Wow what a comeback from Shan. He is taking it to him like a man possessed.

Other Guy: Not just that, Eryk. It’s how fast all of that happened. But still… no pinfall. Davis has got a lot left in his tank.

Shan quick to his feet after the near fall, pulls Davis up. As he does, however, Davis begins throwing forearm smash after forearm smash into Shan, staggering him backward and into the ropes. Davis takes this opportunity to grab onto Shan and slam him down to the mat with a running bulldog. He goes for the cover.



Th.. Kickout.

Davis stands up and quickly drops back down, slamming a fist into Shan’s face. Again and again and again. Shan rolls around in pain as Davis gets to the second turnbuckle and jumps off nailing Shan with a knee drop. Davis picks Shan up and whips him into the ropes going for a clothesline but Shan ducks and bounces into the other ropes. Shan executes a perfect standing dropkick only to find out Shan is holding onto the ropes. Shan and Davis meet in the middle of the ring again and the two lock it up. After a quick series of reversals, Shan finally comes out on top and begins ramming his shoulder into Davis while holding onto his arm. Davis quickly falls down to one knee.

Other Guy: This is turning out to be a really good match. Oh god that had to hurt. Davis just hit a nice chin breaker on Shan.

Eryk Masters: Roll Tide!!!! This could be it.



Thre… Kickout!

Eryk Masters: How did he kick out of that? That’s one of his signature moves!

Davis is first to his feet with Shan just getting to his knees. Davis stalks toward him but Shan pulls on his tights and sends him to the outside. Linam warns Shan and he waves him off. As Shan gets to his feet, Davis had made it to the apron but before he can enter the ring he’s cut off by Shan who slams his head into the turnbuckle then cuts his throat across the top rope. Shan pulls Davis into the ring and slams his head against the turnbuckle repeatedly until he executes a perfect Russian Legsweep.

Eryk Master: All that time in the gym must have paid off with how well he looks out there tonight but why is he not going for the pin?

Shan attempts to pick up Davis but he’s immediately brought down into the Copenhagen Smile.

Other Guy: This could be it! Davis has it locked in tight.

Eryk Masters: No! Shan was too close to the ropes. He has to break the hold and Davis can’t believe it.

Davis pulls Shan to his feet and goes to tie him up but Shan quickly puts his right leg behind Davis, plants his right elbow in the middle of his chest and right palm under his chin and forcefully slams him into the mat. Davis holds the back of his head and screams out in pain.

Eryk Masters: What the heck was that? That was just vicious and… no way, is that what I think it is?

Other Guy: Yes it is! I haven’t seen one of these in ages.

Shan lifts Davis up into the air for a vertical Suplex and holds him mid-air. After a moment passes he uses all the force in his body to twist down and inward, slamming Davis to the mat with a Jackhammer. He covers and lifts the knee.




Samantha Coil: Here is your winner by way of pinfall after twelve minutes and twenty-five seconds… Edmund Augustuuuus Shan!

Eryk Masters: Impressive win tonight by the newcomers Shan.

Other Guy: Definitely. He’s got a bright career ahead of him but I’m not counting Davis out. He didn’t do too bad either.



I can almost taste it…

The lights drop and the fans begin to boo loudly.

Eryk Masters: And here we go. I’ve been waiting for this.

It makes no sense to me…

What does it all mean?!

A spotlight slowly comes to a stop on the top of the ramp.

Other Guy: If you believe Cade, and I do, we’re going to see the crowning of new Tag Team Champions here tonight!

I can almost taste it…

I can almost see it!

It makes no sense to me…

What does it all mean?!

I can almost taste it…

Eryk Masters:Well, we’ll see what the Bad Ass Brotherhood have to say about that.

I just wanna be famous!

You dream of trading places

I have been changing faces

You can not fill these shoes

There is too much to lose

I wake up behind these trenches

You run around defenseless

There is too much to lose

You can not fill these shoes

Other Guy: If there’s any team that CAN do it, it’s the Syndicate.

I just wanna be famous but…

Be careful what you wish for…

"Almost Famous" continues to play, and Cade Sydal steps out from behind the curtain, with Cassi Ryan grasping his hand on one side, Tanya Black psyching herself up on the other. Cassi, of course, has a mic in her hand, and she is going to use it, Tanya focusing her gaze on the ring, Cade smirking arrogantly to the masses.

Cassi Ryan: Ladies and gentlemen, pimps and prostitues, madams and whores..

The crowd responds with resounding jeers. The Syndicate is unfazed.

Cassi Ryan: Show some respect, and stand up to welcome the very team that is going to make history here tonight! First, standing at 5 foot 4, she is a former two time Sin City Champion.

The crowd doesn’t care. They just boo. Tanya smirks, showing her first sign of emotion thus far.

Cassi Ryan: Hailing from Boston, Mass, she is the Alpha Female..TANYAAAAAAAA BLAAAAAAAAAACK!

Black slides into the ring, still getting loose. She pulls on the ropes, preparing herself for the upcoming match. Cade walks up the ring steps, and in between the ropes to enter the ring.

Cassi Ryan: And her partner! From right here in Las Vegas, Nevada, giving people like you the chance on a daily basis to brush with somehting far greater than mediocrity

The fans don’t like that one bit. Cade leans over the rope to expertly slap away a wadded up piece of paper someone had thrown at Cassi.

Cassi Ryan: He is a former two time SHOOT Project World Champion! He is a FUTURE Three time Champion! He is God’s Favorite Wrestler, and the sole reason you purchased your tickets here tonight…He is CAAAAAAAAAAAADE SYYYYYYYYYDALLLLLLLLLLL!

Cassi tosses the mic at Samantha Coil, who fumbles to catch it.

Eryk Masters: You could expect nothing less from the Sinister Syndicate. But is their ego justified? We’re about to find out real soon!

"Almost Famous" shuts off, and the crowds jeers turn to cheers, as they know who’s coming out next. Cade brings his attention to the curtain now, as the World Tag Team Champions are about to make their entrance.


The opening chords of “Back in the Saddle Again” by Aerosmith brings the fans to their feet. Out from the back emerges none other than the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Champions THE BAD ASS BROTHERHOOD. The fans cheer loudly as CHARLES BRANDON MAGNUS and BUCK DRESDEN. The duo stand there for a long moment.

Eryk Masters: And here they are! The World Tag Team Champions!

Buck Dresden wears his World Tag Team Championship on his waist with his normal tights and boots. He wears a black BAB biker vest with a white shirt with the sleeves torn off. Magnus stands behind him wearing the same white t-shirt and matching tights and boots, as well as his World Tag Team Championship belt. Their white shirt has blood stains resembling a butcher’s apron splattered all over with the word BUTCHER across the front.

Other Guy: It looks like their third brother is heavy on their minds tonight.

Eryk Masters: No doubt and we all wish Jonas Coleman a speedy recovery. Be that as it may, they need to maintain their focus on their opponents here tonight.

Other Guy: Exactly. Tanya Black and Cade Sydal certainly aren’t worried about anything but taking those titles that have long rested on the waists of Magnus and Buck.

Magnus ascends the ring steps while Buck slides underneath the bottom rope. Buck pushes himself up and rests on his knees, the belt still around his waist. Magnus stands behind him and stares at the Sinister Syndicate, nodding his head to the two of them. Buck, however, maintains a stern face as he glares at the two of them. “Back in the Saddle Again” dies down.

Eryk Masters: Folks, it looks to me like the battle is about to be joined in earnest!

Samantha Coil: And their opponents, they are the SHOOT Project WORLD Tag Team Champions….Buck Dresden and Charles Brandon Magnus….The BAD….ASS….BROTHERHOOOOOOD!

The bell rings, and this one is underway. Both teams decide who is going to start this match, and it looks like it’s going to be Buck Dresden and Cade Sydal. They begin circling each other, but it looks like Tanya wants to get involved. She’s trying to get Cade’s attention on the ring apron.

Eryk Masters: It looks like Tanya wants to start the match after all, now that she sees Buck Dresden is the man in the ring.

Cade looks at Tanya, then at Buck. He smirks and walks over and makes the tag.

Eryk Masters: I’m interested to see where things play out here. Tanya Black has been talking a big game, getting in the head of Buck Dresden, attempting to drive a wedge between the Tag Team Champions.

Other Guy: The Brotherhood says it didn’t work, but we’re certainly going to find out now.

Tanya wastes no time in getting into the face of Buck, who stops in the center of the ring, staring at her. She jaws at him, and then starts pointing at Magnus in the corner.

Eryk Masters: What’s this all about? Some last minute mind game?

Buck starts arguing in the ring with Tanya, who starts to turn away, but quickly, she strikes, landing a right hand to the face of Buck Dresden. Dresden backs up a step, and Tanya steps forward, closing in on him. She fires another right, backing Buck up even further. Buck is trying to block the strikes, unsuccessfully getting his hands up and in the way of Tanya’s fists. Tanya fires one more shot, and Buck is backed into a corner. Tanya backs off at this point, turning to talk to Cade.

Other Guy: I don’t know what Tanya is playing at, but I don’t like her chances, turning her back on one half of the World Tag Team Champions.

Tanya turns back to Buck, who is still looking at her. Magnus is yelling across the ring to his partner.


Buck shakes his head and brings himself out of the corner. He circles around with Tanya, and they lock up in the center of the ring, and Buck shoves Tanya to the ground, flat on her back. Black looks shocked as she hurries to her feet, looking straight into the eyes of Buck Dresden.

Eryk Masters: That look on Dresden’s face, he is absolutely focused on the task at hand now. Tanya…she might be in trouble here.

She stalks forward, and throws a right hand, and Dresden blocks it, and fires off a right of his own. Tanya tries again, but again she’s blocked and countered, as Dresden is firing up now. Tanya fakes a right, and tries to land a left hand, but Buck blocks that as well, and he grabs Tanya’s head and slams his forehead into her.

Eryk Masters: A big headbutt drops Black to the ground! I think it’s safe to say that Tanya’s games are NOT going to work tonight!

Dresden follows up by running the ropes. He gets to Black and stops in his track, lifting his elbow, and Tanya rolls out of the way. Buck walks two steps forward, to when Tanya ended up and finally drops the elbow, right across the chest. Tanya clutches at her bosom, and rolls out of the ring.

Other Guy: Tanya may have a bruised chesticle that may require immediate medical attention.

Buck is calling for Tanya to get back on the ring, but he is slapped on the back from behind. Buck turns and is face to face with Cade Sydal, who is stuck hanging over the top rope! He tries to get back to his feet, but Dresden catches hold of Sydal, pulling him all the way into the ring! Magnus is trying to get Buck’s attention, trying to warn him, but it’s too late, Tanya Black leaps onto the apron, and springboards across the ring, landing both of her feet in the back of Dresden’s head. Buck releases Cade, who dives out of the way, and falls, hanging across the middle rope.

Eryk Masters: I think Buck’s more surprised than hurt. He’s already getting to his feet.

He is. Buck is up, and Tanya is backed into a corner. Dresden turns, and charges, but Tanya ducks out of the way, allowing Buck to crash chest first into the turnbuckle. Before the pain of that can set in, Tanya leaps, digging her knees in the back of Buck Dresden, pulling down on his shoulders, a perfect execution of the Backcracker.

Eryk Masters: Buck is down after that move, and NOW Cade Sydal wants in the ring.

Other Guy: Hey, he wanted to start this match, but he let his partner do it. He sacrificed his needs for the needs of others!

Tayna obliges, and Cade Sydal enters the match, rushing Dresden and keeping him on the math with a series of boots to the chest and head. Black follws her partner, and together, they pull Dresden to his feet and whip him into the opposite corner.

Eryk Masters: Blatant double team! Tanya is no longer legal in the ring.

Cade whips Tanya toward the Bad Ass Brother, and she nails Buck with a flying forearm! She floats over the top rope, and to the floor, and before her feet even touch the ground, in comes Cade Sydal himself, and connects with the SWYG!

Eryk Masters: Buck Dresden crumples to the ground after that impact. The Bad Ass Brotherhood are in trouble!

Cade pulls Buck to his feet, and brings him over to the Syndicate’s corner. He waits for Tanya to get back up on the apron, and then makes the tag, bringing Ms. Black back into the ring. Tanya lights Buck up with a chop to the chest, followed by a second one that echoes across the arena.

Buck is able to push himself out of the corner, but Tanya executes a standing dropkick, right to the knee of Dresden, bringing him down to the mat. Magnus is in the corner, shouting out encouragement to his partner.

Other Guy: The Syndicate has done an excellent job cutting Buck Dresden off from Charles Brandon Magnus. Magnus hasn’t even been able to get into this match yet!

Buck clutches at his knee, as Tanya begins to pepper his upper body with kicks and stomps, and then comes down to the ground and begins to choke Buck Dresden! Magnus tries to get into the ring to help his parnter, but referee Dennis Heflin stops him and tries to hold him back. Meanwhile, Cade Sydal enters the ring and he and Tanya double team Buck with kicks and fists.

Eryk Masters: A blatant disregard for the rules, a blatant show of disrespect for the Tag Team Champions.

The Syndicate pull Dresden back into their corner, and Tanya steps back between the ropes. Cade smacks his hands together hard, to simulate a tagging noise, and goes back to work on Buck Dresden. Heflin finally gets Magnus back to the apron, and turns back to the match, allowing the switch since he "heard the tag." Buck is able to stand up, but Cade sticks a reverse thrust kick right under his jaw, and Buck falls, face first, into the mat. Cade rolls him over, and goes for the pin.



Buck rolls his shoulder up at two! Cade brings Buck to his feet, and kicks him in the gut. Cade runs the ropes, ducking a clothesline attempt from Dresden. He rebounds behind him, spiking Buck face first with a big bulldog! The impact forces Buck to flip onto his back, and Cade takes advantage, hooking the inside leg!



T-Buck kicks out again!

Eryk Masters: Buck Dresden has been taking quite a beating, but I’ll be damned if he’s gonna give up!

Cade gets up and helps Buck to his feet. Cade attempts an irish whip, but Buck sets his feet, and stops Cade in his tracks. The fans are coming back to life, cheering Buck on. Cade tries to whip Dresden again, but Buck again plants his feet firm on the mat, and isn’t going anywhere. Cade tries a third time, and Buck moves, only to reverse the whip, sending Cade into the turnbuckles! He’s not alone for long, as Dresden avalanches Sydal in the corner, much to the delight of the crowd at large! Cade falls to his knees, and Buck turns to celebrate, and his met with a facefull of t-shirt!

Eryk Masters: Tanya Black! She removed her t-shirt and threw it in the face of Buck Dresden!

Other Guy: Yeah, but once he opens his eyes, he’ll get an eye full.

Dresden removes the shirt from his face as Dennis Heflin is trying to make Tanya Black get back to her corner. She’s not as exposed as you would thing, sitting there in a red sports bra, and it definately catches the attention of Buck Dresden, who leaves himself open for a lunging blow from Cade Sydal, right between the legs. Buck collapses to his knees and Tanya goes back to her corner without another word. Magnus, however, isn’t willing to let this go. He steps between the ropes, attempting to charge the woman responsible for the distraction, but Dennis Heflin again stops him. Cade drags Dresden by his arm back into the Sinister Syndicate’s corner, and traps his arm in a grapevine, before reaching up for the tag. Heflin turns back around in time to see Tanya tag in, and she slingshots herself over the top rope, landing with the point of her elbow driving into the chest of Buck Dresden. Cade releases Buckley’s arm, and slides out to the floor, meanwhile, Tanya covers Dresden.

ONE!! Buck gets his foot on the bottom rope!

TWO!! Cade Sydal shoves it off before Heflin can see it!

TH-Magnus! Charles Brandon Magnus makes the save for his partner, pulling Tanya off him and breaking up the pin.

Eryk Masters: And Magnus is there to stop that miscarriage of justice!

Other Guy: Tanya Black nearly beat Buck Dresden 1-2-3. How’s that a miscarriage of justice?

Eryk Masters: Did you stop watching before Buck had his feet on the rope, which would break the pin, or after Cade shoved it off before the ref could see?

Other Guy: Yes.

Tanya gives another kick, right to the face of Dresden, who luckily gets his arm in the way so his shoulder took the blow. Tanya reaches over and tags Cade back into the match, who steps in gladly. Tanya goes back to the apron, and Cade dances a little, ready to strike. The crowd lets him have it, booing loudly. Cade smirks, and when Buck gets to his feet, Cade snaps off a leg kick. Buck clutches his leg, and leaves himself open for a stiff kick to the side of his abdomen, that doubles him up. Cade point at Magnus, who is still watching from the apron, and then DRILLS Buck Dresden in the head with a Pele kick! Buck hits face first on the ground, and the former World Champion rolls him over, hooking the leg, as well as driving his forearm into Buck’s face.



TH-Buck rolls his shoulder out just in time! Cade tags Tanya back in, and Black hurries back into the ring, and drops a leg across the throat of Buck Dresden. She doesn’t go for the cover, but instead lifts Buck to his feet, and irish whips him into the ropes. Tanya tries to leap frog, but Buck, some way somehow, grabs Black in midair, and drops her with a powerslam! The fans explode, and now both combatants are down mid ring. Magnus is trying to get the crowd behind Buck, but they don’t need much encouragement. The fans are clapping in unison, stomping their feet, as the referee begins his count.


TWO!!! Buck lifts up his head, looking towards Magnus in the corner.

THREE!!! Tanya is crawling slowly, her back in obvious discomfort.


FIVE!! Both are nearing the corners, partners with their hands outstretched.

SIX!!! Tanya Black makes the tag! Cade Sydal is stepping between the ropes…


Cade dives, as Buck Dresden’s hand is outstretched.

Cade connects with Buck, a body splash right in the small of Dresden’s back….

A SECOND TOO LATE!! Buck’s hand makes contact with Magnus’s and HERE COMES CHARLES BRANDON MAGNUS!

Eryk Masters: Listen to the SHOOT Project Epicenter! They are going crazy as Magnus enters the match for the first time!

Sydal tries to fire off a right hand, but Magnus blocks it, and buries his own fist into Sydal’s face, sending him sprawling to the mat! Tanya Black is back to her feet, and charges, but Magnus catches her, and hits an inverted atomic drop. Black clutches her clam in pain, and Magnus pins her arms to her side, and throws her over his head with a release Belly to belly suplex! Tanya lands on her back, but with such force she tumbles out of the ring! Buck has made it to the apron and is working on trying to get to his feet, and now Cade is back to his feet.

Cade Sydal fires off a leg kick to the back of Magnus’s knee, which causes the limb to buckle. Cade fires off a leg kick to the opposite leg, and then real quick, one to the chest. Magnus drops to a knee now, and Cade seems thrilled with the sudden change of atmosphere. He bounces off the ropes, ready to strike, and does so, with both feet to the face of CBM.

Other Guy: Looks like Magnus’s momentum has been extinguished. Sydal re-exerts his control!

Sydal celebrates the fall of Magnus, who is trying to get to his feet. Sydal decides to go to the top rope, and who knows what he’s going to look to do here. Magnus gets to his feet, and Cade dives as he turns.

But Magnus catches Sydal, and spikes him with a massive spinebuster! The wind seems to be drained from Cade’s lungs, and Magnus takes full advantage, hooking both legs for the cover!



TH-Tanya Black!

Black from out of nowhere breaks up the pin, and she continues to hammer forearms to the back of Charles Brandon Magnus. All of a sudden, the crowd uproars again. Buck Dresden is back in the ring! Cade slides to the apron, getting out of harms way, but this leaves Tanya Black alone with both Bad Ass Brothers! She is still striking Magnus, as Dresden gets into the ring and walks right up to her. He grabs her by the hair to get her attention, and the shocked look on her face is absolutely priceless.

Eryk Masters: And it looks like Tanya Black is going to see exactly what the Bad Ass Brotherhood is really all about!

Buck pulls Tanya to her feet, and an aching Magnus is up to his. He grabs hold of Black, and looks dead at Buck. They nod, and Buck turns, allowing control of Miss Black to his partner, and climbs the turnbuckles. Magnus grabs Tanya by the waist and goes with the gutwrench, and he brings her down with the powerbomb! Meanwhile, Dresden leaps high, and lands with a big splash as Tanya connects with the canvas!

Other Guy: That’s the Near Death Experience! There’s no way Tanya’s kicking out of that!

Buck, upon impact, rolls off of Tanya, clutching at his ribs, the high velocity contact hurting him a bit as well as Tanya. Black is motionless, and Magnus rolls her up for the pin!



TH-NO! Cade Sydal breaks the pin up at the last second! Magnus gets up, furious, and grabs Cade by the neck. Cade shoots a foot up, kicking himself free of Magnus’s grip, and without hesitation, without warning…

Eryk Masters: Oh dear lord! NINJAGUIRI! Magnus is out, he’s done for!

Black is knocked out, and now so is Magnus. Cade cannot capitalize yet, because before he can cover Magnus, BUCK DRESDEN rushes over and puts himself between Cade and his parnter.

Eryk Masters: This is what it’s come down to. Buck Dresden and Cade Sydal.

Sydal quickly gets the cheap advantage, jabbing his thumb in Buck’s eye. Buck is temporarily blinded, and Cade knows it. Cade runs to the ropes, and springboards off, looking for his spinning wheel kick. Dresden dodges out of the way somehow, but Cade twists and lands on his feet, but he lands awkwardly. His left knee gives way on him, and he collapses to the mat.

Other Guy: Looks like Cade landed very badly on that left leg. Eryk, you hate to see something like this, no matter what.

Cade isn’t going to let something like this ruin his opportunity. He grits his teeth and brings himself to his foot, limping on the left one, barely putting any pressure on it. Buck notices very little, as he takes off running, hitting the ropes behind Cade hard, rebounding back to the other side. Cade looks up just in time to see the truck that hit him, a Lariat that causes Cade to twist three hundred and sixty degrees in the air before he hits the mat.

Eryk Masters: What a huge lariat! Cade looks to be finished, here’s the cover!

Dresden hooks both legs, putting his body weight on the chest of Cade Sydal.




The bell rings, but we can barely hear it over the roar of the crowd. Dresden releases Sydal’s legs, and Dennis Heflin raises his arm in the air. "Back in the Saddle Again" starts playing, and Buck is estatic!

Samantha Coil: Here are your winners, and STILLLLLLLLL SHOOT Project WORLD Tag Team Champions…..The BAD…. ASS…. BROTHERHOOOOOOOOOOOD!

Dresden is handed the Tag Team titles, and he crawls over to drape one of them across Magnus, who is starting to come to after the Ninjaguiri.

Eryk Masters: Unbelieveable heart shown by Buck Dresden here tonight, and the longest reigning Tag Team Champions in SHOOT history remain as thus! What a match!

Other Guy: The BAB did good tonight, but who’s to say how badly Cade is hurt right now, and if that didn’t play into how the match ended here tonight.

Dennis Heflin is checking on Cade Sydal, who is still on the mat, clutching his knee. The Bad Ass Brotherhood have the left the ring, Buck having his arm thrown around the neck of Magnus, both men holding their Tag Team titles high in the air, being showered in praise and respect from the fans in attendance tonight.



Samantha Coil: The following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL and is NOT Sanctioned by the SHOOT Project or it’s affiliates. It will be a NO DISQUALIFICATION match!

“The Pretender” by The Foo Fighters hits over the PA system. The fans get excited, assuming this means Lunatikk Crippler is coming out, but there is a pause, and no one comes out. A few more moments of the song go by, and still nothing, and a murmur starts amongst the crowd, as no one is exactly sure what is going on.

Other Guy: Soooo…ummm…wha-

All of the sudden, Jester Smiles comes flying out from the back and crashes to the floor. Crippler is directly behind him and he is on top of Jester in no time, slamming Jester with stomps and fists. The crowd pops loudly as Crippler pounds Jester and Jester tries to crawl away so that he can get to his feet. Crippler, though ,is relentless, and he manages to get Jester against the guard rails. The bell sounds, making it clear that referee Austin Linam gets that this match is no dq, and that he will not get in the way of a fight.

Eryk Masters: All these weeks of Jester playing games with Crippler, and it is very clear now that Crippler is not going to have ANYMORE of it!

Crippler begins to kick the ever loving shit out of Jester against the guard rails, and Jester is trying to cover up as much as he can, but the barrage of kicks mixed in with some occasional punches is proving problematic. Crippler shows no signs of stopping either. Jester continues to take the beating as the crowd grows louder and louder with the beating. Jester suddenly lashes out though, and his fist catches Crippler in the groin. He then grabs hold of Crippler’s waist band and pulls him violently, causing him to crash head first into the guard rail. The crowd boos this as Jester begins to crawl away, trying to take a moment to shake the cobwebs free and get his head in the right place. Crippler and Jester recover at roughly the same time, and Crippler is quick to go back on the assault. Crippler throws a wild punch, attempting to connect with Jester’s skull, but Jester is able to side step and slam Crippler with a left right punch combo. Crippler is rocked and eats a hard leg kick for his trouble. Crippler again throws a punch, but Jester dodges it and slams a hard right into Crippler’s face with wicked precision. Crippler stumbles back and eats a hard boot to the middle of his chest. Crippler goes down, but Jester does not continue the assault. He grins at Crippler and walks backwards towards the ring, taking a seat on the apron.

Other Guy: Crippler does not need to brawl with Jester. Jester is one of the best strikers in the profession, and he will rip Crippler apart with his hands and feet.

Crippler gets up and again charges, pure rage in his eyes. He again tries to throw a punch, but again, Jester is able to dodge timely and slam him in the abdomen with a left. He comes up with his right hand for a hard uppercut, staggering Crippler. This time, Jester continues the assault, faking a leg kick and hitting him with a superman style punch. Crippler again staggers, and Jester just continues raining down the punches, causing Crippler to go backwards. Crippler eventually falls, going down to his knees. He throws a wild punch that catches Jester in the stomach. Jester recoils, but quickly lashes out with a hard kick to the mid section. Crippler again collapses, and Jester throws a good couple of stomps down on Crippler for good measure. The crowd is booing heavily, not happy with the dominance Jester is displaying.

Eryk Masters: It’s hard to watch right now. Crippler has been tormented to no end by that man right there, and now that he has his chance to take revenge, Jester is tearing him apart.

Jester looks down at Crippler, smiling. He then notices two empty spots right in front, the spots reserved for Miko. Jester snickers a bit and walks over to the spot, taking one of the chairs that is positioned there. He folds it up and walks over to Crippler, but Crippler lashes out, grabs Jester, and PLANTS him with a flapjack facebuster, Jester’s head colliding with the chair! The crowd roars as Crippler floats over, looking to lock in the Bitchified, but Jester throws a wild elbow, catching Crippler. Crippler staggers and Jester gets to his feet, but Crippler shoots for the legs and, with a primal scream, drops Jester on the floor with a spinebuster! Crippler mounts Jester and proceeds to throw punch after punch, slamming his fist into Jester’s face. We see a blood drip from Crippler’s nose, and as soon as a drop hits his mouth, Crippler’s blows become more furious, as if tasting his own blood has enraged him further. Crippler keeps pounding Jester with fists, and as his hands come up, we see blood on the knuckles. Jester has blood coming from his mouth and nose, and he is trying to cover up, but Crippler is relentless! The crowd cheers the sudden flurry from Crippler. Crippler finally gets off Jester and screams at the top of his lungs, grabbing Jester by the head.

Other Guy: Lunatikk Crippler is back in control. I, uhhh, I get the feeling that things are about to get kinda bad for ole Smiles.

Crippler rams Jester head first into the ring post! Jester stumbles backwards and Crippler catches him and German Suplexes him, Jester crashing back first into the guard rail. Crippler gets to his feet and glares at the empty seat.

Eryk Masters: I do believe Jester’s little joke with the two front row tickets will be back firing on him right now.

Crippler grabs a hold of Jester’s legs, lifts him up, and catapults him, chest first, into the ring apron. Jester grabs his chest, coughing and sputtering. Crippler glares down at Jester before going under the ring. He comes out with…a McDonald’s bag! The crowd pops as he holds the bag in the air.

Other Guy: Are we going to see a Sin City Street Fight Repeat?

Eryk Masters: Or something much worse?

Crippler reaches into the bag and pulls out…two McDonald’s French Fries. He eats one and grimaces before bending down, punching Jester in the face, and forcing the French Fry into Jester’s mouth, rather violently. He then goes back to the bag and rips it apart, revealing a spool of barbed wire! The crowd pops loudly.

Other Guy: Something MUCH worse.

Crippler unrolls the barbed wire to make a long, loose strand. He raises it in the air and brings it down on the back of Jester Smiles, whipping him with the barbed wire! Jester cries out in pain, but Crippler does not stop. He brings the barbed wire down again, and again, and again! Jester rolls over on his back, but this only causes the strand of barbed wire to strike him in the chest! Jester rolls on the ground, not sure whether to protect his back or his front. He throws a few wild kicks out, but none of the strike Crippler. Crippler takes the spool of barbed wire and THROWS it down at Jester, catching Jester in the stomach. Jester groans in pain, pulling the barbed wire off his stomach. Crippler again looks over at the empty chairs. He looks around, searching for another weapon, his rage blinding him. He is looking for something that would hurt Jester even more.

Eryk Masters: Remember folks, this match does HAVE to end in the ring. This is not a falls count anywhere match, but by the looks of things, I don’t think either man cares much about winning this match. They haven’t even jumped in the ring yet, and both me are bleeding.

Other Guy: Jester looks a whole hell of a lot worse than Crippler does, though.

Lunatikk Crippler, not satisfied with the options he is seeing, decides to turn back to Jester. Jester, however, has gotten to his knees, and he LAUNCHES the barbed wire spool at Crippler. It catches him RIGHT in the forehead, causing Crippler to collapse to his knee, clutching his head, which now pours blood. When he takes his hand away, he only has time to see Jester, on his feet, slamming him with a superkick!

Eryk Masters: Virginia Sidekick! It’s kinda weird to hear the people boo that move. I remember a time, not THAT long ago, when that move would make people cheer wildly.

Other Guy: Jester is very different now.

Jester was not able to maintain his balance for that move, so upon performing it he feel back down. Now Jester is back up. Crippler is on his hands and knees, clutching his forehead which is cut open pretty badly. Jester starts looking under the ring. He pulls out a trash can that has light tubes in it, two panes of glass, and a table! He slides the panes of glass and the table in the ring. He takes one of the light tubes out and slams it over Crippler’s back! He does so again with another one! Crippler’s back has broken out with blood droplets, and he collapses to the ground clutching his back. Jester rolls the remaining light tubes and trash can into the ring. He grabs a hold of  Crippler and walks him over to the chairs. He points at them, yelling “THIS WAS FOR HER!”. He then takes his thumb and jams it into the wound on his forehead. He takes the blood and wipes it on the remaining chair. Suddenly, Crippler comes to life! He throws a knee that catches Jester in the balls! As Jester recoils, Crippler wraps his arms around Jester and flings him with an overhead belly to belly suplex, over the guard rails and into the front row! The crowd pops loudly as Crippler collapse to the ground, Jester lying in a cheap of chairs.

Eryk Masters: Where in the HELL did that come from?!

Crippler takes a second to recover. He stands up and grabs hold of Jester’s head, violently tossing him back over the guard rail. Jester is out of it, but Crippler drops a few stomps to keep him good and beaten. He then lifts Jester to his feet and tosses Jester in the ring. Jester slowly rolls on the ground, bleeding and groaning. Crippler is in the ring now, and he is surveying all the weapons that Jester rolled in the ring. He sets up one pane of glass in one corner. He then sets up the table and places the pane of glass and two light tubes on top of it. He then goes over the trash can and picks it up. He goes over to Jester, who is now on his knees, swaying and bleeding. Crippler holds the trash can high to bring it down on Jester, but Jester lashes out with a strong right left punch combo, the left hand striking Crippler in the abdomen, the right punch connecting with the groin. Crippler goes down hard, dropping the trash can. The crowd begins to boo again as Jester grins through his crimson mask. Jester is quick to start with the stomps, keeping Lunatikk Crippler down. Crippler tries to cover up, but the attacks by Jester are relentless. Jester reaches down to pick Crippler up, but out of nowhere, Crippler comes to life and begins peppering Jester with elbows! Jester backs up, trying to block, but Crippler is relentless. Jester is now up against the pane of glass when Crippler jumps back and charges forward, looking for the Blood Drive-NO! Jester dodges, hooks an arm, and locks in a half nelson! He gets the chickenwing! He LAUNCHES Crippler back with the Half and Half Suplex, and Crippler lands HARD ON THE TRASH CAN! Most of the crowd boos, but a few pop at spot!

Other Guy: THE LAST LAUGH! This match could be over! Except…wait a minute, Jester is hardly moving.

Jester lies flat on his back, breathing heavily. The effort required to perform the Last Laugh clearly took a lot out of him, and he does not seem to have the strength or energy to pull himself over for the pin. Crippler lies in a crumbled heap on the smashed trash can, barely moving himself. The crowd begins a “CRIP-LER” chant, but the only person who seems to hear it is Jester. Jester rolls, very slowly, onto his stomach and makes his way over to Lunatikk Crippler. Crippler rolls off the trash can but then goes limp, lying on his stomach. Jester crawls over to Crippler and pushes with great effort to get Crippler on his back. He collapses on top of Lunatikk Crippler and Austin Linam is there for the count!




NO! At the VERY LAST second Crippler throws his shoulder up. Jester rolls off of Crippler, looking dismayed, and also clearly exhausted.

Eryk Masters: Jester has to be beat from that one. He’s lost a lot of blood, he’s taken a serious beating, and he just performed a suplex on a man who, while a lot shorter than him, weighs a lot more. That low center of gravity makes a suplex like that really difficult when a man is at one hundred percent. Jester is not one hundred percent.

Jester and Crippler both actually start crawling away from each other, both me looking for a means to stand back up. Crippler is the first to get to the ropes, and he grabs hold of the bottom one to help himself up, but Jester’s attack has seriously hurt him. By the time Jester reaches the ropes, Crippler is on his knees, but Jester is much quicker to rise. Jester gets to his feet first and turns, going back to Crippler. Crippler catches a kick to the side and collapses back down. Jester picks Crippler up and plants a couple of punches to Crippler. He then looks back at the glass pane in the corner, a sick grin crossing his face. He attempts an Irish Whip-COUNTERED! Crippler attempts to whip Jester-JESTER COUNTERS! Jester plants a kick to Lunatikk Crippler and Irish whips him to the pane of glass, but Crippler manages to catch the rope and stop himself! Jester launches forward with the VIRGINIA SIDEKICK-Crippler ducks under! Jester turns around quickly-BLOOD DRIVE! THROUGH THE GLASS PANE!


Both men lie in a heap of broken glass as the crowd cheers. Crippler, though, quickly recovers with a rush of adrenaline, and he goes for the COVER! Austin Linam is down with the count!



THREE-NO! Jester is able to get his shoulder up! A collective groan is heard throughout the crowd as Jester is able to kick out.

Eryk Masters: I think I’d be dead.

Other Guy: I know I would be.

Crippler is now the one to looks dismayed. He covers again, just to be sure.



TH-Jester gets the shoulder up. Crippler digs down and hooks the leg for the cover!



NO! Again, Jester gets up. Crippler starts planting Jester with punches and again goes for the cover.


TW-Jester gets the shoulder up! Crippler slams his hands on the mat and is about to go for the cover again when he suddenly goes to the ground, clutching his chest. Jester pulled  a piece of glass from the mat and raked it across Crippler’s chest! Jester uses the ropes to sit up, looking at Crippler and laughing. Crippler is bleeding very badly, but this seems to enrage him more than stop him. He is up quickly and charges a very surprised and frightened looking Jester. Jester tries to get up, but Crippler catches him with a knee and stops any chance of that. Jester takes a few punches from Crippler and is again kept from any further attack. Jester leans against the turnbuckle to keep himself standing while Crippler moves over to the table with the pane of glass and light tubes he set up earlier. He pulls the table close to the turnbuckle, but as he does this, he gets caught from behind with the PUNCHLINE! It has to be the sloppiest one Jester has ever performed, but it dazes Crippler enough. Jester grabs Crippler and pushes him against the turnbuckle, placing a couple of knees in his midsection and a couple of elbows in his face. Jester then lifts him up on the top turnbuckle and climbs up with him.

Other Guy: Jester has some NASTY intentions here.

Eryk Masters: Both men are covered in the blood of each other and themselves. Our ring is covered in both their blood. And NOW Jester is going for a top turnbuckle move?

Jester falters a bit climbing up the turnbuckle, the blood loss causing his balance to be a bit off, but he manages so. He locks Crippler in for what looks like a Superplex-Crippler throws a punch to Jester’s side! And another! And another! Jester release the suplex hold to protect his side, and Crippler begins to outright HEADBUTT Jester! Headbutt after headbutt flies, blood splattering everywhere from both men.


Crippler looks at the table. He throws Jester’s arm over his head and grabs the back of Jester’s neck. Crippler looks at the table and makes a horrible smile.

Lunatikk Crippler: AND THIS IS FOR MIKO!

Crippler leaps in the air as every camera and camera phone in the audience goes off. Crippler clears the table and pulls Jester down with him, both men slamming through the light tubes, pane of glass, and table with a reverse diamond cutter!


Other Guy: He just needs to cover. Come on Crippler, just roll over and cover!

The crowd again starts the “CRIP-LER!” chant as both men lie nearly motionless in the heap of broken glass and table. Finally, after about a minute of nothing, Crippler stirs and rolls over, draping an arm over Jester Smiles. Linam makes the count!




The bell rings and Linam is lightning fast, motioning for paramedics to get to the ring as “The Pretender” hits over the PA.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner, at a time of TWENTY-NINE minutes and FORTY EIGHT seconds…THE WHOLE FUCKED UP SHOW…THE LUNATIKK…CRIPPLER!

The music shuts off, and we see the EMT’s disappearing behind the curtain, Jester Smiles in tow. A couple EMT’s remain behind in the ring, along with a couple of SHOOT Project officials, as they are trying to look after Lunatikk Crippler, who is responsive, but unwilling to accept assitance.

Eryk Masters: That….that was just brutal.

Other Guy: We just saw Jester Smiles taken out of here on a stretcher, and I’m pretty sure that The Crippler needs one himself. How either man survived that match is beyond me.

Crippler shoves an EMT back as he tries to use the ropes to get to his feet, but his legs don’t want to work that way. He falls back into a seated position on the mat, and the EMT’s huddle to him again.

Eryk Masters: This has got to be a vindicating moment for The Crippler. After all the games Jester Smiles has played, to finally come out on top.

Other Guy: Neither man wanted to lose this one, but somebody had to. He may not look like a winner, but chalk one up for Lunatikk Crippler.

The EMT’s are still trying to get Crippler to cooperate, but he’s still having none of it. He lays on his back and then rolls out of the ring, landing on his knees on the outside. The fans are standing, clapping and cheering in appreciation of Crippler, and partly for the guts, or stupidity, of refusing medical care.

Eryk Masters: He just watched his enemy, his arch rival being wheeled out on a stretcher. Right now, Lunatikk Crippler is trying to make it out under his own power.

Other Guy: Hey, I’ve got mad respect for that, but the dude needs some serious help. After all that blood he lost? Forget about it.

Crippler grabs the apron, and slowly brings himself up to his feet. As he does, the cheering grows louder out of respect for "The Whole Fucked Up Show". He walks tenderly around the ring, not releasing his grip on the apron. He makes it to the ring stairs, sitting down on them for a bit of rest. As he sits, he rotates his body, swinging his legs to the other side. He unsuccessfully tries to wipe some blood out of his eyes, which are beginning to swell a bit, and gets to his feet. He raises a hand in the air, signaling to the crowd that he’s okay, and they explode. Unfortunately, he takes a step forward in the direction of the ramp, and collapses to a knee again. He forces himself to a seated position as the EMT’s and officials try to converge on him again. He sticks a hand out, trying to stop them in their tracks, still refusing help.

Eryk Masters: You’ve made your point, Crip. Let them help you now.

Of course, he refuses. He shoves an official away from him, still trying to claw his way to the ramp. All of a sudden, another figure appears through the curtain, though not an EMT. She is running down the ramp, tears streaming down her face.

Eryk Masters: That’s Miko West, ladies and gentlemen. The Crippler’s wife is here, but why wasn’t she in her seat?

Other Guy: Who knows, but why is she here now?

Miko makes it to where her husband is, who instinctively tries to push her away, but through the blood and swelling, he stops himself, recognizing her. She crouches down next to him, speaking very fast to him in Japanese. Crippler is shaking his head, trying to break free, but Miko puts her hands on his chest, and pushes him back down.

Eryk Masters: It would seem that Mrs. West wants her husband to accept the help he is being offered.

Other Guy: And his pride is in the way. Crippler wants to walk out of here on his own, but what strength can he possibly have left if his wife can hold him down like that.

Miko removes her hands from Crippler’s chest, and cups his face with them, ignoring the amount of blood she’s getting on her hands.

Miko: Please.

The camera is able to pick up her first word of English easily. Crippler is staring dead into the eyes of his wife now, looking at the concern on her face, and the tears still falling from her eyes. He breaks her gaze, staring now at the EMT’s.

Crippler: No stretcher.

The EMT’s burst into action, backing Miko off, and putting their heads under each of Crippler’s arms. Together, they count to three, and lift Lunatikk Crippler to his feet, Crippler grimacing as he also pushes himself up with them.

Eryk Masters: Finally, the EMT’s are able to help Lunatikk Crippler to his feet. He’s definately in need of medical attention.

Other Guy: This match took it’s toll on both men. Crippler gained a level or retribution against Jester not just for himself, but his wife as well.

Eryk Masters: I don’t think we’ll see something like this between these two again. Sanctioned or not. Just pure violence.

The EMT’s have made it to the top of the ramp now, Crippler being supported between them. The SHOOT officials and Miko West are following behind, and Crippler receives one more ovation as they are about to take him back through the curtain, and now, the show must go on.



The cameras focus on Samantha Coil in the center of the ring, putting on her most professional of smiles.

Samantha Coil: The following contest is scheduled for one fall with a 30-minute time limit!

An old fashioned, black and white film countdown comes over the Video Wall as the lights die, cuing up a trio of drumrolls…


…to start up Slayer’s "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida." The song jumps right to the first verse as a spotlight shines on the entrance curtain, bringing forth Corey Lazarus and Gregory Price, basked in a mixed reaction that seems three parts disdain, one part jealousy, and one part admiration. Lazarus points out his new custom sports coat, featuring the same colors and design scheme as his ring gear, before opening it up and flexing his abs, smirking all the while.

~~In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, baby~~

~~Don’t you know that I want you?~~

Laz slides off his gold-rimmed Ray Bans as Price hands him a bottle of Fiji water, pouring some of its contents over his head and brushing excess off of his brow and away from his eyes as he stops, looks deep into the crowd, and takes a sip, his trademark devilish grin forcing itself out from behind his neatly trimmed beard.

~~In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, honey~~

~~Don’t you know that I’ll always be true?~~

The Hollywood Kid and his agent continue walking down the entrance ramp, pausing to point out a fan in the front row wearing a piece of official Club Xanax merchandise.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, he hails from New York City, New York, by way Hollywood, California…

~~Oh, won’t you come with me~~

~~And take my hand?~~

Corey takes off the young lady’s Xanax hat, putting it on his own head, and puts his arm around her as she quickly snaps a picture with her iPhone.

~~Oh, won’t you come with me~~

~~And walk this land?~~

DIVEBOMB…and SHOOT Security rushes over as a fan two rows back reaches forward, snatching the Club Xanax hat off of Corey’s head. Lazarus pops up and reaches over the guardrail, giving the fan a shove…


…and then backs away at the request of Gregory as Security deals with it.

Samantha Coil: Weighing in tonight at 232 pounds…

Corey and Price reach the ring, with Price walking up the steps and Corey casually pulling himself onto the apron.

Samantha Coil: …and stands at 6-foot-1…

~~In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, baby~~

~~Don’t you know that I want you?~~

~~In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, honey~~

~~Don’t you know that I’ll always be true?~~

Lazarus steps between the ropes and stretches out over them a little bit before taking another sip of his Fiji. Price hands him a freshly unwrapped stick of gum, popping it right into Corey’s mouth before taking the bottle of Fiji away from him and screwing the cap back on.

Samantha Coil: Being accompanied to the ring by Gregory Price, he is "The Premier Attraction"…

~~Oh, won’t you come with me~~

~~And take my hand?~~

~~Oh, won’t you come with me~~

~~And walk this land?~~

DIVEBOMB, prompting Laz to drop to a knee in the center of the ring, his head lowered and a fist placed on the canvas.



Laz bangs his head to the beat of the drums, slamming his fist into the mat a few times…


…before jumping to his feet with a huge smile on his face and his arms spread out to his sides, spinning around to face every corner of the arena as the houselights return to normal and flashbulbs go off. "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" dies down at the start of the guitar lead, allowing the majority of the crowd to be heard.

Fans: FUCK YOU, COREY!! **clap, clap, clapclapclap** FUCK YOU, COREY!! **clap, clap, clapclapclap**

Astounded by the venom being spewed in his direction, Corey walks over to Price, the two of them jawing back and forth in disbelief. Their conversation is cut short, however, as Cage the Elephant’s "Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked" cues up, drawing their attention up to the entrance curtain.

/=I was walking down the street when, out the corner of my eye, I saw a pretty little thing approaching me=

/=She said, "I never seen a man who looked so all alone, could you use a little company?"=

Samantha Coil: Introducing next, hailing from Tokyo, Japan by way of Charlotte, North Carolina…

/="If you could pay the right price your evening will be nice, or you can go and send me on my way"=

Samantha Coil: Weighing in tonight at 245 pounds…

…the curtain doesn’t budge…

/=I said "you’re such a sweet young thing, why did you do this to yourself?" She looked at me and this is what she said=

Samantha Coil: …and standing at 6 feet, 5 inches tall…

/=Well, there ain’t no rest for the wicked=

/=Money don’t grow on trees=

The houselights return to normal as Corey and Price begin to jaw about the lack of an opponent coming down to the ring. The crowd roars…

/=I got bills to pay, I got mouths to feed=

/=Ain’t nothin’ in this world for free=


…and BAM!! Corey eats a massive forearm to the back of his head from TMB.

Samantha Coil: …BLAAAAAAAAAAACK!!!!

"Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked" is immediately cut off as referee Willie Dean calls for the bell…


…almost ignoring that TMB has Corey reeling into the ropes, absolutely punishing him with shot after shot before throwing in some clinch knees.

Eryk Masters: Thomas Manchester Black is taking it to Corey Lazarus RIGHT AWAY tonight, wasting no time in dealing out some punishment.

Other Guy: The past few months has seen these two do little else besides express their pure disgust with one another, Eryk, and it looks like Corey may be realizing why you don’t poke the animals in their cages.

Black lays in the right hands and sporadic clinch knees, ignoring the grazes by Laz’s knuckles as the Hollywood Kid desperately tries to get some space between them so he can regroup. Corey shoves Thomas away and manages to connect with a jumping Muay Thai knee to TMB’s face, stunning the former LEGACY No Limits champion, and then hits the ropes. Corey rebounds and looks for a lariat, but TMB ducks underneath it, hooks Corey’s head, and drops down to his knees, bending Laz’s back over his own, Orton-style.

Eryk Masters: Chinlock backbreaker by Black sending Corey scrambling away…

Black wastes no time as Corey rolls away, diving in with knees and elbows into the middle of Corey’s back, looking to work over where he just hit the Orton-style backbreaker.

Eryk Masters: It looks like Thomas has found his strategy for the evening!

Other Guy: A person’s back is involved in just about everything they do, be it a strike or a grapple, and since he has the size advantage over Laz it makes perfect sense to limit what Corey can do.

Corey gets to the ropes but TMB continues his assault, driving knee after knee into Corey’s back. Willie Dean counts…

Willie Dean: 1! 2! 3! He’s on the ropes, get off! 4!

…and TMB obliges by backing away for a moment before he brings Corey to his feet, whips him into the corner, and then follows in with a VICIOUS Yakuza Kick that nearly sends Corey’s head flying clean off of his shoulders. Laz starts to crumble down to his knees but TMB positions him up straight again, shaking his head. He backs up, charges forward, and DRILLS him with a clothesline, hooking Corey’s head and immediately falling backwards, slamming Laz face-first to the canvas with a reverse STO. The impact sends Laz back to his feet only to stumble forward and fall down to all-fours, clutching at his face. Black rises up, breathing heavily, and practically tears his Tarheels hoodie in half to get it off as quick as possible, tossing it over the top rope before bring Corey back to his feet.

Other Guy: Hey, what’s he doing to Laz’s coat…?

TMB dusts the sleeves of Corey’s coat off and then boots him in the midsection to double him over, reaching back and grabbing the bottom of the coat before pulling it over Corey’s head, trapping his arms.

Eryk Masters: IT’S A HOCKEY FIGHT!!

Right hand! Right hand! Right hand! One more right hand, and then a HUGE SPINNING BACK FIST sends Laz reeling into the ropes before falling through them and onto the apron. Willie Dean forces Thomas back and away from Corey and Price rushes over to his client, helping him remove his coat and giving him a sip of water. Corey pours some over his head as Black pushes Dean away and surprises Laz with a BIG forearm to the face, sending him flying off of the ring apron and into Price, knocking both men down.

Other Guy: It looks like Hollywood Airlines just fell out of the sky!

Eryk Masters: Corey’s just lucky he landed on Gregory Price and not the floor itself.

Other Guy: Wait…here comes BLACK…!!!

Corey and Price look up just in time to see Thomas Manchester Black leap over the top rope, connecting with a beautiful topé onto both men and sending them crumpling down onto the floor. Black jumps to his feet and limps away, shaking out his knee, and then lets out a primal roar.

Eryk Masters: It looks like Black may have buckled his knee a little bit with that dive.

Other Guy: That’s why it’s called a high-risk maneuver.

Corey crawls over to the barricade, pulling himself to his feet, but Thomas marches in with a shot to the back of the head and then a whip across the floor into the opposite barricade. The THUD from Corey’s flesh hitting the only slightly padded surface echoes around ringside and Corey falls forward to his knees. Lazarus crawls forward to the ring steps, using them to push himself back to his feet and surprise Black with a pair of forearms to the head. Corey drills a roundhouse kick into TMB’s head, sending Black down to a knee, and Corey backs up, getting space between them before charging forward with a lariat. TMB, though, ducks under it, locks on a quick half nelson, and then lifts Corey up high…


The L-A-Z bounces off of the knee of the T-M-B and falls down to the floor, clutching at his lower. Black wastes no time, though, and brings him back up to his feet before rolling him into the ring as Willie Dean finally starts the count.

Willie Dean: 1! 2! 3!

Black motions for the apron as Corey starts getting to a knee, still clutching his back, but Price gets a little too close to Thomas for either man’s comfort, resulting in Black taking a quick step towards Gregory that sends the agent scurrying back and tripping over the ring steps.

Willie Dean: 4! 5!

Black slides back into the ring and stalks Corey, but Laz leaps up with the END CREDITS…

Other Guy: IT’S OVER…

Eryk Masters: …NO!!!

…but TMB ducks under it. Corey quickly scrambles to his feet and goes for a running forearm, but Black ducks under and gives Corey a HUGE BACK BODY DROP OVER THE TOP ROPE. Laz, however, manages to land on the apron, dropping to a knee as Black hesitates a moment before turning around and witnessing his failure. Black rushes in but eats a HUGE elbow, allowing Corey to grab TMB in a front facelock. Lazarus goes for a suplex over the top rope but BLACK LANDS ON HIS FEET ON THE APRON. Black swings with a massive right hand that Corey barely ducks underneath, allowing Corey to jump up with an uppercut to the gut. Lazarus hooks TMB in that front facelock he tried earlier, lifts TMB up, and…


Corey steps away and drops down to lean against the ring apron as Price comes over, rubbing the middle of his back.

Willie Dean: 1! 2! 3! 4! 5!

Corey shoves himself up to his feet and meets the rising TMB with a soccer kick to the ribs before sending Thomas back into the ring, rolling in immediately after. Corey casually boots Black in the side of the head, holding his back as he does so, and then drops a knee into TMB’s face. Corey brings Thomas up to his feet and stuns him with a forearm before sending him into the corner, nonchalantly walking towards him before lightly slapping him a few times across the face, mocking him in between each slap to the chagrin of the pro-Black crowd.

Eryk Masters: The apron brainbuster must have taken quite a bit out of Black. Otherwise, I highly doubt that Corey would be able to get away with this so easily.

Thomas unleashes a wild right roundhouse kick that Laz easily ducks underneath, taking the opportunity to nail a pair of elbows into the side of Black’s head and a knee to the midsection, doubling him over. Corey switches positions, putting himself in the corner, and then sets Black up…

Eryk Masters: Corey Lazarus with a running LigerBomb into the dead center of the ring!



Black DEFIANTLY kicks out, popping a fraction of the crowd, and Corey doesn’t hesitate, slowly bringing Thomas up to his feet and nailing knees into his head and chest via a Muay Thai clinch. A seventh (maybe eighth?) knee gets caught by TMB, however…

Eryk Masters: Tarheel Suplex…!!


…and it’s all for naught as Lazarus fires off a quick barrage of elbows to the side and crown of TMB’s head, breaking whatever hold the Queen City Hitman had on him. Lazarus hits the ropes and rebounds, charging at TMB for a lariat again, but Thomas surprises Corey by catching him with a spinning side slam…


…that Corey swings into a crucifix roll-up.


TMB kicks out and Laz pushes him away, letting him roll backwards to his feet as Corey jumps up to his. TMB rears up for a right hand but eats a boot to the thigh, a mid-roundhouse to the ribs, and then has his head sandwiched by a downward thrusting elbow to the crown and a rising Muay Thai knee to the jaw, all courtesy of Corey Lazarus.

Other Guy: Combo #5…he’s going for it…!

Laz takes advantage of the stunned TMB with a side half nelson, cradling his closer leg, and goes to lift him up…


…but TMB fires off a back elbow to the side of Corey’s head, pivots on his planted foot, hooks Corey‘s leg, and PLANTS him on the back of his head.

Other Guy: That was BRUTAL Tarheel Suplex! It could be all over right here and right now!

TMB with a lateral press…


…hooks the leg…


…but Corey kicks out!!!

Eryk Masters: Neither man wasting much time…

Black and Corey roll away from each other and rise to their feet, allowing Thomas to boot him in the midsection and look for a suplex. Corey, however, floats over and pulls TMB down with a prawn hold.


Other Guy: Black kicks out, kick to Corey’s face…

Thomas, realizing he’s stunned Laz with that surprise rolling solebutt to the forehead, quickly hits the ropes before using Corey’s raised knee as a miniature springboard to deliver a BRUTAL Axe Kick to the top of his head.

Eryk Masters: GET DOWN OR LAY DOWN!!

Laz crumples like a ragdoll, allowing Black to drop across him and hook his leg.





Black sits up, wiping sweat from his brow, and argues briefly with Willie Dean about the quickness of his count. Not gaining much footing on that front, Thomas gets to his feet and brings Corey back down to the canvas with an O’Connor Roll. Before Willie Dean can even drop down to administer the count, though, Lazarus continues rolling through due to the momentum, leaps to his feet, and drills the sole of both shoes into Black’s face with a basement dropkick. Corey hurriedly pushes himself back to his feet and goes after TMB with stomp after stomp to his head and back, stopping only to hold his mid-back or to taunt Black openly. Laz runs out onto the apron, climbs to the top rope, and then SOARS across the ring towards the prone TMB…

Other Guy: …really? Are you kidding me?

…only to land on his feet and casually scrape the bottom of his shoe across Black’s forehead. Laz drops to a knee, his arms outstretched to either side with his TRADEMARK DEVILISH GRIN ever apparent. Boos and hisses fill the air with only a minor hint of applause, and Corey rises up, takes a bow, and then brings TMB up to his feet, whipping him into the corner.

Eryk Masters: Well, now that he’s done showboating, Corey revs it up…

Lazarus charges in just as TMB’s back connects with the turnbuckle pads, leaping up and nailing him with a DEVASTATING Busaiku Knee to the face, the force almost sending Corey over the top rope himself.

Other Guy: Reel to Reel! He’s putting Black up top now…

Laz turns Thomas around and sits him on the top turnbuckle, climbing up after him. He hooks him for a back suplex, lifts him up, spins, and then SLAMS him back-first onto the top turnbuckle with a Blue Thunder Bomb variation.


The impact jars Black forward a few steps before he drops down to his knee, allowing Laz to hit the ropes, use TMB’s raised knee as a springboard (since turnabout is fair play), and then connect with a knee to the back of TMB’s head, sending Black face-first to the canvas. Corey quickly turns him over and makes the cover, shoving his forearm into TMB’s face and counting along.




Eryk Masters: Incredible! After that flurry from Corey Lazarus – hitting Thomas Manchester Black with the Reel to Reel, the Digital Transfer, AND the Coming Attractions – it’s absolutely ASTOUNDING that Black is still in this one!

Corey argues with Willie Dean, but to no avail as Dean clearly points out that you need a 3-count to win and TMB kicked out before that could happen. Lazarus rushes over to the ropes, kicking the bottom one, and then calls for Price to jump onto the apron. Gregory obliges, still a bit shaken from TMB’s earlier topé onto him, and hands Corey the bottle of water as they chat.

Other Guy: Maybe that’s what Black needs: somebody at ringside to give him a pep talk every now and then.

Corey nods as TMB reaches the ropes, ever-so-slowly pulling himself to his feet, and then stalks over to him. A pair of weak shots to the midsection from Thomas do nothing but make Corey laugh as he piefaces TMB, shoving him into the corner. Apparently, that’s exactly what TMB needed, as he rushes to his feet and unleashes a barrage of forearms, elbows, and clinch knees on Corey, sending "The Premier Attraction" rocking back with each shot until he’s hung up on the ropes. Black doesn’t let up on his assault, though, and Willie Dean intervenes, pulling Black away.

Eryk Masters: Willie Dean may not want to get between the Queen City Hitman and his target almost as much as Thomas Manchester Black may not want to get himself disqualified here by laying his hands on a SHOOT Project official.

Black brushes past Dean and goes to return to the attack on Corey but receives only a FACE CHOP instead. TMB steps back and drops down to a knee, holding his jaw, and this allows Corey to step onto the apron and springboard into the ring with a spinning wheel kick attempt.

Eryk Masters: Black dodges it, hits the ropes, Corey up…CHIN CHECK!!

The devastating Jawbreaker lariat of TMB sends Corey backflipping over himself. Laz looks to roll out of the ring, but TMB catches him and drags him, hooking both legs.




Black wastes no time whatsoever, though, and brings Laz to his feet, turning so that his back is towards the center of the ring and lifting Corey up onto his shoulders before dropping him down with a gutbuster.

Other Guy: Black’s looking to set up the Death Row Stretch…

TMB immediately dives down and hooks in a front guillotine, driving a pair of knees into the crown of Laz’s head. Corey, though, quickly gets his foot on the bottom rope, prompting Willie Dean to break it.

Willie Dean: He’s on the ropes! 1! 2! 3! 4!

Eryk Masters: Black has been making full use of the mandatory 5-count all night, it seems.

Other Guy: He wants to punish Corey Lazarus that much, Eryk.

Thomas brings Corey to his feet and shoves him into the corner, backing up and charging forward with a corner clothesline attempt. Lazarus, though, rushes forward, ducks under TMB’s arm and hooks it with his head, and then DESTROYS him with a Uranage into the corner.


Neither man moves for a bit, prompting Willie Dean to start up the mandatory 10-count.

Willie Dean: 1! 2!

Corey crawls towards the center of the ring as TMB pulls himself up to a seated position in the ropes.

Willie Dean: 3! 4! 5!

Laz forces himself to a knee as TMB pulls himself all the way to his feet, stalking out of the corner towards Corey…

Eryk Masters: END CREDITS!!!


Lazarus desperately scrambles to his feet but gets his legs hooked by TMB. He sends him over for a Wheelbarrow German Suplex…

Eryk Masters: Corey breaks it up with elbows…ROUNDHOUSE KICK BY THE L-A-Z!!! FACE CHOP!!!

Other Guy: Did you HEAR how hard those two moves hit?!

TMB drops to a knee and immediately rises again, completely out on his feet, which allows Corey to drill him with a Rolling Elbow straight to the jaw. Corey hooks him in a side half nelson and cradles his leg…

Eryk Masters: Box Office Bomb…NO!! BLACK REVERSES IT!!!

TMB blocks the Box Office Bomb attempt and drags Corey down with an Inside Cradle.



Corey struggles, but TMB adjusts his weight and the tightness of his grip…


…holding on just long enough to get the win!


Willie Dean holds up TMB’s hand as Corey rolls onto the apron, completely flabbergasted at what just happened.


Samantha Coil: Your winner of the match…THOMASSS MANCHESTERRRRR BLAAAAAACK!!!!

"Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked" cues back up as Corey rushes back into the ring, blindsiding TMB with a running soccer kick to the jaw. The bell rings again as Corey stomps away on TMB, driving the bottom of his shoe into Black’s face and chest and back repeatedly. Another ringing of the bell and Willie Dean tries to pull Corey off, but Lazarus shoves him away, dropping down to drive fist after fist into TMB’s face and head.

Eryk Masters: He’s…he’s lost it! He’s just downright lost it!

Other Guy: We’re going to need security down here immediately…

As if on perfect cue, SHOOT Security rushes out from the back and towards the ring, but all’s for naught as Corey drags TMB to his feet, shaking with rage, and then picks him up in an Argentine Rack before dropping him head-first with a kneeling piledriver.

Eryk Masters: AND COREY JUST DRILLED HIM WITH THE MERCURY DRIVER!!! He’s CRIPPLED people with that in the past!!

Thomas Manchester Black is completely, 100 percent KNOCKED OUT COLD. Corey forces himself up to his feet, still visibly shaking with anger, and then limps over to the ropes. He stops, turns, and spits a wad of phlegm onto the back of the unconscious TMB before dropping to a knee, flashing a wide smile, and holding his arms out to his side in celebration.

Fans: BOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!


Other Guy: That…that was just…

Corey exits the ring and meets Price halfway up the ramp before the shot focuses back on TMB in the ring as Security checks him out, some of them glaring up the ramp with utter resentment.The camera cuts from Black in the ring as the EMTs arrive to Corey and Price standing just atop the stage. Price hands Laz a bottle of Fiji water and Corey accepts it, twisting off the cap and casually taking a chug, his gaze not once leaving the damage he’s just inflicted as his trademark devilish grin creeps across his face.



The screen goes black as we see an empty wrestling ring.  Sitting in the center of the ring is the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship belt.  A lone blue spotlight shines down on the belt in the center of the ring as the screen flashes to Jason Johnson in the ring.

Jason Johnson:  I’ve sat back and watched as the SHOOT Project has undergone a bit of a transformation…

A shot of Trey Willett on his hands and knees as X-Calibur holds the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship in the air is followed by Donovan King after he was destroyed by The Hierarchy.

…and for a long time, the true heroes we have here…stood for what was right, and continue to stand for what being here in the SHOOT Project truly means. 

Jonas Coleman stands tall alongside Maya before quickly cutting to Trey Willett sauntering down the ramp.

I’ve seen evil start to take over…and now…now is the time I’ve decided to give this my attention.

We quickly see SHOOT World Heavyweight Champion X-Calibur turning his head to stare at the entrance to the Epicenter.

I’m going to go ahead and make the main event.  It will feature X-Calibur, your champion.

X-Calibur is shown holding the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship belt high above his head.

Kenji Yamada…Donovan King….

We see Kenji Yamada, drenched in blood before we quickly see Donovan King looking over his shoulder to the camera.

Jun Kenshin…Trey Willett…and finally…Jonas Coleman.

We see Jun Kenshin marching down to the ring in slow motion while we see Trey Willett having his hand raised before we see Jonas Coleman slapping hands as he himself walks down to the ring.

The time has come… YOU MUST RISE.

“Bartholomew” by the Silent Comedy starts to play.

Oh my God

Please help me, knee deep in the river tryin’ to get clean

We see X-Calibur’s boots for a moment.

He says wash your hands, get out the stains

But you best believe, boy, there’s hell to pay

Donovan King is face to face with Trey Willett.

Yeah you best believe, boy, there’s hell to pay, sayin’

Come on

We see Corazon attack and savagely, brutally, destroy Jun Kenshin.  X-Calibur has the Hierarchy standing behind him.

Oh my god

Please help me, waist deep in the river, can you hear my plea?

Suddenly, Mason Pierce is in X-Calibur’s face.

Mason Pierce:  The boss man is putting out a hit on someone.  YOU.

He says, son, you come like a beggar in the streets

You might make it, boy, but by the skin of your teeth

You might make it, boy, but by the skin of your teeth, sayin’

A missing poster is shown with the image of Jonas Coleman briefly.

Ate the bread that once was stone

Fell from a cliff, never broke a bone

Bowed down to get the kings overthrown

We see Donovan King forcing Trey Willett to submit to the Carolina Crossface.

And I’m all alone and the fire grows

And I’m all alone and the fire grows

X-Calibur looks at the camera, an alarmed look on his face as a bead of sweat slides down his cheek.

Sweet sweet charity

Take what’s left of me

A new beginning or is this the end?

Trey Willett and Donovan King are shown down on the mat as Kenji Yamada looks on at Adrian Corazon.

Sweet sweet Seraphim

Take me back again

Or watch me make the messes of men

Corazon: It is with great pleasure that I introduce the final participant in the World Heavyweight Championship match at RISE. He is brutal…

Quick flashes of Jun Kenshin decimated.

…he is inhuman…

Quick shot of Trey Willett and Donovan King on the ground.

…SHOOT Project’s Black Death…

Corazon’s face is shown at last, grinning.


“Bartholomew” fades out as we hear Donovan King’s voice.

Donovan King:  Jason…what have you done?!

We go back to seeing Jason Johnson standing in the ring as he announced the match itself.  The camera focuses in on him as he stares back, the look of a man willing to do anything to save what he loves.

Jason Johnson:  Vengeance…is a mother fucker.

The image fades to black before we go back to a screaming Epicenter fans.  The bell rings, bringing the fans’ attention to the center of the ring.  Standing there is SHOOT Project’s legendary ring announcer Samantha Coil, looking as beautiful as ever.  She smiles to the camera.

Samantha Coil:  Ladies and gentlemen…this match is for the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION and is our PRIMUS.

The fans pop.

Samantha Coil:  Introducing first…he hails from Charlotte, NORTH CAROLINA…and he weighs in tonight at 245 pounds…he is…Donovan…KING!

The fans pop BIG as the lights go down in the arena and the familiar green spotlight shines down on the entrance.



The SHOOT Tron crackles to life with the sound of the bell and green tinted electrical currents flow across the screen, now interspersed with gold.





The green and gold electrical current forms the shape of a crown as Donovan King stands on the entrance wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, his head bowed. He bobs his head to the beat as the song slowly picks up, taking the hooded sweatshirt off and letting it fall to his feet.




The music picks up as King begins to shake his wrists loose and bounce from one foot to another.




He pounds his fists together in front of him, bouncing faster and faster.



Pyro EXPLODES in succession with the bass line!




“Out Here Grindin’” by DJ Khaled, Akon, Rick Ross, Plies, Lil’ Boosie, Trick Daddy, Ace Hood, and Lil Wayne RIPS open the PA system as King throws his hoodie to the ground, his arms outstretched at his sides. The reaction is MASSIVE.  He walks past the EMTs that are stationed near the ringside area and ascends the ring steps, bobbing his head to the music.  He stands there for a moment on the apron and looks over the fans in the Epicenter before he steps into the ring itself.  Samantha Coil has left the ring at this point and King is in there alone.  He makes no overt acknowledgement of the fans, just resting his head on a turnbuckle with his eyes closed, concentrating.

Samantha Coil:  Introducing next…he hails from Staten Island, New York…and weighs in at 192 pounds…he is the 2011 SHOOT Project Master of the Mat…Trey…WILLETT!





“Carry On Wayward Son” plays as TREY WILLETT steps out from the back.  He stands there, glaring at the ring, his face as red as his hair.  He marches down to the ring, his cadence quick and intense, belying the positive energy that flows from his theme music.  He makes it to the ring steps and rolls into the ring, saying nothing to King as he looks around at the fans.  His music slowly fades out.

Samantha Coil:  Introducing next…he hails from Manchester, England…he weighs in tonight at 235 pounds…he is The Fixer…Mason…PIERCE!


“Cut out the Disease” by Saxon kicks in throughout the arena as MASON PIERCE appears at the entrance.  He is alone, which is unusual, and he seems very surprised at the cheers he is receiving.  He walks down the entrance ramp slowly, ignoring the fans that reach out to slap his hands.  He looks around himself to the EMTs and then to the ring, where he sees Donovan King and Trey Willett already waiting.  He hops up onto the apron on one knee and looks to the fans for another moment before he picks himself up.  He stands there at the corner and wipes his feet on the apron before getting into the ring.  He walks past Trey Willett who burns a hole through him with his glare and reaches out to shake King’s head as “Cut out the Disease” dies down.

Samantha Coil:  Introducing next…he hails from Kyoto, Japan…he weighs in at 221 pounds…he is the Sociopath Engineer…Kenji…YAMADA!

The lights in the arena dim down as an ominous blood red spotlight shines down on the entrance.  “DIM Scene” by the GazettE The SHOOT-Tron shows a shot of a monk performing self-immolation, the infamous Budd Dwyer suicide, until finally we see a shot of someone digging into the remains of an elk, removing its stomach before it fades into the blood red SHOOT Project Helmet, which slowly melts into a pool of blood, from which the word SCAR rises.  The fans boo as the word “PROJECT” appears behind “SCAR”.  KENJI YAMADA slowly saunters down to the ringside area.  He walks up the ring steps and stares at the other three in the ring as his music fades.

Samantha Coil:  Introducing next…he hails from Mexico City, Mexico…weighing in at 225 pounds…he is the Brutal…Inhuman…Black Death…Adrian…CORAZON!

"Nocturne No. 1 Op. 9 in B Minor" by Frederic Chopin plays as ADRIAN CORAZON enters the arena.  The arena is still bathed in darkness and his normal gear is now purple where once orange dominated.  He stands there, his hair is slicked back behind him.  He marches down the entrance ramp as the fans boo him mightily.  He ascends the ring steps and steps into the ring as the camera moves to Trey Willett’s enraged face.  He trembles with fury as it switches back to Corazon standing next to Kenji Yamada.  His music dies down as the camera pans out to the five men.

Samantha Coil:  And introducing last…he hails from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania…weighing in at 256 pounds…he is the World Heavyweight Champion…X-CALIBUR.

“Change (In The House of Flies) (CLAW Remix)” by Deftones plays as the fans give little to no reaction as out from the back emerges X-Calibur.  He is alone as he walks down to the ring and enters the ring.  He hands his belt away to Tony Lorenzo, who shows it to each and every person in the ring before he holds it up for all to see.  He exits the ring as “Change” dies down.

Eryk Masters:  It looks like all five of the challengers are staring X-Calibur down.

Other Guy:  Why wouldn’t they?  He’s so selfish and useless as World Champion he’s caused Azrael Goeren to leave, Mason Pierce turned against him, and even his Russian bodyguard Yuri Yuri You See Who would rather hide than be by his side.

With that, Tony Lorenzo orders the bell ring and the match is on!  Corazon, Mason, King, and Trey stop staring at one another and slowly turn to face…X-Calibur.  X looks at Kenji, who is standing next to him and starts barking orders for him to protect him.  Kenji looks at X quizzically and X shoves him, pointing at the others.  Meanwhile, Trey slides from the ring and immediately looks underneath the ring and withdraws…a kendo stick!

Eryk Masters:  It looks like Trey Willett’s wasting no time here tonight!

Kenji starts to bicker with X now, and X SLAPS Kenji across the face!  Kenji glares at him and punches him HARD in the face!  X staggers away…RIGHT into Adrian Corazon connecting with his HARD series of punches and elbow strikes dubbed the Acts of Brutality!  X starts to fall back, and Trey NAILS him in the back with the kendo stick!  X arches back in pain, and Trey NAILS him in the back of his neck, splintering the kendo stick!  X falls RIGHT into Mason Pierce’s hands and Mason wastes NO time…and he NAILS the Payroll on X, sending him PLANTED to the mat!

Other Guy:  X is in SERIOUS danger now!

Now…Donovan King stands over X-Calibur, who is in obvious amounts of pain.  Mason has slid from the ring and found something underneath the ring for King…and it is King’s signature length of CHAIN.  Mason slides it to King’s feet, right where X can see it.  X’s eyes widen with horror as he tries to shake off the cobwebs as King wraps the chain around X’s throat and face!  He wraps it so TIGHTLY that X’s face is quickly reddening underneath the chain’s links!  Quickly, King LOCKS IN THE CAROLINA CROSSFACE!

Eryk Masters:  And Donovan King with the Carolina Crossface and he’s using that chain as leverage around the throat and face of X-Calibur!

X is painfully jolted back to the land of the living as he shrieks out in agony.  He wastes no time and slaps the mat violently!  The fans ERUPT into cheers!

Samantha Coil:  Ladies and gentlemen…by way of SUBMISSION…X-Calibur…HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!!!

King releases the hold, the damage done.  Mason helps him to his feet as the remaining five stand over X-Calibur’s body.  Kenji looks down in disappointment, Corazon, Mason, and King look on in satisfaction, but Trey?  Trey looks on with pure hatred.  He grabs the limp body of X-Calibur and LAUNCHES it over the top rope to the outside mat!  The fans pop BIG as Trey screams and shouts at the crumpled remains of the former World Champion as the EMTs tend to the body.

Eryk Masters:  Just…wow.  I’ve never seen a World Champion treated with such…disrespect.

Other Guy:  Thankfully he was gone so fast Bryan Harris’ stupid ass didn’t make it out here in time to commentate his destruction.  Good riddance to all of that trash, I say.

Eryk Masters:  Well…no matter what…we WILL have a NEW World Heavyweight Champion tonight!  Thank…GOD.

Trey grits his teeth as King slides the chain out of the ring.  He walks over to Trey and takes a hold of Trey’s shoulder.  Trey, however, quickly turns around and catches King with a jawbreaker!  Without warning, Kenji and Corazon tackle Mason Pierce and the match is on!  Trey picks King up and starts wailing away at him, bouncing him off of the ropes, only to have Kenji catch King with a HARD Yakuza Kick!  Trey grits his teeth and charges Kenji, tackling him to the mat and wailing away on him with HARD punches!  Corazon stands up, looking at Trey as he attacks Kenji and he rolls from the ring.

Other Guy:  I guess these guys aren’t gonna pay Corazon, the biggest enigma in this whole thing, any attention.  Brilliant.

Corazon reaches underneath the ring and withdraws a steel chair, sliding it into the ring.  He grabs a second steel chair and slides it into the ring.  He looks underneath the ring once again, and drags out a table.  He lays the table against the guardrail and turns to see Trey staring him down!

Eryk Masters:  Oh my!  These two have been at odds ever since we reopened the doors here in SHOOT Project!

Other Guy:  Who can forget their epic…just their big as hell WAR they had?

Trey sneers at Corazon, who smirks with King clubs Trey from behind.  Corazon continues to watch the two of them until Mason joins in, both King and Mason attacking Trey.  The two of them whip Trey to the other side of the ring until both Mason and King bend down…AND LAUNCH TREY OVER THE TOP ROPE ONTO CORAZON THROUGH THE TABLE!!

Eryk Masters:  OH MY GOODNESS!

Other Guy:  The World Champion is gone and already somebody’s gone through a damn table!

Trey and Corazon are on the outside lying in the splintered remains of the table, but Kenji NAILS King in the head with the steel chair!  He swings at Mason, but Mason ducks the shot and quickly chops him across the chest.  He reaches into his tights and withdraws…brass knuckles!  He jabs them at Kenji’s throat, making him stagger back before he puts them on.  He grabs Kenji by the back of his head and punches him HARD in the stomach twice, doubling the Sociopath Pioneer over before picking him up and scoop slamming him down to the mat!  Mason bounces off of the ropes and goes for a fist drop, but Kenji rolls out of the way!  Kenji gets up to a knee, as does Mason, and Kenji gets the rest of the way up to his feet, only to get caught by Donovan King!  King clutches Kenji from behind…and LAUNCHES him with a release German suplex!

Eryk Masters:  This unspoken alliance between Donovan King and Mason Pierce is working wonders for them thus far, and I can’t believe the levels of carnage we’ve already witnessed!

Trey is slow to get back up outside of the ring, but he leaves Corazon there as Corazon starts coming to.  Trey crawls to the ring apron, glaring at King and Mason as they loom over Kenji, ready to make their move on him.  Trey enters the ring and charges both men, shoving Mason down to the mat and catching King with a Side Russian Leg Sweep, hitting King’s head on one of the chairs in the ring!  King clutches his head in pain as Trey grabs a hold of the other steel chair and begins to lift it, only for MASON TO PUNCH THE CHAIR INTO TREY’S FACE.  Trey staggers backward as Mason removes the brass knuckles from his hand, obviously in pain for doing such a move.  Trey leans against the ropes, clutching his hand to his face.  Mason, however, does not see Kenji in a dead sprint behind him and NAILING him in the back of the head with a Shining Wizard!  Kenji sees Trey against the ropes and wastes no time taking a hold of Trey from behind.  He wraps Trey’s legs around him, Trey facing forward, and takes a hold of Trey’s head, bringing Trey up in the air!

Eryk Masters:  He’s going for the DEEP SCAR!

Kenji holds him up for a moment, but KING CLIPS KENJI’S KNEE!  Kenji drops Trey face first to the mat, Kenji landing on his knees, catching a HARD kick to the face by King!  King looks down at Trey in disgust, and looks to where Mason is laying.  He walks over to Mason to get Mason to his feet…and the fans start to BOO as CORAZON slides back into the ring!

Other Guy:  Uh oh!  This is what I’VE been waiting to see all night!  Donovan King and Adrian Corazon, the only two men standing!

King slowly turns to see Corazon across the ring from him.  Corazon looks his old friend up and down and slowly holds his arms out, as if asking for an embrace.  King takes two steps towards him and starts to talk to him.  Corazon says nothing.  King takes another step and Mason slowly gets to his feet behind him.  Corazon notices this and still says nothing.  He clearly asks King if he’d feel better if he got to hit him.  King says nothing.  Corazon turns his back and keeps his arms outstretched, looking over his shoulder with a grin on his face.

Eryk Masters:  What the hell is he playing at?

King starts to shake violently, wanting to tear his head off.

Other Guy:  King’s got a LOT of history with Corazon!  It’s beyond cheers and boos for him, Eryk.  He obviously doesn’t want to put hands on one of his oldest friends.

Before King can finally act, Mason pushes him out of the way and goes for the attack!  King stops him, putting his hand on Mason’s shoulder.  Mason shoves him off and gets in his face, telling him he can’t hesitate, fuck whoever it is across the ring.  Mason turns to attack Corazon again, but King stops him yet again…only for Mason to NAIL him with a HARD spinning backfist!

Other Guy:  OHHH!!!  And Mason with the bitch slap!  The bromance is over!

King falls on his ass as Mason rushes at Corazon, but Corazon throws his elbow up in the air, swinging it around to lock Mason’s arm underneath his, punching at Mason’s abdominal region, Mason trying to block the assault.  Corazon doesn’t allow this, headbutting him HARD, clearly splitting Mason’s right eyebrow.  Blood begins to pour from the wound as Corazon headbutts him AGAIN, causing Mason’s blood to splatter all over his forehead.  Corazon laughs until Mason headbutts him!  Corazon releases Mason’s arm, and Mason quickly SNAPS Corazon over with a T-Bone suplex!  Mason sprawls over Corazon’s body, and Tony Lorenzo’s there!



Kenji with the save, SLAMMING a steel chair into Mason’s back!  Kenji sees Mason’s blood as it drops to the mat and SLAMS the chair back down on his head!  Kenji lifts the chair again, only to have it taken from him by King!  King snatches the chair and goes to hit Kenji, but Trey takes it from him!  King turns and Trey NAILS him in the arm with the chair!  Kenji tries to block the attack, but Trey takes HIM out as well with a HARD chair shot!  Trey drops the chair and picks Mason up.  He hooks Mason’s arms up…and it looks like he’s going for the Dawn of a New Era!  He gets TACKLED from behind by a hurt King!  Trey releases Mason and Mason holds himself up against the ropes.  Trey charges him with a small clothesline, but King ducks it under and Mason is there, instinctively grabbing a hold of Trey!  He has Trey ready for a belly to belly suplex, and suddenly KING is there and hooks Trey’s midsection as well!

Eryk Masters:  Mason is going for a belly to belly, King is going for a German!

King LIFTS with all of his strength…AND SUPLEXES BOTH MEN AT THE SAME TIME.  Trey is FLATTENED by Mason, but King catches the brunt of it, both Trey AND Mason were on top of him!  Corazon looks at the damage and quickly sprawls over King’s body!




Corazon leaps over onto Trey’s body and the referee is there as well!




Corazon shakes his head and jumps to Mason!




Corazon gets up on his knees and laughs at the rather humorous chain of events that just occurred.  Kenji is up now, holding the ropes.

Other Guy:  Ah…shit.  Project:SCAR is still alive in this thing…and they’re the only guys up!

Kenji rolls from the ring and reaches underneath the ring to bring out…yet another table!  He slides it into the ring and Corazon sets it up.  Kenji looks down and sees King’s chain from before.  He grins as he takes the heavy chain and holds it up to a cacophony of boos!  Kenji goes BACK under the ring and brings out…the LIGHTER FLUID.

Eryk Masters:  Oh…my…GOD.

Kenji walks around the ring as he slides the lighter fluid in for Corazon to douse the table with.  Meanwhile, Kenji has made it over to Mark Kendrick and demands a lighter!  Kendrick at first tries to deny him, but Kenji starts coming over the guardrail for him, and Kendrick relents!  Kenji looks at the Zippo and throws it to Corazon, who catches it!  Kenji grins an evil grin as Corazon just pours the lighter fluid onto the table.  Kenji rolls into the ring, still holding King’s length of chain.  He sees Trey starting to stir and he quickly wraps the chain AROUND Trey’s throat!  He drags SHOOT Project’s Wayward Son to his feet and twists around so that Trey is standing, being choked by the chain and Kenji drops down HARD with a Rude Awakening neckbreaker, USING the chain for extra brutality!  The fans boo HARD as Trey clutches his neck and throat from the assault.  Kenji turns his devilish eyes to King, who has yet to move.  Then…he sees Mason Piece.

Other Guy:  Mason is starting to move…play dead, Mason!  PLAY DEAD!

Kenji picks Mason up and rolls him ONTO the table drenched in lighter fluid.  Kenji gets onto the table WITH Mason and stands over his body.  He bends down and wipes Mason’s bloody face, smearing the blood across his own face and chest, grinning as he does so.  He picks Mason up and puts him in a front head scissors!  He turns to Corazon and nods his head, crossing Mason’s arms underneath him!







Other Guy:  There are pieces of flaming table EVERYWHERE!

Mason himself clearly has burns on his back as Kenji starts to choke Mason out with his own arms!  Corazon laughs maniacally as all of a sudden, King is up!  The fans POP as King sprints dead at Kenji and NAILS him in the face with a well-aimed dropkick!!  King stomps out the last bits of fire around Mason’s body and checks on him before he looks up and sees Corazon!  Corazon offers him a hand to help him up to his feet and King and Corazon are face to face!  This time, they say nothing to one another, but King drops back to hit him…NO!  Trey rolls King up!




Other Guy:  What the hell is Trey’s problem?!

Eryk Masters:  Trey said it himself, he has NO friends in this match!

Other Guy:  But, damn it…Corazon’s BARELY been touched by anybody!  How is Corazon getting through this match without a SCRATCH while Mason is bleeding and on fire, Kenji is on fire, King’s catching hell, and Trey’s lost his mind?!

Trey lets King go and SPEARS him to the mat!  Trey lifts Mason off of the ground and hooks him up for the Dawn of a New Era, but Mason slouches down, too weary to get up!  Trey pounds Mason HARD in the back of the head and picks Mason up again…and Mason COUNTERS with a small package!




Trey is FURIOUS!  He starts to punch MADLY at Mason, who clearly countered out of instinct.  He drops Mason back down and turns to see where Kenji is coming to.  However, he sees Corazon and rushes at him!  Trey attacks him with a fury, but Corazon keeps blocking punch after punch!  Trey gets more and more heated and arches back, but Corazon counters!  Punch!  Elbow!  ACTS OF BRUTALITY!  Trey is staggered and Corazon…backs away?!  Kenji is up to his feet now and catches a hold of Trey’s arm, hooking him up for a pump handle!  He looks to be going for…and Kenji NAILS the PROMINENT SCAR on Trey!  King is up now, measuring Corazon, unbeknownst to Corazon, who is glaring down at Mason about to strike!

Eryk Masters:  This is King’s chance!  He’s FINALLY gonna get to get his hands on Corazon!

King keeps himself squatted, ready.  Kenji notices King.  King plants his foot…REALITY CHECK TO COR…NO!!!!  KENJI SHOVED CORAZON OUT OF THE WAY AND ATE THE REALITY CHECK TO HIS TEMPLE!  Kenji is DOWN!  Corazon sees King and quickly covers Kenji to protect him from King!



Corazon gets up, almost stunned at the referee’s count!

Other Guy:  It looks like Corazon’s plan to protect Kenji ALMOST backfired on him!

Eryk Masters:  No, to hell with that, Adrian Corazon…the Corazon I know and studied…doesn’t make mistakes like that.

Corazon pulls Kenji back, glaring at King who turns and sees Trey pulling himself to his feet.  He goes over to pick Trey up…and Trey SHOVES him away!  King stops and stares at Trey, who is so filled with anger and hate, he staggers madly at King!  King ducks the easy clothesline and backs away from Trey, who clutches at his neck, in obvious pain.  King starts trying to talk sense into Trey, but Trey charges him again!  King moves out of the way and shoves Trey into the ropes to keep him away.  Trey turns and screams VIOLENTLY at King and charges him…BUT CORAZON CATCHES TREY FROM BEHIND…INVERTED ACT OF INHUMANITY!!!  TREY IS COMPLETELY LIMP!!  CORAZON WITH THE COVER!




Samantha Coil:  Ladies and gentlemen…by way of PINFALL…Trey Willett HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!!

The fans boo LOUDLY as Corazon slides away from Trey, who has yet to move.  King stares in shock at Trey’s body.

Eryk Masters:  Oh…oh my God.

We see a quick replay of how VIOLENTLY and HARD Trey’s neck SNAPPED off of Corazon’s knee.

Other Guy:  Trey Willett’s neck…nearly folded in half with that…that…

Eryk Masters:  Act of Inhumanity.  And to hell with the catchphrases and finishing moves…that was a blatant act of inhumanity from one Adrian Corazon.

A sea of EMTs swarm the ring, surrounding Trey’s body.  The arena has fallen deathly silent.  King drops to his knees next to Mason, who is now alert enough to be witnessing what is happening to Trey right now.  Meanwhile, Corazon stares blankly at Trey’s body and Kenji slowly crawls over to Corazon’s side.  Two EMTs emerge from the back with a stretcher.

Other Guy:  The Primus is still going on…but…I mean…this is…

Eryk Masters:  He may have shown the world a bitter side of him lately, but Trey Willett is still a human being.  A man who has dedicated his life to this craft and his family…I hate to think it was all taken away by this…monster.

Other Guy:  It looks like it was an accident, though, Eryk.  Honestly.

We see another replay of the sickening inverted Act of Inhumanity.

Eryk Masters:  I don’t give a damn what his excuse.  From the time SHOOT came back, he’s been out to ruin everything Trey Willett stood for.  Tried to turn his family against him, tried to ruin his career…and he might have just ended it once and for all.  Adrian Corazon is a sorry son of a bitch, OG, and there’s no other way to put it.

Trey is now loaded on the stretcher, the fans applauding as he is raced up the ramp.

Other Guy:  Unlike that other guy who was stretchered out of here at the beginning of this match, these fans are showing their respect for one of the greats…I hope he’s going to be okay.

Eryk Masters:  Naturally, of course, our thoughts and prayers are going to be with the Willett family tonight.

King is still in complete shock as Mason sits against the ring ropes with him.  His bleed has stopped, and the crimson mask is drying.  Across the ring and the carnage from them, Corazon and Kenji Yamada slowly turn their heads to face Mason and King.

Eryk Masters:  We’re now down to two members of Project:SCAR, The Fixer, and the Last Scion.  Jason Johnson might have paid and finagled a way to get his World Championship back to a level of respect that it deserves, but right now he’s got a fifty percent chance of that happening because if Kenji Yamada or Adrian Corazon find themselves the World Champion…I shudder to think about the darkness that’s coming our way!

Corazon and Kenji are up on their feet, as are Mason and King now.  The four of them all lock eyes with one another…and they charge!  Mason ducks a Corazon clothesline, and Kenji ducks a King clothesline, only for Kenji to leap up…and SPRINGBOARD off the middle rope and NAILS King with a springboard clothesline!

Other Guy:  WHOA!  Been a while since we’ve seen Kenji Yamada remind the world he can do cruiserweight style moves!

Mason and Corazon trade shots, and Mason whips Corazon to the ropes, but Corazon counters and whips Mason to the ropes and Mason flies up and LANDS on Corazon with a Lou Thesz press!  And, like any good Lou Thesz press, Mason starts to wail away at Corazon’s head!  Meanwhile, Kenji has PLANTED King with an STO.  He looks at the turnbuckle and steps up onto the middle rope!  He turns and sees King completely prone on the mat and starts to climb!

Eryk Masters:  What is he doing?!

Meanwhile, Mason keeps Corazon on the ground, rolling Corazon over onto his stomach, and he starts trying to set up for the Manchester Necktie!!  Corazon fights HARD against the submission move, clawing at Mason’s hands and keeping the cobra clutch away!  Kenji, however, has MADE it to the top rope and looks around at the sea of booing fans, King STILL on the ground!  He actually looks…nervous?  He closes his eyes and holds his arms out…AND KENJI YAMADA FLIES OFF WITH A SHOOTING STAR PRESS…AND HE HITS IT ON DONOVAN KING!!!

Other Guy:  He’s got him!  He’s got King DOWN!  Now, all he has to do it pin him and King’s dreams are DEAD.

Kenji gets ready to hook the leg when he sees that Corazon is almost COMPLETELY locked in the Manchester Necktie!  Kenji leaves King be and sneaks up on Mason, who has FINALLY has the move COMPLETELY locked in!  Corazon looks ready to tap…and Kenji wraps his arm around Mason’s head and locks him in a DRAGON SLEEPER!  He yanks back HARD on Mason, causing Mason to release the hold from Corazon!  He slowly walks backwards, causing Mason to slowly follow suit.  Both men are up, Mason in the inverted DDT position.  Kenji locks the hold in deeper…and he LIFTS Mason in a reverse suplex…AND DRIVES MASON PIERCE DOWN WITH A MODIFIED MICHINOKU DRIVER!!

Eryk Masters:  GOOD GOD.  Project:SCAR is trying to KILL…EVERYBODY…TONIGHT.

King is on his knees now, trying to shake the cobwebs loose from the attack from Kenji, who is, himself, on his knees, Mason Pierce laid out before him.  Corazon drags himself away from Mason’s body to the corner of the ring to catch his breath from the intensely harsh Manchester Necktie.  Kenji, still breathing heavily from the force he exerted dead lifting Mason, drapes himself casually over Mason’s body and the referee is there to make the count!




King tries to pull Mason away, knowing Mason is his only hope of withstanding a united Project:SCAR, and Kenji is up on his feet, looking around for any weapon he can get his hands on.  King gets to his feet quickly and charges at Kenji!  Suddenly, Corazon throws Kenji the remains of the kendo stick and Kenji SNAPS the stick across the bridge of King’s nose!  King’s nose IMMEDIATELY starts to gush blood!  King is staggered, and Kenji throws the stick down.  He sees one of the steel chairs lying beside where King is standing and he hits a REVERSE STO onto the chair, busting King’s face even further!

Other Guy:  Project:SCAR is officially in complete control of this match now, Eryk.

Eryk Masters:  After seeing the lengths they’ll go to harm this company, I’m not surprised they’re able to overpower SHOOT’s last hope.

Corazon slowly saunters around the ring, kicking the pieces of table and kendo stick out of the ring.  He steps over Mason almost casually, paying him little mind as he cleans the ring.  Mason is slowly coming to now as Corazon stands over King.  He bends down and takes King’s head in his hands and starts to talk to him.  The fans are stunned.  Some are booing, some are silent.

Other Guy:  It’s like SCAR wants to toy with their prey for just a few more moments before putting the finishing touches on them.

Eryk Masters:  Then just end it, damn it!

Corazon motions to Kenji, who begins to pick King up.  The two members of SCAR rest King against the turnbuckle.  Mason is on his stomach now, picking himself off of the mat.  He sees King against the ropes, in trouble.  Kenji gets a running head start and NAILS King in the head with a running knee, running halfway up the ropes into King’s face!  Kenji stands there, glaring at the fans before he NAILS King again with a knee!  And another!  And another!  And another!  Kenji looks down at King, who is dazed…and headbutts him, holding his head against King’s to get the most of King’s blood on his face that he can.  He throws his head up into the air, as if he were baptized.  Corazon, meanwhile, applauds his brother in SCAR, neither man seeing Mason Pierce leaning against the ropes, lowering himself to strike!

Other Guy:  Uh oh!  Mason Pierce looks to be back in this ball game!!

Corazon turns around…RIGHT into a Mason Pierce DDT!  The fans ERUPT as Mason rushes to Kenji and grabs him up…BELLY TO BACK SUPLEX!  Kenji is stunned, as is Corazon, and Mason wastes no time picking Corazon up and hooking his arms up in a double underhook suplex!  He puts the boots to Corazon and Kenji is preparing himself to attack Mason now, shaking off the cobwebs from the suplex from before.  King, meanwhile, is trying to focus himself, staring at Mason attacking Corazon.  He sees Kenji getting ready to attack Mason…and King SPRINGS out of the turnbuckle and tackles Kenji down!  Kenji and King trade rights and lefts, both men trying to get the upper hand!  Mason turns and sees King and Kenji going at it and joins in with King, double teaming Kenji!  Corazon is on his hands and knees, glaring at the scene before him when a grin crosses his face?!

Eryk Masters:  What the hell is that son of a bitch smiling at?!

King and Mason whip Kenji to the ropes…Kenji ducks their attempted elbow smash…Kenji leaps back up to the middle rope for a SPRINGBOARD…KENJI WITH A SPRINGBOARD DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE DEALBREAKER!!!  DEALBREAKER!!  KING COUNTERS WITH A DEALBREAKER!  KENJI IS DOWN!  THE FANS ARE GOING INSANE!  Suddenly, Corazon picks Mason up and NAILS him with a Samoan drop!  King gets ready to rally and pin Kenji when…Corazon pins Kenji?!?!




Eryk Masters:  WHAT IS GOING ON!?!!?

Corazon turns and looks at King, grinning as he cradles his brother for a moment.

Samantha Coil:  Ladies and gentlemen…by way of PINFALL…KENJI YAMADA HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!!

King is stunned, looking at Corazon who is starting to stand up.  He looks King up and down and smiles.  They say nothing to one another as Kenji is tended to by the EMTs.  Kenji is pulled from the ring by the EMTs quickly as Corazon turns and looks down at Kenji, almost seeming to pity his brother when all of a sudden…Mason Pierce SPINS Corazon around, he KICKS him in the midsection, doubling him over, hooks the arms…PAYROLL!!  MASON SPRAWLS OVER CORAZON!!





Samantha Coil:  Ladies and gentlemen…by way of PINFALL…CORAZON HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!!

The fans pop HUGE at this announcement.  Mason is up on his knees, staring down at Corazon, breathing heavily.  Corazon rolls to his side and then to his stomach.  Meanwhile, King is fully standing, looking at Mason and Corazon himself.  The EMTs are back, trying to check on Corazon.  Corazon, however, pushes them away as he staggers from the ring.  He turns and sees Mason and King watching him and he starts to…smile?  The EMTs swarm him again, trying to check on him.

Other Guy:  And we are DOWN…to two!

Mason picks himself up off of the mat as King walks over to one of the remaining EMTs and calls for a couple towels.  He wipes his face of his blood and tosses Mason one as well.  Mason wipes the blood from his face and both men discard the towels, looking at one another with clear eyes.  The two of them walk to the center of the ring and shake hands, the fans popping HUGE.  They lock up, but Mason quickly gets the upper hand with a side head lock that King pushes out of, pushing Mason into the ropes.  Mason comes back and King drops down to his stomach, Mason hopping over him and bouncing off of the other ropes.  King gets ready for a powerslam, but Mason counters with a swinging neckbreaker!  King lands on the mat and Mason goes for the pin and the win!




Mason picks King up quickly and whips King into the turnbuckle.  He rushes in and NAILS King with a clothesline!  He picks King up and turns him over…putting him in the Tree of Woe!  He kicks King a few more times to keep him dazed and slowly picks his head up, locking in a Dragon Sleeper!  He looks out at the fans…and SNAPS King into the Unfortunate Turn of Events!

Other Guy:  AGH!  Mason nearly snapped King’s NECK on that move!

Mason pulls King from the turnbuckle and hooks the leg for another pin attempt!




Mason laughs for a moment, somewhat frustrated that King kicked out of that move.  He picks King back up and whips King to the ropes again, hitting him with a quick kick to the guy and a double axe handle to the head, completing the Acquire, Engage, Subdue!  King is flat on his stomach and Mason puts both feet on either side of King, readying himself to apply the Manchester Necktie!

Eryk Masters:  If he can lock this in, I don’t have to tell you…but this match is over!

Mason grabs King’s arm, but King quickly hooks his other arm around Mason’s leg and trips him up, dropping him to the mat!  Mason tries to roll away and King starts working to get the CAROLINA CROSSFACE locked on!  Both men struggle, jostling for position, King trying to lock the Crossface on, but Mason rolls King and has him pinned!



King rolls BACK over, wrapping his legs around Mason’s arm!  Mason, meanwhile, takes his free arm and grabs a hold of King’s head!  King almost has the Carolina Crossface completely locked in, and Mason starts…LIFTING HIMSELF AND KING OFF OF THE MAT.


Mason is NEARLY completely on his feet, King now in a fireman’s carry position!  Mason lets out a yell of exertion and he steadies himself in the center of the ring, THROWS King over his head for a double knee gutbuster…KING WITH THE DEALBREAKER IN MID AIR!  KING HITS THE DEALBREAKER!  HE’S GOING FOR THE PIN!







Eryk Masters:  SO CLOSE!  We ALMOST had a new champion!

King is STUNNED.  Mason is staring at the lights, breathing heavily, himself looking just as stunned.  King slowly picks himself up off of the mat.  He bends down and picks Mason up…MASON WITH A SMALL PACKAGE!




Mason tries to pick himself up, but King gets him up first!  King hooks him in for another Dealbreaker…Mason SHOVES King away!  King bounces off of the ropes, Mason kicks him in the midsection, goes for the double underhook…PAYROLL…NO!!  DEALBREAKER OUT OF THE PAYROLL!!  KING CONNECTS WITH THE DEALBREAKER OUT OF THE PAYROLL!  KING HOOKS BOTH LEGS!






“Out Here Grindin’” picks back up again as King covers his face.  Mason Pierce is lying next to him, staring up at the lights.


Other Guy:  HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!

Tony Lorenzo has the World Heavyweight Championship in one hand as he picks King up to a sitting position.  Black and gold tickertape starts to fall from the ceiling and it’s obvious King is starting to cry, a tear dropping from his left eye.  Mason Pierce, meanwhile, is pushing himself up off of the mat.  King is standing now…and the fans ERUPT as Tony Lorenzo holds his arm up in victory, handing him the World Heavyweight Championship. 

Eryk Masters:  After years of…of just turmoil…Donovan King has finally achieved his dream.

Other Guy:  And FINALLY…we can say the streak…is OVER.

King looks at the face plate of the World Heavyweight Championship and screams in pure elation.  Stepping out from the back is none other than Jason Johnson.  He stands at the entrance, clapping.  King turns his head and sees him standing there.  He points to Jason, who points back to him.  The two men share this moment before Jason turns and walks back through the entrance, leaving King to his moment.  Mason Pierce is still in the ring, however, and he gets King’s attention.  King looks at him and offers his hand.  Mason looks Donovan King up and down…and shakes his hand!  King brings him in and embraces him!  Mason breaks the embrace and holds King’s hand up for all to see!  The fans are cheering their heads off now as Mason takes the belt and wraps it around King’s waist.  King looks down at the belt as Mason buckles it around him.  Mason claps as King stands there, SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship around his waist.

Other Guy:  Long Live The KING!

Eryk Masters:  Long Live the KING is right, OG!  HA HA HA!!!

Donovan King stands there, looking out at the sea of fans in the Epicenter.  “Out Here Grindin’” continues to play.  King grins from ear to ear, tears still in his eyes, blood still on his face…

…and the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship around his waist.

Donovan King.  SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion.

At long last, SHOOT Project…has…RISEN.