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Ruination 1

Dutch Harris: We are live with the FIRST EPISODE of RUINATION! SHOOT Project went all out for the christening of this new show by having ME and my broadcast partner Scott Kamura resume our commentary desk duties from the now slumbering Shut Up and Fight!

Scott Kamura: That’s right, Shut Up and Fight served a great purpose, and that was to introduce new SHOOT Project soldiers into the mix, but the guys in charge felt like we could take that a step further while also giving the talent an extra week to recover in between shows, so it’s a big win!

Dutch Harris: Yep yep, but listen, we’re not going to mince words or waste much time. We’ve got a HUUUUUUUGE match for the debut of this brand new show. This is a match that absolutely could have main evented a pay-per-view, and we get it here! It’s Jacob Mephisto taking on the former World Heavyweight Champion, Jonas Coleman, and that match is RIGHT NOW.

Jacob Mephisto Vs. Jonas Coleman

Scott Kamura: BIG win for Jonas Coleman and a great way to kick us off here. Jonas has had a rough couple of months, but he definitely wanted this match and absolutely rose to the occasion.

Dutch Harris: Jacob Mephisto now has a quick turnaround though, because he faces Scion at Revolution 151 tomorrow night. Gotta wonder if he’s going to be 100% good to go or if this will take just enough out of him that Scion will pick up maybe the biggest win of his career.

Scott Kamura: That’s a hard question to answer for sure, but what I DO know is that we’ll find out tomorrow night. We’ve got an action packed event here for you, and the SHOOT Project knows how to debut a show, that much is for sure. We’ve got a World Heavyweight Championship match happening on THIS SHOW and it’s going to be NEMESIS taking on Buck Dresden. Has their ever been a female competitor for the World title before?

Dutch Harris: There was, once. Sinnocence squared off against Azraith DeMitri in the finals of the Master of the Mat years ago for the World Heavyweight Championship. She wasn’t successful, but she was the first.

Scott Kamura: Interesting that it’s Azraith’s daughter who’s getting that second look! The second generation is in full swing here in SHOOT.

Dutch Harris: That’s for sure, and we’ll see ANOTHER title match between Dr. Ned Reform and Courtney Hatchett for the Shut Up and Fight Championship a little later tonight. I make mention of that now, because we’ve received word that there was a video recorded earlier today, featuring the Shut Up and Fight Challenger. Take it away!

The fans are lined up outside the arena, decked out in their SHOOT Project gear, holding their signs, and are clearly very eager for the first ever edition of Ruination to start. Suddenly, a murmur rises up from the crowd, as they all turn to face one direction – and that murmur turns into full-on boos as Dr. Ned Reform moves into frame. The good doctor is dressed as a good scholar should be – tweed jacket, reading glasses, a book tucked under one arm and a thermal mug of coffee in the other – as he approaches the horde of SHOOT fans. 

Even though he’s been widely jeered, Dr. Reform smiles broadly. He removes the book that was tucked under his arm and puts it into his hand, and then raises that hand high to the fans.

Dr. Reform: Welcome, one and all, to the debut of REFORMATION! Please pay close attention to my match with Ms. Hatchett tonight – it is my sincere hope that you’ll learn something. Enjoy the show, children! 

The boos intensify – probably because he just referred to a crowd containing a good number of adults as “children.” Still smiling, Reform turns and walks off and into the building.

Scott Kamura: Well there you have it. Dr. Reform is here, calling the new show REFORMATION. I dig that. Just go ‘head and put your stamp right on it, I guess.

Dutch Harris: You know that’s right. On that note, we’re moving onward and upward with our next match, as Draco Dragotta takes on the debuting Dr. Wrestling, Jr… another doctor! And that is next!

Draco Dragotta Vs. Dr. Wrestling, Jr.

It’s a brisk 54 degrees in Nevada on this calm evening.  The mercury stays consistently around 50 degrees this time of year in the great Battle Born State where SHOOT Project calls home.  A dirty, dust and soot covered, 1989 Cadillac Brougham sits several yards away from the SHOOT Project Epicenter.  Alden Butcher, the giant younger brother of CK Butcher, sits behind the wheel and presses his obnoxiously large eyes against tiny binoculars that he’s pinching between the tips of his enormously plump fingers.  The 7’4” horrifying behemoth is hunched in the driver seat, the back of his neck resting against the felt ceiling of the Cadillac, as he patiently waits.  His tagalog, a spoil of grand theft auto, the old redbone coonhound that he stole from the man in Montana, stands erect in the backseat and observes his new owner on the prowl.  

Alden Butcher:  We wait.  

He says in his unbelievably deep, hollow voice.  He continues to adjust his bulbous bug like eyes into the very small binoculars.  The redbone coonhound, known as Ole’ Red, whimpers in the backseat.

Alden Butcher:  Patience. 

He removes the binoculars and continues his hunt.  The coonhound lays down in the backseat.  Alden grabs an opened Slim Jim sitting on the passenger seat and tosses it back for the dog to eat.  Ole’ Red doesn’t hesitate to consume the snack.  Alden jolts forward and is alarmed.  He bobbles the binoculars in his vast hands and then quickly brings them to his eye.

What he sees is the arrival of CK Butcher.  The eldest Butcher is casually entering the Epicenter carrying a duffle bag.  He’s not dressed to perform.  He’s without their youngest brother, Elvis.  He’s not scheduled for Ruination 1, but knowing that Buck Dresden is here then that means Butcher isn’t far behind.  That’s exactly what Alden Butcher hoped for, and he got it.  

The giant removes the binoculars and begins to nod as he releases a sigh of relief.  

Alden Butcher:  Now.

The coonhound immediately begins to howl as it lays in the backseat, and a smirk appears on Alden’s disgustingly grizzled face.

Lucy Sixx Vs. Blade McGuinness

Dutch Harris: Nice win for Blade McGuinness here! Or Bladey Mac if you follow Spitter.

Scott Kamura: I don’t, and even if I didn’t, I don’t think I’d call him that.

Dutch Harris: That was a brutal match. Let’s let the ring crew get things cleaned up before we head into our next contest, which is going to be that Shut Up and Fight Championship match that materialized over the last couple of weeks, with Dr. Reform’s debut and his interactions with Courtney Hatchett. Let’s take a look at how this came to be.

We soon get our answer, as Ned Re… excuse me, DOCTOR Ned Reform emerges from the back.  He’s dressed in his purple and white singlet and full wrestling gear, but curiously has a pair of reading glasses clipped around his bald head. 

In his hand he has a microphone, which he holds high into the air as a signal for the music to stop.  His theme fades out.

Dr. Reform smiles broadly, looking around at the stunned crowd.

Dr. Ned Reform: “So we beat on, boats against the current, borne ceaselessly into the past.” Fitzgerald’s seminal masterpiece. 

Reform looks around, nodding as if he’s just said something profound. Nobody seems to have any idea what he’s talking about, but that doesn’t phase him one bit.  Courtney meanwhile leans back against the ropes

Courtney Hatchett: No, please.  Go ahead.  It’s not as if I was talking or anything.  Floor is yours, Doc!

Amused at Courtney’s sarcasm, Reform chuckles ever so slightly.

Dr. Ned Reform: I’m sorry to interrupt, sweetie. But when I see a chance to make a point, the good doctor does not hesitate. You see, as much as I’d hate to make you the unfortunate example of my next lecture… well, you might not realize this, but you… you are the canary in the coal mine.

Quick check in with the fans. Yep, nobody still has any idea what the hell he’s talking about.

Dr. Ned Reform: You stand out here, waxing nostalgic. Telling us about your journey to SHOOT. The blood! The sweat! The tears! The fans shower you with validation – they say you deserve it! All while holding what’s essentially a relic over your shoulder. Under different circumstances, some might see your little speech as inspirational. As it is, I’m afraid I have to classify it for what it is… pathetic.

The fans boo that. Now they’re less confused and just angrier. Who is this jerk?

Reform holds up his hands as if you say, “Hold on! Stay with me! I have a point!”

Dr. Ned Reform: Now, now, now! Wait a minute! It’s not her fault, you see. She doesn’t know any better. This is a common human fallacy: the Good Ol’ Days. The fact is, Shut Up and Fight is gone. It’s in the past. Your title has become the product of a bygone age. Your championship, and your championship aspirations… are being left in the post-Reform era.

That stupid, smug grin.

Dr. Ned Reform: Of course! You think it coincidental that the winds of change – ie. ME – arrive on the scene and suddenly we see a dramatic shift in how SHOOT presents television?  No, we are in the early days of the Reform Era. And I’m afraid that emotional speeches in the middle of the ring have no place in the new SHOOT.  You see, SHOOT is becoming a place of logic. Of reason. Of a new hegemony that values intellect.  A place where attachments to the past are left on the cutting room floor like the sentimental nonsense they are.  A place where nobody “deserves” anything. Tonight, I continue to serve as a model for what SHOOT can someday be.  And you…

Reform motions to the ring.

Ned Reform: …I’m afraid that the new world has no use for your feelings.

Reform drops the mic and smiles. He mouths, “thank you for coming to my Ned Talk!” before turning and marching back through the curtain, seemingly oblivious to the cascade of boos.

Courtney Hatchett: Oh.  Oh you’re finished now?  Does that mean I can get a word in edgewise now?  Cool.  So here’s the deal.

She shakes her head, irritated by the nerve of Reform and his ill-informed diatribe.

Courtney Hatchett: If you actually LISTENED to what I was saying, Doc, then you’d know that I wasn’t… how did you so eloquently put it?  “Waxing nostalgic”?  Yeah, not sure what person you were watching in the ring from back behind the curtain but it sure as hell wasn’t me.  I didn’t even MENTION my journey to SHOOT, so you can stop putting words into my mouth, ‘kay?

The fans pop at her fiery retort.

Courtney Hatchett: See, before you so rudely interrupted me?  You know, like how most of the arrogant Doctors are that I’ve met throughout my career in nursing who look down upon nurses?  I was about to throw down my “Shut Up and FIGHT” challenge to Sammy Rochester.  Because I haven’t in any way, shape, or form forgotten about that inverted chokeslam he gave me at Revelation.  And I definitely need to get me a piece of that comeuppance pie against the child of Frankenstein’s Monster and Forrest Gump.  Buuuuut…. wellllll…  

She pauses and smiles towards the audience who are on the same wavelength as her.

Courtney Hatchett: Since you want to run your mouth at me and look stupid in front of the whole world, then I’ll oblige you.  My match with Sammy can wait.  Because I could seriously use a little tune-up match against some arrogant jackass before I go and throw myself into the fire against Arthur and Sammy again.  And I… oh yeah… and I can’t think of a more suited tune up match than going against YOU, Doctor Ned.

She holds the Shut Up and FIGHT Championship for the whole Epicenter to see.

Courtney Hatchett: So buckle up, Neddo.  And just, for the LOVE of GOD… shut up and FIGHT me!!

She drops the microphone as her theme starts to play again.

Dr. Ned Reform Vs. Courtney Hatchett (c)

Both competitors slowly get to their feet. With a sudden snarl, Ned Reform shoves the referee out of his way – and coming up behind Courtney Hatchett, he LOCKS her in the Ad Homineum!

Dutch Harris: This is uncalled for! The match is over! 

Scott Kamura: We’ve never seen Ned Reform lack composure…

Courtney’s hands flail as Reform synches in the hold with an absolutely crazed looked on his face. While she screams out from the pain, Reform ragdolls her around the ring, turning her left and right as the fans reign down the jeers for this disgusting lack of sportsmanship. 

A horde of SHOOT officalls hit the ring and attempt to pry Reform off, but he’s like a rabid pitbull and stubbornly refuses, continuing to twist Hatchett left and right.

Dutch Harris: Okay, this has gone too far. Courtney Hatchett’s eyes are fluttering. He needs to let her go.

But he does not! Reform falls to the mat, bringing Courntey down with him, and he wraps his legs around her in a bodyscissor as he bears down on the defenseless SHOOT competitor. Courtney is officially out cold, but Reform still refuses to be pried off her prone form.

Scott Kamura: We need someone to do something about this!

Dutch Harris: Look – he’s finally letting go.

Finally releasing the hold, Reform climbs to his knees. He’s red faced and disheveled as he pushes the referees away and doesn’t allow them access to Courtney’s down formed. Reform drops down to one knee, and grabs Courtney roughly by the hair. He lifts her up, shoving her unconscious face into the camera.

Dr. Ned Reform: Does she “deserve it” now??? DOES SHE??? This is what you idiots celebrate!!

Reform roughly shoves Courney’s face into the mat and finally allows the officials to check on her. With one last look of absolute disgust thrown her way, he grabs his newly won Shut Up and Fight Championship and holds it over his head to a cascade of boos!

Team members who put together this wonderful RUINATION 1 production are seen walking through a backstage area that’s littered with equipment.  The employees are speaking with each other as they walk by.  Trunks are stacked on trunks and each one has a spray painted stencil of the SHOOT Project helmet.  

The camera pans to the right where CK Butcher is standing, and observing.  There’s a gasp throughout the arena as the crowd, obviously an anti-Butcher group, isn’t fond of the Lord’s presence.  He seems to be deep in thought.  The expression on his face gives off the impression that he feels like something isn’t right.  He begins to sniff the air like a dog.  His brow furrows.  He’s curious.  He looks to his left.  He looks to his right.  He knows something is wrong.  He thinks to himself for a moment.  He peers down the hallway in the direction the staff is heading, and then peers the opposite direction where he sees the EXIT sign illuminated.  He looks annoyed, shakes his head slowly, and then immediately directs himself down the hallway and toward the exit.    

The crowd releases a slight cheer as they watch CK move toward the exit.  That cheer slowly fades as a door opens up behind where the eldest Butcher once stood.  Ducking below the frame, and exiting the dark room, is Alden Butcher.  He smirks and glances toward the exit. The camera slowly zooms in on Alden’s disgusting face highlighted by acne, eyes separated too far apart, chapped lips surrounded by yellowed crust, and strands of greasy hair that’s matted to his forehead.  His smile is just as horrific; a mouth filled with twisted, rotting, layered teeth.  The scene fades with Alden’s deep, hollow voice.

Alden Butcher:  Run.

Sin City Scoundrels Vs. KHARRION

Dutch Harris: Definitive!  Sin City Scoundrels are on their way for a shot at the Tag Team Championships!

Scott Kamura: It’s proof positive, Dutch. If you will it, it is no dream!  That’s a bit of Breedlove Wisdom for the kids at home!

Dutch Harris: With our apologies to the estate of Theodor Herzl, lets–whoa, hold on a minute!!

As Michael and Lucas continue to celebrate, a scream emerges from the audience, turning into a roar of approval–The Unholy Cyber Army have jumped the guardrail!  They slide into the ring, decked out in tank tops and zubaz that they wear “off duty”, and both men hunker down, waiting for the Sexton’s to turn their backs!

Scott Kamura: MICHAEL!  LUCAS!  RUN!!

As they turn, the Cyber Army rush them with aggressive speed–Tandem Lariats!!  The Scoundrels flip inside out, and the crowd begins to rock and roll with Superbeast and Power Devil as they howl to the rafters and haul their opponents up!  Michael gets dumped out of the ring, and Power Devil grasps Lucas by the hair, keeping him bowed over.  He grasps his arm and whips him into the corner with authority.  Superbeast cups his hands around his mouth and bellows “Witness!” loud enough to be heard without a microphone, to which the crowd responds with a deafening “WITNESS” of their own!

Dutch Harris: Things are looking in a bad way right now for Lucas Sexton, who needs to get his head right before something bad happens! 

Scott Kamura: An absolute miscarriage of justice!  I want those men prosecuted!!

Power Devil hauls Lucas to the top turnbuckle, then clambers up himself.  Superbeast Joins him, their bulk making them have to balance with their outside feet on the top rope.  They grasp Lucas together, raise their arms, and then vault backwards with a somersault–HEAVEN TORN ASUNDER!!  Lucas is PLANTED into the mat with an authoritative boom of impact from the Spanish Fly!!  Both men stand and stomp their feet, calling for microphones.  Suddenly, sprinting down the ramp is Josh Breedlove, who slides into the ring and adopts a fighting stance!  He stands tall, eyeing both of the behemoth members of the Cyber Army.  Then ducks out of the ring and gathers a reeling Michael Sexton!  Power Devil jaws at them over the top rope, gesturing towards Lucas, who he shoves to the apron with his foot.

Dutch Harris: Power Devil telling Breedlove and Associates to get their man!

Scott Kamura: They should be…counting their blessings, that Breedlove doesnt feel like embarrassing them!  Cause he totally could!

Dutch Harris: Right.

Scott Kamura: God’s gift to combat sport, hater!

Lucas is gathered, Breedlove and Michael helping to steady him on his feet as Breedlove continues to talk as much shit as he can.  Superbeast now has a mic, and growls into it, his neck veins popping.

Superbeast: YOU WILL BLEED!!  You have called down the thunder from atop of the fortress of PAIN, and you will feel the shattering, the impact, the truth of our violence!!  There was a time when MCGA were the biggest cowards, the lowest sneakthief lizards to be immortalized on the records of teams we have defeated–but no more!!  No, when we best the Sin City Scoundrels–with help from the weakling Joshua Breedlove or not, it does not matter–you will be immortalized as the team who took cheap shots and easy routes and STILL FAILED!!

He tosses the mic to Power Devil, who leans over the rope on the ramp side, baring his teeth to the retreating team.

Power Devil: Live the good life, Sextons!  Live it up, for this will be the highlight of your year!  You will have nothing but sadness and memory left after we leave you Bowed!!

Superbeast leans over his shoulder.

Superbeast: Bleeding!!

Power Devil holds the mic up in the air and prompts the crowd with his free hand.  They respond with a booming “BROKEN”, and “Body Hammer” cues up. 

Dutch Harris: Not that there was any doubt, but it seems definitive now–the Unholy Cyber Army will be facing the Sin City Scoundrels!!

Scott Kamura: And those anabolic blowhards better sleep with one eye open!  The Scoundrels will not take this insult sitting down!!

As Power Devil and Superbeast continue to play to the crowd, we cut away…

The camera crew catches up to Judy-E backstage as she walks to the gorilla position for her championship match tonight.  Before the interviewer has a chance to ask a question, a large figure steps into frame, pulling a hand on Judy-E’s shoulder.

???: You ready?

The camera pulls back to show Azraith DeMitri.  No ring gear, just normal T-shirt and jeans, hair tied back in a neat ponytail.  Judy-E still has her mask in her hand.  She just stares up at her father for a few seconds before sinking into a massive hug.

Judy-E: …I’m ready now.

Az chuckles softly, embracing his daughter warmly before pushing her out to arms-length.  He reaches down and takes her mask from her hand.  Slowly, he pulls it over her face, reaching behind it to pull it snug and tie it tight.

Azraith:  Take good care of yourself out there, don’t do anything stupid.

Icy blue eyes stare up at Azraith, a familiar grin showing.

NEMESIS:  No promises.

He pats her on the shoulder, and just like that she stalks off camera, leaving Az to run his hands over his face, the quiet confidence he had in front of his daughter fading to the worry only a father can show for his child.

Azraith:  Fight like hell, Judy-E.

NEMESIS Vs. Buck Dresden (c)